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00:00hadees>like any other device in /dev/video
00:00mechou>oh, gotcha....
00:00Kuwanger>hadees: Oh, that's pretty easy.
00:01Kuwanger>Well, except I don't have a /dev/video.. :)
00:02mechou>hadees: you ghot intel or amd in atech case?
00:02hadees>Kuwanger: how do i set it so only mythtv user can access the cards /dev/video/video0 /dev/video/video1 /dev/video/video2
00:02Kuwanger>hadees: Private message me some idea of the permissions you want.
00:02Kuwanger>Is there anything else in /dev/video?
00:03hadees>well not right now how ever i want to possiblity
00:03Kuwanger>REGISTER video/video.* PERMISSIONS mythuser.nobody 600
00:04mechou>I though /dev/video is a link to v4l?
00:04hadees>wait won't that set myth as the user for all the stuff the /dev/video/ dir?
00:04hadees>oh wait it is /dev/v4l/video/ or somthing
00:05hadees>i don't know mechou it would be the same i can look that up later
00:05Kuwanger>REGISTER video/[^(video)].* PERMISSIONS 660
00:05hadees>what i need for my case now is to write somthing so i can use my powermate knob
00:07Kuwanger>You'll also have to modify /etc/security/console.perms to make sure that video/video.* isn't included.
00:09hadees>yeah what is the deal with /etc/security/console.perms
00:09hadees>what is it for?
00:09hadees>seems like the same as devfs but over rides it
00:09Kuwanger>Whoever is at console gets special privileges.
00:10Kuwanger>That's why <logged in user>.<group> 660 is permissions for most things in /dev
00:10Kuwanger>s/group/related device group
00:10Kuwanger>Or was that 600..hmm..
00:13hadees>has anyone seen myhtpc? i just don't see how people can use that for an htpc...
00:14hadees>there is no real linking together of stuff in windows htpcs... all bat scrips
00:15mechou>hehe, imagine that still using batch files in this day and age....
00:16mechou>that's tight integration for ye....
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00:16hadees>i looked into windows stuff before linux because of the possiblity of playing windows games on a tv but i couldn't stand the software
00:17hadees>how ever there is one program called i love that
00:18hadees>i want to write an interface for mythtv but i don't think i am up to that quite yet
00:18hadees>however if anyone wants a cool inexpensive and better then pronto like remote that talks to your htpc over wireless internet
00:19hadees>write a client server for linux
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00:44*mikegrb is a bad ass
00:44mikegrb>thank-you that is all
00:50*mikegrb wants signal to reload osd while playing back! :)
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01:08whatsit>I wanted to stop in and say congrats on version 0.13
01:09whatsit>i'm also wondering if anyone is using a mythtv box with an hdtv and if so, what res they use for watchable tv
01:12whatsit>i'm trying 480x480 and it doesn't look great coming out of my GX440's tv-out
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01:37cesman>hello everyone
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02:06mikegrb>Chutt: you around by any chance?
02:41*o_cee is back (gone 06:10:24)
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02:50ShockValue>hrm i think i have something hozed up :)
02:51ShockValue>i run "mythsetup" and it loads the configuration graphic as my background , and my mouse pointer dissapears (my KDE bottom toolbar is still on top and functional)
02:51ShockValue>any clues on what i need to do?
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02:52o_cee>the mouse is supposed to dissapear
02:53mikegrb>ShockValue: yes you need to read the docs
02:53o_cee>that oo
02:53ShockValue>i have them open right in front of me... im not seeing anything about that part :)
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02:54o_cee>you didn't say what your problem is either
02:54o_cee>look at the console
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02:56ShockValue>i run mythsetup.. it asks me if i want to clear my settings, i say yes to both (see doc link above).. then it opens the mythtv config graphic.. but i cant seem to get it to respond to anything.
02:56o_cee>and the console says?
02:57ShockValue>bash-2.05b$ mythsetup
02:57ShockValue>Would you like to clear all capture card
02:57ShockValue>settings before starting configuration? [no] yes
02:57ShockValue>Would you like to clear all program/channel
02:57ShockValue>settings before starting configuration? [no] yes
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02:57ShockValue>thats all she wrote :)
02:58o_cee>make sure you've got the db setup properly. make sure you've got your tuners modprobed.
02:58ShockValue>hrm.. do i /have/ to have a tuner installed? it hasnt arrived yet, and i wanted to test out the rest of the system..
02:59ShockValue>music, mame etc
02:59o_cee>just run mythfrontend then.
02:59ShockValue>k ill try that
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03:04ShockValue>well that got something up and runnin alright!
03:11hadees>anyone know if there is a 13 ebuild yet?
03:15hadees>guess not, i wonder how long it is before it is updated usally
03:15hadees>anyone know?
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03:18ShockValue>wow, so far mythtv kicks ass.. and i dont even have a frickin tv card :)
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03:32o_cee>hadees: <- not marked stable yet
03:33ShockValue>hrm.. i cant seem to get myth to recognise my audio filename structure for naming...
03:33ShockValue>this is what my dirs look like
03:33ShockValue>. /Audio/Artist/Album/Artist - Album - Track Number - Track Title.flac
03:34o_cee>go to the mailinglist instead, this is a dev recourse
03:34hadees>does the ebuild upgrade everything for you?
03:34hadees>like right now i am running .12 and i want .13, do i do anything besides emerge mythtv ?
03:35ShockValue>i set myth to: Directory = /Audio and filename format = ARTIST - ALBUM - TRACK_TITLE
03:35ShockValue>what did i miss?
03:35o_cee>hadees: no clue, never used them
03:36sfr>ShockValue: in the ripper settings?
03:36ShockValue>no, in the music->general settings
03:36ShockValue>also i selected 'ignore id3 tag' since none of my music has id3's
03:37sfr>ShockValue: it's all your fault then, (living without id3 tags)
03:37ShockValue>flac files dont have id3 tags...
03:37ShockValue>or at least.. they shouldnt (although some bastards still put them on there)
03:38sfr>so filename should look s/t like Artist/Album/Artist-Album-Track_No-Track_Title
03:39ShockValue>track_no is an option? ididnt see that listed anyplace
03:39sfr>but i never used the ignore id3 tags options, so i could be wrong
03:39ShockValue>trying it now :)
03:39sfr>ShockValue: "s/t like that" ;)
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03:41ShockValue>yeah, i dont think track_no is an option
03:42ShockValue>o_cee i tried the TRACK_TITLE option which seems to suggest it will read the track number AND the title, but that didnt seem to work...
03:42sfr>could be just track instead
03:42ShockValue>artist - album - track_title
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04:21Octane>anyone know whats this thing about an alsa kernel
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04:41o_cee>"length mismatch between programinfo" when entering the pririties screen.. anyone else seen that
04:51o_cee>oh, that's brand new code..
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05:19o_cee>anyone here running cvs?
05:20sfr>cvs right-before-the-0.13-release
05:26o_cee>this's about the latest commits
05:27o_cee>trying to track it down but thre's alot of code ;)
05:28sfr>from another ml "Those who choose to lead the way should lead, and be telling the rest of us about problem solutions" :)
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05:50o_cee>Chutt: don't know if you'll catch this on scrollback when you wake up.. but i think you broke the "Set Rec Priorities" screen somehow with your commit yesterday.. haven't been able to figure out why, but i get programinfo mismatch.. some debug says there's 12 shows scheduled, times 28, plus 1, wich always is 8 more than the lenght of the list.. but as i said, i don't understand why..
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09:17fathom>why might i not be hearing the audio from my recorded shows?
09:32mikegrb>because you don't have the sound setup right?
09:32mikegrb>did you read the docs?
09:33fathom>i gues sso...
09:37kvandivo>o_cee: thanks for the note on that. you probably have given me the ammo i need to fix #8
09:38mikegrb>kvandivo: !
09:38mikegrb>kvandivo: I sent my stuff in :)
09:39mikegrb>changed the perl script to send the udp packet itself rather then calling the mythnotify binary
09:39mikegrb>and made my pretty picture
09:40mikegrb>I need to remake the image and make the box come out just a little more from the side to give a bit more room for subject and from... maybe move down more towards the bottom too
09:40mikegrb>or maybe use Chutt's scrolling notify thingie
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09:46kvandivo>whew.. that was a lot of reading to catch up on.
09:46kvandivo>cool, mikegrb. haven't yet started on email.. wanted to catch up on #mythtv first. ;)
09:46mikegrb>heh yes
09:46mikegrb>I didn't sleep last night
09:46mikegrb>had a box rooted
09:47mikegrb>by the time I was ready for sleep there was no point
09:47mikegrb>it was mainly my fault... I was running some questionable code to determine it's affects
09:48mikegrb>I need to finish up my research on that this weekend and fire off a message to the bugtraq list on monday perhaps
09:48mikegrb>at the very least to some isp's ;)
09:48mikegrb>I picked a computer that was the most disposable to run it on
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09:48mikegrb>what was really spiffy
09:49mikegrb>after it happened I was talking to caker (the linode guy) and he gave me another linode to use as a honeypot :)
09:49mikegrb>they never went after it though :/
09:49mikegrb>was really funny on the box of mine they screwed themselves over
09:49mikegrb>they messed up the /etc/passwd file and then couldn't go any further
09:50mikegrb>so far that is the only file they modified :)
09:53kvandivo>often they screw.. but usually they learn
09:53kvandivo>err.. screw up, that is
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10:41janek>anybody got an idae about why transcoding might not work for me?
10:41janek>I hit X while watching the playback but nothing seems to happen
10:48warlord>the transcode works in the background.
10:48warlord>did you go into the directory and check the files?
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10:50janek>warlord: I checked with top... the cpu remained idle
10:50warlord>Hmm. I only tried the transcode once.
10:50warlord>So I'm not really a good person to help.
10:50janek>though following your suggestion I looked in the directory and it appears that it did attempt to create a .tmp file for it
10:51janek>it only got to 5.5MB of it though
10:52janek>it could be because that channel has a tendency to change resolution after the adverts at the beginning of a program, which mythtv doesn't seem to like during playback so perhaps it's the same problem
10:53janek>but it's the same for another program I tried to transcode...
10:53warlord>yea, probably.
10:54janek>only one of them is from that channel though... but perhaps it just killed the transcode daemon
10:54janek>I shall have to investigate further
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11:00warlord>I didn't think there was actually a transcode daemon per se.
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15:34Netslayer>can anyone briefly explain what i have to do in gentoo to get my wintv 401 dbx working (non pvr250/350)?
15:34Netslayer>i compiled bttv, v4l etc into the kernel 2.4.23 and do i just go emerge bttv and it should work?
15:36Netslayer>apparently there is no bttv package so i'll just boot and give it a shot
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16:41Berto>not here..
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16:47Netslayer>i'm trying to compile my 2.4.23 kernel and i2c keeps giving unresolved symbols for i2c like "scx200_gpio_shadow", what did i forget?
16:47Berto>when running mythtvfrontend, i get this error: Unable to connect to database! ... Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' (Using password: YES)
16:48Berto>where are the docs that tell me how to setup mysql for mythtv ??
16:48Berto>the MySQL section on the web page provides like nothing
16:48Netslayer>it should just work
16:48Berto>Netslayer: i have no clue... but you might get more general linux help in #linuxhelp or something ?
16:48Netslayer>u prob haven't set mysql permission like it says to do to allow remote frontends
16:48Berto>or maybe there's a #gentoo channel (the guys in #mandrake for me are nice)
16:49Berto>Netslayer: yeah iknow, where's the doc for that? me and mysql usually don't get along well and i need some steps :)
16:49sfr>Berto: have a closer look
16:50Berto>oh oh oh i didn't read past mandrake, thanks
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16:51fathom>sfr, hey i have a really weird behavior from mythtv.... if i just try to run it it's all distorted, but if i run xawtv first, it fixes the picture.
16:53Berto>wow slick program you guys have here!
16:53Berto>i'm gonna try to watch some tv now
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16:55Berto>can't connect to backend server... hmm... i need to run setup i guess
16:56sfr>fathom: can you change channels in myth?
16:56Berto>this is gonna rock so much with my remote control and lirc (only use it with xmms now)
16:56fathom>sfr, yep
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16:57sfr>fathom: not sure, maybe your channel setup is wrong causing myth to tune to the wrong frequency
16:57fathom>i used the same settings i used in xawtv
16:57fathom>that works fine
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17:03pcjabber>Good afternoon, all
17:03pcjabber>I have a little question about Myth's Scheduled Recordings screen
17:03pcjabber>I am not a noob to myth
17:04pcjabber>but it must be a new feature to .13
17:04pcjabber>which, by the way, is a great release =)
17:04pcjabber>In the Fix Conflicts screen, what do the letter codes to the side mean
17:04pcjabber>like P, 1 (or is that an I?), O, V, C
17:04Berto>putting in my zip code is doing nothing... is the server down that i connect to?
17:05Berto>zap2it gave us a page with no service provider options
17:05Berto>check postal/zip code or www site (maybe they're down
17:05pcjabber>In setup, berto?
17:05Berto>pcjabber: yeah
17:05Berto>my zip code is 43201
17:05pcjabber>are you sure it just isnt taking a while?
17:05Berto>hmm its been about a minute now
17:05warlord>pcjabber: if you select a program like that it will tell you
17:05pcjabber>When i re-setup last night, Zap2it took about 1.5 mins to even fetch provider data
17:06pcjabber>k thanks warlord
17:06Berto>after entering the first 4 digits, a long pause... and then the fifth one pops in
17:06warlord>P = previous, O = Other, C = conflict. I dont recall V
17:06Berto>and i can't even push the bar for providers!
17:06pcjabber>let me check zap2it
17:06Berto>thanks pcjabber
17:06pcjabber>you are using the latest XMLTV?
17:06pcjabber>i think it ends with .25
17:06Berto>pcjabber: i can check version... but probalby
17:06pcjabber>just a sec
17:07Berto>should i find a newer one?
17:07Berto>ahhh ok!
17:07pcjabber>thats probably the problem
17:07Berto>stupid thac :)
17:07pcjabber>are you running RH9?
17:07Berto>pcjabber: mdk 9.2
17:07pcjabber>or FC1?
17:07Berto>i wonder if mandrake has their own rpms for it
17:08pcjabber>i think you can run urpmi xmltv
17:08Berto>pcjabber: when i did that it probalby connected to thac's, which are old
17:08pcjabber>yeah..z2i is working fine
17:08Berto>ok thanks
17:08pcjabber>np =)
17:08Berto>no, mandrake doesn't have xmltv
17:08Berto>have a good site to download? i like mandrake rpms but source compiling is fine too
17:08pcjabber>ahh ok
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17:08pcjabber>k let me see just a sec
17:09jbeimler>mandrake has it all in the contrib section I think
17:09pcjabber>you running cooker, or just straight 9? (havent used mdk in a while)
17:09pcjabber> is great
17:10Berto>9.2 straight up
17:10Berto>yeah i'll check there
17:10Berto>otehrwise they got some tarbunnies
17:10pcjabber>cooker ->
17:10Berto>ooh contrib!
17:10Berto>thanks pcjabber
17:10pcjabber>np Berto
17:10pcjabber>ill post the full list of letter codes for FixConflicts in just a sec
17:11pcjabber>as opposed to tarrabbits?
17:11pcjabber>or tarhares?
17:11Berto>tarbunnies sounded like a good ring... kinda like tarball
17:11Berto>oh god dependency hell... time to rebuild my own rpm
17:12pcjabber>thats why i like apt-get
17:12pcjabber>i run RH9
17:12pcjabber>the only thing i had d/l'd at the time
17:12pcjabber>and it is on a suck-@$$ computer
17:12Berto>yeah well urpmi is great too, but not if the package isn't in the source :)
17:12=schultmc [] quit ("Client exiting")
17:12Berto>and this one was built with dependencies on newer perl...etc
17:12pcjabber>an old HP Pavilion 400Mhz celeron
17:13pcjabber>with 128MB memory
17:13Berto>yeah i'm wondering how watching tv will go on my athlon 550
17:13pcjabber>I am (hopefully) getting a Pundit for Christmas
17:13pcjabber>asked the parents =)
17:13Berto>i'm still not even sure if the cable into my room is good.. i should get a real tv up here just to test it quick
17:13pcjabber>Ath 550? shouldnt go too bad
17:13Berto>yeah 400 or so mb ram
17:13pcjabber>you running BTTV, or IVTV?
17:13Berto>been a work horse for 4 years now
17:13pcjabber>not bad at all
17:13Berto>why? whats ivtv
17:13pcjabber>me too, for now
17:13Berto>yeah it does what i need - mp3, homework, and chat
17:14pcjabber>IVTV = driver for WinTV-PVR250/350
17:14Berto>no i have a pinnacle systems pc studio
17:14pcjabber>which is (hopefully) what i am getting for Christmas also
17:14pcjabber>Pinnacles run on BTTV, IIRC
17:14Berto>i don' eeven use it (will soon hopefully).. but i've DEFINITELY gottne 80 dollars worth out of the remote + xmms
17:14Berto>yep bttv
17:14Berto>i thought maybe ivtv was a new competitor of bttv and had better stuff or something...
17:15pcjabber>nope...just a different type of driver
17:15pcjabber>and it wouldnt work with a bttv chipset...
17:15pcjabber>kinda like trying to use an nVidia driver on an ATI card
17:15Berto>wishing i had a faster processor now though... building xmltv is doing these test_filters taking forever
17:15Berto>haha yea
17:15Berto>oh yeah for mythtv, should i enable my nvidia GLX super drivers? i just using the base XFree ones right now
17:15pcjabber>xmltv is a pain in the @rse to build
17:16pcjabber>i would say so...I dont have an nVidia card in my system, but i think its recommended to do so
17:16Berto>oh, i already am using em... didn't even know
17:16pcjabber>if you dont, you wont get XV support, which you need for Myth (IIRC reading the list right)
17:16Berto>i see..
17:16*pcjabber has to eat something before he collapses
17:17nchip>what's the most up-to-date mythtv+dvb guide?
17:17pcjabber>you mean with XMLTV?
17:17pcjabber>or else?
17:17pcjabber>i am not familiar with DVB
17:17+curreyr_ [] joined #mythtv
17:17pcjabber>XMLTV's latest is 0.5.25
17:18nchip>no, guide as in setting it all up :)
17:18Berto>i like how you guys designed this softare
17:18Berto>HTML::TreeBuilder wtf...
17:19=mdz [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:19Berto>how would i know what package in mandrake that is... or is it time to go to
17:19=marc_ [~Marc@] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:19+marc_ [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
17:21+mdz [] joined #mythtv
17:22+Dman [~Davem@] joined #mythtv
17:23pcjabber>at the cmd prompt, as root, do "cpan"
17:24pcjabber>then type "install HTML::TreeBuilder"
17:24pcjabber>after that installs, do "exit"
17:24pcjabber>the above was directed to Berto, btw =)
17:24pcjabber>nchip, sorry, i dont know
17:25Berto>pcjabber: yep, workin on it
17:25Berto>i already ahve perl-HTML-tree installed
17:25Berto>makes me mad
17:25pcjabber>like i said, i know nothing about DVB =)
17:25pcjabber>well, now it needs treebuilder heh
17:26Berto>hot chick just called
17:27+SarahEmm [] joined #mythtv
17:31Berto>tv_grab_na command not found... i can't win.
17:31Berto>is this an 'illegal' type program that they can't do in north america?
17:31Berto>and i'll have to rebuild myself from source?
17:32pcjabber>it shouldnt be illegal
17:32pcjabber>but you may have to rebuild from src
17:32Berto>yeah i have tv_grab_fi and so on... but no north america
17:32pcjabber>i used apt-get, so i wouldnt know...sorry
17:32Berto>pcjabber: i did from soruce rpm... now i tarbunny it
17:32Berto>stupid evil anti american packagers
17:32Berto>that's all it is!
17:32pcjabber>Axel Thimm is non-American, German, in fact, and his pkg works ;-p
17:33*SarahEmm uses gentoo on her mythtv box, it works great w/ xmltv and everything
17:33=fathom [~fathom@] quit ("Leaving")
17:33Berto>pcjabber: well not this mandrake contrib guy :)
17:34=curreyr [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:34pcjabber>is anyone using Visor/VisorOSD with .13?
17:34pcjabber>do i just need to dl the new package?
17:34pcjabber>or is it not compatible yet?
17:34Berto>on screen display?
17:34pcjabber>i do like the new GANT theme though (i think thats what its called lol)
17:34Berto>i use one of those with XMMS.. i'll have to get that if you get it working with .13
17:34pcjabber>OSD and theme
17:34Berto>(if *I* get .13 going ever
17:35Berto>look! the source made no tv_grab_na either
17:35Berto>what is going on...
17:37Berto>i see why
17:37Berto>HTML::Parser 3.34 or later is required for tv_grab_na
17:37Berto>i have 3.31
17:37pcjabber>that makes sense
17:37pcjabber>do a "force install HTML::Parser" if it wont let you update it in CPAN
17:37Berto>ok thanks
17:38Berto>i already started a regulare one, i thinkit'll work
17:38pcjabber>any clue what the icons in Play recordings mean?
17:38SarahEmm>yep, one sec
17:38pcjabber>the RIP logo, the book, the $ with a no symbol thru it?
17:38pcjabber>thanks sarahemm
17:38Berto>no money? i'd think they would WANT donations
17:39SarahEmm>heh, no_money symbol = commercials flagged
17:39sfr>pcjabber: use your imagination for a second :)
17:39Berto>wow can myth flag its own commercials?!
17:39Berto>or you do that yourself?
17:39SarahEmm>it does.
17:39pcjabber>it can flag them
17:39SarahEmm>hit 'z' to skip a commercial break.
17:39Berto>wow how does it do that?
17:39pcjabber>or turn on autocommercial skip
17:39Berto>does it get a code from the cable company, or is it smart software?
17:39pcjabber>smart sw
17:39SarahEmm>it's in the config, either by blank screen detection or scene change detection.
17:39Berto>that's so cool...
17:39SarahEmm>Berto: smart software. cable companies don't want to encourage commercial skipping :)
17:39Berto>pcjabber: care to explain how that code operates?
17:40pcjabber>blank frame detection, and it works verrry well
17:40Berto>SarahEmm: that's what i figured
17:40Berto>thats cool
17:40SarahEmm>anyone know what 'scene change detection' is?
17:40Berto>but what if i'm watching seinfeld and the screen goes blank, switching to a new scene
17:40SarahEmm>i've got it set to 'blank frame detection' right now which works okay, but not great
17:40Berto>interesting stuf
17:40SarahEmm>Berto: i think it relies on the longer-than-normal blank screen before/after commercial breaks.
17:40Berto>very cool indeed
17:40pcjabber>Berto and Sarah, if you turn on Strict detection, it will watch for a few blank frames before flagging
17:41pcjabber>it works better
17:41Berto>what language is myth written in
17:41Berto>i cguess i could just check
17:41SarahEmm>Berto: C++ mostly
17:41pcjabber>wow that was a quick response
17:41Berto>i been neck deep in C++ this quarter
17:41pcjabber>Qt, too
17:41Berto>yeah i figured some qt
17:41*billytwowilly played too much cs in his youth;)
17:41billytwowilly>reaction time is king;)
17:41*SarahEmm is learning C++ as she writes extra stuff for Myth
17:42pcjabber>C++ and Qt mainly
17:42pcjabber>along with MySQL lol
17:42SarahEmm>and PHP for the web stuff.
17:42Berto>I like C++ a lot... we just had a huge class for system software
17:42Berto>wrote a microprocessor simulator, assembler, and linking loader
17:43Berto>yeah the dreams in C++ are starting to stop haha
17:44Berto>of course it doesn't work. why would it! Can't locate XMLTV/ :)
17:44*Berto shoudl follow instructions.. nevermind
17:45sfr>as boring as that is, but it usually helps
17:46Berto>i'm so used to make / make install i didn't realize they wanted a make test in there
17:46Berto>if this works i'm gonna go downstairs to watch tv like never
17:46Berto>and i'll actually get to record shows that i should watch but never do... like south aprk
17:46Berto>i haven't been this excited since yesterday
17:47-Dman [~Davem@] left #mythtv ("Client Exiting")
17:53=holger_ [] quit ("Client exiting")
17:56pcjabber>i like recording shows that i cant possibly stay up to watch
17:56Berto>nope, still didn't work. this is xmltv stuff though so i won't bother you guys... stuff about
17:56mdz>Chutt: so will 0.13 upgrade the database from 0.11, or do I need a partial upgrade script?
17:56pcjabber>like "Three's Company" at 1 in the morning
17:56pcjabber>it should
17:57Berto>three's company.. haven't seen that forever!
17:57pcjabber>Nick at Nite -- 1AM EST
17:58mdz>oh yay, only one conflict
17:59Berto>pcjabber: i'll pvr it if i can install
18:00=mecraw_ [~mecraw@] quit ("Trillian (")
18:02marc_>good evening
18:03marc_>been playing around with mythweather, and like it a lot
18:03sfr>he's alive! or a bot :)
18:03Berto>whats mythweather do? give weather report?
18:03Berto>i just have a gnome panel weather applet for that
18:04marc_>well, I've got a TV set :-)
18:04sfr>marc_: i've only seen you join/quit as far as i remember :)
18:04marc_>oh. sorry.
18:04marc_>rebooting my myth box all the time because i'm playing around with ivtv. which breaks my network connection
18:05marc_>anyways... mythweather can't seem to gather a weathermap for my location
18:05warlord>perhaps you should use irc from some other box?
18:05marc_>i do
18:05marc_>but they're both on the same bridge
18:05warlord>then why would rebooting myth do anything to your network connection?
18:05marc_>whenever the bridge learns about the myth box coming live, it gets all ecstatic
18:05marc_>for a couple seconds
18:06warlord>sounds like you need a new network appliance.
18:06marc_>I'm glad it works at all. Connects my ethernet based network with 2 computers using bluetooth dongles
18:06marc_>pretty transparent, except for the disruption.
18:06marc_>and only really noticeable in irc
18:07pcjabber>mythweather seems to have a problem with gathering weathermaps sometimes
18:07mchou>anybody here using kernel 2.4.21 or above? (with bttv 9+)?
18:07pcjabber>press "i" in mythweather
18:08pcjabber>and set your connection setting to a lower speed (medium speed connection, etc)
18:08=loebrich [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/1]")
18:08pcjabber>that way it wont timeout instantly
18:08pcjabber>sometimes it just doesnt like's feed
18:08pcjabber>anyone know if you can set up MythWeb on a different machine than the machine Myth is on?
18:08mchou>actuall I meant kernel 2.4.22 and above.....
18:09marc_>pcjabber: doesn't seem to do it...
18:09marc_>maybe it's just then...
18:09pcjabber>marc:, sometimes has hiccups =)
18:09pcjabber>it wont get a map for me ATM either
18:09SarahEmm>pcjabber: i think you cam.
18:09pcjabber>brb got to SSH into my BSD server
18:09pcjabber>k thanks sarah
18:10Berto>wow its worknig!! slick too! its even downloading jpg files of each channel!
18:11Berto>are those files from xmltv people or mythtv people?
18:12mdz>neither, really, but the URLs come from xmltv or the provider it uses
18:13Berto>mchou: i have 2.4.22, but mythtv not yet up and running
18:14Berto>how many times is this filldatabase thing gonna check for schedules.. jeez
18:14SarahEmm>Berto: it fetches data for each channel for each day.. at least tv_grab_na
18:14SarahEmm>i just run it at 0100 every day
18:14Berto>SarahEmm: oh really what if i never run it again?
18:14Berto>i won't know whats on every channel?
18:15mchou>Berto, are you planning to use a bttv card?
18:15Berto>mchou: yes i am
18:15mchou>Berto: what distro's kernel?
18:15Berto>SarahEmm: oh its checking for like every day... it's getting data for dec 15 now.
18:15Berto>mchou: mandrake 2.4.22-10mdk
18:16Berto>SarahEmm: is this going to go like a month in advance or what? i kinda wanna test if the TV works :)
18:16pcjabber>it will probably get for up to ten days
18:16*Berto is antsy
18:16pcjabber>*up to*
18:16Berto>i'll vacuum the room in the meantime
18:16pcjabber>sometimes 14 days, if you are lucky
18:16pcjabber>on a broadband (roadrunner cable) connection, it takes me ~30mins
18:16Berto>lucky? no way, i wnna watch NOW
18:16Berto>we switched from roadrunner to wide open west.. cheaper
18:16SarahEmm>Berto: by default it pulls in 10 days i think.
18:16warlordis now known as warlord-afk
18:17SarahEmm>Berto: if you want to keep it up to date, you need to run it regularly.
18:17pcjabber>run it in CRON
18:17mchou>Berto, OK, here's the scoop. I tried 2.4.23 last night, and mythtv backend keeps on crashing. I'm not really sure of what's going on, but I suspect it's due to bttv rewrite (9+)
18:17pcjabber>run it at least every week
18:17pcjabber>i run it every day, to make sure there are no last-minute sched changes
18:17Berto>mchou: try going back to 2.4.22?
18:17pcjabber>i run it at about 4AM
18:17SarahEmm>mchou: running the latest myth?
18:17Berto>yeah i'll do a weekly cron on it prolly
18:18mchou>SarahEmm: yes. 13, not from cvs
18:18pcjabber>make sure its at least weekly
18:18pcjabber>weekly is kinda pushing it
18:18pcjabber>but its ok
18:18mchou>Berto, are you at your linux machine now?
18:18pcjabber>i do that *all* the time
18:18pcjabber>dont feel bad
18:19*SarahEmm runs it every night just to make sure everythign stays up to date.. no real disadvantage to running it daily that i can see, if you have an always-on connection
18:19*pcjabber does too
18:19mchou>Berto: can you do "dmesg | grep bttv" and tell me what bttv version is running?
18:20Berto>mchou: yeah and then ill be cleaning for a few mins
18:20Berto>mchou: i'll msg you it
18:20mchou>Berto: ok, thx.
18:20Berto>how do i open a window to someone
18:24=marc_ [~Marc@] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:25pcjabber>dammit, i typed kill 1 instead of kill -1
18:25pcjabber>with root priv.
18:25warlord-afk>hate when that happens.
18:25warlord-afk>anyways, I'm off. TTYL
18:25pcjabber>i meant to HUP it
18:26pcjabber>how can i go about restarting the MySQL daemon without hupping it?
18:26Berto>wow its onto Dec 20
18:26pcjabber>well, a reboot will do it =)
18:29pcjabber>why the <submit your own word> am i getting "Access denied for user root@ (my fbsd server)" when i connect to the mysql on (myth box)
18:30sfr>b/c you're root?
18:30SarahEmm>pcjabber: what cmdline?
18:30pcjabber>Sarah, what do you mean by what cmdline?
18:30pcjabber>what shell?
18:31SarahEmm>what are you typing to connect?
18:31pcjabber>mysql -h -u root -p
18:31pcjabber>then it prompt for pw
18:31pcjabber>and gives me the error
18:31mikegrb>and you are on the dbsd box typing this?
18:31Berto>OK its done, but i can't watch TV -- can't connect to database. I thought i did the mysql setup, is there anything obvious i might be forgetting to do?
18:32pcjabber>did you start mysql ?
18:32pcjabber>berto: and mythbackend?
18:32Berto>mysqld (pid 2347) is running...
18:32pcjabber>heh lol
18:32Berto>no one told me that
18:32pcjabber>do "mythbackend -d"
18:32pcjabber>that runs it as a Daemon
18:32Berto>it did -d by itself it seems
18:33pcjabber>mike, sarah
18:33pcjabber>I am now just using SSH so i can copypaste the error
18:33SarahEmm>that's weird.
18:33pcjabber>and am running as pcjabber as user on the bsd box
18:33pcjabber>-bash-2.05b$ mysql -h -u root -p
18:33pcjabber>Enter password:
18:33pcjabber>ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'root@' (Using password: YES)
18:33SarahEmm>-h should tell it to connect to another host
18:33SarahEmm>ooh, wait, it is.
18:34SarahEmm>your access was denied, pcjabber.
18:34SarahEmm>some grant isn't set up right.
18:34Berto>WOW it works (kinda)... but all the signals its getting are crap. is there a tuner? i thought it should autotune it
18:34pcjabber>k im in the mysql client in the .104 (man, do i love puTTY)
18:35pcjabber>berto, did you go thru setup successfully?
18:35Berto>pcjabber: yeah, i can try again... i'm in north america, it got the channels... US-CABLE i assume... NTSC ?
18:35pcjabber>yep US-CABLe, NTSC
18:36pcjabber>k hold on
18:36pcjabber>what are you getting thats bad?
18:36Berto>i'm gonna bring a real tv up here if my roommate is done wacking off
18:36pcjabber>sound, video, etc?
18:36Berto>pcjabber: its just wavy crap, no real video
18:36pcjabber>any sound?
18:36Berto>pcjabber: i dunno i have mp3s on, let me see
18:36pcjabber>no sound is easy to remedy
18:37Berto>no sound
18:37pcjabber>Sarah, what should i type
18:37pcjabber>in the mysql console to allow myself access?
18:37Berto>but no good video either... it displays the channel right ("NEWS WITH JIM DONOVAN" or whatever)
18:37pcjabber>so no video on any channels?
18:38Berto>nope... just gray wavy stuff
18:38Berto>i can surf around and see if any of them are right
18:39=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:39SarahEmm>i can't help much right now, sorry pcjabber. i'm doing eight things at once
18:39Berto>pcjabber: some channels make loud buzz sound... so sound works. i'm having signal problems
18:39Berto>i'll get a regular tv bfeore i go on
18:40pcjabber>k sarah
18:40pcjabber>k berto
18:41Berto>pcjabber: yes, the cable up here works... so mythtv is getting crap signal on each channel. any docs on tuning or programs to do it?
18:42sfr>Berto: xawtv works with your tuner card?
18:43pcjabber>if xawtv doesnt work, then there is something wrong with your bttv setup
18:44Berto>lets see once i plug back in
18:44Berto>what makes xawtv so smart that mythtv isn't
18:44pcjabber>xawtv is just a simple TV player
18:45Berto>ooh in mandrake, the first time i ran xawtv, it brought up this config tool
18:45Berto>how can i reset it so that that config tool comes back
18:46mchou>Berto, what does your modules.conf say for bttv? make sure u got the right options there.....
18:46Berto>mchou: nothing :-(
18:47Berto>xawtv is getting a signal every now and then
18:47mchou>Berto: here's mine:
18:47Berto>i'm watching fox, i can see a capital one commercial going on
18:47Berto>but its terrible video
18:47mchou>options bttv radio=1 card=10 gbuffers=4 tuner=2
18:47sfr>Berto: the cable is ok?
18:47Berto>sfr: the cable works on a regular tv 100%
18:48Berto>so i'm dealing with some other kind of problem
18:48mchou>this is for a hauppauge wintv dbx
18:48Berto>hmm xawtv is straightening it out a bit
18:48mchou>Berto: are you NTSC or PAL?
18:48SarahEmm>Berto: likely you have the wrong tuner or wrong ntsc/pal/band selected
18:48SarahEmm>Berto: and you set xaw to NTSC?
18:48SarahEmm>and did you set xaw to us-cable?
18:48SarahEmm>(or whatever country-cable or -bcast)
18:48Berto>us-cable for regular cable
18:49Berto>OOH its working better
18:49Berto>kinda fuzzy
18:49SarahEmm>yeah, us-cable
18:49Berto>let me try other channels
18:49mchou>Berto, do you know what make and tuner is on your card?
18:49Berto>now blurry again. weird.
18:49SarahEmm>also, you likely need to specify the tuner you have when you load the module.
18:49Berto>mchou: i have a pinnacle systems PC TV Pro
18:49Berto>Studio Pro
18:49Berto>maybe i should look up some options
18:49SarahEmm>autodetect often doesn't work.
18:49mchou>Berto, yes, you need options.
18:49SarahEmm>check the card and tuner options for bttv and tuner modules
18:50Berto>ok thanks guys!!!! i'm CLOSE
18:50sfr>Berto: see the docs in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/video4linux/bttv for details
18:50Berto>sfr: good idea.. i was about to hit google and get frustrated
18:51SarahEmm>anyone here use nuvexport?
18:51SarahEmm>(or any other way to play files on a non-myth box?
18:52=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
18:53SarahEmm>nuvexport seems reaaaally slow...
18:54SarahEmm>is there any way to play .nuv files without transcoding to plain MPEG4?
18:54sfr>not coming from a pvr250/350 card i guess?
18:55pcjabber>pvr cards do MPEG2
18:55pcjabber>not MPEG4
18:55SarahEmm>i don't have a PVR card.
18:55SarahEmm>i'm capturing using software MPEG4
18:55sfr>well, a pvr card would be one solution to your problem :)
18:56pcjabber>Berto, you have to rtclick in XAWTV
18:56*Netslayer cheers, leaps, and jumps for joy as his new kernel builds successfully
18:56pcjabber>and select Capture mode: (the last one)
18:56pcjabber>instead of overlay
18:56SarahEmm>sfr: mythtv stores plain MPEG2 files for PVR cards, without any nuppelvideo?
18:56pcjabber>overlay is for PAL
18:56pcjabber>right sarah
18:56pcjabber>just rename from .nuv to .mpg, and you have an MPG2 file
18:57SarahEmm>well, this works okay for me, other than not being able to play the files on other boxes..
18:57SarahEmm>nuvexport should do it too, but it's taking like 1.5-2h to transcode a 30min program
18:58sfr>really? i once transcoded a mjpeg encoded show. took no more than maybe 30 min.
19:00=Berto [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:02mdz>anyone interested in testing 0.13 debs?
19:03sfr>mdz: yeah, i can test them on my laptop
19:04mdz>sfr: I actually need backend testing
19:04mdz>since my backend is not unpacked yet
19:04nchip>grr. I just compiled from .tgz
19:04nchip>mdz: I can test thou.. I didn't configure it yet
19:05mdz>nchip: unstable?
19:05sfr>nchip: that'd be nice, wouldn't want to risk my db.
19:06mdz>nchip: (uploading now)
19:06mdz>it'll be a few minutes
19:06sfr>mdz: with your packages, is it possible to 'take over' an already configured db?
19:06mdz>these are almost entirely untested; I test-installed the non-backend stuff and tested /usr/bin/mythtv to make sure it played
19:07mdz>but I don't have any capture hardware, so I can't go much farther than that
19:07mdz>sfr: yes
19:07mdz>you can either point it to your existing database, in which case it will use it, or give it another database name and it will create another one
19:07nchip>I have a dvb-t card, which seems almost supported
19:08sfr>mdz: ok
19:08+Berto [] joined #mythtv
19:08Berto>wow that was ugly
19:08Berto>all my modules stopped working... my modules.conf was terrible
19:16+pahli_bar [] joined #mythtv
19:17nchip>mdz: that installed fine but bombed out on mythtv-setup with "Illegal instruction"
19:17Berto>hmmm i don't know hwat to do for tuner options in /etc/modules.conf
19:18nchip>mdz: My system is a via C3, which doesn't run properly -march=i686 ..
19:19Octane>i cant pick what o/s to run
19:19Octane>god damnit
19:19Octane>i have this new shiny beautiful box
19:19Octane>and i cant pick what o/s to run1
19:20Octane>someone help me pick :(
19:20Berto>do you think if i specify the card in my modules.conf, then it will know which tuner to use?
19:20Berto>i'm gonna reboot and give it a shot
19:20Berto>Octane: mandrake :)
19:20=Berto [] quit ("Client exiting")
19:21sfr>Octane: Debian
19:22pahli_bar>he said os: windows :)
19:22nchip>mdz: put the sources up and I'll try them tomorrow, I think I'll give up for tonight and go asleep
19:22mdz>nchip: ah, ok
19:26+hfb [] joined #mythtv
19:26+Berto [] joined #mythtv
19:27Berto>xawtv working by specifying right card
19:27Berto>its time for the myth
19:27-cesman [~cesman@] left #mythtv (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
19:27sfr>heh, some people are easy to impress
19:28=Bonkers [] quit ("Client exiting")
19:28Berto>yeah but xawtv looks way better than myth for some reason
19:29SarahEmm>myth compresses then decompresses, remember, so you're seeing compressed video.
19:29SarahEmm>changing compression settings will help the quality
19:29Berto>even when WATCHING tv?
19:30Berto>but its like offset too... xawtv was not
19:30+paulc [] joined #mythtv
19:30sfr>Berto: press p to see why
19:30Berto>sfr: ok will do
19:30Berto>hmm and sound wasn't working
19:30Berto>my tv card goes through line in
19:30Berto>but myth wants to do using PCM
19:30Berto>is that gonna fly?
19:30paulc>Hey...anyone have experience with burning DVDs from Myth MPEGs? I've tried and tried to get transcode and/or ffmpeg to work, but having a/v synch and/or other problems.
19:31paulc>I've heard avidemux2 is good...
19:31sfr>Berto: check again the settings in setup and maybe mythfrontend
19:31Berto>sfr: everything looks good in setup, NTSC US cable
19:31Berto>i'll try more
19:31SarahEmm>Berto: yes, it compresses/decompresses even when watching live TV, so you can pause it.
19:31Berto>SarahEmm: i see
19:31SarahEmm>anyone know a player that will play myth .nuv files without any transcoding?
19:32sfr>Berto: and did you set up line-in as the capture device with e.g. alsamixer
19:35Berto>sfr: no i didn't, i'll get that going. SOund works -- just needed to turn up line in after i rebooted with alsa.
19:36Berto>hmmm i'm still not sure about this compressing/decompressing stuff... it just looks like a bad signla
19:36Berto>like, i see double
19:36Berto>think its the compression or the setup?
19:36Berto>i can try recording a show, nd then watching
19:36sfr>the picture looks ok in xawtv now?
19:38Berto>yes, it recorded bad picture. xawtv channel 8 looks acceptable
19:39-paulc [] left #mythtv ()
19:40sfr>bad like low-res or ghost images?
19:40=Berto [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:41+Berto [] joined #mythtv
19:41Berto>sfr: addendum - xawtv looks fine, but has now crashed me twice
19:41Berto>did you have any ideas on better video in mythtv? my setup is the same! us-cable ntsc
19:43sfr>Berto: if its low-res you can increase the capture resolution, if your cpu can handle the load. if only myth has the poor picture that suggests a wrong setup maybe
19:43+Teflon [] joined #mythtv
19:43SarahEmm>or try changing compression settings for LiveTV
19:43Berto>sfr: its not resolution.. its like seeing double and bad image
19:43Berto>ok i can try that... in setup?
19:44SarahEmm>no, in frontend then setup
19:44SarahEmm>as opposed to mythsetup
19:44=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
19:48Berto>lots of options
19:48Berto>software encoders i can go to high ?
19:49Berto>i wish i could screen shot this
19:49Berto>i don't think its encoding.. it looks like it's not on the right frequency or somethign :?
19:49=pahli_bar [] quit ("[BX] Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!")
19:49SarahEmm>you have selected NTSC and us-cable in myth?
19:49Berto>i should chagne to soemthing else and see what happens
19:50sfr>Berto: and you went through all the screens until Finish?
19:50Berto>LOL i closed mythtv, but the audio is still coming out :)
19:51SarahEmm>then you have your audio set up wrong.
19:51Berto>i just have line in cranked up
19:51Berto>i worryin about video first
19:51SarahEmm>you need line in all the way DOWN for playback.
19:51SarahEmm>grr, i can't make exported video from myth of anything close to usable quality =-/
19:53+phar0e [] joined #mythtv
19:59+loebrich [] joined #mythtv
20:01Berto>now xawtv is crystal clear.. adjusted my cable input
20:01Berto>sound is working like i wanted too
20:01Berto>mythtv is now black and white and lagging a bit and choppy
20:01Berto>where are those settings?
20:01sfr>you switched to PAL for myth?
20:01Berto>no i don't want pal
20:02Berto>NTSC is what works well in xaw
20:02Berto>actually pal looks fine too
20:02Berto>or its just not listening to me
20:03sfr>huh? PAL and NTSC look quite different if used with the wrong signal
20:03Berto>thats what i was thinking -- xawtv isn't listenign to me when i change these options, heh
20:04Berto>there we go, pal looks black and white ish
20:04Berto>NTSC has good color cartoons.. heh
20:05Berto>i want NTSC closed caption too?
20:05sfr>if you are deaf and want subtitles
20:06Berto>lol... nope
20:06Berto>now with mythtv, sound is fuzzier, and color is terrible on these cartoon
20:06Berto>i duno what to do next
20:06-mchou [] left #mythtv ()
20:06Berto>and chops once in a while
20:07sfr>Berto: " adjusted my cable input" <- probably myth also needs some fine-tuning of channels
20:07Berto>sfr: yeah! how do i do that?
20:07Berto>xawtv looks quite good... seattle and denver are tied 0 to 0
20:07Berto>this rocks
20:07Berto>i'm gona bring my old school nintendo back
20:08sfr>no idea. never needed it
20:08Berto>i guess i could always use an emulator but that's no fun... i want square controllers
20:08Berto>ok i'll search
20:08Berto>unless someone knows how to fine tune
20:08sfr>check keys.txt
20:08SarahEmm>Berto: in xawtv you need to change channels once you reset the ntsc/pal and band settings.
20:09Berto>SarahEmm: yeah they look good now in xawtv
20:10phar0e>wasabi sfr?
20:10sfr>phar0e: ?
20:11phar0e>just saying hi
20:11sfr>oh, hi
20:14=loebrich [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/1]")
20:14=Berto [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:16+Berto [] joined #mythtv
20:17SarahEmm>grrr, this shouldn't be this complicated =-/
20:18Berto>bttv/v4l crashes me quite a bit
20:19dopez>Berto: mainboard with via chipset?
20:19sfr>Berto: crashing just by using it, not on rmmod/modprobe bttv?
20:20SarahEmm>lol, 90mb output file for a one minute video
20:21Berto>dopez: no, asus k7m motherboard
20:22Berto>with pinnacle systems pctv pro
20:22Berto>sfr: crashing when changing channels or whatever
20:22sfr>mdz: noticed mythfilldatabase --manual in 0.13 is broken?
20:26dopez>Berto: is does have a VIA 686A Southbridge, but i guess its not as bad as a 'pure' via chipset :)
20:26Berto>dopez: hmmm sorry :-/ :-)
20:29+mchou [] joined #mythtv
20:32mchou>Berto: can you do me a favor? " find /lib/modules/2.4.22-10mdk -name 'zlib_inflate*' | xargs ls -al "
20:32mchou>I'm wondering why that module seems to have disappeared in the .22 kernel
20:45=SarahEmm [] quit ("ostriches are fuzzy")
20:51=Octane [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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20:55+Octane [] joined #mythtv
21:01rkulagow>chutt: are you here?
21:03=phar0e [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:06=PhazE3|Home [~nathan@] quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:13Berto>mchou: ok
21:13Berto>mchou: xargs ls -al just did an 'ls' in my current working directoryb
21:21+SarahEmm [] joined #mythtv
21:21SarahEmm>i give up. i can't get anything to play .nuv as it is, and i can't get it to transcode with useful quality at less than 1MB/sec of disk usage
21:26Berto>SarahEmm: :-(
21:26+Crib [] joined #mythtv
21:29mchou>Berto, you still around??
21:29SarahEmm>exporting in SVCD seems to process about one frame per second too...
21:40-SarahEmm [] left #mythtv ("ostriches are fuzzy")
21:41WkdLester>hey is there anything I should know about upgrading from 0.12 to 0.13 or is is just a matter of recompiling?
21:50+SarahEmm [] joined #mythtv
21:51SarahEmm>hmm, i can't give up that easilly. :P
21:53SarahEmm>SVCD *looks*.. well, it looks decent enough, but it's 20mb/min (larger than the original, which looks significantly better) and takes 15 minutes to transcode 1min of video
21:54SarahEmm>any idea why someone doesn't just write a .nuv codec for a major player?
21:55dopez>avidemux reads mythtv's nuv files, and can encode to vcd/svcd or avi's
21:56SarahEmm>hrm. maybe i'll try that then...
21:57SarahEmm>nuvexport's SVCD files are way desynched audio-video-wise
21:57dopez>works for me, but mpeg2 encoding isnt fast (i get 8-10fps on my p4 2.8, xvid gets over 25 fps tho)
21:57dopez>just make sure that you use pcm audio if your using a bttv card for capturing
21:58SarahEmm>it seems like it would be easier to just write a module to make xine or mplayer or something read the .nuv tho.
21:59dopez>might be nice indeed
22:06+D-side [] joined #mythtv
22:16SarahEmm>avidemux wants to install all kinds of dependencies and upgrade my X system
22:16SarahEmm>it's going to take forever =-/
22:17D-side>at least you're not running gentoo.
22:17SarahEmm>yes i am.
22:17D-side>heh. i feel your pain.
22:17D-side>i'm upgrading to .13 now. checking to see if the dbs need updating.
22:18SarahEmm>avidemux is an X app?
22:18D-side>not that i was aware of.
22:19SarahEmm>well, it wants to install gtk and upgrade the whole XFree
22:19D-side>well, it does have a dependancy for xfree.
22:19D-side>and gtk, yeah.
22:19D-side>check your ebuild for it.
22:19SarahEmm>alright, *now* i give up, for this week anyway.
22:20D-side>looks like you dont really have a choice.
22:20D-side>far too messy to pull that out.
22:20D-side>surely it wont take a week to compile that. :)
22:20Chutt>people choosing to run gentoo and complaining about compile times? how scandalous.
22:21SarahEmm>D-side: naw, but i'm away for a little while after tonite.
22:21D-side>hey, not complaints here.
22:21SarahEmm>wanted to take some stuff with me on my laptop, but i guess i can't..
22:21D-side>i knew what i was getting into when i decided on it.
22:21D-side>i love the turnaround time on new releases.
22:21D-side>and since i'm a giant pussy, cvs isnt an option.
22:22D-side>i'll go RTFM, but are all module dbs now stored in the main mythtv "package", for lack of a better term?
22:22D-side>"All of the plugins' database handling got moved into the source, so everything is automatic now."
22:22D-side>so i should just shut the hell up.
22:23Chutt>why would that imply that it moved into the main mythtv tarball?
22:23D-side>it doesnt in any way
22:23Chutt>allright then =)
22:23D-side>i made that assumption before i read the page. my bad.
22:23D-side>now lets go see if i set the pundit on fire.
22:24Chutt>where's tmk, these driver issues are starting to piss me off
22:27-mchou [] left #mythtv ()
22:29D-side>bah. live tv doesnt work, but i'm sure its my fault. investigating.
22:29SarahEmm>how does nuppelvideo figure into everything anyway? is it like some sort of 'container' for MPEG4 or RT-JPEG video?
22:29D-side>wasnt he just saying last week how the new drivers are really stale?
22:29D-side>er. stable.
22:29D-side>though that amuses me.
22:30Chutt>it's a container format, yes.
22:30SarahEmm>so it shouldn't be hard to get the MPEG-4 data out of the 'container' should it?
22:32D-side>hm. keybindings page rules.
22:33D-side>bah. a reboot fixed it? that makes me mad.
22:36mdz>sfr: I haven't run 0.13 yet
22:36D-side>wonder if i should attempt to make a gentoo ebuild for mythbrowser
22:38+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
22:39term>hm is mythtv 0.13 unmasked yet
22:39D-side>dont be a pussy.
22:40D-side>just do it.
22:40term>it wants to emerge a ton of crap.
22:40term>so no.
22:40D-side>uh, didnt here.
22:40term>20+ packages here.
22:40term>only about 6 that I actually want it to do
22:40D-side>unless by "ton of crap" you mean the modules, which i still dont see as being the case
22:40term>including some beta of portage
22:40D-side>no, you're completely smoking crack.
22:41term>no, not really
22:41D-side>or at least, your gentoo box is.
22:41term>but thanks for inferring I can't read my screen
22:41D-side>hey i'm not telling you you cant read it.
22:41D-side>i'm telling you its displaying a ton of crack induced horseshit. or something.
22:41=rkulagow [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:41term>it shouldn't be masked long
22:41term>either that or I'll get tired of waiting and copy it to my overlay and fix it.
22:42D-side>what packages did it want to put in? the only dep issues i had were particular modules requring one another, nearly cyclically.
22:42term>why the hell does it depend on nvidia
22:42term>oh, nevermind, that's IUSE
22:42D-side>apparently nvidia will fill the virtual for gl
22:42D-side>which is asslike, but whatever.
22:43term>why is it dumb?
22:43term>it's faster than mesalib
22:43D-side>term: i had those kind of issues when moving from my athlon to my p4
22:43D-side>term: if you have an nvidia card.
22:43term>yes, if you have a nvidia card.
22:43D-side>when you dont have an nv card, and it tells you it requires nvidia crap
22:43D-side>== dumb
22:44mikegrb>Chutt: the alert scroller doobie can be used as part of a mythalert container? ie for my email stuff makeing the subject scroll?
22:44D-side>i dont know what the hell happened to your box, but my emerge of all things .13 went flawlessly.
22:44D-side>mikegrb: sounds plausible.
22:44term>hm, wife really crashed mythmusic
22:45term>I had to manually kill everything.
22:45mikegrb>D-side: I think so
22:45term>all she was doing was playing regular mp3s :)
22:45Chutt>mikegrb, probably
22:45mikegrb>I was looking at it last night/this morning
22:45Chutt>give it a try
22:45mikegrb>heh right
22:45mikegrb>I didn't go to sleep last night
22:45term>D-side: it shouldn't tell you it requires it, according to what I saw in the ebuild.
22:45mikegrb>I'll try in the morning before working on the themes stuff
22:46D-side>term: i just moved my mp3s (8gb) into my music store. i'm going to go "scan for music" or whatever.
22:46D-side>lets see if the pundit explodes. afk
22:54D-side>it took it and smiled.
22:54D-side>everythings working great. woo.
22:56-SarahEmm [] left #mythtv ("ostriches are fuzzy")
22:57D-side>they're also delicious. i had part of one for dinner at Fuddruckers.
22:58-Crib [] left #mythtv ()
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