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00:27<Ku-less>Hello. I've got a little problem. Some shows that are two parters will not signify that they're part 1 and part 2. The end result is only the first part is recorded.
00:28<Ku-less>Is there some way around this? I have the record even if duplicate episode set, but it still only recorded the first part.
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00:29<D-side>where the hell have you been
00:29<D-side>thats a lot of work.
00:29<term>well, just been working late.
00:29<term>building comp time
00:30<term>haven't been working on mythtv because I'm waiting for mdz to release .12 debs
00:31<D-side>that'll be a long wait from what i hear.
00:31<term>hoping it solves my building cpu hog problem :)
00:31<D-side>i'm still waiting on .12 rpms.
00:31<term>well, I have 3 other projects to do in the meantime
00:31<D-side>i built a gentoo box for it but audio is complete shit. i'm going to go back down a release (alsa)
00:31<D-side>in fact i might even try that right now.
00:32<D-side>term: i'm going nuts trying to decide which new ipaq i'm going to get
00:32<D-side>the new ones have crystal clear displays on which i can watch recorded shows. :)
00:32<term>D-side: bah
00:32<term>I'm avoiding all of that stuff these days.
00:32<term>I can't justify it.
00:33<term>I practically never touch my 3c
00:33<D-side>i'm running 2k in vmware on the mythtv box... i'll just have it stream over the video. :)
00:33<term>and with trying to buy a house, and wanting a new workstation next year adn a fileserver..
00:33<D-side>i'm probably going to end up making the myth box my fileserver.
00:33<D-side>afk a bit.
00:33<term>I'm probably going to buy crossover office and run photoshop and office in it when I moev my workstation to my new 120gb driev
00:34<term>D-side: that's what we're doing atm.. we're listening to mp3s from it right now, actually.
00:35<term>just setup nfs too
00:36<term>got tired of not having real file permissions on my linux machines.
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00:39<D-side_>i shall now back down alsa.
00:46<Ku-less>On a side note, is there a means of defining a custom channel listing? The only zap2it provides isn't entirely accurate.
00:46<hadees>what do you mean it isn't accurate?
00:47<Ku-less>One of the channels is wrong. The proper data isn't at all in that listing.
00:48<hadees>well you can edit it from database but it might just end up going back when you update
00:52<Ku-less>Right, but I don't want to just remove it. I want to import the proper channel data from another listing.
00:53<term>D-side_: back down?
00:54<D-side_>0.9.8 to 0.9.2
00:54<term>d-side_: ah, I was wondering why you're on twice.. xchat. :)
00:54<D-side_>yeah xchat is upstairs. i'm at the mythbox in the server room.
00:54<term>I use epic in screen
00:54<term>one of these days I'll convert to irssi, but I haven't been too bothered with epic lately enough.
01:00<D-side_>this isnt making any fucking sense.
01:01<D-side_>this is the SAME version of the alsa driver i use on the redhat install
01:01<D-side_>same exact hardware
01:01<D-side_>channel changes cause the audio to go all incredibly fucking garbled.
01:01<term>redhat kernels are heavily hacked though
01:02<D-side_>haha you're funny
01:02<term>if you're not used a hacked one
01:02<term>er using
01:02<D-side_>like i'm using a redhat kernel.
01:02<term>hey, I wasn't sure what you do :)
01:02<D-side_>i've been running linux longer than you have pal. :)
01:02* Ku-less wanders off..
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01:02<term>D-side_: I'm afraid not. :)
01:03<D-side_>indeed its true. we had this discussion not long ago.
01:03<D-side_>this f'ing thing isnt working.
01:03<D-side_>i'm about to try an audigy.
01:03<D-side_>just for shits and giggles.
01:04<D-side_>is that still the emu10k1 driver?
01:04<term>no idea.
01:04<D-side_>i'll soon find out.
01:06<D-side_>brb. sticking in this sound card.
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01:37<tmk>evenin chutt
01:37<tmk>and others who may be alive
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01:42<tmk>damn you chutt!
01:42<tmk>qt 3.1.0 requred!
01:42<tmk>hmm should be an 'i' in there somewhere
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03:35<cvsuser>Error creating path for image_cache: Please check permissions., could someone tell me where this directory is (or the config file that defines it)
03:35<cvsuser>oh, btw, this is for mythweb
03:38<Chutt>there is a readme that comes with mythweb.
03:38<Chutt>I suggest that you read it.
03:39<thor__>Chutt, it's late ... go to bed
03:40<Chutt>just got home :p
03:41<thor__>wrong time for a technical question then ...
03:41<thor__>go to bed
03:41<Chutt>naw, i'm awake
03:42<Chutt>whacha need?
03:42<thor__>I've been really confused by calling functions *from within* a plugin
03:43<thor__>plugin is loaded with a pointer to the parent object
03:43<thor__>plugin is compiled with full knowledge of the parent object's .h file
03:43<thor__>if plugin tries to call a function defined in the parent, it gets a relocation error
03:44<thor__>oddly, if the function is inlined (defined in the .h), then no problem
03:44<thor__>but if method declaration is in the .cpp, no go
03:45<thor__>this makeany sense?
03:45<Chutt>what sort of errors?
03:45<Chutt>like, gimme an example
03:46<thor__>it's related to name mangling
03:46<thor__>if, for example ....
03:46<thor__>i define debugPrintHello() in the .h of the mfd.h class
03:47<thor__>the plugins can call that function without error, ....
03:47<thor__>as long as that function block is declared in mfd.h
03:47<thor__>as soon as I delay the declaration to mfd.cpp
03:48<thor__>I get a relocation error at run time
03:48<Chutt>are the plugins c or c++ code
03:48<Chutt>what's the actual relocation error?
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03:49<thor__>hang on (it's a name manglin thing... ) one sec ...
03:49<Chutt>mangling doesn't matter if both things are c++.
03:50<Chutt>as long as they're being compiled with compatible versions of the compiler, at least
03:50<thor__>well, no ... I guess ... but I get things like
03:51<thor__>"relocation error ..... undefined symbol _ZN3MFD13debugSayHelloEV "
03:51<Chutt>can you commit this to cvs and tell me how to reproduce it easily?
03:51<Chutt>easier that way =)
03:52<thor__>let me move a dir, update, commit, I'll leave a couple of commented code blocks at the top of dummy.cpp
03:54<thor__>should be clear from the commit
04:00<Chutt>dum de dum de dum
04:00<thor__>I'm waiting for compile
04:01<thor__>bad form to send an example that doesn't even do baseline
04:07<Chutt>all i have to do is uncomment and start mfd?
04:07<thor__>yeah, well ... recompile
04:07<thor__>and then restart
04:08<thor__>(crap I have slow machines)
04:08<thor__>but how much you uncomment is what is confusing the crap out of me
04:15<thor__>if this looks like a stupid kind of thor didn't do proper #ifdef's somewhere, then please don't waste your time on it
04:16<Chutt>i dunno
04:16<Chutt>i'm confused =)
04:16<Chutt>this should work, from what i see
04:17<thor__>well, that makes me feel much better
04:17<thor__>so .. nothing obviously stupid ....
04:18<thor__>I'm thinking g++ linking would be happier if there was a real shared lib in there somewhere
04:20<thor__>the runtime errors suggest to me that Qt library plugin's have a problem resolving runtime explicit linking ...
04:20<Chutt>why are you linking in mfdplugin.cpp/.h and event.cpp/.h into the dummy plugin?
04:21<thor__>those should both be in a shared library
04:21<thor__>the headers are in mfd
04:22<thor__>but the object files are in the plugins
04:26<thor__>I'm obviously doing something wrong .... the problem is supposed to be linking core runtime code to dynamic plugins .... I can do that, but seem unable to link dynamic plugins back to core runtime code
04:27<thor__>any pointer to MFD* is fine
04:27<thor__>any reference to MFD->method() is a problem where method() is in .cpp
04:29<thor__>which I am only vaguely confident is a name mangling issue
04:33<Chutt>make the bits you want to use in the plugins into a shared lib
04:34<thor__>that's what I was thinking
04:34<thor__>(it's metadata that needs to get passed around)
04:34<Chutt>symbols aren't available
04:35<Chutt>going in this direction
04:35<Chutt>i think you can compile things so that it'd work
04:35<Chutt>but i forget how
04:35<Chutt>and it's late =)
04:35<thor__>never mind
04:35<thor__>shared lib is the right thing in any case
04:35<thor__>sorry to keep you up
04:35<Chutt>no problem
04:37<thor__>hey ...
04:38<thor__>hard to explain my predicament when I'm already writing code well beyond my ignorance
04:38<Chutt>compile mfd manually
04:38<Chutt>add a -Wl,-E to the link line
04:38<Chutt>well, link it manually
04:38<Chutt>then run your test
04:39<thor__>the metadata stuff should be in a shared lib in any case
04:40<thor__>... so much the better ...
04:40<Chutt>yeah, but that's how you tell it to export symbols
04:40<Chutt>i remembered :p
04:40<thor__>ah, -E
04:40<thor__>I dunno
04:41<Chutt>probably better to be in a shared lib, anyway
04:41<thor__>if we need to really flex g++
04:41<thor__>we are doing something wrong
04:41<Chutt>that's normal stuff
04:41<Chutt>just check the man page for ld
04:42<thor__>I did do that at one point
04:42<thor__>... you have to realize ....
04:42<thor__>I'm not actually a programmer ....
04:42<thor__>... just a logical kind of thinker
04:43<Chutt>you do a good impersonation of one, then :p
04:44<thor__>anyway, I won't be imposing *any* of my logic on you until I think the mfd is in a decent enough shape to start eating the GUI
04:44<Chutt>whenever you think it's ready =)
04:44<thor__>it's going to be a good client rewrite
04:45<thor__>but so many benefits
04:45<Chutt>anyway, g'nite =)
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06:05* oc is back (gone 13:01:11)
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06:10<o_cee>haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahah, dammit thor :)
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10:14<hurdel>i'm running mythtv with oss, but can't seem to get sound working properly, i can get "live" sound which is not what I want, but even if i set my input to mute and capture, I'm not getting sound
10:14<hurdel>any suggestions?
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10:23<D-side>do like the docs suggest and use alsa?
10:24<D-side>i've never bothered with OSS on myth.
10:26<hurdel>alsa screws up my machine, i had it insatlled and working fine, then it just stopped on me
10:26<hurdel>tried reinstalling it many times
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11:38<Rule>Hello all. I'm having a bit of trouble compiling mythtv... strange thing is that I'm quite sure it worked with the same source tree... mind if I paste the error output ?
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12:13<sfr>o_cee: around?
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12:26<matt_>which files can i place in ~/.mythtv so that mods don't get overwritten? the docs refer only to mysql.txt, but can i put any of the menu xml files in there?
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13:09<o_cee>sfr: yeah
13:09<sfr>o_cee: are you using the tv_grab_sn listings grabber?
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13:11<sfr>and in the xml files the timezone is 'CET' instead of +0100? but the start/stop times are also off by one (iow, they don't match the CET timezone)
13:12<o_cee>Ed Avis knows about it
13:12<o_cee>the guy at xmltv
13:12<o_cee>i changed CET into UTC
13:12<o_cee>so temporarily it works
13:13<sfr>ok, just writing a summary of all broken grabbers / possible bugs in mythfilldatabase
13:13<o_cee>oh, okay.
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16:16<Captain_Murdoch>kvandivo: if you're around, I just added a popup to allow toggling of the auto-skip during playback. it's a dialogbox and also allows toggling auto-expire, so other things can be added in the future as well.
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16:39<kvandivo>i have that mid level thing in.. only problem so far is that immediately before it pops up the note telling how long the commercial is, i get a blank frame. the audio continues, but i'm getting a blank frame. so, i'm still working on that one before i send a patch
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16:55<CyberKnet>I'm having a problem: xawtv seg faults when I run it. I've tried running it with --noxv-video, and also --device /dev/video0 neither fixed or changed the problem for me... has anyone else had this problem?
16:57<CyberKnet>make those options -noxv and -device /dev/video0
16:57<sfr>no, but who cares as long as mythtv works :) btw xawtv doesn't work with a pvr250/350 afaik
16:58<CyberKnet>I have a bt848
16:58<CyberKnet>I'd just like to see if the tv is working =)
16:58<CyberKnet>actually, any method to see if the tuner et al is working would be fine
16:59<CyberKnet>I suppose you could reframe my question as: Does anyone know a reliable way to tell if bttv is working without using xawtv?
17:03<sfr>maybe the parameters to bttv are wrong (card or tuner or...)
17:07<CyberKnet>I'm trying to figure out how to tell it to use cardid 34 in debian
17:08<CyberKnet>the card id is 0x34
17:08<CyberKnet>which is not actually 34
17:08<CyberKnet>but ...
17:08<sfr>bttv is compiled as a module?
17:09<sfr>a leadtek winfast card?
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17:11<CyberKnet>Askey CPH031
17:13<sfr>card 48, 55 or 59
17:13<sfr>probably 55
17:13<CyberKnet>but I was just looking in bttv-cards.c
17:14<sfr>/usr/src/linux/Documentation/video4linux/bttv/CARDLIST exists (hopefully)
17:14<CyberKnet>maybe I was looking in the wrong place =)
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17:46<o_cee>sfr: Stefan Frank, that's you?
17:46<o_cee>anyway, the wrong time seems to be fixed
17:46<o_cee>for XMLTV
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17:47<sfr>wrong time?
17:47<o_cee>Re: [mythtv-users] Short summary: wrong program times / timezone problems
17:52<sfr>hm, i wonder if xmltv has been around for more than one year?
17:53<sfr>o_cee: i should have searched the archive a bit harder it seems.
17:53<o_cee>i just found out about it, ed avis just replied
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17:55<o_cee>g'nigh all
18:12<Cloak>ack, myhttv segfaulting hardcore
18:16<D-side>it can do that.
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18:44<mattfelsen>is there a way to have ff/rw normally use the sped up motion (u & j keys) and when it gets past 5x then use the current method?
18:44<mattfelsen>would it be hard to code up?
18:44<josephk>when in doubt..try it out
18:47<mattfelsen>i was hoping somebody was already workign on it
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19:37<hadees>i don't suppose anyone who is using an lcd screen is also using gentoo?
19:49* mattfelsen uses neither
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21:51<hadees>so what kind of remotes does everyone here use?
21:56<mattfelsen>the one that came with my avertv studio which sucks
21:57<mattfelsen>but i'm buying an irman and using an rca d770
22:06<mattfelsen>even has a skip button (map that to z) :D
22:11<hadees>it is a universal remote right? are you sure every button will be usable at once?
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22:16<mattfelsen>i already have one from my rca directv receiver
22:16<mattfelsen>and there's a lirc config file for all the buttons (and all the remotes)
22:16<mattfelsen>because it can control 6 devices, lirc has to define a new remote for whether it's set to vcr, tv, dss, etc.
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22:21<overridex>hmmm does mythtv have issues with nptl? or do i need to recompile it against the nptl'd glibc?
22:26<overridex>mythfrontend just segfaults trying to run it on an nptl system
22:26<D-side>i have no problems on a redhat 9 box.
22:26<D-side>so i doubt its related.
22:27<D-side>though to be honest, i'm using axel's rpms.
22:27<overridex>maybe recompiling will help
22:27<overridex>since it was working fine 10 minutes ago, then i recompiled the same glibc version only with nptl support and it no longer runs....
22:30<D-side>god DAMNIT.
22:30<D-side>my f'ing lirc is busted again. yet another missed recording
22:34<D-side>this is not right. afk.
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22:44<D-side>oh well. i'll have to find a way around this.
22:45<overridex>D-side: kick it
22:45<overridex>kick kick
22:45<D-side>its sort of working now.
22:46<D-side>its an lirc issue, nothing to do with myth.
22:50<mattfelsen>why does the increased playback speed only go up to 5x?
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23:14<overridex>D-side: ahhhh the problem was i needed to recompile my nvidia-glx against the new nptl glibc :)
23:15<overridex>that fixed mythtv, quake3 and winex.... so all's well :)
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23:16<D-side>overridex: ah, good for you
23:17<mechou>sigh, manual recording is so fubar'ed. Looks like whoever wrote it just made a gui for it w/o checking functionality. A lot of broken corner cases.
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23:44<hadees>anyone around?
23:47<ChaosExiguum>no, were all irregular polygons
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23:51<hadees>can some one give me a review of native lirc support?
23:52<mechou>uh, that's a rather broad question.
23:57<hadees>i just want to know if it works
23:57<hadees>or if i should install it the old way
23:58<mechou>that all depends on what distro & hw you've got.
23:59<hadees>gentoo and an irman
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