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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-11-23

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00:00<D-side>thats an assumption. let me check which package actually owns the file
00:01<D-side>yes, thats owned by the mythtv-themes package for my distribution.
00:01<D-side>out of the box it had errors that wouldnt let it be used, but those are documented on the users list.
00:01<Chutt>dum de dum de dum
00:01<D-side>apparently the xml is f'ed in the config file. easily fixed.
00:07<josephk_>shaddap chutt
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00:12<josephk>chutt must pay for his lack of mistakes
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00:16<Chutt>lack of mistakes?
00:20<josephk>you heard me:)
00:22<cmorgan>does myth just pick a show if there is a conflict?
00:22<cmorgan>or record neither?
00:23<Chutt>it picks if you don't tell it otherwise
00:23<josephk>bah...its magic
00:23<Chutt>essentially, yes.
00:26* Captain_Murdoch likes not having that empty box in the lower right on the playbackbox screen....
00:27<Chutt>captain_murdoch, oh, cvs and the website are on the same machine =) cvs is a user-mode linux instance running on it
00:29<dopez>is www also in a uml?
00:29<Captain_Murdoch>I don't have video preview or preview pixmap turned on and I didn't like seeing that empty area on the playback box.
00:31<Chutt>nope, www's on the main box
00:31<Chutt>only real thing vulnerable on there is phpnuke
00:32<dopez>shouldnt be too bad since apache runs as nobody on most distros
00:32<dopez>ehh, and it's only phpnuke and the phpnuke dbase that could be hacked ;)
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00:42<mikegrb_>uml is pretty cool
00:43<mikegrb_>I came across a provider the is doing uml virtual servers...
00:43<mikegrb_>was pretty impressed with the money to services ratio
00:43* mikegrb_ hangs out in the #uml channel on oftc
00:44<mikegrb_>heh I guess that 'splains Snow-Man's presence there
00:45<dopez>im playing with uml also, it works pretty nice, a bit slower but still the box has hardly any cpu load with 5 uml's :) (all doing pretty much nothing tho)
00:47<Chutt>yeah, the cvs uml doesn't use much resources
00:48<Chutt>the mailing lists are the only thing on that machine that makes much of an impact
00:48<Chutt>unless apache and mysql go crazy like they do occasionally
00:48<term>I need to learn how to setup uml.
00:49* josephk is back (gone 05:44:35)
00:49* josephk is away: I'm actually away...I don't believe me either
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00:57<cmorgan>mythweb doesn't appear to be displaying all of the programs i've recorded...
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01:04<Chutt>there, fixed the phpnuke crap, instead of just disabling admin mode completely
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01:24<cmorgan>what does "activate" in mythweb mean???
01:25<cmorgan>clicking on it doesn't have an effect...odd...
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02:13<Chutt>changing stuff in mythdialogs.h is a pain
02:13<Chutt>'let's recompile everything!'
02:14<Morph>my LUG was showing off MythTV today at an expo...everyone was impressed :)
02:14<Chutt>heh, cool
02:15<Morph>couldnt show live tv because lack of cable..nor cable guide because zap2it seemed to be not working when I set up the box thursday, but the various modules were a huge hit.
02:16<Chutt>might not have grabbed the latest xmltv version for the zap2it issue
02:16<Morph>yeah..its possible..I'll check it out once ive recovered :)
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02:21<kwenda>sooo... can MPlayer play .RM files? mythvideo picks them up and indexes them, but won't play them
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03:04* Doukegata looks in the forums for info on "IVTVFB_IOCTL_GET_STATE: Invalid argument" since mythfrontend segfaults when trying to watch any video (ivtv and mythtv both CVS)
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03:24<Leno>Mythtv is having troubles connecting to the server, I see the connection on the server side, but then it just says "could not connect to server", and segfaults (mythfrontend)
03:57* Doukegata explodes
03:57<Doukegata>time for bed. good night
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04:20<poptix>php is 'teh suk'
04:20<poptix>an excellent way to open yourself to vulnerabilities
04:21<FryGuy>php is great.
04:22<poptix>php has always been crap
04:22<poptix>it started as a way to work around CGI restrictions
04:22<poptix>'personal home page'
04:23<poptix>then they changed the name to 'php hypertext processor', which was a poor name change
04:23<poptix>kinda like a double negative =p
04:23<FryGuy>php is better than perl
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04:24<poptix>FryGuy: really
04:24<poptix>is that why all the best exploits are for php? =)
04:24<FryGuy>exploits like what.. poor programming?
04:27<poptix>if 90% of the php out there is poorly programmed, perhaps it's because of the language
04:27<poptix>things like a lack of placeholders
04:27<poptix>is what makes php worthless
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04:43<Leno>recompiling mythtv on my xbox, because it segfaults anytime it shows a preview window
04:52<hadees>anyone know anything about the key file for ogle? i am trying to match up the commands so that ogle and mythtv have the same key assignment on my grey hauppage grey remote
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06:10<poptix>Leno: turn off previews?
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09:11<DrZimmerman>can mythtv benefit from a dual cpu sys?
09:12<D-sleep>i would think so
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09:26<DrZimmerman>"Full support for Hardware MPEG-2 encoder cards" is also the creative dxr3 supported?
09:26<D-side>the dxr3 is a DEcoder
09:26<D-side>and no, theres no support for that card yet, if at all.
09:27<D-side>it'd be interesting if there were, as those can be had for next to nothing.
09:30<DrZimmerman>can the pvr250/350 also decode?
09:32<o_cee>the 350 does
09:32<o_cee>and everyone says the tvout is excellent
09:33<o_cee>alpha drivers still, but it's getting better all the time
09:33<DrZimmerman>atm ihave also a pinnacle pctv, can this card also use the encoder on the hauppage card?
09:34<o_cee>don't know what kind of card the pinnacle is
09:35<warlord-afk>I still get the -350 to crash the system hard...
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09:35<warlord>in particular when I'm in LiveTV and using the EPG.
09:35<sfr>afaik, the encoder can only be used for the pvr350's own inputs.
09:35<o_cee>hope the new things from tmk will fix things :)
09:37<warlord>o_cee: well, the new things from tmk should fix the encoder firmware timeouts. it's unclear if it will fix the hang I see.. I think there is still a deadlock somewhere, but I'm only guessing.
09:37<o_cee>at least there's progress ;)
09:38<warlord>a stable encoder would be REALLY GOOD.
09:45<warlord>my hope is that tmk will have that this coming week.
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09:47<o_cee>one can only hope:)
09:47<D-side>eventually i'm going to need one of those cards.
09:47<o_cee>btw, that tinny audio thingie people are talking about, is that related to the 350 only or the 250 as well?
09:48<o_cee>i'll get one soon
09:48<sfr>haven't had this problem (yet), but i'm using an older version of the dirver afaik.
09:53<o_cee>me too
09:53<o_cee>better not to upgrade at the moment
09:54<sfr>he, don't fix it if it ain't broken
10:01<DrZimmerman>o_cee: the pinnacle pctv has a bt878 chip
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10:01<DrZimmerman>o_cee: the pinnacle pctv has a bt878 chip
10:01<DrZimmerman>o_cee: but i think it cannot encode
10:02<sfr>no, it can't. mythtv will do s/w-based encoding with these cards
10:04<DrZimmerman>ouh :/
10:04<DrZimmerman>i will also buy a second card, so i can use a pvr350 for recording/encoding and the pinnacle for live tv viewing?
10:05<DrZimmerman>is this possible?
10:05<DrZimmerman>bline: yes?
10:05<bline>why would you get a 350 to use something else for viewing?
10:05<DrZimmerman>hmm has the 350 two tuners?
10:06<bline>the 350 has a hardware encoder, if you don't want that get the 250
10:06<DrZimmerman>i know
10:06<bline>no, it has a tvout though
10:06<bline>and does hardware encoding
10:06<DrZimmerman>what i will say is that i would like to recording in the background on a different channel and view live tv
10:06<DrZimmerman>yes i know this
10:06<DrZimmerman>but the pinnacle cannot encode
10:08<sfr>DrZimmerman: s/w encoding needs a rather powerful CPU depending on the resolution. But you could that.
10:09<DrZimmerman>yes but i thought i dont need a hw encoder for live tv viewing?
10:10<sfr>it's still needed. mythtv isn't as simple as xawtv, due to it's timeshift feature.
10:10<bline>what is a pinnacle?
10:11<sfr>DrZimmerman: oh, not necessarily a h/w encoder, but encoding is needed.
10:11<bline>DrZimmerman: thanks
10:11<DrZimmerman>sfr: so i need two pvr350 to view and record at the same time?
10:11<DrZimmerman>bline: np
10:12<bline>they sell all kinds of things
10:13<sfr>err, no. you need two tuners. having h/w encoders enables one to use a less powerfull cpu. but if cpu isn't a problem one can also use s/w based encoding.
10:13<bline>ahh, pctv, it's just a tuner
10:14<DrZimmerman>bline: jep
10:14<bline>pvr250 and a pvr350, one for just recording, the other for both
10:15<DrZimmerman>sfr: my htpc is a athlon tb 1ghz
10:15<DrZimmerman>sfr: so not realy strong
10:15<bline>s/w encoding doesn't have such a high compression either, so you will need a bigger drive
10:16<bline>and imho the quality isn't as good as h/w encoding
10:16<warlord>DrZimmerman: well, a pvr350 for one tuner + tvout, and pvr250 for the second tuner
10:16<DrZimmerman>i see
10:17<DrZimmerman>ok i need to go, im bbl
10:17<bline>DrZimmerman: the problem with using the 350 (atleast the problem I have with it) is you lose GL support, which means the visualizations in mythmusic will not work
10:17<warlord>both the pvr250 and 350 have h/w mpeg encoders
10:17<sfr>bline: on the tv-out?
10:17<DrZimmerman>bline: i have in the system also a gefo4 mx with tvout
10:17<bline>sfr: right
10:18<bline>DrZimmerman: yes, but you will have to switch inputs to it
10:18<warlord>DrZimmerman: yea, but the pvr-350 tvout will be significantly better.
10:18<bline>so it means hooking both up to the tv
10:18<bline>yeah, el suckage
10:18<warlord>DrZimmerman: with myth you do NOT need to use the same card for input and output.
10:18<bline>but if you don't mind living without GL
10:19<DrZimmerman>warlord: i know
10:19<DrZimmerman>warlord: but when the tvout from the pvr350 is better, then i wil use it
10:19<DrZimmerman>so, now i realy need to go, cu guys later
10:19<DrZimmerman>(and girls)
10:19<warlord>IMHO it's SIGNIFICANTLY better than my nvidia with tvout.
10:19<warlord>Except when it crashes hard.. :(
10:35<bitbyte>when you have multiple tuners, how do you select which one to view "live"?
10:35<bitbyte>channels are mapped to a given adapter?
10:37<sfr>you don't, mythtv will always use the first one available, except if specific channels are only available through a spec. tuner card.
10:38<bitbyte>if you are using a client only machine that doesnt record, cna you view "live" tv from another machine that has a tv card?
10:39<sfr>doing that right now
10:41<warlord>note that once myth chooses a tuner for livetv, you can ONLY get channels on that tuner. it wont automatically change tuners if you ask for a channel that only exists on another tuner/input
10:42<bitbyte>how do you get it to go to the other card that has different channels?
10:43<sfr>make the one busy? i.e. ask it to record
10:43-!-cmorgan_afk is now known as cmorgan
10:43<warlord>that's one way -- or asking myth to record a show that's on the other tuner and then watch the recording as it's being recorded.
10:43<bitbyte>cuz i'm planning on building one with an HD card and a 350 in it
10:43<sfr>well, there's always room for improvement ;)
10:44<bitbyte>so tahts it, once it picks yer stuck with that card?
10:44<sfr>warlord: the better way probably.
10:44<bitbyte>til you reconfigure?
10:44<warlord>I'm sure Chutt would accept a patch that lets the backend change encoders if you ask for a channel that isn't available on the current one.
10:44<bitbyte>and if i were a programmer id' be happy to do one
10:46<bitbyte>thats kind of a big drawback tpo multiple tuners
10:47<bitbyte>cna more than one machine view live tv from one card at a time?
10:47<bitbyte>since it's really playing back a bufferd recording
10:47<warlord>well, it's far more important (to me) to be able to record multiple programs at one time..
10:48<bitbyte>i dont watch live tv all that often
10:48<bitbyte>but if i've got an HD tuner anda r egular one in one machine, it'd be nice to be able to watch them both
10:50<sfr>i seem to remember a posting that said right now you can't use a pcHDTV card together with a different tuner card
10:50<bitbyte>i had too, but thor as well as others in here said it should work
10:51<sfr>oh great
10:51<bitbyte>so which source is more definitive?
10:51<sfr>thor most likely
10:52<bitbyte>orblem is that few ppl use hd, so theres not a lot of experience out there
10:54<warlord>lots of people have pvr cards, tho...
10:55* warlord needs to "fix" how the pvr-350 live-tv epg works. I think I have an idea how to do it..
11:17<Captain_Murdoch>anybody else on current CVS (meaning within the past few hours)
11:20<warlord>what seems to be the trouble?
11:20<Captain_Murdoch>compilation problem. fixed though, but think it's a bug in cvs.
11:21<warlord>but in cvs? or bug in cvs version of myth?
11:22<Captain_Murdoch> is down right now for some reason (apache is zombie status and I don't have root to fix it). somebody committed this:>buffer); and I think it needs to be this: videobuffer[i]->buffer. gcc gives an error with the original way.
11:23<Captain_Murdoch>it's a vector
11:23<Chutt>old g++
11:24<Captain_Murdoch>ahh... ok.
11:24<Captain_Murdoch>that sux
11:24<Chutt>they're equivalent
11:24<Chutt>well, [] doesn't do bounds checking
11:24<Chutt>but that's not a worry here
11:24<Chutt>and apache on cvs should be back up
11:25<warlord>good morning, chutt. :)
11:25<Chutt>captain_murdoch, can you fix it in cvs, then? =)
11:25<Chutt>my tree is a tad on the broken side at the moment
11:25<Captain_Murdoch>think there are many people out there using pre-3.x gcc like me.
11:25<warlord>hopefully the weather in cleveland is as nice as it is here -- at least until the storm hits you later today.
11:26<Captain_Murdoch>ok, will do. already have the fix in my tree but wanted to ask about it before committing.
11:26<Chutt>what's that?
11:26<warlord>that stuff that happens on the other side of that clear, hard surfaces in your walls..
11:27<Chutt>ah, in the room with the big yellow light
11:27<warlord>er, those clear...
11:27<warlord>Yea, right.. That! ;)
11:27<Chutt>heh, bbiab
11:27<warlord>The big yellow light that hurts your eyes if you look at it too long. ;)
11:29<Captain_Murdoch>fix is in CVS.
11:32<Captain_Murdoch>cd today && cvs update && patch -p0 < delete_storm.patch && cvs commit
11:32<warlord>Chutt: I was considering changing videoout_ivtv to use videoout_xv for the EmbedInWidget parts (to get the pvr-350 to get the old-style live-tv EPG and PiP working). Would that be a reasonable approach, you think?
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11:56<Leno>Hrm... having compile troubles with videoout_ivtv.cpp (compiling 0.12)
11:56<cmorgan>stuff about ']' undefined?
11:56<Leno>videoout_ivtv.cpp:58: error: syntax error before `[' token
11:57<Leno>running gcc 3.3.2
11:57<cmorgan>should get newer version of myth
11:57<warlord>cmorgan: uhh, are you sure that's the problem?
11:57<warlord>0.12 should build fine.
11:58<Leno>Is there a patch for 0.12? because that is what my backend runs
11:58<cmorgan>warlord: i never got .12 to build for me for that reason
11:58<cmorgan>although maybe its the ivtv driver version?
11:58<warlord>What's line 58 say?
11:58<cmorgan>i thought the files that were in error were actually in myth
11:58* warlord doesn't have 0.12 to check
11:58<cmorgan>so couldn't see how the itvt version would make a difference
11:59<cmorgan>line 58 will be an ioctl to ivtv
11:59<warlord>cmorgan: do you have an ivtv-based card?
12:00<warlord>Leno: do you?
12:00<Chutt>you need cvs.
12:00<Chutt>because you're running debian unstable, and the glibc maintainers are incompetents.
12:00<cmorgan>warlord: i've got a pvr-350
12:00<cmorgan>Chutt: its not a glibc issue
12:00<Chutt>yes it is.
12:01<Chutt>you're telling me that you know more about this than i do?
12:01<cmorgan>i'd like to suggest that it is in linux/include/asm-i386/ioctl.h
12:02<Chutt>that's a glibc issue
12:02<cmorgan>define _IOR(type,nr,size) _IOC(_IOC_READ,(type),(nr),(_IOC_TYPECHECK(size)))
12:02<Chutt>since the kernel headers are part of it in debian.
12:02<cmorgan>i'm running a stock kernel
12:02<Chutt>no, you're not
12:02<cmorgan>not using debian headers afaict
12:03<Chutt>you do know that what's in /usr/include has absolutely no relation to what kernel you're running, right?
12:03<cmorgan>this is /usr/src/linux/include/asm-i386/ioctl.h btw
12:03<Chutt>that doesn't get included
12:03<Chutt>at all.
12:03<warlord>cmorgan: take a look in /usr/include/...
12:03<Chutt>so it has absolutely no relevance to this.
12:04<Chutt>don't fucking argue with me about code issues.
12:04* sfr notes to self: never argue about code issues with Chutt
12:05<Chutt>the issue is that the debian glibc maintainers decided in their infinite wisdom to use pre-2.6 kernel headers as the exported headers in /usr/include.
12:06<Chutt>which breaks a whole lot of stuff.
12:06<Chutt>the entire point of having a kernel header set in /usr/include is to have a stable set of headers that doesn't change from kernel to kernel
12:06<cmorgan>oh alright
12:07<warlord>god forbid the linux kernel itself have a stable interface from version to version...
12:07<bitbyte>ya, can't be havin THAT
12:08<josephk>you have angered Chutt...prepare to be smoted
12:09<bitbyte>did you just invent a word?
12:09<josephk>because smitten just doesn't sound right:D
12:09<cmorgan>Chutt: thanks for the info, must have mistook the compile options somehow
12:10<josephk>I am so smat, I am so smat
12:10<warlord>"quiver in your boots because you are crunchy and good with ketchup"
12:13<josephk>MythTV: Don't fucking argue with Chutt about anything...bizniznatch.
12:14<warlord>there is a big difference between arguing and telling him he's wrong. I think arguing is ok.
12:15* josephk waits for chutt to make a mistake
12:16<warlord>josephk: it does happen periodically, but dont hold your breath ;)
12:16<[M-M]>that'll never happen :)
12:16<Chutt>as long as you're right :p
12:16<sfr>josephk: that could be quite boring
12:16* josephk has been waiting a long time already
12:16<warlord>Chutt: of course. ;)
12:16<warlord>Chutt: so what do you think about my videoout idea above?
12:16-!-Drikus [] has joined #mythtv
12:17<Chutt>i doubt it'll work
12:17<Chutt>for the epg, you can't resize the video display
12:17<Chutt>so all you can do is make it fully opaque
12:18<warlord>well, that's why I was going to try to use videoout_xv to get the little image in the corner.
12:18<Chutt>can't reinitialize the output stuff mid-playback
12:18<Chutt>since you'd essentially have to start playback all over again
12:19<Chutt>pip should be relatively simple
12:19<Chutt>just need to convert the buffer you get to rgb and copy it into the osd frame
12:19<o_cee>was just going to ask that, is pip working with the 350 (and a 250)?
12:19<warlord>well, doesn't pip swapping require reinitializing the video?
12:20<josephk>o_cee...want to get it working?:)
12:20* warlord was thinking of having the videoout_ivtv call into videoout_xv, instead of trying to replace the class..
12:20<Chutt>it doesn't swap =)
12:20<Chutt>it just changes the channels on both cards
12:21<warlord>Oh? Hmm...
12:21<Chutt>and it wouldn't be that simple
12:21<warlord>That implies you can't PiP to a channel that's only available on one card.
12:22<Chutt>since videoout_ivtv is tied to the ivtvdecoder class
12:22<Chutt>and can't be used with the software decode class, and vice versa
12:23<o_cee>then beeing timeshifted and using pip isn't a good idea?
12:24<warlord>so, let me take a different tact (at least with PiP) -- what are the issues involved in changing the encoder-in-use during livetv? (assume the same backend)
12:24<Chutt>you basically have to stop playback and restart it
12:24<Chutt>would need to ask for the different encoder, but that's not too difficult
12:25<Chutt>and it really wouldn't be that time consuming, should be as fast as a channel change
12:26<warlord>well, at least I now understand why PiP "swap" seems to "slow" -- it's performing two channel changes on me! :)
12:26<Chutt>in fact, it'd be really similar to the way it goes from watching live tv -> watching an in progress recording
12:27<josephk>you mean crashing?:D
12:27<Chutt>that crashes?
12:27<o_cee>not anymore
12:27<o_cee>for me at leats
12:27<Chutt>there, got a good start on the keybindings support code
12:28<warlord>Oh, speaking of watching an in-progress recording (/me is full of issues today ;)... Have you noticed that there are ff issues when you try to go beyond the point when a recording-in-progress stops?
12:28<Chutt>i've never been able to reproduce that, but it's been mentioned before, yes
12:28<josephk>well it did for me...but I tend not to tell anyone since I don't want chutt yelling at me for something I did or didn't do:)
12:29<warlord>I haven't figured out when it happens.. However..
12:29<warlord>I was able to get a bunch of:
12:29<warlord>2003-11-18 00:47:33 Did not find keyframe position.
12:29<o_cee>warlord: what happens? one time last week when watching a in-record-recording, it suddenly jumped to the beginning of the file again....
12:29<o_cee>scared the hell outta me since it was in the middle of 24 :)
12:30<warlord>o_cee: that's what what I see. What I see is that at some point after the recording is finished I can no long FF.. (Actually I mean forward-jump-by-30-seconds, but..)
12:31<warlord>Chutt: I'm wondering if the code that grabs keyframes and jump locations doesn't get refreshed as the recording progresses, or doesn't get refreshed just after the recording completes?
12:32<Chutt>after the recording completes
12:32<Chutt>ah, it should just ask the database to fill in the rest of the table then, but i bet it doesn't
12:33<warlord>If I pause, save-location, ESC, ESC, Enter it will happily ff again.
12:33<warlord>Yea, that's my guess -- it's not refreshing the data from the database "periodically".
12:34<Leno>alright... I found a patch for videoout_ivtv.cpp on the mailing list, to work around the debian crap. now I get this: videoout_ivtv.cpp:109: error: invalid types `int[int]' for array subscript
12:34<Chutt>well, when the recording is in progress, it just asks the backend
12:34<Chutt>leno, just use cvs mythtv.
12:34<Chutt>it's not an issue there.
12:36<Leno>Can I use a cvs frontend with a 0.12 backend?
12:39<Chutt>captain_murdoch, hey, why'd you bump up the lib version?
12:41<Leno>is the CVS server up?
12:43<Chutt>it's never gone down
12:43<Captain_Murdoch>added vars to programinfo and changed wire protocol
12:43<Chutt>captain_murdoch, yeah, but you didn't change anything in the library =)
12:44<warlord>besides, do you need to change the lib version more than once between "releases"?
12:44<Captain_Murdoch>maybe I was sleepy. programinfo is in libmythtv right
12:45<Chutt>the version in libmyth is only for libmyth =)
12:45<Captain_Murdoch>ahhh... ok. been a while. sorry about that.
12:45<Captain_Murdoch>well, I added methods to that the other day in uitypes
12:45<Chutt>no problem, i just bumped it up mysel and was looking to see why it was already at the version in my source
12:47* Captain_Murdoch makes note to self to not cause excessive recompilation by updating lib version when unnecessary.... :)
12:47<josephk>thats not a mistake...thats a happy little tree
12:50<Chutt>i still can't decide between database or xml file storage for keybindings
12:50<Chutt>i think db will ultimately be easier on me, though
12:51<warlord>Chutt: perhaps xml for the defaults and db for overides?
12:52-!-ChaosExiguum [] has joined #mythtv
12:52<Chutt>that's going to be tough because of plugins
12:53<Chutt>so the defaults should be in the source
12:54<Chutt>so small an amount of code, but it took a couple hours to get it right :(
12:54<Captain_Murdoch>are preview pixmaps working for mpeg2 files?
12:55<Chutt>just generated a bunch
12:55<warlord>Chutt: that's extremely elegant!
12:56<Chutt>it doesn't work any other way
12:56<Chutt>and it's fairly nasty =)
12:56<Captain_Murdoch>I've got a few recordings where they don't show up in either mythweb or mythtv and they're all mpeg2 recordings that I made last week. they're the only mpeg2 files I have right now also and all are broken in that regard. must be a problem here somewhere.
12:56<Captain_Murdoch>play fine though.
12:56<Chutt>captain_murdoch, do they have seek tables?
12:57<Chutt>no seek table, no preview pixmap
12:58<Captain_Murdoch>no, just realized it's because the backend that recorded them isn't up currently but the master override stuff lets me play them fine.
12:58<Chutt>err, silly xchat
13:00<Teflon>xchat is silly indeed at times
13:00<josephk>silly Chutt, X-Chat's for kids
13:00<Captain_Murdoch>yep, change hostname in recorded table and pixmaps are generated. put that on my TODO list to check into sometime.
13:02-!-Viddy [] has quit [Connection timed out]
13:14-!-Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
13:17-!-ChaosExiguum [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
13:17<josephk>its quiet
13:18<josephk>too quiet
13:19<bitbyte>fear strikes deep
13:19<sfr>it's oh so quiet, shh, shhh...
13:20* bitbyte dcc's sfr a nice heffeweizen
13:21* sfr greets bitbyte with the beer, cheerioh Ms. So^W bitbyte
13:21<sfr>whois bitbyte
13:22<bitbyte>i love that show
13:22<bitbyte>SKOL! <clicking heels>
13:22<bitbyte>bloody cat!
13:23* sfr notes to record that show finally this year.
13:23<bitbyte>record it for me this year and send it to me sfr?
13:23<bitbyte>that would be awesome to have
13:23<bitbyte>they don't show it in the US
13:24<sfr>could take a while to upload @10kB/s,
13:24<warlord>sfr: that's what DVDs are for!
13:24<bitbyte>i can paypal you some money and you can mail it to me tho!
13:24<bitbyte>nah, just the raw file is fine
13:24<bitbyte>that way i can transcode it
13:24<bitbyte>to ntsc
13:25<sfr>bitbyte: see warlord's comment :P
13:25<bitbyte>i know
13:25<bitbyte>but when you make a dvd it converts it to a vob
13:25<bitbyte>unless he means data dvd
13:25<sfr>i guess he means to actually buy a dvd
13:26<bitbyte>i cant it's not ON dvd anywher ei've found
13:26<bitbyte>i thought he meant for you to burn it to dvd and send it instead of uploading
13:27<warlord>No, sfr, I mean that you should burn it to DVD and send it via the mail
13:27<bitbyte>i forget the title... the 90th birthday party or something along those lines
13:27<bitbyte>that thing is SO funny
13:27<warlord>(data dvd, not video dvd)
13:27<bitbyte>i gotta go help with lunch
13:27<sfr>is there a similar tradition in the US?
13:28<sfr>hm, DVD, burn. Makes a nice present for this year.
13:48-!-efabfafcc [] has joined #mythtv
13:48-!-davatar [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
13:57<D-side>jesus pundits are cheap
14:26-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
14:35-!-Viddy [] has quit [Excess Flood]
14:36-!-Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
14:40-!-billytwowilly [] has left #mythtv ["Client exiting"]
14:42-!-D-side [] has quit ["Gone."]
14:51-!-DogBoy_ [] has quit ["Leaving"]
14:55-!-gulli [] has quit ["using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4"]
14:56-!-FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
15:17-!-DogBoy [] has joined #mythtv
15:36<_rkulagow>chutt: would you take a patch to the Fix Conflicts screen that would add a "4" option that _only_ shows conflicting recordings on top of the 1-All, 2-Important 3-Recordings options?
15:38* Captain_Murdoch wishes there was just a 'toggle view' key that cycled through the different views rather than taking up space for "1-All 2-Important 3-Recording, 4-etc."
15:39<Captain_Murdoch>like the 'only conflicts' idea. then we could potentially make a way to start the screen in a certain mode. so a theme designer could make an "all scheduled recording" button on the menu and a "conflicting recordings" button, etc. if they wanted.
15:44<_rkulagow>ah, right, and underneath it's the same code, just with a different default view mode.
15:45<isaac__>i have a dumb question: if you have seperate backend and frontend boxen, the backend's CPU is only used while recording, and the frontend's is only used while viewing, right?
15:45<isaac__>(this is what i assume)
15:46<warlord>isaac__: well, the backend cpu is used for I/O, but yea.
15:46<_rkulagow>backend CPU will still be used to send the file to the frontend.
15:46<isaac__>well, apart from network use. heh.
15:46<isaac__>i'm moving the tuner to this box then :D
15:50<Captain_Murdoch>_rkulagow: yeah, the code is already mostly there, just need a way to say "startup in this mode" and a key to cycle through the various modes.
15:52-!-nonent [] has joined #mythtv
15:54<_rkulagow>captain_murdoch: easier said than done, for me at least.
15:55<nonent>i'm using mythtv0.11 on debian, and everything works perfectly, except, in the main-menus, for things like games, music, videos tc i don't get the shading/highlighting when choosing things from lists..
15:55<nonent>any ideas if i'm missing a setting?
15:56-!-isaac__ [~isaac@] has quit ["Leaving"]
16:01<nonent>(so, any of the alpha-stuff seeems broken from the main menus.. overlays on live tv works fine)
16:18<Captain_Murdoch>_rkulagow: I put it on my TODO list to take a look at sometime if noone else beats me too it.
16:21<FryGuy>can someone explain how the record duplicates feature works? I've got the box unchecked but it still records them
16:21<Captain_Murdoch>Myth considers duplicates items that match exactly in title, subtitle, and description. did those 3 fields match exactly?
16:22<warlord>It's a flag of whether to check the "recorded" table or "oldrecorded" table.
16:22<FryGuy>subtitle was blank though
16:22-!-cmorgan is now known as cmorgan_afk
16:22-!-Drikus [] has quit ["toedeledoki"]
16:22<FryGuy>but the descriptions matched
16:22<warlord>FryGuy: right, which means it will ALWAYS record it (because an empty subtitle implies 'every episode is different')
16:22<Captain_Murdoch>FryGuy: that's why, if one of the 3 is blank it's considered a non-duplicate currently. we've discussed ways to make it work differently but nobodies got around to coding it yet.
16:23<Captain_Murdoch>I have a cron job that copies the description to the subtitle if the subtitle is blank for shows I record. and vice-versa for if the description is blank.
16:23<warlord>now that the 'duplicates' selection is a choice it may be easier to add additional options.
16:24<FryGuy>well I looked in the source to find the db query but it seems to look like it shouldn't record duplicate with empty subtitles
16:24<Captain_Murdoch>I posted a message a week or two ago that described a way to design it and people thought it would work good, but I haven't had time to code it and nobody else has either that I know of.
16:25<FryGuy>oh I didn't see that one
16:25<Captain_Murdoch>oldrecorded.subtitle IS NOT NULL AND oldrecorded.subtitle <> '' AND program.subtitle = oldrecorded.subtitle
16:25<warlord>FryGuy: an empty subtitle implies "not a duplicate"
16:26<FryGuy>i don't understand why that is, but ok :)
16:26<Captain_Murdoch>cause some shows have the same description for different episodes but never fill in subtitles.
16:26<FryGuy>oh I see your post
16:26<FryGuy>I did a search a week ago but you hadn't posted it yet
16:27<Captain_Murdoch>that would give you the ability to pick what to match on on a per-scheduled item basis.
16:27<FryGuy>even if there was a "don't record" in mythweb that would work too
16:28<FryGuy>but that feature only works for ones with a subtitle
16:29<Captain_Murdoch>maybe by the time we get to 0.13
16:30<FryGuy>i need to get off my butt too and fix the patch I wrote for getting rid of an infinite loop
16:40-!-D-side [] has joined #mythtv
16:48-!-choenig [] has joined #mythtv
16:59-!-dilate [] has joined #mythtv
17:18<DrZimmerman>the pvr350 does mpeg4 right?
17:19<warlord>DrZimmerman: I dont think so. it does mpeg2..
17:27-!-sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
17:34<DrZimmerman>warlord: hmm then i need to make host cpu endcoding for mpeg4?
17:39<warlord>Well, where did you get the mpeg4?
17:48<DrZimmerman>warlord: what you mean with get?
17:48<DrZimmerman>warlord: i get it from the vid capture card
17:51-!-mythtv_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:52-!-mythtv_ is now known as bbeattie_
17:53<warlord>DrZimmerman: the pvr350 will give you an mpeg2 stream.. are you transcoding it?
17:53-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
17:56-!-frumious [] has joined #mythtv
17:58<DrZimmerman>warlord: no, i have just asked because mpeg4 uses less space
17:59<DrZimmerman>warlord: or i'm wrong?
18:04<bbeattie_>anyone know of a debian site that has the latest xmltv pacakges? I'm on .19, and am getting the "Can't call method "say" error.
18:05<billytwowilly>bbeattie apt-get update
18:05<billytwowilly>then apt-get install xmltv
18:05<bbeattie_>billytwowilly: I have, the latest they have is .19
18:05<warlord>I think it depends on the parameters.. I dont think mpeg4 is SIGNIFICANTLY less space than mpeg2.. But at the same time, I dont think the pvr can decode mpeg4
18:05<bbeattie_>billytwowilly: I'm running testing
18:05<billytwowilly>bbeattie: oh, the latest I pulled down with knoppmyth was 0.22 and that was a while ago..
18:06<billytwowilly>I'm running knoppmyth, which is built on testing I think.
18:07-!-nonent [] has quit ["Wave - Phoenix with Fluff Mods v2.1.0"]
18:08<DrZimmerman>warlord: ok
18:08<frumious>Any estimates when mdz's debs for 0.12 will surface?
18:08<billytwowilly>alternately you could just download it and install it. or use checkinstall to create a deb or it.
18:10<frumious>That doesn't appeal to my laziness at all!... So the debian/ directory is in the source? I didnt' know.
18:20-!-Doukegata [] has joined #mythtv
18:23-!-_rkulagow [] has left #mythtv []
18:24-!-jeffpc [] has joined #mythtv
18:29-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:46<bbeattie_>billytwowilly: now I have xmltv 5.22, but still that say erro on mythfilldatabase
18:50<billytwowilly>bbeattie: I dunno. I think .23 is the first one with the fix. Sorry, I thought they'd have it by now.. Looks like you'll have to install from source.
18:50<billytwowilly>I haven't updated in a while.
18:50<warlord>yea, you need .23
18:50-!-harba [] has left #mythtv ["Leaving"]
18:50<warlord>.22 doesn't work
18:54<billytwowilly>I think I just edited the one file that was mentioned on the mythtv mailing list and now have   or something added to everything;) I'll update to 0.23 when It's available.
19:00-!-rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
19:55-!-isaac [] has joined #mythtv
19:56<isaac>i'm having trouble compiling myth 0.12.. shall i flood in here? (2 lines)
19:57<billytwowilly>2 lines is probably fine.
19:57<isaac>/usr/include/linux/compiler.h:17: warning: `__attribute_used__' redefined
19:57<isaac>/usr/include/sys/cdefs.h:195: warning: this is the location of the previous definition
19:58<isaac>then a billion parse errors
19:58<billytwowilly>no idea.. sorry.
19:58<billytwowilly>are you trying to build a stand alone mythtv box?
19:59-!-choenig [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:59<isaac>i'm trying to build this for a backend, actually.
20:02<billytwowilly>hmm. sorry, no idea. If you get really stuck you can always try out knoppmyth, which just works..
20:05<isaac>heh, neat. :D
20:06-!-DrZimmerman [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:25-!-Ripp [] has joined #mythtv
20:27<isaac>sheeit. looks like debian has a bug in libc6.
20:27-!-billytwowilly [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:28-!-frumious [] has quit ["Leaving"]
20:45-!-hadees [] has joined #mythtv
20:56-!-bbeattie_ [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
21:07<hadees>anyone use ogle for dvd playing and use a grey hauppage remote
21:16-!-mdz [] has joined #mythtv
21:20-!-Captain_Murdoch_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:21<isaac>main.o(.text+0x19): In function `main':
21:21<isaac>: undefined reference to `QApplication::QApplication(int &, char **)'
21:21<isaac>do those lines mean the linker can't find Qt or something?
21:27<warlord>or that Qt was compiled with a different version of g++ than myth
21:28<hadees>anyone around who uses mythdvd?
21:29<hadees>or possibly ogle
21:31<isaac>warlord: hmm
21:32<warlord>hadees: no -- otherwise someone would have answered
21:33<isaac>warlord: is there some way to find out which version of g++ qt was compiled with?
21:34<isaac>i'm using the debian unstable packages
21:35-!-cmorgan_afk is now known as cmorgan
21:38<warlord>isaac: no clue -- I dont do debian.
21:50<warlord>have you tried to rebuild myth from scratch?
21:50<cmorgan>isaac: you have qt3-apps-dev installed?
21:54<isaac>cmorgan: no idea, sec
21:55<isaac>no, i didnae
21:55* isaac sees if it works
21:56<isaac>nope, that didn't help
21:56* isaac installs .debs
21:56<isaac>ugh, 0.11
21:56<hadees>warlord: i quit and came back i didn't know if anyone answered
21:57<isaac>when are the debs updated? :/
21:57-!-hadees [] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:58<warlord>well, stop leaving, stupid!
22:01<mikegrb_>warlord: send hadees to ... searchable irc logs and the like
22:05-!-isaac [] has quit ["Leaving"]
22:07<mikegrb_>I added ivtv-dev recently at kvandivo's request
22:11-!-hadees [] has joined #mythtv
22:11<hadees>anyone know why it takes so long for mythtv to change channels?
22:11<hadees>btw i use ivtv drivers
22:12<hadees>so is it an ivtv thing or mythtv thing
22:13<mikegrb_>hadees: you might check at
22:13<mikegrb_>you can search irc logs there
22:13<mikegrb_>also check the mailing list archives
22:14<mikegrb_>has been discussed many many times there
22:35-!-mdz [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:53-!-mdz [] has joined #mythtv
22:55<josephk>many many many times
22:59<Leno>I'm having trouble with mythfrontend connecting to the backend, it makes the initial connection, get's the recorded program list, but when it goes to display the preview, it crashes
23:01<Leno>How should I start troubleshooting this? (I have tried with 0.12 and CVS)
23:03<warlord>Have you verified that you actually have a video file?
23:03<warlord>(the .nuv isn't 0-length?)
23:04<Leno>I have quite a few video files, no 0-length ones. (It bit me once before)
23:04<Leno>I can run the frontend locally, works fine, just remotely has problems.
23:04<warlord>Wait, what do you mean "locally" and "remotely"?
23:06<Leno>locally == on the same machine as the backend, remotely == on a different machine on the same network
23:07<warlord>Hmm, then I have no idea. firewall configuration?
23:07-!-mdz [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
23:07<hadees>anyone know of a program that would let me use a pda as the remote for mythtv?
23:08<warlord>hadees: lirc
23:08-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
23:08<Leno>warlord: no firewall, it's on the same (unmanaged) switch
23:08<warlord>Leno: I meant SOFTWARE firewall... iptables/chains/etc.
23:10<Leno>warlord: Ahh... nope, got it running in full-open mode. I ran a strace on the process, and it looks like it is connecting to localhost for the video stream, even though it knows to connect to the real master server for the datastream. Where would I reconfigure that?
23:11<warlord>i think in the database, but I'm not 100% sure.
23:12<Leno>Hrm... the database points to the correct one... except the master points to ... that could be it!
23:13<Leno>Hrm... now it doesn't think it's the master server anymore.
23:13<warlord>Did you restart the master?
23:13-!-cmorgan [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:13<Leno>Now it thinks it's a slave backend to itself.
23:14* warlord doesn't know...
23:14<warlord>I've never tried doing a remote frontend..
23:15<hadees>does not recording duplicate episodes work? because it always records them on my machine
23:16<warlord>it works fine within the definition of "duplicates".. except in some situations.
23:16-!-dopez_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:16<warlord>note that it will never consider a show without a subtitle or description as a duplicate.
23:17<hadees>well i mean shows with descriptions that are exaclty the same are being recorded
23:17-!-SarahEmm [] has joined #mythtv
23:17<warlord>hadees: are the title, subtitle, AND description __ALL__ non-empty and exactly the same?
23:18<hadees>i'll check again, i'll have to wait though because i deleted them all
23:19<SarahEmm>every once in awhile the mythbackend seems to get 'stuck' in a state where it writes 100 messages per second in the log saying 'waiting for a thread...' and the backend stops responding, and needs restarting.. it happens 90% of the time when clicking 'recorded programs' in mythweb, but once in awhile when i'm not around and it's recording.. if i'm not around, it'll fill the /var partition with a 15GB log file eventually.. any ideas?
23:20-!-hfb [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:21<D-side>hm. anyone have an EPIA rig?
23:23<warlord>hadees: check the program guide.
23:23-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
23:23<D-side>i'm wondering what the difference is between the CL1000 and the other (less expensive) EPIA-M with nehemiah core
23:23<D-side>i.e. which should i buy
23:24<D-side>though now i'm just wondering if a pundit is a better choice.
23:28-!-dopez [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:29-!-dopez_ is now known as dopez
23:30<Leno>I think I have it
23:31<Leno>But I really need to map a key on my remote to escape
23:34<mikegrb_>SarahEmm: I'd say grab a backtrace
23:34<mikegrb_>SarahEmm: maybe incompatibility between the version of mythweb and mythbackend
23:35<mikegrb_>but a backtrace would probably be nice as mythweb shouldn't be able to cause this
23:36-!-flyer [] has joined #mythtv
23:36<SarahEmm>i emerged them both (running gentoo) at the same time..
23:36<SarahEmm>how do i do a backtrace?
23:37<warlord>SarahEmm: that's described in the FAQ
23:39-!-Ripp [] has quit [""Bring me the hydrospanners! I don't know how we're gonna get out of this one.""]
23:43<mikegrb_>I guess a webpage is popular if it gets 2,600 hits in a week
23:44<SarahEmm>alright, i must be an idiot, but i can't find the FAQ...
23:44<mikegrb_>the how-to rather
23:44<warlord>SarahEmm: sorry, go to mythtv homepage, click on docs, search for "gdb"
23:45<SarahEmm>ahh, ok :)
23:47<Leno>So, any way to remap keys in mythtv? or am I going to have to get the xbox-ir module playing nicely
23:48<SarahEmm>ahh, okay.. i'll get a backtrace out tomorrow then, thanks :)
23:48-!-SarahEmm [] has left #mythtv []
23:48<warlord>Leno: no, not yet.
23:49<Leno>warlord: Ahh, that's cool. Anyone here happen to be running Xebian 0.5.1 (latest) with a stock kernel and a nice usb-xboxir.o they want to send my way?
23:50<mikegrb_>Leno: try #xbox-linux on
23:50<mikegrb_>probably have a better chance that way
23:50<warlord>anyways, g'night all
23:50* mikegrb_ waves hello to paulproteus
23:50<mikegrb_>night warlord
23:51-!-warlord is now known as warlord-afk
23:51<Leno>mikegrb_: Trying right now...
23:52-!-You're now known as mikegrb
23:53-!-Leno is now known as Lenolium
23:53<Lenolium>mikegrb: There, now we have consistancy
23:55* paulproteus keeps singing Moxy Fruvous songs, ignoring mikegrb
23:56<mikegrb>silly news putting blue bar at top of screen
23:56<mikegrb>I keep looking up from my laptop thinking it is mythalert popup
---Logclosed Mon Nov 24 00:00:49 2003