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01:44* kvandivo looks around.
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02:16<o_cee>allright.. got a bt on mythtranscode now..
02:16<o_cee>sending it..
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02:25<o_cee>ouch, the message got to big, heheh.. Chutt, will you let it through (60385 bytes with a limit of 40 KB) or should i resend in some other way?
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09:26<bitbyte>how are ya?
09:27<bitbyte>I'm very interested in building an htpc using MythTV, but am having a hard time finding definitive information regarding HDTV cards that will work with MythTV and to what extent. I've seen that is supports the pcHDTV card. But little about what level of support.
09:29<jsldub>how are these pvr boxen set up usually? i know i need a tv capture card for cable input. but what about outputting back to a tv.
09:29<bitbyte>Are there any other cards it supports? I noticed the pcHDTV card only has F connectors on it, and honestly can't figure out how you would get an HDTV signal into it. Unless it only supports calbe hdtv input.
09:34<bitbyte>hmm, it seems you can only do OTA hd with it, is that correct?
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09:53<_Nero_>I am trying to compile a new kernel.. is there anything specific I would have to include to get ivtv working?
09:53<kvandivo>other than what is detailed on the ivtv website documentation/instructions/faq ?
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10:01<_Nero_>yes.. for the Hauppage cards used with mythtv
10:01<bitbyte>ya, i see that now
10:02<bitbyte>where can i find some detailed info regarding hdtv cards and MythTV?
10:02<kvandivo>the mailing list archives would be an ideal place to start
10:02<kvandivo>it has been discussed ad nauseum
10:03<bitbyte>i recently found archives of that on gossamer threads or something
10:03<bitbyte>is that th best place to be able to search?
10:03<kvandivo>go to the website. there is a link to archives that are searchabe
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10:05<bitbyte>pity there's no proper forum site. mailing lists are ummm... full of extraneous information since each posting typically contains all the previous postings in that topic
10:05<kvandivo>search for that in the archives. it's another topic that has been discussed to death
10:05<bitbyte>i know, i saw a few regarding it
10:06<bitbyte>i've actually been there
10:06<bitbyte>and in 30 or 45 minutes of searching did little else than scroll through page after page of the same thing
10:06<bitbyte>i'll continue to search
10:06<_Nero_>Ugh.. I want to throw this machine out the window..
10:06<kvandivo>burn it. play your part!
10:06<bitbyte>know if theres any plans to add hdtv cards to the list of hardware?
10:07<_Nero_>fire.. that sounds fun..
10:07<warlord>I still think it's a h/w problem, nero
10:07<_Nero_>warlord- I am starting to think the same..
10:07<_Nero_>although, it runs stable as can be in Windows..
10:07<sfr>_Nero_: or send it to me.
10:11* _Nero_ wishes he had stayed away from nForce2...
10:11<warlord>what CPU?
10:11* warlord has a MSI K7N2G-L mobo, which is nForce2
10:12<_Nero_>Athlon XP 2600+
10:12<warlord>same here.
10:12<warlord>Works like a charm on my system.
10:13<_Nero_>and you are running the stock redhat kernel?
10:13<_Nero_>do you use ivtv?
10:13<_Nero_>ok.. I think I am going to give that a whirl..
10:13<_Nero_>Anything special I have to do to get ivtv working with that kernel? (I know the kernel I am using has v4l2 built in)
10:13<bitbyte>so you can't use a pcHDTV card and somthing like an avertv card in the same system with MythTV? Am I understanding this correctly?
10:16<warlord>_Nero_: all I did was compile the nforce drivers, ivtv, and lirc.. it all just worked.
10:17<_Nero_>ok.. sounds good.. :) hopefully this will work better..
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10:54<o_cee>Chutt: did you see my backtrace i sent to the list that got stuck? will you let it through or should i put the bt somewhere else?
11:08<mikegrb>best bet is post it somewhere
11:08<mikegrb>I think he may have those emails go to /dev/null... I wouldn't blame him
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12:09<Morph>hmm hmm. anyone about using a pvr250 with devfs?
12:14<Chiphead>can someone tell me the format of the buffer passed to VideoOutput::PrepareFrame()?
12:15<bline>Morph: yeah
12:16<Morph>bline: did you have to add any option for the ivtv module?
12:18<bline>just normal aliases
12:18<Morph>/lib/modules/2.4.23-pre9-epia1-nehemiah/kernel/drivers/media/video/ivtv.o: init_module: No such device
12:18<Morph>thats what I get when I try and load the modules
12:18<StuartL>You should probably try modprobe, too.
12:18<StuartL>It has a fair about of autodependencies.
12:19<Morph>that is using modprobe.
12:19<bline>anything in dmesg? sounds like it can't find the card though
12:20* StuartL grins at the conversation being duplicated in #ivtv-dev.
12:21<Morph>ivtv: SGarray_size = 340, DSGarray_size = 16
12:21<Morph>ivtv: Error detecting PCI card
12:21* bline points at #ivtv-dev
12:23<Chutt>chiphead, depends, but for software decoding it's yv12
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13:04<ahbritto>Is tv_grab_na 0.5.23 working for anyone?
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13:30<bishop>how do you make the stars in mythmusic go up and down??
13:31<sfr>shake your head...
13:31<sfr>iirc try u or d
13:32<bishop>haha. q on the keyboard makes them go down. can't figure out how to make them go up
13:34<sfr>sigh, i knew that once.
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13:34<bishop>unfortunately it's not listed in keys.txt
13:40<bishop>bline: thanks!!!
13:40<bline>see playbackbox.cpp for the rest
13:41<kvandivo>seems like warlord made an excel file that went to -dev i think that might have talked about that..
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13:50<warlord>actually, it was an OOo file, but yea.
13:51<warlord>I only listed the stuff in keys.txt, not the various modules.
13:52<kvandivo>ahh.. oh wel
13:52<kvandivo>well, even
13:53<warlord>I was HOPING the spreadsheet would get into CVS and others would/could expand it..
13:53<warlord>But it was never done
13:53<warlord>and at this point it's a little out of date, even against keys.txt
13:53<Chutt>i don't have a program that can read the spreadsheet, so i never bothered putting it in
13:54<warlord>Chutt: you dont have open office installed?
13:54<kvandivo>you need to redo the entire event handling for myth, warlord, so that the keys are edittable, etc and then it could all be done in the program itself
13:54<Chutt>hell no
13:54<warlord>kvandivo: not me!
13:54<warlord>Chutt: what are you, some spreadsheet luddite? ;)
13:55<Chutt>i keep hoping that someone will actually do something about the keybindings
13:55<kvandivo>big job..
13:55<kvandivo>i think we've all _thought_ about it..
13:56<warlord>hey, i've got an unrelated question, but something you guys might have heard about. I'm seeing a problem on RH9 (in another program) where pthread_cond_signal() never returns... Anyone heard about a RH9 bug like this?
13:56<Chutt>signal never returns?
13:57<Chutt>no, i've never seen that
14:00<warlord>Didn't think so, but thought I'd ask.
14:15<Chutt>allright, i'm going to start working on keybindings crap this weekend
14:16<Chutt>database or xml file, though...
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14:17<Chutt>hmm, and should they be per-frontend host
14:18<warlord>I suspect that yes, they should be per-frontend, with some 'global default'
14:18<kvandivo>perhaps defaults, with the ability to override on a per..
14:18<kvandivo>ya.... that
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14:18<kvandivo>the trick will be to add key stuff to the module api so that everything has to play together
14:19<kvandivo>well, there will be lots of tricks..
14:19<Chutt>i know how i'm going to handle that, anyway
14:19<Chutt>and realistically, most modules don't use that many keybindings
14:19<Chutt>it's really just the tv stuff
14:20<Chutt>but if i set up some global keys, arrows, select, menu, and info, for instance
14:20<Chutt>that covers almost everything
14:20<kvandivo>i guess the master could "tell" the modules to obey "these" keybindings
14:20<kvandivo>make it so they have to implement bindings for certain operations, such as exit, etc, etc
14:21<Chutt>oh yeah, and escape
14:28<kvandivo>what i've had going in the back of my mind for some time is a desire to "hot-jump" from module to module.. Like, I'm watching tv and want to check the weather.. Hit the 'w' key.. boom, there it is.. hit escape, and it goes back to my tv show..
14:29<kvandivo>almost as though mythtv itself needs the ability to have 'modules'
14:29<Chutt>i've got ideas on how to do that as well
14:29<kvandivo>or hit 'm', and have it put the current movie times on the screen... stuff like that..
14:30<Chutt>plugins'll register places they can jump to
14:30<Chutt>thing before that, though, is i need to add external exit handlers to everything
14:30<Chutt>for your patch
14:30<kvandivo>and you _do_ mean everything..
14:30<Chutt>can you just email me which files got renamed?
14:31<Chutt>since that's a whole hell of a lot easier on me
14:31<kvandivo>well, i can.. but it wasn't simple renaming.. all of the classes inside, etc changed
14:31<Chutt>and patches against that
14:31<kvandivo>(so that they aren't still called 'rank'
14:31<Chutt>i don't like doing a cvs del / cvs add
14:31<Chutt>so i'm going to destroy my rollback capacity and move stuff in the repository :p
14:31<kvandivo>ok.. i follow you.. so i'll rename the new to the old, do the diff, etc
14:32<kvandivo>ya.. i can do that... i'm leaving town tomorrow for a week, so I'll try to squeeze it in before that
14:33<kvandivo>(the quicker it gets in, the sooner i can quit continually having to update it to work with gigem's changes to what inevitably is the same code)
14:33<Chutt>of course =)
14:52<lmatter>Is there a way to tell mythfrontend to exit cleanly, like sending a signal?
14:53<Chutt>not externally, no
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14:59<lmatter>ok, thanks.
14:59<Chutt>thor, hey
15:00<thor_>anything new ?
15:00<Chutt>not really
15:01<Chutt>i've been, ah, busy
15:01<Chutt>playing games =)
15:01<thor_>got some real work catch up for the next 3-4 days
15:02<thor_>then back to mfd
15:04<thor_>... and maybe try implementing some vague thoughts on a p2p system for reccomendations and metadata ...
15:05<Chutt>eh, rather get mfd working and in use first =)
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15:52<kvandivo>i see that user keith kris is trying hard to get on everyone's good side
15:52<Chutt>his first post to the mailing list :p
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16:34<o_cee>Chutt: you around? what about that backtrace i sent in that was to big, what should i do with it?
16:34<Chutt>compress it and send it again
16:35<Chutt>i don't go and approve moderated posts
16:35<o_cee>didn't want to send it twice if you let it through
16:39<o_cee>hmm, .tar got even bigger. heheh
16:40<o_cee>no good at this ;)
16:40<Chiphead>is it a single file?
16:41<o_cee>-Z helped quite a bit
16:41<Chiphead>no need to tar then
16:41<Chiphead>tar is for putting multiple files together into a single file
16:41<sfr>there's a tool called bzip2 ;)
16:41<Chiphead>just bzip it
16:43<o_cee>cool, got it now
16:44<o_cee>hope i got it right
16:54<kvandivo>revised patch has been sent into the ether.
16:56<Chutt>i'll try to get that applied soonish
16:56<kvandivo>who'da thunk that would have been an 80k patch file at the beginning.. oh well.. done now
17:09<o_cee>any comment on the bt? anyone need more info at the moment? soon going to bed here
17:10<Chutt>i haven't had time to look at it yet
17:10<Chutt>and i probably won't until much later tonight
17:10<o_cee>i _think_ it contains useful info, looks like it to me at least
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17:31<Master-Xi>Does anyone know what the minimum processor speed is to run MythTV if you have a Win-TV PVR 350?
17:31<sfr>frontend or backend?
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17:37<Master-Xi>what exactly is the difference?
17:37<Master-Xi>don't both have to be running?
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17:52<o_cee>not necesarrily on the same machine
17:54<Master-Xi>it will be on the same machine then
17:54<Master-Xi>you're right, I forgot about that
17:56<Master-Xi>oh well, I guess I'll ask later if any knows anything
17:56<Master-Xi>I posted something on the mailing list as well
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17:59<Doukegata>Master-Xi: I'm running myth on a k6-2/550. it take up almost no processing power just watching video. the OSD stuff seems a little sluggish, though
18:01* kvandivo looks around.
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18:05<Doukegata>where's best place to find out what's changed in CVS since 0.12?
18:06<sfr>Doukegata: the -commits mailing list
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18:09<Doukegata>sfr: thanks
18:09* Doukegata explodes
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18:10* sfr is seriously hurt
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18:27* Doukegata explodes only for no reason at all. it only hurts him
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18:54<warlord>see ya
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19:17<b1tbkt>hauppauge card works in xawtv but "waited too long for decoder to pause"
19:17<b1tbkt>anyone familiar with this piece of grief
19:18<sfr>i see that error very seldom
19:18<Chutt>ask on the mailing list.
19:18<b1tbkt>well I see it about once a second when I enter LiveTV
19:19<b1tbkt>Chutt - I can do that but that I'd check in here first
19:19<Chutt>this isn't a support channel.
19:20<b1tbkt>go screw yourself. it's a community channel and it can't hurt to ask a simple question
19:20* thor_ hides under desk (again)
19:20<bitbyte>is there a support channel somewhere?
19:21* sfr lays down next to thor_
19:21* sfr points to the official support channel: the mythtv-users mailing list
19:23<b1tbkt>and this channel is then steril of any assistance? did I interrupt some involved conversation? it was only a question.
19:23<thor_>we're cowering under desks
19:24<b1tbkt>no time for this sillyness. I sincerely thank anyone who did happen to consider my question, if even for a fleeting moment.
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19:24<sfr>no but as Chutt said, it's not a support channel, and _i'm_ not , ...yeah nice to meet you
19:26<Chutt>oh, i guess i shouldn't have left right away
19:26<Chutt>ah well, too much bother to identify and op myself anyway
19:27* sfr thinks, that floor needs some cleaning
19:27<thor_>hmmm ... dust bunnies
19:27<josephk>maybe there could be a dev channel and a support channel...
19:28<josephk>so only people with questions will be in the support channel, and only people with answers will be in the dev channel
19:28<Chutt>that's why there isn't a support channel
19:28<Chutt>people that have never been in here before, and don't even bother to say 'hi' or anything before asking a support question piss me off
19:28<sfr>and how should both channels communicate? maybe in #myth-lobby ;)
19:29<josephk>no communication
19:29<josephk>its just not possible
19:30<sfr>hm, that reminds me. Hi, i'm Stefan btw.
19:30<thor_>anybody here have a "Slim Devices" toy ... either the SliMP3 or the (newer) Squeezebox ?
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19:35<josephk>wow...I didn't snap top pepper shakers could be so dangerous
19:35<josephk>know even
19:35<josephk>my thumb would have typed that...had it not been bleeding
19:36<josephk>damn thing shattered in my hand
19:36<josephk>I blame Chutt:D
19:36<thor_>just be thankful you don't have a whole Beowulf cluster of 'em
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19:55<Chutt>someone just emailed me: 'Hey Bud,'
19:55<Chutt>err, yeah.
19:58<josephk>this Chutt's for you
19:59<sfr>that frog ad doesn't work with 'Chutt'
19:59<Chutt>the google calculator kicks ass
19:59<Chutt>search for '0x7d3 in roman numerals'
20:01<bitbyte>i said hi before asking my question
20:03<bitbyte>altho i must say that a support channel would pprobably increase mythtv's follwing significantly. and trust me, i KNOW what a pain it is to have a zillion noobs come in asking the same questions over and over
20:04<bitbyte>i found a proper forum on a site yesterday, the guy is volunteerin his time and resources to running it, people need only come
20:04<Chutt>no, it wouldn't.
20:04<josephk>I don't believe you
20:05<Chutt>the mailing list has several thousand people on it.
20:05<Chutt>this channel has 53 people on it.
20:05<Chutt>which is more likely to generate an answer?
20:05<bitbyte>yes, and mailing lists are the pony express of support forums
20:05<sfr>thousands of people? oha
20:06<josephk>a forum would be cool...but I so do love 1000 emails going to my box every few days
20:06<josephk>makes me all warm and fuzzy
20:06<Chutt>web based forms suck.
20:06<Chutt>i'll have nothing to do with one.
20:06<bitbyte>chutt, well, thats due in part to the fact that i had to dig a fair bit to locate this irc channel. if one was listed on the site people would come, altho you are correct that more people are on the mailing list, a proper forum site would be highly beneficial. i for one dont want to muck my email up with zillions of emails from the mailing list
20:07<Chutt>this channel isn't advertised anywhere because i don't _want_ idiots joining and asking questions all day.
20:07<bitbyte>i'm guessing chutt is a slackware, gui be damned, harder is better kinda linux guy?
20:07<josephk>not quite
20:07<Chutt>yeah, that's why there's no gui in mythtv.
20:07<sfr>but as my presence proofes, Chutt you failed ;)
20:08<bitbyte>well then chutt, since you admit this is hard to find, you cant very well use the fact that so few ppl are here as an argument :)
20:08<josephk>Chutt is no bullshit, stock red hat kernel, hardcore ass kicker
20:08<sfr>failed to hide that channel
20:08<bitbyte>is chutt myths progenitor?
20:08<Chutt>josephk, i put debian back on that stock redhat box, since i gave up on via releasing all the decoder stuff as source
20:08<Chutt>bitbyte, yes.
20:09<josephk>I knew it!
20:10<josephk>no one could use redhat for more than a week;)
20:10<Chutt>naw, it was on there for a while
20:10<sfr>i installed fedora yesterday. looks nice, but too windows-like for my taste
20:10<bitbyte>myth is an impressive piece of work
20:11<bitbyte>definitive info seems to be hard to find tho
20:12<josephk>ah, but once you know, you know forever
20:12<josephk>you take the knowledge with you
20:12<bitbyte>i spent almost the entier day rutting thru the archives, and left with more questions than answers
20:12<josephk>and over time, Chutt yells at you less
20:13<josephk>you can just feel the love
20:13<bitbyte>i have no problem with this
20:13<bitbyte>except i couldnt get a simple yes or no to confirm whether my understanding was correct or not
20:13<bitbyte>it's ok, i dont mind being yelled at
20:14<bitbyte>well i do, but hey, it's his program, whatcha gonna do?
20:14<josephk>well you've either got to stick around and take it, or leave and figure it out
20:15<Chutt>and the 'leave, figure it out, and send in a patch' approach is very much preferred
20:15<josephk>oh I thought it was just leaving that was preferred
20:16<josephk>must just have been my example
20:16<Chutt>ah well, bbl.
20:16<bitbyte>well, while i've been in the IT field for 15 years, i make no claims to be a coder of any sort
20:17-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:18<bitbyte>i only reuire a nudge in the right direction
20:18<josephk>what it is your question?
20:19<bitbyte>i had high hopes of having an hdtv mythtv box
20:19<bitbyte>but its my understandgin you can only do hdtv and not other formats
20:19<bitbyte>i understand now thats the case
20:20<bitbyte>not wortht the cost of having a dedicated pc to record a few shows a week
20:20<bitbyte>i had thought i'd be able to use the pcHDTV card to record both regular and hd content
20:21<bline>you can have two cards, though I have no idea if one of them can be hdtv
20:21<bitbyte>so i'm having to rethink my entire approach
20:21<bitbyte>from what i read, myth cant do both formats at once
20:22<bitbyte>it's either or
20:22<bline>submit a patch
20:22<bitbyte>plus issues with drivers and both types of cards
20:22<bitbyte>bline, i already said i'm not a coder, nor am i here griping
20:23<bline>i didn't say you were griping...
20:23<bitbyte>i know, jusst making sure you dont think i'm in here griping about something i dont have ot pay for, i hate ppl like that
20:23<bitbyte>they feel it's some sort fo entitlement
20:24<josephk>well you're entitled to your opinion:D
20:24<bitbyte>true, but i stand to gain nothing by pissing these guys off
20:24<bitbyte>i really want to use myth
20:25<bitbyte>its exactly what ive been lookin for
20:25<bitbyte>i presently own 2 replays
20:25<bitbyte>and owned tivo and utv previously
20:25<bline>how are they
20:26<josephk>well when you say you can't use both at the same you mean that you have to setup your card to use hdtv or analog?
20:26<josephk>if that's the case any reason not setup the card twice?
20:26<josephk>and use two different channel sources?
20:27<josephk>sounds like a recipe for distaster as I say it, but hey:D
20:28<schwin97>Hello everyone... watching survivor with mythtv - commercial break
20:28<schwin97>I would have thought the two cards could be setup totally separately?
20:29<bitbyte>thats what i read, myth can only do hdtv or umm acs? i cant remeber the other format
20:29<bitbyte>basically regular tv signal or hd
20:29<bitbyte>when you configure it you have to pick
20:29<schwin97>well, I haven't worried about the 200 on pchdtv since I just got a projector
20:29<thor_>bitbyte, you can always use two cards, or two backends (they network together very easily)
20:29<bitbyte>if i could have a normal tv card and a hd one in the machine, thatd be fine
20:30<bitbyte>thor, i tohught about the backend thing, isnt cost effective to have a pc sitting there to only record a few shows on hd
20:30<bitbyte>but i had thought about that already
20:30<thor_>stick a card in a file server ?
20:30<thor_>or just use two cards in one box, that would also work
20:31<bitbyte>2 hd? or 1 hd and say a hauppage?
20:31<josephk>use 4 cards...that'll work too:)
20:31<josephk>why not
20:31<bline>didn't i mention two cards?
20:32<bitbyte>bline,, yes, i read in the mailing list you couldnt do that
20:32<bitbyte>that why im here asking
20:32<bitbyte>it was all quite vague
20:32<bline>not a lot of people use hdtv
20:32<bitbyte>so 2 cards, great, thats what i wnated anyhow, do they have ot be 2 of the same cards?
20:32<thor_>pcHDTV card support is still a bit alpha, but I don't see why it wouldn't work
20:33<bitbyte>i know, its rather new
20:33<thor_>no, mix and match
20:33<bitbyte>very good
20:33<bitbyte>i searced the archives all day and didnt find that out
20:33<bline>thinking about getting a 350 to go with my 250
20:33<schwin97>that is what I thought the beauty of mythtv architecture was...
20:34<schwin97>I think the next purchase will be a 250 or 350
20:34<bline>multicard support wasn't too great until a couple months ago
20:34<schwin97>right now I'm using a stinking aiw TV VE
20:34<josephk>wait until tmk gets the driver to reload itself while running
20:34<bline>i'll help if i get one
20:35<josephk>well you can't have mine:)
20:35<josephk>looks damn good when it works though
20:35<josephk>no way to really tell the difference between live and recorded
20:35<schwin97>what looks good? pchdtv?
20:35<josephk>350 tv out
20:36<josephk>nothing comes close
20:36<schwin97>tv out... forget that - I'm running my computer through a projector
20:36<bline>i'd miss the visulazations of mythmusic
20:36<schwin97>nothing quite like watching movies on an 80 inch wide screen
20:36<bitbyte>the hauppage 350?
20:36<bitbyte>thats the oen i wa sleaning towards
20:36<josephk>well schwin then get the 250 or the Avermedia M179
20:37<thor_>(less expensive)
20:37<bitbyte>doesnt the 250 use software ecoding?
20:37<josephk>the 250 doesn't do anything but encode
20:37<josephk>so your machine needs to do the decoding
20:37<bline>I wonder if the visulazations would work on the 350
20:37<bitbyte>250 haws a hardware mepg2 decoder doesnt it?
20:37<bline>if so, how slow it would be
20:37<bitbyte>not 250
20:37<schwin97>thanks for the tip josephk
20:37<josephk>350 has a hardware decoder...but only through tv out
20:38<bline>josephk: you know?
20:38<schwin97>immunity challenge... back later
20:38<josephk>at the moment at least
20:38<bitbyte>i had hoped to do component outs from a vga converter
20:38<josephk>just s-video and composite
20:38<bitbyte>so id gain noting with the 350
20:38-!-mdz [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
20:38<bitbyte>joeph, im going to do hd, be silly to use svideo
20:39<bitbyte>so the game is back on
20:39<bitbyte>i also read the pchdtv card work and play wel with others
20:40<bitbyte>hopefully it and the other card wont have issues
20:40<josephk>bline: I haven't tried mythmusic with the 350
20:40<bitbyte>i thought i had read something about the bttv driver or something
20:40<thor_>the visualizers use SDL
20:40<bline>no doubt software rendering is slow
20:40<thor_>well, the good ones
20:41<thor_>which may have problems under 350 framebuffer stuff .... I dunno
20:41<bitbyte>bline thor... josephk, thx for the info. mind if i idle in here?
20:41<bline>it isn't called _free_node for nothing
20:41<bitbyte>some places dont like you idling in channel
20:41<bitbyte>i'll leave my bnc in here then
20:41<bitbyte>time ot put kids to bed
20:44<josephk>damnit...what does this look like? A kids support channel!
20:45<schwin97>so what do you all do in the real world? all developers?
20:45<josephk>*girgle* *girgle*
20:45<josephk>I'm a curmudgeon
20:45<thor_>I beat baby seals to death
20:45<josephk>by trade
20:46<schwin97>curmudgeon - must be a grad student
20:46<josephk>I wish
20:47<schwin97>I only want to go back to school if I can get back on the parents payroll
20:47<josephk>that goes without saying
20:49<schwin97>so how did you get started with mythtv??? What did you patch?
20:50<thor_>scratch an itch ...
20:51<schwin97>what itched?
20:51<thor_>ah, music playlists I think
20:51<schwin97>haven't done much with the playlists
20:52<schwin97>don't have much music on the computer yet... also need another hard drive
20:52<bitbyte>one more question, can myth pause live tv when using the pcHDTV card? or only record for playback later?
20:53<thor_>bitbyte, don't actually have one, but given what I understand of how the driver works, you should definitely be able to pause
20:53<bitbyte>that seems to be a limitation of all the windows based hdtv cards
20:54<bitbyte>they can record, byt not do tiemshifting
20:54<bitbyte>ok thor, thanks man
20:54<bitbyte>i'm thinkin it's gonna take a lotta machine to make those 2 cards go
20:54<bitbyte>and be able to record and playback live content at the same time
20:55<thor_>PVR-250/350 put almost 0 cpu load on encoding
20:55<bitbyte>ya, but playback...
20:55<bitbyte>i know the hd is only io to disk for encoding
20:55<bitbyte>but it takes 1.8 ghz to be able to playback
20:55<bitbyte>according to what ive read
20:56<bitbyte>whiich thus far hasnt been entierly correct, hehe
20:56<bline>350 does the decoding also
20:56<bitbyte>bline, but only to the tv outs tho right?
20:56<schwin97>I would agree with the 1.8 for playback... lots of info in the hdtv signal
20:56<bitbyte>i want to do component outs
20:56<josephk>at the moment
20:57<josephk>unless you can write support for reading directly from the card's memory:)
20:57<schwin97>now that would put you in the good graces probably
20:57<thor_>something close to 1.8 for full HDTV res sounds about right, but that's hardly extreme hw these days
20:58<bitbyte>thor, agreed, but thats only enough for just the hdtv pice, still lots of other stuff it'll need to do
20:58<schwin97>see ya all around... time to go the gym
21:00<bitbyte>id like ot be able to record from one card and possibly a second while watching something i recorded earlier, like i could with my utv
21:00<thor_>250's on regular tv, as many as you want
21:00<bitbyte>the netowrking and additional features are the real kicker
21:01<bitbyte>the weathe rmdule etc
21:01<bitbyte>weather module
21:01<bitbyte>thats what sold my wife on the whole thing
21:01<thor_>pcHDTV spooling to the drive is not going to suck a lot of CPU
21:01<bitbyte>ya i know, the stream is mpeg2 already
21:01<bitbyte>mostly io
21:01<thor_>so, you're still just playing one stream at a time
21:01<bitbyte>good point
21:02<bitbyte>but if i'm playin back hd, would all the diskio cause problems with the other card recording?
21:02<bitbyte>or should i put hd on a diff disk?
21:03<thor_>can't speak from experience .... but never had a problem with multiple bt8x8's and/or 250s
21:04<bitbyte>i'm thinkin mini itx thin client in the bedroom, anyone doing wireless to a thin client?
21:05<bitbyte>i havent search the archives about that yet
21:05<bitbyte>just thought of the wireless thing now
21:05-!-DogBoy [] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:05<thor_>someone mentioned flawless 802.11g performance a week or so ago with a particular adapter ...
21:06<bitbyte>in the mailing list?
21:06<bitbyte>11g is what i was tihnking too
21:06<bitbyte>ok i'll search there
21:06<bitbyte>thx again
21:14-!-warlord is now known as warlord-afk
21:17-!-Doukegata is now known as Doukegata|riseki
21:58<Chiphead-xchat>slickdeals had a netgear router and card for $82
22:05-!-cmorgan is now known as cmorgan_afk
22:07-!-Doukegata|riseki is now known as Doukegata
22:11<bitbyte>chip, 11g?
22:17<josephk> really hope I don't have to specify a separate source to record 2 simultaneous programs
22:20<josephk>I have two cards but myth is still saying I have a conflict when I'm only recording 2 shows
22:20<bitbyte>joseph, does myth have the ability to control a dvd player if i put a drive in my machine?
22:21<josephk>there is mythdvd
22:21<bitbyte>ah ok
22:21<josephk>it will play and rip dvd's
22:21<bitbyte>i didnt see that in he screenshots
22:21<bitbyte>i saw the rip part
22:21<bitbyte>ok, cool thx
22:21<bitbyte>i was just searching the archives when you showed up
22:22<bitbyte>do you use tv out from your tv card?
22:22<josephk>pvr 350 and a 250
22:22<bitbyte>250 has a remote?
22:23<dopez>my 250 has a remote
22:24<dopez>(and even one of my 250's has a fm tuner on it)
22:24<bitbyte>i think i've seen that
22:24<bitbyte>so whats the 350 get you other than the hardware decoder?
22:24<dopez>a tv-out plug ;)
22:25<bitbyte>but if i use component outs from my vgs that doesnt do me any good, ok
22:25<dopez>just a guess tho, i only have 2 250's
22:25<bitbyte>ah ok
22:26<dopez>i dont even have a tv that i'd want to use :)
22:27<bitbyte>what sources do you use? cable? satellite?
22:28<bitbyte>via a cable box? or you let your card do the channel switching?
22:28<josephk> using 1 source correct?
22:28<dopez>the cards does the tuning
22:28<josephk>and simultaneous records turn out alright...right?
22:28<dopez>1 source? (2 cards if that's what you mean)
22:29<josephk>I mean 1 cable source specified for both cards
22:29<dopez>josephk: indeed
22:29<josephk>gah...It's using both cards but won't record both
22:30<dopez>also recording doesnt have any problems except for 'tinny' audio and video corruption sometimes
22:30<bitbyte>yea verily, i say unto thee, that sucketh
22:30-!-DogBoy [] has joined #mythtv
22:30<josephk>I see the output stating it's recording...and then blah
22:31<dopez>just wondering, since most of europe should be sleeping now, does anyone in NTSC land with a pvr-250/350 have that tinny audio?
22:31<josephk>I have experienced it
22:32<josephk>but I haven't tried as much recording since setting audio to static
22:32<josephk>I would if I could record 2 at once:D
22:33<dopez>hehe, no idea why it wouldnt work with 2 cards recording, i did have some trouble with 2 different tv grabbers
22:33<dopez>(but only because of the timezones)
22:33<josephk>ok time to dump the db
22:34<dopez>might want to tar up your channel.* :)
22:35<bitbyte>why, is it leaking?
22:36<dopez>nice when things in another language means something else =)
22:36<bitbyte>what other languages do you speak?
22:36<bitbyte>mijn vrouw komt van nederland uit
22:37<dopez>strange language eh? :)
22:37<bitbyte>not too bad
22:37-!-DogBoy [] has quit ["Leaving"]
22:37<bitbyte>i speak it fairly well
22:37<bitbyte>self-defense you know
22:37<thor_>best thing about dutch is that the dutch all speak 3 or 4 other languages ;-)
22:37<dopez>i think i do also, but i find english to be easier most of the time
22:38<bitbyte>even moreso withthe belgians
22:38<dopez>thor_: indeed :)
22:38<bitbyte>we went on our honeymoon in brugge, most everyone there spoke at least 5 languages
22:38<josephk>belgians are just so damn evil
22:38<thor_>hmmmm .... chocolate
22:38<bitbyte>the polacks of western europe
22:39<bitbyte>stop thor, yer makin me hungry
22:39<dopez>belgian beer is nice :)
22:39<bitbyte>oh yes, i love a nice triple
22:40<dopez>and palm ;)
22:40<bitbyte>so who all is in NL? is chutt a dutchie?
22:40<dopez>cutt is in the US afik
22:40<bitbyte>and you thor?
22:41<bitbyte>I'm in North Dakota in the US
22:41<josephk>well thats a first
22:41<josephk>someone living in ND
22:41<bitbyte>here's the kicker, i moved here on purpose
22:41<bitbyte>so there
22:42<bitbyte>no crime, no pollution
22:42<bitbyte>no traffic
22:42<josephk>no people
22:42<josephk>sounds great
22:42<bitbyte>ppl are nice
22:42<bitbyte>theres pppl here, just not gobs of them
22:42<josephk>so how fast are string and cans? 300 baud?
22:42<bitbyte>cable baby
22:43<dopez>nice ppl, wow, i guess i should move over there :)
22:43<bitbyte>we even have wireless t1 to homes
22:43<bitbyte>dopez, my inlaws come over here form NL and love it
22:43<josephk>ah you cut into the cable going through the wilderness
22:43<bitbyte>i live in the capitol, se we have lots of amenities you wouldnt otherwise see in a city of 65k
22:44<bitbyte>heh, no
22:44<dopez>hm, for anything faster than t1 i'd move (i allready have 1mbit at the moment so not worth moving at the moment)
22:44<bitbyte>i actually work for a company that owns the largest isp in the state
22:44<bitbyte>whats that cost you a month dopez?
22:44<bitbyte>i'm trying to get my father in law to get a real internet connection
22:44<dopez>50 euro (about the same in $)
22:44<dopez>but i could get 8mbit down/1mbit up for 65 a month
22:45<bitbyte>10% more usually
22:45<bitbyte>thats not TOO bad
22:45<bitbyte>considerably more than I pay
22:45<bitbyte>i pay 29 a month
22:45<dopez>(but then i'd have to use dialup for 2 months)
22:45<josephk>same here
22:45<josephk>128 is a pitiful upload
22:45<dopez>i have 256 up at the moment, but hardly using it
22:46<bitbyte>jospeh, ya, i'm capped at 128 upstream too
22:46<bitbyte>man 1meg up for only 65? thats a bargain
22:46<josephk>I do get
22:46<josephk>speed demon
22:46<bitbyte>my isp wants another 20 a month to give me a whopping 256 up, HAH... not
22:46<dopez>(they sell it as 320kbit up , bit adsl through a pptp tunnel leaves only 256kbit orso)
22:46<bitbyte>hey dont call me bit/butt
22:47<josephk>thats some pretty good but
22:47<bitbyte>you stop lookin at the but
22:47<dopez>i wouldnt dare
22:49<bitbyte>im going to go do some other stuff, great talking to you all
22:49<josephk>go get some good upload in buts
22:49<bitbyte>i'm gonna go play some "Halo"
22:49<bitbyte>then watch a movie
22:49<josephk>maybe massachussetts
22:49<bitbyte>where in the US are you joseph?
22:50<bitbyte>oh man
22:50<bitbyte>you'd neve rmake it here
22:50<josephk>I kill for
22:50<bitbyte>your brain isn't used to this much oxygen
22:50<josephk>ummm, yeah ok
22:50<bitbyte>you'd pass out
22:50<bitbyte>i commute 2.1 miles to work
22:50<bitbyte>6 minutes on a bad day
22:50<josephk>I swear everyone thinks the state is like nyc
22:51<josephk>a huge state of skyscrapers
22:51<bitbyte>my bad, i thought you meant the city
22:52<josephk>who here lives in ca? thats a scary state:D
22:53* dopez never understands the 2 letter verbs for states :)
22:54<dopez>i should have know that
22:54<dopez>bah, i shouldn't drink and irc..
22:54<josephk>I'm sure I've forgotten some states
22:54<dopez>can hardly type
22:55<josephk>like Rhode Island
22:55<josephk>I hear its 3 miles squar
22:55<dopez>heh, thats not much :)
22:57<josephk> one recording and video0 is in use
22:57<josephk>let's see what happens with the second
22:57<josephk>now 2 conflict
22:58<josephk>both in use
22:58<josephk>neither recording...haha
22:58<dopez>i get 3 or 4 conficts, but no trouble recording
22:58<josephk>use mythweb or no?
22:59<dopez>odd indeed since it's only 2 recordings at the same time
22:59<dopez>only mythtv
23:05-!-bishop [] has joined #mythtv
23:06<josephk>I think its working now
23:07<josephk>just hope they last longer than 3 minutes
23:09<josephk>at first I was getting deactivations...then conflicts
23:09<josephk>I'll take the conflicts:D
23:11<dopez>hehe, conflicts are easier to resolve :)
23:12-!-pmowry [] has joined #mythtv
23:13<pmowry>Hi, has anyone had any issues with missed scheduled recordings with current cvs?
23:13<dopez>never had that, using cvs of a few (5) days ago
23:14<pmowry>ok, Ihad somrthing scheduled for 8pm. It last recorded at 11PM the previous night.
23:14<pmowry>At 8:20 recording still had not started.
23:15<pmowry>So I killed the backend and restarted. started recording emmidiately,
23:16<pmowry>But before I killed the backend I played back a recording fine, just to make sure the backend was not locked up.
23:16<pmowry>I'll keep an eye on it. It should record the same shows again tonight and tomorrow.
23:17<dopez>you might want to try with a manual record 2 minutes from now, so you dont miss anything you really want to see :)
23:19<pmowry>good suggestion, I'll schedule two short programs between now and then.
23:20<pmowry>And I'll recreate the recurring programs just in case its corrupted
23:23<pmowry>hmm, how about proglems with xmltv in the US?
23:24<dopez>no idea :)
23:25-!-D-side [] has joined #mythtv
23:26<dopez>5:26am here, so i guess here too
23:26<D-side>somewhere, surely.
23:26<josephk>11:26 here
23:26<D-side>i just booted sid off a 340mb microdrive, and now i'm considering the purchase of a mini-itx nehemiah board.
23:27<D-side>i'm wondering how much recompiling of certain things (like X) is necessary
23:27<D-side>josephk: east coast?
23:43-!-thor_ [~thor@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:53<pmowry>apt-get install xmltv to upgrade it fixed my listing problem.
---Logclosed Fri Nov 21 00:00:09 2003