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00:20<nulltank>farce: hey, thx for your comment; i just saw it now; yeah i was thinking about trying redhat
00:21<De_Mon>thinking and redhat, dont quite belong in the same sentance
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00:39<cesman>in 0.12 the schema is updated when setup is ran, correct?
00:42<kvandivo>the schema is _updated_ anytime anything is run that hits the db
00:42<kvandivo>on a fresh install you are still expected to do the mysql < mc.sql
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01:04<nulltank>De_Mon: what OS would you recommend to use with mythtv then?
01:04<nulltank>De_Mon: or are you just being sarcastic...
01:04<Teflon->closest thing to a civilized linux.
01:05<nulltank>yeah, i like debian a lot, but i'm not sure how it would be better at setting up my gforce card than gentoo
01:07<cesman>nulltank:you could try KnoppMyth
01:08<cesman>with R4,
01:08<nulltank>cesman: not a bad idea; does it work with PVR-250's?
01:09<nulltank>cesman: i'll have to give it a shot
01:09<cesman>PVR-x50 support is built in to R4
01:10<cesman>want to try RC1?
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02:30* DogBoy burns R4
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04:07<Aug>is anyone willing to help a n00b
04:07<DogBoy>better just to ask the question you have in mind
04:07<DogBoy>and see what happens
04:07<Aug>it's with ivtv... i cat /proc/interrupts and i don't see my pvr250 card
04:07<Aug>also, i had to manually enable busmastering
04:08<Aug>ivtv won't detect. i asked on the ivtv channel but they are dead over there lol
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04:26<Aug>has anyone else run into problems with detecting their PVR250 from /proc/interrupts
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04:45<m_arc>i've set up my ivtv-fb device at 720*576
04:45<m_arc>when I use myth, the resolution jumps around a lot
04:45<m_arc>to 1440*480, 65536*0 etc
06:00<o_cee>thor_: you awake?
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06:04<o_cee>cut'n'paste patch fix send to the list
06:30<o_cee> the latest version.. fixed the background a little, increased the font. changed some watermarks. up and down arrows. and something that looks like a logo..
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08:05<m_arc>anybody around who uses ivtv-fb in PAL country?
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08:29* o_cee is back (gone 12:47:25)
08:54<o_cee>hey sfr
08:54<sfr>o_cee: hi
08:54<o_cee> the latest version.. fixed the background a little, increased the font. changed some watermarks. up and down arrows. and something that looks like a logo..
08:55<o_cee>better or worse than before? :)
08:57<sfr>better i think. the icon looks really nice.
08:57<o_cee>they are
08:59<sfr>how far are you with that theme?
08:59<o_cee>i need to look at all the other stuff now.. like all buttons are still blue :)
08:59<o_cee>but the menus are getting there
09:00<sfr>cool. it could become the default theme imho
09:01<o_cee>who knows ;)
09:01<thor_>o_cee, what did you want?
09:01<o_cee>it was that patch i send to the list
09:01<thor_>ah, ok
09:02<o_cee>[mythtv] [PATCH] MythGame settings thinks it's MusicSettings
09:02<thor_>... I'm a little behind on my mailing list reading .... I'll get to it
09:02<o_cee>just a cut'n'paste typo it seems :)
09:02<o_cee>oh :) i'm ok with the devlist, but users is a pain the keep up with
09:03<o_cee>maybe it'd be a nice feature to be able to change the background without chaning theme?
09:03<o_cee>as a new feature i mean
09:03<thor_>maybe .... I dunno
09:04<thor_>new screen shots look great
09:05<thor_>... but I'd still vote for an even bigger font
09:05<o_cee>heh, i can actually read this from the sofa :)
09:05<thor_>ok ... good
09:05<o_cee>without glasses
09:06<sfr>how big is your TV?
09:06<thor_>and how big is your living room?
09:06<sfr>pff, what about a ~20" one.
09:06<o_cee>i sit about.. 2-3 m from the tv?
09:07<o_cee>arw, they'll have to make it even bigger themselves ;)
09:07<o_cee>maybe i'll make it a little bigger
09:08<o_cee>will the new stuff for font:small work in the theme as well? or is it just for the rest of the stuff?
09:09<o_cee>argh, gotta try to understand qtlook.txt now i guess..
09:13<sfr>o_cee: i'd lighten up the lower right corner a bit.
09:16<o_cee>i'll see what i can do
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12:40<racer>i have cvs installed from 311003
12:40<racer>but now i got this error when i enter the epg
12:40<racer>unknown tag size:small in font
12:40<racer>anybody knows what it means?
12:41<sfr>racer: do you follow the -commits and -dev lists? you should if you use cvs.
12:42<racer>yes at least the commits
12:42<racer>sorry did I mis something
12:43<sfr>iirc it allows themes to change the font size, or something along that. does the epg fail?
12:44<racer>yes with the standard blue theme
12:44<racer>i go to tv->schedule recordings->program guide
12:44<racer>and then crash
12:44<thor_>racer, sounds like new theme-ui.xml file against old libmyth ....
12:45<racer>so get libmyth from cvs and build again?
12:46<thor_>yup ... might want a make distclean in there as well
12:46<thor_>(I dunno)
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12:46<racer>will try thnx guys
12:48<racer>don't know why but since libmyth V13 there is something strange going on
12:49<racer>if i get a new CVS and build it, then all libs are as usual in /usr/local/lib
12:50<racer>but since V13 i have to manual copy them to /usr/lib also
12:50<racer>i allready changed /etc/
12:50<thor_>you started out with a package ?
12:50<thor_>and then moved to CVS
12:50<racer>yeah thats right long time ago
12:51<racer>but with libs 12 this was never a problem
12:51<thor_>different numbers
12:51<racer>in /usr/lib i had no libmyth libraries
12:51<racer>since 13 its a problem
12:51<thor_>you definitely want a clean build
12:52<thor_>should never need to be manually copying them around
12:52<racer>no i know! but making a new clean build does not make me happy, and my gf i think!
12:52<racer>but what the hack if the experts say so!
12:53<sfr>racer: why not? your config will not be touched.
12:54<racer>what you mean with a clean build then?
12:55<sfr>racer: to rebuild and install mythtv from source, then the same again for all plugins you use.
12:56<racer>thats what i do when i get the latest CVS
12:56<racer>i do make clean distclean
12:56<thor_>cd /mythcvs
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12:56<thor_>cvs co mythtv
12:56<racer>and build them all again
12:56<thor_>or cd /mythtv
12:56<thor_>cvs update
12:57<thor_>make distclean
12:57<racer>yeah i know this song!!!
12:57<racer>thats what i do
12:57<racer>incl. make install
12:57<Chutt>remove your previous installations.
12:58<racer>just remove from /usr/local/bin?
12:58<Chutt>remove the package you had installed before.
12:58<sfr>racer: and check /usr/lib
12:58<racer>thats allready gone for months now
12:58<thor_>not if there's stuff in /usr/lib
12:58<Chutt>if stuff's still thinking that there's the mythtv libs in /usr/lib, you didn't remove it.
12:59<thor_>(unless you're fiddling with PREFIX)
12:59<racer>i just cheked it but the packages are gone
12:59<racer>i installed them with apt-get
12:59<racer>what prefix?
13:00<thor_>if you built from CVS and messed with PREFIX in the configuration
13:00<racer>i had this problem with v12 libs also but when i deleted them all in /usr/lib the problem was gone
13:01<racer>and i never had it again, with the introd. of V13 libs the problem is back
13:01<racer>no thor! sorry i don't mess! :)
13:02<thor_>updatedb; locate myth
13:02<thor_>then tear out anything that isn't /usr/local
13:02<thor_>or CVS src
13:02<racer>ok thor
13:02<thor_>update, make distclean, and away you go
13:02<racer>will try
13:03<racer>can is ask something else?
13:04<racer>i now have tvout from the pvr350, im in a pal country
13:04<racer>if i change channel the osd part messes up my screen and interface
13:05<racer>known problem?
13:05<racer>i have osd on the top of the screen and on the bottom!
13:05<thor_>tmk would know .... also you might try the mailing list ... I have no idea (no pvr350)
13:06<racer>man you should have one, the tv quality is almost perfect, cable quality
13:06<racer>with the nvidia out it suxx!
13:07<racer>hope tmk makes a good framebuffer (YUV) driver so i can use your mythvideo with the tvout!
13:08<Chutt>i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!
13:09<racer>at least i can use at a reasonable speed
13:10<racer>yeah me too chutt!
13:11<m_arc>racer: I've got a patch from axboe for mythtv and ivtv-fb in pal
13:11<m_arc>watch in about an hour, I'll push it up there
13:11<m_arc>yes, and a patch for mythtv. only for 0.12 though, not cvs. works beautifully
13:12<racer>so you had the same problem M-arc?
13:12<racer>so hy not post it in the mailing list
13:12<racer>so Isaac can apply it maybe to the current CVS?
13:13<Chutt>that was sarcasm.
13:13<m_arc>mailing list doesn't accept my emails
13:13<m_arc>I'm read only, it seems
13:13<racer>:) with a reason?
13:13<Chutt>jens axboe's patch is already in mythtv cvs
13:13<Chutt>though i finished it
13:13<Chutt>not the half-done stuff he sent to the list.
13:14<racer>half-done which means?
13:14<Chutt>the ivtv-fb changes are already in his latest ivtv driver source.
13:14<racer>:) sorry get it
13:14<m_arc>Chutt: cvs from 3 hours ago didn't work for PAL
13:14<Chutt>m_arc, then fix it and send a patch.
13:14<racer>:) yes M-arc
13:14<Chutt>if the list doesn't accept your emails, you're not sending from the same address you subscribed as.
13:15<m_arc>Chutt: I'm good in trying out and noticing it doesn't work. And in complaining :-)
13:15<Chutt>i honestly couldn't care less about PAL
13:15<m_arc>thought so :-)
13:15<Chutt>so, good luck with your bitching
13:16<m_arc>no bitching, at least no intention
13:16<m_arc>just feverishly trying around, and glad to have found something that works
13:16<D-side>Chutt: mind if i ask you what may prove to be a stupid question? i'm all for being berated if it is.
13:16<kvandivo>can we all help berate if it is a stupid question? ;)
13:16<D-side>i'm having a problem with audio, and i found someone else on the list who also had it, but no resolution was ever posted.
13:17<D-side>left channel only, and the garbled to hell after a channel change.
13:17<D-side>the hardware is fine as it works great with an RH setup, but not on a brand new gentoo install.
13:17<Chutt>i'd say your audio driver was fucked up
13:18<D-side>its looking like it. f the nforce audio anyway. i'll pop in a live later. i was just wondering if you'd seen that issue before. thanks.
13:18<D-side>wonder if term ever fixed his stupid load problem.
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13:22<thor_>note since some idiot screwed up audio in a release
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13:27<thor_>are casts expensive ?
13:27<thor_>dynamic_cast ?
13:27<Chutt>dynamic_cast is more expensive than a standard c cast, yes
13:27<Chutt>so it's probably not a good idea to do it all the time
13:27<thor_>so much for that idea
13:27<Chutt>but, it's the only way to do some things
13:28<thor_>oh well ... it will do for the moment
13:30<racer>i was trying to get a different color for the selected buttons, so i changed the qtlook.txt
13:30<racer>this is ok for allmost everyting but the dropdown boxes don't change from color
13:30<racer>and that is still anonying when u use the Remote and sit on the sofa
13:36<racer>is there another way to change the color of the boxes?
13:38<thor_>source type is not polymorphic <--- what the hell is that
13:40<Chutt>it's not polymorphic =)
13:41<thor_>too many friggin things holding containers of other things
13:41<racer>ok no answer thnx for your support guys!
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13:44<Chutt>yay, tmk merged everything
13:44<Chutt>now i can commit stuff
13:47<sfr>will that break recording when using an old ivtv driver?
13:47<Chutt>probably not recording
13:47<Chutt>actually, he didn't merge one patch in
13:48<Chutt>when that goes in, mythtv'll need to be updated as well, and it won't work with the old driver
13:51<De_Mon>nulltank im biased towards debian
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13:55<CyberKnet>speaking of debian, what apt-get do i need to run to be able to run make menuconfig to configure the kernel?
13:55<CyberKnet>I have pretty much no packages installed except make and gcc
13:55<CyberKnet>(and, of course, the kernel source)
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13:57<sfr>CyberKnet: libncurses5-dev comes to mind
13:58<CyberKnet>thanks =)
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14:03<CyberKnet>man it's been a long time since I compiled a kernel =)
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15:00<hadees>anyone have any trouble using an irman with mythtv?
15:00<hadees>or should i say anyone using an irman with mythtv?
15:01<thor_>well ...
15:01<thor_>no, yup
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15:02<donk>anyone got nuvexport? chris' site is gone/down?
15:03<hadees>really thor_ every time i try to install it i get errors about it not being able to connect to it, but irmanlib can talk to it fine
15:03<hadees>i don't get it
15:04<thor_>hadees, I installed it about a year ago and it has worked flawlessly since
15:04<thor_>then lirc on top of that
15:05<hadees>i did exaclty that... it's the last piece of the mythtv puzzle i can't figure out, oh well i am reinstalling everything mabey it will work this time
15:05<thor_>it's been so long, I don't really remember what I did ... but I can send you any config files you need
15:07<hadees>did you run the test program for lirc?
15:08<thor_>I remember running some record program to get all my remotes codes
15:09<thor_>and then putting a config file together
15:09<hadees>mabey it's been the test program all along... there is a test program you run to see if lirc install worked, thats where i get stuck
15:10<hadees>the test program doesn't connect, mabey for some reason it doesn't use libirman
15:10<thor_>try irrecord
15:11<thor_>(you got the HAVE_LIBIRMAN #def in your lirc config.h ?)
15:12<o_cee>the new filter stuff, what's it good for? what does denoise3d do?
15:13<thor_>it makes it much quiter about 6-7 feet in front of your tv
15:13<thor_>(i have no idea)
15:13<o_cee>heh, okay :)
15:14<sfr>i guess they don't work for h/w encoders?
15:14<o_cee>seems it's comming from mplayer, but a quick search didn't give me any info there either
15:22<hadees>thor_: you have to put that in?
15:22<thor_>no, ./configure should do it
15:22<thor_>but it has to be there
15:23<thor_>(at least that's the way it worked as of 0.6.6)
15:23<hadees>eh, i wish there was a cvs lirc ebuild, so i know i have the latest stuff
15:23<hadees>same with mythtv
15:24<thor_>mine is/was stock src package, 0.6.6
15:25<hadees>eh oh well, who is working on mythweb?
15:26<hadees>i was just thinking of somthing mythweb would be perfect for, creating playlists for mythmusic
15:26<hadees>so you don't have to use a remote which is a pain
15:27<thor_>heh ... soon you'll be able to make 'em in iTunes
15:29<o_cee>iTunes fucked up 30gb:ish of music for me. moved all files, changed name and dirs. will take me weeks to restore. thank you apple.
15:29<CyberKnet>oooh I love it when that happens
15:29<hadees>hey apple is a million times better than windows
15:29<hadees>apple gives people what they want
15:30<o_cee>but iTunes was really crap.
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15:30<hadees>well it kind of new
15:31<CyberKnet>I've never had winamp mess with my filenames/dirs
15:31<CyberKnet>or xmms, for that matter =)
15:31<hadees>when was the last time microsoft came out with something as cool as an ipod, hell how about rewriting their entire OS to run on BSD
15:31<CyberKnet>hadees: true that
15:31<thor_>o_cee, Edit -->Preferences -->Advanced--> then uncheck Copy files to iTunes music folder ....
15:31<CyberKnet>hadees: but I think you'll find we all unanimously dislike microsoft software =)
15:34<hadees>yeah, i started on apple but had to switch to windows because of lack of software and now macos is bsd based i can finaly cut my ties with microsoft and to some extent intel (although i will still need them for my linux boxes)
15:34<o_cee>thor_: that's the strange part. i promise you it was unchecked. but it might have been because i did "import"..
15:35* o_cee is away: later
15:35<CyberKnet>I printed out the myth tv installation / users guide that robert wrote. Very nice. I had to import it into ms word (I was at work) and because robert had used such nice markup in the single page html, I was able to very easily add page numbers and a page-numbered table of contents.
15:35<CyberKnet>If robert is ever in oklahoma, I'm buying him a beer or two.
15:36<thor_>heh ... and then ask Word to save it as HTML ... hee hee
15:36<hadees>where is the install guide located CyberKnot?
15:37<sfr>Chutt has kicked hadees from #mythtv: learn to read :)
15:37<CyberKnet>thor_: that would rather undermine all of robert's hard work, no? =)
15:37<CyberKnet>hadees: mythtv website
15:37<CyberKnet>under documentation
15:37<hadees>oh thats the one he wrote
15:37<hadees>i thought it was one of the many other ones out about the internet
15:38<CyberKnet>I need to apt-get a ton of packages to make mythtv work, I think
15:38<CyberKnet>np hadees
15:46<hadees>anyone here us the lcd part of mythtv?
15:46<hadees>us = use
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15:47<CyberKnet>not I
15:47<CyberKnet>I haven't even used MythTV yet
15:48<hadees>i am just wondering what exaclty shows up on it, i have a vfd display on my htpc case
15:54<donk>anyone got nuvexport? chris' site is gone/down?
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15:54<sfr>donk: i have a version from mid-September here
15:55<CyberKnet>I think I need to dig up a mouse =(
15:57<donk>sfr:can u dcc?
15:58<sfr>donk: dcc waiting for you.
15:59<hadees>mythtv uses an event loop to look for user input right?
15:59<hadees>anyone know what file it is in?
16:01<hadees>so it uses an event loop in qt?
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16:06<CyberKnet>aha! I just found out about apt-cache! I feel empowered =)
16:10<CyberKnet>Do you think a dual 733 will be able to encode/decode 480x480 rtjpeg simultaneously?
16:10<CyberKnet>erm ... not rtjpeg ... whatever bt848 uses
16:10<CyberKnet>sorry, I have to stop using terms I am not sure about.
16:10<CyberKnet>(733 = PIII 733)
16:13<DogBoy>probably not
16:13<DogBoy>I have a 1 gig and I set it lower than that
16:14<DogBoy>733 is totally usable though, you'll just have to turn down the resolution a bit
16:14<DogBoy>the plus side is you'll have room for more shows
16:14-!-hadees [] has joined #mythtv
16:19<o_cee>i'm getting an error compiling myth.. mythepg to be more specific
16:20<o_cee>no clue what this means..
16:20<o_cee>../../libs/libmythtv/libmythtv.a(moc_scheduledrecording.o)(.gnu.linkonce.d._ZTC24ScheduledRecordingEditor0_13SelectSetting+0x3c): undefined reference to `SelectSetting::fillSelectionsFromDir(QDir const&)'
16:20<o_cee>../../libs/libmythtv/libmythtv.a(moc_scheduledrecording.o)(.gnu.linkonce.d._ZTC24ScheduledRecordingEditor0_14ListBoxSetting+0x3c): undefined reference to `SelectSetting::fillSelectionsFromDir(QDir const&)'
16:20<o_cee>../../libs/libmythtv/libmythtv.a(moc_scheduledrecording.o)(.gnu.linkonce.d._ZTV24ScheduledRecordingEditor+0x3c): undefined reference to `SelectSetting::fillSelectionsFromDir(QDir const&)'
16:20<o_cee>collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
16:20<sfr>you are 2nd today. misc versionf of theme-ui.xml and libmyth.
16:20<o_cee>i did an update with -D.. strange
16:20<kja>try -f
16:20<sfr>oh, maybe not. should start learn to read :)
16:22<o_cee>-f didn't update anything
16:22<o_cee>same thing..
16:22<kja>make distclean;make
16:23<o_cee>only did that in /mythepg
16:23<o_cee>but i'll do it for all i guess
16:23<kja>at least libs
16:23<o_cee>just did all, heh. guess that'll solve it..
16:24<kja>great theme btw
16:25<o_cee>thanks :)
16:25<o_cee>off to the shower
16:32<thor_>hmmm ... shower ... swedish girlfriend .... this qualifies as too much information
16:33<Chutt>tmk's not been online recently
16:33<thor_>still waiting for one more of his revs to tie everything together
16:34<thor_>went and did it yourself I suppose
16:38<thor_>if I need new subdirectories in the mfd commit tree, it's just more import commands, correct?
16:39<Chutt>just add the directory
16:39<Chutt>then add the files under it
16:39<Chutt>how's the mfd stuff going?
16:39<thor_>very well
16:39<thor_>taken about a week to move the daapserver to a useable state
16:39<thor_>but it's about 95% there
16:40<thor_>and audio can occasionally play off an http:// url coming from the daapserver
16:40<thor_>get those things sorted, then think about video
16:41<thor_>trying to go very slowly .... get my thread bits right
16:41<thor_>but I think I'm going to have to write a multithreaded persistent httpd server, which kinda sucks
16:41<thor_>s/write/adapt httpd to
16:43<Chutt>something like the existing backend structure doesn't work?
16:44<thor_>need real http with all the headers and 404's and stuff
16:44<thor_>multithreaded socket server is already there
16:44<hadees>has anyone made a boot splash for mythtv?
16:45<thor_>maybe that's already all in the backend
16:45* thor_ goes to look at mythbackend
16:45<Chutt>don't think it'd be difficult to add the headers and proper response codes to it
16:45-!-toe [] has joined #mythtv
16:46<thor_>the daap headers are a bitch .... everything has to bit-perfect, and there's a mountain of different ones ... but probably easier to adapt then work from scratch
16:47<thor_>(friggin stuff is almost impossible to debug .... can't cout it, as it's a big mish mash of things)
16:48-!-FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
16:57<o_cee>hadees: i've made one
16:58<sfr>that was a quick shower ;)
16:58<o_cee>i've made myself a drink as well :)
16:58<o_cee>hadees: send me a mail at and i'll send you the splashscreen when i've got time (not today)
16:58<o_cee>or search the list for bootsplash
16:59<o_cee>now, i'm off getting un-sober. later :)
17:00-!-donk [] has left #mythtv ["Leaving"]
17:01-!-o_cee [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:01-!-o_c [] has joined #mythtv
17:04-!-o_c [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:04-!-oc [] has joined #mythtv
17:05-!-MinmeiIsABimbo [1000@] has joined #mythtv
17:06<kja>Chutt, with the current code in cvs, when an aspect change is discovered, the reinit causes one frame to be misplaced in the buffer array, one frame with higher timecode each 15-17 frame...
17:07<kja>got any idea why this is happening (the buffers are torn down..)?
17:09<toe>hi all - what does 'Warning MVs not available' mean?
17:10<kja>that there is no information on where the slice is moving (i have no idea what i'm talking about, really:)
17:13<toe>actually I'm running mythfrontend remotely, getting no picture, just sound, with that error and 'end missmatch left=54'
17:14-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:16<toe>ah - didnt realise I'd still get sound when the wrong input was set
17:45-!-toe [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
17:46-!-toe [] has joined #mythtv
17:53-!-mrra [] has joined #mythtv
17:56<thor_>(that was a light bulb floating above my head)
17:56<thor_>name mangling and why it's a problem for plugins
17:56<thor_>is there anything smarter than declaring extern "C" for C++ methods ?
17:57<CyberKnet>anyone hae any idea why when I compile the alsa module for my sound card it might be telling me that there are unknown symbols?
17:59<toe>hi - I've a problem with latest ivtv CVS build: I configure for PAL and cat /dev/video0 > file works fine...then I run mythbackend and get only sound... If I kill mythbackend and then cat /dev/video0 again I get sound only there too - any ideas?
17:59<sfr>CyberKnet: the kernel source you compiled the alsa source against might not match to your running kernel
18:00<CyberKnet>sfr: That's what I thought too, but I just compiled my kernel from the same source
18:00<thor_>and booted with *that* kernel
18:00<CyberKnet>obviously though, I must be wrong somehow
18:01<CyberKnet>I'll recompile the kernel, I think
18:01<CyberKnet>then install it, reboot, and rebuild alsa
18:01<CyberKnet>then I should be golden, yes?
18:01<sfr>CyberKnet: are you running debian?
18:03<sfr>apt-get alsa-source kernel-package ; make-kpkg is what you want to use, really.
18:03<sfr>and install of course
18:03<CyberKnet>why do I want to use make-kpkg?
18:04<sfr>it's just a very nice tool for kernel/modules compiling.
18:04<CyberKnet>I've never used it before
18:06<CyberKnet>which isn't to say I wont use it, just that I never have =)
18:24-!-MinmeiIsABimbo [1000@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:24<kja>Chutt, if you happen to be around, or read this in the backlog, avformatdecoder actually passes the frames in the right order, so there has to be something wrong with the output frame buffers.
18:25<kja>the strange thing is that this will not happen on avcodec reinit, but only on aspect change..
18:25<kja>..which uses the same routine to do the job.
18:27-!-MrChook [] has joined #mythtv
18:30<thor_>kja, total guess, but perhaps some additional overhead of changing aspect changes the firing order of some sub threads ?
18:32-!-MrChook [] has left #mythtv ["Leaving"]
18:33<kja>thor, the thing is, that changing the aspect is a fairly light task, but the current cvs code does much more, exactly like a resolution change, a patch posted earlier fixes this, but the issue is still around..
18:33<kja>and there is plenty of locks between the avformatdecoder thread and videooutput thread
18:33<thor_>kja, as I said, total guess ... I just have thread waitcondition logic on the brain at the moment
18:34<kja>thanks for the hint Thor, but the issue is a deeper one, i'm afraid
18:35<kja>how is the myth frontend daemon coming along, Thor?
18:35<thor_>well ... having solved the mystery of name mangling ... it's moving along
18:36<kja>is the readme regulary updated, so I could track it that way?
18:36<thor_>hasn't been a commit in about a week ... there will be useful one shortly (today/tomorrow)
18:37<kja>very cool Thor, i'm looking forward to it
18:38<kja>i'm exxpecting much of it (and if it's not there, hoping to contribute)
18:39<mrra>Anyone here familiar with the IRdeo remote?
18:41<kja>Chutt, don't bother with it, I will have a closer look at how the buffers are emptied, torn down, rebuildt, and refilled
18:49<sfr>anyone here from NL?
18:54<kja>NO :)
18:55<sfr>kja: did you had problems going back to CET?
18:56<kja>i changed my tv_grab_sn timezone setting from CET to GMT...
18:57<kja>Chutt mentioned that mythfilldatabase will not (ever) anything else than numeric timezone from grabbers...
18:58<kja>accept should be in there
18:58<sfr>and tv_grab_sn outputs the timezone as 'CET' and not '+0100'?
18:59-!-donk [] has joined #mythtv
19:01<sfr>having 50+ times if... = "CET" else if "CEST" doesn't look right to me but would be easy to add
19:05<kja>could there be some common libc function that does this conversion?
19:06<kja>if there was a one-four liner to fix it, i would bet it would be accepted :)
19:07<sfr>i have nooo idea. :) anyone knows? but i have a c/c++ textbook in front of me, maybe something is mentioned there.
19:07<thor_>mod tv_grab_sn with a --use-numbers flag ?
19:08<kja>yea, that is a solution, but it does not cover other grabbers..
19:08<sfr>iirc the DK grabber also suffers from that
19:09<kja>maybe a global tv_grab_** would do
19:10<kja>flag should be in there you know :)
19:10<kja>but then again, it's perl, and not very nice ;) hehe
19:12<thor_>#define CET +0100
19:13<sfr>hm, quickly thought about that. would 'timezones.h' be acceptable?
19:13<sfr>in fact i didn't. does that define a string CET?
19:17<kja>what about libc's getdate?
19:19* sfr reads getdates manpage
19:20<kja>sorry, no need to, i'm drunk, and only searching =)
19:21* kja is searching for a replacement...
19:23<sfr>advise from the minister of health: don't drink and chat :)
19:24* kja thinks that it was close, and will never chat and drink at the same time, the drink sits on the table while (/me) chats ;)
19:32<kja>nope, didn't find anything usefull, guess is that libc don't handle timezone's
19:33<kja>find anything sfr?
19:33<kvandivo>is this the real thing.... or is this just fantasy...
19:33<kvandivo>caught in a landslide..... no escape from reality..
19:34<sfr>a great song
19:34<kvandivo>hmm... must... get... sound.. going... on this machine
19:34<sfr>nah, you're a great singer.
19:35* kvandivo wonders if he should go the alsa route.
19:35<sfr>kja: sure, 'Convert it to timestamp and minus TIMEZONE * 3600' using postgres. should work in mysql as well :)
19:35* kja kicks kvandivo over to
19:35<kvandivo>can't seem to find any kernel drivers for my new on board sound..
19:35<kja>sfr, mmmm, does a patch come with that?
19:36<kvandivo>ya, kja, i'm well aware of /docs.. not to the point yet of really worrying about myth..
19:36<kvandivo>just recently got hyperthreading working..
19:36<kja>just tired of doing support sessions which exceeds 20 minutes
19:37<kja>development, then i'm in ;)
19:37<kvandivo>well, i wasn't actaully asking for support, myself.. just making conversation to liven up a dull session, in fact.. :)
19:40<kja>used to work in a electronics shop (or whatever u name it), which (along with certain other things) drove me nuts..
19:43<kja>kvandivo: so, is hyperthreading worth the buck? ie, is it as good as dual?
19:48<kvandivo>well, i've got it showing two cpu's just like you'd expect from a dual... but i haven't done any benchmarking on it.
19:48<kvandivo>on the xeons it showed 30% or so with good apps on 2.4 kernels, and as much as 50% on 2.6 test kernels
19:49<kvandivo>i just actually the kernel recompiled with the necessary options to get it going a little bit ago
19:49<kvandivo>had to spend a fair amount of time with the networking before that, etc etc.. what I had planned to be a drop in and forget about it mission this morning has turned into an all day affair
19:50<sfr>30%, not bad.
19:50<kja>from what i've read, the intel proprietary hyperthreading is just what it is, a hype...?
19:50<kja>, so i bought a dual athlon mp system instead
19:51<kvandivo>well, you are always going to be better off with 2 physical processors. :)
19:51<kja>that is ibm, you don't have any software by ibm on your computer?
19:51<kvandivo>that article is going on a year old now
19:52<kvandivo>umm.. hmm.. i don't think i currently have any official ibm software on here.. i'd have to verify that i have sun's java
19:52* kja loads the page for kicks
19:53<kja>hmm, the culprint is could and may :)
19:53<kvandivo>the MD simulation code from where I work saw about a 30% increase from HT. alas, the additional cost made us go with 2600+ MPs as well
19:56<kja>though, i must say i've gotten fond of the work israel is doing in light, and also releasing it commercially
20:04* sfr goes to bed now. bye, bye
20:04-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:05* kja thinks sfr didn't have the guts to make the patch, even when he found the key... :(
20:07<kja>Experimental AV sync won't work properly with 4496
20:08<kja>is Chutt around now, or is he still working on *his girlfriend*?
20:15-!-dilate [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:16-!-warlord is now known as warlord-afk
20:17* kja is going out fishing for girls...
20:20<hadees>has anyone made a boot splash for mythtv?
20:20* kja wonders if there will be one sensible post in mythtv-users when i come back...
20:21<kja>hades: search the gossamer threads, o_cee made one
20:24<hadees>found it, nice did anyone make any others for the other themes?
20:25<kja>nope, not that we now of, you are offcorse free to make one?...
20:26<kja>he is currently making a theme so he is busy, if that thought ever crossed your mind
20:29<hadees>i might try to make one only problem is i have no clue how gimp works, i was always used to photoshop
20:29<hadees>need to learn how to use gimp
20:30<kja>read the manual that comes with it, you never bothered to learn it should be your phrase
20:36* kja thinks hadees is actually reading a document for the first time in his lifetime!
20:37<hadees>i read all the time, i just made my full transfer over to linux like 5 months ago
20:37<hadees>i've been learning how to do everything
20:38<kja>sorry, never meant to slam you down again, i've read all o' em
20:39<hadees>eh thats okay, i know i'm a noob at linux, the way i figure it i needed to learn how to use it so i went straigh in, total emersion
20:40<hadees>so i tend to screw up alot
20:40<hadees>no windows to fall back on
20:40<kja>never questioned the manuals at anytime, but certainly needed some help when i started coding for the MythTV project, and got it, because my goal was different....
20:46-!-donk [] has left #mythtv ["Leaving"]
20:47<kja>btw, i tried linux for the first time back in '94, and belive me, there was not a lot of documentation atound back then, since then i've wandered back and forth, both looking at the linux/windows kernels!
20:48-!-CyberKnet [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:48-!-CyberKnet [] has joined #mythtv
20:49-!-kNet [] has joined #mythtv
21:06<hadees>kja: anyone make a grub screen for mythtv to match the blue theme?
21:10-!-CyberKnet [] has quit [Success]
21:28<kvandivo>just ran across a strange little bug.. i went to live tv, and it told me the tuner was busy. i went to view recordings, and the top one wasn't yellow. went to 6544 and it thought the backend was recording. come to find out, the time on my frontend was off by an hour, and apparently the color highlighting in the scheduled recording is based off of whether or not the frontend thinks a recording is taking place, as opposed to whether
21:29-!-bishop [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:32<kja>kvadivo: you'd be bether off posting that to the mythtv-users list, or mythttv-dev if you are prepared to answer some questions
21:37<kvandivo>i thought you were going fishing
21:41<kvandivo>Captain_Murdoch: you around?
21:44-!-kNet is now known as CyberKnet
21:45<kja>kvadivo: if i had the power to do so, i would have kicked you the hell out of this channel with that statement.
21:49<kja>kvandivo: how's your girlfriend btw, i belive i've crossed paths with her tonight
21:50<Captain_Murdoch>kvandivo: just for a little while.
21:50<kvandivo>great.. does the frontend tell the backend to commericial skip, or doe the backend do that for the frontend?
21:50<kvandivo>ie., does the frontend say frame X is here, backend.. skip this..
21:51<kvandivo>or does the backend keep track and send an abbreviated version to the frontend
21:51<Captain_Murdoch>kvandivo: yeah the frontend doesn't query the backend to actually find out what's recording, it assumes that if a show in the playback box has an endtime < now then it must be recording.
21:51<kvandivo>i've added it to my list of things to fix. :)
21:51<Captain_Murdoch>frontend does all commercial skip. backend does the auto-flag detection. frontend can also do it's own detection for blank frames if you don't auto-flag.
21:52<kvandivo>ok. I'm digging through the code for the Skip X seconds (that shows up in the dialog box) to see if i can hack in a quick version of what we had talked about a couple of days ago
21:52<kvandivo>(mid level stuff)
21:56<Captain_Murdoch>so this is to add the message to say how long the commercial that just started is?
21:56<kvandivo>ya.. and not autoskip it
21:58<kja>why not autoskip it, i don't want to see any commercial, kvandivo?
21:58<Captain_Murdoch>you might want to add that to AutoCommercialSkip() then. so the autocommercialskip variable could be 0, 1, or 2. 0 is off, 1 is on, 2 is 'mid'. so inside AutoCommercialSkip check for 2 then if framesPlayed > commBreakIter.key() then you popup the OSD box.
21:58<kvandivo>looking at that code now. :)
21:58<Captain_Murdoch>kja, we're talking about for cases where the commercial detection doesn't work well enough.
21:59-!-bishop [] has joined #mythtv
21:59<kja>ahh, thanx capt.
21:59<Captain_Murdoch>the guy that wrote that code is an idiot, I'm supprised it works as well as it does. ;)
22:00<kvandivo>everyone gets lucky on occasion
22:00<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, poor sap.
22:00<Captain_Murdoch>kja, I wrote it, just so you don't get any bad ideas....
22:01<kja>;), was close to a comment about you could rewrite it;)
22:02<Captain_Murdoch>I've got some code most of the way working to detect logos so I can try to use that info to help eliminate false positives. need to get back to working on that, haven't touched it in a month or so.
22:02<Captain_Murdoch>blank frame detection works pretty good for me so I'm not as motivated as I was to begin with.
22:03<kvandivo>i have pretty good luck with it.. like you were saying, if we could get a combo of all these, where it can do it automatically, or it can just tell you, or you can turn it off/on during a viewing.. we'd be set
22:04<kja>I've not actually tested the automatic com. detection myself,,
22:04<Captain_Murdoch>I'd like to see someone write something that allows you to list/view shows by category or something. Rather than just by title/subtitle, have a way to list by say 'Movies', 'Comedy', 'Drama', etc.
22:04<Captain_Murdoch>kja, you don't know what you're missing. :)
22:04<Captain_Murdoch>actually, I don't know what you're seeing, since you're seeing comms and I'm not. ;)
22:04* kvandivo smirks.
22:05<kja>hmm, been concentrating on getting dvb on it's feet ;)
22:05<Captain_Murdoch>I actually had to go try to find out what new shows were coming on this fall cause I never saw any previews for them since I skip comms.
22:05<kvandivo>me too!
22:06<Captain_Murdoch>found out about some while watching that goofy "NBC in flight" on a United airlines flight the week before they aired
22:06<kvandivo>did it have the guy from Lyon's den and the gal from Miss Match on it? (i've totally went blank on their names)
22:07<kvandivo>they had a 30 minute special on regular tv about the upcoming shows
22:08<CyberKnet>urgh. I still cant get alsa to install without having undefined symbols
22:08<kja>alsa is incomplete...
22:09<Captain_Murdoch>kvandivo: yeah. rob lowe and that girl from clueless I think. alicia silverstone
22:09<kvandivo>ya.. those names sound right.. she'll always be "the gal from the aerosmith videos' to me. ;)
22:10<Captain_Murdoch>never saw those or clueless for that matter, just remember some dude at work going gah-gah (sic?) over her in that movie when it came out.
22:11* Captain_Murdoch just setup to record one episode of Enterprise and Alias since they supposedly do bad on comm detection.
22:11<kvandivo>jackass is the absolute worst i've seen on comm detection
22:13<Captain_Murdoch>I'll make a note of that and maybe try it sometime as well. as it is, I have 4-5 hours of stuff now from other shows to test with as well.
22:15<kja>there is nothing wrong with you requesing recordings fron others,,is there?
22:16<kja>bah, anyway, since i'm not in the com. detection ring, i'll bug out
22:16<Captain_Murdoch>same as swapping videotapes. I believe Myth will never officially support any automated way of sharing videos like that though because Isaac doesn't want to open up that can of worms and put Myth on the wrong person/company's radar.
22:17<kja>but that is rather a method of charing, and avi's wotrk fine here...ranscodec <> 'd
22:17<Captain_Murdoch>I've got a couple samples from German TV that I got from another user. watching Spin City and Scream 3 dubbed is kinda interesting.
22:17<Captain_Murdoch>kinda like watching the dubbed version of the original Mad Max
22:18<Captain_Murdoch>I need to get back to work as well. putting in another one of those closet organizer units. bbl maybe
22:18<kja>really, lately, i've been playing everything with mythtv..maybe just me?
22:19<kvandivo>enjoy, Capt
22:20-!-DogBoy [] has quit ["Leaving"]
22:22<kja>yea, nye...
22:22-!-kja [] has quit ["...."]
22:23-!-kja [] has joined #mythtv
22:28-!-DogBoy [] has joined #mythtv
22:30-!-kja [] has quit ["..."]
22:48-!-Ogmios [] has joined #mythtv
22:48<Ogmios>hello room
22:49<Ogmios>question, if I add a show to the mysql DB by hand, what else do I need to do to get mythtv to see it and start recording. I tried restarting the backend
22:50-!-dwmurphy [] has joined #mythtv
22:50<Ogmios>I am writing a web interface so I can add a show remotely on any device with a web browser
22:51<dwmurphy>q: is there a known issue with nuvexport-2003-10-07 running for a while then stopping before writing complete output files? i can't seem to transcode to dvx :(
22:52<Ogmios>they dont talk much dwmurphy
22:54<dwmurphy>i just leave it there until someone wanders by and reads it :)
22:55<Ogmios>hehe i guess they are too busy watching tv
22:56<kvandivo>Ogmios: why don't you look at mythweb.. sounds like it does what you want
22:56<Ogmios>ok thanks
22:58-!-Ogmios [] has quit ["[BX] I'm out like a light..."]
23:20<hadees>anyone have any problems with ivtv compiling recently?
23:20<hadees>i have everything in my kernel and i get this error
23:20<hadees>ivtv-driver.c: In function `ivtv_probe':
23:20<hadees>ivtv-driver.c:1588: incompatible types in assignment
23:20<hadees>make: *** [ivtv-driver.o] Error 1
23:50* Ripp is away: AFK
---Logclosed Sun Nov 02 00:00:23 2003