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---Logopened Fri Nov 14 00:00:26 2003
00:04<kvandivo>new valgrind release just a couple of days ago..
00:05<Chutt>well, my current install segfaults on exit
00:06<Chutt>kinda makes the printing out of leak information a tad difficult
00:06<Captain_Murdoch>kvandivo: I just had a guy from AVerMedia asking me how to get the ivtv driver working with the M179 card. :) said he's part of their embedded Linux team.
00:06<_rkulagow>first, he needs to buy a $49 card from eBay...
00:07<kvandivo>did you see my note from a couple of days ago that i got it working?
00:07<Captain_Murdoch>I think he's probably got lots hanging around. The other guy I've been talking with said they have a few other cards that use that chip but they're made for japanese television.
00:07<Captain_Murdoch>no, musta lost that when I had to reboot and didnt' save my scrollback buffer.
00:08<kvandivo>had to use jen's 10/31 patch version. can't get anything newer than that to work on either of my systems
00:08<kvandivo>jen suspects that it is because both of my systems are SMP
00:08<kvandivo>said he hadn't done extensive testing on smp yet
00:09<Captain_Murdoch>weird. I used current cvs and was able to do about 13-14 successive recordings in Myth to get those samples I put up and didn't have any of the problems other people are having with recent cvs.
00:09<kvandivo>he had said he was going to have a new version out today, but apparently got busy with other things
00:09<Captain_Murdoch>current cvs of ivtv and 3-4 day old myth (before Chutt's "upgrade") ;)
00:09<kvandivo>ya.. i haven't had _any_ luck with cvs newer than 11/01
00:09<kvandivo>or any of jen's releases since 10/31
00:10<Chutt>bah, that'll all be fixed soon enough
00:10<Chutt>well, not the ivtv stuff
00:10<kvandivo>the instant i touch dev/video it hangs the system
00:10<Captain_Murdoch>I thought you went into hiding after committing that stuff.
00:10<kvandivo>ya.. ivtv is all i'm talking about. :)
00:10<Chutt>fuckin hell
00:10<Chutt>valgrind 2.0 doesn't compile
00:10<Chutt>because of the stupid idiot debian glibc team
00:10<kvandivo>compiled great on my gentoo box. just got done with it, in fact. :-p
00:11<Chutt>"let's use a pre-2.6.0 kernel header set!!"
00:12<Chutt>i've got a completely non-functional gdb to thank them for, too
00:13<kvandivo>oh, the pain! how do you manage?
00:13<Chutt>haven't needed gdb for much yet =)
00:13<kvandivo>course, i guess real men don't use debuggers.. they just look at the binary and can figure out what's wrong..
00:14<Captain_Murdoch>look at the binary?? I remember when we had to put our ear to the chip and listen to the bits going through it..
00:14<kvandivo>ya well.. some people aren't quite _that_ hardcore
00:14<kvandivo>although that would be impressive to see..
00:15<Captain_Murdoch>especially today. nice stripes burned across the ear and side of the face.
00:15* kvandivo smirks.
00:15<Captain_Murdoch>anyway, off to fix another high-tech device. the dryer is making funny noises.....
00:15<kvandivo>ok.. i'll bite.. i'm updating my main frontend to cvs current and we'll see what happens
00:16<Captain_Murdoch>if you haven't upgraded your backend in the past 2-3 days you'll need both because of the programinfo changes recently.
00:17<kvandivo>umm.. i went through a round of that with my last upgrade. i think i might have caught it (unless there were two batches)
00:17<kvandivo>i have the one that gigem put in
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00:18<Chutt>if you're feeling bored, run it through valgrind for me and tell me what's leaking
00:18<Chutt>decoding mpeg2 files
00:18<Chutt>this crap won't compile
00:19<kvandivo>yep.. that's where i'm headed... takes it a bit to compile, though..
00:19<Chutt>kernel header errors out the ass
00:19<Chutt>and i've got other stuff i need to get done
00:19<Captain_Murdoch>there were 2 updates. one for his override stuff and another one a couple days later for the pre/postroll mod he did to make it work better.
00:20<kvandivo>dbcheck seems to thing 1013..
00:20<kvandivo>on the backend..
00:21<kvandivo>and my new cvs concurs.. i think i'll be ok
00:21<kvandivo>i have my update script set to always do a distclean, so updates take a while.. but it's safer that way..
00:21<Chutt>wire format changes, not the db
00:22<Captain_Murdoch>these weren't db updates, they were updates to the list of values passed around in programinfo stringlists
00:22* kvandivo mutters.
00:22<Chutt>i never got around to versioning those
00:22<Chutt>suppose i should
00:22<Captain_Murdoch>so you'd get screwey stuff in the playbackbox screen.
00:24<kvandivo>hmmm.. looks like those occurred 44 hours ago..
00:24<kvandivo>and it looks like my backend tree is... about 50 hours old
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00:55<_rkulagow>chutt: mailed you a status thing for mythfrontend.
01:01<Chutt>i'll check it out tomorrow
01:02<Chutt>kvandivo, where's my leak trace? =)
01:05<kvandivo>working on it
01:05<CyberKne2>Robert: Did you hear back from the seller wrt shipping?
01:06<_rkulagow>on the aver cards that were on ebay? it was $7 for one; three cost me $11.
01:06<CyberKne2>yeah. Me too. They should start shipping them tomorrow.
01:06<CyberKne2>Via USPS though.
01:06<CyberKne2>no tracking numbers =(
01:09<bbeattie2>thor_: fyi, turns out my transcode (via debian) was missing a library that it should be linked to
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01:09<_rkulagow>looks like there are another 500 for sale, except they're now $52 each + shipping. still a lot cheaper than the PVR-250's.
01:10<CyberKne2>yeah. I may pick another up. One of the three I got was for a coworker
01:10<FryGuy>no ir sensor though, right?
01:10<CyberKne2>nope. No ir sensor
01:11<Captain_Murdoch>the guy I've been corresponding with at AVerMedia says they have a M182 coming out in December which uses a bt878 and a different hardware encoder, a NEC uPD61151 chip he said. maybe that's why they're liquidating all the M179 cards.
01:11<CyberKne2>but an ir sensor is not needed either
01:11<Captain_Murdoch>he said he'd send me info about them when they were available as well.
01:12<CyberKne2>Hmmm... so ... you couldn't use that with either driver, could you?
01:12<_rkulagow>but tekgems has the packard bell IR receiver @ 2 for $18 including remotes, which considering time + effort to build my own from lirc instructions is worth it.
01:12<CyberKne2>I bought a Liteon airboard.
01:12<CyberKne2>no trouble what so ever
01:13<kvandivo>More than 30000 total errors detected. I'm not reporting any more.
01:14<Captain_Murdoch>just found an announcement on google that says NEC has v4l2 drivers available for a reference board with that chip...
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01:15<Captain_Murdoch>_rkulagow: I picked up 2 of those off Ebay this week for $13.50 shipped. nobody was bidding on them.
01:15<FryGuy>my dad tried making me an IR receiver, but it doesn't work
01:15<Captain_Murdoch>13.50 was for both.
01:15<FryGuy>exactly like the schematics say too :(
01:16<_rkulagow>cm: next time i'll check ebay. i don't feel gypped for paying an extra $5 though.
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01:16<_rkulagow>all i know is that i hate the lirc 0.7.0pre2 drivers for the PVR-250. i've quit trying to figure out why it's not working right.
01:17<kvandivo>all of the errors that valgrind is listing in "Invalid read of size 1' on avformatdecoder.cpp:1139
01:17<kvandivo>Address 0xXXXXXXXX is 0 bytes after a block of size 1380 alloc'd
01:17<kvandivo>1 bytes, 2 bytes, etc.
01:18<CyberKne2>So the output from the 179's should be light years (600 libraries of congress) better than from my bt848 card, shouldn't it? The bt848 card I have seems ... broken. At least, I couldn't get it to work. If anyone wants it, they can have it for the cost of shipping.
01:19<CyberKne2>(broken as in the colors seemed washed out. Not pastelly, but leached of color)
01:20<CyberKne2>time to sleep. Anyone message me if you want that card.
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01:30<pmowry>tmk: hello again, I've got another little issue using the alpha driver from 0911 on Jens site.
01:30<pmowry>Not asking for help, just thought I;d describe it
01:31<pmowry>I walked in the room an the hard drives were thrashing. The X session running on the framebuffer would not respond, nor coule I even get the caps lock light to toggle.
01:32<pmowry>An ssh session from another machine wouyld negotiate, but never give me a prompt, so I pushed the reset button.
01:33<pmowry>Once the system reloaded and loaded ivtv-fb again, The last screen presented by mythfronend popped up on the display without X or anythong loading.
01:35<pmowry> /var/log/message has : ivtv: DMA buffer DeQueue failed! got 2, want 2
01:35<Captain_Murdoch>display thing is probably because it was still in video memory. my Voodoo3 card will show a copy of the way my X layout looked if the system gets rebooted while I'm in X.
01:36<pmowry>DEC: full_q: 100 elements , the other two are zero
01:36<pmowry>I have not changed any buffer or queues from the defaults.
01:37<pmowry>Captain_Murdoch: Thanks, I was currious if the card was locked and needed a powercycle.
01:38<pmowry>But all the drivers loaded fine.
01:39<pmowry>I think the DEC elements climbing so high is a known issue, just thought I'd mention it.
01:39<Chutt>kvandivo, you need to run it with --leak-check=yes to get a leak listing
01:40<hadees>so all transcoding does it change the file from mpeg2 to mpeg4, and it is only for the benfit of taking up less space in mythtv or is it for archiving television shows?
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01:43<pmowry>tmk: I'll leave just the mythbackend process running, and no X either. If you want me to do any debugging for you benefit, let me know. If not I'll just keep going through the archives and playing with it.
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01:56<Rupart>anyone home?
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02:04<tmk>chutt: is there a reason the mpg2 transcoder setting only allows rtjpeg and mpeg4 as output options?
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02:17<josephk>tmk: I don't think anyone has implemented mpeg2 to mpeg2...and I don't mean
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02:24<Chiphead>evening guys
02:31<Gumby>I've finally gotten mythtv running on a stripped down version of knoppix however the video and audio dont seem to be of very high quality at all. CPU=Athlon 1700+ TV Tuner=Hauppauge WinTV Go, RAM=512MB PC2700, HDD=80GB 7200RPm ATA66 Seagate.
02:32<DogBoy>Gumby, there's already a remaster of knoppix that uses mythtv
02:33<Gumby>DogBoy: yes, that is what I am using
02:33<DogBoy>I use it too
02:33<Gumby>I just didnt want to say knoppmyth and have everyone say HUH!
02:33<DogBoy>what's the problem with the quality?
02:34<Gumby>DogBoy: well, at the default settings the video and sound is very choppy watching live tv and is also out of sync
02:34<Gumby>recording then watchin is a bit better but still not great
02:34<Chutt>you don't have dma turned on.
02:34<DogBoy>turn down the resolution
02:34<Gumby>Ive tried lowering the respolution and not using audio compression
02:34<Gumby>as well as the different playback formats
02:35<DogBoy>check to make sure dma is enabled
02:35<Gumby>but in order to get both video and audio not to stutter the visual quality is no good. Even on just a TV
02:35<Gumby>dma is enabled
02:35<Gumby>tried all sorts of different hdparm tweaks too
02:35<DogBoy>is that r4 that you are running
02:36<Chutt>i highly doubt you have dma on.
02:36<DogBoy>works good here on a 1 gig processor
02:36<DogBoy>which version of knoppmyth are you using
02:37<Gumby>DogBoy: yes its R4
02:37<DogBoy>my brother's running it too on a 2.4 gig athlon
02:37<Gumby>[root@localhost root]# hdparm /dev/hda
02:37<Gumby> multcount = 16 (on)
02:37<Gumby> IO_support = 1 (32-bit)
02:37<Gumby> unmaskirq = 1 (on)
02:38<Gumby>using_dma = 1 (on)
02:38<Gumby> keepsettings = 0 (off)
02:38<Gumby> readonly = 0 (off)
02:38<Gumby> readahead = 8 (on)
02:38<Gumby> geometry = 9729/255/63, sectors = 156301488, start = 0
02:38<Chutt>ah whatever
02:39<Chutt>you also need to go read the section in the docs on how to set up your audio properly, as you haven't done that
02:39<Gumby>my audio works fine when its at lower resolutions
02:39<Gumby>it starts to skip the same time the video does
02:40<DogBoy>which codec are you using?
02:40<Chutt>you said it was out of sync
02:40<Chutt>that implies that you don't have your mixer settings set up properly.
02:40<Gumby>its out of sync only when it starts skipping
02:41<Gumby>also, I dont know if this helps diagnose anything or not. But the first 5 seconds or so of watching look smooth and the audio is great and then its starts skipping
02:41<DogBoy>at the default resolution
02:42<DogBoy>so turn it down
02:42<Gumby>well. evne it some lower ones. I really have to tweak it to get it going smoothly
02:42<Gumby>but by the time I get it there the video quality is horrible
02:42<Chutt>you've got system issues, then
02:42<Chutt>the defaults should run perfectly fine on that system
02:44<Gumby>I've had mulitple programs with the same setup in windows running smoothly wiht no issues. I realize this isnt windows. Which leads me ot believe its either an anonoly wiht mythtv or possible the linux distro I am using
02:44* Gumby shrugs
02:44<tmk>chutt: about transcoder..
02:44* Chiphead rolls his eyes
02:45<DogBoy>well, it's not the distro
02:45<DogBoy>works fine here with half as much processor
02:45<Gumby>DogBoy: what tvuner?
02:45<Chutt>tmk, feel free to write some mpeg2->mpeg2 code
02:45<DogBoy>wintv go
02:46<tmk>ok, was just wondering if it was supposed to be mpg2 -> something else
02:46<tmk>or if it was just a placeholder
02:46<Gumby>DogBoy: video card?
02:46<DogBoy>on board video
02:46<Chutt>what are you talking about?
02:46<Gumby>maybe its my ati card not playing nice
02:46<DogBoy>oh an ati card
02:46<Chutt>it is mpeg2 -> something else :p
02:47<DogBoy>I have an ati card in this machine
02:47<DogBoy>but I'll never buy another one for linux
02:47<Gumby>yeah, they are quite a pain to get working to their full functionality
02:47<tmk>if i go to settings -> tv -> recording profiles -> transcoders -> mpeg2
02:48<DogBoy>unless you are using windows
02:48<Gumby>it took me the longest time to get dual monitors working
02:48<DogBoy>even then I remember them being a pain
02:48<Gumby>and I have yet to get dual monitors with hardware acceleration
02:48<tmk>i was hoping it was input - > mpg2 (aka svcd)
02:48<Gumby>the radeon drivers have come a long way.
02:49<Gumby>pretty much on par with nvidia drivers (in windows) if not better now. Considering the whole issue with some of nvidias driver techniques these days
02:49<DogBoy>do you have another video card you can try
02:50<Gumby>yeah, I have an nvidia I can try here. But it doesnt have tv out. At least i'd have a way of testing though.
02:50<Gumby>actually, I have a tnt2 64 here as well
02:51<Gumby>I'll give that a shot
02:51<DogBoy>I don't use tv out but my brother does with an nvidia card
02:51<DogBoy>looks better to me on a monitor
02:53<Gumby>well, if you have to run a lower resolution it will look better on a TV
02:54<DogBoy>cause it already looks like crap on a tv anyway ya mean
02:54<Gumby>DogBoy: lol
02:55<Gumby>no, cause a TV would actually make it look better
02:55<Gumby>as it doesnt need a high resolution
02:55<Gumby>less pixelation
02:55<DogBoy>it only looks better cause it's low res
02:55<Gumby>DogBoy: any idea the package name for ssh daemon in debian/knoppix?
02:56<DogBoy>Gumby, join #knoppix and ask
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03:59<Gumby>DogBoy: are you still around?
04:00<Gumby>I'm wondering what your results are from hdparm -Tt /dev/hda
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07:30<gerhard>I have some problems upgrading to 0.12 apt-get install .. complains about version conflicts xmltv-grabbers, is there a way around that
07:52<gerhard>hello is there anybody out there
08:02<gerhard>I try to upgrade to 0.12 but apt-get inst..... complains about version conflicts with xmltv-grabbers, what can i do about that
08:02<marc>no clue, actually. install latest xmltv?
08:05<gerhard>I dont think its important because it complains about files I dont use anyway,
08:05<marc>can you make apt-get override?
08:06<gerhard>not shure, at the same time 0.11 works great and I dont want to breake it
08:07<marc>well, why do you upgrade, then? ;-)
08:08<gerhard>I would like to look at some of the new features etc
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10:03<_rkulagow>chutt: no progress on the mem leak? i'm compiling for debugging now, so if you can give me a pointer on using valgrind i'll see what i can do.
10:07<bline>vangrind is quite simple, just: valgrind [valgrind options] program [program option]
10:07<bline>you'll want to do valgrind --help to see the options
10:07<kvandivo>i was using valgrind -v --leak-check=yes --logfile=filename lastnight
10:07<bline>I usually use --num-callers=40; It default to something like 4
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11:47<Chutt>kvandivo, if valgrind is in leakcheck mode, once you exit the program it should print out a big long list of potential memory leaks, their size, and where they were allocated
11:47<kvandivo>ya.. i just couldn't get it to actually get to that point (see my personal email to you)
11:47<kvandivo>it segfaulted before it got there..
11:48<kvandivo>and the backtrace of the core was completely useless since it was valgrind/myth that was sefaulting
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12:28<bbeattie>could anyone tell me if it's typical for it to take 2 hours to transcode a 120minute dvd stream? (Using excellent on a amd 2800)
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12:48* kvandivo thinks that Marc should make up his mind. :)
12:49<Chutt>i did finally get valgrind compiled
12:49<Chutt>but, same thing you're getting, it segfaults on exit
12:50<kvandivo>ya.. i think my dumped a 160 meg core that said "unknown at ?????" when i put it in gdb
12:56* Chiphead got it compiled, but it dont like glibc-2.2 so I cant run it
12:58<Chiphead>sry glibc-2.3.2
13:00<o_cee>heya guys
13:01<o_cee>what's that alttext thingie in for example tv_schedule.xml used for? can i use that on my buttons instead of the full text?
13:01<Chutt>alttext gets selected when there isn't enough room for the full text.
13:02<o_cee>oh, okay.
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13:02<o_cee>pain in the ass to support all the long translations
13:04<o_cee>hmm.. when is it considered as there's not enough room? i'm pretty sure i'm seeing a cut of <text> instead of <alttext>..
13:05<Chutt>if the area for the text in the button definition is too small for the entire set of text
13:05<o_cee>odd.. will have to try some different sizes on the textarea then
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13:14<henry_>Can anybody tell me what the best command to use in mythvideo for playing mpg on pvr350 decoder (mplayer -vo what)?
13:15-!-mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ["Trillian ("]
13:16<o_cee>-vo bajs
13:17<henry_>hmmm, thats not in my mplayer -vo help output.
13:18<o_cee>oh sorry, that meant shit in swedish.
13:18<o_cee>don't know where that came from
13:19<o_cee>it just slipped.
13:21-!-Marc__ [~Marc@] has joined #mythtv
13:22-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
13:23<billytwowilly>is the guy that made knoppmyth here?
13:24<o_cee>i think it's a girl
13:24<o_cee>Cecil Watson sounds like a gal
13:24<Chiphead>henry_, I doubt there is a mplayer videoout module for the 350 yet
13:25<billytwowilly>o_cee: it doesn't matter;) I just wanted to thank him/her in person for making my life way easier.
13:25<Chiphead>Cecil is a guy's name
13:30<henry_>Chiphead, thanks. Do you have any recommendations for a commandline to give mythvideo for playing mpgs (cat > /dev/video16 leaves previous stuff on the screen).
13:31-!-Marc [~Marc@] has quit [Read error: 111 (Connection refused)]
13:31<DogBoy>billytwowilly, cecil's nick is cesman
13:32<DogBoy>and he's a guy
13:32<billytwowilly>DogBoy: Ok, thanks. That'l make it easier to thank him personally if I see him;)
13:32<DogBoy>you could put a post on his forums too
13:33<kvandivo>how do your showings gratitude differ depending on the gender of the recipient, billy?
13:33<billytwowilly>yah, I thought of that, but he forces you to register.. annoying..
13:33<DogBoy>well, without that he would surely get some spam
13:33<o_cee>is cecil a guy name? hahah. sorry :)
13:33<billytwowilly>kvandivo: They don't. I said I wanted to thank him personally and someone said cecil was a girls name. I then said "it doesn't matter.
13:34<billytwowilly>DogBoy: True.
13:34<DogBoy>I run knoppmyth too
13:35<billytwowilly>It's pretty nice eh?
13:35<DogBoy>I like it
13:35<billytwowilly>I tried to setup my myth box with mandrake 9.2 and I couldn't solve a sound problem with my nforce2 audio
13:35<billytwowilly>knoppmyth just worked.
13:35<DogBoy>yeah, it just works
13:35<kvandivo>sounds like a mac program
13:36<DogBoy>kind of like a mac program
13:36-!-Marc_ [~Marc@] has quit [Read error: 111 (Connection refused)]
13:36<billytwowilly>yah, it's nice.
13:37<DogBoy>my brother has a box running it too
13:38<billytwowilly>it's really handy. before myth was somewhat of a pain to setup. Now I'm thinking about investing more money in my myth box to upgrade the tv tuner because I know it'll just work.
13:47-!-Marc__ [~Marc@] has quit [Read error: 111 (Connection refused)]
14:03-!-lmatter_work [] has joined #mythtv
14:06-!-cesman [~cesman@] has joined #mythtv
14:06-!-Drikus__ [] has joined #mythtv
14:06-!-Drikus__ is now known as Drikus
14:07<cesman>hello Everyone
14:07<kvandivo>speak of the devil
14:08<billytwowilly>cesman: I just wanted to say thanks man, you made my life a lot easier with your little distro.
14:09<cesman>you're welcome
14:11<billytwowilly>I spent a couple hours trying to get the sound on my nforce2 board to work with mandrake 9.2 and myth. I gave up, but then I found knoppmyth and tried it out. It just worked. I was amazed.
14:11<billytwowilly>does mythgame not recognize zipped xmame roms?
14:11-!-Captain_Murdoch_ [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
14:11<cesman>that is my hope...that is just works
14:12<cesman>it does
14:12<cesman>you'll have to check the mailing list archieve
14:13<cesman>I had that problem with .12 also
14:13<billytwowilly>hmmm. perhaps it is some more networking funnieness then. I have the /myth/games/xmame/roms dir mounted from my main machine with nfs. when I ssh into the myth box I can cd into the dir and see the games, but mythgame doesn't find them when it searches for games..
14:13<cesman>try removed history path and searching againing
14:14<billytwowilly>history path?
14:14<cesman>in the setup
14:14<billytwowilly>oh ok. thanks.
14:14<billytwowilly>there's nothing in ~/xmame/history
14:14<billytwowilly>brb. gotta run downstairs to fiddle with the setup then;)
14:16<DogBoy>what's up cesman
14:16<cesman>Not much...about to work on R5 aplha
14:17<DogBoy>that's cool
14:19-!-billytwowilly [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
14:22-!-marc [~Marc@] has joined #mythtv
14:39-!-marc [~Marc@] has quit ["Leaving"]
14:43-!-Octane [] has joined #mythtv
14:46* kvandivo would just like to note for everything that we've made it a whole 7 minutes now without Marc deciding to join or leave us.
14:55-!-FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
15:04-!-Racer [] has joined #mythtv
15:12-!-sfr [] has joined #mythtv
15:19<Gumby>hey cesman, thx for responding ot my post on your forum
15:20<Gumby>( even if it was not a solution ) hehe
15:20<DogBoy>Gumby, still having trouble eh
15:22<Gumby>DogBoy: yeah, but I narrowed it down at least
15:22<DogBoy>to what
15:22<Gumby>video card driver
15:22<Gumby>no hardware acceleration
15:22<Gumby>it was using vesa drivers by default
15:23<DogBoy>did you try the other video card
15:23<Gumby>I popped in a nVidia card and it was still choppy
15:23<Gumby>then I ran the script that came with the distro
15:23<Gumby>and everything was great
15:23<Gumby>unfortunately, that card doesnt have tvouyt
15:23<Gumby>so I popped the ati back in and ran into problems gettting it to run properly with the radeon driver
15:25<DogBoy>ya, this is what I suspected...
15:25<Gumby>that one guy last night was really ticking me off those
15:25<DogBoy>since our boxes are similiar except for the video cards
15:26<Gumby>telling me it was DMA
15:26<Gumby>then telling me it was sound
15:26<DogBoy>they were just trying to help you out
15:26<Gumby>he was just a dick about how he was saying stuff
15:27<Gumby>in here.....not in knoppix
15:27<Gumby>knoppix ppl were good
15:27<DogBoy>hehe, go easy I think those guys were the mythtv developers
15:27-!-DavidP_ [] has joined #mythtv
15:27-!-DavidP_ is now known as ByteNik
15:29<Gumby>either way, there was no need to to be the way he was. Very condescending, and he was wrong to boot. and didnt like being told so
15:29-!-ahbritto [] has joined #mythtv
15:29<Gumby>anyhow, I am happy I at least figured out what was wrong
15:30<Gumby>instead of being in the dark about it. I just hope I dont have to go buy a new video card in order to get it to work
15:43-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
15:43<billytwowilly>anyone have mythgame working with a usb wingman rumblepad?
15:44<Gumby>cant say that Ive tried it, sorry
15:44<Gumby>hrm, does anyone know if I have used the nvidia script if I need to remove it somehow when I am using a non nvidia based card?
15:45<billytwowilly>doh. I'm getting frustrated once again;) i can do a cat /dev/js0 and see output when I hit buttons on the gamepad, but I can't get xmame to use it.
15:45<billytwowilly>nvidia script?
15:46-!-Racer [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
15:49<DogBoy>that's kano's script, you could ask him in #knoppix
15:56<henry_>I've got a problem here thats pretty far off topic, but not sure where to go with it and since I'm logged on here ... I hope nobody minds.
15:57<henry_>I'm putting together a myth box with a new case and power supply, and can't seem to get rid of this annoying 60 hz hum going down the video line into my HK.
15:58<cesman>billytwowilly, I don't know if xmame is compiled w/ joystick
15:58<henry_>The PC is turned off, and the only connection to my integrated amp is the video line.
15:58<henry_>As long as the power cable is attached to the PC's power supply I get the hum.
15:58<cesman>gumby:you're welcome
15:59<henry_>I swapped out PS to no avail.
15:59<kvandivo>everything properly grounded that should be, henry?
16:01<billytwowilly>cesman: ok.. it probably isn't then;) That might be something cool for R5;)
16:01-!-billytwowilly [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
16:01<DogBoy>henry, ground the two together
16:01<henry_>kvandivo: The motherboard is attached firmly to the offsets. The PS is screwed to the case.
16:02<Gumby>cesman: do you know if there is anything that needs to be removed after having the run and then swapping over to an ATI card?
16:02<DogBoy>run a strap from the case of the pc to the case of the amp
16:02<henry_>good suggestion DogBoy, thanks.
16:02<DogBoy>had that problem in my car
16:02<kvandivo>"hum" usually happens because something that needs to find a path to ground can't find one
16:03<kvandivo>and if it can't find one, it will use the wire itself
16:04-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
16:05<DogBoy>another thing that's good to do is to check the chassis potential of all the components with respect to ground
16:06<DogBoy>you want them to be as close to each other as possible
16:07<DogBoy>I know it sounds goofy but flipping the plug around in the socket can make a difference in the potential of the chassis
16:08<kvandivo>if you can "flip the plug around in the socket" that means it isn't grounded at all. :)
16:09<cesman>billytwowilly:did you select joystick type as i386?
16:10<billytwowilly>cesman: I didn't see any joystick configuration stuff in the mythgame settings.
16:11<billytwowilly>should I go look for that in the mythgame settings and set it to that?
16:11<cesman>no, press 'e' on mame
16:12<cesman>my experience with xmame is that it is best to compile for your processor
16:12<billytwowilly>oh. I wasn't aware of that. only of the "tab" menu thing. I'm gonna go run downstairs then and try it out.
16:12<billytwowilly>I'm getting my exercise with this thing;)
16:12<cesman>I had a 800 Mhz duron before and xmame performance sucked...
16:13<billytwowilly>my computer is upstairs and my myth box is downstairs;)
16:13<cesman>recompiled gave me MUCH better performance!
16:13<billytwowilly>If I keep this up I'll have done twenty flights of stairs today;)
16:15-!-burden [] has joined #mythtv
16:21<billytwowilly>hmm. I don't see any settings for joysticks in the config menu. I'm guessing that means it isn't compiled in then right??
16:23<cesman>it isn't in the settings menu
16:23<billytwowilly>right in xmame. when you hit tab it brings up a menu of config options. That's where I was supposed to look right?
16:23<billytwowilly>I hit e and it did nothing.
16:23<cesman>Games->All Games->Mame
16:23<cesman>press 'e'
16:24<billytwowilly>oh. you mean in mythtv?
16:24<cesman>5th screen in...
16:24<cesman>yes, in MythTV
16:24<billytwowilly>oh ok. sorry. I misunderstood. I'll run back downstairs and try it out;)
16:28<Gumby>cesman: is there anything for mythtv or linux in general that will do recoding of DVD's so its still in DVD format with the ability to be burnt to DVD and played back in a regular set tp DVD player?
16:33<billytwowilly>Gumby: Transcode for commandline.
16:33<billytwowilly>dvd::rip might do what you want too.
16:33<billytwowilly>I give up. I tried every possible combo in that setup page and I got no response.
16:34-!-paulproteus [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:34-!-paulproteus [] has joined #mythtv
16:36<cesman>Gumby:mythdvd,select perfect
16:37<cesman>I have not a dvd-rw(+/- or any other format), but dvdrecorder will burn DVDs
16:37<cesman>it is already included w/ KnoppMyth
16:39<Gumby>cesman: but does that change it to an avi or mpg file? Cause I'll need the file structure to be the same as it was before ie) vob's and ifo's
16:40<cesman>it makes a vob
16:40<cesman>just one big vob
16:41<cesman>you may one to check the dvdrecord homepage to see what it says about copying dvds...
16:42<cesman>If anyone has any suggestions for R5, please see the forum:
16:43<o_cee>cesman: is there a bootsplash for that thingie?
16:45-!-bbeattie [~bbeattie@] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
16:49<billytwowilly>cesman: is /usr/games/xmame the default install dir for xmame? do I have to pass it any special options to get it to work with knoppmyth?
16:54<cesman>I've done nothing to anything programs in MythTV
16:54<o_cee>cesman: i made bootsplashes, ask me if you want to use them. will probably make new ones for the new theme i'm doing.
16:54<cesman>they all work just as they would if you installed from source or on another disto
16:54<cesman>o_cee got a link?
16:55<o_cee>search the list, long time ago i made them.. i'm not hosting them myself either
16:56<cesman>ok...I've seen it
16:56<cesman>Thanks, but I'd like some that states it is KnoppMyth that is booting
16:56<o_cee>tell me if you want to use them and i'll fix some things with it that i haven't bothered changing since there was like one guy saying he used it
16:56-!-btatton [~btatton@] has joined #mythtv
16:57<o_cee>sure, it's not that hard to do really ;)
16:57<btatton>I have a question for everyone here about an IrDA device.
16:58<btatton>I found a place where I can get a usb IrDA receiver and wanted to know if the work with myth and lirc? If ya'll don't know I will ask the guys on lirc
16:58<billytwowilly>cesman: Are you already going to include drivers for ati_remote, or do I have to make the recommendation?;)
16:59<Gumby>yes, ati-remote would be swell to include
16:59<cesman>please post it in the forum, that is the best way for Dale and I to track what is desired
16:59<cesman>btatton:ask in lirc
17:00<cesman>that is you best bet
17:00<cesman>it is not a matter of it working w/ myth, but a matter of it working w/ lirc
17:00<billytwowilly>heh, and I was trying my best not to have to register for the forum;) Ok, I'll go register;)
17:01<cesman>sorry, best way to avoid the knuckleheadery of spam
17:01<cesman>don't worry, I won't spam you
17:01<btatton>cesman, I will just curious if anyone had tried it.
17:02<cesman>It is quite possible someone may have...Have you tried the mailing list?
17:02<billytwowilly>cesman: I realize it's the best solution I'm aware to avoid spam, I'm just lazy;)
17:02<cesman>it will take a few moments and you can please answer questions ;)
17:09<henry_>plugged my integrated amp into the same power strip as the PC, hum is gone.
17:10<henry_>btatton: you still around?
17:10<henry_>usb irda question?
17:11<henry_>Just putting together a usb driver for the combo vfd/ir that comes with the ahanix DVine.5 case.
17:11<henry_>It's mostly working at the moment, but I haven't started the lirc integration yet.
17:12<henry_>(its a usb device).
17:17-!-schultmc [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:17<billytwowilly>cesman: There, you now have your first request;)
17:20<kvandivo>how does that guy figure it is an unresolved symbol in ivtv? me scratches his head.
17:22<cesman>got it!
17:22<cesman>I'm just about to make the kernel for R5 and have downloaded ati_remote!
17:23-!-Rupart [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:23<billytwowilly>cesman: awesome;) Don't forget to apply that diff, because if you don't the keys are pretty useless.
17:26<cesman>got it...
17:27<billytwowilly>That makes me happy;)
17:27-!-sfr [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
17:38<cesman>see how easy that was? ;-)
17:41<Gumby>hrm....any idea why this would be happenning. I install knoppmyth adn when I reboot my system it gets to the point where it searches for boot sector of hda is says ...OK and then just sits there doing nothing
17:46-!-bbeattie [~bbeattie@] has joined #mythtv
17:47-!-bbeattie [~bbeattie@] has quit [Client Quit]
17:48<cesman>you may want to fsck /dev/hdaX, boot from the CD and <ctrl><alt><f2>
17:49<Gumby>cesman: how long does it take for you to create a new release? And how often do you do it?
17:56<billytwowilly>Gumby: Interesting question.
17:59-!-tusc [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:59<Gumby>my first one or my second one?
17:59<Gumby>I'm full of em
18:01<cesman>sorry Gumby...was working on the kernel
18:01<cesman>cannot really say
18:01<cesman>My first release was in August and I'm now working on the 5th...
18:07-!-m0j0 [~m0j0@] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:16<Gumby>man, this really is annoying. I wonder if there is something wrong with the hard drive. Cause this isnt right. It just sits at "Searching for boot record from IDE-0...OK"
18:17<cesman>try:booting from the cd, chroot to hda and run lilo
18:17<billytwowilly>what's the name of the driver used for nforce2 audio by knoppmyth?
18:18<Gumby>how do I "chroot to hda"?
18:18<billytwowilly>man chroot
18:22<billytwowilly>Gumby: I don't think you can chroot to hda. it has to be some directory in your dir tree.
18:22<billytwowilly>ie chroot /usr/bin
18:22<billytwowilly>or something.
18:34-!-ByteNik [] has left #mythtv []
18:35<cesman>boot using the cd
18:35<cesman>mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1
18:35<cesman>chroot /mnt/hda1
18:35<cesman>lilo -v
18:36<cesman>what do you get?
18:41<btatton>A good reason to use grub :-)
18:43-!-dummy [~dummy@] has joined #mythtv
18:44<dummy>can anyone tell me howtodo that i can watch tv with mythtv??
18:48<kvandivo> has a documentation section that should be able to help you out
18:48<btatton>dummy, more specific......
18:50-!-tmk [] has joined #mythtv
18:58<Gumby>problem was lilo.conf was all fubar.
18:59<Gumby>up at the top of it there were two lines starting with "part:" and it showed two windows partitions
18:59<cesman>o_cee:didn't forget about you... If you'd like to whip something for a KnoppMyth bootsplash, I'd be happy to look at it
19:01<Gumby>cesman: how do I know if my video card is capable of XvMC
19:03-!-steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ["me is bugging out"]
19:07<cesman>perhaps docs for your card
19:07<cesman>which card do you have?
19:08<Gumby>radeon 7000
19:08<cesman>as far as I know, XvMC doesn't exist for the 7000
19:09<Gumby>k ,thx
19:09<cesman>you're welcome
19:09<kvandivo>Right now the only cards I know of that support XvMC are intel i810
19:09<kvandivo>(not i830/45/etc.), the savage source code S3/VIA released (not yet
19:09<kvandivo>integarted into xfree86), possibly the VIA CLE266 driver, and the
19:09<kvandivo>Nvidia binary drivers. I believe ATI released a binary XvMC module to
19:09<kvandivo>the GATOS folks one point, but I'm not too familiar with that. I don't
19:09<kvandivo>think anything came of it.
19:09<kvandivo>that was from searching google for 'radeon 7000 xvmc'.. i didn't write it. :)
19:10<Gumby>yeah, I found some older stuff too
19:10<kvandivo>well, that post was oct 31 of this year, so i'm not sure how current you are wanting. :)
19:10-!-btatton [~btatton@] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:13<billytwowilly>what kind of benefits do you get with using xvmc?
19:13-!-Gumby [~blowme@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:14-!-Gumby [~blowme@] has joined #mythtv
19:14-!-Drikus [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
19:15-!-bdavis [] has joined #mythtv
19:16<bdavis>I just tried watching a recording tonight, and mythfrontend segfaults and says "Couldn't find a matching decorder for [nuv file]"... I saw in the mailing lists this happened to a couple of other people but there were no replies to their posts.
19:17-!-tusc [] has joined #mythtv
19:19<kvandivo>does it do it on multiple files, or just one?
19:31-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:33<Chutt>so i commit the memleak fix to cvs or not
19:34<Chutt>i'm rather enjoying all the bitching on the mailing lists, though
19:35<Captain_Murdoch>commit it to cvs with a 1-line bug and tell people how to fix the bug in the commit log. that way only people on the commit list will have good cvs. :)
19:35<josephk>yeah...precommit bitching vs. post-commit bitching
19:35<kvandivo>rock on.. bang up idea, capt
19:36<kvandivo>better yet.. just tell us the one line fix here, and we'll disseminate it to those that are worthy
19:36<Captain_Murdoch>then if anyone complains, you can say "what, you mean you're using cvs but not on the commits list?"
19:36<Chutt>the memleak wasn't my fault, btw =)
19:36<kvandivo>so where was it, anyway?
19:36<josephk>it was my fault
19:37<josephk>I'll take the blame
19:37<Chutt>yeah, the new stuff in libavformat
---Logclosed Fri Nov 14 19:37:31 2003
---Logopened Fri Nov 14 19:41:06 2003
19:41-!-mikegrb [] has joined #mythtv
19:41-!-Irssi: #mythtv: Total of 47 nicks [0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 47 normal]
19:41-!-Irssi: Join to #mythtv was synced in 13 secs
19:41<tmk>chutt: figured out why my backend was crashing
19:42<tmk>Out of Memory: Killed process 3167 (mythbackend).
19:43<Captain_Murdoch>tmk, a guy on AVerMedia's "Embedded Linux Team" emailed me yesterday asking how to get ivtv working with the M179.
19:44-!-dopez [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
19:45<tmk>tell them to talk to me
19:45<tmk>they better kick down some hardware
19:45<tmk>or help them ;)
19:45<tmk>it'll be automatic in a week or so i hope
19:45<Captain_Murdoch>he was asking about the module loading order.
19:46<Captain_Murdoch>I sent him my modules.conf. he already had ivtv and the patch I put up.
19:46<tmk>ah cool
19:46<tmk>ima go code for a bit
19:46<Captain_Murdoch>they're coming out with another card that uses a different mpeg2 encoder chip. should be out next month.
19:46<Captain_Murdoch>maybe they'll kick in code for ivtv for the new card or the M179
19:46<Captain_Murdoch>off to dinner myself.
19:50<Chutt>tmk, did you ever try that patch?
19:52<josephk>he's coding
19:55-!-lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
19:56<Chutt>there, cvs is better.
19:56-!-cmorgan [~cmorgan@] has joined #mythtv
20:01<Gumby>any of you have video card preferences for using tv-out?
20:01<Gumby>looks like I am just going to go buy one to replace my radeon 7000 as I just cant getting it working properly
20:02<cmorgan>although the avermedia looks good
20:02<Gumby>video card not tuner
20:02<Gumby>allthough, the pvr350 is tempting
20:07-!-phar0e [] has joined #mythtv
20:18-!-harryo [] has joined #mythtv
20:20-!-harryo [] has left #mythtv []
20:21<cesman>Gumby:nVidia MX440
20:22<Gumby>k, I'm gonna go buy one of those
20:22<Gumby>you heard it from the man himself. cesman says nVidia MX440
20:23<phar0e>cesman is the man
20:24<cesman>I have a 250, tv out on the mx440 looks awesome!
20:24<Gumby>all hail the great cesman
20:24<phar0e>I would get a gf4mx440, but.. I don't have a TV :<
20:24<cesman>ok, ok, you guys are taking it too far
20:24<cesman>thanks anyways
20:24<Gumby>hey, I dont think I'd be able to get mythtv running all on my own
20:25<Gumby>you've made it much simpler
20:25<cesman>the how to is great!
20:25<Gumby>so, for that I am greatly appreciated
20:25<cesman>that is how I first installed on Mandrake
20:25<cesman>then I found Knoppix and ran it on there w/ Matt's excellent debs for a few months
20:26<Gumby>I'm running MDK right now on this PC. I really do like it. But I think getting mythtv running on it would be a hell of a tast for me
20:26<cesman>then KnoppMyth was born
20:26<Gumby>ok, off to buy an MX440
20:26<Gumby>$58 CDN doesnt seem like too much
20:26<Gumby>I love living in a city that has hundreds of PC stores
20:27<cesman>I got my 440 for $36.00 US...
20:27<cesman>where in Canada gumby?
20:29<Gumby>cesman: Vancouver
20:29<cesman>I lived Montreal several years back
20:29<cesman>great memories!
20:29<Gumby>I bet
20:30<cesman>lovely weekend with a lovely woman
20:30<cesman>I suppose in a parallel universe we are happily married havd have kids ;)
20:32<phar0e>MythTV makes life better, doesn't it?
20:33<phar0e>I don't even look at the clock anymore
20:33<phar0e>just sit down.. say "I'm bored" and watch some good TV commercial-free
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21:10<Chiphead>did I detect a small bit of sarcasm in that last commit log :)
21:17<De_Mon>_rkulagow nice knowing ya
21:17<lmatter>_rkulagow, buy me a dvd burner and I'll send you the episode :-)
21:22<tmk>Captain_Murdoch: where is your patch for the m179 again?
21:30<Captain_Murdoch>just walked in for a sec and saw your message. headed back out now.
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21:51<Gumby>should I have to do anything special for tv out to work with my nvidia GF4 MX440? I've already installed the srcipt
21:53-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
21:56<cesman>change the freq in XF86Config-4(if you are attaching to a tv)
21:57<Gumby>right now I am getting nothing except a blue screen on the TV
22:06<cesman>you may need Option "ConnectedMonitor" "TV" in your config
22:07-!-linagee [] has joined #mythtv
22:07<linagee>how do i identify which nuv file i want to use? :(
22:07<linagee>is there a script for this?
22:07<linagee>or maybe an SQL query someone has already figured out?
22:08<bline>I wrote something a while back to play them with mplayer
22:08<bline>in perl
22:09<bline>be easy to modify to just show what show to what file
22:09<bline>you want it?
22:09<linagee>bline: i want to use database: mythconverg and table: recorded right?
22:10<linagee>is there a table that shows the filename?
22:11<bline>no, the name is a combination of chanid, starttime and endtime
22:11<bline>from the recorded table
22:11<linagee>i see....
22:11<Gumby>cesman: hrmm, ok..added the screen resolution and the Option "ConnectedMonitor" "TV" to XF86Config, ran the nvidia-install script and still I get no video out to TV. As soon as the system switches from command line to gdm I get just a blue screen
22:11* Gumby sighs
22:11<linagee>i just need a test file. but i want to know which one
22:11<Gumby>I just cant seem to win
22:12<linagee>bline: trying to test my new dvd-r drive actually
22:12<linagee>bline: ah
22:12<linagee>bline: now i just have to figure out how to get mkdvd working. ;)
22:12<cesman>Gumby:no need to run the script again
22:13<linagee>bline: (it's a DVD building script)
22:13<bline>never used it
22:13<cesman>you need to make sure you have the right freq in XF86Config-4
22:13<Gumby>linagee: have you looked into DVD transcoding yet. Dual layer DVD to single layer?
22:13<linagee>Gumby: it might be faster just to burn to two discs. heh
22:13<linagee>Gumby: not sure though. just got this thing. ;)
22:15<Gumby>that'd be a pain though. As all the menu links would be broken
22:17<_rkulagow>any LVM experts happen to be here? no one seems to be awake in #lvm
22:19<Gumby>cesman: no go still. Ive set the Horizsync to 30 - 50 and the VertRefresh to 60 and still when gdm starts I get a ble screen on monitor
22:21<Gumby>cesman: for some reason my accept window did not appear
22:21<cesman>want my XF86Config-4?
22:21<Gumby>ah...there is my other monitor
22:21<Gumby>sure that would be great
22:22<cesman>huh?so did it work?
22:22<Gumby>the dcc ........said connection established...But I dont see a window anywhere
22:22<cesman>it appeared on your monitor but not your tv?
22:22<Gumby>no no
22:23<Gumby>i am on a different box from knoppmyth
22:31<DogBoy>you guys still going?
22:31<DogBoy>I been to work and back now
22:35<Gumby>I went out and got a nVidia video card
22:35<Gumby>but I am having problem with that as well
22:36<Gumby>yay. SWEETASS
22:37<Gumby>thx cesman...that worked. allthough, my monitor doesnt work now. But I can deal with that later
22:38<Gumby>now. For my ati remote wonder
22:43-!-Morph [gareth@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
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22:49-!-Morph [gareth@] has joined #mythtv
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23:52<Gumby>does anyone here use the ati remote wonder?
23:53<kvandivo>wonder what?
23:54<Gumby>thats the name of the product
23:54<Gumby>ati remote wonder
---Logclosed Sat Nov 15 00:00:40 2003