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00:00<nomad__>oh well, me and my 4port hub will do ok
00:00<CyberKnet>you lost it?
00:00<nomad__>yeah cause I travel to my dads alot
00:00<nomad__>and i think he or someone used it for something and it wound of missing
00:01<CyberKnet>that sucks.
00:01<nomad__>up missing^
00:01<nomad__>I was gonna use it on a 5 computer cluster
00:01<nomad__>as an experiment for fast processing
00:01<nomad__>hubs are bad for clustering
00:02<nomad__>when it took 5 minutes for a kde window to popup, it wasnt worth it.. the hub had many collisions
00:03<nomad__>they had a small program that showed how many task where running per comp
00:03<CyberKnet>I havent messed with any clustering stuff
00:04<CyberKnet>oh, btw, 5 minutes is normal for a kde window to open. you should have tried gnome =P"
00:04* CyberKnet ducks
00:05<nomad__>I use kde with lowest eyecandy, but use the keramik style. However, using the qt styles are faster I think. But I see no need to run it.
00:05<CyberKnet>I prefer KDE, to be honest. But last time I loaded linux and tried to open a program ... I was flaberghasted
00:05<nomad__>when I had only 128mb of ram, yes kde was slow (then).
00:06<nomad__>I added another 256mb of ram :)
00:06<nomad__>world of diffrence
00:06<CyberKnet>I only run 256
00:06<nomad__>what type of ram, sdram 133?
00:06<CyberKnet>but still... I wouldn't expect that to be a huge problem.
00:06<CyberKnet>DDR 333
00:06<nomad__>ahh. kewl
00:07<CyberKnet>old news now =(
00:07<CyberKnet>paid some very hefty $$$ for it when it came out.
00:07<CyberKnet>This athlon system is the most stable I've ever had though.
00:08<CyberKnet>of course, WindowsXP is also the most stable version of Windows that was ever made =P But I've had better luck than most people, I think.
00:09<nomad__>last time I installed winxp(no lie), I got a worm virus within 2 mins of getting on the network
00:09<nomad__>I could barely get to microsofts site to get info on removal, become worm was flooding my dsl
00:09<nomad__>and sure enough, I managed to get a worm cleaner and it detected it
00:10<nomad__>The only decent software on windows is warezed apps
00:10<nomad__>and that only brings with it a bagage of viruses
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01:00<grogan>so can anyone tell me what /dev/video32 and /dev/video33 are all about? (I have two PVR-250s
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01:44<Chutt>hey thor
01:44<thor_>Crappy week ... too much real work
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01:45<thor_>burn stuff is almost useable .... but I don't see how I'm going to be able to pull it together before middle of next week
01:46<Chutt>no rush
01:46<thor_>btw, commercial detection is currently running *amazingly* well
01:47<thor_>whoever wrote that .... that is good code
01:54<thor_>Seem to be a few myth-boxen selling sites promising to go live over the next little while ... you got any scuttlebut?
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01:55<thor_>no angel-round preferred certificates ... =)
01:55<Chutt>heh, hardly
01:56<Chutt>if i get a 'thanks for the code', i'd be impressed.
01:56<Chutt>i haven't heard back from the oneboxmc people
01:57<thor_>heard anything from viaarena?
01:57<Chutt>they asked how active i'd be in helping them out
01:57<Chutt>i said 'that'd probably depend on how serious you are in contributing back'
01:58<thor_>'ve probably done more for Hauppauge's bottom line that anyone else
01:58<thor_>and ASUS
01:58<Chutt>certainly sold a couple boards, but nothing major
01:59<thor_>I bought 3
01:59<thor_>anyhooo ... it is a nice diversion
02:00<thor_>I just get vaguely ill when I think about what Redmond is spending on HTPC development and marketing ....
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02:17<thor_>stuff I get for free shouldn't be so hard
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02:28<thor_>tmk, how's it going ?
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02:35<tmk>not bad
02:35<tmk>getting to the bottom of some OSD crashes
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02:39<thor_>tmk, this on the PVR hw decoder?
02:44<thor_>any chance for us PVR-250 w/ hw decoders types (but no video out)?
02:46<tmk>slim to none :/
02:46<tmk>it's technically possible if we had docs
02:46<tmk>but we dont
02:46<thor_>I'm amazed how much you've done already
02:47<thor_>you get any support from Hauppauge?
02:51<tmk>i got a card
02:51<tmk>thats about it
02:53<Chutt>they have a license agreement to abide by
02:53<Chutt>for the mpeg2 part
02:53<thor_>still ....
02:54<thor_>they have a channel to move hardware
02:54<thor_>and are just not exploiting it
02:54<tmk>sup chutt
02:55<tmk>this is slow going
02:55<tmk>esp when it decides to fsck my 120gb drive :/
02:55<thor_>they should be showering both of you with everything that comes within a hair's breadth of violating their licensing
02:55<Chutt>kinda hard when you have to reboot so often
02:56<tmk>i haven't really asked for anything though
02:56<tmk>i need someone to bug conexant routinely
02:56<tmk>i heard (a rumor that) they allowed someone to try and make a driver out of the leaked devel driver
02:56<thor_>their the chip people?
02:56<tmk>nah, i just want up-to-date api docs
02:57<tmk>and a general overview of the hardware
02:57<tmk>i'm taking stabs in the dark here
02:57<thor_>that would lead to a lot of reboots ... =)
02:59<thor_>totally annoying though ... people lined up to buy hardware if it can work .... owner of that hardware sitting with their thumbs up their asses in (probably blissful ignorance) ...
02:59<tmk>would and does
02:59<tmk>i don't know about 'lined up'
03:00<thor_>back of the enveloppe ...
03:00<thor_>Chutt, how many post 0.11 downloads?
03:00<Chutt>i dunno
03:00<tmk>chutt: seeking's been pretty erratic with the pvr stuff of late
03:00<Chutt>there's a counter on the download page on the website
03:00<tmk>sometimes it just twitches
03:01<tmk>like it doesn''t know where to ff to, so it stays where it is
03:01<Chutt>tmk, with the decoder?
03:01<tmk>but it's myth seeking wrong
03:01<tmk>has to be
03:01<Chutt>yeah, there's probably some issues in there
03:01<Chutt>i haven't bothered to look into that very much
03:01<Chutt>got tired of rebooting :p
03:01<tmk>well i'll get the osd stable
03:01<tmk>then bug ou
03:02<thor_>when did that counter last get reset?
03:02<Chutt>it doesn't
03:02<Chutt>it's for each file release
03:03<thor_>ok ... figure zero seconday (etc.) copies and installs
03:04<Chutt>i don't have download counts for the rpm or deb releases
03:04<thor_>20% running PVR-x50's
03:04<thor_>(I'm being conservative)
03:04<thor_>that's 2,000 odd pci cards sold
03:05<thor_>(at a bottom limit)
03:05<thor_>if the gross margin is $10.00, chump change
03:05<thor_>but these things sell for $100.00+
03:06<thor_>you starting to talk about hundreds of thousands
03:06<tmk>wonder if linux useres call support ever ;)
03:06<thor_>and a potential for millions
03:07<Chutt>ah well
03:07<Chutt>i'm goin to bed
03:08<term>Chutt: nite
03:09<thor_>tmk, my only point was ... Hauppauge is already in your debt. You should try and call them on it.
03:13<tmk>what do they have that i want
03:13<tmk>and that they can give me
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03:17<thor_>you're writing software that is making their harware sell
03:18<thor_>lord knows they can't write software to save their lives
03:29<robbie>hi thor_
03:30* robbie reminds thor_
03:34<thor_>robbie, as soon as I have code which is (at least) compileable, I'll let it out
03:34<robbie>okey dokey
03:34<thor_>(sorry ... real work has been crappy this week)
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05:16<[DOA]Tarkie>can anyone tell me what format the channel table is?
05:16<[DOA]Tarkie>and what values are expected to detail the frequency?
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05:45<overridex>dumb question, but has anyone made any png icons for mythtv?
05:46<overridex>for your desktop/panel that is
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05:52<accurate>why is it that commercials are not skipped the first time playing back some shows, but are skipped if playing it back from the beginning again?
05:52<accurate>I'm guessing it hasn't got around to autoflagging the show
06:00<overridex>anyone using that mplayer patch for playing back .nuv files from mythtv on mplayer 1.0-pre1? it applies fine but some frames get garbled in it..... i'll try an older mplayer soon
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06:18<o_c>there's some really strange things with my program listning... the programs that go later this night is listed under _tomorrow_ late at night.. wtf
06:20<o_c>and i think i know why..
06:20<o_c>is anyone here? :)
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06:21<o_cee>this has to be a bug in mythfilldatabase..
06:24<o_cee>at 23.00 (11pm) there's a program that start.. it says "Soccer". it ends at 01:15. BUT. during that program, there's sub programs sort of. first it's "the talk before" then it's "the game" and so on. that seems to be confusing the hell out of myth, since those programs has been moved to the following day? i guess the best way would be to put those sub-programs in the sub-title thingie in myth (wich isn't beeing used by this feed anyway..)
06:25<o_cee>or should that be adressed by xmltv that should put those programs as "sub-titles"?
06:34* overridex is away: sleep
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06:58<o_cee>seems like the maintainer for the swedish listning haven't updated anything for quite some time..
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07:52<dis>anybody else in here experiencing the "waiting for input" deadlocks?
07:52<dis>if so please pm me your email. I'm going to try and find out what's behind it today after work
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09:16<choenig>sfr: around?
09:17<sfr>hi choenig!
09:17<choenig>just curious, are you using german translation in mythtv?
09:19<choenig>he, I tried that only once and was chased away by the funny translations (not that I could do it better!) :)
09:19<sfr>funny, do you have an example?
09:20<sfr>and don't write 'mythtv' :)
09:21<sfr>anything specific or basically all translations?
09:21<robbie>we have a mitsubishi 4wd which apparently sounds like wanker in spanish
09:21<robbie>called a pajero
09:22<choenig>sfr: just checking...
09:23<sfr>choenig: don't hesitate to send corrections,suggestions.
09:24<choenig>sfr: I know, but the thing is, I tried to translate alot of stuff, but I always ended uncomfortable with my translations
09:25<choenig>sfr: and I have to add, that while checking the translation again, it doesn't look too bad :)
09:26<sfr>choenig: nice to hear!. But i'm still looking for suiting translations for e.g. 'device' or mixer'. i don't really like Geraet.
09:27<choenig>something I don't like i.e. is "TV Planer" or "Manuelle Planung" ... do you really 'plan' the recording? (no, again, I don't know how to make it better)
09:29<choenig>wow, my new radeon supports xv on both heads, thats an advantage over the matrox driver :)
09:30<sfr>choenig: that's a weak spot, yes.
09:30<sfr>choenig: which card?
09:30<choenig>a 9600Pro
09:32<sfr>choenig: you have a dual-head setup in your living room?
09:32<choenig>my living room is my working room, too, but my mythbox only has one monitor, my working machine three of'em
09:34<choenig>I have to turn my head to watch tv while working at my computer, but now I can use one monitor for remote playback again, thats nice :)
09:34<sfr>choenig: nice. does TV Uebersicht sound better to you?
09:35<sfr>or maybe just TV Programm.
09:35<choenig>maybe leave the 'TV' at all?
09:36<sfr>choenig: maybe, i did that for the recording style (daily, weekly ...) as it's pretty obvious that it's about recording a show.
09:36<choenig>"Manuelle Planung" could probably be smth like "Manuelle Eingabe"
09:37<sfr>yes, i think i'll change that.
09:39<choenig>and just "uebersicht" sounds good, too, doesn't it?
09:40<sfr>i think so too.
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09:42<sfr>why was the cvs.sql removed from CVS? But there's no 0.11-to0.12.sql file yet. Or did i just update at the wrong moment?
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09:50<sfr>just noticed: shouldn't recordings be deleted from the oldrecorded table when they are being deleted? i have entries in oldrecorded which are 1/2 year old and long gone.
09:53<choenig>what Is the actual purpose of oldrecorded?
09:54<sfr>choenig: i think it stores the program information for your recordings (airdate, description...); what you see in the watch recordings menu.
09:54<choenig>sfr: but recorded does that too ?!
09:56<sfr>ah yes, and this one is up-to-date. i don't know then what oldrecorded is used for.
09:59<choenig>so, about cvs.sql, is it that the updates are done automatically now?
10:00<sfr>was that planned?
10:01<choenig>I don't know, but from -commits:
10:01<choenig>"Quick'n'dirty database upgrading. Will be used for the profile patch soon. =)"
10:01<choenig>and then came Geoffreys patch and cvs.sql was removed
10:02<sfr>just read this commit message. and after that there is: Delete from codecparams. People who updated before I added this should probably just do that manually.
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10:03<choenig>I didn't update since then
10:05<sfr>i did, a few days ago. But recorded some shows yesterday without problems. I'll just sync to todays CVS and re-run setup again. Let's see what happens.
10:06<accurate>mythtv has recorded 15 shows since I started using it, and I'd just like to say that it correctly skipped the commercials from each one of them. This must be the neatest software I've used for my wintv card =)
10:06<accurate>I've had this card for two years, never did me a bit of good until now heh
10:07<choenig>accurate: I was very surprised about the quality of commflag, too
10:08<choenig>so, gotta go shopping now...
10:08* choenig is away: einkaufen
10:08<accurate>yeah I'm using autoflag/autoskip with strict commmercial detection turned off.
10:09<accurate>I've never used strict commercial detection turned on, it just seemed to be the right choice.
10:09<accurate>I also read it gives better results for most people.
10:13<sfr>choenig: for the record. mythtv now _does_ auto-update the mythconverg db.
10:47<_rkulagow>chutt: docs sync please. there are some new sections, so i don't know if you have a script that wildcards or goes by-name.
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12:14<Sembiance>w00t! I now have FOUR PVR250 cards in my box.
12:14-!-Drikus_ [] has joined #mythtv
12:14<Sembiance>And they all work. Had to modify the ivtv driver to support 4 cards, but that was just a definition
12:20-!-kja [] has joined #mythtv
12:21<kja>Chutt, thanks for putting the dvb-setup stuff in cvs!
12:22<kja>Chutt, had any thoughts on seeking patch?
12:30<Sembiance>Oh AWESOME. I got FOUR mplayer windows playing at the SAME time, each pulling from one of my FOUR PVR 250 TV tuner cards in the box
12:34<Chutt>kja, i'd prefer to merge that in with the rest of your dvb patch
12:35<kja>ok, have you tested it in your local tree?
12:35<Chutt>the ivtvdecoder uses something similar
12:37<Chutt>rkulagow, the docs should be updating shortly
12:38<kja>noticed that you are well underway with doing db upgrades in code..
12:38<Chutt>that's pretty much done, except for bugs in the sql =)
12:39<kja>yea (?), and a typo in the last verbose msg, 1006->1007
12:39<Chutt>oh well
12:39<Chutt>it was late last night
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12:49<sfr>Chutt: when entering the adv. recordings option screen via schedule-Rec->EPG (select show and hit enter, then i), mythfrontend segfaults/gets stuck when i hit CURSOR-DOWN until passing the 'list of upcoming playtimes' button. this is with the latest CVS. Is that enough info or you _need_ a bt?
12:49<Chutt>that's enough info
12:49<Chutt>someone reported that on the mailing list as well
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12:52<Chutt>i probably won't have time to look at it until much later today, though
12:53<sfr>no problem, i'm just playing around working on translations.
12:56<kja>Chutt, looked at the ivtvdecoder's preprocesspkt, and it might suffer the same problem as my code was..sent a mail with my solution
12:56<Chutt>yeah, figured
12:58<sfr>is Geoff around here? my marvel g400 h/w mjpeg card seems to work ok with the new profile stuff.
13:05<Sembiance>I wonder if I hold the record for most number of PVR250'
13:05<Sembiance>s in a single box
13:06<mdz>Chutt: you already know about the g++ problem in unstable, right?
13:06<mdz>(the one that I had to recompile the debs for)
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13:40<_rkulagow>hey, chutt. when are you going to start running myth as a democracy?
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13:42<billytwowilly>hi, I was looking through the mailing list archives and on the webpage and didn't really see anything that would hint at the current status of mythtv. Are we getting close to a release?
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14:10<o_cee>Chutt: you in a good mood today?
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14:16<robertj>A web page update would be appreciated
14:16-!-engie [] has joined #mythtv
14:16<engie>Hi. Is there any way to use the mythtv frontend and all its funky modules without a tuner card?
14:17<o_cee>just start it up
14:17<sfr>engie: don't select watch tv, that's all.
14:17<o_cee>anyone here who's using tv_grab_sn?
14:17<engie>It doesn't seem to work without a backend, and the mythbackend doesn't seem to run without a tuner
14:18<mattfelsen>it works fine without the backend running
14:18<mattfelsen>only the tv stuff depends on a tuner, so don't select it
14:18<mattfelsen>and/or edit mainmenu.xml and remove the watch tv button
14:18<sfr>engie: or any tv-related function (e.g. tv guide)
14:18<engie>I'll try again, I could have sworn it died looking for mythbackend
14:19<o_cee>it'll need mysql thou
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14:25<mythtv_>hello gents. Anyone here gotten the Hauppauge grey remote working successfully that could offer a few tips? I had mine working in the very beginning, but now it's not recognizing anything
14:25-!-mythtv_ is now known as jbw4
14:27<_rkulagow>take a look at the updated HOWTO on the web page. Section 22.
14:30<o_cee>does the --update option for mythfilldatabase affect the way it updates the program info as well?
14:30<sfr>_rkulagow: hi, doesn't LVM actually man logical volume manager and not linux vol...?
14:31<_rkulagow>did i write the wrong thing? hold on.
14:31<_rkulagow>duh, thinko. thanks.
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14:33<jbw4>_rkulagow: are you telling me to look at the HOWTO?
14:33<o_cee>hehe, i think he did.
14:34<sfr>o_cee: only refers to channels afaik. with --update it won't add new channels to the db.
14:34<jbw4>o_cee: ;-)
14:34<o_cee>sfr: okay. trying to figure out what's messing up my listning
14:34<jbw4>sorry...switching back on forth here. working from a tv doesn't give a large amount of real estate ;)
14:35<bbeattie>is anything besides mythtv, web, dvd, video, music, weather, game and gallery in cvs? (is news or browser in there yet?)
14:36<o_cee>news is
14:36<o_cee>the cnn europe listning didn't work though
14:37<bbeattie>.. how stable is myth? I'm throwing a party tonight and am pondering updating, if I for sure won't have problems ;) I'm running cvs from the 16th right now
14:38<o_cee>why'd you want to update?
14:38<o_cee>lots of profiles updates
14:38<o_cee>don't do it :)
14:39<_rkulagow>jbw4: yes. here's my lesson learned. make 100% sure that there aren't other copies of the lirc_i2c and lirc_dev driver sitting around on your box. i didn't know that mandrake included them in the kernel, so i chased my tail for 2 weeks before typing "updatedb" and then "locate lirc" only to find that the lirc install put them one place, and the kernel package in another. the kernel packages "won" when depmod ran, so it was using the
14:39<robertj>rkulagow: i need to battle with my box and install the new kernel I built with lirc built in
14:39<robertj>I *think* I got the right kpkg options
14:39<jbw4>_rkulagow: yes...I think I read a thread of yours on this. I've already gone down that path and am sure that i'm using the o=correct ones.
14:39<bbeattie>.. how stable is myth? I'm throwing a party tonight and am pondering updating, if I for sure won't have problems ;) I'm running cvs from the 16th right now?
14:39<jbw4>but still no output.
14:40<bbeattie>bah, hit up arrow
14:40<bbeattie>o_cee that was exactly what I was worried about.. so it isn't stable enough right now?
14:40-!-robbie [] has joined #mythtv
14:41<o_cee>bbeattie: it took me some time to get the profiles setup again
14:41<sfr>bbeattie: just updated to latest cvs earlier today. looks ok so far. but you might want/need to define profiles.
14:41<o_cee>might have been just me
14:42<robertj>go gadget go!
14:42<robertj>boot boot boot...
14:42<robertj>come on ssh
14:44<jbw4>sigh: o_cee...didn't you tell me once you were using the hauppauge grey?
14:44<o_cee>a.start <= b.start && b.start < a.end <--- that's exactly what happens.. let's see how it's supposed to resolve..
14:44<o_cee>nope, sorry, not me
14:44<o_cee>never tried it
14:44<jbw4>alright ;-) lucky you
14:53<o_cee>what is the sub-title thingie used for in the NA listning?
14:54-!-jbw4 [] has quit ["Leaving"]
15:02* robertj gets fed up and rm -rf's /usr/src
15:04* robertj apt-get install's kernel-source-2.6.0-test4 and tries again
15:07-!-poptix [] has joined #mythtv
15:27<ay>Anyone with a xbox here?
15:53<o_cee>no :(
15:53<o_cee>but i've thought about getting one many times
15:59* ay runs mythtv on it.
16:01<o_cee>nice? only frontend i guess
16:09<ay>Well. Yes so far.
16:10<ay>I've been looking some usb1.1 tv-cards. See if I can get anything out of that.
16:15<o_cee>enough cpu for that?
16:18-!-Drikus_ [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
16:18<ay>Probably not.
16:19-!-Drikus_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:19<ay>Depends on how much processing is done in the device.
16:41-!-Drikus_ [] has quit ["toedeledoki"]
17:49<sfr>GER-CA 0:1 if anyone cares
17:57-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:57<overridex-zzz>hmmm... i wish there were a key to switch between fullscreen and windowed at a certain res... :)
17:57-!-overridex-zzz is now known as overridex
17:57* overridex is back (gone 11:27:54)
18:01<accurate>I keep mythtv at 640x480, so it is small in my high res, but I use alt ctrl + to make mythtv fullscreen, then I turn my nvidia tv-out on
18:06-!-Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
18:06-!-DJHaCK [] has joined #mythtv
18:16<DJHaCK>is it significantly more load on the backend to supply 3 frontend than to supply just 1 ?
18:19-!-tmk [] has joined #mythtv
18:22-!-kwenda [] has joined #mythtv
18:23<kwenda>has anyone figured out how to get two soundcards working in one machine?
18:23<kwenda>ive got two tuners working, but only one soundcard...
18:36<tmk>should just work
18:36<tmk>one on /dev/dsp0 one on /dev/dsp1
18:38* choenig is back (gone 08:29:21)
18:42<kwenda>yeah, i know how to do it
18:42<kwenda>i cant get the soundcards to both work though
18:42<kwenda>theres gotta be something i'm missing about this
18:43<DJHaCK>at what point does it "not work" ?
18:44<DJHaCK>kernel not seeing card , char dev not appearing or you can play stuff on the 2nd card with xmms but it's mythtv that doesn't work ?
18:46<kwenda>lspci sees both cards, but a device never gets created for it
18:46<DJHaCK>what chipset do they use ?
18:46<tmk>you have to create the device yourself
18:46<tmk>mknod etc
18:46<tmk>or mkdev
18:46<kwenda>/dev/dsp0 is the AC97 built into the motherboard, /dev/dsp1 should be the sblive
18:46-!-choenig [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:47<ay>kwenda: What distribution? devfs?
18:47<kwenda>well, lsmod doesn't pick it up either - the /dev files are there
18:47<tmk>did you insmod it?
18:47<kwenda>and i do have devpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,gid=5,mode=620)
18:48<DJHaCK>did you build your own kernel ?
18:48<tmk>insmod sblive or whatever
18:48<ay>Then it's something strange like /dev/sound/foo/bat
18:48<DJHaCK>it's emu10k1
18:48-!-choenig [] has joined #mythtv
18:49<kwenda>insmod emu10k1 made a BUNCH of lines like such:
18:49<kwenda>/lib/modules/2.4.20-8custom/kernel/drivers/sound/emu10k1/emu10k1.o: unresolved symbol sound_alloc_mididev_Rba413f87
18:49<tmk>insmod soundcore
18:49<kwenda>says it already exists
18:49<kwenda>i know this kernel works with this card though - this is the first card i had in here
18:50<kwenda>i added another tuner and re-enabled the internal card in the bios
18:53<kwenda>guess i stumped everyone?
18:54<kwenda> is my modules.conf
18:56<DJHaCK>you should rebuild your kernel
18:57<ay>No that shouldn't be necessary.
18:57<DJHaCK>will fix the unresolved symbols
18:57<overridex>shouldn't you be using alsa for multiple soundcards?
18:57<ay>Yes. But the RH9 kernel has so much goodies in it.
18:58<ay>kwenda: One of the cards work now, right?
18:58<ay>Which one?
18:58<DJHaCK>fixing it might take longer than rebuilding the kernel , beside an update to 2.4.22 will only help
18:58<kwenda>ay - the integrated card on the MB is the one that works right now. the SB card is the one that WAS working before.
18:59<ay>dmesg saying anything exciting?
19:00<ay>Which module where you using for sblive earlier?
19:00<kwenda>the emu10k1
19:01<ay>emu10k1? I thought that was some sort of midi-unit on the sb-cards.
19:02<Chutt>let's hear it for completely unrelated tech support hour!
19:04<overridex>do you guys generally run ntpd on your mythtv boxes?
19:04<DJHaCK>I do..
19:06<kwenda>i guess i have no clue what my modules.conf SHOULD look like
19:07<overridex>anyone using a stb with an ir blaster here?
19:07-!-tdb30_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:13<DJHaCK>does mythtv use tcp broadcast/multicast for sending video to the frontends ? I want to know , do I need a super beefy machine to serve like 4 frontend all listening to the same thing (livetv)
19:18<kwenda>so do i, or do i not, need to recompile the kernel on this beast?
19:18<DJHaCK>you should
19:19<kwenda>is there anything special i need to remember when i do it? obviously im going to include v4l, emu10k1, and ac_97, end eepro100
19:20<overridex>DJHaCK: i was wondering about that... just started using mythtv, but should i be able to run a frontend on my laptop and watch tv off my mythtv box across my network?
19:20<DJHaCK>get lastest linux-vanilla , unpack in /usr/src , make menuconfig , then go through every kernel option and evaluate if you need it , also the Kernel-HOWTO is a very good source of info (not meaning that you shoudl RTFM though)
19:21<DJHaCK>overridex , yes that's doable
19:21<overridex>DJHaCK: very cool, any idea how much bandwidth it'd need? i wonder if i could do it across a wireless connection
19:22<kwenda>yeah, ive compiled several kernels before, just never on RH. im confused as to this soundcore
19:22<DJHaCK>low , 2200Kbit/s for high quality
19:22<kwenda>do i need it or not?
19:22<overridex>DJHaCK: cool, that's not too bad....
19:23<DJHaCK>kwenda that's part of oss , if you modprobe emu10k1 it'll load it automatically , but I usually make monolithic kernel so just answer Y to all the modules you need when doing "make menuconfig"
19:24<kwenda>hmm... would the 2 cards work better, do you think, if i built them into the kernel and did away with modules altogether?
19:26<DJHaCK>it would just work .. it'll take a lot of guesswork out of making it work
19:26<kwenda>alright, compiling kernel with zero modules then
19:28<overridex>anyone patched mplayer to play the .nuv files mythtv generates?
19:29<overridex>i get a garbled green frame every so often with playback in mplayer that doesn't happen with playback in mythtv....
19:29-!-mattfelsen [] has joined #mythtv
19:30-!-pahli_bar [] has quit ["BitchX: its all day strong, all day long"]
19:30<DJHaCK>have you tried to play some reference video ?
19:31<overridex>reference video?
19:32<DJHaCK>known good video , to make sure it's that type of file that's not working and not every file
19:32<DJHaCK>maybe with -vo x11 output ?
19:32<overridex>still does it with -vo x11
19:33<DJHaCK>do you have some other video files ? maybe an avi or something ?
19:33<overridex>oh, yeah those all play ok
19:33<overridex>just no other .nuv files
19:33<overridex>only the ones i recorded...
19:34<overridex>maybe i'll just upgrade to cvs and try the transcoding to svcd stuff that i've seen on the mailing list...
19:34<overridex>all i really wanted the mplayer support for was to use mencoder to convert them to another format and burn them
19:41-!-josephk [] has joined #mythtv
19:59<kwenda>ugh that didnt work
19:59<kwenda>it broke VFS
20:05<kwenda>that was easier to fix
20:06-!-Justin_ [~justin@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:10-!-Justin___ [~justin@H251-253.FREEDOM.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] has joined #mythtv
20:11-!-Justin___ is now known as Justin_
20:13* overridex thinks this hockey season will be quite nice with mythtv :)
20:17-!-josephk [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:18-!-DJHaCK [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
20:21<mattfelsen>when trying to watch tv, i get..
20:21<mattfelsen>Could not open audio device: /dev/dsp
20:21<mattfelsen>open: No such device
20:21<mattfelsen>and myth was working a day or two ago
20:22<mattfelsen>mythtv is in the audio group and has permissions..
20:23<mattfelsen>i get a black screen with no audio
20:23<mattfelsen>and hitting escape does nothing
20:23-!-extremis [] has joined #mythtv
20:24<mattfelsen>i just did a clean build of everything today
20:24<mattfelsen>and i set my recording profiles...
20:24<mattfelsen>don't know what's wrong
20:31<kwenda>hoHO rock the house, both cards now accept "cat /dev/random > /dev/dspX"
20:32<overridex>that must sound pleasant