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00:35<bbeattie>In refering to AC3 when using dvdrip, there is the option for perfect rip, and also an op.tion for audio channel, and also for ac3. What does selecting the ac3 option effect, if you're set to record the 6 channel dts audio channel for the dvd?
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00:44<warlord>Chutt (or anyone else): I'm trying to understand the application locking architecture of mythfrontend; it appears that qApp->processEvents() is somehow calling some callback function that is leaving the application locked... Honestly, that looks extremely plausible, as MANY functions call qApp->lock() before exiting...
00:44<bbeattie>mechou: 'lo
00:45<warlord>Is there some document that explains the locking architecture and when the lock should be held/released?
00:45<warlord>To my (naive) eyes it appears locks seem to be held backwards.
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00:46<bbeattie>warlord: I don't know.. Others who may be away should.
00:47<mechou>I'd like to convert a slave backend to a master backend (and vice versa). Besides changing mysql.txt, do I need to change the mythtv db "capturecard" table?
00:47<mechou>hi, bbeattie. How's things?
00:48<bbeattie>busy.. 12 hour days. :-/
00:49<mechou>bbeattie: being idle.
00:49<bbeattie>the maker of pchdtv I believe is taking a look at improving support for the card.. there are some things that I'm not familiar with (subchannels) and possibly going to adbd support for that hoepfully soon
00:50<mechou>bbeattie, that's good news. BTW, how difficult is is to patch xine for pcHTDV? Is it relatively straightfoward?
00:53<mechou>It just amazed me how many requests there are to "productize" mythtv (as showing by the mythtv mailing list).
00:54<bbeattie>mechou: there is a patched version availible, no need to do it.
00:54<mechou>warlord, what lock are you talking about, nfslock?
00:54<warlord>no.. qApp->lock()
00:55<warlord>see my recent mail to -dev
00:55<bbeattie>mechou: I spoke with the person who is doing home theaters, talking about the qiality and he agree'd with me (off maillist) the quiality lack in linux is so horrible, that all he can sale myth boxes for are music servers and places like kids playrooms and kitchen tv's.
00:55<mechou>bbeattie, really? Is the patched xine available from pchdtv site?
00:55<bbeattie>mechou should be, if not I can send you it.
00:56<mechou>bbeattie, that's ok. I'll look for it. Thanks for the offer...
00:57<mechou>bbeattie, yeah, there's PQ, and there's maintenence. I mean we had to patch xmltv a few times....
00:57<warlord>I had to patch XML::Writer
00:57<mechou>Heaven forbid if zap2it suddenly decided to go "proprietary"
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01:10<Chutt>warlord, there's an entire section in the docs on how to get a proper backtrace.
01:10<Chutt>including all the other threads.
01:10<warlord>Chutt: um, ok..
01:11<Chutt>a trace of a single thread is completely worthless.
01:13<Chutt>especially in the situation which you posted to -dev, where another thread is holding the lock.
01:13<Chutt>if that's indeed the problem.
01:14<Chutt>since i can't of course tell, with only one thread out of the half dozen or so that are running.
01:15<warlord>Fair enough.. Let me resend the trace..
01:18<warlord>Ok, full trace sent.
01:19<Chutt>you may want to try with an unstripped binary.
01:19<mechou>Chutt: I'd like to convert a slave backend to a master backend (and vice versa). Besides changing mysql.txt, do I need to change the mythtv db "capturecard" table? Am I missing anything else??
01:20<Chutt>mechou, i really don't know
01:20<Chutt>i've never done that
01:21<mechou>hmm, I might just have to try it then :)
01:21<warlord>Chutt: FWIW, my binary is not stripped
01:21<warlord>[root@mythtv mythtv-0.11]# file /usr/local/bin/mythfrontend
01:21<warlord>/usr/local/bin/mythfrontend: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.2.5, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped
01:22<Chutt>you're missing information on about half the threads that are running.
01:22<bbeattie>Chutt: any idea if when ripping a dvd, if you don't select ac3 and you select a 6 channel audio channel on the dvd, does it jus
01:22<Chutt>slightly difficult to debug that way =)
01:22<bbeattie>t encode it in mpeg audio and not keep the ac3?
01:22<mechou>warlord, what distro are you using?
01:22<Chutt>bbeattie, i really have no idea
01:23<bbeattie>Chutt: thors area?
01:23<Chutt>bbeattie, yeah
01:23<mechou>hmm, I don't think RH9 has broken gdb....
01:23<Chutt>warlord, a backtrace of the backend in that same state may be useful.
01:24<warlord>Chutt: Um, ok, I can get you a trace of the backend right now (they are both in GDB right now)
01:24<Chutt>but anyway, i'm going to bed.
01:24<warlord>sleep well..
01:24<warlord>and thanks.
01:24<Chutt>oh, and it's generally a good idea to use cvs when trying to reproduce bugs
01:24<Chutt>since you don't know what's been fixed or not
01:25<warlord>yea... I'll do that after I get back from Seattle.
01:29<mechou>ok, goodnight all...
01:29<warlord>thanks.. :)
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01:51<bbeattie>dang, mysql has 90MB worth of sys log
01:53<bbeattie>hmm, what's the option to turn mysql loggin off?, or is the best thing to do just an echo "" /var/log/mysql.log ?
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02:05<o_cee>i had like +500 mb, heh. there's some logrotate thingie i guess, haven't bothered yet
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02:10<bbeattie>there is log rotate, but not log removal. :)
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05:35<reza_>anyone around?.
05:35<KikoV>you :]
05:38<reza_>know anything about the OSS drivers?
05:40<KikoV>I just use it
05:41<apathy>which one
05:42<reza_>the intel 8x1 one...
05:42<reza_>the call ioctl(afd, SNDCTL_DSP_SPEED, &audio_samplerate)
05:42<reza_>is causing my audio_samplerate to get set to 31627 for some wierd reason
05:42<reza_>and that causes all kinds of downstream problems
05:42<apathy>that's a bit odd
05:42<apathy>i can imagine =]
05:43<reza_>(gdb) print audio_samplerate
05:43<reza_>$9 = 32000
05:43<reza_>(gdb) n
05:43<reza_>(gdb) print audio_samplerate
05:43<reza_>$10 = 31627
05:43<apathy>i'm was using the i810_audio OSS driver but switched to using ALSA
05:43<reza_>alsa is worse for me
05:43<apathy>it works fine on my other (non Myth) box
05:43<reza_>it makes all kinds of audio hicupps all the time after a channel change
05:43<reza_>i'm having headache after headache with this setup
05:44<apathy>hmm, i get those but put it down to the box not being fast enough
05:44<apathy>what kernel version you using?
05:44<reza_>i refuse to get a pvr-250 and want to get this fucking leadtek card to work, but otherwise, i've got identical systems as others and other people much better luck
05:45<reza_>I JUST WANT IT TO WORK!
05:45<apathy>i bought a FlyVIDEO3000 for $80AUD and then find out it's a new revision with an unsupported sound chip =[
05:45<reza_>80 aud isn't bad
05:45<apathy>aaah, haven't touched 2.6 yet
05:45<reza_>i got my leadtek for $51
05:45<reza_>well, it seems to run better under the latest kernels...
05:45<apathy>have you noticed much diff with the AS scheduler?
05:46<reza_>but it is super slow to change channels, crashes after 2 channel changes (only my dad can make it happen)
05:46<reza_>i know they're fucking with it alot, but as it's just a mythbox and the only othe thing i do with it is compile shit, not really...
05:46<reza_>though, just after upgrading to the test5-mm2, i got a wierd file
05:46<apathy>hmm, thought the AS sched might make a diff for a combined front/backend box
05:47<reza_>anything that tried to open it would get stuck in an uninterruptable IO call
05:47<reza_>worked after reboot, but it was wierd
05:47<apathy>heh, that's why i don't touch dev kernels
05:47<reza_>i have nothing to compare it to
05:47<apathy>if my wife can't watch tv i'm in deep trouble
05:47<reza_>i've got the most basic setup
05:47<reza_>pundit, p4-2.8g, 256k memory, and a bttv card
05:47<reza_>works for everyone else but me
05:48<apathy>wow, you got it working with only 256k memory ;)
05:48<apathy>must swap like hell
05:48<reza_>does it need more?
05:48<o_cee>dude, try a normal kernel first.
05:48<reza_>i've tried all the normal kernels
05:48<apathy>reza_: what distro you using?
05:48<o_cee>my intel sound works with alsa-oss at least
05:49<reza_>it works with alsa, but on a channel change, it breaks
05:49<reza_>i'm familiar with rh.. what should i be using/
05:49<o_cee>not using myth native alsa, doesn't work that well
05:49<apathy>you sure it definitely the sound driver that's causing that?
05:49<reza_>er, 256M :P
05:49<reza_>i finally noticed
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05:50<apathy>reza_: nothing you _should_ be using.
05:50<apathy>i'm using Debian unstable, if you were too was going to give you my package selections
05:50<o_cee>and i'm on gentoo
05:50<reza_>what's up with gentoo, didn't hear about it till recently
05:51<apathy>same horse, different jockey
05:51<apathy>it's all C++ still
05:51<reza_>and debian's apt-get shit pisses me off.. it will not let me install anything if any other dependancy is unmet
05:51<apathy>well yeah
05:51<o_cee>gentoos packages system is nice
05:51<reza_>tried to install it on my laptop, and it wants to uninstall my window manager for no apparent reason..
05:51<apathy>there's a good reason for that
05:52<reza_>i'm smarter than some dependancy checking
05:52<apathy>i'm lazier than no package management ;)
05:52<reza_>and i like to compile some of my own shit, and not deal with building and installing rpms
05:52<reza_>if i wanted to try debian, how hard is it to setup? can i just point it to a list of packages and say 'go'
05:53<apathy>bugger...i'm oncall and got a callout
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05:53<reza_>anyone know what apathy does?
05:54<o_cee>just what he said
05:54<o_cee>you know, real life? work?
05:54<reza_> ("off to save the world") <- is he a paramedic/
05:55<o_cee>maybe, dunno actually
05:55<Cal>Heya all, I've heard good things about the ATI Radeon tv out in terms of quality, does anyone know how well the tv out of the 9000 or 9200 is supported in linux?
05:56<Cal>I have read what I can find o_cee, thanks for your input.
05:57<o_cee>apparently not
05:57<o_cee>no, as far as i know, they don't work
05:58<Cal>the native driver from ati supports the 9700 and 9800. It does not mention the 9000 or 9200.
05:58<o_cee>not the tv-out, right?
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05:59<Cal>I could be a smartass now, but will refrain. The lastest closed source drivers from ATI support the tv out on the 9700 and 9800. I am curious about the 9200.
06:00<o_cee>if there's no drivers from ati, there's no other drivers i guess.
06:00<o_cee>gatos in that case, but they don't have either
06:01<Cal>checked that out before, doesnt seem to support the 90 or 92
06:01<reza_>hmm, something to do with dmabuf
06:02<o_cee> <-- section 26 pretty much says it all. ask ati when they'll support the other ones
06:04<reza_>ok, turned on DEBUG in the driver, lets see if it says anything interesting.
06:08<o_cee>Cal, get a PVR350 instead. it will be nice
06:10<reza_>Sep 17 03:03:53 localhost kernel: i810_audio: called i810_set_adc_rate : rate = 31627/32000
06:10<reza_>hmm, i ask for 32000, it gives me 31627, wtf?
06:11<reza_>'adjust for misclocking'??
06:11<o_cee>tell me what you're doing and i'll try the same thing
06:12<reza_>i'm using the oss driver, not the alsa one
06:12<reza_>i turned on debugging
06:12<o_cee>why don't you try alsa with oss emulation?
06:12<reza_>breaks for me when i change channels
06:12<reza_>not sure why
06:12<reza_>oss seems more stable in that regard
06:12<o_cee>you didn't use native alsa?
06:12<reza_>never got that to work at all...
06:12<o_cee>haven't had any problems, all i can say..
06:12<reza_>oss emulation alsa is buggy for me
06:13<reza_>native support?
06:13<o_cee>no, using alsa-oss
06:13<o_cee>haven't tried native alsa much
06:13<reza_>i think it's bad hardware
06:13<reza_>from the driver source : * This driver is cursed. (Ben LaHaise)
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06:20<reza_>i wonder if it is sufficient to tell mythbackend that i'm going to be recording at 32khz where the driver is reporting something else...
06:27<o_cee>why are you going to do 32khz anyway?
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06:27<reza_>just picked it
06:27<o_cee>go higher
06:27<reza_>well, i know what's causing it
06:27<reza_>but not sure what they're trying to do..
06:28<reza_>it's in the function i810_set_adc_rate()
06:29<reza_>i'm wondering if it's a typo or if it's supposed to be like that..
06:29<reza_>first rate is converted to a new rate based on the ratio rate*clocking/48000
06:29<reza_>then that is fed into the ac97_set_adc_rate() which returns the desired rate (32000)
06:30<reza_>then dmabuf->rate is set to the new rate*4800/clocking
06:30<reza_>which is what's returned and what munges the audio clocking freq.
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07:17<reza_>ok, when i try debugging mythbackend, and change the channel, it really confuses gdb... anyone experience this/
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09:06<robbie>thor_: hey man you awake ?
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09:26<CaCtus491>What is the 'Myth Transcoding Daemon'? Is it meant to run on the backend or frontend?
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09:28<CaCtus491>ahh, ok, that would explain some things.... what parts of myth are needed to get it running, at the moment my frontend says that it can't connect to the Transcoding Daemon...
09:40<kja>cactus: have not tried that stuff myself (yet), but there should be a mtd command for that (i think)
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09:41<CaCtus491>wow, I swear that i looked for 'mtd' before!
09:42<CaCtus491>working now though, thanks heaps
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13:05<o_cee>Chutt: those latest commits made by bjm fixed (i think) almost all my "rebuffering" problems.. don't know wich one of the commits thou.
13:05<Chutt>right, but it's not the part i asked about =)
13:05<o_cee>hehe, okay :)
13:06<warlord-afk>Chutt: thanks for committing the EPG patch -- I'll pull down CVS and try it when I get back from Seattle this weekend. Thanks!!!
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13:06<warlord>OBTW: again -- NICE WORK on mythtv in general. :)
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13:09<o_cee>wtf happened to my dragon? sunndely i can't connect to my box.. the cat must have disconnected the netcable or something
13:10<o_cee>ssh and apache is dead.. hmm
13:10<o_cee>ping timeout but the hub is lit.. ooohkay.
13:18<o_cee>uuuhm, btw. i just remembered i increased the performance of qt/myth/x with a setting to my xfconfig..
13:19<o_cee>but shit, got no access to it now.. it was some render hardware acceleration
13:19<o_cee>greatly improved some operations
13:19<warlord>yea, I turned on renderaccel on my nvidia last night...
13:19<warlord>haven't really played with it yet to see what kind of improvement i get.
13:20<o_cee>when you do some things, so that a black box is drawn all over the screen (with transparency) it took like a second to draw it, from the tp and down. now it's instant
13:21<warlord>well, I mean that I haven't turned on the TV to play with mythtv yet.. ;)
13:21<o_cee>ah :) it improved alot here
13:21<warlord>(the xconfig change only took affect when I rebooted the machine this morning to move its location)
13:21<warlord>and I haven't done anything more than make sure I can control the main page.
13:24<warlord>I wonder... will the 0.11 plugins will work CVS?
13:25<warlord>Well, I've got MythMusic and MythWeather installed on my MythTV-0.11 system.
13:25<warlord>I plan to upgrade to CVS
13:25<o_cee>probably not, update all from cvs
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13:40<_rkulagow>chutt: mythnews README doesn't specify to run qmake first
13:42<Chutt>want to change it? =)
13:43<o_cee>oh, it's in the cvs :)
13:43<_rkulagow>sure, why not.
13:43<o_cee>then i'll checkitout later
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13:55<echo>xmltv-util is broken in debian unstable at the moment, I've filed a bug report
13:56<warlord>later, all. have a good week
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16:10<o_cee>Chutt: profile stuff needs database update right? you forgot that in the commit, you always write it there normally
16:13<o_cee>it would be nice if.. when starting a recording of a program that's been running for 5 minutes (and you've been watching it and it's in the ringbuffer) it would take the data from the ringbuffer back to when the program started, and merged it all together.. :)
16:14<Chutt>no it doesn't.
16:15<o_cee>oh, okay, just saw that cvs.sql was changed. have you made those automatically database things now?
16:16<Chutt>it wasn't changed.
16:16<Chutt>it was removed.
16:17<o_cee>oookay, my bad
16:25<o_cee>hey Chutt.. what does this mean? curdir = d.absPath();
16:27<o_cee>where does mythgallery put .thumbcache? i'm no good at this..
16:28<o_cee>does it create it inside the directory of the images?
16:30<Quintesse>Yes it does
16:30<Quintesse>This is what "locate thumbcache" gave me:
16:31<Quintesse>-- /data/images/2003-01-05 Sunny winter day/.thumbcache
16:31<Quintesse>-- /data/images/2003-01-05 Sunny winter day/.thumbcache/112-1248_IMG.JPG
16:31<o_cee>that explains why it doesn't work here.. i'd like the thumbcache to be local, doesn't help me much having the thumbnails as well, on the network
16:32<o_cee>but allowing write to the image dir will make the thumbnails to work at all ;)
16:32<Quintesse>I understand, but I guess they should at least be on the network as well
16:32<Quintesse>Otherwise multiple frontends would not profit
16:33<o_cee>i'll turn on write access at least, should help a bit :)
16:33<Quintesse>(although the gain would be small of course)
16:33<o_cee>dunno how big the thumbs are
16:34<Quintesse>For me they're arounf 5KB
16:34<o_cee>shouldn't take long to load, even on 10mbit
16:34<o_cee>certainly faster then it is now
16:35<o_cee>i thought they where stored in the datbase
16:35<Quintesse>For me the problem with mythgallery isn't the thumbails, it's the size of the originals. 6 Mpixel camera so the pictures are huge. Loading is so very slow ;-)
16:36<o_cee>yeah, i know
16:39<o_cee>case 'P': <-- shouldn't that be case Key_P: like it is everywhere else? in singleview.cpp
16:48<steelep>btw... what good is a chache that gets created every time you open the folder :)\
16:49<o_cee>do you also get a fucked up progressbar while goin into a dir? with no text?
16:49<steelep>no, not seen that yet
16:49<o_cee>might be because it can't create the dir maybe
16:49<steelep>really need to make a page for mythgallery in mythweb too
16:52<o_cee>does the fade/wipe work for you?
16:54-!-_marc [~marc@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:58<kja>steelep: how far have you come with that db schema for dvb?`
16:59<TheWildgoose>o_cee Just tuned in, but interested to hear what you are doing?
16:59<TheWildgoose>Just been thinking about this myself
17:00<TheWildgoose>I think the answer is to have a way to split the thumbnails out to be stored locally when the store is write only
17:01<o_cee>yeah, would make sense to me. i've been wondering why it's been so slow and if there where any thumbnail stuff at all
17:05<o_cee>does fade/wipe work for anyone?
17:07<o_cee>"grep -ir SlideshowTransition *" only finds it in the settings page... the value isn't actually loaded??
17:11<TheWildgoose>I wonder if there is a filesystem which has a write-back mapping. A kind of "copy on write" thing?
17:11<TheWildgoose>Something similar is done for the linux-in-linux stuff?
17:11<TheWildgoose>I don't recall the details other than a brief reading of it.
17:12<TheWildgoose>Failing that I think we just need to maintain two locations to check for thumbnails, an offline space and an online space.
17:12<o_cee>TheWildgoose: does fade/wipe work for you?
17:12<TheWildgoose>This would help for CF cards, etc as well, where you don't really want the computer trying to write
17:12<TheWildgoose>Err... Never tried....
17:13<o_cee>okay.. seems very strange to me
17:13<steelep>kja, sorry, I have it done
17:13<TheWildgoose>Drop the author a note?
17:13<steelep>I had some meetings getting in the way, and visio not cooperating
17:13<kja>steelep: cool
17:13<o_cee>Chutt: what do you say?
17:13<steelep>i'll get it posted sometime today
17:14<kja>nice, started on a diseqc framework..
17:14<o_cee>visio? ooh, i've used that.. read half a year on the university on databases
17:15<steelep>I made my first model as ER instead of database
17:15<steelep>it won't do anything with an ER model and it won't cut & paste it to a database model
17:15<steelep>really upset me
17:15<o_cee>forgot alot of it..
17:15<o_cee>heh :)
17:15<steelep>I had to redo the whole damned thing
17:16<o_cee>steelep: private mess?
17:17<o_cee>aren't you getting my messages? heh
17:19<steelep>jas, phone
17:20<steelep>are you pming me?
17:20<o_cee>atleast i'm trying to, heh
17:20<steelep>oh shit
17:20<steelep>I need to change this
17:20<steelep>damned trillian is putting my pms in a hidden window
17:20<steelep>I never saw them
17:21<o_cee>go miranda
17:21<o_cee>not for irc thou
17:21<o_cee>anyway :)
17:31<TheWildgoose>o_cee - Just looking at the gallery code here
17:31<TheWildgoose>It isn't using your transition at all
17:31<TheWildgoose>I'm not familiar with QT to know what the calls would be, but it doesn't look too hard to add this (knowing that info of course...)
17:32<TheWildgoose>The thumnailing stuff is somewhat complicated, but I think if it were just a straightforward case of an alternative directory for thumbnails then this could be added OK.
17:32<TheWildgoose>Problem will be expiring them when the main dir is deleted or moved...
17:33<TheWildgoose>Perhaps expire with age...
17:33<TheWildgoose>Run a quick check on startup...?
17:33<o_cee>seems very strange that there's a setting but it ain't used... did someone forget it??
17:33<o_cee>something like that
17:34<o_cee>could just check it when mythgallery is launched, in the background
17:34<o_cee>and a "flush cache"
17:37-!-Drikus [] has quit ["toedeledoki"]
17:43<mdz_>Chutt: did you see that const char*/QObject::tr thing on mythtv-dev?
17:44-!-steelep is now known as steelep|away
17:48<Chutt>mdz, fixed it
17:48<mdz_>yeah, just noticed
17:55-!-jbwiv [] has joined #mythtv
18:00-!-o_cee is now known as o_cee\zZz
18:02-!-jbwiv [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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18:07-!-tmk [] has joined #mythtv
18:07-!-paulproteus [] has joined #mythtv
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18:10-!-paulproteus [] has joined #mythtv
18:14-!-SmellyCat [] has joined #mythtv
18:17<Quintesse>Are there people here where the Instant Recording crashes as well?
18:18<Quintesse>Got the crash tracked down, but still don't know WHY it's crashing :-/
18:19-!-jbwiv [] has joined #mythtv
18:20<Quintesse>But even so I've got the feeling the Instant Recording isn't finished yet...
18:21<jbwiv>hey guys. I'm trying to get my hauppauge gray remote working. I had it working once a few weeks ago, but at some point it stopped, so I've obviously fouled things up. I've followed the RH9/howto at the PVR database site, but can get no output from irw, even though the lircd starts up just fine. I do get a message in the log after firing up irw that says "removed client". Can anyone point me in the right direction?
18:21-!-steelep|away [~signwatch@] has quit ["me is bugging out"]
18:22<jbwiv>modules are loaded fine as well.
18:22<SmellyCat>Are you running ircevent?
18:22<jbwiv>and afaict, /etc/modules.conf is setup right
18:22<jbwiv>SmellyCat: no, should I be?
18:23<SmellyCat>I do.
18:23<SmellyCat>Sorry, irxevent is the program
18:24<jbwiv>SmellyCat: hmmm....what options do you start it with?
18:24<Quintesse>Shouldn't be necessary now that MythTV has native LIRC support (but I still haven't got that working ;-)
18:24<SmellyCat>Someone on the list told me that mythtv has 'native lirc' support. However, it didn't work for me without irxevent. No options when running it.
18:25<SmellyCat>irxevent &
18:25<SmellyCat>mythbackend 2>&1 > /var/log/myth/backend.log &
18:25<SmellyCat>sleep 10
18:25<SmellyCat>mythfrontend 2>&1 > /var/log/myth/frontend.log &
18:25<jbwiv>started it...irw still doesn't spit anything out.
18:26<jbwiv>sigh...frustrating. It worked initially ;-)
18:26<SmellyCat>Do you have a ~/.lircrc file?
18:26<jbwiv>yup...followed everything to a tee on the PVR database tutorial
18:26<jbwiv>seen here:
18:27<Quintesse>Does irrecord at least show that data is being received?
18:27<SmellyCat>I think I did something different from those directions. In my /etc/lircd.conf my keycodes were different that the file myth comes from
18:28<Quintesse>For me its the same, I had to use irrecord to make my own lircd.conf
18:28<jbwiv>Quintesse: I'll look at that....the wife is calling. Gotta run.
18:28<jbwiv>thanks for the help guys
18:28-!-jbwiv [] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:30<SmellyCat>I'm the one working on the caller id stuff
18:31-!-SmellyCat [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:33-!-steelep [~signwatch@] has joined #mythtv
19:12-!-SmellyCat [] has joined #mythtv
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19:25-!-bdavis [] has joined #mythtv
19:25-!-davipt [] has left #mythtv []
19:25-!-benjie [nobody@] has joined #mythtv
19:26<bdavis>what's the ideal resolution for outputting to a TV?
19:27<steelep>mine looks pretty damned good at 1280x720...
19:28<bdavis>hmm.. haven't tried that ..
19:28<steelep>speaking of this....
19:28<steelep>is there an easy way inside myth to change resolutions?
19:29<bdavis>yeah, in the general options I think
19:29<bdavis>well actually
19:29<steelep>for some reason ctrl-alt+ doesn't work with mythfe loaded
19:29<bdavis>yeah I guess you can't change the actual resolution..
19:29<steelep>might just be keymaps though
19:30<bdavis>though it's not entirely necessary, once you find a res you like you usually stick with it.
19:30<steelep>I have modelines set and just exit mythfe and change, then go back in
19:30<steelep>but it does tend to screw with the gui pretty badly
19:30<steelep>I have to patch that someday
19:31<steelep>actually, i'd like to switch between hd and not hd to avoid upscaling
19:31-!-benjie [nobody@] has quit ["CGI:IRC (EOF)"]
19:31<bdavis>though at most resolutions parts of the mythtv gui aren't visible on the TV.. (ie it's a little too big for the screen) .. I'm not sure exactly where to tweak this..
19:32<steelep>it's not something I have enough time to monkey with right now, but something I will look into later
19:33<steelep>or maybe i'll just get a 1280p plasma... :) yeah, sure, that's the ticket..
19:37<bdavis>hmm.. 1280x720 doesn't quite look right on mine :)
19:38-!-mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ["Trillian ("]
19:40<bline>trying to stay awake
19:44<bdavis>what's the best screen res for a normal NTSC TV?
19:47<tmk>chutt, you got a sec? couple of questions
19:47<steelep>oh, I have a wide tv :)
19:48<steelep>wide and hd actually...
19:48<steelep>how are you connecting?
20:03-!-lmatter [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
20:10* SmellyCat slaps SmellyCat around with a small 50lb Unix Manual
20:12-!-Morph_ [gareth@] has joined #mythtv
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20:25-!-benjie [herbman@] has joined #mythtv
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20:26<benjie>have any of you tried the smart fast forward patch I sent to the dev list yesterday?
20:32-!-mecraw [] has joined #mythtv
20:32-!-absurdhero [] has joined #mythtv
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21:26<Quintesse>Phew, sent my Stop patch to the list, now I can _finally_ go to sleep! (3:26am)
21:35-!-kja [] has joined #mythtv
21:37<CaCtus491>11:34 here :)
21:39-!-heavy [] has joined #mythtv
21:40<heavy>my cable provider just moved channels around on me, what do i need to do to repopulate my listings database from scratch including channel info/numbers?
21:42<SmellyCat>heavy - cant you run 'setup' and answer yes to clear channel info?
21:42<Jerry>hrm i just found a freebee site for pvr i didn't know existed
21:43<heavy>SmellyCat: then just ctrl-c out of setup?
21:44<SmellyCat>Heavy: then you need to continue setup, select video sources, reenter your cable provider. Then exit setup and run the mythfilldatabase.
21:53<heavy>SmellyCat: thx, will give it a shot
21:53<SmellyCat>good luck
21:55-!-Quintesse [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
22:04<heavy>SmellyCat: mythfilldatabase running now, apparently the site the xmltv is using hasn't updated it's channel info so it is still wrong
22:09<CaCtus491>hey, does anyone know what the bandwidth of a SD digital tv stream is?
22:33-!-SmellyCat [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:35-!-_rkulagow [] has quit ["Trillian ("]
22:36-!-rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
22:41-!-Chutt2 [] has joined #mythtv
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22:56-!-Chutt2 is now known as Chutt
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23:10-!-mechou [] has joined #mythtv
23:11-!-Morph_ is now known as Morph
23:16-!-DJHaCK [] has joined #mythtv
23:19<DJHaCK>any chance I can run the frontend on a pentium 233 mobile with maybe 64mb ?
23:20<kja>without livetv, sure :)
23:21<kja>i think about 500 more mhz would suffice though...correct me if i'm wrong
23:23<DJHaCK>mm there goes my plan for the nicest remote ever made :\
23:25<DJHaCK>would it be possible to run the frontend on a beefy enough machine to do the processing but export display to the 233 ?
23:27<kja>your network would probably fry with that bandwidth :)
23:27<kja>there are some hardware assisted decoders, but i dunno how well they perform
23:27-!-activelow [] has joined #mythtv
23:28<DJHaCK>mmm if the 233 can decode mpeg1 in realtime maybe there's a way to make mythtv use mpeg1 for the link between the back and front end ?
23:28<CaCtus491>i used to use a p233mmx with one of those hollywood plus decoders and it worked find for dvds
23:29<DJHaCK>I can't add anything beside ram it's an old fujitsu stylistic 2300 (pen tablet)
23:33<DJHaCK> mmm , I gotta make this work
23:49-!-mechou [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:58-!-Chutt [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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