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00:17<krenin>how's it going
00:19<mikegrb>it's going
00:20<krenin>i got my mythtv box hooked up to my tv, its kewl
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00:39<ByteNik>Before I go and write anything, has anyone written a script before to automatically rotate a TV antenna before recording?
00:40<ByteNik>Otherwise I'll interface into the CEA web site and pull angle from North degree.
00:40<ByteNik>And then I'll automatically turn the dish.
00:46<mikegrb>sounds nice, haven't seen anything about it though
00:47<ByteNik>never had a need before now... I've always used cable
00:47<ByteNik>But I set up a UHF antenna for HDTV
00:47<ByteNik>Comcast's HDTV selection is horrible.
00:47<ByteNik>Anyway, some of my channels come from new york at 33/34 degrees, and some from South New Jersey at 324 degrees.
00:48<ByteNik>And a few 67 degree long island channels.
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03:07<Timon>Anyone alive?
03:08<DogBoy>just barely
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03:13<tmk> .
03:19<Timon>Anyone know of a decently priced ir xmitter and reciever?
03:22<Timon>Where? how much? I can't soldier for crap. I've spent hours trying to get a xmitter to work
03:22<DogBoy>sorry, I forget
03:22<DogBoy>had one in my car
03:23<DogBoy>there must be a recommended one for mythtv eh
03:23<DogBoy>on the site
03:23<Timon>didn't see one
03:23<tmk>check out lirc's site
03:23<tmk>they have links i think
03:24<Timon>Yeah, but the ones on there are spendy
03:24<tmk>how much is spendy
03:25<Timon>> 30 - 40
03:25<tmk>that's about right
03:25<tmk>they have to support them
03:25<tmk>and write windows drivers etc
03:25<Timon>The ones I've seen are like girder and they want to much for that
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07:56<tzanger>What is the recommended MPEG encoder card/box for use with mythtv? I know ATI's out and I'd really like something that does hardware assisted MPEG encoding (most video cards can assist the decode)
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09:54<tzanger>What is the recommended MPEG encoder card/box for use with mythtv? I know ATI's out and I'd really like something that does hardware assisted MPEG encoding (most video cards can assist the decode)
09:55<mikegrb>pvr-250 or -350
09:56<tzanger>hmm ok
09:57<tzanger>the PVR-USB doesn't work with myth?
09:57<tzanger>er usb2 I guess
09:59<tzanger>how the hell do the DVB cards work without a CI
10:01<mikegrb>I dunno
10:02<mikegrb>usb is still out
10:04<tzanger>now iwth hardware decode + encode what kind of processor can I get away with?
10:04<tzanger>I assume that I don't need a BigFast<tm> proc if it's hardware assisted, right?
10:04<tzanger>perhaps only for audio encode
10:05<sfr>audio is done bye the encoder as well (it's part of the mpeg2 stream)
10:05<tzanger>ahh ok
10:05<tzanger>so are we talking P2400, P3 or still fast fast cpu?
10:06<tzanger>basic functions like pause tv, play/rip DVD and record scheduled shows?
10:11<mikegrb>sorry was reading email, seems like just under 1 ghz is even fine with those cards
10:14<mikegrb>getting a box to select a letter on OS kbd?
10:18<tzanger>hmm ok
10:19<tzanger>I might look at one of those little MicroATX VIA C3 chips then since all the hard work is offloaded... stream the data to a system with a HDD somewhere else for a quiet computer in the living room
10:19<tzanger>just need digital audio out
10:33<tzanger>I wonder what I can underclock an Athlon1100 down to to get it silent
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12:52<sfr>sorry, the crocodile took the day off.
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14:11<tzanger>you following me, SarahEmm? :-)
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14:12<SarahEmm>lol, not on purpose!
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14:12* SarahEmm is a regular in #linpeople and #fnr, and lately i've been using asterisk and mythtv so..
14:13<billytwowilly>Is there a list anywhere of what will be new in 0.12? I checked the mailing list archives, but it just says there'll be a relase during 16-19..
14:14<SarahEmm>tzanger: freenode radio
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14:29<SarahEmm>anyone here seen 'gap not found, can't continue' when trying to use 'irrecord' to set up a remote?
14:33<Captain_Murdoch>means lirc isn't detecting a signal that it can decode. I think xmode2 will show you a graph of the data the remote is receiving. search for info on that.
14:34<SarahEmm>yeah, mode2 i'm using now (console), it'll detect buttonpushes for like 15 seconds, then nothing more until i ctrl-C it and restart it, then ti's fine again
14:34<SarahEmm>a scope on the output of the IR module shows pulse trains still coming off when mode2 isn't displaying anything
14:35<SarahEmm>so it doesn't look to be hardware..
14:37<SarahEmm>my laptop screen also evidently puts out a ton of IR, so i have to make sure the screen stays pointed away from the ir receiver when recording codes..
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14:54<jeff_>Hi all... I'm trying to use mythfrontend on a different PC.. I have mysql.txt setup to connect to a remote server, andI am able to connect to that server using those settings w/ mysql client. However when I start mythfrontend I get this error: Can't connect to mysql server through socket /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
14:55<DavidP_>I'm looking to potentially upgrade the comp I use mythtv on (I just got a pcHDTV card and I use it as well as my PVR-250)
14:55<DavidP_>Anyway, Celerons are reaaally cheap now even above 2.2ghz... but how much will cache ram affect video decoding?
14:56<Griffon26>DavidP_: planning to do HD time-shifting?
14:57<DavidP_>lol. :P
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14:57<DavidP_>I just ordered the card 10 minutes ago and I set up an antenna earlier today.
14:57<DavidP_>Amazingly cheap for a 75 mile UHF only
14:57<SarahEmm>DavidP_: i'm running a celeron 1.7 and i can do live tv w/ MPEG4 480x480
14:58<DavidP_>Oi... *beats Trillian* now why am I called DavidP_?
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14:58<Griffon26>but mpeg4 is sw encoding, so if you use hw encoded mpeg2 it's way faster, isn't it?
14:58<SarahEmm>i just figured i'd offer a data point
14:58<Griffon26>doesn't the PVR have hw mpeg2 enc?
14:59<SarahEmm>if i can do this on a celeron 1.7, you should be able to do any kind of single stream encode/decoding you want with hardware encode on a 2.2ghz
14:59<ByteNik>And of course pcHDTV is already receiving an MPEG stream off-air
14:59<ByteNik>So the only work is in the decoding.
15:00<ByteNik>I wish there was Linux support for the built-in decoder in my GeForce FX
15:00<ByteNik>SarahEmm: Do you have 256 kb or 128 kb of cache?
15:01<SarahEmm>whatever a celeron 1.7 has.. let me check
15:01<ByteNik>They made two.
15:01<ByteNik>One of them has quarter cache (128kb) and one has half cache (256kb)
15:02<SarahEmm>same FSB, same socket?
15:02<ByteNik>I believe so.
15:02<ByteNik>Socket 478 for both I think
15:02<SarahEmm>then i have no idea..
15:02<SarahEmm>any way to find out in linux?
15:02<SarahEmm>cpuinfo says 'cache size: 8KB' which i assume is L1
15:02<ByteNik>Hmm... also how much ram do you have, and is it DDR or not?
15:03<SarahEmm>256MB DDR
15:03<ByteNik>Well, I might not upgrade until I receive the card and actually play with it first... Right now I have a 1ghz Celeron in my Myth computer.
15:04<ByteNik>I'd have to buy new RAM too.
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15:18* tzanger wonders what he'll have to underclock an Athlon1100 to to get a silent PC...
15:18<cmorgan>tzanger: just get a quiet fan for it
15:19<cmorgan>tzanger: they have 23dB fans for 20 bucks
15:19<cmorgan>fan+heatsink rather
15:19<tzanger>cmorgan: nah -- I plan on a little microatx case with nothing but a DVDROM in it for moving parts
15:19<tzanger>the pvr350 in a pci slot.. hell maybe get one of those crap via c3s
15:19<tzanger>pull the video stream off the network to some server with a half dozen HDDs in it
15:20<tzanger>that thing on /. looked good though too :-) I wonder if the encoder/decoder on it is supported bymythtv :-)
15:22* SarahEmm 's myth box is a
15:22<cmorgan>tzanger: you have a pvr-350?
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15:25<tzanger>cmorgan: no, but I am planning on getting one
15:25<tzanger>SarahEmm: cool, I'll have to take you out on a date just to see how it works :-)
15:26<tzanger>that's kind of neat
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15:27<cmorgan>tzanger: i got a pvr-350 yesterday and its been quite a pita to get working
15:27<cmorgan>tzanger: i keep thinking it might be me
15:27<tzanger>what'd you get it for? (price)
15:28<cmorgan>tzanger: i think it was US$182
15:28<tzanger>yeah about CDN$275+tx is what I'd been quoted so far
15:29<cmorgan>Channel: '' was not found in the database.
15:29<cmorgan>Most likely, the default channel set for this input
15:29<cmorgan>(1 Composite 0 )
15:29<cmorgan>in setup is wrong
15:29<cmorgan>why is it trying to use Composite???
15:29<tzanger>that's not a bad lookin' one, but no digital audio
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15:30<cmorgan>anyone else have this problem??
15:30<cmorgan>i bound 'tuner 0' only
15:30<cmorgan>the rest are set to none
15:31<cmorgan>i even tried blowing away and recreating the database... ideas????
15:31<SarahEmm>tzanger: they're *really* hard to find, atleast around here, too. any chyang-fun cases i mean
15:31<SarahEmm>took me forever to find this one..
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15:36<cmorgan>i had to manually modify the capturecard table in the database...
15:37<cmorgan>maybe a setup bug...
15:41<Chutt>doubt it's a setup bug.
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15:43<Chutt>instead, you didn't change the default input in the capture card settings.
15:43<cmorgan>how would i configure myth to default to "tuner 0" instead of the first entry in the input connections list, 'composite 0'?
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15:44<Chutt>well, first, you start off by reading the documentation.
15:44<cmorgan>yeah i did change it
15:44<Chutt>since you've obviously neglected to do so.
15:45<cmorgan>trust me, i changed it to tuner 0
15:45<cmorgan>i can screen cap for you if you would like
15:48<Chutt>the only way you'll get that error message is if you didn't.
15:48<Chutt>therefore, you didn't.
15:48<cmorgan>oddly enough i changed it back manually and tried it again through the setup and it changed...
15:48<cmorgan>so yeah, must have been me
15:48<Chutt>i think matthias meyer just qualified for the dumbest person to ever post to mythtv-users
15:54<Captain_Murdoch>I thought that Myth came with software demultiplexing encoder tuners that would use my floppy drive to on-the-fly mpeg10 compression which would give me 2 hours of video on a 2.88Mbyte floppy.
15:55<sfr>only two hours? bah, windows puts 3.5 on one floppy.
15:56<Captain_Murdoch>I'm waiting for those 8 inch floppies to come back into style so we can fit 8 hours on one floppy.
15:56<cmorgan>well it works now with mythtv
15:56<cmorgan>no Xv support in my X server though...
15:56<cmorgan>so its running quite slow..
15:56<Chutt>that's probably an understatement =)
15:56<cmorgan>what is my issue with that?
15:57<cmorgan>i don't have the nvidia drivers, using the builtin ones, debian unstable machine
15:57<Chutt>no xv means it has to do a lot more stuff, and that codepath isn't optimized at all
15:57<Chutt>debian has packages to help install the nvidia drivers
15:57<cmorgan>should i try those?
15:57<cmorgan>nvidia-glx-src and nvidia-kernel-src?
15:58<Chutt>since you really want to use an older version of the driver
15:58<Chutt>.4496 is broken
15:58<cmorgan>do i?
15:58<Chutt>you want .4363
15:58<cmorgan>i can get that from their website
15:58<Chutt>well, it's not _broken_
15:58<Chutt>it's easy to install
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16:00<cmorgan>once that driver is in i'll have Xv and glx and stuff right?
16:00<elocal>Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!
16:00<elocal>Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!
16:01<elocal>this is shown in the terminal where I run mythfrontend. The audio and Video sometimes skip, are these related?
16:01<elocal>I have Alsa drivers latest version
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16:06<elocal_>did anybody ansered my question
16:07<elocal_>cuz my computer freezed when using tvtime watching TV
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17:50<SarahEmm>anyone here ever seen mode2 (part of lirc) return pulses and spaces okay for a certain amount of time, then stop until you ctrl-c and restart it?
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18:08<mechou>anbody here use nvidia nforce mobo w/myth?
18:17<SarahEmm>anyone know if mplayer supports dvd menus? (for mythdvd.. or should i be using xine maybe?)
18:18<sfr>it doesn't, but xine.
18:18* SarahEmm will use xine
18:18* SarahEmm likes xine anyway...
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20:03<SarahEmm>woo! it's recording :)
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20:21<raboof>do i need to install all of the 'mythtv' core stuff if I only want to use mythmusic?
20:22<raboof>(very cool project on the whole btw, i really should get a video capture device, new pc and television some day :))
20:24<SarahEmm>yes raboof, you do
20:24<SarahEmm>mythmusic plugs into the main mythtv system
20:24<SarahEmm>mythmusic does rock, too.
20:25<raboof>but after i've made libmyth (or whatever it was called again) i can run mythmusic 'standalone'?
20:25<SarahEmm>i dunno, never tried
20:26<SarahEmm>why not just run the main myth and select Music?
20:27<raboof>well, of course i could do that ;)
20:27<raboof>but it seems rather pointless since i'm not going to use any of the other parts probably
20:28<SarahEmm>what's the standard way to submit patches?
20:28<SarahEmm>send it in and email to mythtv-dev?
20:28* SarahEmm should have her album-cover-display patch cleaned up tomorrow
20:33<raboof>this is pretty odd
20:33<raboof>i can find a debian repository with woody mythtv packages
20:33<raboof>but not for xmltv, on which mythtv depends
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20:42<mrra>xmltv is in Debian
20:43<raboof>not on woody i386
20:43<mrra>true, but it's in testing and unstable
20:44<raboof>i won't argue with that
20:44<mrra>So what's the problem then?
20:44<raboof>there is no problem
20:44<raboof>i was just saying it was odd that there were woody packages for mythtv but not for xmltv
20:45<raboof>or at least, that i found it odd
20:45<mrra>nod. I don't think it's odd.
20:45<mrra>I would assume people that install the woody packages use xmltv from testing.
20:46<raboof>i would assume it to be a better idea to backport xmltv also, can't be *that* much work after doing mythtv completely
20:46<mrra>Right, and to take that logic further the reason it wasn't done suggests there was a good reason not to do it.
20:48<raboof>anyway, it's not like i'm going to use it at all
20:48<mrra>it = mythtv?
20:48<raboof>the xmltv stuff in mythtv
20:49<raboof>i'll try mythtv for tv when i get a new computer and television ;)
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20:49<mrra>nod. So, you don't have cable?
20:49<mrra>also, if you have a dvd player there is also a dvd plugin.
20:50<mrra>and mythweather rocks as well
20:50<raboof>i have cable, but my television doesn't have a normal 'input' and i don't have a machine to put a video capture card
20:50<raboof>so... :)
20:50<SarahEmm>hey, i don't have cable, i use Myth
20:51<SarahEmm>with my antenna :)
20:51<SarahEmm>(tho, i'm getting cable, as soon as i can convince the cable company to provide it)
20:51<mrra>raboof: just not enough room?
20:51<SarahEmm>what kind of input does it have?
20:51<raboof>mrra: not enough room and not enough power (500mhz celeron laptop)
20:51<raboof>SarahEmm: only cable
20:51<mrra>I'd highly recommend dropping $10-20 bucks on a hauppauge card on ebay
20:52<SarahEmm>ahh, well you could use a modulator raboof
20:52<SarahEmm>or get a new TV :)
20:52<raboof>this one is slowly breaking down already :)
20:53<raboof>but i'm not really up to spending a lot of money at the moment
20:55<cmorgan>how does myth decide to use default vs. high/low quality?
20:57<Captain_Murdoch>default unless you select high or low.
20:57<cmorgan>how would i go about selecting high vs. low?
20:58<Captain_Murdoch>advanced recording options screen. either hit 'I' while on the regular recording option screen or turn on "always use advanced recording optiosn screen" in setup.
20:58<Captain_Murdoch>or you can do profiles through mythweb I think.
20:58<SarahEmm>raboof: ahh.. i was using it semi-usably on my Duron (my devel box, not dedicated to Myth) for awhile, and just recently dropped some money on a dedicated Myth box that runs very well, MPEG4 @ 480x480, and lots of space for video
20:59<cmorgan>Captain_Murdoch: ahh yes
21:01<raboof>hmm, looks like mythtv is too heavy on my xterm :)
21:01<cmorgan>Captain_Murdoch: i didn't find that menu very intuitive. while they are all definining recording settings i kept wondering about livetv vs. other ones...
21:01<raboof>In file kernel/qpixmap_x11.cpp, line 650: Out of memory
21:02<Captain_Murdoch>you mean recording profiles? not sure what docs say about it. maybe they describe it well enough for people who don't know much about myth.
21:02<mechou>raboof, dang, what video card are you using?
21:02<cmorgan>Captain_Murdoch: yeah, i found the recording profiles but what i really wanted to do was change my live tv resolution to 720x480
21:02<raboof>mechou: eh, dunno, but it's an X terminal :)
21:03<raboof>mechou: with a whopping 16 megs of memory
21:04<raboof>of course i'd like more, and there are even 2 slots free on the board
21:04<raboof>but they require 100-pins DIMMs. no joke.
21:04<cmorgan>Captain_Murdoch: looking for something to hack on with myth actually... any ideas? ;-)
21:06<SarahEmm>nite nite
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21:06<raboof>so, any other fullscreen mp3-players you can recommend? :)
21:15<Griffon26>hmm, I'm getting errors when running mythfilldatabase =(
21:17<cmorgan>what kind?
21:17<Griffon26>I'm waiting for the output (it's taking a long time)
21:19-!-overridex [] has joined #mythtv
21:20<Griffon26>duplicate entries
21:20<Griffon26>for key 1
21:20<cmorgan>database errors?
21:20<Griffon26>for example: Duplicate entry '1010-20031012114000' for key 1
21:20<cmorgan>you should be able to ignore those
21:21<Chutt>try pasting the entire error.
21:21<cmorgan>as long as the current data is correct
21:21<Griffon26>I tried ignoring them, but I noticed mythtv didn't tune to a good channel
21:21<Griffon26>then I read that could be because of mythfilldatabase screwing things up
21:21<cmorgan>you may need to clear out that table in the database
21:22<Griffon26>Chutt: complete error is this:
21:22<Chutt>don't message me
21:22<Griffon26>I pasted in pm, bit too much for channel
21:22<kvandivo>that looks familiar.. did it cross midnight when you ran mythfilldatabase, and are you running CVS?
21:22<Chutt>no, it's not too much fot the channel.
21:23<Griffon26>shall I repeat in the channel then?
21:23<kvandivo>i was getting those before my patch
21:23<Griffon26>different channels have different policies
21:23<Chutt>he most likely is getting duplicate channels, or the midnight stuff.
21:23-!-choenig [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
21:24-!-raboof [] has left #mythtv ["so long, and there was something with fish"]
21:24<Chutt>regardless, it wouldn't affect channel tuning.
21:24<Griffon26>ah, k
21:30<fulbert>I added a second machine with a third pvr250 card to my master backend which has two 250s already, since then I have been getting "Missing: 3 in tvList" on the backend console, any ideas?
21:30<fulbert>oh, and the third card does not seem to be noted by the backend, 3 shows at the same time show a conflict still.
21:34<Griffon26>hmm, can someone give me some tips on how to debug the tuning? I haven't seen any real channels yet.
21:35<cmorgan>does mythbackend report any errors?
21:35<tzanger>fulbert: how's the 250 working for you?
21:36<fulbert>the two in the master have been working great. I've been using them since June.
21:36<Griffon26>cmorgan: nothing related to video as far as I can tell
21:37<cmorgan>Griffon26: any other error output? what is it not doing?
21:37<Chutt>fulbert, your database is out of whack
21:37<Chutt>clear out the capture card stuff and reconfigure it
21:37<Griffon26>it shows me the output that I used to get with xawtv when I did not tune to a channel (some noise in the upper part of the screen)
21:38<fulbert>would that maybe also explain why my channels are all +1 now?
21:38<fulbert>I seem to have two channel 16's now.
21:38<Chutt>unless you created a new channel source
21:38<cmorgan>Griffon26: ahh... i've never gotten xawtv to work... heh
21:38<Chutt>for the new card
21:38<fulbert>yeah, so a program on 42, is named 1043... now
21:38<Chutt>that's not really a problem
21:38<Griffon26>cmorgan: in any case it doesn't look like it's switching channels and I also can't quit it normally
21:39<Chutt>and, you need to be sure to run the backend on the slave machine, else it won't use the card for resolving conflicts
21:39<Griffon26>after trying to switch channels that is
21:39<cmorgan>Griffon26: ahh... and no errors from mythbackend?
21:39<cmorgan>Griffon26: might be worth just blowing away and recreating your database
21:39<Chutt>griffon26, you probably didn't set it up for PAL mode and stuff.
21:40<Chutt>and the proper frequency table.
21:40<Griffon26>Chutt: hmm, I did select PAL, maybe I selected the wrong one
21:40<Griffon26>cmorgan: nope, only that it cannot open the audio device
21:40<fulbert>chutt, when you say run the backend on the slave, you mean just a backend process, not another database and all right ?
21:41<Chutt>if it can't open the audio, stuff's fucked up, and it won't do anything right.
21:41<Chutt>fulbert, right
21:41<cmorgan>should it matter if the audio can't be opened?
21:41<fulbert>ok, thanks.
21:41<Chutt>yes, it should matter
21:41<Chutt>um, what would be the point otherwise?
21:42<cmorgan>well why have everything go to hell just because audio isn't working?
21:42<Chutt>because i don't really care to spend time writing code for people who can't set up their system right
21:42<fulbert>it looks like the two channel 16s are coming from xmltv. Seems to have started a week or so ago. I'll ignore if it's not hurting anything.
21:42<josephk>don't use KDE either...hehe
21:56<Griffon26>ok, fixed the audio thing, now I'm getting a useful error
22:00<Soopaman>chutt, is there a way to ensure that the audio for livetv playback synchs with the video?
22:01<Griffon26>where should I look for the channel frequencies and how are they set?
22:03<cmorgan>shouldn't mythfilldatabase set those up?
22:04<Griffon26>but that's not the only thing it does I think... anyway, I dumped the database but I didn't see anything about frequencies
22:05-!-ByteNik [] has left #mythtv []
22:09<Griffon26>time to hit the sack, I hope I'll be able to find a fix tomorrow
22:09-!-Griffon26 is now known as GrifGone
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23:08<cmorgan>possible to have mythtv both receiving signals from an external remote through lirc and outputting through an ir blaster to a cable box?
23:10<[DJ]HaCK>is it possible to have machine-specific settings for the frontend ie. my main frontend has enough power to play 640x480 mpeg4 with mp3 sound while fujitsu pen tablet only got a pentium 233 , and only works right with rtjpeg 320x240 and uncompressed sound , right now I have to change the live tv profile anytime I watch tv on another device
23:23-!-robbie [] has joined #mythtv
23:23<robbie>afternoons all
23:23<robbie>im about to do a port of mythtv to the Linux Terminal Server Project so I can run some diskless frontends
23:24<robbie>and would like to ask a few questions being we have a buildkit for ltsp now that we have built from sauce
23:24<robbie>anyone awake ?
23:25<robbie>am i correct in that i need the qt-x11-free-3.2.1.tar.bz2 tarball ?
23:25<cmorgan>you need qt3 devel libraries i think
23:25<cmorgan>so yeah, that may provide those
23:26<cmorgan>look at the software prereqs on the documentation page
23:26<robbie>i am, however its mainly for distros
23:26<robbie>and names packages
23:26<robbie>anyhoo, downloading that now
23:27<cmorgan>anyone know if you can do both ir input and output at the same time? control myth with a remote and have myth tell your cable box to change channels???
23:28<robbie>crikey its a 16Mb download and im on dialup :)
23:30<robbie>theres one tv viewing problem mythtv hasnt solved
23:30<robbie>where did i leave my remote control
23:32-!-kach [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:42<overridex>anyone here using lirc with kernel 2.6.0-test7? or anyone know of a nice howto for building an ir blaster rather than just a diagram :)
23:46<cmorgan>overridex: i couldn't get ivtv to work with 2.6 test7
23:47-!-hEximal [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
23:50-!-Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
23:55<cmorgan>overridex: i plan on trying again pretty soon, got myth working under 2.4 so i have a baseline now
23:56-!-cmorgan [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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