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---Logopened Fri Nov 28 00:00:31 2003
00:06<Teflon>silly xmltv.
00:06<Teflon>silly zap2it really
00:06<Teflon>too bad my wife didn't notice 14 days ago.
00:11<davatar>a warning should probably come up when the listings aren't updating..
00:14<Teflon>tivo doesn't let you forget
00:15<Teflon>i should really read my cron job output :)
00:20<robbie>Captain_Murdoch: wrong place
00:20<robbie>up top left corner and not in its nice box on the right
00:25<davatar>anyone see any deblocking algorithms that are any good? I implimented one from someone's research publication, and it doesn't do much except on heavily blocked material..
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01:43<Teflon>Grabbed 4804 programs on 193 channels over 1 day(s) in 593 seconds
01:43<Teflon> not too bad, that's 8.10 programs/sec and 3.07 seconds/www page
01:43<Teflon>that excludes 50 channels too
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03:28<rcam>Hi StuartL
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06:59<rcam>When I run mythfilldatabase it says Error in 1:! unexpected end of file
07:05<o_cee>this is STILL now support chan
07:05<o_cee>use the mailinglist
07:06<o_cee>the new diff for my changes are beeing sent to the list now, should be error free now
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07:06<rcam>How do I join the mailing list?
07:07<o_cee>what about checking the homepage for info?
07:07<o_cee>i'm not supposed to do stuff for you.
07:07<rcam>I am on the homepage.
07:08<rcam>No mailing list that I see.. Maybe I am blind.
07:09<rcam>Which is why i asked?
07:09<o_cee>please look at the topic,
07:09<o_cee>and search the mailinglist archives before asking anything.
07:09<rcam>Will do.
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07:15<ouba>hi !
07:15<ouba>is someone using the native lirc support with mythtv ?
07:16<ouba>I don't find much information on the subject ...
07:18<o_cee>search the mailinglists
07:19<ouba>already done :(
07:19<ouba>do you have a link with a thread ?
07:22<ouba>In fact, I have just have a little question about the list of command defined in the native lirc support
07:22<ouba>does the command match the key name described into the keys.txt ?
07:25<o_cee>i don't use lirc
07:26<ouba>you use irxevent ?
07:27<o_cee>ir keyboard
07:27<o_cee>and a programmable remote that i programmed with the keyboard codes
07:28<ouba>arf, oki ...
07:28<o_cee>wich works _very_ well ;)
07:28<ouba>I have an ati remote wonder with usb receiver ...
07:28<ouba>this work very well but I can't manage to control all into mythtv as I would :)
07:29<o_cee>got one of these:
07:30<o_cee>really kicks ass
07:31<ouba>actually, the problem is not to make the remote working
07:32<ouba>but to make working it with mythtv
07:32<ouba>my remote is *perfectly* configured with lirc
07:32<ouba>and all my button are mapped ...
07:32<ouba>i just want a simple table with all the command of mythtv if it exists one :)
07:35<ouba>yes but for example, how do you set up the volume into mythmusic ?
07:36<o_cee>it was changed recently to use the same buttons
07:36<o_cee>but looking in /mythmusic/README would probably be a good idea
07:37<ouba>nothing in this file ...
07:37<ouba>I had already read this one ...
07:40<o_cee>looking at the source would tell you:
07:40<o_cee> case '[':
07:40<o_cee> case Key_F10:
07:40<o_cee> changeVolume(false);
07:40<o_cee> handled = true;
07:40<o_cee> break;
07:40<o_cee> case ']':
07:40<o_cee> case Key_F11:
07:40<o_cee> changeVolume(true);
07:40<o_cee> handled = true;
07:40<o_cee> break;
07:40<o_cee> case '|':
07:40<o_cee> case Key_F9:
07:40<o_cee> toggleMute();
07:41<o_cee> handled = true;
07:41<o_cee> break;
07:42<ouba>oki doki, thx ...
07:43<ouba>moreover, i found this file : ""hauppauge-lircrc-nativelirc""
07:43<ouba>with a live example
07:43<ouba>o_cee: thx
07:44<rcam>I fixed the mythfilldatabase problem...
07:44<rcam>But it just keeps rescaning the same channels over and over again? It has already gone though it at least 10 times.
07:45<o_cee>it's not a mythtv issue, mythfilldatabase works as it should.
07:46<rcam>So its just supposed to keep going?
07:48<o_cee>i have no idea what you're talking about
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08:11<ouba>o_cee: thx for your advice
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10:15<o_cee>did anyone try my status page patch yet?
10:15<o_cee>you probably don't want to try it if you're not using CVS
10:16<rcam>Ok... What new features are in CVS?
10:16<rcam>I still need my sound driver to work :(
10:16<o_cee>uhm, alot.. guess the next mayor thing for 0.13 will be the new keybinding stuff
10:17<o_cee>you did read the documentation, didn't you?
10:17<rcam>Its my sound driver in Linux.
10:18<o_cee>unusual card or something?
10:18<rcam>I use a dedicated AMD64 3400+ for Myth... and KnopMyth r4 did not have the driver for my on board sound, yet Mandrake did.
10:18<rcam>I have KnoppMyth installed now.
10:18<o_cee>AMD64? yikes.
10:18<rcam>With a Geforce Fx 5950
10:19<rcam>512 MB DDR
10:19<o_cee>too good to have at your tv :)
10:19<o_cee>using alsa?
10:19<rcam>80 Gig 7200 Serial ATA
10:19<rcam>Yes but driver is not working.
10:19<o_cee>go bug alsa people
10:19<rcam>Lol ok.
10:19<o_cee>search their archives and stuff
10:20<rcam>I know its a bit overkill.
10:20<rcam>But its the slowest machine I have.
10:20<o_cee>great... heh
10:20<rcam>Its state of the art... but you know.
10:20<o_cee>not really ;)
10:20* o_cee has to do some dishes
10:20<rcam>Its the fastest AMD processor and video card.
10:21<rcam>It out performs my Intel P4 3.4 GHZ Extreame
10:22<o_cee>the only useful info you could provide is what soundcard you have, and that's the only thing you haven't said. stop braggin about your machine and do something useful instead.
10:24<rcam>But bragging is fun!
10:24<rcam>I am only kidding.
10:25<rcam>I have no idea actully.
10:25<rcam>I will look on the AMD site.
10:25<o_cee>how the hell do you excpect audio to be working if you don't know what soundcard you have?
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11:31<rcam>Drivers usually auto install.
11:32<rcam>Now I am trying to figure out why my tuner wont change channels... I know I saw something about that on the fourm.
11:32<rcam>And there seems to be a lag every second or so in the video.
11:32<rcam>Its a 3400+ so its no the processor.
11:33<thor_>no, not the CPU
11:33<thor_>probably audio
11:33<rcam>There is no audio.
11:33<thor_>that would do it
11:33<rcam>Its 64 bit too... hopefully we will have a native version soon.
11:34<rcam>thor_ What do you mean?
11:34<thor_>myth is not very happy when audio device is not working properly
11:34<rcam>I installed from KnoppMyth so everything should be perfect.
11:35<rcam>thor_ How should I go about finding drivers? Mandrake had them but KnoppMyth did not.
11:35<thor_>what chip/card ?
11:35<rcam>I dont even know what kind the audio device is.
11:35<rcam>Its onboard my AMD64 motherboard.
11:35<thor_>lscpi ?
11:35<o_cee>as Chutt would say, stop wasting time
11:35<rcam>Its on board.
11:35<o_cee>thor_: applied my patch? :)
11:36<thor_>o_cee, that's Chutt-land decision I think ....
11:36<o_cee>mine is also onboard, and i didn't make people on irc set it up for me
11:36<o_cee>thor_: i meant locally :)
11:36<rcam>o_cee You also have much more experince then I do.
11:36<thor_>no ... hang on ...
11:37<o_cee>rcam: don't be so sure of it.
11:37<o_cee>thor_: need to know how you think the sub-titles work.. i haven't got those
11:38<thor_>just getting it in place ... oh need to set up a recording I guess ... dev box
11:39<o_cee>check so that it works without recs as well
11:43<thor_>patching away
11:43<o_cee>only got one box to try on
11:45<thor_>compiling away ... assuming no make distclean
11:47<thor_>bah ... dev box is too damn slow
11:47<o_cee>to slow? hahahe?
11:47<o_cee>you need make in libs, thats all
11:47<thor_>mainserver, no ?
11:48<o_cee>in backend yeah
11:48<o_cee>and in the other dir where i patched things of course
11:48<o_cee>or what's not workin?
11:48<thor_>it's fine ... just still compiling
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11:53* o_cee is off eating
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11:59<rcam_mythtv>00:07.5 Multimedia audio controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] AMD-8111 AC97 Audio (rev 03)
12:09<jeffpc>Hello, which tuner would you recomend for my linux box? (I hope to use mythtv.) I know about PVR-250/350 but they are somewhat pricey. I am also open to ideas of why I would benefit from them.
12:09<jeffpc>I have P4 2GHz with 512 MB DDR RAM
12:10<rcam_mythtv>PVR-x50 is the best solution.
12:10<rcam_mythtv>Otherwise the quality will be that of a budget card.
12:10<rcam_mythtv>That means a WinTV, ATI, or Generic Tv card.
12:11<jeffpc>so, it is not only the HW encoder that makes PVR-x50 special?
12:11<Chutt>there's very little difference between a pvr-250 and a wintv-radio, when it comes to capture quality.
12:11<rcam_mythtv>Chutt I guess.
12:11<Chutt>you guess?
12:13<rcam_mythtv>Chutt probley has more experince.
12:14<Chutt>i'd sure as hell hope so.
12:14<Chutt>i can spell right, too! :p
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12:16<jeffpc>overall, hauppauge has has the best HW?
12:16<Chutt>unless you get one of the newer cards that have an unsupported chipset in linux, i'd say yes
12:17<jeffpc>ok, that's good to know
12:19<o_cee>thor_: how's it goin?
12:19<o_cee>Chutt: patch looking good?
12:20<Peitolm>if i have the backend recording shows onto a local drive, then i move them to a remote(nfs) directory, wil the extended info like date, time and description be carried with it?
12:20<Peitolm>or, perhaps a better way of asking, is there an "recorded shows archive" setting
12:21<o_cee>that info is in the database.
12:21<thor_>o_cee, if I can remember how to use CVS, should have it running shortly
12:21<o_cee>thor_: heheh, okay :)
12:21<Peitolm>so recent stuff is on the local drive, older stuff is on an NFS mount
12:23<jeffpc>Chutt, rcam_mythtv: thanks for the info
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12:36<Chutt>o_cee, haven't had a chance yet
12:40<thor_>o_cee, got it running
12:40<thor_>display is a bit wonly with nothing scheduled
12:48<davatar>o_cee: We were talking about this last night, you think you can add something to let you know guide data isn't being updated in the frontend? i.e. make the system status button red?
12:49<Peitolm>is that part of mythweb?
12:50<thor_>no, that's status out the backend of mythbackend
12:51<Peitolm>oh cool, is that a new feature since .11?
12:51<Peitolm>must be something i've missed
12:52<Peitolm>looks nice
12:52<thor_>thank o_cee
12:53<Peitolm>thank o_cee? did he/she write it?
12:53<Peitolm>anyhow, must go, GF birthday meal :) see you around
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13:18<jeffpc>Interesting....I just looked around the net for the specs for WinTV-radio, and I see the maximum resolution is 720x480. Is it really that good? (I also see something about 320x240)
13:20<davatar>It can't be higher than the broadcast resolution...
13:20<jeffpc>which is?
13:21<davatar>depends on your broadcaster.
13:21<jeffpc>USA, standard cable tv
13:22<davatar>heh.. standard.. cable is generally low res. There's no single answer. the NTSC spec is at 720x480, but the material put on it is a different story.
13:23<jeffpc>that's bad....reminds me of M$, they don't listen to standards too
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13:24<davatar>well it's also analog.. by the time the signal travels over 20 miles, a lot of lines have been blurred together.. You are never guaranteed anything.
13:25<Chutt>you're guaranteed the number of horizontal lines.
13:25<jeffpc>so you get somethingx480
13:25<Chutt>vertical resolution can't change, else it wouldn't be displayed on your tv
13:26<Chutt>horizontal resolution isn't set, as it's an analog signal
13:26<Chutt>it's common to sample it at a max of 720
13:26<davatar>Chutt: You're guaranteed to be within spec for the time between frames, not the actual resolution. Otherwise regular vcr's wouldn't work with NTSC, since they are only like 300 lines horizontal.
13:28<davatar>As long as you can still detect the sync lines in the proper places, you'll a picture.
13:28<o_cee>thor_: that happens to me sometimes if i load the page when the server is starting up.. that's not the case? i'll see what could be wrong..
13:29<o_cee>ah yeah
13:29<thor_>total guess is that it's a lack of recordings data in both cases (just starting up, or no recordings scheduled)
13:29<o_cee>an ending </div> is inside a } to much
13:31<o_cee>sending another patch :)
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13:32<Chutt>ah, almost done with the keybindings crap
13:32<Chutt>well, at least all the keypress handlers
13:33<o_cee>cool :)
13:33<o_cee>thor_: got time to try thte patch i send now? it should fix it
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13:34<thor_>o_cee, patch against prev patch, or against CVS ?
13:34<o_cee>against cvs
13:35<jeffpc>generic MythTV question: what happens if you have 2000x1500 virtual desktop (1280x1024 actual resolution) and run MythTV? Will it take up 2000x1500 or 1280x1024?
13:35<jeffpc>(the 2000x1500 is handeled by X)
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13:36<o_cee>thor_: you haven't got any guide data? :) maybe should check for <0 there
13:36<o_cee>shouldn't happen anyway
13:36<robertj>are there rpms for fedora by any chance?
13:37<o_cee>davatar: could you clarify what you mean? i don't understand
13:37<davatar>o_cee about the guide data?
13:37<thor_>o_cee, not on this box, no
13:37<vax>any ideas why I would only be hearing audio in the left channel but not the right? in amixer i set everything to 100%,100%
13:38<davatar>o_cee well, right now when xmltv doesn't update, you don't know anything unless you check local email. It would be nice for the frontend to tell you this, or of any other failure in the system.
13:38<o_cee>Chutt: is it needed to check for <0 on the guide data? shouldn't really happen, right?
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13:38<o_cee>davatar: if you look at the screenshot thor posted, you see the guide data stuff? and that stuff is in the frontend now as well under System Status?
13:38<o_cee>what more do you want to know?
13:39<davatar>o_cee: (I haven't seen the screenshot) but for example if I'm just casually using mythtv, something should come up during casual use saying "I'm running out of guide data!" instead of having to check server status continuously.
13:40<o_cee>well, it's in the frontend now..
13:40<o_cee>and this status page will warn as well
13:42<davatar>ok.. I'll check it out..
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13:45<o_cee>thor_: you got any way to try slave backends?
13:45<thor_>o_cee, not easily, no
13:51<o_cee>got it yet? very soon leaving
13:51<o_cee>leaving very soon even
13:51-!-tmk [] has joined #mythtv
13:51<o_cee>hi tmk
13:57<o_cee>thor_: leaving now, but just leave a note how it works.. will check the computer during the evening sometime
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14:06<thor_>o_cee, yup, that fixed it
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14:08<sailor420>should I have any trouble using an old nvidia TNT card for my tv-out card?
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14:14<Chutt>there, everything but the mythbrowser stuff
14:18<robertj>Chutt; there what :)
14:20<sailor420>I know that newer nvidia cards should work, but what about the older TNT cards?
14:21<Chutt>hey, no one answered me! i know, i'll ask again!!!!
14:22<sailor420>yeah, sorry
14:23<vax>any ideas why I would only be hearing audio in the left channel but not the right? in amixer i set everything to 100%,100%
14:24<robertj>perhaps you have you cut off your ear and forgot?
14:24<vax>nope, still there
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14:27<robertj>hrmm, the rpms seem to have circular dependencies
14:28<Chutt>you can install multiple rpms at once
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14:28<robertj>i'm using yum so that shouldn't happen
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14:31<davatar>robertj: yeah that happens to me to.. sometimes the dependencies are installed.. I usually force them to install again... I think it might be an rpm problem, not yum..
14:33<robertj>davatar: i'm sure the packaging is b0rk somewhere
14:33<davatar>try rpm --rebuilddb too.
14:36<tmk>sup chutt
14:36<robertj>hrmm, installing just mythtv works fine
14:36<robertj>but mythtv-suite complains
14:36<robertj>I think transcoder may be the culpret
14:36* robertj goes down stairs to make himself less naked while this thing installs
14:37<Chutt>tmk, hey
14:38<tmk>how's things
14:41<Chutt>not bad
14:41<o_cee>thor_: great :)
14:41<Chutt>mostly done with configurable keybindings
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14:46<tmk>what about smart input switching? :
14:48<o_cee>tmk: i made my first real contribution to myth ;)
14:49<tmk>what'd you
14:49<o_cee>spiced up the mythbackend status page
14:49<vax>any ideas why in mythtv I only get audio in the left channel and not the right?
14:50<o_cee>stop asking the same question over and over and over again!!
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15:30<thor_>hmmm can this be right: if I want to reset a pointer to a value in another class, I neen to declare a method like this: swapData( SomeType* &thing_to_swap)
15:30<thor_>is that * & thing actually sensible ?
15:32<thor_> .... well .... seems to work .... thanks
15:33<frumious>Hi, all. I'm using mdz's debian 0.11 packages and failing to get the tv listings when "mythfilldatabase" is run.
15:33<thor_>update your xmltv to 0.5.23
15:35<frumious>Okay, thanks, will do. Sigh, latest version in Debian seems to be only 0.5.22.
15:36<Chutt>it's in incoming.
15:37<frumious>Ah, super. I'll try that. Thanks.
15:38-!-jeffpc [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
15:41-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
15:42<thor_>although if you can understand a method using pass by reference to pass the value of a pointer, you could probably compile it yourself :-)
15:44<frumious>Well, it's one thing to know C++ and another to grok a large code base.
15:45<frumious>BTW, am successfully pulling down listings now. Thanks for the help.
15:54-!-Ndiin [] has joined #mythtv
15:54<Ndiin>Hello.. just inquiring if XMLTV v0.5.21 works with Myth 0.12?
15:55<Ndiin>(Looks like 0.5.14 finally broke)
15:55<thor_>but not with zap2it
15:55<Ndiin>With whom then?
15:55<thor_><Chutt> it's in incoming.
15:56<frumious>This is a popular problem right now, I guess....
15:57<thor_>I'm thinking about recompiling an irc client to include a button that just spits out "0.5.23, it's in incoming"
15:57<Ndiin>Everyone's super old installations broke a couple days back, so now everyone needs to fix it ;)
15:58<Ndiin>That's all ;)
15:58<frumious>Heh. I see. Well, I apreciate the patience !
15:58-!-cesman [~cesman@] has joined #mythtv
15:58<frumious>Maybe another often asked question: any idea's on when mdz's debs will get to 0.12?
15:58<thor_>as soon as he's no longer homeless
15:59<thor_>or thereabouts
15:59<cesman>hello everyone
16:00<frumious>thor_: how about sticking this in the topic?
16:01<Chutt>people should be able to figure that out on their own
16:01<thor_>(not that anyone would notice)
16:01<Chutt>especially since it's on the mailing lists so much
16:03<frumious>ls -lh mail/mythtv-users
16:03<frumious>-rw------- 1 bviren users 23M Nov 28 15:57 mail/mythtv-users
16:04<frumious>Oh, yeah, I forgot I was subscribed. Maybe those procmail filters wheren't such a good idea....
16:06<frumious>Only 5300 messages accumulated since I last checked that mbox.
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16:15<billytwowilly>frumious.. bah.. you should join lkml..
16:20-!-vax [] has joined #mythtv
16:25-!-FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
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16:45<vax>it ends up I set "Line" to capture in alsamixer, and now I get sound through both channels.
17:08-!-dant [] has left #mythtv ["Leaving"]
17:21<jeffpc>ok, I just ran mythtv-setup, and it is not finding my provider...
17:22<jeffpc>I enter the zip code
17:22<jeffpc>and it doesn't get the list...
17:22<jeffpc>do you know where I could find .debs?
17:23<thor_>it's in incoming
17:23<thor_>debian incoming
17:25-!-moegreen [] has joined #mythtv
17:26-!-Tofusensei [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:36<jeffpc>another question: when I run mythfrontend, I get access denied for user: 'jeffpc@localhost' (Using password: NO) (<= my usual account)
17:36<jeffpc>why is it using jeffpc?
17:37<thor_>mysql settings
17:38<thor_>xhost +
17:40<moegreen>jeffpc: Unless it has moved, check /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt - you set the database host, username, password, etc. in there
17:40<jeffpc>moegreen: I installed from .debs...
17:40<jeffpc>so the path is different...
17:43<frumious>jeffpc: are you starting the frontend as user mythtv?
17:43<jeffpc>frumious: no
17:43<jeffpc>frumious: should I setuid?
17:44<jeffpc>o crap...
17:44<jeffpc>I see...
17:44<frumious>not real sure, to tell the truth, but I've always run the front and backends as mythtv
17:45<jeffpc>frumious: it might be that mythtv was made to run under its own user...
17:53<Captain_Murdoch>mythtv can run as any user, I regularly run mythfrontend as myself.
17:54<Captain_Murdoch>the .deb setup may enforce a certain user through file permissions though...
17:54-!-linagee [] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:03-!-frumious [] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:31-!-beau [] has joined #mythtv
18:57-!-billytwowilly [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
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19:15-!-beau [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:34-!-Katmando [] has joined #mythtv
19:42-!-isaac [~isaac@] has joined #mythtv
19:42-!-isaac is now known as isaac_
19:50-!-mattfelsen [] has joined #mythtv
19:52<isaac_>i may or may not have fixed my stupid linking problem
19:53<jeffpc>deinterlacing seems to be not working
19:57<jeffpc>how can I fix it?
19:57<jeffpc>I'm using bttv
19:58<thor_>cvs ?
19:58<jeffpc>no, .debs from...
19:58<thor_>0.11 ?
19:58<thor_>dunno ... should "just work"
19:59<jeffpc>deinterlacing is done by the app? or by the kernel driver?
19:59<thor_>Settings --> turn on deinteralcing
20:02<jeffpc>I don't see it..grrr..have to go..I'll look for it later
20:04<isaac_>is cvs borked? :/
20:13-!-Teflon [] has joined #mythtv
20:19-!-mattfelsen [] has quit []
20:19* robertj pokes around to see if the rpm placed a dump of the needed db anywhere
20:19-!-CyberKne2 [] has joined #mythtv
20:20-!-CyberKnet [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:22-!-beau [] has joined #mythtv
20:32<robertj>mythsetup is not 802.11b friendly ;p
20:33-!-robbie__ is now known as robbie
20:46-!-beau [] has left #mythtv []
20:52-!-GreyFoxx [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
20:53-!-vax [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
21:00-!-vax [] has joined #mythtv
21:21-!-Omnic [] has joined #mythtv
21:22<Omnic>god xmltv blows
21:24<DogBoy>why's that
21:26<jeffpc>hmmm...deleting a one hour movie fragment takes a really long time :-(
21:28<jeffpc>I think I'll compile mythtv myself...
21:28<jeffpc>maybe that'll help it..
21:30<robbie>you know there is a far better way to start mythtv automatically than by using gdm,kdm
21:30<robbie>which so many people seem to do
21:31<robbie>x:23:respawn:/bin/su mythtv /usr/bin/X11/xinit
21:32<robbie>and have an appropriate .xinitrc
21:32<jeffpc>that's nice...
21:33<robbie>insmod saa7127 enable_output=1 output_select=1 pal=1
21:33-!-latetalk [] has joined #mythtv
21:33<robbie>and it still outputs ntsc
21:35* Omnic does this
21:35<Omnic>mjb@pvr:~/mythtv> grep yth /etc/inittab
21:35<Omnic># Myth
21:35<Omnic>mjb@pvr:~/mythtv> cat /usr/local/sbin/autologin-myth
21:35<Omnic>chown mythtv:mythtv /dev/tty8
21:35<Omnic>openvt -c 2 -s -w su - mythtv -- startx
21:35<Omnic>sleep 3
21:36<robbie>i think mine is more elegant :)
21:36<robbie>but i am biased
21:37<Omnic>no way.... this way gives you control over which vt, and gives a pause between respawns
21:37<robbie>mine is a dedicated box
21:37<Omnic>DogBoy: it sucks cos the nz one is in python, and is broken.
21:37<Omnic>robbie: so's mine :)
21:37<robbie>Omnic: what you use for tv out ?
21:37<Omnic>robbie: some generic nvidia card...
21:38* robbie is quite unimpressed with nvidia tv out
21:38<robbie>i cant get rid of the diagonal shading
21:38<robbie>and the ati card is ncie, but tv out only works in vesa
21:38<DogBoy>what ati card
21:38<Omnic>DogBoy: and myth sucks cos some places put the episode name in the title, which breaks scheduled recordings
21:38<robbie>radeon 7000
21:38<Omnic>diagonal shading?
21:38<DogBoy>I got a radeon 7200
21:38<DogBoy>it sucks
21:39<robbie>ya, its like bands of light and dark
21:39<robbie>on the nvidia card
21:39<DogBoy>Omnic: don't watch those shows
21:39<robbie>the best tv out ive seen sofar was on an old onboard tnt2
21:39<Omnic>robbie: probably an offshoot of that Never Twice the Same Colour thing.
21:39<Omnic>DogBoy: Stargate SG1? no way!
21:40<DogBoy>oh god
21:40<robbie>Omnic: ??
21:40<robbie>is there a fix for it ?
21:40<DogBoy>my brother watches that
21:40<Omnic>robbie: NTSC sucks, ok?
21:40<robbie>well im using pal
21:40<Omnic>oh.. my apologies :)
21:40<robbie>i could try it with ntsc
21:40<Omnic>no, dont.
21:40<DogBoy>you could also emigrate
21:41<robbie>well i got tv which will take anything
21:41<DogBoy>xmltv must work somewhere
21:41<Omnic>fwiw, X config:
21:41<Omnic> Option "ConnectedMonitor" "TV"
21:41<Omnic> Option "TVStandard" "PAL-G"
21:41<Omnic> Option "TVOutFormat" "COMPOSITE"
21:41<Omnic> Option "TVOverScan" "1.0"
21:41<robbie>Omnic: you get a nice picture ?
21:41<Omnic>yeah, just a little distortion on the sides, but that's cos the overscan stuff is busted
21:42* robbie is using PAL-B
21:42<robbie>might try PAL-G
21:42<Omnic>DogBoy: no thanks, I like .nz :)
21:43* robbie went to queenstown a couple years ago
21:43<robbie>nice place
21:47<robbie>lots of good resturants
21:48<robbie>and lots of nice local wine to drink
21:49<DogBoy>Omnic: yeah, I bet I would too
22:04-!-Chutt [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:05<davatar>pal blows just as much as ntsc.. and low frame rate :)
22:08<dopez>at least its higher resolution :)
22:08-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
22:19-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
22:19<davatar>When I was overseas I couldn't bare to watch it though.. flicker.. flicker.. flicker..
22:21<dopez>sounds like a bad tv, but it is 10hz less orso
22:22<davatar>nah.. I just hate low refresh rates :)
22:22<dopez>me too, that's why i watch tv on my pcs ;)
23:00-!-frzd [] has joined #mythtv
23:00<frzd>anyone know a good place to order a pvr350?
23:00<frzd>everyone seems to be out of stock
23:05<frzd>it's a shame i can't just order direct from the manufacterer
23:10<robbie>they are expensive as hell in .au
23:10<frzd>but that's in AU($)
23:10<frzd>what's the conversion?
23:10<robbie>not too bad atm , compared to a few months ago
23:10<frzd>i mean they're like <200$USD
23:10<robbie>i think it up round the 70c US mark
23:11<frzd>i guess that's still pretty expensive
23:11<frzd>still, i can't find anyone that isn't backordered
23:11<frzd>newegg doesn't even stock them anymore
23:12<frzd>even cdw has like 1-2 weeks backorder
23:13<frzd>i'm thinking of just buying the pvr250 from a local store, but i can't find any cards with half-decent tvout
23:13<frzd>i feel like if i'm spending 100+$, i might as well go the whole nine yards
23:14<robbie>ya, decent tv out is the bugbear
23:14<robbie>i got a ncie scan converter here which has a brilliant picture
23:14<frzd>how much was it?
23:14<robbie>but its overscan is just a little too much
23:22<frzd>i'm emailing hauppage sales, gonna see if they'd sell me one directly.
23:25-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
23:26-!-josephk [] has joined #mythtv
23:28<davatar>so have anyone tried this yet?
23:36<frzd>hmm hdtv, i wonder if i can pickup hdtv without getting digital cable
23:38<isaac_>is cvs broken?
23:38<isaac_>filter_quickdnr.c: In function `quickdnrMMX':
23:38<isaac_>filter_quickdnr.c:272: parse error before `const'
23:38<davatar>frzd: no, only antenna for now
23:38<davatar>isaac: there's two double semicolons which newer gcc's ignore completely.. I was about to submit a patch..
23:39<thor_>;; should not really be an error
23:39<thor_>hang on
23:40<thor_>that should do it
23:41<thor_>there, got them both
23:41<thor_>you should be able to update and build now
---Logclosed Sat Nov 29 00:00:53 2003