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00:57* Captain_Murdoch_ upgrades rpms to qt 3.1.x only to find a line that prevents current cvs from compiling with his current gcc version.
00:59<davatar>upgrade distro time :)
00:59<Captain_Murdoch_>nah, 1-line fix that I'll commit to cvs. :)
01:00<Captain_Murdoch_>same problem that the ivtv driver had recently, declaring vars in the middle of a block of code.
01:00<Captain_Murdoch_>C ansi version differences
01:00<Chutt>when'd that change?
01:00<Chutt>oh, in the filters?
01:01<Captain_Murdoch_>yeah, denoise3d.
01:01<bline>C99 alows that.
01:01<Captain_Murdoch_>but my gcc is the previous c version
01:01<Captain_Murdoch_>c97 or whatever
01:01<Captain_Murdoch_>ahh, big difference. :)
01:02<Captain_Murdoch_>I'm 200 miles from my machine so can't upgrade the distro so found newer qt rpms for it.
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01:08* josephk is away: I'm actually away...I don't believe me either
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01:19<Chutt>captain_murdoch, thanks for taking care of that patch
01:43<Captain_Murdoch_>no problem. :) just can't test easily running over vnc. I'm adding something now to make it use fillselectonsfromdir for the fonts in response to that guys post on the list.
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02:00<makruger>hey guys
02:01<makruger>anyone here help me install mythtv ?
02:13<makruger>knight-: ?
02:13<knight->just got 3 more 200gb drives going
02:14<knight->got about 1tb in my mythtv box now
02:14<makruger>knight-: can ya help me get mythtv runing ?
02:14<knight->all drives are their own ide channel
02:14<knight->makruger, you should read the tutorial/faq
02:14<makruger>ive got it installed
02:14<makruger>just i get errors running it
02:14<knight->makruger, I'll be happy to assist after you've read it
02:14<knight->What errors?
02:15<makruger>first error is get is
02:15<makruger>root@Omega:/home/makruger/overnet# mythbackend
02:15<makruger>QPixmap: Cannot create a QPixmap when no GUI is being used
02:15<makruger>QPixmap: Cannot create a QPixmap when no GUI is being used
02:15<makruger>Starting up as the master server.
02:15<makruger>Probed: /dev/video - Television
02:15<makruger>Probed: /dev/video - Composite1
02:15<makruger>Probed: /dev/video - S-Video
02:15<makruger> is defined, but isn't attached to a cardinput.
02:15<makruger>QServerSocket: failed to bind or listen to the socket
02:15<makruger>Failed to bind port: 6543
02:15<makruger>it worked before maybe i need to reboot
02:15<knight->you probably already have a backend running
02:16<makruger>that was it :P
02:16<makruger>i killed it and opened it and it works
02:17<makruger>when i run mythtv (frontend)
02:17<makruger>i get this
02:17<makruger>No such file or directory
02:17<makruger>Error opening audio device ():
02:17<makruger>No such file or directory
02:17<makruger>player: Can't open audio device:
02:17<makruger>Over/underscanning. V: 0.050000, H: 0.050000, XOff: 0, YOff: 0
02:17<makruger>Using XV port 139
02:17<makruger>OSD::LoadTheme(): Can't open: /usr/share/mythtv/themes///osd.xml
02:17<makruger>Couldn't load osdtheme: at /usr/share/mythtv/themes//
02:17<makruger>Unable to find font:
02:17<makruger>No OSD will be displayed.
02:17<makruger>Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
02:17<knight->please dont paste here
02:17<knight->have you tried searching the mailing list yet?
02:18<tmk>chutt: you around?
02:18<makruger>ive searched google
02:18<knight->makruger, that's nice, but have you searched the mythtv-user mailing list
02:19<knight->you're most likely not the first person to experience these "errors"
02:20<Chutt>makruger, run mythfrontend.
02:20<Chutt>makruger, and it'd help if you actually ran the latest release.
02:20<Chutt>tmk, yeah. what's up?
02:21<makruger>that worked
02:21<makruger>its nto the newest ?
02:21<knight->makruger, it would help if you actually read the documentation too.
02:25<makruger>Chutt: which version do i have ?
02:26<Chutt>um, you don't know?
02:27<makruger>i used apt-get to install it
02:28<Chutt>i think you really should figure something that simple out on your own.
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02:30<tmk>chutt: i put poll() in
02:30<tmk>for the decoder
02:30<tmk>give it a go
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02:31<tmk>and lots of patches
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02:32<Chutt>i'll see if i have time tomorrow =)
02:32<Chutt>did you merge it back into cvs head
02:32<tmk>no not yet
02:33<knight->anyone using 2.5.x or 2.6.x?
02:33<knight->I still haven't migrated from 2.4.20 :)
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03:59<knight->I love how 2.6.0 compiles
04:11<knight->and cleaner display.... it hides the actual commands of the compile and just shows a one word command and the file(s) performed on
04:11<knight->CC blah/blah/blah.c
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04:43<knight-> /dev/evms/raidstorage 558.9 GB X
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08:29<knight->yay, 749GB evms striped disk now
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08:49<knight->is there no 2.6.0 support in ivtv?
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09:18<o_cee>that was defenately the wrong button
09:19<o_cee>got a question about the 350 tv-out. will PiP work with it?
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09:20<MrChook>hey hey, greetings
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10:13<ByteNik>Does anyone have an HD2000 working on 2.6.x kernel?
10:17<poo>this hd2000 ?
10:17<ByteNik>... no? :P
10:17<ByteNik>'s hd2000
10:17<poo>how do you change the reels with LIRC ?
10:18<poo>oh ok
10:19<poo>bytenik: where do you get your ATSC stream from? cable or antennae/
10:19<ByteNik>Both, why?
10:19<poo>cool.. just curious; they don't have hdtv cable by me yet.. :/
10:20<ByteNik>Really? What zip code?
10:20<farce>i thought it only worked for OTA
10:20<poo>farce: thats what i thought too
10:20<farce>Will the HD-2000 card work with cable TV?
10:20<farce>No, The card is only for terrestrial broadcasts. Cable and Satellite reception are not supported.
10:20<farce>in their faq.
10:20<ByteNik>Yah, but it works anyway.
10:20<ByteNik>Some cable providers support terrestrial format ATSC.
10:20<poo>for HD?
10:20<ByteNik>Others broadcast the cable version.
10:20<poo>wow kickass you're lucky
10:21<ByteNik>And others broadcast proprietary crap.
10:21<ByteNik>I get the latter and terrestrial format.
10:21<poo>what cable provider you got?
10:21<ByteNik>Comcast... we're part of the new test-bed program
10:21<poo>are you in new england?
10:21<ByteNik>Well, NJ, so sort of yah. :P
10:21<warlord>Hmm, I wonder what RCN's HD is like..
10:21<warlord>It's an extra "pay" so I suspect it's not a normal transmission
10:22<warlord>then again, not having an HDTV I'm not sure why it's useful to me.
10:22<ByteNik>We get proprietary HD via a box for premium HD channels (Discovery Theatre HD for example) and terrestrial format HD for regular ones.
10:22<ByteNik>Warlord: I just got one... its wonderful.
10:22<warlord>Many of the shows I watch aren't on HDTV channels anyways..
10:22<ByteNik>I got a DLP projector
10:23<warlord>I dont have room for one of those.
10:23<ByteNik>The projector is tiny...
10:23<warlord>I would have room for a plasma
10:23<poo>so how does myth handle the different resolutions of the different broadcast formats?
10:23<warlord>how tiny? And how far away?
10:23<warlord>poo: just fine.
10:24<ByteNik>11" x 6" x 3", roughly.
10:24<warlord>(at least for recording -- I dont know about playback)
10:24<poo>warlord: thats what i mean
10:24<warlord>ByteNik: and how far away from the screen does it need to be.
10:24<ByteNik>It can operate as close as 4', but I'm running at 8' an I get a ~80" image.
10:24<ByteNik>InFocus X1
10:25<ByteNik>Its not in theory HDTV (only 800x600) but I figured that by the time everyone uses 1080i, I could trade up using the infocus trade up program for $75 or so
10:25<warlord>see, 8 ft would put it at my head.
10:25<ByteNik>Ceiling mount it.
10:25<ByteNik>It does digital keystone correction.
10:26<ByteNik>I mean, DLP projectors aren't as nice as CRT front projection, but the X1 has a 2000:1 contrast and a 3000 hr bulb... the best value out there.
10:26<warlord>So it takes composite/svideo in?
10:26<poo>bytenik: does it autofit a ntsc broadcast to use the whole screen?
10:26<farce>the X1 is a great value
10:26<warlord>CRT front projection is nice.. 1024x768... :)
10:26<warlord>(or more)
10:27<ByteNik>poo: It does mode changing between 4:3 and 16:9... dunno what the actual DLP's proportions are.
10:27<ByteNik>Composite/s-video/component in
10:27<poo>ByteNik: i guess my question is, does myth do the resizing, or does the projector?
10:27<ByteNik>poo: The projector does the resizing.
10:27<ByteNik>poo: myth can do it too, I assume, but I never tried it.
10:28<poo>thats awesome
10:28<ByteNik>poo: There's one minor quirk but its hardly worth mentioning.
10:28<ByteNik>Component input is handled via a component->6 wire svideo adapter
10:29<ByteNik>And its also handled by component->VGA input adapter
10:29<poo>does it have a 'power save' mode?
10:29<ByteNik>The VGA adapter supports up to 1080p
10:29<poo>thats not too bad
10:29<ByteNik>The svideo supports up to 1080i
10:29<ByteNik>But svideo adapter only does interlaced and VGA only does progressive
10:29<ByteNik>So you need both adapters and 3 Y-cables.
10:29<ByteNik>And a KVM if you want to also use the VGA interface for VGA.
10:30<ByteNik>poo: Yah, power save is there.
10:30<ByteNik>poo: 20 minutes auto cycle down
10:30<ByteNik>I just got it a week ago and I'm in love. :P The only caveot is it really has to be near dark in the room.
10:30<ByteNik>Even with the wonderful contrast its not like a CRT projector where the lights can be semi-on
10:31<ByteNik>I have to get honeycomb blinds for my windows.
10:31<poo>thats true of most affordable front projection
10:31<ByteNik>I haven't mounted my glass bead screen yet tho to see if that helps w/ day viewing tho
10:31<poo>that supposedly helps
10:32<ByteNik>also, the screen will be in front of my windows, projector aimed at window area... right now for testing, the projector aims 180 degrees away from the windows, at the wall facing the windows.
10:32<ByteNik>So that wall receives the most light from the windows in the room.
10:32<ByteNik>Also, the wall isn't perfectly white.
10:32<ByteNik>So its not a 100% true test.
10:33<poo>thats awesome.. so you use it w/ a hd2000? thats the system i'm getting ready to build.. hd2000 w/ dlp
10:34<ByteNik>I actually have 3 tuners
10:34<ByteNik>hd2000 with an antenna in the primary input and cable in the secondary, a pvr-250 with my cable box plugged in and a cable wire (for analog cable), and a TV-Wonder VE for another analog tuner.
10:35<ByteNik>I have an audigy, also, and I use the SPDIF in to record dolby from my digi cable box... unfortunately, when I do that, I can't use the built-in encoder on the PVR-250
10:35<poo>what do use for cpu and playback card? and do you have backend/frontend on same box?
10:36<ByteNik>Theoretically I'm sure myth could use the onboard encoder for video and mux with software encoded audio, but...
10:36<ByteNik>Its on the same box--before I had the hd2000 I had a p3 1ghz which was fine... but I really needed the higher speed and SSE2 support, so I'm now on a Celeron 2.6
10:36<ByteNik>The p4 architecture makes up for the lack of cache.
10:37<ByteNik>And except for the TV wonder, the cards support onboard encoding so the processor doesn't need cache for that.
10:37<warlord>doesnt the hd2000 provide you an mpeg stream?
10:37<ByteNik>Only the TV Wonder card doesn't.
10:37<warlord>so why do you need the extra processing power?
10:38<ByteNik>Decoding is painful with the large streams.
10:38<poo>couldn't u use a nvidia card w/ built in hardware mpeg decoding?
10:38<poo>for playback
10:38<ByteNik>I do have a GeForce FX... anything prior to the FX had hardware accelerated decoding, but not actual decoding. Linux also doesn't support the FX's built-in decoder yet. :-(
10:39<poo>ahhh boner
10:39<knight->nvidia support under 2.6.0 is shady
10:39<ByteNik>I'm in 2.4.20 right now.
10:39<knight->i'm getting kernel errors
10:39<ByteNik>I was going to build 2.6.0 but I don't want to risk HD2000 having issues.
10:39<knight->cant even get X running right
10:39<davatar>ByteNik: how's the tv out look in the fx?
10:40<ByteNik>davatar: Its as good as any SA box that does svideo out.
10:41<ByteNik>davatar: It does take some playing with tho, because contrast is muddy at first.
10:41<davatar>I was going to get a mx 440 for hdtv, but the 5200 fx is only like $20 more..
10:42<ByteNik>Definitely the FX
10:42<ByteNik>At some point they'll support the decoder.
10:43<poo>that'll be sweet
10:44<poo>bytenik: so do you use the tv out on your fx or the vga out?
10:44<ByteNik>Both. TV out for my video distribution across the house, and VGA for the projector.
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13:17<thor_>"try it and see", waht are ya, some kind of Nazi ?
13:18<solarce>thor_: what is that from?
13:18<thor_>Chutt on the mailing list
13:18<thor_>lame attempt at Friday levity
13:19<solarce>ah, heh
13:20<o_cee>sorry chutt, didn't know you asked for modifications for that patch.. didn't see any response at all to his patch, that's why i thought it was strange.. anyway, cool :)
13:20<Chutt>o_cee, i'm _really_ tempted to just drop the patch, since you're being so damn annoying about it
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13:21<thor_>see ... see ... Nazi Nazi Nazi
13:21<warlord>Chutt: please ignore o_cee, not the patch.. ;)
13:23<o_cee>i'm sorry if you feel that i'm annoying, that's not my intention. maybe it's because of my native language not beeing english i can't express myself in a correct way.
13:23<mchou>I need help with manual recordings on local eduactional channel (no zap2it listing). They don't seem to show up in "fix conflicts," nor do they show up in "mythbackend --printsched". How can I be sure that myth is going to record it at the appointed time?
13:24<sfr>Chutt: there's other people (me at least) patiently waiting for that patch to be applied. :)
13:24<Chutt>it's a lame idea
13:24<Chutt>slows things down, as it does a backend and database hit every single time you hit a key
13:25<o_cee>maybe it would be enough to load it once when entering livetv and keep the info locally.
13:27<o_cee>anyway, i'll be quiet from now on, promise.
13:27<Chutt>i told you to shut up about it a few days ago
13:27<Chutt>last time you asked
13:27<Chutt>didn't seem to happen
13:28<mchou>so, nobody willing to help me w/ my manual record question? :)
13:29<thor_>mchou, I think the manual recording stuff has been removed ...
13:29<thor_>(nobody is working on it)
13:29<Chutt>that was the instant recording
13:29<thor_>never mind
13:30<mchou>hmm, it's still in .12, isn't it?
13:30<thor_>(shows you how rarely I get to watch tv)
13:31<thor_>mchou, set up a fake manual recording to happen in a few minutes and see if it records ?
13:32<solarce>alright, what would be the point of using mythtv on an x-box, I can't imagine it having a mpeg2 encoder chip or that encoding on a 733 celeron would be very enjoyable :/
13:32<mchou>well, the problem is some manually schedules "show up" and some don't. Don't know rhyme or reason why this is so....
13:32<thor_>solarce, fe
13:32<solarce>thor_: hrm?
13:32<thor_>front end
13:33<solarce>thor_: ah
13:33<mchou>but they (manual records) all are in mythconverg.record db...
13:33<thor_>mchou, no idea ... try mailing list ?
13:33<Chutt>mchou, so check out the source.
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13:33<thor_>or that
13:34<solarce>thor_: I can see that
13:34<solarce>I saw an x-box in a pawn shop for $120 yesterday and was tempted :)
13:34<thor_>solarce, no ... you must by new ... Microsoft loses money on each box
13:35<thor_>hee hee
13:37<jkolb>Ehn. Someone will eventually buy the used one, so it might as well be you, which will force another would-be buyer to purchase a new one, thereby completing the circle of loss.
13:39<jkolb>Or perhaps thor was planning on being the buyer, and he didn't want you to get it first.
13:39<solarce>would it make sense for him to come to south dakota to buy it though?
13:40<thor_>no ... I'm just off thinking about action at the margin, second degree price discrimination, and stock-flow inconsistencies
13:40<solarce>and here I was thinking about where to go for lunch
13:40<solarce>I feel so mediocre
13:41<jkolb>That may actually be the best reason to visit SD, you know.
13:41<thor_>also, it depends on the efficiency of the market ....
13:42<thor_>is that pawn shop on e-bay?
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14:15<Chutt>think i found the bug of doug larrick's
14:16<thor_>HDTV stuff ?
14:17<Chutt>1080 isn't a factor of 16 =)
14:17<holger>anybody here actively developing mythtv?
14:18<holger>(or using it in conjunction with a DVB card?
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21:54<D-side>boy has it ever been an exciting evening
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22:24<monkeyBox>anyone here ever build a homebrew IR reciever?
22:24-!-drgalaxy [] has joined #mythtv
22:24<Captain_Murdoch_>2-3 of them.
22:25<Captain_Murdoch_>not 2 and not 3 cause one didn't work 100% of the time. :)
22:25<monkeyBox>Captain_Murdoch I went to Radio Shack to get the parts described on, and I couldn't find a 100mA voltage regulator... but they had a 1A voltage regulator...
22:26<monkeyBox>..will that one work?
22:26<Captain_Murdoch_>the design I used didn't need one of those.
22:26<cmorgan>monkeyBox: link to the plans?
22:26<cmorgan>monkeyBox: a 1A voltage regulator is better than a 100mA one, voltages match?
22:27-!-david_ [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:28<monkeyBox>cmorgan: <-- that's all I have to go by atm..
22:28<monkeyBox>I'm making one to plug into the IR header on my EPIA-M mobo, like this guy did:
22:29-!-Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
22:30<cmorgan>were the specs on the other regulator the same as the 78L05?
22:30<cmorgan>5V output, 6.75 to 35V input?
22:31<monkeyBox>hmm.. it says 7805 + 5VDC Voltage Regulator, 1 amp... Input voltage: 35v
22:32<monkeyBox>oper. tampe: 0 to 70 celcius, max junction temp 150 celcius
22:32<cmorgan>yeah, they probably mean input voltage up to 35V
22:32<monkeyBox>so do you think this one will work ok?
22:32<cmorgan>how much did it cost? dollar or two? i think its the right part
22:32<cmorgan>+5V output right?
22:32<cmorgan>yep, should be all set
22:32<monkeyBox>sweet :)
22:32<monkeyBox>time for some soldering :)
22:33<cmorgan>i'd not wire up the IC1 part until AFTER i checked the output voltage from the regulator
22:33<monkeyBox>hmm.. I don't have a voltmeter .. heh
22:33<cmorgan>well nm then ;-)
22:33<monkeyBox>my first time
22:34* monkeyBox is a virgin
22:34<cmorgan>you know how to solder?
22:35<monkeyBox>ewll somewhat..
22:35<monkeyBox>not with parts this small..
22:35<monkeyBox>I got .015 dia. solder
22:35<cmorgan>rosen core?
22:36<cmorgan>not rosen core?
22:36<monkeyBox>not sure if it has rosin core.. doesn'
22:36<monkeyBox>t look like it
22:36<monkeyBox>it's really tiny
22:36<cmorgan>i'd try it out on some wires first
22:36<monkeyBox>I could be wrong though
22:36<cmorgan>you get a breadboard for it?
22:36<monkeyBox>yup :)
22:37<monkeyBox>just one of those plain-jane prepunched prefboards
22:37<cmorgan>a plain one or with the copper surface?
22:37<monkeyBox>is the copper surface better?
22:37<cmorgan>i got the cheap copper one with individual copper squares
22:37<cmorgan>big mistake
22:37<cmorgan>the one with 3 holes per copper square is nice
22:38<cmorgan>the issue with the separate squares is solder doesn't want to stick to the breadboard so bridging between two holes sucks
22:38<cmorgan>3 holes means you don't have that trouble as much
22:38<cmorgan>definately practice first...
22:39<cmorgan>or you'll end up buying new parts after you get solder stuck to them in bad places, like between pins ;-)
22:39<monkeyBox>oh.. well, mine doesn't hve any copper at all.. yeah, I'll have to practice a little.. lickily these diodes and resisters are in packes of 10 and 5 respectively
22:40<cmorgan>i'd recommend you get the one with the 3 holes per copper square if you want something easy and neat
22:40<cmorgan>its like 2 bucks ;-) heh
22:43<monkeyBox>well, radioshack's closed now.. and I'm ready to go :) chances are I'll screw somethin' up and I'll have to go back anyways...
22:44<cmorgan>i put together the ir transmitter, the improved one, last weekend
22:45<cmorgan>it went pretty well, i wish i had gotten the 3 hole copper breadboard, would have been cleaner
22:45<cmorgan>next time ;-)
22:51<monkeyBox>yeah my brother put together a transmitter as well.. didn't get to watch him do it though, so I don't have much experience :-p
22:51<monkeyBox>..but I'll be sure and let you know how it goes :)
22:52<cmorgan>heh, alright
23:07-!-FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
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23:29<monkeyBox>hey, cmorgan.. you still there?
23:30<cmorgan>whats up
23:30<monkeyBox>I'm trying to figure out how these pinouts are supposed to go on my particular IR receiver..
23:30<monkeyBox>that's the schematics from lirc..
23:31<monkeyBox>on the packaging for my IR rec, it says: 1: Out, 2: Gnd, 3: Vcc
23:31<monkeyBox>which one of those is "data"?
23:31<monkeyBox>ok.. that's what I though, but wanted to make sure :)
23:31<cmorgan>gnd is the ground for power, vcc is +5V input
23:32<cmorgan>so i would think that out is the data from the ic
23:32<cmorgan>now that there is mozilla firebird, where is the html editor???
23:36<DogBoy>is there a list of key commands available on the web somewhere, or is that included with the program?
23:37<cmorgan>look in the keys.txt file
23:37<cmorgan>in the mythtv source code directory
23:38<DogBoy>you have to download the source code to get that?
23:38<cmorgan>maybe...not sure
23:38<DogBoy>seems like it
23:40<Chutt>it should be in any binary package.
23:40<monkeyBox>cmorgan: does the capacitor have a +/- or are both leads the same?
23:40<cmorgan>what kind is it?
23:40<cmorgan>the capacitor c1 in that schematic does have polarity
23:41<cmorgan>did you get an electrolytic one?
23:41<monkeyBox>Electrolytic Capacitor...
23:41<cmorgan>does it have a - on it? ;-)
23:41<monkeyBox>I don't see one :(
23:41<monkeyBox>one is noticably longer than the other though...
23:41<cmorgan>one lead longer than the other?
23:41<cmorgan>it should have a dot or a line or something on it
23:43<monkeyBox>well one side has a thick black stripe down the side
23:43<monkeyBox>with an arrow pointing towards the lead end
23:43<cmorgan>thats probably negative
23:44<monkeyBox>ok. I'll assome so :)
23:44<cmorgan>sure it doesn't have minuses on it? ;-)
23:44<monkeyBox>it has a rectangle that _could_ be a minus.. not sure.. I'll see if I can find a pic of it
23:44<cmorgan>most likely it is
23:45<cmorgan>they usually point to the minus end
23:45<cmorgan>any other questions, heading to bed ;-)
23:47<monkeyBox>nope... I think that's it..
23:47<monkeyBox>thanks for your help :)
23:47<cmorgan>hey, good luck ;-)
23:47-!-cmorgan [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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