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00:00<mechou>u're on your own :)
00:00* brc007 waves
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00:01<brc007>anybody got any idea what's new in knoppmyth v4?
00:11<brc007>or what time it'll likely be released
00:11<brc007>oh I see...
00:11<brc007>wrong window
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00:13<Chutt>mdz, hey
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00:27<hadees>i am getting this error on the backend when i try to watch live tv
00:27<hadees>Unknown video codec: VIDIOCGCAP:: Inappropriate ioctl for device
00:28<hadees>anyone know what is causing it? nothing like it in the mailing list that i can find
00:29<Chutt>you didn't set up your recording profiles properly.
00:29<Chutt>or you have the card set as the wrong type in setup.
00:29<hadees>i must have missed somthing thanks
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00:48<mdz>Chutt: hi
00:49<mdz>Chutt: that guy's override implementation looked vaguely reasonable
00:59<Chutt>that's what i was going to ask you =)
01:09<hadees>was 4363 the last good version of the nvidia drivers?
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01:09<hadees>and did playback change at all from 0.11 to 0.12 because i had perfect playback in 11 and now livetv is choppy
01:10<hadees>and i turned on all the extra stuff i did before...
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01:16<hadees>nm i figured it out
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12:26<Chutt>tmk, hi
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12:37<thor_>Chutt, given the fact that the mythtv executable seems fairly happy to play "other" video content, what's the complexity involved in teaching it to do other codecs (ie. no mplayer, all native)?
12:39<Chutt>basically just have to modify the other format demuxers in libavformat to do the seeking mods
12:39<Chutt>that i did for mpeg and mpegts
12:40<thor_>would be great to get rid of those hokey system("mplayer blah &") calls ....
12:40<thor_>anyway ... not today
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12:50<tmk>sup chutt
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13:06<Chutt>tmk, thanks for merging everything =)
13:07<tmk>no problem
13:07<tmk>i was getting tired of the email
13:07<tmk>why'd you have to go and make qt3.1 reqired? :9
13:08<tmk>er :(
13:08<warlord>because qt3.1 is over a year old and you should have it installed by now?
13:08* warlord is only guessing
13:09<Chutt>i did email you with the link to the older redhat rpms..
13:11<tmk>yeah, but they don' work
13:11<tmk>need gtk 2.3
13:11<tmk>err glibc
13:11<tmk>which i installed
13:11<tmk>and now rpm doesn't work
13:11<tmk>so i'm going to have to rebuild that box somehow
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13:14<Chutt>worked fine for me
13:17<warlord>$200 is a decent price.
13:18<sfr_>i paid that alone for my pvr350 :(
13:19<warlord>Well, it's only got a 250..
13:19<thor_>yeah, those things are expensive
13:19<warlord>(but yea, I just paid $180 for my 350 -- on order)
13:19<tmk>it's worth it
13:19<tmk>tv-out is great :)
13:20<warlord>tmk: Yea, I'm looking forward to that.. I was able to convince my wife on the basis that "the output quality will be significantly better". Please dont make me a liar. ;)
13:20<tmk>i didn't make you lie
13:21<warlord>Did I lie?
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13:22<tmk>i don't know what your current output looks like
13:23<warlord>a little jerky at times..
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13:24<warlord>I can certainly tell when I'm running myth vs. output from my (digital) cable box.
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13:37<Chutt>tmk, so, that patch by david engel
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13:41<tmk>which is that
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13:41<Chutt>that fixes the ioctls
13:42<Chutt>to not use sizeof()
13:42<Chutt>since it's doing sizeof(sizeof())
13:42<Chutt>currently =)
13:42<tmk>we'll have to co-ordinate that won't we
13:42<Chutt>well, once you patch the driver
13:42<tmk>i'll let you know when i get it going
13:43<tmk>i have to get my myth box working again first
13:43<Chutt>and make a new snapshot, i'll just email out that mythtv requires that snapshot or newer
13:43<Chutt>ok =)
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14:18<o_cee>does it matter if i save the png's interlaced or non interlaced? for the theme?
14:50<warlord>thor_: so, when do you think the mfd will be usable enough to play music from my wife's iTunes playlist?
15:04<thor_>some time between 6 pm and heat death of the universe
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15:21<thor_>it's coming ....
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15:46<thor_>finally. something to commit
15:48<sfr_>omg, the end is near.
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15:59<ByteNik>Does anyone here use a PVR-250 and a HD-2000 card?
16:00<brc007>anyone know when knoppmyth'll be ready for download?
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16:40<hadees>how do you set up the lcd screen in myth?
16:41<hadees>i installed mythtv with lcd support enabled but nothing is happening, do i need to do somthing else?
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17:50<warlord>thor_: congrats on the "play MythMusic content via iTunes"..
17:50<warlord>thor_: does the inverse work?
17:50<thor_>not quite yet
17:50* warlord is routing for you!
17:50<warlord>(or is that rooting?)
17:51<thor_>wrooting ?
17:55<kvandivo>or, you could go with the urbandictionary definition. i'll leave it to interested readers to discover what that is
17:55<hadees>does anyone know how to use mythlcd? i did the gentoo ebuild with lcd support compiled in but i have no clue what to do now
17:56<kvandivo>hadees, i don't know the answer to your question, but i'm curious.. how many times have you asked that question in this channel over the past 24 hours?
17:56<hadees>3 times
17:58<brc007>argh...when are those knoppmyth mirrors gonna be up!
17:58<kvandivo>the duration of the downtime is directly proportional to the level of desire with which you want it to be up. :)
18:03<brc007>yeah I know
18:03<brc007>sort of like watching water boil
18:04<kvandivo>or waiting for old faithful to go off..
18:04<brc007>sounds like some of the mirrors have v4 but it hasn't offically been announced
18:05<brc007>guess I'll hunt around...can't remember which mirrors were used before
18:05<kvandivo>a google search on knoppmyth mirror returns a few likely hits
18:06<kvandivo>haven't actually been to any of them, so i can't speak to their validity
18:06<brc007>yeah I understand
18:08<brc007>no dice
18:08<brc007>empty v4 dir
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18:15<rkulagow>mdz: is it accurate for me to update the Debian section of the HOWTO and say that 0.12 debs will be out in December some time?
18:17<mdz>rkulagow: yes
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18:17<mdz>someone volunteered to do them until I got the chance, but after I said "go ahead", I haven't heard from them since
18:20<kvandivo>maybe it's just taking them a while to figure out what to do ;)
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18:43<rkulagow>mdz: thanks.
18:44<mdz>the myth box will of course be one of the first items to be unpacked
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19:46<CyberKnet>should I run Debian unstable or testing?
19:47<CyberKnet>I had been thinking unstabke, but recent experiences with libc6 have left me in doubt =)
19:48<sfr_>rather unstable or stable, i'd say.
19:48<CyberKnet>Those are rather two extremes, aren't they?
19:49<sfr_>testing doesn't have frequent updates for security fixes.
19:50<sfr_>with unstable, choosing the right point in time to update can be an art sometimes.
19:51<CyberKnet>I think last weekend was some bad art.
19:51<CyberKnet>I am finding too many packages are not liking being installed on a 2.2 kernel =)
19:51<CyberKnet>xawtv is complaining about bttv being "ancient"
19:52<CyberKnet>tried to install bttv from source but ... well it probably just takes someone more talented than I =)
19:52<sfr_>one can use a 2.4 kernel on stable i believe. but yes, stable is a bit old.
19:52<CyberKnet>of course, people more talented than I are not very hard to find!
19:52<CyberKnet>upgrading between minor versions of kernels has always been a sore point for me.
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19:53<CyberKnet>boy there are a lot of updates from stable to testing.
19:54<CyberKnet>erm... from stable to unstable
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19:54<CyberKnet>wb thor
19:55<CyberKnet>I always loved dexter's lab =)
19:55<CyberKnet>"Oooooohhh... what does diiiiis button doo?"
20:00<CyberKnet>2.3.2.ds1-9 still breaks ldconfig
20:00<CyberKnet>any ideas how I install an earlier version?
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20:18<CyberKnet>evening D-side
20:18<D-side>just dumped in the .12 rpms. everything seems to be working fine.
20:20<CyberKnet>D-side: do you know where I can download either the latest libc6 source code, or download an older sid version of libc6 than what is in the debian repository right now?
20:20<D-side>oh jesus.
20:20<CyberKnet>I dist-upgraded from woody to sid, and libc6 broke ldconfig
20:20<D-side>you do NOT want to compile that.
20:20<CyberKnet>thanks =)
20:21<D-side>jeez. i dont have an answer for you.
20:21<CyberKnet>should I change my sources.list from unstable to testing, and try to dist-upgrade to that?
20:21<CyberKnet>there's nothing important on this system =)
20:21<D-side>that'll break the hell out of the box more than it already is.
20:21<CyberKnet>nice =)
20:22<CyberKnet>I don't think anything installed before libc6 tried.
20:22<CyberKnet>but ... I can't be sure.
20:22<D-side>this is why i dont bother with sid. to me its too much headache.
20:23<D-side>so what exactly happened? libc6 went in normally and then what
20:23<CyberKnet>it restarted inetd, exim, cron
20:23<CyberKnet>did something with tzoneinfo
20:23<D-side>and then what, absolutely everything went to hell?
20:24<CyberKnet>kind of. It went to install another package, and part of that packages post-install was something with ldconfig
20:24<D-side>ugh. sorry.
20:24<D-side>i have no answer for you.
20:24<CyberKnet>no worries.
20:25<CyberKnet>I may blow the system away and try again.
20:29<D-side>i think i'll go pass out. i'm sick as a dog. good luck.
20:29<CyberKnet>later man
20:31<D-side>oh joy. upgraded to .12 and now i get snapping and popping on the audio. worked fine in .11 and no driver changes... odd. investigating.
20:33<CyberKnet>Heh. I'll trade joys with you.
20:33<CyberKnet>you can have my joy, I'll take yours.
20:37<D-side>this is f'ed up.
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20:52<CyberKnet>argh. These people in #debian ...
20:53<CyberKnet>it's enough to drive a person back to redhat
20:54<hadees>try gentoo
20:54<hadees>everything is in nice ebuilds
20:54<CyberKnet>you'd think it was a sin to not know about apt =(
20:54<hadees>and the forum is very helpfull, there are a ton of threads on mythtv also
20:55<CyberKnet>I know a lot of people here like debian, and I'm not trying to say debian is not good... some other people just make it very hard for a person to switch
20:55<CyberKnet>I had not realized that mythtv was that popular on gentoo.
20:56<CyberKnet>I think I'll go to redhat though, and AT rpms
20:56<hadees>ebuilds for mythtv are just as easy as redhat apt-get rpms
20:56<CyberKnet>apt-get was a very sweet temptation... but not sweet enough to justify the bitterness that I have had directed at me. I'm not saying everyone should support me, just I don't understand the animosity at asking simple questions.
20:57<hadees>CyberKnet apt-get is what you use on redhat also that is what AT rpms use
20:57<CyberKnet>I might download some gentoo isos
20:57<hadees>it just uses the version ported to redhat
20:58<hadees>well CyberKnet gentoo is great but it takes some work to get good with it since you are building the system from the ground up
20:58<CyberKnet>hadees: I really don't have a problem with apt. Just with the people who got bitter at me for asking how to roll back a libc update
20:58* CyberKnet doesn't mind learning. Just not being able to find the things needed to learn.
21:00<hadees>if you need any help with the myth stuff in gentoo feel free to ask me, i am still figuring the stuff out but i should know how to do it all in a couple days
21:01<CyberKnet>thanks =)
21:04<brc007>anyone know if knoppmyth v4 will be released to the mirrors today?
21:06<warlord>asking again isn't going to get you an answer any faster....
21:15<D-side>gentoo and mythtv has pissed me off royally, so i'm back to rh.
21:48<term>I'd be happy if I could a) build the debs from cvs or b) they were out.
21:48<term>unless they were released today
21:48<term>sinec I haven't checked yet.
21:48<term>er since
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22:20<hadees>anyone ever have any trouble getting your monitor to come back online after you quit an instance of xwindows on the tv, with an nvidia driver
22:20<hadees>its kind of wierd, not really that big of a problem but still wierd
22:20<hadees>the screen goes grey and snowy
22:20<hadees>on the tv that is
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