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---Logopened Mon Dec 01 00:00:13 2003
00:05* Netslayer wants voice recognition
00:06<Netslayer>what's the best wm for mythtv?
00:06<ChaosExiguum>I use twm
00:06<Netslayer>t is what
00:06<ChaosExiguum>dunno, but tight sounds good
00:07<Netslayer>think it's tab
00:07<ChaosExiguum>that sounds more correct
00:07<thor_>nope, tab
00:08<Netslayer>still trying to figure out how to get mine to autolaunch back and frontend with autologin.. that combo doesn't seem to work well in kde
00:08<ChaosExiguum>I only use my myth box for mythfrontend, so its ubersmall footprint is welcome
00:08<ChaosExiguum>er, frontend only
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08:08<o_cee>Chutt: up yet? had an idea for the commit list. instead of attaching a diff, there could be a link to the repository to see the diff there instead.. would be useful
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08:39* choenig is away: unterwegs
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09:06<o_cee>sfr_: you around?
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09:07<sfr_>o_cee: hi
09:08<o_cee>i finally packed up the theme
09:08<o_cee>you could host it?
09:09<sfr_>o_cee: yeah, got some spare free webspace
09:09<o_cee>cool. dcc sending the file ok? got your firewall setup? :)
09:09<sfr_>lets see
09:10<Snow-Man>You missed.
09:10<o_cee>you where just below sfr
09:10<o_cee>dammit, stupid client
09:10<Snow-Man>You did it again.
09:10<Snow-Man>Don't use a piece of shit.
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09:11<o_cee>there we go
09:11<Sofr>maybe not?
09:11<o_cee>Sofr: no go? i can email it instead
09:12<Sofr>sfr at gmx dot net
09:14<o_cee>feel free to try it.. i might have deleted to many files..
09:15<Sofr>not there yet. btw, the url will be
09:16<o_cee>allright. sending an email to the dev list soon
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09:27<o_cee>Sofr: got it yet?
09:27<Sofr>one sec...
09:27<Sofr>i'm only fetching mail every 1/2 hour
09:29<Sofr>will put it online in the next 10 minutes
09:29<o_cee>sending the mail now anyway
09:29<o_cee>gotta run
09:30<Sofr>o_cee: waah, next time _please_ use bzip2 !
09:30* Sofr thinks about rejecting mails > 2MB
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09:32<Sofr>o_cee: the file is gant-pr1.tar.bz2
09:33<o_cee>filesize wasn't reduced here when using bzip2
09:33<o_cee>but i'm not that good at that ;)
09:34<Sofr>definitely not :) it's now 2.6MB
09:34<o_cee>that's what my .tar is as well
09:35<Sofr>i'm a looser baby... yeah, 3.6MB due to the base64 encoding
09:35<o_cee>yah, mailsending does funky stuff
09:38<Sofr>o_cee: shoot
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10:26<choenig>o_cee: g.a.n.t. really looks nice :-)
10:26<o_cee>thanks :)
10:28<o_cee>let me know if you find any issues
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10:54* choenig is back (gone 02:15:40)
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14:10<Peit|Home>quick q, which is more important with respects to not being interrupted, storage for the ring buffer, or final storage?
14:11<Peit|Home>i have a choice, have the ring buffer on the same ide channel as the system drive, or have it on the same channel as the final storage
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15:14* kvandivo looks around.
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15:26<dcstimm>hey guys, is there a way to remotely see what channel tvtime is displaying? for example I want to be able to monitor what channels my daughter is watching while I am at work using ssh
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16:00<heller_>hi i get a little problem with xmltv, it appears that it wanted to load a ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_dk.conf, but i use tv_grab_de and only compiled with this, for that reason is also get an corrupted chanel database
16:00<heller_>even try to edit it manually but then i can't switch the channels using mythtv, only the sound goes straight forward and the program themselve hang
16:02<heller_>can somebody of you help me perhaps?
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17:09<poptix>mythbackend keeps crashing
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17:28<o_cee>anyone good at qt?
17:35<o_cee>anyone tried my theme then? only got two responses so far
17:41<rcam>o_cee Link?
17:44<o_cee>you don't want to run it
17:44<o_cee>if you don't use cvs
17:48<o_cee>Captain_Murdoch: you alive?
17:48<rcam>o_cee I would like to see a screenshot.
17:49<o_cee>one sec
17:50<o_cee>not 100% updated shots
17:51<billytwowilly>o_cee: I agree with whoever was talking about your theme earlier. It's really quite nice, but it'd be better if there was a physical change in the color of the highlighted menu option (ie to a light grey maybe) and also the down arrow doesn't match the selector arrow.
17:51<pmowry>0_cee: I'm running the latest CVS. I can give it a try in about 2 hrs. Since you asked about qt should I be looking for a problem?
17:52<billytwowilly>hey, screen three has matching arrows;)
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17:52<rcam>thor_ You around?
17:52<billytwowilly>I really like the theme o_cee
17:52<o_cee>billytwowilly: i removed the selector arrow.. but yeah, i also thought about making the selected item a little bit more distinctive
17:53<o_cee>thx ;)
17:53<billytwowilly>did you make all the graphics yourself?
17:53<o_cee>pmowry: cool, do that. no, qt is another thing
17:53<o_cee>billytwowilly: no, another guy
17:53<billytwowilly>They look quite nice.
17:53<o_cee>yah, i know :) amazing
17:54<o_cee>the guy who makes them is like 14
17:54<billytwowilly>I'm using the purple galaxy theme right now and it need exactly what this one has; something to fill up the right side of the screen;)
17:54<billytwowilly>are they releaseable under the gpl?
17:54<thor_>that depends
17:54* kvandivo smirks.
17:54<o_cee>billytwowilly: used with kind permission, and no, no gpl on those (as the readme says)
17:54<rcam>thor_ Hello. Did you do MythAudio?
17:54<o_cee>there' no such thing
17:54<thor_>Music ?
17:55<billytwowilly>o_cee: no readme with the screenshots;)
17:55<o_cee>billytwowilly: noo, but the downloadable
17:55<rcam>thor_ Yes, I meant Music.
17:55<thor_>Chutt wrote the first few versions, I (and others) added a bunch of stuff
17:55<rcam>thor_ May I PM you?
17:56<o_cee>thor_: how well do you know qt and the datetime stuff?
17:56<billytwowilly>How many developers are working on mythtv right now?
17:56<thor_>rcam, yup
17:56<thor_>o_cee, reasonably ....
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17:57<o_cee>thor_: trying to do something like: QDateTime RecStarts = QDateTime::fromString((*iter)->recstartts,Qt::ISODate);
17:57<o_cee>i get: mainserver.cpp:2529: no matching function for call to `QDateTime::fromString(
17:57<o_cee> QDateTime&, Qt::DateFormat)'
17:57<o_cee>/usr/qt/3/include/qdatetime.h:224: candidates are: static QDateTime
17:57<o_cee> QDateTime::fromString(const QString&, Qt::DateFormat = Qt::TextDate)
17:57<thor_>ah, ISO dates
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17:57<o_cee>static stuff and const stuff
17:57<brunes>should patches ofr mythweb be sent to mythtv-dev ?
17:57<o_cee>don't really see the problem
17:57<o_cee>brunes: yes
17:57<thor_>qt <--> mysql don't see perfectly eye 2 eye on dates
17:57<thor_>see , for example .... (looking it up) ....
17:58<o_cee>think its that easy?
17:58<thor_>ah, hang on, you just want to set a date today ?
17:59<o_cee>i want to grab a date and time for each of the shows
17:59<o_cee>so i can print out how long its until that recording
17:59<thor_>ah, that's what I thought
17:59<thor_>one sec ...
17:59<brunes>its a patch to make the JS work properly in KHTML
17:59<o_cee>need it in QDateTime then
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18:01<thor_>grep that for "Qt and MySQL can't agree on a friggin"
18:01<o_cee>yeah, okay
18:01<o_cee>got it
18:02<o_cee>QDateTime GuideDataThrough;
18:02<o_cee>querytext = QString("SELECT max(endtime) FROM program;");
18:02<o_cee>QSqlQuery query = m_db->exec(querytext);
18:02<o_cee>GuideDataThrough = QDateTime::fromString(query.value(0).toString(),
18:02<o_cee> Qt::ISODate);
18:02<o_cee>how can that workie?
18:03<o_cee>that tostring has to do magic?
18:03<thor_>you have to fiddle with the query value
18:03<thor_>to munge into what Qt sees as an ISO Date
18:03<o_cee>that query gives answer without - or :
18:04<o_cee>20031214000000 like that
18:04<thor_>do you care about seconds minutes ?
18:04<o_cee>should be like: "Will record in 1hour 4 minutes and 5 seconds"
18:05<thor_>well, you have to do the inserts like in that url above
18:05<thor_>(at least that's one way to do it)
18:05<o_cee>question is why that other stuff works
18:05<thor_>which other stuff?
18:05<o_cee>the tostring
18:06<o_cee>that i cpoied
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18:06<thor_>toString() is built into Qt (?)
18:06<o_cee>seems like it should be the toString of QSqlQuery
18:06<o_cee>is it like holiday and stuff in the us now?
18:07<thor_>sorry phone call
18:07<pmowry>Last thursday was a Holiday, so a lot of people have long weekends
18:07<pmowry>Make the most of vacation time.
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18:17<brunes>I dont get why the us likes to have thanksgiving so close to xmas. Two huge holidays, spread em out a bit longer
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18:27<brunes>i know why it is when it is
18:27<brunes>but IMO it should be moved :P
18:28<lmatter>don't move it, just add more :-)
18:28<brunes>it was moved before but not tnough :)
18:28<brunes>up here its at the end of Oct, so you have a 2 month buffer before xmas
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18:36<thor_>o_cee, I think the example will do what you want ...
18:37<o_cee>i got a step further now
18:37<o_cee> qdtNow.secsTo((*iter)->recstartts)
18:38<o_cee>because that one returns a QDateTime
18:38<o_cee>i could swear i already tried that
18:38<thor_>ah, that'll do
18:38<o_cee>now i just need to figure out a good way to output it nicely
18:38<o_cee>looking through qt docs
18:38<thor_>lots of % 60 :-)
18:39<o_cee>yeah, guess so
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18:42<o_cee>blergh, can't even think clearly on how to do it :)
18:45<thor_>see mythmusic
18:45<thor_>song time display
18:46<thor_>in playbackbox.cpp somewhere (grep for % 60)
18:46<o_cee>isaac seems to have changed some keybindings in mythmusic
18:47<thor_>key bindings are in a state of flux
18:47<o_cee>yah, i know
18:47<o_cee>skip forward did ff instead :)
18:48<thor_>yeah, noticed that
18:48<thor_>soon be configurable in any case
18:48<o_cee>the jump stuff will be nice
18:51<o_cee>think i'll add that in the popup instead
18:51<jeffpc>what happened to the Debian package maintainer? why don't we have 0.12 as a .deb?
18:52<o_cee>he's got a life?
18:52<thor_>he's busy/moving/etc. (as I understand it)
18:52<o_cee>think i'll skip the seconds..
18:52<jeffpc>well...I'll just try make one on my own :-)
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19:08<bishop>is there a way to put "Scan for Music" from mythmusic on a cron?
19:11<jeffpc>yay! myth dvd just finished building
19:13<jeffpc>mythtv...I mean
19:13<jeffpc>now, how the heck do you build a mythdvd .deb
19:15<thor_>bishop, not at the moment, but it's in the works
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19:19<bishop>thor_: cool. thanks
19:20<bishop>is there a todo list or something that shows what's being worked on?
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19:21<thor_>not as such
19:25<Octane>is there a way to just remove a myth module from the main menu... sorta unload it... instead of removing the installation
19:26<o_cee>you can hide the button
19:26<o_cee>edit theme.xml
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20:02<Octane>thanks o_cee :) that'll do
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21:21<mattfelsen>o_cee: you around?
21:21<mattfelsen>btw, is cvs goign slow or is it just me?
21:22<chiphead>just you... I just updated w/o issues
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21:59<tmk>sorry for the off-topic. anyone here good with alsa?
22:00<thor_>compiled it on a few boxes (?)
22:00<tmk>i need to figure out how to redirect my line-in to my digital out with the lowest possible latency
22:01<tmk>arecord | aplay works, but is about 200ms latency
22:01-!-Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
22:01<thor_>sorry, ask Chutt ?
22:02-!-RavenHair [] has left #mythtv []
22:04<Chutt>no asking me
22:04<tmk>i didn't :P
22:05<tmk>chutt: you interested in a patch for mplayer that can play dvd''s out the pvr350 and digital audio out the spdif
22:05<Chutt>not really, no
22:05<josephk>chutt is not interested
22:05<josephk>but I am
22:05<Chutt>xine, maybe
22:05<Chutt> QStringList imageExtensions = QImage::inputFormatList();
22:05<Chutt> if (imageExtensions.contains("jpeg"))
22:05<Chutt> imageExtensions += "jpg";
22:06<Chutt>any reason that wouldn't work? :p
22:06<Chutt>i'd have to check if it was lower cased or not
22:09<thor_>hmmm ... was going to fix .... cvs is a bit on again off again tonight (?)
22:10<Chutt>the machine's got a fairly high load right now
22:10<Chutt>up over 75 =)
22:10<thor_>that still a cellery ?
22:10<Chutt>87 now
22:10<Chutt>heh, now
22:11<Chutt>well, it is
22:11<Chutt>not a 500, anymore, at least
22:11<Chutt>it's a 1.7ghz celery
22:12<thor_>anyway, I'll fix it as soon as I get a password prompt :-(
22:12<Chutt>sure, cool =)
22:13<thor_>grrr .... everybody stop using cvs now !
22:24<cmorgan>is debian lacking a version of xmltv that works with current zap2it?
22:24<Teflon>omorgan: yep afaik, just download the source, perl Makefile.PL; make install and it'll fix itself until the next deb is out.
22:25<Teflon>(and upgrade any other perl modules needed)
22:25<cmorgan>Teflon: k, i'll fetch the source.... what a pain ;-)
22:28<cmorgan>Teflon: you grab cvs or some later version of source?
22:28<thor_>it's in incoming on Debian
22:28<cmorgan>thor_: can i force its install in unstable somehow?
22:28<Chutt>grab the deb manually.
22:29-!-Ripp [] has quit [""Bring me the hydrospanners! I don't know how we're gonna get out of this one.""]
22:29<cmorgan>any more info? never done that before ;-)
22:30<cmorgan>thanks ;-)
22:31<term>xmltv released again?
22:34<cmorgan>maybe i should just add incoming as a package source? ;-)
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22:40<D-side>term: sup
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22:57<mattfelsen>i accidentally hit x while watching a recording, and now myth starts transcoding, aborts it due to some cutlist error (maybe it not existing), and repeats
22:58<mattfelsen>is there a way to stop it?
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