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02:25<jabooty>hey, anyone know how to fix the time in myth? in my schedule listing the time is about 7 hours off and thus all my recordings wrong. how can I fix this? Using latest myth through apt and debian unstable
02:26<jabooty>that's mythtv version 0.11-4 to be precise
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09:30<Cal>I have a slight problem with a new myth install, even at high resolutions using MPEG4 compression, the image appears to be blocky. Using the bttv driver and gefore 2. CPU load is high, could that be a factor?
09:31<Snow-Man>I doubt it.
09:31<Snow-Man>Sit farther back. :)
09:31<Cal>:) from 10 feet away its noticable on a 69cm
09:32<Cal>it looks obviously digitised if that makes sense....
09:34* Snow-Man shrugs.
09:34<Snow-Man>You can try and increase the quality stuff or whatever.
09:34<Snow-Man>That'll make it more CPU intensive, of course.
09:35<Cal>I thought i had most of it enabled as is. using 90% load on a 1800xp
09:35<Cal>when watching livetv
09:35<Snow-Man>Welp, dunno what to tell you. :)
09:36<Cal>Thanks anyway :)
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12:01<robertj>anyone here have lirc working with 2.6?
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12:27* robbie pokes thor_
12:27<robbie>hi thore, just that reminder you asked for,
12:27<robbie>thor_ even
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12:53<tmk>Chutt: so should i be seeing those FRAMESYNC errors all the time? it's still going at about 3 errors/sec. Mythfrontend not running, never played back on this load of mythbackend
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13:30* tmk pokes chutt
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13:41<tmk>you see my note from 20 mins ago
13:41<tmk>just wanted to make sure that was expected behavior
13:41<Chutt>what was it?
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13:43<tmk>i'm seeing those FRAMESYNC errors
13:43<tmk>invalid file descriptor
13:43<Chutt>it's using GET_TIMING, but the perror still says framesync.
13:43<tmk>at the rate of like 3 per second
13:43<tmk>on mythbackend
13:43<Chutt>so, the GET_TIMING ioctl is failing.
13:43<tmk>i've never played back since loading this mythbackend
13:43<Chutt>and no, it's not expected behavior.
13:43<tmk>perhaps soem thread is getting run that shouldn't
13:45<_rkulagow>chutt: question for you. i've added a bit of code that pops up a dialog when you first enter edit mode if the "isediting" flag is already set (to recover from crashed edit sessions without needing to SQL) that lets you force the edit. the dialog comes up, but it seems like the cursor keys aren't actually being read because the selector doesn't move.
13:45<_rkulagow>i'm going to post the snippet:
13:45<Chutt>you need to tie into tv_play's processkeypress stuff
13:46<_rkulagow> case Key_E: case Key_M:
13:46<_rkulagow> {
13:46<_rkulagow> if (playbackinfo->IsEditing(m_db))
13:46<_rkulagow> {
13:46<_rkulagow> nvp->Pause();
13:46<_rkulagow> dialogname = "alreadybeingedited";
13:46<_rkulagow> QString message = tr("This program is currently being edited");
13:46<_rkulagow> QStringList options;
13:46<_rkulagow> options += tr("Continue Editing");
13:46<_rkulagow> options += tr("Do not edit");
13:46<_rkulagow> osd->NewDialogBox(dialogname, message, options, 0);
13:46<_rkulagow>(this part works so far)
13:46<_rkulagow> int result = osd->GetDialogResponse(dialogname);
13:46<_rkulagow> dialogname = "";
13:46<_rkulagow> if (result == 0)
13:46<_rkulagow> {
13:46<_rkulagow> playbackinfo->SetEditing(false, m_db);
13:46<_rkulagow> editmode = nvp->EnableEdit();
13:46<_rkulagow> }
13:47<_rkulagow>)this part doesn't)
13:48<_rkulagow>whoops, missed a cut/paste.
13:48<_rkulagow> while (osd->DialogShowing(dialogname))
13:48<_rkulagow> {
13:48<_rkulagow> qApp->unlock();
13:48<_rkulagow> qApp->processEvents();
13:48<_rkulagow> usleep(1000);
13:48<_rkulagow> qApp->lock();
13:48<_rkulagow> }
13:48<Chutt>you can't do it like that.
13:48<_rkulagow>(is after the dialog comes up)
13:48<Chutt>look higher up in that function for the 'if (nvp->GetOSD() && osd->DialogShowing(dialogname))'
13:49<Chutt>see how it handles the exitplayoptions dialog?
13:49<_rkulagow>yes, i see it now.
13:51<_rkulagow>ok, let me think about how to accomplish what i want.
13:51<Chutt>you just need to add a clause there that checks if the name is 'alreadybeingedited'
13:51<Chutt>and do stuff =)
13:51<_rkulagow>right, already adding it.
13:52<_rkulagow>would you take the patch if i work it out?
13:53<_rkulagow>great, hopefully it's an easy one. thanks.
14:07<tmk>Chutt: we fixed the video freezing on playback issue
14:08<Chutt>what was it?
14:08<tmk>we just put a timer in to check for lost interrupts
14:08<tmk>but now it breaks on rapid close/opens
14:08<tmk>like myth does heh
14:09<tmk>the timer wakes up and starts sending data sometimes
14:09<Chutt>does it deadlock for you when using the osd?
14:09<tmk>even though the stream's close
14:09<tmk>uhm, haven't done too much with the osd
14:09<Chutt>that's why i haven't made it do color yet
14:09<Chutt>i can't keep it running long enough :p
14:10<tmk>i want to do double-buffering too btw
14:10<tmk>but i wish that framesync bug would go away
14:10<tmk>(hint hint)
14:10<Chutt>doesn't happen to me
14:11<tmk>i don't have the fb driver loaded
14:11<tmk>and i run myth
14:11<tmk>and as soon as it (i think starts) recording
14:11<tmk>all i see on the screen are those errors
14:11<tmk>might be when it stops recording
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14:43<meth>anyone use a IR receiver?
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14:58<meth>i just purchased that
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15:22<_rkulagow>chutt: mailed you that edit override patch we were talking about earlier.
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15:28<Chutt>looks good to me
15:29<Chutt>i'll get it in later today
15:29<Chutt>kinda busy at the moment
15:30<_rkulagow>NP. hope it works for you and you commit it.
15:31<Chutt>don't see why it wouldn't work
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16:03<_rkulagow>chutt: mind if i commit then?
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16:46<tmk>Chutt: did you get a chance to track down that FRAMESYNC scrolling error thing?
16:47<Chutt>i've been busy all day.
16:47<tmk>no problem
16:47<tmk>just curious
16:47<Chutt>and like i said, it's never happened to me.
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16:47<tmk>i suppose since you can't unload the -fb driver
16:47<tmk>makes it hard to test ;)
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16:52<tmk>Chutt: seems accepted to not be able to unload a fbdev
16:52<tmk>but i found a way
16:53<tmk>i /msg'd it to ya
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16:55<jabooty>so I got everything working great in myth but my time in my schedule is off. I'm running myth 11-4 on debian unstable. any ideas anyone? I tried to offset the time zone by 2 hours to fix but no dice
16:57<Chutt>it just goes by your system clock, and the data that's given to it by xmltv.
16:58<jabooty>well my system clock is correct, and xmltv is pulling from my zip code.. is there a settings file I can manipulate?
16:59<Chutt>did you change the timezone offset from 0 in setup?
16:59<jabooty>well it's set to "none"
16:59<Chutt>that's as it should be.
16:59<jabooty>I restarted myth-backend too
16:59<jabooty>just to be sure
16:59<Chutt>but had you changed it when you ran mythfilldatabase?
17:00<jabooty>well I ran setup, then mythfilldatabase, then restarted the backend
17:00<Chutt>time for you to start debugging, then.
17:00<jabooty>BTW, how many times does mythfilldatabase cycle through? I let it run through about 3 times then CTRL+C'ed it. bad idea?
17:00<Chutt>it's not cycling through.
17:00<Chutt>try looking at the dates.
17:01<jabooty>alright, well I'll dump my db, run the setup and try again I suppose
17:01<mdz_>that's unlikely to fix it
17:01<mdz_>jabooty: take a look at the data coming out of tv_grab_na and see if it is correct
17:01<mdz_>I suppose that it's possible that the data for your provider is bad
17:02<mdz_>but it seems much more likely that your system clock is set wrong (e.g., wrong time zone)
17:02<jabooty>well what command can I use to reset my time zone?
17:04<jabooty>yeah because I get tv listings and they are correct, channels correct, etc. but my time in myth is two hours ahead of what it should be
17:05<sfr>jabooty: you mean e.g. in the epg the clock is two hours ahead?
17:05<jabooty>sfr: right, so my recordings are two hours off
17:06<sfr>jabooty: but in shell if you type date, the time and timezone is correct?
17:07<jabooty>d'oh! my time is off. wow, I feel like an idiot... well how can I change the time?? sorry guys
17:09<jabooty>my time being two hours ahead...
17:09<tmk>what distro?
17:10<tmk>if redhat, use 'timetool'
17:10<jabooty>debian unstable
17:11<Chutt>date also sets the time.
17:11<jabooty>alright, I'll read the man page
17:11<sfr>err, 3.0x is stable. anyway try tzconfig, but i'm not shure thats permanent.
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17:11<tmk>i don't think date syncs to hwclock
17:11<tmk>i'm sure google knows though
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17:12<jabooty>okay, one more stupid question. I live in Texas, should I set the clock to Universal time or GMT?
17:12<sfr>jabooty: well, in case your timezone is actually wrong.
17:12<jabooty>it's currently set to US/Central which I thought was correct
17:12<sfr>jabooty: wouldn't make a difference, they're the same. set it to your local timezone.
17:13<jabooty>it's still setting the time 2 hours off
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17:14<jabooty>18:05 is what it reads. It's 4:05 now :)
17:14<sfr>jabooty: rdate should get it right.
17:15<jabooty>sfr: alright
17:16<jabooty>sfr: servname not supported for ai_socktype
17:16<jabooty>sfr: can you resolve that into a hostname??
17:17<jabooty>well I used tzconfig and set the time zone for Los_Angeles and it's correct now... I wonder if it will correctly record shows now?
17:17<jabooty>being West Coast time and all
17:17<sfr>jabooty: both time and timezone is ok now?
17:18<jabooty>sfr: well the time is correct, but I'm set for Los Angeles time zone and I'm in Texas :)
17:19<sfr>jabooty: as i run a chrony (a ntp daemon) i didn't set my time manually for a loooong time. check google or man date on how to fix it.
17:20<jabooty>sfr: alright, thanks for all the help. I might try to sync my time with NTP
17:20<sfr>jabooty: problem is: your program data might be wrong in the db. you might have to run filldatabase again.
17:21<jabooty>sfr: that shouldn't be a prob. I've done that a few times already. got it down
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20:13<linagee_>why does mythtv sometimes go into a mode where left/right only skip by 1 second?
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20:55<kja>who's bjm in cvs?
20:58<kja>anyways, i get lot's of rebuffering msgs with the latest change to READ_AHEAD_SIZE, bumping the mult. back up to 10 is ok..
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21:11<hadees>man i have been having all kinds of trouble installing lirc, it just won't connect to my serial port for some reason, anyone out there know where i can get help real time help for lirc? do they have an irc channel?
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21:22<hadees>tmk: do you know if lirc has an irc channel anywhere?
21:22<Captain_Murdoch>bjm == Bruce Markey, but he doesn't come into irc I believe.
21:24<kja>ahh, thanks Capt. M.
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22:08<hadees>i hate lirc...
22:20<tmk>not me
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22:41<DJHaCK>why does mythsetup crash when I type my postal code (at the fifth character) in "video source setup" ?
22:42<thor_>wait ....
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22:47<tmk>dj: if you alt-tab, you'll see that it's looking for channels
22:47<tmk>you need to wait
22:47<tmk>as thor_ said
22:47<tmk>this is in the docs i believe
22:47<DJHaCK>mm , I'm getting request failed with code: 500:Internal Server Error
22:48<DJHaCK>my isp probably messed up again , it's been on the fritz all day at work and I'm using the same at home :\
22:49<JonnyRo>how many processes does mythtv usually spawn?
22:49<JonnyRo>for the backend
22:50<thor_>depends what it's up to
22:50<JonnyRo>it has like 8 processes open
22:50<JonnyRo>consuming like 400MB of real memory
22:50<JonnyRo>and my computer feels sluggish
22:50<JonnyRo>it's a 1.8ghz athlon
22:51<JonnyRo>er 1800+ (1.53ghz)
22:51<JonnyRo>with 512MB of ram
22:51<thor_>it's probably encoding on a bttv
22:51<thor_>perhaps 2 (?)
22:52<JonnyRo>just one card
22:52<JonnyRo>it was using rtjpeg
22:52<thor_>at reasonably high quality settings ... that's about right
22:53<JonnyRo>480x480 resolution
22:53<thor_>check your hdparm -tT (well, not now while it's recording)
22:57<JonnyRo>i think the reason the system feels sluggish is because i'm not using a premptible kernel anymore
22:58<thor_>not that noisy signal = harder to encode = more cycles used up
22:59<JonnyRo>is MPEG4 faster than RTJPEG?
22:59<thor_>smaller files, more encoding
23:02<DJHaCK>480x480 is that for recording PAL signals or you can't get more pixels than 480x480 from NTSC anyway ?
23:03<thor_>NTSC is 640x480 picture, 720x480 if you include extra (non video) information which is sometimes encoded in the extra scan lines
23:04<JonnyRo>i'm using NTSC
23:04<JonnyRo>should i use 640x480?
23:05<thor_>480 x 480 is plenty good enough (much better, for example, than VHS)
23:08<DJHaCK>JonnyRo are you using tv_grab_na ?
23:08<JonnyRo>DJHaCK: yea
23:09<DJHaCK>can you check if it works right now ? I'm getting Internal Server Error , but have no way to try from another isp/location , I'd like to know if it's just me or if they are having problems
23:10<JonnyRo>just by running mythtfilldatabase should do it right?
23:11<JonnyRo>it isnt working
23:11<DJHaCK>uh.. I guess , I never got past mythsetup yep :\
23:11<JonnyRo>wait, i am trying it on another machine
23:11<JonnyRo>hold on
23:12<JonnyRo>it is working now
23:12<JonnyRo>but VERY VERY Slowly
23:12<JonnyRo>much more so than usual
23:12<activelow>anyone using digital cable and lirc?
23:13<DJHaCK>probably a lot of people have their cron task to update during 23:00/0:00
23:13<activelow>I'd like to know if anyone is using time warner and what to buy for a channel changer.
23:13<Chutt>why don't people understand how threads share ram?
23:14<JonnyRo>DJHaCK: that makes sense, the gentoo ebuild tells you to set it up in cron.daily
23:15<tmk>evenin chutt
23:15<Chutt>tmk, yo
23:15<tmk>hopefully i'm about to make the decoding stable
23:15<Chutt>great =)
23:15<thor_>hey, +/- buffers still confuses me
23:15<Chutt>i'd like to not have to reboot my machine so often
23:18<_rkulagow>chutt: on page, there's a "Instructions for accessing the CVS tree directly are here. ", where "here" is a hyperlink to section 1 of the myth HOWTO. CVS instructions are now in section 5.
23:18<Chutt>i've been meaning to update that
23:18<Chutt>since you broke it :p
23:19<_rkulagow>right back at you. :)
23:21<tmk>chutt: i meant the decoder, not the fb :P
23:21<tmk>far as i know, decoder doesn't crash and kill
23:21<tmk>unless you're using yesterday's cvs
23:21<Chutt>ah, well
23:22<Chutt>going to work on the fb driver soon, then? =)
23:23-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
23:27<tmk>did you get my note on unloading it
23:28<tmk>prolly need a different framebuffer driver tho
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