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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-10-16

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00:05<mikegrb>thomson dvd drive, sorry to hear, I am thusley afflected as well
00:06<mikegrb>er afflicted
00:08<kvandivo>hasn't really been that much of a thorn in my side so far.
00:08<kvandivo>more than anything, i wish i had a 10 gig drive..
00:08<mikegrb>heh me too
00:09<kvandivo>at any rate.. going to bed now. later
00:09<mikegrb>I guess we both have xboxes from mexico
00:09<mikegrb>take care
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00:48<davatar>anyone awake? I think I found a bug in rtjpeg. An all blue screen causes the "quality" setting to sky rocket, and cpu usage..
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01:33<accurate> <-- anyone read this? It's a bill in america that will make digital tv tuners possible for computers.
01:36<overridex>accurate: would be nice.....
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02:44<thor_> <--- hurray
03:01<FryGuy>i deleted all the rows from the channels table thinking mythfilldatabase would restore them (it did before I thought), and it didn't. What command can I use to import them again.
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03:14* overridex is away: sleepage
03:22* KikoV is away: I'm busy
03:23* KikoV is back (gone 00:00:04)
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04:58<noc>Hi there everyone. Anyone a Gentoo/Myth user?
04:58<noc>.... and if so, have you ever seen this?
04:58<noc>--------------------------- ACCESS VIOLATION SUMMARY ---------------------------
04:58<noc>LOG FILE = "/tmp/sandbox-lirc-0.6.6-r1-23915.log"
04:58<noc>unlink: /usr/src/linux-2.4.20-gentoo-r7/scripts/split-include
04:58<noc>open_wr: /usr/src/linux-2.4.20-gentoo-r7/scripts/split-include
04:58<noc>unlink: /usr/src/linux-2.4.20-gentoo-r7/scripts/split-include
05:05<o_cee>nope. never seen that
05:06<noc>I chmod 777's the file and same thing... hmmm
05:13<choenig>noc: tried that?
05:16<noc>thanks a million. Not really looking forward to !another! kernel compile, but if it works, then great.
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05:18<choenig>noc: i don't know, but I just found that as a possible sollution
05:19<noc>I appreciate it. Thanks.
05:19<choenig>no problem :)
05:19* choenig is away: classes
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06:52<gerhard>hi all, trying to install mythtv on rh9 with "apt-get install mythtv-suite" returns "E: Broken packages" what is happening
06:54<noc>not sure, but I tried 4 times to get it all working on RH9 before then going to Mandrake9.1 (which worked) and then on to Gentoo (just for fun)...
06:55<noc>actually I did a kernel rebuild in Mandrake and then neither kernel (old or new) would boot, so I said f$%k it and I'm trying Gentoo...
06:57<noc>... in RH9, apt seemed to break everything...
06:59<gerhard>i tried that some days ago and it did download, I had to reinstall RH9 because I messed it up and I'm ready to start again
07:00<gerhard>I would guess that "E: Broken packages" means that there is something wrong on the server side but I'm not shure
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07:09<noc>I dunno. I'm beginning to think you have to be a friggin genius to run this...
07:11<noc>Gentoo is cool because it optimizes everything so much for your hardware, but there is a bit of a learning curve and a lot of room to screw things up
07:12<gerhard>I agree it's frustrating
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07:13<noc>I just decided I'm going to rebuild from scratch with Gentoo and follow the install instructions EXACTLY. if that doesn't work I'll go back to Mandrake because it worked perfectly
07:14<noc>gerhard: good luck with RH9 :-)
07:15<gerhard>I found a link where someone explains how to get this up and running and it looks good so far, bat it does not help if I cant download the files I need
07:15<jkolb>noc: You see that during an emerge?
07:15<noc>jkolb: yep
07:16<noc>emerge of lirc
07:16<jkolb>That means that the ebuild script isn't writing the files to .. uh ... the sandbox dir. It's just trying to write them directly to the real filesystem.
07:16<jkolb>Something's wrong with the ebuild.
07:16<jkolb>Where did this lirc ebuild come from?
07:17<noc>but I think I have more problems because I rebooted remotely and it didn't come back (maybe sshd didn't start...)
07:17<noc>where did it come from? like what web url?
07:17<jkolb>After emerging ssh, did you rc-update add sshd default?
07:18<jkolb>Just emerging a package doesn't mean it starts up at boot.
07:18<noc>yes re: rc-update... it was coming up before no problem and then i did a bunch of emerges and now it's screwed. i think its because I did a etc-update and let it overwrite
07:19<noc>I'm gonna rebuild the whole damn thing... but thanks for the effort
07:20<jkolb>Was this your first gentoo install?
07:20<jkolb>I had to wipe my first install too.
07:20<jkolb>Don't know exactly how I hosed it, but it was screwed.
07:21<noc>I also made the mistake earlier of emerging a bunch of stuff while I was still chrooted (install CD) and when I booted the built kernel (no CD) it was pretty messed up
07:21<noc>yes.. first instal
07:21<jkolb>You can emerge things while chrooted.
07:23<noc>yeah... it even tells you during the install (after mounting and chrooting) to emerge the system logger and nvidia kernel(if needed) etc.
07:24<noc>but it also says to reboot and try to boot the kernel before emerging anything else... which was my mistake because Iwas remote and didn't want to lose connectivity (in case it didn't boot)
07:25<jkolb>Hm. I don't remember that part, but ok.
07:25<noc>I just need to find some time when I can do it all locally instead of using precious overnight hours at work... just a sec
07:28<noc>Yes... there are numerous emerge commands in the instuctions after the chroot...
07:29<noc>8. Stage tarballs and chroot
07:29<noc>16. Installing the kernel and system logger
07:29<noc>emerge -k genkernel
07:29<noc>emerge -k hotplug
07:30<noc>emerge -k nvidia-kernel
07:30<jkolb>They have -k emerges during install now?
07:30<noc># emerge -k app-admin/sysklogd
07:30<noc># rc-update add sysklogd default
07:30<noc># emerge -k app-admin/syslog-ng
07:30<noc># rc-update add syslog-ng default
07:30<noc># emerge -k app-admin/metalog
07:30<noc># rc-update add metalog default
07:30<noc># emerge -k app-admin/msyslog
07:30<noc># rc-update add msyslog default
07:31<noc>but I went much further and installed mysql,sshd, mythtv, etc. etc.
07:31<gerhard>"yum install mythtv-suite" seems to work, its downloading
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09:09<jkolb>Also need an 'I will read the docs _completely_ before asking dumb questions in IRC'
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09:21<mikegrb>jkolb: though they wouldn't read that either heh
09:26<fr33>Hi guys
09:28<fr33>Hello PAL-EUROPE users here with PVR350? and TVOUT got working?
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09:29<kvandivo>mikegrb: you still didn't fix type -> typo in that patch! :)
09:34<mikegrb>I knew I was missing something!
09:38<mikegrb>new patch sent
09:38<fr33>so who are you guys and what are you working on? if i may ask?
09:40<mikegrb>fixing xbox hardware additions in mythtv
09:41<kvandivo>tomcat34738.3 %
09:41<kvandivo>mysql17754.2 %
09:41<kvandivo>biocore15223.6 %
09:41<kvandivo>java15053.6 %
09:41<kvandivo>install9602.3 %
09:41<kvandivo>toe: 8532 %
09:41<kvandivo>web8322 %
09:41<kvandivo>download8151.9 %
09:41<kvandivo>start8071.9 %
09:41<fr33>and how are things working with the X-BOX hardware?
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09:42<fr33>is it for me an option to buy a X-BOX to use it as a silent frontend?
09:42<mikegrb>thank you for that information kvandivo ;)
09:42<mikegrb>it does make a nice frontend
09:43<fr33>how about the music and video module?
09:43<mikegrb>yes those work too
09:43<fr33>it uses nfs mounts?
09:43<fr33>hmmmz sorry but i don't know the XBOX good but is it silent?
09:44<fr33>and the TVOUT quality?
09:44<kvandivo>oops.. sorry bout that... dang mouse cut-n-paste..
09:45<fr33>So all you have to do is buy a XBOX, let a company hack it and I can Install linux on it like a normal comp?
09:45* kvandivo giggles to himself about mikegrb.
09:45<kvandivo>in that email you just sent, you said: ironically the typo was the word typo
09:45<kvandivo>oh wait.. nm.. that makes good sense.
09:45* kvandivo slaps himself.
09:46* mikegrb giigles to himeself about kvandivo
09:46<kvandivo>fr33: why "let a company hack it"? do it yourself. :)
09:46<fr33>:) for sure you don't know me!
09:48<fr33>i think it will be the most silent frontend ever!
09:48<fr33>maybe the most silent deadend is better!
09:49<fr33>sorry my english is not that good, so maybe the humor is not ....?????
09:49<mikegrb>it is rather quite
09:49<kvandivo>no.. it's good. just doing something on another screen
09:50<mikegrb>you can drop the fan down to 10% speed, normal is 20%
09:50<mikegrb>er quiet rather
09:50<mikegrb>10% may be a little slow, I haven't run it at that speed for long bits of tiime
09:51* mikegrb is afk, time for a cigarette
09:52* fr33 too!
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13:24<Bishop>my mythtv cvs is about 2 weeks old. anything new in cvs worth getting? and is accurate. according to that no updates have been made in weeks!
13:26<mikegrb>there is a viewcvs link on the webpage
13:27<mikegrb>I don't know if it points to, I don't think it does
13:27<mikegrb>you really shouldn't use cvs unless you are on the cvs commits list
13:27<sfr_>check the cvs-commits ml archive
13:28<thor_>I can assure you that commits are made every day
13:29<jkolb>No commits were made last Saturday. :P
13:29* thor_ slaps jkolb around with a small 50lb Unix Manual
13:31<jkolb>Hah! I have survived larger Unix Manuals than that!
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13:49<mikegrb>greetings peasants
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14:03<gerhard>hi all, sorry for having to ask a dumb question
14:04<thor_>there are no dumb questions, only dumb people
14:05<jkolb>Wait, wait...
14:05<kvandivo>so go ahead.. ask, and we'll determine if you rate.
14:05<gerhard>I want to remove lirc, but apt-get says it has to remove a bunch of other files which I dont want to do. Is there a switch which removes just that one
14:05* mikegrb pats jkolb on the head and gives him a cookie
14:06<jkolb>A thousand thanks, m'lord!
14:06<gerhard>so whats the rate on my dumb question
14:07<thor_>man apt-get ?
14:08<gerhard>I dont mind using something else as long as I get rid of the file
14:11<gerhard>I guess my qestion was to dumb
14:12<thor_>man apt-get ?
14:12<sfr_>which packages are affetcted?
14:13<kvandivo>and it sounds like what you are wanting to do is dangerous, at any rate
14:13<kvandivo>if other packages have lirc as a dependency...
14:13<gerhard>its the wrong lirc version
14:14<thor_>I've never used apt-get, but surely apt-get'ing the "right" version would bring in the right versions of the dependencies ?
14:16<kvandivo>if you run dpkg directly, does it try to remove the dependencies also?
14:18<gerhard>dpkg? how
14:19<kvandivo>google is your friend. i've never used debian before.. never even seen it.
14:20<gerhard>i use RH9
14:20<sfr_>i knew it.
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14:41* overridex is back (gone 11:27:27)
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14:51<stein>when recording with mythtv, will it be raw video with hundreds of megs/minute?
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14:52<kvandivo>while numbers vary _greatly_ from person to person, i record at 3 gigs/hour
14:52<stein>ok, that's not bad
14:53<thor_> <--- bullet #4 (you don't even need to scroll)
14:54<stein>bah, didnt see that sorry
14:55<thor_>there are no stupid questions, only stupid verb conjugations
14:56<thor_>(rest assured I have no idea what I'm talking about either)
14:57<kvandivo> 'There Are No Stupid Questions - Only Ones Derived From Inexperience...'
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15:22<stein>Session management error: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed
15:22<stein>Unable to connect to database!
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15:22<stein>just installed the redhat rpm's..
15:23<stein>any idea what I've missed to do?
15:31<thor_>sounds like you're in a console as a user that doesn't have X rights
15:32<thor_>xlogo ?
15:32<thor_>who started X ?
15:32<stein>aah, not root
15:33<stein>thanks, I'll try login in as root user in a bit
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15:33<thor_>xhost +
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15:41<thor_>hmmmm iTunes for Windows ....
15:41<thor_>and just as I'm finishing DAAP via Rendezvous support for Myth
15:41<thor_>iTunes protocol
15:42<thor_>Digital Audio Access Protocol
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15:42<solarce>very nice
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15:44<ByteNik>For the pcHDTV card, what is the other input for? The bottom one seems to be the only one used.
15:45<ByteNik>The other coax connector, rather. I assume its an input.
15:47<ByteNik>Also, usually sound on ATSC is in AC3... but the pcHDTV card apparently connects directly to the sound card.
15:48<ByteNik>Is that okay?
15:48-!-stein [~stein@] has joined #mythtv
15:48<ByteNik>Err, not okay, will it still record AC3
15:48<ByteNik>Or will it just grab what the sound card receives?
15:48<stein>do I have to add mythtv as a mysql user?
15:49<SarahEmm>the specs say * Two TV antenna coaxal reception ports
15:49<SarahEmm>maybe you can select between the two inputs?
15:50<Bishop>anyone have 5.1 sound working for tv , music, dvd, video? i've tried everyting and only get 2 channels
15:50<thor_>Bishop, what sound card/chip ?
15:52<Bishop>audigy2 with the optical out.
15:54<thor_>Bishop. works here ... but only with ALSA
15:55<thor_>mplayer hw flag does DVD 5.1
15:55<thor_>off the spdif, of course
15:56<Bishop>ahh. no alsa
15:57<ByteNik>Anyone here running a Celeron?
15:57<SarahEmm>celeron 1.7 here
15:58<ByteNik>SarahEmm: In /proc/cpuinfo, is SSE2 listed?
15:59<SarahEmm>flags : fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht tm
15:59<SarahEmm>yep, looks like it
15:59<ByteNik>Ah, excellent. Thanks.
16:00<ByteNik>So I can optimize Gentoo for P4
16:00<kvandivo>my xbox, which is pretty well a celeron, doesn't list sse2.. just sse
16:00<SarahEmm>what celetron tho?
16:00<ByteNik>What Celeron?
16:00<SarahEmm>celeron, not celetron
16:00<ByteNik>SarahEmm: Your celeron has the 478 pin socket?
16:01<SarahEmm>400mhz fsb socket 478
16:01<ByteNik>Uggh. :p
16:01<ByteNik>I was kind of hoping it wouldn't list it.
16:01<o_cee>just tried the SasQuatch theme.. man, it's so sweet :) to bad it isn't updated :/
16:01<SarahEmm>deinterlacing needs SSE2 right?
16:01<o_cee>been using the osd theme for a long time, really nice as well
16:01<ByteNik>I am waiting for my new chip and I'm running a P3. :P
16:01<ByteNik>I can't install that means until it comes.
16:01<ByteNik>I don't want to compile w/o SSE2 if the new chip will support it.
16:02<kvandivo>sar, does cpuinfo show that it is a coppermine celeron?
16:02<SarahEmm>where would i see that?
16:02<kvandivo>model name : Celeron (Coppermine)
16:03<SarahEmm> <-- that's my cpuinfo
16:03<SarahEmm>nope just says celeron
16:03<o_cee>hey, min has 4023.91 bogomips. who knew.
16:03<ByteNik>Where is this new SasQuatch theme located?
16:03<o_cee>search the list, a danish guy made it work somewhat
16:03<o_cee>the osd theme works excellent..
16:04<ByteNik>What about the main theme?
16:04<o_cee>it works.. some screens doesn't exist..
16:04<o_cee>so the frontend just quits :)
16:05<sfr_>it's also here: and .../SasQuatchOSD-MM.tgz
16:05<o_cee>too bad it haven't been maintained.. really like the slim look of it
16:06<SarahEmm>what's the procedure for submitting mythtv patches?
16:06<o_cee>do a diff with -u against cvs.. follow the coding style where you're making changes..
16:06<o_cee>posted quite some times on the dev list..
16:07<o_cee>send them to -dev
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16:07<SarahEmm>okay.. what if i've modified binaries like a theme png too?
16:08<o_cee>hmm, dunno. :) compress it all and put somewhere i guess.. might be too big for an email probably
16:08<thor_>you can attach a bzip's tarball for bin data
16:08<SarahEmm>okie :)
16:09<SarahEmm>it's just the main mythmusic background (in the blue theme) i modified.. not too big i odn't think
16:09<SarahEmm>added a section for album art
16:09<o_cee>what's it like?
16:09<SarahEmm>looks like the box for the visualization and track info, grabs 'album.jpg/.png' out of the same directory as the mp3 that is currently playing...
16:10<thor_>but if it's big, just send it to me and/or Chutt
16:10<SarahEmm>(which is the same as Freevo uses, so it works with all the art i already had stored when i used to use freevo)
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16:15<kvandivo>gotta love lines like "I'll upgrade my mutant woody machine to sid", knowing that they actually mean something
16:16* thor_ ponders the wonders of ontologies and namespaces
16:21<SarahEmm>okay, some people aparantly use names other than album.jpg heh
16:21<SarahEmm>anyone see a problem with using the first .jpg file in the directory of the current playing mp3?
16:22<thor_>lots of people have their jpeg's (and oggs) in one flat directory
16:22<o_cee>my case, front and back, it'd get the back cover :/
16:22* o_cee is away: zzz
16:23<SarahEmm>thor_: like a seperate art/ directory with all the art in it?
16:23<thor_>one way to do this is to add a field to the db, make good assumptions, but give the user a dialogue to assign images
16:23<thor_>(like in mythvideo)
16:24<thor_>but forcing people to do album.png seems fine to me
16:25<SarahEmm>yeah, that would work, but it's more work than i want to do thor ;)
16:25<SarahEmm>i think i'll submit it as-is for now...
16:26<SarahEmm>or grabbing the last jpg in the directory, to solve the issue of having 'front' and 'back' ones, 'b' would sort first
16:26-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
16:34-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
16:42<ByteNik>Is anyone running 2.6.* kernel with pcHDTV?
16:42<ByteNik>I want to make sure it'll work
17:00<ByteNik>"I have MythTV up and running with an ATI-TV wonder. Everything seems to be
17:00<ByteNik>working properly." This is from the list a while ago.
17:00<ByteNik>I thought Linux/Myth doesn't support Ati cards?
17:00<SarahEmm>supports them fine
17:00<SarahEmm>i'm running a TV Wonder
17:00<SarahEmm>i don't think it supports All-In-Wonders very well
17:00<ByteNik>What about the TV-Wonder USB?
17:00<SarahEmm>TV Wonders are just bt8x8 cards
17:01<SarahEmm>ahh, that's different, i haven't heard anything about support for that
17:01<ByteNik>So I'm Out of luck
17:01<ByteNik>I have my Hauppauge and pcHDTV of course. :P
17:01<ByteNik>But I wanted to stick in a third tuner... all I have is a really old AIW and the TVW USB
17:02<SarahEmm>i don't know for sure that it's unsupported, i haven't done much investigation
17:02-!-FreddieD [] has joined #mythtv
17:02<SarahEmm>if i need more tuners i'm going to have to build a second backend box in a bigger case for behind-the-scenes..
17:03<ByteNik>LOL... Screw Gentoo... I love it and all, but I don't have time for all of these ebuilds... I want to just try the system with the pcHDTV. :P
17:03<ByteNik>I'll install Gentoo with full optimization for the new processor once it comes.
17:03* SarahEmm likes gentoo
17:04* SarahEmm 's myth box is running it
17:04<ByteNik>Mine was too except my HD which was 5 years old from a friend apparently is very very bad
17:04<ByteNik>emerge would cause kernel panics
17:05<ByteNik>It turned out I could write data to certain areas of the disk, read it back, and it'd be different.
17:05<ByteNik>My swap area was part of that.
17:05<ByteNik>I swapped in another spare HD (40gb this time) but I also ordered a new mobo and processor so the machine can handle the pcHDTV card.
17:06<ByteNik>And I'd like to compile the Gentoo system with -march Pentium4
17:06<ByteNik>But it won't work until the new system comes.
17:06<ByteNik>And there's no way I'm going to reinstall Gentoo for fun.
17:07<ByteNik>lol... In the time from when I said screw Gentoo to now, I've installed a complete Mandrake system. :P
17:08<ByteNik>With X11 and such
17:08-!-Drikus [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
17:09* SarahEmm took her myth box to work and let stuff emerge while i was doing other stuff on night shifts
17:09-!-sc00p_ [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:19<Bishop>does myth support multiple cd/dvd devices. i.e. can i rip 2 cds/dvds at once?
17:22<thor_>not quite yet
17:23-!-jkolb [] has joined #mythtv
17:23<Bishop>hmm. thanks. i can specify i drive for dvd and one for cd correct. i just got my firewire dvd-r working
17:26-!-pmowry [] has joined #mythtv
17:32-!-pmowry [] has quit ["pmowry has no reason"]
17:36<SarahEmm>if i use left/right to fast forward/rewind, how do i start playing again?
17:36<SarahEmm>spacebar and p don't work
17:44-!-dilate [] has joined #mythtv
17:56-!-pmowry [] has joined #mythtv
17:57<SarahEmm>away? n?
17:57* SarahEmm hands a /
17:57<Bishop>is there a listing of all the different key controls for all the menus?
17:57<pmowry>sorry, meny /away then n. to clear my away status in BitchX.
17:58<pmowry>Just missed that first keystroke.
17:58<SarahEmm>Bishop: keys.txt in the mythtv tarball
17:59<pmowry>While in the subject of the basics, is there a key to the icons on the play recordings? like the crossed out $, and the hammer?
18:00-!-Bishop [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:04<kvandivo>i could tell you what they are. don't know if it documented anywhere other than the cvs commit that did it, though
18:07-!-jkolb [] has quit []
18:08-!-mdz [] has joined #mythtv
18:09-!-Bishop [] has joined #mythtv
18:25-!-sfr_ [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:28-!-mecraw__ is now known as mecraw
18:32<ByteNik>I installed pcHDTV drivers
18:32<ByteNik>But it still says No Such Device
18:32<ByteNik>Even when I just try cat /dev/dtv0
18:32<ByteNik>Anyone know anything about that?
18:34-!-FreddieD [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
18:36<ByteNik>Anyone home?
18:39-!-steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ["me is bugging out"]
18:41-!-FreddieD [] has joined #mythtv
18:44-!-TheWildgoose [] has joined #mythtv
18:45-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:49<TheWildgoose>Can anyone explain how to use an "&" in the ui.xml file please?
18:50<TheWildgoose>I want to add a colour for a category called "News & Arts"
18:50<TheWildgoose>However it is chocking on the &
18:50<TheWildgoose>Using & simply doesn't match, but works...
19:01-!-mdz [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
19:05<thor_>what's the problem with & ?
19:06<pmowry>sorry, work got in the way...
19:07<pmowry>Is there a key i could use to search the -commit list to get the icin definitions?
19:07<pmowry>I'd be happy to put together an update to the documentation for them.
19:08-!-Netsplit <-> quits: Cloak, dopez, mechtn, knight-
19:08<kvandivo>don't know for sure.. basically, dollar sign means commercials have been skipped, hammer means they are being skipped right now, open book means a bookmark has been set, and the other means, i think, that the show is eligible for deletion
19:08-!-mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:08-!-anurag [] has joined #mythtv
19:11<pmowry>thanks, how about the r.i.p?
19:12<josephk>make funeral arrangements?
19:13<davatar>ahah!.. I was wondering that..
19:13<davatar>one for transcoding would be nice too.
19:20-!-sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
19:21<josephk>why not have words for status
19:21-!-Netsplit over, joins: Cloak
19:22<josephk>so they're easy to understand
19:24-!-josephk [] has left #mythtv ["Client exiting"]
19:30<pmowry>Time to go home, Thanks
19:30-!-pmowry [] has quit ["pmowry has no reason"]
19:36-!-josephk [] has joined #mythtv
19:59-!-StarHeart [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:04-!-cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
20:06<cmorgan>anyone know what kind of time to expect to wait before patches go into cvs?
20:06<mikegrb>anywhere from 5 minutes to a few days
20:06<mikegrb>I know isacc has been pretty busy lately
20:06<davatar>It's been like 2 weeks for my patch :)
20:06<mikegrb>which one?
20:07<davatar>heh.. no it had problems, mostly my poor coding skills
20:07<davatar>quickdnr, just posted an updated version..
20:07<cmorgan>i sent in a patch to the channel change script and haven't seen it go in
20:07<Chutt>cmorgan, i'm not breaking everyone's scripts.
20:07<Chutt>so that's not getting applied.
20:07<Chutt>and you're not sending stuff to the list
20:07<Chutt>from a subscribed address.
20:07<mikegrb>ahhh emerge sync is nice at 100mbit
20:08<mikegrb>now I want it at home :/
20:08<cmorgan>Chutt: why would it break scripts? i saw the mail on the list, how would it know if i wasn't sending it from the correct address?
20:10<Chutt>unless i'm thinking of someone else
20:10<cmorgan>oh its probably me
20:12<cmorgan>Chutt: if there is something wrong with the patch i'd like to know so i can fix ti
20:12<Chutt>the subject line of your email?
20:12<cmorgan>Chutt: [mythtv] Patch: should always send 3 digits to a cable box
20:13<Chutt>oh, i don't have anything to do with what's in contrib.
20:13<cmorgan>does the patch look sane?
20:13<cmorgan>i didn't hear anything and was wondering if i should post to the list again and ask...
20:14<Chutt>i don't have anything to do with what's in contrib.
20:14<cmorgan>alright ;-)
20:15<Chutt>robert handles most of that stuff, but he's out of town for a couple weeks.
20:29-!-dopez [] has joined #mythtv
20:42-!-mrra [] has joined #mythtv
20:43-!-bbeattie [] has joined #mythtv
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21:06-!-knight- [] has joined #mythtv
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21:11-!-mrra is now known as mrra-afk
21:18-!-tmk [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:53-!-efabfafcc [] has joined #mythtv
21:53-!-davatar [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:00-!-Netsplit over, joins: dopez
22:07-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
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22:22-!-Netsplit over, joins: dopez
22:22-!-ServerMode/#MythTV [+b *!*mythtv@*] by
22:24<efabfafcc>does anyone renice their mythbackend? Why not do it by default?
22:24-!-efabfafcc is now known as davatar
22:25<mikegrb>renice it up or down?
22:25<davatar>well - down I guess :)]
22:26<mikegrb>I have in the past
22:26<mikegrb>doesn't make a huge bit of difference
22:26<mikegrb>that machine isn't used as a desktop
22:29-!-FreddieD [] has joined #mythtv
23:03* josephk is away: I'm not here...
23:03-!-SarahEmm [] has left #mythtv []
23:10-!-tmk [] has joined #mythtv
23:17-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
23:21-!-sc00p [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:24<cmorgan>anyone know if it is possible to have lirc both sending ir commands and receiving them from a tv card at the same time?
23:26* josephk is back (gone 00:23:23)
23:31* josephk is away: I'm not here...
23:38<tmk>tv card doesn't' send
23:38<tmk>it's a receiver
23:39<tmk>you mean 2 lirc devices?
23:39-!-warlord-afk is now known as warlord
23:39<cmorgan>yep, lirc sending through a transmitter as well as receiving from a tv card(ir input on the tv card of course)
23:39<warlord>hey, has anyone taken an mpeg2 (from a pvr-250) and created a video-dvd?
23:40<tmk>war: yeah james pattie did
23:40<warlord>how? using what s/w?
23:40<tmk>he posted recently to the ivtv-dev list about how to do it
23:40<mikegrb>howdy tmk
23:40<tmk>streamtype 14
23:40<tmk>some program
23:40<warlord>let me look in the ivtv-dev archives.
23:42<cmorgan>tmk: you know anyone that has done that? it seems like a pretty reasonable thing to do but it didn't work when i tried it
23:43<mikegrb>cmorgan: you might try the users list archive
23:43<warlord>tmk: what's stream type 14?
23:43<mikegrb>I know people have discussed it before
23:43<cmorgan>mikegrb: i searched and found someone asking the same question but no response
23:43<mikegrb>oh heh
23:43<cmorgan>mikegrb: not sure what words to search for...i'll try once more
23:43<mikegrb>lemme search my irc logs
23:46<mikegrb>it seems the 'easiest' way is to build a combination transmitter receiver
23:46<mikegrb>if you go the seperate route you have to modify lirc
23:46<mikegrb>your welcome to look at the logs yourself
23:47<mikegrb>click search
23:47<cmorgan>i'm reading the mail from peter sahlstrom about modifying lirc
23:47<mikegrb>I used 'lirc transmit receive'
23:49<cmorgan>i just built the improved ir transmitter on a breadboard
23:49-!-pmowry [] has joined #mythtv
23:50<pmowry>Hi, Is there a how-to for setting up X for the framebuffer support on a PVR-350?
23:51<pmowry>All I can find is severly outdated.
23:51<cmorgan>mikegrb: i can't find anything for a combo transmitter/receiver...
23:52<mikegrb>I thought there were schematics on the site
23:53<mikegrb>I think if you have the improved you can build the receiver and connect them to the same lines comming from the serial port
23:53* mikegrb notes that he doesn't use lirc though
23:53<mikegrb>I think that is what people have said
23:53<cmorgan>mikegrb: one guy mentions something and then mentions that he doesn't need to receive...
23:56<mikegrb>that site is up all the time
23:56<mikegrb>your welcome to use it, that's what it is there for
23:57<mikegrb>I will be moving off my home server to a hosted location soon though :)))
---Logclosed Fri Oct 17 00:00:57 2003