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00:13<kvandivo>Captain_Murdoch: you around?
00:13<mrra>I need an IR blaster as well.
00:14<mrra>overridex: have you looked here?
00:15<overridex>mrra: yeah, i have a commercial ir blaster but it doesn't work with my cable box (needs a different frequency but it doesn't use the lirc_serial driver so i can't change it...)
00:17<mrra>I've shown the schematics from to some electrical friends of mine and they said it looks easy to build.
00:26<overridex>hehe yeah, now if i just knew enough for reading diagrams.... which is the reason i'm looking for more info like a howto :)
00:41<dban>does anyone know if the options passing mechanism in the filter api is operational?
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02:04<[DJ]HaCK>mm anyone knows how to switch audio channels when watching dvds with mplayer ? (like switch from english to french etc..)
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02:21<overridex>[DJ]HaCK: -aid # or -alang en (or fr or de or whatever)
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02:23<[DJ]HaCK>yes I was planning on using -alang en,fr but I was looking for a way to switch while watching , without to have to restart the movie/edit the command line
02:25<overridex>ah hmm
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02:37<mithro>hello everyone...
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02:37<mithro>opps didn't want to click that button :)
02:38<mithro>i have some questions about using MythTV on the EPIA series boards
02:39<mithro>btw mythtv rocks :)
02:39<mithro>also have some questions about mythvideo
02:41<mithro>anyone around got some time/knowledge to answer them?
02:41<[DJ]HaCK>you should just ask
02:42<mithro>okay i will then :)
02:42<mithro>but no point wasting my fingers if nobody has any idea about mythvideo :)
02:43<[DJ]HaCK>I was just about to use it , probably others have already
02:44* mithro was hearing some stuff about mythvideo now support abitary files/sources for the information
02:44<mithro>i have dvd episodes (IE Stargate/Farscape/etc) rips which i would like to use in myth
02:45<overridex>mithro: yeah i was wondering about that myself, i haven't really messed with the cvs mythvideo yet
02:45<mithro>but they don't appear very well as they don't have a IMMB (?) code
02:45<overridex>but i encode a lot of the stuff i record in mythtv to xvid/ogg, but it'd be nice to keep it in mythvideo...
02:45<mithro>well - in 0.10
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02:46* mithro has yet to get his recording/playback in mythtv to work reliably
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02:46<overridex>mithro: you should probably be using at least 0.11 :)
02:46<mithro>s/reliable/acceptable quality vs space
02:46<overridex>ah i see
02:47<mithro>overridex: the debs for mythvideo stop at 0.10 - got 0.11 of everything else
02:47<mithro>am about to try myhtv from cvs
02:47<overridex>ah i see
02:48* mithro has an athlon 1800+ with a 80gig HD, 64mb Ram and a DVD Drive
02:49<mithro>plus a bttv compatible tuner
02:49<[DJ]HaCK>you have the backend and the frontend on the same computer ?
02:50<DogBoy>not much ram that
02:50<mithro>only got tv points in the room with the TV so seperate boxes seems overkill :)
02:50<mithro>DogBoy: it's not using any swap
02:51<DogBoy>with mythtv installed?
02:51<DogBoy>and running
02:52<mithro>(well version 0.11)
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02:53<mithro>the mboard doesn't seem to be stable if i go to more then 64mb ram
02:53<mithro>which is really annoying
02:53<mechou>what board is it?
02:53<mithro>i suppose i did get a cheap ass PCChips one
02:54<mithro>hence why i was looking at the possibility of getting an EPIA-M board (might solve some of my sound issues as well)
02:54<mechou>let me guess, ecs k7s5a?
02:55<mithro>it's stable with you have 1700+ with < 64mb ram
02:55<mithro>or less then 1.2 Ghz with any amount of ram
02:56<mithro>s/sound/fan noise
02:56<mechou>I dont think that board is supposed to support athlonXP's.....
02:57<mithro>the site says it does :)
02:57<mithro>could be just cheapo ram as well :)
02:57<mechou>surprise you can get it running with 1800+. I'm looking at the site, I don't see XP supoort....
02:58* mithro ponders
02:58<[DJ]HaCK>pcchips/ecs both terrible board manufacturers
02:59<mechou>aka m810....
02:59<[DJ]HaCK>(in fact they are the same factory)
03:00<mithro>they make okay desktop POS machines
03:00<mechou>[DJ]HaCK: I agree w/you. But them board cost any from 50% to 33% of the competition....
03:01<mithro>so anyone here using an EPIA board? the news on the website said some hardware support was being added?
03:02<[DJ]HaCK>they do work , but then do you want your POS to die in the middle of a big sale :\ that's why I only sell MSI with grade A PSU
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03:03<[DJ]HaCK>I have one I'm building mounting as the car computer in a friend's car , they're quite nice but I haven't tried mythtv with it
03:03<mechou>Idon't use EPIA, but Chutt has some prior experience. Say CPU might be underpowered, iirc....
03:03<[DJ]HaCK>though they play divx dvdrip -very- well so mythtv is just as demanding so it should work just as nice
03:04<[DJ]HaCK>but you don't want to run both the backend and the frontend on a epia
03:04<[DJ]HaCK>not if you want maximum video quality ..
03:05<mechou>encoding takes more CPU....
03:06<[DJ]HaCK>also if you have the backend recording a show and you start a demanding game , you'll cause the background recording to drop frames
03:06<mithro>what if you got a hardware encoder card?
03:07<mechou>i don't remember, iirc chutt said decoding was marginal....
03:07<mithro>i don't use this machine for gaming or anything
03:07<[DJ]HaCK>might help , but still if there's a recording but the games stall the computer for a second (maybe while loading a level) you'll still have dropped frames
03:08<mechou>you also EPIA is a PITA to install on linux, right?
03:08<mechou>you also know EPIA is a PITA to install on linux, right?
03:09<[DJ]HaCK>it's not ! I got everything working in about an hour using gentoo
03:09<mechou>BS, you cant even d'l gentoo in 1 hour, never mind compile...
03:10<[DJ]HaCK>alsa for sound , via-rhine for network , trident for video
03:10<[DJ]HaCK>I used GRP
03:10<[DJ]HaCK>precompiled packages
03:12<[DJ]HaCK>the longest part was waiting for the cd to finish copying files to the disk , about 20 mins , then I compiled the kernel and alsa , about 30 mins , then I finished setting up mplayer ntp XF86Config and I was done
03:12<mechou>yeah, I remember now. Chutt said something to the effect EPIA M10000 didn't have enough ommph to decode video if *you didn't use on board HW for motion compensation/accelaration*
03:14<mechou>If you use HW accleation, it might be OK, but CPU only, "forgit 'bout it", as the sopranos would say....
03:15<[DJ]HaCK>it should work if you use RTjpeg , I can decode 320x240 mpeg 4 with my P233 w/ 32mb (but no sound so far , would probably work if I used rtjpeg) the 1ghz nehemia core ought to be better than my p233
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03:16<mechou>yeah, except hw encoder (pvr250) is more than 320x240 :)
03:17<mechou>and is not rtjpeg...
03:17<[DJ]HaCK>the pvr250 won't let you encode lower than 640x480 ? :\ mmm then he should use a good ol' bttv
03:18<mechou>Try the Pundit instaed.....
03:18<mechou>more CPU and slots....
03:19<mechou>not much more expensive than EPIA, which I don't think is quite ready for myth.
03:19<Chutt>the nehemiah-based boards work fine.
03:19<Chutt>they're just slow.
03:20<Chutt>with crappy video drivers
03:22* mithro main problem atm is his computer is to noisy
03:23<mithro>hence the attraction to the EPIA boards
03:24<Chutt>why do you think those are quiet?
03:24<Chutt>the m10000 has a rather loud cpu fan
03:25<Chutt>the fanless ones aren't fast enough to be more than toys
03:26<mechou>mithro, is your tv sdtv or hdtv?
03:26<mithro>my card is analog tv
03:26<mithro>although I am looking into getting a digital HDTV card
03:27<mechou>put uour noisy computer in the closet and use this:
03:27* mithro has a zalman heatsink on his athlon
03:27<mithro>however the power supply is really noisy
03:28<mithro>and quite power cost more then the computer!
03:28<mechou>mithro, did you get the chance to look at my link?
03:28<mithro>looking now
03:28<mechou>$99 apparently.
03:29* mithro only paid $US230 for the whole computer
03:30<mithro>Chutt: what would you recommend doing for a quite single computer MythTV solution
03:30<mechou>well, you don't exactly get reliable operation with that comp, do you? :)
03:31<mithro>yeah :)
03:31<mithro>well the computer works fine
03:31<mithro>just as long as i don't put more ram in it :)
03:31<mithro>havn't had it crash in 45 days
03:31<mithro>(last time it died because of a black out)
03:32<mechou>xp18000 with 64MB is like putting bicycle tires on a porsche....
03:33<mechou>you go nowhere plenty fast :)
03:34<[DJ]HaCK>a friend of mine got a IN-WIN L545 case with a MSI KM4M-L + AMD 2500+ + 256DDR + 120GB + CDRW+DVD + GF4TI4200 , it's just the cutest thing and works damn fast , he's using it as all-in-one backend & frontend all purpose machine .. just great
03:35<mechou>you should be able to upgrade your mobo and memory for less than $60 new.....
03:36* mithro is in Australia
03:36<mechou>which actually might be a good alternative, but doesn't solve your noise prob....
03:36<mechou>Are things *that* much more expensive over there??
03:37<mithro>well some things are :)
03:38<mechou>sheesh, you're closer to Asia where all those things get made. Bribe someone who goes on a business trip to asia, bring back some goodies...
03:39<mithro>every other machine i own has > 512mb ram :)
03:40<mechou>so why dont you use one of those comps instead for myth?
03:41<fulbert>chutt, that resetting the database has fixed the slave backend system now. thanks again for the pointer.
03:42<mithro>because they all do other stuff
03:42<mithro>my main computer out the back runs the evil os
03:43<mithro>my server/firewall has to be near the phone point to run the adsl modem
03:44<mithro>and my laptop is well a laptop
03:44<mechou>mithro, I think u are stuck. Downgrade the CPU or upgrade mobo. Add more memory in both cases....
03:45<[DJ]HaCK>run the backend on your server ?
03:46<mithro>not near the TV in point
03:47<mechou>I'd rather spend US$60 rather than US$140 + case on EPIA....
03:47<[DJ]HaCK>you could just use an extension
03:48<mechou>and neither solve your noise prob....
03:48<mithro>halfway across the house would cause major signal loose
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03:51<[DJ]HaCK>anyone doing 1 step dvd to avi conversions ?
03:52<[DJ]HaCK>I want to archive I bunch of my dvds to playback with mythvideo
03:52<[DJ]HaCK>anyone knows of a way straighforward way to do that , like put dvd in drive , press button X , wait , done
03:53<fulbert>i have been playing with that idea also but have not come up with a recipe that works yet.
03:53* mithro compiles a new kernel
03:53* mithro just realised he has over 300 gig of HD space around his network
03:54<[DJ]HaCK>I was thinking , probably mplayer/mencoder would probably be the way to go
03:54<fulbert>keep getting tripped up with the crazy codecs and packages that need 20 other packages to work.
03:55<fulbert>I also can't seem to the the myth transcode working, which i assume is part of the same problem with my load.
03:55<fulbert>i have not spent any real time digging at it yet... one day.
03:56<[DJ]HaCK>mmm I don't want to sound like another gentoo zealot but ... you should try gentoo ;)
03:57<fulbert>yeah, i should likely using anything other than rh9, but it's just been my standard for many years now.
03:58* mithro couldn't stand to go past rh 7.3
03:58<mithro>8.0 and 9.0 have been crud
03:58<fulbert>i read the gentoo install info when i grabbed the iso's via bittorrent a while back, and it hurt my head at first, several steps to get the right platform.
03:59<fulbert>yeah, i agree. i switched to redhat somewhere in 96 or so after being a slackware fan for many years, but i got tired of having to build boot floppy and custom driver and kernel crap for every system.
04:01<[DJ]HaCK>gentoo is a -LOT- of work for the first install but once I did like 3 in a row and now I know the install procedure by heart and it's real easy , it's just very very long to compile but with the GRP packages (prebuilt stuff) it's possible to kickstart the system and update later
04:03<[DJ]HaCK>I had been using slackware ever since I began with linux (around 1998) , but just installing gentoo I learned a lot about the inner workings of linux
04:03<[DJ]HaCK>mmm 4:00 AM time to sleep , cya guys
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04:04<[-away-]>damnit , every away nicks are already registered
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04:04* mithro uses debian
04:05<mithro>which suites my needs as i don't want to recompile everything
04:05<mechou>mithro, no kidding. Who's got time for all that....
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04:29<mithro>anyone got an lirc file for mythtv for pixelview card?
04:32* mithro goes about making one
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05:47* mithro compiles mythtv cvs
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06:12<mithro>hrm - i can't seem to get irxevent and mythtv to play nice :(
06:15<mithro>ahh - had the wrong key codes
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06:43<bline>mithro: you know myth has builtin lirc support?
06:46<mithro>yeah, i'm compiling mythtv-cvs with lirc support
06:46<mithro>bline: how does mythtv handle it when something - say ogle is running in the foreground?
06:52<bline>it stops listening on the lirc socket for events
06:52<bline>assuming you mean with something like MythMusic
06:52<bline>err MythVideo
06:56<mithro>so mythdvd is required to stop listening for events?
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07:07<TheWildgoose>hi all. Anyone awake here?
07:08<TheWildgoose>Anyone got a favourite tool for merging two mpeg files under linux?
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07:15<GrifGone>hmm, is down?
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07:53<Griffon26>can somebody help me with my mixer settings?
07:53<Griffon26>I'm overwhelmed by the number of sliders that are available
07:53<Griffon26>can't seem to find the right ones
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07:58<bline>mithro: yeah, someone wrote a myth_system() that pauses lirc listening while the program is running
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08:21<Griffon26>the mythtv site is down, isn't it?
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08:27<bline>looks like it
08:30<Griffon26>does anybody have a mirror of the howto?
08:39<Griffon26>I can't get the schedules into my database correctly
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13:32<Griffon26>can anybody tell me why mythtv doesn't enter edit mode when I press E or M?
13:50<o_c>search the archive, some error with that.. you can manually fix it in the database.. fixed in cvs
13:50<o_c>it thinks it's in edit mode already (i think it was something like that
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13:54<Griffon26>I tried
13:54<Griffon26>changed the edit property from 0 to 1
13:54<Griffon26>but now it turns out the video file (which is still recording) is named differently then what mythtv is looking for
13:54<Griffon26>something in the starttime is different, so I can't open the recording
13:58<Griffon26>according to mythtv itself I should be able to stop the recording from the delete menu, but that only presents me with one option: to permanently delete it
14:07<Griffon26>the recording finished, I'm now able to edit
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14:13<Bishop1>anyone have any luck getting mythtv to work with directv (one of the cheap free hughes boxes)
14:16<Griffon26>hmm, how do you save the cut points?
14:19<Bishop1>i'm confused. got the mythbox working in my office. brought it out to living room, and i still only get antenna signal.
14:20<Bishop1>coax runs from wall, into directv, then coax out from directv to pvr card. shouldn't channel 3 be whatever directv is tuned to?
14:21<fulbert>are you using the same coax?
14:23<Bishop1>two pieces. one from wall to directv. one from directv to pvr. svideo from video card to tv.
14:24<fulbert>yeah, but is it the same one you know works in the office? in other words, are you sure you are using good cable for the living room?
14:25<fulbert>when you moved the myth box, did you reset the tuner for the correct input?
14:27<Griffon26>do you guys know how to save cut points?
14:27<fulbert>nope, so far I have not setup the transcoder to work at all.
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14:28<Griffon26>what do cut points have to do with the transcoder? I was hoping to just play back while skipping commercials.
14:29<Bishop1>whoa. anyone know why crtl + alt + backspace hard powers off the machine instead of restarting X?
14:29<fulbert>mm, I just have it set to autoskip using the blank frame detection and it's working fine.
14:30<fulbert>there are a few programs that it has not worked for, but I've just been skipping past them with the remote.
14:33<Griffon26>just wondering what the use is of cut points if you can't do anything with 'm
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14:34<fulbert>from what I understand, the transcoder will use them to jump stuff you want to edit out, so if you want to cut credits, or a commercial it does not auto flag, you can mark, then when the transcoder runs it will jump from marker to marker.
14:34<fulbert>that's what I undertand them to be used for.
14:36<Griffon26>fulbert: yeah, but they'd have to be remembered
14:36<Griffon26>if I set them, leave edit mode and re-enter edit mode, they're gone
14:36<fulbert>yeah, not sure, like I said, I have not played with them yet.
14:36<Griffon26>k, thx anyway
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14:46<Bishop1>i have a slight apex on both sides of the tv. and mythfrontend 'jiggles' a bit. any idea how to fix that?
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14:50<gerhard>hi all, could someone please help me with setting up mythtv? please
14:52<sfr>what doesn't work, gerhard?
14:53<Griffon26>before I start doing things the hard way (through mysql), can somebody tell me if there is an easy way to change the channel order?
14:53<gerhard>starting myhtvsetup returns:cant connect to local Mysql ... /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sokk
14:54<gerhard>i use mandrake 9.1 and i have installed all the software
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14:55<sfr>gerhard: did you set up the database?
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14:55<sfr>gerhard: and please show the complete error message
14:56<gerhard>no i did not, sorry how do i do that I not very good with linux
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14:56<gerhard>Unable to connect to database! Driver error was [1/-1]: QMYSQL3: Unable to connect Database error was: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2
14:57<sfr>gerhard: Section 6
14:57<gerhard>Unable to open database: Driver error was: QMYSQL3: Unable to connect Database error was: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)
15:01<gerhard>it says "cd database" does that mean i have to make a dir called database and if so where should that be
15:02<gerhard>found it
15:03<gerhard>sorry that was wrong
15:04<sfr>this directory is part of mythtv
15:04<gerhard>"file:/usr/share/doc/mythtv-0.11/database" is that the one?
15:04<sfr>is there another one?
15:07<sfr>you shouldn't find another one.
15:07<gerhard>"file:/usr/lib/openoffice/user/database" I dont think thats the one
15:07<gerhard>great what now?
15:07<sfr>hm, <sfr> this directory is part of mythtv
15:09<gerhard>sorry didnt get that
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15:34<Bishop1>looking for a detailed howto for directv. already have myth up running on antenna.
15:44<djhack>mm the Goom visualisation plugin is so nice , anyone know who made it ?
15:45<Griffon26>what happens if a scheduled recording is due and I'm watching another channel (with 1 tuner)?
15:47<djhack>Griffon26 video stops and you get prompted to do something else , the recording is not cancelled but you cannot watch it (well you cannot watch it live but you can go to your recordings and listen to it while it is recording)
15:47<Griffon26>ah, k, thx
16:06* o_cee is back (gone 21:22:34)
16:06* o_cee is away: Gone
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16:23<Bishop1>anyway to pick/change the visualizations in mythmysic
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16:50<robbie>hit 6
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16:56<gerhard>hi I'm back with some more questions
16:57<gerhard>I run so far succesfully mythtvsetup and I am now running "mythfilldatabase --manual" as requested.
16:57<gerhard>My question is "Choose a channel id (positiv integer) [0] what does that mean
16:59-!-o_cee [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
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17:02<sfr>gerhard: how many tuner cards do you have?
17:04<gerhard>it says "new channel found" name = deutsche welle" etc etc. and then it "choose a ......
17:04<sfr>gerhard: mythtv usually numbers the chanid 1000,1001,1002... for the first tuner card.
17:05<gerhard>does that mean i shall call 1000 for that channel 1001 for the next and so on
17:06<sfr>gerhard: i think so, but i haven't used mythfilldatbase to setup channels in a loong time. you can add the --preset argument to mythfilldatabase to define the order of your channels. enter chanid = 0 for channels you want to skip.
17:07<sfr>gerhard: the --preset option got added for non-use users. it's not yet documented.
17:08<gerhard>I'll give it a try, thanks so far,
17:15<gerhard>I went through the channel ID and started "mythbackend" whch displayes
17:15<gerhard>Probed: /dev/v4l/video0 - Composite 0 Probed: /dev/v4l/video0 - Composite 1 Probed: /dev/v4l/video0 - Composite 2 Probed: /dev/v4l/video0 - Composite 3 Probed: /dev/v4l/video0 - Tuner 0 Probed: /dev/v4l/video0 - Composite 4 Probed: /dev/v4l/video0 - S-Video 0 Probed: /dev/v4l/video0 - S-Video 1 Probed: /dev/v4l/video0 - S-Video 2 Probed: /dev/v4l/video0 - S-Video 3
17:15<gerhard>whats happening now?
17:15<sfr>you start the frontend
17:20-!-tmk [] has joined #mythtv
17:22<Griffon26>I notice some 'plops' in the audio at regular intervals (but not always) when I'm doing time-shifting... it doesn't seem to be the CPU load... any ideas?
17:22<Griffon26>replace "not always" with "not all the time"
17:30-!-Griffon26 is now known as GrifGone
17:33-!-choenig [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
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17:56-!-overridex [] has joined #mythtv
18:05-!-beatbox [nobody@] has joined #mythtv
18:07<beatbox>I'm using current cvs on an SMP machine, and I noticed that ffwd and rewind are broken
18:07<beatbox>hitting ffwd or redind skips ahead and then immediately back again
18:07-!-gerhard [] has quit ["using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4"]
18:07<beatbox>it looks like a thread safety issue to me
18:08<dwmurphy>using the remote?
18:08<beatbox>remote or keyboard
18:08<beatbox>it only happens about half the time
18:08<beatbox>the other half it works fine
18:08<dwmurphy>ok. i saw weird stuff like that if i have two irxevent processes running :)
18:09<beatbox>that's agood idea. :)
18:09<beatbox>but it happens with the keyboard too...
18:10<beatbox>and there's only one irxevent process running... :)
18:11<beatbox>is there something broken about redhat's thread code?
18:22-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:22-!-moegreen [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:23-!-mrra [] has joined #mythtv
18:26-!-beatbox [nobody@] has quit ["CGI:IRC"]
18:32-!-Bishop [] has joined #mythtv
18:35-!-kraken [] has joined #mythtv
18:36<Bishop>my directv box doesn't have a serial port on it. i went to bestbuy/circiut city and looked around, and NONE of the boxes have serial. any ideas?
18:40<kraken>I'm having a bit of a problem... no matter what channel a recording should take place on, it's always being recorded on cartoon network... I've checked the database and the correct chanid's are in the record table, and they match up with the proper channel in the channel table. i've rebooted to make sure it wasn't an ivtv driver hiccup or something. any ideas?
18:41-!-dwmurphy [] has left #mythtv []
18:50<Captain_Murdoch>is anyone else seeing a bug where when you delete a recording the text info at the bottom doesn't show up again until you hit up/down?
18:51<kraken>I *think* I've seen that before
18:52<Captain_Murdoch>happening most times for me, but wanted to see if others saw it so I know whether it's a qt3.0 issue I shouldn't even try tracking down.
18:53<kraken>i'll find out if it happens for me, since i need to go delete several recordings that shouldn't have been done on cartoon network :p
18:53<Captain_Murdoch>:) not sure about that error. does LiveTV change channels properly?
18:54<kraken>good question...I never watch it, so let's find out
18:55<Captain_Murdoch>me neither. I use it to test occasionally but usually watch pre-recorded stuff.
18:56<kraken>oh now THAT's new
18:57<kraken>i get pure snow
18:58<Captain_Murdoch>did you try a delete?
18:59<kraken>mythfrontend locked up when i went into the delete screen
18:59<Captain_Murdoch>probably because of trying to playback a bad file. do you have preview on?
18:59<Captain_Murdoch>I never use that either.
18:59<kraken>nope, no preview
19:00<kraken>ok, that's it
19:00<kraken>i'm going to cleanse the db and update my ivtv driver
19:00<kraken>first the ivtv driver though
19:00<Captain_Murdoch>not sure then. I never use the delete screen either, always delete from the playback screen.
19:13<Captain_Murdoch>well, I committed a 1-line fix that solved the refresh problem here.
19:16<Bishop>any hints getting this to work with svideo and directv. i can do antenna just fine
19:18<Captain_Murdoch>need a remote channel changer script for the directv box and just set your input to the svideo input when you make a new video source in the backend setup.
19:18<Captain_Murdoch>howto covers all that I think and if not the mailing list should answer any questions.
19:18<Captain_Murdoch>mailing list archive that is.
19:21<Bishop>i don;t have an irblaster yet. i tought i could just set mythtv to channel 3 and watch whatever channel directv is on
19:30<Captain_Murdoch>bishop, you can do that, just don't tell myth to change channels, or you could change channels on the receiver manually and give myth an empty channel changer script so it thinks it is changing them.
19:30<Captain_Murdoch>set myth to use svideo though not channel 3 if you're using svideo cable and not antenna cable between receiver and tv card.
19:32<Bishop>will try. also, compiling from cvs right now and getting arror on mythmusic. make[1]: *** [cdrip.o] Error 1
19:33<Bishop>what devel library am i missing?
19:33<kraken>that's not the error message
19:33<kraken>that's just make telling you that it's stopping due to an error
20:04-!-davatar [] has joined #mythtv
20:07-!-moegreen [] has joined #mythtv
20:15-!-mdz [] has joined #mythtv
20:15-!-SarahEmm [] has joined #mythtv
20:23<SarahEmm>anyone know what different colours mean for things in mythweb under scheduled recordings? some of my programs have blue shaded backgrounds..
20:25<SarahEmm>ahh nevermind i see
20:25<SarahEmm>Use The Source :)
20:32-!-dilate [] has joined #mythtv
20:36<Bishop>i get errors in mythmusic compiling audiooutput.cpp
20:36<Bishop>it looks like gcc errors. i'm not seeing any missing dependencies
20:39-!-mdz [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
20:41<Bishop> reported only once for each function it appears in.)
20:41<Bishop>make[1]: *** [audiooutput.o] Error 1
20:41<Bishop>it is /usr/include/c++/3.2.2/bits/stl_alloc.h:409: (Each undeclared identifier is
20:41<Bishop> reported only once for each function it appears in.)
20:41<Bishop>make[1]: *** [audiooutput.o] Error 1
20:45<SarahEmm>what's the undeclared identifier?
20:45<SarahEmm>you seem to be missing a line or two of error there
20:47<Bishop>i can paste more, but don;t want to flood channel
20:47<SarahEmm>paste in msg
20:47-!-Bishop [] has quit [Excess Flood]
20:47<SarahEmm>forgot to specify 'slowly'
20:50-!-Bishop [] has joined #mythtv
20:51<Bishop>those errors make any sense?
20:53<SarahEmm>okay, i only got the first 4 lins
20:53<SarahEmm>paste slowly :)
21:00-!-SarahEmm [] has quit [""]
21:10<tmk>chutt: you around?
21:20<Bishop>is there a compile bug in mythmusic? just got it from cvs and installed everyhting fine, but i get errors in mythmusic
21:26-!-mchou [] has joined #mythtv
21:31-!-DavidP [] has joined #mythtv
21:31-!-DavidP is now known as ByteNik
21:32<ByteNik>Can anyone recommend an infrared blaster and receiver that works well with lirc?
21:39<Bishop>get an IR Blaster
21:39<Bishop>do horiz and vert sync rates matter when connected to a tv?
21:40<Bishop>my X config flutters and i can't seem to fix it
21:40-!-kraken [] has left #mythtv []
21:44<mchou>Bishop, yup, I *think* it does matter. At least for Nvidia there are special settings for TV.
21:45<Bishop>mchou: using nvidia
21:46<mchou>well, there you go. Check out the readme in nvidia driver.
21:47<mchou>has everything you need.
21:47<Bishop>i did. i have all the other options in there. it still flutters
21:47<mchou>What's the Monitor section say?
21:48<mchou>or maybe it's Display. Dont remember any more....
21:49<mchou>and describe exactly what you mean by "flutter"
21:50<Bishop>all the lines around a box or border flicker up and sown slightly. hard to explain
21:51<Bishop>the monitor section still has some of the configs from the Monitor
21:52<mchou>You ought to have a special TV "Monitor" section....
21:53<mchou>your colors are OK, and "desktop" size is reasonable on TV?
21:54<Bishop>colors, desktop, everything great. it just wiggles.
21:55<mchou>did you try nvtv, maybe it has to do with flicker filter. Don't really know, not familiar w/ what you describe as flutter.
21:56<mchou>this only happens with horizontal lines or vertical lines?
21:56<mchou>google for nvtv.
21:57<Bishop>horizontal only (left-right)
22:14<davatar>anyone try my dnr patch yet? I'm saving 30% disk space with rtjpeg.. :)
22:19-!-robertj [] has joined #mythtv
22:20<ByteNik>What's the status of cygwin building the mythfrontend? Has anyone done it yet?
22:32<davatar>Last time I checked cygwin's x server didn't support xvideo... slooooooow.. has that changed?
22:34<robertj>couldn't someone build it straight with win qt3?
22:34<Bishop>finally got mythmusic compiled. had to use a cvs i pulled about a week ago and it went right in. current cvs fails. FYI.
22:35<robertj>just being able to watch recorded programs is good enough for me I think
22:36<davatar>somebody posted a beta directshow filter to myth-dev.. did you try that?
22:36<robertj>no, but that's what I was referring to
22:40<Bishop>any way to get track numbers in mythmusic to write 01 and 02 insteal of 1 and 2
22:43-!-Bishop [] has quit []
22:44-!-Bishop [] has joined #mythtv
22:55-!-mdz [] has joined #mythtv
22:55-!-kach [] has joined #mythtv
22:59<davatar>anyone here familiar with rtjpeg internals?
23:01<Bishop>anyone help with directv? i don;t have irblaster yet, but i should still be able to see what the directv box is tuned to right?
23:02-!-kach [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:02<robertj>how is DTV hooked into your computer?
23:04<Bishop>all i get is static
23:07<robertj>hmm, maybe your on the wrong input?
23:13<Bishop>ok. i get video now, but it's black and white (had to change channel to 0)
23:14-!-Soopaman [] has joined #mythtv
23:15<robertj>is it black and white or is the color all out of whack
23:16<Bishop>no. pure black and white
23:20<Bishop>ok. a reboot fixed color.
23:21<Bishop>now i lost sound. I had sound playing until KDE loaded, then i quit
23:23-!-warthawg [] has joined #mythtv
23:25-!-rmj [] has joined #mythtv
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23:39<robertj>bishop: run aumix and make sure the volume is up
23:39-!-warthawg [] has left #mythtv ["Client exiting"]
23:51<Bishop>fixed it!
23:54-!-Timon [] has joined #mythtv
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