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01:28<Soopaman>dma doiesn't apply to scsi drives right?
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01:39<Soopaman>anyone have problems with Myth not being able to tune into the channels proerply?
01:44<hadees>what is the problem?
01:44<hadees>is the channels one off?
01:45<hadees>or is it just unable to see any channels? and are you in the USA?
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02:47<Soopaman>fixed it
02:47<Soopaman>tuner wasn't detecting proerpyl
02:48<Soopaman>but i can't seem to figure out why my video is consistently lagging behind the sound when watching live tv
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03:08<accurate>Can the resolution that livecd plays in be changed
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03:13<accurate>nm, found it
03:32<gsharaf>i have 1.4ghz p4 + 256mb ram, g400 on fbdev, bt848 on v4l2, oss, redhat9, mythtv 0.11. i run at 400x400 mpeg4 with 2200 kbps and it is jerky at times, what am i doing wrong?
03:35<DogBoy>do you have dma enabled?
03:36<gsharaf>is there a way to measure harddrive transfer speed?
03:38<gsharaf>is rjpeg supposed to be faster than mpeg4?
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04:32<linagee>how do i tell the mythtv scheduler, i've seen this episode, but i still want to keep recording whenever this show is on
04:34<o_cee>just delete it afterwards?
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04:43<o_cee>anyone who's using morgan greens instant channel switch patch?
04:43<o_cee>from sept 26
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06:27<gerhard>hi all, one little question. during the lirc setup im asked to use
06:27<gerhard>"updatedb" which returns "command not found". Am i missing something in my
06:27<gerhard>system or?
06:27<gerhard>sorry about that, i use mandrake 9.1
06:28<bline>I just answered you in ivtv-dev... it's probably slocate -U;
06:28<bline>instead of updatedb
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08:27<gerhard>hi all, any mythtv users in Oslo?
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09:48<o_cee>hmmm.. very odd. myth seems to ignore my RecordPreRoll setting...?
09:48<o_cee>2003-10-07 15:40:03 Started recording "Simpsons" on channel: 3 on cardid: 1, sourceid 1 <--- there should be 360 seconds of PreRoll on that one..
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11:59<o_cee>Chutt: have you got any idea about that (what i wrote ~2hrs ago)? is there some kind of upper limit of RecordPreRoll?
12:01<Chutt>look at the source and find out
12:01<o_cee>i did, and i couldn't find any reason for it not to work.
12:01<Chutt>then your guess is as good as mine.
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12:21<isf>anyone using mythtv in spain??
12:24<o_cee>scheduler.cpp is the right place to look at, right? trying to figure it all out..
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12:45<o_cee>nah, i don't get it. :)
12:47<o_cee>i'll try lowering prerollseconds and see if i can get it to start 30 seconds before or something.
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13:08<thor_>"So, does anyone here
13:08<thor_>know for sure if you can play DVDs or not?
13:08<thor_>come on people!
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13:09<o_cee>if (secsleft - prerollseconds > 35) break; won't that add 35 seconds preroll?
13:09<thor_>"Brand new 'MythDVD' module, which allows you to view DVDs using the DVD player software of your choice" <--- it's on the first friggin page of the website
13:10<o_cee>thor_: why'd the guy read that? :)
13:11<thor_>I've heard x can do y. Perhaps I should type into my web browser and read 3 or 4 paragraphs ....
13:11<thor_>... nah
13:12<Chutt>well, i _do_ need to add it to the features page
13:13<thor_>that's a link away, practically unkown to all but the most adept hax0rs
13:16<mikegrb>just read that email... joseph went easy on him :/
13:16<tmk>heh. is paypal
13:17<o_cee>Chutt: my assumption is wrong then i guess? :) heheh
13:17<mikegrb>tmk: bored? ;)
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14:06<sfr>hey, i'm just editing the mythfilldatabase section and need to know if there is (except the US) a xmltv grabber that also contains channel information. anyone knows?
14:06<o_cee>SN doesn't
14:06<o_cee>sweden/norway that is
14:08<sfr>anyone knows about canada? not that i would care, but... :)
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14:11<gsharaf>what recording settings should one use?
14:11<gsharaf>and no pvr-x50
14:11<sfr>and no h/w mjpeg card?
14:12<gsharaf>i have 1.4 p4 + 256mb ram, what's a good setting?
14:12<sfr>and no v4l tuner card?
14:12<gsharaf>yea i got a v4l
14:14<sfr>finally. use either rtjpeg or mpeg4. can't tell you more as i use a pvr250. the default may be just fine.
14:15<gsharaf>why use rtjpeg vs mpeg4?
14:15<o_cee>thor_: you here?
14:15<o_cee>gsharaf: why don't you try yourself? use the defaults?
14:15<sfr>gsharaf: i'm sure you will find more about that in the myth-users mailing list archives.
14:16<thor_>o_cee, yes
14:16<o_cee>do you think it will be possible for mythmusic to output mp3 un-encoded digitally? not sure about the format, if it's called raw pcm..
14:16<o_cee>going to buy a receiver that has built in mp3 decoding
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14:17<sfr>o_cee: so you mean the still encoded mp3 data?
14:17<thor_>o_cee, raw pcm is fine ... that's what comes out already on an spdif
14:17<thor_>but undecoded mp3 .... I dunno
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14:18<o_cee>unencoded mp3 is what i meant.. forget raw pcm :)
14:18<o_cee>sfr: yes
14:18<thor_>un *de* coded ?
14:18<o_cee>undecoded yes
14:18<sfr>o_cee: how do you connect that receiver? got any details on it?
14:18<tmk>oc: are you SURE the receiver has mp3 decoding
14:18<thor_>uhm .... I dunno ... what kind of connection?
14:18<tmk>a lot of them SAY they are mp3 compatible
14:18<o_cee>coax, ac3
14:18<sfr>made in germany. nice. :)
14:19<tmk>but they really mean they have a digital in
14:19<o_cee>sfr: h/k is US i think
14:19<o_cee>tmk: i'm pretty sure, yeah
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14:19<o_cee>lemme get up a spec
14:19* tmk has his doubts
14:19<sfr>so you'd connect the s/pdif out to the receiver?
14:20<o_cee>sfr: yeah
14:20<tmk>i think it only works wtih their cdplayers
14:20* thor_ can't imagine that a receiver wants to pretend it has a "better" decoding algorithm
14:20<kvandivo>All I've got to say is Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati.
14:20<o_cee>tmk: noo, you can buy a usb->coax
14:20<o_cee>thor_: who knows..
14:20<o_cee>nice to have it say "MP3" in the display, hehe
14:21<sfr>weird, harman/kardon sounds just sooo german to me.
14:21<o_cee>nice to actually _use_ a feature like that
14:21<tmk>it says 'mp3 playback from compatible computer sources'
14:21<o_cee>actually it's the 5550 i'm going to get.
14:21<o_cee>tmk: i'll look at the manual as well
14:21<o_cee>hold on
14:23<sfr>o_cee: how much is it in sweden?
14:23<o_cee>page 33 says it very clean: "The AVR5550 is one of the few A/V receivers to provide on-board decoding for the MP3 format...."
14:23<thor_>o_cee, *if* (1) you can figure out the "transport" protocol it expects, and (2) find an I/O device that will physically connect and then deliver that transport, and (3) ensure it's supported in Linux, .... then, yeah, peace of cake ;-)
14:24<o_cee>sfr: i'll get it for like.. lemme count it into \x80
14:24<thor_>piece even
14:24<o_cee>thor_: heheh, yeah, i'll hve to look into it
14:24<sfr>thor_: so, never ;)
14:24<thor_>I dunno
14:24<thor_>may be just PCM with weirdness
14:25<o_cee>1 080,47\x80
14:25<sfr>1) 2), 3) choose two
14:25<thor_>which is conceivably do-able
14:25<o_cee>i'll email them and see what they say.
14:25<o_cee>if they'll provide specs
14:25<sfr>o_cee: oi, then you want to make sure it's working.
14:25<o_cee>sfr: hehe, that's not the important part
14:26<thor_>o_cee, ask them how to upgrade the bits to decode ogg ... (hehe)
14:26<sfr>o_cee: how much did/will you spend on speakers?
14:26<o_cee>thor_: heehhehe
14:27<jkolb>The CLE266 code should work on any Via mobo with the CLE266 chipset, right? Not just the Epias?
14:27<o_cee>sfr: something like 2000\x80 i guess
14:27<o_cee>thor_: says here it needs to be in mp3 spidf format.. hehe
14:28<tmk>aka 'decoded mp3'
14:28<o_cee>haha, tmk, look at the users manual
14:28<o_cee>beleive me, it's not what you're saying
14:28<tmk>i know, i'm just playing
14:31<thor_>o_cee, it's probably just PCM ... but if you have a receiver that good, you shouldn't encode with anything other than FLAC :-)
14:32<o_cee>hehe, i know. but when i want that good quality, it's better to use DVD-A or the original CD :)
14:33<sfr>o_cee: so what soundcard are you using? anything special?
14:33<thor_>FLAC through SPDIF *is* the original CD
14:33<o_cee>sfr: no
14:34<o_cee>thor_: yeeaah, yeah :) but then there's no point in using flac since it only takes place on my hd ;)
14:34<o_cee>send them a mail now
14:35* o_cee is off to get some ice-cream and watch tv. later all
14:35* sfr brrr, ice-cream in october.
14:37<mikegrb>ice-cream is good anytime
14:40<kvandivo>80 degrees here today
14:41<sfr>~12 here
14:41* mikegrb kicks kvandivo in the knee
14:41* kvandivo falls to the ground in pain.
14:41<thor_>mythweather says ...
14:41<jkolb>85 here right now. Feels like 88. Maybe I'll get some ice cream too.
14:41<sfr>celsius, but still.
14:42<mikegrb>kvandivo: still haven't sent in that patch <g> been busy with some hardware versions database stuff for xbox-linux :/ It'll get in by next release :)
14:42<thor_>.... 68 degrees F
14:42<mikegrb>kvandivo: you don't have a problem with overscan, right?
14:42<mikegrb>running xbv doesn't mess up myth?
14:43<kvandivo>haven't messed with it very much, to be honest.
14:43<mikegrb>I need to talk to shallax and ed at the same time :) people using gentoox haven't experienced the problem and everyone using ed's debian complain about it <g>
14:43<kvandivo>an xbox w/o a keyboard is something that you don't use for much other than myth at least from the frontend
14:43<mikegrb>right, that is all I use it for
14:44<kvandivo>so i don't play with too much stuff like that. Now, having said that, if it is something that can be done from ssh, it's much easier to accomplish
14:44<mikegrb>you should stop by #xbox-linux on some time
14:44<mikegrb>yes xbv runs from ssh
14:44<mikegrb>it'll adjust the overscan
14:45<kvandivo>but if it's not broke..
14:45<mikegrb>something like 'xbv -NTSC -auto 800 600 10 10' where the last two are horizontal and vertical overscan compensation %
14:46<mikegrb>on debian it seems to mess up some of the conexant's registers and has negative effects on xvideo
14:46<mikegrb>the new kernel driver supports the overscan now but it is the same code and has had the same problem
14:47<kvandivo>strange.. no, i've just used the suggested command that was in shallax's docs and haven't felt the need to tweak
14:47<sfr>mikegrb: what package is it in? apt-cache search xbv only returns a lisp package.
14:47<kvandivo>lately, i've been using the 'box' to play final fantasy 7.
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14:48<mikegrb>the one in shallax's docs is just a wrapper for xbv, it saves your settings and re-applys them on reboot
14:48<kvandivo>i had made it a ways into it a couple of years back on my ps1. decided to give it another go..
14:48<thor_>turn to CNN (US)
14:48<mikegrb>sfr: it is xbox specific and doesn't have a debian package
14:48<mikegrb>me neither
14:48<thor_>Sony PSX
14:48<mikegrb>I can go upstairs to a waiting room
14:49<mikegrb>oh heh
14:49<mikegrb>it is sweet
14:49<thor_>sounds rather "Myth"ical
14:49<thor_>hmmm .... that was brief ... typical CNN ... fluff
14:50<kvandivo>ya.. i was wondering how long it would be before it was hacked to use that 160 gig drive for storing ps2 games..
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15:02<elocal>does anybody here knows a place for support on bttv driver, cux I got to change the tunner driver cuz my channls in MythTV are 1 off
15:03<elocal>my channels are one off
15:03<elocal>for example, channel 63 in TV is channel 64 in Linux
15:03<tmk>that doesn't sound like a tuner problem
15:03<mikegrb>there is this site, have you looked there?
15:04<mikegrb>they might even have a troubleshooting section or something
15:04<elocal>yes thets where I got the 1 off thing and to try a diferent tunner driver
15:04<elocal>but I don`t know hot to try a new tuner driver
15:04<sfr>elocal: are you talking about channels or tv stations?
15:04<elocal>tv stations
15:05<elocal>some doesnt work, like image freeze and all are 1 off
15:06<sfr>hey, i had that after i added a 2nd tuner card in my setup. i selected channel 4 but it tuned to channel 5. restored the db backup, added the 2nd card (but correct this time) and all was well.
15:07<elocal>the thing is that some channels don`t work right like if that was not the frequence
15:09<mikegrb>if you search the gossamer threads archive for off by one you can probably find someone with the same card as you that gives the right settings
15:09<mikegrb>!tell #xbox-linux rules
15:09<elocal>I have an ATI TV WONDER VE
15:09<mikegrb>yup even that card is in there
15:10<kvandivo>apparently not, mikegrb.. i told him that exact thing last night
15:10<mikegrb>that one is for sure actually
15:10<mikegrb>I've sent my config to the list
15:10<elocal>kvandivo, last night I found the recomendation in mythtv documentation to change the tuner driver in the bttv driver
15:11<elocal>let me find the gossamer thing
15:15<elocal>I see, I didn`t know there that gossamer thing it looks good, THANKS
15:15<mikegrb>no problem
15:16<mikegrb>if you give a man a fish... but if you teach a man to fish...
15:16<kvandivo>he'll sit in the boat and drink beer all day?
15:17<mikegrb>I think that is how it goes
15:23<thor_>... he'll file a patent application for fishing
15:23<kvandivo>and get one. screw prior art!
15:25<thor_>"A means to harvest aquatic resources via a j-shaped retention device"
15:25* sfr thinks some people got too much sun while fish^W drinking.
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15:26* warlord wonders if his race-condition patch to AudioOSS is ever going to get applied?
15:26* thor_ wonders if he's supposed to look at it or if Chutt is already dealing with it?
15:27* warlord has no clue
15:27* kvandivo thinks it's cool that he can read people's minds. They aren't even saying anything, yet he knows what they are wondering!
15:27* sfr wonders when Chutt will apply the pending patches and release 0.12
15:28<Chutt>i'm busy.
15:28* kvandivo doesn't, frankly, care when 0.12 comes out.
15:28* thor_ decides to look at the patch
15:28<kvandivo>that's the beauty of cvs access. :)
15:28<Chutt>warlord, i'd like a mutex lock in there instead
15:29* thor_ thor stops looking at the patch
15:29<warlord>Chutt: ok.. would
15:29* thor_ has to remember how to use irc
15:29* kvandivo throws back his head and cackles with insane glee.
15:29<warlord>would have nice to get this feedback days ago when I first asked... but I'll look at it when I get the chance (which might not be for a few days)
15:30<Chutt>it would have been nice if i haven't been extremely busy recently, but that's how it is.
15:30<tmk>i'm taking this week off from coding
15:30* tmk relaxes
15:30* sfr wonders what thor_ thinks about his streaming patch
15:30<warlord>well, I may need to fly out to CA tonight...
15:31<jkolb>Chutt: Have you ever tried to make the epia output HDTV resolutions?
15:31<sfr>warlord: wanna stop Arni? ;)
15:31<jkolb>I need to replace my mobo, and one that I'm looking at has a CLE266 north bridge, and I'd like to make sure that I can still tell it to do 960x540.
15:31<Chutt>jkolb, i doubt it can
15:31<warlord>sfr: heh. i could care less about Arni..
15:32<Chutt>sfr, your patch looked ok when you sent it to me earlier
15:32<jkolb>Through the VGA port, not the tv-out, of course.
15:32<Chutt>jkolb, i do know the built in decoder doesn't do 1080i
15:33<sfr>Chutt: ok, i changed quite a bit in the one i posted. but i think it still looks ok.
15:34<jkolb>How do you mean? The decoder can't handle it, or it won't display 1080i on the composite out? Because composite can't do hdtv.
15:36<Chutt>the decoder pukes on it.
15:37<Chutt>the mpeg decoder
15:37<Chutt>of course
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15:38<jkolb>That doesn't really matter, though, since the PVR encodes at 720x480
15:39<elocal>I must have a big problem with myth tv
15:39<elocal>cuz my computer freezes
15:39<elocal>everytime I use the TV card
15:39<elocal>unsinf mythtv or anyother programs
15:40<Chutt>then you don't have a problem with mythtv.
15:40<elocal>it freezes, that sucks, I will have to recompile the kernel and put mythtv as a module
15:40<elocal>sorry not mythtv
15:40<elocal>but bttv
15:40<elocal>this applies to me then you have some issue with the drivers for your capture card or other hardware
15:42<elocal>I will have to recompile my kernel once again
15:45<mikegrb>elocal: it is generally a good idea to put stuff like that as a module
15:45<elocal>I`m going to recompile right now and do that
15:46<elocal>goig to reboot and start from backup kernel
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15:55* Captain_Murdoch_ quickly works on a patch to fix the line in libmyth that says: if (username == "elocal") FreezeComputer();
15:55* kvandivo smirks.
15:59<sfr>does watching live-tv work if channels are defined but no programm data is in the database? i'd say yes.
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16:07<Chutt>sfr, yup
16:10<sfr>Chutt: great. will take me some time to finish it up, though.
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16:28<sfr>Chutt: don't want to annoy you, but what about giving a "last call for patches" a few days before a release? this way, we could send/remind you missing patches.
16:28<sfr>notice a few... that is.
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16:37* sfr thinks its lame to correct gramatic/spelling errors on irc.
16:43<thor_>you mean grammatical errors?
16:43* kvandivo snickers softley to himself.
16:43<thor_>(checked the spelling on that so I didn't look like a total dufus)
16:44* sfr wouldn't survive on irc without ding
16:44<jkolb>you mean doofus? :p
16:44* sfr looks up 'snickers'. it's a chocolate bar over here.
16:45<kvandivo>does it really satisfy?
16:45* thor_ slaps jkolb around with a small 50lb Unix Manual
16:45<sfr>kvandivo: please stick to giggles as i know that by now. :)
16:45* kvandivo pouts and goes back to writing code.
16:46-!-jkolb [] has quit []
16:47<sfr>is there a ding/dictd plugin available for xchat?
16:49<mikegrb>I've got an interesting problem here
16:49<mikegrb>a recording supposed to record at 4pm (50 minutes ago) didn't record, fix conflicts shows it port :6544 shows it
16:50<mikegrb>system has the right time
16:50<mikegrb>any suggestions on what to look for/at?
16:50<kvandivo>is there a recording taking place right now?
16:50<kvandivo>or, was there was one taking place at the 4pm time?
16:50<sfr>didn't record at all?
16:50<mikegrb> Encoder: 1 is local and is not recording.
16:50<kvandivo>that's the bug that i had sent mail about when i sent that last 6544 patch
16:51<sfr>probably it was a soap and not worht being recorded.
16:51<mikegrb>checked the logs there wasn't anything since the previous recording until 15 minutes after
16:51<kvandivo>the GetPending code doesn't take current encoder activity into account when it does the calculation
16:51<mikegrb>sfr: my wife just "ugh'ed"
16:52<mikegrb>sfr: it was trading spaces
16:52<sfr>mikegrb and now you are in trouble, oh oh. what is trading spaces?
16:52<kvandivo>;search_string=6544;guest=1320340&t=search_engine#83862 gives the details that i know about that issue
16:52<mikegrb>heh it is on TLC, switch houses and redecorate
16:53<sfr>ah, that one. there's a similar show here. but i prefer the UK version.
16:54<mikegrb>does that line "the tuners are busy recording" imply that when the bit of code is ran and something is recording it causes the problem?
16:54<mikegrb>ie, it was 2 hours since the last recording
16:54<mikegrb>nothing else recording at the same time or conflicting
16:54<kvandivo>doesn't sound like you have the same problem, then
16:54<mikegrb>just seemed realy odd
16:55<mikegrb>:6544 still shows it set to record with 5 minutes left, same with resolve conflicts page
16:55<thor_>I've seen this happen once or twice, but the box it happens on is a few weeks off of CVS.
16:55<sfr>and no other messages like: not able to access /dev/video.
16:55<kvandivo>the patch attached to that same mail should get rid of the show in 6544. :)
16:55<mikegrb>nope just nothing until 15 minutes later when my wife noticed the xbox led wasn't red and went into mythtv to see why her show wasn't recording
16:56<kvandivo>however, that patch just fixes the display in 6544. doesn't fix the problem of why it wouldn't have recorded...
16:56<thor_>mikegrb, PVR-x50 ?
16:57<mikegrb>2003-10-07 14:00:00 Changing from RecordingOnly to None
16:57<mikegrb>2003-10-07 14:00:06 Found changes in the todo list.
16:57<mikegrb>2003-10-07 16:14:12 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Playback
16:57<mikegrb>2003-10-07 16:14:12 adding: xbox.local as a player 0
16:57<mikegrb>2003-10-07 16:14:12 MainServer::HandleAnnounce FileTransfer
16:57<mikegrb>sorry so many lines
16:57<mikegrb>my wife just came up with the problem :)
16:57<mikegrb>still a bit of a bug maybe in how the situation is handled
16:58<thor_>she working on a patch ?
16:58<sfr>she should rather come up with a patch
16:59<mikegrb>she went in at 16:14 to see why it wasn't recording and turns out she had reached the max number of episodes at :14 she went in and went through them and deleted some
16:59<sfr>she's not near you i hope :)
16:59<mikegrb>she is setting right here
16:59<mikegrb>she chuckled just like me at those responses
16:59<mikegrb>and that one ;)
17:00<mikegrb>I'll look at stuff tonight if I get a chance
17:00<thor_>14 episodes of trading spaces !?!
17:00<sfr>so it's because of the max. episodes stuff?
17:00<sfr>did you set that auto-delete stuff?
17:00<mikegrb>yes, I think it is set at 10 or something
17:00<mikegrb>auto delete was off, and don't record new ones, when it started it wasn't supposed to be recorded
17:01<sfr>there was that patch (but only recently applied to cvs) to only delete one recording every 10 min.
17:01<mikegrb>she deleted some stuff, if she had done it sooner it would have been recorded, she did it too late though and mythbackend rightfuly (i think) continued not recording
17:01<thor_>sounds about right
17:02-!-elocal [] has joined #mythtv
17:02<mikegrb>so when I get a change I'll look at stuff and see if I can make it not show up on fix conflicts and :6544
17:02<elocal>I recompield my kernel
17:02<sfr>but shouldn't the backend check every second if now enough space is available and start recording the rest of a show?
17:02<elocal>and installed the mm4 patches too
17:03<mikegrb>sfr: I dunnno, that is prob where peoples taste would differ
17:03<kvandivo>that patch i sent will remove any show from 6544 that has a start time in the past. It's a bandaid, but it fixes the problem you noted, as well as others
17:03<sfr>as it already checks for shows to record
17:03<elocal>later I wil; be putting the bttv module and trying the mythtv too and see if it works, I disabled ACPI in here too
17:03<mikegrb>I think right now it's just a matter of stuff not matching what is going on :)
17:04<elocal>now I`m going to the mall get some break, so my homework and try bttv+mythtv again :-)
17:04<mikegrb>kvandivo: I'll look at your patch tonight
17:04<elocal>CU all later
17:04-!-elocal [] has quit [Client Quit]
17:04<mikegrb>elocal: good luck
17:04<sfr>mikegrb: sure, i'd prefer 80% of a show over no recording at all.
17:04<mikegrb>heh late
17:04<kvandivo>sfr: to play devil's advocate.. i'd prefer it not record it, thus not polluting the oldrecorded table, and instead, be able to record it in the future so it will get the entire show.
17:05<mikegrb>right but in this case my wife didn't mind it not recording, she just wants full episodes for dvd... she just wanted to clear out stuff
17:06<sfr>why trading spaces on dvd? to inspire for a future renovation?
17:07<mikegrb>I dunno why she wants to keep them but for one she wants to send a copy to our nieces that watch the kids version on saturday morning tv but don't have cable
17:07<kvandivo>she's ambitious.
17:07<mikegrb>should say dunno why she wants them for herself
17:09<mikegrb>kvandivo: so your patch just affects 6544 it looks like?
17:10<mikegrb>heh she deleted about 40 gb's of shows this afternoon
17:11<mikegrb>okay well now that that is all settled :)
17:11<kvandivo>like i said, it's a pretty braindead simple patch
17:11<mikegrb>confused me a great deal until she realized she deleted some trading spaces and the limit and what not
17:11<kvandivo>tivo has a little 'this show wasn't recorded because' screen
17:11<mikegrb>I was thinking about how the log should have that <g>
17:12<mikegrb>mainly b/c I needed it
17:12<sfr>... there's a bug in mythtv which prevented it. :)
17:12<sfr>the bug? don't know.
17:13<mikegrb>oh heh
17:13<mikegrb>time for dinner
17:13<mikegrb>thanks for the help
17:36<o_cee>Chutt: did you see my question about that patch for channel switching?
17:36-!-FryGuy- [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:36-!-FryGuy- [] has joined #mythtv
17:37<Chutt>o_cee, it doesn't matter until someone makes it configurable.
17:37-!-krenin [~krenin@] has joined #mythtv
17:37<Chutt>i'm not going to look at the code until then.
17:37<o_cee>yeah, but you'll accept it if it's configurable?
17:37<o_cee>ok, you'll look at it if it's configurable :)
17:38<o_cee>good enough. the patch is working flawlessly here at least. i'll try to get a hold of the author, haven't responded to email..
17:38<o_cee>no one in here who uses it?
17:38-!-krenin [~krenin@] has quit [Client Quit]
17:39<sfr>no, but it sounds useful. esp. the unique channel number part.
17:40<o_cee>i like it alot. switches channel at once, no need to press one more button to do that. makes sense to me..
17:40<tmk>Chutt: fyi the new ff code fixes the ff 'jump' issue, but sometimes rewinds first
17:40<tmk>i know you're busy though, so no pressure
17:41<kvandivo>tmk: you found an m179 yet? mine should be here tomorrow, and I can let you borrow it if needed..
17:43<Chutt>rewinds first?
17:43<tmk>kvandivo: try the yuan card patch on it
17:43<tmk>it should work
17:43<kvandivo>ok. will do.
17:43<tmk>Chutt: yeah it'll go back like 5 seconds instead of forwards
17:44<tmk>kvandivo: you'll haev to change the PCI_ID stuff, but that's trivial
17:44<kvandivo>ok. I'll look into it once the card arrives.. thanks
17:46<o_cee>Chutt: you still don't want a users irc channel so you don't need to be bothered by users looking for help?
17:46<kvandivo>this the patch at discussed on ivtv-devel?
17:46<tmk>looks like it's basically the same board
18:03-!-Captain_Murdoch_ [] has quit []
18:05<o_cee>sfr: are you up for the task of fixing that patch to make it toggleable?
18:11* kvandivo wishes he was rich and had lots of free time.
18:11<sfr>o_cee: given enough time, i think yes. haven't look at it yet, but the unique channel number part sounds like it could be applied as is. you might want to separate it and offer it to Chutt.
18:13<sfr>kvandivo: or being unemployed.
18:13<o_cee>sfr: i'm a terrible coder. the patch still applies clean (1 hunk that needs manual fixing i think)..
18:13-!-choenig [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:13<o_cee>that's why i asked you :) since you'd be intrested in using it at least. heheh
18:14<sfr>o_cee: heh, don't hold your breath. you posted the url for the patch to the -dev list, didn't you?
18:15<o_cee>it's still on the original location, yeah. you want it?
18:16<sfr>o_cee: i'll get it, if i want to. :)
18:16<o_cee>Chutt: you never commited that error with mythgallery did you? the setting variable that was translated before put into the db?
18:16-!-overridex [] has joined #mythtv
18:18<sfr>anyone remember that stupid 'Chucky the puppet' horror movie. i'm always reminded about it, when i see that 'Chutt' nickname. To avoid any misunderstandings: only because of the spelling! ;)
18:22-!-linagee [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:22<kvandivo>here's the one I like..
18:23-!-linagee [] has joined #mythtv
18:24<sfr>why on earth would anyone smoke a cigar at all, let alone the wrong way?
18:34-!-MinmayIsABimbo [] has joined #mythtv
18:38-!-linagee [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:38-!-linagee [] has joined #mythtv
18:41<o_cee>Chutt: i know you're busy, if you answer any of those two questions please do it in private as well, tend to loose scrollback during the night.
18:41<o_cee>night all
18:41* o_cee is away: time to get some sleep
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19:15-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
19:15<billytwowilly>j# kopete
19:16-!-jkolb [] has joined #mythtv
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20:08-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
20:13<mechou>my cable company just changed it's line up over the weekend. Only 4 or so channels changed. As a result, it seems that myth is no longer recording recurring programs, even though mythbackend --printsched still shows a recording scedule of upcoming shows (and none of the peviously schedules shows are on the 4 "new channels".....How do I make sure that myth will record?
20:17<kach>probably just do a "don't record this show" followed up by a "record this show" (so it gets the new channel numbers)?
20:18<mechou>kach, weird thing is "mythbackend --printsched" *shows* the correct channels (chanid)....
20:35-!-kach [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:37-!-mechou [] has left #mythtv []
20:42-!-choenig [] has joined #mythtv
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21:36<kvandivo>thanks for the commits, i
22:02-!-bbeattie [] has joined #mythtv
22:05-!-Oubliete [] has left #mythtv []
22:05<bbeattie>I'm guessing thor has been pretty busy, he said that he would fix mythdvd so that it recorded the right subchannel of audio.. as of right now it only records the first, even if you select a different subchannel... anyone know though if that has been fixed and maybe I just missed the update?
22:10<Soopaman>are there any other mythtv audio faq's
22:11<Soopaman>'cause my myth doesn't seem to fully handle the audio from the tuner
22:23<thor_>bbeattie, have been busy rewriting a bunch stuff
22:32<bbeattie>thor_: alright. .. Just wasn't sure if I missed it, no rush, I appreciate what you do.
22:32* kvandivo looks around.
22:33<thor_>bbeattie, total rewrite of a few things ... takes longer but will be much better
22:34<bbeattie>thor_: Very cool. new features or mostly just improvements?
22:34<thor_>new features
22:35<thor_>rip dvd from anywhere on the local LAN
22:35<thor_>fer example
22:35<bbeattie>oh, .. interesting
22:36<bbeattie>.. any chance for a rip while watch?
22:37<thor_>lots of things will be possible if we get around to a native mpeg viewer
22:37<thor_>(stuff I'm on now is lower level)
22:38<bbeattie>any reason why mythtv's player couldn't use libdvdnav, and other libraries, except for it hasn't been done yet?
22:39<thor_>libdvdread would be easier for title by title
22:39<thor_>takes about 50 lines on code on top of libdvdread to get an mpeg stream setup
22:40<thor_>of code
22:40<bbeattie>hmm.. but what about to get ac3 passthough? any ideas on that?
22:40<thor_>ac3's in the stream .... hand it to the soundcard
22:41<thor_>(if the soundcard can take it, otherwise, downmix)
22:41-!-krenin [~krenin@] has joined #mythtv
22:41<thor_>mplayer and xine already do this .... it is not rocket science .... just takes a little time and effort :-)
22:42<krenin>I got my SVGA to Video converter today :)
22:43<krenin>MythTV hooked up on it of course
22:43<krenin>31" tv
22:43<bbeattie>krenin: cool
22:46<bbeattie>thor_: could you paste the default command for ripping a dvd? .. I have a dvd I need to rip but am not on my myth system right now
22:47<bbeattie>I'm guessing it's mencoder ... ?
22:47<thor_>bbeattie, ripping is C++ code in myth, transcoding is transcode
22:48<thor_>if you have libdvdread handy ...
22:48<bbeattie>I do, that + mencoder..
22:48<thor_>there's an example app that will pull off a title as a stream. You just redirect it to a > file.mpg
22:49<bbeattie>I'll google for a mencoder line..
22:49<bbeattie>that will be faster..
22:49<thor_>in the libdvdread src dir, go to ./src/ subdir, it's ./playfile
22:51-!-krenin [~krenin@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:52-!-Soopaman [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:06-!-krenin [~krenin@] has joined #mythtv
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23:19-!-hEximal [] has joined #mythtv
23:37-!-josephk [] has left #mythtv ["Client exiting"]
23:38<hEximal>hola gringos
23:38<hEximal>Caulifornya has a new gov.
23:40<kvandivo>looks that way
23:40<tdb30_>they deserve it :)
23:41<kvandivo>i hear that california is an awesome place, landscape wise.. mountains, beaches, wonderful weather.... if we could just get the 30million people that live there to leave..
23:41<kvandivo>but, i digress
23:44-!-cbreen-away [] has joined #mythtv
23:47<Chutt>i didn't know the pvr-350 didn't have any graphics card capabilities
23:47<Chutt>and the geforce 4 mx4400 has a full mpeg2 decoder on it too!
23:48<kvandivo>i'm telling you.. reading the lists is a great way to learn things
23:48<Chutt>i guess i shouldn't run X on my pvr-350 then
23:49* kvandivo smirks.
23:51-!-hEximal [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:51<kvandivo>that whole thread kinda gives you that 'blind leading the blind' feeling
23:55-!-cbreen-away is now known as cbreen
---Logclosed Wed Oct 08 00:00:27 2003