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00:15paulc>Hello...any luck burning Myth MPEGs to DVD? Problems here, would appreciate any advice!
00:15paulc>transcode, ffmpeg, avidemux2...all give various problems. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?
00:16paulc>Help...please anyone!?
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03:24Berto>i just bonked my head hard against my wall
03:25ChaosExiguum>then dont do it :o)
04:06DogBoy>how do you start the slideshow in mythgallery
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05:04Big_Poppa>I have a couple of questions if anyone is around
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06:11nchip>WTF should I say when mythfilldatabase --manual says:
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06:11nchip>tvformat =
06:11nchip>and seems to expect me to type something
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08:18hardwired>i just installed mythtv 0.13 on gentoo... and i only have an emtpty mythconverg db. when do tables for this db get created?
08:19sfr>when run setup
08:20hardwired>ah, good. thx
08:21hardwired>that sweet visor theme, will the 0.12 version work for 0.13? or the cvs version? both are pretty dated
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08:58paulc>anyone here have any experience burning mythtv mpegs to dvd?
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09:44Berto>paulc: there's tons of stuff on the net about burning mpeg to vcd's or whatever... i've never done it tho
09:47pahli_bar>talking about burning vcd's from mpegs: vcdimager ( is a good point to start
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09:50paulc>I'm trying to do dvd, not vcd. I've looked and looked at manpages, etc. In the end I have a/v synch issues. Unfortunately I can't access some reason my comp can't get to the website
09:50Berto>so i don't want to quit my journey from yesterday...
09:50Berto>the deal is that i got my box working, xawtv shows a great picture
09:51Berto>however the picture is terrible in mythtv when watching tv... it's like it's getting a bad signal
09:51Berto>is there a way to fine-tune the channels?
09:51Berto>it could possibly be the compression since i only have an athlon 550? but it doesnt' look like compression... i'm seeing like double picture
09:52aaearon>hey all. does anyone know of a pvr database besides this one? I remember months ago there was a database with about 20 entries. i remember the page being plain.
09:53pahli_bar>aaearon: it might be the old version of the same page. they moved recently
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09:53aaearon>ah. maybe they lost some of the entries in the mvoe or something cause there are only 8 or so on that site. bummer.
10:00D-side>pfeh. now tv doesnt work.
10:00D-side>f it for now
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10:02Berto>rtjpeg vs. mpeg-4 ??
10:02Berto>which is better?
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10:03pahli_bar>Berto: rtjpeg == bigger files and less cpu.
10:03Berto>less cpu is good for me, thanks pahli_bar
10:05Berto>still looks terrible :-(
10:05Berto>i see a bunch of fuzz on the bottom, and everything else just sees double
10:10Berto>i just ran setup, switched to pal, and then back to mythfrontend, and it looks exactly the same (i normally need NTSC)
10:10Berto>id on't think it's listening to my options
10:11Berto>where do i double check that it's really using NTSC
10:20Berto>ehhh that's not the problem. I think i'm getting crap frequency and need to tune
10:21Berto>xawtv gets it right
10:23sfr>did you check system logfiles about bttv messages?
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10:24pahli_bar>Berto: what card? also try tvtime
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10:25Berto>i wish i could get mythtv working because xawtv loves crashing me :)
10:25Berto>i thikn i'm gonna try mandrake cooker's 2.6.0 rpm's today
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11:56pahli_bar>anyone good with gimp here?
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12:44SuperID>can anyone recommend a well supported and relatively cheap TV out card to be used with mythtv on a RH9 box?
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12:50jbeimler>SuperID: you're going to want to look for one of the bttv supported cards.
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12:57SuperID>jbeimler: ok...I have a capture card already...I'm really interested in TV out
12:57SuperID>but thx
12:57jbeimler>sorry. didn't read closely.
12:57jbeimler>I haven't seen a decent TV out card.
12:57jbeimler>the small scan converters for VGA work better for me
12:58SuperID>mythtv so far has passed the Wife Test (tm) and I want to get it out of the computer room and into the living room as soon as possible
12:59jbeimler>we're using it for the kids play room, that way I don't have to replace their dead TV, just use the old 20" HP monitor
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13:43wubbla>hi there!
13:45wubbla>anyone there using a technotrend dvb-s card?
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13:51wubbla>nobody active here?!
13:51sfr>not with dvb
13:52wubbla>it seems that only the people in europe are using dvb-cards, eh?
13:53wubbla>why is that?!
13:53sfr>i think so. afaik it's a european standard
13:54sfr>same reason why NTSC != PAL i guess
13:57wubbla>but they are currently trying to get the DVB-thing working, aren't they?
13:58billytwowilly>why can't we all just use a standard?
13:59sfr>billytwowilly: which one? ;)
14:02wubbla>dvb of course :)
14:04wubbla>another question: is it possible to change the font of mythtv?
14:05wubbla>the fonts simply look 'ugly
14:06wubbla>or could i activate anti aliasing somewhere?!
14:19wubbla>i wonder if this is the 'official' mythtv channel...?!
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14:21sfr>it is, but intended for development discussions. user support is completely optional and questions should be asked on the mythtv-users mailing list.
14:21sfr>there's also a searchable archive of the ml available
14:24wubbla>hmm...i'll try to find something usefull
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14:29billytwowilly>sfr: The better one;)
14:30billytwowilly>sfr: The that gets atlest HDTV quality with built in (unencrypted and easily accessible) program information.
14:30billytwowilly>sfr: And the hardware has to be cheap too;)
14:30sfr>moep. HDTV and DVB serve different purposes i think.
14:31billytwowilly>I was just speaking of a mythical standard that we should all use;)
14:32sfr>ah, yes
14:32wubbla>in europe there is actually a hdtv-channel that broadcasts over dvb
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15:43kvandivo>my latest rank screen for choosing to record a program:
15:44mikegrb>kvandivo: font looks much better ;)
15:44kvandivo>i suppose so
15:45mikegrb>suppose so?!?
15:45mikegrb>much better
15:47Chutt2>i don't think that belongs on that screen
15:47Chutt2is now known as Chutt
15:48sfr>:( i thought development speed would have doubled now.
15:49kvandivo>we need some place for users to be able to choose ranks of shows that they aren't recording
15:49kvandivo>where should we put it?
15:51Chutt>sfr, hm?
15:51kvandivo>(that's why i had put it there.. this is the only screen that i know of (along with its advanced counterpart, of course)
15:51Chutt>i dunno
15:51Chutt>it's just that that screen's already too much with slightly larger fonts on it
15:52sfr>nevermind, ;)
15:54kvandivo>maybe another 'hotkey' that you can press (mentioned on the bottom of the page) that pops up a little dialog where you can set the rank, and then just have the current rank listed on that page via a label? (even though that means more work for me.. :)
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15:54kvandivo>course, the line for a hotkey would be same as 'having' it
15:54sfr>kvandivo: and add the showing of the description there, and remove it from other screens
15:54kvandivo>space wise
15:55kvandivo>no.. i like having the description on those pages..
15:57sfr>well, maybe not remove them completely, but limit the size. so on the new screen the full description could be shown in a scrollable box. many descriptions here are quite long, which leave no room for the recording options
15:58kvandivo>in the program finder, what is '4' supposed to do (it's listed at the bottom as being "(4) Program Guide" When i hit '4' i just get kicked back to the 'Schedule Recordings' menu
15:59kvandivo>Hmm.. i don't really want a new screen at all, if I can keep from it
15:59mikegrb>kvandivo: if you enter the program finder from the guide hitting 4 goes back to the guide
16:00kvandivo>oh.. i see
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16:04kvandivo>how about on that page, if we trim 'To go to the advanced recording screen, press 'i' down to: Advanced options: 'i' and added the Rank line to the end of that??
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16:15rkulagow>chutt: i'm looking at expanding the status to track what actually happens when mythfilldatabase runs. i'm thinking of running a select max(endtime) before and after the xmltv run to see whether any data was actually added to the database. (there are cases where xmltv runs but zap2it has changed the website so nothing happens.) sound ok?
16:15Chutt>kvandivo, that's fine
16:16kvandivo>working on a mock up now.... well, the real thing, actually
16:20kvandivo>rkulagow: where are you getting the 'mythfill' started time? rather.. when.. it seems to always be a minute or two after i have the cron job set to run
16:21Chutt>i really should make a config option for mythbackend spawn that off
16:21Chutt>err, 'to spawn'
16:21kwenda>rather than having to run it out of crontab or at, Chutt?
16:24sfr>rkulagow: and where is it saved? i run mythfilldatabase via cron and the start/finished times are empty. Result shows successful though.
16:26wubbla>anyone knows DirectFB?
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16:27rkulagow>the mythfilldatabase status is saved in the database.
16:27rkulagow>mysql> select * from settings where value like 'mythfill%';
16:27rkulagow>| value | data | hostname |
16:27rkulagow>| mythfilldatabaseLastRunEnd | 2003-12-13 04:34 | NULL |
16:27rkulagow>| mythfilldatabaseLastRunStart | 2003-12-13 04:32 | NULL |
16:27rkulagow>| mythfilldatabaseLastRunStatus | 0 | NULL |
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16:28rkulagow>look around line 1398 of filldata.cpp
16:29sfr>rkulagow: thanks.
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16:36sfr>hm, 13 is NOT my lucky number. PIP is broken (only shows a green screen) and when selecting shows to record in the program guide, the status in the guide doesn't always update, although the backend is recording it.
16:38kvandivo>well, here's the basics of it.. i'm still fighting the color thing..
16:40kvandivo>actually, I think i want to make 'Rank' on its own row, and change the two lines of text that used to be there to: (i) Advanced Options (5) View All Upcoming Showings
16:41kvandivo>That way it is more orthogonal to the other pages
16:44Chutt>i still say that doesn't belong on that page at all :p
16:44kvandivo>well, I'm very very open to suggestions
16:45sfr>why would i want to rate shows which i'm not recording anyways?
16:45kvandivo>show that it knows what you like and don't like
16:45kvandivo>show -> so
16:45kvandivo>in particular, don't like
16:46Chutt>there's a whole lot more shows that people don't like than they like, i'd think
16:46sfr>aha, then i agree with Chutt. Is that the start of s/t like AI for picking show to record 'just in case'?
16:47kvandivo>yes, sfr
16:47kvandivo>it's a revision of the code that i submit too-long ago to do that
16:47kvandivo>I'm taking the stance of a show can be ranked from -5 to 5.. (might change that to 10 later..).. If you haven't set a ranking, it defaults to zero
16:47kvandivo>but you can move it up or down as you see fit
16:48kvandivo>all shows with a zero essentially won't be used in the decision making process
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16:58tmk>anyone know a way to re-index a .nuv file in myth without commflag?
17:00Chutt>tmk, there isn't a way
17:00Chutt>tmk, and when are you going to fix your unstable driver? :p
17:01RavenHair>jeesh I just want mythweb 2 work.
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17:10Chutt>how weird. this guy puts his class variables first
17:11kvandivo>i've seen that before..
17:14tmk>chutt: i'm waiting on some stuff from jens
17:15tmk>who's diappeared :)
17:15Chutt>3 of my wife's recordings were 0 length over the past couple of days
17:15sfr>cool, just play a bit with tuners and pip starts working
17:15Chutt>_never_ had that before until the latest drivers
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17:17sfr>happened once to me with drivers from around 09/29
17:17tmk>chutt: ok, so use some older ones
17:18tmk>i turned off commercial flagging
17:18Chutt>tmk, that's a pain :p
17:18tmk>that seems to have fixed most of the trouble i had with myth
17:18tmk>still get skippy recordings occasionally
17:18Chutt>commercial flagging shouldn't do anything unless you have on automatically skip commercials
17:19tmk>it eats cpu
17:19Chutt>after it's been recorded, at a very low priority
17:19tmk>dunno. it seems to have helped
17:20kvandivo>takes me _approximately_ 1.5 times the shows length to do the flagging
17:20tmk>well, the other problem i'm having is that the front end and backend crash each other occasionally
17:20tmk>but you said that code was unmaintained
17:20tmk>kvan: i have a p2-433
17:21kvandivo>400 here
17:21Octane>anyone know the package name for the libdvdread devel?
17:21kvandivo>granted, it is dual, but that doesn't help much with flagging
17:21sfr>Octane: rpm, deb, tgz?
17:21mikegrb>apt-cache search dvdread me thinks
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17:22Crib>Is it OK to use the REiserFS file system with mythtv
17:22Octane>libdvdread-devel, i tried that
17:22Octane>there it goes, dont listen to me please
17:23kwenda>Crib, as long as it supports file sizes that can get large
17:23kwenda>some ext2s can't do files bigger than 2gb
17:25gerhard>hi all, tv_grab_sn does not work anymore because the site from which the data was collected blocked xmltv users. Is there anyone else with the same probl. and may have a sollution to that.
17:26tmk>ger: update xmltv?
17:27Chutt>find a place that will let you grab their listings from
17:29tmk>chutt: on the 0-length recordings, is it due to i/o errors
17:29tmk>or what
17:29gerhard>chutt: if I would know ho to program I would try that, I also uppgradet to 0.5.24 not so long ago
17:30tmk>well the solution seems simple then.. learn how to program :)
17:35kvandivo>programming is easy.. it's finding the time to do it that is hard
17:35gerhard>tmk: thanks for the advice
17:36gerhard>I agree on that kvandivo
17:36*sfr will trade 7h time/week for 8 pounds programming experience
17:39gerhard>has anyone tried the new version?
17:39kvandivo>of what?
17:40rkulagow>gerhard: from the README of xmltv 0.5.25: * Changes in this release
17:40rkulagow>tv_grab_sn stopped working because it was blocked by the upstream
17:40rkulagow>site, so is no longer included.
17:40rkulagow>whoever owns the data that xmltv was grabbing in sn didn't like it, so they started blocking XMLTV. that's why it doesn't work.
17:41sfr>gerhard: i think some have reverted to tv_grab_dk instead
17:42gerhard>unfortunatly tv_grab_dk does not include all the norwegian channels
17:42tmk>how can they tell it's xmltv tho
17:42tmk>so change it
17:43tmk>that's a 1-liner
17:43sfr>tmk: that's cheating, and open source people don't do that :)
17:43nchip>complain to the data provider :P
17:43sfr>(at least not officially)
17:43tmk>i didn't say submit a patch to xmltv
17:44tmk>my stupid xmltv provider only sporadically has the soccer channel listings
17:44tmk>so i wrote my own to grab it from foxsportsworld
17:44tmk>that was a pain
17:45nchip>what else do I need to fill than dvb_channel and dvb_pids ?
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17:47nchip>2003-12-14 00:46:28 ERROR: DVB Card configured, but no DVB support compiled in!
17:47sfr>nchip: no idea about dvb, but you modified to include dvb support?
17:50nchip>sfr: yeah, just noticed that, *recompiling now*
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18:10Chutt>tmk, i/o errors, yes
18:10rkulagow>chutt: ok, i'm done with the "more status" stuff. mind if i commit?
18:11Chutt>go for it
18:11*kvandivo holds onto a railing and prepares for full commital.
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18:31mikegrb>kvandivo: I made my email stuff scroll for the subject
18:31=gerhard [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:31kvandivo>that's handy
18:31mikegrb>kvandivo: I think a slightly bigger box would be better though
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18:31rkulagow>chutt: is webcvs down?
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18:36Octane>im getting 'error writing stringlist' when trying to use livetv, should i compile with gdm?
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18:50*mikegrb found bug with osd scroller
18:50kvandivo>thank goodness mikegrb on case
18:53mikegrb>if you send one alert it displays fine
18:53mikegrb>the second one takes extra time before it starts
18:53mikegrb>it is as if the x position is futher and further right off the edge of the screen
18:54mikegrb>the bacground bar pops up imidiatley but the text doesn't display for a bit
18:54mikegrb>at any rate I'm off for food and then some website goodness
18:54kvandivo>sounds like a variable isn't getting reset
18:55mikegrb>I'll look at it as a break from the website php :)
18:55kvandivo>who da man?
18:55mikegrb>I da man
18:55kvandivo>you da man
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19:07mdz_>Chutt: myth{frontend,backend} sure are getting huge
19:13mdz_>0.11-6 was 8.8M, 0.13-2 is 12M
19:13kvandivo>w or w/o debug?
19:13=Ripp [] quit ("kernel!")
19:14mdz_>with is much larger
19:14kvandivo>f is about 13.2 w/debug for me
19:15mdz_>my sizes were of the total (compressed) debs
19:16mdz_>for frontend, backend, libmyth and docs
19:16mdz_>which, coincidentally, will be up for download in about a minute
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19:41Octane>i have gdb output for a bug, whats the next step
19:44Netslayer>i can put gtk2 in my USE flag for gentoo instead of gtk right, myth has no probs?
19:45sfr>8-O myth uses gtk?
19:45Netslayer>i'm asking
19:45kvandivo>section 20.9 of the docs talks about debugging
19:45Netslayer>i'm kinda lost
19:45Netslayer>don't know what gtk is.. so is gtk2 fine
19:46kvandivo>myth won't care
19:46Netslayer>cool, just making sure
19:46*mikegrb pops animatrix dvd in via remote
19:47*mikegrb hides laptop screen to prevent getting bopped on the head
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19:51sfr>CHS: zu deiner Beruhigung: mein netjuke Paket scheint sogar zu funktionieren :) Hab eben meinen Server von nem lokalen rc1 auf mein deb umgestellt.
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21:04Misirlou>Do you all recommend a certain HDTV card?
21:04billytwowilly>I didn't think HDTV was currently working..
21:05Netslayer>ya there is that linux one
21:06billytwowilly>How much are they out of curiousity?
21:06Misirlou>Netslayer: The pcHDTV?
21:06Misirlou>Does it work well?
21:06Misirlou>This is my first foray into television tuner cards. :)
21:07Netslayer>i don't have one (in a valley, wouldn't get signal), but i hear they are, and support is getting better all the time for it
21:07Netslayer>uh u sure u have an atsc signal near u
21:07Misirlou>I'm pretty sure.
21:08Misirlou>I'll double check.
21:09Misirlou>Comcast's little page says that it is, for 5 USD per month.
21:10+Shayde [] joined #mythtv
21:10Shayde>evenin folks.
21:10Misirlou>Er, 5 USD extra.
21:10Misirlou>I understand that I'll also need something to change the channel on the set-top box?
21:11Shayde>oo, this sounds like the question i was about to ask (i'm reading the docs now) - can mythtv function as a set-top box? (we have AT&T cable here, and no spare set-top. if i could cable in mythtv and use that, i'd have another motivation to get off my duff and do this :)
21:11Misirlou>Shayde: You mean Comcast?
21:12Shayde>oh, i dunno. can't remember who owns this cable setup anymore. i guess it's comcast now :)
21:12Misirlou>Okay, 'cause I have Comcast as well.
21:12*Shayde nods. are you doing tuning directly?
21:13Misirlou>I don't quite have digital cable yet.
21:14+paulproteus [] joined #mythtv
21:14*Shayde nods
21:14Shayde>i'm not sure if this is actually 'digital cable' yet. we still ahve the same decoder box.
21:15Misirlou>If you have a set-top box, then you probably have digital cable.
21:15Misirlou>Because with the standard cable I have, it isn't required.
21:15Misirlou>Shayde: Does watching television require you to use the set-top box?
21:15Shayde>k. i'm not sure aout that - we've had set top boxes for 6-7 years here. i really haven't tried it without it, because i don't know if i have a 'cable ready' tv around :)
21:16Shayde>i dunno. i haven't tried a direct cable-in for a while.
21:17Shayde>-anyway- :)
21:17Shayde>can the mythtv tv in signal slurp right off the coax cable feed, ie, does it have a tuner built in?
21:17Misirlou>It requires a television tuner card to do so.
21:18Shayde>*nod* okay, but it can support one.
21:18Shayde>rockin. okay, another reason to try this.
21:19Misirlou>But if it's a digital cable signal, a set-top box is probably necessary to decode it.
21:19Misirlou>(Is that right?)
21:19billytwowilly>there's cablecrypt if you're in europe..
21:20=kvandivo [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:20=beau [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:20+kvandivo [] joined #mythtv
21:22Misirlou>Alas, nay.
21:22+fathom [] joined #mythtv
21:23fathom>sfr, well i'm trying this again with crux :P
21:23fathom>fedora just had too much crap running....
21:23fathom>ya i got it sort of working under fedora
21:23fathom>every time it went to record it would record in PAL
21:23fathom>i couldn't figure out why
21:24sfr>PAL's good for you :)
21:24fathom>watchtv and watching tv in xawtv was in NTSC like it's supposed to be.
21:24sfr>hm, somehow i suspect pebkac
21:25fathom>what's that?
21:25sfr>you, in other words ;)
21:25sfr>dict pebkac
21:26fathom>well i ran the setup for mythtv and set it to ntsc
21:26fathom>i doesn't make sense
21:26sfr>but, i've never used rh/fedora so i might be wrong
21:26fathom>er ot
21:26fathom>er it
21:26fathom>what do you use?
21:26sfr>Debian of course
21:26fathom>the distro shouldn't really matter, or at least i wouldn't think spo
21:26fathom>er so
21:26fathom>of course
21:27sfr>you're right, but some people had problems compiling myth on Suse, s/t wrong with their qt packages afaik.
21:29fathom>yeah, i got my qt stuff all fixed this go around
21:29fathom>i figured out what i did wrong the first time with crux and got the guys that make the distro to update the qt package to work
21:30+[hC] [~hardcore@] joined #mythtv
21:31[hC]>hey... where can i go to see xmltv listings to see if my provider is covered in xmltv?
21:31fathom>is your provider in tv guide?
21:32sfr>[hC]: configure xmltv for your area and d/l the listings
21:32[hC]>ah, i have to do it that way
21:32fathom>like if you go to and you can select your specific provider, i but xmltv will work for you
21:32[hC]>I use dishnetwork
21:32fathom>bet... sorry
21:32fathom>oh ya it'll be in there
21:32[hC]>rad :)
21:34fathom>i'm sure that and directv would be there
21:37[hC]>yeah i figured as much. I used to use freevo and while there are some things to freevo's user interface i still really really like, mythtv seems to be ahead of the game by a fair bit
21:37[hC]>so im giving it a shot now
21:37fathom>i haven't tried freevo
21:38sfr>[hC]: so how do they both compare?
21:38fathom>looked at it for a bit and decided mythtv was the way i wanted to go
21:38[hC]>I havent used freevo in about 8 months, so my comparison would not be valid anymore
21:38Shayde>i'm somewhat intimidated by the buildup. :)
21:38[hC]>and i havent even used mythtv yet
21:39[hC]>I'l going to try both though
21:39[hC]>i'll let you know :)
21:39Shayde>yeah, i'm looking at the requirements list, and i'm a little intimidated by how much hardware and software i need to twiddle to get it all working, starting form a blank system. the rh9 / rpm setup seems like it might be nice, but there's so many ways that can go wrong :)
21:40sfr>i chose myth only because i'm lazy. used mdzs debian packages in the beginning.
21:41fathom>well i got it up and running quickly in rh/fedora with some problems with my video, but well that's apparently my fault :P
21:41fathom>i even pulled out the tuner card to doulbe check everything
21:41fathom>don't know why the hell it was recording stuff in pal format
21:42Shayde>*nodnod* we'll see... the trick first is finding a PC capable of running it. my Athlon box is running w2k (typing on ti now), and i really can't justify taking that offline for this (i need -some- windows stuff). my Piii-700 boxes are all 1U servers in the rack, i -may- have a PIII-550 spare lying around, and my other 2 work machines are both laptops :)
21:44+ananke [] joined #mythtv
21:57=fathom [] quit ("leaving")
22:10=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
22:21+fathom [] joined #mythtv
22:22+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
22:24Chutt>mdz, you around?
22:27=Shayde [] quit ("Client exiting")
22:29ananke>Chutt : ohh, and there was a difference between up/down/left/right keys for the main menu and the other things :)
22:30ananke>now i gotta figure out why mplayer hangs in mythtv, while it works quite well outside of it
22:33Chutt>there was?
22:33Chutt>that's funny, since the arrow keys are a global key binding
22:33Chutt>which is the same in every single place in all of mythtv
22:36ananke>Chutt : i took the lircrc.example file, and adjusted it. this was my first time with lirc, so i figured it would be a good start. it seems that that config file has things like:
22:36ananke> config = Key D CurrentWindow
22:37ananke>which is interpreted just fine by say the mythnews as down. however, the main menu will not accept it. it has to be 'Down'
22:38Chutt>are you using 0.13?
22:38ananke>which is probably more correct , but it threw me off track: mythnews/mythmusic/etc were working fine, just not the main menu
22:38ananke>i was using 0.12 then i moved up to 0.13
22:38ananke>frankly, i don't remember if i fixed the problem before or after moving to 0.13
22:38Chutt>i guarantee that D would not work as an arrow key in 0.13
22:38Chutt>it may have in 0.12
22:38Chutt>in some few places
22:39ananke>well, for the first few days i was working with it, 0.13 wasn't available :)
22:39*kvandivo considers fixing some microwave popcorn.
22:40[hC]>I have mythtv installing and getting channel guide information for hte first time. It seems to have run through everything just fine, im running that backend importer for the first time, and its taking for EVER. is this a one time thing that it takes so long??
22:41=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
22:41[hC]>Its taken about 40 minutes so far to download the guide and seemingly the images for the channels
22:41ananke>hmm, it's snowing yet again
22:41Chutt>hC, don't download channels you don't need.
22:41+beau [] joined #mythtv
22:42Chutt>and that question otherwise has nothing to do with mythtv, as it's all xmltv at that point.
22:42kvandivo>you _are_ on broadband at least, aren't you?
22:42[hC]>Yeah, i know. sorry. Well, mythtv downloads the channel guide fairly quick, but the mythtv-backend process is taking a lot longer
22:43[hC]>and yes im on a t1
22:43Chutt>what backend importer?
22:43[hC]>the channel list came quickly, then about 20 minutes later it started downloading the gifs for the channels
22:43ananke>once i have everything in place, i think i'll write some small script to import playlists from itunes
22:44[hC]>Im importing into mysql, from DishNetwork using tv_grab_na
22:44[hC]>its running mythfilldatabase right now
22:44Chutt>really depends on how fast your machine is
22:44[hC]>Its like a 1.2ghz
22:44Chutt>it _is_ processing a rather lot of information
22:44Chutt>inserting it into mysql
22:45[hC]>I just strace -p'ed it and its processing html data from
22:45Chutt>and if you have mysql logging enabled, that may be slowing things down
22:45=RavenHair [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:45[hC]>im just curious if this process takes this long every day, or if it takes more time the first time you run it
22:45[hC]>Heh, yeah i have mysql logging on. oops.
22:46[hC]>oh well, ill turn that off next time
22:46[hC]>its not going too crazy right now anyways
22:46[hC]>the log file isnt moving
22:46[hC]>Its parsing right now i believe
22:46Chutt>once it's done once
22:46Chutt>it'll only be grabbing 2 days worth of data, and not 2 weeks
22:46[hC]>nod. thats what i was wondering.
22:50ananke>what do you guys use for the mythvideo player? mplayer?
22:50Chutt>i don't use mythvideo.
22:51ananke>i guess i was asking people who do use it :)
22:51kvandivo>when i do, which last happened about 2 months ago, yes, i used it
22:51ananke>kvandivo : did you have any problems getting it to work? and did you use the default settings?
22:52kvandivo>no and yes
22:52Chutt>one patch off the queue
22:52ananke>k. i'll try to debug it further. for some reason it just hangs on 'loading the video', i can see mplayer being executed, but nothing shows up. i've tested the exact same command outside of mythtv, and it works
22:53kvandivo>you tried alt tab? it might be there in the background
22:53Chutt>try piping in < /dev/null to the process
22:53Chutt>or redirecting it to /dev/null
22:53ananke>kvandivo : nope, didn't try that [no keyboard]. besides, there was no sound.
22:53Chutt>i think mplayer chokes if it doesn't have a console or something
22:54ananke>i'll try that
22:55ananke>it executes just fine remotely, but i guess it has some kind of input console then
22:56*kvandivo hates it when cooks his popcorn too long.
22:56ananke>hmm, updating the music will take another 15 mins, i guess i'll hold off
22:58+Big_Poppa [] joined #mythtv
22:59Big_Poppa>I was wondering if anyone here has some helpful hints for picking a video out card
23:00ananke>not sure if i can give you a good advice, but i just bought nvidia geforce4 for my video-out, and i'm very content with it
23:00Big_Poppa>can you play games on the tv with it too?
23:01Chutt>jump point exiting live tv -- always save position?
23:01kvandivo>if the 'save' option is set in the setup..
23:01Chutt>what if you have it set to ask you?
23:01+frzd [] joined #mythtv
23:01ananke>Big_Poppa : i'd assume so. although i haven't used that yet
23:01kvandivo>would we want it to still ask?
23:01Chutt>can't ask if you're leaving
23:01kvandivo>probably not..
23:01Chutt>code doesn't handle it
23:01Big_Poppa>I was looking at the geoforce fx 5200 if I can find it with the video out
23:02kvandivo>ahh.. OK. :)
23:02Chutt>i'll just make it save in that case too
23:02kvandivo>_I_ would want it to always save
23:02Big_Poppa>and maybe the pvr250 for my other card
23:02kvandivo>and other than just someone being difficult, it is hard for me to think of a reason that you wouldn't want it to
23:02frzd>I'm running myth 0.12 with built in native lirc support, some of the buttons on my remote work (such as the numbers), while the others work if i activate irxevent, this creates duplicate events (pressing 1 will take as pressing it twice) for the already working buttons, anyone know how i could fix this?
23:02ananke>Big_Poppa : i just bought the cheapest geforce i found in the store: geforce4 mx440, with svideo out
23:03Big_Poppa>and it works well?
23:03ananke>Big_Poppa : yep, very well.
23:03Chutt>kvandivo, yeah, same
23:04Chutt>frzd, 0.13's out
23:04Chutt>no more support for 0.12 =)
23:04frzd>i'm using knoppmyth
23:04frzd>i assume the behavior is probably similar in .13 anyway, i'm probably just missing something
23:04Chutt>don't use irxevent?
23:04Big_Poppa>is there anyway before buying it that I can check that out ananke?
23:04frzd>well then half the remote buttons don't do anything
23:04Chutt>set up your lircrc properly so that you don't have to?
23:04ananke>Big_Poppa : what do you mean?
23:05frzd>but that's the thing, the lircrc works fine as long as i'm using irxevent
23:05frzd>so i don't think that's the problem
23:05frzd>or am i wrong?
23:05ananke>the couple days i've been using mythtv, i find irxevent to work better than the native support
23:05Chutt>that would be the problem.
23:05Big_Poppa>well I think it would really be cool to play Americas Army or something when I am not watching other tv
23:05Big_Poppa>and I don't have enough room for both a monitor and my tv
23:06ananke>Big_Poppa : well, with nvidia and linux you get probably the best drivers for 3d stuff.
23:06kvandivo>Big_Poppa: if you aren't watching TV, you should be programming on myth
23:06kvandivo>giving back to the community
23:06kvandivo>those are the only two acceptable uses of your time
23:06ananke>Big_Poppa : and you have to remember: your tv will be lower resolution than your monitor. less details.
23:07Big_Poppa>yeah, but room is an issue right now, so I can live with the res.
23:07frzd>is it possible to disable the built in lirc without recompiling?
23:07Big_Poppa>then again if later I go HiDef, it would rock
23:07Big_Poppa>kvandivo: I do plan on giving back, I think by documentation at this point though due to my lack of c++ skills
23:08kvandivo>actually, i was mostly kidding, but contributions are always a good thing
23:08mikegrb>Chutt: do you want to provide the thumbnails when you upload the images or do you want it to generate them or do you want to use one image and just set height and width smaller?
23:09mikegrb>kvandivo: heidi is sucking this php stuff up like a spongs
23:09kvandivo>more power to her. she can give back to the community, too. ;-P
23:09Chutt>mikegrb, i can provide the thumbnails
23:09*kvandivo goes on the hunt looking for others that can give back.
23:09Chutt>imagemagick =)
23:09*ananke needs to find a more hi-res icon for the image folders
23:09Chutt>i'll script it or something
23:09kvandivo>convert is our friend
23:10frzd>problem solved, unmentioned in the docs, .lircrc and .mythtv/lircrc, one for irxevent, one fore myth
23:10mikegrb>Chutt: okay
23:10mikegrb>Chutt: it is comming along rather quickly
23:10Chutt>see the website =)
23:10mikegrb>Chutt: right now it grabs dirname for each theme from the file system
23:11kvandivo>frzd: once you check out CVS, you can provide a patch against the mythtv-HOWTO.sgml file to correct that
23:11mikegrb>Chutt: and it grabs the meta data from there
23:11Chutt>"but I hope to get an updated themes section online in the next few days"
23:12mikegrb>I think the hard stuff is all done
23:12mikegrb>it should be very flexible too
23:12mikegrb>it has an arary of the different images to display for each theme
23:12mikegrb>'mainmenu' => "Myth Main Menu' < filename base and caption
23:12Big_Poppa>thanx everyone bye
23:12mikegrb>it checks if a matching file exists, if not it just leaves it off the page
23:12-Big_Poppa [] left #mythtv ()
23:13mikegrb>er matching file for that theme
23:13mikegrb>so all you have to do to add more images is add an element to that array in include.php
23:13mikegrb>all dir names and even the name of the theme metadata file are included in that file
23:15mikegrb>Chutt: you can see the look at
23:16mikegrb>Chutt: I should be done by tommorow
23:16Chutt>cool =)
23:16mikegrb>all the info dispayed comes from files/theme_id/theme.meta
23:17mikegrb>heidi decided she needs a break now
23:17kvandivo>are we supposed to see anything beyond the three lines in the box?
23:17mikegrb>heh no
23:17mikegrb>but it matches!
23:17kvandivo>woo hoo
23:17mikegrb>like I said, the hardwork is done :)
23:17kvandivo>who da woman?
23:17mikegrb>heidi da woman
23:17kvandivo>she da woman
23:18mikegrb>it gets the list of themes by seeing what dir's are in myththemes/files
23:18mikegrb>then it looks for themes.meta in each dir
23:18mikegrb>that is where the info on the page comes from
23:18Chutt>doug larrick's patch and that mp3 options patch
23:18mikegrb>it is a simple matter now to check for existance of images and display
23:18Chutt>are all that's left now
23:19mikegrb>Chutt: is mod_rewrite enabled on the server?
23:19Chutt>dunno, but i can get snowman to install it if necessary
23:19mikegrb>that will make things better
23:19mikegrb>then going to myththemes/visor/ would actually display output of myththemes/viewtheme.php?theme=visor
23:20ananke>i wonder if mp3 id3v2 artwork will be eventually implemented in mythmusic
23:20mikegrb>I'll provide a .htaccess with the rules
23:20=WkdLester [] quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4")
23:21Chutt>ananke, if someone sends in a patch, sure
23:21Chutt>i don't use mp3s, so =)
23:22ananke>do you use another music format, or nothing at all?
23:22Chutt>ogg and flac.
23:22mikegrb>Chutt: one last question, do you know if php magic quotes is on?
23:22Chutt>what is it, phpinfo()?
23:22ananke>ogg is nice, but i'm going to stick with mp3s
23:23ananke>yeah, phpinfo(); ought to show that info
23:24Chutt>yes, gpc_magic_quotes is on
23:24Chutt>err, magic_quotes_gpc
23:24Chutt>and, yeah, mod_rewrite is installed
23:26mikegrb>okie doke
23:26mikegrb>magic_quotes makes checking user input a little easier
23:26mikegrb>it escapes ' and the like preparing it for use in a mysql query before the script even gets it
23:29kvandivo>"Hope it works, 'cuz I sure didn't test it" Just what I love to see in a cvs commit
23:32Chutt>doesn't affect you
23:32-Chutt [] left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
23:32+Chutt [] joined #mythtv
23:32Chutt>wrong x button
23:32mikegrb>welcome back
23:32mikegrb>use a text client... then you don't have an X button
23:33+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
23:33Chutt>that's obviously correct, though
23:33Chutt>so no need to test it =)
23:34kvandivo>that does appear to be relatively straight forward
23:36billytwowilly>Is anyone working on scraping similarly to how is used for videos?
23:36kvandivo>sounds like a volunteer to me.. this is great.. we have lots of people in here tonight discussing how they can give back to the community
23:36billytwowilly>Heh, that sounds like a no;)
23:37billytwowilly>I don't have any coding skills or else I would.
23:37billytwowilly>How long do you think it would take to learn c++ to the point that I could passably code mythtv stuff? Say, putting in 3 hours a week to learn.
23:38kvandivo>well, i'd probably suggest starting out by helping with documentation, etc
23:38kvandivo>helping with the code does have a bit of a learning curve associated with it since this is obviously more than your standard Hello World program
23:38billytwowilly>All the stuff I know about mythtv I learned from the docs;)
23:38kvandivo>not to discourage you, of course
23:39Chutt>but then again, most parts aren't anything complicated.
23:39billytwowilly>Yah. I was thinking in terms of how many years;)
23:39Chutt>gui code is dead easy, generally
23:39kvandivo>I _understand_ about 2% of the code right now, I'd say. ;) but it's mostly straightforward stuff to dig into
23:39*billytwowilly has no coding experience at all.
23:39billytwowilly>I'm a freakin economics student;)
23:40kvandivo>if you have any artistic flare, themes are always a good thing, too
23:40*billytwowilly is useless when it comes to art.
23:41billytwowilly>that's why I asked about coding;)
23:41kvandivo>:) well, get everything compiling from CVS, and then hop in
23:41kvandivo>find a really tiny thing that you want to do, and use your favorite unix tools (grep is right up there at the top of the list)
23:42kvandivo>and figure out where it is in the code, and do it
23:42billytwowilly>heh, can you recommend a decent book teaching coding? something like "c++ for retarded monkeys with only 4 fingers"
23:42=frzd [] quit ()
23:42kvandivo>well, when I taught it, we used deitel and deitel
23:42billytwowilly>lots of pictures is beneficial;)
23:42billytwowilly>where did you teach it?
23:42kvandivo>University of Missouri
23:43billytwowilly>ahh, so you have a PhD in comp sci then?
23:43Chutt>heh, i could never teach programming
23:43kvandivo>was working towards it when I got a 'good' job offer from University of Illinois
23:43kvandivo>that was a bit too good to pass up.
23:44billytwowilly>well, you must be fairly young. I'd guess somewhere between 25 and 35 if you were working on a PhD. You still have time.
23:44kvandivo>and, I've been up here ever since
23:44billytwowilly>Why don't you work on your PhD there?
23:44billytwowilly>I suppose.
23:44billytwowilly>It's always nice to be called "doctor" though;)
23:44kvandivo>it's nice not having to take tests
23:45+Ripp [] joined #mythtv
23:45billytwowilly>well a masters in comp sci is still quite respectable.
23:45Chutt>*cough* waste of time *cough*
23:45kvandivo>once you've been in the job market for a few years the degree doesn't make much diff anyway..
23:46kvandivo>only thing is that you can't expect to get a teaching job at a top teir university w/o the phd..
23:46billytwowilly>That's true. I wish I could have taken C++ as my mandatory language requirement for arts.
23:46*kvandivo shrugs.
23:46billytwowilly>Spanish is so freaking useless in Alberta.
23:47billytwowilly>a skit of what happens when you talk in Spanish in Alberta:
23:47kvandivo>i enjoyed the teaching, Chutt.. I just didn't like the students attitudes
23:47kvandivo>they seemed to get progressively worse over the 4 years that i taught
23:47billytwowilly>"Hola" redneck: "what you say boy? You must be one of them Illegal aliens!" redneck shoots spanish speaker.
23:47Chutt>i probably would've been a student whose attitude you didn't like
23:47kvandivo>and fewer and fewer of them actually wanted to be there to learn
23:47billytwowilly>kvandivo: what do you mean about attitudes?
23:47Chutt>didn't attend class, etc
23:48kvandivo>most people wanted the A without having to work for it
23:48billytwowilly>that's the american dream son;)
23:48kvandivo>rather.. most of them didn't care about programming
23:48Chutt>except, most of my profs were just phoning it in, anyway
23:48kvandivo>and still wanted the A
23:49kvandivo>I had numerous students come back to me a couple of years after they got out of my class and basically said, 'We hated your guts during your class.. But you know, afterwards, we ended up actually using what you had taught"
23:49billytwowilly>My polisci prof from last year had an interesting take on that. She felt that it was because children were constantly being bombarded with more and more advertising showing the dream so more and more are buying.
23:49Chutt>data structures class, the textbook had a tree showing the different types of things and how they related. one of our tests had a blank copy of that tree, and we had to fill it in
23:50billytwowilly>of course she had a PhD in polisci..
23:50Chutt>ah, how i failed that class
23:50+heidig [] joined #mythtv
23:50heidig>I felt left out
23:50*kvandivo comforts heidig.
23:51kvandivo>I got a big kick out of explaining _why_ things happened the way they did, and there were always a few kids where you could really see the lightbulb click on.. and that was very cool
23:51*mikegrb goes out to make sure the rain is comming down properly
23:51kvandivo>but the other 98% made it annoying
23:51heidig>I learn better one on one
23:51billytwowilly>kvandivo: were you teaching a 100 level c++ course?
23:51mikegrb>kvandivo: yes, it is nice seeing heidi "get it"
23:52kvandivo>well, the definition of "100 level" is different depending on where you were.. But I taught intro fortran and C classes, to engineers (aka non majors) and CS majors
23:52kvandivo>err.. C++
23:53billytwowilly>ok. 100 level at the university of Alberta (where I attend) is first year courses.
23:53kvandivo>when i was actually teaching full time (ie., not as a grad student) it was doing the C++
23:53billytwowilly>You wouldn't happen to have your class notes for the C++ course would you?
23:53kvandivo>:) actually, I might have..
23:54billytwowilly>and the course was designed to take people with no coding experience up to a decent level?
23:54billytwowilly>If you could hook me up with them I'd be very grateful.
23:54billytwowilly>I might even buy you a beer if you come up to Canada;)
23:57+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
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