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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-11-13

---Logopened Thu Nov 13 00:00:11 2003
00:00<Chiphead>There it goes.... just finnished one recording and tried to start another.
00:01<pmowry>I'm compiling the latest myth CVS now, there was a big commit about mpeg-2 playback, so i figuredI'd give it a try.
00:01<pmowry>as soon as its done I'll see what happens.
00:02<Chiphead>Im running the cvs from right before he commited last night
00:02<Chiphead>this is strangs when the backend ended the recordign and started a new one I got this:
00:02<Chiphead>2003-11-13 00:00:00 Changing from RecordingOnly to None
00:02<Chiphead>2003-11-13 00:00:09 Found changes in the todo list.
00:02<Chiphead>2003-11-13 00:00:10 Started recording "South Park" on channel: 1051 on cardid: 1, sourceid 1
00:02<Chiphead>2003-11-13 00:00:10 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
00:02<Chiphead>Input #0, mpeg, from '/var/lib/mythtv//1015_20031112233000_20031113000000.nuv':
00:02<Chiphead> Stream #0.0: Video: mpeg2video, 720x480, 29.97 fps, 6000 kb/s
00:02<Chiphead> Stream #0.1: Audio: mp2, 48000 Hz, stereo, 384 kb/s
00:03<Chiphead>yet there is no frontend connect atm
00:03<Chiphead>why is it streaming it
00:04<pmowry>hehe Southpark is what I'm testing with too. Does scanning for commercial skips require the backend to stream?
00:06<Chiphead>maybe thats it
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00:07<Captain_Murdoch>scanning for commercials essentially "plays" the video it just doesn't display it anywhere.
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00:08<Captain_Murdoch>it plays it so it can get the decoded video frames to analyze.
00:08<Chiphead>that makes sence
00:11<kvandivo>Captain_Murdoch: you happen to be on a SMP system?
00:11<pmowry>This compile seems to be taking forever, but its in mythfilldatabase (P3-500mhzmachine)
00:12<Chiphead>lol my backend is a ppro 400 you think yours is slow
00:13<Chiphead>although is compiles myth 2x as fast as my celeron p3 733
00:14<Chiphead>the ppro has 512 megs and the p3 only 64
00:15<pmowry>I'm using a single machine with 1Gig of ram. Thats the main reason I got the PVR-350.
00:16<pmowry>Trying to do to much with one box.
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00:17<Chiphead>wonders if my problem is related to this
00:18<Chiphead>ivtv: DEC: free_q: 0 elements
00:18<Chiphead>ivtv: DEC: dma_q: 99 elements
00:18<Chiphead>ivtv: DEC: full_q: 0 elements
00:18<Chiphead> and tmk sayes added together they should be 8
00:19<pmowry>wow,slightly out of spec
00:19<Chiphead>not as bad as the guy that posted the bug but bad enough
00:20<pmowry>I'm using firmware from pvr250_17_21226.exe. That side never seems to be discussed, so I'm loading the most current.
00:20<pmowry>or at least most current when I started
00:23<billytwowilly>man.. I wish one of you guys would have told me about knoppmyth when I was having all my troubles installing mythtv yesterday..
00:24<pmowry>problems solved? Never tried it before.
00:25<billytwowilly>I'm downloading it now.
00:25<billytwowilly>it looks like it will fix my problems. Mentions specific info about the hardware I have (Nforce2 stuff)
00:26<billytwowilly>so hopefully it'll work.
00:31<pmowry>Chiphead: My compile finished just in time to record back-to-back southparks. I'll let you know what happens.
00:31<bbeattie_>thor_: I was able to get the excelent/perfect/good options, however the transcode failed. -- I also have one small (well big but easy to fix) bug.. the "view" option needs to be updated, it fails (mplayer does due to -dvd N is depricated, use dvd://N instead
00:31<Chiphead>k thx
00:32<bbeattie_>22:26:56: Error: Could not start transcode
00:32<bbeattie_>22:27:00: job failed: job dvd 1 2 2 0 -1 /misc/myth/video//Monsters, In
00:32<pmowry>Chiphead: do you change channels when it fails or does it matter?
00:33<Chiphead>it doesnt matter
00:33<bbeattie_>thor_: (is it normal when you go to transcode, that it tells you no transcoding daemon is running, hit any number to see if it starts)? For the rip, it ripped the dvd the transcoding top status slowly went up entil the rip finished, then it just exited.
00:34<Chiphead>They dont even have to be back to back
00:34<Chiphead>just cant record more than 1 w/o a driver reload
00:36<thor_>bbeattie, probably not liking the comma in the file name
00:36<thor_>yeah dvd://N needs to be fixed
00:37<bbeattie_>thor_: I'll rerun with no comma,
00:38<thor_>you get the "hit any number key ... " if the mtd died
00:41<bbeattie_>20 minutes to rip.. (it's a first gen dvd drive)
00:41<bbeattie_>thor_: thanks for the help, I'll toss this into my how-to so many less people will ask. :)
00:41<thor_>bedtime for me ... I'll check on scrollback to see if it worked
00:41<bbeattie_>alright, have a good night
00:42<pmowry>Seeya, thanks for thehelp
00:42<Chiphead>g'night thor_
00:43<thor_>good luck Chiphead (hope tmk shows up ...)
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00:49<Chiphead>just updated to latest firmware... maybe that will help
00:49<Chiphead>testing now
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00:56<pmowry>I should be starting the second recording soon. I'm set to start 90 seconds prior to the start of a program. Soitwill be interesting to see what it does for back2back recordings. I assume it will cut thefirst oneshort.
00:57<Chiphead>yeah I always wondered how that was handled
00:58<Chiphead>I thought they may be registered as conflicts
00:59<pmowry>Idont have fronend running so I could watch the backend. Didn't think to look.
01:01<bbeattie_>thor_: no luck :-/
01:01<bbeattie_>22:40:27: launching job: job dvd 1 2 2 0 -1 /misc/myth/video//Monsters_Inc
01:01<bbeattie_>22:40:27: transcode command will be: /usr/local/bin/transcode -i /misc/myth/tmp/Monsters_Inc/vob/ -g 720x480 -f 0,1 -M 2 -y xvid -a 1 -o /misc/myth/video/Monsters_Inc.avi --print_status 20 --color 0 -R 1,twopass.log
01:01<bbeattie_>22:40:27: job thread beginning to rip dvd title
01:01<bbeattie_>22:56:27: job thread finished ripping dvd title
01:01<bbeattie_>22:56:27: Error: Could not start transcode
01:01<bbeattie_>22:56:30: job failed: job dvd 1 2 2 0 -1 /misc/myth/video//Monsters_Inc
01:02<pmowry>Chiphead: It finished the first, started the second, then began streaming the 1st for commercials.
01:02<pmowry>Chiphead: what kind of error were you getting?
01:03<Chiphead>the error is in dmesg
01:03<Chiphead>and check the file size of 2nd recording
01:03<Chiphead>mine is staying at 0
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01:03<Chiphead>ivtv: DMA buffer DeQueue failed! got 1, want 1
01:03<Chiphead>ivtv: DEC: free_q: 0 elements
01:03<Chiphead>ivtv: DEC: dma_q: 0 elements
01:03<Chiphead>ivtv: DEC: full_q: 99 elements
01:03<Chiphead>ivtv: EOS interrupt not received! stopping anyway.
01:03<Chiphead>thats the error at the end of the recording
01:04<Chiphead>then I get a bunck of
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01:04<Chiphead>ivtv: returning silently
01:05<Chiphead>then ivtv: DMA buffer DeQueue failed! got 1, want 1
01:05<Chiphead>ivtv: DEC: free_q: 0 elements
01:05<Chiphead>ivtv: DEC: dma_q: 99 elements
01:05<Chiphead>ivtv: DEC: full_q: 0 elements
01:05<Chiphead>damn firmware upgrade didnt help
01:06<Chiphead>that message dont make sence... got 1 want 1 whats the problem/
01:07<pmowry>ops, I have ivtv_debug=1 so I have no ivtv lines in dmesg at all. But it looks like its recording fime.
01:08<pmowry>BTW, It finished the first program, then stated the second a few seconds late. So I guess completing a file take precedence over starting early.
01:08<Chiphead>damn... u just grabbed myth from the cvs?
01:08<pmowry>Yeah, I just pulled it down a few hrs ago.
01:09<Chiphead>Ok l'll try updatign... maybe that will fix it
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01:10<pmowry>I just checked again, no new updates.
01:10<Chiphead>yeah I grabbed it last night right before chutt commited
01:11<pmowry>I'm RH9 fully up2date, decoder-alpha-091103A.tar.gz, pvr250_17_21226.exe.
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01:12<Chiphead>Im running the current ivtv cvs. chutt said it was necessary for current myth cvs
01:13<Chiphead>I cant get older ivtvs to build now
01:13<Chiphead>errors in saa7115.c
01:13<pmowry>The current ivtv CVS from 24 hrs ago would segfault on load for me.
01:14<pmowry>Also to compile the lates mythtv CVS I installed libogg-devel and libvorbis-devel
01:15<pmowry>or else the new ogg.c file failed to compile.
01:15<pmowry>When the CVS version segfaulted, tmk suggested I try the one I have now
01:16<Chiphead>well Im hoping he can help with the build errors Im getting with older sources
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01:16<tmk>chutt, you here?
01:17<Chiphead>the current gives me the same build error w/o -DNEW_I2C but build fine with -DNEW_I2C however the older sources dont have that define available
01:17<Chiphead>speak of the devil
01:17<tmk>chip: dig around, there should be older patches
01:17<tmk>pmow: i think i know why it was giving you that segfault
01:18<tmk>yeah.. i think you forgot to make clean before compiling
01:18<tmk>if ivtv.h changes
01:18<tmk>then you need to make clena
01:18<pmowry>Chiphead: I got my currentversionfrom
01:19<Chiphead>current is giving me fits. myth can only make 1 recording w/o reloading the driver
01:19<tmk>that's too bad
01:19<pmowry>tmk: I ersased the ivtv directory completelyand pulled cvsfresh.
01:19<tmk>hmm dunno then :)
01:20<pmowry>tmk:butIdid notdo a make clean after that. didnt think it was needed.
01:20<pmowry>But I can give it another try.
01:20<tmk>only if you've compiled
01:20<pmowry>Infact I'll delete and start from scratch again.
01:20<Chutt>tmk, yeah
01:21<Chutt>did you get that patch i sent you?
01:21<tmk>chutt: i've been having mythbackend crash when a slave backend detaches
01:21<tmk>chutt: yeah, but i just today got my frontend up
01:21<tmk>so i wanted to compare
01:21<Chutt>what's the bt on that crash?
01:21<tmk>just getting it now :)
01:21<Chutt>i no longer have a slave backend setup for testing, so that code's pretty un-updated and stuff
01:23<bbeattie_>thor_: fyi, it rips the dvd (into the tmp/Monsterss/vob/Monsterss1of... but as soon as that is finished it deletes the file and quits, ie, never encodes. I am going to get some sleep, but I have another computer logging, but it's buffer may be small (I don't recall) I'll be back on at 10am pacific time to talk,
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02:06<Chiphead> /msg NickServ IDENTIFY zaflart
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03:36<o_c>cvs dead? :/
03:38-!-o_c is now known as o_cee
03:38<o_cee>chutt you asleep?
03:39<o_cee>how do i call the <alttext lang="SV"> thingie in my theme? those shorter names could come in handy
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04:22<Gumby>anyone in here alive? and willing to lend a possible hand?
04:22<marc>alive, yes
04:22<marc>barely ;-)
04:22<Gumby>I'm assuming you use mythtv?
04:23<marc>still in the process of building...
04:23<marc>but i've seen it work
04:23<Gumby>hrm, damn
04:23<marc>what exactly is your problem?
04:23<Gumby>Ive got it up and running using knoppmyth but the video quality is horrible
04:24<marc>what configuration? BT8x8 or PVR-250?
04:24<Gumby>Ive tried two different tuner cards and both are the same quality. Recording to HDD and then watching seems to be a bit better but its still quite choppy and grainy
04:24<Gumby>Hauppauge WinTV Go and an ATI Remote Wonder VE
04:25<marc>mmh. you can change your recording profiles, so it records with higher quality.
04:25<marc>tried that?
04:26<Gumby>well, it seems to be at too high of a quality already possibly. The would be an explaination as to why it skips so much
04:26<marc>how's the quality when you use xawtv?
04:26<marc>better/considerably better?
04:26<Gumby>however, Ive used other programs in windows and even snapstream PVS shows ok video at the highest quality.
04:26<Gumby>I havnt used xawtv.
04:27<marc>hve you changed the size of the recording (480x480)?
04:27<Gumby>yeah, I think that was default
04:28<marc>are you in PAL country?
04:28<Gumby>no NTSC
04:28<Gumby>hrmm, sound doesnt seem to be working now either
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04:42<hadees_>where exaclty is the menu to transcode an already recorded show?
04:43<marc>Gumby: hva you read the bit in the documentation about sound?
04:44<tmk>chutT: i figured out why my mythbackend was dying
04:45<Gumby>marc: some yes. I believe I have it working now. Allthough, the quality is not that great. Even when listening from CD
04:47<hadees_>i feel like an idiot but i am having trouble locating how to transcode
04:48<tmk>hadees: there's a checkbox in there somewhere to tell it to do it automatically
04:48<Gumby>hrm, Ishould sell my hauppauge WintvGo and my ATI TV Wonder VE and get a Hauppauge WinTV-350
04:49<marc>Gumby: at least for PAL the driver's not yet 100% there. But picture quality is as good as live from the antenna.
04:49<hadees_>tmk: can you do it after the show has been recorded?
04:49<Gumby>marc: ive experienced that with both of those other cards too. Just not with mythtv :(
04:51<tmk>hadees: try pressing 'x' while watching it
04:51<tmk>that's what keys.txt says
04:55<Gumby>is there a common log file for everything? I cant even seem to get DVD playback to work
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07:43<Manta>I assume mythtvtranscode is part of the main MythTV package?
07:43<Manta>Is there any way to just download the transcoder?
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10:13<o_cee>Chutt: you awake now?
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12:22<henry_>any pvr 350 tv-out folks here?
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12:39<bbeattie>thor_: still sleeping? :)
12:46<thor_>no, Im up
12:47<thor_>bbeattie, I know this is a pain, but can you try it again after turning on the "break the file up option" in transcode settings. Make it like 2000 MBs.
12:48<thor_>(cause that forces transcode into directory mode)
12:48<bbeattie>thor_: I will check that later tonight, I'm not at home now.
12:48<thor_>ah, ok
12:48<bbeattie>thor_: it's no problem at all
12:48<thor_>I'm gonna be out of the country for a few days, till around Wednesday
12:49<bbeattie>leaving today?
12:49<thor_>tomorrow morning
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12:51<Chiphead>thor_ I was finally able to locate a patch that let me compile older ivtv driver with newer i2c stuff. using 10-31 and its working fine :) thx for your help lastnight
12:52<thor_>ah good
12:52<thor_>you're welcome (not sure I was any help)
12:53<Chiphead>simply verifying that the older ivtv worked w/current myth was enough to keep me looking for a solution to building the older ivtv :)
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12:55<henry_>I'm just starting down the ivtv path. Anything I should know. I'm running 2.4.21 with ivtv and mythtv from cvs yesterday. ivtv modules seem to load ok.
12:55-!-mecraw__ is now known as mecraw
12:56<Chiphead>I had a problem with the current ivtv driver and myth. myth could only make 1 recording w/o reloading the driver.
12:56<Chiphead>it would be nice to have confirmation that its not just me
12:57<henry_>Not quite there yet. I'm trying to run setup using ivtv-fb and am not happy with the way the image (doesn't) fit on the screen.
12:59<Chiphead>I submited some changes that let myth compile with qt/e. I dont have a 350 but suspect that you should be able to run completely in fb mode. IE no X
12:59<Chiphead>have you compiled it with qt or qte
13:00<henry_>qt (existing mandrake 9.1).
13:01<Chiphead>you might want to give qt/embedded a try. faster startup cause X doesnt need to be initialized. But I dont think there is a ready made package
13:03<henry_>Yeah, I'm looking at qte-3.2.2 on trolltech now.
13:05<henry_>Thinking of putting my gf4 back in and running with 2 fb's. Took it out while getting the ivtv to work so that I didn't confuse fb.s
13:05<Chiphead>that has some instructions for building qt/e for myth need to make a minor adjustment
13:07<henry_>Didn't see any list of tags on the ivtv cvs. The default should be the latest?
13:08<henry_>So, do you know if others have had some trouble sizing their X screens on the 350?
13:08<Chiphead>sry idunno
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14:22<o_cee>does anyone know how i'd use the alttext thingies that's in tv_schedule.xml for my theme instead of the longer text? is that possible?
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15:15<kvandivo>so is the general consensus that current cvs has a memory leak, or are there merely isolated cases of said activity?
15:16<sfr>yes, noticed it yesterday.
15:17<sfr>and playback of h/w mjpeg encoded gives wrong colors and distortion in the upper 20% of the picture.
15:41<Chiphead>my backend has lockuped up 2 times now.
15:42<hadees_>anyone here use mythtranscode?
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16:13<henry_>Chiphead, in addition to instructions you pointed me to, had to edit mythtv/libs/libmyth/Makefile and change -lqt-mt to -lqte-mt.
16:14<henry_>But then I'm not a bit qt (qmake) person, so maybe this needs to go elsewhere.
16:19<Gumby>can anyone here lend a hand. I've setup mythtv and changed it to use the proper XML file but upon reboot all I get is a green screen with some "snow" up top. I am thinking this is because the channels file and the tuner have become unlinked but I can not find anywhere in the settings to link them back together. Where might I find this?
16:19-!-Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
16:20<sfr>Gumby: in mythsetup i think.
16:24<Gumby> setup I see Appearance, General, TV, Game, Music, Images, Weather, Video, DVD, News
16:24<Gumby>so I figured id'd be in TV
16:24<Gumby>but Icant find it in there, nor in General
16:25<sfr>Gumby: no, that's mythfrontend's settings menue. run mythsetup or setup. it's a separate programm.
16:27<Gumby>ahh, k
16:29<Chiphead>henry_, I dont remember having to do that. The make files are generated by qmake and it should have taken care or it
16:31<Gumby>I tried mythtv-setup (after doing a locate setep) and it tells me that it cant connect to X server. I am in FvWM though
16:31* Gumby sighs
16:31<Chiphead>off to work... be back in 8 hours or so
16:36-!-btatton [~btatton@] has joined #mythtv
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17:00<o_cee>oh ;)
17:05-!-Kasperle [] has quit ["Happiness ... is watching Windows reboot"]
17:08-!-cshRonin is now known as sfr
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17:55-!-chiller [] has joined #mythtv
17:55<chiller>A quick question?
17:56<chiller>I've got a dedicated PC & 19" CRT monitor in my living room for my myth setup
17:56<chiller>I use a PVR350.
17:56<chiller>what resolution would you suggest I run my X session at?
17:57-!-nulltank [] has joined #mythtv
17:59<sfr>chiller: i'd say NTSC/PAL resolution or whatever resolution you are capturing with.
18:00-!-mdz [] has joined #mythtv
18:01<chiller>maximum PAL resolution is 720x576
18:02<kvandivo>you could always use tvout on your 350 with a tv and get a really nice pic.
18:02-!-Drikus__ [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:02<kvandivo>but, on a monitor it really isn't all that important.
18:02<kvandivo>i run the frontend on my xbox at 640x480
18:02<kvandivo>i run the frontend on my computer at 1280x1024
18:02<chiller>kvandivo: I don't own a TV
18:03<chiller>kvandivo: is there any difference in appearance?
18:03<kvandivo>depending on the fontset you have on your machine, you might have hard-to-read fonts at lower resolutions.
18:03-!-Drikus [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:03<kvandivo>i experienced that a little bit a while back.
18:03<kvandivo>really, 800x600 isn't a bad place to be. it's a bit larger than your capture resolution
18:04<kvandivo>and minimizes the amount of work that your cpu has to do
18:05<chiller>what about the processor load involved in scaling the image? would it be better to try and tweak X to get a 720xsomething display (if that's even possible)
18:05-!-Drikus__ [] has joined #mythtv
18:05<kvandivo>well, i guess you could.... probably not worth the hassle unless your cpu is right on the edge
18:05<chiller>It shouldn't be, but the video I am able to get to display at the moment seems to be a bit flickery.
18:06<chiller>and jumpy
18:06<kvandivo>what version of the driver?
18:06<kvandivo>put 4463 on and enable jitter reduction and the other options on that same page in the myth settings and see if that helps
18:06<chiller>erm, the nvidia x driver compiled from source tar on their site.
18:07<kvandivo>experimental av sync, i think it is.. and deinterlacing..
18:07-!-bobbyd [] has joined #mythtv
18:07-!-schultmc [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:07<bobbyd>are any dvb users here?
18:08<chiller>kvandivo: 1.0.4498-8 I think
18:08<kvandivo>ya.. roll back one, the new one doesn't support the av sync stuff
18:08<chiller>kvandivo: 1.0.4496-8 I mean
18:08<kvandivo>they took the hooks out for some reason
18:09<chiller>kvandivo: so go back to 4463?
18:09<sfr>hm, we all know myth can't hardlock your computer, but that's just what mythmusic did on my laptop. never happened before.
18:09<kvandivo>that's the version that chutt recommends, yes
18:09<bobbyd>what's going on with myth and dvb at the moment? the gentoo mythtv ebuild has dvb disabled
18:10<kvandivo>to quote, chiller.. <Chutt> nvidia card should be using the 4363 driver, with deinterlace playback, jitter reduction, experimental a/v sync, and extra audio buffering turned on
18:10<chiller>kvandivo: ok. Actually, I now remember, I'm using the debian packaged version of the driver. I'll have to hope that there is a deb for the 4463 version.
18:12<kvandivo>i'm sure there is one around somewhere. :)
18:12<kvandivo>nothing ever "goes away" on the internet
18:13<kvandivo>at any rate, maybe that will make your playback a bit less nervous
18:13-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:14<chiller>kvandivo: thanks :)
18:15<chiller>all: Another question, has there been any mention of when us Debian users will get a 0.12 release deb?
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21:12<_rkulagow>ack. this memory leak is killing me!
21:12-!-CyberKnet [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:13<_rkulagow>load average: 17.53, 17.06, 12.98
21:13<_rkulagow>7298 mythtv 9 0 865m 427m 112 S 0.1 90.7 0:06.72 mythbackend
21:13<_rkulagow> 7300 mythtv 9 0 865m 427m 112 D 0.1 90.7 0:16.42 mythbackend
21:13<_rkulagow> 7405 mythtv 19 19 865m 427m 112 R 0.1 90.7 3:21.54 mythbackend
21:14<_rkulagow>frontend isn't running, and there are two programs being recorded. looks like the commercial flagger kicked off, since there's one job at a nice of 19.
21:18-!-FryGuy [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
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22:42<mythtv_>thor_: think I found the problem
22:42-!-mythtv_ is now known as bebattie
22:42-!-bebattie is now known as bbeattie2
22:42<bbeattie2>thor_: should mythdvd use transcode, or mythtranscode?
22:51<Gumby>if my tuner card isnt using my xml file for its tuner settings how do I fix that?
23:16-!-cmorgan [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:36-!-mode/#mythtv [+o Chutt] by ChanServ
23:37-!-mode/#mythtv [-b *!*octane@*] by Chutt
23:38<@Chutt>damn, no one's sent me a patch for the mem leak yet.
23:39<_rkulagow>sorry, been busy working on my stupid little status thing for the frontend.
23:39<_rkulagow>you know, important stuff.
23:42-!-mode/#mythtv [-o Chutt] by Chutt
23:42<Chutt>ah we
23:42<Chutt>err, well
23:42<Chutt>i'll just have to recompile for debugging and throw valgrind at it
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