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01:22<tmk>thor: tried a diff. powersupply and it booted
01:24<Chutt>at least it's not the board
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01:29<tmk>i knew it would be ok when i plugged the k/b in (before pushing power-on) and the lights blinked
01:29<tmk>it hadn't done that before
01:29<tmk>i wonder if one of the voltages is bad
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02:53<cesman>night all
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07:44<o_cee>anyone intrested in looking at the theme i'm working on?
07:44<o_cee>maybe everyone's asleep anyway
07:50* MrChook is awake
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14:59<poo>brc007: hey dood
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15:30<racer>pvr350 users here?
15:31<racer>who use the tvout
15:34<nulltank>racer: i am not; but i'm curious about what you think of it
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15:37<racer>just have it running for 1/2 an hour now
15:37<racer>and it really rocks
15:37<racer>now i have tv quality
15:38<racer>only 1 problem with the myth interface
15:38<racer>i watched soccer and tennis and even the ball is nice to see now
15:39<racer>so no more slowmo effects for me
15:40<racer>have to go now
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15:45<Urgo>anyone else having a problem with 0.12 and generating thumbnails? Mine will not create the thumbnails anymore
15:51<nulltank>racer: cool
15:57<hadees>anyone here use an irman?
16:00<o_cee> a theme i'm working on.. what do you guys think? can't release it yet since the icons are only for personal use. have to contact the author if i'd ever release it
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16:03<Urgo>o_cee: looks nice. (not in my language, but nice)
16:03<o_cee>heh, yeah, it's in swedish.. but you get the idea :)
16:03<Urgo>yup =]
16:09<o_cee>my access log says 5 people looked at it, c'mon :)
16:09<sfr>what url, what url, what url?
16:09<choenig>o_cee: it nice and clean :-)
16:09<o_cee>thanks :)
16:10<o_cee>need a better bkg image
16:10<o_cee>just a placeholder
16:11<sfr>very nice!
16:12<o_cee>found a guy who makes amazing icons..
16:12<o_cee>maybe i'll ask him if it's ok to release it
16:12<o_cee>no comment Chutt?
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16:16<o_cee>gotta make some up/down arrows..
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16:26<o_cee>two more who looked the preview without saying anything.. i need to know what you think :)
16:27<nulltank>o_cee: very nice
16:27<o_cee>thank you.
16:27<o_cee>i guess i'll email the guy that has the C on those icons and ask if it's okay to release
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16:41<o_cee>email sent. let's see what he says..
16:42<o_cee>8 views now.. and 4 comment saying it was nice.. ah well, that'll do i guess ;)
16:43<nulltank>o_cee: do you need a hug or something ;-)
16:43<sfr>well, hm, on a second look...
16:44<o_cee>nulltank: i do actually ;)
16:44<o_cee>sfr: let me know
16:44<sfr>o_cee: no :)
16:45<o_cee>argh, what? :)
16:45<sfr>not every joke needs a smiley.
16:45<o_cee>ah, hehe
16:46<o_cee>maybe 8 items is to much though..
16:47<o_cee>Chutt: seems like you looked at it, i'd really apreciate a comment from you.
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16:50<sfr>o_cee: maybe color the background for the settings screen slightly reddish. that ugly 'Settings' part of 'TV settings', 'DVD Settings' could be removed that way.
16:51<o_cee>i'm not quite sure what you mean?
16:53<o_cee>oh, hmm.. yeah, think i got it. it says "setup" now when in the setup..
16:53<sfr>well, in the configuration menu, for every plugin it says 'DVD Settings' Weather Settings and so on. by making it obvious that one is in the configuration screen that could be simplified to 'DVD', 'Weather' and so on.
16:53<o_cee>but a different colored background might be even better.. will look at it
16:54<o_cee>yepp. got it. will try it
16:54<sfr>o_cee: that was regarding all themes, not yours specifically.
16:55<o_cee>should probably be done on a theme basis though
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16:57<D-side>bah. devfs pisses me off.
17:01<o_cee>just tried a 800x600 reddish title image.. but the watermark and the buttons didn't like that.. probably related to in what order it's drawn..
17:04<o_cee>guess it'd be easy to have an alternative background for the setup pages ..
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17:11<D-side>well, thats a pain.
17:12<D-side>gentoo's lirc doesnt provide Actisys IR-200L functionality, and the devfs workarond is ghetto.
17:15<D-side>well thats cute. hotplug caused a KP. brb
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17:17<o_cee>dammit, now there's three more people who looked at it without saying anything :)
17:17<sfr>o_cee: maybe take it off the web.
17:18<o_cee>i'd just be happy if people said what they think.. ah well
17:20<sfr>people usually complain if they don't like something. i'd say keep going. btw, what's the name of that theme?
17:20<o_cee>dunno yet.. the name of the icons is G.A.N.T. so i guess i'll just honour the author of them :)
17:22<brc007>can anyone help me with a mythtv install on a clean knoppix HD install?
17:23<sfr>what's wrong brc007?
17:24<brc007>well I've been trying to install it and I've got it all screwed up so I'm going to start over
17:24<brc007>I was trying to follow the instructions at (
17:25<sfr>it might be easier to use matt's debian packages.
17:25<brc007>then someone told me there is a .deb that basically does most of the install for you
17:25<brc007>which I tried to use
17:25<brc007>but now I'm getting a bunch of errors and don't really have a clue what I'm doing :p
17:25<o_cee>try maybe?
17:25<hadees>so how does the pvr350 work? does only mythtv display through it's tvout? can the entire xserver be outputed through it?
17:26<brc007>no the knoppmyth installer doesn't work for me
17:26<brc007>are these ( the correct instructions for usting the deb packages?
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17:27<o_cee> that's the correct instructions.
17:28<o_cee>don't really like using a blue background.. but it's a nice color, looks good on the tv..
17:28<sfr>brc007: yes
17:30<hadees>so anyone using the pvr350 out there?
17:30<hadees>i am intrested in knowing if i should get one
17:31<o_cee>all i heard is that it's great quality. but the drivers and myth isn't 100% yet
17:32<sfr>i have one and recording works just fine so far. didn't set up the remote nor the tv-out/decoder yet.
17:32<hadees>o_cee: can you record and watch tv at the same time? and what can it output? just mythtv, can i send mplayer through it so i can use mythdvd?
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17:33<hadees>just wondering because i have a pvr250 and i want another one but i don't know if i should go for the 350 or 250
17:34<sfr>hadees: you need two tuner cards for that. mplayer doesn't work (yet). but iirc arpi (main developer of mplayer?) wrote on the -dev list that he might start writing a output plugin soon.
17:35<mdz>brc007: yes, for unstable
17:35<mdz>brc007: there is a separate set of instructions for woody, linked from that page
17:36<hadees>sfr: so basicly anything you want to output has to be written to do it, there isn't going to be an all encompassing plugin that output anything xwindows
17:36<hadees>bummer thats going to take for ever for everything to get supported
17:39<sfr>hadees: afaik the pvr can be used as a X framebuffer device. but as i don't use the decoder (yet), i don't follow that topic closely.
17:39<o_cee>there's framebuffer driver
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17:40<o_cee>hm, now two more. now i'm removing the pic since no one says anything.
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17:41<sfr>i need an irc plugin for the osd. i can't follow tv and irc on two different screens. :)
17:42<D-side>sfr: heh. i was talking about that a couple days ago.
17:45<hadees>have you ever seen the aol tv web box thing, i can't remember the name of it but it had an AIM box ontop of the tv screen so you could chat to friends while watching tv
17:45<hadees>i would love to have somthing like that
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17:47<ByteNik>Anyone here running the pcHDTV card?
17:47<ByteNik>Or is knowledgable about it?
17:47<hadees>i know it is still being worked on
17:48<ByteNik>Well, I'm trying to get it running.
17:48<hadees>how much did it cost you?
17:48<ByteNik>$195 I believe
17:49<hadees>my concern with it is i would be using it with digital cable and with the digital cable box frontend i am not sure how well mythtv with work over it
17:49<ByteNik>pcHDTV card doesn't work with digital cable boxes
17:49<ByteNik>pcHDTV is for terrestrial HDTV broadcasts only.
17:51<D-side>all i want is a v4l compatible capture card.
17:52<D-side>not tuner mind you, pure capture.
17:52<D-side>svideo and rca only.
17:52* ByteNik shrugs. Dunno if they make that.
17:52<D-side>they dont, or at least none that i could find.
17:52<D-side>drgalaxy: dont need an encoder.
17:52<D-side>well, i'd take their mpeg2 card if it were supported
17:53<drgalaxy>D-side: did you look at their mpeg4 one?
17:53<D-side>or their mpeg4
17:53<D-side>yeah but then i saw $600 and stopped caring.
17:53<drgalaxy>oh, those aren't video4linux compatible
17:53<D-side>what arent?
17:53<drgalaxy>heh.. what about a bt878?
17:54<D-side>usually found on tuners.
17:54<D-side>i dont want the tuner :)
17:54<D-side>know of anythign that has that solely?
17:55<D-side>must not exist. not much market for such a thing anyway.
17:56<DogBoy>what's the matter with having a tuner? you don't need to use it
17:57<Urgo>anyone else having a problem with 0.12 and generating thumbnails? Mine will not create the thumbnails anymore
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18:08<brc007>what does bttv stand for?
18:08<DogBoy>not sure
18:08<brc007>you're following me
18:08<DogBoy>you can probably find out at or whatever
18:08<sfr>b.. t.. television
18:08<brc007>yeah I sorta guessed that :p
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18:09<brc007>Big Time tv?
18:10<D-side>its the chipset.
18:11<D-side>so, anyone GOOD with sql?
18:11<D-side>i'd rather bounce this question off someone before i break everything. :)
18:11<brc007>so BrookTreeTeleVision
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18:14* o_cee is away: asleep
18:17<mchou>sfr, you around?
18:18<sfr>mchou: yes, and the manual recording has started.
18:18<mchou>sfr, I figured the problem.
18:19<sfr>Ah, what was/is it?
18:19<mchou>sfr, I bet u didn't give your manual record your *own* title
18:20<mchou>sfr, did you?
18:21<sfr>is title what shows up in mythweb in the show column?
18:22<mchou>I dont use mythweb, but it's what shows when you select the program to watch in the "Watch recordings" UI....
18:22<sfr>ok, started another frontend, in the watch recordings screens it shows up as 'blah fasel - "date time". so it's my own title it seems.
18:23<sfr>date = date of today, time = time of today even.
18:24<mchou>is "blah fasel" a name u came up with, or off xmltv?
18:24<sfr>my own creation, that channel doesn't have any program data.
18:25<mchou>well, I know what the problem. So that's a channel you don't d'l via xmltv, in other words?
18:26<mchou>OK, I try to explain what's going on. Need Patience, so bear with me....
18:26<sfr>ER still runs for ~45 minutes. so take your time :)
18:27<mchou>u know that big monstrous query I refered to earlier in the code?
18:28<mchou>It refers quite a bit to program table.
18:30<mchou>I don't have a good example, but suppose you want to record a favorite program,which came after a sports program that's likely to go overtime.
18:31<mchou>so lets say you fav show is supposed to come on at 7pm, just as an example, 30 min show.
18:32<mchou>but u know that game is likely to go overtime, so you do a manual schedule from 7-8:30pm (another example)
18:33<mchou>to cover you bets.
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18:33<mchou>so your fav show starts @7:15.
18:35<mchou>IF you downloaded program info for that channel, the schedule would be "wrong." And here's the impaortant part:
18:36<mchou>because the query refers to the program table, the query doesn't "pick up" that program you manually scheduled.
18:37<mchou>becaus the program table no longer contains correct data.
18:38<sfr>b/c the program table is being updated with your manual recording start/stop times?
18:38<mchou>anyway, to make a long story short, the proper way to do this is to UNION the origignal query with a query specifically for manual recordings, which doesn't refer to program table at all, but instead to the record table.
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18:40<mchou>When you do a "manual schedule," myth does not write to the program table, but updates the record table.
18:41<mchou>but xmltv/mythfill updates the program table every day.
18:41<sfr>could be, so the epg merges the program table with info from manual recordings
18:42<mchou>I'm going to try this out for a week or so to make sure I didn't introduce any other "undesirable" features.
18:43<mchou>sfr, no, I don't think myth does what u suggest at the moment.
18:44<mchou>mythfill only deals with xmltv, doesn't do any "merging" with manual record data.
18:45<sfr>i was talking about the epg. as my manual record did show up in the epg.
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18:46<mchou>sfr, ah, yes, u're correct, epg *view* is updated, but program db is not merged with manual record.
18:47<sfr>well, i meant 'merged' only for displaying it.
18:48<mchou>If you had downloaded program data daily for that channel your manual record would have "disappeared." And would have disappeared even from the epg view.
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18:50<sfr>ah, i only download program data every 3 days and three days ahead, so i have 6 days worth of program data available.
18:50<mchou>well, u know what I meant....
18:50<mchou>however often u run mythfill and actually get new data.....
18:51<mchou>anywath that query is now almost twice the orignal size.
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18:51<mchou>due to the UNION.
18:51<mchou>it aint pretty.
18:52<sfr>mchou: did you find out who wrote that particular query? he probably can help you best.
18:52<mchou>not that it was pretty to start of with?
18:52<mchou>no, Chutt couldn't/wouldn't give me a name. But I figured it (the query) out anyway.
18:53<Captain_Murdoch>mchou, might it make more sense to just prevent mythfilldatabase from deleting the manually inserted row when it flushes the data and reloads?
18:53<Captain_Murdoch>are you working around the fact that it isn't in the program table anymore after mythfilldatabase runs?
18:53<mchou>Captain_Murdoch: umm, hard to say. I haven't looked into mythfill code. Could be easier, or could be more complicated.....
18:54<sfr>probably easier/cleaner if manual recordings can be identified easily.
18:55<mchou>Captain_Murdoch: exactly. Manual record never ever need refer to the progrom table at all, because u specified *complete* info when u set up the record.
18:55<Captain_Murdoch>if you are working around the fact that it's not in the program table anymore, then you also don't have the ability to edit that manual entry. if you instead make sure it stays in the program table then you could go in later and change it's recording type or other info.
18:55<mchou>Manual record has attribute record.category="Manual recording" in DB.
18:57<Captain_Murdoch>not the category, the recording type. it's set to 'singlerecord' I believe. what if I wanted to setup a recuring manual record?
18:57<mchou>Any u guys know who wrote the manual record module anyways? It's a bit cripped since u can't change manual record attributes. u have to delete/add op to change.
18:58<mchou>actually, that's no problem at all.
18:58<Captain_Murdoch>that's what I'm referring to. it would be easier to edit if the program table entry was kept around, there are things in programinfo.cpp that depend on the program table entry being there.
18:58<mchou>go to "fix conflicts" select program, hit "i", cahnge to recurring....
18:59<Captain_Murdoch>did you try that and it worked?
18:59<mchou>it worked with my change.
18:59<Captain_Murdoch>so if you go back in to the options screen it's still there?
18:59<mchou>which options screen are u referring to?
18:59<Captain_Murdoch>recording options
19:00<Captain_Murdoch>curious to make sure it saved the new recording type.
19:00<Captain_Murdoch>so basically you just added a union to the big select in scheduledrecording.cpp?
19:01<mchou>Captain_Murdoch: I'm lost. Do like "TV"->"fix conficts"_>.... etc.
19:01<mchou>Captain_Murdoch: yup
19:02<Captain_Murdoch>the recording options screen you get to by hitting 'I'
19:03<mchou>ahh, yes, it would still be there, and u can change the "record frequency logic"
19:03<Captain_Murdoch>I think manual recording is pretty much unmaintained. the instant record was commented out recently because it's unmaintained and broken I think.
19:03<Captain_Murdoch>don't remember who summitted either, but searching the mailing list might help.
19:03<mchou>well, probably the same person wrote both....
19:05<mchou>but manual recording *is* a necessay feature, for me at least.
19:08<Captain_Murdoch>I'd like to see it work so I could manually record things sometimes as well, but it's not up high on my list so I haven't touched it.
19:09<Captain_Murdoch>too much stuff on my myth todo list and too little time.
19:09<mchou>heh, ain't that the truth...
19:09<Captain_Murdoch>like pre and post record times so I can tell a show to start recording 2 minutes early always and end 5 minutes late.
19:10<Captain_Murdoch>without editing the database like I do now for one show.
19:10<mchou>why not just 5 min be4 abd after?
19:11<mchou>I'm just wondering why u need different preroll and postroll times////
19:11<Captain_Murdoch>cause sometimes you want more/less. like when I know the show always starts on time but ends 5 minutes late. so I don't want to conflict with the preceeding show either on another channel.
19:12<Captain_Murdoch>like when they insert too many commercials. :)
19:13<Captain_Murdoch>and they should be both allowed to be plus or minus. Bruce Markey just mentioned it again on the mailing list and I've talked with Matt about it I think. I might just go ahead and take a shot at it. should be easy. I looked at it some when I added a bunch of stuff to the advanced recording options screen.
19:13<mchou>I thought myth always starts consecutive recordings "on time," even if you specify a postroll for the first show?
19:14<mchou>hmm, interesting....
19:15<Captain_Murdoch>it will start the 2nd show on time if you have a postrol for the previous. these pre/post roll though would be hard times, so I could say "this show always starts 5 minutes early (or late/whatever) so I want it to show as a conflict if those 5 minutes conflict with something"
19:16<Captain_Murdoch>current postroll is optional, it won't cause a conflict. but when CSI is always started 5 minutes late like it used to be on TNN, I want to make sure those 5 minutes get recorded at the end.
19:16<mchou>ah, ok. I don't think coding it would be difficult, but UI logic for that is gonna be a bitch.....
19:17<mchou>Captain_Murdoch: where do u live. CSI on TNN always starts and end on time for me....
19:17<Captain_Murdoch>nah, easy. I coded the options gui stuff at one point and ripped it out because I thought someone else was working on it.
19:18<mchou>and I'm using NTP....
19:18<Captain_Murdoch>it's probably the listings that were off. they used to say 11-midnight when it was 11:05-12:05 actually.
19:18<Captain_Murdoch>I had to have a cron job that updated my program table everyday so I woudn't miss the last 5 minutes.
19:19<mchou>yeah, that's a kludge, but gets the job done :)
19:19-!-choenig [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:19<Captain_Murdoch>anyway, have to run. I'm going to think about the hard-timed pre/post roll stuff since bruce isn't looking at it and I don't think Matt has either.
19:19<mchou>ok, later.
19:32-!-mchou [] has left #mythtv []
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20:12-!-Ripp [] has quit [""Bring me the hydrospanners! I don't know how we're gonna get out of this one.""]
20:20<D-side>hm. odd. only getting audio out of one speaker.
20:23<D-side>and garbled audio after a channel change...
20:40-!-warlord-afk [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
20:53-!-dmurphyAtWork [dmurphy@] has joined #mythtv
20:54<dmurphyAtWork>Q: i've transcoded some recordings with the mpeg4 encoder, but windows media player can't handle them. did i miss something?
20:55<D-side>did you just take the .nuv's and encode them?
20:55<D-side>or did you use something like nuvexport
20:55<dmurphyAtWork>it is set to auto-transcode them after recording
20:55<D-side>ah okay.
20:56<D-side>i could swear i just saw a post on the list about this, afk
20:56<dmurphyAtWork>ok. lemme check
20:57<D-side>its there
20:57<D-side>but theres no followup
20:59<dmurphyAtWork>i see another.. the stream is encoded with the codec, but not the envelope
21:00<dmurphyAtWork>ah.. ok, there is a mkmovie script somewhere to manuall transcode them to a compatible format
21:03-!-warlord-afk [me@DOGBERT.IHTFP.ORG] has joined #mythtv
21:11-!-mdz [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
21:11<D-side>i've used mkmovie, i thought nuvexport was its successor
21:26<dmurphyAtWork>yeah.. i just got nuvexport
21:26<dmurphyAtWork>but it seems to be timing out waiting for mythtranscode to set up it's fifos. time to dig through more groups :0
21:26<D-side>wait i've seen that
21:28<dmurphyAtWork>gotta head out. i'll check back in in 30 or so :)
21:28* dmurphyAtWork is away: I'm busy
21:29<D-side>not to worry, i cant remember what i did to fix it anyway. might have been editting something in the nuvexport script itself.
21:31-!-harryo [] has joined #mythtv
21:33-!-Ripp [] has joined #mythtv
21:36-!-harryo [] has left #mythtv []
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22:14-!-dwmurphy [~dwmurphy@] has joined #mythtv
22:14<dwmurphy>D-side: did you remember what you changed? :)
22:18-!-rkulagow [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
22:20-!-mythtv_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:26<dwmurphy>nm: had to specify Default as the profile in the scrupt
22:36-!-Urgo [] has quit []
22:37-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
22:38-!-_shad [] has joined #mythtv
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22:47<_shad>Hmm. Been awhile
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23:19-!-mechou [] has joined #mythtv
23:24<mechou>Captain_Murdoch: does sound work on M179 w/ ivtv yet?
23:31-!-mechou [] has left #mythtv []
23:34-!-monkeyBox [] has joined #mythtv
23:35<monkeyBox>why is my OSD black and white??
23:40-!-brc007 [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:41<Chutt>because you're either using xvmc or the via mpeg decoder
23:45-!-tetra [] has joined #mythtv
23:47<tetra>bttv0: skipped frame. no signal? high irq latency?
---Logclosed Thu Oct 30 00:00:35 2003