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00:25<bobnvic>I have one channel where I get interference in the picture when I'm recording something on another channel. I'm using a PVR-250 and a bttv card. The PVR-250 is the one recording the interference. Any ideas to fix this?
00:29<warlord>bobnvic: what kind of interference?
00:32<bobnvic>well, the picture is perfect until the other recording starts. then vertical bands of short wavy horizontal lines appear. the picture is still viewable, but not nearly as nice. as soon as the other recording stops,it clears up.
00:33<warlord>Have you tried moving the cards further apart in the 'puter?
00:33<warlord>(if it was a diamond-pattern I would have recognized the issue)
00:33<bobnvic>well, no. that's makes a hell of a lot of sense though. they are in adjacent slots and there is room to move them apart. I'll try that.
00:34<warlord>Another possibility is your power supply... Or potentially even CPU (if there isn't enough CPU power to run the bttv encoding + the PVR IDE I/O
00:35<bobnvic>I've only seen it on one channel, but it is channel 3, which is the lowest number I watch. i thought it might be weaker than the higher frequencies
00:35<warlord>could be..
00:35<warlord>probably depends on your area.
00:36<warlord>anyways, i'm off to bed.. hopefully i've helped.
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00:57<[DJ]HaCK>anyone has a good NES emulate to recommend for mythgame ?
01:00<DogBoy>I want to get that neogeo game going metalslug
01:01<DogBoy>or some of the capcom games
01:01<DogBoy>street fighter this or that
01:14<Timon>[DJ]HaCK: Nesticle
01:15<DogBoy>oh that's right you have to have the emulator underneath
01:15<Timon>DogBoy: Get neomame
01:16<DogBoy>I'm using knoppmyth
01:16<DogBoy>already has an emulator installed
01:17<DogBoy>been so long since I messed with an emulator
01:17<DogBoy>it's a nice idea to have that integrated with the tv
01:18<Timon>Yeah, i was going to build a cabinet last year, but I don't have the room right now. But I did get the arcade authentic controls from
01:18<Timon>They are nice
01:21<DogBoy>hmm that url didn't work
01:22<Timon>lemme check the url
01:26<Timon>Wow, they are on sale now. I paid twice that for the joysticks
01:26<DogBoy>used to play a lot of starwars back in the 80's
01:26<DogBoy>that's a pretty exotic controller on that game
01:27<Timon>I remember it, it indeed was
01:30<kwenda>when fast forwarding or rewinding, about one out of twenty times, i will get this:
01:30<kwenda>rebuffering (120328 128000)
01:30<kwenda>rebuffering (53537 128000)
01:30<kwenda>>> Player timeout
01:30<kwenda>Changing from WatchingPreRecorded to None
01:30<kwenda>it takes about 30 seconds then i get kicked back to the screen that says that the recording has finished and asks if i want to delete it
01:32<kwenda>this happens weather using the machine that recorded it to watch it, or a remote frontend
01:33<kwenda>my switch lights up like a christmas tree during the 'rebuffering' too
01:46<kwenda>it APPEARS only to happen when watching a recording that was taking place at the same time that another recording was taking place
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01:47<kwenda>i havent experienced it when watching a recording that was captured while the other card was idle
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03:19<DogBoy>isn't there anything for editing mpeg files on linux?
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08:09<warthawg>is anyone here using a pcHDTV card with mythtv?
08:12<warthawg>and what is ringbuf1.nuv
08:17<o_cee>ringbuf is the buffer myth uses for livetv
08:17<warthawg>well, i guess that means it is running, but i could never see anything, it just went black.
08:17<warthawg>tried kde, same thing.
08:18<o_cee>probably audio related, read the docs
08:18<warthawg>maybe my channels are funky
08:18<warthawg>hmmm audio
08:18<o_cee>then you'd get static
08:18<warthawg>ok, thanks
08:18<warthawg>one more question?
08:18<o_cee>read the audio troubleshooting section
08:18<warthawg>what about the regular tv channels with hdtv card?
08:19<warthawg>would that cause a problem?
08:19<o_cee>no clue. what i know the hdtv card isn't fully supported yet
08:19<warthawg>ok, thanks again
08:19<o_cee>since the main developer haven't got one
08:19<warthawg>jack needs to send one to him ;)
08:19<warthawg>maybe when i finish this review he will send this card
08:20<o_cee>ooohkay, that would make isaac happy i guess :)
08:21<o_cee>what kind of review is it?
08:21<warthawg>for newsforge
08:21<warthawg>dot come
08:21<o_cee>you're using cvs version of myth right?
08:22<o_cee>that would probably be a good idea, think there was some stuff commited a while ago for the card
08:22<warthawg>ok, thanks, i will grab that then
08:22<warthawg>do you use mythtv?
08:23<o_cee>(why else would i be here, hehe=
08:23<warthawg>i can't wait to get my regular tv card back in and try it
08:23<warthawg>i think i will want to do a review on it, too
08:23<warthawg>on mythtv, i mean
08:23<o_cee>yeah, it's really cool
08:24<warthawg>sounds like it is. do you use it for live and recording?
08:24<warthawg>i can't wait
08:24<o_cee>allthough my filesystem is fucked at the moment.. had a kernel panic or something last night.. gotta fix that
08:24<o_cee>can't watch tv :)
08:24<o_cee>it really is
08:25<o_cee>no linux guru, not sure how to fix it, but i'll get it running again i guess :)
08:26<warthawg>have you looked at fsck?
08:26<o_cee>i'm burning a gentoo livecd now to boot into..
08:27<o_cee>yeah, it'll be alot easier then
08:27<warthawg>hope your hd is not messed up
08:27<o_cee>hehe, yeah.
08:27<o_cee>couple of hours work behind it all to get it running ;)
08:27<o_cee>guess it'd be easier this time if i have to redo it though
08:28<warthawg>i guess if you were a _real_ linux guru you would have created your own live cd distro? ;)
08:28<o_cee>of myth?
08:28<warthawg>no of gentoo
08:28<o_cee>ah, yeah, hehe
08:28<warthawg>ok, i am back to the hdtv wars, thanks for your help
08:28<o_cee>you could try thos knoppixmyth things
08:28<o_cee>to get running fast i guess
08:28<warthawg>they have one?
08:29<o_cee>search the mailinglistarchive
08:29<o_cee>for knoppmyth.. i think it's called that
08:29<o_cee>not sure if you can run from cvs though
08:31* o_cee is away: time to fix up the dragon..
09:36* o_cee is back (gone 01:05:44)
09:42<o_cee>the dragon is back :)
09:43<sfr>heh. i didn't expect anything less.
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11:46<[DJ]HaCK>mmm , the picture looks better through mythtv than straigh out of the sat receiver !
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12:41<Chutt>warlord, hey, 'bout that backtrace you just posted
12:41<Chutt>did you compile with opts on?
12:42<Chutt>and i'd try a make distclean
12:42<warlord>"with opts on"?
12:43<Chutt>since it says the ConfigurationDialogWidget destructor is in the iostream include =)
12:43<warlord>Not that i know of.. I turned on debug and turned off "release", but didn't change anything else.
12:43<Chutt>ok, hmm
12:43<Chutt>i would try a make distclean if you haven't already
12:43<Chutt>that object doesn't _have_ a destructor
12:44<Chutt>and the size of MythDialog changed recently
12:44<Chutt>so that may cause it to crash if there was a dependency issue or whatnot
12:44<warlord>Hmm, yea.. let me try a distclean.
12:45<warlord>one would THINK the dependencies would cause a .h to rebuild a .cpp, but perhaps qmake isn't good enough to realize the dependencies?
12:45<Chutt>sometime it messes up across directories
12:45<warlord>Hmm.. Ok.
12:46<Chutt>usually gets it right, but
12:46<warlord>ok. I'm rebuilding now..
12:46<warlord>And no, doesn't look like there is any optimization happening during the build.
12:47<warlord>and ftr, I agree that the bt looked weird.. usually SEGVs are easy to track down.
12:47<Chutt>that's why i think it may be cleared up with a distclean
12:48<warlord>sure. I'll let you know when it's done.
12:49<yebyen>does anyone know why I might be getting "connecting to backend server:" on a frontend machine, when i'm fairly sure i've set everything to point to the host I want properly?
12:49<Chutt>wrong mysql server?
12:49<yebyen>doesn't seem to be
12:49<yebyen>i only need one mysql server, right?
12:50<yebyen>i remember a while back, I needed a code change to connect to a backend on another machine
12:50<Chutt>what's the value for MasterServerIP in the database?
12:52<yebyen>hrm, what is the setting name column called
12:52<yebyen>i can't scroll that far up
12:53<yebyen>well, that would be the problem
12:53<yebyen>| MasterServerIP | | NULL |
12:54<Chutt>run setup on the backend and change the master ip to what it's supposed to be =)]
12:54<Chutt>err, =)
12:54<[DJ]HaCK>anyone playing nes games on his mythfrontend ?
12:55<yebyen>Chutt: guess I was trusting debconf a bit too much
12:58<[DJ]HaCK>mm , anyway if anyone does , I'd like to know what nes emulator you used
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13:01<yebyen>Chutt: which setup dialog?
13:01<yebyen>or the actual setup app
13:01<Chutt>the actual setup app
13:02<yebyen>do I need to use an ip, or is hostname ok
13:03<Chutt>if the hostname resolves, it should be fine
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13:04<yebyen>changing that setting doesn't seem to have had any effect on the databas
13:05<yebyen>whoops, wrong setting
13:05<Chutt>you have to continue through all screens in that wizard
13:05<yebyen>no, just changed the first and didn't see the other one
13:06<warlord>you need to keep 'spacing' through the whole dialog.
13:06<yebyen>i did
13:06<yebyen>works now
13:06<yebyen>well, the setting is right now...
13:06<yebyen>remains to be seen if it works :)
13:07<yebyen>taking its sweet time connecting
13:07<yebyen>do not believe it is working...
13:08<yebyen>just hanging at "connecting to backend server:
13:08<sfr>try it with an IP address
13:11<yebyen>same result... as long as i've opened 3306, 6543, and 6544, it shouldn't be the firewall, right?
13:11<Chutt>shouldn't be
13:12<warlord>Chutt: distclean fixed it.
13:12<[DJ]HaCK>yebyen : check the backend logs maybe ?
13:12<Chutt>i like bug fixes where i don't have to do anything
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13:13<yebyen>:o works after a restart of the backend
13:14<Chutt>yebyen, oh, you have to restart the backend for those settings to take affect
13:16<[DJ]HaCK>who made mythmusic ? one of the visualisation plugin is insane !
13:16<sfr>must be goom
13:16<sfr>the visualizer i mean
13:16<Chutt>warlord, thanks for sending that email to the list
13:17<Chutt>just in case someone else has the same issue
13:18<Chutt>i really need to clean up the goom code sometime.
13:20<yebyen>Chutt: :)
13:20<yebyen>Chutt: now i have tv over network on my laptop
13:21<warlord>Chutt: you're welcome. seemed like the right thing to do :)
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13:24<Chutt>there, all patches applied, that other segfault fixed
13:24<Chutt>cvs is so slow now
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13:31<kvandivo>all patches applied.. hmm.. we'll have to fix that
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13:34<sfr>Chutt: my tiny patch to filldatabase.cpp slipped through.
13:34<Chutt>oh, doh
13:37<Chutt>doing that right now
13:38<Chutt>there we go
13:40<thor_>Hmm ... multithreaded programs do not seem to take kindly to trapping SIGNALS
13:40<thor_>so much for that idea
13:40<thor_>time to write mfdctl
13:41<thor_>yepyen, avast ye, it was 3 weeks ago
13:45<kvandivo>don't think i'm _quite_ ready to commit the bug fix for the filldata close to midnight problem. it seemed to run fine last night, but i'm going to let it go another night while tweaking the run time to get it to test a different code path
13:59<warlord>Ok, let's see if I can track down the audio hang a bit..
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14:05<warlord>Ok, I have a test case where I can reproduce this hang 100%
14:05<warlord>(at least I'm 3 for 3 trials now)
14:06<warlord>I added a sleep() in AvFormatDecoder::CheckAudioParams() but when I gdb attach and run a backtrace I can't find the thread that should be sleeping.
14:06<Chutt>it's generally better to run it in gdb to begin with
14:06<Chutt>rather than attaching after the fact
14:06<Chutt>especially with threaded programs
14:06<warlord>for some reason gdb doesn't like that.
14:07<warlord>But I'll try it again.
14:08<warlord>[New Thread 1144122304 (LWP 18043)]
14:08<warlord>Couldn't get registers: No such process.
14:09<warlord>I'd be happy to send you my video data file, but a) it's 4GB, and b) I don't think it would help without the GOP data in the database, right?
14:11<Chutt>well, that can be regenerated pretty easily
14:11<Chutt>but, yeah, the size kinda makes that difficult
14:12<warlord>Granted, my test case is: a) start from the beginning, b) jump forward 10 minutes, c) 1x rewind until it hangs (at around 8 minute time mark)
14:12<warlord>So I only need to send around 12 minutes of data (theoretically)
14:13<Chutt>still a bit much.
14:13<warlord>Yea. :(
14:14<warlord>(although I could press to cd and ship that to you)
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14:15<warlord>I _thought_ i had a fixed gdb, but apparantly there are still issues.
14:18<warlord>Think gdb6 might help?
14:21<Chutt>can't hurt to try it
14:21<warlord>building it now..
14:22<warlord>gcc is SO MUCH faster than g++... Wow..
14:28<warlord>i wonder if it's a kernel/linuxthreads problem?
14:29<Chutt>quite possibly
14:29<Chutt>redhat 9's using the new thread code
14:31<warlord>Other than reinstalling with another OS (which I'm hesitant to take the time to do) I'm not sure how to debug this right now.
14:32<warlord>I can reproduce the problem 100% -- so I suppose I could try to debug via printf()
14:39<Chutt>i'd look to see why that pthread_join in audiooutputoss.cpp is never completing
14:40<Chutt>well, why the thread it's joining isn't ever exiting, really
14:46<warlord>oooh, I added some extra 'cerr' outputs and it didn't pause this time... So it sounds like there is a race condition.
14:46<warlord>question: what happens if two threads come in and try to KillAudio() at the same time?
14:53<warlord>yep, DEFINITELY a race condition in AudioOutputOSS::KillAudio()
14:54<warlord>so, Chutt, would you prefer a simple workaround that may still have a race condition but shortens the window, or should I add a mutex?
14:55<warlord>(I changed the code to read:
14:55<warlord> pthread_t tmp_thread = output_audio;
14:55<warlord> output_audio = 0;
14:55<warlord> killaudio = true;
14:55<warlord> pthread_join(tmp_thread, NULL);
14:56<warlord>and my 100% test-case no longer fails.
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15:36<mikegrb>warlord: you have a tab in there ;)
15:36<warlord>mikegrb: yea, I fixed that in my copy of the sources.
15:37<warlord>but my question to Chutt remains about whether this is "good enough" or if I should add a mutex (or try to track down why there are two threads trying to kill the audio)
15:39<mikegrb>yeah, can't help you there ;
15:40<mikegrb>er + )
15:40<kwenda>if i record 2 shows at once... when i watch them, fwd/rew doesnt work - it jumps the 30/5 seconds but then freezes - says 'rebuffering' for about 30 seconds then exits
15:41<mikegrb>using mpeg4 software encoding?
15:41<kwenda>using .11 on RH9 with 2 Leadtek WinFast 2000/XP cards on a p4 1.8 capturing at mpeg4
15:42<mikegrb>I get that problem too with one bttv card and a celeron 1.7, someone recently posted that it seems it is problems with the file due to cpu too high
15:42<mikegrb>my experience would tend to agree though I haven't tried switching back to rt-jpeg
15:43<kwenda>that might be right - when cappign 1 stream i run at 40% cpu but 2 pegs it at 100%
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15:44<mikegrb>what software are you using?
15:44<mikegrb>for those stats
15:45<mikegrb>yes mine were fine for the most part 'til I switched media storage to lvm, it added some extra cpu overhead
15:45<kwenda>MRTG - its technically for network links, but i wrote a little php script to feed it better info
15:45<kwenda> is what its really for
15:46<kwenda>i also use it to graph how many people are in my lab at work:
15:46<mikegrb>ahh I've seen that before
15:46<mikegrb>maybe from you <G>
15:47<kwenda>ha... so i wonder whats corrupting these files so we cant jump around in them
15:49<warlord>too much CPU?
15:49<mikegrb>something related to that it seems
15:50<kwenda>i wonder why it wouldnt drop any frames though... the files look perfect, not jumpy or anything
15:50<warlord>i dont know. but this is why I bought PVR-250 cards.
15:52<kwenda>lol let me get right on that... college students cant afford PVR-250s ;)
15:52<kvandivo>if you are willing to take risk, newegg had refurb'd m179's for $39 a couple of days ago.
15:54<warlord>I saw a -250 go for $66 on ebay
15:54<kvandivo>what was shipping?
15:55<warlord>I think about $15?
15:55<kvandivo>still not too bad, considering that new is a bit over 130
15:55<kwenda>that m179 is a hardware encoder?
15:55<kvandivo>ya.. but it is a risk.. it doesn't have full support with ivtv right now
15:55<kvandivo>only video.. no audio
15:56<kvandivo>tmk thinks he can get it working once he gets ahold of one
15:56<kvandivo>i've offered to mail him mine while he gets it working.. i think a few others have as well
16:00<kwenda>id mail someone my whole backend system to get it fixed but i havent seen the thing in 3 months
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16:00<kwenda>i watch everything over dsl from a remote frontend =)
16:00<kvandivo>wow.. you must have a decent upstream cap
16:00<kwenda>the backend is at the ISP that i used to work for
16:01<kvandivo>my 128kbit upstream cap doesn't really allow me to send video anywhere
16:01<kwenda>effective cap of 620 gigabits/second ;)
16:01<kvandivo>ahh.. ok.. that makes a difference
16:01<fedora>Does MythTV work with HDTV tuner cards?
16:01<kvandivo>must have been a big isp if they've got a pipe that is 62 gigabytes / second wide
16:02<kwenda>thats combined... they get it from like 15 oc-48s
16:02<kvandivo>that would exceed the bandwidth of every university i know
16:02<kwenda>definately exceeds the bandwidth of the university that i work for... they've only got 60
16:03<kwenda>60 megabits, actually, not giga
16:03<kwenda>lol... 'only 60 megabits'
16:04<fedora>I was thinking about getting Comcast digital cable, but if it won't work with MythTV, then I won't get it.
16:04-!-kwenda is now known as kwenda|AFK
16:05<kvandivo>ya.. back in 2002 it looks like uiuc had 105Mbits... 620gigabits is a LOT of bandwidth
16:06<kvandivo>they probably have around 200 now.. so you are saying that your isp has 3,000 times what uiuc has. wow
16:07-!-kwenda|AFK is now known as kwenda
16:07<kwenda>yeah its insane
16:07<kwenda>they supply the bandwidth to several of the smaller ISPs in the area
16:07<kvandivo>course.. that's all theoretical, too.. but still
16:07<kwenda>and at least 3 of the universities that i can think of
16:08<kvandivo>well, anyone that could supply bandwidth to 3,000 universities where each university is around 50,000 students has some serious pipes
16:08<kwenda>lol... well they give it to lockheed-martin and bell helicopter as well
16:08<kwenda>those places are HUGE around here
16:09<kwenda>i dont know how many employees... but i'd say maybe like 100 grand each
16:09<kvandivo>well.. at any rate, to get back on topic.. suffice to say that dl'ing a myth video from them wouldn't be any big deal
16:10<fedora>If this isn't the right place, could you provide me with some questions that I can ask Comcast when I call?
16:10<kwenda>i havent worked for that ISP in over a year now... but when i did they were usually averaging about 70% of their pipe filled
16:10<kwenda>fedora: it will work with digital cable but you'll have to use the box
16:11<fedora>kwenda: What do you mean?
16:11<kwenda>the cable box that they give you, you'll have to use that
16:12<fedora>To change channels, or...?
16:12<kwenda>if you have a motorola DCT2000 box, you can use the serial port to change the channels on it
16:12<kwenda>otherwise you'll have to get an IR emitter to fake the remote control signals
16:12<kwenda>you have to use the cable box to decode the digital channels... if you only want to record the analog channels, just plug the coax right into your tuner card
16:13<kwenda>you most likely will get the motorola dct2000 box... every cable company in the country gives that one for some reason
16:14<fedora>Hmm, when you change channels with the serial port... you only get the digital channel data, and not that advertising gibberish the cable company puts on the screen, right?
16:14<josephk>anyone using pvr350 decoder support in mythtv?
16:15<kwenda>no that will still be there... the serial is only for control - the video still comes down the RCA jacks like it normally would
16:15<kvandivo>you don't feel that the advertising gibberish enhances your overall tv viewing experience, fedora?
16:16<fedora>Not at all...
16:17<kvandivo>why, just today, verisign was saying about their SiteFinder service, and I quote: The service has been well received by millions of Internet users who appreciate getting navigation tools. So I figured that users everywhere appreciated getting stuff shoved down their throats.
16:18<fedora>Do I have any other options?
16:19<kvandivo>you've got to use their box to decode the signal. the amount of control you have, given that restraint, depends on the box that they give you
16:21<fedora>Is satellite any better?
16:23<kvandivo>you've got to use their box to decode the signal. the amount of control you have, given that restraint, depends on the box that they give you
16:29<warlord>why are you arghing?
16:29<sfr>rkulagow: ping
16:30<fedora>warlord: Because of said advertising gibberish.
16:37-!-cbreen is now known as cbreen_dxr2
16:44<sfr>Captain_Murdoch: is the comm-detection only started after the recording finished? if yes, would it be possible to start it say 10 minutes into a recording?
16:45<fedora>Well, thank you kvandivo, kwenda.
16:45<fedora>I appreciate it.
16:45-!-fedora [] has left #mythtv []
16:49<kvandivo>sfr: for hardware mpeg it is started after the recording has finished. for software, i don't believe it waits that long
16:49<sfr>ok. why the different behaviour?
16:50-!-thor_ [~thor@] has quit ["using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.1"]
16:50<kvandivo>umm.. for hardware i don't think myth is doing hardly anything at all while it is recording (ie., it isn't 'parsing' the stream)
16:51<sfr>so there'd be even more CPU power to spend with commercial detection.
16:52-!-thor_ [~thor@] has joined #mythtv
16:53<sfr>AWAY watching star gate
16:53* kvandivo smirks.
16:54* sfr thinks, wtf bbl
16:57-!-Edgan [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:07-!-FryGuy- [] has joined #mythtv
17:24-!-sc00p_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:27-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
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18:09-!-elocal [] has joined #mythTV
18:09<elocal>is mythTV good?
18:09<elocal>is that I don`t know
18:09<elocal>I`m new to this world
18:09<elocal>of Television Recording
18:10<elocal>and stuff
18:10<elocal>tomorrow I`m going to Buy The ATI TV WONDER
18:11<warlord>If you can afford it I'd recommend a Hauppauge PVR-250 or -350
18:12<elocal>UI don`t have much money, Just 60 dollars.
18:12<warlord>well, the tradeoff is that you need more processor power to do the 'realtime' encoding.
18:12-!-cbreen_dxr2 is now known as cbreen
18:13<warlord>but myth is pretty good, IMHO.
18:13<elocal>I will use Myth
18:13<elocal>Processor I don`t think matters much, I have ATHLON XP 2200+
18:18<warlord>yea, that should be fast enough.
18:19<dopez>i hope you dont have a 'old' via chipset for that athlon, or else you might be pulling hair pretty soon :)
18:20-!-overridex [] has joined #mythtv
18:21<elocal>I have NFORCE2
18:22<elocal>512MB RAM DDR
18:22<elocal>160GB HD Partitioned
18:24<elocal>does recording programs take a LOT of space?
18:26<warlord>depending on your quality, you can expect anywhere from 1-4GB/hour
18:26* warlord has an nForce2 + 512MB DDR.. I've got 180GB partitioned for video.
18:27<warlord>Gotta run
18:27-!-warlord is now known as warlord-afk
19:01-!-elocal [] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:16<sfr>Chutt: around? what do you think about setting the timezone offset for xmltv settings to 'Auto' by default? would avoid this kind of problem.
19:20-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:24-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
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20:33-!-tmk [] has joined #mythtv
21:18-!-[DJ]HaCK [] has joined #mythtv
21:18<[DJ]HaCK>anyone tried the IR ports on bttv cards ? can they send commands or only receive ?
21:25<extremis>Is anyone decoding dishnetwork signal with a dvb card?
21:26<[DJ]HaCK>you mean like without a sat receiver ?
21:27<extremis>a dvb is a sat reciever :)
21:27<extremis>you mean a settop box
21:27<extremis>yes, the dvb card is pci
21:28<extremis>you can connect it to a cam interface and then a valid cam, or you can use software cam support and save the money (as long as you have a valid card to pull info from )
21:29<[DJ]HaCK>neat , I wasn't sure that was what dvb cards were for
21:32<extremis>so, no one is doing this?
21:32<[DJ]HaCK>so with this thing I could decode sat signal without the broken receiver BEV sells ?
21:33<[DJ]HaCK>I sure want to now ;)
21:33<[DJ]HaCK>ir controlling the receiver is a bitch so far that would be nice
21:33<extremis>plus there is no analog conversion
21:34<extremis>turn mythtv into a directivo competitor
21:35<[DJ]HaCK>have you managed to make these card work under linux at all ?
21:50<[DJ]HaCK>damn , I want a dvb card !
21:52<extremis>mythtv doesn't support it for us reception yet
21:56<[DJ]HaCK>maybe it could work as is with a v4l for dvb interface layer ?
22:03<[DJ]HaCK>do you have a dvb card already ?
22:07<[DJ]HaCK>how much did you pay for it ?
22:22-!-kach [] has joined #mythtv
22:27<kach>anyone in a chatty mood?
22:28<josephk> question:)
22:30<kach>i see, it is pretty quiet here
22:30<josephk>there are plenty of conversations going on...using telepathy
22:31<josephk>*dum dum duuummm*
22:31* kvandivo laughs at the funny joke that josephk is channeling.
22:32<[DJ]HaCK>extremis : any idea where I could buy one ?
22:32<[DJ]HaCK>in north america ..
22:32* josephk is one with the universe...but still cannot answer that question
22:38-!-accurate [] has joined #mythtv
22:44-!-Edgan [] has left #mythtv ["Client exiting"]
23:01-!-martman [] has joined #mythtv
23:02<martman>im thinking of making a mythbox, im not sure what kind of video card to get. im looking for some kind of agp card with tv out. what do i need?
23:02<martman>how much ram is too much?
23:02<martman>geforce sound good?
23:03<martman>hmmm, is every freenode room dead tonight?
23:05<josephk>2GB of RAM is too much
23:05<josephk>geforce is ok
23:06<martman>video card ram
23:06<martman>64? 128?
23:06<josephk>pvr350 will probably have the best tv out, if I can get it
23:06<josephk>32 is fine...64 is fine too
23:07<josephk>I have 128, but its not like myth will be using most of it
23:07-!-pridkett [] has joined #mythtv
23:07<martman>any idea how much it does use?
23:08<josephk>couldn't say
23:08<kvandivo>video card ram? i doubt that myth uses more than a couple megs for most people... not like it is storing textures or anything
23:08<josephk>hey, those mythmusic visuals are pretty
23:08<martman>how much work does it even have todo to watch a dvd/mpeg? wouldnt the (comp) cpu do everything?
23:09<pridkett>yeah, the video card just does the scaling
23:09<martman>too bad....
23:09<josephk>having good xv support is key
23:09<martman>whats that?
23:09<pridkett>xvideo extensions to X
23:10<martman>any recomendation on what kind of geforce
23:10<martman>liek a chipset?
23:10<pridkett>normally all the video stuff would pass through the graphics subsystem for X, which is not well optimized for video. XV renders it directly to the video framebuffer and does scaling on the framebuffer, you loose network transparency, but get a nice speed boost
23:11<martman>thats ok, i never used the network stuff anyway.
23:12<martman>im thinking of going with duals so i get everything nice and smooth. i want 2 tunners and being able to record both
23:12<martman>im thinking the cheapest p4
23:12<martman>like a 2.4 or 2.6
23:13<martman>but i have no idea about video chipset
23:13<pridkett>you don't need much
23:13<martman>for ripping and encoding?
23:13<martman>can you give me some times?
23:13<pridkett>I run a dual tuner setup on my Athlon 700 with a WinTV-PVR 250 and a generic BTTV card without any problems
23:13<martman>whats the 700? i hate the amd system.....
23:14<pridkett>it's a 700MHz
23:14<martman>what kind of quality do you do?
23:14-!-dopez [] has quit ["..."]
23:14<pridkett>480x480 video quality, deinterlaced video playback
23:14<martman>480, hdtv quality?
23:15<pridkett>no, Myth doesn't support HDTV tuners (yet?), and there are some weird issues with copyrights on HDTV streams
23:15<pridkett>NTSC TV is 720x480
23:15<martman>im not to big into this, but considering how alot of this isnt too bad price wise i think ill shoot for dvd quality if i can
23:15<pridkett>well, actually it's 720x240 but it's interlaced
23:15<martman>why wouldnt myth even have to deal with hdtv? wouldnt the card itself to that?
23:15<martman>why would
23:16<martman>just high resolution?
23:16<pridkett>That's the issue, there aren't many HDTV cards for linux
23:16<josephk>hey its working:D
23:17<josephk>its looking awesome
23:17<josephk>true interlaced
23:17<martman>i have to worry about tunners later, now im wondering about chipsets
23:18<pridkett>martman: motherboard or video card? motherboard any chipset is fine. video card go with either a Matrox G400 series or a GeForce with TVOut
23:18<martman>theres alot of geforce(im looking at the listings), already new tv out. any other advice?
23:19<martman>particulary good one?
23:19<martman>i have no idea whats support well(im new) and whats completely overkill
23:19<pridkett>can't be of much help there, I've got a 4 year old Matrox MGA G400 Max on mine
23:19<martman>im more worried about support tho
23:19<pridkett>you don't need anything more than a GeForce 1
23:19<pridkett>unless you're running so mega ultra whacked mythmusic visualization stuff
23:20<martman>that actually uses the card and not cpu?
23:20<martman>i migh want to run games on this, maybe i shoudl go for a newer one actually....
23:21<pridkett>if it's an openGL visualation, then yes I guess it could. I don't use mythmusic, so I can't speak much on that.
23:21<martman>are all nvidias supported? good binaries?
23:21<pridkett>nvidia has binary drivers for linux
23:21<pridkett>probably your best choice for high end 3d under linux
23:22<pridkett>ATIs aren't bad either, but NVidia's binaries make things pretty easy (even if they do taint the kernel)
23:22<martman>taint the kenel?
23:24<pridkett>yeah, it's not GPL so it will "taint" the kernel
23:24<[DJ]HaCK>martman : get a duron 1300 and a gf2mx with tv out cheapest you can get , just make sure you get a good motherboard and you're set / anything more expensive is waste of money
23:24<pridkett>in other words, you'll make RMS (and maybe Baby Jesus) cry because it's no longer strictly GPL
23:26-!-kach [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
23:27<martman>wouldnt intel be better for this? the multidia extensions and the bus speeds
23:27<pridkett>not really
23:28<pridkett>like I said, I run MythTV just fine on a 700MHz Athlon
23:28<pridkett>the SSE can help out some for the deinterlacing
23:28<martman>doesnt the myth guide recommend 1ghz?
23:28<martman>isnt that for single tunner?
23:28<[DJ]HaCK>no sse2 won't get used , but the very long pipe long "would" hurt performance if that much was needed
23:29<pridkett>martman: I have a hardware encoder card, encoding takes 0% cpu
23:29<[DJ]HaCK>I'm running a backend with a lowly duron 1000 with 2 simultaneous bttv cards recording
23:29-!-mr-rich [~nyodb@] has joined #mythtv
23:30<[DJ]HaCK>also don't get more than 128megs of ram you won't use more anyway , my setup use about 45megs
23:30<pridkett>The great thing about my mythbox is that I can watch one channel, record another, and have my computer search for extraterrestrial life all at the same time. :-)
23:31<martman>so why is your hardware encoding doing? mpeg2? on the fly? that sounds great, whats the catch :)
23:31<pridkett>yeah, it's mpeg2 on the fly
23:31<pridkett>no real catch, not the easiest to set up, but quite well supported now
23:31<martman>what card do you have again?
23:31<pridkett>a little more expensive, I paid $75 for my hardware encoder
23:31<pridkett>WinTV PVR-250
23:32-!-overridex [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:32<martman>i probally wont have this for awhile, maybe i can get a hdtv one then :D
23:32<martman>any chance in the future i wont need 2 cards for 2 channels like a normal tv(picture in picture)?
23:33<pridkett>unfortunately, that nasty broadcast flag brings up some interesting problems with HDTV
23:33<GreyFoxx>the pcHDTV card is fairly cheap
23:33<martman>same hardware encoding?
23:33<GreyFoxx>martman: PRetty much. directlyinto Mpeg2 (possible 1)
23:33<pridkett>martman: you will always need 2 tuners for two channels
23:33<GreyFoxx>cat /dev/video32 > file..mpg
23:33<martman>well, with insane clock speeds and buses does it even matter?
23:34<pridkett>martman: for HDTV, yes
23:34<martman>can the hardware doa quciker job? more specialized?
23:34<pridkett>martman: yes
23:35<pridkett>just doing the math on HDTV makes you see what sort of massive amounts of data you're dealing with. Even at 480 you're looking at 16 megabytes of data per video frame, or 480 megabytes of data a second, without the audio
23:35<pridkett>given that most buses have trouble moving that much data, hardware compression is a must for most consumer HDTV cards
23:36<martman>wow. isnt the pci bus 133 or something?
23:36<martman>hardware encoding :D
23:37<martman>i see some video cards with s-video input, cant that come from hadtv? isnt there boxes for this? how does that effect the quality?
23:37<martman>or does it at all?
23:37<[DJ]HaCK>agp is 66mhz , pci is still only 33mhz
23:39<pridkett>on any given computer there are multiple buses
23:40<pridkett>AGP was created because of the need for a higher bandwidth dedicated bus that could utilize main memory a secondary texture storage
23:41<pridkett>Your PCI bus is a 32 bit (in most cases, a few allow 64 bits) at 33 or 66MHz.
23:42<martman>will the svideo help me any?
23:43<pridkett>it will provide higher quality video going into the card
23:43<pridkett>so you won't get color bleeding like you do on coax
23:43<pridkett>but it still is the same resolution
23:43<martman>so hdtv could be turned into svideo with no loss?
23:44<martman>lol, dam. what am i missing this time?
23:44<pridkett>i meant it's stuck at the same resolution of the capture card
23:44<pridkett>which is NTSC
23:57-!-dakeyrus [] has quit []
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