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01:33<ChaosExiguum>mythtv dies on me with 'IVTVFB_IOCTL_GET_STATE: Invalid argument' when I try to use ivtv-out on my 350, any ideas?
01:41<mikegrb>this is so spiffy
01:42* mikegrb sets router to fwd port 6948 inbound to the xbox
01:42* mikegrb 's colo box is going to send myth notify udp packets on new email
01:42<mikegrb>ChaosExiguum: sounds like you prob have the ivtv-fb module loaded right?
01:43<ChaosExiguum>yup, X works fine over ivtv-fb, its when I go to watch tv that it dies
01:43<ChaosExiguum>and after the first time it plays fine untill I hit a key, then it dies
01:45<mikegrb>well sorry I can't help more
01:45<mikegrb>don't have a 350
01:46<ChaosExiguum>ahh, well I'll keep poking around, thanks
01:48<ChaosExiguum>hmm, looks like my problem might be that the ivtv-ext-api.h in my ivtv is out of sync with my mythtv
01:53<mikegrb>prob so
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01:53<mikegrb>looks like the mythnotify code binds to
01:54<mikegrb>it won't receive udp xml packets sent to the ip of the xbox
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02:00<mikegrb> // Address to listen to - listen on all interfaces
02:00<mikegrb> bcastaddr.setAddress("");
02:00<mikegrb>I think this should be to listen on all interfaces, right?
02:03<ChaosExiguum>dont know the answer to that
02:03<mikegrb>I'm giving it a go
02:04<mikegrb>oh that's badd ass
02:04<mikegrb>just sent a notify message from my colo box
02:04* mikegrb is afk for a bit
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05:42<hadees>is there anyway to get mythmusic to group things by the dirs they are in? alot of my rap stuff have things with diffrent people in them and the some songs end up in other tabs because of who is on them
05:42<hadees>i just want to see the entire cd
06:05<term>Chutt: apparently Microsoft continues to prove they have to reinvent everything :) ..,15704,517401,00.html
06:05<term>with stricter controls, of course.
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08:53<D-side>well this is cute.
08:53<D-side>somehow the frontend is setting the xv XV_HUE value to -1000
08:55<D-side>bah. nevermind. this is yet another time where i should shut the hell up.
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08:56<modplug>i need help! :)
08:56<Chiphead>dont we all
08:57<modplug>brb... need 2 restart first :)
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08:58<D-side>one would figure he'd think of that before joining.
08:59<Chiphead>well he did say he needed help :)
08:59<D-side>he followed me in from undernet.
09:01<Chiphead>well Im off to work
09:01<D-side>have fun.
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09:03<modplug>The following packages have unmet dependencies:
09:03<modplug> mythtv-suite: Depends: mythdvd (>= 0.12) but it is not going to be installed
09:03<modplug>E: Broken packages
09:03<modplug>what do i do now?
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12:29<thor_>Chutt, yeah, that worked for my here as well
12:30<Chutt>apparently an optimization bug with a class inheriting from an instantiated template with the implementation in the header file
12:31<thor_>err ... yeah
12:31<thor_>what you said
12:31<thor_>that's it
12:32<Chutt>err, FilterChain
12:32<Chutt>class FilterChain : public QPtrList<VideoFilter>
12:32<thor_>yeah, I vaguely follow what you mean, but how did you ever figure it out ?
12:32<Chutt>class, inheriting from an instantiated template
12:33<Chutt>i wanted to change the ProcessFrame stuff without having to recompile more than just one .cpp file every time
12:33<Chutt>so i moved the funtion into filtermanager.cpp
12:33<Chutt>and the osd came back
12:33<Chutt>got lucky, that was the first thing i changed =)
12:34<thor_>hmmm ... serendipity
12:35<thor_>ok then, back to actual progress ...
12:45<Doukegata|riseki>does the gentoo package have native lirc support installed?
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12:46<Chutt>if you enable it
12:47<Doukegata>you mean if I I had lirc in USE flags when I emerged myth?
12:47<Doukegata>I did
12:50<Doukegata>still having trouble getting remote to work. anyone got some tips? (using pvr-350)
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13:11<Doukegata>do you really need the latest i2c drivers to get the hauppage controller to work?
13:12<Chutt>you need cvs lirc
13:17<nulltank>Doukegata: i needed to use the latest i2c drivers to get my PVR-250 to work; and it does work
13:17<nulltank>Doukegata: and i'm using gentoo
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13:31<Doukegata>i used cvs lirc... so I gues I need i2c 2.8 to get it to work, huh? even if irw shows the signals from the controller?
13:45<Doukegata>one would think that if irw can connect with lircd and display the button presses, that Mythfrontend would also be able to receive the signals, as well.
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13:54<_rkulagow>chutt: mailed you a dinky little patch. bbl.
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14:43<cmorgan>anyone have lirc setup to transmit through a homemade transmitter and receive through a pvr card?
14:50<[M-M]>not I; I'm only using a receiver, no transmitter
14:50<cmorgan>either one works great
14:50<cmorgan>both at the same time doesn't ;-) even with the directions someone posted to the mailing list
14:51<[M-M]>but both together is not so good?
14:51<[M-M]>that sucks. I just have plain ol' analog cable, so don't need a transmitter :)
14:52<[M-M]><sigh> why is it the frontend only hangs when I'm watching something interesting? When I try to reproduce it during the day, no problems... :)
14:53<kvandivo>bored? watch some neat divx videos a few steps removed from a recent /. article
14:58<mikegrb>kvandivo: my colo box is sending myth notify udp packets that get fwd'ed to broadcast on the local network at home :)
14:58<mikegrb>I get a spiffy box when I get a new email
15:01<cmorgan>how to get tv out from the pvr-350??
15:01<cmorgan>i've no /dev/video16....
15:02<Chutt>make one.
15:02<cmorgan>don't know what major/minor :-(
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15:03<root>I hear everything twice while watching TV with mytv
15:03<root>i'm using line in
15:04<root>and an AverTV (bttv) card with the little loop thing that goes back into the sound card from the tuner card
15:04<cmorgan>Chutt: don't i need to know that before creating it?
15:04<Chutt>root, try reading the audio troubleshooting section of the docs.
15:04<Chutt>cmorgan, sure, but it's pretty obvious
15:05<Chutt>cmorgan, especially if you read one of the 3 or 4 'how to get mythtv working on the pvr-350 output' docs that have been posted to the ivtv and mythtv lists in the past couple weeks.
15:05<cmorgan>81,16? ;-)
15:07<cmorgan>Chutt: found the post you refer to, thanks ;-)
15:08<Octane>seattle still undefeated
15:09<Octane>wrong channel
15:11<kvandivo>mikegrb: sounds like the type thing you need to make generic and submit a module for
15:12<mikegrb>kvandivo: yha I had to make a change to the code, it is binding to and it should be
15:12<mikegrb>I'll submit a patch for that and my perl script that wraps the notify binary... takes 3 args, $for $from $subject
15:13<mikegrb>get a box with New Email For (Michael|Heidi)\nFrom: $from\nSubject: $subject
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15:14<kvandivo>see.. that's too specific... :) there should be a displayBox script that will pop up a box with any text, and then you could wrap _that_ script with
15:14<kvandivo>(maybe that's what you are doing.. *shrug*
15:15<Chutt>it does that
15:15<kvandivo>ahh.. cool
15:15<kvandivo>haven't explored that yet
15:16* kvandivo ponders.
15:16<kvandivo>is the caller id stuff using that?
15:17<root>i got it to be cool
15:17<root>or semi cool.
15:17<root>but um... it sounds like CRAP.
15:17<kvandivo>seems like there are some news services out there where you can have it email you news bulletins if they have words in them that you define. you can say something like, give me all news items with 'bungee jump' in them, and it will send email. that could be tied into this displayBox thing and be kinda cool
15:18<Chutt>root, get a better soundcard, then
15:18<Chutt>root, and, you really shouldn't irc as root.
15:18<Chutt>kvandivo, or the text scroller i just wrote.
15:18<root>Chutt: I've tried a CMEDIA 4.1 card (using now) and an Audigy2.
15:18<Chutt>ok, get a better soundcard, then
15:19<Chutt>or a tuner card that doesn't require you to record from your soundcard.
15:19<root>Chutt: I normaly don't, but i didn't add any users to this box (I'm on the PVR now)
15:19<kvandivo>ya.. that would work as well. :) this the one that was mentioned a couple of days ago because someone was wondering how much work it would be?
15:19<paulproteus>myth should run as a regular-user, too, root.
15:19<root>Chutt: my card supports btaudio, would that work?
15:19<root>paulproteus: yeah, i plan on doing all that once everything is perfect.
15:20<mikegrb>kvandivo: yha there is a c program for sending the xml formated udp packets in contrib
15:20<root>and i'm soooo close. I got the emulators working, the TV stuff. etc. etc.
15:20<root>Chutt: cool, imma try that
15:20<mikegrb>kvandivo: I just wrote a perl script that wraps it and gets called from maildrop
15:20<Chutt>the c program is getting deprecated
15:20<Chutt>whenever i commit stuff
15:20<Chutt>since, well, it sucks
15:20<mikegrb>I didn't like it
15:20<Chutt>and is poorly written
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15:20<Chutt>and has a nasty buffer overflow in it
15:21<mikegrb>I was going to rewrite my perlscript to do those bits myself
15:21* kvandivo gasps loudly.
15:21<mikegrb>wanted a quick solution though :D
15:22<mikegrb>Chutt: shall I submit a patch to have it bind to instead of udpnotify.cpp or can you do that?
15:22* mikegrb has to be able to send messages to it on
15:22-!-root is now known as not-root
15:23<not-root>when i setup the card and it asks for the video device, etc. etc.... do i put the btaudio's dsp for audio device?
15:23<not-root>i just wanna be sure that it's not asking for audio OUT
15:23<Chutt>mikegrb, already did
15:24<mikegrb>not-root: in the backend setup it wants the btaudio
15:24<mikegrb>not-root: in the frontend setup it wants output
15:24* kvandivo is envisioning /me snaps his fingers.
15:24<kvandivo>hadn't been running cvs with the option to grab new directories
15:25<not-root>mikegrb thanks
15:25* kvandivo goes off to modify his auto-update script.
15:25<kvandivo>didn't have the mythnotify directory.
15:25* mikegrb can press a button to restart the frontend on the xbox :)
15:26<mikegrb>via ACPI my laptops power button actually executes 'ssh root@xbox killall mythfrontend' with the frontend started by a shell script that restarts it
15:27<kvandivo>i'd rather be able to tie one of the xbox's remotes to a script to actually do that
15:27<kvandivo>so that if i hit the big oval button at the top it will restart frontend, or something.
15:28<not-root>what's /dev/dspW ?
15:28<mikegrb>this laptop stays in the living room though
15:28<mikegrb>not-root: where are you seeing it?
15:28<not-root>in /dev
15:28<not-root>it's in there
15:28<mikegrb>kvandivo: that would be quite nifty
15:28<kvandivo>my problem is that my xbox is in the bedroom and whenever it locks up i have to get out of bed, go to the office, and kill it
15:28<not-root>it's dead though, can't cat it or anything
15:28<mikegrb>kvandivo: I played with getting the eject button to do it
15:29<mikegrb>not-root: prob a typo
15:29<mikegrb>kvandivo: do you have a chip or software mod?
15:29<kvandivo>on this one, anyway
15:29<kvandivo>future ones will be software
15:31<mikegrb>I am using chip now to, I might give it a go
15:31<kvandivo>ahhh I _was_ using -dP on cvs. the mythnotify stuff is only 36 hours old, though, and I hadn't updated cvs since then.
15:31* kvandivo blushes.
15:32<mikegrb>problem was you write whether hitting eject causes a reboot to a location in the pic and it is write once
15:32<mikegrb>the dash rights to it as soon as it comes up
15:32<mikegrb>now I should be able to steal that info from the pic before it gets anywhere to do something
15:33<not-root>messages says it registers a dsp1 and 2 (1=digital 2=analog)
15:33<not-root>but when i set the backend to use them, i get no sound.
15:33<mikegrb>what card?
15:33<kvandivo>seems like a lot of work, mikegrb. I'd rather just trap a signal from the remote or pad
15:34<not-root>mikegrb: it's a bttv card
15:34<mikegrb>kvandivo: heh yha
15:34<not-root>mikegrb lemme get more info
15:34<mikegrb>kvandivo: I just anted to do it more for doing it then anything else
15:34<not-root>mikegrb bt878
15:35<not-root>fuser says there's a bunch of processes using /dev/dsp2 (what i told mythbackend to use)
15:35<mikegrb>not-root: well that doesn't really help too much
15:35<Chutt>have to use the digital device
15:35<mikegrb>what kind of stuff?
15:35<Chutt>locked at 32kHz
15:35<Chutt>this is all described in the docs, iirc.
15:35<not-root>Chutt talking to me?
15:35<mikegrb>I think you are right Chutt
15:35<Chutt>you think? :p
15:35<mikegrb>I don't use btaudio but I remember reading about it there
15:35<not-root>Chutt: heh, ok... i've been RTFMing all day.
15:35<not-root>oik, i'll read some more
15:45<hadees>is there any easyer way to make a playlist in mythmusic then the remote?
15:52<thor_>a keyboard?
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15:54<not-root>when i start alsa, and then load btaudio.... i can't open a mixer app on the btaudio stuff
16:01<not-root>what is the absolute BEST tuner card to buy?
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16:05<Chutt>mikegrb, see my latest commit message whenever that gets sent out. might be better for your email notification
16:05<mikegrb>will certainly do
16:05<mikegrb>heh the tv will tell me when it is here :)
16:07<Chutt>i just got it here
16:07<not-root>should i get the WinTV PVR with the mpeg stuff?
16:07<Chutt>note that the --file option became --template
16:07<not-root>is that a good card? has the sound stuff built into it and stuff?
16:08<mikegrb>me too
16:08<not-root>I'm about to head over to Frys
16:08<not-root>and pick it up, if you guys say it's ok and stuff :D
16:08<Chutt>tmk, so, when do i get a fixed driver? =)
16:09<mikegrb>spiffy :)
16:09<not-root>the WinTV PVR 250 or some crap... is that a good card guys?
16:09<not-root>i remember seeing it there, it has onboard mpeg decoder, and a remote.
16:10<not-root>for like under 80 bucks.
16:10<Chutt>buy whatever the hell you want
16:10<Chutt>no one here cares
16:10<not-root>lol, i want to know if it's a decent card
16:10<not-root>because the one i have sucks balls.
16:13<kja>not-root: try searching the mythtv-users mailinglist
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16:21<thor_>hey, it's mister sizeof(sizeof()) .... nothing like getting a joke a week later
16:21<tmk>i didn't write that dude
16:21<thor_>not only did it take me a week
16:21<thor_>but I still didn't get it right
16:22<tmk>it was a patch from someone else
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16:22<Chutt>tmk, i'll even do it
16:22<Chutt>if you would just make a new snapshot
16:22<Chutt>since it's getting really old dealing with it
16:23<tmk>well it's ready to go now
16:23<tmk>do you have the patch handy
16:23<tmk>or must i go dig it up
16:23<Chutt>yeah, but there's a small error in it
16:24<tmk>well shoot. if you're offering to do it
16:24<Chutt>the mailing list archives are broken?
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16:24<Chutt>'current month' returns an error
16:24<tmk>evidently so
16:25* tmk pokes poptix
16:25<monkeyBox>I'm trying to use irrecord to program my remote, and when I try to program a button, I get the error "something went wrong".. I get this with any remote I use :(
16:25<monkeyBox>mode2 shows plenty of output, however when I press buttons
16:26<kja>mokeyBox: try searching the mythtv-users mailinglist
16:26<Chutt>tmk, can i commit this?
16:27<Chutt>the ioctl fixes
16:27<Chutt>to the ivtv driver tree :p
16:28<tmk>oh sure
16:28<tmk>you had it al ready didn't you
16:28<Chutt>of course
16:28<monkeyBox>kja: no luck in the mailing list
16:29<Chutt>now i'll just update the mythtv source to match whenever you get around to doing a new cvs snapshot on the website =)
16:29<tmk>i'll do it now
16:29<Chutt>jens just posted a patch with that fixed as well
16:29<Chutt>but, i'll get mythtv fixed and then send out a notice about it all
16:30<monkeyBox>searched google.. no luck there either
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16:32<monkeyBox>that sure is a helpful error message... "Something went wrong"... sheesh
16:32-!-Netsplit over, joins: sfr, josephk_1, DogBoy, dj1, Viddy, poptix
16:41<monkeyBox>damn I hate this step where you have to press an arbitrary button as fast as possible,,, I've been pressing for 2 minutes.... I'm getting arthritis...
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16:51<Chutt>tmk, thank you =)
16:51<tmk>no, thank you
16:52<nchip>Is there any plans for debian packaging?
16:53<Chutt>debian packages have existed longer than any other binary packages.
16:56<nchip>hmm. I didn't saa an ITP nor do they seem to exist in sid
16:57<Chutt>they can't exist in sid.
17:01<nchip>because of lame requirement?
17:01<tmk>chutt: cvs-latest updated
17:02<Chutt>and other things, yes
17:10<Chutt>tmk, i'll have some pvr-350 decoding enhancements committed to cvs soon
17:10<Chutt>should be more responsive
17:13<Chutt>'soon' meaning 'after a recompile on the mini-itx'
17:14<mikegrb>after reading these posts of pvr users making dvds I'm getting jealous, perhaps I will figure out how to use mythtranscode to make a dvd
17:14<mikegrb>shouldn't be to dificult with the pvr info and the info in the docs about using mythtranscode
17:16-!-bobbyd [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:18<mikegrb>I think I remember avidemux2 reading a myth nuv natively
17:19* mikegrb installs
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17:22<thor_>woo hoo
17:22<Chutt>stuff workin?
17:23<thor_>a bit
18:08<kja>wow, that was surley the most descriptive commit message i've ever seen =)
18:11-!-cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
18:12<cmorgan>Chutt: that pvr-350 guide was quite helpful
18:12<cmorgan>Chutt: all set now, except for odd frontend behavior like not responding to Esc key or seg faulting when pressing esc ;-)
18:17<cmorgan>crash appears to be in qt3 though, bleh
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18:32* kja reads Chutt's mind: 'aha, nice babe'. He sends him a mental message wondering if he could turn his attention to the #mythtv channel.
18:44<kja>Ahh well, you are probably going to read this in backlog: when you do your next ffmpeg resync, could you tar up a ball of what you synced against and send it to me?
18:47<Cloak>debs for .12 coming out soonish?
18:48<term>that'd be nice. :)
18:48<Cloak>yeah, as much as i hate duplicating effort, if noone else is doing it...
18:49<Cloak>.11 is segfaulting every 45 minutes or so
18:49<Chutt>kja, you can check things out of cvs just as well as i can
18:50<Chutt>there's no reason to do a sync right now, hardly anything's changed
18:52<kja>Yes, I just want to compare it and see what you will leave out
18:52<kja>so I will know the reasons for leaving it out, since you don't have time to spare
18:56<Chutt>why does it matter?
18:58<kja>knowledge, just knowledge, if it's not too much trouble for you?
18:58<Chutt>it's more work for me
19:02<kja>fair enough, your choice, i'll just wait and see if a ball appears in my mailbox or not
19:03<thor_>tmk, you around ?
19:03<thor_>did a cvs co of ivtv, in utils, make responds with:
19:03<Chutt>there's a pretty damn good chance that what i merge against will be whatever's in current cvs ffmpeg at the time
19:03<thor_>make: *** No rule to make target `-r`/build/.config'. Stop.
19:05<thor_>ah, kernel macro thingy
19:11<kja>hmm, backend crashed, rare event, better attach it to gdb..
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19:14<kja>what's up bobbyd?
19:14<bobbyd>does anyone knoe of a good guide for getting btaudio working? I curently have the video from my card (v-stream tv-pvr-pro - seems to be the same as a Kworld KW-TV878RF) and alsa sound from my via onboard sound, but no audio from the tv card.
19:15<bobbyd>kja: just trying to get everything set up and working ;)
19:15<bobbyd>i can modprobe btaudio, but then when I lsmod is says it's unused. so I suppose I have to give it paramaters
19:17<kja>sorry, have no idea how to do it, although, gossamer-threads gave me plenty of results on the term 'btaudio':
19:17<bobbyd>oh cool, thanks
19:20-!-Doukegata is now known as Doukegata|riseki
19:24-!-DogBoy [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:25-!-cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
19:25<kja>In case someone knows: Could a seq start occur in the middle of a pes packet?
19:28-!-DogBoy [] has joined #mythtv
19:38<bobbyd>i seem to have audio coming in at dsp2
19:38<bobbyd>how do I get that to come out of my main sound card?
19:39<Teflon->total eclipse of the moon, 8:06pm EST totality (turns red)
19:40<kja>bobbyd: I think you should enter 'setup' and insert dsp2 into the capturecard config.
19:41<bobbyd>ahh ok
19:44<kja>Teflon-: I can't see it...
19:45<kja>Chutt: Yes or no, is there rsync (or other mirroring) available for
19:46<kja>(I'm having trouble keeping track of my patches, and have set up a local cvs mirror, but cvs didn't import binary files correctly, so I either have to fix that or sync..)
19:50-!-Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
19:57<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, sorry about that .qm stuff. For some reason I was thinking they would update automatically.
20:02-!-sfr [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:08<kja>busted, nice commit message, capt.
20:09<kja>there is a patch in -dev if anyone wants to apply...
20:10<bobbyd>woohoo! I got a picture!
20:11<kja>nice work bobbyd, if you find a feature you don't like, feel free to submit a patch!
20:20<monkeyBox>damnit.. lirc is really pissing me off...
20:22<kja>i don't use it, but i could use some time to help you now (really should prepare a channeleditor patch too...)
20:22<kja>what was the err again?
20:26<kja>wow: that M.Niedermayer character over at ffmpeg is incredible!
20:28<kja>kinda like linus in some ways...hehe
20:29-!-aay [] has joined #mythtv
20:37<bobbyd>kja: what's it writtern in?
20:43<kja>MythTV? C++ a subset of the (Norwegian:)hehe) Qt library, and some code (driver layer) to access hardware. There is also scripts in php(mythweb) and some other tidbits in perl.
20:43<Chiphead>evening folks
20:43<kja>evening, was up?
20:44<Chiphead>nada just pluguing away at the directfb support
20:46<kja>videoout_fb? cool, can't wait to try (requires heavy hardware though?)
20:46<Teflon->i can't believe i have burnt through 50 blank dvds for my wife already since i got the PVR-250
20:46<kja>do you transcode Teflon-?
20:46<Chiphead>if linux supports you framebuffer then it will work... Im doing it so I can run it sans X on my xbox
20:47<Teflon->kja, no i record in DVD mode 4.4-5.1mbps
20:47<kja>yea, videoout_fb support, very cool, mplayer like even =)
20:47<Teflon->that way i can burn it to dvds that work in any old player
20:47<Chiphead>40 sec faster startup
20:48<Chiphead>on the xbox at leaste
20:48<kja>Teflon-: oh, I gave my old (dvd) player away to my parents after getting mythtv...
20:48-!-anurag [] has joined #mythtv
20:48<Teflon->kja, dvd format discs work in anyone's dvd player, so thats why they're in use
20:49<Teflon->my wife can then lend them to her friends and parents and siblings, etc.
20:49<kja>Chiphead: what about playback requirements (cpu wise?)?
20:50<Chiphead>well the xbox has a 750 celeron so should not be a problem... its just a frontend..
20:50<Chiphead>dont know about others.
20:50<kja>Teflon-: most dvd players play svideo-cd too, which will cut the load in half(?)
20:50<Chiphead>if you have a hardware fb then should not be an issue
20:51<Teflon->kja, but not on DVD media...
20:51<Teflon->and not my dvd player
20:51<Chiphead>whould be no more demanding than X
20:52<Chiphead>even w/o hardware fb
20:54<kja>Chiphead: most Xfree drivers are heavily optimized, framebuffer is not(we are talkin bout linux framebuffer?)...
20:54<Chiphead>yeah... using DirectFB so if hw accell is there is will be used
20:54<kja>Teflon-: didn't think the media had anything to say...but that might be an issue...
20:55<Teflon->kja most dvd players are of rather ... limited intellect.
20:55<Chiphead>if you can run mplayer via fb then this should work just as well
20:56<kja>Chiphead: you are just building a VideoOutFB class, so that Qt/Embedded might enyoy the enhancements?
20:57<Chiphead>yes... already have changes needed for qt/e
20:57<Chiphead>the GUI is already working and I have audio working and all x dependancy removed
20:58<kja>Teflon-: hmm, have not tried a lot of them, but those I've tried have been widely acceptable of different formats, even just a plain mpg1 on a cd...
20:58-!-thor_ [~thor@] has quit ["Wonder what this button does?"]
20:58<Teflon->kja must be fairly modern players. we're talking vintage 1999 players here for me :)
20:59-!-thor_ [~thor@] has joined #mythtv
21:00* kja pours another glass of whiskey..
21:00-!-Ripp [] has joined #mythtv
21:00<Teflon->i need to be compatible with: panasonic a-120, powerbook 12", PC DVDs, Samsung DVD players, RCA dvd players, and some generic nonames and at least one toshiba.
21:00<kja>Teflon, yea, their all newer, most probably...
21:01<Teflon->a-120 is old, very old. first available DTS player.
21:01* kja thinks Teflon should by each of them a new dvd-player for christmast...
21:01<bobbyd>where can I get a list of keys that control myth?
21:01<Teflon->svcd menus suck too
21:02<Teflon->bobbyd: keys.txt
21:02<Teflon->in the source rootdir
21:02<bobbyd>ok thanks
21:03<kja>Chutt: had time too look over the patch yet? (i'll look over another ch.editor release then)
21:03<bobbyd>you know when there's a file.txt.gz in /usr/share/doc? how do I view that file directly? is there some standard way? like man?
21:04<Teflon->zcat or zless
21:04<bobbyd>ahh ;)
21:04<kja>view 'file'.gz|bz2 works for me ;)
21:04<kja>vi that is (sorry...drunk)
21:04<Teflon->vi doesn't show .gz or .bz2.. do you mean vim?
21:05<kja>yea, but your libs(or kernel) could actually have built in support for gz..
21:19-!-De_Mon_ is now known as De_Mon
21:19<kja>o_cee: around, or in the shower with u'r g?
21:20-!-riksta is now known as rick
21:21<bobbyd>thanks for the help, once I get this all working I'll be contributing code hopefully ;)
21:21-!-bobbyd [] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:23<rick>id just love to know how to change channel!!
21:24<kja>i think it's written in the keys.txt file, along with some others...
21:34-!-FreddieD [] has joined #mythtv
21:34-!-FreddieD [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:37<kja>after about an hour or two of LiveTV, my audi
21:38<kja>audio/video goes all skippy, chaning channel fixes it??
21:39-!-anurag [] has quit []
21:41<kja>and also, on some channels, the audio gets all messed up, this is with cvs...
21:51<kja>ahh well, i'll post to the users list
21:53-!-kNet [] has joined #mythtv
21:53-!-CyberKnet [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:53<kja>hi kNet
21:59-!-Edgan [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
22:07-!-kNet [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
22:07<monkeyBox>What does mythtv do differently when compiled w/ native lirc support? How is it different from using irxevent?
22:12<kja>i think it uses the lirc library to listen to events from the remote (how it's done I don't know)
22:12<kja>irxevent uses a configuration file different from mythtv, which also gives the option to send event to other windowx
22:12<monkeyBox>kja: but what's different about my lirc config file?? how do I map my rc buttons to commands to send to mythtv?
22:13<monkeyBox>Does it still just basically send keyboard commands?
22:13-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
22:14<kja>yea, but within x, a keyboard key is an event, as would a keypress on the remote be interperted
22:15<kja>on how to configure it, and all that, i have no idea (will have this week tho, have ordered a remote wonder 1, 2 was delayed untill next year, and i have been waiting all fall for it:()
22:17<kja>although i suspect the differences in the config file is small (there should be an example in the mythtv source tree)
22:18-!-Ripp [] has quit [""Bring me the hydrospanners! I don't know how we're gonna get out of this one.""]
22:18* kja thinks ditch BX
22:19<hadees>if anyone is thinking about starting a new project a linux backend server would be a nice thing to add to
22:42<monkeyBox>Ok, here's one thing I don't get. If I have a remote set up with mythtv, there's no way for me to differentiate between my chan_up button, and my menu_up button, for instance, my ch_up button must be mapped to the UP arrow key, but when I am in the "menu guide" mode, I would like to use my directional menu_up buttons on my remote, but I can't because my ch_up button is already mapped to the arrow_up key...
22:42<monkeyBox>Is there a way to make my OWN custom keymappings in mythtv short of rewriting code??
22:50<Chutt>no, since no one has written the code to let you do that yet.
22:56<monkeyBox>hmm.. guess I
22:56<monkeyBox>'ll have to figure out some work around or something
22:58<thor_>monkeyBox, map both buttons to arrow up
23:03<monkeyBox>thor_: yeah I guess I could do that :-) my brain isn't quite what it used to be before all the crak and heroin
23:05<kja>mokeyBox: if that was just alcohol, i'd belive you, but with the stuff you're talking about, i don't think u'd have the iq left to even enter this group....
23:06<monkeyBox>heh.. yeah ur right.. never touched the stuff...
23:07<monkeyBox>actually, it's more just a lack of sleep
23:07<kja>if you say so, me neither
23:08<monkeyBox>ever since I set up mythtv, all my brothers (x3) are asking me to set one up for them :-p
23:09<kja>if you get the $, why don't you do it?
23:10<kja>if you did, u'd probably have more $ for crack..-.
23:19<Chutt>kja, i've not forgotten your settings patch, i just want to talk to mdz about it
23:27-!-D-side [] has joined #mythtv
23:29<monkeyBox>Chutt: when mapping my keys directly to mythtv, is there anywhere I can see what the actual keynames are? (such as page up, etc..) Are they the same as irxevent?
23:30<kja>yes, iirc
23:32<D-side>heres my silly thought of the day. is the EPG problem with the visor OSD a known one?
23:32<D-side>or is it just me sucking as usual
23:33<Chutt>what problem?
23:34<D-side>Error parsing: /usr/share/mythtv/themes/visor/ui.xml
23:34<D-side>at line: 601 column: 17
23:34<D-side>tag mismatch
23:34<D-side>i'm looking into it now, didnt see the position til now
23:35<kja>download the lates update, search the gossamer-threads for location
23:35<Chutt>oh, yeah
23:35<Chutt>that's been known for ages :p
23:35<D-side>yeah i figured. if you've noticed, my track record for asking stupid questions in here is absolutely impeccable.
23:36<D-side>i'm resume my regularly scheduled shutting the fuck up now.
23:36<kvandivo>searched for 'visor 601' :)
23:36<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, what's the command(s) I need to rerun for the .ts and .qm files? I'll make a note of it in my TODO list so I remember next time. :(
23:36<D-side>thanks. i should have done that, but thanks all the same.
23:36<Chutt>captain_murdoch, no big deal =)
23:37<Chutt>in the i18n directory, just do 'lupdate'
23:37<Chutt>to regenerate the .ts files
23:37<Chutt>and 'lrelease' will create the .qm files
23:37<Captain_Murdoch>ok, thanks.
23:38-!-JonnyRo [] has joined #mythtv
23:39<Chutt>but don't worry 'bout not doing it or anything
23:39<Chutt>i forget fairly often =)
23:39<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, but I hate breaking things. :)
23:40<kvandivo>so, chutt.. when i submitted that patch the other day for Mater -> Master, I had changed a bunch of those mythfrontend_ files manually.. did I do that wrong?
23:40<Captain_Murdoch>anyone else having problems with the -dev list today? I've had 2 emails bounce saying unknown user mythtv-dev.
23:40<Chutt>kvandivo, yup =)
23:40<Chutt>captain_murdoch, no, i've not had any problems with it
23:40<Chutt>got the bounce messages?
23:41<kvandivo>so, you just change the files via cpp and run those two commands and it updates the files in i18n automatically?
23:41<JonnyRo>is it possible to export a myth video database to a recording medium, then re-import it at a different myth tv installation?
23:41<Captain_Murdoch>one of them. I'll forward it to you if you want. it's from saying the remote mail server ( said 5.1.1 user unknown
23:41<Chutt>jonnyro, just copy the mysql db files
23:41<Chutt> doesn't work anymore
23:41<JonnyRo>Chutt: i dont want to overwrite the target installations settings, can i just copy the recorded table?
23:42<JonnyRo>Chutt: and the files
23:42<Chutt>or just do a backup/restore of that table
23:42<Chutt>either would work
23:42<JonnyRo>I think i'm going to try and write a python script to do this, because my friend lives far away from good tv reception, and does not have cable (he lives on a catamaran), so i want to record stuff for him and load it onto his system
23:43<kvandivo>if you just copy the db files, it goes without saying, j, that you want to make sure that mysql is shutdown before you do that.
23:44<JonnyRo>kvandivo: yea, i could do that. But i want to insert these files into his myth database without overwriting files he may already have in that database
23:44<kja>Chutt, thanks for comitting that pathc, i see you didn't apply anything else than required from dbscheck.cpp, that's ok, but the other parts could really be removed, unless i'm f**king up again, drunk to release a channel editor/setup patch now
23:44<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: dohh, that's it. I had to specify the TO today when replying to a message and my alias was never updated. guess I haven't started any threads recently, just been replying. :)
23:45<JonnyRo>kvandivo: so i'm going to write a script to pull the rows out of the table, write them to a file, then re-insert on his end
23:45<Chutt>kja, yeah, but it doesn't matter on those
23:45<JonnyRo>kvandivo: changing the file names if neccessary
23:45<Chutt>they just get removed right away
23:46<kja>but i've really cleaned it up, and removed the q?'s i posted in the list a while ago, and added a lot of the features that where missing, and cleaned up the code in libmyth much more at least...
23:47<kja>Chutt, yea agree...a bit slow on the trigger there =)
23:47<kja>just wanted to point out the changes to you
23:48<Chutt>keeps the change history available, in case anyone's interested
23:50<kja>what really annoys me is what ed and steele did, promising code for at least two months, and never giving, only complaining, but what the heck, i'm so close now
23:50<Chutt>captain_murdoch, are your per-show pre/post roll times in minutes or seconds?
23:50<Chutt>shoudn't they be in seconds to match the existing pre/post roll settings?
23:50<Chutt>i don't care, really, but =)
23:51<Captain_Murdoch>I had it seconds to begin with but thought that might hose things up and if they cause conflicts anyway why not go with even minutes.
23:51<kja>one thing tho, i've made the channel editor as versatile as possible, where (in the menu) does it fit best?
23:51<Captain_Murdoch>didn't want filenames with seconds on them. :)
23:51<Chutt>that's true
23:52<Captain_Murdoch>and if you want 5 minutes I didn't like the idea of scrolling up to 300, even if it's by 5 or 10 using pageup/down
23:52<Chutt>yeah, since people will use those more often than the global ones
23:52<Chutt>i think i'm through all the patches
23:52<Chutt>except for some stuff i'm waiting on revisions for
23:53<Captain_Murdoch>did you checkout how I did it? wondering if I missed anything or if you had any better ideas.
23:53<Chutt>haven't looked at it at all =)
23:53<Captain_Murdoch>I thougth about adding another field to programinfo but that would have meant lots of scheduler changes.
23:54<Captain_Murdoch>basically when scheduledrecorder.cpp returns the list of programs that are scheduled to record, it returns the program with the modified times so the scheduler is unchanged.
23:54<Captain_Murdoch>then I had to modify loadbyprogram to allow it to find items that have modified times.
23:56<Chutt>looks good to me
23:56<Chutt>next thing i want to do is an actual osd menu
23:56<Captain_Murdoch>I need to add a "Protect this recording from deletion" checkbox. :) I've deleted 2 shows by accident that I was supposed to be keeping around because someone asked me to record them.
23:57<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, could have used the osd menu on the thing I did to allow toggling Auto-Skip. used newdialogbox() to try to emulate one.
23:57<Chutt>yeah, doesn't quite work right does it? =)
23:58<Captain_Murdoch>usable for now.
23:58<Captain_Murdoch>already used it a couple times tonight to turn auto-skip on for a few shows that are pretty much dead-on with comm detection.
23:59<Chutt>no one's said anything about my nifty text scroller thingie
23:59<Chutt>i'm sad :(
---Logclosed Sun Nov 09 00:00:20 2003