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14:22<kvandivo>wrong terminal window?
14:23<mikegrb>right window wrong half <g>
14:23<mikegrb>was supposed to be the status window down below
14:23<mikegrb>that's my only gripe with irssi... the txt input line is at the bottom of the screen even when the screen is split and you are talking to the top half
14:24<kvandivo>i haven't yet bothered splitting screens with it. it's configurable for everything else.. that might be an option also
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14:24<mikegrb>hmm I might look into that
14:25<mikegrb>I wish it sould save what channel was where too, it has the window layout saved and the channels set to join on connect but they all go to the bottom with a bunch of empty windows :/ oh well
14:25<mikegrb>I'll be sending in a patch to fix your problems tonight
14:26<kvandivo>so be it. i've fixed the problem on _my_ xbox. :)
14:26<mikegrb>it's a nice feature, I really like it
14:27<mikegrb>my wife knows how to restart the backend if she thinks there is a problem, she checks the light first though, if it's red go ahead, if it's green she calls me to ssh in and look into it first
14:27<mikegrb>vice versa on the colors
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14:51<mikegrb>kvandivo: you still around?
14:53<mikegrb>based on you recent 6544 patch it shouln't be to difficult to make the led support be user configurable for whether live tv kicks it off
14:53<mikegrb>maybe extend the is_recording query, I'll have to think about it some
14:54<kvandivo>ahh.. ok.. i see what you are saying.. right now it just treats the live tv the same as a recording, and you want it to treat it differently.
14:55<mikegrb>well I don't know about me personnaly, I just have one tuner at the moment but perhaps some might find it preferable
14:55<kvandivo>well, there's no function call to determine if the encoder is busy recording live tv ;) but you can do a GetState() == kState_WatchingLiveTV
14:58<mikegrb>elink->IsBusyWatchingLiveTV? this is new, it doesn't look like it is set yet, am I right?
14:58<kvandivo>that has went away, at chutt's request.
14:58<kvandivo>see the new patch (should be arriving in your mailbox at any time now)
14:58<mikegrb>oh I see
14:59<mikegrb>last night I did an 'emerge -p blah blah blah blah' p is pretend and then hit the up arrow and added '; shutdown -h now' to the end
14:59<mikegrb>er wrong window
15:01* mikegrb kicks fetchmail ;)
15:02<mikegrb>mist you forgot to hit play
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15:05<thor_>anyone know anything about DAAP ?
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16:28* o_cee is away: time to get some sleep.
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18:23<tmk>does transcode output standard formats or nuv? ie if i want to transcode for SVCD... will transcode do that? or do i need to export it somehwo
18:24<thor_>which transcode ?
18:24<tmk>the mythtv one
18:25<thor_>I think mythtranscode will do SVCD streams, although there seem to be some problems with audio sampling rates
18:26<thor_>(recent mailing list regurgitation)
18:26<warlord>but what about DVD streams?
18:26<tmk>svcd and dvd are very similar
18:26<tmk>svcd's should play in most dvd players
18:27<tmk>video bitrate and size are the only differences
18:27<thor_>well ....
18:27<thor_>few extra flags, but yeah
18:27<warlord>what about the stream packaging? (nuv v. std mpg2)
18:28<dopez>also packet size is different : PS packet size (DVD: 2048 bytes, VCD: 2324 bytes)
18:28<tmk>ahh the elusive packet size
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19:05<thor_>Chutt, I don't quite understand why MythPluginManager's constructor is private and only abstract ... is this something fundamental to do with plugins ?
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19:40<Chutt>thor, no, it's just so that no one tries to use it
19:40<thor_>ah ... thought so
19:41<thor_>trying to have the mfd dynamically load plugins to handle almost everything ... that confused me a bit
19:46<thor_>btw, this zeroconfig stuff is actually pretty cool
19:46<thor_>(but it's going to be a plugin that you don't have to load)
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20:04<dilate>anyone ever get an gdm_slave_xioerror after they plugged their box into tv?
20:05<dilate>X and the whole machine locks, works fine on monitor
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20:11<activelow>anyone know if I can use the 2 led changers with mythtv that came with tivo
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20:11<activelow>I have a pvr 250, they have a audio type jack, not serial. I hate to buy new if I dont have to
20:12<dilate_>activelow: i'm about to try the same thing if i can get rid of my X problem.
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20:13<activelow>dilate_: I just hate to spend $25 on a ir blaster, do I just buy a db9 box and hookup the send/recieve wires? If you ran across an online guide I'd appreciate it.
20:14<dilate_>will do. i have a 440 card that works great on monitor and causes a gdm error when it's plugged into tv. hrmph.
20:15<dilate_>i can see the bois and bootup screens on tv. mut when X loads, it dies.
20:16<warlord>dilate_: horiz/vert refresh problem?
20:16<activelow>I have 440 card too, but no tv connected yet
20:17<dilate_>syslog says gdm_slave_xioerror
20:19<warlord>dilate_: what happens if you run 'startx' from a console login... (from initlevel 3)
20:20<dilate_>tv wiggles a bit and when it would normally display the nvidia logo, it hangs
20:20<dilate_>crtl - alt - bksp won't even fix it
20:20<warlord>well, that implies an X Config problem.
20:22<dilate_>i have no idea what to change it to. i have oit down to 640x480 on 16 depth
20:22<warlord>dilate_: what do you have for you horiz/vert refresh?
20:22<dilate_>for the tv out section it's 30-50 (hor) and 60 vert
20:23<warlord>OH, you have two setups?
20:23<warlord>Are you sure it's using the right one?
20:23* warlord only has a single monitor section.
20:24<dilate_>it's only 1 section i just have a comment line for the tv prt
20:24<warlord>well, what did you mean "for the tv out section"?
20:25<dilate_>Section "Device"
20:25<dilate_>Identifier "Videocard0"
20:25<dilate_>Driver "nvidia"
20:25<dilate_>VendorName "Chaintech"
20:25<dilate_>BoardName "nVidia GeForce 4 MX 440"
20:25<dilate_>Option "RenderAccel" "1"
20:25<dilate_># TV Out Setup
20:25<dilate_>Option "TwinView"
20:25<dilate_>Option "TwinViewOrientation" "Clone"
20:25<dilate_>Option "SecondMonitorHorizSync" "30-50"
20:25<dilate_>Option "SecondMonitorVertRefresh" "60"
20:25<dilate_>Option "MetaModes" "1024x768, 1024x768; 800x600, 800x600; 640x480, 640x480;"
20:25<warlord>Take a look at
20:25<dilate_>Option "TVStandard" "NTSC-M"
20:25<dilate_>Option "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"
20:25<dilate_>Option "TVOverScan" "0.6"
20:25<warlord>OH, this isn't a second monitor.
20:27<warlord>Try removing the "SecondMonitor" parts.
20:27<warlord>also turn off TwinView
20:28<dilate_>rebooting with those changes. can't access that page by the way
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20:30<warlord>Hmm, let me look..
20:31<warlord>ok, try now.
20:32<dilate_>no dice. (forbidden)
20:32<warlord>('cause it's working for me, now)
20:35<dilate_>got it. trying your. (rebooting again)
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20:39<dilate_>closer. saw the nvidia logo. then x died with keymap and glx errors.
20:41<dilate_>could not open default font fixed.
20:41<warlord>well, you might not have the same nvidia card that I do...
20:41<warlord>So I would recommend you use this in combination with whatever your Distro provides as an automatic X configuration tool.
20:41<dilate_>GeForce 4 MX (440 se)
20:41<warlord>that doesn't help, because I have no clue exactly what I've got -- it's an embedded device.
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21:02<Toothpick>Are there debs...
21:03<Toothpick>on the mythtv site I only see tar format right now.
21:03<warlord>yes. RTFM.
21:04<Toothpick>ok thanks
21:04<warlord>you're welcome.
21:07<Toothpick>found it
21:11<Toothpick>now tomorrow I can try it ;)
21:11<Toothpick>goodnight looks like it ihas come a long way since last year.
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22:04<tmk>chutt, what file has the skip calculations again? is it ivtvdecoder.cpp?
22:10<Chutt>and mpegrecorder.cpp
22:10<Chutt>which does the original ones when it records stuff
22:10<Chutt>but those would only be used if you're playing back stuff from mythfrontend
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22:17<tmk>as opposed to using dd?
22:18<tmk>how can i tell if it's a problem with teh database or with the seek code
22:18<warlord>as opposed to using mplayer...
22:18<warlord>or the skip calculator at record time?
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22:19<tmk>i'm talking about using mythfrontend
22:20<tmk>and playing back pvr-x50 files
22:20<tmk>when you ff after watching for a while
22:20<tmk>it ff'ds 45 seconds (as it should)
22:20<tmk>then when you push ff again
22:20<tmk>it goes 10 mins or something wild
22:20<tmk>if you then rewind, it seeks properly from then on
22:20<warlord>Hmm, I haven't noticed that.
22:21<josephk>I don't believe it;D
22:22<thor_>tmk's a crack head
22:22<warlord>well, I WILL admit that the commercial detection is extremely flaky
22:22<tmk>this isn't using commercial detection
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22:22<tmk>it's using the right/left arrow keys
22:22<tmk>and pgup/pgdn to move large distances
22:23<josephk>a and d have the same functionality as pgup/pgdwn right?
22:23<bline>yeah, ive seen that
22:25<josephk>actually I think I may have seen that
22:27<tmk>well i see it all the time
22:27<tmk>like clockwork :)
22:27<tmk>so i am trying to fixit
22:27<josephk>how's 350 lookin?
22:28<josephk>tv gewd?
22:28<josephk>all synced up?
22:28<josephk>no interlaced issues?
22:30<tmk>it's always had great video
22:30<tmk>now it has OSD too
22:30<josephk>so you're saying I need one
22:31<tmk>im not gonna tell you how to spend $150 or whatever they cost
22:31<josephk>I will, if the output is good
22:31<warlord>I wonder if the output will be better than my nvidia/tvout
22:32<josephk>it will let me use a less beefy machine...if that is the case, it's worth it
22:32<josephk>I'm sure it is, if it can sync interlaced video to a tv
22:33<warlord>Well, my video is pretty darn good as it is.
22:33<tmk>the output is incredible
22:33<tmk>ii can't tell it's recorded
22:33<josephk>you bastard
22:33<josephk>thats awesome
22:33<josephk>thats what I need
22:33<tmk>for reference my machine is a celreon 433
22:33<tmk>and i have 2 cards going
22:34<tmk>pvr250 and pvr350
22:34<josephk>2 pvr 250's?
22:34<josephk>ah ok
22:34<tmk>don't really have issues
22:34<tmk>oh and fast hd
22:34<warlord>I've got 3 pvr-250s
22:34<warlord>and a UDMA(100) HDD
22:35<josephk>have you figured out how you might deal with the pvr 350 being the display, and a recording device?
22:35<tmk>it can capture and decode at the same time
22:35<josephk>or...can you use both functions independently
22:35<josephk>oh man
22:35<josephk>I need one now
22:35<josephk>where were you 3 weeks ago?
22:36<warlord>I think I'll wait for the driver to be more stable -- I'm not sure I need a 4th card.
22:36<warlord>but if the output really IS that good, it might be worth it.
22:36<tmk>you can come over and see if you want
22:37<josephk>well I've got someone who really wants a 250, so I can sell it to him
22:37<warlord>where are you?
22:37<warlord>Wrong coast.
22:37<josephk>ny here
22:37<tmk>i beg to differ
22:38<warlord>well, I'm on the Right coast. ;)
22:38<tmk>best coast here
22:38<tmk>not the least
22:38<josephk>when do you think it'll be stable tmk?
22:38<tmk>it's been pretty good for me lately
22:39<tmk>a couple decode freezes last weekend
22:39<tmk>but not machine lockups
22:39<tmk>just save position in mythtv
22:39<tmk>then ^C the frontend
22:39<tmk>and restart it
22:39<tmk>i think that'll be fixed soon
22:39<josephk>ah ok...thats cool
22:39<kvandivo-away>so i'm curious.. it's probably obvious once you say it, but why 'ivytv' ? is it just a play on iTVC15 or something?
22:39<josephk>buying now...haha
22:39<tmk>we didn't want to name it something that was copyrighted
22:40<tmk>so we just picked ivtv
22:40<kvandivo-away>hmm.. i guess if that's the reason, that's the reason. :) (although i take back my statement that it would probably be obvious. ;)
22:41<tmk>well if you want the full background
22:41<tmk>the iTVC15
22:41<tmk>started at globevision or something
22:41<tmk>which was bought by internext
22:41<tmk>which was bought by conexant
22:42<tmk>john actually named the project, i just agreed
22:42<tmk>you can ask him on the mailing list :)
22:43<kvandivo-away>:) i might do that at some point, but at the current time it is just a very mind curiosity, and you gave me more than enough to satisfy my current level of curiosity. thanks.
22:43<josephk>how does it handle DVD's?
22:43<thor_>eh what?
22:44<josephk>tmk:or does it not handle DVD's
22:44<josephk>tmk: accelerate playback that is
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22:47<tmk>joseph: it should play back any mpg2
22:47<josephk>ya sure?
22:48<tmk>i've played back european dvb files
22:48<tmk>that someone sent me
22:48<josephk>I don't know why, but I had heard it couldn't handle dvd's...It doesn't seem right though
22:48<josephk>I's not like it has to do decss
22:48<tmk>it just takes mpg stream
22:48<tmk>and puts it on TV
22:49<josephk>so mplayer just outputs normally through it?
22:49<josephk>I'm just not sure how exactly it's setup
22:54<tmk>dunno, i don't know if mplayer supports it as an output device
22:54<josephk> video playing might be a problem?
22:55<tmk>mythtv can play out it
22:55<tmk>and anything that can decss can
22:55<tmk>i doubt it will be long before someone has a player that can use its video out
22:55<josephk>I was thinking of getting the dxr3 working
22:56<josephk>semi working
22:56<tmk>the pvr's are better.. they have an OSD layer
22:56<tmk>don't the dxr's just support mpg
22:57<josephk>well I'm wondering how xine and mplayer place overlays...they might just be able to do some colors, or black and white...not sure
22:57<tmk>if xine/mplayer support dxr3's for tv-out
22:57<josephk>or maybe they're writing into the stream?
22:57<tmk>it's a very small code change to make them support the pvr cards
22:57<warlord>does X output via the -350?
22:57<tmk>it can
22:57<tmk>i've never done it
22:58<josephk>well both have dxr3 vga overlay and tv out support
22:58<josephk>and I know mplayer is doing something to give a stream progress indicator
22:58<josephk>on tv out
22:59<josephk>I was just hoping to use it for streams and video...nvidia tv out for the menu's
23:01<josephk>wire a simple circuit to allow for both to be used when the dxr3 tv output goes on and off
23:02* overridex is back (gone 04:15:42)
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23:08<Bishop>is there a way in mythweb to play music?
23:09<Bishop>i can search all the importe dmusic and play it though mythtv, but i would like to be able to change songs through a browser
23:11<josephk>tmk: do you have overscan working now?
23:16<tmk>never did get it going
23:16<tmk>i presume you mean to offset the OSD
23:19<Bishop>how do you save a playlist in mythmusic
23:27<warlord>Just exiting the screen should save the changes you've made.
23:28<thor_>Bishop, hit Enter/Space/Return on Active Play Queue
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23:31<warlord>thor_: do you think my spreadsheet should (can?) get committed to CVS?
23:32<thor_>warlord, no problem here ... but I try not to touch the main mythtv module (except for GUI elements/libmyth) ... I'll leave this one to Chutt
23:33<warlord>fair enough.
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