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00:06duende>i'm hammering it thanks to tvtime :)
00:07Netslayer>seriously i've never seen it this slow it has to by my xmltv
00:07Netslayer>any of u running filldb? how fast is it going?
00:09Netslayer>Chutt, where abouts is the exit mythfrontend menu (which file)? i'm going to tweak it for my slave backend, i want to be able to shut it down
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00:12kvandivo_>grab some text from the page, do a grep -r on your tree and see what you get
00:15Netslayer>that'll work
00:17Netslayer>this will take awhile
00:19Netslayer>Chutt, is there a way of having a frontend/slavebackend machine to use the masterbackends card for livetv if it's not busy before it's own?
00:20Netslayer>how about makind myth fonts all antialiased?
00:20Netslayer>or better fonts, remember u were discussing it a few days ago..
00:20Chutt>look on the mailing list
00:20Chutt>or the archives of this channel.
00:20Chutt>i don't feel like explaining it to you
00:20Netslayer>that's fine i know your busy
00:20Netslayer>we're being archived
00:20*Netslayer looks both ways
00:21*grogan hopes we get a few more releases to play with before Chutt burns out on irc questions :>
00:25grogan>Chutt: are you doing all of this in addition to a full time job?
00:25Netslayer>wow this logging is scary
00:26kvandivo_>remember: everything you say can and will be used against you at some point in the future.
00:27Chutt>grogan, yes
00:28Chutt>more than full time, really
00:29grogan>well.. I wish I had more skill with which to contribute
00:29grogan>I certainly hope you're doing something at least half as interesting as mythtv for your real job
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00:32Chutt>most of the time
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00:39zeronett>hey everyone
00:41zeronett>i just did 'make' and it errored out on the NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp:18... its saying that lame/lame.h: no such file or directory. and i have installed lame and verified that it is working... any suggestions?
00:41Chutt>read the docs.
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00:43Netslayer>install lame
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01:17zeronett>when im trying to compile the test_ioctl program it errors out on the 'make'with this...Makefile:3: /lib/modules/`uname: No such file or directory
01:17zeronett>Makefile:3: -r`/build/.config: No such file or directory
01:17zeronett>make: *** No rule to make target `-r`/build/.config'. Stop.
01:18zeronett>where is this file? the docs dont say anything about doing a ./configure or anything
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01:22zeronett>any suggestions?
01:25synthmeme>type uname -r at a shell prompt
01:25synthmeme>replace the `uname -r` in the makefile with the output from that
01:28zeronett>synthmeme: thanks
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01:31zeronett>now im getting a missing lirc_dev when i modprobe ivtv where is that made?
01:34synthmeme>read this whole document:
01:34synthmeme>a lot of work has gone into it
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01:36zeronett>ya ive been following it pretty well... just been getting stumped on a few things
01:37zeronett>the example configuration is really nice
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02:40zeronett>another question... ive gone through all the configuration stuff for the lirc and i get a "connect: connection refuse" when i run 'irw'... any suggestions?
02:46racer32>think we have the same problem zeronett
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02:48zeronett>racer32: do you have the pvr-250 also?
02:49zeronett>oh ok
02:49zeronett>do you know how to change the character mode file for /dev/lirc?
02:50racer32>i had it all working but now i updated the kernel and everything stopped working
02:50racer32>i know if you delete /dev/lirc and recompile LIRC it will be made by make install
02:51racer32>my machine also complains about /dev/lirc
02:56racer32>look in /var/log/lircd file
02:56zeronett>you have to use 0.7.0pre2 dont you?
02:57zeronett>how do you restart lirc?
02:59racer32>tried them both 0.6.6 and 0.7.0p2 both the same for me
02:59racer32>i will ahve a look tonight
02:59zeronett>i read somewhere that it has to be 0.7.0p2
03:00zeronett>i installed 0.7.0p2 but its still running 0.6.6
03:00zeronett>brb im just going to reboot the system
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03:22racer32>and zeronett?
03:25racer32>lirc works?
03:25zeronett>it still was running 0.6.6 when i rebooted
03:25zeronett>so i deleted everything again and starting over
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03:31racer32>what does the /var/log/lircd say?
03:32zeronett>that its ready but its version 0.6.6
03:33zeronett>i might just get the rest of myth working and come back to the remote
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04:15Chutt>sfr, if you see this, i believe i fixed the language settings problem
04:31Chutt>yup, fixed it
04:31Chutt>in cvs now
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08:48o_cee>did anyone try david engels latest 350 patch?
08:49marc>i didn't. because i didn't understand what it is about
08:52marc>what is it supposed to do?
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09:08o_cee>you've got a pvr-350 and using the tvout?
09:09marc>shouldn't we move over to #ivtv?
09:10o_cee>the patch is for myth
09:11Rule>The patch from today is supposed to fix some stutters because of the decoder starving for data, iirc
09:11marc>oh. then I'm seriously off.
09:11Rule>haven't looked at it :)
09:11Rule>well not the patch, the changes to the patch
09:11Rule>sorry :)
09:11o_cee>i tried it a little, but the drivers are still not that stable
09:12marc>was thinking of mail from Sun 14th in ivtv-devel:Re: [ivtv-devel] Decoder mailbox handling
09:12o_cee>(using tv-out)
09:12marc>the patch from Anduin has helped quit a bit here.
09:12marc>my main issue is recordings without audio.
09:12Rule>the basic idea is that it shouldn't open and close the device every time a seek is done
09:12marc>not tinny audio, none at all
09:13o_cee>Rule: seeking seemed to work very nice, but when using the fb (epg and such) it doesn't like me anymore
09:13o_cee>seeking was very quick indeed
09:13Rule>I'm also using the ivtv-fb and pvr350 output
09:14o_cee>epg working allright?
09:14o_cee>ah, now i remember ;) when i had his patch applied and using the 350 for tvout i couldn't do anything in live tv mode.. no keys responded at all. very odd
09:17Rule>it occasionally hangs in livetv
09:17Rule>when seeking
09:18Rule>for me anyway
09:18Rule>as logn as I don't ffwd or so, it's fine
09:21Rule>I haven't tried David's patch
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09:23fathom>i'm having problems with mythtv not capturing the audio to go along with the video, i'm using an ATI Wonder VE and a SBlive, can anyone help?
09:24o_cee>use the mailinglist instead
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09:26fathom>i've searched the mailing list and haven't found anything that helps
09:27o_cee>then send a new email to the list.
09:28fathom>okay then...
09:29*fathom subscribes to the mailing list
09:29o_cee>good idea.
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09:47o_cee>the f/g adjustments in cvs seems really fucked up..
09:50o_cee>it doesn't change the item you selected but the next or soemthing like that..
09:50o_cee>picture adjustments
09:50o_cee>on key f and g
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09:54sfr>wow: beta-testing live-tv with CVS (good excuse ;)): 1% of the earth core is gold, enough to cover all continents knee-deep with it.
09:56[hC]> hmm. with the new debian unstable debs for mythtv, i go to watch tv and the screen goes black and hte kernel panics.
10:04[hC]>yay, alsa sound drivers fixed it.
10:04[hC]>Now only if it would quit this prebuffering pause stuff out so i could actually watch something.
10:05fathom>hC i have that same problem
10:05fathom>well actually i just can't get the sound to record into a show...
10:05[hC]>Mine pauses once every two seconds.
10:05[hC]>Mine used to hard lock every time i went into live tv because of the OSS via drivers.
10:05fathom>sent an email out to the mailing list, but of course those things are about as fast as a frozen pond.
10:05fathom>are you getting audio when you record a show though?
10:06[hC]>Havent got that far yet ;)
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10:06sfr>fathom: could be your audio capture device isn't set up properly
10:07fathom>well, it's a sblive
10:07fathom>i installed all the alsa stuff, and it'll play audio
10:08sfr>setting up mythweather surely brushes up your geography
10:08fathom>lol i bet
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10:09fathom>so okay audio capture, is that going to be my sound card or something else?
10:10sfr>sound card
10:10fathom>i've tried 3 different sound cards and had the same problem with all of them.
10:10sfr>did you run the xawtv/aplay test?
10:10fathom>yeah, and i get buffer underun errors
10:11fathom>root@pvr(/mnt/store)# aplay /dev/dsp
10:11fathom>Playing raw data '/dev/dsp' : Unsigned 8 bit, Rate 8000 Hz, Mono
10:11fathom>underrun!!! (at least 9.036 ms long)
10:11fathom>underrun!!! (at least 11.325 ms long)
10:11fathom>like that
10:12fathom>there were 2 posts on the mailing list about a similar problem, but no answers to it.
10:13sfr>huh? mythvideo: NetworkOperation Error on Finish? i just ran mythweather
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10:13sfr>fathom: tried alsa/oss, google?
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10:17fathom>sfr, yep
10:18fathom>but i'll look again
10:18sfr>can't help you much with that
10:19fathom>no one seems to be able to help :(
10:19fathom>the weirdest thing about this, is the box will play mp3s and stuff, just not the aplay /dev/dsp thing
10:20sfr>it's not about playing, but about recording from the dsp and playing it back at the same time, aka full-duplex mode afaik.
10:21fathom>i remember seeing something about spdiff or something like that, any idea what that's about?
10:21fathom>maybe something to do with full duplex?
10:22sfr>spdif is about digital-audio output from a soundcard to an external amplifier
10:23fathom>i'm searching on full duplex on the sblive with alsa
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10:28[hC]>are there hotkeys in 'watch live tv' like to bring up the program guide?\
10:28fathom>Audio devices:
10:28fathom>0: EMU10K1 (DUPLEX)
10:28fathom> <-- shows i'm full duplex....
10:28sfr>[hC]: read keys.txt
10:28[hC]>Thanks sfr.
10:32[hC]>hm. maybe this thing keeps buffering cause its encoding too high of quality in live tv or something. im using an avertv bttv tuner on a celeron 1.3ghz and the load goes to 100% when watching live tv and it buffer pauses every two seconds
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10:49dja>anyone using mythdvd to rip dvd's? I've been having trouble ever since the latest patch went it...many of my rip's come out with 2 avi files, one that is ~10% of the other (2G K19.avi-000 and a 185M K19.avi). :-(
10:49dja>(and yes thor, I did check mtd.log -- no errors :-)
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10:53Zeran>anyone know what change I need to make to compile mythbackend with debug symbols?
10:54mikegrb>comment the release line at the top and uncomment the debug line
10:54mikegrb>there is a section in the docs about getting a back trace
10:54Zeran>yeah.. where is taht section?
10:54Zeran>oh o
10:54mikegrb>no problem
10:54Zeran>then run it under gdb right
10:55[hC]>ah, my buffering pause goes away when i send the resolution through the floor.
10:55Zeran>"make clean" , "make", "make install" after changing that setting?
10:55Zeran>or do I need to do something with qmake?
10:55mikegrb>make distclean then qmake
10:55mikegrb>that will make sure the makefiles are recreated
10:55Zeran>make distclean, qmake, then make / make install ?
10:57fathom>is anyone here using a sblive?
11:00hardwired>is anyone using the ivtv output patch for mplayer?
11:00hardwired>fathom: yes, sometimes i use one
11:00fathom>hardwired, with mythtv? can i see what you have in your modules.conf for the alsa setup on it?
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11:01hardwired>fathom: i can't access the machine right now, i am putting it into a new case
11:01hardwired>fathom: i followed the gentoo alsa guide, and sblive worked fine
11:01fathom>hmm okay
11:02fathom>are you using gentoo or some other distro?
11:03fathom>hmm i need a PCM-coded wav
11:03fathom>for testing
11:03hardwired>i am using gentoo
11:05fathom>i'm using an odd distro, but so far it hasn't really mattered.
11:05fathom>i had this sound problem under fedora as well
11:06hardwired>here pretty much everything works
11:06hardwired>dvd playing crashes often, and i can't switch back to myth without garbling the screen after i play something
11:06hardwired>the rest works
11:07hardwired>well, i didn't hook it up to the tv cable yet tho
11:07hardwired>but capture works. only the channel and guide stuff is missing
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11:13fathom>hmm it didn't work for me
11:13fathom>i'm still getting underrun errors when i do aplay /dev/dsp while xawtv is running
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11:23fathom>hmm but it played an mp3 just fine...
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11:25hardwired>fathom: /dev/dsp is oss...
11:25hardwired>or oss emulated by alsa
11:25fathom>it's being emulated by alsa
11:26hardwired>ah, ok then
11:26fathom>i followed the stuff in the gentoo guide
11:26fathom>i just don't know if it's fullduplex or not
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13:27Zeran>is anyone here familiar with mainserver.cpp?
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13:35[hC]>Is it possible to shut off live TV recording and simply have mythtv act like a viewer for the tv tuner? in order to not get my system (1.2ghz celery) to drop and pause all the time while it encodes, i have to set my resolution to 320x240 and i have like 2second remote control delay operating my satellite box
13:36sfr>[hC]: see tvmenu.xml for how to use another tv application for live-tv
13:36[hC]>Ah, cool. Thanks. I suppose i could just use xmltv fullscreen
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14:30Chutt>i really need to unsubscribe from -users.
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14:44Netslayer>i'm getting some strange db errors from the master backend. I have a feeling it doesn't have write permisssion, what do u guys think?
14:44Netslayer>DB Error (findAllProgramsToRecord)
14:44Netslayer>a bunch of queries
14:44Netslayer>Driver error was [2/1030]:
14:44Netslayer>QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
14:44Netslayer>Database error was:
14:44Netslayer>Got error 127 from table handler
14:45Netslayer>i can't schedule recordings, etc it's locked
14:47Chutt>run the standard mysql repair stuff.
14:49Netslayer>it gives all ok, and Table is already up to date
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14:49Netslayer>as root i still have to go -p and enter a password to connect, wonder if that's right
14:50Chutt>run repair on it.
14:50Chutt>not check.
14:50Chutt>and if you have a password set for root, is it really that surprising if it requires a password for root to connect?
14:51Netslayer>info : Wrong bytesec: 28-88-91 at 0; Skipped
14:51Netslayer>info : Found block that points outside data file at 64
14:51Netslayer>warning : Number of rows changed from 11 to 10
14:51Netslayer>have a few of those
14:51Chutt>wow, lookithat, the table had errors in it
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14:51Netslayer>fixed now
14:52Netslayer>2003-12-16 11:50:31 Started recording "Channel 4 News: Mid Day Report" on channel: 3004 on cardid: 3, sourceid 3
14:52Netslayer>2003-12-16 11:50:31 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
14:52Netslayer>Unknown video codec:
14:53Chutt>you're probably missing some data due to your corruption.
14:53Netslayer>heh, well should i just delete the db
14:53Chutt>do whatever you want
14:53Netslayer>k, will do
14:53Netslayer>thank you
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14:59Netslayer>can u give me a hint as to what that font package was that you recommended the other day? i've been looking through the list, and coultn't find it
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16:17nchip>why does mythtv and mythweb show program listings with time as columns and channels as rows?
16:19Chutt>because the other way would be stupid?
16:22*nchip disagrees :P
16:22nchip>for example:
16:23Netslayer>are there any other themes then blue that are compatible with .13? guess i should start one
16:23Chutt>gant, purplegalaxy from the author's site, the slick theme or whatever
16:23Netslayer>oh o_cee had one
16:23Chutt>i think there's a version of visor that's new enough
16:23Netslayer>purplegalaxy has been updated?
16:23Chutt>nchip, most people have more than 5 channels.
16:24Netslayer>do u happen to know the authors site? gant/purplegalaxy
16:24Chutt>mailing list.
16:24nchip>Chutt: thet "kanavasivut 1 2 3 4 5 6 7" can be viewed as tabs
16:24Chutt>really hard to use.
16:25nchip>(sorry but I don't no any non-finnish sites with that format :P)
16:26mikegrb>Chutt: wasn't going to have time to get to the themes stuff again until thusday but I think I may have a chance to get to it tonight
16:26mikegrb>we shall see :)
16:27Chutt>i'm busy with work stuff anyway
16:27Chutt>so no rush
16:28Netslayer>is this a bug or is my setup borked, on the remote frontend/slave backend when working with the scheduleder will not update if anywhere you select a program to be recorded. However the masterbackend/frontend will work fine
16:29Netslayer>it will not 'show' the updates but i believe they stick
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16:35hardwired>anybody using mplayer patched with those ivtv patches to output to the pvr 350?
17:05dja__>o_cee, you around?
17:05Chutt>dja, does my save on jump stuff work ok
17:05dja__>yes -- thank you, thank you, thank you. :-)
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17:07dja__>I had a question on the '(Default)' patch -- I noticed that you didn't need to modify the db, yet it works. :-) do you mind telling me what I missed? I could swear that if I didn't change the default in the db that the toggle recording would still default to '0'...
17:08Chutt>i dunno
17:08dja__>oh well. :-) it works, and that's all that matters...
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17:09dja__>do you happen to know if o_cee has anything newer than the gant-pr1.tar.bz2 posted?
17:09Chutt>there was a small patch to the xml files
17:09dja__>cool -- I'll look for it - thnx.
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17:34dja__>o_cee: wow!!!! just loaded gant -- very nice (although I like visor, so you may not find my opinion that valuable :-) :-)
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17:36Netslayer>dang lirc has always been a pain for me :-/
17:42*Netslayer praises himself for submitting his old solution to the mailling list so he could find it again and fix lirc
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17:51kvandivo_>Ding Dong, the Chutt is gone!
17:52sfr>But that's NOT the users mailing lists!
18:03Netslayer>if ur refering to my comment, ya it was
18:03Netslayer>have another q
18:04Netslayer>with native lirc support is ~/.lircrc still used for myth or is there some other file, i can go irxevent and see my keypresses, but nothing happens on the screen
18:11duende>if you have native lirc support compiled into myth, then you don't need to use irxevent
18:12duende>you'd put something like this in your lircrc:
18:12duende> prog = mythfrontend
18:12duende> button = CH_UP
18:12duende> config = Up
18:17Netslayer>restarting frontend after i tweak this should work then
18:17mdz_>well, to start you'd read the HOWTO
18:17mdz_>which explains that
18:17Netslayer>there is a HOWTO for native lirc?
18:18Netslayer>i have the rest setup
18:18mdz_>there is a HOWTO for MythTV which discusses native lirc
18:18Netslayer>in the docs?
18:18duende>my stupid soundcard, i hate it
18:18duende>never ever ever ever buy an nforce board
18:18mdz_>in the docs/ directory of the source
18:18mdz_>and about a hundred other places
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18:20sfr>Netslayer: actually not
18:26Netslayer>actually the native lirc documentation is maybe a few lines at best
18:28Netslayer>err i added mythfrontend to the ~/.lircrc, restarted lirc, restarted frontend, still nothing. and native lirc is compiled in
18:30Netslayer>hmm irxevent: could not open config file
18:30mdz_>read it again
18:30mdz_>it gives a whole step-by-step procedure
18:30mdz_>section 22.2
18:31mdz_>it even has a troubleshooting section
18:31mdz_>in fact, it would be a good idea to read the entire HOWTO now
18:31mdz_>as long as you have it open
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19:30+pahli_bar [] joined #mythtv
19:32pahli_bar>anyone got a hauppauge freestyle?
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19:45+latetalk [] joined #mythtv
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20:30+heidi [] joined #mythtv
20:30crib2>anyone here?
20:31crib2>tryin to get myth runnin :)
20:31crib2>got bttv and btaudio and i2c-core and i2c-algo-bit all working
20:31crib2>but xawtv won't load :(
20:31cmorgan>i'm sure there are plenty of people here, just odd that it is so quiet ;-)
20:32cmorgan>what video card?
20:32cmorgan>or capture card rather
20:32crib2>brooktree wintv card with 878 chipset
20:32heidiis now known as heidig
20:33cmorgan>errors from xawtv?
20:33crib2>This is xawtv-3.86, running on Linux/i686 (2.4.22)
20:33crib2>Warning: Cannot convert string "-*-ledfixed-medium-r-*--39-*-*-*-c-*-*-*" to type FontStruct
20:33crib2>is that related to font server?
20:34cmorgan>maybe... shouldn't stop the app from loading i wouldn't think
20:34crib2>yeah i wouldn't think so either...
20:34crib2>xawtv window opens for a moment and then closes
20:34crib2>it's a quick moment
20:34Netslayer>do u guys know how to set X to not blank the screen? i've tried xset -dpms and it still blanks out
20:35crib2>Netslayer: no idea, i'm not that far yet
20:37ananke>Netslayer : xset s noblank
20:37crib2>I don't know dick about the font not anything...I'd never heard of it until last night
20:37Netslayer>didn't work
20:37Netslayer>i tried that already
20:37ananke>xset s noexpose
20:37crib2>Beats me why xawtv needs fonts, it's not like it's a word processor ;)
20:37Netslayer>ananke, as root or user?
20:37ananke>i use those two, and X hasn't blank on me yet.
20:38Netslayer>i've been doing it as user
20:39Netslayer>i can't run xset as root it doesn't find it
20:40crib2>Do you guys think I need to install a font called ledfixed?
20:41Netslayer>do u have jagged fonts?
20:41sfr>could be it should read -fixed-medium not ledfixed
20:41crib2>wait here is a problem...i don't seem to have a .xawtv file
20:41crib2>nah my fonts in kde look ok. this is a very new 2 days old
20:41Netslayer>ya i didn't go the kde route this time
20:41Netslayer>i get fluxbox up in 3 seconds
20:42crib2>i emerged xawtv but i don't have a .xawtv file
20:48sfr>crib2: you have a nvidia card?
20:48crib2>damn dude, how'd you know?
20:48crib2>f-ing linux ninjas in here
20:48sfr>google knows everything
20:49crib2>you are teh google mastah then, cause i am googling it too
20:49sfr>not too promising but maybe a start ;)
20:49crib2>haha i was on the same thread...actually a few seconds behindyou
20:50crib2>interesting where he says:
20:50crib2>> > I've been fiddling with this for days. I'm alsmost to the point where
20:50crib2>> > I'm goign to ditch all the portage items and install all the relevant
20:50crib2>> > tar balls. I've done that before several times and had it working
20:50crib2>> > quickly.
20:51crib2>I thought portage was better than hand installs...
20:53sfr>try to do xawtv -noxv-video
20:53Netslayer>anyone here running a slave backend?
20:53sfr>not yet, but i'd be happy to be your master.
20:54Netslayer>i'm confused. When you set the slave recording directory to a local drive, does the master backend just move it when it's done? or do i have to setup both backends to record to a central location?
20:55sfr>crib2: as it's already loaded in firebird
20:55Netslayer>should i just set my slave backend to nfs -> my masterbackends dump location?
20:56sfr>crib2: wake up, the Warning you posted is a warning, nothing more. What's the whole error message of xawtv?
20:59crib2>sorry gf was buggin me
21:00crib2>sfr: i'm going to try it with the device option
21:02crib2>OK, here we go:
21:02crib2>WARNING: Your X-Server has no DGA support.
21:02crib2>WARNING: couldn't find framebuffer base address, try manual
21:02crib2> configuration ("v4l-conf -a <addr>")
21:02crib2>Warning: Cannot convert string "-*-ledfixed-medium-r-*--39-*-*-*-c-*-*-*" to type FontStruct
21:02crib2>v4l: timeout (got SIGALRM), hardware/driver problems?
21:02crib2>ioctl: VIDIOCSYNC(int=0): Interrupted system call
21:02crib2>ioctl: VIDIOCMCAPTURE(frame=0;height=32;width=48;format=15): Device or resource busy
21:02crib2>ioctl: VIDIOCMCAPTURE(frame=0;height=32;width=48;format=9): Device or resource busy
21:02crib2>ioctl: VIDIOCMCAPTURE(frame=0;height=32;width=48;format=3): Device or resource busy
21:03crib2>ioctl: VIDIOCMCAPTURE(frame=0;height=32;width=48;format=4): Device or resource busy
21:03crib2>ioctl: VIDIOCMCAPTURE(frame=0;height=32;width=48;format=5): Device or resource busy
21:03crib2>ioctl: VIDIOCMCAPTURE(frame=0;height=32;width=48;format=1): Device or resource busy
21:03crib2>ioctl: VIDIOCMCAPTURE(frame=0;height=32;width=48;format=13): Device or resource busy
21:03sfr>ok, ok
21:03crib2>ioctl: VIDIOCCAPTURE(int=1): Invalid argument
21:04sfr>Hm, what does xawtv -hwscan report. i set up xawtv a long time ago, but it looks bttv related.
21:04crib2>looks ok:
21:05crib2>butters dev # xawtv -hwscan This is xawtv-3.86, running on Linux/i686 (2.4.22) looking for available devices port 77-77 type : Xvideo, image scaler name : NV10 Video Overlay port 78-109 type : Xvideo, image scaler name : NV05 Video Blitter port 110-110 [ -xvport 110 ] type : Xvideo, video overlay name : NVIDIA Video Interface Port /dev/v4l/video0: OK [ -device /dev/v4l/vi
21:06crib2>I tried xawtv -device /dev/v41/video0 - no luck
21:06+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
21:06crib2>xawtv -device /dev/v41/video0
21:06crib2>This is xawtv-3.86, running on Linux/i686 (2.4.22)
21:06crib2>WARNING: Your X-Server has no DGA support.
21:06crib2>can't open /dev/v41/video0: No such file or directory
21:06crib2>v4l-conf had some trouble, trying to continue anyway
21:06crib2>v4l2: open /dev/v41/video0: No such file or directory
21:06crib2>v4l2: open /dev/v41/video0: No such file or directory
21:06crib2>v4l: open /dev/v41/video0: No such file or directory
21:06crib2>no video grabber device available
21:07sfr>crib2: it's an integrated tv/graphics card?
21:07crib2>AHA...typo....I did -device v41... -hwscan said it's v4l...(video4linux)
21:08crib2>ok, it launched again, but same errors as before and no video:
21:08crib2>v4l: timeout (got SIGALRM), hardware/driver problems?
21:08crib2>ioctl: VIDIOCSYNC(int=0): Interrupted system call
21:08crib2>ioctl: VIDIOCMCAPTURE(frame=0;height=32;width=48;format=15): Device or resource busy
21:08crib2>ioctl: VIDIOCMCAPTURE(frame=0;height=32;width=48;format=9): Device or resource busy
21:08crib2>ioctl: VIDIOCMCAPTURE(frame=0;height=32;width=48;format=3): Device or resource busy
21:08crib2>device or resource busy?
21:09crib2>i don't know how to un-busy it...
21:09crib2>going to try to modprobe -r the modules
21:10crib2>modprobe -r i2c-core i2c-core: Device or resource busy
21:10sfr>crib2: i'll go sleeping now. devfs, bttv, nvidia driver pick one to fix ;)
21:10crib2>Now what the heck is that???
21:10crib2>sfr...thanks for the pointer...get good sleep
21:26+Big_Poppa [] joined #mythtv
21:27Big_Poppa>hey guys I have a quick question, once you install mythtv via apt-get it told me to log on as the mythtv user? but there is no uer
21:27Big_Poppa>how do I configure it after it has been installed
21:31Netslayer>err screen went blank again
21:34-Big_Poppa [] left #mythtv ()
21:37+Sobek [~btatton@] joined #mythtv
21:38+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
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21:48+lavigne [] joined #mythtv
21:49lavigne>having an issue with the channel clarity on an ATI TV Wonder. How do I finetune the channels or is there a way to get them to "self tune"?
21:50Netslayer>if ur using the tuner try to work with mythweb
21:51Netslayer>it has settings for that
21:51lavigne>Netslayer: thanks I am reloading (knoppixmyth) as I really borked something a bit a go.. I will try that in a bit.
21:52+tmk [] joined #mythtv
21:52Netslayer>do all mythmusic and mythvideos on a network share the same content?
21:52Netslayer>i mean u can set the path independently on them can't u so it can't share that same info..this can really mess this up
21:53Netslayer>well it's time to find out :-)
21:53=schwin97 [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
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22:09D-side>Netslayer: nfs. get to it.
22:09Netslayer>hmm having the same trouble as some people on the list: "strange error flushing buffer ..." and audio speeds up (rarely), also the unknown video codec thing is still around after i dropped the old db
22:09Netslayer>nfs is already running :-)
22:09Netslayer>i mean i don't want to listen to the same music as my family
22:11+scottb [~bendy24@] joined #mythtv
22:12mikegrb>hello scottb
22:12scottb>hiya mikegrb
22:12mikegrb>scottb has a problem
22:12scottb>ok, so i've install mysql via apt
22:12mikegrb>he is using debian and having trouble adding the mythtv database
22:12mikegrb>do to mysql permisions
22:12+Sobek [~Administr@] joined #mythtv
22:13mikegrb>he tried using auth info in /etc/mysql/debian.cfg
22:13mikegrb>but that didn't work
22:13Sobek>Hey how is everyone tonight?
22:13scottb>can i reset the mysql admin user to root?
22:13=latetalk [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:13Sobek>use .my.conf in your user home
22:13mikegrb>Sobek: heh
22:14mikegrb>Sobek: this isn't the mythtv auth this is admin auth to mysql to add the mythtv database
22:15=linagee [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:15*scottb googles
22:16Sobek>for mysql right?
22:16+linagee [] joined #mythtv
22:16Sobek>Anyone have a rock solid hardware setup you would be willing to share?
22:17scottb>the current root user is stored in /etc/mysql/debian.cnf
22:17scottb>can i reset mysql somehow?
22:18*Netslayer tv just went blank again
22:18Netslayer>fudging blanking, i have to seriously figure this out
22:19Sobek>I have done like 4 boxes all with minor issues.
22:19Netslayer>i've tried xset in so many ways and it still turns off i'm lost
22:20mikegrb>Netslayer: also make sure dmp is off in the xconfig
22:20mikegrb>I think it is called dmp anyway
22:21lavigne>another question how to fix and offset in the tv by one channel (very fuzzy too!)
22:21Netslayer>XF86Config? k
22:21mikegrb>lavigne: I think there is a section in the howto about it
22:21mikegrb>lavigne: basically bttv has the wrong tuner
22:23Netslayer>mikegrb, ic no dmp in XF86Config, what do u mean?
22:23=D-side [] quit ("uh oh")
22:23mikegrb>lemme check on of my configs
22:23=scottb [~bendy24@] quit ("There can only be one!")
22:24Netslayer>someone says this works, i'll give it a shot "xset -dpms s off s noblank s noexpose"
22:25mikegrb>dpms is what I was thinking of
22:26Netslayer>whereabouts is that, which section
22:27Netslayer>Option "dpms"?
22:27lavigne>ok the link on points to the rh v4l list and that is a secure list (or requires you to subscribe). anyone know the fix of hand for the one channel offset?
22:27Netslayer>auh so i shouldn't have that.. don't think i do
22:27lavigne>Netslayer: in under the monitor
22:28lavigne>Netslayer: monitor is turning off?
22:28mikegrb>lavigne: the mythtv howto
22:28lavigne>check your system bios for monitor time out....
22:29Netslayer>auh here it comes
22:29Netslayer>strange error flushing buffer ...
22:29Netslayer>audio goes to static, then video freezes eh
22:29lavigne>mikegrb: looked there and the only thing that I saw was under trouble shooting and it talked of "Cananda Cable" and pointed to the RH v4l list
22:30mikegrb>well search google for 'bttv "off by one"'
22:32Sobek>Anyone know why in the music module I would have sound however in the dvd module I do not?
22:44=Sobek [~Administr@] quit ("Leaving")
22:50+latetalk [] joined #mythtv
22:50lavigne>mikegrb: thanks that got it...
22:50mikegrb>no prob
22:51*lavigne need to write that down for when he will need to reload...
22:51mikegrb>heh yes
22:54+hadees [] joined #mythtv
22:59Netslayer>anyone know anything about myth's new advanced wakeup and shutdown stuff in the setup?
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23:16%Netsplit over, joins: hadees
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