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00:01Netslayer>is there anyway of testing alsa before installing mythtv?
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00:10Netslayer>a 266mhz PII isn't strong enough to be a very simple frontend is it? mpeg4 playback
00:10*Netslayer remembers trying to play divx on it without success
00:13billytwowilly>what does a broken rectangle around a scheduled recording mean?
00:13billytwowilly>in green?
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00:15Netslayer>hmm a normal broken outline means it's not being recorded for a reason
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00:16billytwowilly>and a tiny broken line outline?
00:16Netslayer>oh sweet..didn't see that (Rerun) was added to the guide heh
00:16toothpick>When I boot my computer up...the tv out works...all the way until I start x
00:16Netslayer>not sure
00:16Netslayer>toothpick, what resolution are u trying to put your tv out to
00:16billytwowilly>Is there documentation anywhere? I didn't see anything in the official documentation.
00:17Netslayer>i had that problem also.. i think i'm running mine at 800x600. and u have to match the frequencies
00:17Netslayer>billytwowilly, there's official feature documentation?
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00:18Netslayer>how can i stop a recording in mythweb?
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00:34Chutt>mikegrb, still around?
00:35mikegrb>as far as I know
00:35mikegrb>had a few ideas to run by you
00:35mikegrb>first, having a preset list of screens to have a screen shot for each theme, and a seperate list for each osd
00:36mikegrb>you upload properly named files such as blue.mainmenu.png and also have a meta data file
00:36mikegrb>two options here though
00:36mikegrb>all files in one dir with one themes.meta or a subdir for each theme with theme.meta in it
00:36Chutt>would prefer a subdir for each theme
00:37Chutt>easier to maintain for me
00:37mikegrb>this meta data would include theme name, author name, author email/url, description
00:37mikegrb>that is the way I was leaning
00:37mikegrb>so to add a new theme you simply create the new dir
00:37mikegrb>it would have mainmenu.png, playback.png, theme.meta, etc
00:38mikegrb>comments for each theme would be stored in database
00:38mikegrb>using dirname as a themeid
00:38Chutt>sounds good to me
00:38mikegrb>accessing theme page would give list of themes with thumbnail of each theme and name under it
00:38mikegrb>clicking thumbnail or name would bring you to page for that theme
00:39mikegrb>showing thumbnails for each of the images
00:39mikegrb>this list of images would be predefined though
00:39mikegrb>so they would have a caption under each describing what it is
00:39mikegrb>sound good?
00:39Chutt>sounds great
00:39Chutt>just what i wanted =)
00:39mikegrb>comments would be displayed on the page for each theme
00:39mikegrb>okay :)
00:40thor_>subdir for versions ?
00:40mikegrb>I'll install the nuke used for the site this weekend
00:40mikegrb>oh versions heh
00:40mikegrb>yes I suppose
00:40Chutt>i just need a place for the version
00:40mikegrb>could be /theme/0.13/themeid/files
00:40Chutt>and it'd be neat to do a *new* tag or whatnot like phpnuke does elsewhere for new stuff
00:40thor_>you want Visor for 0.12 or Visor for 0.13 ?
00:40Chutt>don't really need to store multiple versions of each theme
00:41Chutt>not using the latest, too bad =)
00:41mikegrb>heh okay
00:41thor_>too *%*# bad !
00:41mikegrb>I will look at the phpnuke stuff tonight
00:41mikegrb>see if I can't make it work as a module
00:41mikegrb>I haven't used it before
00:41Chutt>it doesn't have to integrate too much
00:41Chutt>just look similar =)
00:41mikegrb>just look the same heh
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00:42mikegrb>that is like my site then heh
00:42mikegrb>it doesn't all necessary intigrate into the cms but it all looks the same
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00:43mikegrb>my wife wants to help with it :)
00:43mikegrb>she wants to learn to program
00:43mikegrb>she has done some small python stuff
00:43mikegrb>she is a good geeks wife
00:44mikegrb>asked to have linux on her laptop
00:44mikegrb>can actually acomplish stuff in an xterm.... and best of all... she irc's!
00:44mikegrb>kvandivo can vouch for that heh, he is part of our circle of people we talk to on irc
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00:45mechou>hey Chutt, what tuner do you personally *use*, pvr350?
00:45TOothpick>FOr my last question of the do I do fine tuning while watching?
00:46TOothpick>I've accomplished enough at least see a bit clearer
00:46Chutt>and a pvr-250 and a wintv-radio
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00:46mechou>Chutt: for pvr350, do you use the 350 output or video card output?
00:47Chutt>pvr-350 output
00:47Chutt>why else have one? :p
00:48mikegrb>Chutt: if you are around saturday night, perhaps I will have something to show you by then, else I aim to have it done sunday afternoon
00:48TOothpick>Is there a key that fine tunes?
00:48Chutt>i'll probably be around
00:48Chutt>toothpick, no
00:48mechou>Chutt: so the output video quality, is it pretty good, comparable or better than vid card output?
00:48TOothpick>oh ok...
00:48Chutt>finetune with xawtv, then use those settings in mythtv
00:48Chutt>mechou, there's really no comparison
00:48TOothpick> do I transer the settings chutt?
00:49Chutt>use mythweb
00:49mechou>Chutt: mean pvr350 output is far more superior?
00:51TOothpick>xawtv only shows blue screen on my tv
00:51TOothpick>tvtime works though.
00:51TOothpick>and now mythtv
00:51Netslayer>would be nice if the 350 could do hardware mpeg4
00:52extremis>do dvb-t cards work with digital cable?
00:52Netslayer>im' surprised they can't make a generic hardware chip that can be flashed with whichever codec you want.. or at least support more then one
00:52extremis>I'm tempted to just sell my dvb-s card
00:54TOothpick>I can't get over how professional this program is.
00:54TOothpick>goodnight all...
00:54TOothpick>I might buy another computer just to put on top of my real tv.
00:55TOothpick>Thanks for your patience with me btw.
00:57mechou>Chutt, hypothetically, can you have better motion compenstion with pvr350? (i.e. sports programs, etc.)?
00:58mechou>well I really mean do you....
00:58Chutt>i don't watch sports
00:58Chutt>wrong person to ask
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01:02linagee>argh. that's the worst possible thing you could expect to happen. go to a myth box because you think it's recorded something and it was locked up. :(
01:02linagee>Nooooooooo. :( now i'll never see that episode of The OC!!! :(
01:03Chutt>don't worry, you can catch your soap operas in repeats
01:03linagee>Chutt: it's not a soap opera. :-P it's a "teen drama" :-P
01:04Chutt>it's a soap opera
01:04linagee>Chutt: Ryan and I will move off to some place and live together forever!!!! :)
01:05linagee>Chutt: just because he's 25 and plays a character that's 18ish doesn't mean a thing!
01:06linagee>oh wait. he was actually born in texas. he would never go for "that sort of thing". ROFL
01:08Chutt>poptix, fix your mail archives
01:10linagee>Chutt: ryan is the one on the right.
01:11*linagee photoshops the pic and takes out the gurl.
01:11Chutt>uh huh.
01:11linagee>Chutt: ryan' friend's dad is gay
01:12linagee>Chutt: it's not my hardware's fault that mythtv locked up! it's mythtv! (j/k)
01:12*linagee checks the logs
01:13Netslayer>dang i want my myth box working.. there is a police pursuit on now and i want to see the crash..and rewind it heh
01:14linagee>Netslayer: like 10 times over and over. LOL
01:14linagee>Chutt: mythtv was not made for that sort of abuse. ROFL
01:15linagee>woohoo. my mythtv box might have recorded enterprise. (this must have been when it crashed)
01:16linagee>Chutt: Is this a known problem? recording the show Enterprise crashes mythtv? LOL
01:16Chutt>err, no
01:16Netslayer>sweet and he recovers from a pit manuever on 4 rims!
01:16Netslayer>only in LA!
01:16Netslayer>on the freeway!
01:16linagee>Netslayer: is this a real thing or a TV show? LOL
01:16Netslayer>it's on the news right now ktla
01:17Netslayer>and i'm actually recording it.. no sound though heh
01:17Netslayer>oh sparks are flying
01:17linagee>Netslayer: yikes
01:17Netslayer>he's on fire!!
01:18*Netslayer and we wait..while the crazy maniac still drives
01:19Netslayer>auh he gave up
01:20linagee>oh, that's fun. argh. Enterprise was a re-run
01:20Netslayer>now this is reality tv
01:20linagee>Netslayer: how can i find it? trying to use googlenews, but not sure of the keywords to use
01:21Netslayer>police pursuits?
01:21Netslayer>they happen every day here heh.. not sure if they publish anything
01:21linagee>this is in LA you say?
01:22linagee>Netslayer: what channel are you watching
01:22Netslayer>ktla..they are handcuffing the guy now
01:23Netslayer>and back to the regularly scheduled programming heh after 30mins of reality tv
01:24linagee>Netslayer: they interrupt TV like that over there? they hardly ever do that here unless it's some sort of national emergency
01:25Netslayer>heh.. they happen so often i'm surprised they don't allocate timeslots for em
01:25Netslayer>nah i'd say one a day seriously
01:25Netslayer>but usually they aren't around news time, so in this case it was live
01:26Netslayer>auh news is on..boring
01:26*Netslayer changes channel
01:28linagee>Netslayer: which accident was this? i see 7 traffic accidents that happened at 10pm in LA. ROFL.
01:28linagee>7 traffic accidents in one hour. and it's probably a light traffic day. LOL
01:29linagee>Netslayer: freeway number?
01:29Netslayer>um they got the guy in buena park i think
01:29linagee>405? 210?
01:29Netslayer>hmm wasn't paying attention
01:29Netslayer>prob 210, couldn't be 405
01:30linagee>Netslayer: they happen that often in LA, huh? LOL
01:30Netslayer>ya.. it's even more interesting when u are on the freeway and they fly by
01:30linagee>Netslayer: there's only about 1 major traffic accident per day in the news in san diego. not 7 in one hour. LOL
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01:31Netslayer>i don't mind i have classes later in the morning so all this screwed up traffic is almost sain by the time i'm ready to goto class
01:31Netslayer>mind u there was a pile up infront of me yesterday, the cops flew by and fixed everything in 10min i was impressed..then i was 10min late for my final heh
01:31linagee>Netslayer: they sweep up the streets from the flying intestine and gray brain matter?
01:32Netslayer>only glass.. all that just wears in
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01:32Netslayer>don't u guys have choppers covering stuff like this too?
01:32linagee>yes. of course
01:32linagee>it's just that it doesn't happen 40 times in one day or something. LOL
01:33linagee>of course LA is a much larger area.
01:33harrih>Hi, how do use filters ? If I want to try out denoise3d, what do I enter into the playback filters part in setup ? I tried just denoise3d, but frontend crashed when I tried to watch a file
01:33Chutt>harrih, don't bother, really
01:33harrih>right'o, thanks
01:34Chutt>there's a reason why there's no friendlier options for those filters =)
01:34mechou>Chutt, does alsa native support (in offer any advantages at all?
01:34harrih>new version is excellent so far, I love the individual setting per recording (post roll etc.)
01:34Chutt>not really
01:35Chutt>it uses alsa natively, and might be a bit less stable
01:35Chutt>that's 'bout it
01:35mechou>heh, thenI'll just avoid it then :)
01:36linagee>Chutt: LOL. being less stable is a cool feature. if you like crashing programs.
01:37harrih>I noticed one thing though, in the guide, when you have setup a recording let's say at 10:00pm and it is 9:00, the guide displays correctly the recording option (box around the program etc.), but when myth is actually recording the program and you go to the guide, the recording box has disappeared and guide says not recording, problem in my end after the upgrade, or is this on purpose, or a bug ?
01:37Chutt>minor display bug
01:37phar0e>hey Chutt, who should I report a mythweb bug to? Chris Peterson?
01:37Chutt>just email the lists
01:38term>hm is gentoo updated..
01:38Chutt>doubt it
01:38term>oh. the release's been out 3 hours.
01:39term>didn't catch htat.
01:39term>er that
01:39Chutt>and when i said 'lists' i meant 'one of the lists'
01:39Chutt>not both =)
01:43term>nope, no new mythtv in gentoo yet.
01:44Chutt>i would have been very surprised
01:44term>I think that's what happened, you surprised them :)
01:44Chutt>bah, i said mid-next week last week on the mailing lists
01:44Chutt>no surprises here
01:44term>maybe just the propagation delay then
01:44Chutt>it generally takes a day or two
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03:06Ku-less>mini-konq. wacky :)
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04:15tmk>heh /.
04:15Ku-less>Well, I'm getting a segfault but I can't seem to get debugging symbols compiled in using emerge. :/
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04:23Peit|Home>Ku-less: move /usr/bin/strip to something like /usr/bin/strip.back and re-compile, the no_strip FEATURES option is broken
04:23Peit|Home>you'll also need to edit and use ebuild rather than emerge
04:28Ku-less>Peit\|home: I see.
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04:56Ku-less>Peit|Home: Yea, that did it. Thanks a lot.
04:57Ku-less>Yippie, found it.
04:59Ku-less>Apparently, you really shouldn't stop watching tv at the same time the OSD is still "on".
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05:01sfr>how do you exit live tv? hitting ESC will first close the OSD. only on 2nd press will it exit live tv.
05:06Ku-less>And that's when it seg faults.
05:07*Ku-less is still trying to verify if he's on the mythtv-dev list so he can post the backtrace..
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05:17Ku-less>Well, there we go.
05:30o_cee>as i said in my email
05:30o_cee>read the docs on how to generete a backtrace
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06:22Ku-laid>Btw, why is the Browse mode OSD only about 1.5 lines large? The wrapped around second line ends up being draw on the bottom part of the osd frame.
06:23Ku-laid>Also, at least since 0.12 the skip ahead box has been too small. Something like "286 seconds" is partially written past the end of the box.
06:25Ku-laid>Hmm..this all is in the default osd. The blue osd doesn't seem to have the wrap around issue. I'm not sure about the overdrawn jump time, though.
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06:25Kuwanger>The blue osd uses a nice box, so there's no problems with it.
06:31jeffpc>I have CVS a couple of days old, but I just noticed a bug:
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06:32jeffpc>the dates are screwed up when you go there in the middle of the update cycle
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09:21jeffpc>pvr-350 is a bttv board?
09:25jbeimler>jeffpc: nope, its its own thing.
09:25jeffpc>that's what I thought
09:25jeffpc>what's the driver?
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09:44sailor420>can anyone tell me what the video quality on something like a wintv 401 is?
09:47Rule>I only have a pvr350, sorry
09:51sailor420>thanks... im wondering what its quality vs a hardware encoder is... this box is going to go onto a pretty large tv, and an hdtv at that, and Im worried about what kind of quality itll have
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09:55Berto>does thac ever hang out in here? I installed his mandrake rpms but have a question
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10:02Rule>sailor420 : oh, ok.. is it a hdtv card ?
10:03kvandivo>thor_: you around? we were just chatting elsewhere.. mfd going to eventually get rid of mysql.txt? if so, the frontend could be packaged as-is for a working frontend....
10:04sailor420>no, its not, im just wondering how it will look on such a large tv... im worried about artifacts and such that you probably wouldnt see on a smaller tv
10:04kvandivo>no user modification required to point to the backend machine....
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10:09Berto>ooh how new is 0.13?
10:10jbeimler>I'm getting prebuffer pauses :(
10:15ananke>whoopie, a new version
10:16Berto>yeah, mythtv is now supported in linux!
10:17ananke>imagine the possibilities
10:19ananke>are the IR controls different for each section? here's my odd problem: my up/down/left/right remote keys work in say the news section, but not on the main menu. are there different keys that need to be assigned to the main menu?
10:23Berto>what is qmake? it isn't listed in any of the installation requirements
10:23warlord-afk>qmake is a Qt helper-app
10:23warlord-afkis now known as warlord
10:24Berto>ahh yeah.. i thought i had qt installed
10:24Berto>i bet its in libqt3-devel for me
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10:25warlord>Could be. It's in qt-devel on RH9
10:26o_cee>all these questions never stops amazing me.
10:26ananke>o_cee : my question? :)
10:28ananke>i'm just baffled how the IR keys work in one place, and not in the other.
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10:29o_cee>i'm amazed how you managed to get to the mythnews without beeing able to navigate the main menu.
10:30o_cee>allright. got no clue how lirc works
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10:32ananke>i figured the following: if up/down/left/right keys [from the keyboard] work to navigate the main menu and any other subsequent parts, then the key combos are the same. now why would they work from the IR remote on a subsection, yet not the main menu. see why i'm baffled? :)
10:33ananke>yeah, i didn't know how lirc works until last night :)
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10:56thor_>kvandivo, conceivably for the host, but username and password would be slightly more complicated
10:59kvandivo>hmmmmm.. good point
11:00thor_>still possible ... you could have a tiny little plugin that does nothing but serve username and passwords, and will only respond to requests on the local lan
11:00kvandivo>interesting... very interesting...
11:01kvandivo>taking the livecd concept to a whole new level...
11:01thor_>zeroconfig is ridiculously useful
11:02o_cee>does anyone know if it'd be possible to make a web-remote for the backend via the http status page?
11:03warlord>o_cee: what do you mean?
11:03o_cee>thor_: the lcd stuff, does it need to grab stuff form the status page? could make fixes for that in that case.. easy with css, the layout is real easy
11:03o_cee>warlord: like a remote with buttons.. on a html page
11:03o_cee>to change channel etc
11:04warlord>o_cee: Uh, and which frontend would that affect?
11:04o_cee>backend of course
11:04thor_>the lcd_stuff is kind of sprinkled all over the place
11:04o_cee>thor_: haven't looked at it at all, just saw some confused comments yesterday abut it
11:05o_cee>having a math exam next week, wich i _know_ i won't make. should i even bother trying? hmm
11:05thor_>as it is now, it's about what the _frontend_ is doing (you can naviagte menus without turning on your tv)
11:06fathom>okay this Tk perl module, do you HAVE to have that for xmltv to work?
11:06o_cee>got an old 2*40 hd 4470 lying here
11:06o_cee>don't even know if it'd be worth hooking up
11:06warlord>o_cee: channel changing is a frontend function, not a backend function.
11:06warlord>o_cee: if you want backend control, look at mythweb
11:06fathom>because i can't get the stupid thing to compile
11:06o_cee>warlord: and where are the cards lokated? in the backend, exactly.
11:07warlord>o_cee: yes, but channel changing comes from the front end connection.
11:07o_cee>yeees, and i wanted an alternative method of doing it.
11:07warlord>but which encoder would it change?
11:07o_cee>the one you choose of course
11:07warlord>and how do you know which frontend is using which encoder?
11:07o_cee>who gives
11:07warlord>well, the person watching tv "gives".
11:08o_cee>too bad, if i want to change the channel, i'll do that
11:08o_cee>it's not like i'll change _your_ tuners
11:08warlord>I'm glad you dont live with me!
11:08o_cee>hEh :)
11:08o_cee>of course i need a reason for changing the channels, but that's not the point
11:09warlord>then what is the point?
11:09o_cee>thor_: with the new mfs headless frontend stuffie muchei, should we do a frontend status page as well? with what music's playing and so on? could be neat
11:09o_cee>warlord: if it's doable
11:09warlord>anything is DOABLE -- it's a simple matter of programming -- that's not the point.
11:10thor_>o_cee, yup ... mfd web plugin ... already started thinking about it .... but no code yet
11:11thor_>(but since the thing already has am http server built in, should not be much work to get the framework in place)
11:16Octane>sup guys
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11:22jbeimler>ok, I've got mythtv semi working on a slow PC, I've hdparm'ed the disk, and I'm still getting skips. aside from a new motherboard, anyone have suggestions?
11:22thor_>hw mpeg
11:23warlord>faster cpu?
11:25jbeimler>yeah, both good ideas, but not for today. :(
11:25=bishop [] quit ("Leaving")
11:26ananke>jbeimler : well, what are your specs?
11:26jbeimler>its a sucky amd k6-2 400
11:26warlord>jbeimler: yea, no way are you going to get real-time s/w decode on that.
11:27warlord>(let alone live-tv)
11:27jbeimler>everything but watching TV works
11:27warlord>yea, you dont have enough cpu to handle that.
11:27ananke>yeah, it's almost impossible to expect that from this box
11:27jbeimler>ok. thats too bad. its pretty otherwise.
11:27jbeimler>gonna call up my hardware source, see if I can get a loaner m/b
11:27warlord>what tv card do you have?
11:28ananke>i have an athlon 900, and using mythtv for an mp3/image player. i'll not attempt the encoding part until i get a faster box
11:29jbeimler>pinnacle tvpro
11:29warlord>jbeimler: if you got a pvr-250 with hw encode you'd save a lot of CPU and probably get livetv working.
11:29jbeimler>I have a real backend server set up at home, trying to do a demo for the LUG tonight.
11:30jbeimler>warlord: not sure I could find one in town..
11:30warlord>jbeimler: I dont know where you are, but I know Microcenter, Fry's, and a bunch of other places carry them.
11:31=_kch_ [] quit ("Terminando cliente")
11:31jbeimler>warlord: RTP, NC. no frys or microcenter. :( checking the big mart stores now
11:31warlord>jbeimler: No CompUSA? Best Buy?
11:31*warlord doesn't know what big stores exist in RTP area..
11:31warlord>I've only been there once.
11:32jbeimler>best buy and compusa. not sure if they have them though
11:32warlord>i know they did carry them at some point..
11:33jbeimler>circuit city has them. time for a lunch run.
11:34jbeimler>will it be hard to swap the pinnacle for the pvr-250?
11:35warlord>you just need to build the ivtv driver, which is straightforward, and then reconfigure myth.
11:35jbeimler>cool. I've wanted one of the pvr's anyhow
11:36warlord>I'd get the -350 if one is available..
11:36+hardwired [] joined #mythtv
11:36warlord>the tv-out is excellent -- although not quite ready for prime-time, yet.
11:38jbeimler>will see if they have one, its probably going to be a buy @ return anyhow :(
11:39jbeimler>buy and return that is.
11:39warlord>if you do plan to do that, I would suggest building the ivtv driver now, if you've got the time.
11:40warlord>I'd pull axboe's 021125A and then apply anduin's patch (sent to ivtv-devel a couple days ago)
11:42hardwired>what about just usingall business use, it todays cvs of ivtv?
11:43warlord>hardwired: i dont understand the question?
11:43warlord>i wouldn't use "ivtv cvs"
11:43warlord>it's out of date; you definitely want axboe's patches.
11:44warlord>(and anduin's patch on top of that, IMHO)
11:44jbeimler>warlord: where should I grab it @?
11:45warlord>link off ivtv hp
11:45jbeimler>agh, spelled it wrong
11:46hardwired>warlord: you understood all right :) the question was whether the cvs or axboe+andiun is more recent/better working
11:46warlord>hardwired: ahh, that was not at all clear. ivtv cvs is basically from Oct 31st. You really want axboe's code.
11:47hardwired>warlord: cool, thx a lot
11:49jbeimler>warlord: which patches do I want? Sorry to be such a pest, moving fast now
11:49hardwired>though i do not understand why cvs is out of date. aren't they developping with it? don't they want to include those patches, since they seem to work well?
11:50hardwired>ah well, nevermind
11:50jbeimler>here I;m guessing?
11:54warlord>jbeimler: that looks right.
11:54warlord>hardwired: no clue. ask tmk
11:57jbeimler>just get the latest there?
11:58hardwired>jbeimler: that doesn't look right if you want to use 0.13
11:58warlord>jbeimler: yes.
11:58warlord>hardwired: you are confused.
11:58warlord>just dont get the -0.12 version.
11:58hardwired>probably. i just saw that.
11:59hardwired>i'll shut up now :)
11:59warlord>jbeimler: those are basically all the same version of the driver. Assuming you're using myth 0.13, you want the main tarball in that directory.
12:00jbeimler>myth 0.12 acutally..
12:00warlord>jbeimler: if you're using myth 0.12 then you need the -0.12 version of the driver.
12:00warlord>you should also apply the patch in
12:02jbeimler>warlord: thanks. you rock
12:05*hardwired recompiles as well :)
12:09=Kreats [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:09jbeimler>argh, it doesn't build on my fedora box :(
12:09jbeimler>looks like I'm missing the v4l headers :(
12:10warlord>from drivers...
12:10warlord>ln -s ../utils/videodev2.h
12:10warlord>then 'make'
12:13=ananke [] quit ("reboot time")
12:13jbeimler>warlord: tried ln -s ../utils/videodev2.h videodev2.h, still fails.
12:14jbeimler>perhaps its time to actually rtfm
12:14warlord>what's the build failure?
12:14warlord>actually, this should move to #ivtv-dev
12:14sfr>Error: Missing RTFM probably :)
12:15warlord>sfr: probably
12:15jbeimler>warlord: no, its pebekac. didn't read far enough ahead
12:17jbeimler>problem exists between keyboard and chair
12:17jbeimler>no e in there, typing fast today
12:17warlord>ahh, so another pebkac, eh?
12:20-cato` [] left #mythtv ()
12:20+marc_ [] joined #mythtv
12:24jbeimler>built and installed. now to waste^Wspend more money on PVR..
12:26warlord>Be sure to have some time to test it before the demo.
12:27+jjugar [] joined #mythtv
12:28jbeimler>warlord: demo isn't for another 7 hours.
12:29warlord>oh, well... plenty of time! ;)
12:29jbeimler>hopeing to get mythgame to work too, never have had luck w/ it
12:29jbeimler>bzflag on the big screen :)
12:29warlord>i've never built mythgame
12:30jbeimler>I did the prebuilt install for the demo system, not sure whats wrong with it, gotta see if there are some debug options
12:30Rule>I've built all modules to test them, main menu is now 2 full screens :P
12:31warlord>I only have weather and music..
12:35jbeimler>yeah, I installed everything, leaving out the DVD player since the demo box doesn't have one, but otherwise, everything else works
12:35jbeimler>I really like the weather on our main system, great to be able to just take a quick gander on the tv
12:35warlord>I've got a real DVD player so no need to use Myth for that.
12:35warlord>Yea, mythweather is cool.
12:35warlord>The only thing I wish it did was radar loops.
12:36warlord>but I haven't looked into that.
12:36Rule>I like the rip function
12:36Rule>for DVD that is
12:37warlord>I see no need for that? Why RIP a DVD? A dvd is a perfectly acceptable storage medium.
12:37Rule>I have too many :)
12:37Rule>and I like to watch lower bitrates via the LAN
12:38warlord>ahh, ok, if you are transcoding down to smaller sizes then sure...
12:38warlord>it's not what I'd do -- I want a DVD for the quality.
12:38Rule>but I like to watch stuff on a whim from a remote computer :)
12:38Rule>it also plays DVD of course
12:39DogBoy>warlord, chuck all your dvds and wait for the film to come around to your local theatre
12:39Rule>and I only have 1 DVD player, so myth is the 2nnd for the 2nd tv
12:39Rule>I'm now going to test MythBrowser :)
12:43warlord>DogBoy: I do that, too (see in the theater) -- however DVD quality video is on the order of 4GB/hr -- disk space isn't THAT cheap, yet.
12:43=jjugar [] quit ("Zap! Another victim of idled!")
12:43DogBoy>just pulling your leg warlord
12:44DogBoy>"<warlord> I see no need for that? Why RIP a DVD?"
12:44warlord>DogBoy: well, going to the theater IS a reasonable request.. a 5.1 system isn't quite a THX theater. (but THX is REALLY COOL on my 5.1 system ;)
12:44DogBoy><warlord> I see no need for that? Why RIP a DVD?
12:44DogBoy>obviously, not everybody is warlord
12:45warlord>god I hope not. One of me is enough.
12:45warlord>(even if my previous employer wishes they could have had multiple copies of me)
12:49Rule>darn now I wish I had waited and bought the epia m2 :)
12:50sfr>hm, mythbackend doesn't seem to like it's logfile being rotated by logrotate
12:51warlord>sfr: no, it doesn't -- it will continue writing to the old file until the backend is restarted.
12:52sfr>but the old one is being gzipped here
12:56=Ripp_ [] quit ("Leaving")
12:56+atreyurock [] joined #mythtv
12:58sfr>logrotate is amazing: copytruncate
13:01sfr>with copy and copytruncate it should be possible to leave the original logfile in place, but truncate it to 0 bytes after copying it
13:02warlord>ooooh... Now to figure out how to use that.
13:04warlord>Hmm, looks like I just replace my 'create 0644 root root' with 'copytruncate'
13:05=marc_ [] quit ("Leaving")
13:05*sfr wonders if copy and rotate can be used together. time will tell
13:06=Rule [] quit ("Leaving")
13:10Berto>if mythfrontend says it can't find, but it's in my /usr/local/lib, what file do i need to fix?
13:10hardwired>6 out of 9 hunks FAILED
13:11warlord>hardwired: what are you trying to patch
13:11sfr>Berto: add /usr/local/lib to /etc/ and run ldconfig
13:11Berto>sfr: yeah i was looking at that... isn't /usr/local/lib an implied default? my file only has a couple of things!
13:12hardwired>warlord: patching with the patch from
13:12sfr>Berto: not in debian
13:12Berto>sfr: mandrake, but it worked.. now i have to worry about sql stuff later
13:13+skammah [] joined #mythtv
13:13warlord>hardwired: someone has a completely patched tarball available -- mail was just sent to ivtv-devel about 20 minutes ago.
13:14Berto>ahh i have to SETUP mysql too?! oh god this project just tripled in time :)
13:14warlord>check the archives.
13:15skammah>can anyone tell me what mythtv checks to see if the tuner is "busy?" My myth installation thinks that it is recording something.
13:17=atreyurock [] quit ("Zap! Another victim of idled!")
13:20warlord>hardwired: try
13:21hardwired>warlord: will that be for 0.13 or 0.12?
13:23warlord>oh, probably 0.13
13:24warlord>but you should upgrade to 0.13 anyways ;)
13:24hardwired>i intend to
13:25jbeimler>back with my new pvr-250. now for the moment of truth
13:26hardwired>that tarball seems like just what i need
13:30+mdz [] joined #mythtv
13:30+ananke [] joined #mythtv
13:34thor_>friggin default buffer size
13:36warlord>thor_: _which_ default buffer size?
13:36thor_>Qt socket device
13:36thor_>boy did that take a long time to figure out
13:36thor_>that's what I get for not checking return values
13:37jbeimler>argh. insmod ivtv doesn't work. no hardware found..
13:39jbeimler>whups I'm not RTFMing again. I need some sort oof binaries too
13:39hardwired>when i use ivtv, will mplayer be used for playing video? i did activate pvr350 option and set the device to /dev/video16
13:39hardwired>yet i still get slow video that looks like mplayer -vo x11 output
13:40hardwired>hrm, yes. mplayer is used for playing. is that correct?
13:40sfr>used for what?
13:40hardwired>for playing a video or dvd
13:41sfr>if you tell mythvideo to do so
13:41sfr>or mythdvd
13:41hardwired>and how do i tell it to not do so? i.e. to directly output to /dev/video16 ?
13:42sfr>afaik you _have_ to use an external player.
13:43hardwired>i think i never tested whether output to /dev/video16 works. i should try that first
13:43warlord>hardwired: myth will only play mpeg2 tv recordings out the pvr-350 properly.
13:43hardwired>warlord: which means i have to transcode first?
13:44hculver>hardwired, I haven't delved into it yet, but there is some talk of an "-vo ivtv" module for mplayer and also some talk of successful use of "-vo mpegpes". I could just be spreading idle gossip tho.
13:45hardwired>hculver: someone mentioned that on the mailinglist, yes.
13:45warlord>hculver: yea, such a patch went out the mailing lists, but it would only work with mpeg2 videos.
13:45warlord>hardwired: is your file in mpeg2 format? Or something else?
13:45hardwired>but my question: how would i play a dvd or movie with myth and my pvr right now?
13:45hardwired>warlord: i just took a random one. it is RIFF (little-endian) data, AVI
13:45warlord>hardwired: patch mplayer and then it will play the dvd
13:46warlord>hardwired: for that, you dont
13:46warlord>RIFF/AVI wont get out through the pvr at this point.
13:46hardwired>warlord: ok. for now i am happy with playing dvds. patch mplayer with what patch?
13:49hardwired>ok, thx
13:51jbeimler>argh. pvr-250 is stumping me. locks up myth :(
13:52warlord>jbeimler: does the pvr work on its own? cat /dev/video0 > /tmp/test.mpg works?
13:54jbeimler>not sure, ab out to try that. I'm also watching my daugter today, and she's obsessed w/ the power buttons
13:54jbeimler>I was hoping for the magical everything works first try :(
13:55warlord>"First learn stand, then learn fly, Daniel-son"
13:55hardwired>"belt only good for keeping pants up"
13:55warlord>canvas.. jc-penny, 2.97. you like?
14:00=Crib [] quit ()
14:02jbeimler>yeah the cat works.
14:02+Snow-Man [] joined #mythtv
14:02Snow-Man>God damn, how many fucking mythtv users are there out there? :)
14:02jbeimler>no sound, but that may be the set up so far
14:03Snow-Man>Oh, and by-the-by, was the website ever down during the /.
14:04Chutt>'course not
14:04Snow-Man>Ok, good. :)
14:04jbeimler>fixed the security then ;)
14:04Chutt>erm, that has absolutely nothing to do with it.
14:04*Snow-Man restarts the queues on colo.
14:05jbeimler>nope, but I did notice the site got hacked a bit back
14:05Snow-Man>I should probably just do that nightly or something.
14:05Snow-Man>jbeimler: Blame the shittiness of phpnuke.
14:05jbeimler>I do
14:06jbeimler>ok, I get video but no channels. not doing well on my setup.
14:06jbeimler>time to blow away the config and start again
14:08skammah>can anyone tell me what the lock file for the encoder is?
14:08Chutt>there isn't one.
14:09warlord>jbeimler: make sure you're using the ivtv msp3400 driver and not your original one.
14:09skammah>my system seems to think that i am recording, but I am not.
14:10thor_>define "seems to think"
14:10jbeimler>warlord: how (in a sentence or less) ? :)
14:10warlord>jbeimler: find /lib/modules -name msp3400.o -print
14:11*sfr wonders why several projects _have_ to provide their own msp3400 module instead of just extending the in-kernel one
14:12warlord>is that the only one? make sure that's the one from ivtv
14:12jbeimler>yup, its dated today
14:13warlord>ok; next thing is to make sure you've got it configured properly.. modules.conf and all..
14:13warlord>and your input..
14:13warlord>if your tuner isn't working then you might want to try that, too
14:14jbeimler>I've got input, and even sound. just no channel changing.
14:14warlord>jbeimler: ok, have you tried the You need some extra perl modules from the ivtv sf site
14:15extremis>so, alot of people seem to be having lockup issues with the haupauge + via kt400 chipset
14:15extremis>is this something that wil l be overcome with the ivtv driver eventually?
14:15extremis>I always thought it was gentoo lockin gup my box
14:15jbeimler>warlord: not yet, installing it now
14:17skammah>when I try to use the "watch tv" option, the system reports "MythTV is already using all available inputs for recording. . . " I am not recording anything.
14:18hardwired>hmpf. so i now made an ebuild for the latest mplayer, patched it and it is compiling. what much else will need to be done before i can watch lotr 1 and 2 :)
14:18sfr>skammah: maybe there is no input available/configured for myth to use?
14:18warlord>skammah: what does http on port 6544 of your backend say?
14:19skammah> Encoder: 1 is remote (currently not connected) and is not recording.
14:19thor_>run setup (properly)
14:19warlord>yea, re-run setup
14:22o_cee>skammah: then you're not using .13 right?
14:22skammah>no, .12 still.
14:22kvandivo>that's so yesterday
14:22o_cee>(because that's not what the backend page says nowdays)
14:23skammah>I just reran (and have run several times) setup and it is still doing it.
14:23o_cee>you need to setup stuff as well
14:23skammah>um, yeah. I got that.
14:23o_cee>Chutt: think i should do stuff for the setup program as well? for gant? haven't looked at that at all
14:24o_cee>bleh, people don't use it that often, they can see blue there
14:25thor_>skammah, if http on port 6544 says you have only one remote encoder, and the location of encoders is configured by using setup, does it sound like you ran setup properly?
14:26=Viddy [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:26+Viddy [] joined #mythtv
14:26skammah>I understand where you are coming from. I realize that is sounds like I didn't run setup correctly. However, I have run setup. I had to reconfigure my input, because it was forgotten. However, my system is still showing the same result.
14:27o_cee>ages ago i run setup, but it should say you've got a local encoder
14:27warlord>skammah: did you restart the backend?
14:28sfr>skammah: you did go through all screens in setup? if you don't your changes will not be saved in the database
14:28+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
14:28thor_>fogotten = not stored = did not push the finish button = not run properly
14:31o_cee>thor_: wth is that?
14:31o_cee>docs? hmmm, what does that mean?
14:33=hardwired [] quit ("Client exiting")
14:33skammah>the system was working correctly yesterday. We had a storm and the machine shutdown. I brought the machine backup and fixed some DB problems. I tried to use myth and it started having these problems. I ran setup (correctly) and re-setup everything. However, I am still having the same problem.
14:34warlord>does your tv card work on its own (w/o myth)?
14:34thor_>hmmm ... checked database ?
14:35jbeimler>may have figured out the problem, I was watching tv and trying to record w/ the same card
14:36skammah>yes, TV card is still working with tvtime et al.
14:37warlord>skammah: then it sounds like a database configuration issue, or a backend configuration issue.
14:37skammah>I have walked all the way thru setup again. All my settings are still there, and correct. Still the same problem.
14:37skammah>backend server is running.
14:38Chutt>error messages on the console when you start mythbackend.
14:40skammah>none. I was having some problems because my ip had changed, but I set my myth system to a static IP and put that in /etc/hosts.
14:40mikegrb>and are you logging mythbackends output?
14:40mikegrb>the errors might be there
14:41warlord>wait, your IP changed? did you fix all the entries by IP Address in the database and control files?
14:41Chutt>first screen of the first section of setup.
14:42Chutt>ie, the ip address section.
14:42thor_>and your mysql permissions
14:42Chutt>naw, mysql's fine
14:42Chutt>and the hostname in the capturecard table, if that's different
14:42o_cee>startup front and backend with --verbose all might help
14:42+marc [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
14:42o_cee>ah, that could explain why it thinks its remote?
14:43o_cee>Captain_Murdoch really needs to stop idling.. :/
14:43kvandivo>would you rather he be purring?
14:44o_cee>that'd be nice ;)
14:45=extremis [] quit ("BitchX-1.0c20cvs -- just do it.")
14:45billytwowilly>cvs is probably ridiculously unstable right now right?
14:46o_cee>Alien Quadrilogy <-- that dvd box looks really nice :)
14:46o_cee>billytwowilly: ?
14:46You'renow known as CaptainMurdock
14:46*CaptainMurdock purrs
14:46You'renow known as mikegrb
14:46o_cee>oooh, baby:)
14:46billytwowilly>well al the stuff that was put off for 0.13 has been added right?
14:51skammah>ok, so my system is running as a slave server. how do I force it to realize that it is the master?
14:52kvandivo>bow down before it?
14:53sfr>run setup properly *hides*
14:53*thor_ worships kvandivo's wit
14:53Chutt>thor, does GenericTree::sortBySelectable put selectable stuff first or last?
14:54thor_>I have no clue
14:54thor_>hang on
14:54thor_>I'll check
14:54Chutt>skammah, fix the hostname in the capturecard table?
14:54sfr>General->1st screen make 'IP address for $YOURHOST' and 'Master Server IP address' the same
14:57thor_>it put's selectable last (probably so they would go on a listview in the "right" order)
14:58thor_>and it recurses down it's children
14:59Chutt>ok, thanks
14:59*thor_ wonders where Chutt is fiddling with a GenericTree
15:00Chutt>trying to speed up your sorting routines :p
15:00thor_>something_changed sillyness
15:02thor_>iirc, there's some complicated (and probably not very clever) bits about it sorting the tree based on different indexes
15:02Chutt>just making that QPtrList<> a derived class so I can overload compareItems and use qt's sort()
15:02Chutt>naw, not that complicated
15:02skammah>thanks guys. I was more of a nimrod that I would like to admit.
15:03*thor_ suspects this has something to do with a bad IP entry somewhere
15:03skammah>still not sure why it wasn't working before with in both fields.
15:03sfr>so what did you change finally?
15:03+lmatter [] joined #mythtv
15:05skammah>both local and master ips to my local ip
15:11jbeimler>argh. still only getting 1 channel, and no channel info w/ the PVR-250
15:11jbeimler>i see it in the scheduling, but not in the watch tv part
15:12Chutt>error messages on the console.
15:12Chutt>that you ran mythbackend or mythfrontend from.
15:21+PhazE3 [] joined #mythtv
15:23lmatter>Chutt, I saw you powered up your EPIA the other day. Doing any tinkering with it?
15:25jbeimler>it locks up tight, no way to get to the console
15:27=marc [~Marc@] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:27+marc [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
15:28=marc [~Marc@] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:34+mechou [] joined #mythtv
15:42+Ripp_ [] joined #mythtv
15:44=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
15:48jbeimler>got it recording, guess I just need to let that time out and see what watching tv does.
15:58fathom>okay... xhosting the mythtv setup was probably a bad idea
15:59fathom>can you say slow?
15:59fathom>that and i don't think it's rendering correctly
15:59warlord>yea, it wont work.
15:59ananke>yeah, it's quite slow
15:59ananke>does any of you guys use a remote control with mythtv? i have one simple question
15:59mechou>xhosting, can you elaborate?
16:00warlord>ananke: lirc, yes
16:00warlord>mechou: man xhost
16:01mechou>fathom: were you running x client (and myth) and server on two diff. machines?
16:02ananke>warlord : long story short, i made an IR receiver last night, and got it to work. i got the basic keys mapped. now, the up/down/left/right buttons work just fine in mythtv subsystems, such as mythnews/mythmusic/etc. however, they don't work on the main menu. i was wondering: does the main menu use different settings/buttons/?
16:02Chutt>of course it doesn't use different keys.
16:02fathom>mechou, i'm doing all of this on one box, but i'm at work working on my install..
16:03ananke>Chutt : thank you. this will narrow down my debugging process of finding what could be the cause of it
16:03fathom>and i have xforwarding running through an ssh tunnel, i didn't know part of the mythtv install was graphical.
16:03mechou>fathom: ahh....
16:04fathom>my mouse doesn't seem to focus on the screen though
16:04fathom>or rather it's not drawing the mouse on the ./setup screen
16:05ananke>fathom : that's normal. use the keyboard.
16:05fathom>just press the numbers?
16:05ananke>up/down/left/right, and others
16:05ananke>that is a desired behaviour, from my understanding of the documentation
16:06fathom>what should i see if i press up? it's taking a long time to draw the screens across my cable connection at home ;)
16:06ananke>ouch, you will have to give it a moment. it was taking a couple seconds on my 11Mbps wifi, with ssh x11 forwarding
16:09fathom>heh ya this is like a 35/KB upstream :P
16:09fathom>and actually i haven't even seen anything yet
16:09ananke>just wait until you get home
16:09fathom>i'll give it a few more minutes and if not, i'll wait till i get home
16:09fathom>of course i won't be home till like midnight tonight... but whatever
16:10jbeimler>recording works, the K6-2 400 is on the edge of being fast enough to keep up.
16:10jbeimler>gotta find out if there is any other processes I can kill
16:10fathom>what capture card do you have in that k6?
16:10+marc [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
16:12jbeimler>had a bt card in there, but it couldn't keep up
16:12fathom>i have a duron 750 with an ATI Wonder VE in mine... wonder if it'll be able to keep up
16:14sfr>fathom: i tried that lately via an ISDN link. all i say is: have patience :)
16:15Chutt>that's a great idea, spend more on the capture card than the processor
16:15Chutt>good thinking!
16:15fathom>sfr, how much patience?
16:15fathom>still waiting here
16:16sfr>fathom: about one cigarette
16:16fathom>i don't smoke :P
16:16fathom>so go to the myth screen and press... up?
16:18fathom>holy crap it highlighted 1
16:18fathom>yeah takes a little while
16:20sfr>hey i didn't finish my virtual cigarette yet
16:21fathom>lol yea, but i started the setup like 20 minutes ago ;)
16:22=DogBoy [] quit ("Leaving")
16:24fathom>how do you get out of the screen after you've set up what your capture card is?
16:29fathom>is this good or bad?
16:29fathom>2003-12-11 15:28:40 tv_grab_na --config-file '/root/.mythtv/Cox.xmltv' --configure --retry-limit 2 --retry-delay 30 --postalcode 74055 --provider --auto-new-channels add
16:29fathom>2003-12-11 15:28:40 exited with status 32512
16:32jbeimler>cranking the size and bitrate down a bit and its no longer skippng.
16:32jbeimler>but I can't get it to change channels on the PVR-250 -- suggestions?
16:32Chutt>as i said before
16:32Chutt>there will be an error message on the console you ran mythfrontend or mythbackend from.
16:33jbeimler>Chutt: thanks, I'm logging to a file this time, I'll take a look.
16:33jbeimler>thanks for putting up w/ me
16:33Chutt>why don't you simply alt-tab to the term windows?
16:34jbeimler>Chutt: no keyboard either
16:34jbeimler>going to ssh in, and watch
16:34Chutt>why would you be setting something up without a keyboard before you got everything working?
16:34jbeimler>Chutt: no I have a keyboard attached, but once i start up the video, it stops responding
16:35jbeimler>I'm not as stupid as I look
16:35Chutt>i highly doubt that.
16:37jbeimler>appears to be a database issue. wierd, but understandable
16:39mechou>jbeimler: quoi??
16:39jbeimler>mysql is erroring out trying to access recordedmarkup.MYD
16:40mechou>whjy would that affect your keyboard?
16:40jbeimler>not sure, the box is underpowered, I'm guessing thashing fubars the box
16:41mechou>never heard that before....
16:41jbeimler>its part of the table storage.
16:42sfr>so you meant recordedmarkup, ok.
16:43jbeimler>yeah, I'm going to rebuild the table and see if that helps
16:45o_cee>Chutt: can't you filter away all stupid emails from people using email software that drops the message id's? new threads all over the place :/
16:52fathom>when i'm trying to set up my zipcode and stuff for xmltv to grab the listings i get this error: sh: line 1: tv_grab_na: command not found
16:54-mechou [] left #mythtv ()
16:55+dja_ [] joined #mythtv
16:59jbeimler>argh. can't find a free input, where is that tracked?
17:00ananke>hmm, this sucks, went to a store to find a small case that would fit atx mobo, and couldn't get one. time to make my own
17:02jbeimler>do I need external commands to change channels on the PVR-250?
17:02warlord>jbeimler: no
17:02*jbeimler goes to rtfm
17:03jbeimler>hmm, the osd works, but the channel doesn't change
17:03o_cee>your db is wrong
17:03sfr>r = read not fly over
17:04o_cee>thor_: i mailed the authoer of the gant icons and asked if he'd do ff/rew buttons.. won't be fun unless he does that
17:11=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
17:14+steelep [~signwatch@] joined #mythtv
17:19=fathom [~fathom@] quit ("Leaving")
17:20=choenig [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:22+CodyB [] joined #mythtv
17:22+hadees [] joined #mythtv
17:26dja_>thor - you around?
17:28hadees>anyone use nuvexport?
17:28hadees>i am looking for good settings for convering my mpeg2 to an archivable mpeg4
17:28o_cee>always used standard settings
17:29hadees>o_cee: the standard settings that nuvexport uses results in a crappy video...
17:29o_cee>aaaaalright, if you say so
17:30hadees>well to me anyway, what should i increase to make the quality better?
17:30o_cee>the bitrate?
17:30o_cee>use high quality?
17:30hadees>nuvexport doesn't use the high quality recording, it transcodes
17:31hadees>with its own settings
17:32o_cee>but you can choose like "use high quality encode"
17:32hadees>mabey i have an older version i don't remember being able to do that
17:39-poo [] left #MythTV ()
17:40+poo [] joined #MythTV
17:54hadees>anyone have trouble when editing recordings it doesn't cut exaclty where you wanted it and you either miss a tiny portion of the show or you get some commerical in it?
17:55o_cee>set your cutpoints at keyframes
17:55Chutt>transcoded recordings?
17:55+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
17:56sfr>o_cee: how?
17:57o_cee>sfr: press up/down until you get to "keyframe"
17:57o_cee>or whatever it says
17:57o_cee>left of "frame"
17:57kvandivo>you da man, Mr I
17:57sfr>never noticed that, but i've not used cutpoints very often
17:58Chutt>playback of non-transcoded stuff should be frame-exact
17:59steelep>I just convert it all to xvid/divx then cut it up
17:59steelep>it's alot easier
17:59o_cee>i've also noticed that after transcding, there's a tiny bit of video/audio at the beggining.. and the first cutpoint where set at 0,, guess it's related to keyframe stuff, not familiar with how it works
17:59Chutt>kvandivo, me?
18:00Chutt>what, my commit?
18:00o_cee>you guys must have alot of recordings :)
18:00kvandivo>well, i am assuming it is linear
18:01Chutt>was exponential
18:01Chutt>now it's linear
18:01o_cee>"1000 programs in the watch recordings screen" <-- nah :)
18:01steelep>I have something like that :)
18:01steelep>but not in recording, in mythvideo
18:01o_cee>i think i have like 10 or so.. :)
18:02kvandivo>i make it a point to record every show in 5 minute increments.. that way way i can watch portions of a show and delete them as I go. I have about 2,000 in my now recorded list
18:02steelep>I move stuff out of recorded to archive pretty fast
18:02o_cee>stupid 24, they'll have christmas break until the end of february!! :/
18:02kvandivo>(by the way, I've got some ocean front property in arizona.. anyone interested?)
18:02Chutt>i did test with 8500 recordings
18:02hadees>steelep: what did you use to cut divx files up?
18:02o_cee>Chutt: hehe, nice. guess that'll be enough for most people
18:03kvandivo>(i was kidding about what i said.. but not totally see.. #12 on my 'plans' list..
18:03o_cee>yeah well that's alot of porn.
18:03Chutt>i just made the bakend send stuff a bunch
18:04hadees>Chutt: for converting xmms vis to mythmusic do you just need to make the vis C++
18:04steelep>I use vitrualdub
18:04Chutt>hadees, no, it can be c
18:04Chutt>you just need to get rid of the gtk crap
18:04o_cee>kvandivo: would be nice.. however
18:04steelep>it's damned fast for just making cut pints and saving the new stream
18:05o_cee>kvandivo: the most wanted thing i'd want in myth would be the ability to record something, wich grabs stuff from the ringbuffer.. like if you start watching something (like that victorias secret show i forgot to record, but did watch), and decide you want it recorded.. that would rock
18:05Chutt>i've doubled the sort speed in the generictree stuff, but i'm trying to figure out why it's sorting everything twice all the time
18:05steelep>these dvb files are basically impossible to edit without transcoding
18:06hadees>Chutt: anything else besides getting rid of the gtk crap? also why was blur scope changed to c++ then?
18:06steelep>especially the hd ones
18:06Chutt>hadees, it needs to live in a class
18:06Chutt>and i rewrote much of the blurscope stuff
18:06thor_>sorting twice if list as shuffled not on ?
18:06Chutt>thor, yup
18:06thor_>or _always_ sorting twice ?
18:06steelep>thor, I think I figured out the autoplaylists
18:07steelep>maybe 2 lines of code will do it
18:07sfr>Chutt: mythmusic next please :)
18:07steelep>then building a ui will not be so hard
18:07thor_>steelep, post a patch ?
18:07steelep>when I get it functioning, yes
18:08steelep>I just looked at where to do it, not actually writing it
18:08hadees>any of the mythmusic vis not written just changed to work with mythmusic? i just want to see a side by side comparison of the xmms version with the mythmusic version
18:08steelep>I should do it this weekend
18:08hadees>not rewritten
18:08thor_>Chutt, it's been a while, but since I didn't want to presort for every possible index (normal, intelligent, random, .... (generic!)) whenever you ask for ->next() it sorts from where it is, and then gives an answer
18:08Chutt>hadees, the stuff's simple, just look at the source.
18:09thor_>if it needs to list differently, it then has to resort
18:09thor_>(at least I _think_ that's what I did)
18:09Chutt>i dunno
18:09Chutt>i just need to look at it more :p
18:09dja_>chutt - is a recording profile '0' meant to be valid?
18:10Chutt>doesn't it use default if the profile isn't valid?
18:10thor_>I'm just finishing some daapserver stuff, once I get that actually sorted I'll look at it again (later tonight)
18:10dja_>didn't seem to on my recordings...
18:10o_cee>i also have some with 0 in the db, and thor as well
18:10Chutt>send in a patch
18:10dja_>I think I've fixed it (haven't fully tested) simply by changing the mysql def to set a default of "Default" :-)
18:10dja_>cool - I will - thanks. :-)
18:10Chutt>dja, oh, and i thought of a better way to do the save on exit stuff
18:10Chutt>so don't worry 'bout that
18:11thor_>I've got oodles, but that's on a dev box that is never really set up properly ...
18:11dja_>no problem -- I wasn't sure if that was clean or not. :-)
18:11steelep>I think Playlist::loadPlaylist could just test for 'where' in the first load and set raw_songlist to the results of a new query to get the tracks
18:12thor_>and saving new playlists back to the db?
18:12steelep>haven't got to the ui part yet
18:12steelep>that was just for getting the list of songs
18:13steelep>but doing something like the iTunes ui should be fairly simple for building a where clause
18:13steelep>but it won't be as easy with a remote control
18:13thor_>you'd need an object somewhere that knows it's a "query based" playlist ... I suspect
18:13steelep>no, all you do here is save whre blah, blah into the songlist
18:14steelep>if the ui is responsible for making a valid where clause it shouldn't present any problems
18:14steelep>and I see you just reject invalid songlists anyway
18:15thor_>well .... look forward to seeing the patch :-)
18:15warlord>hmm, epg in 0.13 is really sluggish...
18:16kvandivo>must be that sleep() we put in..
18:17thor_>if ($USER == warlord) usleep(10000);
18:18warlord>Luckily i dont run myth as 'warlord' ;)
18:18kvandivo>with the comment of // Wonder how long it will take him to notice this
18:18thor_>would be even slower that way!
18:22warlord>besides, my wife noticed..
18:22warlord>hitting page down multiple times in a row didn't work, unless I waited a couple seconds for the epg to completely redraw before I hit the page-down a second time.
18:22Chutt>what blending method are you using?
18:23warlord>Chutt: probably alpha.. But that shouldn't really be an issue on a 2GHz Athlon XP+ with 0.5GB ram.
18:23Chutt>sure it should :p
18:23thor_>turn on ACCEL (if nvidia driver)
18:24Chutt>i'm not seeing any major slowdown with things
18:24warlord>You mean: Option "RenderAccel" "1"
18:24warlord>or something else, thor_?
18:24warlord>Chutt: what do you use?
18:24thor_>that's the one
18:25warlord>well, then, it's already on ;)
18:25=schultmc [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:25thor_>ah ... well it would be slower if you turned it off !
18:26warlord>Wow.. It already takes a couple seconds for every page-change. I can't imagine it being any slower.
18:26=marc [~Marc@] quit ("Leaving")
18:26thor_>you have a very un-vivid imagination
18:27warlord>My myth box is the fastest machine in my house... If it's this slow on bleeding edge fast hardware....
18:27sfr>when hitting PgDwn? start-up of the EPG in live-tv mode seems slower than before, but otherwise 'feels' as fast/slow as ever.
18:28warlord>sfr: yes.
18:28warlord>hit page down a couple times in a row..
18:28*PhazE3 is away: The MonkeYs GoT me
18:30sfr>works ok here
18:30warlord>how long do you wait between keypresses?
18:30warlord>also, are you using a keyboard or lirc?
18:30sfr>instinctivally until the screen changes, on a keyboard
18:30*PhazE3 is back (gone 00:02:11)
18:31warlord>let me try using the keyboard -- after the news is over.
18:31=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:31PhazE3>The epg speed is fine for me with an ATI Remote Wonder on an amd 1700+
18:31sfr>and i have the mini tv window in the epg
18:32warlord>maybe my expectations are too high based on previous experiences with cable boxes... OTOH 0.13 seems much more sluggish than 0.12 in terms of how many seconds per page I can page-down.
18:33hadees>anyone know a good program for editing dixv files on linux?
18:33PhazE3>Myth's epg is actually faster for me than my dct2244 box and my older direct tv box
18:34sfr>i beg to disagree :) any objective reasons why channel-changing with a pvr350 seems faster with 0.13 while using the same setup?
18:34warlord>sfr: with whom are you begging to disagree?
18:35sfr>warlord: you, i'm just typing slow
18:36*PhazE3 is away: Time to go home
18:36GreyFoxx>warlord I've seen what you describe with the epg, just haven't take the time to diagnose why
18:37warlord>Hmm, right now it's working ok.. It wasn't earlier...
18:37sfr>mysql cache?
18:39warlord>sfr: what do you mean?
18:39warlord>the fact that it's cached in the frontend now and wasn't earlier?
18:40sfr>if you set up a query cache in mysql, the queries caused by the epg would get answered faster the 2nd time. just guessing here.
18:40warlord>I didn't change anything.
18:41warlord>oooh, I like the new 6544 code that tells me what LiveTV is watching! Really sweet.
18:41GreyFoxx>I noticed the change from 0.12 -> CVS and still in 0.13
18:41GreyFoxx>I'll try and take time to track it down tonight if I get a chance
18:42GreyFoxx>And I have query_caching on
18:42o_cee>warlord: thanks
18:43sfr>GreyFoxx: the query_cache option belongs in the [mysqld] section?
18:44GreyFoxx>as a set-variable
18:45sfr>GreyFoxx: set? all options in my.conf look like this: query_cache_size = 4M
18:45GreyFoxx>I carried over my old mysql 3.23 config file
18:45*warlord is still using 3.23
18:45GreyFoxx>where it's set-variable = querycache=100000 etc
18:45sfr>GreyFoxx: ah, ok. the format changed with mysql 4 afaik
18:46GreyFoxx>My box is currently having surgury at the moment :) I think I set the cache to 10meg
18:52o_cee>kvandivo: your todo item #8 happens if a recording starts when you're watching something
18:53o_cee>thor_: had any time looking at a clock plugin yet?
18:54dja_>stupid question #23222: how do I get to the advanced recording screen (from the program guide) if a show is already set to be recorded?
18:54=rkulagow [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:55+mecraw_ [~mecraw@] joined #mythtv
18:56o_cee>m or i
18:56sfr>dja_: select the show, hit i once or twice depending your setup
18:56dja_>any idea what that's called? I've remapped almost every key :-)
18:56dja_>(I knew I should have written down the old mappings before I went crazy :-)
18:56sfr>read it up in keys.local :P
18:56o_cee>still don't like not beeing able to quit the epg and change channels with enter.. :/
18:56dja_>fair enough :-)
18:57=mecraw__ [~mecraw@] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:57thor_>o_cee, no ... but do keep reminding me
18:57o_cee>thor_: i will.... i will.. :)
18:57dja_>(one "i" did it -- thanks a million)
18:58sfr>ups, i did it again . lame joke i know.
18:59thor_>anyone heard the remix with Elmer Fudd?
18:59sfr>got a mp3?
18:59thor_>uhm, possibly
18:59sfr>Elmer is the one hunting for Bugs Bunny?
19:04o_cee>i've got some really wierd entries in recording priorities..
19:05o_cee>one says: title=3 (that's the channel)
19:05o_cee>wich is the show
19:06o_cee>and it says "not recording"
19:06o_cee>then there's an empty one that says "not recording" and any channel
19:06o_cee>very strange
19:07o_cee>and simpsons has gotten +39 recpriority.. heh, wtf is this :)they're at 0 both of them (simpsons)
19:09o_cee>anyone seen anything like that?
19:10o_cee>the recs work
19:12+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
19:13+tmbg37 [] joined #mythtv
19:14tmbg37>hey, i was wondering, how well would a P2 system with a Hauppauge card perform with mythtv?
19:14warlord>what speed p2?
19:15warlord>(probably not well, but it may be ok)
19:15tmbg37>400 mhz, i think
19:15o_cee>no playback i'd say
19:16tmbg37>that stinks
19:16=mecraw_ [~mecraw@] quit ("Trillian (")
19:16tmbg37>hey, what's with this ati tv wonder pro card i hear about?
19:16o_cee>QTime::fromString: Parameter out of range <-- that doesn't look right
19:16tmbg37>it has hardware mpeg compression, i think
19:17tmbg37>i might be reading the description wrong, though
19:17sfr>o_cee: i've seen that in the past as well. don't remember how i triggered it though.
19:17warlord>yea, a p2-400 probably isn't enough to do livetv, even with a pvr-250
19:18warlord>a pvr-350 might work.
19:18warlord>(with the pvr tv-out)
19:18+Justin__ [] joined #mythtv
19:18o_cee>offset is: 281 but size is 301 <-- hmm again
19:18tmbg37>eh, it'll probably just be easier to build a new pc without hardware encoding
19:18o_cee>checking my record table now, but i can't find anything
19:19tmbg37>also, how easy is it to get mythtv to work with a directtv box
19:24=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
19:24tmbg37>i take it by your collective silence that i should rtfm
19:25o_cee>but i'm not in the usa so i can't answer even if i wanted ;)
19:25o_cee>search the mailinglist
19:25+mechou [] joined #mythtv
19:26tmbg37>i'm contemplating which i should go with, tivo or a mythtv box
19:26mechou>Is there documentation for the keybinding feature in myth? If there is, can someone point out where I might find it?
19:26tmbg37>tivo looks very attractive, being much cheaper with some nice features
19:26o_cee>mythtv of course
19:26tmbg37>but then there's the diy aspect of mythtv
19:27o_cee>as there aren't any such things as tivos here, i don't have any choice if i want a pvr
19:27sfr>mechou: all i know is you have to use mythweb to change it
19:28tmbg37>well, here i can buy a tivo direcTV receiver for $350 and pay $6 a month for it
19:28mechou>sfr: oops, no wonder I could't find it. I dont use mythweb. :(
19:28thor_>if you want mpeg streams right off a DirectTV satellite, get a dirct tv tivo
19:29tmbg37>it's to inconvenient to do it with mythtv?
19:29thor_>streams are encrypted
19:29tmbg37>no, no, it would be hooked up to the receiver
19:29mechou>tmbg37: no, it's because you trancode and encode again ==> poorer vid quality
19:30Chutt>if you have to ask questions about it, buy a tivo
19:30mechou>and what thor_ said :)
19:30tmbg37>well, it wouldn't be right off a directtv satellite
19:31tmbg37>i just realized that a directtv tivo + a year of service would cost about the same as me building a box to put mythtv on
19:31mechou>tmbg37: duh...
19:32tmbg37>well, not necessarily "duh"
19:32tmbg37>the box i was going to build before was about $500
19:32tmbg37>now i've gotten it down to around $430
19:33mechou>I got to Fry's an build a new box (w/ some recyled parts for) for <$300
19:33tmbg37>receiever+year of service= $422
19:33tmbg37>this thing is brand new
19:33tmbg37>it will be, that is
19:33tmbg37>but the case is taking up more money than it should
19:33thor_>use a pizza box
19:34tmbg37>it would stink up my parents bedroom
19:34tmbg37>and eventually rot
19:34mechou>thor_: yeah, no kidding
19:34sfr>eat the pizza first!
19:34=DogBoy [] quit ("Leaving")
19:34tmbg37>plus, a microATX mobo wouldn't fit too well
19:34tmbg37>even with half-height pci cards
19:35mechou>tmbg37: be creative, make your own pizza box
19:35tmbg37>i'm not really into the whole "case-modifying" thing
19:35mechou>tmbg37: who sid anything about case mod?
19:36tmbg37>case mod, case design, same thing
19:36thor_>fine, wonderful, excellent, enjoy you Tivo
19:36tmbg37>so it's of your opinion that i shouldn't bother trying to get mythtv to work with directtv?
19:37tmbg37>your reasons being low video quality and..?
19:37mechou>encypted vido stream
19:38o_cee>Chutt: got any idea about those "QTime::fromString: Parameter out of range" things?
19:38tmbg37>coming from the directv receiver?
19:38tmbg37>that doesn't make any sense
19:38mechou>yeah, if you dont intend to use svideo
19:39tmbg37>but if the video stream is encrypted, how can you watch it on a TV?
19:39o_cee>google fixes that
19:39thor_>oh dear god
19:39sfr>tmbg37: just like we watch the matrix ;)
19:39o_cee>that error message is coming from: void ProgramInfo::FromStringList(QStringList &list, int offset).. hmm
19:40o_cee>sfr: you're not supposed to tell him about that.
19:40tmbg37>i'm being ignorant, aren't i?
19:40+fathom [] joined #mythtv
19:40sfr>i wouldn't say that
19:41fathom>well i got it working sfr!!
19:41fathom>but there's one problem
19:41sfr>^^ re stupid?
19:41fathom>finally came home to check on this thing
19:41tmbg37>well, explain it to me
19:41sfr>fathom: but i didn't do it . i swear!
19:41hadees>do bitrates need to be multiples of anything?
19:41fathom>sfr, no you told me to wait :P so i waited out those screens and fixed it
19:42fathom>had some problems with xmltv to fix when i got home, but i got it all sorted out.
19:43sfr>fathom: you're that c**x <whatever that distro was called> user aren't you?
19:43fathom>right, but i'm not using it under crux
19:43tmbg37>could you guys explain to me how this encrypted stream stuff works?
19:43fathom>though, i bet i could get it working under that now too.
19:43o_cee>tmbg37: use google.
19:43fathom>i was having trouble with my tv card last night so i just installed fedora
19:44fathom>so now...
19:44fathom>the whole database is there and stuff, but when i try to watch live tv... it's all distorted
19:44tmbg37>ah, forget it
19:44tmbg37>i haven't found anything particularly useful with google
19:45sfr>distorted like?
19:45fathom>like green mess at the bottom of the screen
19:45fathom>i wonder if i can take a screenshot of it
19:45o_cee>tmbg37: try "miserable failure".. that's funny
19:46sfr>fathom: you have a bt8xx tv card?
19:46tmbg37>i guess i will get a tivo, then
19:47sfr>tmbg37: you _did_ search the mailing list archives. iirc there were some post about directv.
19:47o_cee>try searching for that on google, i didn't mean anything about you ;)
19:47tmbg37>no, i know about that
19:47fathom>sfr yes
19:47tmbg37>that it leads to GW's bio
19:48sfr>so maybe your bttv setup is wrong. wrong tuner,card whatnot.
19:48fathom>sfr, is there a known problem with bt8xx cards?...
19:48fathom>oh like in my modules.conf?
19:48fathom>is there any way to get it to stop the sound from mythtv when you exit the frontend?
19:49sfr>could be, yes. did you see the docs in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/video4linux/bttv?
19:49+rkulagow [] joined #mythtv
19:49mechou>hr rkulagow, any luck on m179?
19:49sfr>fathom: mute the line-in of your soundcard
19:50rkulagow>mechou: yes, i now have two working in a pundit. video and audio seems good.
19:50tmbg37>a google search for directtv mythtv encrypted turned up 7 results, none relevant
19:50mechou>tmbg37: drop mythtv from that query
19:51fathom>hmm okay the card is #64
19:51mechou>rkulagow: so you did get a patch and driver that applied cleanly, yes?
19:51fathom>how do i figure out which tuner # to use?
19:51fathom>i have it set to type 2
19:52sfr>fathom: check what's written on the card and the Tuners file might help.
19:52fathom>hmmm k
19:52rkulagow>mechou: yes. i posted a message and a link in the ivtv mailing list of a tarball i made of CVSLATEST + Jens' 1125A + Anduin's close_stream (tinny audio) and Chris Pinkham's M179 patches. (they don't apply cleanly, but i made them).
19:53rkulagow>it's been working well for me pretty much all day now.
19:53mechou>rkulagow: ok, thx for heads up
19:54fathom> search says tuner 2
19:54fathom>so i just had the wrong card specified
19:54fathom>okay i guess i'll reboot
19:54fathom>thanks for the help
19:54=fathom [] quit ("Leaving")
19:55sfr>reboot? rmmod; modprobe ... exists
19:56mechou>hey rkulagow: which mdk kernel version are you using?
19:57=lmatter [] quit ("Client Exiting")
19:57rkulagow>mechou: 2.4.22-21mdk
19:58tmbg37>so before i select tivo, let me get this clear: mythtv will NOT work with a directtv receiver
19:58o_cee>anyone know if there's something funny with qt 3.2.2?
19:58mechou>rkulagow: is thatstock one with mdk 9.2?
19:59mechou>tmbg37: it will work, you just have to use direct tv ANALOG output
19:59tmbg37>well, that's what i was going to do anyway
19:59sfr>is direct tv hdtv?
20:00tmbg37>some newer ones are
20:00tmbg37>but i don't have that service
20:00tmbg37>i don't even have a hdtv set
20:02tmbg37>so directv will work
20:03tmbg37>now, someone mentioned something about low video quality
20:03rkulagow>mechou: i don't think so. i run cooker.
20:04mechou>rkulagow: ok, thanks. BTW, did you try packet writing with that kernel by any chance?
20:04mechou>like for CDRW/DVDRW
20:05tmbg37>oh come on, you guys aren't even trying to convince me to use mythtv
20:05=Ripp_ [] quit (Connection timed out)
20:05sfr>should we?
20:05mechou>tmbg37: why should we convince you?
20:05billytwowilly>tmbg37: We're not selling it;) Why would we want to convince you to use it?
20:05billytwowilly>tmbg37: If you want to be convinced you should go talk to the tivo salesman;)
20:05o_cee>dragon etc # emerge -pu qt <-- will take a while ;)
20:06mechou>billytwowilly: there you go :)
20:06tmbg37>hmm, good point
20:06billytwowilly>tmbg37: Can you code? If you can code and want to work extensively on mythgame then I might just have a reason to convince you;)
20:06o_cee>if you come over here i'll show it to you
20:06sfr>and then tmbg37 comes back complaining to us if it doesn't work ;)
20:06tmbg37>well, i'd like to be able to code but unfortunately I can't
20:07o_cee>it's not anything you're born with..
20:07o_cee>with a few exceptions
20:07tmbg37>i know, but I don't know what books to get, etc.
20:07sfr>tmbg37: so do i, well almost
20:07tmbg37>classes aren't an option for me, i'm 14
20:07o_cee>there will be time
20:08mechou>14, what's that, 8th grade?
20:08o_cee>wonder how long that compile will take
20:09sfr>tmbg37: you're young, got plenty of time to spend learning it, if you want to
20:09tmbg37>9th grade
20:09tmbg37>i know, but i don't know where to learn
20:09o_cee>look at code, get a book..
20:09tmbg37>but what book?!
20:09o_cee>can't recommend any ;)
20:09mechou>so why aren't classes an option? , they don't teach you basic computer skills in your HS?
20:09tmbg37>what language?
20:10tmbg37>they have C++ clasess
20:10o_cee>mythtv is c++
20:10tmbg37>unfortunately, i can't take any right now
20:10sfr>well, try mythtv notice missing features and get lost in the code
20:10tmbg37>and i probably won't be able to for at least two or so years
20:10billytwowilly>tmbg37: bah, you couldn't work on mythgame if you tried.. too young..
20:11tmbg37>it's been very much recommended to me that I learn C first, then assembler, then C++
20:11billytwowilly>tmbg37: hint hint, this is where you say "NO! I CAN DO IT!" and go and fix it up nicely..
20:11o_cee>Chutt: i'm hoping those errors (wich i think is QDateTime::fromString) will go away with Qt 3.2.3, got 3.2.2 now.. seems very strange
20:11mechou>tmb,sign up if you're really interested. Make sure the teacher is a good one, otherwise s/he might stifle any interest, if you know what I mean....
20:11tmbg37>yes, i know
20:11*billytwowilly enjoys the intricacies of reverse psychology.
20:11warlordis now known as warlord-afk
20:11tmbg37>mechou, you see, i can't even take any classes right now
20:12tmbg37>my schedule is filled up with required courses, and probably always will b
20:12mechou>tmbg37: I'm not talking about now, just saying at earliest opportunity....
20:12tmbg37>but i don't even know when that will be
20:12billytwowilly>can't you do extra credit or something?
20:12o_cee>get knoppmyth and try it out
20:12tmbg37>i just started in this Intel Science program, which is ironically very non-computer science oriented
20:13billytwowilly>tmbg37: If you're in Edmonton I could show you my setup.
20:13o_cee>or nearby malm\xF6, swing by here
20:13mechou>tmbg37: where do you go to school?
20:13tmbg37>midwood high in brooklyn, ny
20:13sfr>or stuttgart
20:13o_cee>sfr: :)
20:13mechou>tmbg37: I'm a graduate of Stuyvesant
20:14tmbg37>i wanted to go there, but my parents wouldn't let me
20:14mechou>tmbg37: you've heard of it, right?
20:14tmbg37>i couldn've gotten in, my scores were high enough
20:14mechou>tmbg37: why?
20:14tmbg37>eh, they think it's too competitive
20:15tmbg37>i retook the test though, so there's hope for me going next year
20:15mechou>tmbg37L: hogwash...what, are you their "little girl?"
20:15tmbg37>i don't know
20:15tmbg37>but there's not much i can do
20:16mechou>tmbg37: time to question your parents for the *real* reason. Maybe they're afraid of 9/11, by Wall St. and all....
20:16sfr>mechou: Stuyvesant? any link to... cigarettes?
20:16tmbg37>yes, that too
20:16tmbg37>my mother particularly
20:16mechou>sfr: don't think so....
20:17tmbg37>but anyway
20:17tmbg37>what language do you recommend i start with?
20:18billytwowilly>If you're using linux perl is always handy.
20:18mechou>whatever language you feel most comfortable. doesn't really matter....
20:18tmbg37>for books, I have "C For Dummies", the C Programming Language, Teach yourself C++, and Practial C++ programming
20:19tmbg37>i'm just very insecure when it comes to this
20:19mechou>nah, it's easy if you're intellectually curious.
20:19mechou>grow a backbone.
20:19tmbg37>well, maybe i'll do C++
20:19tmbg37>it's hard!!
20:20mechou>no, you just need to strart with basic concepts, which are not hard.
20:20tmbg37>i already know many basic concepts
20:20tmbg37>i've been trying to learn c/c++ for the past year or so
20:20o_cee>then you need to learn object oriented stuff maybe
20:20mechou>so why do you say it's hard?
20:20tmbg37>no, it's hard to grow a backbone
20:21mechou>well, that I can't help you with :)
20:21tmbg37>ok, well, tell me, C vs. C++
20:22mechou>doesn't matter, but I'd start w/ C myself and go from there....
20:22tmbg37>well, i've already read C for dummies
20:22o_cee>java is very popular at the universities.. and looks pretty much like c++, but it might be easier to start with maybe
20:23tmbg37>look, i already know the basic programming concepts
20:23tmbg37>i'm just having a hard time moving from there
20:23mechou>tmbg37: what programs have you written?
20:24mechou>besides "hello world"
20:24tmbg37>uh, short programs to do little things
20:24tmbg37>like calculate the number of days between two dates
20:24mechou>you know the diff betw. heap & stack? pointer arithmetic?
20:25tmbg37>uh, mostly
20:25hadees>once you get down one lang, learning anothing is easy
20:25tmbg37>not sure about the heap and stack one
20:25o_cee>do a mastermind game :)
20:25tmbg37>i know that a stack is a first-in first-out list of variables
20:26sfr>like mythmastermind ;)
20:26mechou>no, that's not what I meant re heap vs. stack, more like memory layout, management, etc....
20:26tmbg37>well, no, i don't know that
20:26tmbg37>i also don't know much about file io
20:27mechou>there's you first clue. Some things to work on.
20:27*sfr sets its alarm to ring in.. ugh 5 hours
20:27hadees>tmbg37: i'll teach you the same way my teachers taught me, write towers of hanoi program, it's due wed
20:27o_cee>whoaw, getting late
20:28-sfr [] left #mythtv ("good night")
20:28tmbg37>mechou, right, but i don't know where to learn that stuff
20:28tmbg37>CfD didn't cover that stuff very well
20:30*o_cee is away: g'night
20:32mechou>heap vs. stack isn't covered very well in any C/C++ books that I know. You'd best learn the difference in a classroom setting, or assembler.
20:33tmbg37>right, but i don't have any classrooms to learn these in
20:34mechou>I don't see why you're so busy in 9th grade. You can always audit a class in community college.....
20:35tmbg37>there are a lot of required courses i have to take, like health, gym, music
20:35mechou>9 periods, what 8am-4pm, you're done, right?
20:36mechou>prob even 8-3
20:36tmbg37>i'm in for 8 periods, from 9:30 to 4
20:36tmbg37>there's a 7-class limit
20:36mechou>sheesh, spoiled brat. You got plenty of "free" time.
20:37tmbg37>i didn't say that i don't have free time, i said that i can't take any additional classes
20:37+Ripp_ [] joined #mythtv
20:37mechou>tmbg37: you can audit a class in community college....
20:38tmbg37>i can take classes at brooklyn college my sophomore year
20:38mechou>well, there you go. by then you ought to be ready....
20:39tmbg37>but that's a year from now!
20:39tmbg37>also, i think they only have c++ courses
20:39tmbg37>and i'm sticking with c for now
20:39mechou>so, you better take advantage of this year then, like go out with some girl, etc.
20:40tmbg37>ha, i wish
20:40+toothpick [] joined #mythtv
20:40toothpick>I just wanted to stop in and say WOW one more time.
20:40toothpick>This is awesome.
20:40mechou>next year, put your nose to the grindstone :)
20:43toothpick>I got my tvout using myth on my real tv now.
20:43toothpick>just the sound is coming from my cheap pc speakers though =(
20:44mechou>toothpick: what video card you got?
20:44toothpick>geforce 5200fx
20:44toothpick>and the tvwonder ve
20:44toothpick>for tuner.
20:45mechou>yeah, you should have no prob. w/ tv out then....
20:45+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
20:45mechou>I'm not so sure tv wonder is that great a choice, but whatever works....
20:46toothpick>no but it was cheap.
20:46toothpick>I am sure there are better tuners.
20:46toothpick>Hey Dogboy!
20:46toothpick>I finally got mythtv working.
20:47toothpick>After the recording...want to see how close the format is to burn a vcd.
20:47DogBoy>did you use knoppmyth
20:48toothpick>I installed it on the OSEF installation of knoppix.
20:48DogBoy>what's osef
20:49toothpick>Open Source Education Foundation.
20:49DogBoy>don't know about that one
20:49toothpick>It really is just a modded knoppix for schools.
20:49toothpick>I like it...
20:49toothpick>It doesn't have gcc so after the hd install some apt-getting is necessary
20:49DogBoy>I'm restoring scratched svcds
20:49toothpick>and I think that it installs some knoppix things to the hd that interfere with shutting down.
20:50toothpick>I am anxious to find out what format I am recording in.
20:50toothpick>Recording survivor as my wife is out...and we like that show...even if rupert is not on anymore
20:50DogBoy>you probably want to use nuvexport
20:50+brunes [] joined #mythtv
20:50brunes>hey all... do you have to do soemthing special to get myth to use XvMC?
20:51toothpick>I've only ever used nero to burn a vcd.
20:51DogBoy>you still can
20:51toothpick>of course I don't have a burner at home so that is probably why ;)
20:52DogBoy>just convert your show into an mpp that you can use to burn a svcd
20:52toothpick>and nuvexport converts to mpeg?
20:52mechou>brunes: check
20:52DogBoy>or divx or wmv or whatever
20:52toothpick>ok thanks jotting the name now.
20:53DogBoy>it's a perl script
20:53toothpick>I need go buy a high quality long svideo run under my crawlspace to the back of my tv...laying across the floor won't cut it.
20:53toothpick>especially with a 3 year and 1.5 year old.
20:53toothpick>I was glad to see myth even records if mythfrontend isn't running.
20:53toothpick>That was great.
20:54DogBoy>it's cool software
20:54DogBoy>that post on slashdot yesterday where so many people were saying "just by a tivo" was annoying
21:00+hfb [] joined #mythtv
21:02=vax [] quit ("Client exiting")
21:07+vax [] joined #mythtv
21:12toothpick>Do you think I should change xfig when I am not using the tv out?
21:12toothpick>or just leave it in twinview mode all the time?
21:15=toothpick [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:24brunes>so, does XvMC help things?
21:25Chiphead>is there a mythtv-commits archive somewhere?
21:30Chiphead>where would I find the code for the "Watch recording" key map stuff? under qte that screen is sluggish and at times unresponsive. Other screens are fine.
21:33brunes>doesnt XvMC only help in decoding Mpeg2 ?
21:49brunes>ok, just wasted 1/2 hour compiling with XvMC support, it ooks like garbage now. So... is there a way I can turn it off without rebuilding again?
21:51brunes>I cant find anything in the mysql settings
21:58=brunes [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:02-tmbg37 [] left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
22:05=mdz [] quit ("Client Exiting")
22:06+Captain_Murdoch_ [] joined #mythtv
22:06rkulagow>cm: finally! what, are you on the road? looks like you're in a hotel.
22:11+brunes [] joined #mythtv
22:12brunes>hey all again...
22:12+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
22:12brunes>so.. is there any way to turn of XvMC without rebuilding?
22:14=DogBoy [] quit ("Leaving")
22:16dopez>edit, qmake && make ?
22:16brunes>"without rebuilding"
22:17jbeimler>talk on mythtv went really well. quite a few interested parties
22:17dopez>well, if you dont do a make clean it probally wont rebuild much
22:17jbeimler>especially for a guy who still records tv with shell scripts
22:17brunes>you sure I dont need to make clean?
22:18brunes>no i don't, or no you're not sure?
22:18dopez>not sure..
22:18brunes>blargh. You should be able to turn this off with a setting
22:19=Justin__ [] quit ("brb")
22:24You'renow known as SomeoneElse
22:30+Justin__ [~justin@H250-136.FREEDOM.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] joined #mythtv
22:35Chutt>brunes, feel free to submit a patch.
22:37bline>anyone seeing broken stream errors and segfaults in mythbackend with ivtv?
22:38Chutt>not i
22:38+beau [] joined #mythtv
22:38jbeimler>I did, got a patch and driver help here earlier today...
22:39beau>hrm, so few channel participants tonight.. have there been netsplits?
22:39Chutt>there's 67 fucking people in here.
22:39Chutt>if that's 'few', erm..
22:40beau>chutt: I stand corrected, my client (epic4) for some reason only showed about 12 when I joined.. bizarre. but thanks. ;-)
22:40beau>it's all set now
22:41bline>jbeimler: you were seeing segv's and ffmpeg errors in the backend log?
22:42jbeimler>yeah, but I screwed the driver up the first time. actually locked the box up too
22:42+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
22:52*thor_ is thinking he may not be such a fan of /. after all
22:54mechou>thor_: why? just cause ppl express a pref. for tivo?
22:55thor_>signal to noise
22:55beau>perhaps for the lack of infomred accurate opinions (aka signal to noise) imo
22:55mechou>that's always been a prob over there. more like noise to signal....
22:55thor_>^ -1
22:56mechou>thor_: right.
22:56SomeoneElse>heh indeed
22:57You'renow known as mikegrb
23:03jbeimler>tivo is good if you just want to time shift.
23:03jbeimler>its about $100, and it works right away.
23:06beau>the new pioneer w/ built in dvd-r is interesting but it's price is just too much dough and you still are tied to a mirth of fees for the home network option etc for the same functionality you could get from a mostly free (have to buy sufficient hardware) and flexible system like mythtv
23:07beau>has zap2it ever articulated a position on people scraping their data?
23:09jbeimler>I agree. I wouldn't get a tivo. I want to be able to put the video on my laptop, so I can watch it when I'm not at home, or if I want to hide away for a while
23:10beau>I have both, each has an honest role
23:11jbeimler>if I paid for TV I'd get a tivo. but we just do wireless tv
23:11beau>what does wireless tv mean?
23:13jbeimler>yeah, just broadcast
23:14=brunes [] quit ("Client Exiting")
23:19+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
23:34hadees>has anyone been having problems with the pvr250 where it just stops working, the way i know it happens is either the stuff recorded can't produce a clip or if i try to watch live tv it just goes to a black screen
23:35hadees>i can't find any rhyme or reason to when it occurs
23:35hadees>i thought it might be heat but i don't think it is really that hot for a computer
23:38mechou>hadees: arent you the one with the atech fab case?
23:39mechou>and this pvr250 is in the atech case?
23:40mechou>well, maybe that's the answer :)
23:40mechou>seriously, leave the case open and see if it helps any.
23:41hadees>thats what i am going to do but it still seems like a wierd problem
23:41hadees>because if i restart the computer it starts working right away
23:41hadees>if it were a heat problem wouldn't it not work?
23:41mechou>take a big fan (like for summer) make syre there's plenty of air cirulation blowing across it.....
23:42mechou>hard to say. Does it almost always work when starting cold?
23:42+PhazE3|Home [~nathan@] joined #mythtv
23:44hadees>well the computer is always on
23:44hadees>how ever when i restart it always works
23:45mechou>that doesn't really prove one way or it ever on standby, hibernate?
23:45mechou>so when you restart, it's still "warm?"
23:45hadees>yeah i don't let it cool down or anything
23:46hadees>but on the inverse another computer i had heat troulbe with used to work pretty good after a reboot
23:47mechou>does it only not work when watching?
23:47=PhazE3|Home [~nathan@] quit (Client Quit)
23:47mechou>i.e does "only record" work more reliably?
23:48+PhazE3|Home [~nathan@] joined #mythtv
23:49mechou>npe to which q?
23:49hadees>oh sorry it doesn't work for recording and watching and just recording
23:49+Kuwanger [] joined #mythtv
23:49beau>go for the big fan
23:50Kuwanger> do I create a transcoder?
23:50hadees>depends what you want to do
23:50hadees>archive or just use less space on mythtv
23:50rkulagow>captain murdoch: you here?
23:50Kuwanger>hadees: Convert over some videos to save space in mythtv.
23:51hadees>you need to create a transcoding profile
23:51hadees>just like a normal recording profile
23:51Kuwanger>I tried adding a transcoder in the transcoders group (which is empty), but it won't let me edit the profile name and if I go through the wizard to the end nothing is added to the list.
23:52hadees>hmm, i don't remember what i did but it was pretty self explanitory to me
23:52hadees>hehe otherwise i would have remembered hitting my head over and over again
23:52hadees>like the other mythtv problems i had
23:53Kuwanger>Such as? :)
23:54hadees>i had one hell of a time getting my kernel config the way i wanted
23:55Kuwanger>Ah, yea..that's a pain. :/
23:55hadees>and when i switched over the gentoo there isn't alot of docs for gentoo
23:56hadees>i am still having really hard time with gentoo file permissions
23:56=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:56*Kuwanger only had a problem with gentoo when he tried to deny other access to most everything. :)
23:56hadees>speaking of which does anyone know a good tutorial on devfs
23:56mechou>hadees: why did you choose gentoo?
23:57hadees>i wanted to learn and i like the idea of a system where anything on it i actully installed
23:57Kuwanger>man devfsd
23:57*beau also uses gentoo
23:57mechou>hadees: devfs I think is going by the wayside in 2.6 :)
23:57Kuwanger>udev is much different?
23:58hadees>Kuwanger: i read it, but it doesn't answer some other questions i had
23:58mechou>Kuwanger: no, but is different....
23:59hadees>like mythtv specifc, i only want the mythtv user to be able to use the tv tuners and i don't know how to do that while keeping the other stuff restricted
23:59mechou>what othe stuff?
23:59mechou>you mean like mythmusic, etc.?
---Logclosed Fri Dec 12 00:00:00 2003