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02:34<hadees>YES!!!! I finaly have mythtv working, thank god, my remote even works *sniff* i am so happy
02:34<hadees>thanks to everyone i ever annoyed with my questions
02:37<DogBoy>how long did that take
02:47<hadees>DogBoy: well since i started really working again 3 days but i tried a couple times before an never go lirc working
02:48<DogBoy>I did it a couple days ago in about an hour
02:48<DogBoy>still got to get the remote working though
02:49<hadees>it took a while to get my remote working, i did the same thing 3 times
02:49<hadees>now i need to get the remote to work with ogle
02:50<hadees>DogBoy: you have any luck with that?
02:52<Doukegata>I'm trying to install mythtv on gentoo with a pvr-350 using the tvout (to a tv) and I'm not sure of a few things...
02:52<Doukegata>do I need to compile any bttv modules, or will the ivtv modules take care of everything?
02:53<hadees>do you really need tvout from the pvr-350? i heard it works pretty good but the backend crashes some times which i would say doesn't make for a stable system
02:53<hadees>Doukegata: you need to have the modules in your kernel
02:54<DogBoy>why use ogle
02:54<hadees>DogBoy: it has dvd menus
02:54<DogBoy>can't remember the last time I looked at a dvd
02:54<hadees>i haven't even tried to setup mythvideo
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02:55<hadees>my file server is a fresh install of gentoo and it doesn't like my motherboard's extra two IDE spots which makes it hard to run a big file server when you can't get the files
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02:59<Doukegata>ah... I think I see. I thought myth would use /dev/v4l/video16 to ouput video and change the alpha settings of the framebuffer
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08:38<o_cee>my sucky cable has like different audio volumes on some channels.. for example MTV is veeery quiet.. would be neat with a setting for the sound on a channel basis, just like contrast/color/brighthness and so on.. emailed my cable provider about it as well though, will see what they say about it
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10:00<DogBoy>o_cee, all you would need for that would be a normalize option
10:02<DogBoy>I wonder how that would work though since usually you normalize a file rather than a stream
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11:26<mikegrb> 2044
11:27<mikegrb>heh smtp connects from
11:27<mikegrb>over four days
11:27<mikegrb>make that 7 days
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11:36<Snow-Man>mikegrb: What you want from me?
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12:08<mikegrb>Snow-Man: nothing
12:08<mikegrb>well, except for email ;)
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14:36<o_cee>argh, my mysql is fucked up
14:36<o_cee>thinks i already has another mysql running.. when i don't
14:42<kvandivo>we're rooting for you, o_cee.
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14:54<warlord>(it's the only way to be sure!)
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15:08<o_cee>something strange has happened.. re-emerging mysql
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15:37<hadees>who here uses a grey haupauge remote with mythtv?
15:38<o_cee>that fixed it.. guess it was apache2 chaning all its things that fucked things up
15:38<poptix>hadees: i do
15:38<o_cee>hadees: not me. got one lying here but never tried it
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15:47<warlord>hadees: I do, too
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16:30<hadees>what remotes does everyone use with myth?
16:41* warlord already answered your question.
16:44<farce>b&k sr-10.1
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16:54<mikegrb>hello Chiphead
16:54<Chiphead>Hi Mikegrb
16:55* mikegrb notes that Chiphead is working on framebuffer output for mythtv
16:55<Chiphead>this channel doesnt seem as lively as xbox-linux
16:55<mikegrb>no it isn't
16:55<D-side>mostly lurkers like myself.
16:55* Chiphead nods
16:55<D-side>oh wait, i'm lurking.
16:56<mikegrb>but if you address someone specfic you certainly get help
16:56<D-side>if its a known issue anyway. :)
16:56<mikegrb>lots of good knowledge gets exchanged in here ;)
16:56<D-side>apparently .12 hates my nforce board.
16:56<mikegrb>well D-sidehe isn't needing to fix an existing problem... just create new ones ;)
16:56<D-side>i give up.
16:57<warlord>D-side: it works fine with my nForce2
16:58<D-side>warlord: i wasnt suggesting its a problem with nforce boards.
16:58<D-side>its a problem with MY nforce board.
16:58<D-side>i'm sure it just hates me and thats why.
16:58<warlord>It _could_ be a bad mobo.
16:59<D-side>in both axel's RPMs for RH9, and the current ebuild for gentoo, static starts when channels change.
16:59<D-side>i'd look into it if it werent for the fact that .11 worked just fine.
16:59* warlord isn't using the RPMs
16:59<Chutt>yup, it just hates you
16:59<D-side>i should take that back. my gentoo problem is far worse.
16:59<D-side>Chutt: thats my excuse and i'm sticking to it.
17:00<Chutt>i don't recall that code changing at all from 0.11 -> 0.12
17:00<D-side>of course, i'm ass enough to go buy a new board.
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17:05<hadees>can i switch to live tv while my computer is ripping a cd?
17:05<Chutt>you can't yet.
17:05<josephk>I'm moving to debian because Chutt is my hero
17:05<thor_>hmmm "yet"
17:05<D-side>hm. i'd assume you'd have to have a decently fast cpu for ripping and watching live tv simultaneously.
17:06<Chutt>you would, yes
17:06<hadees>anyone got a good button configuration for a grey hauppauge remote?
17:06<D-side>eh what the hell. i'll go build a brand new backend and just use the nforce crap for the frontend.
17:06<josephk>I hope someday to be half as sarcastic as he is
17:07<Chutt>josephk, it takes a lot of work
17:07<D-side>i'm sure most people deserve it.
17:07<Chutt>thor, whenever you finish that =)
17:07<josephk>D-side deserves more
17:07<josephk>sarcasm that is
17:08<hadees>D-side what is your gentoo problem?
17:08<Chutt>he said he was sure that it just hates him, i was just confirming that =)
17:08<warlord>hadees: i'm sure lots of people do
17:08<josephk>that gentoo is not debian
17:09<hadees>I like gentoo, i actully got everything working finaly execpt for a few minor things
17:09<D-side>josephk: so what, sid is the answer to my gentoo problem?
17:09<josephk>I think I'll try gentoo sometime
17:09<josephk>when I have 6 months free
17:10<D-side>hadees: my gentoo problem is as follows: left audio only when watching live tv, and horrible garbling when changing channels.
17:10<josephk>bah...chutt is better at this
17:10<hadees>is that caused by gentoo? have you tried it and it worked on like redhat?
17:11<D-side>hadees: it works on the same hardware with a RH install.
17:11<D-side>but then, i get the same static on channel changes in RH w/ .12
17:11<hadees>whats your sound card?
17:11<D-side>nforce's intel 810.
17:12<D-side>or at least thats the driver used.
17:12<hadees>and are you using alsa or oss?
17:12<D-side>alsa in both.
17:12<hadees>i have the same chipset and i don't have that problem
17:12<hadees>do you have an nforce motherboard?
17:13<D-side>original nforce, yes.
17:13<hadees>thats really weird, sounds like a hardware problem to me but it could be a driver problem i guess
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17:26<Chiphead>I am investigating running mythfrontend on directfb. I am assuming I will only need to compile myth with QT/Embed and write a videoout_directfb module. Any thoughts on this?
17:27<Chutt>that's all you should have to do, yes
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17:28<Chiphead>anyone know of a tutorial for proting XV to directFB?
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17:30<mikegrb>Chutt: I might have an idea for my next contribution
17:30<mikegrb>t9 input to complement the existing number pad entry
17:30<Chutt>heh, ok
17:30<mikegrb>there is a sf project
17:31<mikegrb>It could be interesting if it would add stuff to the dictionary based on context
17:31<mikegrb>eg in mythmnusic editing album title it would add all ablums in dbase to its dictionary
17:31<mikegrb>I'll have to do some measuring of speed and what not but that could be spiffy
17:31<Chiphead>mikegrb: what happened to the blink when there is a conflict that needs resolving :P
17:33<mikegrb>that was more involved... if you ask for conflicts it returns the whole list
17:33<Chiphead>ahhh not just unresolved?
17:33<thor_>Chutt said, "thor, whenever you finish that =)"
17:33<mikegrb>though it wouldn't be to hard to do I could have had something with 5-10 min of code if there was already a method to just find out if there were conflict
17:33<Chutt>well, more when the daemon stuff is finished
17:34* Chiphead nods
17:34<thor_>heh, playlists
17:39<hadees>anyone else have a problem with your computer clock keep getting slow and not being the correct time?
17:41<mikegrb>hadees: ntp is good for taking care of that
17:41<mikegrb>it will gently slide your computer to accurate
17:41<mikegrb>it will also try to learn how much it drifts so it doesn't need to query servers as often
17:42<hadees>i was thinking of that but i swear i lost ten minutes in an couple hours
17:42<mikegrb>pc clocks are crap
17:42<mikegrb>espeacially recent years
17:42<mikegrb>my clock at work gets off abt 4-5minutes a day
17:43<hadees>thanks thor_: i actully go to udel, i forgot we had time servers mabey can query them ever hour then, hell i help pay for them or atleast my parents do
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18:14<D-side>Hm. I'm probably an idiot.
18:15<sfr>probably ;)
18:16* Chiphead doesn't comment
18:16<D-side>eh all my bitching and whining and complaining about mythtv on gentoo, all the audio problems..
18:16<D-side>probably having matching versions of all the alsa crap would be a good thing.
18:16<D-side>here a 0.9.2, there a 0.9.8
18:18<hadees>anyone here use ogle for thier dvd player? and if so how do you control it with your remote?
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18:25<duende>Is it possible to have multiple profiles for the channel guide? For example, I want the program guide for my local cable company, as well as a local sattelite provider, is it possible?
18:25<warlord>(well, not in a USEFUL manner)
18:26<duende>can you use the channel guide seperatly from mythtv? Like, to control another tv app?
18:27<sfr>yes, but needs the backend running. No afaik.
18:27<duende>is that what mythepg is?
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18:48<thor_>Am I the only one getting posts from "Graeme Woollett <>" every half hour on -user ?
18:48* warlord isn't on -user
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18:49<D-side>confirmation. I am indeed an idiot.
18:49<D-side>thor_: i'm seeing his mail but i havent timed it.. hold on
18:50<D-side>thor_: not every half hour, no way.
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19:51<D-side>thats about right.
19:51<thor_>are the lists always this bad ?
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19:51<D-side>i'd have to say that depends on what you mean
19:52<thor_>I mean, double posting ... and double posting using quote references .... and someone else posting the same message 3 times ...
19:52<D-side>sometimes, yeah.
19:52<thor_>(that and my code ain't workin)
19:53<Chutt>i've not been posting much on the lists
19:53<Chutt>it's rather nice
19:56<thor_>yeah ... problem is I needed iTunes running fulltime (so laptop running Windows, no kmail), so I set up email on the box I do work on .... bad idea
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20:09<hadees>If i wanted to add support for an input device in mythtv is the only way for me to do it is to go through qt?
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20:24<Chutt>graeme wollett is getting removed from the list
20:26<hadees>Chutt: does mythtv have an event loop?
20:26<Chutt>it has several.
20:26<hadees>i mean for user input
20:27<hadees>like watching for a key being pressed on a key board etc
20:27<Chutt>that's all taken care of by qt, of course
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20:47<D-side>yet another mail from our buddy graeme. :)
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21:33<thor_>Couple more postings and Graeme's going to have gone from mono to 5.1
21:34<hadees>thor_: do you use an lcd with mythtv?
21:35<thor_>hadees, yes
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21:36<hadees>thor_: do i need to run lcdproc to get mythtv to work with it or just LCDd?
21:36<thor_>just LCDd (which is part of the lcdproc package)
21:37<hadees>so if LCDd is running then i start up mythtv it should connect right?
21:37<thor_>mythfrontend, provided you commented out the right line in the config file
21:38<hadees>to enable support in mythtv? i used the gentoo ebuild with the USE flag lcd so it should work
21:38<hadees>thor_: thanks for the help
21:50<D-side>any pics of that in use?
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21:58<thor_>Chutt, cvs is working fine, but browse interface seems to have gone away (apache down?_
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22:12<hadees>hmm i have LCDd running and i enabled lcd in the ebuild and yet i am not getting any mythtv stuff on my lcd screen...
22:16<hadees>hey i just found a bug or somthing in the middle of my recording it jumped to channel 3 and started recording that and the sound was all f***ed up
22:21<Chutt>thor, fixed
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22:29<thor_>Chutt, thanks
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23:18<hadees>i am using the grey hauppauge remote and i can't seem to get pause to work, it keeps flashing on and off the screen, i have tried repeat = everything from nothing to 5 and i can't get it to stick
23:18<hadees>any ideas?
23:18<kvandivo>search the archives. you need to get a new usb-xboxir.*
23:19<kvandivo>err.. nevermind.. you aren't on an xbox.
23:19* kvandivo smacks himself upside the head. Hard.
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23:36<overridex>anyone here built this ir blaster?
23:52-!-Chutt [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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23:58<hadees>i wonder if who ever mad the ebuilds setup the stuff for lcd support correctly
23:58<hadees>anyone here use gentoo and a lcd?
23:59<overridex>hadees: i use gentoo on my laptop if that helps
23:59<hadees>hehe all i need you do is install an lcd, mythtv, and a pvr 250 and thats my system
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