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00:01<billytwowilly>what does this mean: Starting up as the master server.
00:01<billytwowilly> is defined, but isn't attached to a cardinput.
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00:05<pmowry>Hi, a quick sql question: If your drop your database and want to add back selected recorded systems still on your hard drive, Is it just the oldrecorded inserts you need?
00:12<kvandivo>oldrecorded is used to store information about recordings that you had in the past... not the list of recordings that you currently have on your HD
00:13<pmowry>Thanks, I'm stripping it down to the recorded table now. I had weird issues so I purged the database, recompiled and started over from CVS.
00:14<pmowry>My issue with mame roms not being found was cleared. Have not tested if commercial skip still freezes playback yet.
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00:37<Captain_Murdoch>CyberKnet: I posted a link to the ivtv mailing list about a patch for the M179 card, so watch that thread to see how well it works for other people. It's workiing good so far for me.
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00:42<CyberKnet>Captain_Murdoch: Actually, I found your post very informative. Thanks for the great information. I was hoping I could get some more positive ra ra from other people, but this is such a good deal, that I think I will buy one anyway. My only problem is the seller.
00:43<CyberKnet>hasn't sold many things, and what they did sell was not tech related.
00:43<CyberKnet>a little worrisome.
00:43<CyberKnet>I'm thinking I'll use Discover, and charge back if I have a problem.
00:44<Captain_Murdoch>a few people ordered/bought them already I think but that was only a day or two ago so I don't think anyone's got one yet.
00:46<CyberKnet>aha. they're taking direct orders instead of through the ebay auction then?
00:47* CyberKnet is hoping to catch this wave before the price goes up ala the FreeStyle
00:48<CyberKnet>Thanks for the info!
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00:53<billytwowilly>Ok, someone HAS to know how to fix this: "2003-11-10 22:52:14 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
00:53<billytwowilly>only read -1 from 4096 bytes from '/dev/dsp'
00:53<billytwowilly>read audio: Input/output error
00:53<billytwowilly>strange error flushing buffer ..."
00:54<billytwowilly>Comeon, someone has to know.
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01:07<ChaosExiguum>billytwowilly, maybe if you told us a little more about what you are doing someone might be able to help
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01:15<billytwowilly>ok, I have an nforce2 mobo and an ATI TV wonder tv tuner card. when I run mythfrontend and backend on this machine I can't get any audio on the tv
01:15<billytwowilly>If I plug my headphones into the line out on the tv tuner I can hear the faint audio.
01:16<billytwowilly>If I turn up the volume on everything in aumix to full blast I don't hear any audio when playing tv, but I hear it too loud when I play videos.
01:16<billytwowilly>mythbackend also gives the error above.
01:17<billytwowilly>when I test the audio with the app included in gnome meeting it says that it can open /dev/dsp but it can't read data from the device.
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02:46<billytwowilly>who is using nforce2 audio in their mythtv box?
02:47<hadees_>onboard audio?
02:47<billytwowilly>can you help me getting it working?
02:48<billytwowilly>I keep getting the errors talked about here:
02:48<billytwowilly>basically, I need to get the nforce2 audio working full duplex.
02:48<hadees_>are you using alsa or oss?
02:49<billytwowilly>brand new install of mandrake 9.2 and mythtv0.12
02:51<billytwowilly>brb. gotta login again
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02:59<billytwowilly>I keep getting the error: only read -1 from 4096 bytes from '/dev/dsp'
03:00<billytwowilly>because full duplex isn't working for my nforce2 onboard audio.
03:00<billytwowilly>can anyone help me fix it?
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03:55<Chutt>Graeme Woollett is a fucking idiot
03:56<term>dare I ask who that is
03:56<Chutt>he sent 5 copies of a message to the list one day
03:56<Chutt>so i removed him from it
03:56<Chutt>so he subscribed with another address, and sent it a couple more times
03:57<Chutt>i removed that address, tell him why he's not allowed on the list, and he sends me a "i'm really sorry, i didn't realize i was doing that"
03:57<Chutt>ending with:
03:57<Chutt>Anyhow if you are unwilling to accept my (goodwilled)
03:57<Chutt>apology I'll simply mail to list with addresses like
03:57<Chutt>this one!
03:58<Chutt>(posting from a newly created yahoo address)
03:58<term>I miss the days where it was difficult to get an email address.
03:58<Chutt>and now he's subscribed to the list again, and just posted
03:59<term>moderate the list for a week and block everything he sends.
03:59<term>usually that wears them out.
03:59<Chutt>do you realize how much work that'd be? :p
03:59<term>so delegate it to someone that'll be as disgusted as you. :)
04:00<Chutt>i've already got several thousand non-subscriber messages in the admin queue that i need to purge sometime
04:00<term>I don't think I get more than 40-50 admin items per month on e-devel
04:00<term>even less lately.
04:00<Chutt>i get about that many daily
04:00<Chutt>spam, mainly
04:01<term>I think sf is trying to remove some of the spam.
04:01<term>a little gets though, but it's a trickle compared to what I'm sure they receive.
04:01<Chutt>they're trying to drive people off their services, too
04:02<term>well, that doesn't surprise me.
04:02<term>SF was ran well for about 6 months.
04:02<term>and even then it was a scramble to stay up
04:02<Chutt>well, i'm just saying that, since that's what it seems like
04:02<Chutt>"you want CVS access? HAHAHAHA!"
04:03<Chutt>"mailing list archives? pshaw"
04:03<term>CVS access?
04:03<term>you can't just grant it?
04:03<Chutt>anon cvs
04:03<term>mailing list archives, they wanted to own it (geocrawler), and they never did it right
04:03<Chutt>it was almost a week behind developer cvs at one point
04:03<term>well, I can see their point of view on anon cvs.
04:03<term>anon cvs is not terribly high priority and I'm sure it's a huge bandwidth hog.
04:04<Chutt>can't ask people to test bugfixes for you, then
04:04<Chutt>couldn't use viewcvs
04:04<term>most applications don't need that level of repsonsiveness often
04:04<Chutt>wouldn't have been as bad if the daily snapshots weren't generated against the anon tree =)
04:04<term>yeah, that is stupid.
04:05<term>I don't trust sf anyway.
04:05<term>I grab the cvs tarball every week, and have the checked out copy updated 6x a day.
04:05<term>man KDE takes a while to build.
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04:05<term>mozilla builds faster.
04:05<Chutt>blame g++
04:06<term>though I blame KDE a little.
04:06<term>they have WAY too many source files.
04:06<Chutt>g++ is getting slower and slower
04:06<term>well, C++ is a bloated language. :)
04:06<term>my favorite is how many warnings the gnome stuff spits out
04:07<term>KDE mostly gives me "unused variable" warnings
04:07<hadees_>with chip speeds at the current level, i can't see C being that much better than C++
04:07<Chutt>that's because they can't see around the very_long_function_name_oh_wait_maybe_its_a_variable_type_nevermind_its_really_a_function() identifiers
04:07<term>C++ is giving a bulldozer to someone qualified to drive a scooter.
04:08<term>in the right hands, you'll be okay
04:08<term>but far and away you'll be missing a good section of the block
04:08<hadees_>well if you really don't want bloat go with assembly
04:08<term>no, C is a good balance between high-level and asm-mapped concepts
04:08<term>not that C solves all problems.
04:09<Chutt>bah, it's all the same
04:09<term>no way.
04:09<term>C++ has so many complex under-the-hood interactions
04:09<bline>C lacks some basic programming concepts, though I love it
04:09<Chutt>you can write shitty code in anything
04:09<term>oh, definately
04:10<hadees_>term: i don't disagree that C++ takes more time but with the chips getting faster i think it doesn't matter
04:10<term>with C you can have buffer overruns, and memory leaks, and stack overruns..
04:10<term>but in C++ you can create so much additional code, messy not-debuggable constructs
04:10<term>hadees_: that'd work if the programs were staying constant sized.
04:10<term>Chutt: I've seen some C++ that is pure pain to debug.
04:10<bline>C++ does not solve that problem.. I do not see how it could
04:11<term>everything leads to another object.
04:11<Chutt>right, you can write shitty code in anything
04:11<hadees_>term: with great power comes great responsibility
04:11<Chutt>take, oh, gtk for example =)
04:11<term>Chutt: some things are easier than others.
04:11<hadees_>in C++ you can do more so there is more a chance to screw up
04:11<Chutt>their object structure is as murky as any i've seen in c++
04:11<term>Chutt: I would argue perl makes writing insane unmaintainable code easier than C.
04:11<term>gtk2 is nuts.
04:12<term>I didn't mind 1.2 _too_ much except that they had a function for everything.
04:12<bline>I would argue it doesn't. obfisticated C is much worse than perl
04:12<hadees_>ever use lisp, thats a wierd lang
04:12<term>lisp is just ugly, imo :)
04:12<hadees_>no clue what i will ever use it for unless i become a emacs developer
04:12<bline>lisp is simply a functional language
04:12<bline>head tail recursion in lisp is nice
04:13<hadees_>so is string compares
04:13<hadees_>but thats about it
04:13<term>whee still building gentoo.
04:13<hadees_>what stage?
04:13<term>beyond that.
04:13<term>just installing kde.
04:14<term>well, gnome and kde.
04:14<term>gnome's basically done.
04:14<hadees_>well thats going to take a while
04:14<term>at least another 8-10 hours.
04:14<hadees_>once i install gentoo it takes like 2 days to get all my programs compiled
04:14<term>after it finishes this, it'll emerge mplayer xine and mythtv. :)
04:15<hadees_>term: you don't happen to know how to change permissions on stuff in /dev do you?
04:15<Chutt>328,308 loc in my cvs tree
04:15<term>hadees_: chmod?
04:15<hadees_>not that simple
04:15<term>I donno devfs.
04:15<hadees_>they use devfs
04:15<bline>edit /etc/devfsd.conf
04:16<bline>if you chmod and reboot without crashing it will catch them though
04:16<term>I always viewed that stuff as a headache. I hate it on Suns.
04:16<hadees_>bline: i could have sworn i did that after i changed them
04:16<hadees_>and they didn't seem to stick
04:17<Chutt>damnit, that ivtv driver bug filled up /var again
04:17<Chutt>i can't ssh in
04:17<term>Chutt: so obviously I dumped the idea of making my own .12 debs.
04:17<bline>well, edit /etc/devfsd.conf
04:17<Chutt>no worries
04:17<term>I figured out how much effort it'd be to add the program and then manually build all the debs and my friend was explaining how easy it is under gentoo.
04:17<term>that and the kernel config was a breeze compared the mess I just finished :)
04:22<hadees_>gentoo is amazing, although it can be annoying compiling everything
04:22<bline>distcc helps
04:22<term>gentoo was a ludicrous idea til about 18 months ago
04:23<term>eh, I'd go openmosix if I was going to do that.
04:23<bline>and i use binary packages for our servers.
04:24<term>after this is all done, I'll find out if I made the ebuild stuff for ivtv right
04:24<term>I just use debian for my servers. :)
04:24<bline>I perfer more control.
04:24<term>for servers, control was never a problem for me.
04:25<term>if I don't how something builds, I just get the source and fix it.
04:25<term>desktops was always a bit more irritating.
04:25<term>were, that is
04:25<bline>I built an entire portage tree myself. Went through all the code.
04:26<term>"went through all the code"?
04:26<term>how do you mean?
04:27<bline>All of the code that is compiled for the servers.
04:27<term>right, but did you audit it or something?
04:27<bline>A lot of it, not all of it.
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04:33<bline>`the worse by far was djb code
04:35<term>it's scary stuff, but it has to be better than the bind code.
04:36<term>g++ IS slow.
04:36<term>every file that gets thrown at it takes forever.
04:37<term>though, to be fair, I have -O3
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05:50<KikoV>term: use distcc
05:50<KikoV>and ccache
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07:40<bobbyd>hi anyone here using dvb in a 2.6 kernel?
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11:42<modplug>how do i configure my tv card with myth tv?
11:45<btatton>carefully... :-)
11:45<btatton>More info???
11:48<modplug>give me a sec
11:52<modplug>[erlend@localhost ftvco]$ mythfilldatabase
11:52<modplug>There are no channel sources defined, did you run the setup program?http:/
11:52<btatton>how did you do the install?
11:53<modplug>i don't know where to set the channel sources
11:53<btatton>you need to run the setup program for the backend.
11:54<modplug>i've done that
11:54<modplug>but where do i set up the channel sources inside mythtvsetup?
11:55<btatton>it is in option 3 in the gui.
11:56<btatton>it is input connections
11:56<btatton>sorry video sources...
11:57<btatton>Give it a name enter your zip code then select your provider.
11:57<btatton>Then assign the source to the desired input on your capture card
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12:02<modplug>'s getting channels listings right now
12:06<btatton>That takes awhile.. :-)
12:07<modplug>sure does...
12:07<btatton>I think it gets 14 days.. worth.
12:07<btatton>Be sure to cron it to run at night though so that your listings stay current
12:07<kvandivo>11:59 pm is best if you are in the US
12:08<modplug>oki... - i'm in norway
12:08<kvandivo>nevermind, then. :)
12:09<btatton>Yea I run it just after midnight..
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12:15<kvandivo>11:59 is drastically different than just after midnight
12:15<bobbyd>does anyone know if myth supports getting two channles from one dvb card?
12:16<bobbyd>VDR does, so I can have a look at that code if myth doesnt do it
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12:20<kvandivo>ok everyone.. start talking about the weather now
12:20<kvandivo>sure is nice here. supposed to be in the 60s F today.
12:21<sfr>what's that in celsius? it's ~8 C here. Brrr.
12:21<kvandivo>hmm.. 68F is something like 20C
12:22<sfr>what about 10C for you and 10C for me?
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12:25<modplug>i canceled the mythfilldatabase and tried to run mythtv_frontend (tv) and the program exits without any warning...
12:25<modplug>is that because i canceled the database thingy?
12:27<modplug>is mythfilldatabase's only goal to collect listings?
12:27<Captain_Murdoch_>bobbyd: myth doesn't support that right now.
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12:35<mikegrb>that new osd looks nice
12:35<mikegrb>my wife likes it, I'm stuck with blue at the moment since she thinks visorosd takes too much space, I told her she can make it go away :/
12:36<thor_>ah, the WAF
12:42<Chutt>yeah, that new osd looked slick
12:43<modplug>what command do i use to make/mnt/store writeable for all users?
12:44<btatton>cd /mnt/store
12:44<btatton>chmod -R 777 .
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12:47<modplug>strange error flushing buffer ..
12:47<modplug>what does this mean?
12:47<modplug>mythtv exits when trying to watch tv
12:48-!-marc [~marc_gerg@] has joined #mythtv
12:49<sfr>modplug: that message about flushing buffer means nothing. and you shouldn't run mythtv itself, use mythfrontend.
12:50<modplug>i'm running mythtvfrontend
12:50<btatton>modplug, have you had the time to read the howto?
12:50<Chutt>i doubt it exits without any error message whatsoever
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12:53<Chutt>thor, hey, how's the mfd stuff going to handle video playback?
12:53<modplug>hmm... when i ran ut from terminal it works
12:53<bobbyd>Captain_Murdoch: then I need to add it!
12:53<modplug>but how do i configure the channels?
12:55<Captain_Murdoch_>bobbyd: feel free, it's been discussed on the lists before.
12:56<bobbyd>Captain_Murdoch: I'll search the lists. do you think it would be a huge change to the way the code works?
12:56-!-flyer [] has joined #mythtv
12:56<bobbyd>could I do something like add a dummy card that would act as the second channel card?
12:57<flyer>set autolog_path ~/tmp/$0.log
12:59<o_cee>i'm using the sasquatch osd theme.. the others have so little space for the descriptions..
13:00<sfr>good choice!
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14:03<thor_>yeah, they're selling them on ebay
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15:00<btatton>$800 sure seems a little steep for a single box setup! :-)
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15:06<Slackjak>hi all
15:08-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
15:09<billytwowilly>I need help, I can't get my nforce2 audio to work in full duplex mode and/or there are permission problems with /dev/dsp because I get this error from mythbackend: only read -1 from 4096 bytes from '/dev/dsp'
15:09<billytwowilly>read audio: Input/output error
15:09<Slackjak>this place is kinda quiet
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15:10<billytwowilly>I feared as much. I've been trying to get this to work for the last ten hours..
15:11<Slackjak>yea I started to install mythtv.. but having trouble with my all-in-wonder.. then saw a note.. that card wouldn't work
15:11<Slackjak>could of swore I saw someone using that card with myth..
15:11<billytwowilly>yah, all-in-wonder= poor support.
15:11<billytwowilly>I think you can use it either as a tuner or as a vid card, but not as both.
15:11-!-Captain_Murdoch_ [] has joined #mythtv
15:12<Slackjak>course can't complain.. I found the card in a box.. someone had laid by the dumpster =)
15:12<billytwowilly>heh, are you sure the card works?
15:12<Slackjak>yea tested it in my winblows machine.. tuner works great.. was having problems wwith audio sync.. so was gonna try linux =P
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15:33-!-btatton [~btatton@] has joined #mythtv
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15:34-!-Marc_ [~Marc@] has joined #mythtv
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15:36-!-Marc [~Marc@] has joined #mythtv
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16:18-!-bishop [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
16:25-!-Doukegata|riseki [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
16:34-!-moegreen [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:38<term>hm, gentoo's installer didn't create a mythtv user account?
16:39-!-bishop [] has joined #mythtv
16:46-!-lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
16:48-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
16:53-!-Marc [~Marc@] has quit ["Leaving"]
16:57-!-choenig [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
16:57-!-Slackjak [~slak@] has left #mythtv ["oops"]
17:09-!-Captain_Murdoch_ [] has quit []
17:11-!-_rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
17:13-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
17:14<billytwowilly>anyone have a .jigdo file handy for a minimal debian install for use with mythtv?
17:20-!-billytwowilly [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:21<term>damnit, gentoo didn't make a mythtv user or add one to mysql.
17:21<kvandivo>don't you mean, the ebuild didn't make...
17:22<term>I guess.
17:23<kvandivo>i'm sure you could tweak the ebuild to do all of those things and then submit it back to
17:23<term>while I could, I'm assuming since other people have set this up already, I missed something.
17:25-!-pcjabber [] has joined #mythtv
17:25<pcjabber>good evening everyone
17:25<pcjabber>I was wondering if someone would be able to help me with a truncation problem with .12
17:26<pcjabber>I have searched the mailing lists already to no avaik
17:26-!-poo is now known as dim_sum
17:26<pcjabber>I am running RH9
17:26<pcjabber>on an ext2 fs
17:26-!-dim_sum is now known as poo
17:26<pcjabber>with a BTTV Hauppauge WinTV DBX card
17:27<pcjabber>Whenever I record a 'scheduled' or 'manual
17:27<pcjabber>' recording
17:27<pcjabber>, Myth will record for a few moments, then truncate the file
17:27<pcjabber>one file was truncated at 6MB (~150MB = 30 mins)
17:27<pcjabber>another at 53MB
17:28<pcjabber>and for every single recording since I upgraded to .12
17:28<pcjabber>any ideas?
17:28<sfr>does the backend keep running when that happens?
17:29<pcjabber> seems to be fine...once it quit, but other than that, yes, it stays up
17:29<pcjabber>i think I accidentally killed it the one time
17:29<pcjabber>that was the 6MB one
17:29<pcjabber>most files are getting truncated around the 20MB point
17:30<pcjabber>oh yeah
17:30<pcjabber>the frontend crashes hard when it hits the end of the truncated file
17:31<pcjabber>and it says "prebuffering pause..." in the log
17:31<pcjabber>and just dies
17:31<pcjabber>dies = freezes
17:32<pcjabber>I have to Alt-Tab to the shell, and do a Ctrl-C
17:34<pcjabber>ok i am back
17:34-!-poo [] has quit ["Download Gaim:"]
17:35<pcjabber>the f/e only crashes on playback of the Trunc. file, BTW
17:35<pcjabber>sorry..forgot to mention that
17:36-!-holger [] has joined #mythtv
17:37<sfr>i'm not a developer, but did you check that partition/hdd for possible filesystem/hardware problems?
17:39<pcjabber>well, no...however, it seems to work OK...
17:39<pcjabber>I am going to log the backend and frontend outputs whilst I try to record something
17:41<pcjabber>and, it isnt filling up =) I have about 5 GB left
17:52-!-lmatter [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:59<pcjabber>maybe its the transcoder
17:59<pcjabber>because the programme is about 550MB atm
17:59<pcjabber>it will finish recording in about 1 minute
18:04-!-schultmc [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:15-!-holger [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:21-!-thor_ [~thor@] has quit ["Wonder what this button does?"]
18:30<sfr>hm, cvs as of ~20min ago seems broken. the watch-recordings screen shows 'garbeled' info for old recordings. the picture during h/w mjpeg playback of a _good_ recording is also distorted
18:32<De_Mon>any PVR250 users hanging around?
18:32<kvandivo>that happen to be what gigem committed, sfr?
18:33<sfr>kvandivo gigem?
18:33<De_Mon>sfr you using a PVR?
18:33<sfr>De_Mon: a pvr-350.
18:33<kvandivo>eveloped by and distributed through various subprojects, which are listed under Products in the menu on the left, some other Apache Java projects which may be of interest are listed in Related, and all are summarised in the Products section and Related Projects section below.
18:34<kvandivo>Each Jakarta subproject has its own team of developers and committers, and its own mailing list.
18:34<kvandivo>Related projects have their own project management, developers, committers, their own websites and mailing lists.
18:34<kvandivo>To catch up with the major releases and important information from The Jakarta Project, we recommend you to subscribe to mailing list for the Announcements. To keep informed about the news from Apache Software Foundation and its projects, please subscribe to Apache Announcement List as well.
18:34<kvandivo>All Jakarta product support is provided through the subproject mailing lists.
18:34<De_Mon>sfr ah, did you get the video-out working on that?
18:34* kvandivo screams at his stupid mouse.
18:34<sfr>De_Mon: i didn't try it yet.
18:35<De_Mon>sfr the real reason i was asking, is my pvr is recording in some rather low quality.. like the contrast and brightness are out of wack, you noticed anything similar?
18:36<sfr>kvandivo: my latest cvs resync was before that, iirc. so that may be it.
18:36<sfr>De_Mon: did you adjust the per-channel picture settings?
18:37<De_Mon>sfr ... i didnt know there was such a thing. im just catting /dev/video0 > some_file atm
18:37-!-monkyBox [] has joined #mythtv
18:38<monkyBox>Ok, I edited my cutlist for a recording, and then hit "x" to transcode it while I was viewing it, but I didn't see anywhere where I could select which profile to use??
18:38-!-anurag [] has joined #mythtv
18:40<sfr>kvandivo: i missed that commit by a few minutes it seems. let's see if it helps. thanks for the heads up.
18:41-!-Drikus [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:48-!-uE [] has joined #mythtv
18:48<sfr>no luck :( mythfrontend fails to load funny preview pictures. like -1786693696.png
18:49<pcjabber>yep it must be the transcoder
18:49<sfr>and before it spits out: QTime::fromString: Parameter out of range
18:50<pcjabber>it reduced the size from ~600MB -> 90MB...and truncated the size to about 10 mins (? -- havent checked it yet)
18:51<bishop>where do i change dir for tv recordings?
18:52-!-anurag [] has quit []
18:52<pcjabber>try the setup menu ;-)
18:53<pcjabber>Seriously? I can't remember if its in "mythtvsetup" or in the frontend's Setup menu
18:53<pcjabber>try them both
18:53<pcjabber>next time, please try searching the Docs and the mailing list before you ask here
18:54<pcjabber>it avoids getting stupid answers
18:54<pcjabber>and sarcastic ones too
19:05<sfr>i screamed too early. i had only updated the frontend machine, but not the backend. that latest commit fixes things
19:08<sfr>but playback of known _good_ h/w mjpeg recordings is still broken, the top 20% of the picture is grey with some ghost images and the colors are off on the whole picture.
19:10-!-tusc_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:10<sfr>that also affects live-tv using a h/w mjpeg card (marvel g400-tv here). must have happened a few days ago.
19:10<sfr>the pvr-350 still works fine, btw.
19:24-!-uE [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:27-!-steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ["me is bugging out"]
19:29-!-cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
19:29-!-cmorgan [] has quit [Client Quit]
19:32-!-pcjabber [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
19:32-!-kvandivo [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
19:33-!-cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
19:33-!-poo [] has joined #MythTV
19:35-!-D-side [] has joined #mythtv
19:37<term>why is ivtv convinced I don't have an ivtv.
19:37<term>er a pvr250
19:38-!-btatton [~btatton@] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:38<cmorgan>does your pc think you have a pvr 250?
19:38-!-bishop [] has left #mythtv ["Leaving"]
19:38<D-side>i just want an M179.
19:38<D-side>well thats a lie. I want several.
19:38<cmorgan>D-side: why m179?
19:39<D-side>term: you'll love this bit of RH fuckoffitude...
19:39<D-side>cmorgan: $50!
19:39<sfr>i want several pvr-250's too ;)
19:39-!-mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ["Trillian ("]
19:39<D-side>term: i apt-get update don's RH9 myth box last night
19:39<D-side>atrpms clobbers all the apt tools.
19:39<mikegrb>anyone tried the new simpleosd?
19:39<D-side>mikegrb: no not yet. any good?
19:39<cmorgan>D-side: what resolution does it capture at?
19:39<D-side>I like the visor theme's OSD i think.
19:39<term>D-side: nice.
19:39<D-side>cmorgan: dunno. this is the one they're going wild over on the users list.
19:40<term>D-side: I switched my mythtv box to gentoo.
19:40<D-side>term: i was talking him through it until that happened. i told him to get to his router, map ssh to the myth box and give me an account. heh
19:40<term>D-side: trying to get the ivtv driver to work so I can finish reconfiguring mythtv
19:40<D-side>term: you did... very good.
19:40<D-side>term: you pussed out and went stage 3 didnt you? :)
19:40<term>D-side: bah, stage 1 was easy.
19:40<sfr>term: you did... poor.
19:41<term>I had already partitioned it. :)
19:41<mikegrb>D-side: having troubles with it, no errors though
19:41<D-side>term: oh good, glad to hear it.
19:41<term>rest was a joke.
19:41<D-side>mikegrb: what sort of troubles?
19:41<term>at least with the nice online instructions..
19:41<term>sfr: hm?
19:41<D-side>term: you're probably going to like gentoo quite a bit.
19:41<D-side>term: yeah the install docs are the best i've ever seen.
19:41<term>D-side: so far it's been a breeze. genkernel was nice to work with.
19:41<mikegrb>D-side: like the frontend died
19:41<D-side>mikegrb: oh. heh yes, that'd be a problem
19:41<mikegrb>D-side: though xmllint says osd.xml is okay
19:41<mikegrb>heh yes
19:42<mikegrb>no error message tghough just goes away
19:42<sfr>term: why not debian? why would one compile everything from source.
19:42<D-side>cmorgan: tmk has been working on ivtv support for this new card. looks great.
19:42<D-side>whats so wrong with compiling everything from source?
19:42<D-side>if the machine is going to sit idle 80% of the time, whats it going to hurt?
19:43<term>sfr: the debs for .12 aren't out yet, and I've had nothing from hell from getting everything to work together.
19:43<term>er but hell
19:43<D-side>esp. with a packaging mechanism like emerge...
19:43<D-side>term: my biggest problem with gentoo was its lirc package, but that was easily resolved.
19:43<term>I'm sure lirc is going to be the only part I'll be hoping to have debian back.
19:43<term>though, I've already created my own ebuild for ivtv
19:43<sfr>nothing really, as long as you're happy. compiling mythtv on debian (unstable) is quite simple.
19:44<term>based on an ebuild file I found on the web.
19:44<D-side>sid pissed me off, once again.
19:44<term>sfr: mythtv itself wasn't the problem.
19:44<D-side>three years ago i swore off sid when it ate /usr once.
19:44<term>sfr: though the .12 debs had some concerns to deal with it
19:44<term>D-side: I've never had any serious problems with sid.
19:44<term>generally speaking.
19:44<term>at least nothing I couldn't fix.
19:44<sfr>D-side: well it's called unstable for a reason, but you know that.
19:45<D-side>sfr: sure.
19:45<term>but it does bug me that debian releases less often than my wife and I get a new car
19:45* sfr agrees with term
19:45<D-side>thats one of my problems with it.
19:45<term>which is why everyone uses sid on their desktop
19:45<D-side>i dont want to trust something labeled "unstable" (especially when they mean it) to record my crap shows.
19:45<D-side>term: now its gentoo, for me. :)
19:45<term>hm why is mythtv and mythfrontend fighting over some block..
19:46<term>I saw this online somewhere earlier
19:46<harba>huh? debian unstable works great
19:46<D-side>term: thats a simple bit of ebuild retardation
19:46<term>D-side: I'm considering switching since I have to drop in a new primary hd anyway.
19:46<term>D-side: how so?
19:47<D-side>term: how can you ask that? mythfrontend shouldnt cause conflicts with mythtv.
19:47<term>D-side: no, I mean, how do I FIX it? :)
19:47<cmorgan>that m179 looks sketchy
19:47<cmorgan>the product website doesn't even give the resolution the card captures at
19:47<D-side>cmorgan: in which way?
19:48<D-side>check the lists, people are trying all different res's
19:48<cmorgan>but they won't even tell you the res on their website?? i mean come on
19:48<Chutt>it's the same part as the pvr-350
19:49<Chutt>exact same mpeg2 encoder.
19:49<D-side>with video out?
19:49<cmorgan>they shouldn't be holding back then ;-)
19:49<Chutt>why the hell do you think they're holding out?
19:49<Chutt>it's not a consumer card
19:49<cmorgan>was checking on their website
19:50<cmorgan>even the product spec is a bit lacking
19:50<D-side>they've been EOL'ed i think.
19:50<D-side>oh. MCE parts.
19:52<D-side>term: let me know if you fix it. :)
19:52<term>hm, does mythfrontend contain all of mythtv or something under gentoo?
19:52<D-side>not at all.
19:52<D-side>however mythtv includes the frontend.
19:52<term>well I'm guessing they have overlapping ifles.
19:52<D-side>its just a retarded dep.
19:52<term>I had the association backwards.
19:53<term>well then I don't need mythfrontend. no biggie.
19:53<D-side>not for you, no.
19:53<term>well, not on the master backend server.
19:53<D-side>my backend is downstairs and currently my only frontend is the gentoo install on my workstation
19:53<term>mine's all one machine initially.
19:53<term>later I may install the frontend up here
19:53<D-side>yeah, mine was too.
19:54<term>still need to figure out how to control the cable box.
19:54<D-side>i just got sick and tired of having nowhere to put the box.
19:54<term>I really don't want to have to learn enough about IR to write a usb interface to lirc and make it work :(
19:54<D-side>i want some little microatx case that doesnt look retarded to dump this into.
19:54<D-side>just buy the stupid $25 ir blaster.
19:54<D-side>i did.
19:56-!-MrChook [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:56<D-side>term: this is AFTER i built the stupid homebrew one and had it burn out on me.
19:56-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:57<term>D-side: so it changes the channel pretending to be the regular remote? or is this another "wow gee I have a serial connector on the back of my cable box.."?
19:58<term>for the record, I've been watching my machine compile for nearly 2 days straight.
19:58<term>g++ is ridiculously slower than gcc.
20:00<D-side>term: "pretending to be the regular remote" ?
20:00<D-side>if that means what i think it does, yes
20:00<D-side>it sends the same IR pulses as the remote.
20:00<term>D-side: it points at the ir receiver in the front and transmits the same codes a remote would.
20:00<D-side>and no, i cant get the serial port to work on the back of my dct2000
20:00<term>ah, neat.
20:01<D-side>i suspect it has to be enabled by the head end, and comcast is staffed by fucking retards.
20:02<term>D-side: where'd you get yours? online or from a brick and mortar store?
20:02<D-side>what, the ir blaster?
20:03<term>hmph, pricewatch doesn't have it.
20:03<term>D-side: got the url for the place you got yours?
20:03<D-side>yeah, hang on.
20:04<D-side>actisys wants $52 for it, but snapstream bundles it with some av cables for $25.
20:04<D-side>i had free shipping too, but that was during october only i think.
20:08<D-side>don bought a scan converter that sucks. im headed off to the rescue.
20:08<D-side>how much was shipping?
20:08<term>$10 for 3 day
20:08<D-side>my microdrive showed up today, but no one was here to sign it. :/
20:09<D-side>just specified driver release so they'll just leave it.
20:12<D-side>term: let me know if you run into problems with gentoo stuff.
20:13<term>D-side: so far I've been able to fix all the other ones. Just need to figure out this ivtv problem.
20:13<term>I'll probably try a reboot in a minute.
20:14<term>just waiting to finish emerging a bunch of stuff.
20:14<D-side>yeah, i'm updating the latest gnome stuff on the workstation.
20:14<D-side>nuvexporting a recording to divx too.
20:15-!-pcjabber [] has joined #mythtv
20:19-!-CyberKnet [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:19-!-CyberKnet [] has joined #mythtv
20:22-!-ShockValue [] has joined #mythtv
20:22<ShockValue>i read that mythtv doesnt work well with AIW cards... true?
20:28-!-FunkyMonkey [] has joined #mythtv
20:30<Chutt>it doesn't work at all with them, because ATI doesn't do linux drivers.
20:30<ShockValue>what about Gatos?
20:31<ShockValue>you mean for AIW's? cuz im runnin my ATI 9700pro just fine :)
20:31<hadees_>Are the good features in the Nvidia drivers ever going to come back?
20:31<josephk>if someone wants to support the gatos capture driver...its not standard at all
20:31<hadees_>or are we going to have to use old drivers till nv can do it
20:31<Chutt>the gatos people are essentially completely incompetent
20:31<Chutt>they can't follow the v4l spec
20:32<term>oh c'mon, it takes talent to lock out my ability to access my vt array after installing the gatos driver
20:32-!-hadees_ is now known as hadees
20:33<josephk>I can't follow the v4l standard...I want to do my own thing
20:33<josephk>I want to reinvent the wheel...except make it a hexagon
20:34<Chutt>because compatibility with existing applications is a bad thing!
20:34<josephk>I want people to accomodate me because I'm special and no one else gets me
20:36<ShockValue>so for ease of setup, what tuner and GFX card would you guys reccomend>
20:36<Chutt>a pvr-250 or equivalent is the easiest thing to get going.
20:36<josephk>and apparently my decoder doesn't hang up, but my encoder...which makes perfect sense, however I'm to thick-headed to realize this immediately, and will not admit that I was mistaken at any point in time...since this would crush my shallow ego forcing me into a downward spiral of rage and despair
20:37<josephk>350 is easy too
20:37<josephk>if you don't want to decode
20:38<FunkyMonkey>Chutt ok good, I have a PVR-250, fresh install of Suse9.0 ivtv compiled, S-Video in working... coax is giving me tuner: TV freq (2.75) out of range (44-958) I am US with a DCT converting the signal to chan 3 broadcast which should be 61250 freq... is there something wrong with the current cvs try at ivtv
20:39<hadees>go to #ivtv-dev to ask questions about ivtv
20:39<FunkyMonkey>ahh didn't know that channel was there, thanks hadees
20:41<mikegrb>Chutt: it appears that using uncompressed audio with mpeg4 video that the audio isn't stored, or more likely the headers for audio aren't exactly nuv spec?
20:43<ShockValue>reccomendations on a sound card that can take the audio from my dvd-rom and pass 5.1 to my reciever for decoding?
20:43<CyberKnet>I notice that jcw and robert both put orders in for the M179's. The posts to the list today set my mind greatly at ease about that whole thing. I'll probably get three of them too.
20:44<Chutt>mikegrb, i really wouldn't know anymore =)
20:44<mikegrb>heh okat
20:44<mikegrb>er okat
20:45<mikegrb>I suspect not due to avidemux still not getting the audio, I think I'm going to try to make avidemux work out of the box.... would be a great program for people to use with myth
20:45<mikegrb>can do everything from cmd line, or fire up the gui
20:50<hadees>so a AVerMedia M179 works exaclty like a pvr250
20:50<mikegrb>hardware wise... there is a difference, I think a different tuner
20:51<mikegrb>support is being added to ivtv driver
20:51<hadees>but is the quality the same?
20:51<mikegrb>yes I'd imagine so
20:51<hadees>and i read somthing about needing a sound card for the sound
20:52<mikegrb>that was it maybe
20:52<mikegrb>maybe the sound encoder chip was different
20:53-!-ShockValue [] has quit [Excess Flood]
21:06-!-jmw [] has joined #mythtv
21:06<jmw>anyone there?
21:08<Captain_Murdoch>the M179 doesn't have a msp3400, it has some sony chip, but that is supported using a patch recently posted to the ivtv list.
21:12-!-tusc_ [] has left #mythtv []
21:16-!-MrChook [] has joined #mythtv
21:21<term>grr why won't ivtv work now.
21:22<josephk>you broke it
21:22<term>man you're funny.
21:22<jmw>hey forgive the irc newbie - anyone there?
21:23<josephk>yes...yes I am
21:23<josephk>2 both statements
21:23-!-pcjabber [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
21:24<josephk>I noticed that I tried to set the mpg_buffers too low and ivtv wouldn't load
21:25<josephk>didn't realize 15 was the minumum now
21:25<josephk>I thought it was lower way back when
21:25<josephk>probably not though
21:26<term>this is set to 32.
21:26<term>it worked under debian.
21:26<josephk>100 ...better
21:27<josephk>what are you using now?
21:27<jmw>hi, i have a simple question: how to tell if the backend is accepting requests on port 6543?
21:28<jmw>i tried telnetting, but i don't know the syntax
21:28<jmw>my frontend says it can't connect, but it's listening
21:28<josephk>I guess you could telnet x.x.x.x 6543
21:29<josephk>if it isn't refused it should be open
21:29<term>ivtv faq to the rescue.
21:29<mikegrb>netstat -t?
21:30<mikegrb>netstat -tl
21:31<josephk>perhaps he's running a firewall
21:31-!-thor_ [~thor@] has joined #mythtv
21:32<jmw>no, it DOES connect when i telnet. there's no firewall problem. i am just wondering if maybe the port is accessible, but the server is not responsive (after the initial connect)?
21:32<jmw>i want to check to make sure the server is responsive
21:33<josephk>well you shouldn't berate your server...that might make it more responsive
21:33<jmw>so, what do i type in once i connect via telnet
21:33<jmw>haha i wouldn't dream of berating it :)
21:34<Chiphead>ivtv: Not enough free buffers, stream 0 errors have gotten worse since 0.12
21:34<josephk>well you can attempt to input text or just return...when it doesn't get what it expects it should close the connection
21:35<Chiphead>I get a constant stream of these msgs now when recording.... used to just get em occationally
21:35<jmw>hm. i tried typing in text, it doesn't close the connection. is that bad?
21:36<josephk>not necessarily
21:36<josephk>can you use the frontend on the same machine?
21:37<jmw>i can start it, and it doesn't seem to complain about not being able to connect, unfortunately i have to export
21:38<jmw>my display, so i can't really see if the live tv works or not
21:38<josephk>have you gone through the docs for setting up a separate backend?
21:38<jmw>part of the problem is, i'm running minimyth on my frontend machine, and it lacks network debug tools
21:39<jmw>i can ping the backend, and there's no firewall... any ideas of what to try?
21:39<josephk>well make sure your using the IP for the backend machine in setup...which you need to run on the backend not frontend
21:40<jmw>right, i did that
21:40<josephk>and edited mysql.txt under /usr/share
21:40<jmw>i can see the program guide data fine.
21:40<josephk>you can see the program data from the frontend machine?
21:41<jmw>it connects directly to mysql, right?
21:41<jmw>(which is on the same machine as the backend)
21:41<jmw>that's why i thought something must be wrong with the backend server
21:41<josephk>so the only problem is that video does not play when you try live tv or recordings
21:42<jmw>that's correct. frontend keeps popping up messages that it can't connect to backend
21:42<josephk>you're not running a backend on the frontend machine are you
21:43<jmw>no. it's a minimyth image (if you're not familiar, it's a network boot image with just basic linux and mythfrontend)
21:43<josephk>ah familiar...hehe...heard of
21:43<_rkulagow>chutt: can you sync docs please?
21:44<Chutt>give me a few, in the middle of something
21:44<josephk>can you see previews of recordings?
21:44<_rkulagow>chutt: NP
21:44<jmw>hm. i don't think so. i haven't recorded anything except the ringbuffer (i assume)
21:45<jmw>ah. hm. i notice that my /mnt/store doesn't have any files in it
21:45<jmw>something must be seriously wrong w the backend, right?
21:45<jmw>(well, it has the nfslockfile.lock)
21:46<josephk>well Chutt tells me that using nfs exports are not required...the backend should stream it
21:46<jmw>i am not even using nfs at all
21:46<josephk>but of course I never got it running without
21:46<jmw>what do you need nfs for?
21:46<josephk>so I'm not the best person to troubleshoot
21:47<jmw>oh, i see what you're saying
21:47<jmw>yeah, i was expecting the backend to stream the video over the tcp connection
21:47<mikegrb>the nfslock is used by the backend to see if the space is local to the backend or not
21:47<jmw>right. it is
21:47<mikegrb>when you have multiple backends
21:47<Captain_Murdoch>the frontend can read the file directly if it's available via nfs rather than asking the backend to stream the file. useful for when you have a fileserver, backend, and frontend on 3 different boxes. just let the frontend get the file straight from the fileserver via nfs rather than having the backend read from nfs then stream to the frontend which means the file is going over your network twice.
21:48<mikegrb>the backend will stream the video over the connection if it isn't local to the frontend
21:48<jmw>i see.
21:48<josephk>chutt says it does so I believe him
21:48<jmw>but shouldn't a ringbuffer video file appear as soon as i start the backend?
21:48<Chutt>why would it?
21:48<mikegrb>only when you go to livetv
21:48<jmw>oh. ok.
21:49<Chutt>jmw, what's the master backend ip set to?
21:49<Chutt>you're absolutely positive?
21:49<jmw>in the setup you mean?
21:49<jmw>i'll check again.
21:49<jmw>hold on
21:50<jmw>damn. nice call. i had left it
21:51<jmw>was that it?
21:51<jmw>(i guess i'll find out in about 2 mins)
21:51<Chutt>of course that was it.
21:51<jmw>well, i was tricked, since netstat showed it listening on all interfaces
21:51<mikegrb>Chutt: the backend binds to the ip set there, right?
21:51<Chutt>that's used to tell the frontends where to connect to
21:51<mikegrb>the remote frontend
21:51<Chutt>it's the _only_ setting you have to do
21:51<Chutt>it's _explicitly_ described in the docs
21:52<jmw>i know, i know, i had set it correctly before, and in my haste must have reset the options and forgot to fix it
21:53<Captain_Murdoch>probably hit ESC instead of going through the screens.
21:54<Captain_Murdoch>need to put "OK" and "Apply" on there for all those Windows users. ;)
21:54<jmw>might have. silly me. it works now.
21:54<jmw>haha hey now, i am not as linux-newbie as that mistake makes me appear!
21:54<Chutt>rkulagow, doing the docs now
21:55<Chutt>ok, that's done
21:56<josephk>you gotta let the anger out man
21:56<josephk>its eating you alive
21:56<Chutt>i'm busy breaking things :p
21:56<Chutt>almost have the avformatdecoder put back together
21:56<Chutt>going to be committing all this crap to cvs soon
21:57<josephk>dude...I don't want to hear that you break things...thats something I do
21:57<mikegrb>josephk: you are not alowed to be Chutt like in anyway?
21:57-!-Doukegata|riseki [] has joined #mythtv
21:58<mikegrb>stupid question ;)
21:58<josephk>no I'm not
21:58<josephk>chutt won't let me
21:58<Chutt>i broke mpeg2 playback a few hours back
21:58<Chutt>is what i meant
21:58<josephk>if he breaks things, I have to stop
21:58<Chutt>due to libavcodec/libavformat changing stuff around
21:59<term>whee xmltv is not cooperating again.
21:59-!-jmw [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
22:00<josephk>I guess that breakage doesn't count
22:00-!-StarHeart [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
22:00<josephk>so I can continue my livlihood
22:00<josephk>of screwing things up
22:02<josephk>m so not funny right now
22:03<josephk>I should upgrade to panther no
22:05-!-josephk [] has quit ["Bye"]
22:27<Chiphead>will I have any db issues in rolling back to 0.12 from current CVS?
22:27<Chutt>yes, you will
22:27<Chiphead>there is some issue causeing an extreem number of buffer errors. has got real bad in recent cvs
22:28<Chutt>ivtv errors?
22:29<Chiphead>I can cat /dev/video0 for hours w/o a single one but when myth is recording I get a conbstant stream hammering my hd
22:29<Chutt>that's the driver's fault, not mine :p
22:29<term>why does xmltv hate me
22:29<term>every time I fix everything else, xmltv refuses to work properly.
22:29<Chiphead>I havent changed the driver
22:30<Chiphead>like I said I can cat the video0 for hours w/o a single error
22:30<Chutt>check the last time mpegrecorder.cpp's changed in mythtv cvs
22:30<Chutt>wow, lookithat, last change was well before 0.12 came out :p
22:31<term>Chutt: I don't suppose xmltv .21 works with mythtv 0.12.
22:31<Chiphead>7 and 5 weeks
22:31<Chutt>it should
22:31<Chutt>term, i'm not aware of any changes that break things
22:31<term>it keeps coming back with a ton of text and only 2 channels get dealt with
22:32<Chiphead>well I know in .11 I got one occationally and a few mor in .12 and no\w a non-stop stream while recording
22:32<Chutt>of course, i haven't upgraded yet
22:32* Chiphead hasn't touched the ivtv driver since he installed 0.11
22:32<Chutt>that's the problem, you realize
22:33<Chutt>.12 requires a driver from around when it was released.
22:33<Chutt>cvs mythtv requires cvs ivtv
22:33<Chiphead>that would explain it then
22:33<Chutt>i sent out emails about that to the ivtv-list, and both mythtv lists
22:33<Chiphead>I missed it :(
22:34<Chiphead>will start dumping uyour email into a special folder :) you should feel special now :)
22:34<CyberKnet>I made a note of it. It seemed somewhat important at the time.
22:34<Chiphead>wont get lost in the sea
22:34<Chutt>term, 0.5.22 seems to be working fine
22:34<Chutt>latest in debian unstable
22:35<term>lemme toss up a page with my errors
22:40<term>at least switching to gentoo's kernel got rid of the really odd nice-causing-oops problem.
22:41<Chutt>that's good
22:45-!-FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
22:50<thor_>well, I found CVS to be slightly more stable with an ivtv checkout from about 3 weeks ago
22:50<thor_>but I'm not using any 350 stuff
22:54<Chutt>maybe i'll hold off on committing this to cvs
22:56-!-josephk [] has joined #mythtv
22:58<josephk>hmmm...default settings for 250/350 with latest cvs ivtv seems to be doing well for me
22:59<josephk>reading from a second card though
23:03<Chiphead>uggg still get the streem of errors with updated ivtv
23:07-!-cmorgan [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:08<Chiphead>better though... only errors for the first 5 mins of the recording and then all is quiet
23:10-!-hadees [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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