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00:19<Octane>is there a way to push my tuner's output to the right a little bit
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00:27<billytwowilly>Octane: Overscan setting I think.
00:27<billytwowilly>I've never used it, but I think that's what it's for..
00:27<billytwowilly>someone will probably pipe up if I'm wrong;)
00:35<Octane>billytwowilly: overscan is the whole screen
00:35<Octane>thanks though
00:35<billytwowilly>hmm. I thought I remember seeing a right and left setting..
00:36<Octane>np at least you respond :D
00:36<billytwowilly>Lots of people away.
00:36<billytwowilly>Did you search the mailing list archives yet?
00:36<Octane>i dont know what keywords to look up
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00:39<Octane>billytwowilly: itse not overscan because its only to the left when i use mythtv not anything else
00:40<billytwowilly>I'm not entirely certain either..
00:40<Octane>i am
00:40<Octane>(just about that though)
00:42<billytwowilly>so you want to shift the entire picture right or stretch the screen right?
00:52<Octane>streth it to the right
00:54<davatar>do you mean the actual analog input?
00:57<Octane>mtythv's output is about 20 pixels to the left leaving black space between the tuner's output and the tv's right edge
00:57<davatar>I know.. until *somebody* implements hardware cropping, it's going to stay that way.. What I use is software cropping filter, then set the mythtv overscan to 2%/2%
00:57<Octane>other programs, including mythvideo, are fine and take up the exact space
00:57<davatar>(under playback options for mythtv)
00:58<Octane>i see, thanks davatar. ill look in to it
00:59<Octane>while it sounds like you know what youre talking about with mythtv - do you know what might be causing mythtv's output to have scan lines in fast images? again, other videos are just fine
01:00<davatar>it's interlaced video.. click "deinterlace" under playback options..
01:01<billytwowilly>isn't it supposed to be interlaced for viewing on tv?
01:02<davatar>supposedly only if you have an output that will match scanlines... I see little difference on my 5200fx output with it on or off.
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01:03<Octane>thanks again davatar ill try it after the knicks game
01:03<billytwowilly>hmm. I didn't know that. Doesn't deinterlacing take up huge amounts of cpu?
01:04<davatar>not really..
01:04<davatar>but the image gets "fuzzy". people are working on better deinterlacers..
01:05<billytwowilly>That's good to know.
01:05<billytwowilly>You wouldn't happen to know anything about xmame and logitech wingman rumblepads would yoU?
01:06<davatar>nope.. Never tried mythgame..
01:06<Octane>lol lets milk davatar for all his knowledge
01:07<billytwowilly>hey, I'm getting while the getting's good;)
01:07<billytwowilly>to quote my redneck uncle;)
01:07<Octane>lol :)
01:10<billytwowilly>hmm. this wingman rumblepad is starting to frustrate me.
01:10<billytwowilly>it shows up fine in dmesg and I can cat the device and get symbols when I hit buttons but it's like x doesn't see any of the input..
01:14<Octane>davatar thank you ery much that worked :)
01:14<Octane>what refresh rate do you guys use on your tv's? 60?
01:15<Octane>30-50 and 60 that is
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02:02<vax>i've learnt that /amsg in xchat goes to all channels on all servers.
02:03<vax>yes, good thing i said 'blah' instead of my origional intention
02:03<charon>your credit card number? :)
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04:44<shamoun>hey do
04:45<shamoun>hey DogBoy
04:46<DogBoy>hi shamoun
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05:52<robbie_>anyone awake ?
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07:03* sfr presents o_c two e's
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09:31<marc__>I'm just wondering what I had to do to make Mythtv not touch the drive except when recording - I want to sleep the drive
09:31<marc__>I can put the database on another computer.
09:32<marc__>what do I have to think of?
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10:40<rcam>How do I do this... Change your capture device audio to /dev/dsp1 (in original setup) ?
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12:00<isaac_>rcam: run setup
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12:23<rcam>isaac_ I know what you mean... thanks.
12:24<o_cee>rcam: can't you figure out anything by yourself?
12:29<bitbyte>are there any capture cards that work with Myth that have Component inputs so i can cap video from my HD sat receiver?
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12:34<Peit|Home>is there a guide to the little symbols next to the recorded show description?
12:35<Peit|Home>stuff like RIP in a tombstone and a book, which i presume means bookmarked?
12:36<sfr>Rest In Piece -> automatic deletion, Hammer -> commercial detection running, Scissors -> cutpoints defined
12:37<sfr>Peace not pieces :P
12:37<Peit|Home>ah, i see
12:37<Peit|Home>that kind of makes sense, guess i need to know how to configure that at some point then, that being theauto delete
12:43<isaac_>bitbyte: most, i think
12:43<isaac_>or maybe not
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12:54<bitbyte>most have composite, not component, at least that i've seen
12:54<bitbyte>not the video + R audio + L audio
12:54<bitbyte>(red white and yellow)
13:06<isaac_>oh, you said 'component'
13:06<isaac_>i'm hungover + blind
13:18<rcam>isaac_ I still don't have BTaudio working... odd.
13:19<isaac_>dunno, heh
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13:23<rcam>isaac_ How do I setup the sound for the second device?
13:23<isaac_>i have no idea
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14:05<Captain_Murdoch>Peit|Home: the symbols were just some images I made up when I added the feature to display those. I was hoping that someone with better graphics skills than myself would submit some better ones but nobody has yet. I'm not even sure if any other themes other than blue use them yet.
14:15<Peit|Home>Captain_Murdoch: ah, I see
14:19<rcam>The audio I patched from my tuner card to my audio is horrible quality in MythTV while it is superb when I un-mute and use it in XawTV. Any idea of what to do?
14:22<Octane>I swear, the mailing list serach is the best thing ever
14:23<bitbyte>actually, a proper web forum would be better
14:23<rcam>Octane The mailing list has not helped with this.
14:23<Octane>rcam: i wasnt responding to your question
14:23<Octane>i didnt even read it
14:24<rcam>Octane Good :)
14:24<Octane>i am just saying, its really awesome and usable
14:24<rcam>Octane I said: The audio I patched from my tuner card to my audio is horrible quality in MythTV while it is superb when I un-mute and use it in XawTV. Any idea of what to do?
14:24<Octane>yes, I can read
14:25<Octane>jeez, the search feature on sourceforge mailing lists is so terrible
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14:47<Peit|Home>m when in EPG mode is supposed to change to that channel isn't it?
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16:02<sGeek>anyone around to help me with an audio problem?
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16:38<rcam>sGeek I am here... Maybe I can help... I have my own audio problems though :)
16:39<sGeek>I'm only getting clicking sounds from the audio
16:41<sGeek>If I have the line out from the tv tuner going into the line in on the sound card that is. The sound card is onboard, intel based. However, if I plug the line from the tuner into the mic I hear everything but there is still the clicking.
16:41<sGeek>I've read through the troubleshooting guide but I didn't come up with anything. BTW this is on Mandrake 9.2
16:41<sGeek>compiled from cvs
16:47<sGeek>if I have both mute and rec set on the mic and the output device set to /dev/dsp then I still hear clicking but no sound, if I set the output device to /dev/dsp1 then I don't hear anything
16:50<poptix>does anyone else find it really fucking stupid that the default hauppauge remote mapping makes vol-/vol+ rewind and fast forward?
16:51<poptix>with the yellow and blue buttons remapped to actually control volume..
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17:03<rcam>sGeek Do you have the Intel 810 chipset?
17:04<rcam>Doh... Hes gone.
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17:13<sGeek>anyone alive?
17:18<sGeek>get anything with your problem?
17:18<rcam>sGeek yes.
17:19<rcam>I am still working on it hehe!
17:19<rcam>sGeek what motherboard do you have?
17:19<rcam>AMD768 AC97 Audio
17:19<sGeek>but this worked fine with RH9
17:19<rcam>Omg what suck.
17:20<rcam>I have never met anyone that has the AMD768 AC97 Audio
17:20<rcam>Thank gosh there are others.
17:20<rcam>It worked ok with Mandrake 9.2
17:20<sGeek>it did?
17:20<sGeek>I've yet to get it working :)
17:20<rcam>sGeek mine is on an AMD64 system is yours?
17:20<sGeek>Athlon XP
17:21<rcam>I have an AMD64 3400+
17:21<rcam>Many of them actully.
17:21<rcam>I am doing some research on the AMD768 AC97 Audio
17:21<rcam>I found this
17:22<rcam>sGeek the Intel 810 driver works for it... but the quality of input sucks!
17:22<rcam>sGeek I do not recommend using it.
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17:23<rcam>Heya Chutt.
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17:24<rcam>Chutt sGeek and I have the AMD768 AC97 Audio. The Intel 810 driver makes the Line Inputs on the device screw up when recording.
17:24<rcam>sGeek what happens when you watch TV in MythTV?
17:25<sGeek>I get an ok picture but only clicking audio
17:25<Chutt>so buy a real soundcard
17:25<Chutt>or get on the driver authors to fix their stuff.
17:25<sGeek>lol, how helpful
17:25<rcam>sGeek that Chutt hehe.
17:26<Chutt>what do you expect me to do about it?
17:26<rcam>Chutt Have a magical answer to all of our problems. I mean come'on you are after all Chutt.
17:27<choenig>Chutt: hi, I reworked my shutdown patch today... I now only ask the mainserver using findBackendByHostname() if the current host is a backend...
17:27<Chutt>choenig, cool
17:28<choenig>prev. I used a solution to check if there are cards defined in the DB for that Backend, but I now commented that out.
17:28<choenig>do you want me to sent you a really clean patch or leave that stuff in for review?
17:29<Chutt>i'd prefer if it were clean
17:29<Chutt>if it's not too much trouble
17:30<choenig>I just thought about probably combining that two solutions, but I prefer the findBackendByName() thing
17:30<choenig>I'll send you the patch tomorrow, after I cleaned it
17:31<rcam>Linus Torvlads did it :)
17:32<choenig>as I said in my last mail to -dev, I want to keep my hands on that patch and improve it (and write some docs for it), but without it beeing basicly in cvs it is too hard for me to keep it in sync :-\
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17:33<choenig>Chutt: you simply have to tell me, what you don't like about it ;-)
17:34<Chutt>if you've taken care of that backend thing, that should be all
17:34<Chutt>of my objections, at least
17:34<rcam>sGeek you there?
17:35<choenig>the current state is that it is able to shut down multiple backends and is able to wake multiple backends (that latter would be done through a single shell script)
17:40<jeffpc>wow, g++-3.3 is really slow
17:41<rcam>sGeek Linus Torvalds made a post about it in the Kernel mailing list. I left called and left Linus a message. I will let you know what he says when I hear back.
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18:04<pmowry>Hi, can someone tell me where to look to see why a program is being trranscoded?
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18:06<pmowry>For program I recorded last night, thr backend just started transcoding 20 minutes ago.
18:07<pmowry>and running the backend with -v all didnt help.
18:10<pmowry>And the file is growing bigtime. Original is 2.2G, Transcode is 5G so far. I'm using current CVS.
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18:24<jeffpc>any ideas when we can expect new .debs?
18:30<Chutt>after 0.13
18:32<dwmurphy>when is .13 due?
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18:38<rcam>josephk You mean between Christmas 2003 and early 2004 correct?
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18:41<josephk>I keed
18:41<josephk>I joke with you
18:42<rcam>I see.
18:42<josephk>buy my new CD
18:42<josephk>come poop with me
18:42<josephk>anyway...2004 sounds right
18:42<josephk>but I'm not chutt
18:45* josephk is away: I'm actually away...I don't believe me either
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19:01<Netslayer>posted on the mailing list.. but maybe someone can quickly answer here. I'm trying to setup MythMusic to play from my cdrom drive sometimes and hd other times. I noticed the CDROM link under MythMusic - Select Music, but it's disabled (shadded out). I've double checked the setup and CDROM is set to /dev/hdd do i'm lost as to why that's disabled any ideas?
19:08<thor_>Setup -> Music Settings --> General --> Automatically Lookup CD's
19:09<Netslayer>heh that's ironic
19:10<Netslayer>Ah. Setup --> Music Settings --> General Settings --> Automatically
19:10<Netslayer>Lookup CD's.
19:10<Netslayer>Turn that on. Should solve it.
19:10<Netslayer>- thor
19:10<Netslayer>just found that post now.. k i'll try that
19:10<thor_>that's because I'm not a person, I'm an attempt to win a Turing Challenge
19:12<Netslayer>hmm still not working.. that was on
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19:12<Netslayer>that should work for mp3 cds right, not just audio. I have an mp3 cd in it now, and it shows: "CD - none" and it's shaded out
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19:18<Netslayer>it's only for Audio CDs
19:18<Netslayer>that sucks
19:19<thor_>looking forward to your patch :-)
19:19<Netslayer>hmm.. wonder how i can do this now
19:19<Netslayer>maybe i will
19:19<thor_>link you rmount point below your mp3 dir
19:19<thor_>your mount
19:19<Netslayer>u mean mp3 dir on hd or cdrom?
19:20<Netslayer>i've made a link to the cdrom in my music folder on my hd, but then i can't just select the cdrom's contents, it's all mixed in
19:21<thor_>what you want are multiple collections, which ain't in mythmusic yet
19:21<Netslayer>so it's quite impossible, unless i want to change the path each time
19:21<thor_>at the moment, yes
19:21<Netslayer>well the CDrom link really should support mp3's i'll look into that
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19:27<Netslayer>where is mythmusic located, i can't find it anywhere on my hd. It's not run from where I installed it is it?
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19:28<FunbagsNY>heya, in mythsetup when i am configing my zip code, I alt-tabbed and it says this msg - >(LWP::UserAgent version is libwww-perl/5.69)
19:28<FunbagsNY>Parameterless "use IO" deprecated at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.2/XML/ line 16
19:28<FunbagsNY>zap2it gave us a page with no service provider options
19:28<FunbagsNY>check postal/zip code or www site (maybe they're down)
19:28<FunbagsNY>however i checked the site.. and entered my zip and there are options
19:28<Netslayer>update your xmltv
19:29<pmowry>I still get the deprecated line, but updating xmltv worked for me.
19:30<FunbagsNY>ok what version ?
19:31<pmowry>I just used apt-get to install the latest version
19:31<thor_>it's a lib
19:32<thor_>uder your mtyh shares
19:34<FunbagsNY>I have the latest installed... 0.5.21
19:35<pmowry>I have 0.5.23
19:35<pmowry> tv_grab_na --version
19:35<pmowry>parameterless "use IO" deprecated at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/XML/ line 16
19:35<pmowry>XMLTV module version 0.5.23
19:35<pmowry>This is tv_grab_na version 1.93, 2003/11/01 15:01:46
19:37<FunbagsNY>i guess gentoo didnt update the ebuild?
19:37<rcam>seen cesman
19:38<rcam>Guess there is no bot in here huh?
19:40<pmowry>FunbagsNY: don't know, I'm running RH9 and installed apt-get some time back. I'm not really sure where I pulled xmltv from.
19:42<FunbagsNY>yea .23 should fix the problem
19:42<FunbagsNY>i am reading the mailing list
19:42<pmowry>hmm, transcode ran until I ran out of disk space (23Gb). Can someone tell me how to purge the transcoding table sincec I dont know why the program iw being transcoded in the first palce?
19:44<pmowry>I dont know a thing about mysql. The table has only one entery.
19:46<pmowry>Time for a reboot, I cant get mozilla running so I can look it up.
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19:57<pmowry>that was easy. To delete and get a count: delete from transcoding where 1>0;
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20:42<curreyr>thor? so, what's a "metadata server"
20:52<thor_>it's a module in the mfd
20:52<thor_>which doesn't really do mush yet
20:55-!-robbie [] has joined #mythtv
20:55<robbie>im toying with getting the program finder to list shows by category
20:56<curreyr>I was hoping perhaps a general link between data and view (ala MVC)
20:56<robbie>reckon it should a seperate finder or in the same listing as the alphabet one
20:56<curreyr>e.g put data in a DB, point a ListView at it and done (no more addNode)
20:57<thor_>db would have to be better defined
20:57<curreyr>I'm not that familiar with Qt, but does it already have a MVC mode?
20:58<thor_>things need parents and children to automagically sort themselves
20:58<thor_>model view controller ?
20:58<thor_>don't think so ...
20:59<curreyr>ok ... DB's are typically flat so "trees" are a prob ... (guess that's why we have XML :)
21:00<curreyr>ready for a stupid (whay can;t I see this!) q?
21:00<curreyr>tivobrowser.h:28: error: type specifier omitted for parameter `IntVector'
21:00<curreyr>and I
21:00<thor_>url handy for tivobrowser.h ?
21:01<curreyr>one sec
21:03<Lenolium>Unknown video codec: audio volume set to '65535' <-- Any recommendations?
21:05-!-bishop [] has joined #mythtv
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21:07<curreyr>damn new boxes ... here's the url
21:10<thor_>think you need some kind of template/IntVector include
21:10<thor_>unless you want a QValueVector, in which case you need to change the type
21:11<curreyr>uitypes.h has a typedef for IntVector tho ...
21:12<curreyr>doh ... cloned this from mythmusic , and it's playbackbox.h *also* has a typedef for IntVector ...
21:12<thor_>typedef QValueVector<int> IntVector
21:13<thor_>you need that in your .h, either global or (better) in the class description
21:13<thor_>ah .. yep
21:14<thor_>(typing without reading)
21:24<curreyr>god I hat compilers ... error: function body for constructor missing is a result of a meber function having a ':' instead of a ';' at the end
21:25<thor_>was thing about writing a language called C;;
21:25<thor_>C++ with no semicolons
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21:44<curreyr>cya thor ... eyes getting blurry so not much more I'll accomplish tonight
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21:45<curreyr>I'll probably post some more about MythTivo next week ...
21:46<curreyr>I need a way for the wife to edit cut points from the couch :), and then archive to a server so I can burn a dvd ... lots left to do ...
21:47<thor_>sounds interesting ...
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22:17<_Nero_>is it possible to stop a recording before the recording thinks it should be done? (ex: movie says it goes from 9pm-11pm, but really ends at 10:40pm.. it is recording right now, can I just stop the recording when the movie is over somehow?)
22:18<Chutt>hit i on the watch recordings screen to bring up the menu
22:18<Chutt>or m
22:19<_Nero_>that will work while it is recording as well?
22:19<thor_>brings up a menu, from which you can select stop recording
22:19<_Nero_>great.. thanks! :)
22:30<Netslayer>huh didn't know that cool
22:32<Netslayer>now i really don't see why watch recordings and delete recordings aren't merged.. it's the same thing, just add the disk space bar
22:33<thor_>people without i/m key mapped :-)
22:34<Netslayer>can that's sad
22:34<Netslayer>+well that's sad
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22:44<_Nero_>thor_: ever heard of doing that, hard freezing a system?
22:47<thor_>eh ?
22:47<_Nero_>I clicked "stop recording" it asked if I was sure, I clicked yes, and it hard froze the whole system :-/
22:48<thor_>hmmm .... not quite the expected behaviour
22:48<thor_>I've never seen it ...
22:48<_Nero_>I wouldnt say so.. :)
22:49<thor_>pvr-x50 or bt8x8 ?
22:49<_Nero_>I've been having all kinds of freezes of X.. fixed it using NvAGP "1".. but this was differnt- froze up the whole system (Wasnt able to ssh in)
22:49<Chutt>ivtv problem, then.
22:50<_Nero_>ok.. will not stop a recording in mid-stride then.. :)
22:50<_Nero_>wont have to do it too often anyway.
22:53<Octane>oivtv causes all problems i am slowly learning
22:54<thor_>new'ish code, and it's not like anyone is sending tmk tons of support (least of all Hauppauge)
22:55<Octane>sitin strike at hauppauge headquarters
22:56<thor_>they're probably totally confused why all the 350's have been selling like hot cakes and no-one can keep them in stock (?)
22:58<Octane>time to join the lirc discussion list
23:03-!-Octane [] has quit [""]
23:03-!-Octane [] has joined #mythtv
23:08-!-[9||]x [] has joined #mythtv
23:08* [9||]x slaps Octane around a bit with a large trout
23:12* jeffpc pauses the scene
23:13<jeffpc>all you mythtv developers: I used MythTV for only two days, and I'm hooked. Good job, and thanks.
23:13<thor_>cool ... now write something (code, documentation, large cheque, etc.)
23:14<jeffpc>MythRadio sound cool...
23:14<[9||]x>what video card will do
23:14<[9||]x>or tuner card
23:14<jeffpc>my WinTV-Radio has an FM tuner
23:15<jeffpc>but first, I'll have to figure out how to make a deb out of mythtv...
23:15<jeffpc>the last step before installation always blows up...
23:16<jeffpc>it is not using the correct paths for half of the 'make install' run by the debian package build tools...
23:17<jeffpc>another thought...LCARS theme for mythtv...nothing would be cooler than watching startrek with an LCARS interface...
23:17<thor_>mmmmm ... touch screen
23:17<jeffpc>yes :-)
23:18<jeffpc>but MythVoiceRecognition would be cool too..
23:18<Chutt>oh shit
23:18<Chutt>i never wrote the wgbh boston guys back
23:18<thor_>that doesn't sound good
23:18<Chutt>they were wanting to do some proof of concept stuff with voice recognition / synthesis in mythtv
23:19<jeffpc>whoa! cool
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