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---Logopened Sat Nov 29 00:00:53 2003
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01:04<Octane>i have a somewhat silly question which im sure people have faced before: if i connct my digital cable box to the tuner instead of directly, how does mythtv change channels to record?
01:05<DogBoy>with a connector that goes from a serial port to the back of the cable box I believe
01:05<Octane>i have a serial ir blaster
01:05<Octane>i see okay
01:05<Octane>thats what i figured
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01:10<jeffpc>is there a way of having a directory with extra themes out of /usr/share/mythtv/themes
01:10<jeffpc>this way, I have all my extra themes some place safe from dpkg and apt
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02:34<vax>any ideas how I can set mythtv from mono to stereo? i think it's on mono..
02:34<tmk>mythtv doesn't do much with audio
02:35<tmk>well i'm in pvr250 land tho
02:35<vax>bttv here, if that relates
02:36<davatar>anyone know where I can find mpeg-4 reference code?
02:40<tmk>reference what now?
02:40<davatar>mpeg-4 encoder/decoder implimentation..
02:41<tmk>it's included in mythtv
02:41<tmk>or standalone
02:42<davatar>it's not really the 'reference' from ISO.. I'm looking for a good deblocking algorithim. I don't really like the ones from libpostprocess..
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02:42<tmk>ask vektor
02:42<tmk>he's into that stuff
02:43<tmk>aka the guy who wrote tvtime
02:45<davatar>The reason I'm asking all this is because mpeg-4 calls for deblocking/deringing on playback.. we are doing neither...
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04:20<Octane>is there any advantage to using my cable boxs svideo out/rca audio out to my pvr250 over just coaxial cable? the box's input is from coaxial cable
04:22<tmk>in fact it's worse, since you have to change channels manually with the cable box
04:25<Octane>thanks tmk!
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04:30<tmk>however, if you use the coax out from teh cable box, and the cable box is on
04:30<tmk>it may only send you channel 3 or 4
04:30<tmk>probably best to split the coax before the cable box
04:30<tmk>if you need the cable box to do the tuning, then svideo is better
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04:38<Octane>i need the cable box because without it i dont have access to any of the premium channels or any channel past 100
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04:50<tmk>oct: in that case svideo is better
04:50<Octane>tmk: thanks again
04:50<tmk>i do both actually: svideo for channels > 100
04:50<tmk>and on-board for normal ones
04:50<Octane>so that would mean i need audio rca too
05:02<tmk>yeah a 1/8" jack to dual RCA
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05:29<o_cee>tmk: you still awake?
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05:47<o_cee>hi :)
05:48<o_cee>almost noon here
05:49<o_cee>thought i'd ask if you got some place i could put my skin for mythtv, but i can ask chutt first.. haven't got anywhere to put it
05:49<o_cee>but i'd not packed up yet, so
05:53<tmk>sorr i don't have space really
05:58<sfr>o_cee: i could put it online
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06:38<o_cee>sfr: okay, great :) i'm not sure i'll have time to pack it today, but maybe.
06:38<o_cee>leaving now anyway, talk to you later
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06:46<Octane>would someone know why before running mythtvsetup i have color in my output and after its black and white?
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12:45<mainuser>hi all
12:46<mainuser>someone in here can help me with the WinTV PVR250?
12:49<Sfr>mainuser: Just ask, and read ;)
12:50<mainuser>ok, np, just installed IRC client, thought maybe some wrong configurations on my system causes the messages not to come trough me
12:50<mainuser>through to me
12:52<mainuser>My PVR250 (PAL) just produces blank screen, ivtv says: ivtv: Timeout waiting for data!
12:54<Sfr>mainuser: the ivtv channel/mailing lists might be more appropriate to ask, but i'll give a try. Are you sure your TV cable is connected properly and working? Any messages in /var/log/messages?
12:54<mainuser>yes, it works with the "bad OS"
12:54<mainuser>Nov 29 18:32:21 neied kernel: ivtv: Timeout waiting for data!
12:54<mainuser>Nov 29 18:33:42 neied kernel: ivtv: EOS interrupt not received! stopping anyway.
12:55<mainuser>thx for help
12:55<mainuser>you german?
12:55<mainuser>ich auch
12:55<mainuser>d\xFCrfte einfacher sein
12:55<Sfr>not in here, please.
12:56<mainuser>ah, ok
12:57<mainuser>more info on system: i used the KnoppMyth Installer (RC4)
12:59<mainuser>how do i read it?
13:00<Sfr>mainuser: ?
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13:00<thor_>ich bein ein donut ?
13:01<Sfr>thor_: ;) close
13:02<mainuser>ok, bitchx told me i have mail, i thought it was some irc-message
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13:19<dwmurphy>Q: when i try to list my recorded programs from mythweb, the mythbackend.log fills with 'waiting for thread' errors. i ran out of space doing some records, and sometimes i see an error about trying to access a .nuv (to transcode?). any idea how i can fix this?
13:20<isaac_>dwmurphy: you could delete the offending nonexistant .nuv from the database maybe
13:22<rcam>A channel has opened for KnoppMyth. The channel is #knoppmyth Join now
13:23<dwmurphy>isaac_: yeah.. thought of that.. was wondering if there was a 'nicer' way to recover from this. i start getting the errors way before a ref to a .nuv.
13:24<isaac_>i have no idea :/
13:26<dwmurphy>if i reset my db, and leave existing recorded files in my recording dir, will they have have all their program info when i re-init mythtv? obviously i'll need to get channel info, bu that's no big deal
13:26<isaac_>don't reset the database
13:27<isaac_>just delete the one row
13:30<dwmurphy>yeah. i'll try that first.. but i suspect that won't help :(
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13:37<isaac_>can anyone compile cvs on debian unstable?
13:38<frzd>i could set it up
13:38<thor_>isaac_, more problems than the double semi-colons ?
13:38<frzd>i have to install debian unstable though...
13:38<frzd>i tried .12 before with my STB tv tuner, and i had major audio clipping problems
13:39<frzd>i guess it's worth a shot with cvs to see if i can fix it
13:40<isaac_>thor_: still mad unresolved symbols
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13:40<isaac_>i'm just looking to check Qt package versions with someone who can succesfully compile it
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13:41<thor_>isaac_, since you were getting those ;; errors, I'd be a little worrid about what version of g++ you're running
13:42<isaac_>;; errors?
13:43<thor_>the errors you were getting last night in the filter stuff were due to the fact that some of the code had two semi-colons in a row
13:43<thor_>with most (all?) recent versions of g++, that's not an error
13:44<isaac_>i was getting filter errors but i don't think they had to do with double semicolons
13:44<isaac_>and i did a cvs up and they're fixed now anyways :)
13:44<thor_><isaac_> filter_quickdnr.c: In function `quickdnrMMX':
13:44<isaac_>it just won't link. if i redirect the linking errors to a file it's 4.9mb
13:45<thor_><isaac_> filter_quickdnr.c:272: parse error before `const'
13:45<thor_>(two semicolons in a row, nox fixed in cvs)
13:45<isaac_>ok, maybe it did have to do with double semicolons :D
13:45<isaac_>Version: 2:2.95.4-14
13:45<isaac_>^-- for g++
13:46<isaac_>should i install 3.3?
13:46<thor_>dunno ... but that seems a bit old for "unstable" .... but I know *nothing* about Debian
13:46<isaac_>thor_: well, this was a stable box which i dist-upgraded to unstable
13:46<rcam>knoppmyth irc channel open at #knoppmyth
13:47<thor_>rcam, audio any better ?
13:47<rcam>Yes.... I installed a new video card which also has audio so.
13:47<rcam>thor_ I found it lying around.
13:51<rcam>thor_ Do you use KnoppMyth?
13:57<rcam>thor_ My ATI TV wonder is really choppy in MythTV but not in XawTV?
13:58<thor_>sorry, capture card or video card ?
13:59<rcam>Capture card.
13:59<thor_>well ... xawtv is not recording all the time ...
14:00<DogBoy>good point
14:00<rcam>Its an AMD64 3400
14:01<rcam>Guess its not the processor huh?
14:01<thor_>yes, yes, we all know that :-)
14:01<rcam>So why would it do such a thing?
14:02<thor_>could be a bazillion things .... sharing IRQ's, no dma on your drives, crappy bios settings, flaky card, ....
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14:02<rcam>thor_ Would you please take a look for me?
14:03<thor_>can you try and catch me later today, I'm just about out the door
14:15<dwmurphy>isaac_: removing the rows from the recorded table didn't help :( something else is triggering that
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14:18<dwmurphy>isaac_: actually.. wait.. it did fix it. thanks for the idea ;)
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14:25<_Nero_>has anyone here experienced the "choppy video with solid colors" issue on a hauppauge PVR-250? If I do a cat /dev/video0 > ... and view the video everything is fine.. but in mythtv, if the video has a solid color, the video and audio get extremely choppy.
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14:56<bbeattie_>Anyone know which would be faster, raid0 with 2 drives on the primary of each ide controller on the motherboard (That also have slaves of a slower drive and the other with a dvd drive) or using a pci card with 2 ide controllers, and the drives primary on each, no slaves. ? (Motherboard and the pci ide controllers are all ata 133), drives are ata 133, except the second drive which is ata33
14:56<bbeattie_>I know this is partially off topic, but it's for recording 4 hd sterams at once, so it's sorta on topic
14:56<bbeattie_>(Picked up 2 200 gig maxtor drives yesterday for $99 each after rebates)
14:58<ChaosExiguum>my guess is pci ide
15:00<bbeattie_>alright. I know a bit about internals/scheduling, but not about differences ebtween using an mb's ide controllers vs pci, and scheduling and which is faster. My thoughts are that possible if it's reading from a pci card, going to a pci card, data will not have to enter the mainboard's main chips
15:01<ChaosExiguum>hmm, that would be ideal, but I don't know for sure if thats how it world out in real life
15:03<ChaosExiguum>mostly my thinking is that having the ata33 drive in the chain is going to invite slowdown while the controller is waiting for it to respond
15:03<ChaosExiguum>since, unlike scssi, ide is syncronous
15:05<DogBoy>where does the cover art go for mythvideo
15:06<ChaosExiguum>DogBoy, on your drive :o)?
15:07<ChaosExiguum>my guess would be maybe in your ~/.mythtv dir
15:07<ChaosExiguum>or in your videos dir
15:10<DogBoy>gonna read the readme for mythvideo
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17:18<Octane>DogBoy in your videos dir
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17:18<Octane>damn 2 hours late
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17:28<DogBoy>Octane: figured it out, the cover has to have the extension .jpeg rather than .jpg in order to browse to it
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17:35<Octane>oh yah, that too :()
17:36<Octane>qt thing
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18:07<rcam>I finally got my TV Card working very nicely! Thanks to CESMAN.
18:29<rcam>So now I am getting Could not connect to the master backend server -- is it running? Is the Ip address set for it in the setup program correct?
18:29<rcam>Any ideas ^
18:30<sfr>wrong setup or the backend crashed/wasn't started
18:31<rcam>Hmm... Redoing setup now. I am using KnoppMyth,.
18:33<rcam>Fixed :)
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18:59<frzd>i'm trying to compile mythtv0.12
18:59<frzd>but i get parse errors in videoout_ivtv.cpp
19:00<frzd>gcc 3.3
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19:31<Ripp>anyone use lirc-7pre series on gentoo?
19:47<jeffpc>where's mythtv cvs?
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19:52<jeffpc>ok, that was stupid...
19:52<jeffpc>I didn't see it before
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20:02<Octane>god damn setting up a second lirc for an ir blaster is a bitch!
20:03<Octane>i think its more so my irq settings than a second lirc
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20:39<Ripp>anyone having trouble w/ mythgame (or mame) not launching mame fullscreen?
20:47<Octane>anyone know how to resolve little quick scanlines. im almost certain its a video issue since changing input to my tuner doesnt change anything.
20:51<Octane>it only happens in mythtv though so i dot know
20:59<frzd>is anyone else having problems with xmltv?
21:00<frzd>it's not snagging listings..
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21:04<dave110>can I ask, has anyone here used DVB with mythtv?
21:07<dave110>I'm getting some errors trying to compile the DVB driveers of linuxtv but I keep coming up with errors
21:12<Octane>refer to this post:
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21:31<Octane>but otherwise, a better solution would be to apt-get update
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21:40<rcam>My audio volume from my tv tuner is very low, yet its up all the way.
21:41<rcam>For some odd reason my audio which is patched from my tuner card is being played live... when I watch in MythTV this is bad because the video and audio are not coming from the file.
21:43<dopez>check the docs about setting up your soundcard (assuming your using alsa),
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22:09<rcam>For some reason MythTV is not recording the volume. (Live or recorded) I have the source set correclty and muted. If I unmute it it records it and plays the live audio at the same time... both playing at the same time casuses problems obviously.
22:09<rcam>Kinda killed my message there huh :)
22:10<rcam>For some reason MythTV is not recording the volume. (Live or recorded) I have the source set correclty and muted. If I unmute it it records it and plays the live audio at the same time... both playing at the same time casuses problems obviously.
22:16<rcam>Basicly when I mute the line in, which is set to record, it mutes it for recording as well! Any ideas?
22:16<dopez>see the docs, you probally need to tune up the volume for 'capture' or 'recording' try playing with a volume control while capturing..
22:17<rcam>I did all that.
22:17<rcam>Nothing works!
22:17<rcam>Which is why I am here.
22:17<rcam>When I mute the line in, which is set to record, it mutes it for recording as well! Any ideas?
22:17<dopez>no idea, sounds like a weird soundcard
22:19<dopez>maybe try some other tool for volume control, if using kde, try kmix, or alsamixer(gui)
22:19<rcam>I did it all.
22:20<rcam>I have literly tried everything I know of.
22:20<rcam>I just need some way to set the record volume seperatly... if that is possible.
22:20<rcam>I thought the record volume was supposed to be automatic though.
22:21<tmk>rcam, sounds like you need to toggle which device is the recording device
22:21<rcam>Maybe its not due to my driver.
22:21<rcam>tmk Did that.
22:21<rcam>tmk Its on the proper device now.
22:22<rcam>If I unmute I will have live audio playing for the TV... Thats bad... If I mute it does not record that audio.
22:22<Octane>what soundcard you using rcam
22:22<rcam>Its an Intel i810
22:23<rcam>Its on my AMD board.
22:23<Octane>try recompiling alsa and stuff
22:23<rcam>But its a clone of an Intel I810 so the driver works.
22:23<Octane>youre using knoppmyth?
22:23<Octane>you need to repackage alsa-base
22:24<rcam>apt-get install alsa-base?
22:24<rcam>Explain please?
22:24<Octane>does this only happen when youre using mythtv
22:25<Octane>(in other words, mythmusic etc is ok?
22:25<rcam>Of cource they are ok... they are not using the input.
22:25<Octane>or then nevermind on reconfiguring the packages
22:27<rcam>The problem is that the card has been set to use a certain input as record... and in order to use MythTV that input must be muted. Otherwise you have live audio and MythTV audio which is delayed by 2 seconds. The audio volume is really low too.
22:28<rcam>So when I mute it for some reason Myth records no audio :(
22:29<rcam>octane ?
22:30<Octane>i am sorry i dont know :(
22:30<rcam>I think it may be my driver
22:30<rcam>How should I go about getting a better audio driver?
22:30<rcam>Its tricky onboard sound.
22:31<rcam>I know there is a driver out there for it worked perfectly on Mandrake 9.2
22:33<rcam>Octane could it have to do with these options?
22:33<rcam>options btaudio rate=32000 dsp1=1 dsp2=2 mixer=1 debug=2
22:33<rcam>alias sound-slot-1 btaudio
22:36<rcam>The other problem is that TV seems to lag for some reason. I am on an AMD64 3400+ so it makes no sense.
22:37<Octane>make sure the drives are dma
22:37<Octane>see, thats the problem i had with knoppmyth -- its too easy and straightforward
22:37<Octane>you have no control over your system
22:37<rcam>ha well
22:37<Octane>while its great, its difficult to make it work across systems
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22:38<rcam>How do I make sure its DMA?
22:38<rcam>Octane ^
22:38<D-side>hello boys and girls.
22:38<Octane>i doubt there are any girl mythtvers
22:40<D-side>theres certainly at least one.
22:40<D-side>she posts to the users list all the time.
22:40<Octane>D-side i stand correct
22:40<D-side>indeed you do.
22:41<Octane>D-side but then again, you dont know if shes in here now! :)
22:41<D-side>so, anyone here now have a pundit? i just got one. :
22:41<D-side>:) even
22:44<Octane>Jarod does
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22:45<D-side>i'm trying to decide if i want to keep this client/server or just use the pundit as the frontend/backend
22:46<D-side>i'm fairly sure i'm just going to use this as the whole enchilada
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22:51<rcam>Octane... I have sound with video now!
22:52<Octane>what was it?
22:52<Octane>well done :)
22:52<rcam>Octane though the volume is at an extrodinaryly low volume.
22:52<rcam>The volume it records at is so low I cannot hear it.
22:52<rcam>How can I increase the record volume?
22:53<rcam>Octane My other problem is my video is laggy. Any idea what to do?
22:53<Octane>like i said
22:53<Octane>thats my only suggestion
22:53<rcam>I checked it.
22:53<rcam>Its fine.
22:54<Octane>try the knoppmyth forum
22:54<rcam>Octane... will you do me a favor and SSH in really quick?
22:54<rcam>Or the knoppmyth channel #knoppmyth
22:54<Octane>i think youre really overestimating my knowledge. but im flattered. ill do the latter
22:55<rcam>Ok thanks.
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