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00:05<Octane>should i get the pvr 250 or 350?
00:05<cmorgan>do you need tv out?
00:06<cmorgan>i don't think the 250 has tv out
00:06<Octane>oh for the tuner
00:06<Octane>i dont need tv out
00:06<Octane>my geforce4 has it
00:07<cmorgan>250 should be alright then
00:07<cmorgan>350 also has hardware decoding
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00:07<Octane>ugh i cant decide
00:12<srl>Odd, if I set specific settings for a mame game they work
00:13<srl>But if I set the general settings for all mame games they are ignored
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00:51<thor_>hey, how was Lowes?
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01:15<claybo>hey, i was curious if anyone has got mythtv to compile on os x?
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01:22<brc007>so iyo is myth > freevo?
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02:02<Octane>brc007 i was considering freevo and decided to go with mtyh
02:05<DogBoy>good choice
02:07<term>xmltv 0.5.19 doesn't seem to work.
02:20<Chutt>term, i've been using it ever since it was released :p
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02:27<term>Chutt: I have the worst luck :(
02:27<term>it keeps dumping a ton of html to the screen and then segfaulting.
02:42<Chutt>need to recompile everything on my m10k
02:42<Chutt>guess i'll just let it run overnight =)
02:43<Chutt>mythtv takes a looong time on that slow of a machine
02:45<term>I believe it
02:45<term>I just can't figure out what xmltv is barfing on.
02:45<term>I swear this machine just wants me to fail
02:45<term>I fixed the dma problem
02:45<term>so the load average doesn't shoot up immediately, but it still grows
02:46<term>xmltv prints some line it claims it can't parse, and then the first channel, then quits.
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08:31<rkulagow>morning. chutt, you here?
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08:50<D-side>morning people.
08:58<MrChook>it is now.... just
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09:08<D-side>i've got an early start on the day anyway, with the daylight savings time. :)
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09:43<D-side>any noticable db changes from 11 to 12?
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09:45<warlord>D-side: there's the recording profiles, but nothing you need to handle manually
09:46<D-side>ah good.
09:47<D-side>i only ask because i'm migrating from a redhat install to a gentoo install, and i merely dumped the db from one into the other.
09:47<warlord>That SHOULD be ok, but you probably should have brought up a 0.11 database, restored it, and then upgraded to 0.12
09:48<D-side>yeah i agree.
09:48<D-side>now i'm just rushing.
09:49<D-side>dumping in the .12 mc.sql wont blow out all existing configs, would it? my only experience with sql thus far is following the howto word for word
09:50<D-side>or not. i think i'll leave things well enough alone.
09:55<warlord>Most of the table manipulation is in the C++ code.. mc.sql just sets up the database itself.
09:55<D-side>yeah, meaning stuff i'm not capable of messing with. no problem, i can deal with that.
09:56<D-side>if the db migration is broken, it wont be such a tragedy to just start over fresh.
09:56<D-side>so if that works according to plan, the only thing left is deciding what else i should have this silly thing do.
09:57<warlord>The migration is fine provided the DB is in the same state it was before you left. Just be sure to reload the database before you run Myth for the first time.
09:57<D-side>i had the half-assed idea of running win2k/xp in a vmware session on the box so i could run the windows media encoder. end up with wmv's small enough for my ipaq.
09:58<D-side>yeah the db is up and working, tested via mythweb and a .11 frontend on a remote machine. i'm building the .12 frontend now, but its a part of a rather large upgrade
10:00<D-side>i'm still looking for someone to talk me out of that ridiculous vmware idea.
10:11<MrChook>been thinking about that myself
10:12<D-side>its a silly idea.
10:13<warlord>Can't "mencode" encode to a .wmv, or something small enough for your ipaq?
10:13<MrChook>not when mpeg2enc takes 30 hours to encode 1 hour of source
10:13<MrChook>on a 220+ XP
10:13<MrChook>2200+ too
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10:13<warlord>30 hours?!?
10:13* MrChook nods
10:14<warlord>Wow.. I've had ffmpeg take about 2 hours to re-encode a 1-hour mpeg..
10:14<D-side>the windows encoder IS quicker, but i dont think my 2000 took that ong. :)
10:14<MrChook>taking about 30x real time for me
10:14<warlord>how much RAM do you have?
10:14<MrChook>athlon or pentium ?
10:14<warlord>I've got Athlon XP 2600+
10:14<MrChook>i suspect there's something wrong with my setup 8^)
10:14<D-side>same here. athlon xp2000 w/ 512
10:16<MrChook>encoding to what format?
10:16<MrChook>I'm rtying to encode to SVCD
10:17<warlord>I've been trying to encode to video-DVD.. I got something that my DVD player will read, but motion is REALLY jerky.
10:19<MrChook>i ended up using avidemux to convert to svcd, but it's messy cuae it can't do the a/v interleaving bit
10:21<D-side>my svcd transcodes always failed with out of mem errors.
10:21<D-side>i'm going to try again with gentoo just to see how it goes.
10:21<D-side>and i think i WILL do the silly vmware thing. it just means i need a hell of a lot more ram.
10:23<MrChook>more than 512?
10:23<D-side>oh hell yes.
10:24<D-side>for simultaenous vmware and mythbackend?
10:24<MrChook>yeah? bugger that then
10:24<warlord>D-side: how much swap do you have configured?
10:25<D-side>as a partition
10:25<MrChook>I'm only using 360M now and I've got heaps of useless shit running
10:25<D-side>i figure if i need more i can just create another 512mb swapfile and swapon when needed
10:25<warlord>For myth + vmware, yea, I'd say MUCH more than 512M -- I'd almost recommend more than 1G if your machine can hold it.
10:25<D-side>are you talking ram or swap? i'd have to imagine ram
10:25<warlord>Well, if you're getting OOM then it's possible that 1G of virtual RAM is not enough.
10:25<MrChook>s/machine can hold it/budget allows for it/
10:26<D-side>OOM is just a problem in general. things arent supposed to do that.
10:26<MrChook>yes they are
10:26<MrChook>well, ok, the encoder probably isn't supposed to
10:26<MrChook>but if you run close to the limit the kernel will kill off processes for you
10:27<MrChook>goom is perdy
10:27* MrChook zones out
10:27<D-side>i've given up on svcd anyway. now i just want mpeg2 that i can dump to a dvd-r
10:27<MrChook>nice if you have a dvd burner 8^p
10:27<D-side>damn right.
10:28<MrChook>about to spend 100k+ renovating... more toys are out for a while
10:28<D-side>now i'm just looking for a sissy gui cdrw/dvdr app. i hear k3b is good but i've never tried it.
10:28<MrChook>k3b is nice
10:28<MrChook>for open sores software
10:29<D-side>seems to be a lookalike of roxios crap.
10:29<D-side>gui-wise anyway.
10:30<MrChook>never used roxio, can't comment
10:30<D-side>easy cd creator?
10:30<MrChook>it does work pretty well though, haven't had any problems with it
10:30<MrChook>never really done much CD stuff under windosw
10:30<warlord>D-side: if you can figure out how to get good quality video.
10:33<D-side>oh you're talking about doing dvd-rs.
10:34<D-side>was it you i was discussing this with a few days ago?
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10:43<warlord>I got it to _work_, but the video looks pretty crappy, especially when there is any motion. I dont know why it does this.
10:43<warlord>The video looks fine on mplayer, but not when played on my DVD player.
10:44<warlord>Also, apparantly ffmpeg cannot create variable-rate encodings -- or if it can I don't know the command-line arguments to convince it to do so.
10:47<D-side>good to know for when i tackle it
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10:50<warlord>If you DO figure out how to do it, please let me know!
10:50<warlord>(or if you figure out a better solution)
10:50<D-side>yeah absolutely
11:01<warlord>gotta run..
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11:01<D-side>have fun
11:27<D-side>i too shall depart.
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12:45<toe>hmm, 0.12 download seems borked
12:48<toe>not any more
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14:19<toe>question: I am trying to set up a remote frontend... (a) how do I point the frontend at the relevant backend and (b) do I need mysql on the frontend box?
14:22<sfr>toe: enter the backends ip in the setup section of the remote frontend. No, you only need to setup mysql.txt on the remote frontend.
14:24<toe>thanks sfr!
14:25<toe>worked great
14:25<toe>just needed to edit mysql.txt
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16:22<Racer>i have a problem with the latest CVS
16:23<cmorgan>might want to say what it is ;-)
16:23<Racer>relocation error
16:25<Racer>mythfrontend: relocation error: mythfrontend: undefined symbol: ZN13SelectSetting21fillSelectionsFromDirERK40Dirb
16:25<Racer>mythbackend runs fine
16:25<Racer>but this is what i get when i start the frontend
16:26<Racer>maybe someone knows this problem
16:26<cmorgan>is this the first time you've installed myth on your machine? no previous copies?
16:26<Racer>i had previous copies
16:26<cmorgan>looks like you've got something mixed up
16:26<Racer>yes and the CVS allways worked ok
16:27<cmorgan>like you are running an old mythfrontend with new myth libraries
16:27<Racer>just got tonight the latest CVS again and compiled fine
16:27<cmorgan>did a make install?
16:28<sfr>and a make distclean before that?
16:28<cmorgan>that function is in libmyth, SelectSetting::fillSelectionsFromDir()
16:29<cmorgan>so i suspect you have either a new mythfrontend and an old mythlib or vice versa
16:29<cmorgan>maybe make uninstall
16:29<cmorgan>and look for anything myth in /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/lib, /usr/lib
16:30<Racer>what i noticed the first time with the libmyth 13 was that i had to copy them from /usr/local/lib to /usr/lib
16:30<Racer>maybe i have to do it again!
16:30<cmorgan>there ya go
16:30<cmorgan>you are probably using the old libraries
16:30<Racer>why it is now looking in the /usr/lib and not like usual in /usr/local/lib
16:31<cmorgan>i think thats a function of your library search path, /etc/
16:31<Racer>ok will copy them now and try again
16:31<cmorgan>i'd remove them all
16:31<Racer>and will have a look in
16:31<cmorgan>make uninstall, remove them all
16:31<cmorgan>then make install
16:31<cmorgan>then see if it works or not
16:31<Racer>thnx guys
16:31<cmorgan>shouldn't have to be copying crap around like that
16:32<Racer>normally i did not have to do that but with .13 version of the libs it changed
16:32<cmorgan>do you ahve /usr/local/lib in your /etc/ file?
16:33<cmorgan>as well as /usr/lib?
16:33<Racer>have a look now moment
16:34<Racer>no only usr/local/lib (even twice) :)
16:34<cmorgan>there ya go ;-)
16:35<cmorgan>you should have /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib in there
16:35<Racer>ok will change it
16:35<cmorgan>i would still go through that removal process above
16:35<Racer>require reboot and will make again incl. uninstall
16:35<cmorgan>no reboot
16:36<Racer>ok will have a try
16:36<Racer>thnx again see you later
16:39<Racer>Damn it work! :) If you were a girl and lived in Holland I should give you a KISS!! Hehehhe!!
16:39<josephk>just find a girl in holland and kiss her
16:40<Racer>she is allready a sleep
16:40<josephk>cmorgan will be happier I'm sure
16:40<Racer>damn computers she thinks!
16:41<Racer>guys again thnx and i go to bed now, and wake someone to make her happy for today i think!
16:42<Racer>and tomorrow because now she can listen music again!
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17:07<D-side>considering i suck with sql, i'll just break the hell out of it now.
17:16<D-side>i've come up with the most worthless module idea yet. mythirc
17:16<D-side>for those of us so lazy we want to watch tv and type at the same time
17:17<cmorgan>could be an osd module
17:17<D-side>i was thinking that.. an overlay
17:17<cmorgan>so you could chat and your background would be the program
17:17<D-side>except the problem would be the font
17:18<D-side>the program would have to be shaded a bit
17:18<D-side>actually, if it were an osd, wouldnt that be fairly easy to implement?
17:18<cmorgan>or you could take like the bottom 1/3 of the screen and mke that a window
17:18<D-side>youd have to suspend all keyboard input
17:18<cmorgan>the window background could be transparent
17:19<D-side>an interesting idea
17:19<D-side>patently worthless, but interesting.
17:21<D-side>wish i could code. :)
17:21<D-side>since im so full of ideas, anyone contemplate doing a CID thing through a modem, a la directv ?
17:22<D-side>ignore me.
17:22<D-side>i'm just typing for the sake of typing at this point.
17:30<D-side>since i'm migrating from rh to gentoo, any thoughts on stuff i might add to this install?
17:30<D-side>samba so i can watch the divxs on a remote machine, apache for mythweb... nfs in the future maybe..
17:35<cmorgan>still want to be ignored?
17:36<D-side>oh that.
17:37<D-side>eh, if i'm not worth responding to, sure.
17:37<D-side>otherwise, nah. :)
17:38<D-side>i dont know if you were around this morning, but i did decide to install windows in a vmware vm, just to use the windows media encoder 9 stuff for transcoding files for my ipaq
17:38<cmorgan>why not run linux on the ipaq? ;-)
17:38<cmorgan>then you could use mplayer on it ;-)
17:39<D-side>did that for a while.
17:39<D-side>a few glitches pissed me off
17:39<Bishop1>anyone have issues with mythdvd and mplayer playing the wrong language for a dvd?
17:39<D-side>heh no i havent
17:40<Bishop1>i insert a dvd and it plays it in french or something (instead of english)
17:40<Bishop1>happens when i rip a dvd as well
17:40<D-side>thats pretty funny.
17:40<D-side>check your ~/.mplayer/ stuff?
17:42<Bishop1>works for 90% if the dvd's i watch
17:42-!-toe [] has quit [Connection timed out]
17:42<Bishop1>i watched one which came up in english, then i ripped it and watched it in mythvideo, and that was french
17:43<cmorgan>it must be ripping the wrong audio track
17:50-!-aay [] has joined #mythtv
17:53<D-side>well i looked for mplayer docs but couldnt find any pertaining to this.
17:57<Bishop1>i'll just switch to xine
17:58<D-side>might be a good idea.
17:58<D-side>i think i switched to ogle
17:58<D-side>i wanted menu support.
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19:00<D-side>well. it only took me seven hours to build Open Office on my box.
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19:23<paulc>Can anyone help (or provide a pointer) to getting X config'd so MythTV will go out to TV but I can still use my computer and regular display for other stuff?
19:24<paulc>If it's possible, that is...I've looked at TwinView (I have an NVidia GeForce 5990 (?) Ultra). It seems that TwinView is for when you want the two monitors working together. Here I want two totally different displays...
19:25<cmorgan>what card do you want the video out from? the geforce?
19:25<paulc> it possible to have MythTV go out from the S-Video connection and use the DVI connection **on the same card** to do other stuff?
19:26<paulc>Sorry, that's GeForce FX 5900 Ultra..wrong #'s
19:27<paulc>Ideally I'd like to have two different servers working off the two different ports simultaneously. Brosw the web on my monitor, have MythTV going on TV via S-Video connection.
19:27<paulc>Is this even possible?
19:27<cmorgan>it should be
19:27<cmorgan>someone here may know
19:28<cmorgan>tried searching the web for it?
19:28<paulc>is this an example in "X" of having two different "server layouts"?
19:28-!-mchou [] has joined #mythtv
19:28<paulc>yeah, but I'm too much of an X novice to be able to get any good info. Most people want to get two monitors working at the same time, together, to make one big monitor
19:29<paulc>I think what I want is two different "server layouts", but not sure, and not even sure if that it correct how I'd do it.
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19:34<mchou>hey D-side, did you go get a hauppauge mvp?? :)
19:34<D-side>heh no
19:34<D-side>maybe next payday though
19:35<mchou>I went to Frys (a big electronics chain on West coast). $89
19:36<D-side>wow. nice.
19:36<D-side>how well does it work?
19:36<mchou>and I found out it d'l the " linux firmware" from the windows server....
19:37<mchou>which means somebody will hack the firmware.....
19:37<D-side>what do you mean downloaded the linux firmware from windows?
19:37<D-side>the software on the windows box pushed the firmware to the device when you started the app?
19:38<paulc>So, anyone have any experience with MythTV and TV-Out / NVidia?
19:38<mchou>the firmware image resides on a file in windows, kind of like booting from the network....
19:38<mchou>apparently its based on busybox
19:39<mchou>MVP "netboots" of the windows boxs....
19:40<mchou>and someone apparently with inside indo on hauppauge says they will write a linux server for the MVP....
19:41<mchou>but get this: right now you can't have more than one mvp attached to a server. Total screw up....
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19:44<mchou>D-side, do you have a playstation 2?
19:45<D-side>no, xbox.
19:45<D-side>need to get it chipped. :)
19:45<D-side>oh so its like PXE?
19:45<D-side>or is it actually pxe?
19:45<D-side>should run tcpdump/ethereal/etc and find out
19:45<mchou>I found out the gameshark has SW that will turn PS2 into a MVP-like device. $30.
19:46<mchou>D-side, kind of like pxe, but probably not the same protocol....
19:46<D-side>thats still great for a sub-$100 device.
19:47<mchou>D-side, you planning on using X-box as myth frontend anytime soon?
19:48<D-side>soon? no
19:48<D-side>eventually i'd like to, but its not a priority
19:49<mchou>seems to me xbox/myth FE is "better" than MVP....
19:50<D-side>no dedicated mpeg hardware though
19:51<mchou>xbox should have enough oomph to decode SDTV mpeg
19:52<mchou>When I went to Frys, I found out HP also makes a device like MVP for $129
19:52<D-side>anything good?
19:53<mchou>had a wired and wireless version.....
19:53-!-ByteNik [] has joined #mythtv
19:53<mchou>hard to say. It looked about as big as PS2, so not as desirable as MVP when it comes to size.....
19:54<ByteNik>Does anyone have the HD2000 running on Gentoo, and can they provide some assistence? :-/
19:54<mchou>What's HD2000? :)
19:54<ByteNik>pcHDTV card
19:55<mchou>that's what its called now?
19:56<ByteNik>That's what the card has always been called.
19:56<ByteNik>pcHDTV == company, HD2000 == model
19:57<mchou>ByteNik, are there d'l xml program listings for HDTV yet?
19:58<ByteNik>Not that I know of yet... and anyway mythtv doesn't have database slots in the guide for subchannels yet.
19:58<mchou>suitable for use in conjunction w/ myth, of course...
19:58<ByteNik>TitanTV has the subchannel information up on the web, though, and someone somewhere or other wrote a grabber for xmltv that pulls TitanTV instead of Zap2
19:59<mchou>really? Do you know how well it works?
19:59<ByteNik>I'm still trying to remember where its from, because I want to try it. :P
19:59<mchou>the grabber, that is. Not titantv :)
20:00<mchou>so what's your difficulty with HD2K?
20:02-!-jkolb [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
20:06<ByteNik>erp, back
20:06<ByteNik>I'm trying to get the stupid thing to coexist w/ pvr250
20:07<mchou>kernel panic?
20:07<ByteNik>Actually, 1 sec... I didn't patch videodev.h on the system
20:12<Bishop1>for mythtv. shouldn't there be alot of option for ./configure --help
20:16<mchou>most options are in, I think....
20:23-!-mchou [] has left #mythtv []
20:32-!-poptix [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:33-!-poptix [] has joined #mythtv
20:34-!-josephk [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:42<ByteNik>Okay, still no go.
20:42<ByteNik>When the PVR250 is in the machine, I get No such device when I do stuffs to /dev/dtv0
20:42<ByteNik>W/o the card, suddenly all is good in the universe.
20:46<ByteNik>Does anyone have both running?
20:57<ByteNik>I'm getting the segfaults now.
20:59-!-josephk [] has joined #mythtv
21:09-!-brc007 [] has joined #mythtv
21:21-!-Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
21:39<Bishop1>is there a way to uninstall myth? i think i have conflicting versions
21:50<warlord-afk>make unistall
21:54-!-Netsplit <-> quits: Edgan, josephk, MrChook
21:54-!-Netsplit over, joins: Edgan, MrChook, josephk
21:58-!-dopez [] has quit ["..."]
22:18<D-side>i have defeated my pda. woot.
22:20<D-side>just got my PPC based pda to sync with evolution
22:20<D-side>now i can transfer files to it from within linux.
22:20<D-side>i.e. wmv's encoded from the mythbox
22:30<solarce>D-side: ppc based pda? brand?
22:39-!-Viddy [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:42<term>D-side: got it working, but the load average still grows.
22:42<term>just slower.
22:44<D-side>solarce: ipaq 3835
22:44<D-side>term: sucks.
22:45<D-side>term: i just ripped out my RH hd and installed gentoo on it.
22:45<D-side>now i just need that ir blaster
22:45<solarce>D-side: nice
22:45<merf>D-side: what os is on your ipaq?
22:46<merf>er, ppc. heh.
22:46<merf>D-side: how'd you get it to sync?
22:46<D-side>it had familiar on it for a while.
22:46<D-side>two things. synce (and supporting cast) and mutlisync
22:47<merf>does multisync sync with korganizer too?
22:48-!-bobnvic [] has joined #mythtv
22:48<merf>obviously not
22:48* merf isn't too good at rtfming
22:50<D-side>god i want one
22:51<merf>holy crap
22:51<term>D-side: heh
22:51<merf>i want a 40gb ipod :/
22:51<D-side>thats cheap for a 54xx
22:51<merf>D-side: hence me saying 'holy crap!' :D
22:52<D-side>term: so what, slowly the load goes up? whats taking the cpu?
22:55<term>D-side: slowly eats up the cpu, as time progresses.
22:56<D-side>yeah but WHAT
22:57<term>yeah the backend.
23:07<D-side>good luck with that.
23:07<D-side>i'm going to bed.
23:07-!-D-side [] has quit ["bed now"]
23:08-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
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