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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-10-15

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00:03<[DJ]HaCK>a friend told me of a codec for windows for nuppel video files , anyone tried it ?
00:05<mikegrb>people on the mailing list have
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00:06<[DJ]HaCK>mm I really should subscribe to the list
00:07<mikegrb>overall seems somewhat good feedback
00:07<mikegrb>heh yes
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00:17<mchou>Is the a way to specify a show to record even if it doesn't appear in the listings? For example, suppose I want to record "Star Wars" (a movie I've never recorded before w/myth) whenever it next comes on (way in the future). How do I go about doing something like that via myth?
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00:30<SarahEmm>there's no easier way to ID a .nuv file than patching mplayer and using it?
00:30* SarahEmm having issues compiling mplayer.. i guess i can fight with it more tomorrow
00:34<SarahEmm>anyone have any ideas as to why myth might record one recording in rtjpeg, but the rest (before and after) in MPEG4? my Default and LiveTV are both set to MPEG4 480x480
00:34<mchou>hmm, neve encountered that one....
00:35<SarahEmm>i haven't confirmed it is RTJPEG, but it's 4x the size of my other recordings of the same length
00:36<DogBoy>was the source noisier?
00:37<DogBoy>what was the content like
00:37<SarahEmm>may have been slightly noisier, but not very significantly..
00:37<SarahEmm>would it jump to RTJPEG for noisy sources?
00:37<[DJ]HaCK>which profile is for recording ? default or transcode ?
00:37* SarahEmm thought default
00:38<davatar>anyone: wouldn't the best way to check cpuid to check /proc/cpuinfo ? Is there a simple way to do this? I don't want to muck around with cpuid code.
00:38<DogBoy>it wouldn't compress as well if the source was noisy
00:39<davatar>SarahEmm: I'm pretty sure it's a rtjpeg quality bug... I've had that problem too..
00:40<SarahEmm>erm.. but i'm not using rtjpeg.. so unless myth picked up that the source was noisy and *switched* to rtjpeg...
00:40<SarahEmm>DogBoy: that's a good point.. i guess i need to get mplayer compiling and check it out
00:41<SarahEmm>find out if it really is rtjpeg or mpeg4
00:41<SarahEmm>davatar: umm, cat /proc/cpuinfo ?
00:41<davatar>*shrug* I use rtjpeg by default so I wouldn't know if it switched.. but mpeg4 has a cap on bitrate. rtjpeg I've gone over 20GB/hour.
00:41<DogBoy>what flavor of linux are you running SarahEmm
00:41<SarahEmm>i'm used to 700-800mb/hr
00:41<SarahEmm>this is 2GB for 1/2hr
00:41<SarahEmm>DogBoy: on which box?
00:42<davatar>SarahEmm: I was wonder if there is a library call so I can put it in my code..
00:42<DogBoy>the mplayer box
00:42<davatar>erm.. wondering
00:42<SarahEmm>davatar: ahh... i dunno
00:42<DogBoy>was going to suggest some scripts that work good for installing mplayer on debian
00:43<SarahEmm>it's not patching cleanly i suspect
00:43<SarahEmm>need to look into it at some point when i'm not coming off a shift and tired
00:44<DogBoy>heh, that's my problem now
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00:48<DogBoy>I thought mplayer included support for .nuv now
00:49<DogBoy>that's something that confuses me, if it's encoding in mpeg4 or rtjpeg what does nuv have to do with it?
00:49* SarahEmm was wondering that too
00:49<SarahEmm>is nuv just a 'video package' format like Ogg, that can hold things (rtjpeg, mpeg4) like ogg can (Vorbis) ?
00:50<DogBoy>or I guess quicktime too
00:50<SarahEmm>DogBoy: heh, yeah, after-work is not a good time to be trying to get anything working
00:50<DogBoy>seems like that's when I have the most success though paradoxically
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00:53* SarahEmm was wondering that too -- 15.10.2003 00:49 -- 15.10.2003 00:51
00:53<SarahEmm>is nuv just a 'video package' format like Ogg, that can hold things (rtjpeg, mpeg4) like ogg can (Vorbis) ? -- 15.10.2003 00:49 -- 15.10.2003 00:51
00:53<DogBoy>or I guess quicktime too -- 15.10.2003 00:50 -- 15.10.2003 00:51
00:53<SarahEmm>DogBoy: heh, yeah, after-work is not a good time to be trying to get anything working -- 15.10.2003 00:50 -- 15.10.2003 00:51
00:53<DogBoy>seems like that's when I have the most success though paradoxically -- 15.10.2003 00:50 -- 15.10.2003 00:51
00:53<SarahEmm>heh -- 15.10.2003 00:51
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00:57<SarahEmm>okie nini all
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02:24<[newbie]>is there anyone around you might be able to help with a config issue?
02:27<DogBoy>I probably won't be able to help you
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02:27<DogBoy>but for sure if you don't ask the question...
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02:35<davatar>ugh latest cvs segfaulted when using mythweb :( oh well.. nite....
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03:34<eco>They should really had forums to the MythTV page. They seem to help free the developers from troubleshooting most users as well as build a nice community.
03:38<DogBoy>there are some forums for it somewhere
03:39<DogBoy>some good info in there too
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04:51<linagee_>argh. mythtv owes me an answer to the joe schmoe show. :(
04:51<linagee_>(was off by two minutes and cut off the ending)
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05:13<mithro>linagee_: programs here in australia never seem to end/start on the right times :(
05:13<mithro>so i'm always missing beginnings or ends
05:13<linagee_>mithro: actually, i think i may have found the problem
05:14<linagee_>mithro: when i was trying to correct the problem last time, i might have set the time in the wrong direction. :(
05:14<mithro>you can actually tell mythtv to record "overtime"
05:14<linagee_>mithro: i read the yahoo groups about the missed show though. sucks, seems they're streching it out another 2 weeks
05:15<linagee_>mithro: i have mythtv recording overtime. never does though, because there's usually another show it's recording right after that
05:15<mithro>he he
05:15<mithro>i havn't got my mythtv to record anything atm
05:15<linagee_>argh. i was trying to help someone set up their OS X airport program today. couldn't find the basic parameters in the "user friendly" gui....
05:16<linagee_>now i am reading and finding it would have been as simple as using iwconfig.....
05:16<linagee_>i hate mac's "user friendly" frontends when they don't provide a 1:1 control especially when the controls are standard everywhere else...
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13:24* o_cee is back (gone 31:02:56)
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14:45<o_cee>Chutt: how come you haven't applied/commented the updated patch from Morgan Green?
14:46<mikegrb>so that you will have something to ask about ;)
14:47<o_cee>you see..
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14:48<mikegrb>kvandivo: when I committ the usbxboxir modules with fixed key repeate to cvs this weekend you think anyone will notice if I change the defaults to work perfectly with mythtv?
14:48<kvandivo>;) i possibly would.. but that doesn't mean i would complain
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14:50<mikegrb>* bendy24 /pretends/ to know
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14:54<Chutt>o_cee, because i'm busy, and you're being really fucking annoying about it?
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14:54<o_cee>i just noticed it was bruce who commited stuff, thought it was you, that's why i asked. my bad.
14:54<mikegrb>Chutt: I mneed to send in a patch to fix the xbox stuff on gentoox, do I still have a day or two?
14:55<Chutt>um, i commit most things
14:55<Chutt>mikegrb, sure
14:55<mikegrb>heh okay
14:56<o_cee>yeah, but "bjm" just commited stuff. since i thought it was you who did it, i asked. as i said, my bad.
14:56<mikegrb>I'll prob work on it tonight and have kvandivo test it if I can talk him into it... my xbox is broken at the moment
14:56* mikegrb looks to kvandivo
14:56* kvandivo looks around.
14:57<mikegrb>you going to be around tonight to test a patch?
14:57<kvandivo>umm.. ya, i can try to help out.
14:57<kvandivo>i'm busy working on house stuff, but i should be able to do that for you
14:58<mikegrb>I broke my tsop last night, I got a mod chip fed ex'ed from another guy on the xbox-linux project this morning but it won't be hear until tommorow or friday
14:59<kvandivo>tsk tsk. My $139 dell p4-2.4 that i ordered last week should be here today, courtesy of fed ex..
14:59<kvandivo>don't know what i'm going to do with it, yet.. but for the price i couldn't pass it up
15:00<mikegrb>have you filled out the xbox version database thingie? we're getting some interesting stats :-) got roughly one in every 50,000 in our database
15:00<mikegrb>yes for that price
15:00<mikegrb>I would buy now and ask forgiveness from wife later
15:00<kvandivo>not yet. to be honest (/me ducks for cover) I haven't ran mythfrontend or the xbox stuff since last week. i've been really busy with house stuff
15:01<kvandivo>i definitely plan to fill it out.. just haven't been in a position to do so recently.
15:01<mikegrb>heh well my wifes only response when I told her it was temporarily dead was, you mean I can't watch myhtv in the living room
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15:02<mikegrb>if I knew that would have been her position I would have just flashed cromwell to the whole chip and been done with it
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15:18<pmowry>Hi, in the mythtv-users list, there is a single post/reply about getting a blank screen when watching live tv with a pvr-x50 and mythtv CVS. Does anyone have any information about it?
15:19<pmowry>I have redhat 9 2.4.20-20 kernel on a P3-500Mhz with 1 Gig of ram
15:19<pmowry>I tried both the CVS and alpha versions of ivtv.
15:19<pmowry>Records great though, have not tried the 350s tv-out yet.
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16:46<warlord>hmm, is there an easy way to rebuild the recorded database? Information about some of my saved tv shows appears to be incorrect. For example, I'm now about 45 minutes into an hour-long show that the OSD claims is only 18 minutes long..
16:47<warlord>Makes it a bit hard to fast-forward.. :(
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17:25<newbie>can anyone help with a setup issue in mythtv?
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18:26<Drag0n>where is xmltv pulling listings from? how can i go and see what cable provider i need to chose if i have several that match?
18:27<mikegrb>north america?
18:27<Drag0n>yeah, i am in AC 30092
18:27<mikegrb>oh heh
18:31<Drag0n>hmm, i have 6 choices for comcast, how do i know which is the correct one?
18:32<Drag0n>hmm, think i found the right one
18:37<Drag0n>ok, i ran mythfilldatabase and got a large dump of html code to the screen with the line "ignoring html table row that failed to parse
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18:57<pmowry>Hi, where is the best place to search the myth-dev and mythtv-users archives? the link from does not have a search.
18:57<mikegrb>the links that says search the archives
18:58<pmowry>Drag0n: what version of xmltv are you using? I have 0.5.18.
18:59<pmowry>I'll go crawl in a hole now in shame.
18:59<Drag0n>i am running 0.5.19
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19:00<pmowry>other than a complaint about a depricated function, 0.5.18 works fine for me(Cable America listings)
19:01<pmowry>I'll try an upgrade later to see it it breaks.
19:01<Drag0n>it did the same with 0.5.18
19:02<Drag0n>i had to rerun setup to change the provider information, and am trying to repopulate the database. is there a DB clear command?
19:02<pmowry>In the docs there is a description on purging the database, I dont remember it off-hand.
19:03<mikegrb>run the backend setup program
19:03<mikegrb>answer 'y' when it asks if you want to purge the database
19:03<Drag0n>i did that
19:03<Drag0n>ahh, nm
19:05<Drag0n>wait, i did that, and then i ran mythfilldatabase and boom
19:05<Drag0n>do i need to start mythbackend before mythfilldatabase?
19:06<kvandivo>do the docs say to start backend before running mythfill?
19:06<Drag0n>well, they list it in that order, but dont explicitly say to
19:06<kvandivo>probably not a bad idea, then, just to cover your bases
19:08<Drag0n>damn, same thing
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19:18<Drag0n>can anyone help?
19:21<pmowry>I'm purging mine, now. What zip and providor are you using?
19:21-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:21<Drag0n>30092 i have tried all of the comcast ones
19:22<pmowry>mikegrb: Hey, if you are using a PVR-350, should audio device be set to none for capturecard settings?
19:22<Drag0n>but the only one that has an accurate list is comcast digital rebuild
19:22<mikegrb>pmowry: not sure really
19:22<mikegrb>pmowry: I think so
19:24<pmowry>mikegrb: I'll give it a try, when I try to playback video I only get a blank screen and frontend reports errors on dev/dsp.
19:24<pmowry>Drag0n: Almost done, I'll try in a sec.
19:24<mikegrb>that is most likely for output then
19:24<Drag0n>k, thanks
19:30<pmowry>Drag0n: sorry, looks like its working fine for me.
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19:31<pmowry>Its still grabbing listings for 10-16, When do you start getting the html ops... hold on...
19:32<pmowry>nevermind, the only html stuff I saw was wget gabbing jpegs for channel icons.
19:33<Drag0n>i get it right away
19:33<Drag0n>it starts on channel 2
19:34<Drag0n>it worked before i reran the backend setup
19:34<pmowry>forgive the flood....
19:34<pmowry>[mythtv@Optiplex setup]$ mythfilldatabase
19:34<pmowry>----------------- Start of XMLTV output -----------------
19:34<pmowry>parameterless "use IO" deprecated at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/XML/ line 16
19:34<pmowry>using config file /home/mythtv/.mythtv/comcast.xmltv
19:34<pmowry>checking provider information for postal/zip code 30092, be patient..
19:34<pmowry>double checking channel information, be patient..
19:34<pmowry>writing listings to /tmp/mythCFoN0q
19:34<pmowry>Day 2003-10-16 schedule for station 2 CSPAN has:8 programs
19:35<pmowry>and then it continues for the rest of the channels
19:35<Drag0n>hmm, right before "Day 2003...." it starts spewing
19:37<Drag0n>wonder if i need to reinstall from scratch?
19:37<pmowry>what version of mythtv are you using?
19:37<pmowry>I'm running a CVS version from a few days ago, but only because I'm using a pvr-350.
19:38<pmowry>I did not notice any commits lately about the filldatabase program.
19:40<pmowry>Well, the CVS souce is dated Oct-13 so they must have changed something.
19:40<pmowry>But I dont think that is enough of a reason to start over.
19:43<pmowry>If you can tell me how to use dcc within BitchX I can send you my binary to see if it works any different.
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19:47<pmowry>Does anyone know what the permissions should be like in /dev
19:47<pmowry>I have "crw------- 1 mythtv root" for everything media related.
19:48<pmowry>mythtv is the user running X.
19:48<pmowry>amd mythfrontend goes blank and complains
19:49<pmowry>Unable to open mixer: '/dev/mixer'
19:49<pmowry>Opening OSS audio device '/dev/dsp'.
19:49<pmowry>Error opening audio device (/dev/dsp):
19:49<pmowry> /dev/dsp: No such device
19:49<warlord>what user is running the frontend?
19:49<pmowry>_ /dev/dsp: No such device
19:49<warlord>wait -- no such device?
19:50<warlord>Well, solve the user problem first...
19:50<pmowry>mythtv is the user running mythfrontend, started from an xterm.
19:51<warlord>well, does user mythtv have r/w access to /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer?
19:51<pmowry>and mythtv is also the user ruun mythbackend from another console.
19:51<warlord>OH.. well, that's not good either. ;)
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19:52<warlord>fix your permissions.
19:52<[[away]]>anyone tried mythgames with some very big amount of roms ?
19:52-!-[[away]] is now known as [DJ]HaCK
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19:53<pmowry>I'll trty running everything as root...
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21:13<pmowry>mikegrb: Its amazing how much better things work when you load all the drivers. Thanks for the help earlier.
21:14<mikegrb>heh no prob
21:14<pmowry>Now I just have a scaling issue. X is set for 1152x864.
21:14<pmowry>But I'll get that fixed soon enough.
21:15<pmowry>Time to spend time with the family, seeya.
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21:16<mikegrb>is it against the rules to use kde apps under evilwm?
21:16-!-FreddieD [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
21:27<mikegrb>kvandivo: you around?
21:28<mikegrb>I used emacs :-)
21:28-!-Bishop [] has joined #mythtv
21:30<Bishop>tv skips alot. cpu is ~90% idle. could it be myth or ivtv?
21:31<mikegrb>try 'hdparm /dev/device'
21:31<mikegrb>of course substitute device for yours
21:31<mikegrb>make sure 32bit io and dma are both on
21:32<Bishop>i only have 16 bit IO on. it errors on 32bit. not sure why it's a faily new botherboard
21:33<mikegrb>oh you asked here recently, right?
21:33<mikegrb>er wrong win
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21:53-!-DrewZ [~DrewZio@] has joined #mythtv
22:01-!-kslater [] has joined #mythtv
22:02<kslater>Anyone on the via epia platform?
22:11<solarce>kslater: I think that a large number of people are
22:24-!-[DJ]HaCK [] has joined #mythtv
22:25<[DJ]HaCK>anybody good with electronics here ?
22:29<mikegrb>what's your question?
22:30<kslater>ok. followup. Has anyone build VeXP to use with MythDVD?
22:31<[DJ]HaCK>I built a IR transmitter
22:31<[DJ]HaCK>2sec ..
22:32<[DJ]HaCK>2nd circuit on this page
22:32<[DJ]HaCK>I just bought "ir leds" the electronic shop guy didn't have any specs
22:33<[DJ]HaCK>not even what voltage they need
22:34<[DJ]HaCK>anyway I build the transmitter on a protoboard , used a standard PSU for power , I put the +5V line on both power inputs (DTR and power) and the ground from the psu on all ground points
22:34<[DJ]HaCK>I put the led in to close the circuit and used a ccd camera and apparently it work , I can see IR light coming out
22:35<[DJ]HaCK>then I took my multimeter and checked the voltage going through the LED and it said only 1.112V
22:35<[DJ]HaCK>a friend of mine told me leds usually run on either 6 or 12 volts
22:37<mikegrb>6 or 12 is very high
22:37<[DJ]HaCK>I was just curious if that 1V reading is normal /wanted to make sure the circuit is ok before I go on and hook it up to my serial port
22:37<mikegrb>sorry I was getting a new translator for another project setup
22:38<DrewZ>1.12 sounds ok for an LED that is about what one would expect. The 6 to 12 volts would need to be droped with a resistor to limit the current.
22:38<mikegrb>1 - 1.7 or so is a pretty normal range
22:40<[DJ]HaCK>mm I put a normal led and it said 2V with no led plug I get 4.3V
22:41<[DJ]HaCK>mm good maybe I'll get this working tonight :)
22:41<mikegrb>with no led the meter is dropping the voltage
22:42<DrewZ>What is your Power supply?
22:42<mikegrb>in voltage mode the meter has a very high impedance and therefore should drop most of the voltage in the ckt
22:42<[DJ]HaCK>DrewZ : flakey atx psu
22:42<mikegrb>so your numbers look good
22:43-!-FreddieD [] has joined #mythtv
22:43<mikegrb>the best thing was probably the test with the CCD you did
22:43<mikegrb>easiest way to check an ir led
22:43<[DJ]HaCK>great , also the led make as much light on the camera as my sat receiver's remote
22:43<mikegrb>well beside using an ir detector
22:43<mikegrb>that's good
22:44<mikegrb>your ir blaster most likely wont be that far from what it is transmitting to so you should get pretty good transmission
22:44<DrewZ>Does the LED turn on and off if you tie the signal line to +V
22:45<overridex>i need to try making an ir blaster soon....
22:45<overridex>never really messed with that sort of thing, closest thing was making a controller for my atari jaguar years back..
22:46<[DJ]HaCK>mikegrb : that's good I'm probably goind to tape the led to the ir receiver on the sat rcv so other receiver don't receive change channel signals
22:46<[DJ]HaCK>DrewZ : yep
22:46<DrewZ>Then you got it...
22:46<[DJ]HaCK>from the circuit I have , I will connect the DTR from the serial cable to the base of the 1st transistor but do I need to use the ground from the serial cable as main ground , or use the ground from the ATX psu ?
22:47<mikegrb>we had a tv with the guide plus stuff, had a great little ir led transmitter, stuck onto the receiver with clear double sided tape type stuff but still clear enough that the device could pick up a remote in the room
22:47<mikegrb>if I ever need to build an ir blaster I will probably use one of those
22:48<DrewZ>Is the ATX PSU GND tied to the PC with the serial port?
22:49<DrewZ>Is the power supply for the circuit the same as the PC supply?
22:49<[DJ]HaCK>no , they are independent grounds , I might replace the ATX PSU by 3 AA batteries
22:50<DrewZ>You will need to tie the GND's together to complete the circuit. I would use two wires on the serial cable. one to the resistor on the base of the tranistor and the second for the ground
22:52<[DJ]HaCK>isn't that bad to connect ground from different sources together ? I read somewhere that I shouldn't connect the serial ground with the serial cable's shield because they may not be of the same potential , case ground vs serial ground or something like that
22:56<[DJ]HaCK>mm I'll try to get it working this way and (since I have to make 6 more that are more "factory-made" looking) I 'll use this thing
22:57<[DJ]HaCK>it charge a capacitor while idle and use the power from the capacitor to amplify the signal
22:58<DrewZ>I think you are refering to ground loops. Multiple paths to GND. For your circuit. It is floating in Air (If you use Batteries) The circuit is like a multimeter. If you were to hook one wire to the serial port you would get strange results. When you hook up both leads it has a reference point for the voltge. The tranistor in the circuit is just like a volt meter.
22:59<DrewZ>In order for the circuit to measure the voltage it needs two points.
23:00<DrewZ>If you want to avoid GND issues I would go with the batteries or the second circuit you referenced
23:01<DrewZ>Stay away from a Power Suply if you don't know if it has a floating ground.
23:01<DrewZ>Good Luck Got to Go....
23:01-!-DrewZ [~DrewZio@] has left #mythtv []
23:02<warlord>Hey, is there some script/program to rebuild the in-db GOP database for stored shows?
23:05<[DJ]HaCK>murphy's law says I better not trust that flakey PSU to have the kind of ground I need
23:06<mikegrb>warlord: I think running mythcommflag will do it
23:06<mikegrb>try --help or some such
23:09-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
23:09<warlord>hmm, will that fix the fact that myth thinks the program is only 18 minutes long, even though the recording is clearly longer than that?
23:10<[DJ]HaCK>mm if I put a normal LED in parralel with the ir led , the normal led doesn't make any light , if I disconnect the ir led it does light up , is it because the ir led has lower resistance than the normal led and it's short circuiting it ?
23:10-!-bline [] has quit [Client Quit]
23:10-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
23:10<warlord>[DJ]HaCK: could be... or there isn't enough current.
23:10<mikegrb>well, are you sure the infra led is on when they are both connected?
23:11<[DJ]HaCK>yep is still glow on the ccd camera
23:11<mikegrb>like warlord said could be not enough current for both
23:11-!-Ripp [] has quit ["Leaving"]
23:12<mikegrb>you might add a small amnt of resistance to the infraled leg
23:12<[DJ]HaCK>k , any idea how I could add a control led for debugging when I don't have a ccd camera
23:13<[DJ]HaCK>k, I'll try with a 5 ohm resistance
23:13<mikegrb>but yes your idea of why could very well be accurate
23:14<mikegrb>if you have an ohm meter you could try measuring the fwd-resistance of both led's so you could see how different they are
23:14<warlord>you also might want to find the current specs to see how much current they require. But honestly, this is WAY off-topic for this group.
23:15<Captain_Murdoch_>warlord, mythcommflag will save the seektable for a recording in the database if one does not exist already. you might have to delete any existing entries in recordedmarkup for that recording before running mythcommflag.
23:15<mikegrb>well warlord that would be a good idea if the place he bought it from had specs :-)
23:15<mikegrb>Captain_Murdoch_: Yhea! I was right
23:16<warlord>Captain_Murdoch_: ahh, right --force wont DWIW, huh?
23:16<Captain_Murdoch_>no, --force is for making it flag a program that it thinks is currently being flagged because of the 'lock' mark in the recordedmarkup table.
23:17<Captain_Murdoch_>if, if flagging is running and the backend dies or you CTRL-C mythcommflag and it leaves the mark around.
23:17<warlord>at some point last week my machine crashed and my 'recordedmarkup' table got corrupted..
23:18<warlord>so I'm trying to rebuild it.
23:18<josephk>anyone here have a pvr 350 that doesn't crash while decoding?
23:18<Captain_Murdoch_>for more than one video?
23:18<warlord>Captain_Murdoch_: I dont know ;)
23:18<warlord>i was planning on doing it one video at a time
23:19<Captain_Murdoch_>warlord, if the table is hosed, you can rebuild all seektables and commercial marks by truncating the table and running mythcommflag. it will detect the videos without comm flagging and will flag them. or use the --all option.
23:19<warlord>but --all will ignore files already in the DB?
23:20<Captain_Murdoch_>no, --all will re-flag all programs. the flagging process checks for a seektable when it finishes and if a seektable does not exist for the recording it saves one to the DB.
23:21<Captain_Murdoch_>the seektable check is always done just to make sure a seektable exists because otherwise the flagging info is useless.
23:21<warlord>what if a seektable exists but is wrong?
23:21<warlord>(or do I misunderstand what you mean by seektable?)
23:21<Captain_Murdoch_>then truncate the table (or delete all rows). then run mythcommflag.
23:22<warlord>one more question: approx how long does mythcommflag take to run?
23:22<Captain_Murdoch_>seektable is location of GOPs for mpeg2 and is always in the DB. seektable for mpeg4/rtjpeg is in the .nuv file but can be in the DB if the player can't read the one in the file when detecting commercials so it saves a copy to the DB.
23:23<Captain_Murdoch_>when you run from the commmand-line it will use all available cpu so it runs pretty quick if you have a decent machine.
23:23<warlord>seektable == mythconverg.recordedmarkup?
23:24<kvandivo>mikegrb: i'm around now
23:24<mikegrb>lemme cp the patch somewhere accessable
23:24<Captain_Murdoch_>for mpeg2 files yes and for damaged mpeg4/rtjpeg files that have been commercial flagged. that table also has commercial markups as well as flags to indicate if commercials are being flagged currently for a recording.
23:26<warlord>Captain_Murdoch_: ok. I've got all mpeg2 files. So clearly I should just truncate the table and then "mythcommflag --all". truncate == "delete from recordedmarkup;"?
23:26<[DJ]HaCK>mikegrb : a 100 ohm resistance worked :)
23:26<warlord>[DJ]HaCK: cool
23:27<mikegrb>[DJ]HaCK: :-) the infra will be a bit dimmer now but you can compare with a normal remote on the ccd should still be fine
23:27<kvandivo>this against current cvs, i assume?
23:28<Captain_Murdoch_>warlord, yeah, or just use "truncate recordedmarkup;"
23:28<warlord>All, much simpler ;)
23:28<warlord>er, Ahh
23:29<Captain_Murdoch_>faster too usually.
23:29<kvandivo>actually, from looking at the code, it probably won't matter much. :)
23:29<mikegrb>kvandivo: heh almost current but there shouldn't be any changes that effect it applying clean
23:29<warlord>heh. probably. it's a HUGE table
23:29<mikegrb>right just xbox.cpp and then some howto stuff
23:29<mikegrb>I tested to the extent that it compiles <g>
23:30<Captain_Murdoch_>yeah, huge if you have mpeg2 files. 2 rows for every second of video since GOPs are every 15 frames.
23:30<kvandivo>i don't see anything hugely dangerous there
23:31<mikegrb>rather simple change really, the only thing that shouldn't be fixed is the issue with the setup menu not appearing right away
23:31<mikegrb>I'm not sure about that as it didn't do it for me... I don't think and I don't have a frontend at the moment
23:32<warlord>Captain_Murdoch_: yea... :(
23:32<warlord>luckily I've got like 10G for the database partition.
23:32<warlord>(well, 5.7G free at this point)
23:32<mikegrb>kvandivo: I didn't think anything would be a problem mainly just wanted get someone with more knowledge to give it the once over
23:33<mikegrb>if you don't mind could you skim through the docs addition
23:34<kvandivo>ya.. already had.. I'd change the 'Now it's time to setup MythTV' to 'Now it's time to setup MythTV to work with your xbox.'
23:35<kvandivo>speaking of typos.. 'it was intended to be i2c_stuff but a type got in there' needs to be 'it was intended to be i2c_stuff but a typo got in there'
23:36<warlord>ok, lets see how long it takes to go through about 70GB of video files ;)
23:36<kvandivo>recompiled.. going to the other room to test..
23:38<mikegrb>that's a funny typo <g>
23:38<mikegrb>I agree with your other suggestion too
23:39<mikegrb>sorry I'm a bit behind trying to setup the translation system for the xbox-linux site for polish
23:39-!-[newbie] [] has joined #mythtv
23:45<kvandivo>i can't find anywhere that actually tells the units on the 'check interval'. you might want to add that
23:45-!-[newbie] [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:46<kvandivo>at any rate, it seemed to work for me. i had to reenable the xbox hardware (apparently that hack that i had put in a couple of weeks ago had a different name
23:48<mikegrb>I'll add that to the settings help text
23:50-!-mecraw__ [] has joined #mythtv
23:54<kvandivo>and, i've just registered my box at xbox-linux
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