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---Logopened Sat Nov 15 00:00:40 2003
00:03<phar0e>the usb one?
00:14<cesman>hmmm guinness
00:19<Gumby>I am having no luck with ati remote wonder
00:19<Gumby>heh, one thing after another it is
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00:23* Captain_Murdoch considers letting Jason Miller on the mailing list know Chutt fixed the memory leak bug but decides not to. he should be on the -commits list...
00:25* cesman one bottle down...two more in the fridge
00:27<CyberKnet>awesome =)
00:27<CyberKnet>something particularly hairy, or just an "oops!" ?
00:27<CyberKnet>(not on commits list - no tuners yet!)
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01:52<Gumby>not sure if this has already been implemented or not, it possible to have music playing with the mythfrontend while editing other preferences in mythtv?
02:07<linagee>does anyone know what version of pike mkdvd needs?
02:07<cesman>Gumby:no, not yet...
02:07<cesman>what is mkdvd?
02:08<linagee>cesman: uses dvdauthor to burn a DVD player playable movie
02:08<linagee>cesman: trying to get mythtv to spit out stuff onto a DVD disc so i can try to play it on other TVs. ;)
02:10<linagee>argh. :(
02:10<linagee>i hate compile errors. :(
02:10<DogBoy>:-) use windows
02:12<Teflon->i use ulead moviefactory LE from winblows to burn DVDs with custom menus.
02:12<Teflon->(via samba)
02:12<linagee>ahhh... had a missing library. LOL
02:15<DogBoy>I still use windows for a couple things too
02:17<Teflon->winblows is my desktop
02:17<Teflon->then xwin32 to give me the missing stuff
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02:28<linagee>anyone in here use mkdvd?
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02:37<Gumby>nope, but DVD authoring and getting my remote control to work are the two main things left to do for me.
02:39<DogBoy>why a dvd, why not vcd
02:39<DogBoy>cds are cheaper and the signal is already compressed more than a dvd
02:40<DogBoy>using a dvd is like uncompressing mp3s to make a cd
02:40<DogBoy>you can do it but sometimes there's no point
02:40<linagee>DogBoy: the pvr250 already outputs into mpeg2
02:40<linagee>DogBoy: dvds are in mpeg2.
02:40<linagee>DogBoy: there's no double compressing
02:41<DogBoy>I think you're missing my point
02:41<DogBoy>besides I don't have a pvr250 and not everybody does
02:41<linagee>DogBoy: sure everyone does. :-)
02:41<DogBoy>but I guess you're talking about your specific need
02:42<linagee>DogBoy: everyone i know in my usergroup has a pvr250.
02:44<Gumby>is there a way to edit contrast and brightnes?
02:47<cesman>f1/f2 f3/f4 f5/f6
02:47<cesman>night folks
02:47<Gumby>thx for al your help
02:48<cesman>ur're welcome
02:48<DogBoy>user group
02:48<DogBoy>night cesman
02:51<DogBoy>I guess one thing about a dvd is you don't have to swap the disc half way through the flick
02:53<Gumby>plus, its tough to fit all the extras onto a CDR
02:58<DogBoy>extras exist because of dvds
03:01<Gumby>not really. there were always deleted scences and documentaries. there was just no room to put them anywhere
03:02<Gumby>is there a file somewhere that shows all the key bindings?
03:12<Gumby>is there a way to watch tv while recording? Will a second Tuner card allow for this?
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03:41<Gumby>if I put in a second tuner card, will it automatically default to it when I want to watch TV but I am recording something?
04:07<linagee>Gumby: you want to watch the thing that is recording?
04:12<Chiphead>Gumby, keys.txt has the keys in it
04:14<Gumby>do either of you two use mythtv for DVD's?
04:14<Gumby>Ive put in a DVD to watch and the playback doesnt work. I get a few bits of sound every 5 seconds or so and no video
04:15* Chiphead doesnt6 use it
04:15<Gumby>also the dvd rupping doesnt work either. it identifies the DVD and when I hit 0 to rip it it tells me "No jobs and nothing else to do. You could hit 0 to rip a DVD"
04:16* Gumby tries a different DVD
04:17<Gumby>also, I set a manual recording and I dont have it set to automatically transcode when done. The video shows up in "watch recordings" but not in "videos" why is this?
04:18<Gumby>seems kinda pointless that it doesnt
04:18<Gumby>linagee: no, I want to watch a different channel while recording
04:19<linagee>Gumby: then yes... another recorder card SHOULD in theory let you watch another channel while recording. (if there's no bugs. hehe. :) )
04:20<Gumby>lol, it seems everything I want mythtv for has some sort of difficulty getting to work
04:20<Gumby>I had to buy a new video card cause the hardware acceleration drivers would work with my ati radeon 7000
04:20<Gumby>dvd isnt working
04:20<Gumby>remote wont work
04:20<Gumby>ok..correction. DVD WILL work. weird
04:22<Gumby>a brand new Matrix Revolutions disk WONT play (store bought) but a ripped Gladiator DVD will
04:23<Gumby>and it will rip fine too
04:23<Gumby>well, at least one thing works properly out of the box
04:32<DogBoy>don't you have to recompile the kernel to play encrypted dvds or something like that?
04:34<Gumby>dunno. Havnt read anything like that
04:34<Gumby>I dont see what that wouldnt be included in this kernel already though
04:35<Gumby>I mean, DVD watching is a main feature of knoppmyth Id assume
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04:48* Gumby sighs
04:49<Gumby>well, after all this work it doesnt look like mythtv is going to work for me. Its just not reading DVD's that well either
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05:57<linagee>cool. it worked. my first DVD made from my pvr250. ;)
05:57<linagee>and it only took me until 3am in the morning! lol
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10:00<pahli_bar>is isaac the author of mythgallery?
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10:56<kvandivo>hey Captain_Murdoch, what needs to be done to go ahead and get that recommendations code added in? I'll go ahead and send another patch of it in its current state. sounds like it would be good to have a baseline implementation in, and that way it could be added to
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11:16<Captain_Murdoch>kvandivo: send an update and I'll take a look and try to get it in this weekend. I still wonder about changing current "rankings" to "priorities" or whatever i was you mentioned.
11:18<kvandivo>11:36 < kvandivo> 1) I want to change the name of program rankings. That's not
11:18<kvandivo> really what it is doing. It's actually setting recording
11:18<kvandivo> priorities... (and I want to use the name 'program rankings'
11:18<kvandivo> to actually allow users to rank programs.. whether or not
11:18<kvandivo> they might happen to have them scheduled to record)
11:18<kvandivo>that ?
11:20<kvandivo>I've looked into it, and I think the gui parts could be changed really easily. However, to do it right, there is behind the scenes stuff that needs to change as well (cpp file names, database table names, etc) so that it all stays homogeneous
11:21<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, that's the comment I was referring to.
11:21<kvandivo>when you say 'you wonder', do you mean that you aren't sure it is a good idea, or that you wonder where the patch is, or what? :)
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11:22<Captain_Murdoch>think it's probably a good idea. had forgot about the files being named something like *rank* and wasn't saying "where's the patch!" :)
11:22<engie>Hi. Should I be running loads of mythbackend processes?
11:23<Captain_Murdoch>engie: they're threads
11:23<Captain_Murdoch>should be like 9-10 I think normally
11:23<engie>right, that's not the problem then
11:23<kvandivo>ya.. i was looking at it just this morning, actually.. 'rank' seems to appear 1) in the menu, and 2) in the advanced recording options screen, and a couple of times on the 'rank' screen itself, and in the settings for it..
11:23<kvandivo>so those gui changes would be quick
11:23<engie>When I run mythtv it goes "connecting to backend server:" and just waits
11:23<kvandivo>but the other stuff is what has held me up. I'm open to suggestions
11:24<kvandivo>i don't like the idea of "half" doing something
11:24<engie>Anyone know how to start
11:24<engie>eg can I get debugging info out of the frontend?
11:24<Captain_Murdoch>ditto, kinda like doing parts of it twice if we went back and changed rankings -> priorities and yours -> rankings.
11:25<Captain_Murdoch>engie: is the backend listening on that port? try "nestat -an | grep 6543" on the backend server
11:25<Captain_Murdoch>sorry, "netstat -an | grep 6543"
11:25<engie>Captain_Murdoch: I get promising looking output from that
11:25<engie>the word Establishing looked particually good
11:26<Captain_Murdoch>use your web browser to go to and see if you see the backend status page.
11:27<Captain_Murdoch>then from the frontend machine see if you can connect to port 6543 using telnet or something.
11:27<CyberKne2>urgh. remind me not to go into #mysql again.
11:27<kvandivo>at any rate, i don't yet have the code in to allow users to set rankings of programs (though I have it pretty well sketched out in text in a text file)
11:28<kvandivo>so that wouldn't affect the current recommendations code. And, I think that future
11:28<kvandivo>mods to the code could be built upon the current codebase without too much trouble
11:29<Captain_Murdoch>current rankings doesn't conflict with your current recommendations so rankings could be renamed before putting in your rankings stuff.
11:30<kvandivo>yep.. either way.. the two (currently) are unrelated
11:30<engie>Captain_Murdoch: will have a looksee
11:30<kvandivo>if you want, I can go ahead and work on a complete rename of the current rankings stuff, including filenames, database names, gui elements etc.
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11:32<Captain_Murdoch>kvandivo: that'd be great, "Recording Priorities" ??
11:33<kvandivo>i think that is the most descriptive terminology, yes
11:33<kvandivo>because that is absolutely what you are doing
11:34<kvandivo>i have an appointment in an hour or so that will occupy most of my day, but when i can, i'll make up a detailed list of what i'm going to be changing and send it to dev and if anyone has any comments they can reply while i'm actually making the changes. :)
11:34<Captain_Murdoch>ok, sounds good.
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11:35<engie>Hi, should I worry about the following error in mythbackend.log:
11:35<engie>ioctl VIDIOC_G_FMT: Invalid argument
11:35<engie>strange error flushing buffer ...
11:36<Captain_Murdoch>strange error flushing buffer is normal. not sure about the vidio one. check the mailing list for that.
11:41<engie>Captain_Murdoch: Right, will do. If I run mythtv the screen goes black, I can only seem to quit with crrl-alt-backspace. Also, if I go to the backend with a webserver all I get is the text "Encoder: 4 is local". Any ideas?
11:41<engie>pah, webbrowser I mean :D
11:42<Captain_Murdoch>if you get that encoder message it means the backend is at least running. black screen means it's probably not recording anything to show you. you don't want to run mythtv though, run mythfrontend.
11:42<Captain_Murdoch>did you setup channels, etc?
11:43<engie>I tried to, although I'm not sure how to set up for my situation. I've got my cable box coming through the tuner. I need to always display this tuner channel, changing channels with a script
11:44<engie>the script controls an IR blaster strapped to the cable box
11:44<Captain_Murdoch>should be an example of that in the howto I think.
11:44<Captain_Murdoch>lots of people doing that.
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11:44<engie>right - it shows it for composite inputs, not input through a tuner channel
11:45<engie>ohh, ohh
11:45<engie>it works
11:45<Captain_Murdoch>I just logged in and fixed it for you.
11:46* engie strokes firewall
11:47<engie>right, now to get sound
11:48<pmowry>Quick Linux? howcan youtell how much memory a process is taking up?
11:48<pmowry>Ithink mythbackend is beginning to eat up everything.
11:48<Captain_Murdoch>pmowry, are you on latest cvs?
11:49<kvandivo>and we do mean _latest_ :)
11:49<pmowry>Captail: from a fewdays ago
11:49<Captain_Murdoch>if it's older than 24 hours but less than 4 days or so then you need to update again.
11:49<pmowry>hehe ok
11:49<Captain_Murdoch>really, older than 12 hours or so needs to be updated.
11:49<Captain_Murdoch>should be on the -commits list.
11:50<pmowry>I saw a commit about a mem leak in the frontend, but itsnot running
11:50<Captain_Murdoch>it's not the frontend, it's the player code, so commercial flagging causes the backend to exhibit the same behaviour.
11:50<Captain_Murdoch>this was another commit
11:51<pmowry>Thanks, I'm reading it now...
11:52<pmowry>I think I should wipe my system and start again clean, I'm getting weird problems like frontend lockingwhen deleting a program.
11:53<pmowry>Is there a general recommendation for a disrto for myth? I'm currently using RH9
11:53<kvandivo>i think the best suggestion is to use what you are most familiar with
11:54<pmowry>With redhat support changing, I figured it would be agoot time totry somethingnew.
11:54<kvandivo>well, that's up to you, but myth doesn't really care.
11:55<Captain_Murdoch>support? who needs support...
11:55<Captain_Murdoch>knopmyth guy ordered a couple M179 cards evidently and will be putting the patch into his next release after he gets the cards and tests.
11:55<kvandivo>real men etch their own distribution code directly onto the hard drive with tiny little pencils.
11:56<Captain_Murdoch>you have a hard drive?
11:56<pmowry>I'm lazy, use RHN to install everything. I may try an apget based one.
11:56* kvandivo mutters something about always being 'one upped' by Captain M
11:56<Captain_Murdoch>waiting for a "ls -al" on these old 9-track tapes is getting kinda old...
11:56<Captain_Murdoch>:) I can exaggerate with the best of them.
11:57<Captain_Murdoch>the other day my dog chewed up of the punchcards that's part of my main LVM array and I lost a few hundred gigs of mp3 files.
11:58<Captain_Murdoch>next time I'll make sure to photocopy them so I have a good set of backups
12:00<pmowry>I used punch cards once, right before we upgraded to a multex system. Never saw a grown man cry more than when a programmer tripped 2 weeks before the end of the semester.
12:01<pmowry>I know its the standard cleche, but the guy quit comp sci and went into petroleum engineering.
12:02<pmowry>D4mn, I'm not only old, but I cant spell either.
12:05<pmowry>If I want to be sure mythtv is starting clean, drop the database and delete the /usr/local/bin/mythtv /usr/local/lib/mythtv directories before a make install?
12:06<pmowry>oh, and the .mythtv dir in my home?
12:08<Captain_Murdoch>and /usr/local/share/mythtv if you want to get rid of the gui themes as well
12:13<pmowry>Thanks... Just wanted to be sure I had a clean setup, and check my card placement in the chassis for busmaster conflicts and stuff before I really whip it all out.
12:20<kvandivo>CM, you get that single blank frame when the auto skip notify box pops up?
12:21<kvandivo>and if so, any idea what it could be?
12:22<Captain_Murdoch>haven't noticed. forget to turn notify on most times. haven't set it to default yet. I'll look now, I'm making a change to comm detection to allow the user to tell it to skip or show blank frames at the end of comm breaks. some people like them cause they provide a little break in the show rather than a quick jump between scenes.
12:23<kvandivo>ya.. i remember that discussion. don't know if this is related to that or not
12:23<Captain_Murdoch>I changed that to stay up for 2 seconds, on my system it wasn't even staying up for 1, no time to read it before it faded.
12:23<Captain_Murdoch>that == your popup
12:23<kvandivo>ya, i noticed that.. sounds fine to me
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12:24<kvandivo>that's what made me think of the blank frame issue. :)
12:24<Captain_Murdoch>so you're saying that it displays 1 blank frame when it pops up the notify message? then goes into commercials or what?
12:27<kvandivo>everything _works_ as expected.. it seems to display a blank frame, and then then popup shows up and the show continues as normal
12:28<kvandivo>it's not that big of deal.. i've lived with it for a few weeks now, and it is hardly noticeable
12:28<kvandivo>but i don't see what is causing it, and i thought you mgiht
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12:38<Captain_Murdoch>what do you think of the pausing when you popup the menu to change auto-skip, etc.. I'm thinking of making it not pause anymore.
12:38<Captain_Murdoch>I'm looking for the blank frame you're talking about now.
12:41<Captain_Murdoch>saw the blank frame, looking to see if I can see why it's showing up now. wasn't in the video when I went into edit mode.
12:42<kvandivo>i wasn't horribly enthused about the auto pause in the first place. :)
12:42<Captain_Murdoch>think I see why, testing now.
12:42<Captain_Murdoch>kvandivo: ditto but I thougth it would make sense to pause if you're popping up a menu. I'm going to take it out.
12:43<kvandivo>well, maybe when the menu gets bigger it will be more of an issue
12:44<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, might make sense later, but it's annoying now.
12:45<kvandivo>hmm.. just had a thought.. maybe i could cheat a little bit.. If the user wants to see the number of seconds until the next commercial start/stop when bringing up 'i', I could always remove the 'Position' line and use that..
12:45<kvandivo>that way we wouldn't have to worry about themes that expect the box to be 3 lines
12:46<Captain_Murdoch>ok, pause taken out and your blank-frame thing is fixed as well.
12:47<kvandivo>excellent.. I'll have to look at what you changed.. alas, I've got to leave for my appointment now.. later
12:47<Captain_Murdoch>don't want to call GetFrame() if just notifying and not actually skipping.
12:47<Captain_Murdoch>not even sure if it's necessary for skipping, might test taking that out as well.
12:47<kvandivo>Hmm... i thought i had tried tweaking that.. oh well.. as long as it works now..
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13:27<_rkulagow>chutt: are you here?
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13:32<engie>Hi. When I try to run mythfrontend I get "Cannot read the directory: /dev/sound" errors. What causes these?
13:48<Teflon->lack of sound driver?
13:48* Teflon- checks his /dev
13:49<Teflon->oh, you're not using devfs
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14:00<Captain_Murdoch>engie, what version of Myth is that? 0.12?
14:01<engie>Captain_Murdoch: 0.11 - the debian binary install
14:02<Captain_Murdoch>ok, just checking. it doesn't mean anything really. I fixed cvs a while back to not warn about that. it's just checking for devices in /dev/sound which you don't have so it's no big deal.
14:02<engie>Do you have any idea why mythfrontend fails then when I go to watch tv?
14:03<engie>I've changed the input device to the line input with cmix - I think that may have broken it
14:04<Captain_Murdoch>fails with what error?
14:08<engie>it gives the /dev/sound errors, that's it
14:08<engie>interestingly enough, I just tested the mythgallery plugin and that seg faults when you go in (no piccy's displayed) and press enter
14:09<engie>Any ideas?
14:09<Captain_Murdoch>when you select 'watch tv' in mythfrontend what does it do?. blank screen?
14:10<engie>nope, just quits back to the xterm command line
14:10<engie>it sais it can't connect to the backend server
14:10<engie>it's real hard to read the messages on the telly screen
14:11<Captain_Murdoch>does it say "connecting to backend" and give the IP?
14:12<engie>I did a /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend start (no idea why it wasn't working)
14:12<engie>now a black screen in mythfrontend...
14:12<Captain_Murdoch>what does the backend log say?
14:13<engie>mind if I flood?
14:13<engie>here it goes....
14:14<engie>Starting up as the master server.
14:14<engie>Probed: /dev/video - Television
14:14<engie>Probed: /dev/video - Composite1
14:14<engie>2003-11-15 19:11:26 adding: tv as a player 1
14:14<engie>2003-11-15 19:11:26 adding: tv as a player 0
14:14<engie>2003-11-15 19:11:26 adding: tv as a player 0
14:14<engie>2003-11-15 19:11:26 adding: tv as a remote ringbuffer
14:14<engie>ioctl VIDIOC_G_FMT: Invalid argument
14:14<engie>audio volume set to '65535'
14:14<engie>strange error flushing buffer ...
14:14<engie>Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
14:14<engie>Changing from WatchingLiveTV to None
14:14<engie>2003-11-15 19:12:34 adding: tv as a player 0
14:14<engie>2003-11-15 19:12:34 adding: tv as a player 0
14:14<engie>2003-11-15 19:12:34 adding: tv as a remote ringbuffer
14:14<engie>ioctl VIDIOC_G_FMT: Invalid argument
14:14<engie>strange error flushing buffer ...
14:14<Captain_Murdoch>have you tried using xawtv to verify your tv card works?
14:14<Captain_Murdoch>maybe it's not capturing. not sure what vidioc_g_fmt means.
14:15<engie>The card definately works
14:15<engie>tvtime's fine
14:15<Captain_Murdoch>did you search the mailing list for that vidio error?
14:15<engie>I will now
14:16<engie>There's this:
14:16<Captain_Murdoch>if it wasn't on composite in, you'd get static instead of blank screen.
14:17<Captain_Murdoch>I think it's not capturing for some reason.
14:17<engie>It's started working
14:17<engie>looks like going into tvtime tuned in the tuner to the right frequency
14:17<engie>so now myth picks that up
14:19<engie>anyways, I'm off now
14:19<engie>will return to play tomorrow
14:19<engie>thanks a lot for your help
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14:36<_rkulagow>chutt: here?
14:44-!-elho [] has joined #mythtv
14:47<elho>how can one record just from the video-in? ie. mythtv wantss the input connected with a video source for which one in turn has to choose some xmltv listing
14:48<warlord>Captain_Murdoch: do you use PVR-350 output?
14:50<Captain_Murdoch>don't have a 350, only a 250 and 3 M179's
14:50<Captain_Murdoch>elho: no way to do that just yet.
14:50<warlord>Oh well.
14:51<elho>hm :/
14:51<engie>Hi - does anyone know of a good channel for sound related problems?
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14:52<elho>especially sad given that tv_grab_de doesn't work
14:52-!-bishop [] has joined #mythtv
14:58<sfr_>elho: there are other listings grabber that work for germany. see xmltv's website for one.
14:59<_rkulagow>elho: see also
14:59-!-dopez [] has quit ["..."]
15:00<elho>yeah, i just found
15:01-!-Dave114 [] has joined #mythtv
15:05-!-cmorgan is now known as cmorgan_afk
15:08-!-dopez [] has joined #mythtv
15:14-!-robertj [~robertj@] has joined #Mythtv
15:23<elho>it options aren't compatible though
15:33-!-marc__ [~Marc@] has joined #mythtv
15:45<Chutt>rkulagow, i'm back now
15:46<warlord>Hey Chutt..
15:47<warlord>I just updated ivtv and mythtv to current CVS.. When I'm watching LiveTV with a -350, the frontend seems to hang whenever the OSD comes on and then goes away (it hangs when the OSD goes away). Any clues where I should start debugging this?
15:48<_rkulagow>hey chutt: anything wrong with that status patch i mailed you for the frontend?
15:49<Chutt>does it hang completely?
15:49<Dave114>warlord: you're running mythtv on a p2-350? new to the software, or just having problems in the upgrade?
15:49<Chutt>rkulagow, no, it looked fine, but i just haven't had much time to work on this stuff
15:49<_rkulagow>chutt: ok.
15:49<Chutt>warlord, or does it come back after you seek again?
15:50<warlord>Chutt: I wasn't trying to seek. I was trying to change channels, or just hit 'o' to get the osd.
15:50<robertj>hey Chutt, how are mythtv packages standing these terms in terms of maintainers?
15:50<warlord>Dave114: PVR-350
15:50<Chutt>warlord, ok, well, first thing to do would be to figure out where it's stuck
15:50<warlord>Chutt: My gdb backtraces haven't been very helpful.
15:51<Chutt>don't know what to tell you about that
15:51<Dave114>warlord: ah. just looking for get something like this setup on a system of mine... a p2-450... wondering if there was anyone running it on a low-end system like that
15:52<Chutt>rkulagow, you can commit that if you'd like
15:52<Chutt>i really don't mind at all =)
15:52<_rkulagow>chutt: ok
15:55<warlord>Dave114: nope.
15:55<warlord>Chutt: so I take it you've never seen this behavior, huh?
15:56<warlord>Chutt: another question, if you dont mind. I'd like to adjust the alpha when using the EPG with livetv (to turn off the backgrounded picture).. I know it's hardcoded somewhere, but I dont know what to even look for. Could you possibly point me to the right file/function that controls that?
15:58<elho>is it ok for the channel names to have spaces?
15:59<elho>(i don't want to redo the whole filldb should i find out its causing problems later ;))
16:00<sfr_>should be ok.
16:06<Chutt>warlord, should be fairly obvious, just search for 'alpha' a few times
16:06-!-robertj [~robertj@] has quit ["leaving"]
16:10-!-linagee_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:11<elho>damn it, i accidently hit an alphabetic key on id and it just skipped the channel >:|
16:13<linagee_>why is it that the mpeg2 stream from my pvr250 refuses to play as a DVD mpeg2? and if i remux it, it does play, but the audio/video sync are WAAAY off
16:15-!-marc__ [~Marc@] has quit [Read error: 111 (Connection refused)]
16:18<warlord>Chutt: Thanks.. I'll go take a look.
16:25<elho>umm wait... "Choose a channel number (just like xawtv)" does refer to the "channel = E2" of an xawtvrc (like it sounds) or the program number?
16:26<sfr_>elho: you are using the --preset option of mythfilldatabase? you should.
16:26<elho>just used --manual
16:27-!-[M-M] [] has joined #mythtv
16:40-!-holger [] has joined #mythtv
16:40<elho>and whats the "removing conflicting program" stuff it prints at the end of the filldb, won't those be accessible?
16:42<sfr_>elho: just what it says, fixing shows with overlapping air times.
16:42-!-Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
16:43<elho>uhm, and it does show the presets, but cycling through the channels up and down does not use the numeric order of the presets :/
16:44-!-Dave114 [] has left #mythtv ["Client exiting"]
16:44<sfr_>elho: mythfrontend -> Settings -> TV -> get familiar with it :)
16:47<elho>hmm, so is there any way to disable the removing of overlapping programs?
16:48<sfr_>elho: how could there be two shows on the same channel and time?
16:49<elho>i guess its the VPS times that overlap
16:49<sfr_>mythtv doesn't care about VPS times.
16:50<elho>yes, thats the problem
16:51<elho>the xml tv listing seems to use them though and confuse mythtv
16:52<sfr_>i'm pretty sure that's not the problem.
16:53<elho>well, i do get pages of conflicting shows and the involved programs are ones which have vps, so vps was my guess
17:00-!-warlord is now known as warlord-afk
17:10<elho>hmm, i tried instant recording, the recording runs, if i delete it in the delete recording section, it disappears in the list but still runs (tv card remains used and after restarting the backend, it reappears in the list)
17:22-!-Kasperle [] has quit ["Happiness ... is watching Windows reboot"]
17:37-!-holger [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:37-!-[M-M] [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:43-!-Drikus [] has quit ["toedeledoki"]
17:48-!-FryGuy [~fryguy@] has joined #mythtv
17:49<Netslayer>I've seen a few of these IR ports that you can plug in with USB, anyone know if they are compatible with lirc? What are my other options other then building another one heh?
17:58<elho>use a tv card which has one ;)
17:59-!-lewis_m [] has joined #mythtv
18:00<lewis_m>I've got a problem with my Hauppauge PVR 350, I've select S-Video 0 as my input and I get a picture, but it's black and white - and a bit fuzzy. Anyone seen this happen before?
18:01<sfr_>wrong mode, pal instead of ntsc?
18:02-!-cmorgan_afk is now known as cmorgan
18:02<lewis_m>I think in my case it'd be ntsc instead of pal.. not sure though, how do I check that? I have tuner=1 as an option for the ivtv module, which gives tuner(bttv): type forced to 1 (Philips PAL_I (FI1246 and compatibles)) [insmod] in my dmesg
18:03<sfr_>for pal you need tuner =5
18:05<lewis_m>okay, brb
18:05-!-lewis_m [] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:08-!-lewis_m [] has joined #mythtv
18:09<lewis_m>now I don't get any picture, just a black screen, and the dmesg reads tuner(bttv): type forced to 5 (Philips PAL_BG (FI1216 and compatibles)) [insmod]
18:10<lewis_m>actually, I think type=1 is what I need? I'm in the UK, so I think it's PAL_I I want
18:14<sfr_>no idea. type 5 works fine here (germany)
18:17<lewis_m>is there anywhere else that I need to set PAL? with ioctl or anything?
18:19<sfr_>lewis_m: mythtv of course.
18:25-!-lewis_m [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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19:22-!-Netsplit over, joins: Doukegata, ahbritto, lmatter_work, Cloak, Morph, paulproteus, Octane, cesman
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19:22-!-Netsplit over, joins: o_cee, engie
20:05-!-dopez [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
20:12<engie>This seems like a silly question, but is there a sure fire way to quit myth? Alt-F4 never seems to work, and killing the x server seems like overkill
20:13<cmorgan>alt-esc ?
20:13<cmorgan>or esc?
20:13<sfr_>engie: mythfrontend Settings TV General
20:14<sfr_>engie: skip TV
20:21<henry_>pvr350 livetv first light!
20:26<henry_>Any recommendations on ivtv CVS? Is 10-31 still the best to use? I'm using a recent cvs, but I've gotten a few lockups.
20:28<linagee>does anyone know why my pvr250 cannot generate an mpeg2 DVD stream? i set the settings for it to generate a DVD compatible mpeg2 stream, but it doesn't work. ;(
20:30<Doukegata>can't say I know too much about DVD formats vs MPEG2 formats.
20:30<engie>sfr_: Thanks!
20:31<Doukegata>aren't there options in frontend on the different types of MPEG encoding?
20:34<engie>Does anyone know how I could tell if the system is reading the sound I'm putting into it's microphone socket?
20:34<engie>before I worry about whether myth's recieving it
20:34<engie>I've checked there is sound on the cable
20:35-!-cmorgan is now known as cmorgan_afk
20:35<Captain_Murdoch>run xawtv and set it to use composite/linein rather than the tuner?
20:36<Captain_Murdoch>that will make sure you're getting audio to the card, then you could try recording someting to make sure you're receiving since the other audio may just be passing through.
20:37<engie>Captain_Murdoch: Thanks I'll try that. do you know a good (command line preferred) recording app
20:39-!-sfr_ [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:42<Captain_Murdoch>not sure. if your card is full-duplex you might be able to do: dd if=/dev/dsp of=/dev/dsp bs=1024 count=1024
20:42<Captain_Murdoch>haven't used any except 'record' and not sure where i got that from.
20:51-!-dopez [] has joined #mythtv
20:52-!-Teflon- [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:57<Chutt>why are ivtv issues my fault?
20:58<josephk>Because you're chutt
20:58<josephk>and I blame you
20:59<josephk>it's such a blameable name ya know
20:59<josephk>isaac isn't any better for blame
20:59<josephk>both names carry great blame
20:59<josephk>lucky number 1,17,26,43,54
21:00<Chutt>captain_murdoch, nice work on the commits =)
21:00-!-engie [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:00<josephk>well I got myth to run live tv for 20 hours
21:00<josephk>reboot, and now I can't get 20 minutes
21:01<josephk>this sounds like chutt's doing...he ssh'd into my box I bet
21:01<josephk>always breaking my stuff
21:03<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, buncha stuff I've either had in my tree for a while or had been thinking about for a while off and on.
21:03<Captain_Murdoch>looking over my TODO to see if there's anything else I want to play with tonight or should I just go actually watch Myth some. :)
21:06-!-mirk [] has joined #mythtv
21:08<mirk>Greetings...I just installed .12 from Axel's rpms. There appears to be a bug that causes the backend to die when using multiple tuner cards. I saw a list posting that reported it, but didn't see anything about whether it's been fixed or not. Anyone know?
21:08<Captain_Murdoch>what bug? lots of people use multiple tuners.
21:09<josephk>that sounds like a feature to me
21:09<josephk>no bugs here
21:09-!-DogBoy [] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:10-!-engie [] has joined #mythtv
21:10<mirk>I disabled one of my tuners to work around it for now.
21:10<josephk>I bet it's Chutt's fault
21:10<engie>I've just found out my mobo doesn't have a line in port on the back, which is a bit poo.
21:10<Chutt>i use two tuners all the time, there is no bug with that
21:10<mirk>If it hasn't been debugged, I can try to rebuild with debugging an get a bt.
21:13<engie>Does myth support recording sound from the microphone port?
21:13<josephk>myth supports nothing
21:14<Chutt>it records from whatever your mixer is set to record from
21:14<engie>I simply can't tell if this board is able to do sound in or not
21:15<engie>certainly there's no sound on mythtv
21:15<engie>on windows I'd run sndrec32 or something and check it's picking up an input
21:15-!-motardo [] has joined #mythtv
21:17<motardo>I have a question
21:18<motardo>how long does it usually take to rebuild a video database?
21:19<motardo>or: how can I delete what's in the database and restart?
21:19<Chutt>mailing list for questions
21:19-!-Doukegata is now known as Doukegata|riseki
21:23<josephk>irc is for answers
21:23<josephk>not questiosn
21:23<Chutt>questions are more likely to get answered on the mailing list
21:23<Chutt>as that's what it's there for
21:24<josephk>yes that is true
21:24<josephk>but I blame Chutt for that
21:27<josephk>lot of blame going around on the mailing lists
21:28<josephk>everyone blaming VIA boards, mythbackend, ivtv...
21:29<mirk>It's the aliens. They're causing all this.
21:30<josephk>that can mean only one thing
21:30* mirk waits...
21:31<josephk>the aliens have taken the real chutt, and while they experiment with him on their ship, they are using a doppelganger to do their evil deeds
21:31<josephk>its only logical
21:36<engie>does myth require lame?
21:36<engie>I guess not having it is a bad thing...
21:37<engie>josephk: ?
21:39-!-engie [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:41-!-engie [] has joined #mythtv
21:42<bishop>is there anywhere i can see a roadmap of what's coming up in myth?
21:45<linagee>cool. ivtv supports a framebuffer for pvr350
21:46<linagee>bishop: check out the CVS commit mailing list. quit a few experimental things in the works. heh
21:46<josephk>ivtv driver is borked? I didn't least current cvs
21:47<linagee>josephk: ivtv is not borked.
21:47<linagee>josephk: they just didn't have ivtv-fb last time i updated
21:47<linagee>(not that i even own a pvr350, but, heh, nice to know it's there. ;) )
21:49<bishop>linagee: where is the commits mailing list archived?
21:50<bishop>linagee: nevermind.
21:50<linagee>bishop: found it?
21:52<bishop>yeah. but with every subject as "mythtv commits" it's not too helpful
21:52<linagee>bishop: i know
21:52<linagee>bishop: maybe the other list. haven't even looked at it
21:53<bishop>is up to date?
21:56<linagee>bishop: not sure
22:01<Captain_Murdoch> is always up to date.
22:03<linagee>woohoo. looks like i may have my DVD mpeg2 sync issues fixed. ;)
22:03<linagee>just by using stream_type=13 instead of stream_type=0
22:04<linagee>i still have to remux the mpeg2 stream, but it's a whole lot better!
22:04<josephk>hmmm...dvd special 1?
22:04<linagee>josephk: yep. they added that enumeration in the latest ivtv
22:04<Chiphead>when was the schema last changed?
22:05<linagee>josephk: i was trying normal DVD before, didn't work
22:05<josephk>why not 14?
22:05<linagee>josephk: that one works too. not sure of the difference.
22:06<linagee>josephk: now the only problem is that i have old shows that were recorded using the other stream method. LOL
22:06<linagee>josephk: i can remux the old streams but the audio/video gets WAAAAY out of sync
22:07<josephk>well at least it shouldn't be a problem in the future;)
22:07<linagee>josephk: yeah, but now how will i burn all my simpsons halloween episodes? ;(
22:09<mikegrb>with a magnifying glass and sun light
22:09<linagee>josephk: or i'll just erase them
22:09<josephk>that works for me
22:09<linagee>josephk: even the out of sync DVD-R i made (first one from this drive) looks pretty cool though! :)
22:10<linagee>josephk: it looks clearer than watching TV on the same screen. hehe
22:10<josephk>do you have dnr turned on?
22:11<linagee>josephk: not sure
22:11-!-Ripp_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:11<linagee>josephk: or i should say, it's at the defaults
22:11<josephk>I guess no then
22:12<mikegrb>linagee: are you burning stuff recorded with a pvr card?
22:12<linagee>ut ohh... sync issues again. :(
22:12<linagee>mikegrb: trying to. lol
22:12<mikegrb>heh I just scrolled up
22:12<mikegrb>are you using avidemux2 in the process?
22:12<linagee>i think stream_type=13 is working better than 14
22:13<linagee>mikegrb: i'm using dvb-mplex. didn't know about this "avidemux2"
22:13<linagee>mikegrb: going from mpeg2->mpeg2
22:13<mikegrb>avidemux2 has a gui
22:13<linagee>mikegrb: ah.
22:13<mikegrb>it can use the ffmpeg library to transcode
22:14<mikegrb>also lets you do filters for video, resize, de-interlace etc
22:14<linagee>argh. i hate this. it's tuned to a sports channel and i have no idea how to command-line change channels with my pvr250. :(
22:14<mikegrb>you should give it a shot, might like it
22:14* mikegrb has software encoding
22:14<linagee>mikegrb: i want something that's going to take the least amount of time. the video is pretty much already in the format i need
22:15<mikegrb>avidemux might work for you, I'd give it a shot
22:15<linagee>show some lips! argh
22:15<Chiphead>linagee, use its in the utils dir of the ivtv dir
22:15<linagee>dumb sports channel
22:15* linagee tries this
22:15<mikegrb>it reads myth nuv's... well not the audio but it gets the video :)
22:15<linagee>Chiphead: Can't locate Video/ i
22:15* linagee goes to the site
22:16<Chiphead>that a perl module you need read the docs
22:16-!-Doukegata|riseki is now known as Doukegata
22:17<Chiphead>mikegrb, videmux breaks audio synce at least for me
22:17<mikegrb>well, I haven't gotten any audio yet
22:17<dopez>avidemux and mythtv's nuv looses sync when you use mp3 audio, using pcm works without a problem
22:17<mikegrb>going to have to do cmd line mythtranscode fifo's -> ffmpeg
22:18<linagee>great. Can't locate Config/
22:18<dopez>(for me at least :)
22:18<linagee>ah. good. i have cpan. :)
22:18<mikegrb>dopez: avidemux read a software encoded nuv for you?
22:18<Chiphead>oh... well I have only found one way that wouks reliable when eniting out comercials and maintaining audio sync
22:18* mikegrb hasn't made a dvd from mpeg4 nuv's yet
22:19<mikegrb>avidemux doesn't seem to find the audio, even when using pcm rather then mp3
22:19<linagee>mikegrb: you'd need to convert to mpeg2 first. (unless it was for computers only)
22:19<dopez>mikegrb: yeah, mpeg4 with pcm audio .nuv file work fine, i used to do reencode them all the time, now i'm using a pvr250 and still use avidemux to reencode
22:20<linagee>woohoo. got working! :)
22:20<mikegrb>I've used avidemux to make a proper mpeg2, just without the audio
22:20<mikegrb>dopez: avidemux or avidemux2?
22:20<mikegrb>I get no sound
22:20<Chiphead>transcode is the only thing have have got to work when removing comercials that didnt break audio sync
22:20<dopez>avidemux(1) is pretty outdated allready
22:21<mikegrb>I've tried pcm and mp3
22:21<dopez>odd indeed, maybe check the forum ?
22:21<linagee>mikegrb: mp2?
22:21<mikegrb>do you tell it to process audio
22:21<linagee>mikegrb: most DVDs use mp2. (or all. wouldn't stake my life on it)
22:21<mikegrb>linagee: right I'be made mp2 format video, avidemux isn't properly finding the audio on the input file
22:22<mikegrb>dopez: thanks, I will certainly look into it more
22:22<dopez>i process audio (to raw/pcm .wav) encode to ogg/vorbis
22:22<linagee>mikegrb: mpeg2 audio also?
22:22<mikegrb>dopez: I figured it was a lost cause
22:22<Chiphead>mikegrb, did you see the script I posted? It should be ablke to output you dvd compliany fioles
22:22<mikegrb>linagee: yes on the final output
22:22<Chiphead>just changes the output plugin
22:22<mikegrb>Chiphead: really
22:22<mikegrb>Chiphead: subject of email?
22:22<linagee>all right. switched channels and dumped some test data! :)
22:23<Chiphead>it uses transcode and reads the cut list from the database
22:23<Chiphead>no audio sync problems
22:23<linagee>Chiphead: any idea why my mythtv frontend would stop responded to interactive editing?
22:23<mikegrb>works okay without a cutlist?
22:23<linagee>Chiphead: maybe i'm using the wrong key?
22:24<Chiphead>mikegrb, in this thread
22:24<Chiphead>yeah will work w/o cutlist
22:25<Chiphead>but prettymuch anything will encode np w/o editing
22:25-!-Ripp_ [] has quit ["Leaving"]
22:25<Chiphead>its when you start to edit you get audio sync problems
22:25-!-Katmando [] has joined #mythtv
22:25<Chiphead>linagee, I have no idea sry
22:25<Doukegata>can I use transcode to clip out a little segment from a saved video? I'm using a pvr-350, so the .nuv files are really just mpeg2 files.
22:26<linagee>Chiphead: what if you always jump to keyframes and cut there, when editing?
22:26<Doukegata>and I want the little clip to also be mpeg2
22:26<Chiphead>yes looik at that script for the commands to do that Doukegata
22:26<Chiphead>you will have to change the out plugin transcode uses
22:26<Chiphead>for mpeg2
22:26<Chiphead>I use mpeg4
22:27<Doukegata>hmm... script....
22:27* Doukegata is in over his head
22:27<linagee>Chiphead: it's too bad they don't make $50 mpeg4 players. (yet? :) )
22:27<mikegrb>Chiphead: that looks like pvr only
22:27<linagee>Chiphead: (whereas they do make $50 dvd players)
22:27<Chiphead>I have a $150 one
22:27<Chiphead>its called a xbox
22:28<linagee>Chiphead: so you could use linux-xbox and play mpeg4. (or use the xbox-mythtv project)
22:28<Chiphead>seriously... thats why i bought one ... for that purpose only
22:28<Chiphead>linagee I do ity daily
22:28<Doukegata>which script is this? and where do I find it? (or where can I read about it)
22:28<linagee>Chiphead: too much information! LOL
22:29<Chiphead>middle of the thread
22:29<Chiphead>the only one with an attachment
22:30<Chiphead>search in this page for w_hogue
22:30<linagee>Chiphead: this is the script? :)
22:30<linagee>Chiphead: 1)Find relevant .nuv file in your recordings directory.
22:30<linagee>2)Rename .nuv to .mpg
22:30<linagee>3)There is no step 3
22:31-!-Ripp_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:31<Chiphead>search for w_hogue on that page
22:31<Chiphead>I should post it to users... some others may find it useful
22:32<Chiphead>I posted it there cause I guy was complaining he couldn't edit w/o loosing sync... I fought for weeks with the same problem
22:32<mikegrb>Chiphead: that is pvr specific right?
22:32<Chiphead>no... transcode can read nuv files so should work for anything
22:33<mikegrb>myth format?
22:33<Chiphead>the latest versions do I beleive
22:33<mikegrb>I didn't realize that
22:33<FryGuy>it works great
22:33<Chiphead>Oh is myth different than reg
22:33<mikegrb>FryGuy: ?
22:34<Chiphead>well then prolly not sry. but it works great for the 250 and 350 users
22:34<FryGuy>just set your directories up inside it, and run it and it will create a pretty listing of the directory
22:34<mikegrb>I remember that
22:34<Chiphead>mikegrb, you could use mythtranscode to write to a fifo dir and transcode can read that
22:35<mikegrb>Chiphead: right
22:35<mikegrb>Chiphead: that is the method I will probably use
22:35<FryGuy>then just double click on the files through explorer and you can open with windows media player
22:35<mikegrb>just haven't messed around with it recently
22:35<FryGuy>you don't have to rename them if you do that
22:35<Chiphead>I originally tried that route but lost sync when cutting
22:36<FryGuy>as long as you have DSMyth (if they're in mpeg4/rtjpeg), or if they're hardware encoded with a pvr250
22:36<FryGuy>i might be talking about the wrong thing though
22:36<Chiphead>FryGuy, what does that have to do to encodign for dvd?
22:38<Chiphead>mikegrb, will work fine if you dont need to do any cuts
22:41-!-cmorgan_afk is now known as cmorgan
22:41<linagee>Chiphead: which key enters cutting mode in mythtv? (to edit)
22:42<Chiphead>I dunno its the menu key on my remote
22:42<Chiphead>check keys.txt
22:43<linagee>Chiphead: from there: E or M enters/exits edit mode.
22:43<linagee>i push E or M while playing a recording and nothing happens? ;(
22:43<Chiphead>ok then thats it
22:44<linagee>q works. p works....
22:44<Chiphead>I noticed on some of my recordings as of late I cant as well till commflag has run.
22:44<linagee>maybe i have something wrong in the configuration screen?
22:44<Chiphead>I think something may have been broken lately
22:45<Chiphead>mythcommflag runs after a recordign to mark the commercials if you have flag commercials set
22:45<linagee>Chiphead: great. i wonder which version i should revert to so it works.
22:45<Chiphead>I know it worked all the time in 12
22:46<Chiphead>just run mythcommflag --all and it will flag everything
22:46<linagee>what the heck. i press M several times and i get the interactive screen showing me the program guide
22:46<linagee>?!!?!? :(
22:46<linagee>someone goofed something. :(
22:46<linagee>Chiphead: nope. watching a recording
22:47<linagee>which makes no sense. i thought the program guide was for live tv
22:47<Chiphead>the cvs have been rocky as of late lots of experimental stuff happening
22:47* linagee considers moving back to 0.11
22:47<linagee>(and i'm using debs too. never should have upgraded)
22:48<linagee>actually tried to get 0.12 to compile. errors.
22:49<Chiphead>the only I could get my environment set so I could build from source was to manually build all the dependancies. no packages
22:49<linagee>it's not a dependency problem. it's a miscoding problem
22:50<Chiphead>lame, qt, mysql etc all from source
22:50<linagee>videoout_ivtv.cpp: In destructor `virtual VideoOutputIvtv::~VideoOutputIvtv()':
22:50<linagee>videoout_ivtv.cpp:58: error: parse error before `[' token
22:50<linagee>videoout_ivtv.cpp:67: error: parse error before `[' token
22:50<Doukegata>Chiphead: from the description of that script you posted, it looks like it transcodes into mpeg4. I just want to take a makred segment and remux that segment into it's own file. is there anything that will do that?
22:50<Chiphead>what version of gcc?
22:50<linagee>looking through code, can't find any problems...
22:50<linagee>3.3..... argh
22:50<linagee>that may be a problem
22:50<linagee>(weird though. hasn't caused any other problems)
22:51<linagee>(i mean that i've compiled lots of stuff previous)
22:51<Chiphead>Doukegata, you cna change the output codec use bbmpeg of simular codec
22:51<Chiphead>yes 3.3 is evil
22:51<Chiphead>use 3.2
22:51<linagee>Chiphead: evil?
22:51<linagee>Chiphead: argh. must be too unstable on the debian. hehe
22:51<josephk>spawn of satan
22:52<linagee>any idea how to get debian to revert just gcc to a lower version of gcc?
22:52* Chiphead has had several problems with several packages on several platforms when compiling with 3.3
22:52<Doukegata>Chiphead: but that's still transcoding... I don't want to transcode. I want to take existing coded bits, and remux them
22:52<Chiphead>yoiu can just apt-get install gcc-3.2
22:52<Chiphead>they can co-exist
22:52<linagee>Chiphead: ahhh. thanks. ;)
22:52<Chiphead>just change the links in /usr/bin to point to the version you want to use
22:53<linagee>weird. 3.3 is evil and 3.2 works? heh
22:53<Chiphead>thats my experience... chutty uses 3.3 though
22:55<linagee>ok. trying a recompile of mythtv 0.12 :)
22:55* linagee cross fingers/legs/toes
22:55<Chiphead>Doukegata,when you find that let me know. Only thing I knwo that can do that is tmpeg on windows
22:56<Doukegata>exactly, but tmpgenc isn't free.
22:56* Chiphead knows that
22:57* Chiphead has also searched for it w/no luck
22:57* Chiphead has given up
22:57* Chiphead has settled for mpeg4 and playback on the xbox
22:58<linagee>Chiphead: what about transcode -F -y 3
22:58<Chiphead>I can get a whole 1/2 season on a dvd or 1/2 an hour season on a dvd
22:58<linagee>should turn it back into mpeg2
22:58<linagee>-F -y 8 for mpeg2 DVD
22:58<Chiphead>still transcoding
22:58<linagee>Chiphead: not sure. i'll try it on a test stream in a second
22:59<Chiphead>if Im going to transcode. I may as well save space wqhile Im at it
23:01<linagee>Chiphead: depends if you want a DVD compatible stream. ;)
23:02* Chiphead wants no comercials. format is of no matter
23:02-!-FryGuy- [] has joined #mythtv
23:03<linagee>Chiphead: right. me too. :)
23:03<Chiphead>so if I have to transcode at all then I will opt for mpeg4 and save space
23:04<linagee>Chiphead: remuxing is a whole lot faster than re encoding. ;)
23:04<Chiphead>I know... so is it remuxing or transcoding that was the question?
23:05<linagee>Chiphead: transcode isn't the one that does it anyway. it's the libraries you use with transcode. (AFAIK)
23:05-!-FryGuy [~fryguy@] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:05-!-FryGuy- is now known as FryGuy
23:05<Chiphead>and does the remux result in audio sync after removing the comercials
23:05<linagee>Chiphead: no idea. that's why i'm testing. ;)
23:05<linagee>argh. keeps failing
23:05* linagee kicks transcode
23:05<Chiphead>:) I worked for weeks with various setting...
23:06<linagee>Chiphead: i know. very frustrating. ;)
23:06<Chiphead>Im not saying it cant be done... but I couldnt find it
23:06<Doukegata>someone in #ivtv-dev suggested gopchop...
23:06<Chiphead>I did find a bullet proof way to transcode w/o comercials though and result in beautiful mpeg4
23:06<Doukegata>don't know how well that would work
23:07<Chiphead>gopchop is incomplete... messes up the timecodes
23:07<Chiphead>and its not command line gui only cant be automated
23:07* Chiphead has looked at it aqlso
23:08<Doukegata>I wonder if there's anything similar, then
23:08<Chiphead>we are talking about chipheads holy grail :)
23:08<linagee>hrm... tcmplex looks interesting.
23:09* Chiphead couldnt get audio sync w/it
23:09<linagee>ERROR: File /tmp/test.mpeg is not a 11172-2 or 13818-2 Video stream.
23:09<linagee>won't even get that far
23:09<linagee>it's spitting back in my face
23:10<Doukegata>heh, is demultiplexate even a word?
23:11<linagee>dvb-mplex seems to work.
23:11<linagee>or maybe that's because my pvr250 is outputting a DVD mpeg2 compliant stream now
23:11<Doukegata>I have to start a list of progs to test...
23:12<Doukegata>so far I've got, gopchop, avidemux, tcmplex, dvb-mplex..
23:12<Doukegata>i feel like I left one out
23:12<Chiphead>l?v linux somethign video... its new hust saw something aboiut it havenet tried it yet
23:12<linagee>Doukegata: transcode? :)
23:13<linagee>Doukegata: mencoder? (not sure if that remuxes)
23:13<Chiphead>couldnt maintain sync
23:14<linagee>Chiphead: using a pvr250?
23:14<linagee>Chiphead: try the DVD complaint mpeg2 stream. ;)
23:14<Chiphead>in an old ass ppro 400
23:14<linagee>Chiphead: weird part was, it played out of sync in this computer and on the dvd player.
23:15<linagee>Chiphead: i told pvr250 to use DVD mpeg2 complaint stream, and now the computer plays it right
23:15<linagee>Chiphead: my guess is that it should be set to DVD mpeg2 complaint stream by default.
23:15<Doukegata>is transcode part of mythtv, or it's own program?
23:15<Chiphead>Oh my unedited streams are never a problem
23:15<linagee>Doukegata: it's own program
23:15<Chiphead>its own program
23:15<linagee>Chiphead: my unedited streams are never a problem either
23:15<linagee>Chiphead: does the audio video get WAaaaaay out of sync the longer you get into the mpeg?
23:15-!-Teflon- [] has joined #mythtv
23:16<linagee>Chiphead: the video gets behind the audio?
23:16<Chiphead>no only after the editi and after each edit it gets worse
23:16<linagee>or i mean, vise versa?
23:16<linagee>Chiphead: you just might give it a try if you have free time. ;)
23:17<Chiphead>I dont remember.. I stopped trrying 2 months ago when i settled for mpeg4 and get it working
23:17<linagee>Chiphead: test_ioctl -c stream_type=13
23:17<linagee>(that's for a pvr250/pvr350)
23:17<Doukegata>maybe I need one of these: :P
23:17<linagee>Doukegata: riiiight.... :-P
23:17<Chiphead>and what did you use to remux comercials out?
23:18<linagee>Chiphead: haven't done that yet as my mythtv is recompiling. ;)
23:18<linagee>Chiphead: does mythtv use transcode to remux an mpeg2 stream?
23:18<linagee>and if so, what command line does it use? ;)
23:18<Chiphead>Well what were you talkking about
23:18* linagee digs through source
23:18<Chiphead>wehen you said you had sync problems till you changed to dvd compliant stream?
23:19<Chiphead>myth doesnt remux
23:19<Chiphead>it transcodes
23:19<linagee>Chiphead: transcoder can remux? (i think... ;) )
23:19<Chiphead>yes but myth uses its own transcode
23:20-!-MrChook [] has left #mythtv ["Leaving"]
23:21<Chiphead>so what were you talking about when you said you had sync problems till you changed to dvd compliant stream?
23:21<Chiphead>if yo wernt remuxing?
23:23<Doukegata>bleh... i guess I killed mythbackend onece while it was transcoding (i didn't know what it was doing), now i always have a zombie mythtranscode process
23:23<Chiphead>night of the living dead
23:24<Doukegata>any ideas how I can get it to finish transcoding whatever it was working on?
23:24<Chiphead>I dunno... never used it
23:25<Chiphead>my backend ios to slow... would take 4 days to transcode a 1 hour show
23:25<Chiphead>I get about 1.6 fps
23:26<Doukegata>I think it was just working to mark commercials...
23:26<linagee>i got transcode to use my stream
23:26<Doukegata>I didn't have it set to do any fancy transcoding
23:26<linagee>i put it through dvb-mplex first
23:27<linagee>and now transcode works. (w/o the invalid packet size error)
23:27<Chiphead>oh then just run mythtranscode --force --file filename
23:27* Doukegata has some transcoding reading up to do.
23:27<linagee>great. so dvb-mplex does something that my pvr250 streams need......
23:27<linagee>now to figure out what it is....
23:28<Chiphead>Doukegata, mythcommflag --force --file filename.nuv will start flagging that file again
23:31<linagee>argh. transcode is NOT remuxing. 2fps?
23:32<Chiphead>like I said... figure it out and let me know... I think if there was a way to easily do it automatically, it would be in myth
23:33-!-Doukegata is now known as Doukegata|riseki
23:33<Chiphead>Im crashing guts.
23:33<Chiphead>talk to ya later
23:37-!-Ripp_ [] has quit ["Leaving"]
23:42-!-Doukegata|riseki is now known as Doukegata
23:43<Doukegata>anyone know how to recreate the /dev/lircd device?
23:44<_rkulagow>mknod /dev/lirc c 61 0
23:59<Doukegata>no, not lirc, lircd with the 'd' at the end
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