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01:51<Chutt>dum de dum de dum
01:56<tmk>gotta love netsplits
01:56<Chutt>there's still too many people in here
01:56<tmk>gotta love bedtime
01:56<tmk>so i have some completely unscientific problem reports if you're bored
01:56<tmk>well really just one
01:57<Chutt>what's that?
01:58<tmk>myth stopped playing back out the 350
01:58<tmk>until i killed mythbackend i think
01:58<tmk>dd worked still, so the driver was ok
01:59<Chutt>there shouldn't be any interaction between playback and the backend
01:59<tmk>but everything else seemed to be going normally
02:00<tmk>doesn't the backend tell it which files to open
02:00<tmk>i didn't have -v all
02:00<Chutt>i'm going to be setting up my living room machine this weekend
02:01<Chutt>or maybe tomorrow night, depending on what's going on
02:01<Chutt>so i'll be using the -350 output all the time =)
02:03<Chutt>how to people miss keys.txt?
02:03<Chutt>i really don't understand
02:05<Chutt>tmk, so is there any chance i can get a 'start displaying X frames in, but only display one frame' ioctl?
02:05<Chutt>thinking on to edit mode
02:07<Chutt>like, maybe the 0x05 decoder api call
02:07<Chutt>i'd say 'start displaying X frames in'
02:08<Chutt>it'd still be paused at that point, i think
02:08<Chutt>then call that step thingie
02:09<Chutt>ah well, i dunno
02:11<tmk>hold on
02:11* tmk tries to get his head around it
02:11<tmk>so , display frame X
02:11<tmk>and then pause?
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06:34<gerhard>hi all, can someone help with lirc?
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07:34<bline>Chutt: I forwarded that email from Chris Petersen off to the boss with some comments--there is atleast one place I can see should be better obfuscated.
08:02* KikoV is away: I'm busy
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10:12<thor_>hmmmm 0.12 .... wonder if I can get the dvd bits of mfd working reliably in time for that ....
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11:10<orangebits>Is there an easy way to convert a myth recording, from a DVB card, to an MPEG stream that can be used with other programs?
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11:29<Chutt>um, a mythtv recording from a dvb card is a mpeg stream that can be used with other programs.
11:31<orangebits>Chutt: It won't work with avidemux2
11:31<orangebits>It plays fine with mplayer though
11:32<Chutt>then try talking to the avidemux2 people.
11:32<Chutt>seems like it would be their problem, not mine.
11:32<orangebits>Okay. I wasn't sure where the problem was
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11:46<thor_>ah .... zeroconfig magic is working
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14:11<mchou>hey choenig, you around?
14:12<choenig>japp, hi mchou
14:12<mchou>hi choenig.
14:13<mchou>choenig: do you still have instructions for you power mgmt myth patch? I misplaced it :(....
14:15<mchou>little blurb on what's required, i.e. at, netcat, whatever...
14:15<choenig>ah, only the little readme?
14:15<choenig>I'll have a look...
14:17<o_cee>won't that go into "contribute" soon? would be useful
14:17<mchou>yes, I agree...
14:17<o_cee>haven't got time to test it yet
14:17<o_cee>but it feels like it would be very nice.. cut down on the electricity a little
14:17<choenig>Mh, I can send the patch again, but I'm afraid that Chutt refuses it again
14:18<mchou>same here. One thing led to another and I couldn;t get around to replacing my m/b...
14:18<mchou>choenig, did he say why? Coding style, broken, whatever??
14:19<Chutt>it doesn't deal with multiple frontend/backends at all.
14:19<choenig>he commented a little on it the first time after I asked him here
14:19<choenig>it does now
14:19<o_cee>weh :)
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14:20<choenig>So Ill have a look and resend it... :-)
14:28<mchou>hey chutt, if want to install "mythfilldatabase" such that it is colocated with my fileserver (MySQL) (no mythbackend/frontend there), what files do I need besides mythfilldatabase,, xmltv, & mysql.txt (on the fileserver)?
14:28<Chutt>try it and see if it works
14:32<mchou>choenig, any luck in finding the readme?
14:32<choenig>mchou: yes, Ill send it with the patch in some minutes to -dev
14:33<mchou>ok, thanks.
14:36<mchou>On another topic, if someone has more than two pvr-250 on one machine, are multiple sound cards a requirement too if you record more than one program simultaneously? Or can you sue different inputs on the same sound card (like Aux, line-in, CD, etc)??
14:36<Chutt>err, the pvr-250 doesn't use a patch cable to your soundcard.
14:37<thor_>pvrs do their own sound
14:37<mchou>whoops, forgot about that....
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14:41<choenig>mchou: so, the mail is on its way
14:42<mchou>choenig, OK, thanks for the heads up.
14:42<choenig>mchou: no problem, I just need the kick in the a** to get things going ;)
14:43<mchou>hehe, you aren't the only one ;)
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14:54<JonnyRo>does anyone here use myth on a 2.6 kernel?
14:54<mchou>I can quit mythfrontend but I can't seem to shutdown the machine via the frontend. Everybody has permission to call the "shutdown/halt" command. What am I doing wrong, and how can I debug this to find out what I did wrong?
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15:09<mikegrb>.... ..
15:09<mikegrb>er sorry wrong window
15:11<mikegrb>mchou: um check what the command for shutdown
15:11<mikegrb>+ is set to
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15:12<mchou>mikegrb: "/sbin/shutdown -h now"
15:12<choenig>mchou: and that works from commandline?
15:13<mchou>choenig: yes.
15:13<mchou>as any user....
15:13<choenig>and thats _with_ my patch?
15:14<mchou>choenig, yes, I'm using your patch, but I'm not sure if this behavior also existed prior to your patch.
15:15<Chutt>mdz, welcome back
15:15<choenig>hmm, my patch disables that shutdown, as I see now ;)
15:15<choenig>It is because I did not find a nice way to find out if clienthost==severhost
15:16<mchou>What's the difference between "HaltCommand" and "ServerHaltCommand" in settings in the db?
15:17<choenig>mchou: in programs/mythfrontend/main.cpp just set clientIsServerHost = false; where it currently is set to true
15:17-!-jkolb [] has joined #mythtv
15:17<choenig>mchou: haltcmd is the frontend one, serverhaltcmd is the one for the backend(s)
15:17<mchou>choenig, ahh, OK....
15:18<choenig>though that could be one cmd
15:19<mdz>Chutt: hey
15:20<mdz>I've survived the trip, but am on dialup for the near future
15:20<mdz>and on a k6/333MHz laptop as my only PC :-)
15:20<kvandivo>hard to do myth on that...
15:21<mchou>cheonig, cant you find out from the settings db if clienthost==serverhost?
15:21<Chutt>heh, that sucks
15:24<dban>So am I the only one that has their encoding bit rates sky rocket after a few days?
15:25<dban>hmm. I've already rebuild the database...
15:25<Chutt>why would it be anything to do with the database?
15:25<Chutt>you're using rtjpeg, right?
15:25<Chutt>rtjpeg doesn't have a set bitrate.
15:25<dban>codec params
15:26<Chutt>it uses whatever it takes to encode at the quality you set.
15:26<Chutt>if your cable signal sucks, that'll be quite high.
15:26<dban>ok.. well for the frist day or two I get about 3.2GB/hour, then suddenly something takes 20GB/hour. The picture isn't noise either, in fact it looks much better that the normal ones.
15:26<dban>er, noisy rather.
15:27<Chutt>use mpeg4 as the video codec if you want control over the bitrate.
15:27<dban>not enough cpu..
15:27<Chutt>then, you're stuck with what you have.
15:28<dban>I don't need precise control, but I can't have recordings take 20GB/hour, fill my disk in no time.
15:28<choenig>mchou: I don't know, never looked at that, ...
15:28<dban>the thing is if I restart the backend I'm guaranteed to get ~3.2GB/hour...
15:33<mchou>choenig, in settings db these is a value called "BackendServerIP." If you have more than one backend then I believe you can have several such values....But just because this value exists doesn't necessarily mean that the backend in running (at that moment on that machine).....
15:39<choenig>mchou: the question only is if the backendmachine is the same as the frontend machine, because if they are the same, you should not be able to shut down the frontendmachine (which then is the backend, too), but the backend should shutdown this machine
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15:46<mechou>choenig: shutdown from frontend works again, after clientIsServerHost = (false); change.
15:47<choenig>mechou: fine :)
15:48<choenig>though I don't know how to find that out :(
15:49<mechou>choenig, so should I leave this change in permanently, or do we need to collectively figure this out (with Chutt's help)?
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15:50<choenig>I think, first keep it set to 'false', but when chutt reviewed the patch we can go further ... maybe he has a good idea ;)
15:50<sfr>choenig: how to find out if backend=frontend? doesn't the frontend check that to decide wether the open the videos directly or to stream them via the net.
15:51<Chutt>the backend makes that decision
15:51<choenig>sfr, yes, but as I looked at that last time that was no good way
15:51<Chutt>it really wouldn't be that difficult to add a query to the backend to ask if it's local.
15:51<mechou>yeah, my thoughts exactly....
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16:14<FryGuy->does anyone know why a certain channel on a tuner would be really staticy?
16:17<GreyFoxx>Interference on that frequency from the cable company ?:)
16:18<kvandivo>I think it's just fried, guy.
16:24<mikegrb>I just got an email from mdz on a non debian/mythtv related mailing list :)
16:27<mdz>I get around
16:29<mikegrb>though I guess not totally non debian related
16:30<mikegrb>the incidents list
16:32<FryGuy->well it's not very staticy going directly to my tv
16:32<FryGuy->but it's _really_ staticy thruogh myth
16:32<dban>bad connection, crappy tuner, next pci card, etc..
16:33<FryGuy->it's just on that channel though
16:33<dban>try finetune....
16:33<FryGuy->through xaw?
16:33<dban>sure.. see if it works.
16:34<kvandivo>you on a pvr 250?
16:35<kvandivo>that looks a lot like
16:35<FryGuy->ATI TV Wonder VE
16:35<FryGuy->nothing works in xawtv.. it just changes the colours a bit
16:36<kvandivo>anyway, supposedly the moire.gif is caused by a bug in the 250 firmware, according to tmk. obviously, this doesn't apply to you, though. :)
16:36-!-Ku-less [] has joined #mythtv
16:36<FryGuy->ya :p
16:36<FryGuy->it's really bad :/
16:36<Ku-less>One of the channels has changed names. What's the easiest way to update the name so mythfilldatabase fills the database properly?
16:36<FryGuy->i guess I'll just have to watch tnt through my satellite instead of cable
16:37<sfr>Ku-less: phpmyadmin + apache i'd say ;)
16:37<Ku-less>sfr: How would those help?
16:39<sfr>Ku-less: to update the channels table
16:39* Ku-less doesn't know what that means.
16:40-!-DrewZ [] has left #mythtv []
16:40<max>just out of curiosity ... how are thing moving toward not requiring X? (i.e. qt-embedded/directfb)
16:40<FryGuy->what's the difference between "activate" and "record" on mythweb?
16:40-!-Kasperle [] has quit ["Happiness ... is watching Windows reboot"]
16:40<Ku-less>sfr: Could you elaborate?
16:41<sfr>Ku-less: well, you asked for the easiest way to update the database. using phpmyadmin (a gui for db queries/maintenance) is the easiest way imho.
16:42-!-Kuwanger [] has joined #mythtv
16:43<FryGuy->i think there needs to be an addon for mythweb to delete channels from getting imported with mythfilldatabase. Are contributions there wanted?
16:43<Kuwanger>sfr: I don't know what to update.
16:43<Kuwanger>sfr: I'd use mysqlcc if I did.
16:44<sfr>Kuwanger: so what exactly has changed? the channel id in the xmltv file?
16:44<Kuwanger>sfr: I have no idea.
16:44<sfr>oh, sorry wrong nickname. Ku-less see above ;)
16:45* Kuwanger is Ku-less.
16:45<Kuwanger>Was disconnected.
16:46<sfr>Ku-less: so how do you know something has changed?
16:46<Kuwanger>Because there's no data for the channel in mythtv but there is on zap2it.
16:47<Kuwanger>Also, the channel "name" has changed from TNN to (I'm guessing) SPIKETV.
16:47<sfr>Kuwanger: ah, that rather sounds like a xmltv issue than mythtv to me.
16:48<Kuwanger>Depends on your perspective.
16:48<sfr>Kuwanger: did a new channel 'spiketv' appear in the epg?
16:49<Kuwanger>xmltv's output suggest I re-run --configure
16:49<Kuwanger>Do I do that on xmltv or mythfilldatabase?
16:49<max>Kuwanger: run setup again
16:49<max>(option 3 specifically)
16:50<Kuwanger>max: Thanks.
16:52-!-overridex [] has joined #mythtv
16:53<Kuwanger>Hmm.."couldn't open db"
16:55<Kuwanger>Guess I should use the /usr/share/mythtv/setup one.
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17:10<Chutt>mdz, kenneth aafloy is attempting to rewrite your settings classes, and really messing things up badly.
17:14* steelep views this line of discussion with interest
17:15<steelep>I fought with him over databae issues for a couple weeks
17:16<mdz>Chutt: the SQL bit could really use a rewrite
17:16<mdz>to consolidate updates
17:16<Chutt>he wants to expose the internal widgets more
17:16<max>just out of curiosity ... how are thing moving toward not requiring X? (i.e. qt-embedded/directfb)
17:16<steelep>I had what I felt a rather good implementation that he trashed
17:16<Chutt>max, stuff should work with qt-e right now
17:16<Chutt>aside from video output
17:17<max>Chutt: nice...what'll happen for VO? sdl?
17:17<Chutt>i dunno what'll happen
17:17<Chutt>i don't really have any interest in it
17:17-!-mechou [] has left #mythtv []
17:17<Chutt>writing a sdl output method wouldn't take very long at all, though
17:18<max>any word on .12?
17:18* max ducks
17:18<Chutt>next week.
17:18<Chutt>steelep, heh, for the dvb stuff?
17:18<steelep>yep, wanna see?
17:18<Chutt>sure, but i don't really care about dvb support =)
17:18<Chutt>but, letting other people hash things out hasn't really worked at all
17:19<Chutt>mdz, i think he wanted to add a button to a page to launch some other settings or something
17:19<Chutt>mdz, and couldn't figure out how to do that, so went on to rewriting everything
17:20<Chutt>steelep, what didn't he like about it?
17:21<steelep>all the stuff in the sat table (which is needed for autopoulating from satcodx and lyngsat) and the undexing and the uniqueness contraints
17:23<steelep>I tend to try and eliminate errors at the db level rather than rely on code, that way contraints keep casual users from hand populating things incorrectly
17:23<steelep>this is for the most part what it will look like when it gets to cvs except for a few fields
17:25<Chutt>well, i dunno
17:25<Chutt>i really don't care _what_ the dvb stuff looks like, as long as it's done relatively cleanly
17:25<steelep>that's why this is so many tables, it's the only way to do it cleanly
17:26<Chutt>i do prefer fewer tables, but if it needs em, it needs em
17:26<steelep>or else you are going to be crippled in one way or another
17:26<steelep>flat structures would be 80% empty
17:35-!-Kuwanger [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
17:48<Chutt>hope i didn't just break analog recording
17:49-!-JonnyRo [] has quit ["leaving"]
18:03<overridex>anyone here using lirc on a 2.6.x kernel?
18:13<o_cee>two times in a row now, when watching a movie (without switching channel) the backend has fucked up things quite bad.. feels as if it happens when the ringbuffer is full or something.. since i was at the end of the movie, i just quickly restarted back and frontend.. but the log from the backend said something about File I/O problems.. same error as the last time as well
18:14<o_cee>very strange.. i'll try with a small ringbuf size tomorrow and see if that's it or not
18:19-!-jkolb [] has quit []
18:21<o_cee>oh well :/
18:27<sfr>just noticed a inconsistency between the schedule recordings screen and the adv. rec. screen when scheduling a show running Mo to Fr. The recording screen says 'Record in this timeslot every week' while the adv. rec. screen says 'record in this timeslot every day'. whats up?
18:27-!-m0j0 [~m0j0@] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:38<mikegrb>sfr: that had been around for a while but I thought it got fixed
18:39-!-Netsplit <-> quits: echo, bline, thor_, StarHeart, Viddy, GreyFoxx, lmatter
18:39-!-Netsplit over, joins: lmatter, StarHeart, bline, echo, thor_, GreyFoxx, Viddy
18:39-!-ServerMode/#MythTV [+b *!*mythtv@*] by
18:39<sfr>mikegrb: it actually might be fixed. my version is 2-3 weeks old.
18:40<steelep>has anyone tried to put the ringbuffer on a ramdisk yet?
18:41<sfr>steelep: you have GB's of RAM?
18:41<steelep>yeah :)
18:42<sfr>ok, you could live with a few hundred MB probably, but still?
18:42<steelep>4g of ram is relatively cheap these days
18:42<steelep>you would be amazed at how much faster transcoding is when reading from a ramdisk
18:43<mikegrb>sfr: the place I thought it was fixed was at least a month ago
18:44<sfr>mikegrb: hrm, maybe mine ist that old? do you use that feature or could test it?
18:45<mikegrb>lemme check
18:45<mikegrb>it wasn't that I noticed it working, I thought it was discussed though
18:48-!-mdz [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
18:49<mikegrb>sfr: mine doesn't have the option on normal recording options for weekslot, if I set something for week in advanced with always use advanced off and go back and select same prog again it takes me to advanced not normal
18:50<mikegrb>perhaps this is the stuff I saw discussed
18:51<sfr>mikegrb: i set it to 'record in this timeslot every day' in the adv. screen, and noticed the difference later on. and i chose a show running Mo-Fr, if that matters.
18:53<mikegrb>I dunno
18:53<mikegrb>do you have this timeslot every week option on normal recording options screen?
18:54<sfr>yes, but not the this timeslot every day option.
18:56<sfr>could be that myth is/tries to be smart and only offer what it thinks makes sense in the 'basic' recording screen.
18:56-!-sc00p__ is now known as sc00p
18:56<mikegrb>I dunno
18:57-!-Griffon26 is now known as GrifGone
18:57<sfr>neither me, but i'll update to latest cvs soon and try again.
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20:07<bline>editing templates for 2 hours is not my idea of fun ;p
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20:29<fulbert>hey all, I'm getting "Missing: 3 in tvList" on my backend console, anyone know what that means?
20:36<fulbert>my master backend has two pvr250 cards and I have another machine now with a third pvr250, so far I can't seem to tell if it knows abou the third one.
20:36<fulbert>I started to get this error after I added the capture card in the second machine, is there a way to show the cards the backend knows about?
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21:00<mikegrb>I used 3.3.2 on the xbox
21:00-!-anurag [] has joined #mythtv
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21:30<cmorgan>anyone have the ivtv driver compiling against 2.6.0-test7?
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