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00:16<Chutt>thor, thanks =)
00:25<Chutt>it's nice adding really easy features
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00:29<kja>yeah, thanks thor, looks much better
00:34<kja>Chutt, are you downloading a mountain again, or is it just me..
00:34<Chutt>people are using the cvs server.
00:36<Chutt>everyone wants my mostly useless new feature
00:40<thor_>yup, looks better
00:46<Chutt>kja, ah, you didn't attach anything
00:49<kja>now then?
00:49<kja>maybe it was so small you didn't notice it :)
00:49<monkeyBox>does anyone here have a gentoo rc-script for mythbackend?
00:50<kja>strangely, now seeking is working in livetv again...i'm going mad!
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01:05<Chutt>kja, sorry, kmail is acting weird.
01:05<Chutt>it wasn't there before, now it is when i re-opened my inbox
01:08<kja>bet it's a feature :)
01:09<Chutt>naw, just cvs kde
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01:12<spiney>who dis/
01:14<thor_>spiney is (daryl)
01:30<hadees>is the information of how to get mythtv from cvs gone in the documentation or did it move?
01:39<hadees>nm i found it
01:40<dwmurphy>hmm.. i had some recorded tv paused for a really long time, and now that I've stopped it, my drive light is staying on.. anyone see this?
01:41<monkeyBox>this is interesting.. enabling de-interlace crashes mythfrontend on the epia-m board. /proc/cpuinfo shows that sse is there..
01:47<dwmurphy>hmm.. i can't tell what this light is from.. kinda disconcerting
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01:58<dwmurphy>hmm.. even a hard reboot doesn't fix it. oh well
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03:05<linagee>how do i go into edit mode? E?
03:07<thor_>edit of what?
03:09<linagee>trying to edit a recording of a show
03:09<linagee>E and M are not working... :(
03:09<linagee>and i was able to do it before... hrm
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03:10<thor_>ah, cutlist editing .... sorry, no idea
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03:50* linagee is away: asleep
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04:22<thor_>quick, while Chutt's asleep, everyone stuff to this channel:
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05:41<Stefano>Hi there. After a lot of troubles, mythtv goes for me, but watching to live tv eats up all my cpu (athlon xp 2400). More, the video seems to go faster than normal tv (I cannot see it, but sometimes video pauses waiting for tv). I solve pausing 5 sec as soon as I do a "watch tv", but after some minutes I have to do it again...
05:41<Stefano>any idea?
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07:11<orangebits>Does MythVideo support films on CD to be loaded into its library, and then requests the CD to be inserted to play it/
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10:11<KikoV>hi ppl... where can I find documentation about testing the cle266 decoder in the mythtv-cvs?
10:11<KikoV>I have put the config sentence in the
10:21<mdz_>thor_: wow, I've been quiet in here lately
10:22<mikegrb>KikoV: you might check the list archives
10:26<mikegrb>KikoV: may also be useful
10:26<mikegrb>click on a timestamp to go there in the full log so you can see the conversation
10:33<mikegrb>mdz_: you like those stats? :)
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10:39<mdz_>mikegrb: I have logs going back to April if you want to feed them in
10:39<mdz_>september actually
10:39<KikoV>mikegrb: thx
10:40<mikegrb>kikov, sure thing
10:40<mikegrb>mdz, sure...
10:41<mikegrb>well if that attatchment is too big but I have yahoo mail plus so I have a bigger limit, really don't know what it is though :/
10:44<KikoV>mikegrb: but I can't find info about configuring mythtv + cle266 decoder :P
10:44<mikegrb>worth a shot <g>
10:44<KikoV>just by compiling it ok?
10:45<mikegrb>I think Isaac's main suggestion is get the patched version of xine working and then compile it with that change to
10:45<mikegrb>KikoV: afaik all you need to do to myth is uncomment the line and recompile
10:46<KikoV>ok... perfect... I think I missed it cause a miscompilation I didn't see before...
10:47<mdz_>mikegrb: about 5M
10:47<mikegrb>I think that should be fine for the yahoo account
10:49<mdz_>probably not entirely complete, but pretty good
10:50<_rkulagow>mdz: if you submit those logs, the aggregate stats are going to be something like "chutt yelling at noobs who haven't read the docs: 87% chutt answering intelligent questions: 4% chutt yelling at people who seem to assume that chutt has an obligation to them: 9%"
10:51<sfr>:). irc logs of #mythtv? Is there url to check them?
10:52<mikegrb>sfr and same domain /ircstats for um graphs 'n pretty stuff
10:53<sfr>mikegrb, thanks. will have a look.
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11:21<_rkulagow>stupid sourcforge has lost the archives to lirc-list. "ERROR
11:21<_rkulagow>Either your mailing list name was misspelled or your mailing list has not been archived yet. If this list has just been created, please retry in 2-4 hours "
11:21<_rkulagow>straight from the link off the lirc page.
11:22<sfr>_rkulagow: i guess you know that, but this happens rather often with other projects too.
11:23<_rkulagow>yeah, i know. SF seems to be in a death spiral.
11:23<sfr>probably time to move to savannah
11:25<sfr>mikegrb: what is the timezone in those logs?
11:26<sfr>what is that in hours?
11:27<mikegrb>I think
11:28<sfr>in the US? then it's negative for sure.
11:29<mikegrb>yes and it is 6 so -6
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11:29<mikegrb>well from EDT to GMT
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11:32<mikegrb>hmmm mdz_ are those logs from xchat?
11:32<sfr>heh, i like that: "Most used word: problem"
11:32<mdz_>mikegrb: yes
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11:32<mdz_>mikegrb: is that bad?
11:33<mikegrb>just gotta make some changes
11:34<mikegrb>fastest might be to change pisg, the log analyzer, to be able to change log file formats for one channel
11:34<mikegrb>but I think I am just going to make a perl script to read it in and write it out to one file per day in a format that looks like the rest of them
11:35<mikegrb>that way they are searchable and what not too
11:35<mikegrb>who knows maybe it can use multiple formats on one go already <g>
11:36<mikegrb>heh "11:30 <X-Flames> but i don have internet set yet\n11:30 <X-Flames> i got some problem
11:36<mikegrb>"can u help me plz"
11:36<jkolb>EDT is -4. EST is -5.
11:38<sfr>jkolb ok, and today?
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11:44<mikegrb>hmm I should go and get my student id card so I can get XP and all that good software and stuff
11:45<jkolb>You mean is today EDT or EST?
11:45<jkolb>We're on EDT until sometime in October, IIRC.
11:45<mikegrb>Yhea! I get 6 new network drops in my work area, 2 are gigabit :-)))
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12:22<o_cee>my newly compiled frontend with xvmc dies when going to watch live tv with "Unknown codec: 3" ? is that the xvmc stuff messing with me?
12:22<Chutt>do a make distclean
12:22<Chutt>then rebuild
12:23<mikegrb>xvmc only helps out with mpeg2, right?
12:23<o_cee>hm, since there was no makefile i couldn't do that.. of course qmake THEn make distclean.. :) will do it again
12:24<o_cee>thought i'd try the xvmc stuff
12:27<o_cee>how long does it take for you to compile myth?
12:27<Chutt>i dunno
12:27<Chutt>i don't really do a full recompile all that often
12:28<mikegrb>an hour on the xbox, about 20-30 minutes on my normal myth box and an hourish on my laptop
12:28<mikegrb>it really depends on the hardware
12:28<o_cee>quite a lot to build
12:28<Chutt>it also really depends on which g++ version you're using =)
12:28<o_cee>then 20 minutes isn't that long i guess.. something like that.. need to clock it
12:28<Chutt>newer versions are slower by a good margin
12:28<mikegrb>er :)
12:29* mikegrb downgrades to gcc 1.0
12:29<mikegrb>er g++ 1.0 even
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12:30<sfr>Chutt: which g++ version do you use?
12:30<Chutt>whatever's in debian unstable right now
12:31<sfr>so 3.3? Not 2.95.
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12:49<mcsmurf>how should i test this:
12:49<mcsmurf>A better test to verify that sound will work for MythTV (and recording with xawtv for that matter) is to startup xawtv, mute the line-in then run aplay /dev/dsp.
12:49<mcsmurf>when i have no alsa sound driver?
12:52<Chutt>you can use sox
12:54<mcsmurf>root@mcsmurf:/home/mcsmurf# sox /dev/dsp
12:54<mcsmurf>sox: Can't open input file '/dev/dsp': Device or resource busy
12:54<Chutt>you have to use some options :p
12:55<Chutt>oh which you'll have to figure out on your own
12:55<o_cee>man sox?
12:55<mcsmurf>sox infile outfile
12:55<mcsmurf>oh really :/?
12:56<Chutt>and there's some stuff to do to tell it that you're not using files..
12:56<Chutt>like -t ossdsp or something close to that
12:58<mcsmurf>hm still same message
12:59<mdz_>sox comes with a program 'rec' which has a more intuitive interaface for recording
13:00<mdz_>and takes care of that stuff
13:00<mcsmurf>ok still has the device busy problem
13:01<mcsmurf>which isn't true
13:03<mcsmurf>mcsmurf@mcsmurf:/dev$ fuser -v /dev/dsp
13:04<o_cee>Chutt: trying xvmc now. seems to be working as it should :) osd looks pretty good (using the SasQuatch OSD wich is B/W anyway).. i'll tell you if i run into any problems
13:04<Chutt>how's cpu usage?
13:04<o_cee>let's see.
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13:05<o_cee>15-20% (using top).. normally around 30 i think
13:05<o_cee>defenately lower
13:08<o_cee>any better way than top?
13:09<Chutt>eh, not really
13:09<o_cee>okay. but i think that it use to be around 30% normally.
13:10<o_cee>i can recompile it later tonight (or tomorrow) and check if you want me to
13:10<Chutt>doesn't really matter
13:10<o_cee>okay. at least it didn't get worse
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13:14<Lathi>what's the mimimum cpu you guys recommend for simultaneous dual source encoding and playback?
13:15<Chutt>depends if you're using hardware encoder cards or not
13:16<Lathi>well, i don't have a video grabber at all. what i'm looking for is the cheapest way i can built a mythtv with the case and hard drive i have here. i have an athlon slot a cpu (500MHz), but the mobo is shot
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13:20<o_cee>Chutt: in the EPG, wouldn't it be more logical that you'd be pressing "OK" (enter/space) instead of the "EPG" button to switch to that channel? IMO, the I(nfo) button is enough to bring up the recording options. At least when you enter the EPG from watching live TV. If you get to it with the intention of recording a program, i understand the behaviour.
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14:06<o_cee>blargh! finally a better client.
14:06<o_cee>did anyone respond to my feeling on the epg behaviour?
14:07<o_cee>and. the frontend just crashed when it was supposed to switch to another channel and start a recording.. since my girlfriend is at the tv watching now i can't give you the messages.
14:07<o_cee>i'll see if i can reproduce it later
14:16<o_cee>i'm also (recently) started to get audio hickups.. really strange.. sometimes it says "rebuffering" sometimes not..
14:17<o_cee>the back/fronend is on the same machine..
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14:47<ByteNik>Is there any news yet on the XMLTV segfaults?
14:49<sfr>iirc there was patch posted/mentioned on the ml. Also check the xmltv ml.
14:49<mikegrb>mdz_: you around?
14:49<ByteNik>the xmltv mailing list patch showed a test script which worked fine for me which in theory should have failed
14:49<mdz_>mikegrb: yep
14:50<mikegrb>got your stuff up there
14:50<mikegrb>hardest part was splitting the years to two files
14:50<mikegrb>they were all mixed in <g>
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14:52<mikegrb>new stats are running
14:52<mdz_>mikegrb: why do the years need to be separate?
14:53<mikegrb>well initially to split them into days they needed to... the filename is
14:53<mikegrb>but the timestamps don't have the year
14:54<mikegrb>so I splent them into two files and ran it twice grabbing the year from a hardcoded variable
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14:54<mikegrb>the viewer program splits them up though too... I'll prob change that
14:55<mikegrb>I stole it from the contribs dir of an irc bot I was playing with. Haven't done a lot other then mod it to work with the irssi file format and then change the display of the dates once the year is selected
14:55<mikegrb>it displayed little calendars for each month that took ages for the perl script to generate
14:55<mikegrb>Finished analyzing log, 318 days total.
14:55<mikegrb>Channel analyzed succesfully in 00 hours, 02 minutes and 57 seconds on Mon Sep 8 14:53:22 2003
14:55<mikegrb>Now generating HTML(/var/www/html/ircstats/mythtv.html)...
14:56<mikegrb>there are a few days missing that you had logs for, didn't parse right for some reason and I ended up with filenames like 2003..23 and stuff I need to go back and check that
14:57<mikegrb>wow the activity by hour graph is a lot smoother now
14:59<mikegrb>Chutt has spoken or die
14:59<mikegrb>oops that pasted from the code
14:59<mikegrb>stupid windows not copying what I select
15:00<mikegrb>Chutt has spoken 227147 words and 37,453 lines
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15:11<qDot>I just got mythtv installed, but I can't get the /dev/dsp test to work with xawtv (it just put out noise), and mythtv blanks out and hangs every time I hit "watch tv"
15:11<qDot>Any ideas?
15:13<Chutt>tmk, you still use qt 3.0, right?
15:13<tmk>i do
15:13<tmk>you got my email then :)
15:13<Chutt>mdz was having very similar problems, with very similar backtraces
15:13<Chutt>until he upgraded to 3.1
15:14<tmk>perhaps i shall try
15:14<tmk>performance question:
15:14<Chutt>qDot, error messages from mythbackend and/or mythfrontend.
15:14<tmk>moving around in the menus is pretty fast
15:14<qDot>Just hangs.
15:14<tmk>but switching screens is slow
15:14<Chutt>i guarantee you that there are.
15:14<qDot>Well, hold on.
15:14<Chutt>tmk, i've optimized menus a bit
15:14<tmk>what's it doing that takes so long? just loading images? or is it sql slowness
15:15<qDot>Setting master volume: Invalid argument
15:15<qDot>Setting PCM volume: invalid argument
15:15<qDot>Reading PCM volume: invalid argument
15:15<Chutt>it's a combination of loading the images, sql slowness, and talking with the backend when necessary
15:15<qDot>Then it says connecting to backend, and that's it.
15:15<Chutt>and what's the backend say?
15:16<tmk>i'm running CVS from about a week ago
15:16<tmk>is that pre-optimization?
15:16<Chutt>tmk, no
15:16<tmk>hrm :/
15:16<Chutt>that's why it's pretty fast :p
15:16<tmk>also, is there any way to buffer keys?
15:16<tmk>i have to wait for the preview to load
15:16<Chutt>turn previews off
15:17<tmk>so scrolling through videos in the 'delete video' is painful
15:17<Chutt>much better, generally
15:17<tmk>i'll give that a shot
15:17<Chutt>it _has_ to wait until they start playing
15:17<Chutt>and that takes a certain amount of time, etc
15:17<tmk>but it still ignores keys sent
15:17<Chutt>just discards em in the meantime
15:18<Chutt>i think in general, buffering up keypresses isn't a good thing
15:18<Chutt>gets confusing
15:19<qDot>Hold on a second, trying something
15:19<o_cee>i tried changing the behaviour of Enter in the EPG.. so that it changes channel upon enter instead of going to the record screen.. changed libmythtv/progfind.cpp at around line 165.. but it wasn't enough... where else do i need to change things?
15:20<tmk>well with a really slow computer
15:20<Chutt>o_cee, there was a patch posted to the mailing list about all that
15:20<tmk>i can't tell if it's registered my keypress and is just taking its sweet time
15:20-!-paulproteus [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
15:20<tmk>or if it's thrown it away
15:20<o_cee>oh, okay. i'll go search for it.
15:20<Chutt>matt felsen
15:20<Chutt>i think
15:21<Chutt>tmk, also, turn off the transparency effects in the appearance section
15:21<Chutt>and switch the epg to something non-alpha
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15:22<mdz_>tmk: seeing crashes with qt 3.0?
15:23<qDot>Reset some stuff, rebooted.
15:23<Chutt>mdz, in the conflicts screen, same place as yours
15:23<qDot>First time I ran mythfrontend and tried to watch tv, it said something was already taking up /dev/sound/dsp
15:24<Chutt>mdz, and in qstring, just like you had
15:24<qDot>fuser returns nothing, though
15:24<Chutt>qdot, then you likely can't do full duplex operation with your soundcard.
15:24<qDot>Tried to run mythfrontend again, and it hung that time.
15:25<Chutt>or with the driver set you're using.
15:25<qDot>It's a turtle beach santa cruz, using the cs-46xx alsa drivers
15:25<Chutt>i really don't care what it is.
15:25<mdz_>tmk: yeah, definitely try upgrading
15:26<mdz_>that drove me nuts
15:26<mdz_>I was never able to figure out what was going on
15:26<mdz_>the fact that most of them were unreproducible made me think that they weren't qt's fault, but the fact that upgrading fixed them makes me think they were
15:26<qDot>The card/drivers are listed as supporting full duplex.
15:26<sfr>qDot: i use a different soundcard, but with the same chip. Using alsa and the snd-cs46x driver works fine.
15:26<tmk>mine's pretty reproducible
15:27<tmk>happend twice in a row at least
15:27<qDot>Yeah, xawtv and tvtime work fine.
15:27<qDot>I'm not sure why it's hanging mythtv.
15:28<Chutt>neither xawtv or tvtime record the audio.
15:28<qDot>Does the Watch TV function record the audio?
15:28<Chutt>of course.
15:28<Chutt>that's the entire point.
15:29<qDot>Guess I could rebuild this as debug and see where it's hanging.
15:29<Chutt>that'd be the most useful thing
15:29<Chutt>but it's an audio problem
15:30<qDot>I figure the invalid param errors have something to do with it
15:30<qDot>Just don't know what.
15:30<tmk>can you load your audio drivers with debug=1 or something?
15:32<mdz_>tmk: if I tried enough times, I could always get it to crash, but sometimes it didn't
15:33<qDot>Does the fact that I hear nothing but noise when I try the aplay /dev/dsp test mean anything?
15:41<mdz_>depends on whether you have anything hooked up to the recording input
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15:52<qDot>It looks like when it hangs, there's about 10 backend processes spawned.
15:52<qDot>I killall, set up the daemon again, run frontend, and it dies with the /dev/dsp error
15:53<qDot>That happens one or two times, then the hangs start, and ps shows 10-12 backend processes going
15:56<Chutt>what do the number of processes have to do with anything?
15:56<qDot>Just not sure why it'd spawn off 10 of the backend when it dies.
15:56<Chutt>it's heavily threaded.
15:57<Chutt>5 threads to process requests from the frontend, the one qt event thread, one for recording video, one for recording audio, etc, etc
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16:10<tmk>does a program have to be irxevent-aware to use irxevent
16:10<tmk>or does it just send to current window?
16:10<mdz_>tmk: no, I think that's the point of irxevent
16:10<tmk>wasn't working for me :/
16:10<tmk>myth works fine
16:11<tmk>but i wrote a quick hack ff/rew script to do the pvr-350 output
16:11<tmk>while i wait on mythtv supprot
16:12<qDot>Assuming I knock out all of my audio modules, should I be able to at least see video when I do Watch TV? (Trying to see if there's any problems other than audio here)
16:12<mikegrb>you have to get audio working first
16:12<qDot>Ah, 'k.
16:19<choenig>is anybody here in touch with the guy who 'administrates' the 'mythtv in europe'-site?
16:19<sfr>choenig: you have the url?
16:21<choenig>he doesn't respond to my mails
16:21<sfr>1st time i see it :)
16:22<choenig>do you know erik arendse?
16:22<Chutt>he started his own pvr project
16:22<Chutt>because he couldn't keep up with mythtv development
16:22<choenig>He was very active in those europe stuff, but Chutt chased him awah ;)
16:22<choenig>yeah, I know
16:23<mikegrb>is that the mythchannels guy?
16:23<sfr>is it based on myth?
16:23<choenig>and that Kruse guy took the non-us mythtv site
16:23<choenig>sfr nope
16:23<Chutt>naw, the mythchannels guy is ramon roca
16:23<mikegrb>I thought so
16:23<Chutt>_he_ left because he's a big baby and can't handle comments on his code
16:24<sfr>choenig: it needs an update. The non-us site that it.
16:24<Chutt>if someone wants to do a non-us howto or whatnot, i'd host it on
16:24<Chutt>or just a collection of information for non-us users
16:25* sfr stares at the opposite directions.
16:25<choenig>I'd like this guy to remove the link to my homepage
16:25<mikegrb>kill -9
16:25<mikegrb>er wrong win
16:25<choenig>since that stuff I had there is no more needed
16:27<qDot>Ok, can someone possibly guide me through getting debug working with mythtv?
16:28<mikegrb>there is a section in the howto
16:28<Chutt>in the troubleshooting section of the howto.
16:28<qDot>Ah, cool, thanks.
16:28<Chutt>i don't feel like pulling up a browser to get you an exact link
16:28<mikegrb>heh same here
16:28<qDot>No worries, already had it up, just didn't see it
16:28* bline kicks MegaDeTH in the nads
16:50<ByteNik>Chutt: You told me I could tell Myth to use the analog cable before the digital cable, or did I misunderstand?
16:50<ByteNik>Chutt: I do not see any way to add priority to a connection.
16:54<Chutt>whatever's defined first in the database.
16:54<ByteNik>ohh. :P
16:54<ByteNik>i thought you ment there was a way to do priority in the setup util or something
16:54<ByteNik>and i know you hate dumb questions so i spent time looking. ^^
16:57<ByteNik>btw, i dunno if this is a known bug or not, but mythfrontend reaally doesn't like the -screen param
16:57<ByteNik>i get BadWindow errors back when its started that way
16:58-!-o_cee [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
16:59<Chutt>it doesn't handly that or -display
17:03<sfr>Chutt, you could have told me that everythings already set up in mythmusic. :) 'Only' need to create a stream class and make an alternative to the playlist handling in the GUI.
17:04<Chutt>didn't i?
17:04-!-choenig [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
17:07<sfr>well, you agreed that having 2 threads seems the way to go. i didn't know it was already done that way. But seems logical now. At the speed in which proceed maybe i should join Erik instead.
17:14<Chutt>heh, naw
17:14<Chutt>actually, i'm not sure if there's a specific thread to handle the input
17:14<Chutt>which is what i meant
17:14<Chutt>you might not need it, but...
17:16<sfr>as far as i can see, there is. 1x GUI, 1x Decoder (reading from the audio file, decoding and putting the data in a buffer) and 1x Output Thread (MMAudioOutput)
17:16<Chutt>i meant another for reading from the input source and putting it in a buffer for the decoder
17:18-!-Rule [] has joined #mythtv
17:18<sfr>ah, yes. I don't think it's needed. 1 to receive and decode should be enough.
17:18<ByteNik>chutt: Is the on-video-card mpeg decoder from nvidia on your list of hardware decoders to support?
17:18<Chutt>xvmc, already supported
17:19<Chutt>and it's just decoding accelleration, not a full decoder.
17:19<Rule>like the epia ?
17:19<ByteNik>doesn't the geforce fx have a full decoder?
17:19<Chutt>not that i'm aware of.
17:23<ByteNik>Part of the GeForce FX specs are "Integrated full hardware MPEG- 2 decoder"
17:23<ByteNik>Or is that just marketing
17:23<Chutt>i dunno
17:23<Chutt>it would need to be supported in linux, first.
17:24-!-heavy [] has joined #mythtv
17:26-!-heavy [] has quit [Client Quit]
17:26<ByteNik>hmm... is there any way get xterm or similar program to start mythfrontend automatically? i could then use xterm/otherprogram -display :0.1... I would prefer not to use xinerama
17:26<ByteNik>any way to get*
17:26<tmk>xterm -e <program>
17:26<tmk>i think
17:27<tmk>yep that's it
17:27<ByteNik>oo, good one. :P
17:27-!-heavy [] has joined #mythtv
17:28<sfr>ByteNik: what about .xsession? You can disable Xinerama in the setup.
17:28<ByteNik>I don't have Xinerama running
17:28<ByteNik>But I was saying w/o it how would I get myth to start on my second display
17:29<sfr>aha, to avoid mythfrontend -display :0.1 which isn't working anyway. I see.
17:29<tmk>can't you just export DISPLAY=:0.1
17:30<ByteNik>What will that do?
17:30<sfr>That works. i used it to start setup via ssh.
17:30<tmk>DISPLAY is the environment var that tells x programs which display to use
17:30<tmk>might still cause problems
17:30<tmk>but that's the "standard" way to do it
17:30<ByteNik>Yep, no go.
17:32-!-mecraw__ [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:32<sfr>ByteNik: Another way to go: in windowmaker you can define per-display which programs to start upon login.
17:33-!-mecraw__ [] has joined #mythtv
17:34<ByteNik>well, that's weird
17:34<qDot>Ok, switched to the ALSA patch and MythTV works! =D
17:34<qDot>Thanks for the help. :)
17:34<ByteNik>side issue now, but mythbackend is running but it doesn't appear to be listening
17:34<ByteNik>netstat -l doesn't show it
17:35<ByteNik>lemme just restart it and see
17:39<ByteNik>O.o... mythbackend segfaulted
17:39<ByteNik>How fun
17:39-!-dwmurphy [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:39-!-dwmurphy [] has joined #mythtv
17:43-!-schultmc [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:44<hadees>i can't seem to get my remote to work with mythtv, i got it showing up under irw, and i run irxevent & and try to use the remote with mythtv and nothing happens
17:44<kja>cool, i fixed the seek-freze bug...
17:44<hadees>i have .lircrc in my home dir
17:44<hadees>and i have the right lircd.conf file
17:44<hadees>in /etc
17:45<sfr>kja: next time, please pick a bug to fix that i experience. :)
17:45<kja>sfr, sure :)
17:46<hadees>if i can get this remote issue worked out i will finally have a working verison of mythtv!!!!! i can finaly record shows and pause live tv
17:47<tmk>hadees: what's your .lircrc like?
17:47<Chutt>kja, for dvb stuff?
17:47<Chutt>what was it?
17:48<hadees>tmk: it is the one that comes with ivtv
17:48<hadees>i supposed to go in your home dir right?
17:49<kja>Chutt, it was in avformatdecoder::dorew/ff*, when it fails to find keypos, so i just added a search upwards til it finds one
17:49<Chutt>heh, you just worked around it
17:49<kja>what's the culprint then?
17:50<Chutt>well, why is it trying to go to a keypos that doesn't exist?
17:50<kja>because I didn
17:50<kja>'t find it
17:51-!-Drikus_ [] has quit ["toedeledoki"]
18:08-!-Rule [] has quit ["zzz"]
18:09<tmk>hadees: hmm. lemme check it
18:10<tmk>hadees: which remote do you have
18:10<tmk>silver or black
18:15<toe>hrm, using cvs, when I run setup and in section 2 try to set my video device to /dev/video3 it insists on /dev/video0
18:17<hadees>tmk: silver
18:18<tmk>which lircd.conf file did you grab
18:19-!-ByteNik [] has left #mythtv []
18:20<toe>ah, heh - it's just if I type it - if I choose from the popup menu all is well
18:22<hadees>the lircd-g.conf
18:23<tmk>so you see the codes in irw
18:23<tmk>and does irxevent print anything out?
18:23<hadees>no just runs
18:24<hadees>goes to the next line
18:24<tmk>what version of lirc
18:24-!-dopez [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:24<hadees>the latest one out of cvs
18:24<tmk>for me, it prints out tons of stuff when it gets an event
18:24-!-Deathwind [~deathwind@] has joined #mythtv
18:25<tmk>irw works fine you say?
18:25<hadees>yeah it prints out everything
18:25<tmk>prints out Ch+ and Ch- etc
18:25<hadees>yup, thats why i don't get why myth isn't seeing it
18:25<tmk>if you run irxevent with no &
18:25<tmk>does it return?
18:26<hadees>let me try
18:27<hadees>can not open display
18:27<hadees>Can't open dipslay
18:27<tmk>also, what user are you running irxevent as
18:27<tmk>it has to be same user as mythtv
18:27<tmk>can't open display?
18:27<tmk>are you running it local
18:27<tmk>or via ssh
18:28<tmk>what shell also (assuming /bin/bash.. echo $SHELL will tell you)
18:29<tmk>what does 'env | grep DISPLAY' tell you
18:29<tmk>type ' export DISPLAY=:0.0'
18:29-!-uE [] has joined #mythtv
18:30<tmk>and run that env line again
18:30<tmk>are you in X?
18:31<hadees>okay sorry i just ran irxevent from in a terminal in x
18:31<hadees>and now irxevent is printing out the numbers i press on the remote
18:31<tmk>did it return
18:31<hadees>no i didn't put the &
18:32<tmk>then bg
18:32<tmk>or ^C and add the &
18:32<hadees>then go to mythtv?
18:32<tmk>should work then
18:33<tmk>i find that the remotes don't have quite enough buttons
18:34<hadees>well this is temp, i have an irman which i think is broken and a usb-uirt but doesn't have linux support...
18:34-!-dopez [] has joined #mythtv
18:34<tmk>i have both remotes though, and a learning universal
18:34<tmk>so i get twice as many buttons! :)
18:34<hadees>how do you use a universal?
18:35<hadees>just type in any code
18:35<tmk>aim the remote at the universal
18:35<tmk>and hold down the button
18:35<tmk>it'll learn the code
18:35<tmk>works great
18:35<tmk>some of them have low-memory issues though
18:35<tmk>ie they can only learn so many buttons
18:36<hadees>hey when i do irxevent it prints out [1] 3775
18:37<tmk>not sure what that means
18:37<hadees>and the remote doesn't work...
18:37<tmk>does it register any of the keys properly?
18:38<hadees>it just doesn't do anything
18:38<tmk>i thought you said it was printing out buttons
18:39<hadees>it was but myth isn't responding
18:39<tmk>what does it print when you press the 'full screen' button
18:40<hadees>what button is that on the grey remote?
18:40<tmk>it says fullscreen
18:40<hadees>oh the full button?
18:41<hadees>hold on a sec i am rebooting to make sure everything is right
18:44<hadees>now irxevent doesn't hold it just returned
18:44<hadees>no error...
18:45<tmk>is lircd runnign
18:47<tmk>does irw work
18:47<hadees>actully no it isn't running that is wierd
18:48<tmk>did you insmod the lirc_dev and lirc_i2c modules?
18:48<tmk>what does irxevent -V say?
18:48<hadees>irxevent 0.7.0pre2
18:49<tmk>well check back when you get irw working
18:57<hadees>isn't there a way to enable native support inside of mythtv?
19:03-!-toe [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:04-!-harrih [] has joined #mythtv
19:08-!-harrih [] has quit [Client Quit]
19:11<tmk>that's the point of irxevent
19:11<tmk>easy interface
19:20<kja>Chutt, the avfd assumes that keyframes are x apart, which is not always correct in mpeg2, right?
19:29-!-keturn [] has quit [Read error: 111 (Connection refused)]
19:31<Chutt>kja, it should be always correct
19:31<Chutt>maybe it should reset when it changes channel or the video settings change
19:32<tmk>sup chutt
19:32<tmk>you reboot that box yet?
19:33<tmk>jsut curious about yer bug
19:33<Chutt>still drawing a blank
19:33<Chutt>forget what that was
19:33<tmk>day-job bug
19:33<tmk>12 hrs uptime or so == crash
19:34<Chutt>i think i've gotten a handle on it
19:34<Chutt>the motherboard or harddrive's starting to go bad
19:34<Chutt>leaning towards the harddrive
19:34<Chutt>err, motherboard, rather
19:34<Chutt>it goes all weird during high stress periods
19:36<tmk>so how can i test to see if i should use the ivtv video-output stuff
19:36<tmk>ie 'if (ivtv-mode == true)'
19:36<Chutt>in mythtv?
19:37<Chutt>i dunno
19:37<tmk>well presumably it shouln't use it all the time :)
19:37<Chutt>i dunno
19:37<Chutt>i'd just assume that if support for it is present
19:38<Chutt>and it's a mpeg2 file
19:38<Chutt>it should use it
19:38<tmk>'support is present'
19:38<Chutt>ask the driver?
19:38<tmk>could-do i s'pose
19:39<tmk>any plans to decode mpg4 to yuv
19:39<tmk>and send that to ivtv?
19:39<tmk>for other formats?
19:40<tmk>generic format that is
19:40<sfr>mjpeg? Hint, hint.
19:44<sfr>thinking 2 sec. about it, it doesn't make much sense. i'd use the pvr for high-quality recordings and the hw mjpeg tuner only for live-tv.
19:45<tmk>well my issue
19:45<tmk>is that the only tv-out i have is the pvr350
19:47-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:50<heavy>anybody here using nuvexport successfully?
19:51<heavy>i converted a 30 minute show to svcd, only 30 seconds of video, audio keeps going, file size is only 13MB
19:51<heavy>obviously somethings not working right
19:52<Chutt>tmk, well, it looked to be a really small modification to the existing non-xv mode output to just send yuv data to the card
19:53<tmk>wait.. 'looked'?
19:53<Chutt>at least from the patch you send me a long time ago
19:53<tmk>does that mean it really isn't
19:53<tmk>oh ok
19:53<Chutt>when the decoder/fb stuff first started working
19:53<tmk>cool. I'll look into that too then
19:55<heavy>hmm, according to post on the mailing list you need cvs of mythtv to use nuvexport
19:55<tmk>Chutt: how do i check if the file is mpg2
19:56<tmk>basically, i'm going to try and do the outptu stuff this week
19:56<tmk>a roadmap to files would be great
19:59-!-uE [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:59-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:19<heavy>is this still the command to get cvs? cvs -d login
20:21<tmk>that logs in
20:21-!-D-side [] has joined #mythtv
20:22<tmk>you need to do 'co' in place of 'login' to actually get code
20:22<tmk>login first, then co
20:22<D-side>anyone feel like listening to me complain
20:22<D-side>or is it cvs tutorial time
20:22<heavy>ya, it worked now, didn't work 15 minutes ago
20:23<tmk>goin home now.. bbl
20:23<D-side>saw a post on the users list about ff/jumping through a recording that hangs the frontend. last one was around aug 27. any known fixes or causes of this issue?
20:24-!-tmk [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:26-!-dopez [] has quit ["..."]
20:40-!-radsaq [] has quit ["leaving"]
20:40-!-dja_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:56-!-tmk [] has joined #mythtv
20:57-!-hadees [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
21:04-!-dja_ [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:26-!-keturn [] has joined #mythtv
21:42-!-sc00p_ [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
21:47<tmk>chutt: you around?
21:50<bline>hey tmk
21:52<tmk>sup bline
21:52<bline>trying to rip a dvd, not going so well
21:53<tmk>with ivtv?
21:53<tmk>that would be silly :)
21:54<bline>naa, with mencoder
21:54<bline>keep getting scsi errors in dmesg when i try to copy the vob
21:56<tmk>don't dvd drives protect vob files
21:56<tmk>so you can't copy them
21:56<bline>some kind of write protection i guess
21:56<bline>most dvds I can copy the vob off with mplayer or vobcopy, just not this one for some reason
22:09-!-courtlr [] has joined #mythtv
22:09<courtlr>Where can I download the libs for mythdvd from? I'm running redhat 8.
22:16<bline>the libs?
22:16<bline>do you mean rpms?
22:16<courtlr>rpms or sources, it doesn't matter
22:16<bline>look on the website
22:17<courtlr>like where do I get the libdvdread3 source from?
22:17<courtlr>and where do I get liba52dec-devel from?
22:18<mikegrb>courtlr: have you tried freshrpms or some such
22:18<bline>google is most helpfull
22:20* bline considers google a better source than irc
22:20<courtlr>so if I get the a52dec.tar.gz from the sourceforge site do I have the a52dec-devel libs as well?
22:20<bline> devel is just the header files
22:20<bline>so, ofcoarse
22:21<courtlr>ok, I was cunfused, I am kind of new at this
22:22* bline got a raise today
22:23<courtlr>that is exciting congrats
22:23<bline>only 6%, but not too shabby
22:23<mikegrb>congrats bline... it's all that sticking up for gossamer on the list ;)
22:24<courtlr>Is libdvdread-0.9.4.tar.gz that same as libdvdread3?
22:24<tmk>congrats bline
22:25* mikegrb hyst returned frim wet willies, cellebratting 21nth bday
22:25<bline>thanks tmk
22:25<mikegrb>er 21st
22:25<mikegrb>er well lots of stuff... screw it
22:26<bline>courtlr: dunno what libdvdread3 is, but I would assume so
22:26<bline>happy birthday mikegrb
22:26<courtlr>it is what the documentation says it needs
22:26<bline>it's just a happy day all around
22:26-!-hadees [] has joined #mythtv
22:27<bline>I am now in charge of all hosting software developers
22:27* bline is incharge of himself
22:27* mikegrb too
22:27<mikegrb>es very nice, you will like
22:28<bline>it's always nice when you control the environment you develope under
22:29<qDot>How many devs do you have under you?
22:30<bline>Me :)
22:30<qDot>Hah, you're in the same situation I am then.
22:30<qDot>Blessing and a curse, it is. :)
22:30<bline>We will hire more as hosting becomes a bigger percentage of profit
22:30<qDot>Yeah, that's where we are too ('cept we're a non-profit, so it's more of a grant thing)
22:36-!-jbwiv [] has joined #mythtv
22:37<courtlr>well I'm off to build the 90 pre-reqs for mythdvd
22:38-!-courtlr [] has quit ["Trillian ("]
22:39<jbwiv>hello all. Question for you if you have a moment. I just installed a WinTV Go card in my system, along with my PVR-250 (the Go replaces a TV Wonder I was having issues with). I believe both of these cards to be tuner=2 (I know the PVR-250 is), and have set that in modules.conf accordingly. Now, however, when I run myth, I can change channels on the WinTV GO, but the PVR-250 seems stuck on the same channel. The OSD changes, but t
22:39<jbwiv>he channel stays the same. Could someone point out what setting in modules.conf I've screwed up?
22:40<tmk>jb: probably a pvr bug
22:40<bline>maybe ask in #ivtv-dev
22:40<tmk>load ivtv with debug=3
22:40<tmk>and see if it prints out stuff when you change channels
22:40<bline>ivtv is so beta, it doesn't work very well at all
22:41<tmk>darn right
22:41<jbwiv>tmk: ok, thanks. I'll give that a try.
22:41<qDot>Is getting a pvr-250 very worth it for mythtv right now?
22:41<bline>yeah, it works well
22:41<qDot>I've got an old wintv go right now, was thinking about upgrading.
22:41<bline>atleast it does for me
22:42<jbwiv>oh, one other question. No matter what order they appear in modules.conf (ivtv is in there first), bttv loads first and grabs /dev/video0. Then I have to manually rmmod and insmod. What can I change to avoid this? thanks in advance.
22:43<jbwiv>qDot: the PVR-250 video quality is highly superior, imho
22:43<tmk>try alias video-81-0 ivtv
22:43<tmk>or is it char-81-0
22:43* tmk forgets
22:43<tmk>char-major-81-0 sounds good
22:44<tmk>make bttv char-major-81-1
22:45<tmk>first device to load will grab video0 i think
22:45<jbwiv>tmk: that already. char-major-81 should be aliased to videodev, right?
22:46<jbwiv>figured out the ivtv channel problem
22:46<qDot>I figure it'll be nice to have two cards around anyone, one can record while the other watches, and the 250's really arn't that expensive.
22:46<qDot>er, anyway.
22:47<jbwiv> i didn't.
22:47* jbwiv grins sheepishly
22:57<jbwiv>hey, to get btaudio to always load when bttv loads, do I need to add a dependency to modules.dep?
22:58<kja>Chutt, you where right, the seektable stuff in dvbrec was very wrong, just updated my knowledge, and fixed it (without libavc)
22:59<kja>Also, would you accept a patch which search for the closest keyPos if it's not found during seeking (as it is pretty bad to just hump along without doing anything..)?
23:05<tmk>chutt, you around?
23:16-!-bline [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:18-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
23:21<heavy>is there a way to tell the version of your mythbackend binary ?
23:23<heavy>well, i tried make install as non-root, probably part of my problem
23:29-!-grogan [aaron@eviltwin.STUDENT.CWRU.Edu] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:29-!-jbwiv [] has quit ["Leaving"]
23:30<linagee>if i increase the "Time to record past end of show", will it be effective for the currently recording show?
23:36-!-D-side [] has quit ["Gone."]
23:39-!-grogan [aaron@eviltwin.STUDENT.CWRU.Edu] has joined #mythtv
23:40-!-Deathwind [~deathwind@] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
23:41-!-Deathwind [~deathwind@] has joined #mythtv
23:53-!-sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
23:53-!-monkeyBox [] has joined #mythtv
23:56<_rkulagow>i'm going to buy a wireless keyboard like a chicony and train a learning remote. i've had it with lirc.
23:57<hadees>that really work?
23:57<_rkulagow>sure - plenty of people have said that it does. if the learning remote can pick up the keycodes, there's no reason why i can't bind "p" to the "Play" button.
23:58<hadees>i like the idea, how ever a keyboard reciver doesn't go with the custom case i am having made
23:59<hadees>i wish lirc was easyer to setup
23:59<hadees>it just stoped working for me
23:59<hadees>no clue what i did to cause it
---Logclosed Tue Sep 09 00:00:24 2003