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00:45<davatar>has anyone attempted a segfault handler?
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01:38<mikegrb>I don't think so
01:38<mikegrb>feel free to submit a patch
01:40<Chutt>heh, stupid people on the mailing list, as usual
01:41<Chutt>"You need xmltv 0.5.23..." "I'm using the latest debian version, and it doesn't work1@#!@#!"
01:42<mikegrb>I think when there is a change you get the people who notice right away
01:42<hadees>does anyone make an ebuild for the cvs release of mythtv?
01:42<mikegrb>that gets settled then a week later you get the people who notice when the listings disapear
01:42<mikegrb>hadees: not that I know of
01:42<mikegrb>hadees: should be pretty easy, have you looked at an ebuild?
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01:43<hadees>yeah but isn't cvs ebuilds diffrent because you can't tell what is required?
01:43<Chutt>why would it be any different than a normal one?
01:44<jonnyro>is xmltv broken?
01:44<Chutt>no, it's not broken.
01:44<mikegrb>jonnyro: working okay for me
01:44<jonnyro>bummer, (for me), because 5.21 isnt working
01:44<mikegrb>hadees: same stuff is required if build from cvs or from relase
01:44<jonnyro>what release are you using?
01:44<jonnyro>of xmltv
01:44<mikegrb>jonnyro: eaird
01:44<Chutt>jonnyro, why don't you check what the latest release is?
01:44<mikegrb>I haven't heard anything about people having problems
01:44<Chutt>before wasting people's time.
01:44<jonnyro>there it is, gentoo is .02 behind
01:45<jonnyro>Chutt: my sincere apologies, i'll let you get back to what you were doing
01:48<jonnyro>mikegrb: thanks for your help
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02:20<term>man am I getting tired of xmltv needing upgrades.
02:20<term>I want direct service :(
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03:14<o_cee>i can't get nuvexport to work with mpeg2 files.. only get like 1 frame of video, but the file contains the audio..
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03:14<o_cee>only used it with mpeg4 files before wich worked great..
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07:33<rcam>Opps ^
07:34<rcam>I meant so say... COuld anyone give some MythTV advice?
07:35<rcam>I have a cable box I use with my TV. Will I be able to continue using it with MythTV?
07:44<rcam>I would like an AMD64 version of MythTV.
07:54<StuartL>rcam: WRT cable box, almost definately. You might need a splitter, though.
07:55<StuartL>rcam: WRT AMD64: I have no idea, I see no reason why it wouldn't work but then the PCI interface is 32 bit anyway so you're not going to get a whole lot of advantage from a 64 bit kernel module...
07:57<rcam>StuartL I don't understand what you mean by WRT?
07:57<StuartL>"With Regard To"
07:57<rcam>And how would I make the connections?
07:58<rcam>StuartL Care to explain please?
07:59<rcam>StuartL How would I change channels and such considering the cable box controls the tunner?
08:00<StuartL>You'd have to implement an LIRC transmitter or do it manually...
08:00<StuartL>(LIRC = Linux InfraRed Control).
08:01<rcam>Does it stil get the guide and all?
08:01<rcam>Also what happens in reguard to the cable box menus when I change channels and such?
08:02<rcam>Is there data for the higher channels? 100+ 200?
08:02<rcam>StuartL ^
08:02<StuartL>No, you'll have to implement another Electronic Guide (look at xmltv for starters) and when you change channel you'll still get the horrible OnScreenDisplay menus.
08:02<rcam>Arg... this kinda bites.
08:02<StuartL>On my sky box you can turn the OSD off, which I will do when I finish my implementation.
08:02<rcam>Your implementation of?
08:02<StuartL>Most of the higher channels have EPG entries on the xmltv databases.
08:03<StuartL>ivtv/mythtv/lirc for my silent PC.
08:03<StuartL>Electronic Programme Guide
08:03<rcam>Which is?
08:03<StuartL>Or Electronic Program Guide if you're a merry can.
08:03<StuartL>The sky on screen TV guide.
08:04<rcam>I wish cable providers just supported our boxes.
08:04<StuartL>What would motivate them to do so?
08:05<rcam>StuartL Make users happy.
08:05<StuartL>It seriously complicates their support departments (which are just trained monkeys atm) and allows people to record stuff they don't want you to be able to (e.g. PPV).
08:05<rcam>StuartL They provide PVRs anyway.
08:05<StuartL>It doesn't affect how many people use their service, though, because you'll get the service anyway because no one else has that competitive advantage.
08:06<StuartL>Aye, but within their own terms.
08:06<StuartL>So they can support them and they behave "properly" with PayPerView.
08:06<rcam>StuartL If someone reverse enginered the cable singles we could make Myth work just like a box correct?
08:07<StuartL>There are DVB decoders on the market already, they work quite well.
08:07<rcam>What do you mean?
08:08<rcam>Is this a device which allows for digitial cable without the box?
08:08<StuartL>The signals coming down the satellite cable (and the terrestrial cable) are DVB encoded. You can get DVB decoding tuner cards.
08:08<StuartL>Yes. There are BIG buts though.
08:08<StuartL>99% of the DVB tuners don't allow you to insert your viewing card, meaning that you can only receive the free-to-air channels.
08:09<StuartL>Whether there is Linux support for the few that do support viewing cards is something I don't know.
08:09<rcam>We dont have viewing cards for our cable box anyway?
08:09<StuartL>Not even behind the front panel?
08:09<StuartL>There must be some kind of decryption key...
08:09<rcam>There is a slot for the card...
08:09<rcam>But no card.
08:10<StuartL>What manufacturer of box is it?
08:10<rcam>We have a few...
08:10<rcam>The one sitting here is Pinoneer.
08:10<StuartL>Why do you have a few?
08:11<rcam>DIfferent rooms.
08:11<rcam>Three to be exact.
08:11<StuartL>Have a play with the front/back panels, see if you can find a second viewing card slot.
08:12<StuartL>My cable decoder has two in the front panel, one of which is behind a drop-down plate...
08:12<rcam>You mean take it apart?
08:13<rcam>It seems so much easier to just get a really nice Tivo?
08:15<StuartL>The TiVO has an infrared transmitter anyway...
08:15<rcam>Yeah but I could just get a satalite Tivo.
08:16<StuartL>heh, if you want an easy life, yeah...
08:17<rcam>StuartL is the quality of video good when on a TV from a TV tuner card?
08:17<StuartL>Depends on the card.
08:17<rcam>I would expect that the DVB card provides a digital signal?
08:17<StuartL>The more expensive ones tend to be very good.
08:18<StuartL>The DVB card is DVB in only, I don't know of one with a TV out too...
08:18<rcam>I would like to put together a setup with a satalite... MythTV box... and flat panel HDTV.
08:21<StuartL>Well, I guess you have two choices then. Either use LIRC to remote control your existing cable decoder and buy a well known TV card (e.g. the PVR350 that I have) or try to find a DVB card that works under Linux, is supported by MythTV, supports the decryption of your TV channels and you can install/configure by yourself :)
08:21<StuartL>I hope from my phrasing that you see which I think is easier :)
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08:51<rcam>So whats the best theme for MythTV?
08:53<rcam>WHat do you use
08:53<StuartL>I haven't put MythTV on my install yet :)
08:53<StuartL>I'm still trying to get LIRC to work :)
08:54<rcam>Is LIRC built in MythTV?
08:54<StuartL>I'm just lurking to learn things by osmosis until I actually try to do it myself...
08:54<StuartL>Nope, you'll have to build it manually.
08:54<rcam>I found a distro for MythTV.
08:55<rcam>Tell me what you think... Looks good to me.
08:56<rcam>I like this theme
08:58<rcam>When you play thing such as DVDs in MythTV does it stay in the UI or does it launch a WIndow?
08:59<StuartL>It's full screen, SFAIK
09:09<StuartL>So Far As I Know
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10:41<isaac_>what debian package are the themes in?
10:46<isaac_>bah.. zap2it doesn't return a list of providers now, so myth-0.11 won't work. is there any way to fix this?
10:51<warlord-afk>isaac_: update xmltv?
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10:52<isaac_>warlord: 0.11 expects providers though, and if it doesn't get any it doesn't save the .xmltv file
10:52<isaac_>and i'm using the newest xmltv, heh
10:53<isaac_>../../libs/libmythtv/libmythtv.a(tv_play.o)(.text+0x3a8f): In function `TV::SetupPipPlayer(void)':
10:53<isaac_>: undefined reference to `QStringData::deleteSelf(void)'
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11:52<dageshi>jesus wasn't expecting this channel to exist :) good ol freenode
11:55<StuartL>Is that why he's not logged on?
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18:16<isaac_>i just setup the backend on this box (Athlon 2500+ with 512mb RAM), and the videos are much cleaner now
18:16<isaac_>but when i play them on the frontend (PIII 500 w/64mb), they're choppy. the cpu is only at about 50% though. is this a network thoroughput problem?
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18:27<rcam>So does the MythTV program really automaticly edit out commercials? Does it work well? Are there times it screws up and deletes parts of the show? If so can you recover them?
18:27<warlord>yes, maybe, yes, yes.
18:28<isaac_>i find it always borks on law and order
18:28<isaac_>due to the black screens before + after scenes
18:28<rcam>Really... Odd.
18:28<warlord>"well" is very subjective..
18:28<rcam>Do you guys like it more then an expensive TIvo box?
18:28<warlord>i've found that when I had it turned on it would work ok in some cases and not in others.
18:29<isaac_>i don't have money for an expensive tivo box
18:29<warlord>Yes, I do... Show me a tivo that can record 4 programs at once!
18:29<rcam>Does it work like or better then Replay TVs commerical skipping?
18:29<isaac_>so yes
18:29<warlord>rcam: no clue -- never used a Replay
18:29<isaac_>if the commercial skipping doesn't work, i turn it off and press fast foward, heh
18:29<rcam>warlord Dont you need 4 tv tuner cards?
18:29<warlord>rcam: Yes, and I have 4 tuner cards..
18:29<rcam>Warlord WHat I dont understand is...
18:30<steelep>that throws the I can't afford a tivo theory out the window
18:30<warlord>isaac_: yea, I've turned it off and nowadays I just use the 'jump forward 30 seconds' feature
18:30<isaac_>steelep: not with tuner cards going for $15 on ebay
18:30<rcam>Warlord The old ATi cards could do a thing called video wall where they showed up to 12 channels at once.
18:30<isaac_>sell me a $60 tivo with no subscription and i'll take it
18:30<warlord>steelep: well, I never did it for the cost savings -- although it turns out that I *DID* spend less money than I would have on 4 tivos...
18:31<steelep>well, my tuners are $250+
18:31<isaac_>your tuners are too expensive :)
18:31<warlord>rcam: if you say so.
18:31<rcam>warlord I used to use it.
18:31* warlord has 3 pvr-250 and 1 pvr-350
18:31<isaac_>although, a hardware encoder would be nice
18:31<rcam>warlord Whats the best solution for video quality?
18:31<steelep>i'm not debating you can do it cheap, but a basic rig is about the same as a tivo without the monthly fee
18:31<isaac_>i'm ok with the wintv-go though
18:32<isaac_>steelep: touche
18:32<warlord>rcam: again, a subjective question
18:32<steelep>my tunres are DVB
18:32<steelep>and hdtv
18:32<rcam>Yeah? DO you pick up your pay channels?
18:32<steelep>tivo cannot to that! :)
18:33<steelep>ignore me i'm a satellite geek :)
18:33<rcam>I know but can you pick up the higher channels?
18:33<rcam>If you have DeCSS installed how long does it take to rip a DVD? (One you own.)
18:34<rcam>steelep ?
18:34<rcam>warlord ?
18:34<rcam>isaac_ ?
18:34<warlord>no clue -- i dont rip DVDs
18:34<warlord>rcam: no need to repeat yourself -- we can all see your question.
18:34<rcam>What else should I Know?
18:34<warlord>you should learn patience.
18:35<rcam>warlord, I have none :)
18:35<isaac_>problem 1
18:35<warlord>as I said... you should learn patience.
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18:35<rcam>warlord I just got home from the hospitial and I want to goto sleep. I had my apendix out so my patinece are gone :)
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18:35<isaac_>i'm gonna do homework
18:35<warlord>well, then, go to sleep -- don't worry about myth..
18:35<isaac_>and enjoy pausing live tv
18:35<rcam>isaac_ Problem 1 is?
18:36<isaac_>lack of patience
18:36<rcam>warlord I need something to dream about don't I?
18:36<isaac_>takes 15 years to setup myth
18:36<rcam>I am going to use KnopMyth.
18:36<warlord>15 years?!?
18:36<sfr>20 years then.
18:36<rcam>So it will take 15 seconds... so I hope.
18:36<warlord>I got my system setup in a weekend.
18:37<isaac_>warlord: 15 years was an exaggeration.
18:37<isaac_>with .debs it takes a couple hours max
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18:37* isaac_ goes
18:38<rcam>ANything else I should know?
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20:20<billytwowilly>anyone using an ati remote wonder?
20:22-!-shamoun [] has joined #mythtv
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20:45<schwin97>no remote here... keyboard only so far
21:02<billytwowilly>Doh, I'm curious is anyone else is experiencing a slowness to the remote.
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22:27<rcam>Hello. Anyone want to talk about MythTV?
22:34-!-scott` [] has joined #mythtv
22:38<cmorgan>rcam: all we do is talk about mythtv here ;-)
22:41<warlord>Can we talk about ReplayTV instead? ;)
22:42<cmorgan>they are selling those agan
22:42<hadees>whats the best way to archive movies? mythtranscode or mythmkmovie?
22:42<cmorgan>isn't this the 3rd company that bought replaytv?
22:42<scott`>Can I have mythvideo ignore extensions with shell expressions like .r?? or do I need to specify exactly?
22:42<cmorgan>wow, lots of people lurking waiting to ask questions ;-)
22:42<scott`>hadees, I like nuvexport... very easy for divx archiving
22:43<hadees>where is the info on nuvexport?
22:44<warlord>I just write directly to DVD
22:44<scott`> for nuvexport
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22:45<DogBoy>scott`, is there any info anywhere about how to go about using it?
22:46<DogBoy>nothing I have seen so far seems very straight forward
22:46<scott`>the guy who wrote it is pretty busy.. the time he does have he spends coding
22:47<hadees>scott' is it just file in and file out? or do you need to set bit rates and stuff
22:47<DogBoy>so how does one go about figuring how to use it?
22:47<DogBoy>got any pointers?
22:49<scott`>yeah, they let you set the bitrates.. and it's easy to use.. you type "nuvexport" it says .. gee, you have 5 shows on pokemon, which would you like to transcode? and it has the descriptions of the episodes.. etc very nice UI, and then you say "EXPORT TO DIVX" and it says "OK.. what options?" and you give them the options and it spits out the divx movie
22:50<DogBoy>oh, I figured you needed to supply command line switches
22:51<scott`>no way
22:51<DogBoy>cool beans
22:51<scott`>yeah, it's nice.. I just edited the audio encode line to add for mp3 encoding instead of mp2
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23:13<hadees>how long does nuvexport usally take?
23:13<hadees>for a 30min file
23:13-!-Dan is now known as latetalk
23:14<hadees>because it seems like it is just sitting there on my machine
23:15<hadees>oh i should mention it is to divx from mpeg2
23:34-!-pmowry [] has joined #mythtv
23:34<pmowry>Hi, would anyone know what its like for someone who loves american TV in Prague?
23:35<pmowry>I might be moving there for a year.
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23:36<pmowry>My office will have an OC-12 from Prague to Scottsdale,AZ. So I'm thinking about setting up a backend server in scottsdale. Just not sure how to get recordings home without broadband.
23:44<pmowry>here's a more mythtv specific question. How can you rescan programs to flag commercials? I'm using a PVR-350 to both record and playback with Jens' latest drivers. 1 Hr programs say thet are 1333 hrs long, and commercial skip does not work.
23:45<davatar>damnit.. everytime I switch runlevels my ups disconnects because lirc_serial conflicts with serial. anyone know how to tell serial not to use com1? the lirc site says little..
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23:59<hadees>davatar: you mean use the second serial port?
23:59<davatar>yes.. I need to unload lirc_serial and serial, then reload everything for it to work again.
23:59<davatar>lirc_serial already has options 348/4..
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