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00:00<paulc>I take it the answer is 4...just want to make sure
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00:15<Omnic>Edgan: hmm? of what?
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00:35<solarce>nforce2 boards good for linux?
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01:27* solarce hums
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03:53<mchou>I need to record some stuff on the educational channel that recurs every week at the same timeslot(but isn't listed in zap2it). I used the myth's "Manual Record" feature, but is there a way to set "record in this timeslot every week" option with manual record?
03:57<DogBoy>can't you browse to that timeslot in the program guide?
03:57<mchou>never mind, I found out how to do it....
03:59<mchou>DogBoy, yeah, except I did it in the Conflict resolution" screen. Same thing.....
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04:00<mchou>funny how manual recording is almost as bad as using a VCR... shudder....
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04:43<thor_>hmmm ... anyone been to the Dominican Republic?
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05:34<kja>blue theme converted to red @
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06:52<gerhard>Hi all, I'v got mythtv up and running, there are a view things I would need some help with.
06:52<gerhard>How do I get the programguide updated every day automaticly?
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07:03<gerhard>hello, anybody out there??
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07:25<GreyFoxx>Call it via cron
07:38<gerhard>thanks i fixed that
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07:59<gerhard>hi all, I need to make some small changes in the database, can I do that and how, is there a program to do that with??
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08:09<ChrisH>gerhard: Read the MySQL documentation. Use phpmyadmin.
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09:06<GreyFoxx>gerhard: Or read up on MySQL itself and use the commandline utility :) But if you have never used it before then some sort of Gui might be a better idea for you as Chris: mentioned
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09:09<gerhard>thats what I am looking for, never used mysql command line before and frankly I dont intend to, there is a limit on how much documentation I am going to read. What graphical editor would you recomend. I run RH9
09:12<gerhard>Also can I use internet radio with mythmusic?
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10:05<Desiac>i Aug 15 14:26:50
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10:19<Desiac>i've just installed mythtv from the debian packages, when i was installing and it asked for my mysql root p/w i entered incorrectly and the script failed, i populated mythconverg with mc.sql. when i try and run mythtv or mythtv-setup i get "XLib: connection to 0:0 refused by server" i've tried removing and reinstalling the packages, anyone have anyideas?
10:27<gerhard>ok I have my remote controll working finally, the question remains how to get it working with mythtv, cam anyone enlighten me on that
10:29<gerhard>I'm using pvr250 with the old black remote
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11:15<gerhard>Ok I got the remote control working, there is only one small problem. The remote for the PVR 250 seems to work on the same frequency as the TV
11:16<gerhard>Can I use another remote with the pvr250?
11:17<mikegrb>electrical tape on the tv's ir sensor
11:18<gerhard>that could work, but I need the remote for the tv to chooce the video input which I cant without the remote, sucks doesnt it
11:25<mikegrb>yes, if you search the -users archives you should find stuff about this, I remember some posts about the protocol used
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11:27<gerhard>Thanks I'll give it a try, other than that its looking good so far
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11:34<gerhard>Is it possible to change the frequency for the pvr250 remote control?
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15:40<mchou>anybody have problems with xmltv not downloading schedules more than 4-5 days in advance? tv_grab_na I'm talking about.....
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16:36<knight->i wonder if i should buy a couple more PVR-350's
16:37<knight->I have PVR-250s now
16:40<warlord>I like my -250s.. I'm considering a -350 for a future purpose, but first I need to get the system more stable.
16:41<knight->i dont see any huge advantages of the 350
16:41<knight->other than playback decoding
16:41<knight->and perhaps FM support
16:47<warlord>well, ivtv doesn't support that, yet.
16:53<knight->i know
17:01<warlord>I just changed my encoder type to use "DVD Special-2".. Hopefully this will make video-DVD generation a bit easier.
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