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00:29<josephk>current myth cvs working with 10/31 ivtv driver
00:30<josephk>seems far
00:33<lifeform>when I try step 6.4 (mysql < /usr/share/mythtv/database/mc.sql) i get the error "Access denied for the user root@localhost". Can someone help
00:39<josephk>so mysql -u root < mc.sql doesn't work
00:40<lifeform>which directory should I be when I do that (/usr/share/mythtv/database?)
00:40<josephk>sure you have mysql setup properly?
00:40<lifeform>i use gentoo so I just emerged mysql
00:40<lifeform>then did a /etc/init.d/mysql start
00:43<josephk>what happens when you try mysql -u root test
00:44<lifeform>"Access denided for user root@localhost"
00:45<josephk>sounds good
00:45<josephk>try with your username or mysql as the user
00:45<josephk>does it say using password or no?
00:45<josephk>for root
00:46<josephk>you can try mysql -u root -p < mc.sql
00:46<lifeform>says using password: no
00:46<lifeform>should I try mysql -u lifeform test (as root?)?
00:46<josephk>just what I put
00:47<josephk>mysql -u root -p test
00:47<lifeform>should I be in the /usr/share/mythtv/database directory?
00:47<josephk>try the test need to be in any particular directory for test
00:48<lifeform>asked me for a password. I typed it and I now have a mysql prompt!!
00:48<Doukegata>I'm no expert, but...
00:49<josephk>now you can try your first command and the -p option
00:49<Doukegata>don't you have to setup passwords for mysql?
00:49<josephk>yeah, you usually like to
00:49<josephk>change from defaults
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00:50<josephk>but thats clearly documented in the documentation for mysql...I'm sure lifeform can figure it out;)
00:50<lifeform>thanks josephk that worked (PS. should the doc section 6.4 for gentoo be changed, I tried what it said and it did not work)
00:50<Doukegata>it spews that password info out at you sometime, I think
00:51<josephk>when you first install I believe
00:51<lifeform>it does it when you tyoe mysql_instal_db (under gentoo)
00:51<Doukegata>either when you emerge mysql, or when you run mysqld the first time
00:51<Doukegata>or that
00:51* Doukegata trips and breaks his ankle
00:52<lifeform>it says how to set a password but does not mention using -p after that when using mysql.
00:53<josephk>well you have to login
00:54<lifeform>will amixer work with OSS? I have OSS installed (I used wmaker's amix and set all volumes to max, except it does not have a "capture' volume)
00:55<lifeform>will that do for the miser ausio settings?
00:55<josephk>dunno...try it
01:00<lifeform>the instructions ask me to cd to the "setup" directory (configuring the master system backend). What is the full path to this directory?
01:02<josephk>should be in the original mythtv directory you used to compile
01:03<lifeform>hmm...i merged it using emerge
01:04<josephk>check to see if you have a command for mythsetup
01:05<lifeform>i do. sorry for the trivial questions. I am trying to follow the docs on but they dont seem to correspond to gentoo.
01:05* Doukegata types "qmake && make" and crosses his fingers
01:06<josephk>perhaps when you're done you can write something up;)
01:06<Doukegata>yeah, there was one command regarding setting the password wich didn't seem to work at all
01:06* Doukegata runs gentoo, in case you haven't figured out
01:06<josephk>haven't figured it out
01:08<lifeform>i suppose I will. The setup program is running. Let me see if I can get it configured and recording now
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01:26<lifeform>the tv_grab_na program is unable to get provider data from (when i go to that site and enter my zip code I am able to get provider info)
01:29<josephk>upgrade to latest
01:30<josephk>version of xmltv if you haven't already
01:30<josephk>I think its .21
01:31<lifeform>i have 0.5.21 installed
01:31<josephk>I guess its just not responding tonight...probably one of the servers is down
01:33<lifeform>hmm...I think the latest is 0.5.23. THere is a note on their webpage saying "tv_grab_na is working again in the 0.5.23 release". wonder if it is broken in the 21 release
01:33<josephk>ah ok
01:33<josephk>it is .23
01:33<lifeform>np. is it easy to compile?
01:34<josephk>download, perl Makefile, then make, make install
01:34<josephk>it checks if you need to update anything
01:35<Doukegata>is zap2it the only scheduling source compatible with myth? could it use, for example, titantv?
01:36<lifeform>Doukegata - did you just emerge xmltv? does ver 0.5.21 work for you?
01:39<mikegrb>Doukegata: xmltv
01:39<mikegrb>xmltv doesn't support titantv, only zap2it for north american listings
01:44<lifeform>josephk: the new xmltv works. now for the rest of the config...
01:49<josephk>why can't I have something good to record
01:49<josephk>time is money
01:51<lifeform>josephk: does mythtv use its own encoder?
01:52<josephk>for transcoding and most bttv cards...although its mainly the nuppelvideo codec
01:52<josephk>I believe
01:53<josephk>I should say bttv cards, not most
01:54<josephk>Chutt isn't awake so he can't get mad with me for screwing up explanations...hehe
01:55<lifeform>it is possible to control the capture quality correct? also will it encode to Divx (what for mat does it encode to?)
01:57<josephk>it can encode to mpeg-4 (open Divx I believe) or RJPEG
01:59<josephk>I haven't used a bttv card in a while
01:59<mikegrb>josephk: you are correct
01:59<mikegrb>I'm awake
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02:01<Doukegata>lifeform: i haven't touched xmltv other than when it was installed with an "emerge mythtv"
02:02<josephk>I guess you haven't updated recently then either...hehe...actually it would appear to only affect tv_grab_na
02:02<mikegrb>correct again
02:02<mikegrb>josephk: you're on a roll :)
02:02<josephk>you'll make me self-conscious
02:02<lifeform>Doukegata: what version of xmltv do you have
02:03<Doukegata>whatever "came with" the emerge of the gentoo myth package
02:03<Doukegata>hold, maybe I can check
02:03<lifeform>Doukegata: well dont update to 0.5.21 the us package is broken
02:04<mikegrb>Doukegata: you can do 'emerge -p xmltv' to find out
02:04<mikegrb>if it says 'r' then it would reinstall the version it says
02:04<Doukegata> Latest version available: 0.5.21
02:04<Doukegata> Latest version installed: 0.5.19
02:04<mikegrb>if it says 'u' it would be upgrading from something less then the version it says
02:05<Doukegata>(i did an emerge -s xmltv, btw)
02:05<Doukegata>the latest myth cvs should work with xmltv 0.5.19, right?
02:06<josephk>as long as it is working
02:06<lifeform>mythfrontend crashes with "Couldnt find Xv support falling back on non-Xv". does that mean I need to compile/config video drivers?
02:08<mikegrb>Doukegata: thanks, I'll have to check that out
02:08<mikegrb>Doukegata: I apologize for underestimating your abilities ;)
02:09<mikegrb>heh the search feature
02:09<mikegrb>I have an alieas for it
02:11<josephk> move evar...haha
02:11<Doukegata>I didn't know I had abilites
02:12<josephk>mike can make you better, stronger, faster
02:13<lifeform>any ideas on the xv message?
02:14<Doukegata>I have an idea... don't know if it's any good
02:15<Doukegata>X has an Xv extension. maybe you need to enable that somehow
02:15<Doukegata>I don't know how, though
02:15<lifeform>so I think but I have no idea how (I have an NVIDIA card of some vintage)
02:16<Doukegata>my guess is in the XF86Config file, somewhere
02:16<mikegrb>do you know the model of nvidia card?
02:17<lifeform>mikegrb: nope. Picked up this machine bcos it was cheap, came with no info. I know it is an NVIDIA because that is the only driver that worked :-)
02:18<lifeform>i'll open it up and take a look. But too sleepy for that now. Will be back tomorrow. u guys hang out on this channel?
02:19<josephk>no one is ever here
02:19<josephk>this is not a support channel
02:19<josephk>chutt will kill us if we help
02:19<josephk>I'm scare mike
02:19<lifeform>anywhere I can get help?
02:19<lifeform>i mean a support channel?
02:19<mikegrb>try 'cat /proc/pci'
02:20* mikegrb gives josephk an outfit to help hide
02:20<josephk>there's the mailing list lifeform
02:20<josephk>damnit I need camo
02:20<mikegrb>lifeform: that will list pci devices, the model of video card may be in it
02:21<mikegrb>there will at least be some info about the card
02:21<lifeform>NV5M64 Riva TNT 2
02:22<Doukegata>I think that's the same card as I've got
02:22<lifeform>do you have mythtv working? can you post your XF86Config somewhere i can download it from?
02:23<Doukegata>well, it just locked up compiling myth (grrr). plus I'm only using the ivtv-fb driver for output.
02:23<Doukegata>but I might have an XF86Config somewhere
02:24<lifeform>could you place it somewhere I can download it from (or e-mail it to me)?
02:26<lifeform>josephk: i'll write up what I did so far (different from the install doc) to get myth working on gentoo. is there someone I could give it to (to update the docs) or should I just mail it to the list?
02:27<josephk>you could probably just mail it to the list
02:28<lifeform>ok will mail. really sleepy now. Thanks for all the help guys (and sorry for bugging you an a dev channel)
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02:33<Doukegata>lifeform: doh, you left already...
02:33<Doukegata>I was going to say, xf86cfg was what I used to setup x
02:42* josephk is away: I'm actually away...I don't believe me either
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05:30<o_cee>anyone who know the default font settints in myth? the small medium and large settings?
05:32<sfr>from the on-screen help: default: TV, small: monitor, big:
05:32<sfr>not sure what it really means, though.
05:34<o_cee>not those
05:34<o_cee>the last screen there
05:34<o_cee>12/16/22 or something
05:35<o_cee>last screen on appearance
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05:43* Doukegata takes a wild guess:
05:43<Doukegata>maybe 12/18/25
05:44<Doukegata>I just know that they were too small to be readable on my TV screen
05:44* Doukegata falls into bed
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06:04<o_cee>thought i'd find the defaults in dbcheck.cpp, but no
06:05<sfr>o_cee: maybe the fallback is hardcoded in some .cpp file
06:08<o_cee>yeah, gotta search for it later
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08:43<gulliver>someone here who is a bit familiar with the new mythvosd?
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13:00<o_cee>Added %SHORTTIMEDATE% (shortdateformat from settings table) and %TIME%
13:00<o_cee> (current time) keywords to OSD and Theme keyword substitution lists.
13:00<o_cee>it's not possible to add a clock to the menu?
13:00<o_cee>or is it?
13:00<o_cee>i'd love to put an analog clock in my skin..
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13:17<engie>Hi. How do I pull up a gui to choose scenes etc in mythdvd?
13:25<Captain_Murdoch>o_cee, not right now. I don't think the menus get updated with a timer, they're only drawn when they need to be.
13:25<Captain_Murdoch>I'd like to have a clock visible as well.
13:25<Chutt>on the osd, or a theme?
13:25<Chutt>wouldn't be difficult for a theme, but the osd is a bit more taxing
13:26<Captain_Murdoch>he was asking about putting a clock on the menus
13:26<Chutt>wouldn't be difficult at all
13:27<Chutt>wouldn't even be that hard to make plugins for that, that get updated whenever
13:27<Chutt>so you could do more than just a clock
13:27<Captain_Murdoch>patches welcome (as usual) for anybody listening...
13:28<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, plugin could specify how it needs/wants to be updated.
13:28<Captain_Murdoch>s/how/how often/
13:29<Chutt>have to have an area specified in the theme, but that's also extremely simple
13:30<Chutt>thinking more about that, i don't think it'd take more than an hour or so
13:31<Captain_Murdoch>for the plugin or just the clock part
13:32<Chutt>qt's library stuff makes plugins extremely simple to do
13:32<Chutt>the plugins would need to export an init function that tells how often to draw
13:33<Chutt>and a draw function that takes a surface and area to draw to
13:33<Chutt>and that's it
13:34* Captain_Murdoch is too buy right now trying to find a VCR remote code for his DirecTV remote that will let him use all buttons on the remote at one time.
13:34<Captain_Murdoch>sounds relatively easy though... o_cee, are you listening? ;)
13:35<Chutt>then it'd just be setting up timers in the menu code
13:35<Chutt>or globally, if you wanted it visible on other screens
13:53<o_cee>yeah, had dinner
13:53<o_cee>sounds great to me :)
13:53<o_cee>would be very cool with a analog clock as well, like the docks use to have
13:55* o_cee is off watching the swedish version of survivor now.. later
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14:00<[M-M]>anyone around?
14:06<thor_>Chutt, another thing o_cee came up with yesterday is an idea to do date sensitive icons in themes .... (a la Google logos) .... I'll try and get to that next week sometime
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15:01<davatar>does anyone else use filters? raise your hand..
15:03<[M-M]>my system doesn't have the juice for filters :)
15:04<[M-M]>oh yeah... I use that one
15:05<davatar>yeah I figured.. I don't have the c++ skills to debug the new filter system, but I know it's broken.. I'm probably going to try and make some default options so more than 4 people know they exist.
15:07<[M-M]>I think I've found a reproducible (for me) segfault. But I'm not sure if I got the stack trace right
15:07<[M-M]>anyone have experience with getting Myth stack traces using the docs?
15:07<davatar>There's some memory shared where it shouldn't be.. playback and recording filters are supposed to be independant. but problems in frontend filters can crash backend, and vice versa..
15:08<thor_>back trace, need compiled for debugging on
15:08<thor_>davatar, the filter stuff is pretty alpha code
15:08<davatar>thor_ I know :)
15:08<[M-M]>did that. I got a useful-looking stack (ie/ function names and source line numbers), but I'm not sure I did it the right way
15:08<davatar>mythtv is pretty alpha code :)
15:09<thor_>M-M, can you put on a URL somewhere ?
15:09<[M-M]>I was going to post to the mailing list, but before I make myself look like a fool.... when I enter the "thread apply all bt full" command, should that give the stack trace?
15:09<[M-M]>I had to type "bt" after to get it
15:13<thor_>you should get a back trace on "thread apply all bt full"
15:13<[M-M]>maybe my gdb wasn't compiled right :/
15:14<thor_>there are some distros with pretty broken gdb's
15:14<[M-M]>:( I use Slackware
15:14<thor_>you can always do: thread 1, bt, thread 2, bt, etc.
15:14<thor_>but if your gdb is broken, ....
15:14<[M-M]>how many threads are there? :)
15:14<thor_>info threads
15:15<[M-M]>it's pretty easy to reproduce, lemme try now...
15:15<thor_>slackware's gdb is definitely *not* broken
15:16<[M-M]>Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
15:16<[M-M]>0x40bad361 in nanosleep () from /lib/
15:16<[M-M]>(gdb) info threads
15:17<[M-M]>if I put a cutpoint to "delete before this point" which deletes some stuff at the start of the recording, it crashes when starting to playback
15:19<thor_>you get no output from gdb if you type info thread ?
15:21<thor_>which slackware ?
15:21<[M-M]>one version back :)
15:21<thor_>myth fe or be ?
15:22<[M-M]>ah... is that it?
15:22<[M-M]>should I be running it on the backend? it doesn't crash though, just the frontend
15:23<thor_>so you run "gdb mythfrontend", then "run" and you get the SEGV on the gdb console ?
15:23<[M-M]>yes... after choosing a recording to play back
15:24<thor_>and info threads gives no output at all ?
15:24<[M-M]>yup :)
15:24<thor_>cpu ?
15:24<[M-M]>Athlon tbird (1.33)
15:25<thor_>gdb from Slack 9.0 disk, or compiled yourself ?
15:25<[M-M]>as far as I recall, it's the one from the CD
15:25<[M-M]>version 5.3, it says
15:25<thor_>hang on, finding a slack 9.0 machine
15:26<[M-M]>do enable "debugging" mode I only have to change "CONFIG" in, right?
15:26<[M-M]>(and recompile, of course ;)
15:27<thor_>and make distclean, etc.
15:27<[M-M]>right... I did that
15:27<thor_>just run gdb
15:27<thor_>and type info threads
15:27<thor_>GNU gdb 5.3
15:27<thor_>This GDB was configured as "i386-slackware-linux".
15:27<[M-M]>(gdb) info threads
15:27<[M-M]>No stack.
15:27<thor_>ah, well at least that works
15:28<thor_>your gdb --version output start and end like that (above?)
15:29<thor_>well, ya got me
15:29<[M-M]>hehe :)
15:29<[M-M]>and here I wanted to be helpful and contribute :)
15:30<[M-M]>maybe someone else will notice the same problem and can offer a more useful stack :)
15:30<thor_>I'd go ahead and post, even if the bt is useless, other people can at least see if they can reproduce it
15:31<[M-M]>thanks :)
15:31<thor_>you might want to try a gdb on mythtv (not mythfrontend)
15:31<thor_>gdb mythtv
15:31<thor_>run the_file_that_causes_problems
15:32<[M-M]>ah, okay, I'll try that
15:32<[M-M]>oh, one thing... the docs don't mention... maybe it's related...
15:32<[M-M]>I keep getting stuff like
15:32<[M-M]>Program received signal SIG32, Real-time event 32.
15:32<[M-M]>0x40b28d61 in sigsuspend () from /lib/
15:32<[M-M]>should I be getting those? :)
15:32<[M-M]>I just type "cont" but should it be stopping on those?
15:33<thor_>that doesn't look good
15:34<thor_>mention that in the post as well ... not really sure what those are, but Chutt will know (of course)
15:34<[M-M]><dumb question> who's Chutt? </dumb question>
15:35<[M-M]>yes, I imagine he'll know :)
15:36<[M-M]>(gdb) run /myth/store/1060_20031121220000_20031121230000.nuv
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15:36<[M-M]>Starting program: /usr/local/bin/mythtv /myth/store/1060_20031121220000_20031121230000.nuv
15:36<[M-M]>Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.
15:36<[M-M]>0x40bad361 in nanosleep () from /lib/
15:37<thor_>bit of googling
15:37<thor_>seems you have a library missing
15:38<[M-M]>(gdb) thread 1
15:38<[M-M]>Thread ID 1 not known.
15:38<[M-M]>(gdb) thread 2
15:38<[M-M]>Thread ID 2 not known.
15:39<[M-M]>$ locate libthread_db
15:39<[M-M]>that's what it can't find, you think?
15:39<thor_>still googling ...
15:40<[M-M]>great... I suck at figuring out library-locating problems :/
15:41<thor_>ldconfig -v | grep libthread_db
15:42<thor_>^ as root
15:42<thor_>that give you anything ?
15:42<[M-M]># ldconfig -v | grep libthread_db
15:42<[M-M]> ->
15:43<thor_>something screwed up
15:43<[M-M]>yay :/
15:43<thor_>those SIG32's mean thread debugging isn't working on your system
15:44<thor_>you get one for every started thread
15:44<thor_>why it's not working is a total mystery ...
15:45<[M-M]>hmm... I'm starting to see a reinstall (and upgrade to 9.1) in my future.... ;)
15:45<thor_>9.1 is nice
15:45<thor_>but 9.0 should be fine
15:45<[M-M]>yeah, I've got it on my laptop :)
15:45<[M-M]>only thing I can't get to work in 9.1 is alsamixer :/
15:46<[M-M]>it says it can't find the mixer device :/ but I don't think that's related to this problem :)
15:46<[M-M]>bah... only thing.... 9.0... not 9.1
15:47<[M-M]>okay... I'll post what I've got, and hopefully I won't look like a total fool :)
15:53<[M-M]>by the way, does enabling debugging still turn off optimization?
15:54<[M-M]>many months ago I enabled debugging and found the CPU usage went through the roof, making it virtually unusable for me, since I've got 1.33 GHz, and doing software encoding :)
15:56<[M-M]>it still turns it off? rats :/
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18:06<DrZimmerman>hi all
18:08-!-Doukegata is now known as Doukegata|riseki
18:08<_Nero_>well, I finally think I got my hardware problems worked out..
18:09<_Nero_>now I just have to get "watch tv" working..
18:09<_Nero_>I am using a Hauppauge PVR-250 card, and can get video and sound out of /dev/video0, but in mythTV, just get a blank screen.. output in the terminal says it is trying to use /dev/null for the audio device.. any ideas?
18:10<sfr>just? isn't that the sole purpose of mythtv :)
18:10<_Nero_>lol.. just as in, I think I only have 1 more step until success.. :)
18:10<_Nero_>(at least my machine is not freezing up after 5 minutes of being on now.. lol)
18:10<sfr>_Nero_: wrong setup. run setup and set the audio device to None (for the MPEG2 encoder)
18:10-!-kikov_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:10<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: you around?
18:10<kikov_>ouch, our page is hacked!
18:11<_Nero_>I think thats what I did.. lemme try again.
18:12<kikov_>by the way, talking about the page.. I can't see it with opera neither konqueror :P
18:12<sfr>script kiddies
18:12<sfr>but with humor: \xA9 2002-2003 by V.V.Putin
18:13<_Nero_>strange.. setup has audio device set to "none", but now, my output is "/dev/dsp56k: No such device"..
18:14<kikov_>well.. who is the php-nuke admin ?
18:15-!-loebrich [] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/1]"]
18:15<sfr>_Nero_: in the capture card-> MPEG section?
18:16<_Nero_>got it..
18:16<_Nero_>somehow my audio out card got set wrong
18:20<_Nero_>froze up again..
18:22-!-De_Mon_ is now known as De_Mon
18:22<isaac__>script kiddies are dumbasses :/
18:24<sfr>i've heard the same about people using php-nuke ;)
18:26<isaac__>i had to use nuke for work this summer, and i really disliked it
18:27<sfr>i don't know it myself, only heard it's not the most secure software.
18:27<isaac__>i'd assume so. it's pretty badly put together
18:27<isaac__>small things like formatting bugs and such
18:27<isaac__>very annoying :D
18:28<_Nero_>should UDMA2 be good enough for livetv??
18:28<_Nero_>for some reason I cant set it to UDMA5..
18:29-!-newbie [] has joined #mythtv
18:29-!-newbie [] has left #mythtv [""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve""]
18:30<sfr>_Nero_: wrong cable?
18:31<_Nero_>no... I was able to set it to 5 before.. all of the sudden it is giving me IO errors..
18:31<_Nero_>I wonder if it has anything to do with me disabling ACPI and APIC.. as both were causing my system to go down hard..
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19:05-!-Netsplit over, joins: linagee_, Captain_Murdoch
19:21-!-Cloak [] has joined #mythtv
19:23<josephk_>I'm seeing mpeg errors now...why me?
19:28-!-_rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
19:35-!-Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
19:38<Chutt>rkulagow, hey
19:40-!-phar0e [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:40<_bitbyte>does everyone have this much trouble joseph?
19:40<_bitbyte>evening chutt
19:40<Chutt>thanks for the heads up
19:48<Chutt>buggy pos
19:50<Teflon>_bitbyte, i had all sorts of trouble but now its mostly stable.
19:57-!-DrZimmerman [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:57<Chutt>website look ok now?
19:58<sfr>not here
19:58<dopez>same here
19:58<dopez>(but im using a proxy)
19:58<sfr>the (c) notice is fixed, but the title is not
19:59<sfr>on the frontpage that is
19:59<sfr>the download page looks ok
19:59<_Nero_>humm.. looks like it is X that is freezing up..
19:59<Chutt>try again
19:59<Chutt>i cleared the cache manually this time
20:00<dopez>no 31337 stuff that i can see now ;)
20:00<_Nero_>is there any way to see why X would be freezing?? (logs, anything like that??)
20:01<Chutt>ok, bbl
20:01<sfr>same here
20:01<Chutt>rkulagow, thanks again for the call =)
20:01<mikegrb_>Chutt: do we get the ip of the person who did it?
20:01<mikegrb_><evil laugh>
20:04<Chutt>i already pasted that in here
20:04<mikegrb_>oh is that what that was
20:04* mikegrb_ is afk... 'busy'
20:31<_Nero_>wow.. things are getting very strange now.. everything is smooth as can be, until the input screen goes black/mostly black. At that point, (ex- a commercial that was all black, with some white text on the screen) the video/audio gets extremely choppy, and sometimes freezes up.
20:32<Captain_Murdoch>nero, software encoding?
20:36<_Nero_>hauppauge PVR-250.
20:36<Captain_Murdoch>ok, not sure then. maybe bitrate related.
20:38-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:49-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
21:04-!-_bitbyte is now known as bitbyte
21:06<josephk_>bit, ya don't use cvs and expect not to get errors and bugs
21:28-!-D-side [] has joined #mythtv
21:38-!-cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
22:11<cmorgan>anyone know of a wireless card that has linux support?
22:12<cmorgan>a 3 hour attempt to run a cable from upstairs to downstairs has ended in the compromise of getting a wireless router and card for the myth box downstairs
22:13<D-side>pcmcia or pci?
22:13<D-side>lemme look.
22:14<D-side>personally i use a pcmcia wpc11 with a pci-pcmcia adapter (wdt11)
22:15<cmorgan>that linksys card is supported via source drivers?
22:15<D-side>all prism2 based chipsets are.
22:15<D-side>as are others.
22:15<D-side>here, check this out.
22:15<D-side>that'll help
22:16<D-side>i also use a usb 802.11b device.
22:16<D-side>its an atmel chipset, also gpl'ed.
22:16<D-side>driver i mean.
22:17<cmorgan>atmel huh? ;-)
22:17<cmorgan>they have nice serial flash parts
22:17<cmorgan>and pretty nice microcontrollers
22:18<D-side>i know nothing about that. :)
22:18<D-side>i'm at and i'm considering trying out a stupid project idea. dont get me thinking about wasting more money. :)
22:18<cmorgan>D-side: any reason you didn't just get a pci wireless card?
22:20<D-side>cmorgan: yeah, originally it was in my laptop. :)
22:20<D-side>actually i bought it for use in my ipaq.
22:20<cmorgan>so you could have just gotten the pci one if you had known it was going into a pc?
22:20<D-side>and i found the wdt11 at a swap meet unused new in the box for $25
22:21<D-side>sure i would have. i'm not suggesting you go the route i did.
22:21<D-side>with a pci card you have antenna options.
22:21<cmorgan>well i'm looking for a wireless card that is supported under linux
22:21<D-side>you do with better pcmcia nics, but just not mine
22:21<D-side>and the hp site i mentioned will give you a good idea of what to look for.
22:22<D-side>to make your life easier, look for something with a prism2 chipset.
22:22<cmorgan>i'm at that hp lots of links ;-)
22:22<D-side>i believe they have the best support. theres a project (hostap) that lets you use one of those as an access point.
22:22<D-side>not that you need one with your setup
22:23<cmorgan>is there any linux support for any 802.11g cards?
22:26<cmorgan>wpm11 has the prism2 chip?
22:28<davatar>is the cvs server running on the same machine as the website?
22:28<cmorgan>i saw the mail about the website being hacked
22:29<davatar>yeah, well I just want to know if the source is safe before I update to cvs :)
22:29<cmorgan>looks fixed to me..
22:30<cmorgan>diff the two and check? ;-)
22:30<davatar>I suppose.
22:35<Captain_Murdoch>davatar: cvs and website are on different machines so it shouldn't be any concern.
22:42<josephk_>linksys cards are the worst
22:42<cmorgan>josephk_: what would you recommend as a wireless card under linux?
22:42<josephk_>worst signal to noise on the least the 2.5 and 4.0 models
22:43<josephk_>well lucent cards are the best...enterasys/cabletron, gold, silver, orinoco
22:43<josephk_>not sure of the linux support for them
22:43<josephk_>I would hope they would be supported since they are the originals
22:44<D-side>orinoco support is also complete.
22:44<josephk_>well orinoco is lucent so there ya go
22:44<josephk_>I think they were acquired by proxim
22:44<josephk_>who knows if they are using the tech yet
22:44<cmorgan>card names? ;-)
22:44<cmorgan>i'm having a heck of a time finding a list of supported cards
22:45<cmorgan>the chip list is useful but not if you don't know if the card uses the chip
22:45<josephk_>lucent gold or silver cards are good...wavelan
22:45<D-side>problem with that is, vendors frequently change chipsets in cards and dont change the card name.
22:46<cmorgan>the gold cards appear to be pcmcia cards...
22:47<josephk_>what was the problem with running the cable?:P
22:47<cmorgan>little things like beams
22:48<josephk_>ummm yeah
22:48<josephk_>go for the water main
22:48<cmorgan>so heres a neat story
22:48<josephk_>of course it depends on the structure of your house...hehe
22:48<mikegrb_>oh a story!
22:48<cmorgan>i'm in a duplex, side by side
22:48<cmorgan>seriously, a funny story ;-)
22:49<mikegrb_>right, carry on
22:49<cmorgan>apparently the neighbor didn't like cable tv so they were having direct tv installed
22:49<cmorgan>guy comes over asking if our power is out
22:49<cmorgan>apparently he drilled into the feed lines into the house
22:49<cmorgan>melted the drill bit
22:49<cmorgan>i'm in massachusetts, so it's been cold
22:49<cmorgan>houses around here have electric heat
22:50<cmorgan>power company shows up, pulls the meters out so the power is off
22:50<cmorgan>that was friday ;-)
22:50<cmorgan>electrician shows up tonight at like 4pm and is still over there trying to fix it
22:50<cmorgan>i can only imagine the hourly rate on saturday ;-)
22:50<cmorgan>anyway, good think we have separate power lines
22:51<cmorgan>i think they stayed in a hotel last night, no power means it got cold
22:51<mikegrb_>I'll bet
22:51<cmorgan>i think they should have stuck with cable tv....
22:52<cmorgan>maybe they'll have it fixed tonight... then power company has to come by and go up on the pole and reconnect the power
22:52<cmorgan>keep that in mind next time you have someone drilling holes in your house ;-)
22:54<josephk_>I don't let anyone do anything to my
22:54<josephk_>including fix it...haha
22:55<cmorgan>they are lucky it didn't cause a fire
22:56<mikegrb_>and that it wasn't them
22:56<mikegrb_>so the installer can pay for the electrician :)
22:56<cmorgan>the direct tv installation from hell
22:56<cmorgan>guy is still out there
23:00<davatar>mmmm. 5200fx+filters+mpeg4 1600+southpark=better than broadcast... only problem is I can't seem to get overscan to work.. it's already overscanned horizontally, not vertically.
23:01<davatar>should I bother with XvMC, or is it still broken?
23:09<thor_>ah script kiddies .... just what you want to clean up after on a Saturday evening
23:11<cmorgan>site looked fine to me
23:11<cmorgan>already fixed?
23:14<cmorgan>damnit wireless is confusing under linux...
23:17<thor_>see the /. post on the new open source window binary driver wrapper ?
23:18<cmorgan>i did
23:19<thor_>using that ?
23:23<cmorgan>not sure i want to risk using something like taht
23:25<cmorgan>i mean i'd like to put the card in and have everything work, not get a translation library, a windows driver and see if they work
23:25<josephk_>are the filters really that good?
23:26<josephk_>do we have better than linear working for deint?
23:27<davatar>josephk_: denoise3d is really nice, if you have the cpu.. I'm also updating quickdnr so it's a little bit higher quality. Mostly the gains will be made for the compression.
23:28<josephk_>I find it hard to believe it looks better than broadcast over the 5200's tv out
23:29<josephk_>I'm a picky sob
23:30<davatar>*shrug*. It does here... There's actually too much contrast, I had to turn it down.. usually tvout's are all blurry and washed out.
23:31<davatar>You also have to adjust your tv properly, ie use one of the dvd tuning disks.. Properly adjusted it hides macroblocks and other artifacts.
23:38<josephk_>it would probably be fine as long as tv was properly deinterlaced
23:39<davatar>You don't mean deint for tvout do you? Why would you bother?
23:40<D-side>i dont suppose the 250/350's svideo in produces better quality than say that of a vanilla wintv
23:41<josephk_>because of the fact that if you turn down the blurring on the card's tv out and attempt to use interlaced video, it is likely to go in and out of sync
23:41<josephk_>with no blurring on the tv out and proper deinterlacing the output is very good in comparison
23:42<josephk_>but the 350 looks better anyway
23:42<josephk_>don't know D-side...haven't used it
23:42<davatar>I'd rather put that $200 into an hdtv and just use component out :)
23:43<josephk_>that would be better too;)
23:44<D-side>i'm just looking for a way to get video INTO the box that doesnt look like total ass.
23:44<D-side>bttv cards so far have not impressed me.
23:45<josephk_>I would guess that the pvr cards have it better
23:45<davatar>D-side: Nah, they're ok.. it's just the video that's shitty.. regular tv's just cover most of it up, and have lots of overscan..
23:45<davatar>josephk_: It would only be because of pre-compression filtering, which we're working on here..
23:45<D-side>i dunno. bttv cards seem to have really washed out color.
23:46<D-side>used to use an old AIW Rage card years and years ago. i remember it looking better.
23:47<davatar>bleh.. my bttv card looks better than my mach64 aiw. probably about the same as my radeon aiw.
23:47<josephk_>that was a good card
23:49<davatar>which one?
23:49<josephk_>had both of those...hehe
23:50<davatar>the mach64 randomly reversed fields, and sometimes just went doublescan half-field.. looked like ass. and capture never worked, but on a pII 233 it didn't really matter :)
23:51<D-side>i never had that problem. but then i never had a mach64 card. :)
23:52<davatar>so I assume hardware cropping actually works on the bttv cards, just no one has implimented it yet? Never tried this card in windows..
23:52<josephk_>well all in wonder in a rage...which is mach64
23:52<josephk_>is a rage even
23:52<D-side>i never knew that.
23:53<josephk_>most tv-out's on cards still look bad...hehe
23:54<josephk_>I like using the wife asks if I'm recording things because she can't see a difference
23:54<D-side>well that nails it, i'll have to get one.
23:54<josephk_>before using it she was pickier than I
23:54<D-side>i just hope the tv in sucks less.
23:54<D-side>i've got the digital cable box going into it
23:55<josephk_>well the tuner is good quality...I'd hope the svideo is good as well
23:55<D-side>right now i'm still working on making gentoo small enough to fit in 320mb, for this cf microdrive.
23:55<davatar>I just wish a hdtv QAM card would come out... I could just dump analog.
23:57<josephk_>is the visor OSD available anywhere?
23:57<josephk_>saw it in screenshots
23:57<josephk_>like it better than blue or default;D
23:58<D-side>i gotit somehow.
23:58<D-side>lets see where.
23:58<D-side>mythtv-themes package in gentoo, so its got to be available somewhere
23:59<josephk_>the OSD for live tv and recordings?
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