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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-12-14

---Logopened Sun Dec 14 00:00:03 2003
00:03*billytwowilly fears he's scared kvandivo off;)
00:03kvandivo>no.. i'm looking.. this was 5 years ago..
00:03billytwowilly>oh ok. Thanks.
00:04billytwowilly>hmm. a lot has changed in five years... Do you think it might just be better to buy a book?
00:04kvandivo>not much has changed as far as intro programming goes
00:04kvandivo>the basics are still thesame
00:04billytwowilly>ok. thanks.
00:04billytwowilly>I'll happily take them if you have them:)
00:07mikegrb>heh so would heidig
00:07billytwowilly>I should get back to studying for finals. If you dig up your notes and want to send them to me you can dcc them to me or email me them @
00:07kvandivo>i'm finding lots of other stuff..
00:07*mikegrb wanders over to the myth code to find the scroll alert bug
00:08billytwowilly>Or if you can't find them and/or don't want to send them that's cool too.
00:08kvandivo>fortran notes, grades, gradebook programs, cheat checking programs..
00:08mikegrb>cheat checking
00:08billytwowilly>cheat checking?
00:08kvandivo>yep... scanned their programs for similarities..
00:09billytwowilly>but shouldn't they look fairly similar? There's only so many ways you can code hello world;)
00:09kvandivo>when i first wrote it in 95 it would run all night long on a multiprocessor machine we had down there
00:09kvandivo>fairly, yes, but you'd be amazed at the differences
00:09billytwowilly>now it can check every test written in the world in five seconds;)
00:09kvandivo>the students didn't know what hit them.. One time I gave the same assignment that I had given two years before
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00:09kvandivo>and I had a guy turn in an identical copy
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00:10kvandivo>na.. just a zero for that particular assignment with the knowledge to not try it again
00:10kvandivo>expulsion is a very difficult thing to do at a public univ
00:10billytwowilly>I'm not a big fan of cheaters.. I'd atleast push for fail in the course with a note on his record.
00:11billytwowilly>hmm. up here they hand out a copy of the university policy on plagiarism and cheating to every student every year.
00:11kvandivo>some were more blatant that others.. that one was amusing though, because the guy thought that i had actually went back and checked each persons paper against the 100s of other papers that had been turned in years earlier
00:11billytwowilly>it clearly states that you will at the very least fail the course and you will probably be expelled.
00:11billytwowilly>comes in handy for the administration;)
00:12kvandivo>ya.. we did the same thing, but in reality that is tougher that it looks
00:12billytwowilly>that's amusing;) Probably more effective than telling him you used a program;)
00:12kvandivo>they thought we were complete losers that had nothing better to do with our time than spend hundreds of hours looking through their papers for similaritie
00:12kvandivo>they should have known that cs teachers would use technology
00:13kvandivo>ahh.. fun times
00:13billytwowilly>It's a disease eating the heart out of America.. And to some extent Canada.. it's sad..
00:15Misirlou>Wasn't a recently discovered, new element found to be a forgery?
00:15kvandivo>wow.. old copies of CircleMud code from back when I was admining one..
00:15billytwowilly>Heh, do you have this all on floppies?
00:16kvandivo>tgz files
00:16billytwowilly>oh ok..
00:16billytwowilly>That's not as bad;)
00:16kvandivo>no, and I should have found it by now
00:17billytwowilly>well, don't stress too much about it.
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01:47mdz_>Chutt: here now
01:58Chutt>d'ya think you could apply a small patch to your 0.13 debs?
01:59Chutt>it's linked to from the website
01:59mdz_>yeah, just saw it
01:59mdz_>when I was going back for the plugins
01:59mdz_>mythmusic, mythweb and mythweather 0.13 are up so far
02:00Chutt>thanks for building em =)
02:01Chutt>all the plugins, aside from mythdvd, should be pretty similar now
02:01Chutt>since there's no db stuff to worry about
02:01Chutt>and all they do is install the shared lib and maybe some image files
02:02mdz_>is mythdvd still a separate executable?
02:02Chutt>it's a shared lib and a separate exe
02:02mdz_>oh, mtd, right
02:03mdz_>I had built and uploaded 0.11 debs for it but I don't think I announced them
02:03mdz_>it doesn't do anything about mtd at the moment besides install it
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02:03mdz_>should it start it at boot from an init script?
02:04Chutt>not really necessary
02:04Chutt>the mythdvd plugin will start it if needed
02:04Chutt>'slong as it's in the path
02:04mdz_>I think my new mythweb package might be broken
02:05mdz_>I wasn't really able to test it because it needs to connect to a backend now
02:05mdz_>did the config file format change again?
02:05Chutt>i don't think it did
02:05Chutt>well, when did mythweb 2 go in?
02:05mdz_>Eloy Paris is helping me test, and he says it was broken, but was fixed when he copied in the default conf.php
02:06mdz_>sometime before 0.11
02:06Chutt>some small stuff may have changed
02:06mdz_>mythweb (0.11-1) unstable; urgency=low
02:06mdz_> * New upstream release
02:06mdz_> * Config file format changed again; changes will be lost
02:06mdz_>I think that was mythweb 2
02:07mdz_>I don't know what version he was upgrading from
02:08mdz_>on upgrade from pre-0.11-1 it just backs up the config file and blows it away
02:09mdz_>it substitutes in the db connection info anyway
02:09mdz_>maybe that's the part which broke
02:09mdz_>it doesn't exactly parse all PHP syntax to do it
02:11mdz_>no, that seems to work. I'll have to find out what happened with eloy's install
02:12mdz_>probably some new setting was added which needs a default
02:12Chutt>i think the date stuff may have changed
02:12Chutt>dunno, though
02:13mdz_>Warning at /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/includes/init.php, line 73:
02:13mdz_>main(config/theme_Theme.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory
02:13mdz_>that's the erorr he got, via email to php-errors or whatever
02:17mdz_>+ define('Theme', 'Default');
02:17mdz_>probably that
02:17mdz_>I punted and had it ditch the config again
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02:20Netslayer>anyone know if the gentoo ebuilds are out for .13 yet?
02:24mdz_>ok, all of the existing debs are updated to 0.13 now
02:24mdz_>Chutt, I think I said that if you did the automatic db upgrades I would package mythgame, no?
02:24mdz_>or was it mythvideo
02:25mdz_>mythnews and mythbrowser are new to me
02:29mdz_>not having to do woody packages saves a ton of time :-)
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02:36mdz_>so thanks for not supporting old Qt anymore :-)
02:36kwenda>.13 injured my mythweb =(
02:36kwenda>clicking scheduled recordings only brings up the scheduled recordings about half the time
02:37kwenda>otherwise it brings it up as if there were no recordings scheduled
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02:37kwenda>mythbackend also spits out this:
02:37kwenda>2003-12-14 01:33:22 adding: blaster as a player 0
02:37kwenda>Unable to write to client socket, as it's no longer there
02:39kwenda>that's weird because blaster is never a player - its strictly a backend
02:42mdz_>you need to upgrade mythweb to the same release
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02:44kwenda>mdz_, i have 0.13 from 12/10
02:46kwenda>cat jeopardy > /dev/dsp0 ...
02:53Teflon>mmm dvd burner.
02:54kwenda>no we're working on my problem right now
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02:56Teflon>kwenda, did you get the latest mythweb and install it?
02:56Teflon>from cvs?
02:57kwenda>i have the 0.13 mythweb, not the CVS
02:57kwenda>i have 0.13 across the board
02:57Teflon>maybe your problem was fixed in cvs?
02:58kwenda>is there a changelog for CVS
02:58Teflon>cvs's bultin log, yes.
02:59kwenda>i meant one i could see without having to checkout =)
02:59Teflon>mythtv has a cvsweb right?
03:00billytwowilly>hurray! I finally got to be somewhat useful;)
03:00kwenda>it doesnt mention anything about it in CVS
03:01billytwowilly>anyone familiar with running dvd::rip with multiple transcoder backends?
03:01Teflon>i wish i had more ide ports in my myth box
03:01Teflon>120gb drives are the cheapest/gb righ tnow
03:01Teflon>i'd rather buy two of them than one 250
03:01*billytwowilly owns 2
03:01Teflon>2 what?
03:01kwenda>id rather not be running CVS code, as i'd have to update my backend and 3 frontends constantly
03:01billytwowilly>Teflon: 2 X 120 gigs.
03:02Teflon>billytwowilly, i have two 120gbs too, appended.
03:02Teflon>lvm rocks
03:02kwenda>the cvs changelog doesnt mention this particualr issue
03:02billytwowilly>hmm. I don't like doing that just because if one dies you lose everything.
03:02Teflon>but myth doesn't spool to two volumes happily yet
03:02Teflon>(or does it?)
03:02billytwowilly>I don't think so.
03:03Teflon>okay nero sucks.
03:03*billytwowilly uses k3b
03:03kwenda>okay i successfully stumpted 2 channels on freenode today... mythtv and gaim
03:03Teflon>and roxio wont find my dvd-+rw anymore.
03:03billytwowilly>kwenda: give me the 2 second break down of your problem. I'm curious
03:03billytwowilly>k3b= awesome cd writing software for KDE.
03:04Teflon>i used to use mkisofs
03:04Teflon>and cdrecord
03:04Teflon>but cdrecord doesn't do dvds well.
03:04billytwowilly>it's a frontend for cdrecord.
03:04kwenda>clicking scheduled recordings only brings up the scheduled recordings about half the time
03:04kwenda>otherwise it brings it up as if there were no recordings scheduled
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03:04billytwowilly>like most other gui recording programs in linux.
03:04kwenda>mythbackend also spits out this:
03:04kwenda>Unable to write to client socket, as it's no longer there
03:05kwenda>2003-12-14 01:33:22 adding: blaster as a player 0
03:05kwenda>that's weird because blaster is never a player - its strictly a backend
03:05billytwowilly>what distro you using?
03:05kwenda>sorry that took like 8 seconds...
03:05billytwowilly>no prob.
03:05Teflon>fuck, i hate nero it sucks
03:05Teflon>wonder if there's a roxio patch
03:05billytwowilly>nero used to be good.. like 2 years ago..
03:05billytwowilly>back when it was lean and mean.
03:06billytwowilly>now it's bloatware.
03:06kwenda>RH9 on blaster (the backend) Slack9.1 on all 3 frontends
03:06Teflon>its just crashed 4 times on me and can't seem to figure out how to browse files.
03:07billytwowilly>kwenda: hmm. my recommendation is trying knoppmyth for all of those.. It just worked right out of the cd for me.
03:08billytwowilly>besides that I have no idea...
03:08kwenda>you have no idea how much of a PITA that would be =]
03:08kwenda>my backend is 28 miles away
03:08billytwowilly>heh. well it's sounds like it's a problem with the backend...
03:08billytwowilly>maybe with the database?
03:09billytwowilly>why is your backend so far away?
03:09kwenda>its something within mythbackend - im not sure why mythweb even needs to talk to the backend; it could just ask the database
03:10Teflon>kwenda, it can't do that for thumbnails!
03:10kwenda>its colocated at an ISP i used to work for... free cable
03:10Big_Popp1>lol, what is the lag time kwenda?
03:11kwenda>Teflon, it gets the thumbnails from mythbackend? why not just generate the png files 1 min into the recording and save them statically
03:11kwenda>Big_Popp1, about 11ms average
03:11Big_Popp1>wow, that's it?
03:12kwenda>yeah my DSL is way more badass than it should be
03:12Teflon>kwenda, it saves them once on first hit to the show
03:12billytwowilly>hehe. I started using mythtv to cut back on my bandwidth usage;) you must do what? 10 gigs/day just in tv?
03:12Teflon>if mythweb isn't used, thumbnails aren't used.
03:13Teflon>i believe other information comes via the backend too
03:13kwenda>hrm, well it works half the time, so i CAN just click it again...
03:15kwenda>this one is cooler though
03:15billytwowilly>that's for the mythtv box right?
03:15kwenda>yeah thats the backend box
03:16billytwowilly>Is that just traffic to your home box from the backend?
03:16kwenda>no thats all traffic on the backend
03:16billytwowilly>My ISP would shit their pants if I averaged 479 kbits/s over the whole month..
03:16kwenda>that second link is much cooler though
03:17Teflon>at work i consume about 5mbps inbound to myself
03:17billytwowilly>Teflon: Where do you work?
03:17Teflon>i can't comment.
03:17billytwowilly>and do they know that you are leeching their connection dry?;)
03:17Teflon>and yes.
03:17Teflon>they know.
03:18billytwowilly>ahh. so it's work related then..
03:18billytwowilly>What do you do? Can you answer that?
03:18kwenda>my backend is at an ISP that i used to work at
03:18kwenda>they don't really care
03:18Teflon>my boss teases me constantly that i'm singlehandedly able to consume more bandwidth than all our services and staff.
03:18kwenda>my ISP for my DSL probably doesn't really care either... they've got a few million other customers to worry about
03:18billytwowilly>heh do you develop gnutela for a living or something teflon??;)
03:18Teflon>i think he's also impressed how easily i do it. third time he's hired me afterall.
03:18Teflon>LOL Billy.
03:19Teflon>at one point i was consuming 7mbps just for dns traffic purposes
03:19billytwowilly>so can you comment on what you do?
03:20kwenda>him or me?
03:21billytwowilly>gotta reboot.
03:21Teflon>i'll be here
03:21Teflon>sorry was getting food
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03:22kwenda>you wanna see something even more messed up? that UPS is rated at 500W - look how much more power my backend sucks when its encoding
03:22Teflon>what encoder?
03:23kwenda>2 Leadtek Winfast 2000/XP deluxes
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03:23Teflon>kwenda, what are those? mpeg? mjpeg? bttv?
03:24kwenda>they're bttv cards
03:24Teflon>high cpu use = higher power draw
03:24kwenda>yeah i didnt realize it would jump 20% like that though
03:24Teflon>my myth box has a pvr-250 so its cpu use is always near 0 except during playback.
03:24kwenda>thats almost 100 extra watts when its encoding 2 streams
03:25Teflon>kwenda, thats why you should estimate UPS needs based on full-cpu full-disk usage
03:25Teflon>not idle state.
03:25Teflon>bootup is a good test usually.
03:26Teflon>you know, it frightens me that i can burn a dvd at 5540kbps in the background and have a fairly responsive system.
03:26kwenda>oh it doesnt bother me... the only thing plugged into that UPS is my backend, 2 digicable boxes, and 2 wallwarts
03:27Teflon>how do you control the channel independantly on each box?
03:27Netslayer>how many people here use fluxbox for mythtv?
03:27Teflon>and have you considered mythweb on the backend?
03:28kwenda>i havent really been able to control them independently, but im hoping to eventually
03:28Teflon>build a "tent" for the ir xmitter out of foil.
03:28Teflon>(or paper)
03:28kwenda>i hadnt thought of that
03:28Teflon>did you make your own serial port xmitter?
03:28kwenda>right now the second box is set on chan 82 and never changes
03:29kwenda>yeah i made 2
03:29kwenda>i was thinking they were both blasting all the time
03:29Teflon>easy as pie for the unamplified ones.
03:29kwenda>i never thought of the fact that maybe only 1 was and both were picking it up....
03:30Teflon>my xmitter is at a funny angle from the box, but works 10000% of the time compared to the one that the digicable box had to blast the vcr
03:30kwenda>see, since i never SEE the box, i don't think about physcial things like that
03:30Teflon>the tivo one used a high power ir led like the one i build does so it doesn't surprise me the tivo blaster worked as well as mine does.
03:31Teflon>so you watch tv remotely?!
03:31Teflon>how... bizzare
03:31kwenda>don't have to pay for cable that way =)
03:31Teflon>anyone else watch tv from it?
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03:31kwenda>no... i guess they could
03:31kwenda>i have everything but my netblock firewalled off right now
03:31billytwowilly>did teflon spill the info on what he does while I was gone??;)
03:32Teflon>billytwowilly, i had to find a list of hostnames within a zonefile that used to be in our control but someone got out of our control. so i scanned it with a dictionary attack :)
03:32Teflon>found enough to reconstruct 99% of the file.
03:32Netslayer>what's the best Windows Manager just for mythtv?
03:32Netslayer>is fluxbox good?
03:32Teflon>no idea
03:32Teflon>i think i use twm
03:33Netslayer>ok, anyone else?
03:33Netslayer>twm or fluxbox
03:33kwenda>i use KDE just because its default and i saw no reason to change it
03:33DogBoy>fluxbox is a good window manager
03:33*Netslayer researches twm
03:33Netslayer>kde is a bit large for me
03:33DogBoy>kde is bloat city
03:34Netslayer>with these windows managers do u get mythtv to auto start by adding scripts to .xinitd or something
03:34kwenda>probably... but i dont use my frontends for anything else, and i only reboot when the power goes out
03:34Teflon>Netslayer, let me dig out my startup
03:34Netslayer>thank you!
03:34*billytwowilly is off to bed.
03:34Netslayer>that will save me time, i lost a full day when my gentoo box's reiserfs corrupted heh
03:34Teflon>okay spam time.
03:34Teflon>here's my /etc/init.d/local
03:35Teflon>modprobe lirc_serial
03:35Teflon>/usr/local/sbin/lircd &
03:35Teflon>modprobe ivtv
03:35Teflon>/usr/local/sbin/ivtv -c bitrate=4500000,bitrate_peak=5200000,gop_closure=1,bframes=2,bitrate_mode=0,stream_type=10
03:35Teflon>amixer set Master,0 100%,100% unmute
03:35Teflon>amixer set Line,0 75%,75% mute captur
03:35Teflon>amixer set Capture,0 100%,100% mute captur
03:35Teflon>alsactl store
03:35Teflon>while true; do su - mythtv -c 'startx' ; done &
03:35Teflon>while true; do /usr/local/bin/mythbackend >> /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log 2>&1 ; done &
03:35Teflon>and lets have a look at mythtv's user.. sec
03:36Teflon>cd /home/mythtv
03:36Teflon>xsetroot -solid black
03:36Teflon>fvwm &
03:36Teflon>xset -dpms
03:36Teflon>xset s off
03:36Teflon>xmodmap .xmodmap
03:36Teflon>while true; do mythfrontend >> /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log 2>&1 ; sleep 5; done
03:36Teflon>Style * ClickToFocus
03:36Teflon>Style myth* NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip, GrabFocus, BorderWidth 0
03:36Teflon>Style oxine* NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip, GrabFocus, BorderWidth 0
03:36Teflon>Style ogle* NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip, GrabFocus, BorderWidth 0
03:36Teflon>Style Ogle* NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip, GrabFocus, BorderWidth 0
03:36Teflon>KillModule FvwmPager
03:36Teflon>i dont think anything else matters. my xmodmap just sets up my ati remote.
03:36Netslayer>very interesting what are those while loops doing? just while it's running do that?
03:37Netslayer>what distro u running?
03:37Teflon>the loops make sure mythtv and the backend keep getting restarted
03:37Netslayer>so if frontend dies it starts again
03:37Teflon>my wife uses the pvr so i dont like getting "Roy! The TV isn't working" calls.
03:37Netslayer>i'm thinking of making a script and bind it to a key on my remote for mythfrontend, to kill it first also
03:37Teflon>bad enough i had to teach her to ssh as root and killall mythtv
03:38Netslayer>i'm doing a mythtv network in my house, don't want the parents doing the same
03:38Teflon>myth may be more stable by now
03:38Teflon>i haven't updated in a few months.
03:38Teflon>i can only upgrade when i'm home on one of my wife's marathon nights.
03:38kwenda>ohh you gave your wife your root pw?
03:38Netslayer>ya .12 worked for me, updated to .13 (and i did some other alsa stuff) lost the whole system.. pretty much.
03:39Teflon>kwenda, sure, what's she gonna do with it?
03:39kwenda>Teflon, she who play in root eventually kill tree.
03:39Teflon>she's got a mac, it makes her happy.
03:39Teflon>she likes pine
03:39Teflon>she doesn't like graphical mail clients.
03:40Teflon>she's an odd one.
03:40Teflon>she has 15,000 emails in her inbox
03:40kwenda>lol as far as flaws go i think pine is one i'd overlook...
03:40Teflon>she's the reason i switched back to Maildir on the server.
03:41Teflon>(admittedly i have 2.1GB of email on the server.
03:41kwenda>i've got somewhere over 30k emails in my inbox at work (exchange server) ... i just leave them there after i read them
03:41Teflon>hmmm only 256 folders?
03:42Teflon>find Maildir/ -type d | grep /cur | wc -l
03:42*Netslayer remembers outlook express..more then 2k emails would corrupt the files and freeze it
03:42Teflon>Netslayer, um. i had 125k once.
03:42Netslayer>think i had that compression thing tweaked
03:42Teflon>(i was postmaster for an isp, among other mailboxes, and someone spammed from us)
03:42Netslayer>or not tweaked
03:43Netslayer>i lost my whole dbx file or whatever cause of that.. or maybe it was 10k can't remember
03:43Teflon>i ditched OE about 4 months ago and use thunderbird
03:43Netslayer>what's a good linux graphical mail client?
03:43kwenda>heh i run spamassassin | procmail and send all my spam to a file - it grows at the rate of 1gb every 39 days
03:43Teflon>oh, use IMAP
03:44Teflon>kwenda, oh, spam? sec, calculating my spam folder size
03:44Teflon>i use SA and filter my spam to a quarantine
03:44Teflon>there are 1.2gb of spam quarantined on my system currently. thats 14 days worth for all users.
03:44Teflon>i'm only 243m
03:45Netslayer>so u have some spam filters or something to do that?
03:45kwenda>oh i don't quarantine them... i just run them through procmail
03:45Teflon>kwenda, my quarantine autodeletes. :)
03:45kwenda>kwenda@colo:~$ cat .procmailrc
03:45kwenda>:0fw: spamassassin.lock
03:45kwenda>| /usr/local/bin/spamassassin
03:45kwenda>* ^X-Spam-Flag: YES
03:45kwenda>:0 c
03:45kwenda>| egrep -i -e '^(Subject|From): ' | php /usr/local/bin/pcs_mail.php
03:46Teflon>:0 Wf
03:46Teflon>* ^List-Id: <>
03:46Teflon>| bin/ bugtraq
03:46Teflon>thats all my procmailrc does except at the end it bounces it to another account that runs an exim .forward to sort mail into folders.
03:47kwenda>you have your spamassassin set up in front of your MTA then?
03:47Teflon>all mail on my system comes in, gets amavised, then punted to SA where if it was a virus a custom rule quarantines it.
03:47Teflon>kwenda, global for all users.
03:47Teflon>i have about 100 users.
03:47Teflon>plus a couple dozen mail lists.
03:48Teflon>about 75gb/mo bandwidth use
03:48kwenda>i see
03:48Teflon>i needed to fund my need for my own server, so i had some users join me and they pay for some of the colo.
03:48kwenda>that pcs_mail.php just sends me a notification on my cell that i have a new mail, who its from and what the subject is
03:48Teflon>costs me about 40% of the monthly now, instead of 75%
03:49Teflon>cute kwenda
03:49Teflon>i get too much email to do that.
03:49kwenda>i get several hundred a day
03:49kwenda>but maybe 2 make it past SA
03:50kwenda>and if it doesnt make it past SA, i don't get notified, it just goes to a spam folder
03:50Teflon>severa hundred spam or legit emails?
03:50Teflon>i get about 350 spam/day
03:51kwenda>several hundred spams... 2 or 3 legit emails
03:51kwenda>this is my personal acct
03:51kwenda>no way id do that on my work acct
03:51Teflon>i get about 60-100 legit mails, 10-20 sneaked spam, 200-350 spam/day
03:52Teflon>not counting pre-sorted mail lists.
03:52Teflon>oops, been about 12 months since i checked one acct.
03:52Teflon>there's some more disk space back
03:52kwenda>whats awesome to me is SA has never yet misidentified one, in almost a year now
03:52Teflon>thats bizzare
03:53kwenda>i didnt tweak it from the default config
03:53Teflon>youre lucky
03:53Teflon>hmmm fun.. burning dvd + ripping cds
03:54kwenda>all i did was pipe about 1500 saved legit emails into salearn --ham and all the spam i got that month through salearn --spam .... once it learned it caught them everytime
03:54Teflon>i continuously teach it and yet its still not quite right
03:54kwenda>do you have razor support?
03:55Teflon>razor, dcc, others
03:55Teflon>i have too much legit mail that's spammy
03:55Teflon>eg, e-fliers
03:55Teflon>from online stores, paypal, my registrar, my isp...
03:56Teflon>my bank, various travel clubs...
03:57kwenda>im looking at this K3B thing you mentioned... compiled and installed without one problem, ran and autodetected my devices perfectly
03:57kwenda>very... creepy
03:57Teflon>who mentioned that?
03:57*Teflon checks for a freebsd port
03:59Teflon>aargh all of kde building
03:59Teflon>fuck that
03:59kwenda>i thought it was you, sorry
03:59kwenda>someone mentioned it
03:59Teflon>hey, maybe kde will build this time
03:59Teflon>(now waiting patiently for weeks)
03:59kwenda>kde doesnt take weeks
04:00kwenda>gnome takes months
04:01Netslayer>any of you running gentoo? wondering what the best way to install lirc is, by emerging or manually building tar or cvs
04:01Teflon>kwenda, gnome and kde both suck, if you ask me
04:02Teflon>too many cross dependcies on too frequently changing libraries and programs that dont retian backward compatibility.
04:02kwenda>Netslayer, i wouldnt use a package if God told me to
04:02kwenda>./configure && make && sudo make install
04:02kwenda>is the only way to go on my box
04:02Teflon>kwenda, you haven't tried freebsd ports have you?
04:02Teflon>it basically does that for you :)
04:02Teflon>and tracks what was instaled so you can undo the make install
04:03=tmk [] quit ()
04:03Teflon>shit its 4am
04:04+latetalk [] joined #mythtv
04:04Teflon>hurry up ezcd
04:04janek>kde does take a long time to compile on my computer, but it's slow ;)
04:04Teflon>janek, my slow p3-1ghz takes ages to build kde and/or gnome
04:04Teflon>i wonder how many days it would take to build jdk14!
04:05Teflon>jdk14 took longer to build than rebuilding the kernel and all of the freebsd base system did when i did it the other day at work.
04:05janek>Duron700 ;)
04:05Teflon>janek, what stepping? k6 or k7?
04:05Teflon>k7=p3 right?
04:05janek>but still probably slower than yours ;)
04:05Teflon>whats p4?
04:06janek>well the Duron is an Athlon with less cache
04:06Teflon>ah.. p4
04:06Netslayer>is that java sdk 1.4?
04:06janek>since then they've brought out mostly new versions of the Athlon (with more and more cache say, like the Barton), and then the Athlon-64 which is new
04:06Teflon>Netslayer i refer to the jdk1.4.2 for freebsd native. it uses the linux jdk to build the freebsd jdk. go figure.
04:07Netslayer>heh, so it's java right
04:07Teflon>i've got an athlon 1800 in the myth box and a 2600 in the win box.
04:07Netslayer>1800xp or 1.8
04:07Teflon>i dont think i'll ever touch amd again. too hot
04:07Teflon>1800xp and 2600xp
04:08Netslayer>that's what my remote frontend is 1.33 ~ 1800xp think. my backend is running a 2400 at 2.2ghz ~ 2700
04:08Teflon>1800xp is more than sufficient for recording off a pvr-250
04:08Teflon>and just barely adequate for dvd-quality playback.
04:08Netslayer>ohya, i'm running it all software mpeg4, and a 54G network also
04:09Netslayer>dang emerge xfree is taking forever, ive been here for an hr
04:09Teflon>i'm going to be moving my storage for the pvr from the linux box into the freebsd p3 at some point and use nfs.
04:10Teflon>then i can make the backend/frontend quieter
04:11kwenda>i think im gonna get a fibre channel array... couble petabytes of storage ;-)
04:11Teflon>okay ttyl
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07:27sfr__is now known as sfr
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07:59nchip>mythfilldatabase --manual && tv_grab_fi don't seem to work
08:00sfr>nchip: in the 0.13 release the --manual option was broken afaik. read the -commits list for a simple fix.
08:00sfr>a comma was missing somewhere iirc
08:01nchip>ok. I'll dig that
08:03nchip>sfr: this?
08:03sfr>no, this:
08:04nchip>well, the commit comment is same :)
08:14nchip>sfr: thanks, now it seems to work
08:16+engie [] joined #mythtv
08:16engie>Hiya. Does anyone know why a apt-get update apt-get upgrade isn't bringing in the new myth debs?
08:20janek>are you sure the new myth debs are in the repository yet?
08:20engie>Yep, they're definately there
08:20nchip>should the chanid in table "channel" and "dvb_channel" match?
08:21engie>tell you what, backup database, reinstall.....
08:23janek>nchip: yes, they have to
08:24nchip>and since they don't match (now) and chanid is primary key, I guess I can't just update em <g>
08:24*nchip starts reading mysqldump man page
08:26janek>hmm, how did you fill your dvb_channel table anyway? I had to do it by hand...
08:28janek>oh, and what country are you using dvb in? I'm in the UK and I'm having troubles with Channel4 after the first advert before a program, they seem to change the aspect ratio then
08:29nchip>janek: finland, And yes I filled it by hand too
08:31+PassSeeker [] joined #mythtv
08:31PassSeeker>Hello :)
08:31engie>The debs smell broken. Has anyone used them successfully?
08:32janek>is the dvb stuff working well for you? I finally got most things working fine aside from problems on a few channels that I have bad reception on plus that aspect ratio/resolution change problem
08:32PassSeeker>I am think about setting up a digital harddisc recorder using MythTV
08:33nchip>janek: dvbstream works fine, I'm just in the process of installing mythtv
08:33PassSeeker>does someone has one using suse linux 9.0 proffesional
08:34janek>PassSeeker: it shouldn't matter too much what distribution you use
08:35PassSeeker>witch is the best linux for mythtv? debian, knoppix, suse? I am a absolute beginner with linux
08:35+rkulagow [] joined #mythtv
08:35janek>nchip: good luck, it's still kinda tricky installing dvb with mythtv ;)
08:35PassSeeker>I found in the net that most have problems using suse
08:35nchip>janek: yeah, I'm noticing
08:36janek>PassSeeker: knoppix is probably easiest to set up with myth (there's a special myth version of knoppix), debian is nice because it can automatically update your system
08:36janek>but debian is a bit hard to install for someone new to linux
08:37PassSeeker>but isnt it worth to try to install debian? i heared that debian is much better than knoppix and knoppix is a litle bit hard to update
08:37janek>nchip: feel free to ask me any questions, I've been meaning to write up my experiences on installing mythtv with dvb but haven't gotten around to it yet
08:38janek>PassSeeker: Knoppix is based on debian anyway, if you install knoppix to your HD it should be just as easy as debian to update (from what I understand)
08:38janek>but, I haven't tried so I don't know for sure
08:39PassSeeker>the pc I will use for mythtv is currently my windows fileserver. is there a chance to do the same after having mythtv installed?
08:40engie>PassSeeker: You can use samba to serve files to windows PC's under linux
08:40PassSeeker>But the harddisk are in ntfs
08:40PassSeeker>Do i have to convert to fat32?
08:40engie>PassSeeker: Linux doesn't (properly) support writing to ntfs disks, unfortunatly
08:41PassSeeker>So I have to convert to fat32
08:41janek>well, linux can read ntfs, read and write to fat32 but fat32 doesn't support all the filesystem properties that linux expects
08:41sfr>PassSeeker: impossible then. linux has read-only support for ntfs
08:41engie>There are far better file systems
08:41engie>well, better than fat32
08:41janek>better than ntfs too ;)
08:41janek>ntfs is a horrid filesystem
08:41engie>janek: Well, ntfs ain't that bad!
08:42PassSeeker>But how do I convert without losing my data on the hds?
08:42engie>Can partition magic do magic like that?
08:42engie>I'd wipe them and restore from backups, easier all round
08:42PassSeeker>And wich filesystem should I use ?
08:42janek>yes, partition magic should be able to convert ntfs to fat32
08:43janek>but it's probably risky
08:43engie>janek: Can it convert to ext2?
08:43PassSeeker>I cant do a backup, cause thats about 240 GB
08:43engie>ntfs -> fat32 is fine
08:43engie>PassSeeker: That's a bit of a pain then :-/
08:43janek>engie: I have no idea if it can convert to ext2 ;)
08:44engie>I'm in a similiar situation, I'm gonig to borrow a friends houge external maxtor to move my stuff onto then convert and copy back
08:44janek>PassSeeker: it'd probably be a good idea to do a backup of anything that's really important anyway just in case
08:44PassSeeker>So if I convet to fat32 linux can act as a filesever if I understand it right?
08:44engie>should only take about a week
08:44engie>PassSeeker: I don't know if linux install on fat32 properly. I'm not sure I'd like to try it to find out
08:44janek>PassSeeker: yes, but some things won't work quite right (like you won't be able to have a user own a file on fat32)
08:44nchip>2003-12-14 15:44:19 DVB#0 WARNING - Your frequency setting (658000000) is out of range. (min/max:0/0)
08:44janek>no, you really don't want to install linux on fat32, but you could keep the files the fileserver is serving on fat32
08:44PassSeeker>that doesnt matter, so I am the only user
08:45engie>PassSeeker: There is a way to install linux in a (big) file which is on a Fat32 drive
08:45engie>PassSeeker: Do you have a files disk and another disk you plan to put linux on
08:45janek>engie: true, but it's a horrible hack and not really worth it ;)
08:45engie>another partition even?
08:45PassSeeker>thats what I want to do. linux on a linux filesystem and my data on a fat32
08:45engie>janek: True, true
08:45janek>PassSeeker: that's ok then
08:45engie>PassSeeker: Ahh, great
08:45engie>yeah, I do that here. Works great
08:45PassSeeker>so that would work without a problem
08:46engie>PassSeeker: Yep. Convert the ntfs to fat32 though, otherwise you won't be able to write to it
08:46PassSeeker>and than I use samba?
08:46janek>nchip: are you using dvb-t?
08:46engie>samba is great, faster than windows for serving to windows machines
08:47PassSeeker>I think I will try that... can I do that with that KnoppMythTv version?
08:47engie>The default knoppix can read fat32
08:47engie>I assume that still applies in the mythtv version
08:47engie>I don't know if it has sama built in though
08:47engie>PassSeeker: Would you install knoppix to the HD or run it off a cd?
08:48PassSeeker>I would install on HD
08:48nchip>janek: yes. and it seems to work now :)
08:48engie>Knoppix is just a version of debian prettied up for running straight off a cd. You can install it to disk though, then you just have debian with lots of nice stuff set up for you
08:48engie>from then on you can treat it as a debian machine
08:48janek>knoppmyth does include samba
08:49PassSeeker>great :) :)
08:49engie>mythtv is built with debian in mind (sorta, I understand()
08:49janek>not sure if it's got an easy setup utility for samba though ;)
08:49PassSeeker>can I use that machine than too as my router to the internet for my windows pc?
08:49engie>samba's pretty easy to set up, especially if swat's running
08:49PassSeeker>what is swat?
08:50engie>linux makes a great router, as long as iptables are set up in teh knoppix kernel
08:50engie>I don't know if they are
08:50sfr>engie: not built with debian in mind, but Chutt uses Debian
08:50nchip>mythbackend is taking 12-14% of cpu without any frontend connected
08:50engie>sfr: Fair enough. I remember reading in teh docs that the base system was debian
08:51janek>nchip: is it recording something perhaps? it's not even showing up in top for me...
08:51janek>PassSeeker: one nice thing about knoppix is you can run it from CD without having to change anything on your HD, which would be a nice safe way to play around with it for a bit
08:52PassSeeker>One last question. I have about 6 HD in my pc. how do I find out witch is the one I would like o install knoppix/debian?
08:53janek>you will probably have to install the boot loader at least on the master disk of the first controller...
08:53janek>(or, well, somewhere that your bios expects to find a boot loader ;))
08:54PassSeeker>lets say one of them is already empty and ready for linux and I know the driver letter under windows. how do I find that drive if I install debian/knoppix?
08:55PassSeeker>Sorry but I am an absolute beginne in linux
08:55janek>PassSeeker: that's kind of tricky... linux will list all the partitions it sees at bootup and you might be able to figure it out from there, also I think Knoppix sets them all up with read-only access so you should be able to tell from that what they are called under linux
08:56janek>linux generally calls partitions something like /dev/hda1 where a is the letter for the HD and 1 is the number of the partition
08:57janek>as an absolute beginner, I would recommend playing around with Knoppix a bit in the CD version before installing it to your HD
08:57janek>that way you can get some experience with it without risking messing anything up :)
08:58sfr>some say installing knoppix on hdd IS already messing up!
08:58PassSeeker>wouldn it be better if I have only those hds connected I realy need at that time ?
08:59nchip>janek: doesn't seem so.. atleast it says "not recording".
09:00janek>PassSeeker: Knoppix is very conservative with what it does to your HDs, by default you won't be able to write to any of your windows partitions until you explicitly tell it to allow you to
09:00PassSeeker>if that hd would be the first on salve controller it would be /dev/hdb2 ?!?
09:00janek>if you remove some HDs while you're installing and then add them back in later, the drive names could change
09:01janek>nchip: very odd... can you watch tv in mythtv yet?
09:01janek>just wondering if maybe it's stuck trying to tune a channel or something
09:02nchip>yes, I can watch TV fine
09:03nchip>I just need to find the keybindings for everything :P
09:03PassSeeker>ok thanks guys... will see you soon if I try to install mythtv
09:03=PassSeeker [] quit ()
09:04janek>nchip: do you have a Hauppauge budget card with the remote? If so you'll want to use the patch that someone mentioned on the mailing list for that...
09:06nchip>I have a nova-t, no remote :/
09:07janek>ok, still more or less the same card as mine
09:14nchip>there is no deinterlacing?
09:15janek>nchip: you should be able to turn on deinterlacing (unless you're using XvMC like myself)
09:18nchip>janek: where? :-o I didn't spot the option
09:19janek>one sec ;)
09:20janek>it's in Setup/TV Settings/Playback, on the first screen at the top
09:24nchip>uups :P
09:24sfr>anyone here can ping
09:31janek>sfr: seems fine from here
09:31racer>Reply from bytes=32 time=168ms TTL=50
09:31racer>Reply from bytes=32 time=179ms TTL=50
09:31racer>Reply from bytes=32 time=150ms TTL=50
09:31racer>Reply from bytes=32 time=157ms TTL=50
09:31racer>Ping statistics for
09:31racer> Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
09:31racer>Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
09:32racer> Minimum = 150ms, Maximum = 179ms, Average = 163ms
09:33sfr>janek, racer, for me traceroute stops here
09:33sfr>^^ thx
09:34*sfr tests again with ECN switched off
09:34mikegrb>ECN == bad for connectivity
09:36*nchip notices that somehow show infos for two channels are incorrect
09:36sfr>no joy :(
09:42+pahli_bar [] joined #mythtv
09:50racer>sfr :
09:50racer> 12 167 ms 129 ms 208 ms []
09:50racer> 13 122 ms 160 ms 169 ms []
09:50racer> 14 130 ms 145 ms 131 ms []
09:50racer> 15 188 ms 223 ms 196 ms []
09:51sfr>racer: thx. looks like it's local problem at my isp. other people from germany don't have problems.
09:58Octane>besides Isaac, whose a mod for the list?
10:03mikegrb>just isaac
10:04mikegrb>did you have a post too long or something?
10:05D-side>so. anyone using myth to record the news? :)
10:06mikegrb>I know some do
10:06mikegrb>I don't
10:07D-side>i'm talking about the most current of news stories actually.
10:07D-side>it has absolutely nothing to do with myth in anyway but it makes me happy. heh.
10:07pahli_bar>D-side: mythnews might help if just want the headlines
10:07mikegrb>oh heh
10:10D-side>so, anyone monitoring the list for the "major problem" subject line?
10:11+c0nflict [] joined #mythtv
10:11engie>I'm trying to install myth from the debs (Thanks to Matt for making them, btw) and it fails as mythtv-backend: Depends: zlib1g (>= 1:1.2.1) but 1:1.1.4-16 is to be installed. Any ideas?
10:12Octane>mikegrb exactly :)
10:12D-side>engie: you're doing this on a woody box, not sid.. right?
10:12mikegrb>Octane: a big patch?
10:12mikegrb>Octane: I think he normally doesn't do it
10:12Octane>D-side im monitoring the list ofr that thread
10:12Octane>mikegrb: no a big log LOL
10:12mikegrb>I think he said they go to /dev/null
10:12mikegrb>I'd send it again with a link to dl it
10:12D-side>Octane: i've got the same exact problem, BUT... only when using the same box for the front/back ends.
10:13Octane>good ide i didnt even think about it
10:13Octane>D-side: yes
10:13D-side>Octane: works just fine if i play from a remote frontend. i havent seen that mentioned on the list.
10:13Octane>D-side: .12 was perfect .13 gives me those errors
10:13mikegrb>D-side: what was the problem? heh
10:13Octane>good thinking d-side!
10:13engie>D-side: Nope, unstable
10:13c0nflict>I just got mythtv up and running yesterday. I love it! I am having trouble getting data for the news feeds, weather and imdb. I searched the mailing lists, faq's and docs and have not seen any reference to this (other than you need an Inet connection, which I have). Any ideas on where to start looking to solve this issue?
10:13Octane>D-side: didnt even try w/ remote. im gonna send my post, hopefuly itll help
10:13mikegrb>D-side: I haven't read the thread
10:13D-side>mikegrb: qt errors on livetv playback. i'm assuming also on recording.
10:13mikegrb>I only use remote frontend
10:14engie>D-side: Have you managed to install the unstable debs?
10:14pahli_bar>engie: zlib1g == 1.2.1 is available in sid
10:14Octane>wait, im not monitoring major problem
10:14Octane>im monitoring close to functional, few problems
10:14D-side>engie: no, i got tired of waiting for deb/rh/fedora packages and installed gentoo.
10:14engie>pahli_bar: Well that's weird
10:14Octane>wait no i am monitoign major problem
10:14D-side>"Major problem with Myth .13"
10:15pahli_bar>D-side: you could have as well compiled from src :)
10:15D-side>have a look. i'm going to run over the the front/back-ended box now and try again.
10:15D-side>pahli_bar: heh. you're another one who's never actually used gentoo, right? :)
10:15engie>pahli_bar: Possibly a stupid question, but just to check, to go woody -> sid I only have to change my sources.list and apt-get update && apt-get upgrade...
10:15D-side>i get that all the time from people. then they try it. those types of comments cease, and guess what they run? :)
10:15D-side>engie: dist-upgrade
10:15pahli_bar>D-side: well i did... didn't like too much... too unstable for my liking
10:16D-side>engie: not particularly a stupid question if you're new to debian
10:16Octane>D-side check my reply
10:16D-side>pahli_bar: really? i've had no problems with stability on any of the boxes i run it on
10:16D-side>it actually resolved some nagging problems with RH/efd
10:16D-side>fed even
10:16engie>D-side: Ahh, I just changed teh sources.list. Everything went swimmingly all considered.
10:17pahli_bar>D-side: also couldn't sit and wait for the compiles to end. have been very happy with debian for past 2 years
10:17*mikegrb has been extremely happy with gentoo
10:17pahli_bar>to each man to himself :)
10:17D-side>pahli_bar: hey, i'm NOT saying theres anything wrong with debian. my new philosophy is "debian on the servers, gentoo on anything that blinks, beeps, or otherwise draws attention to itself"
10:18mikegrb>I hage gentoo on a server
10:18D-side>Octane: what email address will it come in on?
10:18engie>oh well, here goes nothing. dist-upgrade - wish me luck...
10:18D-side>mikegrb: eh, its really the same as having freebsd on a server... kind of. :)
10:18pahli_bar>i have been using debian on all my desktops and no complaints
10:18heidig>good luck
10:18engie>well that was a dissapointment
10:19D-side>pahli_bar: i used sid maybe 4 years ago on my desktop. then one day i didnt have a desktop anymore. that pissed me off, so no sid since then.
10:19D-side>though of course I did fit sid into a 350mb microdrive. was giong to use it in an EPIA system until i was walking around a computer show and saw a pundit. love at first sight.
10:20nchip>gentoo is nice if you have time/enthusiasm to follow the bleeding edge
10:20pahli_bar>on a side note: the benefit of using debian is that isaac does all his development on debian unstable. so you know problems with debian will be minimal
10:20mikegrb>gentoo isn't really bleeding edge
10:20mikegrb>quite stabile
10:20mikegrb>I had problems with debian heh
10:20engie>D-side: Sorry for debian question, but do I just have to apt-get dist-upgrade. I just ran that and 0 changes were made.
10:21pahli_bar>engie: did u do a apt-get update before that
10:21engie>pahli_bar: About 20 times :D
10:21mikegrb>heh okie
10:21pahli_bar>engie: what's ur src list for unstable
10:22D-side>engie: in your sources.list you're using all "unstable" listings?
10:22mikegrb>I don't really have a use for one
10:22engie>D-side, pahli_bar: I've sent those to you direct
10:23D-side>woody and sarge and sid, oh my!
10:23pahli_bar>engie: maybe the last unstable src is out of sync. copy ur testing lines and paste them with unstable replacing testing
10:24engie>pahli_bar: One tic
10:24D-side>that could have been exceedingly ugly. :)
10:24engie>mv /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.whoops...
10:26c0nflict>does anyone have any suggestions for troubleshooting mythweather data issues?
10:26pahli_bar>c0nflict: state problem
10:27c0nflict>I configured mythweather to use several stations, and they all show ?? unknown data
10:27c0nflict>the same is true for news and imdb
10:27c0nflict>it does not retrieve info for any of these
10:27[hC]>So.. mythbackend runs, and when i load mythtv, its stil running. When i go into the program guide, it says that the connection went away and mythbackend dies. if i restart it at the prompt, then it stays running
10:27[hC]>what gives
10:27pahli_bar>c0nflict: sounds like a network problem
10:28[hC]>2003-12-14 09:25:31 Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 5)
10:28[hC]>2003-12-14 09:25:36 ReadStringList timeout (quick).
10:28[hC]>QSocketDevice::writeBlock: Invalid socket
10:28[hC]>2003-12-14 09:25:36 Error writing stringlist
10:28c0nflict>pahli_bar I have connectivity, no iptables it _does_ get the program guide
10:28pahli_bar>c0nflict: try pinging some remote machine by name
10:29D-side>dev/dsp isnt usable.
10:29c0nflict>dns works
10:29c0nflict>apt works
10:30c0nflict>like I said, it retrieves the program guide data, just not rss,weather and imdb info
10:30c0nflict>hrm. I wonder if it has anything to do with the squid cache?
10:30pahli_bar>c0nflict: program guide data retrieval is done by xmltv. rest of the operations are done using qt sockets.
10:31c0nflict>pahli_bar maybe I am missing something then
10:31*c0nflict _did_ read the docs
10:31pahli_bar>c0nflict: lemme try and write a simple qt program for u to test
10:31c0nflict>pahli_bar cool
10:31pahli_bar>c0nflict: btw, i'm the author of mythnews
10:32c0nflict>excellent, can't wait to try it with data ;)
10:33[hC]>Anyone have any ideas?
10:33[hC]>I'm using hte mythtv 0.13 debs
10:34sfr>[hC]: it's not working at all? i got this error too, but exiting live-tv and reentering fixed it
10:36D-side> Unknown video codec: open: No such file or directory
10:36[hC]>sfr: well, it kills mythbackend.. i have to reload it by hand.
10:36[hC]>sfr: i didnt try to go into live tv, i jus went straight to the program guide in the record menu
10:36[hC]>I mean maybe its just a mythtv bug..
10:37D-side>Octane: interesting error.
10:37engie>D-side: sorry!
10:37[hC]>/usr/lib/mythtv/plugins/ undefined symbol: _ZN13SelectSetting21fillSelectionsFromDirERK4QDir
10:37[hC]>Unable to initialize plugin 'mythgallery'
10:37[hC]>any idea about this as well? :)
10:38sfr>not sure, could be mythgallery is compiled against an older libmyth.
10:38=wubbla [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:39c0nflict>where is the download data for news stored? it says it failed to read downloaded file. I must be a perm issue
10:39c0nflict>running it as root doesn't allow me to read it though
10:40[hC]>maybe it grabbed mythgallery from the old sources i gave it
10:41[hC]>oops. yes, that was the problem. my bad.
10:41=Teflon [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:41[hC]>so now i only have the mythbackend error. i like this thing so far ;)
10:43+wubbla [] joined #mythtv
10:44D-side>for anyone doing gentoo, theres an -r1 release of .13 out
10:45D-side>and i havent checked the changelog yet so dont ask. :)
10:50D-side> 14 Dec 2003; Daniel Ahlberg <> mythtv-0.13-r1.ebuild:
10:50D-side> Apply upstream patch to fix recordings on analog bttv cards.
10:52pahli_bar>c0nflict: email address please
10:54[hC]>Hrm. i just played a video using mythvideo, it used mplayer, except after i hit ESC and it took me back to mythtv, now myth doesnt seem to want to respond to keystrokes
10:54pahli_bar>c0nflict: on its way
10:54[hC]>nm, i lied
10:54D-side>sounds like a wm problem anyway.
10:54engie>D-side: Well, that was uneventful
10:55engie>I changed my sourecs, did an apt-get update and then a apt-get dist-upgrade. 1 paclage removed, 2 upgraded
10:55engie>all xmltv related
10:56engie>I was expecting more. I was expecting the machine to fall over and die...
10:56engie>anyways, all in all, mythtv debs still don't install :(
10:57+Teflon [] joined #mythtv
10:57c0nflict>[spencer@den c0nflict]$ ./c0nflict
10:58Teflon>getting yourself root?
10:58*c0nflict looks at tcpdump
10:59pahli_bar>c0nflict: then the problem lies somewhere else. can you check in the ~/.mythtv/ directory and see if mythnews was able to download files
11:00pahli_bar>c0nflict: its should be in ~/.mythtv/MythNews/
11:00c0nflict>all 0 files
11:00pahli_bar>c0nflict: try wgetting one of the urls and check
11:01c0nflict>and they are all 15m old
11:02c0nflict>wget pulls it down
11:03c0nflict>hrm. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Moved Temporarily
11:03c0nflict>but it does nab the shtml
11:03pahli_bar>humphhh.... the code which i sent you is the same as used inside mythnews. if one works other should too...
11:04c0nflict>maybe I will rm -rf ~/.mythtv
11:04c0nflict>or at least mv it
11:04pahli_bar>c0nflict: hang on.
11:05pahli_bar>c0nflict: i have the old url for SecurityFocus in the news-sites.xml file
11:06pahli_bar>c0nflict: change the url to the new one. restart mythnews. remove SecurityFocus from selected feed and add it again.
11:06c0nflict>I mv'd the mythtv and am rerunning setup atm
11:06c0nflict>k, hold on
11:09D-side>pfeh. this is a silly problem.
11:20c0nflict>failed to set content from xmlfile
11:22pahli_bar>c0nflict: ok thats something.
11:22pahli_bar>c0nflict: means ur network is fine. try slashdot
11:22c0nflict>hehe, that is what I am testing
11:23pahli_bar>c0nflict: have a look at the downloaded file
11:23c0nflict>I wget the /. rss and cp it to ~/.mythtv/Mythnews/Slashdot and it works
11:23pahli_bar>c0nflict: oh
11:24pahli_bar>c0nflict: did u compile urself
11:24c0nflict>naw, rh9 rpms from atrpms
11:25pahli_bar>c0nflict: sounds like a network problem inside myth and without too much info, i have to suspect the rpms
11:25c0nflict>you think it is a network problem?
11:25billytwowilly>here's a question: Is it feasible to have mythtv play the livestream while recording the livestream and then switch over to the buffer only if the person hits pause, rewind, etc? would this give faster channel changes?
11:26c0nflict>let me turn squid off, that is the only thing I can think of
11:27sfr>billytwowilly: the frontend _always_ reads from the buffer
11:28billytwowilly>sfr: I know. I'm just curious if it's even possible and if it would theoretically give faster channel change time.
11:29pahli_bar>billytwowilly: that is a problem with all pvr solutions which do buffering.
11:29sfr>billytwowilly: as live-tv always is a few seconds behind on-the-air-tv, after changing channels, these few seconds need to be buffered before streamed to the frontend. with 0.13 i see some speed-up in changing channels (on a pvr350)
11:29pahli_bar>billytwowilly: my workaround: use always browse mode (so only osd changes) and switch if i like something
11:30sfr>billytwowilly: channel-changing now takes around 1-2 seconds for me
11:31billytwowilly>pahli_bar: I know.. I was just curious because some asshat was spouting off about how it was completely unacceptable in the knoppmyth forum. I basically told him to STFU and drop the attitude and to very nicely ask you guys to point him to the code and he can try and modify it for himself.
11:31billytwowilly>But that got me thinking.
11:31billytwowilly>pahli_bar: I use that workaround too.
11:31sfr>noone's forced to use mythtv :)
11:31pahli_bar>billytwowilly: according to (windows pvr) - channel changing time of upto 10 secs is fine :)
11:31billytwowilly>that's the other thing I said.
11:32billytwowilly>he compared it the MCE and how it's instantaneous on there.
11:32sfr>pahli_bar: *rotfl* seriously?
11:32billytwowilly>So the general consensus is that wouldn't speed things up?
11:36pahli_bar>according to some discussions: snapstream - ~= 2.5 seconds
11:38pahli_bar>sfr: ah... here it is:
11:39pahli_bar>search for: Timeshifting produces quite a lag when changing channels what is that all about?
11:39[hC]>anyone here using mythtv to control a satellite box?
11:39D-side>for what its worth, I tried MCE once.
11:39[hC]>Im curious, what happens if i use like.. an IR transmitter to change channels on a box, but the channel it wanted to tune to on the satellite receiver was not available
11:40D-side>what a completely craptacular piece of software.
11:40D-side>[hC]: thats simple. dont have it tune to silly channels.
11:40[hC]>like lets say it lists channel 900 in the guide, but when it ry to tune to 900 on my sat, im not subscribed .. actually i could just exclude it
11:40D-side>right, you'd exclude it.
11:40D-side>pull it out of usage.
11:40engie>[hC]: I use an ir blaster on my cable box, works great
11:41D-side>i think if myth sees an invalid channel listing it ignores it
11:41engie>[hC]: a slightly longer delay because of the blaster prog, but never mind
11:41[hC]>engie: yeah.. cool. thats what im going to have to use, but oh well it should work decently
11:42engie>[hC]: I use
11:42engie>[hC]: But that's especially made for UK cable boxes I think
11:42=[hC] [~hardcore@] quit ("Client exiting")
11:43+[hC] [~hardcore@] joined #mythtv
11:43[hC]>repeat that?
11:43[hC]>I closed the window by mistake
11:43engie>I use, but I think that's for uk boxes mainly
11:44[hC]>Cool. Thanks for the url :) I'll check it out
11:47engie>I've got a shuttle remote control. It loads as a USB keyboard and mouse (works great under linux). Two questions: First, it has weird windows keyboard control buttons. I can use xmodmap for some, but others are key combinations (alt-enter, for example). Does anyone know how to assign that to a different letter so myth can pick it up?
11:47engie>Also, it has a mouse pad on it. Does anyone know how to tell x to treat "mouse going left" as a left button (direction key) press, etc? This would be much more useful in myth
11:55nchip>mythfilldatabase --update gives lots of:
11:55nchip>Duplicate entry '1007-20031213231500' for key 1
11:57=pahli_bar [] quit ("[BX] Terminated.")
11:57warlord-afkis now known as warlord
12:11+bishop [] joined #mythtv
12:12+Shayde [] joined #mythtv
12:12Shayde>hey folks, a snowstorm is about to come in, and i figure a great project for this afternon would be to get mythtv running here. i need to run out and get a video board though, any recommendations? Lookning at the docs, 'Hauppage WinTV Go' and 'AverTV Desktop PVR' seem to be the two best... yes?
12:13warlord>I would get the Hauppauge WinTV PVR-x50..
12:13D-side>the wintv go is a hunk of crap, imo.
12:13warlord>the onboard MPEG encoder really helps.
12:14D-side>and warlord is 100% correct.
12:14Shayde>hee hee :) 2 great opinions :)
12:14Shayde>oh, the 'go' is different than the pvr-x50?
12:14D-side>i know nothing of the avermedia product.
12:14D-side>Shayde: holy God yes.
12:14Shayde>hee *nod* okay
12:14D-side>the go is the budget "i'm a piece of crap but i'm cheap so buy me" model
12:14warlord>Shayde: yes.
12:14Shayde>yah, i'm going ton eed an onboard encoder, since i probably will be running this on a PIII-550
12:15D-side>where are you that its snowing?
12:15Shayde>boston :)
12:15Shayde>how much is the PVR-x50, roughly?
12:15Shayde>last question - can i do 'remote' viewing? ie, park a pc elsewhere at home, use the tuner / encoded stuff on the pc down here in the office and view it remotely on the tv or on the pc elsewhere?
12:15Shayde>erm, one more. the PVR-x50 must have a tuner, right?
12:15warlord>of course.
12:16Shayde>i can just jack in the coax cable to it?
12:16Shayde>okay, good
12:16Shayde>sory, i know these are neophyte questions. :(
12:17warlord>well, if you can jack the coax into your TV (without a cable box) and tune stations, then you can plug it into your pvr
12:17Shayde>*nodndnod* i was mostly thinking of physical connections
12:17D-side>would i be an idiot if i spent $150 on a pvr-250
12:17Shayde>i know about the 'can a standard tuner tune the cable companies connection' issue
12:17warlord>No, that's about what it goes for.
12:17Shayde>wow. *nod*
12:18D-side>warlord: i remember it being cheaper on sale months ago. i guess i'm just waiting for that to come down again
12:18*Shayde clickities.
12:18ananke>i haven't been able to find it for anything below $140
12:18Shayde>wow, $149.
12:18Shayde>that's MUCH better.
12:18warlord>I was able to find them for about $125
12:19Shayde>okay, off to IMPULSE PURCHASE MODE!
12:19D-side>Shayde: precisely.
12:19Shayde>back in an hour or two :)
12:19D-side>i'm with shayde. i want to go buy one NOW. :)
12:19ananke>hehe, i get those once every couple of weeks
12:19*o_cee is away: Gone
12:20sfr>praise the lord for 24h/7days/week opening hours :)
12:20+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
12:24D-side>i just looked at the calendar.
12:24D-side>no purchases for myself.
12:25D-side>i wonder if the quality on one of these cards is better than that of say a pinnacle pctv pro
12:27warlord>I've not compared to a pinnacle..
12:27warlord>but as I said, the onboard mpeg encoder is REALLY nice.
12:27D-side>but i think what i'm trying to get at is the quality of the tuner or the other inputs.
12:28D-side>i've got a pctv pro and even the composite in is just lacking in quality as compared to say a tivo or replay
12:31Shayde>hmm, (no, haven't left yet, was talking to the roomies :) - could Joe PC handle decoding an mpeg4 stream over the network (particularly wireless)? i'm thinking of how the roomies will access the mythtv box to view stuff - they just need access to the mpg files, right? okay, i just answered my own question. *dopeslaps self*
12:32D-side>b or g?
12:32D-side>b will suck ass.
12:33Shayde>b :(
12:33D-side>and no they wont be able to view the mpegs, unless you get a pvr card.
12:33D-side>anything software encoded cant be viewed on a "regular" pc
12:33Shayde>doesn't hte hardware encoder generate the same files as the software encoder?
12:34sfr>sure it can, if it's configured as a remote frontend
12:34Shayde>ah... HAH!
12:34D-side>sfr: i'm speaking along the lines of windows boxes.
12:34D-side>Shayde: the roommates run linux?
12:34Shayde>that's mostly what we'll be doing, i think, since most likely the host (tonka) will be my desktop machien sitting here in the office. question, how can the roomies [or myself] view things remotely.
12:35Shayde>one is a MacOSX nut, 2 others running windows, i run a mix.
12:35D-side>then you'll need a pvr card to do it easily.
12:35D-side>you could always transcode them to a viewable format, but that'd take time and cpu.
12:35sfr>Joe PC != Windows always
12:35D-side>and i think you said P3 550
12:35Shayde>good things to think about.
12:35Shayde>i did.
12:35Shayde>'tonka' though is an athlon 1400
12:35D-side>sfr: i disagree wholeheartedly
12:35Shayde>that'll be my test platform.
12:35D-side>Joe PC is your average idiot
12:35Shayde>tyhen i may dedicate a piii-550 to the process later.
12:36D-side>Shayde: still thats not very fast for this purpose
12:36Shayde>Sorry. We found no matches for hauppage. (#0115-S)
12:36Shayde>uh oh. that's on bestbuy's website :(
12:36D-side>so long as you've got a pvr card, it really doesnt matter if its the 550 or the 1400
12:36D-side>bestbuy doesnt carry it.
12:36Shayde>apparently :)
12:36Shayde>and i think circuit city is closed on sundays.
12:37D-side>wow. sucks for you
12:37D-side>they're open here certainly
12:37Shayde>D-side: i'll be over in an hour.
12:37D-side>its snowing and you're in boston.
12:37D-side>better make it 5
12:37Shayde>not snowing yet!
12:37D-side>snowing here though
12:37Shayde>(where's here?)
12:38Shayde>hmm. odd. searchign circuit city for 'hauppage' onlw hit the wintv go and the wintv usb boxes. owait, and a wintv usb 2.0 PVR.
12:38Shayde>cool, where?
12:38D-side>Shayde: did you try the url i posted
12:38D-side>Shayde: just around New Brunswick
12:39Shayde>oh, cool. i think we may have talked before. :) i used to live in Highland Park :
12:39Shayde>yah, odd - that URL works. i wonder if their search is hosed.
12:39D-side>well my memory is shot to shit.
12:39D-side>but its possible
12:39Shayde>found a store near here.
12:40=Netslayer [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
12:40Shayde>open on sundays :)
12:41Shayde>back in an hour or two :)
12:41D-side>i suppose i'm still a bit apprehensive about buying one because of the ivtv driver.
12:43Shayde>i don't suppose that USB version is worth anything, is it?
12:43Shayde>i hate having to crack open cases to move things around :(
12:43sfr>the pvr350 works flawlessly here, without using the TV-out feature.
12:43D-side>Shayde: no, the usb is unsupported.
12:43D-side>hm. wonder if a 250 would even fit in my Pundit
12:43Shayde>ah well :) off to exercise the VISA card!
12:43D-side>must, other people have them running i'm sure
12:44=brown_ [] quit ("Client Exiting")
12:44+frumious [] joined #mythtv
12:48ananke>i was considering getting the pundit, but i don't want to give up my sblive [which is full height]
12:53=heidig [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:58D-side>i fit an sblive in it.
12:58D-side>now granted, it took some WORK
12:58D-side>but i got it in there.
12:59D-side>and by work i mean i had to bend the case in all sorts of fun directions.
12:59D-side>honestly though, the alc650 works just fine.
13:01billytwowilly>anyone know if MCE just pipes the data to the screen from the input, or does it provide pause, rewind, etc.
13:04+hfb [] joined #mythtv
13:07[hC]>hmm. mythvideo is grabbing really strange cover art for my videos
13:07[hC]>they're the right ones.. but not the same one that imdb shows
13:07[hC]>and like.. european or something?
13:07+dilate [] joined #mythtv
13:08billytwowilly>it grabs from some poster site I think.
13:08[hC]>yeah, it seemed to be weird scans or posters. I sh ould hack it to grab the art from imdb instead, theirs are nicer ;)
13:09billytwowilly>I think they are also lower resolution..
13:09[hC]>oh.. that would make sense.
13:10billytwowilly>I don't know though.
13:12D-side>i had that happen months ago
13:12D-side>i ended up with french images.
13:12D-side>it resolved itself magically though
13:28c0nflict>too bad pahli_bar left, I fixed my news/weather/imdb was squid
13:35%Netsplit <-> quits: CyberKnet, Magick, c0nflict
13:36%Netsplit over, joins: c0nflict
13:37+bisc67 [] joined #mythtv
13:37bisc67>Hello all.
13:37bisc67>I have a noob question for you, why does it take so long to change channel with a PVR-250 card? Does it take more than 2 seconds with other cards?
13:39bisc67>What can be done about it?
13:39warlord>myth has to buffer enough data to start playing.
13:39warlord>uh, you can learn patience...
13:39DogBoy>wow, 2 second eh
13:40bisc67>Well, unfortunately, I've been using the Scientific Atlanta PVR and I've switched to some home grown PVR solution because of this sort of problem with SA boxes.
13:40DogBoy>is it a problem?
13:40bisc67>Yes. 2 seconds to change a channel is a tad long don't you think?
13:40ananke>bisc67 : you mean problem with SA pvrs, right? i use SA cable box, and it has no problems switching channels
13:41DogBoy>if you watch a lot of live tv I could see that maybe
13:41DogBoy>but why watch live tv?
13:41bisc67>Yes, I do. This is to replace my cable box. DogBoy: It's called channel surfing :)
13:41warlord>DogBoy: sports... but then again you're not flipping channels..
13:41warlord>bisc67: why channel surf with a pvr?
13:42DogBoy>old habits
13:42bisc67>Oh come on, it's to REPLACE MY CABLE BOX.
13:42ananke>bisc67 : i don't think i will be able to completely replace my SA cable box: digital channels is the main obstacle.
13:42DogBoy>yes... and?
13:42bisc67>Well, I don't want a 2 second channel change.
13:42bisc67>So my next question, How can I assist in reducing this time?
13:42ananke>bisc67 : which SA model do you have?
13:43bisc67>SA: DVR Exploder 8000.
13:43DogBoy>isn't channel surfing a habit that comes out of not having a pvr?
13:43warlord>bisc67: send a patch.. but you'll unlikely find a good way to significantly reduce the input time.
13:43bisc67>Damn thing crashes all the time.
13:43sfr>Chutt: they are discussing channel change times AGAIN. Pleaase make them go away.
13:43ananke>i see. i have sa explorer 3100, and i could have not been happier. of course, it's not a pvr, but as a cable box - it rocks. very fast.
13:43bisc67>ananke: Digital or analog cable?
13:44ananke>bisc67 : both.
13:44bisc67>sfr: So, if everyone discusses it, you can give me the 2 second answer!
13:44sfr>bisc67: Here you go: 42.
13:45ananke>in fact, when i see say directv interface, i feel much better about my cable. the interface is sleek, fast and responsive. i guess it also depends on your provider [i have adelphia cable]
13:45bisc67>The sa box has this bad bug where when you type in a 3 digit channel, then it'll get the first 2 digits, wait a couple of seconds, switch channel, get the last digit and then switch channel again.
13:45bisc67>sfr: Ahhh! that old one. 7x6.
13:45ananke>bisc67 : i suggest you talk to the provider, and instead of the pvr - get any other regular cable box
13:46bisc67>ananke: My point exactly. I don't want the SA PVR any more.
13:46=pcjabber [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:46bisc67>But I don't want to wait for the meaning of life to be caculated while I change channels :)
13:46ananke>i think the easiest would be like i said: replace it with your cable provider
13:47bisc67>So, what exactly causes the delay?
13:48+schwin97 [] joined #mythtv
13:49warlord>bisc67: have you read anything I've written in the past few minutes???
13:49sfr>bisc67: you can replace myth live-tv mode with tvtime or xawtv
13:50bisc67>warlord: So what you're telling me is that the delay is caused by buffering 2 seconds worth of data to the hard drive?
13:50bisc67>You only need 1/30 of a second of buffered data before playing.
13:50ananke>i highly doubt hard drive would be used to cache live stream :)
13:51warlord>ananke: then you would be completely wrong. Yes, Myth caches the livetv to the disk.
13:51Chutt>bisc67, come back after you've looked at the source
13:51ananke>warlord : i guess my educated guess was completely wrong. why would you use drive for caching, instead of say ram?
13:52warlord>ananke: RTFS
13:52DogBoy>so you can rewind...
13:53ananke>DogBoy : i see. thanks, at least some mature answer
13:53bisc67>DogBoy: So, in RAM you can only read in one direction?
13:53DogBoy>you're stuck with how much ram you have
13:53DogBoy>that seems obvious
13:54Chutt>there's very little point in being able to pause and seek if you're limited to how much ram you have.
13:54bisc67>DogBoy: It's called streamed buffering. You write the end of your buffer to disk. Or, you write it directly to the disk file and leave it to the filesystem deal with caching.
13:55Chutt>i'll be quite happy to accept a patch that speeds things up
13:55DogBoy>I got no problem with 2 seconds
13:55DogBoy>channel surfing is for people with short attention span
13:56DogBoy>don't use a pvr
13:56bisc67>DogBoy: What was that you said again? I forgot :)
13:56Chutt>or turn on the 'channel changes enter browse mode' option
13:56sfr>DogBoy: sorry, what did you talk about again?
13:56Chutt>which, well, works rather well
13:56ananke>is it really that hard to answer questions regarding the design of mythtv? if you're not interested, why even bother to tell somebody to read the source?
13:56DogBoy>cause they get the same questions over and over
13:56Chutt>ananke, because it's pointless
13:57Chutt>why answer questions about the design for someone who has no intention of contributing code?
13:57bisc67>I've gotta go right now, have to put the littlun down for a nap and I'm going to have a look at the source.
13:57ananke>Chutt : and why would you assume so?
13:57bisc67>Chutt: maybe it should be added to the FAQ.
13:57ananke>Chutt : in fact, that kind of attidude causes less people to be interested in contributing
13:57Chutt>because if someone had intentions of contributing, they'd have looked at the source already
13:58Chutt>or asked a _specific_ question
13:58Chutt>or at _least_ searched the mailing list
13:58bisc67>If there is a quick answer, like changing a configuration parameter, then why do I need to look at the source.
13:58ananke>actually, i was considering contributing, but within the week i've been here, i'm loosing that interest
13:59Chutt>i don't need anymore half assed contributions
13:59sfr>Chutt: thx ;)
13:59bisc67>Ananke: I think is absolutely necessary to contribute because mythtv is the way to go for pvr functionality. It's a great looking product with some frustrating problems.
14:00Chutt>sfr, heh
14:00*DogBoy digs his mythtv
14:00ananke>bisc67 : it is nice, but if the developers don't want contributions, then what's the point
14:00bisc67>Cool thing about open source, is that it *IS* possible to fix the problems.
14:00bisc67>ananke: I'd have a fast pvr!
14:00sfr>bisc67: frustrating problems?
14:01Chutt>i don't want contributions where i have to hold the contributors hand through and end up writing the code for them
14:01bisc67>sfr: Slow channel change, ripping only the first track from a dvd, slow tv view start up.
14:01Chutt>bisc67, it'll rip any title
14:01bisc67>That's odd, I have a dvd with 12 tracks and it would only see 3.
14:02warlord>bisc67: the channel change and "slow startup" are the same problem -- start-time buffering.
14:02Chutt>since it starts over on channel change
14:02bisc67>warlord: Well, how do I switch that off? I don't WANT it to stop recording what I was watching.
14:03ananke>Chutt : some questions would be less frequent if they were documented. you assume that everybody starts reading the source code if there is a problem.
14:03Chutt>ananke, because that's how i work
14:03warlord>bisc67: you dont. it's the way it works right now.
14:03bisc67>Sorry, I gotta go for now but I'd really like to see what I can do about this.
14:03warlord>bisc67: go read the source
14:04bisc67>warlord: Well, I intend to change that if I can.
14:04ananke>Chutt : i think i'm like most others: i try to read the documentation/mailing lists/faqs before even looking at the code.
14:04Chutt>documentation's generally out of date
14:04Chutt>faqs are too general
14:04Chutt>and the channel changing time has been discussed in great detail on the mailing lists
14:04bisc67>A question like why is the channel change slow is a pretty general question.
14:05ananke>then don't be surprised that people ask these questions here.
14:05Chutt>ananke, are you volunteering to write source level documentation?
14:05Chutt>i don't have time to do that _and_ write code
14:05ananke>Chutt : i'm trying to determine if it's its worth contributing yet or not
14:06Chutt>if you have to think about it, then, no, it's not.
14:06ananke>again, thanks for assuming things for me.
14:06bisc67>Chutt: Well, looks like I may be trying to contribute then. I don't have to think about it.
14:06Chutt>thanks =)
14:08warlord>Chutt: a couple weeks ago I thought someone sent a patch to the list to deal with the avcodecs returning the same frame multiple times and winding up with the same frame buffer on the free list twice.. What happened to that patch?
14:08Chutt>warlord, i don't recall that at all
14:08Chutt>do you have a link for it?
14:08warlord>I'll go try to look..
14:09warlord>I think it was with a series of DVB patches.
14:09Chutt>i'm pretty sure i had most things applied that i was going to apply
14:09Chutt>but if it didn't have 'patch' in the subject line, i may have missed it in my recent searches
14:09warlord>well, it's possible you decided not to apply this one ;)
14:09warlord>Yea, I dont think it did. Let me check my archives.
14:16+mattfelsen [] joined #mythtv
14:16*nchip found a bug in xmltv Finnish grabber
14:16mattfelsen>when running mythfilldatabase, it says there are some new channels and unavailable channels and that i should re-run would i do that?
14:18sfr>mattfelsen: it refers to xmltv. iirc tv_grab_YOUR_AREA --configure, but check the xmltv docs
14:20mattfelsen>yea, i thought so which is why i was curious as i thought all the xmltv setup stuff was done via mythtv setup
14:20mattfelsen>anyway, what you said worked. thanks
14:22warlord>Chutt: Ok, I found the patch.. Sat 22 Nov.. Subject "Aspect Change problems". D.Charlton sent in a patch, you suggested he improve it. AFAICT he never sent an updated patch...
14:23o_cee>Chutt: i send a mail dec12 to -dev about "Recording priorities", subject "Re: [mythtv-commits] mythtv commits".. it hasn't reached the list? i haven't seen it.
14:24Chutt>o_cee, looked in the archives?
14:24Chutt>warlord, oh, that one
14:24o_cee>yeah, yesterday or something.. hang on. will check again
14:24Chutt>where he said 'there is too nasty to put in, but i can improve it if you want me to'
14:24Chutt>err, 'this is too nasty'
14:25Chutt>warlord, but i think the aspect change stuff is worked around
14:25Chutt>huh, nevermind, it's not
14:26Chutt>or else doug's patch broke it
14:26warlord>Chutt: this has nothing to do with aspect ratio, actually..
14:26o_cee>npoe, can't find it in the archive either.. odd
14:26Chutt>it's the same bug
14:26Chutt>two different triggers
14:26o_cee>but we can take it here instead
14:26Chutt>i didn't really have a problem with his second patch
14:26warlord>I do have some video that exhibits this issue.
14:27Chutt>would you mind testing it to see if it still works?
14:27warlord>This is the patch in 016051?
14:27warlord>Ok, let me test that and get back to you.
14:27Chutt>thank you
14:27warlord>You're welcome.
14:28warlord>It's really one of the last things that my wife complains about ;)
14:28Chutt>i'd do it, but i've got doug larrick's big seek table rework patch in my tree that i'm testing
14:28warlord>Heh. ok.
14:28warlord>I'll play with it later -- can't turn off football ;)
14:28o_cee>problem is that i get a "size mismatch" when entering "recording priorities".. and the screen says that there are no recordings.. the box is chopped up at the moment (installing the 350).. but am i the only one seeing this? started after you did that optimization on rogramInfo::FromStringList
14:28Chutt>o_cee, are you running a different frontend version than the backend?
14:29Chutt>i really need to add a versioning string to that
14:29o_cee>also getting: QTime::fromString: Parameter out of range
14:29Chutt>you absolutely sure?
14:29o_cee>uhm.. well. 99,99%
14:29o_cee>let me check
14:29Chutt>what's the exact error you're getting?
14:30o_cee>two first lines are added by me
14:30o_cee>numrecordings: 12
14:30o_cee>strlist.size: 329
14:30o_cee>length mismatch between programinfo
14:30o_cee>and two qtime parameter out of range
14:30sfr>o_cee: the improved status page looks nice. could the description also be added to the encoder status when an encoder is busy?
14:31o_cee>sfr: thought about it, don't know how to make it in a nice way, but i'll think about it
14:32o_cee>mythtv@dragon mythtv $ mythbackend --version
14:32o_cee>mythtv@dragon mythtv $ mythfrontend --version
14:32Chutt>allright, just checking
14:32o_cee>almost feels like its something in the db
14:32Chutt>works fine here
14:32Chutt>naw, shouldn't be
14:33bisc67>What distribution would you recommend for building mythtv?
14:33sfr>i see that qtime parameter out of range too, but doesn't seem to cause problems
14:33Chutt>whatever you're most comfortable with
14:33bisc67>what are you using?
14:33Chutt>debian unstable
14:33o_cee>bisc67: gentoo
14:33bisc67>Mandrake didn't seem to have half the stuff needed to build.
14:34Chutt>well, there's mandrake packages
14:34Chutt>so i'd assume that everything's in there
14:34o_cee>i'll go try to get the 350 working instead.. i'll look into the other stuff later
14:34Chutt>o_cee, the strlist size should be 337 or 338
14:35Chutt>so, i dunno
14:35warlord>Chutt: well, the patch applied mostly cleanly to modern CVS. I'm (slowly) rebuilding and then I'll try it later when I get the chance to install it..
14:35Chutt>bisc67, don't message me
14:43+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
14:46=mattfelsen [] quit ("BitchX: its everywhere you want to be")
14:46mdz_>Chutt: are mythnews and mythbrowser worth packaging at this point?
14:48mdz_>Chutt: the new mythvideo package seems popular; 48 downloads since I uploaded the first version late last night
14:49mdz_>33 for mythgame
14:49Chutt>mythnews is pretty decent
14:49Chutt>mythbrowser's going to be more complicated for you, so i wouldn't bother with it just yet
14:49Chutt>it depends on some kde stuff :p
14:49+marc_ [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
14:49Chutt>but mythnews is a normal plugin
14:50mdz_>kde shouldn't be a problem on unstable
14:50mdz_>and I'm no longer supporting stable unless there is a public outcry
14:50mdz_>no way am I maintaining a Qt backport
14:51Chutt>well, you decide
14:51Chutt>then :p
14:51billytwowilly>is stable still running on a 2.2 kernel??;)
14:51mdz_>Debian 3.0 shipped with a 2.4.18 kernel from day 1
14:51frumious>mdz_: make that 49.
14:51mdz_>frumious: :-)
14:52mdz_>only 134 downloads of mythtv 0.13 debs so far, though. probably a lot of people got tired of waiting
14:52Chutt>did you put that patch in?
14:52Chutt>cool, thanks =)
14:53nchip>mdz_: your 0.13 debs don't dvb nor lirc compiled in..
14:53nchip>mdz_: but after kicking them in they worked fine
14:53mdz_>nchip: I pushed them out as fast as possible; I haven't dealt with any bugs nor feature requests since 0.11-6
14:53mdz_>I wanted to get the new release out before working on any of that stuff
14:54mdz_>#INCLUDEPATH += /usr/src/linux/include/linux/dvb/
14:54mdz_>that's not gonna fly for DVB
14:54Chutt>wow, mythbrowser's the most downloaded plugin
14:55Chutt>wouldn't have thought that
14:55nchip>mdz_: /usr/include/linux/dvb works 2.5.999-test7-bk-8 linux-kernel-headers atleast
14:55bisc67>How do I access the cvs tree?
14:55sfr>is it usable with a remote?
14:55Chutt>sfr, not really
14:55Chutt>it's _almost_ there
14:55billytwowilly>bisc67: look on the website...
14:56billytwowilly>also, you can browse onlin at
14:56Chutt>cvs instructions
14:56billytwowilly>bisc67: You are the guy from the knoppmyth forum right?
14:56bisc67>billy: I must have missed it, sorry.
14:56nchip>oh, and I can't make lirc work with my evation irman :(
14:56billytwowilly>chutt was a little more accurate;)
14:56sfr>so how'd would you enter Urls. I HATE to sms on mobiles, so wondered how it can be usable. :)
14:56mdz_>Chutt: it's at the top of the list
14:57mdz_>maybe they should be reordered by maturity
14:57Chutt>i'd like to see mythnews be able to launch mythbrowser
14:57Chutt>that'd be neat
14:57*nchip finds sms usable with t9
14:57Chutt>since a bunch of places have links in there
14:58mdz_>what's the using_viahwslice stuff about?
14:59Chutt>epia-m hardware decoder
14:59mdz_>doesn't look like the library is in Debian
14:59Chutt>it's not
14:59mdz_>if somebody sends me an epia-m in the mail, I'll package it
14:59Chutt>wouldn't enable that or xvmc by default
14:59nchip>mdz_: the lib is binary-only
14:59Chutt>i'm almost fed up with mine =)
14:59mdz_>oh, xvmc is no good yet?
15:00mdz_>I figured I'd compile it in if it builds
15:00+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
15:00pcjabber>Dammit, mIRC caused a connection abort again
15:00nchip>I'm running myth on a epia-m, but there is no display (yet) connected
15:00Chutt>you don't always want it
15:00pcjabber>anyone have a better IRC client for M$ Window$?
15:00Chutt>it's kinda buggy, i'm not really maintaining that code
15:01sfr>pcjabber: xchat is nice
15:01Chutt>really should make a setting for it
15:01pcjabber>1 (or is it I?) = Recording
15:01Chutt>but, whatever
15:01pcjabber>C = An episode was previously recorderd and is still available in the list.
15:01pcjabber>P = your current Duplicate Recording Policy will not allow it
15:02pcjabber>O = Will be recorded at a different time
15:02Chutt>allright, back later
15:02pcjabber>V = Covered by another sched. recording for the same program
15:02pcjabber>thanks sft
15:02pcjabber>I am not sure of the difference between O and V.... they seem the same to me
15:04mdz_>Chutt: that gdb/binutils stuff for debug info in separate files is in
15:05mdz_>so I'm thinking of building the myth packages with -g and shipping a mythtv-debug package
15:05pcjabber>im switching to xchat brb
15:05=pcjabber [] quit ()
15:08frumious>What must be done to get mplayer to work with mythvideo and PVR-350's tvout?
15:10warlord>frumious: read the ivtv mailing list -- tmk sent a patch
15:10frumious>okay, thanks.
15:13=racer [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:23mdz_>nchip: 0.13-4 with dvb and lirc support up now
15:23+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
15:24pcjabber>OT: can anyone help me with XChat for Windows?
15:24pcjabber>it refuses to connect to this server
15:24pcjabber>gives me this output:
15:24pcjabber>--- Connecting to ( port 6667..
15:24pcjabber>--- Connected. Now logging in..
15:24pcjabber>--- *** Looking up your hostname...
15:24pcjabber>--- *** Checking ident
15:24pcjabber>--- *** Found your hostname
15:24pcjabber>--- *** No identd (auth) response
15:24pcjabber>--- USER :Not enough parameters
15:24pcjabber>--- Closing Link: pcjabber (Connection Timed Out)
15:24pcjabber>--- Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).
15:24pcjabber>--- Looking up
15:24pcjabber>--- Connecting to ( port 6667..
15:24pcjabber>--- Connected. Now logging in..
15:24pcjabber>--- *** Looking up your hostname...
15:24pcjabber>--- *** Found your hostname, welcome back
15:24pcjabber>--- *** Checking ident
15:24pcjabber>--- *** No identd (auth) response
15:24pcjabber>--- USER :Not enough parameters
15:24pcjabber>--- Closing Link: pcjabber (Connection Timed Out)
15:24pcjabber>--- Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).
15:24pcjabber>I looked on XChat's site, and it says "do /set identd 1"
15:24pcjabber>i did
15:25pcjabber>and it still does the same
15:25sfr>pcjabber: xchat 2.0.4 works just fine on my w2k laptop. got some personal firewall running maybe?
15:26pcjabber>hardware firewall
15:26pcjabber>but prt 6667 thru 6670 (?) are forwarded
15:26pcjabber>i am using 2.0.5b
15:27+choenig [] joined #mythtv
15:27warlord>Oh, most likely you dont have ident forwarded back
15:27pcjabber>funny, because mIRC works fine
15:28pcjabber>what prt does identd run on?
15:28warlord>grep ident /etc/services
15:28pcjabber>please tell me its not something really off-the-wall
15:28pcjabber>thanks...let me run that on my BSD box
15:29warlord>sounds right
15:29pcjabber>k thanks
15:29pcjabber>just a sec
15:31=pcjabber [] quit ()
15:32+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
15:32pcjabber>ok one more err
15:32pcjabber>--- Looking up
15:32pcjabber>--- Connecting to ( port 6667..
15:32pcjabber>--- Connected. Now logging in..
15:32pcjabber>--- *** Looking up your hostname...
15:32pcjabber>--- *** Found your hostname, welcome back
15:32pcjabber>--- *** Checking ident
15:32pcjabber>% Servicing ident request from
15:32pcjabber>--- *** Got ident response
15:32pcjabber>--- USER :Not enough parameters
15:32pcjabber>--- Closing Link: pcjabber (Connection Timed Out)
15:32pcjabber>--- Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).
15:32pcjabber>thanks on the ident thing =)
15:32+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
15:32pcjabber>"USER: Not enough params" is what im looking at.
15:33pcjabber>it stops for a moment there, then gives the "Closing Link"
15:33warlord>no clue.. but this is NOT the right channel to discuss or ask for help.
15:36+unixxprt [] joined #mythtv
15:36pcjabber>there we go...
15:36pcjabber>that was the problem
15:36=dilate [] quit ("Leaving")
15:36pcjabber>i forgot to fill in the Real_Name Field =p
15:36+Magick [] joined #mythtv
15:36=pcjabber [] quit ()
15:36=Magick [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:36=unixxprt [] quit (Client Quit)
15:37+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
15:38pcjabber>thanks very much for your help, everyone
15:38pcjabber>and, terribly sorry about that =)
15:40+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
15:41*pcjabber is away: Sorry, I am away ATM...BB soon! (XChat 2.0.5b)
15:42=bishop [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:42=holger_ [] quit ("Client exiting")
15:47*pcjabber is back (gone 00:05:33)
15:47*pcjabber is away: Watching TV (with Myth =)
15:52Netslayer>anyone here running a Geforce 4 MX series with somewhat new NV drivers? i'm wondering if the overscan issue works in the new ones (july03)
15:54pcjabber>sorry, not me
15:54Netslayer>4496 - july 2003, 4363 - april 2003, 4339 march 2003
15:54Netslayer>so anyone know if 4496 works with overscan on MX series G4?
15:55pcjabber>4363 is the latest that works OK, AFAIK
15:55Netslayer>what card do u have
15:56Netslayer>overscan works with those?
15:56pcjabber>onboard (getting a Pundit soon)
15:56Netslayer>i could care less about 3d, i want overscan heh
15:56pcjabber>but im just going from the PVR HW DB's guide
15:56pcjabber>Jarod's guide
15:56Netslayer>i guess i can always downgrade, i'll try 4363
15:56pcjabber>remove the #punditeth at the end
15:57pcjabber>4363 is one that *definately* works
15:57Netslayer>excelent thx
15:57pcjabber>its with different hw, but that is about the nVidia card
15:57=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
15:58Netslayer>i know the old ones worked, and i installed the news ones a week ago, never worked so that's why i was asking
15:59Netslayer>just got fluxbox emerged..working on two boxes at the same time :-)
15:59pcjabber>hehe ok =)
15:59Netslayer>so it's for nvidia cards heh
16:00pcjabber>yep hee
16:00+bishop [] joined #mythtv
16:02Netslayer>anyone here have a nice XF86Config section for their display? especially the twinview settings
16:08pcjabber>"Here's an example Device setup section for a GeForce 4 MX video card using the 1.0-4363 nvidia driver to output to a n NTSC television via S-Video:
16:08pcjabber>Section "Device"
16:08pcjabber>Identifier "Videocard0"
16:08pcjabber>Driver "nvidia"
16:08pcjabber>VendorName "Chaintech"
16:08pcjabber>BoardName "nVidia GeForce 4 MX 440"
16:08pcjabber>Option "RenderAccel" "1"
16:08pcjabber># TV Out Setup
16:08pcjabber>Option "TwinView"
16:08pcjabber>Option "TwinViewOrientation" "Clone"
16:09pcjabber>Option "SecondMonitorHorizSync" "30-50"
16:09pcjabber>Option "SecondMonitorVertRefresh" "60"
16:09pcjabber>Option "MetaModes" "1024x768, 1024x768; 800x600, 800x600; 640x480, 640x480;"
16:09*Shayde returns, with a successful purchase!
16:09pcjabber>Option "TVStandard" "NTSC-M"
16:09pcjabber>Option "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"
16:09Shayde>yay me :)
16:09pcjabber>Option "TVOverScan" "0.6"
16:09pcjabber>You may have to tweak the TVOverScan option to best suit your TV. Valid values range from 0.0 (no overscan) to 1.0 (overscan as much as possible). This helps to eliminate a black border from showing up around the picture on your TV. Note that overscan is only supported on GeForce4-class (or newer) video cards, but all other options should work for earlier nVidia cards. Obviously, your settings may vary slightly, depending on your card."
16:09pcjabber>sorry about spamming the channel with these pastes, but XChat likes to do that
16:09pcjabber>yay Shayde
16:10*Shayde has a bouncing new baby WnTV-pvr-250.
16:10pcjabber>nice =)
16:10sfr>xchat surely postes this all on it's own ;)
16:10pcjabber>where did you buy it, Shayde?
16:10Netslayer>pcjabber, thx
16:10pcjabber>np Netslayer
16:10=bishop [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/20031007]")
16:11Netslayer>is there a generic utility to setup XF86Config first before I tweak it like that?
16:11Netslayer>or should i just work from the example file
16:11pcjabber>XF86Configurator (IIRC)
16:11pcjabber>or xconfig
16:11Shayde>circuit city, $150.
16:12Shayde>so this box is running w2k now, i'll get it installed and running on this now, before i figure out where i'm going to install debian.
16:12pcjabber>good choice =)
16:14*Shayde bows.
16:15=Shayde [] quit ("BRB")
16:19*pcjabber is watching TV with his (verry slow) myth box
16:19pcjabber>I was implying that my system was slow, not myth =)
16:20pcjabber>anyone know about the CID feature, and shutdown/wakeup features?
16:20pcjabber>and how to use them? heh
16:20=Misirlou [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:21Netslayer>31.0-64.0 for HorizSync and 50.0-120.0 VertRefresh sound good for a tv out right
16:22+Misirlou [] joined #mythtv
16:22=Misirlou [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:23+Shayde [] joined #mythtv
16:23pcjabber>sorry, not sure Netslayer
16:23+Misirlou [] joined #mythtv
16:23Shayde>hey pcj, you a jabber user, or just like the nickname?
16:23pcjabber>just like the nick
16:23+tmk [] joined #mythtv
16:23pcjabber>think i got ahold of it before Jabber came out
16:23knight->Netslayer, set your Vert to 60
16:24pcjabber>well, i guess it depends on when Jabber came out heh
16:24pcjabber>let me see
16:26pcjabber>Copyright \xA9 1999 - 2003 by the Jabber Software Foundation
16:26pcjabber> the nick before JSF/Jabber were out =)
16:26+kraken [] joined #mythtv
16:26pcjabber>the nick was established around '97 or '98
16:27=marc_ [~Marc@] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:28Shayde>criminy, i haven't excavated my machine out of its niche in like a year.
16:28kraken>if I'm using a package which was compiled with native LIRC support, but I want to keep using irxevent, if I just don't put a lircrc in ~mythtv/.mythtv/ will the frontend just not use it?
16:28Shayde>what a fucking mess.
16:28knight->kraken, no
16:29kraken>well crapola
16:29knight->enabling LIRC support in mythtv actually enables hard code
16:30knight->we were talking about having autoconf, to generate configure scripts, and if that happened, then we could detect lirc on the system, and compile in support, and then in the setup guis, we could allow people to soft-enable soft-disable
16:30kraken>my problem is that if I use mythtv's native LIRC support, once mplayer comes up with mythvideo, I'm powerless to control it
16:32pcjabber>simple, don't use native LIRC ;-)
16:32kraken>and I'm not sure if setting up mplayer's LIRC support would work, since mythfrontend would already be grabbing from the device. any idea what would happen there?
16:32kraken>pcjabber: unfortunately, mdz just enabled it in his debs :)
16:33mdz_>I thought someone added code to release lirc when calling an external program
16:33pcjabber>havent used LIRC
16:33mdz_>yes, that's exactly what myth_system is for
16:34mdz_>and mythvideo uses it
16:34pcjabber>because my PieceOf$#!+ (tm) computer wont run it or an IR reciever
16:34pcjabber>i am getting a Pundit (hopefully) for Christmas though
16:34kraken>oh good... so as long as I set up mplayer's LIRC support, it WILL be able to talk to the device when mythvideo spawns it
16:34pcjabber>my personal finances are restricted by the Parents.
16:34pcjabber>Just bought a new Palm Tungsten T3 (big dent in wallet..heh)
16:34mdz_>kraken: did you actually experience a problem, or were you just anticipating one?
16:35kraken>mdz_: I was just anticipating, since I'd toyed with the native LIRC support earlier
16:35=Ripp [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:35warlord>Chutt: FWIW, that patch helps a bit, but does not completely solve the jerky video problem. I've got a "bad video" which I can give you -- the badness starts right at the beginning.
16:35kraken>now that I know the full story, things are looking much brighter
16:35mdz_>that's been fixed for months
16:36+Ripp [] joined #mythtv
16:39Chutt>warlord, sure
16:39Chutt>trim it down as much as possible, if you don't mind
16:40warlord>Chutt: I can send you the first 60 seconds, which is about 64MB
16:41warlord>Chutt: how would you like me to get this to you? I can put it up on HTTP if you like?
16:44Chutt>http would probably be best
16:44warlord>may I msg the URL to you?
16:44Chutt>my 'no msg' rule is for randomass people that just joined the channel :p
16:45-kraken [] left #mythtv ()
16:47knight->what are the performance timing differences with XvMC enabled versus disabled?
16:47Chutt>not much difference on my ti4200
16:47Chutt>which is why i'm not bothering with it anymore
16:48knight->oh you're going to drop active dev on it?
16:48Chutt>and the osd being limited to 16 colors kinda kills it for me as well
16:48Chutt>i already have :p
16:48knight->I ignored it for a long time, since I didn't think the nvidia card I had supported it
16:48knight->But I put another card in that does.
16:50warlord>Chutt: no problem, but I find it's always safer to ask first :)
16:51*Shayde installs hauppage drivers.
16:52nchip>does mythdvd do dvd subtitles?
16:52sfr>wrong question. the question is wether your configured player does.
16:53nchip>oh. so it uses an external player
16:53Chutt>warlord, grabbing it now
16:56Chutt>did you ever play this with anything besides mythtv?
16:56*Shayde is making the first foray into digital video stuff today with the wintv installation.
16:56warlord>ISTR playing it with mplayer...
16:56warlord>Let me retry.
16:56Shayde>well, striket hat, watched DVD's on the winxp laptop i have, tha'ts it.
16:57Chutt>mplayer and xine both exhibit more corruption than mythtv does with the beginning of this clip
16:57warlord>but do they recover?
16:57Chutt>not yet, i've only gotten 20 MB of it
16:58warlord>the patch I was testing DID help with my other broken clip.... I was assuming this one was similarly broken, but it could just be completely trashed.
17:00Chutt>the corruption continues through 30MB, at least
17:01warlord>So is the MPEG just completely broken?
17:01Chutt>i think it may be
17:01warlord>Strange. I wonder why ivtv gave me this?
17:01Chutt>never seen that happen before with ivtv
17:01warlord>me either
17:02Chutt>but, that patch fixes one of your problem tracks?
17:02warlord>my _other_ broken video (which just has one bad frame) is definitely fixed by the patch.
17:02Chutt>i'll try and get that applied, then
17:02Netslayer>pcjabber are u there? wondering what u have for screen and monitor section
17:03Netslayer>should i be declaring any ModeLine's in my Section "Monitor"
17:03warlord>Hmm, I guess this other one is just completely frotzed
17:03Netslayer>i'm getting "(EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration"
17:04warlord>that jerkiness was just reminiscent of the other problem..
17:04%Netsplit <-> quits: nchip
17:05%Netsplit over, joins: nchip
17:05warlord>Let me try my other clip with mplayer again just to make sure...
17:07warlord>my other clip has a bad spot about 2 mins in.
17:07warlord>Ok, mplayer recovers just fine with my other video...
17:08warlord>but not with the one I sent you.
17:08warlord>ok, so I suspect there is just a really bad video here..
17:08warlord>(although that patch is still necessary to recover from the other issue)
17:11Shayde>hmm. okay, i have video. i have choppy as -shit- audio :(
17:13warlord>Shayde: turn on extra audio buffering?
17:14Shayde>this is actually haupage wintv - not flipped over to linux yet.
17:14sfr>warlord: ignore him, he's on the dark side atm. :)
17:14Shayde>hee :)
17:14warlord> /ignore Shayde
17:15*Shayde wails!
17:17Shayde>interesting. wen i tune to a channel, the video is crystal smooth, but after a few minutes, it goes to about 1-2 frames a second, and the sound clears up to perfect.
17:19=frumious [] quit ("Leaving")
17:23Shayde>it -could- be the audio on this machine blows big hairy chunks. :(
17:25+Big_Poppa [] joined #mythtv
17:32pcjabber>question... what settings can i use to get the PVR-250 filesize for an hour down to about 1GB
17:32pcjabber>and what quality sufferance will i take?
17:32pcjabber>or should i just bite it and allow 2Gb/hr
17:32pcjabber>the PVR-250, again, is coming with Christmas (hopefully)
17:33pcjabber>sorry i wansnt around earlier =)
17:33Chutt>just wait and see
17:33Chutt>there's a bitrate slider
17:33Chutt>it's not difficult to change the settings
17:33pcjabber>k Chutt
17:33Big_Poppa>does the quality take a big hit on a normal tv though?
17:33pcjabber>has anyone gotten it down to about 1GB without a quality suffereance?
17:34pcjabber>no clue Big_Poppa
17:34pcjabber>dont have it yet =)
17:34*pcjabber is back (gone 01:47:00)
17:34*Big_Poppa was kind of pointing that too Chutt as well
17:34+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
17:35Big_Poppa>trying to ask a follow up on yours
17:35pcjabber>ohh sorry =)
17:35Chutt>things generally look better on a tv than they do on a monitor.
17:35Big_Poppa>no worries, just was wondering the same thing
17:35pcjabber>Chutt, btw, I love what you (or who ever did) did the excellent change to TeleText/Closed Captioning
17:36Chutt>what change?
17:36pcjabber>an opaque background, rather than the semi-transparent background
17:36Chutt>that code hasn't been touched in ages
17:36pcjabber>different theme, possibly?
17:36Big_Poppa>I have a 120gb hard drive which would be 50 hours of tv, but since I am using this for tv out only I too was hoping I could cut it down w/out it looking like a vcr
17:36pcjabber>ahh ok
17:37pcjabber>havent used Blue in ages
17:37pcjabber>so i wouldnt have known
17:37pcjabber>now, the PVR, does it just not support VBI at all, or is it the Linux drivers, or is it just Myth?
17:38*pcjabber is sorry he asks so many questions =)
17:38sfr>the drivers
17:38Chutt>linux drivers
17:39pcjabber>so eventually, it may support VBI?
17:40pcjabber>and, when the drivers do, will Myth automatically support it? or will it need more code?
17:40Chutt>a little code, likely
17:41pcjabber>ahh ok
17:42pcjabber>thanks much =)
17:45Shayde>okay, after reading hte k7s5a FAQ and motherboard guide, i -really- need to flash the bios on this mobo.
17:45Shayde>so i may -totally- waste my system in the proces :)
17:50mdz_>Chutt: what's the "gant" in your todo?
17:50pcjabber>anyone know how to use the CID feature, and shutdown/wakeup features?
17:51pcjabber>gant is a new theme, IIRC
17:51=bisc67 [] quit ()
17:52mdz_>pcjabber: mythtv-dev, of all places
17:53mdz_>rkulagow: thanks for updating that mention of the debs in the docs
17:53+Kreats [~asdsa@] joined #mythtv
17:55Netslayer>how would i go about autologin into fluxbox? it currently boots and then prompts me with an Xfree86 login screen (gui), then it goes to fluxbox
17:58-Big_Poppa [] left #mythtv ()
17:59+mark [] joined #mythtv
17:59mark>hi. is it possible to stream live tv across a network with mythtv? (from a digital source)
18:00Netslayer>digital source?
18:00Netslayer>u can stream away
18:01mark>Netslayer, one of the digital TV PCI cards i mean
18:01Netslayer>auh, ya as long as it's supported, it's just like a regualar capture card
18:01Netslayer>hook up with another myth frontend someone on the network and push play
18:01Netslayer>or hit livetv :-)
18:02mark>okay, cool
18:02mark>is there enough bandwidth on 802.11b to stream over that?
18:03Netslayer>well depends what bitrate
18:03Netslayer>i'm doing 54G here with mpeg4 (setting it right now)
18:04mark>and theres enough on that? could always upgrade
18:05Netslayer>well if all your doing is hosting one frontend
18:05mark>yes, the plan is to be able to watch tv on my laptop :)
18:05Netslayer>54G can push 15Mbps for real, that's about 2MB/s so if u use mpeg4 a good quality is around 3-4Mbytes anything higher is very good
18:06Netslayer>ya i do that all the time with laptop
18:08Shayde>okay, flashing successful. (well, i flashed it, and i didnt' make my machine unbootable :)
18:09mark>Netslayer, okay cool. theres no windows frontend is there? i dual boot
18:10Netslayer>no, but someone has made directshow filters for media player to playback nuv encoded streams from mythtv
18:10Misirlou>You would probably be better off wiring your place with Ethernet
18:10Netslayer> search for mythtv directshow
18:11*o_cee is back (gone 05:51:34)
18:11Netslayer>so anyone know a painless way of setting up autologin with gdm, kdm or whatever?
18:11mark>Misirlou, i'm ethernet wired, i'd just like to avoid having to be plugged in
18:11mark>Netslayer, kdm has an option for autologin iirc
18:11Misirlou>Yeah, so does GDM.
18:11Netslayer>54g works perfectly for a remote frontend, i'm even having a backend in it
18:11sfr>Netslayer: gdm as well, it's simple to set up
18:11Netslayer>any info on how to do that?
18:11mark>Netslayer, those filters wouldn't help me with livetv though would they?
18:12Netslayer>mark, no
18:12mark>meh :)
18:12Misirlou>However, don't count on using 802.11g to broadcast HDTV.
18:12Netslayer>sfr, any tips on how to do that?
18:13Netslayer>at boot it autoprompts me with an Xfree86 login in x, then i have it set to goto fluxbox so i just need this login screen to go away
18:13sfr>Netslayer: gdm is so simple to setup, you won't need tips.
18:13o_cee>Chutt: got the 350 running now, the epg looks sweet :) a little to transparent i think, but man this looks cool
18:13Netslayer>ok /etc/rc.d is set to gdm, now what?
18:14mark>thanks for your help all
18:16Shayde>YAY! flash bios worked! that has been pissing me off for like 2 years.
18:17Netslayer>sfr, do i have to emerge anything? i'm kinda lost
18:18sfr>emerge smells like gentoo. Sorry i'm on Debian.
18:18D-side>Shayde: buy that pvr card?
18:18Shayde>D-side: ayup, got a 250.
18:19Shayde>i just fixed an audio problem on this motherboard i've had since i got it. (choppy sound). flashed the bios up to current, and it fixed it.
18:19D-side>when you've used it for a while tell me if its worth it
18:19Netslayer>sfr, okay but generaly is there a configuration script somewhere i set for gdm to autologin?
18:19Netslayer>gdm is a login manager right
18:20sfr>yes, yes or use the GUI
18:20Shayde>well, i'm still running unde rwin2k, so far okay. i've only had it working smoothly for the last 10 minutes. gimme a bit.
18:20Shayde>how do you guys handle 'premium' cable channels? i can't see things like HBO :(
18:21Netslayer>don't i need gnome to use that?
18:21schwin97>hello - does anyone know how long it takes nuvexport to export to divx?
18:21sfr>Netslayer: afaik a _lot_ of gnome libs, yes.
18:21Netslayer>i'm going to try to code this my self, i have some info
18:22sfr>Netslayer: or create another init-script to do 'startx'
18:22[hC]>Weird. now all of a sudden when i go to 'watch tv' mythfrontend says 'connecting to' then "Ermm, event socket just closed" then it goes into an endless loop spewing error messages
18:22[hC]>whats up?
18:23Netslayer>this looks like C right, so i have to compile it to .o
18:23Netslayer>int main () {
18:23Netslayer> execlp ("login", "login", "-f", "username", 0);
18:23D-side>its an issue listed on the user mailing list.
18:23D-side>no fix as of yet.
18:23[hC]>I'll go check it out, but can you give me the jist of why it happens or how to make it stop? :)
18:23D-side>an interesting point to note, it only happened to me when using a frontend on the same box as the backend. remote frontends work just fine fo rme.
18:23D-side>[hC]: see where i said "no fix as of yet"
18:23[hC]>yeah im using the frontend on the same box
18:24[hC]>Well, it just started happening about 30 seconds ago for no reason, before it wasnt doing it
18:24[hC]>so i thought maybe something i did triggered it, and i could undo that maybe.
18:24D-side>it was fine for me the first few hours i had it installed too.
18:24D-side>god knows what the hell happened.
18:24sfr>probably your license expired *g*
18:25D-side>maybe i should call mythtv activation
18:25[hC]>Hmm. something's gottaa be up, i dont buy that it just freaked out and corrupted itself
18:26D-side>get right on that and tell us how it goes
18:26D-side>i'll just record stuff and watch it later.
18:26D-side>thats my "fix" for this evening.
18:26[hC]>I had the backend updater runing at the time, and i had just aborted it because it claimed it couldnt open dsp. hm.
18:32-beau_ [] left #mythtv ("later")
18:32=Shayde [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:34=josephk [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:39o_cee>anyone alive using the 350?
18:40warlord>I only use my 350 as a 250 at the moment.
18:40sfr>^^ dito
18:40o_cee>i should be able to get picture out of svideo right?
18:41o_cee>i mean, not composite
18:42sfr>o_cee: probably its a parameter to ivtv_fb
18:50+wubbla_ [] joined #mythtv
18:53[hC]>heh mine is doing somethign else now
18:53[hC]>2003-12-14 17:52:54 Opening OSS audio device '/dev/dsp'.
18:53[hC]>Errm, event socket just closed.
18:53[hC]>QSocketDevice::writeBlock: Invalid socket
18:53[hC]>2003-12-14 17:52:54 Error writing stringlist
18:53[hC]>2003-12-14 17:52:55 Using XV port 55
18:53[hC]>2003-12-14 17:52:55 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
18:53[hC]>Remote encoder not responding.
18:53[hC]>2003-12-14 17:52:57 prebuffering pause
18:53[hC]>i got one frame and now its stuck
18:54sfr>press ESC and it should take you back to the menu. leave TV mode and reenter it.
18:54[hC]>I did but it claimed the backend was dead so i restarted it, same thing again.
18:54D-side>yeah, that ends up killing the backend.
18:55D-side>that will never happen with a remote frontend though
18:55[hC]>Maybe ill give remote frontend a whirl later.
18:55sfr>[hC] true, works here on my remote frontend. recompile for debugging and take a backtrace
18:56D-side>three other people have done that already today. :)
18:56=wubbla [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:56[hC]>yeah ill leave them to it
18:56=[hC] [~hardcore@] quit ("Client exiting")
18:56D-side>lazy bastard
18:57D-side>then again my fix is to just not watch Live TV so i'll shut the hell up
19:02o_cee>sfr: found it now.. parameter of saa7127
19:11=vax [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:12+vax [] joined #mythtv
19:13=choenig [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:32pcjabber><mark> Netslayer, those filters wouldn't help me with livetv though would they?
19:32pcjabber>mark, you can use VMWare and run Linux on it, then run a Frontend on the virtual Linux machine =)
19:34pcjabber>thats what i plan on doing
19:35pcjabber>anyone here use XChat?
19:35pcjabber>I need to know what all the nickname colours mean =)
19:35Misirlou>pcjabber: They're just random.
19:36pcjabber>really? hmm
19:36pcjabber>thanks Misirlou
19:44+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
19:45*o_cee is away: sleep..
19:47=ananke [] quit ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
20:10o_cee>Chutt: around?
20:12o_cee>bringing up the epg (with the 350) then switching channel with x caused an overlay still beeing present that just darkened the picture.. pressing escape hardlocked everything.. that's ivtv, but the channel switch with x might be myth related.. too late to look at it now, just thought i'd let you know :) g'night all
20:13o_cee>the overlay was empty (no epg)
20:13sfr>got tv-out working?
20:14o_cee>yeah, a little at least
20:14o_cee>i could playback, watch stuff and change channels, saw the epg
20:15o_cee>but got firmware timeouts and stuff
20:15o_cee>but it looks promising ;)
20:15sfr>and it's up to it's promises?
20:15o_cee>tv pic looked good, the fb pic looked a bit odd..
20:15o_cee>but that might also be because it needs overscan settings
20:16sfr>fb picture == the GUI?
20:16o_cee>and osd
20:16o_cee>colors was a bit strange.. but there's settings for that as well i think
20:19sfr>gonna go to bed now too, gn8
20:22=sfr [] quit ("Client exiting")
20:37=D-side [] quit ("Gone.")
20:40+fathom [] joined #mythtv
20:48+loebrich [] joined #mythtv
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20:54-rizzi [] left #mythtv ()
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21:29+zeronett [] joined #mythtv
21:30-zeronett [] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
21:30+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
21:31+zeronett [] joined #mythtv
21:33zeronett>i have a pvr-250 and im having trouble getting the driver to compile. from the cd that came with it i copied the firmware over and added the V4L2 modules in kernel. I go to 'make' the driver and it errors out with this:
21:33zeronett>In file included from ivtv-driver.c:8:
21:33zeronett>ivtv.h:36:24: videodev2.h: No such file or directory
21:33zeronett>In file included from ivtv-driver.c:8:
21:33zeronett>ivtv.h:541: field `buffer' has incomplete type
21:33zeronett>ivtv.h:601: field `format' has incomplete type
21:33zeronett>ivtv.h:634: field `capability' has incomplete type
21:33zeronett>ivtv.h:635: field `freq' has incomplete type
21:33zeronett>ivtv.h:805: warning: `enum v4l2_buf_type' declared inside parameter list
21:33zeronett>ivtv.h:805: warning: its scope is only this definition or declaration, which is probably not what you want
21:33zeronett>ivtv.h:805: warning: parameter has incomplete type
21:33zeronett>ivtv-driver.c:348: warning: `enum v4l2_buf_type' declared inside parameter list
21:33zeronett>ivtv-driver.c:348: parameter `type' has incomplete type
21:33zeronett>ivtv-driver.c: In function `ivtv_init_queue':
21:33zeronett>ivtv-driver.c:366: `V4L2_FIELD_INTERLACED' undeclared (first use in this function)
21:33zeronett>ivtv-driver.c:366: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
21:33zeronett>ivtv-driver.c:366: for each function it appears in.)
21:33zeronett>ivtv-driver.c:367: `V4L2_MEMORY_MMAP' undeclared (first use in this function)
21:33zeronett>make: *** [ivtv-driver.o] Error 1
21:34=zeronett [] quit (Client Quit)
21:46+D-side [] joined #mythtv
21:49D-side>what'd I do this time
21:56+pahli_bar [] joined #mythtv
22:02pahli_bar>am i right in assuming that deinterlacing is not needed if ur outputing to a TV
22:06warlord>not you, D-side
22:06mikegrb>Chutt: !!!
22:06mikegrb>Chutt: :)
22:08+Vee [] joined #mythtv
22:08Irssi:#mythtv: Total of 64 nicks [0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 64 normal]
22:09+heidig [] joined #mythtv
22:30+SuperID [] joined #mythtv
22:30=warlord [me@DOGBERT.IHTFP.ORG] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:32SuperID>I can play video and record using xawtv, but with mythv if I try to view live TV I get a black screen.....I've got a current version, only 3 days old....installed via yum install mythtv-suite
22:33SuperID>if anyone has any troubleshooting suggestions I'd appreciate it
22:33+warlord [me@DOGBERT.IHTFP.ORG] joined #mythtv
22:34mikegrb>SuperID: I have two suggestings
22:34mikegrb>SuperID: read the error message on the console
22:34mikegrb>SuperID: read the docs
22:35SuperID>yes, done that
22:35SuperID>console reports "unknown codec".....
22:36SuperID>but thats why I'm stumped because everyone, even the docs I think say that if xawtv runs fine mythtv "should" run ok too
22:37Netslayer>need some help, i'm working on two computers here with same everything pretty much. One has an AGP Geforce4mx440, the other a PCI. Same XF86Config, but the PCI computer gives this error in the logs while trying to startx (screen goes blank) "(WW) NVIDIA(0): Failed to verify AGP usage" any ideas? do I have to set something special for PCI?
22:41mikegrb>Chutt: if you catch this on scroll back I have myth/web/theme goodness for you
22:41mikegrb>Chutt: everything but the comments section is done
22:45SuperID>ok a more specific question then. In the docs ( under vid cap device it mentions that newer cards use the cx88 driver, but then also says that you need the bttv driver that true? I thougth it was one or the other
22:45SuperID>my card is cx88
23:02+josephk [] joined #mythtv
23:16=SuperID [] quit ("Pear Pimples for Hairy Fishnuts")
23:19cmorganis now known as cmorgan_away
23:20+zeronett [] joined #mythtv
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23:25*mikegrb wants mythtv on ->
23:28cmorgan_awayis now known as cmorgan
23:31+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
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23:38=curreyr__ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:40=pahli_bar [] quit ("[BX] Elvis has left the building")
23:42+synthmeme [] joined #mythtv
23:49Netslayer>i can't figure this out my PCI Geforce 4 mx440 with NV drivers just kills the screen at startx. I've checked the xf86config log but the last entry is "(II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "1024x768,1024x768"", everything before this looks normal, and the next output should be "Using the NVIDIA 2D acceleration" as I have another comp setup when i compare the logs. ??
23:50+phar0e [] joined #mythtv
23:50Netslayer>i can't even get back to console
23:51Netslayer>it just flickers once and that's it
23:51mikegrb>Netslayer: CTL+ALT+F1
23:51Netslayer>i can do some stuff with it through ssh
23:52Netslayer>lsmod on that machine shows: nvidia 1542080 7
23:52Netslayer>used: 7
23:52Netslayer>1111 ? RL 11:04 /etc/X11/X :0 -nolisten tcp -deferglyphs 16
23:53Netslayer>that's a ps x listing
23:53Netslayer>i think i'm going to try swapping my agp card in it (same model) see if it works
23:53cmorganis now known as cmorgan_away
23:55Netslayer>in gentoo/X is there something i'm supposed to set to use a Nvidia PCI based board?
23:55Netslayer>cause i'm using the exact same settings on my other comp and they work fine
23:57-Ripp [] left #mythtv ("I like core dumps")
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