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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-12-15

---Logopened Mon Dec 15 00:00:22 2003
00:02Netslayer>i keep deleting "alias char-major-10-175 agpart" from my /etc/modules.conf but each reboot replaces it? how can i remove that?
00:03billytwowilly>are you using knoppmyth?
00:04billytwowilly>because it generates your modules.conf at bootup from other files.
00:04billytwowilly>gentoo might do that as well.
00:04Netslayer>i can't figure out why x freezes the screen
00:05Netslayer>before i had "Option "NvAGP" "0"" in the XF86 i received "Failed to verify AGP usage"
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00:05Netslayer>thinking that might be it since i'm using a PCI card, but still doesn't work
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00:47Chutt>how come so many people are fucking up and mixing source + rpm installs and not realizing that they have to remove the rpm install first?
00:47Netslayer>ok using top I can see that that X is using 100% CPU err heh
00:47Netslayer>Chutt, heh
00:48Chutt>are people _really_ that new to linux that they don't know about the difference between stuff installed to /usr and stuff installed to /usr/local ?
00:49billytwowilly>Chutt: Linux is starting to go mainstream.. that means people like my mother (Who cries if she has to burn a cd by herself or print something) are starting to use it..
00:49Netslayer>ya, it's not that obvious
00:50Chutt>aside from the tvformat db issue, pretty much every problem with people upgrading to 0.13 has been people mixing a source 0.13 install and a rpm 0.12 install
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00:53Netslayer>if only i could get this card to work err
00:54Netslayer>it looks like it's freezing starting x right as it's loading NV's 2d engine
00:54Netslayer>i'm switching cards, see if that works
00:55phar0e>Netslayer, random suggestion.. have you tried reverting back to an older version of nvidia's drivers?
00:56Netslayer>tried an older one already, and went up ya
00:56Netslayer>configured two gentoo machines the same up till now
00:56Netslayer>one has an AGP g4mx440 the other a pci, same xf86config, pci one blacks out the screen at startx then X locks on with 100% xpu
00:57Netslayer>this pci card actually worked fine in my old myth box for almost a year, very odd
01:04Netslayer>typical the AGP card works
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01:04Netslayer>dang, what's up with my card.. something prob has to be setup for pci or something
01:04phar0e>have you browsed their forums?
01:05phar0e>nvnews I think
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01:24mdz_>Chutt: a long time ago I added pre-installation checks to the debs to scream if it looked like the user was mixing a source and deb install
01:24mdz_>whoever does the RPMs would probably benefit from something similar
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01:24mdz_>it really cut down on the amount of mail I receive
01:26Netslayer>hmm it freezes right here "Using vt 7" that's what's outputted by startx verbose
01:26Chutt>that'd be nice
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03:34hardwired>when i choose mpeg encoder card(pvr 250/350) in mythsetup, what's to put in the audio device field? it says /dev/dsp as default, but the mythtv guide wants me to use alsa
03:47hardwired>video root # ps acx|grep myth|wc -l
03:47hardwired> 11
03:48hardwired>that many backend processes is ok?
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03:53Chutt>any reason it wouldn't be ok?
03:54hardwired>well, i am new to gentoo and it might be that i made it startup twice by accident. at best, the value of spare servers should be able to tune somewhere.
03:54Chutt>you can't start it twice
03:55Chutt>and it's threads, not processes
03:55Chutt>so it's not using any extra resources.
03:56hardwired>ok, good enough for me.
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04:10Netslayer>i shouldn
04:11Netslayer>i shouldn't have a problem emerging things like xmltv, then compiling mythtv from CVS right? aka it should all work in harmony
04:14hardwired>Netslayer: yes
04:14hardwired>Netslayer: as longs as you don't mix up dependencies, of course
04:15hardwired>Netslayer: but 0.13 myth in in portage already
04:15Netslayer>hmm hopefully not
04:15Netslayer>is it unmasked?
04:15Netslayer>i wouldn't mind using cvs, since i'm probably going to upgrade to it in a few weeks
04:15Netslayer>i already emerged .12 just to auto do the dependencies, i'm planning on un emerging it then cvs'ing .13
04:16hardwired>already one later than i have got. damnit :)
04:16hardwired>you can as well unmerge it and then merge mythtv-0.13-r1.ebuild
04:17hardwired>if you don't want to do bugtesting and such, i'd go with the ebuild, not cvs
04:17hardwired>unless of course they will introduce a feature you absolutely must have and then don't want to wait till 0.14
04:17Netslayer>u think it would be that different? i mean all the dependencies should be covered by the emerge at first
04:17Netslayer>well it's like wait 3 months for a release heh
04:18hardwired>hmm, you have a point there :)
04:18Netslayer>but i might have to now, this is for the fam has to be stable
04:19hardwired>exactly, same here. once it will be working somewhat ok, i'll be staying with official releases
04:20Netslayer>i've been using cvs for almost a year now
04:20Netslayer>but i've reformatted and expanded (massively)
04:22hardwired>heh. i just started to use it. and it finally seems to be working with my pvr 350 and all kernel patches and additional drivers.
04:22hardwired>and tomorrow i'll pick up my sweet htpc case :_
04:23Netslayer>nice card
04:23Netslayer>i'm running all software cards here, have to conserve wireless bandwidth
04:24hardwired>question: what do i set the sound device to when setting up mythfrontend? it only offers me /dev/dsp and /dev/sound/dsp but the myth guide wants me to use alsa
04:24Netslayer>started this on thursday heh, my one machine corrupted itself after a kernel panic (after it was done compiling for 24hrs) so pissed heh
04:25Netslayer>that's a good q
04:25Netslayer>and i would like to know the answer also
04:25Netslayer>that's why i reformatted, alsa screwed my system up
04:25hardwired>i can still load the oss compatibility kernel modules *shrug*
04:26hardwired>i just started to use all that gentoo and linux stuff
04:26Netslayer>did u emerge alsa
04:26Netslayer>so u have oss modules for ur sound card?
04:26hardwired>yeh, i followed the guide on
04:26Netslayer>ya i'm just about to start that
04:26hardwired>yes... well, don't remember exactly, but it was simple
04:27Netslayer>i know the guide, looks good, ur talking about the official docs right on desktop whatever
04:27Netslayer>did ur sound work after u did that?
04:27Netslayer>aplay, etc
04:27Netslayer>i'll find out soon enough heh
04:29hardwired>it did work even without oss modules
04:29hardwired>but mythmusic didn't, probably for the reason above
04:31Netslayer>stupid alsa
04:33*Netslayer crosses his fingers for his new wireless init script
04:34*hardwired has cable internet, hehe
04:35hardwired>so the wireless router sits next to the htpc
04:35Kreats>don't suppose anyone can tell me how to disable scsi emulation on my dvd drive? I can't turn DMA on without doing this first apparently.
04:35Kreats>this is using knoppmyth btw
04:36Kreats>and another thing, ogle or xine for dvd playback.. which is the one to use?
04:36hardwired>maybe someone in #knoppmyth knows?
04:37Kreats>me and a bot
04:37*hardwired favors mplayer to play everything
04:37Kreats>no dvd menus in mplayer
04:37Kreats>and some dvd's just don't play
04:37hardwired>hrm. that sucks
04:40Netslayer>ogle is nice, i hear as i have yet to get my dvds to play in nux heh
04:41Netslayer>hope to solve that with gentoo
04:41Netslayer>ogle supports menus
04:44Kreats>yeah both xine and ogle do
04:45Kreats>got xine going atm, but lack of dma is making things chunk
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04:58phar0e>Hello, I am having problems with record priority.. I can't seem to figure it out
05:00phar0e>All programs are set to 0 by default, so I figured if my most popular show I set to 1.. if there are conflicts it will be recorded instead of the other program which defaults to 0?
05:00igla>have you checked that the cable is connected and the unit is powered on ?
05:01hardwired>hrm, mplayer + remote doesn't work yet
05:01phar0e>works for me
05:01phar0e>what is wrong hardwired?
05:02phar0e>my remote is special though, USB ATI Remote... doesn't use lirc
05:02phar0e>uses xmodmap
05:05hardwired>phar0e: dunno yet. i use the hauppauge remote, it works for myth but not yet for mplayer. i just pasted some configs i found on the net to .lircrc. i need to look into it a bit more
05:05phar0e>did you setup the input.conf for mplayer?
05:06hardwired>ahw, i'll check that later
05:07hardwired>first to get a dvd running via myth. only works from the console so far
05:07phar0e>does mythvideo work?
05:08hardwired>via xv, not via ivtv. but ivtv works from the console, so it should'nt cause much trouble anymore
05:17hardwired>does mythfrontend write any logfiles? it just crashes when i try to use the video manager and then arrow-left
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05:25hardwired>aha. now dvd works as well
05:26phar0e>I fixed my record priority also
05:26igla>do you have a picture of your set up hardwired ?
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05:35hardwired>igla: i don't have the htpc case yet, i'll get it tomorrow
05:35hardwired>i think...
05:35hardwired>phar0e: sweet
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05:51hardwired>question: what do i set the sound device to when setting up mythfrontend? it only offers me /dev/dsp and /dev/sound/dsp but the myth guide wants me to use alsa
05:59hardwired>hrm. a mailing list from may 03 says there is no configuration option yet and one has to set alsa manually in the db
06:01hardwired>..and it works
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06:14*o_cee is back (gone 10:29:13)
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06:27bLuETeK>is MythTV compatible with Technisat Skystar2 Pci?
06:28Peitolm>mythtv isn't compatible with any cards per se, it does however know how to talk v4l :)
06:28o_cee>bLuETeK: DVB?
06:28Peitolm>so if the card is support by v4l, then myth can use it
06:28bLuETeK>yes DVB
06:29bLuETeK>I see
06:29bLuETeK>I've no experience using DVB and linux yet
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06:30o_cee> if those drivers supports it myth does as well
06:30o_cee>hey thor_
06:30nchip>a google for "Technisat Skystar2 Pci linux" says support for linux exists
06:30bLuETeK>google is the oracle :)
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06:36sfr>anyone knows what's next after changing a string to QObject::tr(...) for i18n? Just compile the thing to update the language files?
06:37thor__>I think you need a tr enry in the "translation file" .... look in ./i18n ....
06:38sfr>thor__: hi, the cpp file is already listed in there.
06:38thor__>ah ,ok
06:40*sfr waits for make to finish
06:56sfr>reading docs is always a good idea *g*
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07:17hardwired>hehe. no wonder my remote doesn't work if i didn't enable native lirc support
07:18Racer>You don't need native lirc
07:19hardwired>i know... but it was already working with 0.12 that way, so i want it again with 0.13
07:19Racer>aha ok, i see, i often forget the option too in
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08:45sfr>the language selection is borked. Instead of the language shortname like EN, DE it now stores the languages name in the db (Deutsch, English). So upon restart it doesn't find ..._deutsch.qm and falls back to english.
08:48sfr>more later, gotta prepare for the companys christmas party
08:49sfr>compare this
08:49sfr>| value | data | hostname
08:49sfr>| Language | DE | asterix | <-- old setting
08:50sfr>| Language | Deutsch | laptop <-- after changing the language with 0.13
08:51sfr>Chutt: ^^ (just in case :))
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08:57sfr>wtf is a homeslice? did this spammer dare to insult me?
08:58mikegrb>they shall now suffer the wrath of sfr
08:59*sfr kicks the spammer where he belongs to =Trash
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11:43o_cee>is PiP supposed to work with the 350 yet?
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14:21o_cee>anyone alive?
14:22o_cee>need help setting a different tuner type on the new 350.. tuner.o only allows one type?
14:22o_cee>you know how to do that?
14:22Chutt>ivtv has a tuner option
14:22o_cee>it also only accepts one value
14:23Chutt>you have two ivtv cards with different tuners?
14:23Chutt>ah, well, nothing to do about that yet :p
14:24o_cee>no? heh. well. argh
14:24o_cee>one type 28 and one 29.. maybe the other one will work if i set both to 29..
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14:27o_cee>like, warlord has 4 cards.. all with the same tuner then? heh..
14:27Chutt>of course
14:27o_cee>what a pain in the ass :)
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14:35Chutt>mikegrb, so, you have php for me? =)
14:37mikegrb>yes I do
14:37mikegrb>it dosesn't do comments or the little new icon yet
14:38Chutt>that's fine
14:38Chutt>comments are a pain, really
14:38Chutt>since i do have to check them every now and then
14:38mikegrb>but I can't work on it more until wednesday
14:38mikegrb>okay one sec lemme make a tarball and add some comments to the config file
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14:50kvandivo_>just have the comments sent to the -users in digest form every once and a while and they can be scanned for goodness
14:51o_cee>wonder if i could hardcode the tuner type values into the driver or something
14:51kvandivo_>granted, i say that, but don't really have much of a desire to write the code for that; so i'll just shut up
14:52mikegrb>Chutt: the format for themes.meta is theme name\nauthor\ndate added
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14:57Chutt>clicking on the image just goes to the directory?
15:00mikegrb>the image for the theme?
15:00mikegrb>there was a .htaccess in there which had mod_rewrite rules
15:01mikegrb>make /myththemes/visor/ point to /myththemes/view.php?theme=visor
15:01Chutt>see, i didn't put it in /myththemes/
15:02mikegrb>easy enough to fix in .htaccess
15:03Chutt>moved it to /myththemes/
15:04Chutt>images don't work :p
15:04mikegrb>which ones
15:05Chutt>the main theme images
15:06*mikegrb looks
15:07Chutt>well, hmm
15:07Chutt>mod_rewrite seems to not be working
15:07mikegrb>was just going to ask
15:07mikegrb>I can modify the files real quick to work without
15:08Chutt>it's apparently loaded
15:08Chutt>i'm just testing on my local machine here for now
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15:09mikegrb>it uses a url for images that gets rewritten
15:11mikegrb>I'm leaving work now but will be home in about 20 minutes
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15:17Chutt>ah, there we go
15:21Netslayer>i thought people said that .13 ebuilds were out, i did an emerge sync and emerge -s mythtv, no new versions
15:22o_cee>(/me just realized that tveeprom might have showed me that there's a radio tuner on the first card, and no the second tuner on the second card... in that case it's probably the antenna cable that's bad to the second card)..
15:22o_cee>Netslayer: they're masked
15:22Netslayer>usually they show up don't they
15:22o_cee>read at how to emerge them anyway, and what masked packages are
15:22o_cee>they'll be tested a little first
15:23o_cee>until they are known to be "stable" <-- heh
15:23Netslayer>do u recommend cvs?
15:23o_cee>always using cvs
15:23Netslayer>i like cvs but this is my first with gentoo
15:23Netslayer>CVS should be about as stable as 13 right
15:23o_cee>haven't got packages setup (grabbing cvs throu emerge) just doing it normally
15:23o_cee>yeah, .13 should be fine
15:24o_cee>some large patches merged into cvs now.. haven't had any problems tho
15:25Netslayer>ur saying your emerging cvs?
15:25Netslayer>like doing it manually i take it
15:25o_cee>Chutt: saw you removed liquid.. i'll probably have time to fix gant the end of this week or something. cleanups, fixing a screenshot and some other stuff
15:25o_cee>Netslayer: no, i'm not using emerge to do cvs (it's possible tho)
15:25o_cee>using cvs update normally
15:25Netslayer>u use gentoo?
15:26Netslayer>did u emerge other dependencies first?
15:26o_cee>Linux dragon 2.4.20-gentoo-r7 #2 Tue Oct 14 14:50:25 CEST 2003 i686 Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.00GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux
15:26o_cee>only myth and ivtv i've got "manual"
15:26Netslayer>i did an emerge mythtv (.12) and i'm going to unemerge it so i have all the dependencies, then compile CVS, should be ok
15:27Netslayer>nah all my cards are supported already i think.. all bttv software encoders
15:27o_cee>oh, great then :)
15:27Netslayer>just got ALSA working, i'm so happy
15:27Netslayer>gentoo has been very good to me
15:27o_cee>me too actually
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15:28o_cee>guys.. look at the pictures at the top here (swedish forums, but look at the pics):
15:28o_cee>is it real? supposed to be located in Ohio or something?
15:28o_cee>Cedar Point, Ohio
15:28o_cee>looks scary
15:37hardwired>y0. is there a way to implement an 'emergency remote button via remote'? i was thinking of running irexec seperatly, but maybe mythtv can execute external commands?
15:37*hardwired would NOT go on that ride
15:39Chutt>it's a rather nice ride
15:40Netslayer>o_cee, ur the one working on that new theme right? is it in cvs
15:47dja>chutt - when did it open? (I haven't made it up to Cedar Point in 2 or 3 years :-(
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15:49Netslayer>is xmltv 5.23 still working?
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16:01o_cee>Netslayer: gant, yes, cvs not yet, soon probably
16:02Netslayer>does it not work with .13 right now?
16:02o_cee>.13 should work
16:03Netslayer>u have a link?
16:03Netslayer>in gentoo is it a necessity to have mysql support in qt, i thought i did that.. don't know why qpkg isn't showing it
16:05hardwired>in qt? can't imaginre why
16:05Netslayer>nm, using wrong package, it's etcat -u qt, and i have mysql listed :-)
16:05Netslayer>the docs state it needs it
16:05mdz_>hardwired: all of the database access is done through Qt
16:06hardwired>ohh, i misread that.
16:07hardwired>i read something like 'in gentoo, is mysql a dependency for qt'
16:10Netslayer>in gentoo i don't have /usr/lib/qt3, all this path info is not gisting with my install
16:12Netslayer>is cvs somewhat stable today? anyone try it
16:13mikegrb>Chutt: working then?
16:16Netslayer>native lirc means no more irxevent right
16:17mikegrb>Netslayer: yes
16:17Netslayer>do i also need lirc_libs = -llirc_client uncommnented?
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16:23Chutt>mikegrb, yeah
16:24Chutt>mikegrb, i'd really like download counts somewhere =)
16:24mikegrb>how's it look, any requests?
16:24Chutt>and, well, the ability to actually download the theme
16:24mikegrb>I didn't put that in
16:24mikegrb>totally forgot
16:24hardwired>err, how to scroll back up in the console again?
16:24mikegrb>that is funny stuff
16:24hardwired>ah, nevermind
16:24mikegrb>I will get that done tonight
16:25mikegrb>sorry about that chutt
16:25mikegrb>other then that, how's it look?
16:25Chutt>looks good
16:25Chutt>i think i'd prefer a version that didn't do the mod_rewrite stuff, though
16:25mikegrb>will do
16:25Chutt>i'm thinking i may try to integrate it more with phpnuke
16:25Chutt>ie, use their header / footer stuff
16:25mikegrb>makes sense
16:26Chutt>and i'm not sure if the mod_rewrite will fuck with the existing module system
16:26Chutt>a version number in the info
16:26Chutt>as well as a versions of myth compatible with this
16:26Chutt>would be cool too
16:27mikegrb>that is easy to add to the theme.meta
16:27mikegrb>I'll make that the next line
16:27mikegrb>and download count will be the line after that?
16:27Chutt>modifying the files every download will be a pain
16:28mikegrb>so sql
16:28Chutt>needs to be easy/quick so it doesn't load the machine too much
16:28mikegrb>and a query can say add one rather then getting the number adding one and updating the row
16:32Netslayer>guess this means i need lirc installed "../../libs/libmyth/ undefined reference to `lirc_freeconfig'"
16:32+grogan [] joined #mythtv
16:32Chutt>if you're going to compile with native lirc support, yes, you need lirc installed.
16:33+loebrich [] joined #mythtv
16:34*grogan longs for something better than lirc
16:35grogan>wish I were a good enough programmer to write a replacement myself
16:35Netslayer>odd i have lirc installed (emerge lirc) 6.6-rc1 and compiling mythtv still dies at that error
16:36Netslayer>confusing packages with source again?
16:36Chutt>are you linking to the lirc library?
16:36Netslayer>? um
16:37Netslayer>i just did emerge lirc, modprobe lirc_serial, downloaded myth cvs, and uncommented the first native lirc line
16:37Netslayer>do i need the second line as well?
16:37Chutt>why would you think you wouldn't need it?
16:43-loebrich [] left #mythtv ()
16:43=schultmc [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:43hardwired>Netslayer: is the lirc that comes with gentoo the right version?
16:43knight->Chutt, did you see my response to your myth-dev regarding automatic theme install?
16:44hardwired>i had to use a patched vanilla 2.4.22 kernel and compile lirc cvs, works like a charm
16:44Netslayer>why did u need a patched kernel?
16:44knight->i'm using 0.7.0pre2 with 2.6.0, works fine
16:45hardwired>maybe you just need that version for the hauppauge remote. but i HAD to use that
16:45hardwired>yeh, 2.6.0 does not need to be patched anymore
16:45Netslayer>i haven't fiddled with the lirc portion yet on this install, waiting for myth to build
16:45Netslayer>i'm running ck sourced 2.4.23
16:45Netslayer>on both machines
16:45=Peit|Home [] quit ("Client Exiting")
16:51grogan>hey.. anyone have any ideas for automatically changing channels on two time warner dtv set-top boxes?
16:51=hardwired [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:51grogan>I'm trying to make use of the finicky usb HID interface...
16:52Crib>how do you apply patches that are .diff files
16:54Netslayer>i sense a problem
16:54Netslayer>hmm, it didn't crash :-)
16:55duende>Anyone know if it's possible to seperate the mythtv programming guide so it can be used for other purposes?
16:55Netslayer>yippy it compiled
16:59Netslayer>howto 6 - mysql - initial import instructions for Gentoo aren't right i don't think i have no "mysql < /usr/share/mythtv/database/mc.sql" /database dir there
16:59=paulproteus [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:00=Octane [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:01Chutt>knight, yeah, haven't had time to respond
17:01Chutt>i've been busy with my one line responses to silly people on the lists :p
17:01Chutt>duende, run 'mythepg'
17:03Netslayer>do i even need mysql running on the non master backend machine? it's running a remote frontend and slave backend
17:03nchip>I don't think so
17:04nchip>atleast the backend asks where the mysql database is
17:09kvandivo_>'a' mysql needs to be running on some machine that is accessible by whatever front and backend machines you wish to use.
17:09Netslayer>that's what i thought
17:12+Dirus [] joined #mythtv
17:13Dirus>anyone know if it would be possible to do realtime mpeg4?
17:14Dirus>trying to decide if I should get a cheaper capture card and upgrade the cpu (currently 800 on said box) or just get a capture card with mpeg2 (such as pvr 250/350)
17:14Netslayer>i did a emerge lirc, but yet i have no /dev/lirc is that right?
17:14Netslayer>i do realtime mpeg4
17:14Dirus>for the price of the pvr 250 I can have a fairly modern cpu
17:15Dirus>Netslayer what cpu are you using?
17:15Netslayer>2400xp for backend, but the other slave backend is going to be running 1800xp
17:16Netslayer>if u want full 640x480 with dvd picture quality u pretty much need over 2ghz, the 1800 peaks out for me
17:16Dirus>have you tried doing realtime mpeg4 on the 1800?
17:16Netslayer>a little, i'm building that machine right now
17:16Netslayer>so u guys with gentoo installed who emerged lirc, do u have a /dev/lirc device?
17:17Chutt>an 1800+ is plenty fast enough.
17:17Dirus>so you think anything over athlon 2000 would be able to do realtime mpeg4 at 640x480?
17:17Netslayer>i would say totaly
17:17Dirus>(and I'd prefer to get 640x480 rather than 480x480)
17:18Dirus>so is the capture quality of the pvr 250/350 better than that of a generic 878?
17:18=Misirlou [] quit ("And twice on Sunday . . .")
17:19Netslayer>i have to try that 350 sometime for tv out
17:19Netslayer>my dad has a 250, should put in one of these boxs
17:19Dirus>is there a high quality capture card without built in mpeg1/2 compression? something of equal quality less than $100
17:20Netslayer>wintv 401 dbx
17:20Netslayer>that's what i use, works great
17:20Netslayer>i got it on ebay for 30 bucks
17:20Netslayer>svid and tuner in
17:20Dirus>that would be idea then, because I'd rather upgrade the cpu and get a cheap card than get an expensive card but still have duron 800
17:20Netslayer>they for around 80 in stores or something
17:21Dirus>I'll have to wait till after xmas to get anything on ebay since it seems to be driving the prices up
17:32o_cee>very strange.. got the second pvr working, but it records without sound.. hmm
17:32Netslayer>in setup, does it usually take a long time to get channel list..been here for 10min
17:34jeffpc>what does it mean when mythfrontend says it is processing a recording?
17:34jeffpc>(ie. that hammer icon)
17:35=fathom [~fathom@] quit ("Leaving")
17:36Netslayer>it hasn't done commercial flagging yet, or it's working on it now
17:36+schwin97 [] joined #mythtv
17:36jeffpc>ok, but it doesn't really affect anything, right?
17:36+Misirlou [] joined #mythtv
17:36jeffpc>ie, nuvexport
17:36o_cee>you probably want to wait
17:37o_cee>no? aight, haven't got comercial flaggin
17:37jeffpc>can I stop it from processing it? I already made a cutlist by hand
17:37Netslayer>dang it's like frozen at "getting channel list, be patient..." in setup, no int activity
17:38o_cee>Netslayer: alt+tab and see what's going on? it's probably in a window
17:38o_cee>of its own
17:38Netslayer>ya that's what the window shows
17:38Netslayer>i just killed it, im' going to upgrade to .25 xmltv
17:40o_cee>probably a good idea
17:41Netslayer>k and i play the waiting game again
17:43Netslayer>well at least there is some net activity
17:43jeffpc>hmmmm....nuvexport dies after waiting for mythtranscode to set up the fifos...
17:43Netslayer>backend running?
17:43jeffpc>yeah...but let me check anyway
17:44Netslayer>search list, i've had that before just forgot what caused it
17:45jeffpc>ok, it was running, but I restarted it anyway....
17:45jeffpc>nothing changed
17:45jeffpc>2003-12-15 17:44:25 Transcoding from /home/mythtv//1041_20031214140000_20031214150000.nuv to /home/mythtv//1041_20031214140000_20031214150000.nuv.tmp
17:45jeffpc>2003-12-15 17:44:25 Transcoding /home/mythtv//1041_20031214140000_20031214150000.nuv aborted because of cutlist update
17:45jeffpc>Waiting for mythtranscode to set up the fifos.
17:45jeffpc>I get about 25 of those waitings...
17:45jeffpc>Waited too long for mythtranscode to create its fifos. Please try again.
17:46Netslayer>search the list
17:46=o_cee [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:48jeffpc>found this:;search_string=nuvexport%20transcode;guest=1801094&t=search_engine#95190
17:48jeffpc>exactly the same here
17:52Netslayer>why would i get permission denied from a backend run as a user, to access v4l devices /dev/v4l..
17:52Netslayer>do i have to run the backend as root?
17:52duende>is your user a member of the video group?
17:53Netslayer>prob not
17:53Netslayer>how would i simply do that
17:53jeffpc>Netslayer: that's it?
17:53+TheAsp [] joined #mythtv
17:53duende>Netslayer, well, *I* would just open /etc/group and add the username at the end of the line for video, but i'm sure there's a nicer way to do it
17:53Netslayer>hmm, not what i did, u running a new version of myth? nuvexport might not be working
17:54Netslayer>duende, whatever works
17:54jeffpc>0.13 and the latest nuvexport
17:54duende>yeah, do that, and log your user out and back in
17:54TheAsp>Has the scheduler changed to prefer shows after midnight or something? It seems to want to record family guy at 2:00am tomorrow instead of 10:00pm tonight
17:54Netslayer>like video::27:root:user?
17:54Netslayer>it was video::27:root
17:55TheAsp>Netslayer: root,user
17:56Netslayer>i'm rebooting
17:57Netslayer>just to make sure..been tweaking things
17:57Netslayer>also have to setup the raid on here
17:57Netslayer>and apache, what fun
17:57Netslayer>and my fonts in myth are all un antialised and stuff, it looks terribel
17:58Netslayer>alright here goes
17:58jeffpc>ok, can I tell the front-end to rip out those commerecials?
17:58Netslayer>nice it outputs what cvs date it came from, spiffy
17:58Netslayer>not physically
17:59Netslayer>it wil just flag em, u cna set it to auto jump when its playing
17:59jeffpc>that sucks, it would save a lot of space...
17:59TheAsp>jeffpc: i beleive it respects your cutlist when you transcode it, but not sure
17:59Netslayer>it's alive, it's alive
18:00jeffpc>MythTV is a HUGE app...a lovable one too
18:03duende>is there such thing as a converter that will convert s-video to the plug that a cable uses to a tv? I wanna setup tv-out, but my TV only has a plug for headphones and plug for cable
18:03sfr>cable == Antenna?
18:03duende>i guess that's it
18:04duende>i want to run mythtv on just my tv only
18:04nchip>mdz_: are you planning to package mythweb?
18:05sfr>duende: time to buy a new TV. I'm nott sure such converters exist, can't you use your VCR?
18:05nchip>hmm. it just seems php files
18:05TheAsp>duende: you can get those
18:05TheAsp>duende: check out radio shack
18:06TheAsp>duende: svideo/composite to cable, you may even find one that does audio too
18:06duende>sfr: i don't have a vcr
18:06duende>TheAsp, that would be nice
18:06duende>not sure how i would set the audio up tho
18:06duende>i guess my computer speakers
18:06TheAsp>audio out from your soundcard
18:06jeffpc>hmmm....without the cutlist on, it works, but with it, nuvexport explodes....
18:06nchip>amazingly, mythweb php code looks well done
18:06TheAsp>that sucks.
18:07sfr>duende: i have a similar tv, but can use my VCR to connect the tv-out cable.
18:07duende>yeah, i can see that
18:07duende>i have no vcr tho
18:07TheAsp>duende: you more then likly wont find one that does stereo
18:08duende>well, i'm not worried about audio anyways
18:08duende>well, i'll have a look at radio shack tomorrow
18:12mdz_>nchip: hmm?
18:13mdz_>nchip: I've had mythweb packages for almost as long as I've had mythtv packages
18:14nchip>that's under binary-all, ofcourse
18:14*nchip slaps myself
18:14Netslayer>dang all i get is green and a static weird. i have svideo connected, and i've gone through the config a few times and verified it, very odd
18:15Netslayer>emerging xawtv, see if that works first
18:17+o_cee [] joined #mythtv
18:20sfr>rkulagow: you here?
18:22+D-side [] joined #mythtv
18:23Crib>does anyone run bttv drivers think they can help me out
18:23Netslayer>perhaps someone here ya
18:23duende>Crib, what's the problem?
18:25Crib>duende-new install of gentoo - to build a pvr with mythtv and i'm just really confused about this bttv thing
18:25duende>Crib, okay, what part are confused about?
18:25Crib>i have an 878 card which is supported, but i found the bttv docs to be well...lacking
18:26TheAsp>Crib: and?
18:26duende>Crib, well, most times, when you just modprobe -v bttv, it will autodetect your card for you. You should try that, and check the output of dmesg
18:26Crib>i'm getting modprobe: Can't locate module bttv
18:27knight-><Chutt> i've been busy with my one line responses to silly people on the lists
18:27knight-> :p
18:27knight->chutt, understood :)
18:27duende>Crib, okay, so you don't have bttv compiled as a module in your kernel
18:27Crib>duende...should it be available as a module automatically?
18:27duende>Crib, no, not usually
18:27Crib>like if i do make menuconfig i don't find it as an option
18:27duende>Crib, are you running the 2.4 series kernel?
18:28Crib>ok so i'm reading here:
18:28Crib>that since i have the 2.4.22 kernel that i should use bttv 0.7.x
18:28duende>Crib, check out this section of a guide I wrote, it should tell you where to find it:
18:29Crib>duende: *reading
18:29+Octane [] joined #mythtv
18:30duende>Crib, ignore my mentions of the Winfast tvcard, themajority of the guide is specific to Winfast tuners
18:35Crib>duende: i'm in my menuconfig now. 2 issues
18:36Crib>1. there is an option under video4linux that says bt848 support, whereas i have the bt878
18:36Crib>2. I can't find the 'character devices' section anywhere in the menuconfig
18:36duende>Crib, okay, give me a sec. what tv tuner do you have?
18:37Crib>hauppage wintv card with the 878 chipset
18:38duende>i never noticed that before
18:38duende>my card is BT878 too, and that's what i have chosen in my config
18:38duende>bttv0: using: BT878(Leadtek WinFast 2000/ W) [card=34,autodetected]
18:38Crib>great guide, btw, VERY readable!
18:38duende>tuner: probing bt848 #0 i2c adapter [id=0x10005]
18:38duende>try it anyways
18:39duende>works for me
18:39Crib>ok, that's issue #1 ;)
18:39Crib>what about 2?
18:39duende>In my menuconfig for 2.4.20, character devices are right above Multimedia Devices
18:40Crib>found it....sorry i think i have a learning disability that prevents me from interacting with ncurses corectly
18:40duende>i love ncurses
18:40duende>2.4.22 must be masked is it?
18:40duende>i should upgrade
18:41duende>Anyways, compile your kernel and modules with that, and add "bttv" to your /etc/modules.autoload
18:41Netslayer>how do u get btaudio to work? i have bttv working sorda modprobe bttv is fine, and i think it works. but i only have /dev/dsp
18:42duende>i don't know, i've never had a need to use it
18:42Crib>duende: I'm recompiling the kernel now
18:42Crib>duende: thanks
18:43Netslayer>think it might have to be added to that file /etc/modules.d/alsa
18:43Netslayer>not sure
18:45Netslayer>hello modprobe btaudio
18:47Netslayer>dang it just registered new dsp1 and dsp2 but aplay /dev/dsp1 and 2 don't play anything
18:47duende>sound isn't working for you?
18:47Netslayer>soundcard is yes
18:48Netslayer>modprobed btaudio and it created dev1 and 2
18:48Netslayer>dsp1 is digital, dsp2 is analog
18:48Netslayer>dmesg states btaudio:buffer overrun
18:48Netslayer>for each time i go aplay
18:49Netslayer>i should be able to playback from dsp1/2 from aplay right
18:50Netslayer>See contrib/example.modules.conf.for.btaudio for an example file on how to configure btaudio
18:50Netslayer>ya that's still there heh...where did that go
18:53duende>Does mythtv still use irxevent, or does mythfrontend take the commands now?
18:54Netslayer>i think that is not needed if u compile with native lirc in
18:54ananke>duende : i think mythtv has native support now, like Netslayer said
18:54duende>well, i emerged mythtv with 'lirc' in my USE=""
18:54duende>so, hopefully that did it
19:00duende>hrm, why is myth looking in ~/.mythtv/lircrc for the lirc config?
19:02Crib>duende: i've recompiled and i'ts bitching that I didn't compile the kernel with DEVFS support. Do you guys know what that is?
19:02duende>i know what it is
19:03duende>gentoo right?
19:03Crib>yeah, do i need it
19:03duende>what's bitch about it?
19:03TheAsp>devfs rules.
19:04Crib>i have no idea what it is - it says i need it
19:04duende>File systems -> /dev file system support (Y)
19:04Crib>or am "supposed" to have it...but i don't want it if it does nothing
19:04TheAsp>and these udev guys will have to pry devfs from my cold dead hands. :P
19:04duende>File systems -> Automatically mount at boot (Y)
19:04TheAsp>Crib: it's a fs for /dev
19:04TheAsp>Crib: devices are only created when you have something that will implement it
19:04duende>TheAsp, yeah, it's funny that devfs is getting phased out before it was ever really phased in
19:05TheAsp>duende: yeah, for such a crappy idea :P
19:05duende>TheAsp, what's udev?
19:06TheAsp>udev: when a kernel finds something it runs /sbin/hotplug, this udev into creating the device or something
19:06TheAsp>yeah, you get the idea
19:06Crib>i suppose...
19:06TheAsp>the idea is to put it on ramfs or something
19:07TheAsp>you can put it on a real fs too
19:08Crib>i'm getting fsck'd be back in 32.8 percent
19:08duende>fsck? i haven't used that in months
19:09TheAsp><-- reiser :P
19:09Crib>yeah well it's like being forced
19:09duende><- reiser
19:09D-side>F reiser.
19:09Crib>if only i'd known...this reminds me of windows
19:09Crib>18 percent left
19:09duende>D-side, lemme guess, your an XFS person eh?
19:09D-side>i feel every FS has its strengths.
19:10D-side>but I'm an Alan Cox groupie
19:10D-side>a couple years ago AC was quoted as calling Hans Reiser a dick on the lkml
19:10D-side>thus, F reiser.
19:10TheAsp>hans reiser is a dick, but his fs rocks :P
19:10D-side>i'm a lazy bastard so most things around here are just ext3.
19:11D-side>the line i use is "i like the compatibility just in case of emergency!"
19:11D-side>really i could give a goddamn what fs it is so long as i dont lose anything.
19:11Crib>k i've recompilied
19:12Crib>now trying modprobe bttv gets me this lovely thing: insmod bttv failed
19:12Crib>thoughts, ideas
19:12TheAsp>whats the full output?
19:12Crib>init_module: No such device
19:13TheAsp>what does lspci say it is?
19:13Netslayer>i'm trying to adjust the xv color settings by pressing f, but it won't let me change the values with the arrow keys, if i hit g for recording values, then it does but not playback any ideas?
19:13Crib>doH! -bash: lspci: command not found
19:13Netslayer>is this a bug with the new patch?
19:14TheAsp>Crib: pciutils...
19:14TheAsp>more then likely
19:14Crib>emerge pciutils?
19:14TheAsp>give it a shot
19:14TheAsp>doesnt discover pickup bttv these days?
19:14Netslayer>what's the unmute key
19:14o_cee>Crib: man emerge is good.. emerge search, emerge -pvl and so on
19:14TheAsp>Netslayer: same as mute
19:14TheAsp>Netslayer: |
19:14TheAsp>among others
19:15Crib>TheAsp: thanks it's emerging
19:15TheAsp>discover does do bttv these days
19:16D-side>dont suppose anyone in here is having the same live tv issue as listed on the "Major problems..." thread on the user list
19:16Crib>I got the lspci now
19:16Crib>Dern it all...
19:17Crib>I've got nothing that says anything about the bttv card
19:17o_cee>D-side: uhm, the pal issue?
19:17Crib>bloody hell...
19:18o_cee>forgot to pop in the card? :)
19:18TheAsp>Crib: lspci | grep video
19:18D-side>o_cee: no, that should never have been listed in that particular thread.
19:18Crib>shit o_cee
19:18Crib>sorry for language
19:19Crib>Actually, the card is in, but it doesn not appear to be fully seated
19:19o_cee>Crib: ?
19:19Crib>i'm going to shutdown and kick it in
19:19o_cee>D-side: ?
19:19Crib>It is Saving random seed... hehe
19:20D-side>o_cee: i've got a minor flood queued up. want it in a single msg, or should i just dump it here
19:21D-side>probably 6-8 lines
19:21o_cee>wichever you dare
19:21D-side>2003-12-13 10:06:02 Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 5)2003-12-13 10:06:03 ReadStringList timeout (quick).Errm, event socket just closed.2003-12-13 10:06:04 ReadStringList timeout (quick).Remote encoder not responding.
19:22D-side>nice goddamn line breaks.
19:22D-side>anyway, you get the picture. its been documented on the list. someone is apparently getting backtraces.
19:22o_cee>and what was the final resolution posted on the list?
19:22D-side>its very odd. apparently only happens when being viewed on the backend machine. works just fine from a remote front end.
19:22=KikoV [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:23D-side>if there was a resolution you think i'd be wasting your time?
19:23o_cee>that thread got resolved
19:23D-side>no, it didnt.
19:23D-side>the other issues that people stupidly posted to that thread did.
19:23D-side>not this one.
19:24D-side>apparently people saw "major problem" and said "hey mine isnt working! thats a major problem!" and added to that thread.
19:24o_cee>you talking about the mails from Dan Berger? those are the only ones in that thread that i see here
19:24o_cee>or you're reffering to some other thread started by some dumb fuck that doesn't use real email clients
19:25D-side>no, Dan's issue was the resolved one.
19:25D-side>cant speak for the client preferences of others though.
19:25o_cee>yeah, that's the only thread i see? what are you talking about?
19:25D-side>first listed by Nicholas DePetrillo <>
19:26o_cee>yeah. then there's two replies, one from isaac and then the thread from dan
19:26o_cee>guess the thread got torn apart.. search a little
19:26o_cee>n1hck <> fucked it up
19:26o_cee>continuing reading
19:26D-side>i'm reading all 21 posts in this thread, one of the more recent ones from isaac requesting a backtrace.
19:27D-side>most recent being today at around 1.
19:27o_cee>there's not 21msgs in that thread because stupid people use fucked up email software that breaks the threads in real clients
19:27D-side>so no, no resolution.
19:27D-side>dude. theres 21 posts.
19:28o_cee>maybe on the webboard. but i don't _care_ about that archive
19:28D-side>f web mail archives.
19:28D-side>this is my client sorting them.
19:28o_cee>then it's not sorting by thread id
19:28o_cee>probably subject
19:28D-side>i'll concede that point.
19:29o_cee>i'm from sweden, don't make me lookup that word
19:29D-side>"you win"
19:29D-side>except theres no resolution
19:29D-side>and for all the time i'm spending griping about it i could have rebuilt the goddamn thing with debugging on
19:29o_cee>aight. still reading
19:30D-side>but f that, this poor nick bastard has been whining about it more than I have. let him have the thrill
19:30D-side>whats really f'ing me up is the fact that its only when played locally on the backend.
19:30+KikoV [] joined #mythtv
19:30Netslayer>what would stop me from setting mute on my alsa Capture source in amixer, alsamixer?
19:30Netslayer>i can't set it, and i can't turn the input volume down
19:31D-side>when in alsamixer, pressing m does nothing?
19:31Netslayer>not on 'Capture'
19:31TheAsp>Netslayer: what controls you trying to change?
19:31Netslayer>which is like the mixer
19:31D-side>well thats a problem.
19:31TheAsp>Netslayer: try doing it on what you are capturing from
19:31Crib>haha it wasn't seated properly
19:31Crib>it is brooktree bt878 vid cap rev 11 and brooktree audio cap rev 11
19:32D-side>thats meaning less.
19:32D-side>without the space.
19:32D-side>modprobe'ing bttv should yield interesting results
19:33Netslayer>auh this is nuts
19:33Netslayer>why are there two capture sources?
19:33D-side>God hates you
19:33Netslayer>i set Capture as a capture source and line as a capture source
19:33Netslayer>as soon as i set line, even if volume is 0 and mute is on it goes right through
19:34TheAsp>i have aux muted, capture unmuted
19:34TheAsp>bot set as capture
19:35Netslayer>ur using your soundcard right not btaudio
19:36Netslayer>this is confusing with 30 devices listed here
19:37Netslayer>front, AC97, Master control output volume
19:37+flyer [] joined #mythtv
19:37Netslayer>pcm as well
19:38Netslayer>i got it!!!!
19:38Netslayer>ac97 has to be 0
19:38*Netslayer writes down all these settings
19:38Netslayer>now for the hue..i have bars across my screen, and the xv controls look broken now
19:39Netslayer>pressing f pops them up and g goes to recording, i can't set playback, only the recording ones
19:42+paulproteus [] joined #mythtv
19:42D-side>o_cee: if you're still around and care, the most recent post on this includes backtraces.
19:43o_cee>D-side: getting some delays on my emails.. heh
19:46=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
19:46D-side>o_cee: if i could could i would be far less useless. :)
19:46o_cee>that's a really strange sentence.. hehhe
19:47=jeffpc [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:48+Teflon [] joined #mythtv
19:51-skammah [] left #mythtv ("Client Exiting")
19:54D-side>o_cee: well holy jesus. thats mainly because the second "could" is supposed to be "code"
19:54=Crib [] quit (Success)
19:54D-side>its about 50 degrees (F) in here, so i'm brewing a pot of coffee
19:54o_cee>aaaah, it's 2 am, i'm a bit thick
19:55+pahli_bar [] joined #mythtv
19:55%Netsplit <-> quits: engie
19:59+engie [] joined #mythtv
20:09c0nflict>does anyone know of a way to call mplayer (from mythtv) so it will display on all desktops 'sticky window'
20:09=flyer [] quit ("leaving")
20:09c0nflict>I was thinking of using the -wid option, but I am not sure what window id to give it, or if that will even work
20:10c0nflict>I am outputting the display to my tv, but I want to be able to switch desktops on the crt and still have only the video display on the tv
20:10+crib2 [] joined #mythtv
20:11crib2>yo duende you still around
20:11crib2>this is crib
20:11c0nflict>I can do it with a keypress, but I'd like to have it automated
20:11Netslayer>when i go aplay /dev/dsp1 or aplay /dev/dsp2 for btaudio all i get is fuss but i do have it connected, any ideas?
20:12crib2>ok can anyone tell me what the name of the i2c module is so i can modprobe is... modprobe i2c doesn't seem to be working
20:13Netslayer>bttv, btaudio
20:14c0nflict>insmod i2c-core
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20:18+loebrich [] joined #mythtv
20:18%Netsplit over, joins: o_cee, Dirus, racer32, mecraw_, synthmeme, kNetAway, linagee, Peitolm, ChaosExiguum, dopez (+26 more)
20:19=crib2 [] quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4")
20:21Netslayer>for goodness sakes zap2it
20:21Netslayer>We apologize but the site you are trying to view is experiencing technical difficulties. It will be available again after a short time.
20:24=loebrich [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/1]")
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20:29Netslayer>wtf is going on
20:30%Netsplit over, joins: o_cee, Dirus, racer32, mecraw_, synthmeme, kNetAway, linagee, Peitolm, ChaosExiguum, dopez (+25 more)
20:34=pahli_bar [] quit ("[BX] Dr. Kavorkian is DYING to use BitchX. Aren't you?")
20:41Netslayer>can anyone assist me in connecting to mysql?
20:41Netslayer>i set it up like the docs state, but the remote machine can't connect
20:44o_cee>"Modifying access to the MySQL database for multiple systems" ?
20:44Netslayer>well it should work, i don't know why it ain't
20:44Netslayer>i've already done: mysql> grant all on mythconverg.* to mythtv@"%" identified by "mythtv";
20:45TheAsp>is mysql listening?
20:45Netslayer>i can connect localy
20:45o_cee> /etc/init.d/mysql restart
20:45TheAsp>Netslayer: locally uses a socket
20:46c0nflict>iptables stopping you?
20:46Netslayer>mysql -u root mythconverg
20:46Netslayer>2003-12-15 17:45:01 - Connecting to master server:
20:46Netslayer>i don't think i installed that
20:46sfr>Netslayer: check for #skip-networking in you my.cnf file
20:47sfr>Netslayer: well that without the #
20:47c0nflict>is mysql running on eth0? netstat -ln|grep 3306
20:47sfr>Netslayer: that message is from a remote frontend? in that case, it can't connect to the mythbackend server process
20:48Netslayer>k #skip-networking
20:48sfr>Netslayer: so it's not b/c of skip-networking
20:48Netslayer>tcp 0 0* LISTEN
20:48=TheAsp [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:48c0nflict>it is only listening on localhost
20:49c0nflict>doh, nm
20:49Netslayer>if backend can log in localy does it mean the mysql settings for accessing it through the username mythtv is fine?
20:49sfr>Netslayer: refers to the mythv backend, change the ip via mythfrontend setup
20:50Netslayer>u mean ./setup in backend machine?
20:50c0nflict>mysql doesn't need to also listen on eth0?
20:50sfr>Netslayer: first, this problem is on a remote frontend?
20:50Netslayer>remote backend, frontend, ./setup can't connect
20:51Netslayer>hmm actually didn't try the frontend, one sec
20:51Netslayer>all of em can't connect
20:51sfr>Netslayer: so where is this message from 2003-12-15 17:45:01 - Connecting to master server:
20:51Netslayer>master backend (machine running the sql)
20:52Netslayer>i have mysql.txt set to connect to mythtv mythtv..etc
20:52sfr>Netslayer: from the backends logfile?
20:52Netslayer>when it starts up
20:53+Crib [] joined #mythtv
20:53=Crib [] quit (Client Quit)
20:53+Crib [] joined #mythtv
20:53sfr>Netslayer: so the backend doesn't think it's the master backend.
20:53c0nflict>and you ran setup on the frontend and pointed it to the same IP?
20:53Crib>on the good side: i got the i2c and the btaudio and the bttv to load
20:53Netslayer>u mean ./setup on the master backend yes
20:53Crib>the negative side: it killed the mouse
20:54Crib>i no longer have /dev/mouse, /dev/usbmouse or /dev/input
20:54Crib>anyone ever heard of this?
20:54Netslayer>./setup on the masterbackend machine:
20:54c0nflict>Netslayer on the frontend you need to tell it where the backend is (port 6543)
20:54Netslayer>ip address for server:
20:54Crib>i don't think i can start x with no mouse
20:54sfr>Netslayer: in ./setup you set both IP address fields to
20:54sfr>Netslayer: on the master backend that is
20:54Netslayer>it says that won't work?
20:55Netslayer>there are two here
20:55Netslayer>ip addres for server and master server ip address
20:56=Crib [] quit (Client Quit)
20:56sfr>Netslayer: this is ./setup on the master backend?
20:56sfr>Netslayer: and what are the ip's you entered there?
20:56+Crib [] joined #mythtv
20:57Netslayer> for both as of right now
20:58Netslayer>is this a big deal, when i log into the db locally mysql -u root -p mythconverg
20:58Netslayer>i have to type in a root password that is not mythtv
20:58o_cee>uhm, that might be because you do -u root??
20:58c0nflict>Netslayer on the frontend you need to run setup and use that IP as the master backend. have you done that?
20:59c0nflict>that IP =
20:59sfr>Netslayer: post the error message that appears on the console you start mythfrontend from
20:59Netslayer>ya on the masterbackend machine i went setup and defined both ip fields as 192...
20:59+tmk [] joined #mythtv
20:59Netslayer>ok one sec have to type it out
20:59c0nflict>Netslayer frontend
21:00c0nflict>the frontend needs teh backends IP
21:00Netslayer>i set that already in mysql.txt
21:00c0nflict>that is for mysql
21:00c0nflict>no myth
21:01+jeffpc [] joined #mythtv
21:01sfr>c0nflict: thats wrong! setup is only run on the master backend nowhere else Netslayer
21:01Netslayer>on the remote frontend i set in /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt
21:01sfr>Netslayer: ok
21:01Netslayer>sfr, setup is run on all backends, i'm setting up slaves
21:02Netslayer>Unable to connect to database!
21:02Netslayer>Driver error was [1/2003]:
21:02sfr>Netslayer: ok, just wanted to correct myself about slave backends, sorry.
21:02Netslayer>QMYSQL3: Unable to connect
21:02Netslayer>Database error was:
21:03Netslayer>Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111)
21:03Netslayer>couldn't open db
21:03Netslayer>that's i
21:03Netslayer>that's it
21:03Netslayer>sfr, np
21:03o_cee>on the frontend machine, can you connect manually to the remote database?
21:03sfr>Netslayer: and your mysql.txt on the slave backend is correct? correct db name?
21:04Netslayer>same as the other ya
21:04sfr>Netslayer: try what o_cee suggested
21:05Netslayer>masterbackend /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt:
21:05Netslayer>remote frontend.. same location:
21:05D-side>o_cee: what is it, 4am there?
21:06sfr>Netslayer: like this: mysql -u mythtv -h -p mythconverg
21:06Netslayer>how can i try that o_cee
21:06Netslayer>k one sec
21:06*o_cee point at sfr
21:06Netslayer>it connects then prompts for a password
21:06Netslayer>i enter mythtv and gives same connection error
21:07sfr>Netslayer: post the error please
21:07Netslayer>same as above
21:07Netslayer>one sec
21:07o_cee>then your grants are wrong?
21:07Netslayer>ERROR 2003: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111)
21:08=tmk [] quit ("Client exiting")
21:08sfr>Netslayer: again but like this: mysql -u mythtv -h -p
21:08o_cee>Netslayer: try adding -v to the mysqlcommand
21:09o_cee>maybe will print some more helpful stuff
21:09Netslayer>isn't printing anything else but that error
21:09Netslayer>and none of my passwords work
21:09o_cee>login with root and chceck the permissions
21:10Netslayer>how do u check permissions?
21:11o_cee>man mysql
21:11o_cee>need sleep
21:11*o_cee is away: sleepietime
21:12sfr>with phpmyadmin. sorry never done a lot with mysql command line
21:12Netslayer>have to install that anyway
21:12Netslayer>ya but apache isn't up yet heh
21:13sfr>Netslayer: what error did you get with: mysql -u mythtv -h -p ?
21:13Netslayer>chris@pvr chris $ mysql -u mythtv -h -v -p
21:13Netslayer>Enter password:
21:13Netslayer>ERROR 2003: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111)
21:13Netslayer>i entered mythtv
21:13sfr>Netslayer: that doesn't sound like a permissions problem to me.
21:14Netslayer>it prompts for a password?
21:14sfr>Netslayer: try this on the mysql host: mysql -u mythtv -p ?
21:14o_cee>local mysql does, yeah
21:14o_cee>he said he checked it
21:14Netslayer>that's commented out
21:15Netslayer>chris@server chris $ mysql -u mythtv -p ?
21:15Netslayer>Enter password:
21:15Netslayer>ERROR 1044: Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' to database '?'
21:15Netslayer>chris@server chris $
21:15Chutt>you'd get a permission error if it were
21:15Chutt>like that
21:15Chutt>therefore, the server's not listening.
21:15Chutt>go read the mysql docs
21:15sfr>Netslayer: leave out the ? ;)
21:16sfr>Netslayer: the question mark that is
21:16Netslayer>i get in
21:16Netslayer>was just the ?
21:16sfr>Chutt: did you see my note ~12 hours ago?
21:17sfr>Netslayer: local?
21:17Chutt>sfr, not that i recall
21:17Chutt>care to recap? =)
21:17Netslayer>sfr, what do u mean
21:18o_cee>Netslayer: do "use mythconverg"
21:18o_cee>"use mythconverg;"
21:19sfr>Chutt: ok, the language-selection stores the wrong variable in the db. It used to be DE, EN and so on. But with 0.13 (cvs checkout close to the release) it stores Deutsch, English... After restarting the frontend it fails to load mythfronten_deutsch.qm and falls back to english.
21:19Chutt>that's weird
21:19Chutt>code looks right
21:20sfr>Chutt: returned from a christmas party earlier, so didn't look at it closer. wanted to quickly test some translations when i hit it.
21:20Netslayer>sfr, where should i run that
21:20Chutt>netslayer, turn on mysql networking.
21:20sfr>Netslayer: i meant you can connect to mysql locally.
21:21sfr>Netslayer: that was a question, btw
21:21D-side>Hm. I'm still looking at this "Major problem in .13" thread on the users list, and I see you (likely) believe this is resolved in current cvs. any hope of having that available via a patch to .13?
21:22Chutt>d-side, no.
21:22Chutt>and, no, i don't think it's resolved in current cvs
21:22D-side>oh well. there goes all hope of keeping packages sane.
21:22sfr>Netslayer: follow Chutts advise and restart mysql.
21:22D-side>ah, well theres that anyway.
21:22+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
21:22Chutt>i just don't like dealing with backtraces against an older codebase than what i'm working with.
21:22sfr>Netslayer: it really looks like this parameter.
21:22=cmorgan [] quit (Client Quit)
21:22D-side>seeing as it only really pops up when played back on the backend machine, i really dont care so much.
21:23D-side>Chutt: well that makes sense. any idea what might be going on?
21:23Chutt>i don't really care, either
21:23D-side>what, content with "it works for me"? :)
21:24Chutt>and i wasted enough time dealing with idiots that didn't know how to use source when upgrading from a binary package
21:24Chutt>so, i don't really give a damn about problems with the release anymore
21:24D-side>heh. well unfortunately that guy shouldnt have posted in that thread anyway, but whatever. most people are stupid.
21:24D-side>and i agree. at this point, i dont give a shit either.
21:25Chutt>try cvs, see if it fixes it.
21:25Chutt>it's not exactly difficult to do that
21:25josephk>bah...wait until 1.0 to support users
21:25D-side>yeah i'm going to.
21:25Netslayer>by the way i noticed that new xv setting code patch to merge the operations
21:25D-side>when i'm motivated.
21:25Chutt>d-side, just let me know how it works out
21:25D-side>Chutt: yeah i will.
21:26josephk> it, you must
21:26josephk>you've got to
21:26josephk>do it for the team!
21:26Netslayer>i can't seem to actually change the playback ones, when i hit f it flips through them but arrow keys don't work, hitting g for the recording ones does and i can use the arrows
21:26sfr>D-side: what's the problem with running frontend on the backend host?
21:27D-side>sfr: its the live tv playback problem where it just craps it pants. works just fine on a remote frontend. very odd.
21:27sfr>D-side: just tested live tv here on the master backend using a pvr350. got noise when entering tv, changed channels and its working fine.
21:27sfr>D-side: it _never_ works for you?
21:28josephk>I had trouble initially...but as with all things, I believe it is my fault and deal with it as such
21:28D-side>sfr: not even once.
21:28sfr>D-side: what tuner?
21:28D-side>plain old vanilla bttv card. a pctv pro.
21:29josephk>are you getting socket errors D-side?
21:29josephk>or write errors
21:29D-side>josephk: precisely
21:29-Netslayer [] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
21:29josephk>I had that as well
21:29D-side>> QSocketDevice::writeBlock: Invalid socket> 2003-12-13 10:06:04 Error writing stringlist> Remote encoder not responding.
21:29sfr>D-side: sorry, seems to work just fine here.
21:29+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
21:29D-side>never once works though, when the frontend is played on the backend machine.
21:29Netslayer>it works!
21:29D-side>sfr: yeah, it seems most people have no problems at all.
21:29Netslayer>the guys at mysql helped me out
21:29sfr>Netslayer: how come?
21:30D-side>lemme pull cvs.
21:30josephk>I just went into my cvs directory and uninstalled my .12 cvs...uninstalled .13 release, and reinstalled .13 release
21:30josephk>and voila
21:30josephk>or viola
21:30Netslayer>/etc/mysql/my.cnf has to have this commented out #bind-address =
21:30Chutt>problem is, that everyone has different problems
21:30D-side>josephk: i'm on gentoo, using their .13-r1 release. its just .13 with the pal/bttv patch.
21:30Chutt>and just like the 'blank screen on playback'
21:30josephk>well I had the same error
21:30Chutt>you get the same symptoms
21:31Chutt>since it's just an indication of the backend going away
21:31josephk>so it was a suggestion
21:31D-side>josephk: i see what you're saying.
21:31sfr>Netslayer: which version of mysql?
21:32D-side>i unmerged all the .12 stuff first, which leaves me with solely the db left. i figured that was vanilla enough.
21:32Chutt>it is.
21:32D-side>shrug. God hates me.
21:32D-side>lets try cvs.
21:32Netslayer>sfr, mysql Ver 12.21 Distrib 4.0.14, for pc-linux-gnu (i686)
21:32josephk>notice higher up when I tried to provide motivation
21:33D-side>you'll see how well motivated i am when i sell my pundit on ebay. heh. thanks though.
21:33josephk>I bet I get the same error later on and have to use cvs:)
21:33josephk>but I won't tell chutt
21:34josephk>because he will laugh
21:34josephk>and I like him grumpy
21:34Chutt>i should just unsubscribe from -users
21:34Chutt>then i'd be a lot less grumpy
21:34josephk>i'd say
21:34josephk>but then no one would like you
21:34D-side>this is really the first time its ever provided me with anything useful, so i'd have to go along with that.
21:36sfr>Chutt: if you are happy, then we are happy. so might not be the worst option :) and the critical mass seems to be reached on -users
21:36Netslayer>fudge ./setup can connect remotely but mythbackend and frontend can't
21:36D-side>any major updates commited that'll break the .13 release modules?
21:36sfr>D-side: not break, but you need to recompile i think
21:37Netslayer>heh guess i have to have master running ;-)
21:37Chutt>what's the library tag on the 0.13 release?
21:37Chutt>ah, ok
21:37Chutt>plugins are compatible
21:37=choenig [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:37Chutt>frontend->backend communication is _not_
21:38D-side>you know what.. for someone who runs gentoo i'm bitching a whole hell of a lot about having to compile cvs. f this, i'm getting to it.
21:38*sfr nods ;)
21:40D-side>hm, in, are "release" and "debug" mutually exclusive?
21:40josephk>I really want to try dlengel's patches but I really don't want to
21:40D-side>listed in the docs.
21:40D-side>josephk: what do those accomplish?
21:41Chutt>d-side, yes
21:41josephk>tweaking pvr350 output
21:41josephk>the latest one has changes to the ivtv driver
21:41+[hC] [~hardcore@] joined #mythtv
21:42[hC]>Hm, when i go to watch tv, my screen goes black, the console says:
21:42[hC]>2003-12-15 20:41:19 Using XV port 55
21:42[hC]>2003-12-15 20:41:19 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
21:42[hC]>and i see nothing
21:42[hC]>alt+tab will tab me back to my xterm i had runing, but etc wont quit the live tv thing.
21:42[hC]>xawtv shows me tv.
21:42[hC]>any ideas?
21:43Chutt>is a better link now :p
21:43D-side>this is another guy with my same problem.
21:43D-side>if i remember our conversation the other day.
21:44josephk> required more effort I think;P
21:45Chutt>no one ever looks at the backend output
21:45Chutt>which is where the error message is
21:45[hC]>Unknown video codec: open: No such device
21:45[hC]>audio volume set to '65535'
21:45[hC]>open: No such device
21:45D-side>i should just run a syslog machine solely for mythbackend's log.
21:46[hC]>keep in mind, i deliberately didnt load my audio driver for/dev/dsp (it tells me it cant open it but keeps tyring anyways)
21:46Chutt>hC, you don't have things setup
21:46[hC]>because with it loaded, it reboots my pc when i click on watch tv.
21:46Chutt>if you're using analog recording
21:46Chutt>you _need_ sound
21:46[hC]>i just want to see the picture first
21:46Chutt>won't work
21:46[hC]>then i'll debug my audio driver
21:46josephk>I always look at the backend output...cus I'm good like that
21:47Netslayer>what's that port that has the backend status?
21:47D-side>i have a console dedicated to "tail -f /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log"
21:47sfr>josephk: you liked the matrix as well, i guess :)
21:47D-side>Netslayer: 6455
21:47Chutt>netslayer, it's in the backend settings
21:47[hC]>Couldn't open /dev/video to probe its inputs.
21:47[hC]>yet it shows me the list
21:47[hC]>er. it did.
21:47*josephk says "THERE IS NO BACKEND"
21:47Netslayer>hmm it's not showing odd
21:48Netslayer>do i need apache installed?
21:48Netslayer> shows nothing
21:48mikegrb>you need the backend started
21:48D-side>thats because i lied to you
21:49D-side>i meant 6544.
21:49sfr>Chutt: -commits ml <--so my 2nd patch made sense
21:49Netslayer>works now thx
21:49D-side>but we're all a little dyslexic at .esmit
21:53Chutt>sfr, yup
21:53[hC]>Ok, so.. heh, I symlinked /dev/dsp to /dev/null so it could open the device
21:53[hC]>now i get a black screen
21:53[hC]>and the backend log shows:
21:53sfr>Chutt: i actually meant the text, not so much the patches ;)
21:53[hC]>2003-12-15 20:49:41 adding: freevo as a player 0
21:53[hC]>2003-12-15 20:49:41 adding: freevo as a remote ringbuffer
21:53[hC]>2003-12-15 20:49:41 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
21:53[hC]>audio volume set to '65535'
21:53Chutt>sfr, it made sense
21:54Chutt>hC, it will not work.
21:54Chutt>i don't think /dev/null acts as a soundcard.
21:54Chutt>there's a tiny bit more to it than the open()
21:54D-side>lets see if cvs fixes this
21:54[hC]>so video wont show up either if it cant open sound?
21:55Chutt>hC, that's what i fucking said 10 minutes ago
21:56sfr>[hC]: leave it, or use mythtv 0.0X somewhere back then it stopped working ;)
21:56Chutt>it's always needed sound
21:56Chutt>so =)
21:56sfr>Chutt: what about deaf people? *hides*
21:57D-side>aint that some shit.
21:58josephk>don't make fun of my people
21:59D-side>Chutt: so whats changed in cvs that would resolve this? or should i shut the fuck up?
21:59josephk>nothing...that change was inside you
22:00D-side>oh goddamnit something just started recording. there goes any hope of emerging the vanilla .13 to see if smartass here is right and it WAS just me. :)
22:00josephk>I'm not a smartass...I just haven't mastered sarcasm as well as chutt
22:01josephk>or have I
22:01D-side>if you have to ask, you just suck.
22:01josephk>you obviously get sarcasm
22:02D-side>I'd like to legally change my name to Sarcastic Bastard.
22:03Chutt>d-side, the way it waits to decide if the backend timed out has changed
22:04D-side>ah, gotcha.
22:04Netslayer>on my remote machine with the slavebackend, when i go livetv it's giving me "only read -1 from 4096 bytes from /dev/dsp read audio io error, i'm pretty sure alsa works on here
22:04D-side>wonder why its only an issue on some setups and not others.
22:04Chutt>d-side, are you running a standard kernel?
22:04D-side>its nothing funky like a rh kernel.
22:05Chutt>so no, then :p
22:05Chutt>that's why
22:05D-side>gentoo patches the crap out of theirs but i dont enable the sillier options.
22:05D-side>what, this is kernel related?
22:05Chutt>i'm thinking it is
22:05D-side>hell i'll go to a strictly vanilla .23 if you think that'll help.
22:05Chutt>just use cvs
22:05sfr>Chutt: *ouch* what about wolk kernels? running 4.6s on the backend
22:05Netslayer>"Unable to write to client socket, as it's no longer there" what is this reffering to?
22:06Chutt>netslayer, it means the frontend disconnected before the backend could respond to it
22:06D-side>wolk kernels just scare me.
22:06D-side>thats way too much shit going on
22:06Netslayer>would that be local slave or remote master backend?
22:06Chutt>if cvs fixes it, just use that and stop worrying about it :p
22:06+hfb [] joined #mythtv
22:06D-side>hm, backend timeout checks.. explains why a remote frontend digs it.
22:07D-side>welp, f it. time to cvs the other modules and kill all my packaged versions. thanks.
22:07Chutt>actually, if you want to use 0.13
22:07josephk>well as I said it could happen to me again
22:07Chutt>i think this patch:
22:07Chutt>is self contained
22:08Chutt>and i believe that should do it as well
22:08sfr>D-side: b/c of the amount of patches inside?
22:08D-side>i'll go apply that by hand, since i'm lame and havent figured out how diff works yet.
22:08+hfb_ [] joined #mythtv
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22:09+hfb_ [] joined #mythtv
22:09D-side>sfr: the number of them and how much it adds.
22:10+hfb__ [] joined #mythtv
22:10D-side>Chutt: i'll work on this and let you know how it ends up. thanks for the help.
22:10D-side>sfr: honestly, i havent put a lot of effort into learning a lot about the patches it includes. whats notable or fun?
22:12=hfb__ [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:12+hfb__ [] joined #mythtv
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22:12sfr>D-side: hm, fun? don't know. i use the grsecurity stuff, low-latency, xfs, acpi, v4l2 and all on one box.
22:12+hfb__ [] joined #mythtv
22:13D-side>have acpi working well?
22:13D-side>i'm just interested in finding a good solution for making standby/suspend work.
22:13Netslayer>the xv controls are all broken in cvs..
22:13sfr>D-side: as it's my server i never tried standby/suspend
22:14Chutt>netslayer, i accept patches :p
22:14Netslayer>are these values editable in the db?
22:15Chutt>of course
22:15Netslayer>any idea under what
22:15Netslayer>which table
22:15Chutt>channel table.
22:15Chutt>settings table.
22:15D-side>sfr: too bad suspended boxes cant wakeup via anything via cron or some form of signal generated locally. i'd love to use my pundit like that.
22:15Netslayer>it's per chanenl
22:15Netslayer>auh that might explain a lot
22:15Netslayer>i have no xml data right now
22:16*Netslayer runs mythfilldb
22:17sfr>D-side: isn't there some s/w to program the bios alarm? afaik it works on some motherboards
22:17Chutt>choenig never contributed docs for the suspend / resume stuff, did he?
22:18sfr>choenig actually told me about that software
22:18Netslayer>when mythfilldatabase gives a "config gile does not exist "in the user's dir, while it resides in the root dir i probably should re set it up running ./setup as a user not as root
22:18Chutt>he was going to write some up for the website docs
22:18Chutt>netslayer, or just copy the ~/.mythtv from root to the user
22:19sfr>Netslayer: you shouldn't use the root account for mythtv stuff
22:20Netslayer>ya, i'm just rerunning it, it was empty anyway when zap2it was down right when i wanted it before
22:20D-side>maybe its time to learn how diff works. afk.
22:25Netslayer>is this a big deal when running mythfilldb "QDateTime::fromString: Parameter out of range
22:25=hfb_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:26=hfb [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:28D-side>seriously, diff is THAT easy to use?
22:28D-side>i'm an idiot. afk.
22:28Netslayer>great now these errors: "zap2it gave us a server error, but let's go for it anyway
22:28Netslayer>Use of uninitialized value in substitution (s///) at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.0/XMLTV/ line 266"
22:28Netslayer>is zap2it down or somethring
22:34+dakeyrus [] joined #mythtv
22:36+crib2 [] joined #mythtv
22:36crib2>what's up all
22:36+loebrich [] joined #mythtv
22:37crib2>i finally got bttv, btaudio, i2c-core and i2c-algo-bit loaded!
22:37crib2>would xawtv be a good next step here?
22:37crib2>cause it ain't workin
22:38crib2>getting this:
22:38crib2>This is xawtv-3.86, running on Linux/i686 (2.4.22)
22:38crib2>Warning: Cannot convert string "-*-ledfixed-medium-r-*--39-*-*-*-c-*-*-*" to type FontStruct
22:38crib2>Segmentation fault
22:38-loebrich [] left #mythtv ()
22:38sfr>fonts missing? i have no idea, really but google is always the right answer :)
22:39crib2>sorry man i haven't even googled tired....i've been working on this SOOO long
22:39*sfr feels honoured to appear on Chutts todo list.
22:40sfr>crib2: continue tomorrow
22:41crib2>sfr: there is no tommorow...i have to friggin babysit my sister's kids
22:41+gerhard [] joined #mythtv
22:41crib2>i found this
22:41crib2> This error seems to go away once the font server has been restarted.
22:41crib2>how do i restart the font server?
22:43sfr>crib2: don't expect me to answer that at 04:43
22:43=crib2 [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:45D-side>welp, gentoo is a pain in the nuts. think i've got it though
22:47Chutt>cvs also fixed the other guy's issues
22:47Chutt>from the mailing list
22:48+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
22:48D-side>Chutt: i've got a diff ready to go.
22:48D-side>i'm just wasting time creating an ebuild for it.
22:49D-side>that and i've got another 11 minutes until this is done recording. :)
22:49D-side>Chutt: thanks btw.
22:49Chutt>no problemo :p
22:49D-side>since i've got a working diff, sure you dont want to throw that up on the page? :)
22:50D-side>maybe even incorporate it into the one thats already there, if you want to be slick. or as always, i can shut the fuck up.
22:51Chutt>eh, email it to me
22:51Chutt>if enough people bitch about it, i'll update it on the website
22:51D-side>same address as used on the list?
22:51D-side>fair enough.
22:51Chutt>i'm too lazy to do a website update right now
22:52D-side>got a name preference? i just named it backend_timing.diff
22:52Netslayer>is zap2it really slow or is something messed up for me?
22:52Netslayer>i'm getting like one channel a minute here
22:53Chutt>that's fine
22:53Netslayer>like one station
22:55D-side>sometimes zap2it sucks. other times, xmltv sucks.
22:55D-side>dont worry though, you're one step ahead of them. you suck all the time.
22:56Netslayer>ouch my fonts are terrible, all jagged, any ideas?
23:00Netslayer>auh i give up this sound card is coming out, it only works half the time
23:01Netslayer>i've grabbed 10 stations in the last 10 minutes gosh
23:03Netslayer>err reinstalling alsa
23:03Chutt>d-side, you missed a big chunk of the changes
23:04D-side>Chutt: oh crap. i was just looking at the cvs thing you pointed me too. sorry i wasted your time.
23:04Chutt>should look more like that :p
23:05D-side>want it redone or is the above what will be used?
23:17=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:25=gerhard [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:32+Big_Poppa [] joined #mythtv
23:35Netslayer>are recording profiles per backend or are they global?
23:40Netslayer>is there anyway to tell a slave backend to use the masterbackend for livetv if available?
23:47-Big_Poppa [] left #mythtv ()
23:53Netslayer>gosh dang it what is up with zap2it is everyone using myth hammering them
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