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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-11-07

---Logopened Fri Nov 07 00:00:25 2003
00:00<thor_>I'm just trying to follow the chain ... don't really know anything about this code +)
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00:02<Chutt>maybe it's overwriting data
00:04<Chutt>where are you looking now?
00:05<thor_>I'm still trying to figure out where the filters come from
00:05<Chutt>other directory
00:13<thor_>if I rip out the filter directory (so there are no filters to load)
00:13<thor_>the OSD works
00:13<thor_>... that may be obvious
00:14<Octane>can someone please explain to me how the connections work if you have a digital cable box... box to tuner.... svideo out to tv.... soundcard to speakers?
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00:17<Octane>i just wanna make sure im doing everything righ
00:19<Chutt>thor, can you maybe see what filters are getting called?
00:19<thor_>trying to do that now
00:20<Chutt>know what to do?
00:20<Octane>was my question hard?
00:21<Chutt>octane, no, no one cares to answer
00:21<thor_>Chutt, not exactly
00:21<Chutt>this isn't a tech support channel.
00:21<Octane>why you gotta be like that? im just asking a simple question
00:21<Octane>because im wondering if i need to do something with line in
00:21<Chutt>because this isn't a tech support channel, and you're being annoying?
00:22<Octane>youre stuck up
00:22<Chutt>i'll be happy to refund you every cent you've paid for tech support
00:22<Octane>swallow your pride dude
00:22<Chutt>oh wait
00:23<Chutt>thor, well, i don't see the filter name stored anywhere =)
00:23<Octane>with all the bitching you spit you could have answered my question instead of being so proud
00:24<Chutt>so, i dunno, maybe just see how many filters its calling in FilterChain::ProcessFrame
00:24<Chutt>or maybe hook into LoadFilters and get a list of everything it loads there
00:25<thor_>I'm gonna add name in the loading, then have them print as they process ... I hope
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00:26<Chutt>your capture res is 480x480, right?
00:27<Chutt>oh, wait
00:27<Chutt>you can just print out VF->info->name
00:27<Chutt>i think
00:27<Chutt>in ProcessFrame
00:28<thor_>ok, I'll try that
00:35<thor_>suppose "make install" would help
00:35<Chutt>generally =)
00:35<warlord>you mean you can't run it out of the build tree?
00:36<Chutt>not if it's looking for stuff in installed locations
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00:36<thor_>seems like just linearblend
00:36<Chutt>the filters don't fall back to looking under the current directory
00:36<Chutt>thor, ok, can you add some debugging statements to filter_linearblend.c?
00:36<Chutt>see where it changes?
00:37<thor_>1 sec
00:37<thor_>OSD seems to now be working
00:37<thor_>(hang on...)
00:38* kvandivo waits with baited breath.
00:38<thor_>WTF ?
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00:39<Chutt>any way it could have been an old filter lib somewhere?
00:39<manu>hi all
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00:40<manu>Does anyone experience lock up (hard reset only) during recording?
00:40<kvandivo>if it is truly a hard lock, myth isn't doing it
00:41<thor_>I am now really confused
00:42<josephk_>welcome to my world
00:42<warlord>and what a fun world it is...
00:42<manu>The thing is that happened several times, every time when I programmed a recording. I chased in the logs but nothing there.
00:42<Chutt>you have hardware/driver issues.
00:44<thor_>but ... but ...
00:44<Chutt>thor, does it still happen on the other machine? =)
00:45<thor_>and liblinerblend is exactly the same size
00:45<manu>Hmm that's what I thought, but I can look for hours at LiveTV, I can work also for really long time. But you are telling me that (at that time one mythbackend was running, I exited mythfrontend already) cannot lock up the box?
00:45<Chutt>thor, dunno at all
00:45<josephk_>lock up the process maybe...shouldn't take down the box
00:46<thor_>I believe I am going to do a make distclean ...
00:46<warlord>manu: myth by itself cannot lock up the machine. it may lock the frontend, but you should still be able to ping the box, ssh in, and kill the frontend process.
00:47<manu>OK OK I give up ;-) But it makes me crazy : each I programmed my box it locked up (perhaps there is something about dpms going mad, I don't know. Thanks anyway
00:47<warlord>define "locked up"?
00:47<warlord>does it not ping?
00:47<warlord>Can you not ssh in?
00:48<warlord>(failing to respond to the remote control is not "locking up")
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00:48<Chutt>that's lirc dying =)
00:48<manu>I did not try, I will next time. I think I will set up a test recording, run the backend under gdb and see what happens.
00:49<warlord>Chutt: not necessarily -- it could be the frontend hanging...
00:49<Chutt>yeah, but lirc dies
00:49<manu>But the lock up was : the screen stayed off even when moving mouse, pressing any keyboard...
00:49<warlord>ok. I've never noticed it dying..
00:51<warlord>anyways, time for me to head out. good night, all.
00:51<warlord>Chutt: thanks for all your hard work on myth!
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00:52<thor_>I suspect the filters don't have deps on filtermanager
00:52<Chutt>probably not
00:52<Chutt>did make distclean fix it?
00:53<Chutt>but, they were all built at the same time...
00:53<thor_>I am rebuilding
00:53<Chutt>or should've been, all of them got modified at the same time the filter stuff went in
00:55<thor_>oddly, trying to get back to a state where OSD does *not* work
00:55<manu>Thanks guys, I'll be back ;-) with a stacktrace I hope.
00:56<josephk_>mythbackend increases the load on my machine to machine locks up as it it myth's fault?...hehe
00:56<manu>Hmm before I leave : no overheat with my box ;-)
00:57<josephk_>what distro?
00:59<manu>MDK 9.2, I have no problem with it except that. Actually I already tried to watch at LiveTV and makeing a compilation at the same time (reniced), and it was OK. Moreover the Ram is not a noname (so I hope there is no problem there).
00:59<Chutt>mythbrowser has a serious memleak =)
01:00<manu>Just to be sure : it can still lock up the box in the sense that I can only manage to do something via network?
01:01<manu>Oh and as a last question : sometimes the LiveTV stops with message on the console like "waiting for ..." which seems like the frontend waits in vain for the backend.
01:02<manu>It only happened "sometimes" meaning not often, and completely unpredictable
01:02<josephk_>that would be my problem:)
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01:02<josephk_>I guess I should move to 9.2
01:04<josephk_>you should be able to do anything independent of whichever process is borked...if you have a second term open you should be able to use it
01:06<manu>I was not. Even tried to switch VT but it did not work. This is weird, I really want to see if it is hardware related. Actually I will try it from the text console (that is only mythbackend will be running, no X, because it could be that dpms is going mad or whatever after a certain time)
01:07<josephk_>xset s off
01:07<manu>The weirdest thing is : in each case I set up the recording and leave the box alone :( for a long time, and then each time it began to record and stopped between half an hour to an hour after the begging of the record.
01:08<manu>josephk_, yes actually the screen was off already (xset dpms force off ;-)
01:11<manu>I guess we can only make some wild guesses for now, I will come back with something more solid (that stack trace...)
01:11<manu>But thanks anyway, I just wanted to see if this was something already known before going to gdb/whatever thing.
01:12<Chutt>ah, no, it's not mythbrowser with the leak, same thing happens in konq
01:13<manu>Bye all
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01:14<thor_>konq has a leak ...
01:14<Chutt>cvs konq =)
01:14<josephk_>he'll be back
01:19<kvandivo>i believe i had mythbackend running when the california fires started. I'll bet that's to blame for them.
01:19<Chutt>i agree
01:20<thor_>not to mention all those friggin sunspots (talk about your instantaneous attraction at a distance)
01:22<Chutt>thor, so, no luck reproducing it?
01:23<josephk_>when I bought the parts for my computer I dropped them....I blame the myth website for displaying screenshots
01:25<josephk_>you and your snazzy screenshots chutt
01:25<josephk_>can't you ugly it up a bit?
01:25<josephk_>maybe throw in some footage of kvan
01:25<thor_>rebuilt from a make ditclean
01:26<thor_>and the OSD works
01:26<thor_>which is truly odd
01:26<Chutt>allright, then
01:27<thor_>but the other box still don't do OSD
01:27<josephk_>"<-insert glib response here->"
01:27<Chutt>even after a distclean?
01:27<kvandivo>what version of glib, jo?
01:27<thor_>distclean != fresh checkout (?)
01:27<Chutt>naw, same diff
01:28<Chutt>except for the very top level makefile sticks around after a distclean
01:28<Teflon-->damn, my wife needs to learn to delete recordings.
01:28<Teflon-->200gb full!
01:28<Teflon-->and i'm out of blank dvds
01:28<thor_>well, as I need to go to sleep, I will do a checkout on this box and build from there
01:29<kvandivo>hmm.. "teflon--".. is that like wax on metal or something?
01:29<thor_>if the OSD is working in the morning
01:29<thor_>I will suggest that Wittgenstein was indeed correct
01:29<Teflon-->lol kvandivo
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01:29<thor_>even analytical propositions are the product of social context
01:30<thor_>(whish me luck)
01:30<Teflon->good luck.
01:30<kvandivo>may you achieve whirled peas.
01:33<Chutt>i _hope_ it turns out to be a dependency thing
01:33<Chutt>because i can't find anything even remotely wrong that could cause this
01:35<Teflon->i really need to look into why i get jitter during playback of the MPEG-2 DVD streams but not when they're played on a PC or Mac or burnt DVD on a dvd player.
01:35<thor_>I dunno
01:35<thor_>it's clearly still not working on the other box
01:35<thor_>which was a fresh checkout earlier today
01:36<Chutt>time to throw valgrind at it, i'd say :(
01:37<thor_>ok, fresh co is building, I go beddy bye
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01:38<hadees>is myth caller id in cvs?
01:38<Chutt>i've not had enough time to go through that all yet
01:38<hadees>did the guy post the patch to the mailing list?
01:39<Teflon->hey do any of you guys(gals) use a different system for playback than you use for the backend?
01:40<josephk_>used to
01:40<josephk_>but then chutt told me I was doing it wrong so I can help no one
01:40<Chutt>you were =)
01:41<Chutt>teflon, yes, i do at times
01:41<Teflon->i've got an athlon 1800+ running a pvr-250 in dvd recording mode, 4.4mbps-5.1mbps recording rate.
01:41<josephk_>well I blame a lack of clear documentation...hahaha
01:41<Teflon->using msi geforce4 MX440 and nvidia drivers, etc.
01:42<Teflon->i get high load and lots of jitter during playback no matter what options i select.
01:42<Teflon->various cvs versions
01:42<Chutt>it bitches about lack of xv on the console?
01:42<Teflon->the jitter isn't annoying except in Scifi shows
01:42<josephk_>what resolution?
01:43<Teflon->24 bit
01:43<josephk_>I mean the recording
01:43<Teflon->hmmm dvd standard.. checking.
01:44<Teflon->framespergop 15 gop_closure 1 stream_type 10
01:44<Chutt>does it bitch about not being able to use xv
01:44<Teflon->no dnr
01:44<Teflon->dont think so. checking.
01:44<Chutt>load should be pretty negligible
01:44<Teflon->(II) Loading extension XVideo
01:44<Teflon->(II) Loading extension XVideo-MotionCompensation
01:45<Chutt>that doesn't really matter =)
01:45<Chutt>it's if mythtv can use it or not
01:45<Teflon->Chutt, my load is usually about 1 when backend is recording, 3 when playing and recording, but CPU use is about 75% playback 0% recording.
01:45<Teflon->yes, dma is on.
01:45<Teflon->so check the mythfrontend output?
01:46<o_cee>oooohkay, back the qtlook.txt..
01:46<o_cee>Chutt: is there a way do change the path of the mythweather images with an xml just like for mythmusic?
01:47<Chutt>where do the mythweather images get installed to?
01:47<o_cee>they're in default
01:47<Chutt>you can override them by placing a same-named image in your theme, then
01:48<o_cee>yeah, but i'd like to structurize it a little and put them in /weather or something.. possible with music images, because all those are defined in music-ui.xml
01:48<Chutt>don't think you can with the weather stuff
01:48<Teflon->sec, fixing my myth startup to log the output
01:49<Teflon->2003-11-07 01:49:26 Using XV port 105
01:49<o_cee>btw, does processing.png actually work? i've never seen it in action
01:49<Chutt>don't think so
01:50<Chutt>teflon, ok, so, not that, then
01:50<o_cee>heh, okay. it's supposed to show when transcoding?
01:50<Chutt>i dunno
01:50<Chutt>don't know what it's used for
01:50<josephk_>try 544x480 teflon
01:50<o_cee>i'll do some grepping like you tought me ;)
01:50<josephk_>see if there is a change in cpu required
01:51<Chutt>70% extremely high
01:51<Chutt>should be 5% or so at most
01:51<Chutt>with deinterlacing turned on
01:51<josephk_>never quite had 5% with deinterlacing off
01:51<Chutt>well, maybe 10-15, depending
01:51<Teflon->josephk_, can't reliably playback 544x480 on dvd players so thats not acceptable to me. i'd rather put in a dedicated playback box.
01:52<josephk_>I just mean for testing
01:52<Teflon->okay, sec.
01:52<Chutt>nvidia card should be using the 4363 driver, with deinterlace playback, jitter reduction, experimental a/v sync, and extra audio buffering turned on
01:52<Teflon->i'm checking the LVM set to ensure it has indeed got DMA on
01:52<Chutt>just as a general rule
01:53<josephk_>4363 is da bomb
01:53<Teflon->XFree 4.3.0 Nvidia 4363
01:53<Teflon->deint, jitter, exp sync and audio buffering on
01:53<Teflon->tried all diff combos of those :)
01:53<josephk_>noatime on your recording drive?
01:53<Chutt>you should have perfectly smooth playback, then
01:53<Chutt>ah well, back in a sec
01:53<Teflon->josephk_, checking
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01:54<josephk_>IVTV: timing out waiting for firmware
01:54<Teflon->fuck, dma got turned off on one of the two drives making up the LVM ...
01:54<josephk_>that sound bad?:D
01:56<josephk_>well I'm going to bed...I have to go to work this time
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01:57* josephk_ is away: I'm actually away...I don't believe me either
01:57<Teflon->well that is much better.
01:57<Teflon->Chutt, DMA got turned off due to a read error
01:57<Teflon->i hate linux!
01:58<Teflon->Nov 5 22:02:56 slinky kernel: hdd: dma_intr: error=0x84 { DriveStatusError BadCRC }
01:58<Teflon->Nov 5 22:02:56 slinky kernel: hdc: DMA disabled
01:58<Teflon->tell me why it turned off DMA on hdc when hdd had the error?
01:58* josephk_ says he knows linux and linux always said Teflon was a jerk so he turned off his DMA
01:59<Teflon->I much prefer FreeBSD over Linux, but alas, FreeBSD is much more of a server os than a desktop OS so it doesn't do multimedia.
01:59<Teflon->At least debian makes life somewhat OK.
01:59<josephk_>get a mac
01:59<Teflon->live tv, jitter-free, 0.5 load 60% idle
01:59<Teflon->josephk_, my wife has 2.
02:00<josephk_>take one
02:00<josephk_>give me one
02:00<josephk_>these 4 aint enough
02:00<josephk_>send more cops
02:01<Teflon->she's got a 12" powerbook and an old ibook.
02:01<Chutt>dma caused many problems, historically
02:01<Teflon->Chutt, only on cruddy hardware that shouldn't be kept in service!
02:01<Chutt>naw, used to be all the time :p
02:01<Teflon->wonder if there's a kernel option to disable dma disable
02:01<Teflon->Chutt, not on freebsd! :)
02:01<josephk_>I believe the windows driver for the pvrxxx does nothing special...I bet it does less than the ivtv driver
02:02<Teflon->josephk_, probably not.
02:02<Teflon->but it doesn't go bandy periodically i dont think.
02:02<Teflon->that has to be the most annoying bug ever.
02:02<josephk_>I don't get banding with dnr
02:02<Teflon->does dnr take effect immediately or only on the next recording?
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02:03<josephk_>next recording
02:03<Teflon->josephk_, ah.
02:03<Teflon->what do you use, let me try em on noisy a few channels
02:03<josephk_>Chutt...IVTV: timed out waiting for firmware
02:03<josephk_>sound good?:D
02:03<o_cee>Chutt: the processing thingie is this: not sure what it is.. if ((curitem->IsEditing(m_db)) ||
02:03<o_cee> (curitem->CheckMarkupFlag(MARK_PROCESSING, m_db)))
02:03<o_cee> itype->ResetFilename();
02:04<o_cee>IsEditing, would that be editing from another frontend?
02:04<josephk_>temporal at 4 is ok too I think
02:04<josephk_>ok I actually have to sleep I swear
02:05<o_cee>it's 8 am here, i just got up :)
02:05<josephk_>I know I won't be missed
02:05<o_cee>okay.. don't understand the other one though
02:06<Teflon->hmm i dont see the difference with dnr on
02:06<Chutt>looking for commercials, perhaps
02:07<o_cee>grepping some more
02:10<o_cee>oohkay, it's set in int NuppelVideoPlayer::FlagCommercials(bool showPercentage, bool fullSpeed)
02:10<o_cee>still don't get it, but it seems like the image should work, but it doesn't mean that it's beeing transcoded :)
02:11<o_cee>ah well, got an image for it anyway, just never seen it
02:12<Chutt>it's when it's looking for commercials
02:12<Chutt>or being edited
02:12<Chutt>i suppose, then
02:12<o_cee>when would it be looking for commercials?
02:12<o_cee>when recording?
02:15<o_cee>oh, okay. can't use the auto commercial stuff here, so i've never tried it.
02:16<o_cee>would be nice to have it mark it when transcoding as well..
02:17<o_cee>couldn't it be put here int NuppelVideoPlayer::ReencodeFile just like FlagCommercials?
02:17<Chutt>ask captain_murdoch
02:17<o_cee>righty :)
02:18<o_cee>guess he's asleep
02:19<o_cee>i'm actually just learning object oriented programming, so maybe later i'd do that myself ;)
02:21<o_cee> will that do for comflagged you think? :)
02:21<o_cee>commflagged.png even
02:21<o_cee>damn hard to figure out a good pic for that one
02:22<o_cee>but you wipe away shit with that. and that's what commercial flagging is for :)
02:24<CyberKnet>Anyone know a place to buy a 350 in the USA that isn't too expensive?
02:24<CyberKnet>I almost went with eTechWarehouse... then read ... yikes!@
02:24<CyberKnet>thought I'd be a little more careful before I selected another place!
02:24<o_cee>ask warlord, he got his 5 days early or something
02:25<CyberKnet>he was telling me how crisp/sharp his tv out is now =)
02:25<CyberKnet>and this bttv card I have is a piece
02:25<CyberKnet>the color is ... all wrong
02:25<CyberKnet>and it tunes to the wrong channels.
02:25<CyberKnet>*shrug*. I think it's probably easier to just buy a real capture card =)
02:26<o_cee>the 350 seems sweet
02:26<CyberKnet>that's what I've heard.
02:26<o_cee>but you might want to wait a while i guess, still alpha drivers
02:26<CyberKnet>I'd like to experience for myself =)
02:26<CyberKnet>o_cee: you have to see the output of this card I have right now...
02:27<o_cee>nooo :)
02:27<CyberKnet>even if I can't use the tv-out of the 350, and use it just as a 250, it'd be better
02:27<o_cee>probably true
02:27<CyberKnet>the color is washed out
02:27<CyberKnet>there is almost no color in the picture
02:27<o_cee>the 250 is nice as well, problem is with the fucked up tv-out of nvidia
02:27<CyberKnet>I have an AverKey to do that
02:28<o_cee>geometry is all wrong and stuff like that
02:28<CyberKnet>The averkey is not perfect, but pretty good.
02:28<o_cee>i get better picture with 1024x768, but myth is slow at that res :/
02:29<o_cee>could anyone check if you've got Verdana as a standard truetype? i've got it, and i haven't installed it seperately..
02:29<CyberKnet>I have it at 800x600 because the averkey cant go higher.
02:29<o_cee>but you never know what gentoo does with packages
02:29<CyberKnet>I think I should try at 640x480 though.
02:29<o_cee>800x600 is best with myth
02:30<o_cee>no scaling needed for backgrounds and stuff like that
02:30<CyberKnet>I have a dual PIII 733
02:30<o_cee>that's whats makes 1024 slow
02:30<CyberKnet>and it can't cope with live tv 480x480
02:30<o_cee>getting a pvr would be good then
02:31<CyberKnet>That's what I was thinking.
02:31<CyberKnet>Solve all my problems with one purchase =)
02:31<o_cee>Chutt: did you look at commflagged.png?
02:31<o_cee>will it be understandable? :)
02:31<CyberKnet>I better get out of here. work tomorrow =)
02:31<CyberKnet>later folks.
02:32-!-CyberKnet is now known as kNet
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02:46<o_cee>Chutt fell asleep :)
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02:48<hadees>is mythtv osd really structered right so that i could make a moving news ticker on the tv screen?
02:50<Chutt>it would take a bit of code
02:50<Chutt>but it would not be that difficult
02:52<hadees>that would be really cool, then you could also send it stuff from the mythmusic or mythdvd telling how your ripping is going
02:52<o_cee>search the archives ;)
02:52<hadees>yeah i have seen it all over the place
02:53<hadees>i would love to try to do it, but i am going to take baby steps first and add the configure information for setting up an LCD
02:53<o_cee>when exiting mythmusic, why does it take so long to get focus on the main menu? takes several seconds before i can do anything on the main menu
02:53<hadees>i don't think i have that problem
02:54<hadees>nope just tried it
02:55<o_cee>strange indeed
02:56<o_cee>Chutt: great, thanks for the commit ;) don't think i need more of those now
02:57<hadees>is anyone working on making any new plugins?
02:58<Chutt>mythbrowser just got committed to cvs recently
02:58<o_cee>kinda limited, but it's cool :)
02:58<o_cee>usually have a copy of mozilla on the other desktop and switch over to it instead.. but this is great when you don't want to use the keyboard
02:59<o_cee>isn't MythBurn in early stages as well? or is that one on hold?
03:00<hadees>anyone ever do anything with mythRadio?
03:00<o_cee>don't think so
03:00<o_cee>but streaming audio is on its way
03:02<hadees>all kinds of just certain formats?
03:03<o_cee>not sure.
03:03<o_cee>shoutcast i think
03:04<o_cee>did anyone try the new filtering stuff? denoise3d?
03:04<o_cee>don't think i got it running
03:04<hadees>because alot of stuff like news radio and sports come in ram
03:05<o_cee>a filter
03:05<hadees>does it use the 3d render on the graphics card?
03:07<hadees>Chutt: for the new settings for the LCD is all the stuff i want to look at in globalsettings?
03:07<o_cee>how is it activated Chutt? i added "denoise3d" to the playback options, didn't seem to do anything.. also tried adding it in "videofilters".. guess i need parameters?
03:07<Chutt>hadees, you got it
03:08<Chutt>o_cee, something like that
03:08<Chutt>but, i'm off to bed
03:08<o_cee>later Chutt, sleep tight
03:10<o_cee>Chutt: you saw this? The FFmpeg CVS tree on Sourceforge will cease to exist shortly! Other services will stay on SF for now, but it's highly possible we'll move the mailing list too.
03:10-!-Teflon- [] has quit ["Leaving"]
03:10<o_cee>moving it to
03:12-!-choenig [] has joined #mythtv
03:25-!-Edgan [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
03:25-!-choenig [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
03:48-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
04:04<o_cee>does anyone know how to activate filters?
04:05-!-Doukegata is now known as Doukegata|riseki
04:06-!-kja [] has joined #mythtv
04:20-!-holger [] has joined #mythtv
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08:36-!-poo [] has quit ["Download Gaim:"]
08:37-!-mdz [] has joined #mythtv
08:40-!-fr32 [] has joined #mythtv
08:41-!-fr32 is now known as Racer
08:45<mikegrb>kvandivo: I like the idea of your commercial notify patch, I'll have to try it out tonight
08:46<Racer>is there a mfd/daap tester here?
08:49<Racer>guess not!
09:00-!-Racer [] has quit []
09:34-!-mdz [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
09:51-!-warlord-afk [me@DOGBERT.IHTFP.ORG] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
09:56<thor_> ... and the OSD doesn't work .... make distlean != cvs co
09:57<thor_>now to figure out why?
10:04-!-sc00p [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
10:19-!-Captain_Murdoch_ [] has joined #mythtv
10:58-!-poo [] has joined #MythTV
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11:02-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
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11:15-!-poo [] has joined #MythTV
11:19<thor_>phew ... this is a good one
11:21-!-Chiphead [] has joined #mythtv
11:21<kvandivo>mikegrb: I'm quite pleased with it. It was awesome last night on survivor. comm skip was thinking there were commercials all over the place, but my notify code made it very bearable for me
11:21<thor_>put in debugging statements, and OSD works, remove debugging statements, OSD stops
11:21<kvandivo>filter code add any threads?
11:21<mikegrb>kvandivo: right makes a lot of sense
11:21<Chiphead>I have mythtv compiling under qt/embedded
11:22<Chiphead>all works but video playback.
11:22<Chiphead>Im diving into that now
11:22<thor_>Chutt, if you catch this on scroll back, the filter stuff is C (and the .pro's make in compile not with g++, but gcc)
11:22<thor_>but I don't see any extern "C" 's around ...
11:22<mikegrb>kvandivo: even better then to turn it off and try skipping at beginning of commercials because you have a reasonable idea of if it has the end properly marked
11:22<kvandivo>precisely the point of it
11:23-!-mecraw [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
11:24-!-steelep [~signwatch@] has joined #mythtv
11:26<thor_>and the dlopens are lazy
11:26<Captain_Murdoch_>mikegrb: I have a patch about ready to commit that will let you toggle the auto-skip as you are watching a video. It's not a permanent change, just used while you're watching that recording right then.
11:26<thor_>hmmm ... that may be it
11:26<mikegrb>Captain_Murdoch_: now that is bad ass
11:26<mikegrb>Captain_Murdoch_: that alliviates my desire to have a per program/per show toggle
11:26<kvandivo>that's so 90s, mike.. you are supposed to say.. now that is phat.
11:27<Captain_Murdoch_>I should get that and kvandivo's patch submitted tonight or tomorrow.
11:27* mikegrb is about 3 weeks behind cvs
11:27<Captain_Murdoch_>just thought of something. right now I'm not pausing video when the popup menu to toggle is displayed. I probably should pause.
11:27<mikegrb>didn't have a frontend and didn't want to update sense I wouldn't know if something was wonky
11:33<kvandivo>Captain_Murdoch_: while i have been using my notify code over the past week, there's one thing i've noticed that we might be able to piggyback on some of our code.
11:34<kvandivo>an example will illustrate best... last night, in the middle of tribal council things would get dark and myth would think a commercial was starting. It will tell me that the commercial was 533 seconds long (or some other larger-than-expected number) and i would let it keep going.
11:35<kvandivo>Then, a couple of minutes later, the commercial would actually start, and it would be handy if there was a way for me to cause a popup to appear that tells me when it thinks the commercial is going to end. kinda like a key that pops up the notify box that i've got.
11:35<mikegrb>nice idea
11:35<kvandivo>perhaps a line added to the 'info' box?
11:35-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
11:36<kvandivo>i'm not crazy about making that box bigger than it is, though
11:41<Captain_Murdoch_>so you're popping up the info box to show the length currently?
11:43<kvandivo>right now it pops up the same box as a normal commercial skip sequence
11:43<kvandivo>it just doesn't do the actual skip
11:44<Captain_Murdoch_>would be nice if it could use a small box in the corner or something. hmmmm...
11:45<Captain_Murdoch_>I like the notify idea but don't want a big box popping up in front of my video if the detection is off. that reminds me, I'll have to modify my toggle patch to work with your 3-state auto-skip patch. easy enough...
11:47<mikegrb>they would make a nice complement to each other
11:47<Captain_Murdoch_>my wife will love the notify stuff. she likes it where it tells you how long it skipped when you use 'Z' and 'Q'. probably 2/3 of the shows we watch are good enough to use auto-skip.
11:47<mikegrb>when toggling comm skpi to off it could default to notify
11:49<kvandivo>i really haven't noticed the box to be _that_ big of a deal. It fades away after a second or two and I kinda tune it out
11:50<Captain_Murdoch_>ok, I see you set the display time to 1 second so it displays for 1 then fades.
11:55<Captain_Murdoch_>trying to remember what that box looks like. could just check auto-skip to see if it's set to notify when the user hits 'I' for the info box and if it's set to notify then TV::DoInfo() could display different text if the user was in a commercial. text could say how long to the comm end.
11:56<kvandivo>either way... if -in- a commercial, tell how long to commercial end, if -not- in a commercial, tell how long till next commercial starts
11:57<kvandivo>nm.. i don't think we want that in these patches. that sounds like it should be decoupled from these. another option gets added to the settings screen for 'additional information in 'info' box'
11:57<kvandivo>if that option is checked, we get the extra line in the DoInfo()
11:57<kvandivo>sound reasonable?
11:58<Captain_Murdoch_>yeah. I've already got a local autoCommecialSkip var in tv_play.cpp to keep track of the temporary setting that the user can toggle. that gets passed to NuppelVideoPlayer whenever they toggle it.
11:58<Captain_Murdoch_>could make use of that later if need be.
11:59<Captain_Murdoch_>problem with extra lines is that themes have to have big boxes or else the lines could overflow.
12:00<Captain_Murdoch_>what do you think about cycling through the auto-skip settings since it's 3-state now. my current patch just toggles, but it can easily be changed to cycle OFF -> Notify -> ON -> OFF, etc.. that's easier than giving option of going from OFF to Notify or ON on the same menu.
12:03<kvandivo>i think thats perfectly acceptable, as long as the user gets feedback on what the current state is
12:04<Captain_Murdoch_>yeah, after you change it shows what it got set to using that same popup you're using.
12:05<Captain_Murdoch_>so if I'm OFF and I hit the menu key, the menu allows setting auto-skip to notify. If I hit that button on the menu it closes the menu and pops up a dialog saying "Auto-Skip Notify"
12:10<kvandivo>so if we are going off->notify->on, we probably want to change that dropdown box that i sent in for globalsettings to reflect that order as well
12:10<kvandivo>(sounds fine to me)
12:13-!-D-side [] has joined #mythtv
12:13<Captain_Murdoch_>order doesn't matter, but I figured that's the natural progression. notify is inbetween off and on even though it's not numerically.
12:14<kvandivo>i agree completely. i wanted to do the dropbox that way, but opted for something that revised as little of your code as possible
12:15<Captain_Murdoch_>ok, I'll put it in the off -> notify -> on way and swap those 2 lines in your patch.
12:20<Chutt>blah blah blah
12:21* kvandivo peers intently at Chutt.
12:21<Chutt>hi! =)
12:21<kvandivo>how goes on this fine, cool morning?
12:27<kvandivo>ba humbug
12:27<Chutt>thor, so, what about adding some extern "C"s
12:28<Chutt>around the frame.h and filter.h includes?
12:28<Chutt>in libmythtv/
12:28<thor_>will give it a shot
12:30<thor_>if that doesn't work, I'll try just renaming filter_linearblend to .cpp
12:37-!-Captain_Murdoch_ [] has quit []
12:39<thor_>crappity crap crap
12:39<thor_>extern's didn't work
12:40<thor_>and filter_linearblend as a cpp file is none too happy about malloc 's
12:41<thor_>filter_linearblend.cpp:346: invalid conversion from `void*' to `ThisFilter*'
12:41<kvandivo>i thought i'd read that chutt had rewritten those as news.. must be thinking of something else
12:45-!-kyi [] has joined #mythtv
12:46-!-kyi [] has quit [Client Quit]
13:11-!-nulltank [] has quit ["[BX] Back wit anutha one of doz BitchX-rockin' beats!"]
13:34<Chiphead>I have mythfrontend running in a framebuffer by compiling it with qt/embedded. However there are a few places the gui doesn't update, (my guess it is depending on a buffered screen). Can anyone give me a pointer to the code I should look at to ensure screens get fully refreshed when a screen changes?
14:01<thor_>Chiphead, you want MythDialog and MythThemedDialog's in ./mythtv/libs/mythlib
14:01<Chutt>though neither of them really controls screen updating, that's all in qt
14:02<thor_>but the ThemedDialog's hold ui widgets that ask for updates
14:06<Chiphead>Ok thx. If I pop up a dialog, like delete, it updates the screen
14:06<Chiphead>there has to be a way to tell it to update everytime
14:06<Chiphead>so are all screens dialogs?
14:08<Chiphead>its strange that some update while others dont
14:09<Chiphead>like I can go TV->WatchRecordings->ESC and the screen is blank the ESC again and I get the TV/Settigns screen
14:09<Chiphead>the TV menu doesnt refresh but the main menu does
14:10-!-schultmc [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
14:11<thor_>those are all MythDialogs
14:11<thor_>which Qt is in charge of refreshing
14:11<Captain_Murdoch>there may be a bug down there in something. sometimes I only get half of the screen drawn or parts missing on the playbackbox screen when the delete popup is up. I've always attributed it to the crappy video card in my main frontend, but maybe it's not. this has happened with 2 different versions (ie, 3.0.x, 3.1.x) of Qt.
14:13<Chiphead>I get the same thing when in that screen. all but the lower right corner is drawn, but poping up the delete dialog and exiting refreshes the whole screen
14:14<Chiphead>but thats only using the fbdev. using X it works fine for me
14:14* Chiphead will investigate MythDialog
14:14<Captain_Murdoch>hasn't bugged me enough to check it out though. :) I'm using X on a builtin i810 card.
14:30-!-dopez [] has joined #mythtv
14:35-!-nulltank [] has joined #mythtv
14:36<Captain_Murdoch>cool, the show started recording 3 minutes late like I setup in the advanced recording screen. program info on the playback box reflects the actual adjusted start/stop times as well.
14:51<thor_>ah, sorry, WatchRecordings is a MythThemedDialog
14:52* Chiphead nods
14:52<Chiphead>I have MythDialog fixed
14:52-!-sfr [] has joined #mythtv
14:53<Chiphead>and I think the problem with the Watch Recordings screen is when you have previews turned off. It leaves the area where the preview would display unupdated till a specific update request like after a delete dialog
14:53<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, I don't use previews, I've wondered about that.
14:54-!-StarHeart [] has joined #mythtv
14:55<thor_>that sounds about right
14:56<Chiphead>Im also not getting the top line "Select recording to watch" till I manually update
14:57<Captain_Murdoch>Chiphead: is that after a recording finishes or at anytime?
14:58<Chiphead>just the first time I go into the watch recordings screen
14:58<Chiphead>taht top line of text is not getting drawn
14:58<thor_>Chiphead, you might just want to add a polish(){} method that calls refresh() .... I dunno .... long time since I touched any of this
14:59<Chiphead>well for my MythDialogs fix I added a call to repaint in the detach method
14:59<Chiphead>that way it redraws the screen every time when exiting a child
15:00<Chiphead>sound I ifdef it?
15:00<Chiphead>should be ok for all situations
15:01<thor_>Chutt's not too big on the whole ifdef thing
15:01* Chiphead nods
15:01<thor_>if it makes sense for all situations, then it makes sense
15:01<Chiphead>it souldnt break any of the non fbdev systems
15:04<Chiphead>chutt == isaac?
15:05<Chiphead>thx again my personal goole :P
15:19<Chiphead>off to work... bbl
15:21<DogBoy>saw a setting somewhere for putting an offset for the showtimes
15:21<DogBoy>but now I can't find it
15:32<Captain_Murdoch>dogboy, global or per-show?
15:49-!-FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
15:51-!-Doukegata|riseki [] has joined #mythtv
15:53-!-ByteNik [] has joined #mythtv
15:59-!-duende [] has joined #mythtv
16:09<ByteNik>Where does the include/linux/dvb directory coem from?
16:11-!-m_arc [~marc@] has joined #mythtv
16:12<ByteNik>Because it is necessary for the dvb part of mythtv
16:13<kja>the driver at
16:13<ByteNik>kk thanks
16:18<ByteNik>Wait... I'm confuzed...what is DVB and how does it relate to DTV? I always thought they were interchangable.
16:22<kja>DVB=Digital Video Broadcast, a commonly used standard in Europe, who know wtf DTV is...
16:30<farce>DTV is digital tv
16:30-!-tuscany [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:31<farce>same thing i think
16:31<ByteNik>I thought DTV == ATSC
16:32<farce>ATSC and DVB are both implementations of a direct tv idea.
16:34<farce>DVB being the european designed... and ATSC by the American Television Standards Committee
16:43-!-bobbyd [] has joined #mythtv
16:44<bobbyd>hi, anyone here using a "Brooktree Corporation Bt878 Video Capture" device?
16:45<kja>no, because they are known to fry motherboards
16:45<kja>i'm just bored
16:46<bobbyd>it says I need to use the bttv module
16:46<bobbyd>but I dont see that as an option in the kernel config...
16:46<kja> i thing
16:47<bobbyd>ok thanks
16:47<Captain_Murdoch> bttv is at
16:48<bobbyd>ok great
16:48<Captain_Murdoch>bobbyd, bttv is in the kernel and if you're using one of the better-known distros then it's probably already compiled in.
16:49<bobbyd>Captain_Murdoch: hmm, I'm using gentoo, but it hasnt loaded the module...
16:50<Captain_Murdoch>do you have 'locate' installed?
16:50<bobbyd>yeah it looks like it's in the source tree...
16:50<bobbyd>yes, I just found it ;)
16:50<Captain_Murdoch>see if bttv.o is anywhere.
16:50<bobbyd>it is
16:50<bobbyd>if lspci report that it's a bt878, should it work no matter what?
16:51<Captain_Murdoch>bttv works for 848 and 878 cards
16:52<bobbyd>hmm ok, so I should just be able to do modprobe bttv and it should load it?
17:09<bobbyd>the option isnt in the menu in make menuconfig...
17:13<duende>Help : Whenever I watch live tv or record, the audio sounds really bad, I have tried tinkering with the settings , but nothign seems to work. Does anyone else experience bad audio quality?
17:14-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:16<duende>it's almost as if the sound was recorded at top volume level, it gets distortions and stuff
17:20<kja>duende: search the mythtv-users archive!!
17:22<kja>boddyd: the linux documentation project is nice:
---Logopened Fri Nov 07 18:22:02 2003
18:22-!-mikegrb [] has joined #mythtv
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18:24<thor_>duende, Suse 8.2 has a broken Qt
18:24-!-ByteNik [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
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18:35<kja>o_cee: still working on the theme?
18:39-!-bobbyd [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:43-!-m0j0 [~m0j0@] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:19-!-sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
19:20-!-Teflon- [] has joined #mythtv
19:30-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:31<thor_> <--- connection refused
19:31<kja>couple of hours ago also
19:32-!-mikegrb_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:32-!-mikegrb_ [] has quit [Client Quit]
19:32<thor_>just the apache interface, not cvs
19:33<kja>uh, didn't think of that, but yea
19:39-!-steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ["me is bugging out"]
19:42<kNet>thor_: you have a 350, don't you?
19:43<josephk_>thor_: RUN!
19:45<thor_>ah, no
19:45<thor_>but if you'd like to mail me one ...
19:46<kNet>hehehhe =)
19:46<kNet>josephk_: I'm not looking for help! *grin*
19:46<josephk_>kNet: RUN!
19:47<kNet>I was hoping to catch warlord to ask him. I am just looking for a retailer to purchase one from =)
19:47<josephk_>I got mine from amazon for 180
19:47<josephk_>that was about a month ago
19:47<kNet>I think they've gone up =(
19:48<kNet>damn hauppauge and their limited production
19:48<kNet>It's easy to get a 250, but I really want the 350
19:48<kNet>I have a very marginal mythbox
19:48<josephk_>at least they gave tmk one
19:48<kNet>(dual PIII 733)
19:49<josephk_>ivtv head honcho
19:49<josephk_>main man
19:49<kNet>yeah. that was pretty decent of them.
19:49<josephk_>jive turkey
19:49<kNet>I'm understanding that they did not divulge the specs though?
19:50<josephk_>don't think they helped in that way in the slightest
19:51<josephk_>either they do or don't understand the pull of myth
19:51<ChaosExiguum>they were not allowed to due to agreements with other companies
19:53<kNet>NDAs are a horrible thing =)
19:55<josephk_>SCO their not
19:55<josephk_>Their great SCO for securing SCO one rights SCO.
19:39-!-kja [] has quit ["bah"]
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---Logopened Fri Nov 07 19:49:52 2003
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20:09-!-mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ["Trillian ("]
20:31<josephk_>omg...if dec_mpg_buffers fixes it I'm going to
20:32<josephk_>and then cry
20:35-!-po1 [] has joined #MythTV
20:36-!-poo [] has quit ["Download Gaim:"]
20:37-!-dja [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:43-!-Exdaix [] has joined #mythtv
20:44<Exdaix>Anyone know why I have a high-pitch whine over all of my audio when viewing TV? It seems to be a TV card (Hauppage WinTV GO) or Sound card (Hercules Muse XL) problem...
20:46-!-po1 is now known as poo
20:50-!-Justin_ [~justin@H251-253.FREEDOM.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] has joined #mythtv
21:00-!-Exdaix [] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:02<thor_>Chutt, either I did something stupid, or CVS is doing weird stuff with time stamps
21:02<thor_>probably the former,
21:02<thor_>but you never know
21:03-!-poo [] has quit ["Download Gaim:"]
21:06-!-gnubee [] has joined #mythtv
21:06<Chiphead>evening guys
21:06* gnubee just went to the mythtv site and decided its the coolest thing ever
21:18<thor_>Chiphead, heh ... any progress?
21:19<Chiphead>just got back from work....
21:19<gnubee>is there any way to go from vga or svideo to rca?
21:19<gnubee>so i can either go from the monitor output or my nvidia card to my tv?
21:19<gnubee>my tvs dont have svideo
21:19-!-CyberKnet [] has joined #mythtv
21:19<Chiphead>still looking for the right place to fix the MythThemeDialog
21:20<thor_>Chiphead, could be a few things
21:20<Chiphead>Im still feeling out how the screen is drawn
21:20<thor_>when the themes load, each of the Myth UI widgets are supposed to calc their own screen dimensions
21:20<Chiphead>looks like it is drawn in pieces
21:20<thor_>so they know in screen coordinates what refresh to call
21:20<Chiphead>maybe the background then since it is being left untouched
21:21<thor_>yup, only once
21:21<gnubee>erm, brb
21:21<Chiphead>on the fbdev its not being drawn untill a refresh happens.
21:21<Chiphead>Ill look at the background init
21:23-!-kro [] has joined #mythtv
21:23<thor_>note that everything is being drawn on a pixmap and the just bitblt'd over
21:25<thor_>Chutt, cvs is definitely handing me back stuff with a timestamp for tomorrow ... and I don't *think* I sent stuff in with a screwed up timestamp
21:27-!-kNet [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
21:27-!-kNet [] has joined #mythtv
21:28-!-CyberKnet [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
21:30<kro>anyone here have one mythbackend and multiple mythtvfrontends?
21:31-!-cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
21:36<bline>thor_: you try running myth under valgrind to find how filters are squashing frame pointers?
21:36<Captain_Murdoch>thor, do you have any older commit logs from earlier today?
21:37<thor_>bline, have not tried yet ... have never used valgrind :-)
21:37<Captain_Murdoch>are the logs normally dated GMT or EST?
21:38<bline>it's uber simple; valgrind [valgrind options] program [program options]
21:38<thor_>Captain_Murdoch, I dunno
21:38<thor_>apache has been down for a while on the cvs box
21:39<thor_>and the commit mailings are clearly being sent out with a data of Saturday
21:39<bline>valgrind rocks for wierd memory related problems
21:39<thor_>bline, ok ... I'm off to download it
21:40<bline>only works on linux though..
21:41<Captain_Murdoch>thor, date on the machine is tomorrow, it's not set to EST, so that may be causing it. 'last' says nobody has logged in for 3 days and it's got an uptime of 11 days.
21:42-!-D-side [] has quit ["brb"]
21:42<cmorgan>anyone else running a recent debian unstable have problems with myth compiling due to qt?
21:43<kro>cmorgan: which compiler are you using?
21:44<thor_>Captain_Murdoch, I'm just going to hold off commit'ing anything ... probably a simple hiccup
21:44<cmorgan>kro: gcc 3.3.2
21:44<cmorgan>kro: I don't think its a compiler issue
21:45<kro>nod. I had an issue on a debian box where I was trying to build mythtv on a mixed system that had gcc 2.95.x. just checking.
21:45<cmorgan>kro: first it couldn't find any qt stuff, so i symlinked /usr/include/qt3 to /usr/share/qt3/include
21:45<cmorgan>kro: now it says it can't find qconfig.h
21:47<cmorgan>i feel like a chump for upgrading though, i was confused for a short while with the /libs/libmythtv/videoout_ivtv.cpp bug and decided to upgrade...
21:49<Chiphead>I found the problem... but not sure how to handle it.
21:49<cmorgan>the qt one?
21:49<Chiphead>Its ine the MythDialog::setNoErase
21:49<Chiphead>if I comment out the body. Im fine
21:50<Chiphead>Im sure its there to get rid of the annoying redraw whne moving the cursor but not changing the context
21:50<thor_>cmorgan, echo $QTDIR
21:51<thor_>eh ?
21:51<thor_>for a MythThemedDialog ?
21:51<Chiphead>sry cmorgan not your problem
21:51<thor_>cmorgan, Chiphead is talking about getting Myth running on Qt embedded
21:51<cmorgan>thor_: empty
21:51<thor_>hang on ...
21:51<cmorgan>thor_: not defined
21:51<cmorgan>Chiphead: ahh ok ;-)
21:51<Chiphead>MythThemedDialog is derived from MythDialog
21:52<thor_>that MythDialog code is old ... Chutt wrote it ... he may have had a reason ...
21:52<Chiphead>well even when I do a repaint, if I dont tell it to erase first, the background is not repainted.
21:52<Chiphead>yeah I see the reason
21:52<cmorgan>thor_: you have a qconfig.h file on your machine? ;-)
21:52<thor_>sounds right then
21:52<Chiphead>when you first goto the view recording and your in the left column
21:53<Chiphead>moving to the right but still have the same program selected the bottem redraws
21:54<cmorgan>installed qt3-apps-dev and its there now
21:54<Chiphead>by setting no erase, it doesnt redraw, however in FB mode the background is not drawn unless it is erased first
21:54<thor_>phew, ok
21:54<Chiphead>Am I making sence?
21:54<thor_>a little ... it's been a while since I fiddled with this stuff, although I did write a reasonable chunk of it
21:55<thor_>are you saying it's there to avoid some kind of flicker in non-FB mode ?
21:55<thor_>or just one time only flicker ?
21:55<cmorgan>thor_: thank you, for the code that you wrote
21:56<Chiphead>no not flicked... just a redraw of the bottem 1/2 of the screen when the actual program highlighted is not changed
21:56<Chiphead>but the cursor is chaged from the left to the right column
21:56<Chiphead>and vice versa
21:57<thor_>got you
21:57<thor_>but the only thing that should be redrawing is the ManagedTreeList
21:58<Chiphead>by setting noerase, only changed sections are repainted... however is seems in fbmode in first display, backgrounds are not drawn unless erase is set to true
22:00<thor_>I'd put it on a post-it note for moment until Chutt's around ... that NoErase flag is definitely his, and he understands Qt far, far better than I do
22:00* Chiphead nods
22:00<Chiphead>these is one outstanding issue with the gui in fbmode
22:00<Chiphead>the test under the buttons is drawn on a white box
22:01<Chiphead>need to track that down and the gui is golden
22:01<thor_>alpha blending problem perhaps?
22:02<thor_>cmorgan, qt2-apps-dev install fix things ?
22:02<Chiphead>yeah its like the transparencty is not the same in fbmode
22:02<thor_>you can turn off alpha blending ... sort of
22:03<cmorgan>thor_: yep, thankfully ;-)
22:03<cmorgan>thor_: you running mythtv cvs? any trouble with /libs/libmythtv/ivtv-ext-api.h? what kernel if not?
22:04<thor_>cvs .... lots of problems .... nothing in ivtv-ext-api.h ....
22:04<cmorgan>thor_: what kernel?
22:04* Chiphead is glad his last cvs pull was 2 days ago
22:05<cmorgan>hmm... you see my mail to the list about the ivtv-ext-api.h issue?
22:06<thor_>if you want to get things running, I would not be suprised if a cvs pull from Nov 2 solved your immediate problems
22:06<thor_>cvs co -D 11/02/03
22:06<cmorgan>thor_: i'm in no rush and i wouldn't mind helping to fix things
22:07<Chutt>the ivtv-ext-api stuff has been known for a while now.
22:07<Chutt>i'm waiting on tmk to fix it in the ivtv driver, first.
22:07<Chutt>this was already discussed a week or so back on the mythtv lists
22:07-!-kro [] has quit [No route to host]
22:07<cmorgan>i'm surprised it hasn't been fixed
22:07<thor_>I finally understand the Mr. Sizeof(sizeof()) joke, at least
22:07<cmorgan>given that it is pretty straight forward
22:08<Chutt>cmorgan, i can't fix it until it's fixed in the driver.
22:08-!-bobbyd [] has joined #mythtv
22:08<Chutt>i have no control over the driver
22:08<cmorgan>isn't the file in mythtv cvs?
22:08<Chutt>it's also in the ivtv driver.
22:08<Chutt>where do you think i got it from?
22:09<cmorgan>just waiting until the driver fixes it and then merging the changes in?
22:09<Chutt>like i've said twice now
22:09<cmorgan>surprised it is broken over there for so long ;-)
22:09<Chutt>bug tmk about it
22:10<bobbyd>I think I've configured my tv card correctly, but in xawtv I need to change 'capture' setting to grabframe from overlay before I see anything. when I fire up mythtv, I just get a black screen. can I tell mythtv not to use overlay mode?
22:10<cmorgan>he online? ;-)
22:10<Chutt>bobbyd, mythtv doesn't use 'overlay' mode.
22:10<Chutt>if you get a black screen, look at the error messages from mythbackend and mythfrontend.
22:11<term>Chutt: hey, is axboe making ivtv 2.6-compatible?
22:12<Chutt>eventually, yeah
22:12<term>ah, cool.
22:12<Chutt>he's out for a week or so
22:12<Chutt>they want to get all the bugs fixed first
22:12<Chutt>before introducing new ones =)
22:12<term>hehe understandable. :)
22:13<term>I'm probably (time permitting) going to upgrade everything and build .12 debs tomorrow.
22:13<term>off to dinner, bbl
22:15<Chiphead>do previews use the 350 hardware fb?
22:16<mikegrb>chiphead, hows it comming
22:16<Chiphead>I have the gui working. If I had a 350 I could probably use it all in fbmode w/o previews
22:17<Chutt>previews are done by qt
22:17<Chiphead>just need to tackle the videoout
22:17* mikegrb had a server reboot
22:17<Chiphead>oh then my stuff should work for 350 users
22:17<mikegrb>silly huricane electric unplugged it on accident while adding another to the rack
22:18<Chiphead>just a couple changes to the code and a few settings to build qt/embedded
22:18* Chiphead tries prieviews to see if they work w/qte
22:20-!-cmorgan [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:20<bobbyd>ok, I'm getting two errors, from mythbackend: "VIDIOCGCHAN: Invalid argument" and from mythfronten2003-11-08 03:20:50 Waited too long for decoder to pause"d: "
22:24<Chutt>they did last time i built with qt/e
22:24<Chiphead>did you have to remove the -no-rtti flag from the qte build?
22:24<thor_>Chutt, so did I screw up something on a CVS commit?
22:25<Chutt>chiphead, what -no-rtti flag?
22:25<Chutt>thor, not that i'm aware of, why?
22:25<thor_>timestamps are comming back tomorrow
22:25<Chutt>clock's set to utc
22:26<Chutt>timezone is too
22:26<thor_>cvs commit e-mail says, "On Saturday November 7 ... "
22:27<Chutt>you committed at around 9 pm
22:27<Chutt>+ 5 hours to utc
22:27<Chutt>2 am, on the 8th
22:28<Chiphead>Chutt, in the mkspecs/qws/linux-x86-g++/qmake.conf
22:28<bobbyd>can anyone tell me where to look to debug this?
22:28<Chutt>chiphead, i don't remember having to do that
22:28<Chutt>bobbyd, well, it'd probably be a good idea to figure out why that ioctl is failing.
22:28<Chutt>chiphead, but it was several months ago
22:28<Chiphead>Chutt, if I build it with that flag, some myth classes complain about a dynamic param and -no-rtti
22:29<Chutt>oh, and the menu transparency issue's easy, just need to ifdef out the shadow drawing code in the menu stuff
22:29<Chiphead>should I ifdef the setnoerase too? that messes wioth fbmode
22:30<Chiphead>thor_ said you didnt like ifdefs
22:30<DogBoy>Captain_Murdoch, global
22:30<Chutt>there's other ifdefs for QWS in there
22:30<Chutt>a couple for the noerase stuff'll be fine, too
22:30<Chiphead>I saw that so Ill just add mine that way too then
22:31<Chiphead>then it should be usable for 350 users
22:32<Chutt>it's not really that slow running X on the 350's fb, though
22:32<Chutt>just uses a little more ram =)
22:32<Chiphead>much faster startup though... no xinit
22:33<Chiphead>X init I should say
22:33<Chiphead>thats my gole faster startup
22:33<Chiphead>I run the frontend on an xbox
22:33<Chiphead>I want a fast starting blackbox :)
22:34<Chiphead>Now here is a dumb question... how should I generate the patch?
22:34<Chutt>doing it against a cvs tree?
22:34<Chiphead>my CVS is 2-3 days old
22:34<Chutt>well, you'd need to update to current, first
22:34<Chutt>then just 'cvs -z3 diff -ud > patch.diff'
22:35<Chutt>from the top level mythtv dir
22:35<Chiphead>its just one file so can I do it from there?
22:35<Chiphead>paths wont be correct
22:35-!-bobbyd [] has quit ["Leaving"]
22:36<Chiphead>Im scared to update right now with what thor has been saying
22:37<Chutt>just a weird problem with the filter stuff is all
22:37<Chutt>doesn't happen to me or anything =)
22:38<Chiphead>Ill take that a a thorism
22:38<thor_>it's not a "big" problem
22:38<thor_>just confusing me
22:38<thor_>and I'm easily confused
22:39<Chiphead>the shadow stuff in themedmenu?
22:40<Chutt>line 1468 or so
22:40* Chiphead nods
22:40<Chutt>that block of code is what's doing it
22:40<Chiphead>ok thx
22:52<Chiphead>sweet previews work and gui is done... now for the tough part... the video out
23:02<mikegrb> /me gives Chiphead a cookie
23:03<mikegrb>make a 350 go in an xbox and you'll get a lot more then a cookie <g>
23:03<Chiphead>making progress
23:03<Chiphead>LOL if I owned a 350 I wouldnt be even going there :P
23:15-!-bobbyd [] has joined #mythtv
23:16<bobbyd>hi, can I just as a quick question? do you think if I can get my TV card works under xawtv then I will be able to get it to work with mythtv? I'm just asking because I may be able to return it and get a card that's listed as working with mythtv.
23:16<bobbyd>the card seems to work with xawtv
23:17<mikegrb>what is the card?
23:18<bobbyd>well, it's called a v-stream tv-pvr pro, but it looks identical to a Kworld KW-TV878RF
23:18<bobbyd>i have it working in xawtv
23:20<mikegrb>generally a card that works in xawtv would work in myth
23:20<mikegrb>there are cases where it doesn't I'm not familiar with that card though
23:22-!-sc00p [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
23:31* mikegrb waits for mythtv to build on three systems
23:34<bobbyd>ok thanks, night
23:34-!-bobbyd [] has quit ["Leaving"]
23:35<mikegrb>laptop cpu temp == 186F heh
23:36<josephk_>hey dec_mpg_buffers may have fixed my problem chutt
23:47-!-hadees [] has joined #mythtv
23:47<hadees>is mythbrowser good enough to read like slashdot headlines?
23:48<hadees>or like the
23:48<Chutt>it's just konqueror
23:53<Chiphead>mikegrb, Ill take my eggs over easy
23:55<mikegrb>okie doke
23:55<mikegrb>er okie dokie
---Logclosed Sat Nov 08 00:00:59 2003