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00:01<FryGuy->hack: do you have a satellite receiver?
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00:14<caos>okay.. this things is driving me nuts.. Does anyone have an idea why I would be getting a ton of "Missing: X in tvList" messages where X is either 1 or 2
00:15<FryGuy->oh if you have directv, you can just get the cable.. it works better
00:15<caos>I get a screen or two full of them when I run mythbackend --printsched
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00:17<[DJ]HaCK>yeah but coax has color bleeding problems also the only cable provider I have here offer only 30 channel all of which sucks ! :\
00:17<caos>anyone have any ideas?
00:17<[DJ]HaCK>never had that problem caos sorry
00:18<caos>and now I can't get dual tuners working.. mythbackend keeps dying.. oy.. well thats what I get for running bleedin-edge :-D
00:20<tdb30_>any idea why I get the message no setting found for this machines' backend server. please run setup on this machine and modify the first page the general setttings? I did that and it is showing video card and stuff
00:22<Soopaman>so why agian doesn't mythtv work with the ati all-in-wonders?
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01:45<[DJ]HaCK>what happens if mythfilldatabase's cron job gets interrupted ?
01:46<[DJ]HaCK>does the database get corrupted or next time mythfilldatabase is called it will continue where it left ? or will it need to start over ?
01:48<mikegrb>it'll start over next time
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11:00<choenig>sfr: around?
11:05<sfr>hi choenig
11:06<choenig>Hi, I'm just fighting with my G400 tvout...
11:06<choenig>you're running that, too?
11:07<sfr>yes, it's a marvel G400 though, but that shouldn't make a difference.
11:07<choenig>ok, then I'll get back to you when I'm stuck ;-)
11:08<sfr>didn't you use a nvidia card?
11:09<choenig>I'm running a radeon on my working machine, but I don't have a single nvidia card around, just two other GXX0 cards
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15:05<barney_>can someone help me
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15:06<barney_>I always get this Error:
15:06<barney_>Session management error: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed
15:06<barney_>Unable to connect to database!
15:06<barney_>Driver error was [1/-1]:
15:06<barney_>QMYSQL3: Unable to connect
15:06<barney_>Database error was:
15:06<barney_>Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' (Using password: YES)
15:06<barney_>Unable to open database:
15:06<barney_>Driver error was:
15:06<barney_>QMYSQL3: Unable to connect
15:06<barney_>Database error was:
15:06<barney_>Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' (Using password: YES)
15:07<kvandivo>have you searched google for things like 'mythtv unable to connect to database'?
15:08<kvandivo>and the docs, and the list archives at gossamer-threads?
15:09<barney_>a bit
15:09<barney_>can you help me
15:10<kvandivo>have you created the database and can you connect to it using plain 'mysql'?
15:12<barney_>with mysql -p and then the password I am able to connect
15:12<barney_>is it possible to delete the root password
15:12<kvandivo>mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg ? that's what your error message says it is trying to connect as
15:13<kvandivo>gee, thor.. i'll bet that was the very first return from my google query, wasn't it? :)
15:13<thor_>pretty close
15:19<barney_>i cant connect with mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg
15:19<kvandivo>fix that first. then myth will start working better.
15:23<barney_>how do I change a password for a user in mysql
15:24<kvandivo>google -> 'mysql change user password' ?
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15:32<barney_>Do I have to encrypt the password for mythtv
15:33<kvandivo>the 'set password for' notation automatically encrypts what you send it
15:34<barney_>I have done this but I have now the same problem
15:34<kvandivo>i note, though, that you shouldn't need to do any of this password stuff if you followed the mythtv docs and those steps completed successfully.
15:34<mikegrb>check /usr/locl/share/mythtv/mysql.txt
15:34<sfr>barney_: how did you create the database?
15:34<thor_>"Passwords must be encrypted when they are inserted in the user table" <--
15:35<mikegrb>thor_: that is if you manualy manipulate the user table
15:35<kvandivo>yes, thor_, but PASSWORD('plaintext') does that part for you
15:35<thor_>yes, yes, and yes.
15:35* kvandivo giggles.
15:37<barney_>I have emerged it
15:37<mikegrb>did you follow the steps to create the database from the mc.sql file?
15:39<barney_>I have done something like ... < mc.sql
15:41<sfr>barney_: then 'mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg' with password=mythtv should work.
15:42<thor_>sfr, that your streaming patch?
15:43<thor_>cool, haven't played with it yet (later ... bit of work to finish first), but looking forward to fiddling with it
15:43<barney_>acces denied
15:44<sfr>thor_: ok, i'd like you to also look at the code if you have some time. it can probably be improved.
15:45<sfr>barney_: that something like was : mysql < /usr/share/mythtv/database/mc.sql ?
15:45<sfr>barney_: as root?
15:46<barney_>yes, i try it again
15:47<barney_># mysql < /usr/share/mythtv/database/mc.sql -p
15:47<barney_>Enter password:
15:47<barney_>ERROR 1007 at line 1: Can't create database 'mythconverg'. Database exists
15:48<sfr>barney_: what a surprise ;) read: to fix it (use the -r flag in the mysql command)
15:48<sfr>barney_: make that -r an -f
15:49<thor_> barney_, what doe the second line of your mc.sql say?
15:50<barney_># mysql < /usr/share/mythtv/database/mc.sql -f -p
15:50<barney_>Enter password:
15:50<barney_>ERROR 1007 at line 1: Can't create database 'mythconverg'. Database exists
15:50<barney_>ERROR 1062 at line 251: Duplicate entry 'Default' for key 2
15:50<barney_>ERROR 1062 at line 252: Duplicate entry 'Live TV' for key 2
15:50<barney_>ERROR 1062 at line 253: Duplicate entry 'Transcode' for key 2
15:51<thor_>sfr, will do
15:51<barney_>GRANT ALL ON mythconverg.* TO mythtv@localhost IDENTIFIED BY "mythtv";
15:51<barney_>the 2. line
15:52<thor_>so you have user mythtv with password mythtv, now what's the problem ?
15:53<sfr>barney_: ok. you installed mythtv and mysql on the same machine?
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15:55<barney_>yes, now I can run mythsetup
15:55<barney_>but can't use my mouse
15:55<thor_>you're not supposed to
15:55<barney_>which keys I need to configure
15:55<sfr>barney_: intentional
15:56<thor_>up, down, left right
15:56<sfr>barney_: read /usr/share/mythtv/keys.txt
15:57<sfr>where is keys.txt after make install?
15:57<thor_>updatedb; locate keys.txt
15:58<barney_>ok, where can I now find my tv card
15:58<thor_>hopefully inside your computer :-)
15:59<barney_>at /dev/video0 is no cart
15:59<thor_>what kind of card (please, please, please do not say ATI All-In-Wonder)
16:00<barney_>A medion, with a philips chipset
16:00<sfr>barney_: does xawtv work?
16:00<barney_>i use the kernel 2.6 and it is supported
16:01<sfr>barney_: but does xawtv work? :)
16:01<barney_>no, I get a memory error
16:01<thor_>"suported" as in a module loads., or "suported" as in V4L device?
16:02<barney_>I selected it as module
16:03<thor_>barney_, if you can't get xawtv to work with it, it is time to buy a card that actually works.
16:04<barney_>no money
16:04<sfr>no tv
16:05<sfr>barney_: does xawtv work?
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16:09<barney_>wait I install it again
16:13<barney_>I have done the mythsetup, now I have a /dev/video0
16:14<barney_>what I have next to do
16:15<sfr>barney_: RTFM. one tip for mythfilldatabase: you WANT to call it with the options --preset and --manual in addition what the docs tell you.
16:16<sfr>barney_: this channel isn't really intended for end-user support, but we are tolerant to some degree. :)
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16:19<barney_>what does mythfilldatabase do
16:21<sfr>barney_: myth...fill..database. importing tv channel and/or programm data in the db.
16:21<barney_>from the internet
16:21<barney_>I only ask because I am behind a proxy
16:21<o_cee>hmm again
16:21<sfr>not necessarily
16:22<sfr>nxtvepg can grab nextview program data transmitted by some tv channels and export it as an xmltv file, which mythfilldatabase can use.
16:23<barney_>------------------ End of XMLTV output ------------------
16:23<barney_>Error in 1:1: unexpected end of file
16:23<barney_>Fetching data for Die Okt 14 2003
16:23<barney_>----------------- Start of XMLTV output -----------------
16:23<barney_>using config file /root/.mythtv/.xmltv
16:23<barney_>------------------ End of XMLTV output ------------------
16:23<barney_>Error in 1:1: unexpected end of file
16:23<barney_>----------------- Start of XMLTV output -----------------
16:23<barney_>This grabber is currently unable to fetch listings, because the file
16:23<barney_>generation at the server has stopped. When the server starts genating
16:23<barney_>files again, the grabber will work again. Proceeding, but unless the
16:23<barney_>server has been fixed recently it will not work...
16:23<barney_>couldn't get all of 7 days, only 0
16:23<barney_>downloading listings: (nothing to do)------------------ End of XMLTV output ------------------
16:23<barney_>Ignoring invalid TimeOffset
16:23<barney_>this is die end of my error massage
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16:24<elocal>I need help
16:24<sfr>barney_: tv_grab_de stopped working a few weeks ago :(.
16:24<elocal>its workin now
16:24<o_cee>wtf is wrong with people today
16:24<elocal>its downloading some jpgs
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16:25<sfr>o_cee: nothing. that's what happens when a project becomes popular.
16:26<elocal>yea, lots of newbies try it(like me)
16:27<elocal>I am making the .../mythtv-backend --configure
16:27<elocal>its downloading some images
16:27<barney_>what is rtc
16:27<sfr>wtf is wrong with people today?
16:28<elocal>it stalled in one that says homeshoppingnetwork_30.jpg
16:28<o_cee>sfr: this is _still_ no help channel. you know that as well
16:28<sfr>o_cee: <sfr> barney_: this channel isn't really intended for end-user support, but we are tolerant to some degree. :)
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16:29<o_cee>this isn't "some degree".. heheh
16:30<elocal>16:43:13 (813.48 KB/s) - `homeshoppingnetwork_30.jpg' saved [833/833]
16:30<elocal> and stoped there, what can I do?
16:30<o_cee>still think #mythtv-users should be a place for users to help each other. but chutt dislikes the idea for some reason
16:30<o_cee>elocal: debug the code
16:30<elocal>--- Cannot join #mythtv-users (Channel is invite only).
16:30<o_cee>yeah, i know
16:30<o_cee>it's mine ;)
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16:30<elocal>debug the code?
16:31<o_cee>i didn't say there _was_ a channel like that yet
16:31<elocal>oh ok
16:31<sfr>o_cee: i don't think that would work too well, having only users and no 'experts'.
16:31<o_cee>experts can be there as well of course
16:31<o_cee>but this should be development questions/discussion only.
16:31<sfr>would you? :)
16:32<o_cee>sure, i try to answer when i'vegot time and know the answer
16:32<elocal>this downloaded lots of freaking images but it stalled, please helop me
16:34<elocal> /etc/cron.daily/mythtv-backend --configure
16:34<elocal>I`m doing that
16:35<elocal>as root user
16:35<elocal>I`m going to ru it again
16:35<o_cee>does the documentation say so?
16:35<elocal>after I ran mythtv-setup it told me to run that
16:35<sfr>barney_: here's an alternative grabber for the programm data: . But you need to setup your channels first.
16:36<elocal>I`m using debian packages with apt-get
16:36<o_cee>never used them
16:36<elocal>"apt-get install mythtv"
16:36<elocal>then run mythtv-setup
16:37<o_cee>you don't need to tell me how to do it.
16:37<elocal>sorry, just teling you what I did
16:38<o_cee>Chutt: should i open up a users channel for "experts" to voulenteer to help others, and users to help each other?
16:38<kvandivo>by "experts", you mean o_cee, right?
16:39<o_cee>no, i'm not very good at this.
16:39<o_cee>why'd you say that anyway?
16:39* o_cee is back (gone 14:43:22)
16:40<kvandivo>because it probably isn't likely that any of the other "experts" have nothing better to do than help newbs.
16:41<o_cee>uhm, you're missing the point. as it is now, "newbs" come _here_ asking for help. with a users channel, there would actually be people willing to help. i don't see you point at all.
16:41<kvandivo>we all like to be kind, as time permits. But, if you have to choose whether the "experts" are going to write code to make myth better, or help newbs (often by answering the same question repeatedly that could have been found via google, or the docs, etc..
16:41<o_cee>lots of points, me is tired and on my way to bed
16:42<o_cee>that's just what i'm saying.
16:42<o_cee>it would get all thos questions out of here, and those who _want_ to help can do that.
16:43* o_cee is away: sleep
16:43<o_cee>good night, later all.
16:44<sfr>good night
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16:46<sfr>thor_: re streaming. be aware that it only knows how to connect to a direct feed, no pls, no redirect, nada.
16:47<thor_>(I know nothing about streaming)
16:47-!-atomix [] has joined #mythtv
16:47<thor_>(nor much else :-)
16:48<sfr>some feeds advertise a link to a playlist file containing alternative servers.
16:48-!-atomix [] has left #mythtv []
16:48<sfr>like those mp3 playlist files
16:49-!-paulproteus [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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17:03<sfr>thor_: btw, your fix for crazy europeans isn't working.
17:03<kvandivo>Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.
17:03<thor_>sfr, sorry .... which one was that
17:03<thor_>long files?
17:03<thor_>(time wise)
17:04<sfr>yes, but maybe its a GUI issue. let me check...
17:05<sfr>ok, i'll tell you in 59:45 minutes :)
17:05<thor_>f key?
17:06<thor_>ah ... stream
17:20-!-kach [] has joined #mythtv
17:20<mikegrb>kvandivo: awesome quote!!
17:21<mikegrb>17:03 <kvandivo> Programming today is a race between software engineers
17:21<mikegrb> striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and
17:21<mikegrb> the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So
17:21<mikegrb> far, the Universe is winning.
17:21<mikegrb>er sorry
17:22<sfr>i remember that with Einstein and the Universe.
17:22<sfr>s/t about the human stupidity and the size of the universe.
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18:38-!-davipt [] has joined #mythtv
18:39<davipt>hello people
18:39<davipt>what does "prebuffering pause" means in mythfrontend ?
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19:27<tdb30_>I have a hang in myth the error says WARNING Capture device /dev/dsp is not reporting duplex capability. see docs/mythtv-HOWTO section 18 for mor information
19:27<tdb30_>but that doc is for dvd stuff with mythtv
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19:33<tdb30_>what am I missing here? It seems that no mater what computer I put mythtv on the front end hangs after a period of time.
19:43<josephk>you could try aggressive soundcard buffering
19:43<josephk>or get a better sound card
19:45<tdb30_>where would I find the soundcard buffering?
19:47<josephk>I think it is in General under setup
19:47<josephk>(within Mythfrontend)\
20:13<davipt>damn alsa :(
20:13<davipt>how do I set alsa in mythbackend ?
20:20<davipt>uhm, it seems there's only alsa in audiooutput.cpp for frontend :(
20:25<tdb30_>hey with the new channel changing code does it not send the external command until someone settles on a channel when surfing?
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20:43<memzy>Is MythTV tied heavily to x86?
21:09<tdb30_>Is it possible to go from live tv, to weather, to news without having to go through the menus?
21:10<tdb30_>Is there hotkeys?
21:10<tdb30_>Basicly I'd like to pull up weather during comercial breaks. But I don't want to navigate menues
21:13<davipt>not easily but it's beeing discussed on mailing list about making that kind of stuff possible :)
21:14<tdb30_>put my vote in :)
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21:36<kvandivo>something i've wondered for quite some time now.. in mythweather, why is it that the sequence puts the extended forecast before tomorrow's weather? Seems like it should be the other way around.
21:38<josephk>I love to know the weather in advance of when I want to know
21:46<kvandivo>meaning that you like to know 'X' before you actually even want to know 'X'?
21:54-!-elocal [] has joined #mythtv
21:54<elocal>Hello ppl
21:55* kvandivo looks around for ppl.
21:55<elocal>I want to know why my colors look like black and white(colors doesnt notice a lot)
21:55<elocal>and my channels do not corespond
21:55<kvandivo>are you color blind?
21:55* kvandivo giggles softly to himself.
21:55<elocal>like channel 63 in my TV is 64 in mythTV
21:55<thor_>possibly you are a sub-primate?
21:56* thor_ hopes elocal can take a joke
21:56<elocal>I use do the same in windows and all the colors look allricght, but I don`t like windows a lot
21:56<kvandivo>i think if you search for 'off by one' in the archives you might find something
21:56<elocal>ok I will search, but I got to go to bed soon, tomorrow there is school
21:57<kvandivo>have any tests or homework due?
22:00-!-choenig [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
22:02<elocal>homework, but will do it on school
22:03<kvandivo>gee.. last time I had homework was quite a few years ago. Can't really say I miss it.
22:08<elocal>CU tomorrow I will be finishing configuring tomorrow, BYEEE
22:08-!-memzy [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:08-!-elocal [] has quit ["Leaving"]
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