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00:05<Captain_Murdoch>rkulagow: when was the last time you updated cvs?
00:06<rkulagow>i _think_ i'm updated; i just ran an update and no files were modified. i'm going to make install again to ensure that the latest is actually in the right places.
00:07<rkulagow>i saw the commit message; I'm using Visor theme.
00:07<rkulagow>(if that matters)
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00:14<Captain_Murdoch>ok, could be a file wasn't recompiled for some reason after the programinfo stringlist changes recently.
00:17<rkulagow>cm: i think that was it; i did a make install and just tested; seems to be working ok now. false alarm, i guess.
00:18<kvandivo>i know those changes gave my working code fits for a bit..
00:18<kvandivo>have to redo my tweaks
00:18<kvandivo>err.. had, i meant
00:21<Captain_Murdoch>rkulagow: ok, good.
00:22<Captain_Murdoch>kvandivo: are you using the M179 full-time?
00:23<kvandivo>not yet. i haven't yet moved it into my main backend. it is still in my testing/dev/machine
00:24<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, same here. and my test machine sounds like a jet engine so I don't leave it on 24x7, only turn it on to test. now that I have those I'm going to rebuild my master backend sometime probably.
00:25<Captain_Murdoch>the guy at AVerMedia who emailed asking about getting ivtv working with the M179 said he didn't have audio on the recorded files. I wonder if he applied the patch like he said he did.
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00:27<kvandivo>hmm.. sounds suspicious, huh...
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00:28<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, just occurred to me that he might not have actually got it applied. I was asking him other questions about testing inputs, etc. guess I'll email him tomorrow to make sure. time for bed now...
00:29<rkulagow>is "irony" the right word for an AverMedia employee using Linux drivers that should have been written _by_ AverMedia?
00:33<kvandivo>it's like meeting the woman of your dreams, and then meeting her wonderful husband
00:35<rkulagow>hey, that's not irony! i'm reminded of the scene in "singles" when winona is in that job interview and she's asked to define irony and can't. important skill, since i think she was going to do some sort of newspaper thing. anyway, back to work.
00:36<kvandivo>speaking of winona, you see the fetching picture of winonna judd recently?
00:37<rkulagow>the smoking gun website has a nice montage of celebrity mug shots.
00:38<kvandivo>i guess you did, then. about as scary as pics of michael jackson
00:38* kvandivo starts shivering uncontrollably.
00:40* Captain_Murdoch pops back in for a minute to buy some plane tickets online and says "Irony is not fixing a bug some user reports because you say it hasn't affected you, then 5 minutes later the same bug deletes all your recordings"
00:41<kvandivo>that's painful
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00:41<kvandivo>i remember reporting a bug where all of my recordings got deleted..
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00:48<Captain_Murdoch>I think I remember fixing it. recording directory wasn't mounted or something so autoexpire deleted all entries from DB?
00:48<kvandivo>yep. that was the one
00:49<kvandivo>you hadn't mentioned that you got burned, though.. you know.. i remember thinking at the time..
00:49<kvandivo>"man, he fixed that fast"
00:50<Captain_Murdoch>nah, I didn't. I always have 40+ Gigs free on my recordings fs.
00:50<kvandivo>well, i had about 240 gigs free at the time.. but it wasn't mounted..
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00:52<kvandivo>well, crap.. i was hoping to get this patch sent in tonight, but i just discovered some lines in the 'settings' table that have changed that i'm going to have to handle
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01:45<billytwowilly>anyone running knoppmyth and manage to get their sound settings to stay through a reboot?
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02:02<shamoun>hey all
02:07<shamoun>anyone here do alot of video processing in linux/
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02:46<Leno>Alright. Odds are, I'm just going to blow stuff up, but I am going to try to get an XBox booting the mini-myth root image
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03:56<robbie>i have made a very kickarse myth box
03:56<robbie>msi megapc
03:56<robbie>/dev/vgr00/mythtv 220G 22G 199G 10% /mnt/store
03:56<robbie>pvr 350 arrives tomorrow :)
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04:06<DogBoy>it's never enough space
04:06<robbie>well maxtor 300Gb drives are still a bit too expensive
04:07<knight->and they are only 5400 rpm dont forget that part
04:07<DogBoy>that's actually good
04:07<DogBoy>less heat
04:07<knight->heh is 5400rpm enough to keep up with ATA 133 seeks?
04:07<DogBoy>what do you need with seeks?
04:08<knight->and writes
04:08<DogBoy>it's a streaming application
04:08<knight->I don't know about you, but I have a ton of data being written to my drives
04:08<knight->Up to 4 encoder cards.
04:09<DogBoy>what's that about
04:09<knight->There's a reason I have EVMS doing striping.
04:09<knight->5400rpm sucks.
04:09<DogBoy>you're talking about your specific app
04:10<DogBoy>I was pointing out that faster isn't always better
04:10<knight->I'm talking about MythTV.
04:10<DogBoy>there's always a trade
04:10<DogBoy>you make it sound like everybody has 4 encoder cards
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04:11<robbie>evms ?
04:12<robbie>me using lvm
04:12<Leno>Anyone in channel using an Xbox for the frontend?
04:12<robbie>actualy i'd rather the 5400rpm drives, not so hot
04:12<DogBoy>they last longer
04:13<robbie>that too
04:13<robbie>and quieter
04:13<robbie>they are just too darned expensive atm
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11:53<engie>Hiya all
11:54<farce>well hello
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13:00<engie>Hi. What could cause myth to show me, when I change channels, information on what's currently showing on Eurosport, whatever channel I switch to?
13:03<bishop>i have a xine error. no input plugin to handke vcdx:// what am i missing?
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13:58<kvandivo>i gotta admit i'm a bit curious about what the guy has 923 recordings _of_
14:01<kvandivo>and even if you figured half hour shows at a gig an hour thats still 450 gigs. i realize that they might be 5 minute recordings at <1gig/hour quality, but still...
14:03<sfr>kvandivo: probably he got the idea of 'skipping commercials' the wrong way around?
14:08<kvandivo>i was thinking last night it would be neat to have a hot-key that you can do to "delete a recording up to this point".. I've got some three hour movies that i've watched part of, but not all of, and it would be nice to be able to quickly trim them down.. like in the 'delete dialog' have an option to 'delete up to this point'..
14:08* kvandivo goes off to edit his TODO list.
14:12<Chutt>that wouldn't be too terribly difficult for mpeg2 files
14:12<Chutt>since they're headerless and stuff
14:15<warlord>Chutt: I think there is a serious problem with current CVS and playing back mpg2 files (s/w decode). I've got some files that seem to "slow down" and get choppy audio/video when I play with myth, but if I play with "mplayer -fs" on the same machine/display it works just fine.
14:17<Chutt>any chance you can debug that at all?
14:17<warlord>I'll try..
14:18<Chutt>and do you have extra audio buffering on or off?
14:18<warlord>I think it's off right now.
14:18<Chutt>try it with it on
14:19<warlord>yea, it was off. let me try it with it on.
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14:21<warlord>ahh, that seems to help it.
14:21<Chutt>completely, or not?
14:21<warlord>Sorry, completely.
14:21<farce>is there a feature to allow custom descriptions to be added to recorded shows? i've looked thru the features but havnt seen that
14:21<Chutt>farce, everything's stored in a mysql db, just edit it
14:22<farce>Chutt: yeah i know that, i'll add an option to customize them
14:22<warlord>Chutt: at least the show that was doing it before three times in a row isn't doing it now.
14:22<farce>didnt wanna recreate the wheel tho
14:23<Chutt>warlord, it _seems_ that sometimes the pvr-x50 has trouble on some scenes
14:23<Chutt>and it fucks up the audio interleaving as a result
14:23<warlord>Chutt: lovely.
14:24<warlord>that would explain it. :)
14:24<warlord>Ok, so I guess keep it on for s/w decode..
14:24<farce>Chutt: in the vein of adding this functionality to mythtv... are there methods for inputting text thru the gui?
14:24<sfr>related question: I have one recording (from a h/w mjpeg card) which mythtv plays back with distorted colours and the top 25% of the picture is almost white with ghost pictures on. Could that be related to the latest ffmep resync? A patched mplayer plays the file back fine.
14:24<warlord>But IIRC I need to turn it off for -350 output, right? (or is it just ignored there)
14:24<Chutt>farce, there's a cell-phone like text entry line edit box
14:24<Chutt>but that's kind of cumbersome for large scale editing
14:24<Chutt>warlord, it's ignored there
14:24<farce>hrm. perhaps i'll add it to the web interface
14:25<Chutt>farce, that'd probably be best
14:25<warlord>Chutt: cool! Then I'll just leave it set so I dont screw myself again.
14:25<Chutt>warlord, what it does is buffer up video frames if the audio hasn't been decoded enough yet
14:27<warlord>that makes sense.
14:27<warlord>I just had a bit of choppy video/audio, but then it came back. I think it was a broken datafile in the middle (well past where it was breaking w/o the extra audio buffering)
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14:37<kvandivo>on the off chance that anyone is interested in that todo list that i mentioned, my current list is at
14:39<warlord>next thing is to figure out why the ivtv driver sometimes records tinny audio
14:47<Chutt>warlord, see a recent post to the ivtv list
14:49<warlord>Chutt: Aha.. So now I get to figure out what "standard" we're in here in the US.
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14:54<mcalliph>Has anyone had any luck play Mythtv's .nuv files in mplayer for cygwin?
14:58<warlord>Looks like I want standard=0x20 for BTSC-stereo
15:00<warlord>I'll go test that after my current recording finishes in about 30 minutes.
15:00<sfr>mcalliph: there is a (outdated by now afaik) patch available to enable that. works fine here with a patched mplayer ~0.9 or 1.0 on debian.
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15:01<farce>he's using cygwin on win32
15:01<farce>i dunno if the same mplayer source is used
15:01<kvandivo>what a farce
15:01* kvandivo looks around evily.
15:03* sfr is scared. Hides behind Mommy.
15:05* mikegrb is more scared. Hides behind sfr.
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15:07<mcalliph>sfr: thanks, i will look for that patch and give it a try
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15:18<sailor420>ok, I have a quick question... I have some experience with linux, but not as much as I would like... what I want to know is what would be the most trouble free way of installing--installing an RPM package (like Mandrake or Gentoo), or the KnoppMyth distro
15:19<sailor420>Im worried about getting myself into a problem that I wont have the foggiest idea of how to fix
15:21<sailor420>im thinking of using a wintv-go radio (model 410, IIRC), I dont know about the TV out yet
15:24<kvandivo>although i haven't messed with knopp, if you are just wanting to get myth going and not worry about everything else, as long as it supports the hardware you have, i suspect it is as easy as anything
15:26<sailor420>everything is pretty open right now--all i have is the basic box, an old p3 800 that is nice and small
15:26<sailor420>old compaq machine, should work fine... I just need a TV Tuner card and some kind of video out to the TV
15:29<kvandivo>i'd suggest scouring the mailing list archives for the hardware you are considering.
15:30<sailor420>yeah, thats what im doing right now
15:33<Chiphead>what cvs commant do I need to do to get mythtvods to update. Im just getting an empty directory when I do cvs update
15:36<kvandivo>-dP, perhaps.. that's what i use..
15:36<kvandivo>cvs update -dP
15:36<Chiphead>I got it... had to do a checkout for that dir thx
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16:06<o_cee>when manually running mythtranscode, what is the --profile switch supposed to be?
16:07<Chiphead>one of the profiles set up in the setup screen
16:08<o_cee>and what friggin format is starttime??
16:08<Chiphead>i dunno.. I just pass --filename filename.nuv
16:09<o_cee>oh? not specified as an option at all
16:10<Chiphead>oh sry that may be for mythcommflag not transcode
16:11<o_cee>found Geoffreys suggestion for addition to the docs.. wich probably is there
16:12<o_cee>--starttime 2003-10-20T15:30:00 <-- wouldn't it be better to use myths format? ah well
16:13<Chutt>that is myth's format
16:13<o_cee>yeah but i mean the fileformat.. and the way it is in the db
16:14<farce>sept 18 2003, 9pm
16:16<o_cee>having som problem with the transcoder.. it's in manual mode now, guess i'll recompile with debug later if this fails as well
16:17<o_cee>how's the 350 support comming along? is it mostly driver bugs now?
16:18<o_cee>doinga website, so i'll get payed with computer stuff.. thought i'd get one
16:21<warlord>Chutt: in case anyone else asks here, setting "standard=0x20" works for me... But I have no idea if it will actually fix the tinny audio problem.
16:29<josephk>anyone get Myth working on a Mac yet?
16:30<kvandivo>no, but if you get me one of the new dual G5s i'll put that high on my list.
16:30<josephk>bah..I'll do it myself
16:31* warlord is now anxiously waiting on tmk's "firmware auto-reset" code...
16:32<josephk>who isn'
16:33<josephk>actually I know who isn't
16:34<josephk>because everything works for him...hehe
16:34<josephk>warlord: is 18A ok?
16:34<warlord>josephk: so far.
16:36<warlord>9pm tonight will be the real test.
16:38<o_cee>yikes. mythtranscode: Segmentation fault
16:38<o_cee>guess i'll rebuild and run with gdb
16:42<josephk>it compilessss
16:42<o_cee>thought about ordering finding nemo R1 from the usa and ship it here.. anyone know what a good price on it is?
16:48<o_cee>what's thte difference of editRecording() and editScheduled()? the recent key change in guidegrid.. building it now
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17:24<o_cee>damn split
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17:31<josephk>argg...linux/soundcard.h ...not
17:32<josephk>guess i'll have to write in coreaudio support...hehe
17:32<o_cee>probably agood idea :)
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18:25<shamoun>hey all
18:25<shamoun>anyone here right now?
18:28<shamoun>sfr, do you do much video processing?
18:28<sfr>not really.
18:28<shamoun>well, do you know much about it
18:29<sfr>no, but just ask
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18:30<shamoun>well, i was really looking for an opinion as to whether it is a good idea to replace windows with linux on my multimedia machine, i am using it for recording from analog source, reencoding videos, and burning dvd movies
18:30<michal>sorry but this is the best place I could think of asking.. on irc anyway. does anyone here know of an equivalent channel for VDR ?
18:33<sfr>shamoun: there's certainly software available to do that with linux, but i can't tell you much more about it.
18:34<shamoun>well, ill be back on the weekend to ask for opinions about the software i found
18:34<warlord>shamoun: do you actually want to EDIT the video? Or just transcode from Analog -> DVD?
18:35<shamoun>transcode analog to dvd, dvd to mpeg4, dvd-9 to dvd-r(with menus) dvd-5 to dvd-r
18:36<michal>dvd-9 ?
18:37<michal>hmm.. i should read up on dvd standards
18:40<warlord>shamoun: but it's just transcoding -- you're not editing the video?
18:40<shamoun>oh, sorry. i was busy doing something
18:40<shamoun>well, editing too
18:41<shamoun>but mainly for cutting out commercials
18:41<shamoun>like you could do with virtualdub in windows
18:42<warlord>The editing might be a problem. The transcoding shouldn't be.
18:42<shamoun>michal, dvd-9 is a dual format dvd, close to double capacity
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18:42<warlord>shamoun: I dont know if there is dvd-9 support
18:42<shamoun>well, i heard about avidemux2 that should do it, but i wanted an opinion on how good it is
18:43<shamoun>and dvdbackup will do dvd-9 to dvd-r, but not with menus
18:45<shamoun>warlord, i read some docs that says there is
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18:48<monkeyBox>Has anyone been having problems with XMLTV??
18:48<ZugotAtWork>i couldn't get listings last night
18:48<ZugotAtWork>but it may have been me
18:48<ZugotAtWork>i've never used it before
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18:49<sfr>afaik zap2it changed something. a fix has been posted on either the -dev or -users lists.
18:49<monkeyBox>hmm.. ok.
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18:50<ZugotAtWork>i need to subscrive to the lists
18:50<CyberKnet>Always a blast
18:51<monkeyBox>I'm curious, how does xmltv get the tv listings?? does it actually parse the web page, or does zap2it provide some sort of XML web service?
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18:53<warlord>shamoun: this certainly is not the right forum to ask about avidemux2
18:54<warlord>However I can say that I've used linux to create a video dvd, so...
18:58<monkeyBox>sweet =) that fix werkd 4 me
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19:28<monkeyBox>is it possible to delete a manual scheduled recording???
19:31<warlord>should be -- have you tried the fix-conflicts screen?
19:32<monkeyBox>yeah, it doesn't show up there
19:33<monkeyBox>It shows up in the program guide, even when it's not recording... it's like it over-wrote the program that was there before...
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19:35<warlord>it could have..
19:36* warlord has never used manual recording.
19:39<monkeyBox>I'll just run mythfilldatabase again and see if it fixes it :(
19:39<monkeyBox>it might not..
19:40<monkeyBox>dammit that didn't do it
19:40<monkeyBox>How the heck do I undo this??
19:41<warlord>edit the database by hand?
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20:07<monkeyBox>yep that's what I had to do.. It was in the program table, so I just searched for the recording and deleted it.
20:08<monkeyBox>It'd be nice to be able to do that in the frontend though.. Oh well, I guess I can't complain, mythtv is bad-ass as is 8)
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21:14<rkulagow>great googly moogly! 900 programs in "watch recordings"?!?!
21:19-!-flyer [] has joined #mythtv
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23:04-!-sinclaird [] has joined #mythtv
23:05<sinclaird>does anyone use gentoo? i want to modify this autologin post to work in gentoo inittab
23:06<bobnvic>I need some help. Myth isn't recording any programs all of a sudden. The conflict resolution screen says that I have no programs scheduled, however the EPG shows the programs as scheduled. Setting a new program record doesn't take. I'm guessing my database is corrupt, but don't know how to fix it. Any ideas?
23:10<warlord>bobnvic: well, it could be that -- or you've already recorded those shows?
23:12-!-cmorgan [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:13<bobnvic>warlord: no, it's not showing *any* programs to record - it should be showing at a hundred shows on the list. same with the scheduled recordings page on mythweb. adding a new show doesn't get put onto the list either.
23:14<bobnvic>warlord: although it does show up on the program list with dashed lines around it (mythweb)
23:16-!-_Nero_ [~Nero__@dynamic-oit-vapornet-c-106.Princeton.EDU] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
23:17<warlord>hmm.. i dont know anything about mythweb -- i dont use it.
23:17<warlord>but.. i thought mythweb uses the same functions as the conflict screen.
23:17<warlord>what do you get from :6544?
23:18<bobnvic>mythweb is just easier and faster than going through the conflict screen. same info
23:18<bobnvic>I just did a mysqlcheck on mythconverg and it seems to have fixed it. thanks anyway!
23:21<warlord>glad it helped.
23:23-!-_Nero_ [~Nero__@mdobossy.student.Princeton.EDU] has joined #mythtv
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23:29<_Nero_>hello.. new to mythtv here, and struggling with a very unstable nForce2 board.. I understand I have to rebuild a kernel with APCI disabled..
23:30<_Nero_>I am currently d/ling the kernel source.. what should I be adding to the kernel to get mythtv running- ex- v4l2?
23:30<warlord>_Nero_: what distro do you use?
23:30* warlord uses the default RH9 kernel..
23:30<_Nero_>warlord- RH9
23:30<warlord>Then just use the default kernel..
23:30<warlord>build the nforce2 modules..
23:31<warlord>it all _just works_
23:31<_Nero_>default kernel crashes my system extremely fast..
23:31<warlord>What version of the kernel?
23:31<_Nero_>hold on..
23:31<warlord>Linux mythtv.XX.XXX 2.4.20-9 #1 Wed Apr 2 13:24:44 EST 2003 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux
23:32<_Nero_>I have tried the 2.4.20-20_29 one from the Howto, as well s the 2.4.20-9..
23:32<warlord>2.4.20-9 works for me on an nforce2..
23:33<_Nero_>29 one from the howto was fairly stable.. but still crashes quite a bit.. -9 would crash within a minute or two..
23:33<_Nero_>which mobo are you using?
23:33<warlord>WEIRD... How does it crash?
23:33<warlord>An MSI
23:33<_Nero_>I got a NF7-S which I would think would work well..
23:33<_Nero_>the whole system just freezes..
23:33<_Nero_>one minute all is well.. the next, nothing works..
23:33<_Nero_>cant log in externally, or anything.
23:34<sinclaird>how do i make gdm run in gentoo? rc-update add gdm default? change inittab?
23:34<warlord>Maybe a hardware prob?
23:34<_Nero_>possibly, but I had heard of all kinds of problems with pre-2.22.x kernels, and the NF7-S
23:35<_Nero_>and that compiling a 2.22.x kernel with APCI turned off fixed all of the freezes..
23:35-!-bobnvic [] has quit []
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