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00:38<anurag>i am trying to install mythtv and whenever i start, it says backend not configured
00:38<anurag>any help?
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00:39<mikegrb>anurag: you need to run the backend setup program
00:39<mikegrb>did you install from source or a binary distribution?
00:40<anurag>well i got it working now
00:40<anurag>i type mythfrontend, start tv and then the screen goes blank
00:41<mikegrb>what does the error message in the console you started the frontend say?
00:41<anurag>i cannot do anything. the entire screen is blank and none of the keys are working
00:42<anurag>looks like i'll have to kill it
00:42<mikegrb>it should most likely say something about not being able to open the audio device
00:42<mikegrb>hit alt+tab
00:42<mikegrb>brb gotta go put a blank dvd in upstairs
00:43<anurag>yepz. cannot open /dev/dsp
00:44<anurag>it also says cannot open video device
00:44<anurag>btw, i am using a epia-nehemiah machine
00:45<mikegrb>can't open video device? can you paste that error
00:46<anurag>Unknown video codec open no such device
00:46<anurag>ioctl VIDIOC_G_FMT : Invalid argument
00:46<mikegrb>what capture card?
00:46<anurag>pixel view play tv pro
00:46<anurag>btw, i have not installed xml tv
00:47<mikegrb>are you using oss audio drivers?
00:47<anurag>and i am running mythvtv over my local lan (100mbps)
00:47<anurag>yes, i am using oss
00:47<anurag>shud i try alsa?
00:48<mikegrb>well are the frontend and backend on the same machine?
00:48<mikegrb>well then it isn't going over the lan, right ;
00:49<anurag>i am using vnc
00:49<anurag>too lazy to use 2 k/b's at the same time
00:50<mikegrb>oh, okay
00:51<anurag>i am compiling alsa right now
00:51<mikegrb>well I'm pretty sure you cant actually run it via vnc
00:51<mikegrb>right you will probably need it
00:51<mikegrb>what that gets you is full duplex sound
00:51<anurag>lemme connect the k/b and try
00:51<mikegrb>the backend records the audio from /dev/dsp and the frontend needs to be able to open this same device /dev/dsp for output
00:52<mikegrb>if the driver doesn't support full duplex you will get that error abt not being able to open /dev/dsp
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00:54<anurag>but why does the screen go blank?
00:55<mikegrb>well the display goes away then it tries to open up the audio and gets stuck because it can't
00:55<anurag>is there any option that i can disable sound and watch tv w/o it?
00:55<anurag>that means i must install alsa?
00:56<anurag>okie. its getting installed
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01:29<anurag>okie i got alsa installed
01:29<anurag>but it still says cannot open audio device: /dev/dsp
01:33<anurag>any help in this?
01:33<anurag>i can get the mythtv frontend, but cannot watch tv
01:34<josephk>don't use kde
01:34<josephk>try windowmaker
01:35<josephk>check if artsd is running and any aplay processes
01:36<josephk>search the list ...
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01:46<anurag>it still cant open alsa :(
01:46<anurag>rather , /dev/dsp
01:48<anurag>damn it. i'll try tomorrow
01:48<anurag>getting back to hw
01:49<josephk>kill the process that's using it
01:49<overridex>lsof | grep dsp might show you what's using it...
01:55<anurag>hang on trying
01:58<anurag>lsof grep dsp shows no output
02:02<anurag>shit! still cannot open /dev/dsp
02:03<anurag>alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory
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02:46<tdb30_>humm. can anyone tell me where in the lircd package rc is located? I can't seem to find it anywhere
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08:13<Toothpick>Good morning.
08:13<Toothpick>Will mythtv recorde closed captioning and take a still at a selected time interval...say every 30 seconds?
08:14<Toothpick>I tried searching google and couldn't come up with anything.
08:15<sfr>no idea, but you could still look at the code, Toothpick. :)
08:15<Toothpick>I don't know morse code from c.
08:16<Toothpick>While that isn't entirely is close.
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10:04<Toothpick>Hello, does anyone know of hand if mythtv will record closed captioning and take a screenshot at a specified interval? (Say every 30 seconds?)
10:05<kvandivo>close captioning: depends on the tuner card.. it doesn't for the x50's (yet). no way built in to d screenshots.
10:14<Toothpick>kvandivo...ok I currently use the ati wonder ve with windows...and I am able to do the closed captioning and screen shots.
10:14<Toothpick>Was wondering about a linux alternative that is all.
10:15<sfr>kvandivo: yet. is there still hope?
10:19<Toothpick>I wonder if wine can run the ati multimedia center
10:19<Toothpick>I'll have to try that.
10:31<kvandivo>Toothpick: sfr: for the CC? sure. just a matter of the ivtv driver supporting it
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11:03<Toothpick>It's great to have closed captioning with an occasional screen shot...
11:03<Toothpick>especially for soap operas ;)
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11:37<memzy>Is it just my ISP's DNS or is down?
11:38<sfr>down it seems, or Chutt playing with it :)
11:38<memzy>sorry typo
11:40<memzy>Just a query but could you use two PVR-350's with two cable lines, in a server?
11:42<sfr>people are doing that, i think. i only have one pvr350 and another tuner card.
11:43<memzy>that has potential for neat then, a server with a couple of them and a terabyte or so of harddrive space, and a dozen mini-ITX's running MiniMyth
11:43<memzy>you know?
11:43<memzy>kewl stuff
11:44<sfr>that's why we use it, cause its cool. :)
11:46<memzy>I cant really afford such a massive system, btw
11:46<memzy>when im a multimillionaire maybe :P
11:46<kvandivo>nobody said you had to start that big. :)
11:46<memzy>Id like too
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11:56<Captain_Murdoch>sfr: answer to your question sometime yesterday: commercial detection starts after the recording finishes, but for software encoding, blank frames are also detected during the recording process so you should be able to get somewhat accurate commercial skipping right after a recording finishes but before the real commercial detection is complete.
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11:58<sfr>Captain_Murdoch: hi. but i only use h/w encoding, ce la vie.
12:03<pmowry_>Good Day, has a DNS error for me, is it down or just my ISP?
12:05<pmowry_>sfr: I was planning on buying a PVR-350 to use for both encoding and tv out. Do you loose some features going the hardware route?
12:06<pmowry_>I assume commercial skipping would still work, if given time to complete before viewing.
12:06<sfr>not that i know of. but the h/w decoder isn't working fully yet, afaik. at least i didn't try to set it up yet.
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12:09<pmowry_>I'm building a system out of a P3-550mhz with 1G of ram. Given the CPU speed, I figured the more Ican off-load the better.
12:11<sfr>it can't hurt. but i never used s/w encoding.
12:12<pmowry_>But I'm not sure if the TV-out on the PVR-350 will handle the overlays, or work as a display for mame and snes9x as well.
12:13<pmowry_>Would anyone be interested in mythgame being expanded to frontend xstella (Atari 2600) ang Gens (Sega Genisis) emulators as well?
12:15<pmowry_>I've got a closet full of old systems, and I prefer to leave them there and use the emulators.
12:17<pmowry_>I know i'm showingmy age, but 10 minutes of yars revenge, or Sonic the hedgehog have a nice calming effect.
12:17<pmowry_>At least until someone else notices and laughs hysterically ;)
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12:26* kvandivo starts laughing hysterically.
12:26* sfr joins in laughing
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12:37<brunes>hello... who is the maintainer of the dvd plugin?
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12:37<pmowry_>So is it worth subbmitting a patch? Or perhaps designing generic pages for extending emulator support?
12:43<brunes>there seems to be a problem with mythdvd in the 0.11 release... I am using xine for the player. When I exit the DVD, focus is not returned to the mythtv screen, I can't even restore focus through alt-tab. I need to kill mythfrontend and restart it to get it working again. Anyone else see this?
12:47<pmowry_>sorry, never used it.
12:47<brunes>ill just remove it I guess
12:47<brunes>worked fine before when I just had my own menu entry
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13:01<_marc>hello everybody... what is the status on the PVR-350 decoder? How does one set it up, and can it only show TV/OSD, or the GUI as well?
13:06<pmowry_>Common question today..
13:07<_marc>anyplace i could look it up?
13:07<pmowry_>from ivtv-dev:
13:07<pmowry_><vektor> My understanding (and I don't own one) is that we could turn it into a
13:07<pmowry_> proper TV output framebuffer.
13:07<pmowry_>With that in mind, I assume itcan do the overlays as well.
13:07<pmowry_>but i ahve not spoken to anyone who has one yet.
13:08<_marc>I do... but I am an utter newbie :-(
13:11<pmowry_>Mine will be in Wednesday.
13:27<pmowry_>Well, I'll be back after I get my capture card. // If I decide its worth the trouble to extend the emulator support for mythgame, I'llsubmit a patch to the -dev list.
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14:05<sfr>rkulagow: around?
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14:24<rkulagow>sfr: yes.
14:25<sfr>Hi. i noticed the section about mythfilldatabase is lacking some information.
14:25<DogBoy>documentation is like sex, when it's good it's very good, when it's not so good it's still better than nothing
14:26<rkulagow>yes, it is. mostly the manual stuff, since i never had to use it.
14:26<sfr>the --preset option isn't mentioned. And --xawchannels $sourceid should probably mention what sourceid is.
14:26<rkulagow>sure, write something up and mail it to me.
14:27<rkulagow>i'm editing now, so if you can get it to me today it'll be in the next version.
14:27<sfr>pure ascii is ok, i hope.
14:27<sfr>see mythfilldatabase --help for what --preset does. :P
14:27<rkulagow>straight ascii is preferred.
14:28<sfr>i'll think about the 'rest'.
14:30<sfr>should it say: 'where people are used' or 'where the people are used'. I would say the former.
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14:34<rkulagow>chutt: you here?
14:40<rkulagow>chutt: adding a blurb for firewalls. port 6544 is TCP for status; i'm assuming that 6543 is TCP (vs. UDP) for client/server comms, correct?
14:40<rkulagow>chutt: greate, thanks.
14:40<rkulagow>oops, merlot is yummy.
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15:32<sfr>since some time, every now and then my frontend stops responding to key presses. live-tv still works, though.
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20:19<tdb30_>how come everytime I install mythtv I feal like I'm jumping into a freezing lake.
20:21<mikegrb>I dunno, I feel like I'm jumping into a river of milk and honey ;)
20:23<tdb30_>heh, most of the pain is installing the xmltv stuff
20:30<extremis>hah, so.. .I had to compile 2.4.22
20:30<extremis>the redhat kernel sucks
20:30<extremis>does not work well with dvb
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20:35<martman>if i get 2 tunners(for picture in picture and for recording one while watching another) would i need 2 sound cards?
20:37<[DJ]HaCK>martman, yes
20:37<martman>dam... thanks
20:37<GreyFoxx>Well that would epend on the cards you get for tuners
20:38<GreyFoxx>WinTV PVR's encode the audio directly in the mpeg stream so no sound card is needed.
20:38<GreyFoxx>And a lot of BT based cards can use the btaudio to grab the audio directly from the card
20:38<martman>what about a AVerTV Studio Deluxe Ed
20:38<GreyFoxx>No clue :)
20:39<martman>im looking for one on tigerdirect
20:39<martman>any one know of a good one there?
20:39<martman>better site( i want to build a whole comp on one site for shiopping reasons)
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21:07<extremis>not good, I did apt-get install mythtv-suite
21:07<extremis>and I get shitloads of :
21:07<extremis>error: rpmdbNextIterator: skipping h# 373 Header V3 DSA signature: BAD, key ID db42a60e
21:07<extremis>then it segfaults
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21:07<extremis>E: Sub-process /bin/rpm recieved a segmentation fault.
21:12<extremis>I'm not sure what to do
21:25<extremis>I sure would appreciate any assistance that anyone could provide, I was hoping for an experience set here that would match what I'm encountering
21:29<extremis>redhat seems to be a mistake as a platform for mythtv
21:32<[DJ]HaCK>I'll tell you what every other gentoo user will tell you , get gentoo !
21:37<extremis>I was using gentoo, and everyone told me to stop using it
21:38<extremis>I bought this machine 6 months ago for mythtv, and I have yet to use it
21:38<extremis>its only been in development
21:38<extremis>things half working
21:38<extremis>things going to work soon
21:38<extremis>almost working
21:38<extremis>mythtv has proven itself to be too much of a pain in the ass to be worthwile
21:38<kach>go with gentoo = emerge mythtv
21:39<extremis>kach: whenI was using gentoo it was super slow
21:39<extremis>and buggy
21:39<extremis>locked up once a day
21:39<extremis>I stopped sending video to the box
21:39<extremis>and reverted to livetv
21:39<extremis>since it was reliable
21:40<kach>i've been using gentoo + cvs myth with no problems
21:40<[DJ]HaCK>same thing here , ymmv
21:40<extremis>kach: dvb working for you?
21:40<kach>i have a pvr 250, so i don't use dvb
21:41<extremis>kach: I have a pvr250 also, but the reliability has been horrible
21:41<[DJ]HaCK>you should have tried to track the problem down instead of replacing the os
21:41<extremis>anyways, so all the time I invested in gentoo was lost because of the pressure to move to redhat for greater reliability
21:42<extremis>djhack: I did
21:42<[DJ]HaCK>so what was the problem , and why didn't you fixed it ?
21:42<[DJ]HaCK>I had lots of problem in the beginning but I managed to iron them out
21:42<kach>i used to use redhat but got tired of the inflexibility and rpm dependicy hell
21:42<extremis>djhack: locked up hard once a day
21:42<extremis>jitter in the video playback
21:43<kach>are you overclocking?
21:43<extremis>kach: negative
21:43<extremis>wierd inconsistencies also, like sound would stop working
21:43<extremis>or lirc would stop sending signals to X
21:43<extremis>or mythtv would hang on video playback and I would have to kill X
21:45<extremis>or the DB would lose all its program entries and I would have to clear it out and rerun mythfilldb
21:45<[DJ]HaCK>that could be a zillion things ... looks like hardware problem for some of the symptoms
21:45<extremis>or I would try to run setup and clear it and when I would put the entries back in for my settop box and areacode it would hang trying to fill the db
21:45<extremis>and then it would start swapping
21:47<extremis>djhack: doubtful
21:47<extremis>only had the problems when mythbackend was running
21:47<extremis>and the associated myth stuffs
21:47<extremis>all other daemons seemed to run fine
21:48<extremis>I've used gentoo on oether hardware with similar problems
21:48<extremis>odd lockups
21:48<extremis>slow performance
21:48<extremis>liek when I put it up against a trustix box for a snort sensor
21:48<extremis>the trustix box outperformed it
21:48<kach>gentoo will beat redhat in performance any day of the week
21:48<extremis>even outperformed it wieht pushing raw packets
21:48<extremis>kach: I'm sorry, from my testing it has not
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21:49<extremis>gentoo is nice in some ways, but horribly broken in others
21:50<extremis>now that you 2 have successfully steered me away from finding an acceptable solution to my problem, could someone else who has redhat expereience take a stab at my current issue
21:50<kach>i started out with redhat 5.0 and used it up until 7.3, since i've been using gentoo, I don't even think about install anything else
21:50<kach>err installing
21:50<extremis>kach: I'm happy for you, I'm sure it meets -your- needs
21:50<kach>are you using the rpms or source?
21:51<[DJ]HaCK>kach, give up , this is going nowhere
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21:52<tdb30_>so, should I go with CVS or go with the .11 release? Any pros or cons?
21:53<kach>depends if your are comfortiable using cvs
21:54<kach>if you are and there is a cvs feature you need go for it, if not stick with .11
21:58<tdb30_>any decent features in cvs? I'm pretty comfortable with cvs
22:00<kach>i like the browse mode in "live tv". When you go to change the channels the osd pops up and tells you what show is on that channel. The channel doesn't change until you hit enter. That way you avoid the 2 sec channel change when you are just flipping channels (good for the xbox frontend too)
22:01<tdb30_>ooh sweet. That is a good feature
22:02<tdb30_>the channel changing thing. I don't care about the xbox
22:02<kach>aye, that is the main reason i upgraded to cvs. the xbox channel changes were painfully slow, that feature takes care of it
22:03<kach>there are recording profiles now (haven't really used them yet)
22:05<kach>support for the via decoders is in cvs too, I believe
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22:13<extremis>ok, so it seems that ATrpms is broken
22:14<extremis>and it fubarred my redhat install
22:15<tdb30_>are mythweather and mythgallery and mythmusic working in cvs or are any of them broken?
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22:17<kvandivo>dang cat just jumped on the keyboard. sorry bout that
22:17<extremis>hhas anyone used the ATrpms method?
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22:23<kach>all the modules are working in cvs
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22:33* kvandivo mutters something under his breath.
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22:05* mikegrb points a parabolic microphone towards kvandivo
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22:09* mikegrb sets mythfilldatabase to run at 11:59pm ;)
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