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00:15<[DJ]HaCK>anyone made a mythtv-cvs ebuild for gentoo ?
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02:39<pmowry_>Hi, can anyone help witha seg-fault in both the front and backend systems when using the TV-OUT on a PVR-350?
02:40<pmowry_>I'm using the latest CVS.
02:42<pmowry_>Performance lives up to expectations though, 3% cpu on a P3-500, while both recording and playback.
02:42<josephk>my playback actually freezes after a certain period of time...seems to not affect dd
02:47<pmowry_>I do not have X set up for framebuffer output yet. So when myth starts playback, the video starts on the TV, and the pc screen goesblank.
02:47<pmowry_>When I hit a key like Z , it stops with a segmentation fault.
02:48<pmowry_>I did not get any traceback files,yet. and I'm searching the -dev archives.
02:48<josephk>did you try al-tabbing to a console to see what the output is
02:49<josephk>it sounds like your framebuffer is not setup properly
02:49<pmowry_>I user mknod /dev/video16 c 81 16
02:50<pmowry_>should the 16be something different?
02:50<josephk>I'm talking about /dev/fbx
02:50<pmowry_>ls /dev/fbx
02:51<pmowry_>sorry, wrong window
02:51<josephk>ie /dev/fb0 and /dev/fb1
02:52<josephk>the card should be fb1
02:52<josephk>or /dev/fb/1
02:52<pmowry_>I have fb0-31 created during the os install.
02:53<pmowry_>I did not know it used the fbx enteries
02:53<josephk>yup...can give you trouble if it's not setup properly
02:53<pmowry_>So my guess is i do not have it set up at all ;)
02:54<josephk>did you compile from cvs and comment out the proper line?
02:54<pmowry_>the return false at the top function.
02:55<josephk>is the pvr setup as video0 or the first card in setup?
02:56<pmowry_>video0 for capture. I have not run setup again since I recomiled.
02:56<pmowry_>Itsrecording now, but should I purge the database and start over?
02:57<josephk>well you could export it and then drop it
02:57<pmowry_>cd libs
02:58<pmowry_>I hate click to focus ;)
02:59<josephk>well myth would segfault for me before I setup my framebuffer properly
02:59<josephk>so ymmv
03:00<josephk>I had to link /dev/fb0 to /dev/fb/1 as well as /dev/fb1
03:01<pmowry_>Right now /dev/fb is a symlink to fb0
03:01<josephk>try linking /dev/fb1 to fb0
03:01<josephk>unless you have an fb1
03:02<josephk>is the 350 the only tv card you're using?
03:02<josephk>ok good
03:03<josephk>do you have fb1?
03:03<pmowry_>and I'm pretty sure my video card has nativeXdrivers.
03:04<josephk>I can only relate my may be different for you
03:05<pmowry_>is there anything Ican run to see what is bound to the /dev files?
03:05<josephk>ls -la
03:05<josephk>pipe to less
03:05<josephk>or more
03:07<pmowry_>do you have OSD on the TV-out?
03:08<pmowry_>Right now Ihave nothing to the TV until I hit play in mythtv on the PC screen.
03:09<josephk>so you have it working then
03:09<josephk>you want X on the pvr?
03:09<josephk>or was it the segfaulting?
03:10<pmowry_>Havingto displays(tv for viewing, monitor for everything else) is fine.
03:10<josephk>I'm tired and near sleep
03:10<pmowry_>NP, thanks for the help. It's thesegfaulting I'm trying to clean up now.
03:10<josephk>but it segfaults when you try to use the OSD?
03:11<josephk>from within playback
03:11<josephk>were you using cvs previous to getting the 350?
03:12<pmowry_>yeah, If I try to watch live tv, I see nothing, and it segfaults when I hit any valid key.
03:12<pmowry_>The 350 is my first card, so I;ve only used CVS.
03:12<josephk>ok...that seems like it is defnitely the framebuffer
03:12<josephk>I think myth uses the framebuffer for OSD
03:13<josephk>which happens to appear as soon as you start playback
03:13<josephk>if you check your ringbuffer you should see some data already buffered
03:13<josephk>probably only a second
03:13<pmowry_>ok, when the recording is done I'll try the symlinks,
03:13<pmowry_>Playbackruns fine until Ihit a key.
03:14<josephk>doesn't use OSD right away (I don't think)
03:14<pmowry_>So you have not tried running X on the PVR for a single display for the box?
03:15<josephk> fine:)
03:15<pmowry_>What did you need to change for X?
03:15<josephk>have to add the card as a framebuffer display device and the tv as a monitor
03:16<josephk>its described in the ivtv source for ivtv-fb.c
03:16<pmowry_>everything I find for documentation is 4+ yearsold.
03:16<pmowry_>oh,never thought to look there.
03:16<josephk>neither did I:)
03:16<josephk>just make sure you get the BusID right the first time
03:17<josephk>remember lspci -v returns BusID's in you have to convert
03:18<pmowry_>Thanks!!!, I'll let you go for the night, and next time you see me youcan laugh at my miserable failure...
03:18<josephk>nah I would never
03:18<josephk>I fail at so many things so often I know how it feels:)
03:19* josephk is away: I'm not here...
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14:35<Netslayer>huh, finally found this place :-)
14:36<Captain_Murdoch>quick, everybody leave...
14:36<Captain_Murdoch>not much going on , been silent in here for about 11 hours according to my scrollback buffer.
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15:36<ChrisH>Can I tell MythTV to record audio in MPEG2 format to make it DVD-compatible?
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15:54<davipt>tvbox upgrade
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15:59<davatar>so has anyone successfully used myth with openmosix?
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16:01<mikegrb>ummm there woudln't be much advantage
16:02<mikegrb>it most likely wouldn't migrate much
16:02<mikegrb>the raw video is all on the backend computer
16:03<davatar>hmm.. gigabit ethernet, should be plenty to handle small sized streams...
16:03<davatar>thread's won't migrate will they? (just installed it)
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16:07<mikegrb>er right
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16:38<ChrisH>What does it mean that my X11 lacks the "Xv" functionality? My playback is so choppy although my Riva TNT2 should get a PVR-250 MPEG stream displayed in real time on a Celeron 800 IMHO.
16:38<davatar>mpeg playback acceleration..
16:39<davatar>you probably need to check your x config.
16:40<ChrisH>davatar: Hmmm... whenever you need an X11 guru there's none on stock.
16:41<davatar>*shrug* I'm pretty sure you just need nvidia drivers that don't come with your distro, not that familiar with it..
16:42<ChrisH>davatar: Argh... I suspect the Nvidia driver module installatio nightmare again.
16:44<thor_>ChrisH, you need Xv working with a CPU that slow
16:45<ChrisH>thor_: Is Xv a kind of driver for a MPEG-decoding functionality on the graphics adapter? I wasn't aware the TNT2 even has such.
16:45<thor_>it's part of X
16:45<ChrisH>thor_: Ah.
16:45<thor_>The X Video extension
16:46<thor_>(let's X scale and mess with video data very efficiently)
16:46<ChrisH>thor_: Probably more efficient than plotting all pixels one by one. :)
16:47<thor_>or resizing by hand
16:56<davipt>thor_: I'm gettings lots of freezes with a new amd athlon. any quick advice ?
16:56<davipt>cvs from today
16:57<thor_>freezes as in ?
16:57<thor_>stuttery video, or dead machine ?
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17:10<Netslayer>i just setup a seperate frontend, changed the ip's from in the ./setup and mysql.txt to the master backend, and my remote frontend has ton's of problems. MythWeb now can't connect to the db on the same machine it's on even after i switched the ip's back, hmm
17:14<Netslayer>here is the thread i'm working off of and the errors, if anyone has a sec:
17:15<thor_>"this" and "master" set to correct (non 127....) at both places ?
17:17<Netslayer>i went to the ./setup - general and changed both to (master backend ip) and the remote frontends /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt to
17:17<thor_>setup on the remote frontend ?
17:17<ChrisH>thor_: Thanks for the hint. The nVidia drivers from their web-page (non-free) are better. Xv works now and the playback is nearly real-time.
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17:18<Netslayer>um are they connected? when i changed stuff on the frontend ./setup it changes stuff on teh backend one also
17:18<thor_>ChrisH, if your card handles it, do the ACCEL stuff ... makes the GUI *much* faster
17:19<ChrisH>thor_: What "ACCEL" stuff? More than Xv?
17:19<Netslayer>it will connect with my master, import the theme, import the recorded program info, but when i goto livetv it plays for 1 sec, then freezes giving the pause for buffer error
17:19<thor_>ChrisH, yeah, .... don't remember exactly the term, but it's in the nVidia read me
17:20<thor_>Netslayer, bandwidth?
17:20<Netslayer>10/100 nic, and i lowered livetv to 2300, should be fine
17:20<thor_>Netslayer, same versions of Myth at both ends?
17:20<Netslayer>i usually had it at 6500 for live
17:21<thor_>Netslayer, anything else work (View Recordings menu screen, for example)
17:21<Netslayer>2 week difference in cvs
17:21<thor_>Netslayer, that *might* be it .... dunno
17:21<Netslayer>ya i can see my recording info
17:21<thor_>preview ?
17:21<Netslayer>nope, but i haven't nfs mounted the dir... would i have to
17:22<thor_>not necessarily
17:22<Netslayer>Error: /home/chris/video/1005..nuv file not found
17:22<Netslayer>Error: File Missing!
17:23<ChrisH>thor_: Are you thinking about this: Option "RenderAccel" "boolean"
17:23<thor_>ChrisH, yup
17:23<Netslayer>it actually might be the ability for it to playback the file huh, might be some bugs..
17:23<thor_>Netslayer, I dunno .... maybe version mismatch ....
17:23<thor_>been lots of fiddling on that lately
17:24<Netslayer>what do u think about MythWeb not being able to connect? I changed all my ips back to what they were and still nothing
17:24<Netslayer>lol :-)
17:24<thor_>gremlins ?
17:24<Netslayer>it's running on the backend machine
17:25<Netslayer>well there certainly is a lot of gremlins in mandrake 9.2, they really screwed with the apm stuff, have to do a kernel recompile to get it to work now
17:26<thor_>still apm, not apic ?
17:30<Netslayer>2.4.22 has acpi but i don't know how mdk configured it, since it worked when i used it in mdk9.1, now with 9.2 my laptop freezes when i switch power modes (ac/bat) and it doesn't poweroff when i say shutdown
17:32<Netslayer>and now after freezing a few times just after i installed it the login got all screwed up. I had it set to auto, now it prompts me but when i hit login/go it flickers and comes back lol, have to go through console
17:33<ChrisH>I'm confused. Do I need to convert .nuv files to DVD-compatible files?
17:33<Netslayer>in order to do what?
17:34<ChrisH>Netslayer: In order to burn them on DVD+R
17:35<ChrisH>Netslayer: I'm abusing MythTV just for recording programs in order to burn them and watch them on my real TV. I admit that i'm not the typical MythTV user. :)
17:36<ChrisH>What is that weird nuv format anyway?
17:36<Netslayer>auh, what os do u use to burn dvd+rw
17:37<Netslayer>it's a custom myth linux divx format, beats me why we use it lol
17:37<ChrisH>Netslayer: Windows of course. <duck>
17:37<Netslayer>if your using Windows to burn nuv files, there is a direct show filter
17:37<Netslayer>i just got it last week you can then import the files in tmpgenc --> dvd/mpeg2
17:38<ChrisH>Netslayer: I'd prefer to tell MythTV to record a format that is Nero-compliant.
17:39<Netslayer>might want to check the mailing list, i might have heard something about using a 250/350 winpvr cards to record nuv (mpeg2) then somehow import them into nero
17:39<ChrisH>I'm using a Hauppauge PVR-250 and I thought it would give me MPEG-2 video and some kind of audio in a combined stream.
17:39<Netslayer>the nuv with those cards is apparently like a masked mpeg2, probably the same stuff, just maybe different file headers.. not my area
17:39<ChrisH>Netslayer: I've been browsing the mailing list for hours today. Do you by any chance remeber when that posting was sent?
17:40<ChrisH>Netslayer: I'm not an MPEG professional myself.
17:40<ChrisH>Netslayer: But if WinTV (Hauppauge application on Windows) can produce DVD then why should MythTV not do it.
17:41<Netslayer>the wintv pvr 250/350 cards can only hardware encode to mpeg2, just been tweaked i think in myth, but it's still complaint as far i can tell. let me see if i can find anything one sec
17:41<ChrisH>Netslayer: So the only thing being done in software is encoding the audio stream to MP2.
17:42<ChrisH>Netslayer: nuvexport, huh? Let's see...
17:43<Netslayer>ya haven't had much luck with that, but i use divx, prob work a lot better for u
17:43<Netslayer>nuvexport -->svcd should produce what u want, specify dvd specs for bitrate and res
17:44<ChrisH>Netslayer: I don't mind DivX but my standalone DVD player does not play DivX. Plus the standard changes that often that I don't think it's a good way of archiving programs.
17:45<Netslayer>well u would need a dif capture card anyway, i'm saying i record in divx(nuv), not mpeg2(nuv)
17:46<ChrisH>Buying a PVR-250 seemed a good idea when I want to record to DVD. However I start to get the impression that MythTV does not really help me.
17:47<Netslayer>well with mythtv and mythvideo all rigged up, i like saving space and archiving to divx, even though i haven't done any yet since i can't ever get it to work. the ddshow drivers for win is my only archiving option right now, nuvexport screws the audio up for me, plus it has a bad memory leak that has to do with mythtranscode apparently
17:47<Netslayer>a ton of people are using those cards, i even have one here (but not for myth)
17:47<Netslayer>they are well supported, and eventually this process will be flawless (chuckle)
17:48<Netslayer>try nuvexport
17:48<ChrisH>I just tried nuvexport and it can export to SVCD, VCD, DivX and WMV... but not DVD. SVCD may be MPEG2 but far from DVD.
17:49<Netslayer>not at all
17:49<Netslayer>set the res to 640x480 and the bit to 3-8
17:50<Netslayer>that's dvd, an svcd is mpeg2 480x480 at around what 2-3, so i think nuvexport allows for custom settings, just try those, import to nero and if your lucky it will work
17:50<Netslayer>actually dvd is 720x480 isn't it
17:50<ChrisH>It already told MythTV to record 720x576 (PAL). You may be right - it is already MPEG2.
17:52<Netslayer>they can't really mess up with format too much, i mean it's hardware encoding it, logically it will be exactly or close to the same as in windows.. don't quote me on that but from what i understand
18:02<ChrisH>Is there a program that can encode to MP2 audio? LAME only seems to support MP3.
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18:04<ChrisH>Ah, mp2enc... how convenient. :)
18:05<ChrisH>Netslayer: Aha... when I demux the nuv file I get an "MPEG video stream data" (MPEG2 video) and an "MP2, 384 kBits, 48 kHz, Stereo". That's the output from MythTV. Does not look to bad.
18:06<Netslayer>wish my divx/nuv worked in nuvexport
18:06<ChrisH>Let's see what tmpgenc has to say about it.
18:06<Netslayer>think it's screwed cause of the btaudio freq i'm restriced to for audio
18:07<ChrisH>Netslayer: Or perhaps some issues with headers as you suspected.
18:07<Netslayer>ya prob
18:07<ChrisH>Netslayer: tmpgenc does not like the video stream - audio MP2 is okay
18:08<Netslayer>depends which part of tmpgenc, u trying to mux them together
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18:09<ChrisH>Netslayer: muxing is okay. But when I through both files (audio and video) into the encoder then it complains about the video stream.
18:09<Netslayer>well they are already in dvd, just stick em in nero and it should tell ya if it likes them or not
18:09<Netslayer>well i'm heading out, be back later
18:09<ChrisH>Netslayer: ok
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18:23<ChrisH>Netslayer: Nero handles the nuv files allright!
18:24<Chutt>because they're standard mpeg-2 files if you're using a pvr-250.
18:27<D-side>gotta get me one of those.
18:27<D-side>i'm sick of having to use nuvexport everytime i want to dump one of my recordings to wmv (for pocketpc playback)
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18:31<ChrisH>Chutt: Let's see if they are standard enough so I can cut out the commercial with my standard tools.
18:31<ChrisH>D-side: wmv is really sick
18:31<D-side>in what way?
18:31<Chutt>that's silly.
18:31<Chutt>most standard tools won't let you edit down to frames in mpeg2
18:31<Chutt>mythtv's internal editor does.
18:32<D-side>i should figure out how that works.
18:32<ChrisH>D-side: Proprietary in every possible way. I'm expecting DRM in the not so distant future. I really don't like to support those formats.
18:33<ChrisH>Chutt: I only run the backend on the old Celeron 800 box. There are Windows tools called "MyFlix" that can cut "frame exactly".
18:33<D-side>ChrisH: eh, I've got pocketpc 2003 on my ipaq, and wmv is the best format to use with it.
18:33<D-side>its convenience above all. its not like its going to be stored/archived like that for future desktop/set top playback.
18:33<ChrisH>D-side: I had a divx player on my Cassiopeia but I really started to hate those PocketPC devices. Too many crashes during important meetings. :)
18:33<D-side>thats why i use mine solely as a toy.. a pocketvcr. :)
18:34<ChrisH>D-side: I want to archive all good programs on CD/DVD so my approach is a little different (and a little stupider).
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18:34<ChrisH>D-side: I use mine for listening to MP3 while I'm jogging. :)
18:34<D-side>it'd be nice if it were possible to store them as svcd mpeg2's, and just dump a bunch of them on a dvd-r.
18:34<D-side>i might look into that now that i think about it.
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18:35<ChrisH>D-side: Isn't DVD flexible enough to allow that?
18:36<D-side>i'm sure i could just use a straight mpeg2 format in that case.
18:36<D-side>find a nice way to script in the creation of menus
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19:18<EricL>Does anyone know which driver a voodoo3 tv card uses, I can't get bttv.o to load with card=40.
19:19-!-sfr [] has joined #mythtv
19:20<EricL>I am using Debian Woody and 2.4.22 kernel on a p4 1.8GHz
19:37-!-claybo [] has joined #mythtv
19:37<claybo>is it possible to get the mythtv frontend running in mac os x?
19:37-!-bishop [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:37<claybo>compiling, even?
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20:10-!-slestak [~slestak@] has joined #mythtv
20:12<slestak>hi guys, im searching mail list now, but anyone know if it is possib;e to setup mythtv minus the pvr function. i.e I want mythmusic, mythgame, xmltv, etc, but dont need recording right now...
20:13<warlord>why not just run xawtv, then?
20:14<Netslayer>ohya it's possible
20:14<Netslayer>u still have to install mythtv
20:15<Netslayer>just don't use it lol
20:15<slestak>i started on it ~ rel .8 and stopped
20:15<slestak>wasntr sure with the amt of labor if it'd work minus the pvr card
20:16<warlord>What do you mean, "minus the pvr card"? Do you have a Tuner card?
20:16<slestak>basically, i have a 32 tv with tive sittin in living room, a p2-350 w 17 " monitor next to couch, so i can surf, and check tv listings and whatnot
20:17<slestak>i want mythtv or freevo as a glorified tvguide, music browser, mam frontend, wetc
20:17<slestak>i dont have a tuner card
20:18<warlord>well, you wont be able to get it to auto-tune your tv...
20:18<Netslayer>it should still install,
20:18<slestak>dont need to to
20:18<Chutt>so, um, just install it and don't use the tv stuff
20:18<warlord>yes, it will install, and I think it will even run..
20:18<Netslayer>actually it has to, remote frontends do the same thing
20:18<Netslayer>u just want to run the frontend, nothing else
20:19<slestak>if while my wife drags me through something on We or Lifetime, I can be surfing seeing whats on next, etc. I also see mythmusic as a way for her to browse mp3s on lan
20:23<mikegrb>Chutt: There's one last change necessary for xbox stuff, in the xbox.cpp the setting name XboxLEDBlinkBin should be XboxBlinkBin
20:23<slestak>Netslayer, are you saying i should be able to install frontend only, i will still need mysql and such for storing xmltv feed right?
20:23<mikegrb>Chutt: would you prefer a patch for that?
20:23<Chutt>naw, i'll do that
20:23<slestak>gentoo has an ebuild for frontend separate from backend
20:23<mikegrb>Chutt: okay, figured ;)
20:24<mikegrb>Chutt: I could have sworn I made that change with the others but alas, save musn't have been hit
20:26<warlord>Chutt: is there any explanation of how the audio rate detection is supposed to work?
20:26<Chutt>what about it?
20:26<Chutt>it's just trying to see if there's, what, 3 of the same rates in a row?
20:27<warlord>well, i'm thinking that that's the root cause of my issues.
20:27<warlord>I dont know -- it looks like 2, but i'm not sure. the code isn't very clear about what it's trying to do (which is why I'm asking)
20:27<Chutt>it's 3 now
20:28<warlord>when did it change?
20:28* warlord is opening up his source tree now
20:28<Chutt>i changed it to 3 to fix most of your problems
20:29-!-slestak [~slestak@] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:29<warlord>Hmm, still looks like 2 in my tree.. AvFormatDecoder::CheckAudioParams()?
20:30<Chutt>so, 3
20:32<warlord>Hmm.. Maybe i should make it 4? ;)
20:32<Chutt>3's too much as is
20:33<warlord>well, something is still causing this problem for me.. I'm at a loss to what it is.
20:33<Chutt>better to just fix the hang
20:33<warlord>I was looking into that, but I can't figure out why it's hanging. Unless the child thread is getting blocked on something I can't see where it's dying.
20:35<Chutt>if your gdb was working better =)
20:35<warlord>Yea yea yea..
20:35<warlord>If I had a free 48-72 hours I'd go reinstall the box with Debian or Gentoo...
20:37<warlord>which do you use again?
20:38<Chutt>i'm not l33t enough to use gentoo
20:40<warlord>i'm actually really beginning to suspect a pthreads bug in Red hat's kernel or libc.
20:40<Chutt>redhat _is_ using the brand new thread library in 9
20:40<warlord>yea, i know.
20:41<Chutt>everything seems to be working well enough to release
20:45<bline>do it!
20:46-!-mecraw [] has joined #mythtv
20:47<warlord>Yea, I seem to be the only person experiencing this particular type of lossage..
20:51<warlord>(even if it annoys my wife to no end)
20:56<dopez>anyone noticed this?, when a program is recording in the pre-record time, deleting it doesnt stop it (just kills the file, and start recording again), also when using record-overtime the record cant be stopped in the record-overtime, im using a 10 day old cvs compile, but cant find anything on the commit list about this
20:57-!-davipt [] has joined #mythtv
21:01-!-claybo [] has left #mythtv []
21:09-!-davipt [] has quit ["BitchX: its what's for lunch"]
21:14-!-robertj [] has joined #Mythtv
21:22-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
21:24<thor_>so this would be a bad time to propose one little change
21:25<josephk>what? change? get out!! :)
21:25<thor_>just want to make audio mono only ;-)
21:25<robertj>are we nearing a release?
21:26<robertj>ooh :)
21:27<Chutt>thor, sure!
21:27<Chutt>i just tagged the release in CVS
21:27<thor_>I'm not going anywhere near the commit button
21:27<warlord>audio mono only??
21:28<Chutt>yeah, thor broke, what was it, 0.9?
21:28<thor_>something like that
21:28<Chutt>made the audio go mono only after a channel change =)
21:28* thor_ has only the slightest grasp of << operators
21:29<Chutt>it's a silly way to handle volume
21:29<Chutt>not your fault =)
21:29<thor_>... must debug using ears ....
21:29<thor_>I will definitely send you an mfd by Monday night
21:30<thor_>*lots* of new stuff
21:30<robertj>Chutt: you doing the web page update now?
21:30<Chutt>thor, great
21:30<Chutt>can't wait
21:31<Chutt>robertj, no, i'm doing the changelog for the web page now
21:31<Chutt>then i'll package up all the tarballs
21:31<Chutt>what a time sink
21:33-!-mdz [] has joined #mythtv
21:34<Netslayer>anyone know what would cause mythweb not to connect to the db? It's running on the same machine.
21:34<Chutt>mdz, got more than an ancient machine setup yet?
21:35<mdz>Chutt: nope
21:35<mdz>that stuff is all in storage until December at the earliest
21:36<Chutt>heh, sucks
21:36<Chutt>i'm putting out 0.12 sometime tonight
21:36-!-davipt [] has joined #mythtv
21:36<mdz>sorry I can't do the debs
21:37<mdz>I don't know what would be more painful...trying to compile myth on this machine, or trying to download the build-deps over dialup
21:37<Chutt>probably compiling
21:37<Chutt>it takes an age on my mini-itx
21:38<mdz>heh, did you try it just to see?
21:38<Chutt>goes into swap on globalsettings.cpp
21:38<warlord>so, this isn't really a mythtv question but... anyone have any ideas why mplex doesn't like the files created by ffmpeg?
21:38<Chutt>yeah, the mini-itx is my production machine now
21:38<Chutt>with the pvr-350 doing encoding, decoding, and tv-out
21:39<mdz>is that a C3?
21:39<mdz>heh, definitely much faster than this, then
21:39<Chutt>m10000, so it's _about_ as fast as a p3-500
21:42<josephk> never had any problems with decoding did you? In past cvs I the stream just cutting out after an hour or so
21:42<Chutt>not that, but i do get corruption occasionally
21:43<Chutt>i've fixed a few bugs wrt the card recently
21:43<josephk>I ran dd for a few hours to make sure my card was ok...21 and still going...I guess its good:)
21:44<Chutt>yeah, but that's not doing stuff like checking the status of the card every so often
21:44<Chutt>i'd wager that there's a race/deadlock in the driver
21:45<josephk>I think latest cvs fixed one race condition
21:46<josephk>that's as of Oct 16th though
21:46<josephk>probably my setup
21:50<Netslayer>what would stop MythWeb from connecting to the mythconverg db on the same system? I'm getting fsockopen() expects par 2 to be long, string given, "Unable to connect to mythbackend, is it running?" and it is running
21:50<Chutt>netslayer, that's right, just keep asking until someone answers
21:51<Netslayer>well the last post is off the screen :-)
21:55<josephk>Chutt: Are squirrels dangerous in close quarters?
21:56<josephk>thats why it stings
21:56<Chutt>thor, hey, you never made a 0.11-0.12 sql thingie for mythvideo
21:56<Chutt>off to correct that =)
21:56<Netslayer>omg i feel stupid lol. Wasn't looking at the php error, i accidently stuck a space in after the port settings in ./setup guess there isn't any error checking in there huh
22:00<davipt>I got a new machine borrowed for my tvbox but I still get some freezes, is there any "profiler" to investigate what's happening ?
22:00<davipt>I'm using a bt878, mpeg4 720x576, amd 1800+
22:00<davipt>I suspect about i810 sound card :(
22:00<davipt>but my borrowed sb live is not working nor with alsa nor with oss
22:00<Netslayer>i think i have that one in my laptop
22:01<davipt>i810 ? I hate them!
22:01<Chutt>drop your resolution first
22:01<Chutt>and the encoding bitrate
22:01<davipt>640x480 or 480x480 it's the same
22:02<Chutt>i'd doubt that
22:02<davipt>it's like a 1 second freeze each 10 seconds
22:02<Chutt>but, whatever
22:02<Chutt>turn on dma on your harddrive
22:02<davipt>turned more than on (33MB/sec, udma4 etc)
22:02<Chutt>welp, you're stuck
22:02<josephk>using noatime?
22:02<Chutt>have fun
22:02<davipt>Chutt: yep, I know that ;)
22:03<Netslayer>can mythtv stream recorded programs over it's tcp connection to a remote frontend or do i have to NFS mount them?
22:03<davipt>too much addicted to mythtv to let it go
22:03<davipt>Netslayer: you can install a frontend in your laptop and see tv over wifi in your bed ;)
22:03<Netslayer>that's what i've done, except i have to recompile the kernel for the wifi...almost there
22:04<josephk>net...must use NFS shares of the buffer and recording directories...also videos
22:04<Netslayer>buffer also? really
22:04<davipt>Chutt: drop encoding how ? increasing its value would make bigger videos and less cpu, right ?
22:05<davipt>or should I make them smaller with more cpu but less hard disk requirements ?
22:05<Chutt>josephk, no you don't
22:05<davipt>I'm gonna try both ;)
22:05<josephk>I don't?
22:05<josephk>I do...hehe
22:05<Chutt>you don't have to nfs mount anything.
22:05<Netslayer>see this is confusion lol
22:05<josephk>well whatever Chutt says is how it is
22:05<davipt>we need to change mp3 quality texts in config page. it's confusing to have better quality with a smaller value ;)
22:06<Netslayer>cool, ok so when i click a recording hit goes "file not found"
22:06-!-nulltank [] has joined #mythtv
22:06<josephk>with frontend and backend on different machine chutt?
22:06<Chutt>josephk, of course.
22:06<Chutt>you can if you want to, but you certainly don't have to.
22:06<davipt>mdz: I've added *.xml files to conffiles in my debian packages so I can change menu structure without having new packages overriding them
22:06<davipt>but I'd better move them to /etc and link them
22:07<davipt>Chutt: "prebuffering pause" is backend too slow, right ?
22:07<Netslayer>i'm getting that...
22:07<Chutt>no, it's a prebuffering pause
22:07<Netslayer>but it never unpauses
22:08<davipt>I get freezes when I see that in logs
22:08<davipt>200KB hard disk usage in iostat, so I guess it's not an hard disk problem (I hope)
22:09<josephk>so you must export it but you don't have to mount it is what you're saying
22:10<Netslayer>davipt - when did u last update? did it work before
22:11<Chutt>josephk, err, no
22:11<Chutt>it's all internal.
22:11<davipt>Netslayer: nope. I have a P3 machine and today I borrowd this AMD1.8+ from my brother
22:11<bline>last time I was seeing pauses in video it was a mysql table corrupted.
22:11<Chutt>if you nfs mount it in the same place, it'll just use that, as it thinks it's local
22:11<Netslayer>it's my first try at the whole remote part, either i have it setup wrong (not sure, followed the docs) or it's a problem since i'm running 10/100 here, it should be able to handle 2300kbps divx
22:11<davipt>Netslayer: I was using 400x400 before with the same freezes
22:12<davipt>and it's a today's cvs version
22:12<Chutt>blah blah blah
22:12<Chutt>this isn't a tech support channel.
22:12<Netslayer>oh it isn't
22:12<Chutt>so ask on the list and shut the hell up
22:12<davipt>Chutt: are you talking to me ? :(
22:13<josephk>bah...I haven't used separate front and backends in a while anyway...hehe
22:13<josephk>I think he did ask the list...netslayer that is
22:14<davipt>"capture device /dev/sound/dsp is not reporting full duplex capability." <- this is not good, right ?
22:14<Netslayer>ya then i figured out half my prob
22:14<Netslayer>no it's not
22:17<josephk>its only bad if you want to capture
22:17<josephk>I hear
22:17<davipt>Netslayer: anyway, I can't use alsa (it mangles sound with i810), and cat /dev/dsp> /dev/dsp works
22:18* josephk can't hear properly due to half duplex operation of his brain
22:18-!-mdz [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
22:19<mikegrb>* mdz can't hear properly due to no route to host
22:19<Netslayer>and i'm paused for prebuffering :-)
22:20<josephk>I"m ghosting X over my 350's tv out and pretending its transparent on purpose
22:21<Netslayer>davipt - ya I have the i810 audio and it's running on OSS right now in myth
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22:22-!-mikegrb_ [] has joined #mythtv
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22:22<davipt>Netslayer: any reason for not using alsa ? ;)
22:22<josephk>try aggressive sound card buffering?
22:23<davipt>Netslayer: i have to use alsa in my laptop because oss dies in apm suspend, but alsa mangles my sound for example when display turns off due to dpms :(
22:23<Netslayer>haven't installed it yet
22:23* josephk logs into mythtv techsupport acd
22:23<Netslayer>apm is screwed for me anyway i can't change to batt/ac it freezes
22:23<Netslayer>and i just installed mdk9.2
22:24<FryGuy->is there a way to use a keyboard on another pc to control the mythfrontend session?
22:24* josephk logs out of mythv techsupport acd
22:24<FryGuy->like, would lirc do that easily, or would some sort of vnc work?
22:24<davipt>FryGuy-: try x2x :)
22:25<FryGuy->from a windows machine I mean
22:25<davipt>ops, what's that ? ;)
22:25<FryGuy->er wait
22:26<FryGuy->might be able to :)
22:26<FryGuy->just found something on the list
22:26<josephk>who are you and why are you're angering the great chutt
22:26<FryGuy->chutt should know to ignore me by now :)
22:27<josephk><-- FryGuy- has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) ...ahah
22:28<josephk>just looking back
22:28<josephk>IN TIME
22:28<FryGuy->i don't go that far back :)
22:29* josephk calls it "scrolling through time"TM
22:33<Chutt>ah, almost done
22:33-!-Omnic [] has joined #mythtv
22:33<Omnic>what a guess....
22:33* josephk clears room
22:35<davatar>since there are people here, are there objections to have cropping by reducing framesize at block intervals?
22:36<FryGuy->I OBJECT!
22:36<davatar>you're giving your opening argument!
22:38* Omnic hopes CVS compiles for him this time
22:39* dopez cant remember the last time mythtv cvs failed to compile..
22:40* josephk thinks dopez is a jerk
22:40<dopez>josephk is probally right..
22:40<josephk>join the club:D
22:44<EricL>Has anyone gotten the TV side of a Voodoo 3 card working?
22:44<EricL>I can't even get it load properly, let alone use MythTV with it.
22:45<josephk>give up
22:45<josephk>resistance is futile
22:49-!-Ripp [] has joined #mythtv
22:50* josephk is back (gone 19:30:49)
22:50* josephk is away: I'm not here...
22:52<davipt>uhm, rrenice -10 `pidof mythbackend mythfrontend` helps a little
22:53<EricL>Really, no one has it working?
22:53<davipt>btw, mythfrontend just dies with instant recodring when there's no program info in db ;)
22:54<davipt>gdbint it
22:54<Omnic>mythepg fails to build
22:59<Chutt>instant recording has been completely disabled for quite awhile now
23:00<Netslayer>wow 9 commits for sunday already and it's not even sunday here yet
23:01<Chutt>for saturday.
23:01<Chutt>ah, nevermind, the time's off on the cvs uml
23:02<Omnic>Grr... compiling, when linking mythepg, I get hundreds of: ../../libs/libmyth/ undefined reference to `SomeQTFunction()` - but I'm setting QTDIR... ?
23:02<Chutt>you're compiling mythtv against a different version of gcc than you used to compile qt.
23:03<Omnic>ahh... well, qt is the Debian package...
23:03<Omnic>as is gcc
23:03<Omnic>hrmm... right, I suppose I should upgrade them..
23:03<Chutt>well, that's pretty much the only way you can get that error
23:03* Omnic slaps self
23:05<davipt>Chutt: but instant recording works ok if I have info in db
23:05<davipt>instand record as in 'i' + 'r' I mean
23:05<Chutt>oh, that's different
23:05<davipt>was there any different recording ? ;)
23:05<davipt>there's one inside epg, right ?
23:06<Chutt>that used to be a selection on the main menu
23:06<Chutt>well, the main 'schedule recordings' menu
23:06<davipt>ah no. I just want to record something is passing right now in live tv for example
23:08<Chutt>wonder what my freshmeat login info is
23:09-!-FryGuy- [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
23:11-!-FryGuy- [] has joined #mythtv
23:33<D-side>.12 sometime soon eh?
23:34<D-side>yeah go me. say that, THEN check the site.
23:34<D-side>shrug. i suck.
23:35<davipt>where does myth save in db which card should he use for live tv ?
23:35<davipt>mine is now selecting card2 and dieing because I don't have an antenna connected
23:35<davipt>(myth crashes with noise no-signal)
23:35-!-D-side [] has quit ["i'm done sucking tonight. er.."]
23:46<Ripp>hey any gentoo ~ users upgraded qt to 3.2? does it break myth? (or any other qt apps?)
23:49-!-dopez [] has quit ["..."]
23:51-!-kja [] has quit ["..."]
23:51<overridex>Ripp: hehe yeah
23:52<overridex>Ripp: 3.2.2 should be fine
23:52<overridex>3.2.1 had a problem...
23:52<overridex>(-r1 anyway, i think it was fixed in 3.2.1-r2)
23:53<Ripp>hm, ok. haven't gone past 3.1.4 (I think) for fear of breaking everything
23:54<Ripp>er 3.1.2-r4 I mean...
23:55-!-davipt [] has quit ["zZzz"]
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