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00:45<CyberKnet>Anyone have any good sites I can go to with regards to making patch files apply cleanly?
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00:46<CyberKnet>make that "with regards to learning how to make"
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00:58<DogBoy>what keys set cutlist marks?
00:59<billytwowilly>atleast one 0.12 that I'm running. you have to be in edit mode though.
01:00<billytwowilly>it should pop up a window.
01:00<billytwowilly>delete before, delete after, etc.
01:00<billytwowilly>you can also hit "z" to import the commercial cuts.
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01:05<WkdLester>Hi all, I have come to pick your brains =).... I have just installed mythtv, and when I watch live tv or record, the video is a bit messed up.. It looks like the vertical hold is off, I get part of the top of the picture on ...
01:05<WkdLester>the bottom.... anyone heard of this before? (XawTV works fine)
01:05<billytwowilly>never heard of that before.
01:05<WkdLester>it's really strange
01:05<billytwowilly>did you search the mailing list?
01:06<Netslayer>what country u in
01:06<WkdLester>not really sure what keywords to use though
01:06<WkdLester>I'm in canada
01:06<Netslayer>ok shouldn't have a prob
01:06<WkdLester>I use NTSC, us-cable
01:06<billytwowilly>what part of Canada?
01:06<Netslayer>might need to fine tune your tuner settings
01:06<Netslayer>oh here we go
01:06<billytwowilly>I'm in Edmonton, Alberta
01:06<Netslayer>i'm from wpg
01:06<WkdLester>cool, Brandon her
01:06<billytwowilly>what card are you using?
01:07<WkdLester>Leadtek winfast 2000 xp
01:07<WkdLester>I have built mythtv with this card before, and I didn't have to do anything too weird to make it work. Then my hd died, so I'm rebuilding it
01:07<billytwowilly>Is that a bttc card?
01:07<billytwowilly>er. bttv
01:08<WkdLester>I"m using bttv version 0.7.96 on debian unstable
01:08<billytwowilly>you should search google for what to put in modules.conf
01:08<billytwowilly>I had to put some stuff in there to get the card properly identified before the card worked properly.
01:08<WkdLester>hm... but if something was wrong in modules.conf, wouldn't that affect Xawtv too?
01:08<Netslayer>u might want to post on the list
01:09<WkdLester>I posted to the list earlier today
01:09<billytwowilly>hmm. yah it should mess up xawtv too.
01:09<Netslayer>ur using the tuner right
01:09<WkdLester>yeah... card=34 tuner=2
01:09<Netslayer>i believe u can finetune your settings.. that could be it
01:10<WkdLester>Well I noticed with mythweb, you can enter numbers to finetune each channel, but I've played with it a bit and it doesn't seem to help.
01:12<WkdLester>When I try to fine tune the channels, they either get clearer or fuzzier, but it is still messed up vertically
01:12<billytwowilly>have you tried messing with the overscan settings?
01:13<WkdLester>no, where would I do that?
01:13<billytwowilly>in the tv setup I think.
01:13<billytwowilly>perhaps in the backend setup program.
01:13<billytwowilly>but the channles are fuzzy as well?
01:13<WkdLester>hm I'll give that a try
01:13<WkdLester>no, the channels are clear
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01:13<WkdLester>unless I mess with the fine tuning
01:13<billytwowilly>ok, you might want to try the overscan then..
01:14<WkdLester>ok I'm gonna try that.
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01:22<DogBoy>nuvexport not using cutlist
01:23<DogBoy>is it something I ate
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01:38<WkdLester>Hey just out of curiosity, what kernel version are you guys using?
01:51<WkdLester>k.. I'm using 2.4.20
01:52<billytwowilly>DogBoy: Did you import the cutlist first?
01:52<DogBoy>what's that
01:55<billytwowilly>did you go into edit mode while watching the recording and import the commercial cutlist and/or make your own?
01:56<DogBoy>no commercials on this one
01:56<DogBoy>I made my own
01:56<billytwowilly>ok.. I don't know then. sorry.
01:59<WkdLester>Anyone have a favorite linux dist for installing mythtv on?
02:00<dopez>WkdLester: just use a dist what you know/are comfortable with
02:00<WkdLester>yeah, that's why I chose debian... I've used it the most out of all of them...
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02:01<dopez>im using debian sarge for my backend, sid for the frontend , works just fine
02:01<WkdLester>what's your tv card?
02:02<dopez>2 pvr250's
02:02<travail101>hey how do i get MythMusic tables in my database
02:02<WkdLester>I'm using sid for both frontend and backend (2 machines)
02:02<WkdLester>dunno travail, haven't got that far yet... lol
02:03<travail101>oh well... thnx anyway
02:03<WkdLester>I would assume that it does it automagically when you install mythmusic
02:04<travail101>well then i migh be having MySQL authentication problems...
02:04<travail101>i was having trouble with MySQL passwords
02:05<WkdLester>that's probably it... I've installed Mythmusic once before, a few months ago, and I don't remember having to do anything to put the tables in there
02:05<travail101>would you know how to get it to not need a password and stuff?
02:06<Chutt>most default installations of mysql don't set up a password without prompting you to enter one.
02:06<Chutt>so if there is a password set, you're the one that set it
02:06<travail101>yea... but now i want to unset it
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02:06<travail101>i thought i had to set one
02:07<Chutt>you can, or you can't, it doesn't really matter.
02:07<travail101>well, how do i get MythMusic tables in my Database?
02:07<Chutt>you follow the instructions in the documentation on the website?
02:07<travail101>i looked thru it, but there's a lot of documentaion
02:08<travail101>i looked under MythMusic
02:15<WkdLester>I agree
02:16<tmk>chutt: is there a way to index a .nuv without commflag?
02:16<travail101>so no one can help me?
02:16<dopez>if the backend exist without a segfault, and message or error would gdb be any use to figure out what happend?
02:17<tmk>dopez: only if you put a break at the error
02:17<Chutt>tmk, not really
02:17<tmk>can i modify it to just index and not flag? any tips there?
02:17<dopez>there wasnt any error, it just drops to the shell without any message
02:17<tmk>dopez: have you tried with -v all?
02:17<Chutt>tmk, probably, but i wouldn't know where to look
02:17<tmk>someone else wrote it eh
02:18<Chutt>travail101, read the docs, every single thing you need to do is in there.
02:18<dopez>tmk, not yet, i'll give that a try
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02:19<tmk>"i looked thru it, but there's a lot of documentaion"
02:19<tmk>that's great
02:20<WkdLester>can you just come to my house and do it for me? --- is what he meant
02:20<tmk>for the record. avidemux is very nice. kudos to the authors
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02:21<dopez>avidemux is what virtualdub is for windows if i may say so..
02:21<Bonkers>is there any easy way to force myth to think that you don't have xv support so it will fall back on the non-xv stuff?
02:21<tmk>perhaps in
02:21<Chutt>export NO_XV=1
02:21<tmk>or that
02:21<Bonkers>easy as in not modifying the source and recompiling
02:21<Bonkers>I'll try that one
02:22<thor_>some reason you want to force non-Xv on a system that has it ?
02:22<tmk>i have an aversion to x's next to v's
02:22<Bonkers>helping someone debug their system, xawtv only works in grabdisplay mode with the -noxv option
02:22<Bonkers>no idea what xv has to do with capture modes though
02:22<thor_>screenshot ?
02:23<Chutt>if their graphics card doesn't do xv, don't even bother trying to get things running.
02:23<Bonkers>it's a geforce2
02:23<Bonkers>certainly does xv
02:23<Chutt>xvinfo says...?
02:23<Bonkers>lots of stuff
02:23<Chutt>then it should work fine
02:24<Bonkers>ya, must be some other problem
02:25<thor_>Chutt, you want me to wander through the post-keybindings stuff in mythmusic and make the defaults closer than they were before ?
02:25<Chutt>naw, i changed em on purpose :p
02:25<Chutt>to better fit in with the tv playback keybindings
02:25<thor_>had to bite the bullet at some point
02:26<thor_>but we're going to get FAQ'd
02:26<Chutt>yeah, but it's all in mythweb now
02:27<thor_>new complaints about <?> versus <?php> and "Where do I download mythapache?"
02:29<WkdLester>why, of course ;)
02:30<thor_>mfd is moving along nicely ...
02:30<thor_>multi-threaded http server is more or less done
02:30<thor_>so daap serving will come back soon
02:30<thor_>and a lot of other serving mechanisms
02:30<thor_>it's actually looking very cool
02:32<Chutt>finally re-installing debian on my epia-m
02:33<thor_>I got the mfd (so mythlib) working on that slow thing the VIA contest people sent me on Sunday night
02:33<thor_>kinda cool
02:33<Chutt>it is my main production box :p
02:33<Chutt>fast enough with a pvr-350 in it
02:34<thor_>also, as a data point ....
02:35<thor_>I'm going to be out of the country again between dec. 12 and jan 2
02:35<Chutt>long time
02:35<Chutt>that's ok, i'm hopefully going to be spending a bunch of time finishing our basement
02:36<thor_>cat 5 ?
02:36<Chutt>framing and drywall :p
02:38<thor_>exterior wall/water issues/vapour barriers or just straight 2x4's and mud ?
02:38<Chutt>putting up a vapor barrier, but it's really quite dry down there
02:39<Chutt>i dunno
02:40<thor_>I may have the spelling very wrong (tuvek ?)
02:40<Chutt>haven't bought that yet :p
02:40<thor_>it's the stuff they do exterior wraps with now
02:40<thor_>and it's supposed to be really good
02:40<Chutt>just had stuff that's too big for my car delivered over the weekend
02:41<thor_>redid a whole kitchen 18 months ago .... anything that didn't fit in the car was 'nixed
02:41<thor_>(except appliances)
02:42<thor_>hard work ... but good when it's done :-)
02:42<WkdLester>much like mythtv, huh?
02:43<thor_>on the contrary
02:43<thor_>myth will never be done
02:43<WkdLester>ok true
02:43<WkdLester>I was more referring to building a mythtv box
02:44<thor_>nice to get it working, yup
02:44<dopez>myth might never be done, but it will allways be cool :)
02:44<WkdLester>hard work for newbs like me ;)
02:46<WkdLester>I noticed some dude is building mythtv boxes and selling them on eBay. I wonder what he is gonna do when XMLTV breaks again
02:46<thor_>caveat emptor
02:46<dopez>WkdLester: run fan away with his money :)
02:47<DogBoy>is it possible to set it up where a newer version of xmltv gets installed automatically when it breaks?
02:48<thor_>you just need about 1/4 of a million in venture funding and a "mythsubscriber" user base of customers
02:49<thor_>(or some very very clever Perl)
02:49<Chutt>or just an update process running in cron.
02:49<WkdLester>I suppose in theory you could just release a patch for it
02:49<DogBoy>guess it would depend on how much they changed it
02:50<thor_>question of return values
02:55<thor_>speaking of listings, does anyone (Chutt?) know where snapstream gets their feeds, and has anyone talked to them about a rebranding just their listing service under an OEM-ish deal?
02:57<thor_>and where is zap2it on a person-by-person xml-ish listing feed (you talking to them?) ?
02:57<Chutt>i get occasional updates about that
02:57<Chutt>no launch date, as far as i'm aware
02:57<thor_>they were right on the verge of something like a $4/month thing iirc ?
02:58<Chutt>no idea anymore
03:00<thor_>nice to tie the "Chutt the benevolent" dvd database and reccomendation engine to an actual listing resource ... user might as well get their money's worth
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03:03<sfr>Chutt: still awake? the mjepg sample file is at have patience as it's only 128kBit upstream
03:04<Chutt>i'll just download it overnight
03:05<sfr>this is a known good recording which is distorted when played back with mythtv
03:07<sfr>btw, my pc's ip will change in about 4 hours
03:07<Chutt>current eta is 34 minutes
03:08<billytwowilly>anyone remember the link to that web based mysql driven dvd database program of the top of their head?
03:08<sfr>ok, i'm off to work
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03:08<Chutt>sfr, thanks
03:10<billytwowilly>mydvds. Thanks freshmeat.
03:13<thor_>Chutt, on the thread pool stuff ... in the context of the mfd, I'm currently (non-CVS) creating a new thread whenever a connect discovers that the pool is exhausted .... and then have a long term check about the last time the pool was fully utilized to see if we should destroy one .... anything clearly stupid about that?
03:14<Chutt>put in an upper limit if you don't have one
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03:19<thor_> is available
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03:21* billytwowilly goes to regist to sell it to chutt for a bazillion dollars;)
03:21<billytwowilly>err. register
03:23<thor_>billytwowilly, got the e-mail, thanks
03:24<billytwowilly>If you decide to send some work their way let me know so I can work the kickback angle here at home;)
03:24<thor_>won't be able to deal with this until January, but could well be very helpful
03:24* billytwowilly wants a new myth box;)
03:25<billytwowilly>I hope it's helpful.
03:25<thor_>well ....
03:26<billytwowilly>I'm only joking about the kickback thing;)
03:26<thor_>accountants are constrained by the existence of government
03:26<billytwowilly>heh. if there was no government there would be no accountants.
03:26<billytwowilly>err. were.
03:27<billytwowilly>stupid tenses being different than spanish tenses.. stupid spanish final..
03:27<thor_>Hola !
03:27* billytwowilly goes and pokes out his eyes so he doesn't have to read any more spanish.
03:29* thor_ ponders Oedipus ... but is too tired to get into it
03:29<billytwowilly>Heh, this guy has been advertising total annihilation on for about a month now. He started at 5 dollars and is now at 2.75. I think I'll pick it up when he reaches one dollar in three months;)
03:30<billytwowilly>Oedipus... greek who slept with his mother?
03:30<thor_>and gouged out his eyes
03:30<billytwowilly>ahh. That was in a play correct? I think I read that a long long time ago.
03:31<billytwowilly>Unfortunately I have no recollection of the event in question...
03:31<thor_>... in a galaxy far far away ...
03:31<dopez> ... someone got really drunk ...
03:32<billytwowilly>heh. That is supposed to remind me of star wars, however it only reminds me of hardware wars;)
03:32<thor_>... epic ...
03:33<thor_>boy meets girl
03:33<thor_>boy romances girl
03:33<thor_>then tragedy
03:33* billytwowilly rumages around for his copy of hardware wars
03:34<thor_>... comedy ...
03:34<thor_>boy romances girl
03:34<thor_>boy meets girk
03:34<thor_>then epic
03:35<billytwowilly>mmm arty deco..
03:36<billytwowilly>mmm fluke starbucker.
03:36<thor_>.... freud ....
03:36<thor_>boy meets girl
03:37<thor_>more guilt
03:37<thor_>even more repressed Happsburg guilt
03:37<thor_>then comedy
03:38<billytwowilly>thor_: You should direct a movie;) You seem to have it all figured out;)
03:38<billytwowilly>I want to see your freudian epic comedy;)
03:38<thor_>short loop
03:38<thor_>(but lots of boy meets girl :-) )
03:40<billytwowilly>holy carp.. I have to go to sleep.
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03:49* o_cee is away: blergh
03:49* o_cee is away: blergh
03:49* o_cee is back (gone 00:00:05)
03:51* o_cee is mad tired
03:51<thor_>go to sleep
03:51<o_cee>just woke up
03:52<thor_>it's like 11 am in Sweden
03:52<o_cee>had to stay up all nite writing this essay. wich was supposed to be a group work. but one of the guys i haven't heard from at all, and the other one went mental
03:52<dopez>10am here, probally also where o_cee is :)
03:53* thor_ suggests shower with Anna
03:54<o_cee>she's at work :/
03:54<o_cee>i made contact with the mental guy now, lets ssee what he says.. yesterday we where supposed to fix this up, and he just didn't feel like showing up
03:55<o_cee>argh, stupid guy
03:56<o_cee>we had math class and where supposed to meet afterwards. 5 minutes before the end, he gets up and leaves.
03:56<o_cee>who gives :)
03:57<thor_>talk to your professor
03:57<o_cee>i did, i turned in my part of it
03:57<thor_>and explained things ....
03:58<o_cee>yepp. he knows the guy is depressed (or whatever)
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03:58<thor_>(I've was a professor in London for 2 years)
03:58<o_cee>oh :) in?
03:58<thor_>... students are mostly nut-cases !!!
03:59<thor_>go to the prof's office hours
04:00<thor_>explain the situation
04:00<thor_>prof's have total fiat over marks
04:00<o_cee>talked to him yesterday, so he knows about it..
04:01<thor_>go to his office hours
04:01<thor_>(he's busy thinking about proofs)
04:02<thor_>(unless he sees you 2-3 times he will have _no_ memory of what you're talking about)
04:03<o_cee>he is kinda strange as well, yeah ;)
04:04<thor_>small word of advice
04:04<thor_>I've been a prof
04:04<Octane>ive been compiling mozilla firebird for four hours now
04:04<thor_>go and talk to him
04:05<thor_>Octane, shalom
04:05<o_cee>will do
04:05* Octane installed freebsd today
04:05<thor_>(something vaguely Semetic about "peace be with you")
04:06<Octane>what is
04:06<thor_>just trying to do greetings
04:06<o_cee>https://dragon.lan/mythweb/channel_detail.php?chanid=4 <-- are you able to change day on that page in mythweb? change day?
04:06<Octane>salem yah
04:07<Octane>salem is arabic
04:07<Octane>shalom is hebrew
04:07<Octane>same meaning
04:07<Octane>you taught in london?
04:07<thor_>2 years
04:08<Octane>whiat did you teach
04:08<thor_>great city
04:08<thor_>(but a bad city to be a student in)
04:08<thor_>too expensive
04:08<o_cee>thor_: i did find some useful software for the iPod under windows.. alot better then musicmatch or itunes
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04:09<thor_>o_cee, iTunes does DAAP, which is going to be useful for myth ....
04:09<o_cee>later.. :)
04:10<o_cee>i'll try iTunes 5 or something
04:10<o_cee>current state of iTunes is sad
04:10<thor_>well ...
04:11<thor_>Octane, how are things over the last few days? Any op-ed on the "unauthorized" plan?
04:12<Octane>thor_: lol :)
04:12<Octane>thor_: im going to email you my paper
04:12<Octane>itll be done by wednesday
04:13<Octane>youll enjoy i think
04:13<Octane>"why bargaining has not worked in resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict"
04:13<Octane>20 pages
04:14<thor_>undergrad paper?
04:14<thor_>for which course?
04:14<thor_>(email is
04:15<Octane>yah undergrad, but 300 level
04:15<thor_>hmmm ...
04:16<thor_>what is "war&strat"
04:17<o_cee>war & strategy? :)
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06:17<Zeran>anyone around?
06:17<Zeran>or more specifically, anyone with a pvr around? :)
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09:50*kvandivo slaps himself upside the head.
09:51warlord-afkis now known as warlord
09:54*mikegrb slaps kvandivo too, so as not to be left out
09:55kvandivo>gotta read all my email before i start responding. It makes me look (slightly) less dumb.
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15:12mdz>if "maxpower" is here, please stop sending HTML emails
15:13mikegrb>html emails get deleted straigt away :)
15:13Chutt>i get several bounce messages from people that don't allow html email to be delivered
15:13Chutt>every single time someone sends one
15:13mikegrb>that sucks
15:13Chutt>mdz, hey, d'ya think you'll be able to do 0.13 debs?
15:13mikegrb>I just silently discard them
15:14Chutt>i just unsubscribe people that set up their mailers to bounce em =)
15:14+marc [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
15:15mikegrb>BOFH Chutt
15:15mikegrb>s/O/List Admin/
15:26kvandivo>BLAFH doesn't have too bad of a ring to it, even
15:28mdz>Chutt: computers are still in boxes, but I think I should have mythtv up this weekend
15:28Chutt>i fixed the plugin db crap that would've made debs of 0.12 difficult
15:28Chutt>so i was just hoping =)
15:28mdz>good, I won't both with 0.12 then
15:29Chutt>0.13's sometime this week
15:32kvandivo>so is the plan in the back of your mind to continue incrementing by 0.01, or do you envision an actual 1.0 release at some point? (doesn't matter to me, personally.. just curious)
15:32Chutt>i dunno
15:32Chutt>this'll be the 13th real release
15:32Chutt>it's not 0.01, but =)
15:32Chutt>i probably should version inflate things
15:32Chutt>so people think it's stable or something
15:33kvandivo>well, perception of reality is often more important than reality
15:33mdz>inflating the version number will just mean more dumb questions on the mailing lists
15:33kvandivo>it's really just a political thing...
15:33mdz>and no benefit to development
15:34Chutt>mdz, you don't read -users :p
15:34mdz>I estimate based on the amount of -users type stuff that gets sent to -dev
15:34Chutt>but, i was thinking of doing a 1.0 before thor's mfd stuff gets into the mainline
15:34mdz>-users is probably 100x that
15:34Chutt>since that's a pretty large architectural change
15:34Chutt>and stuff is pretty damn stable
15:35+racer [] joined #mythtv
15:36kvandivo>i _am_ working on the rank/recommendation stuff, fwiw.. got rank sliders showing up in the delete popups last night and have been going through the fun of learning Qt event handling model (which isn't too bad.. just a bit different)
15:36kvandivo>hopefully i've got a little rank widget that i can just throw into different pages now
15:37kvandivo>and then write the code behind the scenes, and be done with that part of it
15:38o_cee>mythtv@dragon mythtv $ uptime
15:38o_cee> 21:37:47 up 35 days, 3 min... damn i'll need to shut down the dragon when i get the 350 :/
15:38+Rule [] joined #mythtv
15:40o_cee>are the drivers good enough to put the tv-out in use in the living room right away?
15:40Chutt>probably not
15:41mdz>somebody asked me about rivatv for the vivo cards; does that actually work?
15:41Chutt>not well
15:42=racer [] quit ()
15:42o_cee>allright.. hope the new stuff tmk is working on will be great ;)
15:44=choenig [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:47linagee__is now known as linagee
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16:03Rule>q: does mythfrontend simply stream an mpeg2 to /dev/video16 or is some magic involved ? If it does, can I simply re-use it to stream to a different device file that can handle mpeg2 ?
16:03Chutt>there's other things involved.
16:04kvandivo>you get what you pay for
16:04Chutt>you could of course write some code.
16:04=sfr [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:04Rule>I have this real inexpensive frontend idea based on a margi_cs :)
16:04Rule>it won't do overlay or anything, so might try.. sinply direct the file to the device and see what happens
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16:45+racer [] joined #mythtv
16:45_rkulagow>chutt: got a second? i'm seeing something weird with the scheduler. (i think)
16:48_rkulagow>ok, i've got "24" set to record for tonight. when i go to program finder i see that it's yellow indicating that it will record. but it's not showing up on port 6544 _or_ on mythweb as recording tonight. there are two encoders available, it's not showing up as a conflict on the conflict screen. i don't see why it's not going to record.
16:50_rkulagow>and it's not showing up in --printsched either.
16:51kvandivo>do you have the conflict screen set to 'show all' or 'show important' ?
16:52_rkulagow>it's set for show all. and i just went to the program guide grid, and it's set for "record any
16:53_rkulagow>(oops), record duplicates: always.
16:53_rkulagow>but, on the guide grid the status is "not recording"
16:53_rkulagow>on mythweb it's got a dashed line around the box.
16:55Chutt>i dunno
16:55_rkulagow>actually, it looks dotted rather than dashed, but there aren't any other programs set to record in that entire timeblock (8PM).
16:56kvandivo>anything before or after it that is recording (wondering about some well-hidden pre/post roll thing)
16:57_rkulagow>here's what printsched shows:
16:57_rkulagow>Gilmore Girls 9 1009 Dec 09 07:00pm 1 5 6 0 0 2 X 0 0
16:57_rkulagow>That '70s Show 12 1012 Dec 09 07:00pm 1 5 6 0 1 0 - 0 0
16:57_rkulagow>South Park 42 1042 Dec 09 08:30pm 1 5 6 0 1 0 - 0 0
16:57Chutt>i dunno
16:57Chutt>only thing i can think of would be to do the sql query manually
16:57Chutt>and see what's up
16:57_rkulagow>yeah, weird.
17:00_rkulagow>just checked; pre and post roll are set to 0.
17:01+loebrich [] joined #mythtv
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17:18steelep>I want to make playlists work with a sql query instead of a list of tracks, it should be fairly simple really.
17:18thor_>autogenerate something like "all 1960's songs" ?
17:18steelep>just return a list from the query and everything else would be the same
17:19steelep>more like "where genre not like 'christmas'" :)
17:19thor_>I would do it against metadata in memory rather than touching the database directly
17:19thor_>the problem is not the logic
17:19steelep>I don't know squat about doing the UI part though
17:19thor_>it's doing an interface :-)
17:20_rkulagow>thor: that's what happens when you have a multiple myth household. wait til mother-in-law comes by and wants to record "JAG"
17:20_rkulagow>don't worry, i have the geek standbye's like futurama, adult swim, simpsons, etc.
17:20steelep>just dumping the where clause in the playlist is simple and runing a query if it finds non digits and comma
17:21thor_>_rkulagow, if it gets too many conflicting choices it will probably start to pout
17:21steelep>for now, i'd settle for it not having a UI but parse the where clause if it finds one
17:21_rkulagow>now i need to convince the wife that i need an xbox (dell home has them for $167 now, no tax, free shipping) to make it a cheap frontend.
17:22Chutt>steelep, not a good idea to embed database queries in the database
17:22steelep>that is a rediculously cheap frontend
17:22thor_>steelep, touching the database is a pain
17:22steelep>but i'm a database guy as you all know :)
17:22thor_>everythings already sitting there in memory
17:23steelep>the whole recordset is NOT in memory
17:23thor_>all the metadata
17:23steelep>you mean for the playlist?
17:23thor_>_all_ the metadata
17:23steelep>your kidding
17:23steelep>no wonder I have problems
17:24steelep>I have 40K files
17:24steelep>I better go get more ram
17:24steelep>it seems kinda odd to do that
17:25steelep>but every player does it and I crash ALL of them
17:25thor_>imagine 40K of sql queries every time you touched Play Music
17:25steelep>I wrote my own finally
17:25steelep>but ffs it takes 3 minutes to start playing already
17:26thor_>you have a standalone player that works well ?
17:26steelep>a query would make it faster I think
17:26steelep>I wrote a sql based windows library that works fairly well
17:26thor_>slap a DAAP interface on it
17:27steelep>at least the library doesn't crash everytime the player opens
17:27thor_>and it will play through myth soon
17:27thor_>(and through iTunes)
17:27steelep>mine is very similar
17:27steelep>but has more iTunes features
17:28steelep>I crash iTunes
17:28steelep>that xml database is too big
17:28steelep>same with winamp
17:30steelep>there is no reason to load all the metadata, loading it per play is all you really need unless you are doing searches
17:30steelep>when the track starts playing you can parse the tags on the fly
17:30thor_>see ShowWholeTree()
17:30steelep>that is completely useless to me
17:31steelep>with 20K songs it's impossible to use effectively
17:31thor_>but not to lots of other people :-)
17:31steelep>lots of people have 10k songs
17:31thor_>I'm serious about the DAAP thing though
17:31steelep>I don't see how they can use it either
17:32thor_>but a DAAP interface on your player and have it serve out the playlists
17:32thor_>edit to your hearts content on your desktop
17:32steelep>if DAAP was sql based fine, but XML based is going to die at 10K songs
17:32thor_>play from your mythbox
17:32steelep>I do xml and sql for a living
17:32thor_>you have playlists with 10K songs in them ?
17:33steelep>no, but that's sort of the point
17:33Chutt>assuming 1k of metadata per track (which is _way_ more than what it'd actually be), 10k songs is only 10MB.
17:33Chutt>that's absolutely nothing :p
17:34steelep>then why the hell does my library crash every single library app that tries to use it except myth and Musik (and mine)
17:35steelep>every one uses like 50M+ of ram at least
17:35steelep>which is fine, but I saw iTunes using 160M once
17:35Chutt>i've not written those other library apps, so i couldn't tell you
17:35steelep>then is died
17:35thor_>#define MAX_SONGS 32000
17:36steelep>that's per playlist though right?
17:36thor_>I'm kidding
17:36steelep>anyway I don't have 32K loaded, more like 20K
17:37steelep>but it's strange, I can point it at another backup that has 9K and it all works fine, it and exact copy
17:37steelep>except it's a partial of critical files
17:38steelep>unless there is some totally borked file in that main library I can't imagine what is causing the trouble except the number of files
17:40thor_>add them one at a time until it pukes ?
17:41thor_>shouldn't take more than a week :-)
17:41steelep>it's not consistent on reloads of the library
17:42kvandivo>ahhh, a heisenbug.
17:43=Chutt [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:44thor_>... heisenberg gets stopped for speeding, cop asks him if he knows how fast he was going, heisenberg says, "No, but I know precisely where I am" ...
17:45kvandivo>did you hear about the restaurant NASA is starting on the Moon? Great food, no atmosphere!
17:45thor_> /.
17:45kvandivo>where else?
17:46kvandivo>What's Avocado's Number? A Guacamole.
17:47+Chutt [] joined #mythtv
17:52Chutt>sfr, you here?
17:52billytwowilly>Chutt: Do you do a lot of gaming?
17:53Chutt>define gaming
17:53billytwowilly>counter strike stuff, etc. I just noticed you were on speakeasy so I was curious.
17:53sfr>Chutt: yeah
17:54Chutt>sfr, think i fixed your mjpeg stuff
17:54sfr>cool. was it a bug in myth?
17:55Chutt>well, kinda
17:57Chutt>more of an unimplemented feature :p
17:57sfr>maybe it could be improved into a psychodelic tv mode ;)
17:57Chutt>anyway, it should now work in cvs
17:58sfr>since when? i just did a resync ~30 min ago
17:58Chutt>since 30 seconds ago :p
17:58steelep>chutt, I think you misunderstood what I meant about the query in the database.
17:59steelep>and what would be wrong with storing where clauses in the db anyway?
17:59Chutt>can't be checked for correctness
18:00=schultmc [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:00steelep>that way you change nothing ni the db except the data, it's either a where clause, or a list of files
18:01steelep>a where clause is sort of harmless if it's wrong
18:01steelep>you could put out of range data in the playlist and it would be just as bad
18:02steelep>I meant store where blah blah, and check for existence of the string "where" when you load the playlist, not put the whole select in there
18:03steelep>I think this could be accomplished with about 3 maybe 4 lines of code
18:04steelep>making a UI to build the where clauses, that's a different story, but they would be responsible for checking the validity
18:11thor_>you already have a UI to make any playlist you like:
18:11steelep>that dosn't work in mythmusic though
18:12thor_>no, but it could
18:12steelep>yes, but it's wxwindows
18:12steelep>not qt
18:13steelep>ok, i'll see what I can do if no one has been thinking of doing this already then
18:13thor_>in the short term, you could have an optional module that interacts with the myth metadata table
18:14thor_>in the longer term, do DAAP
18:14steelep>i'll read the DAAP stuff this week
18:14thor_>writing a UI to do complicated playlist creation on a tv screen with a remote would be a PITA
18:14sfr>Chutt: i'll test it and report back
18:14Chutt>sfr, it'll work :p
18:14steelep>I understand how the playlists work in mythmusic, so I will probably start there though
18:15sfr>Chutt: i didn't expect less :). how did it got broken?
18:15=lmatter [] quit ("Client Exiting")
18:17=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:17Chutt>they enabled direct rendering for the mjpeg codec, and i can't handle that image type in mythtv
18:23billytwowilly>Godbless this hour has twenty two minutes.
18:24+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
18:24=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:34+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
18:37sfr>have to ask again: current mythtv cvs works with an old ivtv driver when only used for recording, right?
18:38thor_>I am at CVS (of about 48 hours ago) and my ivtv is several months old .... works like a charm
18:52=holger_ [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:58=Octane [] quit ("")
19:04=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
19:07+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
19:21+Teflon [] joined #mythtv
19:27+Kuwanger [] joined #mythtv
19:27Kuwanger>Okay, for some reason mythtv keeps rerecording the same shows...
19:28+Crib [] joined #mythtv
19:29Crib>what's up all
19:29Crib><-needin help here
19:37+Ripp_ [] joined #mythtv
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19:44+phar0e [] joined #mythtv
19:45phar0e>Hello, is 600KB/s not enough for default streaming of default recording profile settings?
19:45phar0e>RTJpeg @ quality 170
19:50Crib>how do i manually run mythfilldatabase
19:50Crib>i'm getting cannot execute binary file /usr/bin/mythfilldatabase
19:52sfr>sounds as if it's hosed. what does file /usr/bin/mythfilldatabase say?
19:53Crib>a lot of sh*t i can't read
19:54sfr>like ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.2.0, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped?
19:55Crib>sfr so it's supposed to be executable?
19:55sfr>that's the idea
19:56sfr>Crib: how did you install mythtv?
19:56sfr>what's wrong with that channel? never used it
19:57Crib>there wasn't anyone there
19:57Crib>sorry if i'm botherin ya
19:59sfr>heh, not any longer, g'night
19:59-sfr [] left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
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20:24+hadees [] joined #mythtv
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20:24hadees>anyone know anything about programing with winelib?
20:25-hadees [] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
20:25+hadees [] joined #mythtv
20:35Kuwanger>Any ideas why a program set to not rerecord duplicate episodes is rerecording already recorded episodes?
20:35Crib>no idea
20:36Crib>does anyone use the nvaudio drivers?
20:36Kuwanger>Not me.
20:36Crib>ok next q.
20:37Crib>when i launch xawtv the toolbar says, for example channel S03 (PAL/europe-west)
20:37Crib>Now, I'm in Indiana. What the heck?
20:37Crib>Where is it reading my location settings from
20:37Kuwanger>xawtv isn't configured right?
20:37Crib>yeah but i manned it and i can't find ... oh i have an idea
20:37Kuwanger>When I used xawtv, it tended to not remember my configuration settings.. :)
20:37Crib>i'm going to try which xawtv
20:38Crib>i am so far from having mythtv runnning properly...
20:38Kuwanger>I like motv better.
20:39Kuwanger>What distro you using?
20:40Crib>damnit it still thinks it's in pal/europe
20:40Crib>i looked in the .xawtv and it says nothing about pal, only ntsc
20:40Crib>what does that do?
20:45Crib>USA is ntsc, right?
20:46Kuwanger>USA is ntsc, yea.
20:46Kuwanger>strace traces system calls.
20:46Crib>damnit, this shit was working last night perfectly.
20:46Kuwanger>It can be useful to figuring out if a config file, for example, is being open.
20:46Crib>btw, i don't have strace.
20:47Crib>this knoppmyth thing is based on debian, do you happen to know how to install it? (im a gentoo guy)
20:47*Kuwanger shakes his fist at knoppix. :)
20:47Crib>there is a menu
20:48Crib>you're not a deb. guy are you?
20:48Kuwanger>No. Gentoo.
20:49Kuwanger>I used debian on a machine for a while, though.
20:49Crib>yeah...i'm coming to the conclusion that i should have used gentoo instead of the "easy" knoppmyth
20:49Kuwanger>It was a 486 with a 400MB HD, though. :)
20:49=Ripp_ [] quit ("Leaving")
20:50Crib>i'm playin with dselect
20:51Crib>now i selected dselect Install--it's saying it wants to REMOVE a bunch of packages. wtf
20:56Crib>wow this sucks compared to gentoo
20:56Crib>i'm in the ncurses based package selector now
20:59Crib>dselect blows
20:59knight->it's not too bad
21:00Crib>i like emerge much better
21:00=hadees [] quit ("Leaving")
21:01+hadees [] joined #mythtv
21:02knight->they both have their ups and downs
21:02Crib>yeah i don't really know dselect yet, i shouldn't be talking shit
21:02knight->indeed :)
21:15_rkulagow>captain_murdoch: did you write the mythcommflag stuff? (trouble remembering nick's and truenames)
21:18+linagee__ [] joined #mythtv
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21:33=Kuwanger [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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21:51+tmk [] joined #mythtv
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22:13+_Nero_ [~Nero__@mdobossy-laptop.Princeton.EDU] joined #mythtv
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22:25+mechou [] joined #mythtv
22:29+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
22:35+toothpick [] joined #Mythtv
22:35toothpick>Is there a bot in here that will tell the source to add for apt?
22:36toothpick>I miss my google toolbar
22:37mikegrb>click links
22:37mikegrb>it's there
22:47=_Nero_ [~Nero__@mdobossy-laptop.Princeton.EDU] quit ()
22:48toothpick>i found it...and thought I installed everything it requested
22:48toothpick>but failed.
22:49+nulltank [] joined #mythtv
22:50toothpick>ok starting to install it now
22:51toothpick>hopefully it will be idiot proof when the configure comes up.
22:53toothpick>how do I log on as mythtv user?
22:54+hfb [] joined #mythtv
22:54toothpick>like when I just went to another terminal and tried to log on as mythtv I don't know its password
22:55cmorgan>is there a mythtv user?
22:55toothpick>yes with debian it immediately creates it.
22:55toothpick>so in /home I see mythtv user
22:56cmorgan>password is mythtv? or empty?
22:56jeffpc>log in as root and change it :-)
22:57toothpick>jeffpc I thought of that...
22:57toothpick>can root see what it is?
22:57jeffpc>but root can change it
22:57toothpick>and that pass won't interfere with mysqld?
22:58jeffpc>no, that pass is independent from the mysql pass
22:58toothpick>how can you run mythtv as a differnet person then?
22:58toothpick>oh well answer that later i guess
22:58=toothpick [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:01pmowry>sorry, keep typing in the wrong window
23:08+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
23:10+Toothpick [] joined #mythtv
23:10Toothpick>Well...almost there...but the xmltv won't work cause no info is being reported for my zip =(
23:16Toothpick>hmm...the site on the web seems fine...the is strange
23:18Bonkers>you have the absolute newest xmltv?
23:18Toothpick>Bonkers no I don't
23:18Toothpick>i'll update it
23:19Bonkers>you need at least 0.5.23 I think
23:20Toothpick>thanks I have .5.19
23:20Toothpick>I appreciate the help
23:20Toothpick>this is going well...finally got a new moboard and have been able to get my cpu working again.
23:21Bonkers>nice, well the xmltv update should fix you, I think .5.19 broke about 3 weeks ago
23:25=Toothpick [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:25=WkdLester [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:26*Ripp is back (gone 23:09:21)
23:29=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:38hadees>when i name two files in mythvideo CD1 and CD2 why do i still see both of them? am i supposed to? it is kind of annoying to have the movie show up twice and have to enter it into IMDB twice, i thought mythvideo knew to play them one after another
23:52+Toothpick [] joined #mythtv
23:52Toothpick>Oh well..I think I have it working..but don't have the proper hardware...I have a tvtuner card...ati tv wonder ve...thought that is all I would need to watch tv...
23:54Toothpick>but the screen goes blank when I go to watchtv after running mythfrontend
23:56Chutt>there's an error message on the console that you ran mythfrontend or mythbackend on.
23:57=yebyen [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:57+yebyen [] joined #mythtv
23:59Toothpick>connecting to backend server:
23:59Toothpick>that is all it says Chutt
23:59=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
23:59Toothpick>it comes up at first with tv on left or setup on right
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