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00:09<tmk>term: cable boxes need you to use channel 3 or 4 usually
00:09<tmk>when they're on
00:09<tmk>turn it off and you'll get normal signal
00:09<tmk>just like a vcr: you need to set the tv to channel 3 or 4
00:09<term>tmk: I was on 4.. hmm. I was trying to change the channel but I wasn't able to without lirc hooked up.
00:09<term>didn't know the keyboard command
00:09<term>and typing <channelnumber><enter> didn't work
00:10<tmk>you can use
00:10<term>I'll have to try that
00:10<tmk>also try turning the cable box off
00:10<tmk>and see if you get normal signal
00:10<term>will do
00:10<term>thanks for the tips :)
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00:16<gerhard>hi again
00:17<gerhard>could not fetch, aborting
00:17<gerhard>could someone have a look at this, I dont know whats wrong, the date is totallt off
00:18<tmk>it doesn't grab today's listings
00:18<tmk>it gets the next day it doesn't have
00:18<tmk>out a week or s
00:19<gerhard>it does not grab anything at all, and if i go to the site with that date it does noe exist
00:19<tmk>then your tv-site is poor
00:19<tmk>do you have listings at all?
00:20<gerhard>yes I do I checked
00:20<tmk>then what are you worried about?
00:21<gerhard>No sorry I dont
00:21<tmk>i'd re-run myth setup
00:21<tmk>erase your program-details
00:21<tmk>then go through the process again
00:22<tmk>it's likely confused
00:24<Chutt>gerhard, look at the code.
00:24<Chutt>and figure out what's wrong
00:24<Chutt>continually asking for help isn't going to do anything.
00:27<gerhard>I will have a look at the code and see if I can figure it out. I'm not a programmer
00:28<Chutt>don't ask about it again until you've figured things out
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00:30<tmk>you noticed that ff/rew bug yet chutt?
00:30<Chutt>works fine here
00:30<tmk>guess i'll update and try it
00:31<tmk>is this on the via chipset?
00:31<tmk>err epia
00:32<Bishop>how do i add multiple cd/dvd drives to myth so i can use both
00:33<Bishop>add /dev/cdrom;/dev/cdrom1 to the config
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09:46<mikegrb>howdy paulproteus
09:47* paulproteus is "working" on an essay for an art history class
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11:04* KikoV is away: I'm busy
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14:05<Chutt>sfr, all your translation patches are in cvs now
14:06<sfr>ok. are you still going to release by the end of this week?
14:06<Chutt>going to try to
14:06<Chutt>how's your shoutcast stuff looking?
14:08<sfr>proceeding slowly. basic streaming is ok, but the tag parsing looses track after a few minutes. and it breaks cd playing but i didn't look after that yet.
14:12<Chutt>well, cool =)
14:12<Chutt>you're getting there
14:12<sfr>sooner or later, sure.
14:12<Chutt>anything done for adding streams to the ui?
14:13<sfr>no gui stuff yet
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15:19<o_c>weh, Morgna Green added setupoption for the instant change channel thingie
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15:23<lmatter>Chutt, I thought I saw a comment last week that you were getting near a 0.12 release. Is this true? I would like to sync minimyth 0.2 with that.
15:24<Chutt>end of this week, most likely
15:24<Chutt>depends on how busy i am at work, 'course
15:24<lmatter>Yeah, me too. Ok, thanks.
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16:30<term>tmk had it.
16:30<term>had to use ptune to get the channel right.
16:31<term>hm, quality probably could be better.
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17:54<o_c>ooh, alphablended epg for the 350? sounds neat.. got any screenshot of it?
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18:31<term>when telling myth to record something, it's good to have the clock correct.
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18:36<josephk>it sometimes is good
18:36<josephk>this is just personal experience talking though
18:37<josephk>then again, you get to record interesting shows you would never have watched before
18:37<josephk>like the Rotisseri Roaster
18:37<josephk>Vaccum Sealer
18:37<josephk>Jesus and me
18:38<josephk>quality programming
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18:53<djhack>anyone buitl their own IR transmitter ?
18:56<josephk>I have the parts...hehe
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19:03<djhack>I just bought the stuff to make this
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19:03<djhack>I hope it'll work :)
19:04<djhack>SigmaTel STIr4200 = PITA for CIR
19:05<djhack>I have it all on a protoboard all I have left to do is plug a serial cable to it and test it :)
19:05<term>hm, box loses time often, too.
19:05<tmbg37>how do you think a P3 933Mhz will perform with MythTV?
19:06<josephk>what are you planning on using with it
19:07<tmbg37>dunno, regular stuff
19:07<josephk>what tv card?
19:07<tmbg37>watching tv, watching tv and recording stuff
19:07<tmbg37>don't know yet
19:07<tmbg37>but not one with hardware MPEG encoding
19:09<josephk>you can probably get it working ok...not sure that you'll be able to do anything more than watching a stream while it records
19:10<tmbg37>and what about a 1.8 Ghz celeron?
19:10<josephk>record two, watch one
19:10<josephk>its on the General Info/Lists section
19:11<tmbg37>it's not incredibly detailed, though
19:13<tmbg37>and so if i'm using a hardware encoder, i can use just about any processor, right?
19:14<tmbg37>i'm sorry if i'm annoying you or anything
19:14<josephk>not annoying me...I'm just not an expert:)
19:15<josephk>with a hardware encoder...yeah, but not really
19:15<tmbg37>not really?
19:16<josephk>you never have to worry about cpu for recording...but you can't get away with too slow a machine if you want to do full dimension streams
19:16<josephk>I could play a 544x480 stream on a P3 800 perfectly...but nothing higher
19:17<josephk>which may be more than you want anyway
19:17<tmbg37>i guess i'm probably better off building a new machine for this like i planned anyway
19:17<josephk>well pvr350's are good...but they are currently crash prone at this stage of development
19:18<josephk>they encode and decode in hardware
19:18<josephk>so you can use practically anything with one
19:19<josephk>plus their tv out is unbeatable
19:20<tmbg37>just to let you know, my situation here is that i recently got an old dell optiplex for free, and i'm deciding whether i should get it some upgrades and turn it into a PVR, or build a brand new computer for $530
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19:21<tmbg37>it's got a 266mhz P2
19:21<josephk>well you could use it with a 350, but I wouldn't recommend it:)
19:21<josephk>pvr350 that is
19:21<tmbg37>i know
19:22<tmbg37>so i'm better off building a new machine?
19:22<josephk>fell free to get a second opinion
19:22<josephk>feel even
19:22<josephk>I'm not a myth god or anything
19:22<D-side>so do any of the transcoding methods work well yet?
19:22<tmbg37>well, you seem more experienced than me
19:23<josephk>just from reading and reading and reading
19:23<josephk>and using and using and using
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19:23<josephk>D-side: haven't had a chance to try them in cvs...I've heard they do
19:23<D-side>oh great. the reason mythfilldatabase hasnt been working is because i'm incapable of setting a default gw in redhat.
19:23<D-side>i should be shot for this.
19:24<term>if I do anything with the machine, the livetv playback slows down :(
19:24<D-side>i need straight mpeg4 or something. planning on converting all shows recorded to .wmv format for my pocketpc so i can watch them on the road.
19:24<D-side>term: dont you have that running on a sissy computer?
19:24<term>D-side: I don't call an xp2600 a sissy computer.
19:25<D-side>neither do i.
19:25<D-side>define "do anything"
19:25<term>I ran ntpdate
19:25<term>ps x
19:25<term>no idea why it's doing that.
19:25<josephk>try nice?
19:25<term>I'm almost certainly doing something wrong
19:25<term>nice what, playback?
19:25<D-side>you shouldnt have to
19:26<D-side>whats the avg load?
19:26<josephk>renice your frontend
19:26<D-side>and does it peak when you do anything
19:26<term>why would nicing it _improve_ playback?
19:26<D-side>thats why i want to see if its cpu thats causing the slowdown.
19:26<josephk>well it wouldn't make it better if it always sucks
19:26<D-side>i'd say maybe its disk speed, but you're not even accessing it with those commands.
19:27<term>top - 19:20:23 up 20:08, 5 users, load average: 6.44, 5.30, 3.87
19:27<D-side>dude wtf
19:27<D-side>what the hell are you doing on that box
19:27<term>12397 mythtv 34 19 31800 25m 1700 R 16.1 11.5 2:22.04 /usr/bin/mythbacke
19:27<term>er that's the second of it
19:27<josephk>I have a G4 that I have to run 8 instances of RC5 to do that
19:27<term>mythbackend is running a bunch of times
19:27<josephk>it always does
19:27<josephk>not really running a bunch of times
19:28<josephk>I guess offloading work to difference processes
19:28<term>well, one of them is chewing up a lot of cpu time
19:28<D-side>do you have an in-progress recording going on?
19:28<josephk>what tv card do you have?
19:28<D-side>or live tv going?
19:28<term>no recording
19:28<term>live tv yes
19:28<D-side>so thats your cpu usage
19:28<D-side>rtjpeg or mpeg4?
19:28<D-side>what res, etc etc
19:29<term>I think it's 800x600 for X, probably rtjpeg, since it's a pvr250
19:29<D-side>like i give a crap what the X res is
19:29<D-side>rtjpeg, because its a 250?
19:29<D-side>term have you lost your mind?
19:30<term>I don't remember how rtjpeg or mpeg4 play into the card.
19:30<D-side>pvr250's output pure mpeg2
19:30<D-side>they dont.
19:30<D-side>thats why we have ivtv instead of those.
19:30<josephk>those settings don't matter under .11 release
19:30<josephk>just resolution
19:30<D-side>josephk: what?
19:31<josephk>are you using .11 Release or CVS?
19:31<D-side>are you saying .11 doesnt care which filetype you choose, it does what it feels like?
19:31<josephk>it doesn't care
19:31<D-side>whats the default type then?
19:31<josephk>unless of course you mean transcoding...which doesn't work in .11 release
19:31<josephk>doesn't matter when you use a 250...its up to the 250
19:31<term>well, at least now I see why it keeps losing minutes per hour
19:32<D-side>yes, that makes sense.
19:32<term>but I would like to make it stop using 6.x
19:32<josephk>change the recording need to reduce your bitrate also
19:32<term>why does it keep going up.
19:32<D-side>josephk: i'm just looking for a simple way to make the .nuv silliness go away and be left with a pure mpeg4 file. what are my options?
19:32<term>it was up to 8 when I stopped watching livetv
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19:32<D-side>term: you're talking about load?
19:33<josephk>cvs will do transcoding and I think it works ok with mpeg2 from pvr250
19:33<term>why is it using 28% cpu when I'm not watching anything
19:33<term>D-side: yes, load
19:33<D-side>term: jesus.
19:33<josephk>they added recording profiles and specific support for mpeg2 transcoding
19:33<term>D-side: 8.37 or something when I stopped watching tv.
19:33<term>it's dropping quickly now
19:33<term>down to 4 again
19:33<D-side>pfeh i dont want to put in cvs versions when all i want is a standard filetype. :/
19:33<D-side>i just want to watch alias on my ipaq
19:33<josephk>well you can just rename it to mpg
19:34<josephk>it doesn't matter that it says .nuv
19:34<josephk>its not .nuv
19:34<D-side>josephk: *I* dont have a 250.
19:34<josephk>oh ok
19:34<term>yeah that'd be me. :)
19:34<term>what the hell is it doing
19:34<D-side>i just want an easy way to hand off a recorded program to windows, so i can transcode that into a file for my pda.
19:34<josephk>kill your backend for one thing
19:35<term>josephk: ?
19:35<D-side>yeah really. is this a recent ivtv driver?
19:35<term>very recent.
19:35<josephk>term: kill your backend
19:35<term>maybe a week old at most
19:35<term>josephk: I want to know why it happened. Killing it may fix it right now
19:35<term>but I want to fix it
19:35<term>so it won't happen again
19:35<D-side>im not sure you have that option.
19:35<josephk>I would say that it happend just because
19:36<josephk>no other reason than can happen
19:36<term>okay, restarting made things quiet
19:37<term>let's see if livetv makes things go nuts again..
19:37<josephk>what firmware are you using for the 250?
19:37<term>the one from the cd or floppy
19:37<D-side>i'm considering a 250 to get around the stupid transcoding.
19:38<josephk>you might want to upgrade
19:38<term>er hmm
19:38<term>I may do that.
19:38<josephk>I use 199
19:38<josephk>227 is less stable for me
19:39<term>you have the 250 I assume?
19:39<josephk>250 and 350
19:39<term>(as opposed to the 350)
19:39<josephk>had 2 250's and that worked very well with 199
19:41<term>I'm not sure what version I have.
19:42<josephk>well you can always go back
19:43<D-side>so am i blind or is there no docs on quick-n-dirty transcoding
19:44<josephk>none I know of
19:44<josephk>apparently there is something on the user list about it
19:44<josephk>or so I've heard
19:44<josephk>but that's what everyone always says...hehe
19:45<term>whee I'll reboot and try the new firmware image.
19:45<tmbg37>great, all this PVR talk is making me want to buy one
19:45<term>it'd be nice if the machine didn't crash unmounting swap.
19:45<tmbg37>which sucks because i was going to build one for $500 and i've only got $100
19:45<term><- trying to make the nforce2 chipset play nice
19:46<tmbg37>with no way of making more money
19:46<D-side>term: nforce2 with a 2600? is it a barton?
19:46<D-side>OC that son of a bitch if it is
19:46<solarce>tmbg37: use some of what you have already ;)
19:46-!-michal [] has joined #mythtv
19:46<term>D-side: donno, and before I go OC'ing anything, I want to work :)
19:46<D-side>i'm considering an nforce2 board solely because i want my 2500 barton to be a 3200. :)
19:46<josephk>tmbg37: if you want a 350 you should wait...250 is pretty stable though
19:47<solarce>tmbg37: can't you recycle some hardware to lower your costs?
19:47<michal>hi. anyone here use lirc? i can get it working fine on one machine but not on another. i can see no difference between the configurations.. in fact even a diff turns up nothing
19:47<tmbg37>that's what i was talking about before with josephk
19:47<josephk>solarce: he has a p2 266
19:47<michal>the machine that works doesn't even seem to have it configured correctly yet it works :/
19:47<term>D-side: I got one because it's a) not via, b) everything onboard, c) didn't know how much a pain in the ass nvidia made setting up the drivers
19:47<term>they couldn't just GPL everything but the binary video driver
19:47<tmbg37>well, i might be able to upgrade it to a P3 933
19:47<josephk>not sure what board that optiplex used
19:48<tmbg37>but i don't have the proper fan cable adapter
19:48<josephk>can you give me a model?
19:48<tmbg37>it's a GXa
19:48<D-side>what, video or nic?
19:48<D-side>video on that is ati rage
19:48<D-side>nic is 3c905
19:49<D-side>dont ask me why i know that
19:49<josephk>why do you know that?:)
19:49<tmbg37>it's probably some generic thing
19:50<tmbg37>you know how it is with retail PCs
19:50<josephk>not always
19:50<josephk>but yeah...sometimes
19:51<michal>i've been trying to get this working for WAY too many months :/ I think the only way to fix it is to buy a new motherboard :/
19:52<term>whee we're back up to 2.5
19:52<michal>or use windows :/
19:52<term>now we're past 3..
19:52<tmbg37>anyway, in order to bring it up to PVR standards, i'd have to spend about $250
19:53<term>passing 4..
19:53<josephk>Intel 82440LX PCI/AGP
19:53<josephk>I think you can put a p2 450 in that
19:53-!-Justin_ [~justin@H251-253.FREEDOM.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:53<term>I'll let it run for a few minutes
19:53<josephk>p2 400 at least
19:53<term>it's been a while since I've seen a computer pass 16 for a load average
19:54<tmbg37>old processors are hard to come by
19:54<paulproteus> ?
19:54<tmbg37>oh, i meant on retail sites
19:54-!-Justin_ [~justin@] has joined #mythtv
19:54* paulproteus got a PII 350 a few months back
19:55<term>hmph, it won't stay over 5.
19:55<josephk>I guess 450 is out of the question due to the multiplier...hehe
19:56<josephk> can get an 815 chipset board for $30 on ebay ...not sure how much a 1ghz p3 would be
19:56<tmbg37>well, my dad said that if i can get decent grades this year, he'd give me the money to build a PVR
19:57<tmbg37>i think I already have one, but it's for a tower case
19:58<tmbg37>ugh, forget this, i'll just wait till i can get a new computer
19:58* paulproteus whispers, "tmbg, like the Giants?"
19:59<tmbg37>yes, tmbg stands for They Might Be Giants
20:03<tmbg37>so what's so bad about the TV-out of tuner cards that you have to use that Web Cable Plus thing?
20:06-!-Timon [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:07-!-mrra_rocky is now known as mrra
20:11<D-side>nuvexport might be good.
20:14-!-mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has quit ["Trillian ("]
20:14<D-side>i dont suppose theres a cvs snapshot based rpm repository? :)
20:16-!-schwin97 [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:17-!-nulltank [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:30-!-mechou [] has joined #mythtv
20:38-!-cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
20:45-!-StarHeart [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:54-!-FreddieD [] has joined #mythtv
20:55<FreddieD>Is anybody else having problem with XMLTV to not throw a 404 Error upon channel retrieval?
20:55<cmorgan>there was someone on the mailing list that said they had a problem and someone else replied saying it worked for them
20:56<FreddieD>hmmm weird. I'll just try it later tonight then and see if it magically works
20:56<FreddieD>i tried both .15 and .19 versions... /shrug
20:57<cmorgan>i'm running 0.5.19 here
20:57<cmorgan>let me update
20:57<FreddieD>i think 0.5.19 is the latest
20:58<cmorgan>i got a 404 error as well
20:58<FreddieD>i wonder if zap2it changed their configuration
20:59<cmorgan>someone should be working to fix it ;-)
20:59<FreddieD>yeah i figured as much
20:59<D-side>i just updated an hour and a half ago and had no problem
21:00<cmorgan>try it now
21:00<FreddieD>the last time i tried was about 30 min ago or so
21:01<D-side>nuvexport takes a while eh? :)
21:02<FreddieD>dunno i've never used it :P
21:03<D-side>its been going for about an hour.
21:14<D-side>now this is just sweet.
21:14-!-mrra is now known as mrra_away
21:17-!-djhack [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:22<D-side>term: my issue is now resolved.
21:28<term>D-side: which issue is this?
21:29<term>my problem appears to be related to dma
21:29<D-side>with some sed quickness, i've got nuvexport working great.
21:30<term>at least I finally bothered hooking up the splitter.
21:30<term>so now I can work on it without having to rewire everything
21:32<D-side>i wish there were pocketpc2003 drivers for my keyboard.
21:32<josephk>zap2it's guide is down isn't it
21:33<cmorgan>yes, apparently something is up
21:33<D-side>its browsable via http
21:33<D-side>i'm at it via netscape now
21:33-!-hEximal [] has joined #mythtv
21:40<josephk>did you try to get a listing?
21:41<josephk>2 is down
21:41<josephk>but 1 is not
21:45<josephk>3 is up as well
21:45<josephk>if they even exist...hehe
22:03<FreddieD>you can choose different xmltv listings?
22:03* FreddieD should actually read the README
22:06<FreddieD>oh you mean
22:10-!-overridex [] has joined #mythtv
22:15-!-michal [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
22:34-!-tmbg37 [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:37-!-Drag0n` [] has joined #mythtv
22:38-!-Drag0n [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:38-!-Drag0n` is now known as Drag0n
22:47-!-[DJ]HaCK [] has joined #mythtv
22:48<[DJ]HaCK>anyone knows where I'm going to find a +9V line in a computer ?
22:52-!-mechou [] has left #mythtv []
22:53-!-FreddieD [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:56-!-tmk [] has joined #mythtv
23:06<mikegrb>I fuxored my xbox flashing the bios with a beta version of the linux clean rom, first thing my wife says is: How are we going to watch mythtv? nothing about not being able to play games
23:09<[DJ]HaCK>hehe that's says a lot about mythtv
23:33<[DJ]HaCK>damn it !
23:34<[DJ]HaCK>the electronic shop guy gave me standard leds instead of IR leds !!!
23:39<tmk><sad foghorn noise>
23:47-!-SarahEmm [] has joined #mythtv
23:48<SarahEmm>is there any way to find out what format a given recording is in? i suspect RT-JPEG, as it's a 30m recording and it's 2GB, whereas all my other 1hr recordings are ~750MB (i use MPEG4 480x480)
23:49<[DJ]HaCK>mplayer will do a good job of identifying it for you
23:50<overridex>anyone want a Actisys IR-200L ir blaster/reciever?
23:50<SarahEmm>is there some patch you need to apply to mplayer to read .nuv files?
23:50<overridex>i got it without knowing that it won't work with my cable box (need to use a different frequency) :(
23:52<sc00p_>I was under the impression that that patch no longer works with current mythtv files.
23:52<overridex>it does
23:52<overridex>doesn't do rtjpeg too well
23:52<overridex>but it'll identify them fine
23:52<SarahEmm>that's all i need
---Logclosed Wed Oct 15 00:00:58 2003