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00:25<cesman>hello everyone
00:25<cesman>I'm trying to compile mythmusic, but am getting and error in maddecoder.cpp
00:26<cesman>in member function 'virtual metadata*
00:27<cesman>MadDecoder:get Metadata(QSql Database*)':
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00:38<mechou>anybody here a sql guru and can help me with sql syntax for mythtv db?
00:40<brc007>sorry for the n00b question...trying to install knoppmyth with VPC...following the directions here ( I use knoppix-install and only see two options. I format the disk as reccomended but upon exiting I see the message "Opened disk read only - you have no permission to write" how do I set (mount?) it read/write?
00:41<brc007>if I hit enter I also get the error "Fatal error: can not get disk size"
00:44<brc007>nm...thing I figured it out
00:45<mikegrb>mechou: what are you trying to do
00:46<mechou>mikegrb: "vi +236 mythtv/libs/libmythtv/scheduledrecording.cpp"
00:47<mechou>mikegrb: for some reason *manual* records don't show even though it is in the record table....
00:48<mikegrb>manual recording entries?
00:48<mechou>so I want to debug by simulating the query thru the mysql cmdline interface, to see if it gets picked up....
00:48<mikegrb>I had too much whiskey
00:49<mechou>hmm?? too much whiskey? Does that mean you can't help? :)
00:49<cesman>brc007:I remaster knoppmyth...
00:49<mikegrb>I dunno
00:49<mikegrb>just a sec
00:49<mikegrb>lemme find that file
00:49<cesman>you are trying to install under Virtual PC?
00:51<mikegrb>yha mechou that's a big query
00:51<mikegrb>I don't think I can parse that right now
00:51<mechou>hiccup?!~ :)
00:52<mikegrb>something like that
00:52<mikegrb>i nvev drank this much before
00:52<mikegrb>I was thirsty
00:52<mikegrb>nothing else to drink
00:53<mechou>ok, mikegrb, I think u're blasted....
00:53<mikegrb>maybe tommor I help you
00:54<mechou>nah, u'll have a hangover then :)........
00:54<mikegrb>hope not :<
00:54<mikegrb>I can type pretty good though :)
00:54<mechou>drink menudo, it will help....
00:54<mikegrb>too engrained to get messed up
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02:23<tmk>sup chutt, all
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02:41<Chutt>tmk, yo
02:47<tmk>you using the latest CVS
02:47<tmk>playback's been all corrupted
02:47<tmk>then i went back
02:48<tmk>and it was fine
02:48<tmk>didn't help the 49ers any.. but at least i could watch the game ;)
02:49<Chutt>i haven't updated my checkout recently, sorry
02:49<tmk>probably for the best
02:49<tmk>still need to check out that poll thing
02:49<tmk>i have a feeling teh super-patch broke that
02:50<Chutt>it wasn't in there until you added it =)
02:50<Chutt>jens fixes it in his latest patch, though
02:51<tmk>oh well
02:51<tmk>easy fix :)
02:52<Chutt>i was going to update my ivtv stuff, but then i got busy with other crap
02:52<Chutt>current mythtv cvs should detect pal mode for the decoder now
02:52<Chutt>and adjust the osd sizes and junk
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02:57<tmk>my itx project is coming along nicely though
02:57<tmk>hopefully move one of my cards to it this week
02:59<Chutt>ah well
02:59<Chutt>bed time for me
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05:36<alexandr>hi guys i cannt ./configure mythtv i use qmake and it says no such file
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05:41<danbowser>i have a question about mythtv
05:42<alexandr>danbowser sorry i cannt even ./configure it
05:42<danbowser>is the broadcast actually streamed via the lan from the backend to the frontend, and does not the frontend record things but the backend?
05:44<alexandr>what does it mean Please note that these settings only deal with libavcodec, not MythTV.
05:44<alexandr>when i do ./configure
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09:42* kvandivo wakes up from his long autumn nap and starts paying attention again.
10:11* choenig is away: wieder bei bora
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14:56<mchou>ok, I need help in debugging a sql syntax error in myth....anybody a sql guru?
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15:08<mchou>jkolb, are u good at debugging sql? I need some help with myth....
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15:13<ByteNik>Does anyone have the HD2000?
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15:15<ByteNik>Does anyone have the HD2000?
15:15<warlord>asking again isn't going to get you an answer any faster, ByteNik
15:15<ByteNik>didn't mean to paste question to this channel again
15:20<ByteNik>Does anyone at least have knowledge about the pcHDTV card?
15:37<ByteNik>If I ever get this working, I'll write a how-to. :/
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16:34<sfr>seems there are quite a few more european mythtv users out there.
16:35<thor_>lots of "crazy germans" at least
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16:59<Omnic>thor_: I'm still seeing this strange problem where the first video in the videotree list is not able to be selected... Thoughts?
17:00<thor_>if you scroll away and then scroll back, can you select it then?
17:00<Omnic>heh... couldn't tell you, I'm at work now
17:00<thor_>I dunno ... try that ...
17:01<thor_>I can't reproduce it here .... maybe a space vs. Enter thing .... dunno
17:01<Omnic>but I'll try that... do you mean scroll in the same 'directory' list window? or traverse the directories?
17:01<thor_>either or
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17:01<mchou>hey thor, would you happen to know who "owns" the manual recording code?
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17:01<Omnic>ok, I know traversing doesnt... the first video is in a directory on its own.
17:01<thor_>manual recording (not instant recording)?
17:02<thor_>dunno ... Chutt would
17:02<Omnic>thor_: strange, enter works on all the other files... (my 'enter' key on my remote is bound to enter)
17:02<thor_>Omnic, first thing to try is to hit space on it instead
17:02<Omnic>will do.
17:03<mchou>thor_: maybe you can help me with a problem I have w/manual recordings. Are you good at sql syntax?
17:03<thor_>as long as we don't descend into left vs right joins ...
17:03<thor_>(which I've never understood)
17:03<Omnic>hrm... recording. yesterday, no matter what I tried, I could not get myth to record MASH... it would start recording judge judy on the other channel though...
17:04<Omnic>joins... ugh :)
17:04<mchou>thor_: ok, gimme a sec to find file....
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17:04<thor_>"my [mythtv] thinks I'm gay"
17:04* Omnic eyes thor_
17:05<thor_>recording stuff it thinks you want ... it's a refernce to some show on HBO
17:05<thor_>sorry ... I'm doing 8 things at once ... not very clear
17:06* Omnic notes he's in .nz, not .us, and doesnt get HBO :()
17:06<Omnic>er.. :)
17:06<mchou>thor_: "vi +234 mythtv/libs/libmythtv/scheduledrecording.cpp"
17:06<thor_>vi !
17:06<thor_>one sec
17:06<Omnic>thor_'s a kate user!
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17:07<mchou>thor_, what you had to disconnect to use vi :)?
17:07* thor_ is an idiot
17:07<thor_>can you give me the line again
17:08<mchou>thor_: "vi +234 mythtv/libs/libmythtv/scheduledrecording.cpp"
17:08<thor_>ok, in findAllProgramsToRecord() ?
17:09* thor_ sees many jons
17:09* sfr thinks what happens if Chutt ever gets hit by a Bus.
17:09<mchou>ok, let me describe the problem: I copy this query, strip quotes and comments via sed, and redirect it into mysql.
17:10<thor_>holy crap this is complicated
17:10<mchou>mysql gives me a listing, but complains that there is a syntax error on line 8.
17:10<farce>keep the single quotes
17:11<Omnic>oh my god, thats SQL madness
17:11<mchou>farce, yeah, I meant strip "double quotes."
17:11<farce>mchou: mmmk
17:11<thor_>paste line 8
17:11<mchou>one sec...
17:12<mchou>ERROR 1064 at line 8: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '"SELECT DISTINCT channel.chanid, channel.sourceid, "
17:12<farce>paste the sql query
17:13<mchou>farce, you sure, that's a lot of lines....
17:13<thor_>redirect whatever you are redirecting into mysql into a text file, and paste line 8 of that
17:13<farce>mchou msg it to me then
17:14<mchou>gime a one minute....
17:14<farce>i'd look it up in the source, but im at work =)
17:15<thor_>you could browse the cvs ... but I'm not sure where "line 8" of whatever he's doing is ....
17:15* Omnic just copied, removed quotes, ran, and got no errors
17:17<thor_>mchou, gotta run for about 20 minutes .... but I suspect others can help you better than I in any case ...
17:18<Omnic>mchou: try this one:
17:18<mchou>guys, never mind, I found the problem, had to remove % signs.....
17:18* Omnic thwaps mchou
17:21<mchou>ok, second question: can someone tell me in English what this query is doing? I tought it's supposed to enumerate all scheduled records, but doen't do so for me....
17:22<sfr>findAllProgramsToRecord :)
17:22<farce>mchou: paste the query to me and i'll take a look
17:22<mchou>sfr, right I think I said the same thing, wouldnt you agree? :)
17:23<sfr>and i even answered in English
17:23<mchou>ok, here goes....
17:23<mchou>SELECT DISTINCT channel.chanid, channel.sourceid,
17:23<mchou>program.starttime, program.endtime,
17:23<mchou>program.title, program.subtitle, program.description,
17:23<mchou>channel.channum, channel.callsign,,
17:23<mchou>oldrecorded.starttime IS NOT NULL AS oldrecduplicate, program.category,
17:23<mchou>record.rank, record.recorddups,
17:23<mchou>recorded.starttime IS NOT NULL as recduplicate, record.type FROM record
17:23<mchou> INNER JOIN channel ON (channel.chanid = program.chanid)
17:23<mchou> INNER JOIN program ON (program.title = record.title)
17:23<mchou> LEFT JOIN oldrecorded ON
17:23<mchou> (
17:23<farce>i meant to me...
17:23<mchou> oldrecorded.title IS NOT NULL AND oldrecorded.title <> '' AND program.title = oldrecorded.title
17:23<mchou> AND
17:23<mchou> oldrecorded.subtitle IS NOT NULL AND oldrecorded.subtitle <> '' AND program.subtitle = oldrecorded.subtitle
17:23<mchou> AND
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17:24<sfr>that took quite a long time
17:24-!-mchou [] has joined #mythtv
17:24<mchou>ok, who gagged me? :)
17:24<sfr>you :)
17:24<farce>The requested URL /~mjb/foo.sql was not found on this server.
17:24<Omnic>lying son of a bitch
17:25<sfr>Omnic: thanks, i have the source in front of me, just don't know what to do with it.
17:25* Omnic discovers that his httpd.conf is missing the userdir bit
17:25<sfr>lying? don't think so
17:26<mchou>anyway, this query doesn't enumerate *all* the programs I've scheduled to record.....
17:26<farce>i'll just d/l the source
17:28<mchou>most notably the manual records are missing.....
17:28<mchou>manual records *are* in the record table....
17:28<Omnic>meh, cant be naffed fixing it now
17:29<farce>mchou: so does this inquiry stem from a bug you've found?
17:29<mchou>I think so....but I want other eyes to look at it to make sure....
17:30<farce>what is the issue?
17:30<mchou>ok, pls be patient, long explanation.
17:30<farce>lemme see if it's in my buffer
17:31<mchou>I need to record some coursework on the local eduactional channel.
17:31<Omnic>oh, duh... real simple.
17:31<Omnic>didnt restart apache after migrating users to ldap
17:32<mchou>zap2it doesn't have listings for this channel, just generic "Eduactional Programming"
17:32<mchou>So I schedule manual records....
17:32<farce>which are just time/length/channel ?
17:32<mchou>yeah, plus my own "title"
17:33<farce>but your other recordings are overriding these?
17:34<mchou>no, I think mythfilldb is overwriting it, I think.....
17:34<mchou>no the title, but the "record event."
17:34<mchou>not the title, but the "record event."
17:36<mchou>anyway, after the first day I scheduled these these manual recordings no longer appear in "fix conflicts" or "mythbackend --printsched"
17:37<sfr>do they show up in the the recordings schedule?
17:37<farce>schedule one then run mythfill manually and see if it immediately goes away
17:37<mchou>sfr, yes
17:37<mchou>farce, yes, it does...
17:38<sfr>mchou: how do you run mythfilldatabase?
17:40<mchou>but I don't really think mythfilldatabase *is the* problem.
17:40<mchou>I think it's this query....
17:41<mchou>after all, the manual records are in the record table.
17:41<farce>do they ever show up in fix conflicts?
17:41<mchou>once, on the first day.
17:41<sfr>'record' doesn't even appear in filldatabase.cpp so it's not that.
17:42<farce>first day you schedule them?
17:42<mchou>after that, nada...
17:42<mchou>farce, yes, correct.
17:43<sfr>i just scheduled a manual recording for 2am tomorrow (tuesday). i'll see what happens after midnight.
17:43<mchou>I think we need a "secial case" for manual record where there is no matching program info....
17:44<mchou>sfr, can you do that on a channel where there is no real programming info? like say "shopnbc" or "educational" or "community access" or some such thing
17:45<sfr>mchou: oh, yes i have some channels without program data. will add another recording.
17:46<mchou>I hpe somebody logged this problem cause I sure don't feel like typing it again :)
17:47<sfr>both manual recordings show up in --printsched and on the recordings schedule. 13 min. till midnight.
17:47<mchou>sfr, hmm?
17:48<sfr>mchou: you know when this query is being run?
17:48<mchou>sfr, how are you going to find out whether it disppears then?
17:49<mchou>query is run whenever you do "mbe --printsched" or "fix conficts"
17:49<sfr>mchou: sorry, forget that about midnight.
17:49<mchou>at least I think so...
17:50<sfr>ah, ok. so a 2nd run of --printsched makes it disappear for you?
17:50<sfr>or entering/leaving the fix conflicts screen?
17:51<mchou>yeah, give that a shot. But the rcoding must be later than tommorrow night...
17:51<mchou>entering, I think....
17:51<mchou>cause mythfill gets the next day's programming....
17:52<mchou>ie, it won't bother with today's programming....
17:52<sfr>mythfill doesn't have anything to do with recordings, afaiks
17:52<sfr>'record' doesn't even appear in filldatabase.cpp so it's not that.
17:53<mchou>sfr, I agree w/ you, which is why I think the query is fubar....
17:53<sfr>mchou: you compiled myth from source?
17:53<mchou>unfortunately I'm not a sql guru, and dont really know what this query is doing....
17:54<mchou>sfr: yeah. cvs +1 day after .12
17:54<Octane>anyone have pics of their setups?
17:54<Octane>i want to drool
17:54* Octane cant wait for his parts to get here
17:54-!-warlord is now known as warlord-afk
17:56<mchou>sfr: I think this query wants to match program.title==record.title, which would account for the bug.....
17:57<mchou>sfr: there is a JOIN on line 9 that's troublesome to me: INNER JOIN program ON (program.title = record.title)
17:57<sfr>mchou: somehow i really don't believe this query could make a scheduled recording magically disappear. did you check the db tables?
17:58<mchou>sfr: I swear, I triple checked everything. You want a dump of my record table? :)
17:59<mchou>select * from record where category like "manual recording";
17:59<mchou>3 rows in set (0.00 sec)
18:01<sfr>mchou: sorry for asking again: the problem is that these recordings will NOT show up at all in the fix conflicts screen at some point? and will also disappear from the record, oldrecorded, or recorded tables.
18:03<mchou>sfr: np, it only disappears from --printschedule and fix conflicts. the "manual record" data is in the record table. And myth won't record these manually scheduled progs...
18:04<mchou>I don't think data disappears from any db tables....
18:04<sfr>that won't help you, but ~1 week ago i scheduled a manual recording to record a movie just fine.
18:05<mchou>that's cause you probably had real programming data for it.....
18:05<sfr>well, disappear ~= gets deleted is what i meant.
18:05<mchou>where in my case, I don't....:)
18:05<sfr>mchou: yes, but the recording times didn't match the program data, as the movie had already started and i set the stop time 1/h later.
18:06<sfr>1/2 hour
18:06<mchou>sfr: do you know what this is doing? : INNER JOIN program ON (program.title = record.title)
18:07<sfr>no idea :( but mysql has a nice manual online.
18:07<mchou>line 9 on that query I mentioned....
18:08<mchou>sfr: I think it's trung to match the program.title w/ record.title, which of course doesn't match in my case....
18:10<sfr>do you have mysql logging active? you could check there if that in fact is the query which is executed every second.
18:11<mchou>sfr, where do I activate logging?
18:12<sfr>on debian there is /etc/mysql/my.cnf...
18:13<sfr>look for a line '#log = /var/log/mysql.log' or similar, remove the # and restart the mysql server, and mythtv of course. But this will log EVERY single query and can create huge files.
18:16<mchou>hmm, can't seem to find a mysql config file on my machine.
18:16<kvandivo>slocate my.cnf
18:16<mchou>nada, must be under some other name....
18:16<sfr>what distro?
18:17<mchou>ahh, found it. /usr/share/mysql
18:17<kvandivo>locate didn't find it? now _that's_ bizarre.. did you just install mysql or something?
18:18<mchou>ah: /usr/share/mysql/my*.cnf
18:18<mchou>not my.cnf in my case....
18:19<kvandivo>mysql used to ship with various my cnf files.. my-huge, small, etc.. but you had to copy one of them to my.cnf for it to actually do anything
18:20<mchou>kvandivo: which one do you recommend?
18:21<sfr>and what's the difference?
18:21<mchou>and while we're on this, why do you want me to log? I don't see how it would help in debugging this problem....
18:21<kvandivo>umm.. they are set up for different size/purpose servers.
18:21<kvandivo>i think that small is more than adequate for most situations
18:22<mchou>sfr: why do you want me to log mysql queries?
18:23<sfr>mchou: right, was still thinking about this query 'corrupting' s/t not simply ignoring your manual recordings.
18:23<mchou>I don't think the query actually changes the data in the db....
18:24<mchou>read only query, not write query....
18:25<mchou>and I just proved it by pipingf this query into mysql that it does ignore manual scheduled recordings, right? :)
18:27<sfr>No. Not in my case. Just scheduled a manual recording on a channel without program data and it started just fine. And it even got added as a program entry for that channel.
18:28<mchou>wait a day or so. It will "disappear."
18:29<sfr>i had an old entry in the program table for that channel. let's try on another channel.
18:29<mchou>assuming recording doesn't happen before then.
18:30<sfr>mchou: why should i wait a day? as i understand you think that manual rec. will always be skipped on channels without program data, right?
18:30<mchou>sfr, no.
18:31<mchou>It will only be skipped if it doesn't show up in fix conflicts or --printsched
18:31<mchou>don't ask me *why* this happens, I'm just taking you thru what happened to me....
18:32<mchou>in other words, don't shoot the messenger :)
18:32<sfr>don't know if thats news, but once a recording starts, it's not shown in the --printsched output.
18:33<mchou>no, it's not news. And thats why I made sure the dates in recorddb are 5 days from today. Ant they don't show up in --printsched or fix conflicts.
18:36<sfr>mchou: ok. i'll schedule another recording for thursday. i'll report back what happened.
18:36<mchou>sfr: ok, thanks. That will really help...
18:37<sfr>isn't there an 'e' missing in your nick? i got a spare one, btw.
18:38<mchou>nah, I'm using another computer, and entered the wrong nick in ksirc....
18:40<mchou>too many computers. I think thin clients (htpc) shoul be the way to go to reduce admin overhead :)
18:43<sfr>that's cool, by changing the rankings one can in fact schedule certain shows for a certain tuner. at least if you have conflicts
18:44<mchou>sfr: yeah, I been requesting user assignable tuner affinity for quite some time....Glad rankings solves this....
18:45<sfr>having certain profiles only defined for certain tuner cards doesn't work neither, i guess.
18:47-!-josephk [] has left #mythtv []
18:47<mchou>actually, that reminds me. I don't grok this new profile stuff. are codec params customizable to profiles <22??
18:48<mchou>my recordings have been blocky ever since I upgraded to .12.
18:48-!-m0j0 [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:48<sfr>so your profiles are still the default ones. it's in the frontend config setction.
18:49<mchou>what's all this noise on the mailing list about profiles >22??
18:53<mchou>well, I'm off to go play some RTCW to blw off some steam. :)
18:53<mchou>Thanks, and later;
18:54-!-mchou [] has left #mythtv []
19:08-!-cesman [~cesman@] has joined #mythtv
19:09<cesman>hello everyone
19:12<cesman>I'm having a problem compiling MythMusic can anyone help?
19:17-!-sfr [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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19:28<thor_>cesman, what's the problem?
20:04<cesman>hi thor
20:04<cesman>thanks, I pulled my head out
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22:39<OmniDynmc>Any of you wonderful folks running the tv-out with a WinTV 350 on the ivtv alpha code successfully?
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23:19<mikegrb>howdy FryGuy-
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