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00:00<kja>HU HU, sorry haven't got the time yet...
00:00<Captain_Murdoch>so we can have our own weather alerts scroll across the bottom now? :)
00:00<Chutt>or anything, really
00:01<Captain_Murdoch>hmmm, ought to set that up and send messages to it while I'm at work in case my wife is watching Myth at home. :)
00:01* kvandivo plans to "borrow" that code to implement the "clock down in the lower corner" thing that he's been wanting for a while.
00:01<kja>i was thinking any xml notification, but that would be hard..
00:01<Chutt>static text areas are pretty easy
00:01<Chutt>i want to modify things so it can send the entire OSD stuff for things like that and not depend on having a container defined in the osd theme
00:02<Captain_Murdoch>kvandivo: that could just be an OSD item easily. if the theme doesn't support then don't display. if supported by theme and user has clock setting turned on then display.
00:02<kvandivo>i was glancing around in osd.cpp today. Didn't actually spend enough time there to make any progress.
00:02<kvandivo>(had to do some house wiring)
00:03<Chutt>someone needs to work on recommendations code
00:03* kvandivo blushes.
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00:03* kja humms
00:04<kvandivo>i _have_ been meaning to get back to that
00:04<kvandivo>i just keep adding things to my 'plans' file that i've got for things i want in myth, and just haven't gotten back to tackling that one yet. It's the one I really want to be working on, though
00:05<FryGuy>recomendations like amazon does?
00:05<FryGuy>"you've watched a, b, and c, so you'd probably like d too"?
00:05<kvandivo>yes. check the archives, it's been discussed there, along with a first/second/third, and fourth version of the patch
00:06<FryGuy>nice :)
00:06<FryGuy>getting the info from where? the people that use myth or somewhere else?
00:06<pmowry>Sorry to jump in late, but that's the feature my wife has been asking for as well.
00:06<kvandivo>your past recordings, actually.
00:06<kvandivo>well, go grab the patch from a couple of months ago, apply it, and let me know what you think of it. :)
00:07<kvandivo>it _is_ going to be changing some once I get back to it, but in its current form it does a decent job
00:07<Chutt>it's the only major tv-related feature left, imo
00:08<Captain_Murdoch>I noticed tonight on CSI why sometimes Myth misses some blank frames around commercial breaks. CBS starts displaying their logo early sometimes and since it's up during the 'blank' frame Myth doesn't detect it as blank. need to patch back in my logo detection and use that info to see if the frame is really blank.
00:09<kvandivo>what if you just extended your 10 pixel thing that you added recently?
00:09<Chutt>how bout just disallowing the lower right corner?
00:10<kja>how about disallowing any corner?
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00:11<Captain_Murdoch>don't want to make the ignored border too big. thought about ignoging the lower right corner but some put their logo in differnent areas. ignoring too much space will lead to false positives. I already have code that does a pretty good job at logo detection, just needed to figure out exactly how to use that info.
00:11<Captain_Murdoch>if a logo is detected I can just ignore the pixels in an area around the logo. the code detects logos in any corner.
00:12<kvandivo>you know.. after you get the logo detection down cold.. the next step is to make that a filter and _remove_ the logo from a scene..
00:12<kvandivo>most of the logos aren't solid colors these days
00:12<kja>yea, but what about really close to the start of a recording?
00:12<Captain_Murdoch>I'll leave that up to someone else. :) yeah, transparent/opaque ones would be easier.
00:13<pmowry>Doesnt virtualdub have a decent logo filter?
00:13<Captain_Murdoch>kja, I detect the logo in-advance by jumping to several points in the video and analyzing frames. then I start back at frame 0 and start checking for commercials.
00:14<dopez>mplayer also has a good logo filter (once you give the location to 'remove' it)
00:15<kja>but what about this in addaition: center gets x%, then close to edge gets x% finally a corner gets %x probabiliy?
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00:16* kvandivo retires to the other room to watch some myth on the xbox.
00:16<cmorgan>anyone using latest myth and ivtv with a 350 for tvout? i can get tv out working and X outputting to the frame buffer but not both at the same time for some reason.
00:16* kja thinks: sorry bout the breath, it won't be much better in the morning...
00:17<pmowry>cmorgan: The only issue I have is watching live tv is broke. I'm using the latest CVS of ivtv and mythtv
00:17<cmorgan>pmowry: so everything else works for you?
00:17<kja>pmowry: what is broken?
00:18<cmorgan>pmowry: you can record a show and watch it via the 350's decoder on the tv?
00:19<pmowry>kja: I'm sure I have something wrong with my framebuffer setup. But when I try to watch live tv I get a blank screen, OSD pops up ok, but then locks. But I can record and then playback later fine.
00:20<pmowry>cmorgan: whatkindof problems are you having?
00:20<kja>hmm, sounds like the pvr is stopping output of frames during livetv, are your recording on the same card?
00:20<pmowry>kja: Yeah, a PVR-350 is the only card I have.
00:21<kja>nothing in the logs after a lock in livetv? complete lock?
00:22<pmowry>I kill frontend from an ssh session from another box. TV display never comes back, so I shutdown remotely.
00:22<pmowry>I rarely watch live TV so it has not been a big deal.
00:23<thor_>hey, who did the browse mode channel change stuff?
00:23<cmorgan>pmowry: basically i have X out through the framebuffer on the tv
00:23<cmorgan>pmowry: but when i go to live tv I don't get any picture at all
00:24<cmorgan>pmowry: if i have X go through my monitor otoh i can get live tv through the tv without any trouble
00:24<cmorgan>i also get an odd error "unable to open the ivtv framebuffer" printed on the display
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00:24<Captain_Murdoch>thor_: I did browse mode
00:25<Captain_Murdoch>I think someone submitted a patch to add the channel number stuff to it but I did the original code.
00:25<thor_>it's really a great feature
00:25<Captain_Murdoch>and I hardly ever use livetv. :) I added it because I do use that feature on my Dish Network sat receiver.
00:25<kja>omewry: if you would care to get a backtrace it would be great, but you chould post it to mythtv-users:
00:26<pmowry>cmorgan: sounds similar to my situation. I think I could watch live tv when I had a 2 headed system.
00:26<thor_>Chutt, is OSD drawing expensive ?
00:26<cmorgan>pmowry: it must be a recent driver issue i would imagine
00:27<cmorgan>pmowry: since there have been several reports that you can have X and the mpeg encoder on your tv...
00:27<cmorgan>i also get a cool crash in the program guide
00:27<kja>cmorgan: would that message hang the mythfrontend?
00:27<cmorgan>kja: the unable to open ivtv message? let me try it
00:27<pmowry>kja: Thanks I'll give it a try tomorrow.
00:28<kja>both: lovely
00:28<cmorgan>kja: crashed the backend
00:28<cmorgan>let me restart it and try once more
00:28<cmorgan>yeah, crashed the backend
00:28<cmorgan>let me attach gdb to it prior to doing that ;-)
00:30<cmorgan>i got the "unable to open ivtv framebuffer" error from the frontend
00:30<kja>cmorgan: you have probably gotten far beyond user, post to the mythtv-devel list
00:30<cmorgan>backend survived that time ;-)
00:30<pmowry>I believe there was a posting in the ivtv archives about using n oct-29 version of ivtv-fb with myth. I'm looking for the post.
00:30<cmorgan>i chatted with jens over on the ivtv-dev list
00:30<cmorgan>unfortuantely i didn't have my machine setup and he went to bed before i got things hooked up ;-)
00:30<kja>hmmm, random, could you check what it's crashing in, in both front backend for a couple of times, say 10?
00:31<cmorgan>i can post a bt from the frontend crash that i captured
00:31<cmorgan>i'm rebuilding with latest cvs changes from the last few hours
00:31<kja>but that could just be random
00:32<cmorgan>it could
00:32<cmorgan>i've been upgrading to cvs all night, loads of changes going in ;-) heh
00:32<kja>there is a patch which reqires latest mythtv and ivtv or something...using DVB...
00:33<cmorgan>i got the latest ivtv and cvs with those changes
00:33<kja>commits list is a good thing a =)
00:33<pmowry>looks like ivtv's cvs has been updated in thepast few hours as well.
00:34<kja>the cvs-latest link should match after the changes, cvs as normal would fetch all changes after also
00:35<cmorgan>checked ivtv cvs, i have the latest changes
00:35<cmorgan>same unable to open framebuffer crap
00:36<kja>ok, you do have the module loaded? (sorry have to ask), could someone comment one the fb things? they should not matter though
00:37<kja>the crash was with latest cvs bfore or ater recompiling for the new driver?
00:38<cmorgan>i couldn't compile with the old driver, there was a kernel incompatiblity with the _IOR/_IOW macros
00:39<kja>try a 'cvs up -A' now, se if that gives anything usefull
00:39<cmorgan>for ivtv? went to cvs on myth and ivtv a minute or two ago, rebuilt myth and using that now
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00:40<cmorgan>so if i don't load the ivtv-fb module i can get output from video0 and pipe it to video16 and see it on the tv
00:41<kja>yea, but you could have missed something? not? (BIG FAT NOTE: I'm on the edge of my knowledge here)
00:42<cmorgan>i get "IVTV_IOC_GET_FB: Invalid argument
00:44<kja>it sound like something had gotten wrong with the compilation, because the mythtv and ivtv IOCTL's don't match, which they should
00:45<cmorgan>yeah, let me rebuild ivtv now
00:45<kja>most probably, that is...
00:45<monkeyBox>Why am I getting a grayscale OSD??
00:46<kja>i would have rebuilt ivtv, then 'make distclean' in mythtv, and done my buisiness
00:46<kja>monkeyBox: XVMC?
00:46<monkeyBox>kja: what's that?
00:47<monkeyBox>Is it a setting that's enabled during mythtv compilation?
00:47<kja>X Video Moteion Compensation, it's a method for accellerating videooutput, though, mine is pretty sluggish with me writing meeages about it..
00:48<kja>yea, look at the
00:48<monkeyBox>well, I installed w/ gentoo...
00:49<monkeyBox>what requirements do I need to have XVMC enabled? what's making it b&w?
00:49<kja>don't remember the ebuild settings by head, but I remember dvb beeing disabled, think xvmc was enabled
00:50<kja>look over the changes between .11 ebuilds and .12 ebuild, and you'll note the difference
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00:51<kja>the gentoo project is really something for those who really have something in common with linux @ all....which you seems to have little of?
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00:52<monkeyBox>something in common?? well, I don't know how a person can have "something in common" with linux, but I love linux, to say the least..
00:53<monkeyBox>I'll never go back to windows...
00:54<kja>he, i've put my head against the linux kernel since '94, and could certainly say the i've got something in common with it.
00:55<kja>relax monkeyBox, i've used slackware, which feels like a pain
00:56<kja>i've also taken a beat at the lovely lfs projects, which teached me almost more than the kernel itself
00:56<monkeyBox>Wow, I bet someone who's been w/ linux for that long would start dreaming in C or somthing...
00:57<monkeyBox>I've been tempted to do lfs... never had the time though :p
00:57<kja>he, I see Chutt in my dreams raping me in C code, which he hates =)
00:59<kja>in short, it's a nightmare, unless youreally want it!
01:00* Captain_Murdoch hopes kja was talking about lfs and not the C code comment.
01:01<Captain_Murdoch>I shoulda' gone to bed 5 minutes ago before seeing that post.
01:01<Chutt>which post?
01:01<kja>tilt your head!
01:02<Captain_Murdoch>I'd rather not repeat. :)
01:02<cmorgan>i'll take the rapists for 500 alex
01:04<Captain_Murdoch>cmorgan: you can have them for free.
01:05<cmorgan>Captain_Murdoch: ha. just made me think of that snl celebrity jeopardy skit...
01:07<pmowry>hmph... Howdo you choose what group to speak in with BitchX when you have more than one in a single session?
01:08<pmowry>Ther have been move CVS updates to mythtv in tha past few minutes, and I cant getback to that channel.
01:08<pmowry>or can I....
01:09<Captain_Murdoch>you're talking in #mythtv
01:09<pmowry>Thanks, I see that now, just dont know how it happened.
01:10<kja>who's gigem
01:12<Captain_Murdoch>David Engel
01:13<Captain_Murdoch>been talking on mythtv-dev for a while about conflict resolution and record override/suppression.
01:14<pmowry>I was looking at the mythgame changes.. I've got issues...
01:14<kja>ahhh, never seeen him commit anything, that's all
01:14<Captain_Murdoch>just got CVS access recently. this is his first commit.
01:16* kja is just still the little man asking..
01:16<pmowry>"Work on making the pvr-350 decoder support better.
01:16<pmowry>Maybe that little commit will help me and cmorgan.
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01:17<pmowry>Andof course it just started recording, so I gotta wait an hour before playing :(
01:17<cmorgan>why is that?
01:19<pmowry>It's recording one of mywife's programs and I'm not interesting in putting my life at risk by screwing with the box right now.
01:23<kja>i was talking about that with cmorgam: althogh, i didn't metion the cvsup in those words....
01:26<cmorgan>rebuilding mythtv right now
01:27<cmorgan>i suspect once i get things working i'll be quite cautious about changing it ;-)
01:29<kja>Chutt: would the access to a tarball of mythtv or rsync access be out of the question
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01:39<kja>i was wondering on how i could rsync mythtv, iv've not found a solution yet!
01:47<thor_>cvs update in a cron job?
01:49<pmowry>No mame games in mythgame seems to be a common issue, But I cant find what I have wrong. any ideas?
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01:50<pmowry>using xmame.x11, all roms are lower case, catver.ini is pointing to the right file..
01:51<pmowry>No extra whitespace in any of the gamesetting lines.
01:53<Chutt>it's a simple mod to make it print out the command line it's using to look for games
01:53<Chutt>and it's fairly easy to test that to see what's going wrong
01:55<pmowry>Chutt: I missed it, whats the mod?
01:55<Chutt>you have to edit the source
01:55<Chutt>add a cout or whatnot
01:59<pmowry>ok, I assume its the mamehandler.cpp I need to modify.
01:59<pmowry>I'll track it down.
01:59<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, did you say you were fine with changing it so that when a recording starts late that the filename should match the time it started.
02:00<Chutt>pmowry, yup
02:00<Chutt>captain_murdoch, yeah, but that needs tested
02:00<Chutt>and there should be a threshold or something
02:00<Chutt>of a few minutes
02:00<kja>cpatn. is fine here...
02:00<Chutt>and it should round to the nearest minute, of course
02:01<Captain_Murdoch>current cvs doesn't have a threshold as to when it will start. I was just thinking of changing the filenames. like for when a backend is restarted in the middle of a show instead of writing over the first half it will make a new file.
02:02<kja>i tnighk that was the previsous problem?
02:02<Captain_Murdoch>already have a mod in my source to set nextRecording->startts before calling nexttv->StartRecording(nextRecording) in scheduler.cpp. seems to be working but I'll give it a runthrough before committing.
02:03<Chutt>make sure it rounds it =)
02:03<Captain_Murdoch>it is.
02:04<thor_>sorry to repeat, is OSD drawing expensive?
02:04<Captain_Murdoch>rounding down actually cause it's not a big deal if they miss up to 60 seconds of a show. no need to have a less than 60 second recording.
02:04<Chutt>thor, relatively, yes
02:04<Chutt>depends on how often it gets updated, etc
02:04<kja>altghou cvs has a problem with avcycing, biy to hstyht===
02:04<Chutt>could be made less so by doing some mmx opts
02:05<Captain_Murdoch>if show starts at 1630 and backend is restarted within that minute then should just use 1630 again as start time.
02:05<kja>i'lll do those
02:05<thor_>... thinking about interfaces vis-a-vis mfd ...
02:05<Chutt>captain_murdoch, yeah, that's what i meant
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02:05<Chutt>by a threshold
02:06<kja>i tonth really ceare"'
02:06<Captain_Murdoch>ok. I'll think about that and see if I can think of anything. I think that my mod today and David's mod make this easier to implement now.
02:11<thor_>tmk, if you're up (or catch this on scrollback) had to modify the 'uname -r' bits at the top of the Makefile's in ivtv source by hand
02:11<Chutt>thor, i had to do the same
02:12<thor_>does make depend on your shell?
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02:12<Chutt>i didn't really feel like spending time on it
02:13<tmk>thor: when did you download
02:13<tmk>i thought i fixed that
02:13<Chutt>tmk, it's broken in current cvs
02:13<thor_>couple of hours ago
02:13<Chutt>as of right now
02:14<tmk>k i'll get to it tonite
02:16<thor_>on the reccomendations thing ...
02:16<thor_>I actually know some of the guys that did the first collaborative filtering algorithms for Amazon
02:17<thor_>but I'm unclear on how anyone could do this without external information
02:17<Chutt>build up a database
02:17<Chutt>based on user information
02:18<thor_>I like things that start at 7 pm ?
02:19<thor_>just seems to me it would be a lot easier and much more useful to do some kind of shared information
02:19<thor_>well ...
02:19<Chutt>user A likes X and Y, user B likes X, so might like Y
02:19<thor_>easier to do reccomendations
02:19<mikegrb>hmmm problems running myth on my laptop, verbose all output seems to look like mytht thinks it is playing back but I get blank screen... it shall wait for the morning though, after staying up til 5am last night playing with myth and email my wife will kill me if I don't get to bed :)
02:19<Chutt>expanded, of course
02:19<thor_>yeah, outside information, ok
02:20<mikegrb>have a good night
02:20<Chutt>if zap2it ever launches their datadirect service
02:21<Chutt>stuff like actors/directors can be used
02:21* mikegrb gives Chutt, thor_, and Chiphead a cookie
02:21<mikegrb>heh /if/
02:21<thor_>yup, yup
02:21<mikegrb>you'd think they would want to make money
02:21<thor_>I do understand collab. filtering
02:21<thor_>I was just worried we were thinking we could get somewhere without touching the network
02:22<Chutt>eventually, it'll be needed
02:22<Chutt>i just can't write anything for it =)
02:22<thor_>that's kind of an odd statement
02:23* thor_ is thinking about odd employment contracts
02:23<thor_>silence is golden
02:23<thor_>well good
02:24<Chutt>no, one of our products is a recommendation engine
02:24<thor_>'cause we need somewhere to store DVD info (a la cddb) in any case
02:24<Chutt>i obviously can't write anything to compete with work stuff
02:24<Chutt>same with a dvd-database, too similar to what i do for work
02:24<mikegrb>off line stuff could eventualy be something along the lines of a snapshot of an online database
02:25<thor_>mikegrb, yup ... but you need something to snapshot :-)
02:26<mikegrb>eventually heh, support the people who aren't paranoid eventually... then a database would be built up
02:26<mikegrb>and the paranoid people can benifit some
02:26<mikegrb>kind of could draw parallels between that and open source software
02:27<mikegrb>support the people who give back, eventually a project may end up becomming so 'mainstream' that it ends up having things to support other people
02:27<Captain_Murdoch>cool, went in and setup a recording for a show already in progress. also set a negative postroll. ended up with a recorded file of 1022_20031109022400_20031109022500.nuv since it started at 0224 and postroll was -5. deleted the record table entry correctly when finished as well. file played correctly and was deleted correctly...
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02:28* mikegrb gives Captain_Murdoch a cookie
02:28<mikegrb>time for bed for real now though <g>
02:28<thor_>hmmmm ....
02:28* Captain_Murdoch steal's Hannibal's line and says "I love it when a plan comes together!"
02:28<thor_>would be easy if bandwidth was free
02:28<thor_>oh, and server space
02:28<thor_>and maintenance
02:29<thor_>well here's an odd thought ...
02:29<ChaosExiguum>not really suited to p2p either
02:30<thor_>build the capacity into myth, but leave the URL to the user
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02:31<thor_>and another hmmmm
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02:33<thor_>build a sales channel method and a marketing mechanism into the protocol (?)
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02:35<ChaosExiguum>and hope someone makes a start-up?
02:35<thor_>yeah, I dunno
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02:36<pmowry>Now its time for me to signoff to. I'll start with a fresh CVS of ivtv and mythtv in the morning.
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02:36<thor_>there has to be some sensible way to finance the infrastructure of reccomendations and metadata lookups
02:37<ChaosExiguum>other than shameless plugs =)
02:37<thor_>well ... it would be of value to me
02:37<thor_>I would pay for it
02:38<thor_>especially if "paying" meant a banner add on my Schedule Recordings screen
02:38<ChaosExiguum>I guess as long as the reccomendations stayed unbiased
02:39<thor_>yeah, that's a non trivial issue
02:39<bline>could probably find volunteers for servers
02:39<thor_>could definitely get the ball rolling for free
02:39<thor_>no problem
02:39<thor_>but longer term ...
02:41<thor_>and doing a user X user X program collab. filter and managing the whole program/actor/episode namespace etc.,etc., that;s real CPU cycles
02:42<thor_>well ...
02:42<thor_>I wonder if you couldn't do it P2P ?
02:42<ChaosExiguum>I bet you could with supernodes of a sort
02:42<ChaosExiguum>much like bbs netmail
02:43* bline watches dogma
02:43<thor_>hmmmm (again)
02:45<ChaosExiguum>you could have a master server keeping track of who is supposed to connect to who, and that way evenly distrobute the load
02:46<ChaosExiguum>keep those gears turning thor, its 2:45 here and I have _got_ to get some sleep :o)
02:46<thor_>me too
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13:31<davatar>hey guys, I just got a sblive going with digital out, however the only effective volume control for this is labeled "pcm2" Is there a mythtv workaround for this, or should I look at alsa?
13:33-!-nulltank [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
13:36-!-cmorgan_ [] has joined #mythtv
13:47-!-cmorgan [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
13:52-!-Justin_ [~justin@] has joined #mythtv
14:14-!-D-side [] has joined #mythtv
14:40-!-nulltank [] has joined #mythtv
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15:26-!-choenig [] has joined #mythtv
15:29-!-paulc [] has joined #mythtv
15:34<paulc>Question Re: serial control of motorola box. I actually have the script working as root, but when I try to run it as mythtv I get a permission denied.
15:35<cmorgan_>what permissions are on the script?
15:35<cmorgan_>paste the ls -l line about it
15:35<paulc>and, I've added mythtv to the "dialout" group, which is on the permissions of the ttyS0
15:36<paulc>crw-rw---- 1 root dialout
15:36<paulc>Any ideas?
15:36<cmorgan_>the permissions look fine on the file
15:36<cmorgan_>is it the script itself that is giving the permission denied or something the script is trying to run?
15:37<paulc>no, the script itself, in fact the script
15:37<paulc>which also has -rwxr-xr-x
15:38<paulc>once you add a user to a group, it should work immediately, right? I mean, you don't have to re-boot or anything...?
15:38<cmorgan_>what does it display for permission denied?
15:38<cmorgan_>you might have to logout/in to have it take effect
15:38<cmorgan_>not positive on that
15:39<paulc>Oh...ok, I think I just had to bring up a new shell, since it's working now. I think the premossions are remembered by the shell...ok, cool
15:39<paulc>that's *permissions*
15:41<paulc>Nice work on MythTV everyone. I've got mine working relatively easily with unstable Debian.
15:48<[M-M]>yay! the cutlist is finally being honoured when exporting this one recording :D
15:48<[M-M]>not to wait for 10 hours for it to convert... :)
15:48-!-D-side [] has quit ["Gone."]
16:13-!-_rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
16:13-!-rkulagow [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:16-!-kvandivo [] has quit ["leaving"]
16:18<paulc>ok, so now when I run as the mythtv user, it will work, and when I start the backend it will change to channel 3 as I told it to do. But, from the frontend it won't change channels.
16:18<paulc>All that happens is that it changes the channel header info in the frontend.
16:19<paulc>Any ideas there?
16:29-!-poo [] has joined #MythTV
16:33-!-kvandivo [] has joined #mythtv
16:34-!-_rkulagow [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:34-!-paulc [] has left #mythtv []
16:36-!-TheAsp [] has joined #mythtv
16:37<TheAsp>frontend is dieing with an error on me
16:38<TheAsp>with todays build... Unknown font: notifyfont in textarea: notify_cid_name
16:38<monkeyBox>how do I stop a recording already in progress without deleting the recording?
16:39<TheAsp>monkeyBox: you don't.
16:39<monkeyBox>TheAsp: ???
16:39<TheAsp>you could kill the backend
16:40<mikegrb>TheAsp: check the font specified for notify_cid_name in osd.xml in the blue theme
16:40<mikegrb>this is the blue theme I presume
16:40<mikegrb>try setting it to the same font as another container type
16:41<TheAsp>mikegrb: aye
16:41<monkeyBox>you're kidding.. So If I recorded a football game set for 4 hours because I didn't know how long the game would last, and then the game ended at a bout 3 hours, I have to wait another hour before I can watch something else??
16:41<monkeyBox>that really surprises me that a feature wasn't put it to just tell it to stop recording
16:41<mikegrb>monkeyBox: I don't think it has ever been thought about that way
16:41<mikegrb>you have a point though
16:42<kvandivo>if _everything_ was already in the code, very few people would be in this channel. :)
16:42<monkeyBox>yeah, I know.. I guess I figured this would have come up before :)
16:42<monkeyBox>maybe I'm a rare case :-p
16:43<monkeyBox>So, if I want to cancel this recording, I'd have to go in and manually change the end time in the mysql database, I'm guessing, and then kill the backend
16:45<TheAsp>monkeyBox: the obvious solution is to not watch football.
16:46* mikegrb gives monkeyBox a cookie
16:46<kvandivo>is that similar to a strawberry or a raspberry?
16:46<Chutt>it's really damn easy to stop a recording.
16:46* monkeyBox throws the cookie on the floor and pouts
16:47<Chutt>hit i on the watch or delete recordings screen
16:47<Chutt>and use the popup menu and tell it to stop
16:47* mikegrb heads head in shame
16:47<monkeyBox>Chutt: will that keep it from deleting the recording?
16:47<Chutt>try it and see.
16:48<kvandivo>give a man a fish...
16:48<mikegrb>and he will slap you with it
16:49<kvandivo>just brought my main server back up on a brand new, properly grounded electrical circuit.
16:49* monkeyBox hits himself with a coconut
16:49<TheAsp>its defaultosd thats busted
16:50<kvandivo>(along with adding... 12 other new/upgraded outlets in the house)
17:11-!-mdz [] has joined #mythtv
17:11-!-Drikus [] has joined #mythtv
17:20-!-rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
17:38-!-D-side [] has joined #mythtv
17:53-!-Drikus [] has quit ["toedeledoki"]
18:02-!-poo [] has quit ["Download Gaim:"]
18:03-!-FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
18:05<Chutt>TheAsp, fixed defaultosd, i think. sorry 'bout that.
18:07<Captain_Murdoch>YeeHaw!! got the audio working on the M179 using the latest info from the guy from AVerMedia. capturing on my test machine to a file on my nfs server and playing using mplayer on my main workstation.
18:09<mikegrb> heh
18:09* mikegrb gives Captain_Murdoch a cookie and karma
18:09-!-kvandivo_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:10-!-kvandivo [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:12* mikegrb just opened up software encoded mpeg4 nuv in avidemux2 w/o any mythtranscode shenanigans
18:24<davatar>I wonder what would be the lowest powered machine I can get to support a m179... out of pci slots...
18:29-!-mdz [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:30<kvandivo_>i'm interested, Captain_Murdoch!
18:30<mikegrb>Captain_Murdoch: kvandivo_ really isn't he just wants you to feel better
18:31* mikegrb is mad at avidemux2
18:31<mikegrb>it can read the nuv
18:31-!-kvandivo_ is now known as kvandivo
18:31<mikegrb>it can seperate the video and audio
18:31<davatar>now that people are around...
18:31<davatar>hey guys, I just got a sblive going with digital out, however the only effective volume control for this is labeled "pcm2" Is there a mythtv workaround for this, or should I look at alsa?
18:31<mikegrb>but ffmpeg can't read the mpeg4
18:32<mikegrb>guess I need to transcode the video bit from mpeg4 to -> mpeg2
18:33<mikegrb>hmmm maybe avidemux can do it
18:36<mikegrb>avidemux2 is taking my mpeg4 nuv and outputing a dvd mpeg
18:36-!-bobnvic [] has joined #mythtv
18:38<bobnvic>I'm trying to record two shows tonight at the same time with two tuners (250 and bttv). I have show A ranked at +50 and show B ranked at -25, but show B is getting tuner 1, which I obviously want show A to get. any suggestions?
18:40<Captain_Murdoch>kvandivo: I'm trying to get a patch to current CVS right now. it won't have working settings yet but I could email the patch once I get it up to current CVS.
18:43-!-bobbyd [] has joined #mythtv
18:43<bobbyd>anyone here use the btaudio module?
18:45<kvandivo>don't go to extra work for me, cptn.. i'm on the ivtv list; i can play later as well as now. :)
18:47-!-sfr [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:52-!-choenig [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:56-!-bobbyd [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:56<Captain_Murdoch>well, I'd rather just re-release the yuan patch with M179 support and based upon current CVS. I've almost got it hooked up, then I can play with it later tonight and verity the inputs and other stuff work right.
18:57-!-bobbyd [] has joined #mythtv
19:01<kvandivo>seems like the most logical way to proceed to me
19:10-!-bishop [] has joined #mythtv
19:17<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, I'd rather have the latest driver than a month-old version with bugs. so, updated to latest cvs, then applied yuan patch then applying my mods to that. :) gotta run for a while though, but it does compile now with all that done. will test later and see if I can get Myth up on my test box using it. :)
19:20-!-D-side [] has quit ["Gone."]
19:26<bobbyd>if i have sound coming out the back of my tv card, does that mean btaudio is working?
19:26<bobbyd>or will that happy anyway?
19:27-!-monkeyBox [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:41<bobbyd>does anyone here use a dvb-t card with mythtv?
19:50<bobbyd>or any kind of dvb?
19:56-!-bobnvic [] has quit []
19:57-!-efabfafcc [] has joined #mythtv
19:57-!-davatar [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:00-!-bobbyd [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:09-!-efabfafcc is now known as davatar
20:09<davatar>does denoise3d segfault when used as a playback filter for anyone else?
21:10-!-rick is now known as riksta
21:10-!-riksta [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:11-!-riksta [rick@] has joined #mythtv
21:41-!-josephk_1 is now known as josephk
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21:53-!-paulproteus [] has joined #mythtv
22:12-!-kimo_sabe [] has joined #mythtv
22:20<Octane>can anyone think of whats causing that?
22:20<cmorgan_>describe it?
22:20<Octane>its really hard
22:20<Octane>taht file is only 1.5 megs
22:20<Octane>its like ghost + monochrome + jitters
22:32<kimo_sabe>Octane: wrong TV standard?
22:33<Octane>kimo_sabe: you mean frequency?
22:34<kimo_sabe>Octane: no, I mean SECAM vs NTSC
22:34<Octane>i think thats the one thing i didnt try
22:34<kimo_sabe>Octane: I get tstuff like that a lot with xawtv insisting on PAL
22:35<riksta>my mythtv STILL wont change channel!
22:35<riksta>ive filled the database properly
22:35<riksta>it all went smoothly, gets 5 channels listings, i choose the short names etc
22:35<riksta>yet i cant change channel...whats up with this?
22:35<cmorgan_>riksta: you have the modules loaded properly? any errors on the terminal?
22:36<riksta>no errors!
22:36<Octane>kimo_sabe: i just tried SECAM didnt work
22:36<riksta>which modules are you referring to please
22:36<cmorgan_>riksta: tuner mostly
22:36<kimo_sabe>Octane: where are you at? Do you know what your local standard is?
22:36<riksta>ahh yea i do tvtime works fine
22:36<Octane>kimo_sabe: Manhattan
22:36<Octane>kimo_sabe: i do not
22:36<kimo_sabe>Octane: so NTSC
22:36<riksta>tvtime just some other tv viewer software
22:36<riksta>the card is ok
22:36<riksta>and modules loaded
22:37<cmorgan_>riksta: how are you trying to change the channel? up and down arrows when watching live tv?
22:37<riksta>when i go to watch tv.... i get the initial channel (poor quality i must admit, compared to other software) but the whats on now box that comes up, is blank
22:37<riksta>yes, watching live tv, pressing up and down or 1,2,3,4,5
22:37<Octane>kimo_sabe: wowah i just tried ATSC and it looks just slightly better
22:38<Omnic>riksta: what country?
22:38<Octane>kimo_sabe: same color but still very ghosted and monchrome
22:38<riksta>im just wondering because the whats on box is blank whether its looking in the database proerly?
22:38<Omnic>that sounds like a database issue
22:38<riksta>how can i see?
22:38<Omnic>I had that when I was starting out with it here in .nz
22:39<Omnic>there's no easy way... just check to see that program listings match chanid's in the channel table.
22:39<riksta>i dont know how
22:39<Omnic>use mysql, and learn some SQL :)
22:39-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
22:39<cmorgan_>Omnic: you know what to look for?
22:40<Omnic>cmorgan_: mismatched chanid's is what I found
22:40<Omnic>tv_grab_* suck ass, is also what I found
22:40<cmorgan_>riksta: if you want, run mysql
22:40<Omnic>but I'm a cynic and a perfectionist. nothing's right for me.
22:40<cmorgan_>use mythconverg;
22:40<cmorgan_>select * from channel;
22:41<kimo_sabe>Octane: maybe a bad channel, scrambled channel, or something.
22:41<Octane>fuckin a
22:41<riksta>yeah i did, this is the result of the sql statement
22:41-!-paulproteus [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:41<cmorgan_>riksta: you only have 5 channels?
22:42<riksta>yes thats all you get in the uk
22:42<cmorgan_>can you get frequencies out of the tvgrab program?
22:43<cmorgan_>compare them to whats in the database
22:43<riksta>also, i have a bttv device
22:43<Omnic>riksta: now, run something like: select * from program where title like '%KEYWORD%';
22:43<Omnic>where 'KEYWORD' is a word from a program title that you know is on
22:43<cmorgan_>riksta: even if the frequencies are wrong it should still change channels... not sure whats up
22:44<riksta>yeah i just ran it
22:44<riksta>cmorgan_ when i 1st load the watch live tv
22:44<riksta>it loads up channel 2
22:44<riksta>and i can watch
22:44<Omnic>add that output to the bottom of that URL you posted
22:44<riksta>then if i try to change channel, it hangs
22:44<riksta>Omnic sec
22:44<riksta>ok look again
22:44<riksta>i pasted the bottom bit
22:45<Omnic>UGH... your formatting is *AWFUL*
22:45<riksta>i just dont understand it, sorry its the pasting
22:45<Omnic>needs the header line, I cant remember what the columns are...
22:46<Octane>kimo_sabe: think i should use line in?
22:46<Omnic>chose a keyword that's got like, one or two showings
22:46<riksta>| category | category_type | airdate | stars | previouslyshown |
22:46<riksta>sorry wait
22:46<Omnic>riksta: doesnt really matter, the chanid columns have matching values, it should work.
22:47<riksta>i dont understand it
22:47<riksta>one thing i dont get does mythtv have its own kinda tvdecoding for displaying the pitcure? or does it use some 3rd party app?
22:48<Omnic>it gets the stream from the video device
22:48<riksta>yeah i just have a standard bttv card which works fine with other applications
22:48<riksta>i dont understand it
22:48<Omnic>so it should work fine...
22:48<riksta>its still not showing anything in the little green box for now and next
22:49<Omnic>the frequencies look a bit 'off' though... I doubt they're 1-5..
22:49<riksta>its not its 4001 4002
22:49<Omnic>.nz :mysql> select chanid,channum,callsign,freqid from channel;
22:49<Omnic>select chanid,channum,callsign,freqid from channel
22:49<Omnic>| chanid | channum | callsign | freqid |
22:49<Omnic>| 1000 | 3 | TV3 | 9 |
22:49<Omnic>| 1001 | 1 | ONE | 2 |
22:49<Omnic>| 1002 | 5 | Prime | 60 |
22:50<Omnic>| 1003 | 2 | TV2 | 4 |
22:50<Omnic>| 1004 | 4 | C4 | 11 |
22:50<Omnic>5 rows in set (0.00 sec)
22:50<Omnic>see how the freqid are all different?
22:50<riksta>oh yeah
22:50<riksta>maybe its just because the english ones are 1st?
22:50<Omnic>yours match the channum, which I doubt is right.
22:51<riksta>where does it get this freqid from?
22:51<Omnic>it's the 'frequency' being recieved.
22:51<Omnic>tv is 'channelised' - in that you do not set a MHz, you set a 'channel'
22:52<riksta>but something must have told it to populate the db with this freqid , so what did?
22:52-!-Viddy [] has quit [Connection timed out]
22:52<Omnic>tv_grab_uk probably
22:52<Omnic>I know the .nz one is fucked, and I have to fix the channel table every time I run it
22:52<riksta>i just ran verbose mode in live tv
22:52<riksta>2003-11-10 02:52:43 37 QUERY_RECORDER 4[]:[]GET_PROGRAM_INFO
22:52<riksta>QTime::fromString: Parameter out of range.
22:52<riksta>QTime::fromString: Parameter out of range.
22:53<riksta>whats this?
22:53<Omnic>your program table is probably naffed
22:53<kimo_sabe>Octane: huh?
22:54<riksta>i dont have any finetunes
22:55<Omnic>that's not the point...
22:55<riksta>well sorry, i cant help it if im not too good at this :(
22:55<Omnic>heh.. I cant really help unless I can see what's happening :)
22:55<Omnic>you need another .uk person to reference against
22:56<riksta>how about i install xawtv and see what the freq values are?
22:57<Omnic>that could work
22:57<Omnic>oooo... 5pm, I'm going home
22:58<riksta>hmm ok thanks
22:58<riksta>cheers for the help
23:00<riksta>2003-11-10 02:52:37 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
23:00<riksta>Unknown video codec: strange error flushing buffer ...
23:00<riksta>2003-11-10 02:52:46 Changing from WatchingLiveTV to None
23:00<riksta>whats this?
23:08<Octane>whats the hot key to change a channel?
23:10<riksta>im just trying to wipe all my settings and configure again
23:10<riksta>also, ive loaded this module btaudio, that grabs the audio direct from the card, and makes /dev/dsp4
23:10<riksta>so ill use that
23:29<Chutt>ah, the blind leading the blind
23:30-!-tusc [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:31<Octane>ah, the arrogant prick talking to the wall
23:31<Octane>fucking asshole
23:31<Chutt>ok, if you really _want_ to be banned from the channel
23:32-!-mode/#mythtv [+o Chutt] by ChanServ
23:32<@Chutt>i'm quite happy to oblige
23:32-!-mode/#mythtv [+b *!*octane@*] by Chutt
23:32-!-Octane was kicked from #mythtv by Chutt [Chutt]
23:33-!-mode/#mythtv [-o Chutt] by Chutt
23:36<riksta>what was all that about?
23:36<Chutt>random dumbass
23:37<riksta>ok aslong as he wasnt talking to me :)
23:40<Chutt>riksta, to get rid of the 'unknown video codec' error, all you should have to do is setup your recording profiles in the tv section
23:43<riksta>oh ok
23:43<riksta>i dont think thats my main problem though
23:43<riksta>i have other problems
23:43-!-Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
23:43<riksta>live tv doesnt let me change channel and no info comes into now and next box
23:44<Chutt>it's basically a database issue
23:44<riksta>i guessed that much myself :)
23:44<Chutt>something doesn't match
23:45<riksta>im just trying to repopulate the whole thing right now
23:45<riksta>tvgrab taking its time
23:46<Netslayer>any of you guys know how I can setup cron to mail me when it's done updating? I think the q is more how to setup a simple batch based email program in linux to be called by cron
23:46<Netslayer>I would like to have it send me the last couple lines of my xmltv log file.. make sure it works
23:47-!-Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
23:47<Chutt>write a little shell script to do it
23:48<Netslayer>what mail program should I use? I have tried a lot of them and I could never figure out how linux actually sends mail
23:49-!-cmorgan_ [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:50<Chutt>'mail' generally works
23:50<riksta>cron automatically emails the output of the script/binary unless you redirect it elsewhere if im no mistaken
23:51<Netslayer>but how do u set these programs up? cron never set me mail, specified my email address but never got anything
23:51<riksta>nothing in /var/spool/mail/root ?
23:51<Netslayer>mail sounds cool, never could figure it out
23:51<riksta>it only sends locally
23:51<Netslayer>i need it to log into a pop3 server and email out from there
23:52<riksta>you cant
23:52<Netslayer>ok can it send email out to other people?
23:52<riksta>run in the script `mail -s 'Cron Done'`
23:52<Netslayer>i don't mind it sending email from itself, but not too crazy about having to setup a mail server
23:52<riksta>run in the script `echo $OUTPUT |mail -s 'Cron Done'`
23:53<Netslayer>what would that do?
23:53<Netslayer>mail me at
23:53<riksta>with subject cron done, and message body of output
23:54<Netslayer>so just add that to a cron script
23:54<Netslayer>shouldn't it work also if i go in console "mail -s ...
23:55<riksta>try `echo test|mail -s'foo'
23:55<riksta>or somethin
23:55<Netslayer>hmm think it's waiting for more parameters.
23:55<Netslayer>so is it running a mail server or something? I have a feeling my messages are falling into a black hole on my system
23:56<riksta>no dont put the `
23:56<riksta>at the start
23:56<riksta>echo test|mail -s'foo'
23:56<riksta>that works
23:56<riksta>i just tested it on mine
23:56<Netslayer>in console?
23:57<Netslayer>i await to see in my inbox :-)
23:57* Netslayer thinks he will be waiting for a very long time
23:58<Netslayer>my /var/spool/mail only has folders for some of my users (not me hmm nor root)
23:58<Netslayer>-folders +files
23:59<Netslayer>hmm what's this mean: could not set gid to 0. Is the setuid bit set? : Operation not permitted
---Logclosed Mon Nov 10 00:00:05 2003