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01:52<Chutt>ack, where's tmk
01:52<Chutt>i think he forgot an unlock in the decoder poll()
02:23<Ripp>is there a single keypress/event handling loop somewhere in myth? I tried to find it (briefly) and couldn't :/ or is it spread out among all the different apps?
02:23<Ripp>or done by event/callbacks?
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12:54<bishop>anyone see any cool desktop cases to house my new myth box?
12:56<davatar>I was going to gut an old vcr :)
12:57<bishop>lol. i've seen a couple nice ones, but they're all Micro ATX
12:59<gerhard>Hi all, can someone explane how to open port 80 for mythweb on RH9
13:04<monkeyBox>gerhard: use redhat's firewall config tool.. can't remember what it's called...
13:04<monkeyBox>do you know if you selected strict firewall rules when you set it up?
13:07<gerhard>firewall is installed, I'll check with the firewall config tool
13:09<gerhard>thx I found it and it works
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13:11<gerhard>next thing I would like to know what this XvMC is all about and how to use it
13:16<monkeyBox>hmm not sure what that is even
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13:19<Captain_Murdoch>bishop: but you can't buy the case separately, it's an old Dell Optiplex Celeron 466 that I use as my frontend. :)
13:22<monkeyBox>How can I test to see if my homebrew IR receiver is working?
13:22<Chutt>i should probably, ya know, test software encoding sometime
13:24<Captain_Murdoch>chutt, so it really was broke?
13:25<Chutt>it's working fine here
13:25<rkulagow>bishop: this one looks nice:
13:26<Chutt>i don't like the front on the overture case
13:26<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, ok, I'll go ahead and upgrade to current cvs like I had planned. :)
13:26<Chutt>let me know if it breaks for you =)
13:27<rkulagow>chutt: meaning that you've seen one in person and it's badly designed, or you don't like the color scheme?
13:27<Chutt>i don't like the silver front
13:27<Chutt>i've got an antec sonata, which i do like
13:28<Captain_Murdoch>will do, have a recording scheduled for 3pm, should be able to get it compiled before then.
13:28<Chutt>all black =)
13:28<Chutt>but that's a tower
13:28<rkulagow>right, i was just going to ask how it looked on its side.
13:28<Chutt>ah well
13:29<Chutt>off to lowes to look at stuff for my basement
13:29<rkulagow>looks like i'm going to pop my debian cherry this afternoon.
13:29<monkeyBox>Anyone here use minimyth? I want to try out my homebrew ir receiver, but I'm not sure how to test if its getting signals...
13:30<Captain_Murdoch>run xmode2 or whatever that test program is.
13:31<monkeyBox>hmm.. minimyth doesn't have that. I guess I'll have to re-cram it..
13:31<Captain_Murdoch>it comes with lirc
13:32<monkeyBox>Captain_Murdoch: yeah, the guy who put together minimyth prbably left it out to save space
13:33<bishop>rkulagow, i saw that case. looks nice.
13:35<rkulagow>yep. directron has it on backorder, newegg has it but it's $99 + 18 S&H, amazon has it for $113 w/free shipping.
13:35<bishop>now this one is nice!
13:37<rkulagow>yeesh. nice and expensive, you mean!
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13:42<bishop>yes. very expensive. still looking!
14:01<monkeyBox>SWEET! My IR receiver works :) I'm a happy guy :)
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14:28<cbreen>hey all,
14:29<cbreen>does the myth menuing system, etc also go through the epia-m video decoder? meaning can I use the tv out on that board
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17:03<cmorgan>monkeyBox: get your receiver working?
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17:11<Captain_Murdoch>cmorgan, he posted a few hours ago saying it worked.
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17:11<cmorgan>Captain_Murdoch: cool
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17:32<thor_>hmmm that's odd .... Chutt went to Lowes, and I just back from Home Depot
17:42<mrra>anyone have 2 capture cards in one machine?
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18:01<davatar>Is it just me or does editing and filter entry in mythweb config delete the entire colum of filter settings?
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18:09<monkeyBox>hey cmorgan :)
18:09<monkeyBox>Yep it's working! First try!
18:10<monkeyBox>I was able to do it in a very small configuration.. on the breadboard, it comes out to 9x9 holes
18:10<monkeyBox>the hard part is midding my case so it looks nice :-p
18:17<monkeyBox>hmm.. although.. when I try to run irrecord I get "could not init hardware"
18:17<monkeyBox>before that it says: irrecord: could not reset tty.
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18:23<mechou>dang, discovered something even more interesting than hauppauges MVP. Check this out:
18:23<Ripp>what does mythtranscode do with the -p <Profile> information?
18:23<monkeyBox>Ripp: transcode settings are stored as profiles
18:24<monkeyBox>like if you want to transcode at different settings, you can set up multiple profiles to do so
18:24<mechou>us a PS2 as a virtual myth frontend....
18:26<mechou>anybody here a mysql guru? I need some debug help with myth db......
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18:42<Ripp>I've been working on my db today :) what's up? (admittedly I cheat w/ phpmyadmin tho)
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18:45<mechou>Ripp, sorry, was otherwise preoccupied. Do you have myth source?
18:46<Ripp>er yeah
18:46<mechou>vi +234 mythtv/libs/libmythtv/schedulerecording.cpp
18:47<mechou>see that monstrous query?
18:48<mechou>Ripp: ??
18:48<Ripp>be a minute :)
18:49<mechou>ok :)
18:52<Ripp>this .12?
18:52<mechou>yeah, but it doesn't really matter which version.....
18:52<Ripp>K I'm there
18:53<mechou>ok, how do I "simulate" this query using mysql (cmdline) interface?
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18:54<mechou>I try to do this, and mysql complains about channel is not valid field.....
18:54<Ripp>I would cut'n'paste that section to another file, edit out the comments and quotes,put in your data and run something like 'mysql -p < queryfile'
18:55<mechou>Actually here's the exact message: "Unknown table 'channel' in field list"
18:55<mechou>Ripp, yeah, that's what I did....
18:56<mechou>I'm just confused about sql syntax, why is it barfing?
18:56<Ripp>might have to add a 'USE mythconverg' to the top (I think thats it)
18:56<Ripp>to tell it which db to use
18:57<mechou>what if I started mysql w/ "mysql -u username -ppasswd mythtconverg"?
18:57<Ripp>that would probably do it too
18:57<mechou>would that atomatically use mythconverg db?
18:57<Ripp>it should (?)
18:58<mechou>I'm missing something basic...., mysql doesn't want to play....
18:58<mechou>obviously thinks it's a syntax error....
19:00<Ripp>hm you still get that error?
19:00<Ripp>I just ran a simple select that way like this 'mysql -p mythconverg < testsql.txt'
19:01<mechou>yeah, did you reference channel.chanid?
19:01<Ripp>(I left out the -u username part)
19:03<Ripp>not like that, admittedly that statement is a bit out of my league tho
19:05<mechou>yeah, no matter what I try I get the same error message....
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23:05<Octane>Anyone have pics of their setups? :)
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23:07<sdh>is anybody having problems compiling today's cvs?
23:08<sdh>or is it just me
23:08<Chutt>just you
23:09<Octane>anyone? pics?
23:09<Octane>i wanna look at some setups before i work on mine
23:09<Captain_Murdoch>sdh, problems with fillselectionsfromdir?
23:10<sdh>it dies on videoout_xv.o
23:10<sdh>I can paste what happens but it's long
23:10<Captain_Murdoch>sdh, ok, nevermind then, I dunno. try make distclean then make.
23:10<Octane>cool. i think i might use a tower
23:11<sdh>Captain_Murdoch: did that...
23:11<Octane>think i should go with the pvr250 or 350
23:11<sdh>Captain_Murdoch: also ran qmake in libs/libmythtv
23:11<sdh>no luck...
23:12<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: did you see Ben Levitt's thumbnail creation bugfix?
23:12<Octane>Captain_Murdoch how many watts is your psu
23:12<Chutt>captain_murdoch, yeah, it's completely incorrect.
23:12<Captain_Murdoch>Octane, that's a Dell optiplex Celeron 466 as my frontend. not sure of wattage
23:13<MrChook>that's fat enough for a frontend?
23:13<MrChook>erm, fast
23:13<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: yeah, I was looking at it and think even if something was added like that it would go at the end of the function.
23:13<Chutt>he should figure out why it doesn't think it has a seek table, instead.
23:13<MrChook>i have a compaq P2/450 I was thinking of trying out as a frontend
23:13<Captain_Murdoch>MrChook: yeah, plays my recordings fine (mpeg4 & mpeg2) and also divx files.
23:13<sdh>../libavcodec/rational.h:35: error: parse error before `__attribute__'
23:14<sdh>that is repeated about 6 times
23:14<sdh>I should have all the dev libs, and I use debian unstable
23:14<sdh>I have compiled it in the past at least
23:14<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: exactly what I was thinking. if that var is still false then there wasn't a seektable in the file that it could read and it's aborting before it not finding one in the DB either.
23:23<Octane>can someone explain to me the difference between frontend and backend when talking about a mythtv box
23:23<Octane>backend does the recording and frontend does the menus?
23:23<Octane>or something
23:25<Captain_Murdoch>frontend = playback/schedule/etc. for TV and also runs all the other modules. backend is scheduler, recording, transcoding, commercial flagging, auto-expire, etc.
23:25<Octane>thank you
23:26<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, I think hasFullPositionMap is false because it never goes into the place where it loads the seektable if disablevideo is true.
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23:29<Captain_Murdoch>and there's no seektable in the db after transcoding.
23:29<Chutt>but, i'm wondering why i disabled that
23:31<Captain_Murdoch>I think the reason it actually works for most people is the fallback at the bottom of the function that loads the seektable from the DB since we're writing seektables to the DB for both mpeg4 and mpeg2 now.
23:32<Chutt>i don't think there's any harm in removing the disablevideo from the seektable load code
23:32<Chutt>i think i probably just did that to speed up the preview video playback on remote frontends
23:33<Captain_Murdoch>ahh, cause the ringbuffer would have to seek if they're not using nfs for the video dir.
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23:42<Captain_Murdoch>should give CacheRemotePixmap the ability to read off nfs same as the player does.
23:43<D-side>it wasnt until i decided to put mythtv on gentoo that i realized how much i suck with linux
23:44<D-side>not that a single one of you give a goddamn, mind you.
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23:50<srl>Hmm, does the config for mame in mythgame work?
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