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00:00Toothpick>when I go through to the watch tv it just a blank black screen.
00:00*josephk is away: I'm actually away...I don't believe me either
00:01Chutt>the backend?
00:02Toothpick>how do I know what /dev/video to use?
00:02Chutt>it's assumed that you're aware of the setup of your computer.
00:02Toothpick>well...tvtime works ;)
00:03Chutt>so use that and go away
00:04Chutt>unless you're going to look at the output of the backend like i asked?
00:05Toothpick>Chutt...I think I got it.
00:06Toothpick>The tuner is separate from the capture card.
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00:06Toothpick>Probed: /dev/video - Television
00:06Toothpick>Probed: /dev/video - Composite1
00:06Toothpick>Error getting inputs for the capturecard. Perhaps you have
00:06Toothpick>forgotten to bind video sources to your card's inputs?
00:06Toothpick>TV is defined, but isn't attached to a cardinput.
00:06Toothpick>QServerSocket: failed to bind or listen to the socket
00:06Toothpick>Failed to bind port: 6543
00:06Toothpick>sorry for the flood.
00:06Chutt>wow, look at that
00:06Toothpick>I'll print some manuals tomorrow.
00:06Chutt>an error message
00:08Toothpick>Thanks for the help chutt...I am in the right direction now
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00:22Netslayer>are we hrs or days away from .13?
00:24Chutt>whenever i decide to do it.
00:24Chutt>asking about it isn't going to make it sooner.
00:25Netslayer>heh just wondering
00:29Netslayer>when i have time, probably in the next few weeks i'm going to try to get a theme together. Do you suggest just copying the ui.xml and tweaking it all or starting from scratch?
00:29Chutt>that'd probably be easiest
00:30Netslayer>ya it looks really i'm not multilingual heh
00:37_rkulagow>chutt: i'm seeing another instance of the "recordings not showing up" thing i had mentioned earlier. this is after a complete-from-scratch database drop.
00:37Netslayer>i'm going to try to build 2 lcd panels also (along with my new myth network), should be interesting. Getting a great deal at:
00:38knight->i dont see how lcd panels are helpful
00:39knight->how often are you close enough to the server to even SEE the lcd
00:40Netslayer>my server is in my bedroom heh
00:40_rkulagow>here's printsched from the relevant timeframe:
00:40_rkulagow>MythBusters 48 1048 Dec 14 03:00pm 1 1 1 0 1 0 - 0 0
00:40_rkulagow>Survivor: Pearl Island 2 1002 Dec 14 07:00pm 1 1 1 0 1 0 - 0 0
00:40_rkulagow>The Simpsons 12 1012 Dec 14 07:00pm 1 2 2 0 1 0 - 0 0
00:40_rkulagow>Junkyard Mega-Wars 52 1052 Dec 14 07:00pm 1 1 1 0 0 0 O 0 0
00:40_rkulagow>Malcolm in the Middle 12 1012 Dec 14 08:00pm 1 2 2 0 1 0 - 0 0
00:40_rkulagow>Arrested Development 12 1012 Dec 14 08:30pm 1 2 2 0 1 0 - 0 0
00:40_rkulagow>Survivor: Pearl Island 2 1002 Dec 14 09:00pm 1 1 1 0 1 0 - 0 0
00:40_rkulagow>The Shield 58 1058 Dec 14 09:00pm 1 2 2 0 1 0 - 0 0
00:40_rkulagow>South Park 42 1042 Dec 14 10:00pm 1 1 1 0 1 0 - 0 0
00:40_rkulagow>Aqua Teen Hungerforce 47 1047 Dec 14 10:00pm 1 2 2 0 1 0 - 0 0
00:40_rkulagow>Sealab 2021 47 1047 Dec 14 10:15pm 1 1 1 0 0 0 O 0 0
00:40_rkulagow>Now, at 6PM I've got Battlestar Galactica programmed to record on Sci-Fi channel which should go from 6PM to 8:09PM. You can see that from 7PM onwards there are at least three programs that are supposed to start at 7PM (but only two tuners)
00:41_rkulagow>And Junkyard mega-wars is auto-supressed and will record a different showing. but Battlestar Galactica doesn't even show up in "Show Conflicts" to try to let me resolve the issue.
00:41Netslayer>wait i never thought about that.. should be fine i'll have the master backend put out the port and connect to it through lcdproc from the network..should work right?
00:41Chutt>rkulagow, think you can do the sql query manually?
00:42_rkulagow>i believe so, but if it gets funky with joins and stuff i'm out of my league.
00:42Chutt>it's a big query
00:42Chutt>so it's going to be a pain in the ass
00:43_rkulagow>is it somewhere in the code so i can cut and paste, or were you going to p
00:43Chutt>starting at line 268
00:43_rkulagow>ok, nevermind. let me check. brb.
00:43Chutt>there's 4 places to substitue in numbers for %1, %2, %3, and %4
00:43Chutt>as well
00:44Chutt>%1 = 4, %2 = 3, %3 = 2, %4 = 1. backwards =)
00:44_rkulagow>YOW! i'm looking at the section now...
00:45Chutt>like i said, it's a big query =)
00:46_rkulagow>TIME_TO_SEC and DAYOFWEEK are internal mysql things?
00:47*Ripp is away: Zzzz
00:48Chutt>you just need to replace the stuff like '((record.type = %1)' later on
00:48Chutt>that one would be ((record.type = 4)
00:48_rkulagow>OK, right, got that part.
00:49Chutt>other than that, just a bunch of cutting and pasting
00:50mdz>might be worth dumping the raw query results at a certain debug level
00:50mdz>doing that query by hand sucks
00:51_rkulagow>50% done...
00:56_rkulagow>ok, 257 rows in the set.
00:58_rkulagow>and the program _is_ in that list. conveniently, it's right near the bottom of the results.
00:58_rkulagow>(battlestar galactica starting at 6PM on sunday)
00:58Chutt>only other thing to do is step through the code
00:59_rkulagow>ok, let me know when you're done.
00:59Chutt>by adding some PrintLists()
00:59Chutt>in the Scheduler::FillRecordLists() function
01:00Chutt>see where the program disappears
01:00Chutt>and repeat until it's obvious _why_ it disappears
01:00mechou>_rkulagow:damn, you record a lot of stuff. you got time to watch them all :)?
01:01_rkulagow>we're a multi-myth household with varies interests. "the nanny" just doesn't float my boat, although charles shaughnessey "mr. sheffield" was pretty good in "urinetown".
01:04_rkulagow>chutt: looks like starting around line 208 of scheduler.cpp is where the PrintLists should start?
01:05Chutt>rkulagow, you got it
01:08_rkulagow>ok, i'm recompiling now, but i've got to go to bed. i'll see what i can discover in the morning.
01:23mechou>Is there any significance to the sourceid (i.e. 1000) in videosource db? Between moving and cable lineup changes I'm in the 6000's now. Can I just change this back to 1000 manually?
01:23Chutt>it's just an internal id
01:23Chutt>as long as it's consistant everywhere, doesn't really matter what it is
01:24mechou>it gets autoincremented whenever you run setup with clear channel option?
01:25Netslayer>odd i have qt emerged, but no qmake
01:25mikegrb>perhaps not in your path?
01:28Netslayer>yur right
01:28mikegrb>sometimes I am
01:29mikegrb>please tell my wife
01:30Netslayer>how would i go about adding it to my path? export PATH=$PATH:/....
01:31mikegrb>or add it to the PATH= line in /etc/profile
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01:37mdz>_rkulagow: when something that's in that query gets removed from the list, usually the automatic conflict resolution is at fault
01:38mdz>or, it was the last time I looked over that code. I assume it has changed since then with overrides and all that
01:38Chutt>mdz, yeah, but it's been changed a bit now -- shouldn't be completely removed anymore
01:38mdz>Chutt: it won't remove things ever? that's good
01:38Chutt>well, from the list
01:38Chutt>they're supposed to be just marked as not recording
01:38Chutt>with a reason given
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03:27sfr>Chutt: yupp, mjpeg playback works again
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05:31vallor>I run MythTV on Linux, and I'd like to use the hd-2000 -- but, it doesn't take an s-video connector. Any way-cool RF modulators out there that take s-video (or component video) and produce a signal that the hd-2000 can handle?
05:33sfr>in the setup does luma mean luminescence?
05:33vallor>oh shoot, just read the paragraph in the faq that says it's computationally infeasable
05:35vallor>sfr: not sure
05:36sfr>thx. i'm translating myth to german, and knowing the meaning of words generally helps :)
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06:09vallor>whelp, sleepy time for me -- take care
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07:47jbeimler>setting up a second mythtv box (just for demo) video & sound work fine in xawtv, but won't load up in mythtv, I get about 1/3 of a screen of snow, the rest of the screen is green. any suggestions?
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09:56fathom>i need some help getting mythtv fails on compile with some stuff about dialogbox.h/cpp and mythcontext
09:56fathom>i don't see anything in the faq about that.
09:57sfr>fathom: cvs? i compiled it just a few hours ago without problem.
09:57fathom>no, i'm using... let me see
09:58fathom>the compile goes fine for a while and then all of the sudden bombs
09:59fathom>i'm using a really non-standard distro so i'm sure that's causing me so problems, but i've managed to get this far...
09:59fathom>xmltv is installed, that was a pain
09:59fathom>qt3, expat, lame, mplayer all that stuff is installed
09:59sfr>fathom: definitely a local error. what distro?
09:59fathom>crux :)
10:00fathom>it's similar to gentoo without a lot of the helper stuff gentoo has
10:01sfr>i'm no qt/c++ expert, so better post the exact error on the -users list. what version of qt do you use?
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10:04sfr>that should be ok. so, post it on the mailing list or wait for other people to comment
10:05fathom>does qt need to be compiled with some specific options maybe?
10:13fathom>hmm looking through the mailing list, it's definatly something to do with qt
10:14sfr>is suse mentioned in those posts?
10:14fathom>this was a rh9 user that has the same compile error as i do
10:14fathom>let me look though
10:15sfr>several people had problems to compile mythtv on Suse. It's said that their qt packages are broken somehow.
10:15fathom>i don't think my QT is broken, but i'm not specifying $QTDIR or something correctly
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10:49rkulagow>captain murdoch: are you here?
10:56o_cee>hiya rkulagow, you did the status page inside mythfrontend right?
10:57rkulagow>the very first version, yes. others have made it super-cool and pretty.
10:58o_cee>that'd be me, but i mean the one inside mythfrontend
10:59o_cee>"System status"
10:59ananke>what would be an easy way to disable the tv option/menu from the main menu? [i'm interested in using mythtv only with the other modules at first]
10:59o_cee>look at theme.xml
10:59rkulagow>oh, that one. yes, i did. good job, btw, on your backend one.
11:00rkulagow>i thought you meant the backend one, because i added the system status stuff to the port 6544 one first.
11:00rkulagow>and then thought, "hey, that
11:00o_cee>i just glanced at that statuspage, but it seems as if the code is the same as the backend page, right?
11:00rkulagow>s an easy one for the frontend too."
11:01rkulagow>yes, 99% should be the same, other than some wording changes maybe.
11:01o_cee>have you tried it without any guide data?
11:01o_cee>i added checks to that on the backend
11:01o_cee>might want to fix that before .13
11:01o_cee>as i guess it'll be the same problem
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11:02*o_cee is away: phone
11:03rkulagow>i haven't checked; there's still some stuff that i think might not be fully handled, like what happens if xmltv doesn't actually add any data to the database, but still runs, like when zap2it changes its website. i might think about doing a check: "before: how many days of data. after: how many days of data? did we actually add anything to the database?
11:03*o_cee is back (gone 00:00:34)
11:03o_cee>would be good as well
11:04o_cee>but if you have time, take a look at how it's done in the backend now
11:04o_cee>for the missing guide data thing
11:04rkulagow>yep, but at this point i don't have the cycles. (mr. mom). if you're feeling froggy have at it, otherwise it'll have to wait until i have a chance to look at it.
11:04rkulagow>or someone else does it.
11:05o_cee>okay, i'll see if i can find some time
11:05o_cee>not that important, guess most people actually have guidedata;)
11:06rkulagow>what does happen? does it barf totally, or just give wacky results?
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11:07o_cee>it passes null to the daysTo
11:12ananke>i know this question has been probably asked tons of times, but here it goes: what would you guys recommend as a fairly cheap yet workable tv tuner card? prefferably one availabe in states.
11:12kvandivo>you're right
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11:38sfr>i know i'm beating a dead horse but with latest cvs channel changing seems a bit faster (using a pvr350)
11:39kvandivo>well, let's discuss it. we haven't talked or heard about channel changing times in quite a while
11:39jbeimler>ananke: I'd get one of the ones with built in mpeg, takes the load off
11:40jbeimler>of course, my pinnacle card isn't working, so I'm not one to talk
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11:48ananke>jbeimler : thank you for the hint
11:49jbeimler>ananke: no problem, its the most expensive solution though
11:49ananke>jbeimler : out of curiosity: are those tv tuner cards usually agp or pci? it may sound silly, but i don't have any experience with those
11:49kvandivo>just follow the docs. they mention a few that don't work. just do a bit of research on the one you are thinking about and you should be ok.
11:50jbeimler>unless there is a magic all in one card out there..
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11:50ananke>kvandivo : yeah, i figured that. what i was thinking is printing out the list of supported cards from the kernel documentation, and taking it to the store to see what's available. then checking for detailed support
11:51E1ven>Is there anyone commercially selling machines running MythTV? Maybe a small shuttle, with a IR remote?
11:51E1ven>I'd love to grab a machine, but I don't really want to build a dual-tuner machine at the moment.
11:51jbeimler>ananke: Circuit City has the Pinnicle cards, I got the stereo one w/ the remote last night.
11:51kvandivo>a google search for 'selling mythtv' returns quite a few hits
11:51ananke>yeah, unfortunatelly closest circuit city is an hour away
11:52ananke>how important is to have a tv tuner card with a remote? doesn't the mythtv perform channel changing?
11:52jbeimler>ananke: our local computer shop usually has the ATI cheapie card, but it was out of stock.
11:52kvandivo>the remote is used to control mythtv
11:52kvandivo>whether that remote comes with the tuner or not is up to you
11:52jbeimler>ananke: its a PITA to use the keyboard, myth is obviously set up for a remote
11:53ananke>kvandivo : i see. what i was going to do is to build an infrared receiver, hook it up to via lirc, and use my main remote controller
11:53E1ven>I looked at Google, but I couldn't find anyone actually SELLING it.
11:53kvandivo>ananke: many people do that
11:53ananke>i already got the parts, i'll be making the circuit tonight
11:54ananke>kvandivo : thanks. what i was trying to figure out is if i use my other remote - if the tv tuner remote would be useful for anything else besides taking up space :)
11:54kvandivo>note: just because the linux kernel supports a tuner card doesn't definitively mean that mythtv will.
11:54ananke>kvandivo : that was my major concern
11:54kvandivo>the most popular choice from reading the mail lists is probably a pvr250 or 350
11:55kvandivo>they have the hardware encoding, stereo, etc
11:55jbeimler>ananke: ATI TV Wonder VE - TV Tuner Card is the cheap one I've seen, around 50$US
12:02jbeimler>on the sound issues, would dropping a second sound card in for recording be of help?
12:02kvandivo>depending on your tuner card, a sound card is often required
12:02o_cee>for playback
12:03*o_cee is away: Gone
12:03jbeimler>already have one for playback, thinking of adding a second one for just the plug of the tuner
12:05fathom>jbeimler, that's the card i have that ATI TV VE
12:05fathom>it was cheap, and i was just wanting to check this out
12:05fathom>didn't want to drop $200 on a card
12:06jbeimler>I'm trying a pinnacle PCTV pro for a demo tommorow night, but can't get it to work, I may fall back to the ati
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12:06fathom>i read up on the pinnacle, i didn't like it
12:06fathom>figured the ati would work and it was about $20 cheaper
12:06Kreat>was thinking of getting a dvb-t card like the nova-t, any hope of getting it cooperating nicely with mythtv?
12:06jbeimler>fathom: it just blows ?
12:07jbeimler>didn't have much time to read up, figured stereo might make a better demo
12:07fathom>nah, there was something about the card itself i didn't like.. not sure what, but hey if it works for you that's all that matters.
12:08jbeimler>no it doesn't work. gettin tired of messing with it, may just go buy another ATI
12:09jbeimler>I might just be spoiled though, my first install took a couple hours and worked first try.
12:11fathom>lol i'm on day 3 of my install
12:11fathom>but i'm using a funky distro so i'm having to fix a lot of little problems along the way
12:12kvandivo>i had a heck of a time myself. it consisted of 'emerge mythtv' and walking away for an hour or so. :)
12:14ananke>here's what i have so far in the box: sblive with digital out, geforce4, and eventually i need a faster proc [only athlon 900mhz]. i was mainly building an mp3 jukebox, but since mythtv has all this functionality and more, i am wondering about trying out the pvr functionality
12:14ananke>fathom : what distro?
12:15ananke>what would be really nice, is the ability to record my digital cable channels...
12:15ananke>hmm, crux is/was based on slack. i use slack, and had no problems installing mythtv
12:16fathom>there was a lot of problems building xmltv
12:16ananke>did you compile all the pre-requisites?
12:16fathom>that's what the problem was
12:16fathom>some --center tag with man page crap you don't need
12:16fathom>Tk wouldn't compile and a few other things
12:16fathom>i had to hack up the make file
12:16ananke>perl -MCPAN -e'install whatever::whatever' :)
12:16fathom>yeah :P it would fail
12:17ananke>from what i understand, that tk module is optional
12:17fathom>i think the version of man i have is newer and removed that option or something
12:17fathom>lol lovely
12:17ananke>fathom : try forcing it. in lots of cases it works.
12:17fathom>i fought with that for about a day
12:17ananke>force install whatever::whatever instead of install whatever::whatever
12:17fathom>nah that switch would cause the compile to just flat out bomb
12:17fathom>even a force wouldn't do it, i tried that
12:17fathom>but i'm past all that now :P
12:18ananke>that will teach you to use funky distros :)
12:18sfr>fathom: doesn't sound like a recommendable distro then. but let's not start a distro-flamewar
12:18fathom>hey i like my distro :)
12:18fathom>sfr, oh i wouldn't reccomend this distro to anyone that's not very linux savvy
12:18fathom>and even if you are
12:18fathom>unless you're pretty much a slackware user, i'd avoid it.
12:19fathom>i hate rpm
12:19ananke>so let me get it straight: you get need to know slackware in order to use crux, yet you get less than slackware offers? :)
12:19fathom>not big on apt-get, etc, so this is what i use, but i don't try to force it on anyone and it's not better than anything else, it's just my personal pref.
12:20fathom>ananke, eh, it has this package building system somewhat like gentoo
12:20fathom>and it's a very very small distro
12:20fathom>but enough about all that :P
12:20sfr>i never understood why someone wants to compile everything from source. it can't be the improved speed
12:21ananke>sfr : here's a funny summary of gentoo zealots, somebody showed it to me last night. i think it's pretty amusing
12:21fathom>i don't know... there's something about this.. i moved to crux from doing a linux from scratch setup
12:21sfr>must be in those peoples genes :)
12:21*ananke takes the distro wars/flames very lightly by the way, gotta have some humor
12:22fathom>i agree ananke
12:22fathom>i don't give a flip what people use... if i'm not in windows i'm happy.
12:24fathom>hmmm i don't have alsa set up, i'm going to try this without it first.
12:24ananke>you know, slackware uses alsa :)
12:25fathom>so does crux :P
12:25fathom>i just don't have it installed, i don't typically use alsa
12:25fathom>esound works fine for me most of the time
12:25fathom>i've still got a long way to go before this is working though from what i can tell
12:26ananke>esound would be something in a different ball park than alsa
12:26fathom>i guess i'm not 100% what the diff is
12:26fathom>hmm guess i can skip the remote part, don't have one.
12:26ananke>alsa's counterpart is another driver technology, such as oss. esd's counterpart would be another sound server, such as arts.
12:27fathom>so your suggestion would be to install alsa then i guess?
12:28ananke>use what you prefer. i just recently switched over to alsa, seeing how oss is being phased out.
12:28fathom>fair enough, guess i should get to know alsa then.
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12:32ananke>ouch, pvr-250 is $149
12:32fathom>might as well go for the pvr-300 it's $200 and hard hardware encode/decode
12:35ananke>hmm, i think i may have to hold on the pvr series
12:36fathom>i want one if this works, but i'll have to hold off too
12:37ananke>i already spent plenty of money on the additional drives, etc.
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12:50*Ripp is back (gone 12:02:51)
12:51*Ripp is away: AFK
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13:17mchou>hi choenig, did you get my last email regarding sdwu from a few days ago?
13:18choenig>mchou: hi, yes, I did, but Im very busy ATM because of a sudden change in classes
13:19mchou>ok, no hurry....
13:30rkulagow>captain_murdoch: you here?
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13:31mchou>rkulagow, so what did you find out about conflict res. and "mythbackend --printsched"?
13:33rkulagow>i had finished adding the printlists() as chutt recommended but hadn't installed yet. today i do a printsched for something else, and what do i see?
13:33rkulagow>MythBusters 48 1048 Dec 14 03:00pm 1 1 1 0 1 0 - 0 0
13:33rkulagow>Battlestar Galactica 44 1044 Dec 14 06:00pm 1 1 1 0 1 0 - 0 0
13:33rkulagow>Survivor: Pearl Island 2 1002 Dec 14 07:00pm 1 1 1 0 0 0 A 0 0
13:33rkulagow>The Simpsons 12 1012 Dec 14 07:00pm 1 2 2 0 1 0 - 0 0
13:33rkulagow>Junkyard Mega-Wars 52 1052 Dec 14 07:00pm 1 1 1 0 0 0 O 0 0
13:33rkulagow>Malcolm in the Middle 12 1012 Dec 14 08:00pm 1 2 2 0 1 0 - 0 0
13:33rkulagow>Arrested Development 12 1012 Dec 14 08:30pm 1 1 1 0 1 0 - 0 0
13:33rkulagow>Survivor: Pearl Island 2 1002 Dec 14 09:00pm 1 1 1 0 1 0 - 0 0
13:33rkulagow>(it's there now)
13:35+uE [] joined #mythtv
13:35rkulagow>no idea what caused it to decide to at least put it in the schedule.
13:35mchou>when do you run mythfilldb?
13:35rkulagow>now i just need to get the M179's operational so i always have more tuners than shows to record and pretend like it never happened.
13:36mchou>that's later than when you reported the prob. yesterday?
13:37rkulagow>yes. saw the problem ~ 2200
13:38mchou>I'll bet mythfilldb "triggered" something....
13:38rkulagow>the thing is that everything that's in that block is a "one shot" - there aren't any other chances to record those particular episodes.
13:38rkulagow>(other than junkyard wars)
13:39mchou>hmm? not sure if I understand what you mean. You mean you can't record anything else in that timeslot?
13:39sfr>Arrested Development? wasn't that a band in the '90?
13:40mchou>BG comes on (repeats) at diiferent times here....
13:43mchou>rkulagow: so you recieved your m179s? how long did it take?
13:46rkulagow>m179's were UPS ground delivered on dec 3.
13:47rkulagow>auction ended on 12 nov. that's a pretty long damn time, and my rating of the seller will reflect that.
13:48billytwowilly>when did you pay him/her?
13:48rkulagow>12 nov.
13:48rkulagow>bought 3.
13:49billytwowilly>So exactly three weeks. Did you pay by check?
13:49rkulagow>credit card.
13:50billytwowilly>heh, ok so that is a long time then.
13:50billytwowilly>3 weeks would just be a little bit long if you had payed by check.
13:51+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
13:52billytwowilly>ebay is killing me. I've been trying to get a decent deal on the pvr-250 for about 2 months now.
13:52ananke>ahh, neat: seems that slashdot is running an article on the 'evil' tivo, and by accident i bumped into this link on the different hardware configurations people use:
13:52billytwowilly>every time the price either goes to high or the guy won't ship to canada.
13:53=daralc [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:03+pahli_bar [] joined #mythtv
14:04mchou>rkulagow: so how's the m179 working out so far?
14:04=fathom [] quit ("Leaving")
14:09rkulagow>mchou: not working yet. i'm using jens axboe's modified drivers which are more stable with the pvr-250's i already have, but to get the M179 to work i have to patch the driver with chris pinkham's stuff, and it doesn't apply cleanly.
14:10mchou>hmm, what kernel and distro are u using?
14:11rkulagow>mandrake cooker, 2.4.23-0.rc5.2mdk
14:12mchou>so cpinkham's patch doesn't apply cleanly to axboe's latest ivtv driver?
14:13rkulagow>not the 031125 driver (non .12 version). (and in dmesg the driver self-idents as 1118A). there are rejects in
14:13rkulagow>-rw-r--r-- 1 mythtv mythtv 1071 Dec 7 02:22 ivtv-api.c.rej
14:13rkulagow>-rw-r--r-- 1 mythtv mythtv 6867 Dec 7 02:22 ivtv-driver.c.rej
14:15mchou>hmm. Can't help u out there....
14:24-mchou [] left #mythtv ()
14:27=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
14:32=pahli_bar [] quit ("[BX] Have you huggled your BitchX today?")
14:43o_cee>did anyone catch my small update to gant?
14:43*o_cee is back (gone 02:40:37)
14:46=bishop [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:49=dilate_ [] quit ("Leaving")
14:54=Invisi [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:58Chutt>o_cee, screenshots?
14:59Chutt>o_cee, and, want gant in the distribution, to replace liquid?
14:59+Invisi [tim@3ffe:bc0:8000:0:0:0:0:1d7f] joined #mythtv
15:00dja>chutt, any thought on the save position patch?
15:00Chutt>i just had time to look it over briefly
15:01dja>np -- let me know if you'd like it to be done differently (or not at all) :-)
15:02+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
15:10lmatteris now known as lmatter_lunch
15:18thor_>ah, a web forum debate .... is it already the 10th of the month?
15:24*kvandivo smirks.
15:26=schultmc [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:26+schultmc [] joined #mythtv
15:28+jbeimler_ [] joined #mythtv
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15:30+Viddy [] joined #mythtv
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15:33=dja [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:33+pahli_bar [] joined #mythtv
15:34pahli_bar> /. is having a tivo-substitute article running now. will prove to be an interesting reading
15:34Chutt>another one?
15:35pahli_bar>Chutt: this seems to be directed towards the hardware
15:36ananke>yeah, i just noticed that too
15:37pahli_bar>Chutt: i seem to be having problems commiting to cvs. permission denied
15:38Chutt>lemme see
15:41Chutt>ok, try now
15:43pahli_bar>Chutt: heh... i just saw that you fixed the bug which i was trying to fix. so no commits to make
15:43Chutt>which bug?
15:44Chutt>try a commit anyway
15:44pahli_bar>Chutt: a read before write bug...
15:44Chutt>just so you can later on
15:44Chutt>bump the version number in the mythnews readme or something =)
15:44Chutt>and which read before write bug?
15:45pahli_bar>Chutt: oh. actually its not been fixed. i will commit it now. m_ItemsPerListing is being read before written
15:45pahli_bar>Chutt: and commit works. thanks
15:46Chutt>you weren't in the right group =)
15:53+loebrich [] joined #mythtv
15:55jbeimler_is now known as jbeimler
15:56+ilikemythtv [] joined #mythtv
15:56+marc__ [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
15:56ilikemythtv>hey guys, what is the big advantage with a Wintv 350 card compaired to a bt878 card?
15:57Chutt>hardware encoding and decoding.
15:57ilikemythtv>what is the advantage? if I have a fast computer, will i notice a difference?
15:57Chutt>very high quality tv out.
15:58jbeimler>ilikemythtv: I do, even at 1.6GHz.
15:58+warlord [me@DOGBERT.IHTFP.ORG] joined #mythtv
15:58thor_>video signal that goes out of your computer and into your TV
15:58ilikemythtv>i dont do that
15:58ilikemythtv>i own a tv card so I dont have to do that
15:59ilikemythtv>no room in my apartment for a tc
16:06Netslayer>is myth causing "audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!" or is that alsa outputing that. trying to figure out what that could be
16:06ilikemythtv>sounds like you have a bad module in your flux compasitor
16:09Netslayer>i hate alsa, i really do, building gentoo is a walk in the park compared to getting this audio driver to work although i can aplay anything fine heh, just myth
16:09Chutt>then why use alsa?
16:10jbeimler>Netslayer: I like alsa, once I figure out which module goes where. glad its going in to 2.6 finally
16:10Netslayer>i can't stop using it.. hmm
16:10Netslayer>i wanted to get ac3 pass through working.. heh still doesn't although i think that's close
16:11=marc [~Marc@] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:12ilikemythtv>Chutt, you should create Mythtv Live cds, that can mount a harddrive, so we can have a perfect mythtv setup
16:12Netslayer>auh what would be the difference between knoppmyth?
16:13ilikemythtv>there is such a thing?
16:13ananke>i wonder if that includes nvidia drivers or not
16:14Netslayer>most likely
16:14Netslayer>it has the pvr 250/350 support in it i think alsa
16:17Netslayer>funny and it says OSS audio device /dev/dsp, ah
16:19Ripp_>prepare to get slashdotted again
16:19Chutt>old news.
16:19ilikemythtv>Ripp_, whats a slashdotted?
16:20Ripp_>and I thought I was reading too much of it today :p
16:20sfr>ilikemythtv: got a website up? post the url and we'll be happy to show you :)
16:20ilikemythtv>what url?
16:20Netslayer>it's the affect of a ton of people reading retrieving links they post up
16:21Netslayer>and most of the time peoples servers can't handle the bandwidth
16:21Ripp_>thats like the umpteenth pvr box article they've done lately...
16:21kvandivo>I call it the SDOS. the Slashdot Denial of Server
16:21kvandivo>err.. service, i meant
16:21mikegrb>we don't care what you call it ;)
16:22kvandivo>The DOS, Slashdot-style.
16:22ilikemythtv>i always wondered what slashdot was
16:22mikegrb>kvandivo: :p it doesn't work here
16:22kvandivo>hence the reason i did it
16:22mikegrb>well then kvandivo++
16:26Chutt>heh, neat, looks like the website spiked at 2700kb/s
16:26Ripp_>anyone had any issues w/ kernel 2.4.23 and/or alsa 0.9.8? I updated to both recently and now playback will just randomly get slow. Like 1/2 speed and eventually locks up
16:27Netslayer>have my own alsa issues heh
16:27kvandivo>you should have put up a note saying .13 was out later this week
16:27ananke>hmm, i just installed mythtv on 2.4.23 with alsa 0.9.8, but i haven't tested the sound yet
16:27Ripp_>odd part is I don't use myth's alsa support... so
16:27pahli_bar>Ripp_: using 2.4.23 and alsa 0.9.8 at home (and v4l2 also) and no problems here
16:27Chutt>kvandivo, tonight, if i have the time
16:28Ripp_>add "upgrade mythbox to .13" to this weekends todo list
16:28ananke>although slack-current just moved to alsa 1.0.0rc2, so i may move to that
16:29Ripp_>yeah gentoo's put that in as well, I should see if that cures it, maybe .13 will as well... *shrug*
16:30=ilikemythtv [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:30pahli_bar>talking about prices: i managed to do mine for $299 to be exact.
16:30ananke>pahli_bar : entire box?
16:30pahli_bar>ananke: yup
16:31pahli_bar>though i should have spent more and bought a PVR-350
16:31ananke>what kind of components are in it? care to share?
16:31pahli_bar>ananke: one sec
16:31Netslayer>in order to use alsa do we have to compile it with those ALSA flags in
16:32Chutt>normally, it's best to use the oss emulation modules.
16:32Netslayer>any idea how i can go back to just oss
16:32Netslayer>auh, not worth my time i'll reformat with gentoo
16:32ananke>ick, gentoo :)
16:33Netslayer>it makes life easier then mdk, that screws everything up
16:33ananke>i don't use mdk, so i wouldn't know
16:33Netslayer>what distro?
16:34ananke>i use slackware
16:34+downix [] joined #mythtv
16:34Netslayer>auh, gentoo is pretty cool, it handles a lot of stuff with emerge, and that's why i like it.
16:34o_cee>Chutt: is what it looks like at the moment, and yeah, i'd love that :)
16:34*downix could use a hand getting MythTV setup
16:34ananke>when i used gentoo, i found ebuild scripts broken too often
16:35downix>when I try to use the mythtv setup script, it just hangs
16:35sfr>hm topic for today seems to be "my favourite/most hated distribution"
16:35downix>ananke: I'd comment but I've made enough ebuild scripts. 8)
16:35o_cee>sfr: really, who gives a shit about that :) i sure know i don't
16:35ananke>downix :)
16:35downix>sfr: Ygdrassil!
16:35Netslayer>o_cee that's great.. weren't u mentioning it's in CVS, haven't seen it around
16:36o_cee>Netslayer: not the theme, but the mythbackend status page
16:36Chutt>o_cee, after the release
16:36thor_>hmmm .... Chutt is updating README's .....
16:36downix>Reading the website it tells me to run the setup program, but that also hangs without reason
16:36o_cee>allright, cool. let me know. i'm having exams next week, so i hope i'll have some time to finnish stuff after that
16:36*Netslayer drumrolls
16:37thor_>downix, it may be thinking ....
16:37Chutt>downix, mailing list
16:37thor_>let it
16:37ananke>downix : you can run strace, see what is the last stuff it tries to do
16:37sfr>thor_: really? so Chutt, please have a look at the -dev list for mails starting with [PATCH] :)
16:37Chutt>sfr, i applied your german translation
16:38Chutt>for mythtv, are there more?
16:38sfr>no, only that one
16:38pahli_bar>ananke: here you go: MB (shuttle AN35N ultra): $47.99, Case (second hand): $25, CPU (Athlon 2000+ XP): $67, HD (Maxtor 120GB): $66.00, Video Card (Chaintech Nvidia MX440): $36, TV Card (Leadtek TV2000XP): $46, Memory (Kingston 256MB): $0
16:38+dhsidi92 [] joined #mythtv
16:38downix>ananke: it is trying to connect so it looks
16:38dhsidi92>what distro is the best for mythtv?
16:38o_cee>what encouriging email from bjm :) very sweet
16:39downix>ananke: to a bunch of IP's that I do not know what the hell they are.
16:39o_cee>92? that when you where born or something?
16:39ananke>pahli_bar : not bad, i wish i had some stores with such low prices around here. is that shuttle mobo one of those tiny ones?
16:40pahli_bar>ananke: no a regular ATX one. i took a long time and waited for rebates and stuff like that.
16:40pahli_bar>ananke: most of the stuff is from newegg
16:40downix>ananke: here's the last line: connect(9, {sa_family=AF_INET, sin_port=htons(3306), sin_addr=inet_addr("")}, 16
16:40dhsidi92>what distro is the best for mythtv?
16:40o_cee>Chutt? please?
16:40+engie [] joined #mythtv
16:40ananke>, hmm?
16:40Chutt>dhsidi92, hey, i have an idea, ask that 4 more time!
16:41dhsidi92>Chutt, ok
16:41downix>ananke: needless to say, I am puzzled
16:41Chutt>downix, err, that's not the mythtv setup program :p
16:41pahli_bar>dhsidi92: i have had very good experiences with debian unstable. YMMV
16:41ananke>downix : i'm too, very
16:41Netslayer>dhsidi92, if ur new try mandrake, if ur not a noob, use gentoo
16:41downix>Chutt: it's called mythsetup so I assumed it was.
16:41Chutt>unless that's your mysql server
16:41downix>mysql is on the local system
16:41Netslayer>dhsidi92, although gentoo isn't too bad for beginners, i don't think, they have great docs
16:42+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
16:42engie>Does anyone know when the deb's are going to be updated? I'd really like mythvideo, but I'm pained to install from source when the debs work so well at the moment
16:42ananke>pahli_bar : overall, that's quite nice
16:43pahli_bar>ananke: thanks. will be waiting for a good price on a pvr-250/350 though
16:43ananke>yeah, i started to look at those, and boy, they are expensive
16:43Chutt>downix, whose binary package are you using?
16:43downix>Chutt: gentoo
16:43*pahli_bar nods
16:43thor_>I think that's his name server
16:43Chutt>thor, 3306 is mysql, no?
16:43Netslayer>u mean ebuilds?
16:43*downix nods, right
16:44billytwowilly>debs updated? is 0.13 out?
16:44thor_>does look a bit odd
16:44downix>Chutt: I'll give it a go from the downloadable source however
16:44Netslayer>it will take a few days won't it for gentoo .13 ebuilds?
16:45billytwowilly>is the website just not updated or is there something screwy happening with my browser?
16:45Chutt>who the fuck said 0.13 was out?
16:45mikegrb>Chutt: the little voice in their head
16:45pahli_bar>ananke: the avermedia M179(?) seems to be able to do hardware mpeg2 (and is only about $79). does anyone know about the video quality
16:45Netslayer>i think thor was reffering to something else
16:45billytwowilly>oh. thor_ mustn't have been talking to me when he said yep..
16:46Netslayer>pahli_bar, that sounds interesting, make sure to check it's not software, they like to market that
16:46billytwowilly>no problem. I'd prefer if 0.13 didn't come out till after my exams anyway;) I'll lose too much time playing with it;)
16:46Netslayer>my last final is in 23hrs :-)
16:46billytwowilly>my last 2 are on the 15.
16:47Netslayer>i should have my new myth network up and running by then
16:47*Netslayer crosses his fingers
16:48Netslayer>sure looks like it, it even has a fan on the cpu heh
16:48Netslayer>+encoder chip
16:49Netslayer>although it might not be supported
16:49dhsidi92>can I mail my computer to someone here so they can setup mythtv on it?
16:49pahli_bar>Netslayer: video is supported by ivtv. theres a patch floating around for audio support
16:49dhsidi92>ill pay for it
16:49o_cee>buy one instead
16:50Netslayer>ya no kidding
16:50downix>I find it sad how MPEG decoders haven't gone down in price for almost a decade
16:51o_cee>thor_: i started mucking around with mythmusic..
16:51o_cee>thor_: for gant
16:51thor_>make cool buttons !
16:52o_cee>changed track_info_background, selectionbar and the other one that's blue
16:52dhsidi92>thor_, cool buttons!
16:52o_cee>workin on them ;)
16:53thor_>it should be easy to fiddle with as it's fairly forgiving of things not being mentioned in the theme
16:53o_cee>thor_: thought about changing the 1,2,3,4 buttons now since they're changeable (or if they aren't yet, easily fixed).. to something that doesn't take that much space
16:53o_cee>yeah, just have to figure out how it should look like first
16:54o_cee>and i'm missing ff/rw buttons..
16:54o_cee>got cool looking ones for the rest
16:55thor_>you need three for each (but I guess you know that already)
16:55Chutt>o_cee, change the layout =)
16:55Chutt>i've been wanting a bigger current info area
16:55o_cee>yeah, me too
16:55Chutt>and shaded, not opaque
16:55Chutt>but i've been too lazy
16:55o_cee>and i'll probably make those 4 bbutons alot smaller
16:55o_cee>group them together orsomething
16:56thor_>and don't forget you need space for the disappearing volume display
16:57o_cee>right, that sucker as well
16:57o_cee>don't use it
16:57o_cee>will try to remember ;)
16:57thor_>but you can orient it horizontally from within the theme if you like
16:57o_cee>ah yeah, i saw that
16:57o_cee>might be better
17:02Netslayer>just trying out mythlcd, how can i get it to display backend status, anyone know?
17:03jbeimler>Netslayer: /var/log/mythtv ?
17:04dhsidi92>does via make a hardware decoder on their motherboard?
17:04Netslayer>nah i mean when it is recording, it can output it's status on the lcd
17:04Netslayer>someone on the list says: "add the following
17:04Netslayer>into the settings table:
17:04Netslayer>LCDHost some_ip_or_localhost name_of_your_myth_box
17:04downix>dhci: Only on the newest C3's I believe, and it's not that good
17:05Netslayer>which settings table are they reffering too? mythtv's sql?
17:05thor_>Netslayer, you don't need that if you're using CVS, and it's the frontend that talks to LCDproc
17:06Netslayer>i noticed that, i have it showing me the menus as i go through them, but i don't see any tv show status
17:06downix>Someone needs to make a PVR-centric distro, that automates all this stuff
17:08o_cee>ooh, likst KnoppMyth
17:08o_cee>good idea.
17:08downix>good idea
17:08pahli_bar>thor_: are you the author of mfd
17:08o_cee>why are there so many people here today?
17:08Netslayer>this is what i want to see heh:*checkout*/mythtv/programs/mythlcd/Attic/mythlcd_screenshots.jpg
17:09pahli_bar>o_cee: middle-of-the-week-syndrome
17:09thor_>pahli_bar, that depends ...
17:09pahli_bar>thor_: on ?
17:09thor_>whether you're going to shower me with praise or point out that I don't seem to understand threads
17:10+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
17:11thor_>Netslayer, that was a long time ago, and was progress from the frontend of how much of a program you've seen
17:11pahli_bar>thor_: lol. nothing of that sort. i was wondering if its going to integrated into main myth and if it might address some of the things which i plan to do
17:11thor_>ok, then that's me
17:11Netslayer>the only reason i kinda want an lcd is to see if the backend is recording and if so what it is, that's what that screenshot was showing
17:12pahli_bar>thor_: so is it going to be integrated into myth (and any timeline for doing that?)
17:12kvandivo>nice to see that mythtv is mentioned "about once a year" on /.
17:12sfr>Netslayer: you just hurt o_cee you know? goto http://your_backend:6544 and be happy
17:13thor_>yes, but 1-2 months still left to do
17:13Netslayer>i use that now also heh, but that requires another computer to be on
17:13pahli_bar>thor_: ok.
17:14pahli_bar>thor_: i am curious to know if a hardware-abstraction-layer could be built into it so that plugins can receive hardware-events
17:14thor_>hw as in /
17:14pahli_bar>pahli_bar: like a usb camera being plugged
17:15pahli_bar>duh. talking to myself
17:15thor_>sorry typing with one hand
17:15thor_>daughter wants to play ...
17:17=Drikus [] quit ("toedeledoki")
17:18thor_>pahli_bar, you'd have a USB watcher that would dynamically create a metadata collection whenever it saw new resources
17:18thor_>much like an optical drive watcher
17:18downix>Wait, I might have it
17:19pahli_bar>i would to see this kind of capability (no demands, just wishlists): a device is plugged in... plugin registered for that device gets a call... plugin prompts user on a OSD for request for action... plugin acts on the request
17:19pahli_bar>thor_: exactly. but this kind of functionality will have to be built into mfd or something similar.
17:19downix>mysql isn't allowing anyone to login locally
17:19thor_>but the metadata framework already supports swapping collections in and out
17:19thor_>and signals get propagated across the plugins
17:19downix>those addresses are the nameserver for my domain name, which is what it was trying to log into
17:20thor_>so they all know when resources have changed
17:20=loebrich [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/1]")
17:20pahli_bar>thor_: ah... ok. but the mfd plugins are not the same as regular mythplugins are they?
17:20Netslayer>any ideas what this error on a frontend means: "QSocketDevice::writeBlock: Invalid socket"
17:21o_cee>downix: section 6.4?
17:21thor_>no, totally different ... mfd is headless ...
17:21thor_>the general idea is you can create a plugin that finds resources and "publishes" them to the mfd
17:22thor_>or you create a plugin that serves resources (e.g. DAAP)
17:22lmatter_lunchis now known as lmatter
17:23thor_>and because the serving plugins advertize themselves via zeroconfig/Rendezvous, every mfd automatically knows what's available at every other mfd
17:23pahli_bar>thor_: hmmm... i'm still a but confused. i will look through the code and come up with more intelligent questions
17:23thor_>so one little thin client (yet to be written!) can get anything on the network
17:24thor_>as I said, there's still _lots_ to be done ... but the best way to get a feeling for what's possible is to do a checkout from before I started screwing with the DAAP server and run it on the same network as something running iTunes
17:25thor_>or do a checkout in about 6 hours, when daap serving will be working again
17:25pahli_bar>thor_: ok thanks
17:28=Ripp_ [] quit ("Leaving")
17:28+dja_ [] joined #mythtv
17:34Netslayer>if i want to keep later import recorded show data back into a fresh db, do i just have to backup that one 'recorded' table, or are there others that i need
17:36o_cee>use nuvexport maybe.. think there's some stuff for it
17:36Netslayer>would have to do that manually for each show ekk heh have 100 shows recorded
17:36Netslayer>i'll just copy the whole db and import it later, worst case scenario i have 100 unmarked shows heh
17:37Netslayer>well not import the whole db, but work from there.. i want a new db
17:38downix>Ok, I'm beyond fustrated
17:38downix>mythtv has a login, but it still won't login
17:39thor_>downix, mysql -p -u mythtv mythconverg
17:40pahli_bar>downix: u mean for mysql or xdm-type login
17:40downix>thor: connects fine
17:40downix>phali: for sql
17:40=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
17:41downix>Wait, I got it
17:41thor_>more /wherever/you're/myth/is/share/mythtv/mysql.txt
17:45downix>what is VBI?
17:45kvandivo>Visual Basic Instinct
17:45downix>in Mythtv
17:46pahli_bar>thor_: holy crap. 20 threads for mfd?
17:46downix>I get asked about a VBI device
17:46downix>not sure what one is
17:46o_cee>not supported on pvr-x50
17:47pahli_bar>thor_: more like 25... somebody really loves threads :)
17:48sfr>25 ? 1 should be enough for broken daap functionality
17:48downix>I'm not running a PVR-x50
17:48thor_>pahli_bar, every plugin is it's own thread, most of them run sub threads ... (vritually) no load if nothing is happening though
17:48downix>fun, the setup program crashed
17:48downix>it keeps crashing when I enter my zip code
17:48downix>enters in 4 digits, then crashes
17:49Netslayer>what distro?
17:49=holger_ [] quit ("Client exiting")
17:50downix>gentoo 2.6.0-test11
17:50sfr>user error, most likely ;)
17:50Netslayer>crap i'm going to that
17:50downix>it's when I click on input connections
17:53=schultmc [] quit ("Client exiting")
17:54downix>the error is "couldn't open /dev/v4l/video0 to probe its limits"
17:54+bishop [] joined #mythtv
17:55downix>any ideas?
17:57o_cee>dja_: ?
17:58dja_>sorry, didn't mean to do that...had a question for you...
17:58downix>thor: shows my brooktree card
17:58o_cee>just do a normal query, no need for dcc :)
17:58thor_>lsmod ?
17:58o_cee>downix: and you've loaded the drivers for it?
17:58downix>o_cee: the bttv module, yup
17:58dja_>sorry, I've never used irc before I got my mythtv box...:-)
17:59downix>thor: shows the bttv module there
17:59thor_>dmesg | grep bttv
17:59-lmatter [] left #mythtv ("Client Exiting")
17:59o_cee>dja_: ah ;) well just do "/msg o_cee message.."
17:59downix>thor: looks normal here
17:59o_cee>(i think it is) :)
18:00thor_>downix, xawtv installed ?
18:00downix>thor: think so, let me re-check
18:01downix>thor: yup
18:01thor_>man xawtv, find the device command line switch and run it against /dev/v4l/video0
18:02+johndo [] joined #mythtv
18:10downix>Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
18:13thor_>as the user that started X: xhost +
18:13thor_>as the user you're trying to run myth as: export DISPLAY="myhostname:0.0"
18:14thor_>where myhostname is the name of, well, your host name
18:16=bishop [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:18downix>xhost: unknown command
18:19downix>which is odd because it works under root, but it can't open display as root
18:21downix>t it
18:21downix>erm, got it
18:21downix>same error
18:21downix>Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
18:21thor_>echo $DISPLAY
18:21thor_>(and what friggin distro are you using?)
18:21thor_>what happened to export DISPLAY="myhostname:0.0" ?
18:21downix>absolutely nothing happened
18:22thor_>echo $SHELL
18:22downix>its bash
18:23thor_>so you are saying that if you type export DISPLAY="myhostname:0.0"
18:23thor_>and then echo $DISPLAY
18:23thor_>you don't get the same thing back ?
18:23downix>I get the same thing, :0.0
18:23downix>same as I got beforehand
18:24thor_>you should definitely move out of the Bermuda Triangle
18:24*downix didn't think he said that he lived in the Bermuda Triangle... which I actually do
18:25kvandivo>The U. S. Board of Geographic Names does not recognize the Bermuda Triangle as an official name and does not maintain an official file on the area.
18:25*downix chuckles
18:25+curreyr [] joined #mythtv
18:25downix>Ok, I'm taking a break
18:25downix>Now no apps are launching, same error
18:26downix>Hold on
18:27downix>very odd
18:27downix>I can launch from the "run command" but not from the term
18:28thor_>becuase the run command is as the user that started X
18:29downix>so were the shells IIRC
18:29downix>ok, I was under su
18:30downix>alright, now I'm getting somewhere
18:30downix>hmm, /dev/v4l/video0 gives a permission denied error
18:30o_cee>check the permissions then?
18:30downix>o_cee: way ahead of you
18:31o_cee>doesn't seem like it
18:32o_cee>kvandivo: maybe we could add uptime for the backend?
18:32o_cee>funny, inte a pointless kind of way
18:33o_cee>thor_: could you do a SELECT profile
18:33o_cee> FROM `record`; ?
18:34o_cee>wondering why i've got '0's in there
18:34kvandivo>umm.. i suppose so. not sure that it would add much value
18:35kvandivo>i guess it is an upper bound on how long mythbackend has been running
18:35thor_>o_cee, I've got oodles of 0's
18:35o_cee>(on the status page that is)
18:35o_cee>thor_: shouldn't they be "Default" "High Quality" and so on??
18:36dja_>(thank's o_cee :-)
18:36o_cee>dja_: ;)
18:36thor_>yeah, probably, but I don't really know how any of that works
18:36o_cee>thor_: they're supposed to be strings now with the new profiling stuff i think
18:36o_cee>allright.. what do you setup your recs with?
18:36dja_>thor_: o_cee and I were discussing the fact that the default profile in the advanced recording screen is "(unspecified)", which stores a "0" if you leave it that way.
18:37thor_>just Default
18:37o_cee>thor_: with the frontend or mythweb?
18:37dja_>I've made a small patch that "fixes" that (by removing "(unspecified)" from the list of options)
18:37o_cee>allright. mythweb seems to make it "right" i htink
18:38o_cee>Chutt: any comment?
18:38dja_>but, it doesn't take care of the TOGGLERECORD option...that is harder (at least for me) :-)...unfortunately that's how I setup 99% of my recordings...
18:39downix>ok, got it
18:39downix>yay, it works!
18:39downix>Now I guess I need to plug up the cable
18:47*o_cee is away: sleepietime
18:47+D-side [] joined #mythtv
18:48o_cee>Captain_Murdoch: damn, 90hrs idle.. heh. :/
18:52+ananke_ [] joined #mythtv
18:52=curreyr_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:55=sfr [] quit ("Client exiting")
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18:58+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
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19:07-curreyr [] left #mythtv ()
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19:12+rkulagow [] joined #mythtv
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19:16+WkdLester [] joined #mythtv
19:24+bishop [] joined #mythtv
19:33+debianboy [] joined #mythtv
19:34debianboy>does anyone know why mythtv seg faults when you press the multimedia keys on a keyboard?
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19:47+KikoV [] joined #mythtv
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19:58rkulagow>chutt: are you here?
19:58Chutt>what's up?
20:00rkulagow>ran into an issue on a M179; on the M179, the inputs are: "S Video 0", "N/A", "N/A", "Composite 0" and "Tuner 0". when i was in setup and had initially defined the MPEG card and got to the "default input" i hit cursor down, got "N/A", cursor down, "N/A", cursor up "N/A" and said, "whoa! driver must be broken". i didn't hit cursor down again, so didn't know that Composite 0 and Tuner 0 were still valid choices.
20:00rkulagow>any reason you see on why "N/A" can't be dropped?
20:00Chutt>that's more of a driver issue
20:01Chutt>kevin says the next major revision's going to only display what's available
20:02downix>that reminds me, I need to figure out how to handle the S-Video in
20:03rkulagow>hope he wraps in Jens' stuff into the next official CVS tarball, because the base CVSLATEST just doesn't work too well for me on the PVR-250. (lots of the DMA queuing stuff that created two 7GB syslog and /var/log/messages full of errors before i saw what was happening.)
20:04Chutt>they're rewriting lots of stuff at the moment
20:04Chutt>which is a pain -- finally got my epia-m back running, did a big upgrade
20:04Chutt>first thing my wife did was pause it, and ivtv-fb took a nose dive =)
20:07=uE [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:07rkulagow>the WAF has been going down; i've been running into the "tinny audio" problem.
20:07Chutt>did you see anduin withers' patch that attempts to fix that?
20:08rkulagow>i'm about 200 messages behind on ivtv-dev. was that the one that does the stream close stuff?
20:08Chutt>it was just today or yesterday, i think
20:08warlord>yea... and it seems to work really well.
20:08Chutt>i don't remember exactly
20:08rkulagow>and generates the EOS error that doesn't matter?
20:08warlord>i've not seen a tinny audio since.
20:09warlord>it doesn't always generate an EOS error.
20:10rkulagow>ah - i was just trying to see if we were talking about the same patch. no, i haven't applied it yet, but if it's a TrueFix for tinny audio (standard=0x20 didn't seem to help much) then i'm all over it.
20:11Chutt>i'm wasting time reading slashdot comments
20:12rkulagow>"self built PVRs are cheaper"! "no they're not"!
20:12=ananke_ [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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20:13*Netslayer run for your lives
20:13rkulagow>that sort of stuff, or something useful this time? it's like, "is it time for the monthly slashdot article _already_?" can't wait for my mailbox to fill with people that think _I_ wrote mythtv.
20:13%Netsplit over, joins: WkdLester, billytwowilly, dhsidi92, downix, warlord, Viddy, mecraw, racer, Chiphead, Bonkers (+8 more)
20:14Chutt>rkulagow, nothing really interesting
20:14rkulagow>ah, ok. let me see if i can get my M179's operational then...
20:15Chutt>just about every single comment is about mythtv and not something else, though =)
20:15Chutt>ah well
20:15Chutt>time to start packaging 0.13, i suppose
20:16rkulagow>aggh. let me get an upload of the docs done so they're in the tarball then. is it tonight?
20:16Chutt>i've got time tonight, might not tomorrow, so =)
20:16rkulagow>ok, shouldn't take long. same format for tarball names, etc?
20:16rkulagow>ok. bbl.
20:17Chutt>thanks =)
20:17rkulagow>any reason why the version number for the docs can't be v0.13.00?
20:24=ananke [] quit ("BitchX-1.0c19 -- just do it.")
20:27Chutt>rkulagow, would it be too much trouble to add a 'I tried to watch TV and all I get is a black screen?' question to the troubleshooting section?
20:27rkulagow>QT v3.1 is the new minimum, correct?
20:27rkulagow>chutt: sure.
20:28Chutt>with the answer being 'There is an error message in the output of mythfrontend or mythbackend that you need to read and fix.'
20:28rkulagow>did this come up in the lists? i'm 800 messages behind there.
20:28Chutt>or something
20:28Chutt>it comes up fairly often, but no one ever looks at the console output for error messages
20:28Chutt>and yeah, qt 3.1 is the minimum now
20:28rkulagow>ah the gruff-but-loveable chutt. :) i'll get something together.
20:29Chutt>cool, thanks
20:31+ananke [] joined #mythtv
20:43+lostjoe [~luke@] joined #mythtv
20:44+Teflon [] joined #mythtv
20:56=lostjoe [~luke@] quit ("gtkBitchX: coming soon to a theatre near you!")
20:59rkulagow>chutt: i think i've got the docs switched. in the future i'm going to start cutting cruft that doesn't apply, like redhat 8.0 install instructions, etc.
21:00rkulagow>i'll upload them now...
21:01Chutt>i'm going through all the different plugins and making sure i didn't fuck anything up last minute
21:03billytwowilly>you guys are going to release 0.13 before monday aren't you?
21:04billytwowilly>Heh. goodbye studying for finals, hello fiddling with my mythtv box;)
21:05Chutt>rkulagow needs to commit his docs changes, then i need to make a changelog for the website
21:05Chutt>and it's essentially done
21:05billytwowilly>cool. so that'd be what? an hour from now?
21:05*billytwowilly plans his studying around mythtv releases
21:06Chutt>i dunno
21:11+asjkldfjk [] joined #mythtv
21:12rkulagow>chutt: syncing docs.
21:12asjkldfjk>Does anyone have a suggestion on a tv card?
21:13DogBoy>get one that works
21:14ananke>that m179, who makes that?
21:15Chutt>been replaced by the m150, though
21:15Chutt>which isn't yet supported in linux, but should not be difficult to get going in the driver
21:15ananke>i went to a local store today, looking for tuner cards, and i saw oen my avermedia. wonder which one it was
21:16Chutt>not the m179, as it's an oem only card
21:16ananke>that m179 - is that the mono or stereo card?
21:17rkulagow>the m179 is a mpeg-2 encoder card, not a bt8x8 card.
21:17warlord>the m179 is sort of like a pvr-250
21:19ananke>i see
21:20ananke>so besides the obvious difference of the fact that the encoder card can encode in hardware, what's the difference to an average user?
21:22Chutt>uses absolutely no cpu to record
21:22=mdz [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:22ananke>yeah, that's what i meant. however: both can perform things such as changing channels, etc?
21:22Chutt>of course
21:22ananke>ok, i wasn't sure :)
21:24ananke>and one last question: i was doing some research, and i saw that some cards are listed as mono/stereo, and some don't list the audio capabilities. does it mean that they can capture only video? if that's the case, is it possible to use a soundcard to add the audio tracks?
21:24Netslayer>for sure
21:24Chutt>everything's going to be at least mono.
21:26rkulagow>ananke: unless you go out and do something purposefully bad, then any consumer-level tv card is going to at least allow you to have sound. yes, there are pro-level capture cards (osprey comes to mind) that don't have any audio on them, but then again, they don't have tuners either.
21:27thor_>so, this would be about the time when I commit in something stupid ...
21:27Netslayer>what is that script called for accessing the backend status through port 6544? i'm interesting in the db fields it accesses
21:28ananke>great, thank you for the information
21:28*ananke is preparing to make the IR receiver right now
21:28Netslayer>i'm making an ir receiver and transmitter tomorrow, will be second one
21:29-asjkldfjk [] left #mythtv (".")
21:29ananke>i'm hoping i'll be able to use my main remote controller for that
21:29Chutt>thor, i've already tagged everything :p
21:29ananke>i mean for the transmitter
21:30Netslayer>o_cee, what's the name of that file you were working on for the web based backend status?
21:30thor_>Netslayer, no script, just point a browser at it
21:31Netslayer>nah i want to look at the code, i'm thinking about writing my own myth status for an LCD, and want to know which db fields it accesses for backend status
21:32Chutt>programs/mythbackend/mainserver.cpp, near the bottom.
21:32Netslayer>thank you
21:37Netslayer>i noticed some EPG screens in the setup dealing with shutdown and waking, can it do anything cool with a slavebackend?
21:38Netslayer>by that I mean shutdown when it's done recording, and/or set it to power up to record
21:40rkulagow>chutt: commiting a missing parens in a VERBOSE macro in mythcontext. ok?
21:40Netslayer>cool, have to look into that
21:41+asjkldfjk [] joined #mythtv
21:41asjkldfjk>Are there companies that sell pre-built PVR systems based on MythTV, or others?
21:42Netslayer>don't believe so ..yet
21:42Netslayer>people sell em on ebay though
21:42thor_>one in Italy, and some mom & pop on ebay
21:42rkulagow>if you want a pre-built PVR, you can run sage tv.
21:42rkulagow>they used to sell a hardware/software setup, but that's windows.
21:44rkulagow>i had someone ask if i would put together a box for them for parts + labor, but they sort of backed off once they saw the price. i think he ended up with a Windows Media Center box.
21:44thor_>hmm Qt 3.3 beta
21:45Netslayer>media center pc's are pretty pricey
21:45Netslayer>gosh, i can build a whole system for a couple hundred.
21:46rkulagow>well, he also wanted to program it, and felt that the media center SDK was better docs than what was available in the source code for mythtv. whatever.
21:47warlord>please dont upgrade Qt yet...
21:47warlord>3.1 is "good enough" ;)
21:47Chutt>i dunno
21:47Chutt>what they're talking about for qt 4.0 is pretty damn sexy
21:48Chutt>i'll probably be switching over to that once it's out
21:48warlord>you run Debian/unstable, huh?
21:48warlord>(or Gentoo?)
21:49-asjkldfjk [] left #mythtv (".")
21:49Netslayer>isn't gentoo based off of debian?
21:50warlord>Netslayer: uh, no
21:50Chutt>there's really nothing in 3.3 that's all that interesting, though
21:50thor_>was assuming bug fixes ... but haven't looked
21:50warlord>so no plans to desupport 3.1 anytime soon?
21:52warlord>I suppose I should pull down myth cvs now before you add the post-0.13 changes...
21:52Chutt>eh, it'll be a few days before i break anything
21:52thor_>ewwww ...... "managed extensions"
21:52warlord>Heh. that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy...
21:53Chutt>only thing that may break is when i start taking all the workarounds for qsocket's crappiness out =)
21:53thor_>see mfd !
21:54Netslayer>i had a qsockets problem today heh
21:54rkulagow>chutt: can i fix a missing parens in mythcontext VERBOSE message?
21:55+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
21:55Chutt>lemme know when you commit
21:55rkulagow>it's going now.
21:57*warlord waits eagerly for chutt to tag 0.13....
21:57Chutt>it's tagged
21:58thor_>heh, you said it was already tagged !!
21:58thor_>I was going to get in a quick patch to randomize key bindings
21:59Chutt>i moved the tag :p
22:00thor_>crappity, crap crap
22:00warlord>randomize key bindings?
22:00Chutt>thor's just trying to be evil
22:00warlord>Yea, i know..
22:03thor_>I've never really understood the aversion to autoconf .... just all the bloat?
22:03Chutt>all the various incompatible versions
22:03Chutt>the 100k compressed it adds to a project
22:04Chutt>the amount of time it takes to generate makefiles
22:04+extremis [] joined #mythtv
22:04Chutt>the fact that there's like 3 people anywhere that understand m4
22:04warlord>there are more than 3 people...
22:04Chutt>hmm, what else
22:04*warlord understands m4
22:04thor_>and 2 of them won't talk to the 3rd one
22:05extremis>I know this is a hated discussion, but I've put my mythtv in my closet until I can find a solution (its been there for about 6 months not being used), but has anyone created any unofficial patches for softcam support?
22:05thor_>"softcam" ?
22:05extremis>software cam for dvb cards
22:06extremis>for those of us in the US with a dishnet subscription
22:06extremis>Chutt: its the only thing keeping me from finishing my mythtv box
22:06extremis>I'm sad
22:07thor_>can't use IR/blaster against a dishnet decoder ?
22:07thor_>(perhaps he needs ..... a _WindexBlaster_)
22:07extremis>thor_: I built an ir/blaster for my dishnet reciever, but5 I also have a dvb card
22:07Netslayer>so what's the problem
22:08extremis>thor_: software decryption of my dvb signal on my dvb-s card
22:08Netslayer>heh in the US, ya right
22:08extremis>there were a few people claiming they were working on it, but they disapeared
22:08extremis>Netslayer: I can do it with vdr or in windows, mythtv just lacks it
22:08Netslayer>i would love directv piped directly in.. won't happen
22:08Netslayer>'they disapeared' heh
22:09thor_>move to Europe ?
22:09extremis>Netslayer: stopped responding to email and stopped posting to the list
22:09Netslayer>= authorities
22:09extremis>thor_: nope, US... they likely figured it out but didn't want the liability of sharing
22:09*Netslayer nods
22:09extremis>well I pay for dishnet so I don't consider it illegal
22:09thor_>silly industry
22:10Netslayer>well i pay for directv, still isn't legal (like i care)
22:10extremis>I even worked with dishnet to get cam support
22:10extremis>I told them I would be willing to test one out, but they said they don't want people to have the ability to use other recievers
22:10Netslayer>so it pipes a digital signal to your dvb card?
22:10warlord>they dont want people to use other receivers??? why not?
22:10warlord>dont they want to sell service?
22:11extremis>warlord: its open in EU
22:11extremis>everyone uses dvb
22:11thor_>they don't want people pulling pure digital mpeg
22:11extremis>thor_: copyright
22:11warlord>extremis: yes, I know..
22:11extremis>anyways... softcam support is in vdr, I'm sure a port would be simple
22:11Netslayer>that would make life so much easier for capturing..just stream it to your hd
22:11extremis>I'm not a coder though
22:12thor_>start a pool
22:12extremis>I'll pay
22:12Netslayer>so u have a receiver that has an output for this? what's the output
22:12thor_>ask Dishnet users to contribute
22:12extremis>Netslayer: google
22:13thor_>pay somebody who can code with a free dish, decoder, and subscription
22:13thor_>then host the patch in Europe :-)
22:13extremis>thor_: I'll send you a dvb card if you get it working
22:13Netslayer>oh dish network
22:13thor_>my life is already too busy
22:13Chutt>hardware's worth less than the time it would take.
22:14thor_>well, throw in an HDTV as well
22:14ananke>hmm, i think i'm going crazy after looking at the diagram for the last 10 minutes: on my IR module i have: out, gnd, vcc. on the diagram there is data, +, -. how do they match up? [i think i'm starting to get confused, because of the pin numbers]
22:14Netslayer>are u telling me that in windows u can pipe a dish network signal to a dvb card?
22:15extremis>Netslayer: yes, and vdr in linux
22:15Chutt>if you use some illegal decryption software
22:15Netslayer>how would dish network go along with this?
22:15extremis>Chutt: screw legality, lets sstick to morality
22:15kvandivo>thor_, what is it with you and your windex blaster? are they blue, or what?
22:15Netslayer>i didn't know they have cracked that
22:15rkulagow>chutt: ready for the first bug? i just pulled up the program grid in schedule recording, hit "r" and the status on the program i chose doesn't change to "Recording" in the upper right hand corner. also, the letter-in-a-circle doesn't appear either. a program that i had previously setup to record (south park) does have the letter-in-a-circle. this in with the visor theme (if it matters), and i'll check in blue in just a second. ok, doe
22:15Chutt>extremis, you're not the one distributing software.
22:15rkulagow>'t show up in blue either. it's recording though, and hitting "i" on the program shows "record only this showing".
22:16extremis>Chutt: if you coded it, I would
22:16Chutt>rkulagow, was it for something currently playing?
22:16rkulagow>it's for something that is in the current timeslot, yes.
22:16Chutt>yeah, that's a known bug
22:16Chutt>david engel's fault =)
22:16rkulagow>(trying to use up my encoders so i can test the M179).
22:16extremis>any fedora + mythtv setup guides yet?
22:16rkulagow>ah, ok.
22:17warlord>extremis: I presume it's going to be pretty close to using rh9
22:17Netslayer>so it won't show the icon if it's what in the 30 minute time slot it represents
22:17thor_>kvandivo, someone went on and on about commerical Spot Removal in here one day, and all I could picture was something plugged into a USB port that automatically cleaned your TV with Windex. Stupid, really.
22:17Netslayer>i hear fedora is terrible
22:17warlord>Netslayer: compared to what?
22:17kvandivo>ya, i remember, i was just giving you a hard time
22:18Chutt>it won't show the icon if it's a new single recording in the current timeslot.
22:18Netslayer>uh, just overhearing people talking about redhat and fedora
22:18Netslayer>current timeslot?
22:18warlord>Netslayer: my install of fedora (in vmware) went extremely smoothly
22:18Netslayer>u mean if u want to record something at 5:30 and it's 515
22:19Netslayer>vmware, interesting
22:20warlord>Chutt: so what did Engel do, exactly?
22:22Chutt>made the program guide reflect the scheduler more accurately
22:23jbeimler>got my box working. took a lot of monkeying around with alsa controls to get the sound in muted, but still output at a decent level. and I had to install the nvidia driver. otherwise, a pretty easy go
22:23warlord>and the scheduler ignores currently-recording programs?
22:23Chutt>the one problem with that is that the scheduler doesn't have a currently recording single-shot recording in the scheduler
22:23Chutt>as scheduled to be recorded
22:23Chutt>so the icon doesn't show up in the epg
22:23Chutt>minor thing, really
22:24warlord>true.. not a showstopper.
22:24Netslayer>anyone here using 2.6 with myth? Should I use it for my master backend? ..thoughts
22:24=mecraw [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:25warlord>Netslayer: run away! run away quickly!
22:25Chutt>5 downloads of the 0.13 tarball while i cut and pasted in the release announcement
22:25*Netslayer looks in awe
22:25*warlord is building the cvs code..
22:26*dopez just downloaded 0.13
22:26*Netslayer nabs the first port
22:26kvandivo>so i've got a 'RankLine' that is essentially a slider.. It's got a label, a slider, and an lcd value. I'm wondering if there is a preference on where I define it. It's not a setting, in the 'This goes in the settings area of myth' sense, but the SliderSetting is defined in settings.h. On the other hand, this is a MythWidget that I'm going to be adding to various gui screens. So, I could see it going either place.. settings, becau
22:27Chutt>you got cut off
22:27*kvandivo mutters to himself.
22:27Chutt>at 'settings, becau'
22:27kvandivo>settings, because of similarity to slider, or mythwidgets. Any
22:27kvandivo> preference? If not, I'm going to put it in settings.h
22:27Chutt>mythwidgets, most likely
22:27kvandivo>ok.. mythwidgets it is, then. :)
22:28Netslayer>heh "please at least try to read the docs"
22:29Chutt>doesn't anyone want to write a new themes section for the website?
22:29Netslayer>as in themes or the actual section?
22:30Chutt>the section on the website.
22:30Netslayer>u deleted my comment, how cute heh, ah well
22:31Chutt>i did?
22:31Netslayer>what's wrong with the site? looks fine
22:31Netslayer>it's not there anymore
22:31Netslayer>will post again heh
22:31Chutt>the site is cached
22:31Chutt>it'll show up in 5 minutes or so
22:31Netslayer>auh k
22:32Netslayer>are u thinking about a theme section that shows off the themes a little more?
22:33extremis>so, you seem to be surviving the ./
22:33warlord>well, builds cleanly... ;)
22:33Netslayer>ya were are the site stats heh
22:34Chutt>i sure better be surviving the slashdotting
22:34Chutt>paying enough for hosting :p
22:34Netslayer>so what benefits do u get out of a project like this?
22:34Chutt>something to do in my free time
22:34Netslayer>the admiration of people like us
22:34Chutt>countless hours of aggravation
22:34=o_cee [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:35Chutt>today was about 2x the normal bandwidth
22:35Chutt>3x the visitors
22:35Chutt>so most people just saw the front page
22:35warlord>Netslayer: he gets the same benefits as I get from working on Gnucash...
22:37Chutt>maybe 7k referrers from /. today
22:37warlord>not too bad.
22:37thor_>thought it would be more
22:37+mechou [] joined #mythtv
22:37Chutt>wait, more than that
22:37Chutt>i can't add
22:38warlord>not bad
22:38extremis>Chutt: so you normally get 4k a day?
22:38thor_>still, imagine if everyone RTFA (RTFWS?)
22:38Chutt>there abouts
22:38Chutt>6k visitors, 30k page views
22:38Netslayer>how much bandwidth per month?
22:39Chutt>just 40GB or so
22:39Netslayer>that's more than a GB a day heh
22:40warlord>is it enough?
22:40billytwowilly>heh, I regularly use more bandwidth than the entire mythtv project;) sweet;)
22:40mikegrb>Chutt: gallery the php stuff works out of the box as a nuke module apearantly
22:40mikegrb>that could be used for the themes section of the site
22:40Chutt>'course, that doesn't count the mailing lists or cvs
22:40Chutt>mikegrb, i'd want something a little more suited for it
22:40warlord>Ahh, ok.
22:40thor_>that last bullet point doesn't seem to quite parse correctly
22:40Chutt>like, all i'd have to do would be to give it a set of properly named images
22:40mikegrb>I thought that was interesting, was hacking the code up for my personal site this weekend
22:40billytwowilly>anyone have screenshots of mythbrowser handy?
22:41Chutt>it'd generate a page with some descriptions based on the image names present
22:41mikegrb>Chutt: when I've got more time I'll talk to you a bit more about it here
22:41Chutt>allow for versioning
22:41mikegrb>Chutt: I'll give it a go
22:41Chutt>and comments
22:41mikegrb>I need to help more
22:41mikegrb>I use mythtv enough :)
22:42+mecraw [] joined #mythtv
22:43+o_cee [] joined #mythtv
22:44thor_>... list _of_ complete linux distributions ... (I guess, but that's the same final bullet as below, so "I've added ..." well)
22:47kvandivo>I hear that a new version is out!!! What hardware should I buy for it? Is it stable? Can I pay someone to install it for me? Why _do_ I get this blank screen?
22:47mechou>howcome I get delay in sound? :)
22:48thor_>cross posting !!! cross posting !!
22:48+fulbert__ [] joined #mythtv
22:50mikegrb>kvandivo: I'll install it for <dr evil>one millionn dollars</dr evil>
22:50mechou>heck, I'd do it for half that :)
22:50thor_>ah, nothing like the spontaneous emergence of a market
22:51fulbert__is now known as fulbert
22:51mechou>no guarantee provided on xmltv though :)
22:51Chutt>thor, fixed my bad grammar
22:51thor_>(like I've ever had a cvs commit without a spelling error in it)
22:51Chutt>yeah, whatever :p
22:52josephk>you are the weakest speller. good bye.
22:52Chutt>i lost my 6th grade spelling bee by misspelling grammar
22:52+toothpick [] joined #mythtv
22:52josephk>sounds traumatic
22:52Chutt>very much so
22:53josephk>traumatic ...t...r...a...u...m...a...t...i...c
22:53thor_>that is hilarious
22:53mechou>probably got dopeslapped by you English teacher, huh?
22:54josephk>probably pimp slapped
22:54mechou>ehats the diff?
22:55josephk>one hurts da bitch and teaches her a lesson
22:56josephk>pimps don't mess
22:56josephk>mofos gots to learns tha hard lessins
22:57josephk>like reedin, ritin, and arifmotic
22:57mechou>I thought its biatches that's supposed to do that....
22:57=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:58toothpick>Can someone point me in a direction for this? Error getting inputs for the capturecard. Perhaps you have
22:58toothpick>forgotten to bind video sources to your card's inputs
22:58Chutt>4th section of the setup program
22:58toothpick>ok Chutt...going to now
22:59toothpick>I meant to read about what the 4th section is.
22:59josephk>its the setup program > Step 4
23:00toothpick>oic now
23:00toothpick>QServerSocket: failed to bind or listen to the socket
23:00toothpick>Failed to bind port: 6543
23:00extremis>is knoppmyth any good?
23:00toothpick>new error now
23:00Chutt>extremis, lotta people seem to like it
23:01mechou>toothpick: start mythbackend
23:01Chutt>toothpick, you're trying to run more than one mythbackend
23:01=johndo [] quit ("Leaving")
23:01toothpick>It's working! Thanks
23:01toothpick>that is mythfrontend!
23:02toothpick>on my cheap ati tv wonder ve
23:03kvandivo>well, give the man a small rounded piece of wood that he can use to clean the bits of food from between his incisors.
23:03fulbert>I moved master backends to a new machine, dumped and imported my database, but now I get "Couldn't find backend for: :" when viewing recorded programs ?
23:04toothpick>now I have to see how to change the channel
23:04Chutt>need to change the hostname in the database for the recordings
23:04jbeimler>toothpick: up and down buttons
23:05fulbert>as in pull out the sql guide ?
23:05toothpick>ok thanks
23:06toothpick>I'm only getting the spanish news
23:06toothpick>this is strange
23:07jbeimler>that is odd, locally the spanish channel gets left out of the listings.
23:07jbeimler>guessing its a zaptv thing
23:08toothpick>jbeimle..yes I see now didn't update the database
23:08toothpick> anycase now I hit f1 and the contrast is so dark I can't see anything
23:08toothpick>gotta figure these controls reset
23:08Netslayer>it's all in the keys file
23:11=ananke [] quit (Success)
23:13toothpick>that mythfill takes a long time
23:13fulbert>it's extra slow tonight.
23:14Netslayer>toothpick, mine takes an hr, i have 500 or so channels..really should remove ones i don't watch then it would be done in 60 seconds
23:15jbeimler>Netslayer: whats the easy way to remove the channels? or just poke in the database?
23:15Netslayer>u can use phpMyAdmin to 'poke
23:15Netslayer>other then that i'm not sure if there is an official channel editor
23:16Netslayer>mythweb has some stuff now under settings
23:16Netslayer>but i'm not sure if that's for removing
23:17fulbert>you can edit them in your mythusers homedir, ~/.mythtv/source.xmltv file
23:17Netslayer>there should be an editor heh
23:17Netslayer>so just comment them out?
23:17Netslayer>well that's easy..they will just dissappear as data runs out?
23:18fulbert>yeah, that way xmltv will skip looking at them.
23:18Chutt>you'll have to remove them from the database as well.
23:18fulbert>ah, if they get there, yeah, I edit before I fill
23:18billytwowilly>fulbert: You're running multiple frontends and backends right?
23:18Netslayer>i have 482 channels, and i watch 3 of them
23:18billytwowilly>mind if I ask you a rather long question (long for me typing, probably short for you answering)?
23:18jbeimler>can I add others that don't make it from the xmltv source? or is that a lot of wrk?
23:18Netslayer>and waste tons of bandwidth updating them each night heh
23:18toothpick>the only thing I need to do is get the sound working right.
23:19*Netslayer wants his sound to work right also..stupid alsa
23:19=DogBoy [] quit ("Leaving")
23:19toothpick>like when I pause video stops but sound keeps going.
23:19Netslayer>u sure ur not listening to the incoming live feed?
23:20mikegrb>toothpick: have you read the docs?
23:20Chutt>jbeimler, it's easy, they just won't have any program data
23:20mikegrb>toothpick: it describes that exactly
23:21+Lenolium [] joined #mythtv
23:21toothpick>chutt thanks got it
23:22kvandivo> current look of my rank slider
23:23toothpick>That was easy...
23:23toothpick>now everything is monitor is old though so causing a bit of interference...
23:23toothpick>This is really great work guys.
23:25Netslayer>what is the rank in delete for
23:25kvandivo>so that you can rank the show
23:25Netslayer>what does that do exactly?
23:25toothpick>I am searching for the key bindings so I can find out what i have done...I put composite on instead of tv now.
23:25Netslayer>for fixing conflicts
23:25thor_>kvandivo, cool ... you want to do a setBackgroundOrigin(ParentOrigin)
23:26kvandivo>ahh.. thanks a million.. that's just the type of comments i was hoping for.
23:26Netslayer>i think it's cool, just never used rank before
23:27=racer [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:27kvandivo>right now it is label->setBackgroundOrigin(QWidget::WindowOrigin);
23:28Chutt>kvandivo, you _have_ to install the corefonts package and turn on aa in in qtconfig
23:28*kvandivo looks around.
23:28thor_>you have _crappy_ fonts
23:28thor_>(myth should not look like that) :-)
23:28kvandivo>ok.. ok... I'm on the case
23:28*mikegrb looks
23:28Netslayer>oh wow, thought that was compression
23:29billytwowilly>is there a place to add things to a wishlist for the next release?
23:29*Netslayer u wishing for a wish list?
23:29mikegrb>billytwowilly: mail a patch to the dev list
23:30Chutt>there is no wishlist
23:30*Netslayer needs two new names for his master server and remote family myth box
23:30Netslayer>something cool, nerdy and has nux in it
23:31billytwowilly>ok. I was just wondering how hard it would be to setup myth so that paired frontend/backends leave each other alone unless there is a recording conflict, then they query the other frontend/backend pair to see if there is recording space there.
23:31thor_>I think you want slider->setBackgroundOrigin(WindowOrigin)
23:31=Octane [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:31Netslayer>u mean work like they do now but have each slave backend try to work off of it's tuner first
23:32=mecraw [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:32Netslayer>i'm kinda wondering that too. the thought of me using my remotes tuner and the remote using my tuner over 54g scares me
23:32+mecraw [] joined #mythtv
23:33billytwowilly>Netslayer: Kind of.. I'll eventually have one backend machine that also has a frontend on it, one remote frontend machine (probably xbox) and my current computer operating as another backend. I would always want the xbox to use my maching and for the frontend on my current backend to always use the local backend.
23:33rkulagow>chutt: ok, another weirdness. got the two M179s operational. had two programs recording to use the two PVR-250s. masterbackend:6544 shows 4 encoders. went live, used the third encoder. scheduled something so that i could test the 4th encoder. third program doesn't show up in "watch recordings". this is on the console: Wed Dec 10 21:31:39 2003: wanted to record:
23:33rkulagow>Trista and Ryan's Wedding 1007 Wed Dec 10 20:00:00 2003
23:33rkulagow>But current state is: 4
23:33rkulagow>currently: Law & Order 1005 Wed Dec 10 21:00:00 2003 Wed Dec 10 22:00:00 2003
23:33billytwowilly>but I'd still like them to be able to set recordings and share recordings with each other.
23:33rkulagow>i'm going to check again though just to make sure it wasn't a thinko on my part.
23:34*Lenolium is building today's CVS and hoping his problems magically go away.
23:34=mecraw [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:35Netslayer>billytwowilly, ya like i described.. it works like that now.. just it does a roundrobin (from what the how tos show) from the first available tuner on the master, then it goes to the next slave backend
23:35rkulagow>(just to note, there are two backends, one with 2xPVR-250, one with 2xM179)
23:35mechou>ok, am I missing s/t basic? mythdvd module doesn't want to compile....
23:35rkulagow>ok, 6544 shows encoders 1 and 2 are busy, 3 and 4 (M179's on new backend are free)
23:35toothpick>Time to see if my tv out on my video card is always on.
23:36billytwowilly>Netslayer: hmm. I thought it would just use the first available backend, so the remote frontend could be using the main backend, then the frontend on the main backend tries to watch tv and it has to stream over the network from the other backend?
23:36Netslayer>it is usually
23:36toothpick>When I use tv time I can fine tune withi the arrows...what finetunes with myth?
23:37*Ripp is away: zZz
23:37Netslayer>billytwowilly: that's worth a look
23:37Netslayer>i haven't setup my network yet so.. not sure.. that's what it says
23:37*Netslayer will be here lots tomorrow
23:38mechou>anybody else having trouble getting mythdvd to compile?
23:38thor_>mechou, myth first, then modules (?)
23:38Netslayer>toothpick, u mean tuner?
23:38Netslayer>toothpick, i believe mythweb can now handle that under settings
23:38mechou>thor_: mythtv is compiled and installed
23:38toothpick>Netslayer...I want to put my tvout...from my graphics card to my actual tv
23:38thor_>ok .. what's the mythDVD error ?
23:38toothpick>with an svideo cable.
23:38Netslayer>toothpick, ya i have it the same way
23:39toothpick>I need to change my modules.conf file now though cause channels are off by one.
23:39mechou>thor_: so is mythvideo
23:39toothpick>and figure out the fine tuning...then I should be set.
23:39Netslayer>i think mythDVD needs a config file to test if players and stuff is installed
23:40Netslayer>i still haven't figured out how to get a dvd to play in nux..mainly due to alsa again
23:40kvandivo>changing the WindowOrigin to ParentOrigin fixed the backgrounds on the slider and the lcd.. The label still seems to not be quite right.. but, it is better than before
23:41rkulagow>ok, weird. tuners 1 and 2 are recording, tuner 3 is watching live tv and trying to record a program that should go to tuner 4 is still generating that "current state is: 4" error message.
23:41toothpick>after changeing modules.conf do I need to reboot?
23:41thor_>kvandivo, you need to get at the QLabel "inside" your slider object and change it as well
23:41Netslayer>toothpick, probably..not sure
23:43Netslayer>i seem to recal some way of having myth show the favorite channels on the scheduler.. isn't that possible?
23:44Netslayer>aka only those favorite channels
23:44kvandivo>i set the origin on the hbox to parent, and on the label and slider that went inside the hbox.... actually, looks like the lcdnumber one didn't have the origin being set at all..
23:44toothpick>ok going to reboot
23:44=toothpick [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:45kvandivo>but, i can dig around a bit on it.. at any rate, I'm planning to add that basic rank line to 'i', advanced 'i', etc
23:46Netslayer>rank is used for auto conflict resolution right
23:47kvandivo>no. rank will be used for automatic recommendation determinations
23:47Netslayer>i'm confused
23:47kvandivo>you rate your shows, myth finds other shows you might like, yada yada yada
23:48Netslayer>how can it compare shows?
23:48jbeimler>as a group of myth users, or through other searches/
23:48kvandivo>both, eventually
23:49mikegrb>Chutt: you still about and have a moment to talk about the themes stuff?
23:49jbeimler>appears that I sit at about 35% load with a single recording
23:49Netslayer>mpeg4...what res
23:50+mecraw_ [] joined #mythtv
23:50Netslayer>i'm trying to think if i want to setup software RAID5 or RAID0 for my file/myth server
23:52+Toothpick [] joined #mythtv
23:52Toothpick>Do you know how to enable my tvout on my nvidia geforce 5200 fx?
23:52Netslayer>do u have the NV drivers installed
23:53Toothpick>Netslayer: yes
23:53Netslayer>edit your XF86Config file.. there is info in the nvidia docs
23:53Netslayer>TVFORMAT NTSC .. stuff like that
23:54jbeimler>pretty easy actually.
23:54Toothpick>ok thanks
23:54jbeimler>but for some reason, bzflag won't run with the official nvidia driver for my old TNT2
23:55Toothpick>OT et ran well with my machine last night for a test run
23:56+mecraw__ [] joined #mythtv
23:57jbeimler>gonna try it on the new dual head card in the office tommorow, see how it does. anyhow, have to be there in not too many hours.
23:58Toothpick>did you run nvtv Netslayer
23:58Netslayer>nope, tried it.. never worked for my cards encoder.. so i went with NV's driver
23:59Netslayer>actually i might go back two versions, the overscan worked better..doesn't seem to work in the new one
23:59Toothpick>searching for docs now
---Logclosed Thu Dec 11 00:00:40 2003